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  • Drama: Empress Ki (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Kihwanghoo
  • Hangul: 기황후
  • Director: Han Hee
  • Writer: Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 51
  • Release Date: October 28, 2013 - April 29, 2014
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Depicts the loves and battles of Empress Ki who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty. Empress Ki is from Goryeo.


  1. "Empress Ki" takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire" and will be followed by "Triangle" May, 2014.
  2. Early Korean working title was "Hwatu" (literally "flower cards").
  3. First script reading took place on September 13 and September 14 at MBC Dream Centre in Ilsan, South Korea. Each session took about 4 hours.
  4. Filming moves to Hengdian World Studios, located in Hengdian, China, from October 12-23, 2013.
  5. Ep. 19 & 20 of "Empress Ki" originally scheduled to air December 30th and 31st did not air due to award shows and special programming. Ep.19 & 20 will air during the first week of January, 2014.
  6. Ep.29 airs at 22:15 instead of 22:00 because of Winter Olympics. In addition, Ep.30 will not air on February 11, 2014 and instead air on February 17, 2014.


Empress Ki-Ha Ji-Won.jpg Empress Ki-Joo Jin-Mo.jpg Empress Ki-Ji Chang-Wook.jpg
Ha Ji-Won Joo Jin-Mo Ji Chang-Wook
Ki Seung-Nyang / Empress Ki Wang Yoo Ta Hwan / Emperor Huizong of Yuan
Empress Ki-Baek Jin-Hee.jpg Empress Ki-Kim Jung-Hyun.jpg Empress Ki-Cha Do-Jin.jpg Empress Ki-Kim Young-Ho.jpg Empress Ki-Choi Moo-Sung.jpg
Baek Jin-Hee Kim Jung-Hyun Cha Do-Jin Kim Young-Ho Choi Moo-Sung
Danashri Dang Ki-Se Top Ja-Hae Baek An Park Bool-Hwa
Empress Ki-Lee Moon-Sik.jpg Lee Jae-Yong Empress Ki-Kim Seo-Hyung.jpg Empress Ki-Lim Ju-Eun.jpg Empress Ki-Yoon Ah-Jung.jpg
Lee Moon-Sik Lee Jae-Yong Kim Seo-Hyung Lim Ju-Eun Yoon Ah-Jung
Bang Shin-Woo Wang Go Empress Dowager Bayan Khutugh Yeon-Hwa
Empress Ki-Jeon Kuk-Hwan.jpg Empress Ki-Kim Myeong-Kuk.jpg Empress Ki-Jin Lee-Han.jpg Empress Ki-Jung Woong-In.jpg Empress Ki-Kwon Oh-Jung.jpg
Jeon Kuk-Hwan Kim Myeong-Kuk Jin Yi-Han Jung Woong-In Kwon Oh-Jung
Yeon Chul Jang Soon-Yong Tal Tal Yeom Byung-Soo Choi Moo-Song
Empress Ki-Yun Yong-Hyeon.jpg Empress Ki-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Empress Ki-Kim Myeong-Su.jpg Han Hye-Rin Empress Ki-Kim Hyeong-Beom.jpg
Yun Yong-Hyeon Lee Won-Jong Cha Kwang-Soo Han Hye-Rin Kim Hyeong-Beom
Jeom-Bak yi Dok Man Ko Yong-Bo Royal Concubine Park Jo Cham

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-28 1 10.1% (13th) 12.3% (8th) 11.1% (9th) 13.3% (4th)
2013-10-29 2 12.0% (6th) 14.6% (4th) 13.6% (4th) 15.8% (4th)
2013-11-04 3 11.7% (11th) 14.9% (4th) 12.8% (6th) 14.5% (5th)
2013-11-05 4 12.7% (6th) 15.4% (4th) 14.5% (4th) 16.6% (3rd)
2013-11-11 5 14.0% (5th) 17.3% (4th) 14.5% (5th) 16.1% (4th)
2013-11-12 6 14.6% (4th) 18.6% (4th) 16.3% (4th) 18.7% (3rd)
2013-11-18 7 15.2% (4th) 18.4% (4th) 15.5% (5th) 17.6% (3rd)
2013-11-19 8 16.5% (4th) 20.1% (3rd) 16.9% (4th) 18.6% (3rd)
2013-11-25 9 15.4% (4th) 19.1% (4th) 17.2% (4th) 19.5% (3rd)
2013-11-26 10 16.2% (4th) 19.5% (3rd) 18.1% (3rd) 19.6% (3rd)
2013-12-02 11 17.7% (4th) 20.8% (3rd) 17.8% (5th) 20.5% (2nd)
2013-12-03 12 18.4% (4th) 21.7% (3rd) 19.0% (4th) 21.0% (3rd)
2013-12-09 13 19.1% (4th) 23.6% (2nd) 20.2% (3rd) 23.5% (2nd)
2013-12-10 14 18.4% (4th) 23.3% (1st) 19.5% (3rd) 21.9% (2nd)
2013-12-16 15 17.7% (4th) 21.7% (4th) 18.8% (4th) 21.5% (3rd)
2013-12-17 16 18.1% (4th) 21.9% (2nd) 18.8% (3rd) 21.4% (3rd)
2013-12-23 17 17.3% (4th) 20.5% (2nd) 17.3% (4th) 20.1% (2nd)
2013-12-24 18 17.3% (3rd) 20.5% (2nd) 17.5% (3rd) 19.9% (2nd)
2014-01-06 19 17.0% (3rd) 21.8% (2nd) 17.9% (3rd) 20.4% (3rd)
2014-01-07 20 18.5% (3rd) 23.8% (2nd) 19.1% (3rd) 21.3% (2nd)
2014-01-13 21 18.2% (3rd) 23.7% (2nd) 19.6% (3rd) 22.9% (2nd)
2014-01-14 22 19.0% (3rd) 23.9% (2nd) 20.3% (3rd) 22.1% (2nd)
2014-01-20 23 19.5% (3rd) 23.6% (2nd) 20.8% (3rd) 23.6% (2nd)
2014-01-21 24 20.7% (3rd) 24.7% (2nd) 22.6% (2nd) 26.2% (2nd)
2014-01-27 25 21.4% (3rd) 27.0% (2nd) 22.8% (2nd) 26.8% (1st)
2014-01-28 26 22.0% (2nd) 26.3% (2nd) 24.9% (2nd) 28.6% (1st)
2014-02-03 27 24.2% (2nd) 29.8% (1st) 23.9% (2nd) 27.7% (1st)
2014-02-04 28 24.0% (2nd) 29.3% (1st) 25.3% (2nd) 29.1% (1st)
2014-02-10 29 20.8% (2nd) 25.3% (1st) 22.7% (2nd) 25.3% (1st)
2014-02-17 30 25.3% (3rd) 30.9% (2nd) 26.5% (2nd) 29.6% (1st)
2014-02-18 31 25.6% (2nd) 30.9% (1st) 26.6% (1st) 29.4% (1st)
2014-02-24 32 24.4% (2nd) 31.0% (1st) 25.3% (2nd) 28.8% (1st)
2014-02-25 33 27.9% (2nd) 33.6% (1st) 28.6% (1st) 31.3% (1st)
2014-03-03 34 26.1% (2nd) 32.4% (1st) 26.2% (2nd) 29.7% (1st)
2014-03-04 35 26.5% (2nd) 32.3% (1st) 28.3% (1st) 31.4% (1st)
2014-03-10 36 26.0% (2nd) 31.4% (1st) 26.9% (2nd) 30.8% (1st)
2014-03-11 37 27.1% (2nd) 32.4% (1st) 29.2% (1st) 32.4% (1st)
2014-03-17 38 25.6% (2nd) 30.7% (1st) 27.7% (2nd) 31.3% (1st)
2014-03-18 39 25.0% (2nd) 29.3% (1st) 26.5% (2nd) 29.7% (1st)
2014-03-24 40 22.4% (2nd) 27.5% (2nd) 24.4% (2nd) 27.9% (2nd)
2014-03-25 41 24.0% (2nd) 29.8% (1st) 26.0% (2nd) 28.8% (1st)
2014-03-31 42 23.5% (2nd) 27.2% (2nd) 25.0% (1st) 28.8% (1st)
2014-04-01 43 24.1% (2nd) 27.4% (2nd) 25.0% (2nd) 27.9% (1st)
2014-04-07 44 23.9% (3rd) 27.8% (2nd) 24.3% (2nd) 27.2% (1st)
2014-04-08 45 23.5% (2nd) 28.7% (2nd) 25.5% (2nd) 28.7% (1st)
2014-04-14 46 23.9% (2nd) 28.0% (2nd) 25.3% (2nd) 28.3% (1st)
2014-04-15 47 23.8% (2nd) 28.9% (1st) 26.1% (2nd) 28.8% (1st)
2014-04-21 48 22.7% (2nd) 25.6% (2nd) 22.9% (2nd) 24.9% (1st)
2014-04-22 49 23.9% (2nd) 27.2% (2nd) 26.6% (2nd) 29.4% (1st)
2014-04-28 50 25.7% (2nd) 30.6% (1st) 26.2% (2nd) 28.7% (1st)
2014-04-29 51 28.3% (2nd) 33.9% (1st) 28.7% (2nd) 31.7% (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Carlo Castante The entire show was absolutely great!!!

cai I love empress ki very much until now i can't move on the ending of of this story every night after work i watch in youtube to reviewing the past episode even if the ending was break my heart and i found my self crying ..to lose your love one wang yoo, ta hwan ,taltal and star......i love also the song ....up where belong forwangyang , a thousand years for togonyang, say something talnyang....the day ..and the day tagalog....

