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Kim Beom, born July 7, 1989 with the name of Sang-beom Kim (김상범), is a famous South Korean television and movie actor. His immediate family consists of his mother, father, and one younger sister. While growing up, Kim Beom excelled in sports (played football in middle school), while also maintaining high grades. He first became interested in the entertainment world, while in high school, after attending the "Korean Film Award." Kim Beom saw up close, performers receive awards while also receiving adulation from their peers and the audience. This captivated Kim Beom and drew him into the acting world.

In the process of pursuing his acting dream, Kim Beom won the KBS sponsored "Survival Star Audition" in 2006. Later that year, Kim Beom made his acting debut in the MBC drama series "The Daring Sisters" (Balchikhan Yeojadeul). He then appeared in the MBC drama "High Kick!" (Keochimeopsi Haikik), playing a character with the same name of "Kim Beom". "High Kick!" received positive response and regularly received ratings of 20% which helped bring attention to Kim Beom.

Kim Beom then made his feature film acting debut in the 2008 romantic-comedy "Hellcats" (Ddeugeoun geotsi joa) and followed that film only a few months later with the surprise horror hit "Death Bell" (Gosa). Later in 2008, Kim Beom was casted as one of the F4 boys in the KBS drama "Boys Over Flowers" (Kkotboda Namja)." Boys Over Flowers" would go on to become a smash hit, with weekly ratings in excess of 30%. The series became so popular that Koreans quickly began using the term "꽃남 신드롬," which means literally "Flower Boys Syndrome."

With the success of "Boys Over Flowers," Kim Beom found himself in high demand and starred in the SBS drama "Dream," the 2009 film "Fly High." His most recent and triumphant success comes in the role of guardian angel Gook Soo in the jTBC drama Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats. Praised by some as the drama of the century, Padam Padam gave Kim Beom a chance to spread his wings, both literally and figuratively, as a supernatural being who was somehow born to regular people, went to prison, and befriended the man he was born to save, Yang Kang-Chil. With the drama's ever-increasing global acclaim, Padam Padam is sure to give Kim Beom a new nickname: the Flower Angel.


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mica no wonder the name's the same with Taecyeon's role in Who Are You -- CHA GUN WOO.

Hitisha I actually like his acting a lot..along with his cute looks....Nd I also love his voice in the song I am going to find her.........though BOF is my first ever korean drama that i am seeing...i would love to see more of Korean Dramas in India....

Jane "Boys Over Flower" was a spreads not only Kdrama, but helps introducing KPOP even more..but if it is only Geum Jandi and Gu Junpyo's story, I won't continue watching it...I like Lee Minho and his acting is great but not enough for me to be a fan (sorry, I am just being honest)..maybe it's just because I have different type to like which is Kim Beom oppa.. the reason I continue watching BOF is because of Kim Beom and Kim So Eun story..than TWTWB came and I love his chemistry with Eunji, my bias in APink (though I am an eonnie to her).."Hide Identity" looks like a good story of undercover^^

Maysie I am really in loving with Kim Beom Can't wait to see his new drama! Love Kim Beom

Zie I'm not really a fans of kpop but i think this guy is a great actor. i've saw him in boys over flower and i'm stuck to watch that drama because he was there. he's a cool guy with cute face n charming smile. keep it up!

sara I love u Kim Bum <3 more than anything... I love you soooo much.. I love you more than life <3

Pavani Amanda Kim Beom I appreciate your talents. You can act well. I am not a fan of you. I'm just a girl who watched a teledrama of you. It's only. Every person first love to himself not to others. KEEP IT IN YOUR MIND. Any of these fans not love you truly. They are not your mom and dad. They are only persons who loved you as thier life. Fans are only keep your publicity. I think you know these things. Don't think I'm a crazy girl

Zea Just look at his filmography back in 2013.. With 2 television dramas and two movies,on top of that,one of it was a chinese movie,he surely was such a very hardworking actor that year but he always do .. His last year's hiatus feels like forever to me though haha.. Can't wait for Hide Identity soon!!! It should be a big hit!!!!!! How i wish he make his comeback in MBC or KBS drama but yeah TVN just fineeeeee huhu

Zee Oooohhhhh Bum..... He is cooL man... I'm so really really like a cooL man..eitss NO Love a cooL man...

I'm your Fans from Indonesia... I'm Bummies... I'm AngeLs...n ... I'm MATES...

darlyn hai,i am ur number one fan.i like you to make a fansign for me.please........ i hope i can see u you in personal someday....:)

Anudi OMG! He is soooooo cute

Cielo I am really a number 1 fan of Kim Beom , Im from Philippines . I love his handsome face , his acting he is so cool . I hope I can see him in person . I love you Kim Beom :)))))))))

Daisy He is so cuuute .... Specially in Boys Over Flowers....

shivani Aaaaaa, i wish, day i will see him, awwww, he's the best!