             Love cai  thank s for this beautiful stories...

star Empress ki is definitely one of the best dramas I have ever watched. Although I was hesitant to watch it at the beginning because the drama has 51 episodes, but I am very glad I did as I never felt bored for a second. All the actors did a great job and are very talented like Nyang, tal tal, bayan and the emperor. A truly mesmerizing story line and highly talented actors... Fighting luv u alll :D

Ashun This drama was muy fuego. Loved it despite the sadness in the end.

kimberly How I really love this Drama ever.. it makes me go insane when WangYu And SeungYang being Sweet to each other.. This drama is so meant into my life, maybe im so Too Ambitious but I like of being Nyang. When WangYu, Togon, TalTal Died I cried so hard . I dont know what i felt at that time, but all I want to do is REVENGE.. I felt HURT , Along the Episodes I want to kill EL TEMUR and His Clan for ruining Thier Lives ... But I cant do that because its just a MOVIE , An Old Story of them.. As of Now I Like of Being KI SEUNG-YANG ..

Nyang How I love this korean drama. Just finished the episode last night. This drama really shows how tragic life can be inside the government. Because of this drama, I begin reading the real story of Empress Ki and feel sad about how they described Empress Ki, it was truly different because they described Empress Ki as the one who is cruel and greed for power. Still, I still like Empress Ki, she maybe cruel but she fights for justice.

Marikit Curiosity brought me to watch Empress Ki, aired from Monday to Thursday at almost 10 in the evening here in the Philippines. I really don't know why, but since my dad and I had watched the pilot episode, we got hooked up on the Kdrama. Maybe because it's about re-telling of a history filled with warriors, fight between two kingdoms, political rivalries and the beautiful rendition of the song "Up Where We Belong" and "Thousand Years" all sang by Christian Bautista, which adds flavor to the love triangle of Ki, Wang Yoo and Togon.

It's just that last night, our favorite Kdrama had ended and you know what, I was really sad and truly, I will be missing the whole cast. I wanted to cry for Emperor's, Wang Yoo's and Taltal's death because they all had tragic endings. None of them stayed alive to be with the Empress' side.

The story is really intriguing and exciting, same with Queen Seondok and Jumong. And the character of Nyang to Ha Ji Won really fitted her because of her powerful eyes and facial reactions that are not over reacting. I really admire her. Wang Yoo's character was also impressive and until the end, it was Nyang who he always thinks of. His love for Nyang only grew stronger. Honestly at first, I'm a fan of Nyang and Wang Yoo loveteam. However when I watched the finale episode, Togon dying in the lap of Nyang and tells her, 'I love you', I know that Nyang had also fallen in love with the Emperor. That scene is annoying and frustrating. Annoying because their love affair had to end there. Frustrating because once again, Nyang was left broken hearted. :(

Surely, I will be missing this and how Nyang changed her destiny by choosing Togon over Wang Yoo.

red Amazing drama. Actors are good and the story conveys a lot of message in different ways. The ending was satisfying. Ki and the emperor shown an unconditional love. She loved him despite his imperfections and brought out the best out of him and that is the perk of loving him. Togon also tried beyond on what he can just to protect Nyang. I obviously love Togon's character cause he's so damn sweet (except for his drunk days) the way he to look to her is just so beautiful.

Loid This Korean drama is really very remarkable. The story tells exactly what could have been and could have happened to the Empire. This drama portrays filthy governance, a package of love, compassion, honor, dignity, integrity, loyalty, honor, good moral and values etc. You can simply say its an awesome story.

From my point of view, this is a message to all high ranking to low ranking government officials as an eye-opener. If only they can relate to the idea of this drama.

Like in the instance, there are cases in this story which were not given much sensation of whom who have really killed this person in the story and who really have sinned.  But rather, the plot focuses on how will the country men be saved from hunger, violence and hardship.  Discreet plans and improvement of the country are being emphasized by ruler for the benefit of the many much more of those of the less fortunate.  Empress Ki disregarded herself only to protect her countrymen and makes a good treaty by and between different parties.

Portrayal of each character were all amazing even for good and bad kind of people. Good job with the writer, the producer, the director, actors and actresses, the production crews etc. You were all amazing.

Jerille Hi! In the Philippines there's only 2 nights before the ending of empress ki. Sad to say because why there's many men in this film why do they need to die? Like wang yoo, I really like wang yoo because he has traits that should most of men should possessed like being brave, courage his intelligence etc., Togon the emperator of Yuhan in the end he also die and because of killing wang yoo I'm happy that he die too why? Because first, why do he have to kill wang yoo if there son maja is already dead and second no more to worries because seung yang is already move on with wang yoo and third he should not jealous instead he should thanked wang yoo for saving his life from dangkishi. And tal tal why? why? do they need to kill tal tal? tal tal is the one who protect seung yang because there's no wang yoo to protect her. I'm so sad I think the director is bitter when it comes to love why? because yah know in this story I think in the first there's love but in the middle and the end there's none. They say you should watched it because there be a clashed in finding a love. I'm happy that I watched this movie but sad because it is so, so, so tragic.... I hope this director make another movie, it cast and characters is in the empress ki and make it a happy in the ending :) I hope you take my advice because if the empress ki will finished many people will missed wang yoo, seung yang, tal tal , togon etc.,

j What a tragic ending, so many people died but I only cried for Wang Yoo. I hate what they did to Wang Yoo. And poor Taltal, didn't even have a death scene.

The only consistent, reasonable and kind hearted character was killed by the ungrateful emperor, because of his foolish pride, and in a senseless, cruel way. I can accept Wang Yoo's death, but in a battlefield fighting for his country. He did so much good for his people, much more than anyone..he didn't deserve it. I felt cheated.

A cruel story written by cruel writers.

Chit Chit Empress Ki is the great. Ha Ji Won is the historical queen. Seung-Nyang and Ta Hwan is the best couple. Their love is the great and cute.This drama is my crazy.Ha Ji Won fighting!

Tatum Also you think this is the best and everyone loves Tal Tal but the last esp tells you it was fake , they never had that kind of love , and they are just really good actors. sorry to say it....

tatum I feel like this drama would be better if Tal Tal and Seung-Nyang were together. Even if they could not be i wish they did not delete the love scene that they shared. I think they should have their own drama together. Again this is basic off a true story so it could only happen if Tal Tal really wanted to have a love line with her. Still I wish they did it anyways because not all of this is true. I really wish it could happen... dream on.

If you would like to talk to me more about this please comment.

mel The drama was very emotional, and tragic of lady ki's life. I think the director or the writer should include a modern version when the ending of the emperor die. It's nice to see the modern day of how everyone live and how they meet. Continuing to a second sequel of the modern days seem interesting, since lady ki said that she'll in the next life she'll remember. If this can convey an interesting and entertaining drama, i hope they can produce this.

Aj The series is much too long with historical inaccuracies. But Ji Chang-Wook also has the most difficult role to play and acquits himself well in a strong cast. Much prefer him in "Healer" as the sensitive and strong hero.

Charlie Ravena I love this drama so much, but there is a different version of this as far as i know. The other version was focused in the life of Wang Yu, does anyone here know its title?

anonymous it was great movie, i just don't like it but i really LOVE it. The twist on the movie is also a great, unique and thrilled. for me this movie is a BEST one , no exaggeration, no overacting, i just find it real, especially their reactions, i like them the way they react & how they act. the cast if perfectly suited to the characters they handled. i love the situation of this movie "empress ki" the conflicts and etc. .i just love it and i find it great movie. nice one "empress ki" cast. especially to their director the one who made the story, i really like it. best movie after all. Hoping for your upcoming movies cast of empress ki. I hope you guys make an another movie or a "empress ki II" or whatsoever.. just hoping. =)

thanks and congrats. .!

lalaine albino I really like to watch this movie! Its so exciting. My night will not be completed if i cant watch this movie..Its so good! I like the way the artists play their roles..And fpr that CONGRATULATIONS!

asilds everything is so good in this drama..but it should have ende at 40 episodes itself after it it all becomes boring..i think the villains have really overshadowed the leads in acting especially the old man temur ,his son and tanashiri who has carried out the role so perfectly..the kings character is really laughable in this drama..i saw so many period drama..some had the kings very weak or without power but none of them had been shown so incompetent, cowardly, selfish and irresponsible..the king from start to end has no interest in state affairs..only thing he is concerned about is his own safety and his love of empress..he is also least concerned about his other consorts and when lady pak dies with his son,the king doesnot mourn her or his son..incompetency is still ok but through all the drama when all are concerned about power and the state,he is busy whining before the empress,,i just forwarded those scenes involving him..otherwise till ep 40 the plot and acting of the villains along with the koryo king and the empress is really commendable

Jolli An Gonzales I watched so many Korean.. This so really really best drama and good,and I falling inlove TAL TAL so handsom -.- uugghh :( So amazing

Kim Really good drama, i'm fallin in love with Ta-Hwan character here, or maybe the good actor chang wook, i mean that he could act cute like a baby, and sometimes terrifying too..

taky all the cast has done good acting in this drama..but for me the emperor whining like a baby is really unbearable..the writers have tried to make him look cute and immature but it just looks unbelievably childish which is just too much to bear..that too when he escapes so many times from the jaws of death,when so many people have died to save him,when he is the head of the mighty yuan empire,when he has had wives,concubines and was to become a father..this all cute and immature acts may look quite bearable in normal Korean dramas rich immature brat kinds but in a period drama especially for the emperor this is too much..

ani I think ha ji won has done a great job in this drama..also joo jin mo looks very seasoned in his role..one thing I really don't like abt the drama is that in the staring 20 ep, emperor tahon behaves like a five year old child with utter ignorance about state affairs, martial skills or politics..i wonder what he did in his youth years..and also after witnessing so many deaths just to save his life,he fails to grow up..also the stortwriting is such that at all the important times when the leaders are captured, they are spared their lives for many silly reasons as if to continue building the story..for me it is ha ji won and joo jin mo who keep the show going

kim Tanashiri is so beautiful for me. But she is too evil. Hehehe

Kinara @Korra: is it? From what I read, she sent Yuan's army as a move against Goryeo's people, in order to stop people power vs Goryeo's king (the king was Empress Ki' s relative - anyone please correct me if I'm wrong). I imagine she'd become more Yuan than Goryeo, with such a big power she had in Yuan (actually Emperor Ta Hwan was very young / a teenager when he became a king). Yeah, most of the time we must draw a clear line between real history as written and what happens in dramas/movies.. it depends on which perspective the maker wants to bring it on screen. It has to be something viewers would enjoy to see - and that's what we got, right?  :D

Kinara I wish this looong drama should have ended at the time Togon Temur/ Ta Hwan got the real power as a king - I didn't like watching the rest (coz from history, we know this drama took place at the ending era of Mongol's Yuan dinasty, it's not something good). Anyway.... from the characters in this drama, I'm most impressed by Empress Dowager, I think Kim Seo Hyung has done a good job here, to bring her role very powerful, but also elegant and stunning! And for Jin Yi Han (General Tal Tal), I love your voice!

Korra i really loved the drama, but it's so heartbreaking espacially when it's really happened in yuan dynasty, i loved ki nyang so much, and her sacrifices are admirable, tal tal too, i loved his personnality, and fellt sade for his sacrifice, the king of georyo too broke my heart, byula and finally the emperor, this drama gave the thought of traveling through time and save every single one of them, and clear empress ki's name.

i want to know something so badly, why empress ki is hated by koreans? what did she do to deserve such bihavior? i hope someone answer those questions.

Kdramaadt I have watched about 120 Korean offerings of all types. This was really one of the best from 2014 and of all time. I really got emotionally involved with this one and I still am not ready to rewatch yet. Ha-ji-won is one the best actors of any country I have seen. For those who would like to watch some other great Korean sagueks here is a list of really good ones,

1.The Great Queen Sundeok 2.Jewel In The Palace 3.Jumong (Prince of the Legend) 4. Dong Yi 5. Yi San 6. Painter of The Wind 7. Chuno (The Slave Hunters) 8. Tree With Deep Roots 9. IL-Jimae the phantom thief 10. Faith (The great Doctor) 11. Masquerade (A great movie to watch)

The Iron Empress, Kim Syu Roo ( The Iron King), Warrior Baek Dong Su, and Emperor of the Sea and are pretty good also but maybe too much makjong for some watchers.

Alyssa Even I got home I already excited to watch Empress ki because of it's excitement and the trill. Even though I already watched the ending of Empress ki when I search it in the net. I'm sad because all of the character died wang yu died, tal tal died, the emperator die etc., For me in happy in the beginning sad in the ending. Hahahahhahaahhaha Why does the director wanted to die tal tal. I think Empress ki and tal tal are beautiful to get partner, I'll go to tal tal that the emperator. Tal tal is handsome, shy, smart all etc,. maybe after this movie i wish all the characters of this movie will have again a movie were they are all together!!! God bless... this movie is great even though sometimes I'm going to cry because of some sad episode...

row Just done all ep Like this drama but not that best. All are great actors., but im not satisfied that SN loved the emperor? All of what he did! Miserable & Incompetent emperor. I was believe that SN & WY was meant to be someday or after she become a empress, I expected too that emperor will die coz of his uneasy! He was not healthy afterall in ep 41?

Hyuna Lee Watching this was like one thousand needles of pain... Yet I could stop till my heart broke to thousands of pieces....

Izza hi @Thess Tormo also watch her at SECRET GARDEN w/ Hyun Bin.. they are so great.. im really fan of koreanovelas... historical dramas is so very thrilling and exciting..

Izza yeah,, i also love tal tal here because he is so handsome and intelligent here.. i really love this historical drama..

Aya Yeon Chul is the best! They are very good actors. You'll hate them then feel pitty all of a sudden.

I've got a crush on Tal Tal

Thess Tormo Watching Empress Ki made me cry literally for several times… and fell in love as well. Can’t get over watching this because every episode is getting more exciting day by day. I love the story, the settings and the characters… I’ve never watched tv series in full before until this. Ha Ji Won is remarkable for her exquisite talent in acting, a versatile actress, she can portray everything and very dedicated. She also has a great personality aside from her beauty and charm. I suddenly become her no. 1 fan here in Manila :) We’re all looking forward for more TV series and movies of Ms. Ha Ji Won, and we’re all gladly support her.

julie anne legada i really really love and like the stories.. also all the characters in the story. i hope that you make a part 2 of empress ki.. ilove nyang and emperor togon .. thank you and may god bless u all..

Raslah Abd Rahman i loved this story..which is related to the history..i also liked their character..

Yay Now i learned more about other countries history than ours...:)

Josephine Gutang Empress ki is No. 1, I hope to see you Ms. Ha Ji won (Seungyang) and Ji chang wook (togon) in personal and I hope for many projects to come for both of you,co'z you are really a good actor and actress :) ALL OF THE CHARACTERS ARE REALLY GREAT!!!! :)

patrice this story aired every night here in philippines under GMA network channel 7, a big thanks to the station very good choice. I really love this story, every episode very interesting and realistic...

in fact no.1 in my heart...can get a lot of moral lessons. the best for the whole family.

Evelyn a story which shows a real politics, in Asia and even in the whole world. Power and gold can abuse, only heart cannot.

lee loe I liked their characters so much, I would like to see Hi Ji-won and Ji Chang Wook do another drama together. There were not enough lovingly compassionate moments between them in Empress Ki before he left us.

lee loe I realize this historical drama is both fact and fiction, I Loved It!! I'm signed up with four different sites searching for new k-dramas. I have mainly stayed with Hulu commercials and all as a premium subscriber because they are the only ones I know that show Empress Ki. I have watched the drama so many times entirely, I've lost count. Before retiring I never had time to watch TV, my niece turned me on to k-dramas and now I'm totally addicted. Another culture I have enjoyed watching is a lot of the Chinese dramas, at first I was not a fan because there was always music and singing throughout the story, then I discovered so many more interesting ones without the music. There are some with some catchy opening tunes I love though. A black American that loves her Asian dramas

SiningTadhana I really love the story.............. plus knowing it's real life history..........the story of the last empress of the Yuan dynasty of China before the Ming took over and there were no said empress after Yuan dynasty fled North after it's decline.......................

A real history..............cool!

There were many things I learned in history....I thought it's pure Korean...it's actually Chinese-Mongolian and related to Korea by history.

Indeed they had a rich culture that were shared together in history.....unlike Philippine history.......... we just have legends and myths left of our rich ancestry....the rest of the real stories were all Spanish Colonialism............ then American, then Japanese, then our very own Republic in it's own government............lastly the modern era....... we really lost our Pre-Hispanic history.............

We had legends such as Princess Urduja......fiction such as Amaya,,.....and myths of different mountain guardians ranging from Mariang Makiling to Mariang Sinukuan....and lots of epic hero tales from north to south.

SiningTadhana I really love the story.............. plus knowing it's real life history..........the story of the last empress of the Yuan dynasty of China before the Ming took over and there were no said empress after Yuan dynasty fled North after it's decline.......................

A real history..............cool!

imelda soller I hope i can get the real history about Empress Ki, who she was in real life........

Austin Janzen Inocencio This korea novela is so awesome like Ha ji won, and this was teaching me how to be brave and learn to fight with your enemy and i like taltal because she's so handsome and kind

crystal from toronto it's a great story.. u won't regret watching it...

cleo sorry.. the correct ques is Ha Ji Won end up with Joo Jin Mo or Ji Chang Wook?

cleo Hi.. i would like to know the main lead actor was joo jin mo or ji chang wook?

jam Wang yoo... we love you wang yoo and nyang...