Ofonime Usoro I think Kim sang is a nice guy by just looking at him you will no his fun to be with so I wcould say that he should keep up that is Good in everything

Adu lala I totally fall in Love with Korean movies. I like to watch and to feel those heart touching scenes so Badly. Kim Bun ......u really were awesome at the 'That Winter, The Wind Blows'. Park Jin-Sung is definitely like the one I want ma man to be. U did it Kim......u did it undoubtedly. Keep it up, I'm lookin forward for ur next movie.

Eric Calderon Kim Beom, I am greatly impressed with your work and wish for one day to encounter you face to face. You're an extraordinary actor and hope to see you in more movies and Dramas. So far, your roles as Gook-Soo in Padam Padam and Taedo in Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire have really touched me and got me hoping to see you in big roles as such. I hope you are well! You're AWESOME!!! ~Eric Calderon

Ilakkiya Hey sanju. I'm also from srilanka but i live in Denmark I'm a Girl and i'm 14 Dó you Like korean dramas ? Og you do Can i finde some to you

arpociple hellow kim..idol kita

mavis luv your acting skills....m inspired by you,,,

zilam98 love him in goddess of fire. he looked like the korean version of legolas in it. darn korean men, don't they just look so regal in korean historical shows/movies? i hope to see him take on lead roles next time, historical or not, but preferably historical hehehe.


dliyx Hello kim!!! Cute has ever...... U rock!!! U deserve more,keep up the good work........lotta love

dliyx Hello kim!!! Cute has ever...... U rock!!! U deserve more,keep up the good........lotta love

arwa He deserves a lead role in a drama more than anyone else. He's extremely talented, and i just think its unfair how he's always given the second lead.why? Just why?

nime Even by mistake, i'm hoping that you'll read my comment cute bum!if you rd this, please send me a reply!Hey cutee! I'm a member of your kim sang bum collections and Kim bum has sent me some mails! I don't care whether it's fake or not. I just wanna think that the world famous cute and loving actor has accepted me as one of his world wide u forever! I'm learning the korean language hoping to talk with you and your loving friends in your mother tongue! Friends means the korean actors!

Nina Kim Sang Bum you super!! I love you!!!

Ma Ri Kim Beom is making an appearance in chinese drama V Love please update this page

Rose You are the most handsome actor ever ever ever ever ever sawn.{*~*}

menara You're the best.Love ya.

Azeezah(nigerian) Honestly you are so adoreble and inspiring.You also potray a good role model to the economy and society at large. Keep the good job BRAVO,not forgetting your smile kills alot.

menara're the best.all the best.lost of Sri lankans love are my favorite actor

dew i'm glad to hear that you and moon gueun Young break up :) you get a good decission oppa . plz date with Kim so eun .she is cute .you two match very much :)oppa fighting

Alaiza because of you I learned a few about korean. you we're like an inspiration to me when I was a kid because you were my old crush but it's only up to there. I have my love for someone I can't reach for 5 years.

Arju its gonna be my 6th year loving you !! omg i dont know why i cant get over you :P anyways i really hope one day ill meet you :D thats my wish since grade 6 :D i love you :) i learnt korean too !! actually im learning :)

Kimn Kim Sang Bum is my UNIQUE LOVE! His smile and his acting and.... in my opinion is great and is the best!!! Hi is the best in everything and Hope to....

Helen Ahwinona You are a very talented versatile actor; and I really enjoy your music. I especially like your instrumental guitar. Good luck to you in the future I will enjoy seeing you again and listing to you.

Haley Kim bum! You're so handsome! Your fangirls around the world love you!

Nou-Nou I would to be the main characters in more drama! But you just like to part of the movie or drama. Hope to see you in more drama, thought?. YOU'RE SUPER CUTE! I LIKE EVEYTHING ABOUT YOU. :)

heba tarek plz make your own drama ... i really hope to see you the main character and always acting cute that really good on you :)

Jo Anne Just love This actor. He has a male Julia Roberts smile; his acting takes you with him in his journey; and everything he has on just dazzles.

chemerie kim are my idol...i like you and kim so eun to had many are the best loveteam...please make many movies with kim so eun.....i like you and kim so eun in boys over are so cute and handsome....

layla omg. your too adorable to be human. unbelievably so. omnomonom

linda hey. love your outfits in the movie . Thumbs up buddy

betari oppa... you are you are so handsome and I love your movie the gifted hands so cool

olivia Oppaaa!! Youre sooo cute x plus handsome.. before this i dont even know about you.. i always heard my friends talk about u. I fell in love with u when the first time i saw youu in tv! :))

oiza peters Kim. Bum......i love DAT u go to church but I wish u knew God better and Jesus also because they love u a lot more than even me that always daydream of u........hyung....... Ur smile is soooo cuteeeee......pls get to know your creator I beg u ok

rianeal weh!? weh!?,.,., i do respect Moon Geun Young as an actress but i don't know why i don't like her for you, but if you love her i will be happy for you, bu well youre still young hihi., :') waaaaahhh huhuhuhu