Robin Pascual very boring movie ;<, the actors is so bad in acting the story is no good,

Jagu [Honest Review]

It was a drama that moved me, but I admit a very big part of its splendor lies in the character played by Ji Chang Wook, Emperor Ta Hwan. It's one of the most complex characters I've seen in a K-Drama before, with both strenghts and weakness and failures and without the girl's feeling served to him on a silver platter. He had to fight, and Ji Chang Wook portrayed this physical, mental and emotional fight so well in every scene of the 51 episodes. I must admit, I don't know if I would have watched the drama, had his character been played by someone else. (And to think he refuse the role twice...) I can go on pages about how great he was here, but there's other things about the drama. The plot, in my opinion, was a little weak. I feel it was broken up in a few bigger chunks, and some chunks were actually good, like the first 20 episodes and about the last 5. But big parts of the drama had serious holes in the plot. Eh, I could overlook this. The actual evens weren't necessarily digestible, but they were exciting to watch. Thumbs up for the theme and subject of the drama. It's for the first time I see a Korean drama set in some foreign land, and it was refreshing to see the different traditions, clothing and names. Fashion was another big thing: I loved it! The colors and styles, and them changing them with the season, with the mood of the episode. Sublime. Then, that's that. It was a memorable drama. It made me Ji Chang Wook's fan and Ha Ji Won's fan. And it inspired some part of me. Watch it, you won't be wasting your time.

Katherine I love watching this drama every night at Philippine TV! I found a new idol in Ha Ji Won. Her facial expressions, her tough acting, they're amazing! <3

gee i love hajiwon! #hajiwonbehereinmanila i love ji chang wook!! i love empress ki!!

lorie i love empress ki ^_^ i hope you already part2 ^_^

sherilyn Very good plays when you are watching along with you as well to show. Very nice! :) I hope to see you soon all cast. Godbless :D

kdramafan Such an amazing korean drama ever! The acting were all great, the story had an amazing twists and turn of events.. Although the ending were actually a sad one for Ki Seung-Nyang, this is really one of the best korean dramas that i've watched so far.. <3

SEO JHIN WOW! my reaction to this movie is indescribable.. HA JI WON! YOU'RE AMAZING!!

Deewy. from Nigeria. Empress ki is just wow! Have not finished all the episodes yet, but so far so good... Kudos to the writer of this drama! Ha jiwon is an amazing actress. Ji ChangWook is so cute. In fact all the actors and actresses in Empress ki performed excellently well!!

willyn mae i want part 2 please and i hope it will be a happy ending for empress ki...

Kristy I recently saw an extension of empress ki that showed Anyang and tae wan reincarnated. It was done by northcape? Was it a commercial or was I created by the writers? What is northcape?

Asian Drama Pearls I have been watching Asian dramas for nearly 1 year now and am totally captivated by the creativity and cultures depicted in these shows. I am mesmerized and can't stop watching them! "Empress Ki" is one of the best dramas I've seen yet. Great casting and actors. I rate it in the High 90's!--although I do feel that there was a missed opportunity to make this series truly perfect because of the under development of King Wang Yu's role toward the end. (I felt that his suppressed tension should have played a much larger part of the storyline.) I watched all 50 episodes and am now halfway through watching it again (: ☆☆☆☆☆ (PS--I also would love a "Part 2" or Second Season!)

Mai2xRamos WOW!!! and a big round of applause for the artists,the director and for the whole crew for this drama series, I love how dramatic this story was then mixed with comedy. I love all the romantic and action scene wow! How did they pulled it off. :-) At the first half of the drama I've fallen for Wang Yu well Ta Hwan is cute as well but I did fall hard for Tal tal Oh! My I love him... hope to see more historical drama as interesting as this.. much love for Ha Ji Won the EMPRESS KI :-) <3

Nouchee Where do I Begin with this Drama? I Watched in Rage and Yet Watched in Happiness. 51 episodes finally done and I've fallen in love with some of these characters! I give Drama a 10/10 for sure! I've fallen in love with TALTAL the character the drama portrayed him as. He seemed to be the only pure heart through out the whole drama. I was really wishing for him to be paired up with Yeon Bi-Soo or have some kind of chemistry with her but...that was beyond my control!

HaJiwon wowed me in her beautiful acting and Ji Changwook was absolutely amazing. I cried every time they cried! I hope for them to starr in more dramas together with a happy ending!~ Joo Jin-mo was amazing as well. His character is very elegant and pure hearted.

<3 Loved it!

Johnmel Perfect,excellent and great .. this film amaze me a lot .......great writers and actors/actress...thumbs-up!!!! cheers!! hoping for Part 2..

tanyangshipper while watching this drama, I had to stop for a while when there was wang yu and seung nyang scenes or fastforwarded because I couldn't help but really loved tahwan. I couldn't bear looking him pitiful because of his love for seungnyang. Don't get me wrong. I liked Joo Jin Mo a lot in Queen of the Game but not in this drama. His character, Wang Yu, started strong and I felt that he was a really good king for his people but in the later part of this drama, he made me bored. Then I got to fall head over heels with tahwan and of course the actor behin tahwan's character (JCW). I love the intrigues between the palace. I also like Tanashiri, Taltal, BaekAhn, El Temur. They were really exciting characters to watch. I'm glad that the ending was about tahwan and seungnyang and their beautiful love story. Love Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook.

Rainbow Fish This is the best Korean TV series I have watched in a long time. The acting is incredible. Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are top notch-intense, creative and mesmerizing. The story is fast paced and always keeps the viewers on edge. The supporting cast were excellent as well. I also love how much effort was put into the scenery and the costumes and etc. The location shoots from China were incredible and beautiful. The story wasn't all that historically accurate but the high production value and the actors really brought this show up. This series was better than any other show I have watched. It's better than Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Downton Abbey and the Sopranos combined. It's a must see!

cathy I like tal tal(Jin Yi Han).He is excellent and I like the way he portray's the role of his character. I hope that tal tal and empress ki will be together in movie. I like you ha ji won.

Jin Yi Han- your the one and only Korean actor that I really like for the first time in my 23 years existence in this world. I hope that you can read my comment. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

marc wilson Youre good in the Empress KI. Congratulations. The drama is full of good values and very good/excellent characters.Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung i love it

Josephine Cacdac I love to see Joo Jin-Mo (Wang Yoo) and Ha Ji-Won (Ki Seung Nyang) together in a movie / TV series again. They are such a good pair!

Ta hwan Ta Hwan character is so pitifull. He loneliness made me cry. He feels like nobody love him. It broke my heart. I really love his character. And the ending was so sad. Everybody died. But still one of the best drama I've ever watched. Aaaah i love you ji chang wook.

Go Go JCW!! i really love this drama, even it has a sad ending... i really love the couple of JCW and HJW as we call our peha and our beautiful empress.. When i watch the ending of this drama, i can't stop crying..

I really like the part when togon save sungnyang in danger, that was ep 33-34 i think.. I like Togon, even we know that he fear of death.. When he know that Sungnyang is in danger, he never hesitate to leave sungnyang..He save sungnyang sacrifice his life to save sungnyang..

  1. TaNyang 4 ever
  2. JiJi 4 ever

Iam I am very like this drama.....the ending is so surprising....I like it very much

charm All I know,I just love Tal Tal.

angel real life couple :)


<3 <3 <3

angel WangNyang :)

Im waiting and hoping for the next movie or drama series for the two of you

Ha Ji Won Joo Jin Mo

Gigi I have never seen a King so wimpy.

Carmen This so awesome, I like Seung Nyang. She is a kind of amazing woman, This Drama made me cry. So lonely when King of Koryo and Emperor Tugon died. Amazing Actors and Actresses!!! Hope more drama like this to produce.!!! #Iamkoreandramafanatic!!!

16Jlabs This is an awesome and the best Drama ever! I've learned so many things. I can't help to smile and cry. The actors and actresses were very fantastic especially the main character. 100% very good!

j What was so wrong with the ending is that she still loved TH despite him killing WY for his foolish pride, despite him raping her, despite him being the cause of her father’s death. TH is also such an ungrateful person, if not for WY, he would’ve never got rid of El Temur and he would’ve died earlier. I honestly didn’t feel like rooting for SN anymore towards the last 10 episodes. She was consumed by her revenge, and even power. Her being an Empress became pointless since she already avenged her father’s death before becoming one (ET’s death). Bayan was right that it’s just greed that’s keeping her in the throne since ET is dead. The other people she fought for (Lady Pak and friends), she only met them in the palace but they weren’t the main reason for her revenge.

Wang Yoo saved her life many times but she wasn’t able to save him, including her son. She neglected them, and including Goryeo people, thereby making her a traitor. They killed Wang Yoo in the most senseless and demeaning way. I would've preferrred him dying in a battlefield fighting for his country, not in the hands of a coward, jealous, selfish and ungrateful emperor. He didn't deserve such tragic fate. How stupids was he to assume that Wang Yoo will reveal the secret, when in fact he knows how much Wang Yoo loves and protects Seung Nyang. For me this is the worst part of the story, having a coward emperor murder the only kind-hearted and consistent character in the story. A cruel way of treating the character that did so much good, much more than anyone not only for his own people, but for others.

The last two episodes felt so rushed, they included new subplots but it was too late that everything became a one time, big time murder fest. There were too many political plots and some are repetitive. Taltal, who was the last sane character left was killed, and not even a final scene. So many senseless deaths, so many people died in order for her to become an empress, and it think it was selfish. She lost all the people she loved. She was not the hero that I expected. There is no redeeming value for the characters. Queen SeonDeok remains the ultimate sageuk in my opinion.

dina I like this movie very much. I like the way they act and the actors and actresses were act very well. I love Ji Chang- Wook because his cute and charm. Ha Ji Woon also was an excellent actress that's why i appreciate her the most. hope that theres a lot of Korean movie that make us inspired..........................

nami When I first watch it from a TV network, I can't help but get excited. I even searched it online to watch it ahead. The excitement builds up as I watched the drama. It maybe based on fiction folklore but what lesson it gives is great. I love how the actors portrayed their characters, heavy but interesting. When I finally reached the final episode, it really made me curious how will it end. I don't know if I would be satisfied or disappointed with the outcome but I still like the drama because I can think of many possible things happen to the other characters. I find it hard to look for dramas and stories that would dive me fulfillment and Empress Ki is what I can say one of it.

pythagore22 When I went to Korea in january I saw this drama on TV and it seemed interesting so when i went back to my country I wanted to watch it. It took me the first 3 minutes of the episode 1 to know that I will watch this drama until the end. I discovered later it was a 50 episode drama ( I usually don t watch a 50 episode drama) but it was so thrilling, awesome, that I couldn t stop watching. Of course the drama is not perfect and some details desturbed me but the feelings I had while watching it, I can t describe them ! The character, the actors, the OST, the storyline, you can t hate or be disappointed with this drama. Some parts are really sad and this is the reason why I have a hard time to decide if I watch it again. And if sometimes some characters annoy you, wait, you will see a true evolution in them. I seriously recommend you Empress Ki, this is one of the best drama I watched until now ( and I am very hard to please)

mnemonikz This drama is really good. Almost comparable to The Great Queen Seondeok. But one thing I hated about this drama is that the key characters kept dying and the ending is so unsatisfying. It leaves the viewers hanging. And before the ending, they showed the scene where SN is having a dilemma on who to go back with. Are they going to make another season of this? What will happen if she went with WY back then instead of Togon? I wonder what is the reason they made that kind of ending.

toniab i really love this drama,i cried a lot,the love the emperor has for nyang is so endearing,made me fall much more in love with historical dramas.the cast for the drama did great.

guest The ending scenes are supposed to be sad. But funnily, I find myself laughing loud as I find those scenes amusing. Everyone seems to die at the same time just within that 1 to 2 hours of the show, like 10 pins getting knocked down at one go in a bowling game, dropping dead for no apparent reason, without the need for any excuse (not that you need a reason to die). Well, so much craziness about the supposedly sad ending scenes.

SleeplessInBerlin I was just looking for stress-relief in between study session and ended up head over heels in love with this drama. And of course Tal Tal. Ohh lala Tal Tal.... Now I don't care much for historical accuracy and I don't know what a saguek is, but this was a hell of a drama and I was utterly unprepared for the amount of tears I would cry and the emotional rollercoaster I would be taken on. Uncredible. Still shaken up by the finale.

guest This could be contracted from a 50 ep to a 30 ep drama. The conflicts between the various parties have been recycled. The starting episodes were good but subsequent ones were just rehashed of everything filmed earlier. I find the goryeo story more believable, the yuan prince is nothing but a court jester, a clown. He is just so ridiculous, too exagerrated. Obviously the ending was a rushed job. You wonder if the writers were unable to finish the script cos they were high on sojoo and had to farm out the writings of ending to high schoolers. The only saving grace are the costume and the props. Writers and PD should go look at how other sagueks are done.

empresskifan Worth every eyebags I have!

jummy wow yu in young is yeom bang su

JD Gutierrez The best I've watched so far after Queen Seon Deok. Sublime cinematography, invigorating plot and twists, engaging and dynamic characters, Empress Ki has undoubtedly presented the excellence of Korean Historical Drama. Thumbs up for the characters of Seung Nyang, Emperor Huizong and Tal Tal. Among the characters, I have found myself smitten in these three. Each presented three different kinds of human nature with different convictions and principles to live on. I've read the comments below and observed that only few people liked the character of Emperor Huizong which I cannot extremely fathom why. I can say that among all the characters, he represented the very human nature of mankind, how naive we are in love, how we fear in death, how we can change yet not change at all. He was the one mostly hurting. He was the only one who seek the true life and not the power that most people dream of. Emperor Huizong was one of the most powerful characters I've seen. All in all, I loved the drama. I hail it! I hope MDC produces more of these. A perfect cast for a perfect series!

Ishtar One of the most profound historical drama I've ever watch. Two thumbs up for those great casts who portray excellent roles and director/writers for such a wonderful and amazing story line.

BabyED One of the best dramas I've seen. The actors and actresses played their part well. The plot was good too. It made me watch 'till the end. My fave characters are Wang Yoo, Tal Tal, and Seung Nyang. I like Tahwan for his looks but that's just about it. I can't seem to sympathize for his character and his behavior. *shrug*

mfae great drama! tal tal, wang yu and feisu they very good love them <3

Bean I love this series. This is the only historical drama I watched that is on par with Queen Seonduk. Both bears a lot of similarities too; having a heroine with great leadership (Seonduk & Seung-Nyang) Two man loves the heroine which led to conflicts (Yushin/ bidam & Wang yu/Ta Hwan) Super intelligent ally (Chun chu & Tal Tal) The ultimate nemesis (Mi-sil & El Temur) and the death of the ultimate nemesis will subsequently result in a power struggle that turned former ally into foes (Yushin vs bidam & Lady ki vs Baek An) The list goes on~ I missed Queen Seonduk and never thought I'd watch something as good as it. I adore this drama and Ha Ji Won is one of my favorite actress. My favorite characters are Nyang, Tal Tal and Feisu. I hate how all these historical drama always ended badly though. I know they won't follow the historical facts accurately, so why not give us a happy ending? But it was a brilliant watch. Anyone who loves this should totally try out Queen Seonduk.

taofeek i really enjoy watching this fantastic drama, i am watching season 5 now. I am a Nigerian but I like all the films from Asia expecially films from Korea like this Empress Ki and Sea God. I like all the actors and actresses. Can some one please tell me another Korea film that relate to this, i will finish watching Empress Ki soon, thanks.

jinjin The partnership of both WY/SN or TW/SN have been part and parcel of the whole story line. If there is no WY/SN story how is there a follow up story about TW/SN. Ive read many abusive comments about the WY/SN pairing. The abusive words used on WY/SN is uncalled for. As Ive said before, don't need to put someone down in order to put another up. It reflects a lack of good manners on those who used those harsh words.Yes, TW/SN coupling may seem good but many others could think otherwise. To each his own. So, don't need to hit below the belt in order to make one's fav look good. This exercise of tearing people down becomes a put off when it goes on and on.

jinjin I have been watching drama for its plot. If the content is not consistent, the whole drama could just fall apart. As for who is better matched with who, well to each his own. Some see that the partnership between WY/SN is good while others see it otherwise. Matured viewers do not normally put others down in order to put one's interest up. All the actors in this drama have put a credible performance. What is there to crow about one over another?

precious Hy, the only reason i kept on watching dis drama was bcos of TH and SY. They look so good togeda, dey had a lot chemistry more than WY. I did nt realy like his character, most of his scene i forwarded bcos he was always frowning or keeping a very serious face, he did nt ave that kind of passion or chemistry with SY dat made my heart fluters for TH nd SY. Was realy sad wen TH died. Ur d best JCW nd HJW.

Keisha My all time favorite after mtets ! All the casts are so fabulous. I wish most of the casts can re unite again for other dramas. Empress Ki Jjang !!!

Sharon E. Is there going to be a Season 2 for this series.

David Who played the role of Feisu?

offiah chidera (A.K.A bushman) i like the film quite right but the ending is boring. Nyang and Tai Tai is my best actress and actor. Their roles were pure and intellectual. I really love Tai Tai in that movie. everything about Tai Tai is very interesting; I love the guy. El Temur is my big gy in the movie but if he is like this real life, please it is better we kill him now before it will go far ooo! well, I LOVE the movie and HATE the ending. Am from Nigeria but this movie is the best movie I ever watch from Korea.

lim ju eun fans i am fans of lim ju eun, i have watch until eps 34 but still cant find her, am i missing something?

danelion I don't know why a lot of people didn't like this drama but it had a perfect plot and characters. I loved it...

guest @drama lover, you are right. What drew people to the drama was the first few episodes. Thereafter the plot just went downhill. Yes, it keeps concentrating on the glamorous visuals while the storyline is just crappy and does not make sense.

persh not on par with Soo Baek Hyang. sorry but @drama lover has a point

drama lover This is a crap drama, too long winded, too many unrealistic scenes and plots stories. Worse, it has black magic which makes me laughing my ass out. It has some boring episodes which made me stop watching at times. The whole drama has no sense of ancient chinese culture and customs at all. Bad director and bad stories. Made in 2014 but it seems made in 90s because it is lack of realism. Only good is the actress and actor are good looking. This drama keeps concentrate on pointing the looks of their stars and not the quality. So sorry, i go after drama quality and not actress/actors glamorous. It was an excitement when I found this drama but after watching, it is a disappointment, I give only 2 star out of 5 star.

DramaQueen Love this drama! Ji Chang Wook, what a great actor! His role was very challenging. Acting from immature and weak to become firm and strong. Very charming as well. He and Ha Ji Won looked good together. As for Wang Yu, he's a bit too old for the role but no doubt about his acting. Ha Ji Won, an awesome actress! Good looking as a man and very beautiful as a woman. Her acting was fantastic! Though the drama was quite long but didn't feel bored at all. Well done to all actors, actresses, supporting males & females, directors, producers, soundtrack producers & singers! 10 thumbs up for MBC!

someone Empress Ki one of all dramas I liked. I really like the ending of the drama. Finally, Nyang love Ta hwan :) and from this drama, I realized that Ji Changwook's acting very very amazing and I more love him ♥ eventhough he is a second lead but his acting better than the lead (Jin Moo). Fighting Changwook ^^ make your project better and better than this ^^

Janet Long live the Emperor and Nyang! That's the way to love! He was all for her Lol i finisned this drama only bec of these two. And he is so cute!