Molly I liked him the most when he was in 'The Gifted Hands'. He was so cool and mysterious. ;D

lorielynretrita hi your such a cute and handsome guy <3 i hope shall i met you

tp You're such a beautiful human being, period!

saluvale lotomau kim beom I like boys over flowers but you are my family character in the movie. I like you so much. I like you play so yijeong. I really like so yijeong and chu gaeul.

ng oww real dating wit guen moon...

kikaaa longlast with my Moonie eonniee <3 I've just watched u from BBF but now I'll watch ur drama :D

Ane He's dating with Geun Young!

zinneyy Beomie dear. Can you not do serious dramas for a while? Would really like to see you in a well written rom-com. I'm not a fan of serious dramas, so I haven't watched you on screen for a while. Still love you ^_^

marsha 3 I am 55y/o who has become entranced with the quality of Korean film. Enjoy your use of subtle visual cues as well as dramatic physical acting. I have a child your age and am impressed by your skill at such a young age. I look forward to your future endeavors. Saw you in Boys before Flowers on Netflix. Best of luck and blessings to you!

li I got say he is the cutest Korean I've ever seen. h'm so handsome

li I got say he is the cutest Korean I've ever seen. h'm so handsome.

li i got say he is the cutest Korean I've ever seen. h' handsome

Eghonghon He's so calm I hope he's really this calm and peaceful in real you dear.

vanessa kim beom is genial, I LOVE you. A drama that i love is ¨boy over flower¨

Lydia Miichelle Your amazing Kim Beom! Ever since I saw you on Boys over Flowers, I have admired you greatly!!!!!!!! I hope one day, that I have a boyfriend/husband just like you and Lee Min Ho(:

Zalila Zaharin(Malaysia) I love you very much,Kim Beom I hope you will come to Malaysia,I am here waiting for you,I hope so my husband face and hair(in story"still marry me)the same as you,okey you Kim Beomm......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esther(proudly nigerian) I have never commented as a fan of any korean actor,though I also like Lee min ho a lot but boy,u are handsome and u also have this fresh and innocent look. Also your smile melts my heart and is it killing? Wow!!! Love u loads dear.

sara Every time I read all these nonesensse of all fans of any one( no difference between you ,na min woo,park si hoo, lee min hoo,jang hyuk and all other atcers ) I smile to all those who love you so and I think: God! does this fellow deserve it? I hope so. I hope you deserve all your fans love too. good luck

sylas I love kim beom he is too good

hadi I Love "Kim Beom "

sofya i think your pretty and don't do a lot of make up this is my idvice keep on serviving wich you luck

my name is rafi Hai smile, I like your smile. the most handsome boy in F4.may i join in your F4 gang .plz visit india . ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR NEXT DARAMA.

Trish I love his smile, melts hearts. Keep smiling Kim!

Anso I got to know him after watching TWWB . He's acting skill is soooo amazing and so natural. I'm just happy that I discovered him. He's the real talent. Now I'm watching padam padam. Love him !!!!

Fatma Nsibi You are the best the perfect ^^ My king always supporting u <3

  1. Fighting

aiira oppa, saranghae ^_^

i dont like historical drama, please accept new drama in this year *_* ^_^

garba mariam You are the best.

wala story he never been in love and he never have a girl freind ok :)

Tashi I love u so much......... Please come to sri lanka ...... I am 1 of your biggest fan....

EvilBlea Discovered this guy after watching 'The Gifted Hands'. He's very good in it~ ^^

Reanne You are so cute. I wish i can see you in real life. I discovered you in Boys Over Flowers. I thought you're acting was great. I think of you everyday and everytime I wonder to myself "how come I didn't see you earlier in my life?" Kim Beom shii saranghae. I wish you luck in the army.

Reanne I wonder what you are yet you are unsolvable. Keep on being you and never look back. <3

Fatma Nsibi Kim Beom you are my everything ^^ i always think of you and i hope to see you so soon :) i wish you the best of luck in your life  :)) Love you for ever

serena Kim Beom shii, I discovered you when I watched That Winter The Wind Blows. Your look and acting attracted my attention soooo much. You are so cool and natural. I adore you. So sad that you are enlisting in the army soon. Kim Beom shii saranghae.

serena Kim Boem, I love you so much when I discovered you in That Winter The Wind Blows. You acted soooo cool and natural. You are so good looking. I adore you. Saranghae Kim Boem shii.

KBfan I'm SSOOO SAD that you're planning to enlist in the army soon!! :-(... Your drama GOF just became a big hit, you're getting so much praise for your character Tae Do, good acting skills, and chemistry with MGY. Why don't you wait until your late 20s? After GOF, you might get offered the main leading role of a new drama that might become a big hit!