JiChangWook I just finished watching the series just now. I loved every moment that the emperor spent with Nyang. Well firstly, I admit that I didn't like the emperor's wimpy character at all, but as I keep watching I became to love his character. He's so desperate and loving towards Nyang. His character was actually very cute, for example the time when he was sniffing Nyang's handkerchief and smiling like an idiot about it. Love their moment together. I do hated the ending. I was hoping for him to leave off with her to the North and have peace. I notice that throughout the drama, there was not one scene where they just relax and have fun together. They would hug for a while and then bam drama, drama, drama. There was no sweet relaxing time together. I was disappointed at that. Not just that but I couldn't really feel that love that Nyang had for the emperor. I know that its there, but it wasn't shown clearly. I also felt that it drama itself wasn't well organized. There was no time for one situation, everything was kind of jumble up. Not just that, but I notice that the Blood Vow that the emperor was going to used was never used at all. It was like everything was a rush. There was some missing scenes that makes everything a bit fuzzy. Other than that, I believe that this drama will be a 5 star. Overall I hope Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji-Won does collaborate again in other upcoming projects. I would to see them together on the screen again. I ship and will support them.

rainruma Does anyone knew what happened @ Ep.23???? ..... why did the script change so drastically from the perfection of the 1st 22 episodes ???? .......... ........ .......******* SPOILER ALERT****** I heard that due to popular demand , more screen time was given to the Yuan Emperor and Wang Yoo's (Joo Jin-Mo's) was cut short .... .... that is not enough to explain some other inconsistencies ..... and the last few episodes seem like a patch-up job ..... *********** ..... ..... ...... ..... TOO BAD!!! b/c this was headed to perfection as one of the best best dramas ever made ::(((

mimiya This was great... it was NEAR perfection..... a few problems w/ the writers messing up in the 2nd half .....they started writing illogical developments ..... if they wanted a certain outcome ---> they should have come-up w/ better reasons to reach it , rather than these inconsistencies !!! ::((( ..... ...... ..... ..... and , that final plot twist in the last few episodes was VERY Disappointing !!! That secret person revealed , really does not make sense at all !!!! .... ..... ...... .... ...... Other than that, this was Amazing... .... 51 episodes and not a single moment where it did not hold my complete attention .... Riveting ....Moving.... Wonderful story .... Great acting ..... and an Amazing cast .... the 3 leads were perfect , and the rest were a joy to watch ....

Reviewer I just finished the drama and I thought it was great. I cried so hard at the end-it was sad. The only disappointment was how it ended. Although this was fictional, I still think they should’ve ended the drama realistically. The emperor falling out of in love with SN and losing her later in life, I personally found that ending more interesting. But oh well, right? Things that I liked and disliked. The drama was well-written but in later episodes, I got frustrated because I felt the writers were disorganized and if one thing ended, five seconds later, another thing happened, I never got any rest from all the inconsistencies. Otherwise it was good.

Things that I somewhat disliked/loved: Wang Yu, I personally believed he cared more about his throne more than SN. I was initially a WY & SN shipper but as the episodes progressed, it was clear who would win-and not because she needed to use the Emperor. I still loved and cherished WY but I personally believe it was convenient for WY to be her first love. He was man, brave, a king in every sense, of course a girl that young would fall in love him. But I also believed their romance was doomed from the start-something that could have been but was not meant to be. I personally believe all the tragedies she suffered was meant to happen in order for fate to take place. I also cried when he died but he had to. If word gone out about their child, the court would have ordered her death-please keep this in mind-not even the Emperor could save her. WY fans are a little unfair about her initial reaction. At first she was pissed and only after Tal Tal knocked some sense into her, did she understand why TH had to kill WY. I loved her reaction when she found him dead; she still loved him (not in love), and respected him greatly, so as she held him, she held him as dear friend and not a previous lover. I think they expected her profess her love but did not receive-although she had promised to repay him for sacrificing his life for her. It may not be love she would repay but she promised to thank him in the next life. She cared about TH had gone through and how lonely he must of felt when he killed WY. Again, proving his loyalty to her and well-being-I guess in her mind, maybe that's why she accepted WY death so easily.

Dislikes: WY& SN shippers, the main argument against TH & SN is his immaturity and weakness. Secondly, TH being the wrong choice because SN lost everything. I would like to clarify. First of all, TH had nothing to do with SN losing all she loves. He was responsible for betraying her in the early episodes because his kingdom-not SN, came first-no matter how he felt about her. As for being responsible for SN father’s death-he hadn't a clue about SN father, so this argument is unfair and irrelevant. SN blames him and is the primary reason why she rejects TH feelings-the reason why she accepts to be WY. Whom was responsible for SN unhappiness and reason for revenge? The Empress. The Empress had not only targeted SN but other concubines as well. SN became the main target because she realized it was her whom the Emperor loved. If it were another concubine he loved, the same would happen to her. Danasiri wanted to eliminate all possible threats. That’s why she killed Lady Pak-because she was pregnant with TH child. Danasiri’s family are to blame as well and their minions. Choosing the Emperor had nothing to do with it.

Liked: TH & SN. Firstly, I understand why some fans disliked the Emperor. I will agree on a couple of things. For one, his immaturity is a major problem but what I noticed is that WY shippers fail to understand and explain the cause of his immaturity and “weakness”. I had too until I realized Yeon Chul responsible for TH immaturity and weakness. He forbade him to read, to FIGHT, exiled him. He grew up lonely, insecure. I fell in love with his character because I could relate to him, he was flawed, which in my opinion, made him more realistic. WY was too perfect, that’s one of the reasons why I became TH fan. WY& SN shippers also fail to understand that TH had also given SN more than WY. TH gave SN closure, offered his protection, offered her a home, he was the one to put the smile back on her face after everything, gave her a second chance at motherhood. WY failed give her that. Although, I do believe SN was already falling in love with TH, I believe WY somewhat helped SN and TH. I also believe Wy was aware of this too because he kept mentioning that "he shouldn't have let her go." SN &TH have been together for some years, she’s already in love with him, she gives birth to their child. WY can’t expect SN to walk away from that-WY had. She loves her child and the Emperor, they created a family. Any indication that SN was in deeply, is during episode 43, when the Emperor begins to ignore her, she’s hurt and upset. She even confronts him if anything had changed between them-she’s scared because she’s in love with him. This notion becomes apparent after Bayan is killed, she pledged her allegiance to TH and their child because it’s her desire. Her greatest FEAR was losing him, so I think it strongly suggests where her heart is. As for using him, it was an understanding between them, but even he advised to her to be careful. As for SN becoming power hungry and the reason why she chose TH instead Wy, you’re entitled to your opinion, I personally believe, preserving Ayu’s safety came first, she was not going to lose him like Star. I do believe she forgot about herself and the real reasons she wanted revenge but after Tal Tal's confrontation and Baek’s death, she returned to her normal self. SN had not chosen TH over WY because of her power hungry needs, but because she had already created a family with the Emperor. In the end, I believe she was aware her fate was out of her hands, and knew her fate/destiny was tied to the Emperor and not WY. And I believe she understood it and went willingly, she did not oppose because it was her desire to be with the Emperor and their son and again, she wasn’t going to leave them for WY. As for the rape scene, I am a little on the fence about it because I think at first it insinuates rape, but the after scene, I think she submitted to him and did not end in rape.

As for his possessiveness, I agree that he was a little possessive, but he was insecure he was not SN first love-doesn’t justify his possessiveness though. Fans are too hard on him, he jeopardized his safety for the sake of others. For example, when one his concubines and her father were being tortured and about to be boiled in oil, TH said to boil him instead, that for me was a powerful moment as a fan to experience, this was turning point for me, and proud the actor was able to convince me why I should be rooting for him. Besides, the point, I always liked TH, and responded to the character-he too made me smile, laugh, blush, my heart race. Especially in the beginning episodes when SN is helping take a bath or when he pretended to be sick but faked it to get some Goryo candies. I don’t know, I feel the need to defend him. I was laughing hard, he's young and I am young, so maybe it's the primary reason why I could relate to him you know, we're young and stupid but experiences and life do toughen us up as we mature. I hated the ending, even in the afterlife their a triangle-in my opinion, that was already done, so revisiting that was annoying. rebroadcasting finale was much better, I loved how they were riding together in the afterlife, in the original ending, she had asked him to ride with her, so to this in the new ending was sweet. And yes, TH & SN fans, we should be grateful they won, and stop being mean and inconsiderate towards WY&SN shippers.

Tal Tal. Again, its all about matter of perspective. I personally do not believe she loved him. I believe he was more like her partner in crime, her confidant, and nothing more. I do believe that Tal Tal fallen in love with her but knew very well not to pursue her because she was in love with TH. I'm glad he wasn't dead in the rebroadcasting.

dadz . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . i'll retrieve what i have commented saying this it's bad because it's a tragic drama . . .. . it's just like gu family book, the death of the antagonists are justified. .. .one of the best historic dramas i've ever watched . . .better than jumong .. . . . . .and to the spoilers saying this drama is fake. . . .i have a message to you, what would you expect from a fiction , does it need to be true?. . .hahahaha . . .that's why it's fiction . . .. . . .

random The drama is not very good. The only reason that I watched is King Wang Yoo! Joo Jin Mo is an amazing actor!!! As for the emperor, the character is too cheesy to like.

QA The drama is not very good. The only reason that I watched is King Wang Yoo! Joo Jin Mo is an amazing actor!!! As for the emperor, the character is too cheesy to like.

QA My favorite character in the drama is Wang Yoo. Joo Jin Mo is an amazing actor! In contrast, I think the emperor and his scenes are cheesy to like.

dadz . i hate wang yoo . . .... i want emperor togon and ki nyang to be together . .. they are so cute . .. . . ..... . . when they interact with each other, it just drive me crazy . . . . . . .. .. . .. . . .too bad , . . . it's a tragic drama . . .

Hihi This drama is fake. Its not true history of Mongolia. Yuan king was intelligent and he ruled for 32 years. Stupid koreans don't exaggrate history defeature history



F the ending... at least make one of the two hero live... why do you have to killed both and even tal tal??? he was so hot and smart!!! im so sad!!!

Magdalena A good drama... For my own ending, I would rather want Sun Nyang to be together with Wang Yoo as they are both matched together also with Maha Prince.. they go back to Goryeo and lived happily ever after... : D .However this story is about love triangle, I really hate the Yuan King, why does he must kill Wang Yoo... well at the end, the King also dies due to Golta's poison and only left Sun Yang alone... well althought a very long drama, the story is entertaining, the characters are good... Congrats... Daebak... Fighting.. ^ ^

Mimi It was super great, but Wang Yu doesn't has to die. That was the tragic part

Klara This drama is amazing and people should stop complaining about the ending, this is based on history (of-course it's fictioned a lot), naturally everyone dies in the end! Just watch Northcape's "Empress Ki after 360 years" CM as the relative "happy ending" for your all satisfaction!

Movie Fan This movie is not true. Mongolian All King and Empire's is a great, This Movie is FAKE. This Movie is Not Mongolian History

kumon @mongol this drama is a faction (combination of facts & fiction)

mongol Togoontumur king wasn't alike he!!! Togoontumur king knows everything!!! His grade is 'intelligent king' too.!!!

Mongol This history is not true

RiAh I didn't watch this drama and I don't know if I should watch it on DVDs because I don't like sad endings and it seems to have very sad ending!

bibisha Best drama ever.well done to everybody who works on this lovely drama.

bibisha Great drama, best drama ever.well done to everybody who works on this lovely drama.

Lisa This drama is good... But I hate the Ending.... So tragically

Davia I was so into this drama up until the new empress showed up on the scene maybe around ep.38 or so and then I just did not want to continue watching this. I think because I felt the tragedy of the three main leads lives coming on. I loved all three of them and it was too painful to see each one end up with a hopeless life. Maybe it didn't transpire that was but it felt like it would. All three were survivors in their own way and full of life and spirit. It did not make sense to me that they would end up tragically.

Kim D Man this drama is reall good! The way the plot has been set and the timing of it all! There was alot of good instense the the drama whch makes you want to not stop watching the drama! I really now want to read (The Memories of Lady Hyegyeoung) SHE HAD WROTE THE BOOK! I really cant wait to get te book now! The amount of romance, action and suspence in it was wow! Hat's of the the director! I really love Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji won, the way she does her revenge and the story plan of her acting is just great. Ji Chang Wook is so good because he has his Baby acting one second then the next he is like the wise king learning his way through life! AND Joo Jin-Mo is just so good! The way he still loves her but ignores her! The way he has the feelings of cyng and keeps it in to himself! I love this drama so much! And the way everybody dies is so heart breaking but at the same time is so great! I just want to marry this drama of by all means, and kidnap it! I mean if I could I would want to see the next empress ki 2 and see how the son of Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won rules the place! Poor Maha, the little star becomes sick and dies! You know I got so much to write aout the drama and I can go on for ever

Judy J Love the Ha Ji Won...... Lead Actor....not a fan of hsi .....not leading man material.... Ji Chang Wook - well for jsut a serious story....we could have used less of the Clown Emperor.... This drama would have been more enjoyable without comic relief...that should have been left to the supporting actors.

Only up to episode 15 struggling thru it....hoping it gets better..

Mong Ji wow empress ki is the best

Lena Xiong Empress Ki was such a freakin AMAZING historical drama!! I loved the ending, yet it was sad but it made sense. Is it just me but I felt like Tal Tal had this soft love spot for Seung-Nyang. They do look good together as well. =)

Ashley Best historical drama EVER!!!! Even though it was tragic, the story was most creative with a beautiful storyline and wonderful characters. The actors and actresses were just outstanding! Ha Ji Won is such a phenomenal actress, making Empress Ki so fierce and beautiful. Beautiful drama. Wang Yu's death made me cry like a baby. Then Tal-Tal (my handsome man) died, and my life just sucked immediately. At least let him live! He's not even the main cast! I'm still trying to accept his death, and it's not easy. *sigh* And when the emperor dies... oh my gosh. I don't know how many gallons I cried overall. Just too much. Empress Ki's life is just so sad, lonely, and tragic.

eghonghon My God. Just couldn't stop crying for Wang ju.what a life. I felt he was cheated. He lost everything. After all the help he gave. The part I couldn't stand was the death of Maha. What a bitter movie.

janey Su beak hyun is always best

Dania Best drama I've ever watched,

the cast was great, 

but I have always said that anything with Ha Ji-Won will succeed. She is just an amazing actress. And the ending , blame the writers.

Melodu The drama was amazing from beginning to end. However, I didn't like the ending, it was to tragic for me TT-TT. Nevertheless, I would still give this drama 5 stars for the quality given to its viewers. And despite its ending, like everyone else has said, Nyung finally gave her declaration of love to Ta Hwan TT-TT

blabla I'm really happy with the ending, I have been waiting for a love declaration from Nyung to Ta Hwan since 40 eps ago, so im glad that she finally got to tell him the ily words :) I liked the king too, but to be honest, i havent felt much chemistry between him and SN, their relationship was kinda boring (don't shoot!) in my opinion and it just didnt do it for me. I've always thought their love story ended long time ago, probably around ep 20 or so, so I wasnt surprised by the ending. Yes, SN loved the king, no one could deny that, but he was her first love, while the emperor was her last :)

PS. My first post on asianwiki, sorry if it's duplicated

MeMe @gigi

Please don't talk about reap what you sow because TaNyang shippers are just as bad as WangNyang shippers. To be honest I went in both TaNyang and WangNyang threads a few times so don't act like either side is blameless. Both have done there bashing. In the WangNyang thread they call TH chicken among other things. Yes they have said a few things about JCW which was not right. In the TaNyang they call WY OT, Greenman, and among other things. Yes they have said mean things about JJM which was not right. Both sides are to blame for the bashing. No side is the victim in this shipping war so don't present yourself as the victim because I have seen how harsh both sides can be. I might not have liked TH but I do like the actor JCW who played him. It is wrong to bash JJM or JCW. How long have you been on the Empress Ki Soompi Forum because there was many harsh things said about JJM. Soompi is not the only place it has happened. Like I said it is wrong to bash both JJM or JCW. People should know how to separate the character from the actor. I agree Empress Ki is over and people should let it go. Take responsibility for their part in this shipping war. Neither side is blameless and neither side is the victim. I do feel sad for both JJM and JCW to have such people in their fan bases.

gigi @MeMe You reap what you sow...You haven't visited/read their little thread it seems...they countlessy bring up JCW's name in their posts. All they do is spewing snarky and spiteful comments about him (even accusing his agency of media playing and his fans of being fantards) They are so obsessed with him that they also implied that his name has been added to the Baeksang awards list at the last minute because MBC and politics pulled some strings behind the curtains in order for him to be included (how delusional *sigh*, reality check : 10 other actors got added to the list...an award that Park Yoo Chun is likely to win once again *won 3 times in a row already* This popularity award is all about how large your fanbase is and how much money you're ready to put on the table) Regarding JJM, I seldom see him being criticized on soompi, his character sure got some flack but all in all the actor himself is well respected by TaNyang/JCW shippers (hanging around the 3 threads) Lastly, people should move on now, the drama is over, how about starting another drama and gushing about it...

MeMe Just read on Empress Ki Soompi forum a post from a moderator about not saying hateful things about JCW. I agree with that because it is rude and disrespectful but were was this post when people were saying hateful and spiteful things about JJM. If you are going to say something to SN & WY shippers for saying stuff about JCW then you should say something to SN & TH shippers who say stuff about JJM. The double standard. SMH.

Kayla Empress Ki is over. The ending was okay I guess. By the end I was just really over this show. I will say Empress Ki was good but it was the acting is what made this drama. The writing was not the best. As for the shipping war, I was not on either side but I did watch it unfold. There was a lot of hypocrisy and double standards. Both sides did their share of bashing no one Is blameless in this shipping war. I did read something interesting on Empress Ki Soompi thread which did turn into TH shippers thread. I was surprised it was even on there. Okay back to what I was saying, I read something on Empress Ki Soompi thread written by a moderator and I agree with it but it should have been said months ago. Like I said no side is blameless in this shipping war. P.S. WY & SN shippers let it go. TH & SN shippers please take your win with dignity not arrogance.

wilson Well well well. 51 episodes after it finally ends. Though the ending could of been a little better, i loved it! 8/10 ! It was good the NorthCape CF gave us some closure to the drama. and @lessy, i wish too it was another drama but its just a commerical LOL

lessy dont worry guys.. there is another drama serries.. they come out soon... tittle AFTER 650 YEARS of empress ki!! cast? of course SN and the emperror try to search on google/..