#jhen3 hope eunnie & bummie have a romantic drama together!!! dey r very popular xure it will have a high rating compare to other couple..

mylove I'm glad you improved your acting skills. For the MBC drama awards this year, hope you win the Popularity award and best couple award for Goddess of Fire. I'm sure you'll get nominated for That Winter The Wind Blows at the SBS drama awards, too!

KBfan I'm learning how to speak Korean just in case one day...I travel to South Korea and hopefully bump into you by coincidence. THAT WOULD BE SSOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait to see Ep. 11 & 12 of GOF tomorrow and Tues.

Kdramalover I heard you're starring in a Chinese movie....Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. How exciting! Can't believe you worked on FOUR projects this year! I hope you star in a new drama and record new songs for next year 2014.

Peacemaker Saranghae Kim Bum :-) ...Despite some boring scenes in Goddess of Fire, I keep watching because Tae Do is my favorite character played by my favorite actor. For your album Hometown, why didn't you have a concert tour around Asia and stop by other countries besides Japan? Everyone knows you CAN sing well. I bet thousands of fans would go see you perform. This would further increase your popularity and success.

mylove I wish you can become famous in the United States. Everyone should know that there's a BEAUTIFUL and FINE-LOOKING Asian man like you. I bet they would be impressed with your singing and martial arts skills, too. I'll keep watching Goddess of Fire because of you.

besthero Your acting skills keep getting better! I don't get why a good actor like you is always the second lead. You're getting a lot of attention because Tae Do is the most endearing and you play the character well, too. Even though you have 4 popular dramas so far, you deserve to be the leading actor for your next dramas.

TeamKimBum Everybody loves Tae do and your good acting skills. You're getting more attention and praise for GOF than the leading actor himself. Also, you look awesome in your warrior costume and you're rockin the long hair, too.

Cutiepie You are such a beautiful man! You're becoming even more popular because of your character and acting skills in GOF. I think next year, you should get the leading role for a modern romance drama. Also, you should work on your second album because everyone knows that you can sing.

Kdramalover A LOT of people love your portrayal of the endearing warrior Tae Do in Goddess of Fire!!! After this drama, you should seriously become the main leading actor for future dramas. You are such a good actor, and you deserve to win more awards.

KBfan I'm really enjoying Goddess of Fire. You look SO HOT and I love your martial arts skills. I can't wait to see all the other episodes!...Another female fan said that you're like the "goddess of beauty" because you're the most handsome guy she has ever seen. For some reason, her comment is not here anymore, but that's what she said.

KBfan I can't wait to see your acting skills in GOF!!! You are such a BEAUTIFUL man. Sarangheyo. I hope GOF becomes a huge hit, and I hope you get nominated for various awards. Love you and support you always.

yasaman I am sure you know that you are so cute.your smile is like candy,because it is so swite. when I see you unconscious I smile and I do not why.I think it is because you are so nice. but non of you I mean actors never consider important to your fans.and you know it just annoy them and it is not important for you and the other actors. but it is ok and I am your fan because I love you and I can not do anything for you.Just wish you the best.take care of yourself.

swathiga OPPA!!!! sarangae...... luv u so much you are very cute and awesome acting luv <3

princess your really handsome. i wish you and kim eun sun end up together (in reality) you look cute together

KBfan HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM BUM!!! I wish you good health, success, and happiness for the present and upcoming years. You are a good actor and you should be the leading actor now that you've gained more experience, improved your acting skills, and matured into your mid-20s.Good luck with Goddess of Fire!!!

Naeima Hi sang beom!!!! i am one of your biggest fans!!!happy birth day to you honey!!!!! :) I hope see you soon....

KBfan KIM BUM!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I am one of your biggest fans! You are adorable and very handsome :-) When I showed the American girls, they think you are beautiful, and I definitely agree. My friends also agree that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than you. You are a good actor, good singer, and I love your TV dramas! I can't wait to see you in Goddess of Fire as Kim Tae Do! Keep up the good work. I wish you the best and I hope you continue to be successful for years to come. Take good care of yourself.

behnaz you are the best actor that I know in my life... your smile is so lovely.. you are the best kim bum. kooooooooooomavo

arghavan me & my friends LUV u sooo much & of course all of us wish u the best

Travina Loved u in boys over flowers, fly high, and padam padam. Im about to watch the the wind blows love your smile too!

Me Fly high....

Archynta Kim Sang Bum :) I <3 You

Anthika You are very handsome, breath taking, can't keep my eyes of how beautiful your smile and body's are. Your acting is you in Padam Padam, Fly High. Keep up the great work. You are a dream.

lynn kim o love you :* you are so cute ! and you acted amazing in boys before flowers keep it on <3 you are the best :D

shawn Great job.. best wishes on your career choices. I really liked your character in "Boys over Flowers", and hope to see more of your acting skills in other shows/movies. Hopefully, I can learn Korean language so that I don't have to depend on subtitles, but... I think I am tone deaf.. lol .. have friends trying to teach me another tonal language but that laugh too much, and turn blue because they get no air to breathe from laughing.. lol .. again, best wishes. You are a good actor, and keep up the good work.

Abha I can't say anything but just I love your acting and smile most. I am from India and hope that someday you will visit in India. We all Indian fans of yours wants to see you.I am not sure if you will read these messages or not . I really like you but how come you don't have any girlfriend I wish if you could make up pair with Kim So-eun she is really cute. and in last good luck for your career I wish you to have a beautiful future with lots of happiness. Thankyou.

anamika do come to India its a very beautiful country and girls will go crazy for you.....

anamika you are so cute and adorable that its impossible to take my eyes off from you

vitry i lake you

   :3 :3 kimbum

love :# love love you somach ^^^ ^_^

ussyy kim boom... pleace come to indonesia i'm from indonesia i love you...

Anna Happy birthday cute boy . this day is beauty because you were born in this day. I love you . I hope that you have happy life(with kim so eun).Te amo

Sheyda.H Ha ha ha... my love i said you'r birthday so soon :D sory:D. Kiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss bye bye GOOD LUCK MY LOVE

`fati salam.kheyli ghashan bo0o0o0o0d.i love u kim bum

Anna I love you and kim so ! You are so cute,great and handsome.your acting is wonderful.

mirsaid hi kim sang beom/ i wathed all your doramas and tv films/ you're so cute/ i respest you and hope tosee you in the future thanks a lot for you/ you're my angel and i will follow you ever

zhia_aala he's good in East of Eden...he's the best in Dream....he's beautiful in Padam Padam......he's the BEST.......wish he will get much more leading role in the future.......

roya I love you very very love you you are agood actor I VERY MUCH love you you are so cute.very young i love you I hope to see you and speak with you you are my love good luck in all your life SARANIYEH sang bum

Bree Just finished watching your boys over flowers thing. I like your character and the way you played him, it suited you. Looking forward to seeing how you are in the next thing i watch.

Bree Just finished watching your Boys over flowers thing. I like your character and the way you played him, it suited you.

H7zAngel Gotta say...My daughter has given Kim Beom a perfect nickname for him.....Kim "The Boom" Beom and that is only way she knows who we are talking about. She has given others nicknames too but his fits him the best.

Azian Kim Beom...cute and Beautiful face...

Nikki You are so CUTE :** You are a great actor!

Keep it up! I love u! XD :*** :)) muaahh!

Sarah I Hate Your New Look in Padam Padam...Please Change Your Hair & Become My Cuttie Kim Beom in B.O.F (^ ^)

Farzane wooooooooooooooooooo, number 1 acor & my favor actor, the best Kim Sang Bum, i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much,

Cory Kim beom ,, i watch the latest the drama korea "padam padam".. you have a good character in this drama ... and i want you to be my guardian angel xixixi

Kim Beom sarange


Kim Kim Beom...Saranghae

rachana Really you are acting so nicely...and specially your smile is mindblowing

Admirer I enjoy your movies. Keep up the good work! I like your short hair better:-) Best wishes...

Soniaaa Luv you Kim<3'

cOcOjAbI :P Lolz 4 BOF!

  Great acting bro :)
             Laters gee :)

Minyu Love kim beom a lot...i wish if i was his girl

mbs I agree wit So Eun hes the killer smile and the cute face.... :) :) :) :) :)

So Eun Ikr hes the killer cute...  :)

nattyss Ayyy Thu Eres tan Lindoo...!!!.^^ Me Encanta Como Actuas y Thu actitud ...Te amo <3!!

sahar Hi my love.your beautiful for me.

Troody Oppa,saranghae,bogo shippo i love went u come to malaysia

jessika hello handsome Peru are hicos

theo you're so cuteee:) you're an awesome actor x)) LOVE YOUU. <3

Lwe hey Kim,, u are awesome... i love u heapzz..i love u more than u could ever imagine... u've got the best smile ever in this whole universe.. i really want to see u in real life..can u please come to Australia??? there are a lot of fans of urs that want to meet u.. please come and visit australia sometimes...<3 <3 <3 ^_^

karin anyonghaseyo kim bum!! i'm indonesian girl, i want to say you very cute, hansome and sweetttttttttttt banget

Claire all i wish to say is, i hope Kim Beom keeps up the good work not to get scared of the crazy fans wanting to marry him or to kidnep him since ill protect him even if i have to fly from europe to cach the little crazy people with my own hands Kim Beom is still a human being and he allways will be that way no matter what

if i may say this aswell, i dont think he wish to be called cute.. dont realy think guys would like to be called cute at all more like cool, handsome, annoyingly awesome! oke thats all <3

잘 가

munnazzallah hallo kim beom..........sarang hae

Nia Anis Hai Kim Bum...Yu So Cute...ILY <3 Saranghae !

kinz sunbae u r the most handsome and cute of all. i love u...

jhonah rhivero kim bum ...... you're so cUte.....i like you're have a cute...face,characters..ahah......

gabriela ps me gusta tu forma de ser en boys over flowers y kisiera conocerte algun dia!!!

zainab I LUV Kim Beam ,,,^^" Kim Beam

darya hi mi name is darya ok kim beom.bay. از ایران

Yuki. You aree so handsomee and cutee x I'm a big fan of youuu <3

Kim x youre a such good actor ,, iloveyouuuuu <3

nurul nabilah ruah.. beom..u r so cute,handsome...i love u...oppa.. i hope i can meet u..

fatihah_kimbeom kim beom luv kim so eun 4 eva and eva.....

fatihah_kimbeom saranghae-yo oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......luv u damn much.....noegeman,kim beom...u r in my heart....u r very CUTE.... i love the way u acting...that were awesome....hahahaha <3.....anyeong.......SARANGHAE-YO........

tweenkal oppa your soo cute.....lop u.....^^

essa putry azman i loveeeee you kim beom

essa putry azman hy kim beom iam very" like your acting in some film like boys before flower ,still marry me,and other when you go to indonesia again for say hy to your our fans?? i loveeee you so much kim beom!!!!!!

giselle Kim Beom and Kim So Eun foreverrrrrr <3

kim woo na kim bum,, saranghe i hope u come 2 malaysia.....heeeee


kins always thinking of u makes me crazy! always love and miss u

forever kins,

iksha Hey! doesnt anyone ever come to nepal?? i have a sister she is a grt fan of kim beom. she eats up my brain the whole days blabbering about kim it would be good if u would come here. i would get a little peace of mind!!

kins hi kim, ur very amazing. i always use to watch ur movies wen i miss u. oppa SARENGYE.

kins i love u a lot. i hope u wil come to my country[bhutan]. i m a big fan of urs. u're so cute n handsome. i see u everywere in my dream. u r most popular korean star in my country n my friends also love u a lot. ur admirer, kins

yana love you kim beom ♥♥ you look so cute and gorgeous ☺

nuranas i love u KIM BEOM !! [^_*]

Lina Annyonghaseyo, Kim Bum. I am from Singapore. I am a big fan of you. Hope you'll come to Singapore! :D

Kiki Holmes Kim Beom, you are so popular, that you've even reached Australians... from Perth WA me and my friends are fans ^-^

hye fa kim beom + kim so eun = <3

katrina 안녕하세요! 그는 좋은 배우, 많은 필리핀인 너를 무척 사랑. 내가 바라는 것은 이곳으로 다시 돌아올 우베르티노 필리핀에서 행운이 하나님이 당신을 축복하시 중앙대 AJA!!Lovelots..^_^

sarafina you are so handsome. am a big fun of yours from you sooooooooooo much.

kim so rayane i love u so much and i love ur acting and u look so cute and amazing specail in boys befor flowers .

Juliet Chua Hello!I hoPe you come to singapore to act another show. You looked really cute and cool in boys over flowers and still marry me. In still marry me, you composed a few songs, right? I love the song the girl who cut my guitar string. Bye! Saranghae!

Wendy yeah loooking good! i`m a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy big fan of you Kim!

selena thank you sooooooooooo much!

joey I am your biggest fan from Cleveland! Next time you come to Cleveland, let's hang out.

dea i hope you are always the best


dea ahahahhaha....... comant.........

you are handsome...

sandhya You are so cute, also nice actress i hope i can meet, well im from america. well im your biggest friend from nowwwww:)

Natalie 안녕하세요 김범 오빠! 당신은 훌륭한 배우 있습니다! 당신은 또한 매우 귀엽. (: 미소를 유지하고 건강하게 살아! 사랑합니다! <3 <3 <3

Mika Saranghae Kim beom!!

sa you are cute & handsome. i like your style. you were very cool in BOF. You are sooooo cute :p

Aradhana Hi! Kim u r the bessst. I m a huuuge fan from india. Hope to come to korea and meet u once. Wish u get everything u want to have in life. Luv u a looooooooot.

p U were one of best casts in BOF. You are very cute. Yo

lulu91 kim beom... you're so cute please come to indonesia again but at medan not in jakarta again...


emma rose bonotano always smile,l be 4ever your yuo..

hanona امممممممواح

hanona 평화는 내가 바레인 아랍어 솔직한 언제든지 환영에서 오전 솔루션은 내가 여자의 아랍인들은 작업 아름다운 주셔서 감사했던 건지 모르겠 어떻게시되어야 우리가 정말 당신을 사랑하고 우리는 당신이 바레인으로 올 수있는 희망

tiffany hasana U look really cute LOL :p

Park Tae Hye Anyeonghaseyo...OPPA...Da cheongmal cheowayo...Pogoshiiposo...

hanis oppa kim beom..saranghaeyo...oppa...i very love you so much...i very like if i can hug u...i hope i can see you..kamsahamida...

strawberry Kim Beom!! forever and always!! <3

Neha-Molly I think you're an incredible actor and musiciain..hope to come to seoul 1 day and meet you :) xx

Neha-Molly Kim you are a fantastic actor and musician..I am your biggest fan from India..I hope to come to Seoul and meet you

adibah haifaa ur smile are so cute...i love the way u act..

nanna ki beom........................

you look cute and handsome............


saranghae pull n' pholepel


salsa i need another " kim bum and park jin hie "

salsa sang bum ,i'm from indonesia ! he is verri good !

salsa sang bum ,i'm from indonesia

kim I need another KIM BUM and KIM SO EUN Drama! why? because KIM BUM + KIM SO EUN = ♥

diana monica imut kim bum saranghae.......................... kim bum is handsome and cute........................

shoori Beom she, Do you have a english website? I like you and your acting but I don't know korean language. So you have to add english version in all your website for me very very soon. It would be so nice if one day, I travel to South korea and see you guys there. So until that day, take care of yourself. Your fan : Shoori

azaniify good luck and happy always ssaranghaeyo

supichaya supichaya love p'kim beom infinity.

supichaya nueng love p kim beom infinity

Jenny Manuel I love the SOELMATE tandem. Please make a dram together with MS. Kim So Eun

arzu birinin hayallerini süslemek nedemek bilmem biliyormusun artık tek hayalim o güzel ülkenize gelip senin uzaktan gülmeni izlemek kim beom sunbee seni seviyorum hayallerimin prensi kım bum

nurul hi..... kim sang beom@so yi jeong.u are very cute n hensem.i luv u character in bof.went u smile i feel likes at the age same with u.i hope u will success to become an dream man almaost likes you.went u have a time please mail me ok...... saranghae kim sang beom

michella Relly like to see all performance. You're really good looking guy. Pls don't be too thin ok. Pls little weight it will very very perfect of your. Muach you !

risa kim bum!!^^ i like u in boys over flower u are so cool,cute,etc.. in indonesia so many like u and hope to meet u.. me too..hehehe.. so i hope u can say hello to me and my friend in indonesia.. thank you so much..^^

sasha i like u in boys over flower you're so cute

fallen angel your handsome face make me fall in love, your smile and the bright in your eyes are something that can`t be found in an ordinary man. i think i fall in love with you, but i always relize that you just a dream for some sort of woman like me! everytime i see your face my heart beat so fast and it`s like many butterflies fly inside my body. thanks to be you! thanks to be exist.

sha halimah hai kim boem iam from malaysia and i just want to say wo ai ni kim boem muahhhhh$$$###

tshering yangchen kim bum u r so cute.................................i am a big fan of urs nd my only dream is 2 meet u.

trydhea hey... kim h r u ??? handsome boy ^^ whwen u visit 2 indonesia............ i hope u in here.... hehehe...

오시기 바랍니다 안녕 김범. 나는 호주 또는 시드니에서 산다. 당신은 당신을 언젠가 건너올 수 있는가 생각하는가? 나는 당신의 또한 팬인 많은 친구가 있다. 당신의 곧 나오는 필름에 있는 행운을 빕니다


ciindy hello i'm from indonesia . please come to my country and aii luv u kim beom

Gladys Hey Kim,

I love you very much especially in your movie Boys over girls. Alll the others are very good too.

You are the cutiest guy i have ever seen on earth. Hope you don't mind being called Cute coz most of the boys don't like it. But no doubt you are the cutiest. Hope to see you soon.

I am going to come to K just to try and meet you. I am from India

nira namaya u're my darling.... u r so cute and i'm in love wid u n ur smile.....

dekyipalmo ilove kimbeom hi, kimbeom myboyfriend

Syamimie11 바라건대 당신의 건강을 줄 번영

varha hye,,,nice 2 meet u!?

erlyn hi oppa... i really admire have a nice and handsome face,... that every girl want hehehehe i hope too see you in personal...hehehehe sarang hameda!!!!

faditic the ohhhh yeah well i like them all but i dont like one of u its a secret heheheheheeh dont get mad hope to meet u guys u guys must remember me at the party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mi young 제발 팬들에게 인도네시아 물론 F4를 같이

kim anyeonghaseyo................pangawoo simnida............nanun kimberly look handsome....uppa uma loves you too,....................

saranghae!!! saranghasimnida!!! kamsamida!!!

khariza hi kim bum i hope u will success with your carrier >>>>>>>>>>>............................................................................

and pls visit in thier phil. because i mizzzzzz..... you

smiley may u success in your carrier......and have a good always..;-)

kate annyong haseyo!ottoshimnikka?

oh my god!!you're so cute and handsome!! mwahh mwahhh! you and kim so eun look good together.. saranghaeyo!!

najihah i love kim beom...muuuuuuahhhhhhhh can u be a my boyfriend?????

Vanessa i like kim beom with Kim so eun! YEAH. SoEul <3

claudeene I'm really really inlove with this guys!

i hope i meet him in person...

we have the same birthday...


Chheten Yaa!!!he's the same age of mine. Lov u n lookin for urs next project. Sarangae

ll anh kim bom dung la handsome:kute:and i love KIM BEOM

Nico Kim beom- annyeong-haseyo,belated sang-il ch'u-ka-ham-ni-da,chal ji-ne?han-gu-gun dae-dan-han na-ra-im-ni-da,cho-nun han-gu-go-ga cho-a-yo and u are d best korean actor ever i lyk and admire,han-gu-go gong-bu shi-ja-k'an ji han da-ri dwoe-o-sso-yo so that if we meet smeday, i would lyk 2 speak wid u in fluent korean language,sa-rang-hae-yo! sa-rang-hae-yo!sa-rang-hae-yo!sa-rang-hae-yo!sa-rang-hae-yo!,take care

may advnce hapi!..!i wish u ol d happiness n lyf!..!

phypoep kim boem.............................. LOVE YOU............................................................. You're so cute......................................................................

selma slm kim beom Do you watch hi Tukey Do you have news really very sweet sevdim seni yakışıklı

cristine I love him really much.. He is cool, cute, handsome...

enigma oh my god HOW COME YOU'RE SO DAMN CUTE????????????????????

rens hua,,,,so cute,,,,,]

Queenie jane hello.........i really like you so much............ your so cute........... and i really love the way you smile........... mwahhhhhhhhhhhh..........your owesome............can you be my friend? can i have ur friendster account? hope that its ok for you.........i will surely appreciate if you will accept me as one of your friends........

MizAzianFlow94 When i watch the series i fall in love with him...and always waiting for him to show up somewhere in the episodes.

iren i like kim beom..

melai i love you!! ure so cute!!

bam I'm not wishing you to marry me like others do, I'm not hoping that you will be mine like others do. I'm not wanting you to spend your whole life with me, BUT I'm begging you PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I don't know what to do If something bad will happen to you. And can I ask you one favor? please take care of your career. Always be on TV. Because that's the only way I can see you.

clarah i love YOU NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant imagine BOF w/out u.....huhuhu y cant u b mine!

marry me!

asyifa rahmaliany yOu is tHe bEst,cuTe,sweEt,aNd vEry. . . . vERy . . . . hAndsOme.I pRomiSe yoU GooD JoB iN ThE "BoyS BeFoRE fLOweRs".

terry you very sweet and baby face!!

Han Na Ra Truly, I never seen a boy like him,, he has an unforgettable babyface,, I like him so much

Sue Anne i love him, he's so cute....

Maritonie wow kim beom so cute at all he is younger in this pic.

karinuka you look sooooooo cute!

richabelle i am sooo loving you!

jessa Amora your the soo handsome keep up the good work be yourself.... I never admired any guys before even in hollywood but your soo awesome

christine i like him to...he's eyes,smile..wohhhhhhhh cute jud...

tybumho anyonghaseyo.... tika in here.. nice too meet you.... btw you look cute.. i relly like you...hhHhHhahahahahahaha

karellish:) i love beom kim sooo much:)<3 you're so cute:)

sodoo U're so cute lub ya plz come to Mongolia wanna meet you

NANA Beom kim so I like when u always I wish beom kim con go more further as an actors GO..GO..BEOM KIM...GO...^-^

stellar kim bum is sooooo HOT! I TOTALLY LOVE HIM:D

agustine love kim beom.. muach..

Emine Kim Bum's pretty good.His songs are good great,He is so cute..He has a really nice voice!

ely gosh... I love his smile. Hm... it's like sun shine (maybe) or moon light? and, wow! He's taller than I thought before.

marz hi kim beom...:P

jennyps beom...ur so cute went u smile...god bless you... :)

tia hey he's my age!!!!!!!!!!!YESSSS!!! he is sooooo cute! to bad i have a boy friend!! if i didn't i would totally go back to K to see u!!! LOL JKJK but is is cute!!

lie ai hui oh god.... he's very cute... ah........... wanna meet him...

grace gosh, he's such a cutie! looking forward to him starring in more movies/dramas ^^

he looks really good in boys over flowers ^^ tho i hope they develop his character further =)

sweetjasmine awwwwwwwww! hez gotta cute baby face.

marta i didnt know you were this young...too late i m already head over hills! PLEAZZZ marry me? i ll make you happy! looool

PUU He is very cute and really young. I really like him. (^^)

kim you do look cute.. ^^,

may you look really young^.6

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