MeMe @lucyj How about this. Let's agree to disagree because the show is over and there is no point in continue debating about it. In the end SN loved both WY & TH.

lucyj It is known that Togon made major mistakes more than he carried out brave acts but the mere fact that without his position everyone would still have been under great opposition is one thing. They all used him to get what they wanted. I am not going to list everything thing he did and I seriously don't want this to turn into an argument but think about it. Even though Nyang was behind his earlier development before he was drugged and turned into something we didn't like, he had a huge role in giving everyone what they most desired... he didn't just die for her in the end.

MeMe @lucyj What else did he do productive? Tell me. Like I said if I am wrong then I will admit. I watched EK. Did you?

lucyj Oh come on @meme if you're saying that the only productive thing he did was what he did at the end then......... seriously ... do you believe that??

EmpressKi/shippers OmG! It's worth it!!! I've been a huge fan of this drama, I've been dreading for a new episode week after week in HuluPlus (FYI, HuluPlus aired empress ki 2 days after it aired in Korea) because of how the writers twist the story "the plots". And how, genius SyungYang was. Honestly, I thought the ending will be excruciatingly bad 'cause of those negative comments about the last two episodes (it's foolish of me to read those negative comments before I see the ending) almost didn't finish it, ' cause of WY, Taltal & The Emperor being dead etc. But, this drama intrigues me week after week and so I'm glad that I watched the ending! Those nega-people maybe didn't understand the drama or I say they want a happy ending. But IM HERE TO SAY (and my first time to submit a comment) THIS DRAMA, IS AMAZING! The ending made sense to me! I've been dying to know if she loves him or not and I'm glad they showed it there.. ' cause I've she loved WY! And how those two kings loved her! I gave this drama 4.5/5:) HANDS DOWN TO ALL THE CAST & CREW!!! I've been a big fan of Ha Ji-won since SeGa and now I'm the newest fan of Ji Chang-Wook... And Taltal Jin Lee-Han!

woodalchi_girl So sad with the ending.. finally sunyang can say she really loves the emperor. Nadoo saranghamnida phea..hihi

Cheers for the empress ki team, you've made this great drama! Love it

kanz The best primetime sageuk in 2013. The drama starts strongly, have difficulties to manage the momentum but ultimately still manage to be no.1 in Korea. The love story is also great too but the political machinations will keep someone on edge. Kudos to all actors and staff. My favorite Ji Chang Wook proves to be more than good looking and having some serious acting talent and can hold himself against A-lister Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo. For other commenters, no need to bashing other actor just because you don't like his/her character.

kumon I love the drama. I have to admit this drama made me scratch my head at times but all in all it's a great watch! I think the asset of the drama is really the character of Sungnyang. I truly adore how she raised the flag of women in this drama. Her wit and badassery are the gems of this show.

MeMe @KiBee Yes she love them both. I disliked the arguing back & forth over who SN loved more and who loved SN more. I wish they would have given it a rest. Even now both sides are still at over this. SMH. SN loved both WY & TH. WY & TH both loved SN. End of story.

alolele loved the drama ..and i hope to see a second season where Tal Tal is alive and fall in love with Sung Neyang .. and help her to put Aywa in the throne :)

MeMe SN loved both WY & TH. I have said that from the beginning. Tell me what TH did productive? If I am wrong then I will admit it. Okay he did step up at the end for SN but I wish it was done about 10 episodes ago. Bashing the actors JCW or JJM is just wrong. Don't say just WY & SN shippers because TH & SN shippers are just as bad. I have seen both sides do some serious bashing. At one time I did like both couples but that ended many episodes ago. I liked the characters individually except TH. His immaturity, the harsh treatment of Byul, and raping SN made dislike him.

lucyj One more thing. For those who stick to point that those who love the emperor only do because he's cute need to find another reason. Even if he didn't appeal to you, he touched other people's hearts in so many ways that you might not understand. I will give you a few examples. The Prime Minister and I had a very cute second lead (wayyyy younger than the lead and more compatible with the female lead) but she loved the first lead and so did everyone else because they just suited each other and there was this charm to him. (The heirs), most people did not expect it but to most Kim Woo Bin's character was preferred to Lee Min Ho's character... as we all know, Lee Min Ho is loved by everyone and is sooooo drool worthy but Kim Woo Bin's character nailed it. When people love a character, they just do and there are various reasons to why they do. And someone said down there that ratings are not everything but they are everything because if people don't like what's happening, they stop watching. And we all know that the more ratings you get the more money you get. The fact that this is a Korean drama and the ratings show that every time something good was happening between Togon and Nyang people loved it more than they did with Wang Yu shows you that Togon had that something that people loved. To you who don't like him it might seem like he did absolutely nothing (which I disagree with) but to most he did something that's why they stood by him til the end. And besides Wang Yu was hot in a manly way and Togon was hot in a boyish way.

someone wow I really pity those wangnyang shippers who are so persistent with their shipping. Eventhough the drama ended and it clearly shows that seungnyang do love tahwan with all her heart and her love for wangyoo is OVER LONG TIME AGO, it looks like many of the shippers are still in denial stage. Keep on comparing the love seungnyang has for both tahwan and wangyoo- like seungnyang love wangyoo more or the emperor was never her true love. Seriously??? If she love doesn't love the emperor, she would have kill him long time ago and not saying the 'I sincerely love you' to him when he was on his death bed. And what with those bashing on the character and the actor/actress. Why are all the shippers getting so aggressive voicing out their dissatisfaction and hatred towards the character? Are you the character or the actor's spouse or something, getting so emotional protecting your love one. I mean cant you just comment or say your dissatisfaction without using vulgar words like stupid, psychopath and something else. You definitely don't fell happy when others are using those words on your favourite character or actor/actress so don't use them on others too. About bashing the actor/actress, is it really necessary??? They are just doing their job and act according to what is written in the script, not like they want it for their character to be an immature or an evil one. They got paid to act in a drama not to get bash by your hateful and mean comments okay.

lucyJ Guys guys. this was only a drama. And i actually liked the fact that a strong leading actress fell for an emperor who wasn't strong is all aspects. First of all saying all the emperor did was sit around and look pretty isn't fair at all. Wang Yu was able to do a lot for himself because he had the freedom of being outside and controlling the situation wasn't easy but due to his clever mind he was able to persevere. Had Wang Yu not been a disposed king and was always sitting at his throne it would have seemed that he was doing nothing. (Keep in mind that emperors did rule but the important seats around them could turn on them if they made a wrong move). Togon grew a lot in episodes before and i remember none of the people who disliked him dared to say anything... Looking at it from a Yuan perspective, he tried for his country. He trusted Bayan with all his might and didn't know that Bayan was wronging his country. Looking at it from a Koryo perspective... well that's a different story. Togon was never a greedy emperor. he didn't abuse his position for precious gold for his pockets. Although they didn't show it much, with what he was taught, he tried his best for his wife and son. Wang Yu was always great and died a great man. If you're saying that the emperor didn't deserve what he had, many royals in history even now don't deserve their positions because they are born into privilege and just sit and look pretty. Togon fought for his position whether you want to believe it or not as did Wang Yu. But the latter did betray Nyang and was involved in killing many innocent people with his antics. They were all flawed.. Wang Yu though perfect was flawed and Togon though heavily flawed did many right things.

persh this simply cannot step up to Su Baek Hyang's level. period.

comadd @Hyun, I just have to respond to your post because there's points that I don't agree with you. First of all, I agree with you wholeheartedly that all the actors and actresses in this drama did a wonderful job to portray the characters the way they were written. I can't not find any point that I can criticize their acting. The main leads HJW, JJM, JCW are super especially JCW when compares to veteran experience sunbaes. Now come to the things that I complain. I hate the flow of this drama in the last 10 episodes, I hate how the writer make all the wonderful actors and actresses portray the inconsistency in chatacter developments and plotlines. I absolutely know that I watch a Korean drama with all of the different cultures and dramatic plotlines in it. However, those have nothing to do with sloppy script. Bad script is definitely the fault of the writer, it has nothing to do with culture or such. Actually, this drama drew me in because of all the romances that take historical story as the backround. If it's purely the historical informative drama, I may not watch it. I loved the romance between puppy emperor and SN in the beginning more than the romance of WY and SN. The puppy emperor makes me laugh and aww-ing at how cute he is in love. However, after the time jumped, the puppy emperor turn into a pathetic person without any explanation. It hurt me so much to see his character destroy like that. The romantic storyline of SN is turn into the quest for power after the time jump. I can't understand how she possibly love the pathetic emperor that much and devote her life to him while just some episodes before, she very reluctantly accepted his love. So in the last 10 episodes, SN's romance turs sour because of the bad script. I have no problem if characters die in the drama, especially historical background drama to make it some what in tune with history. However, those deaths must somehow make sense in the context if the story. It'd be much better if Maha died in the armes of his father, smiling to know that he's not a throw away kid. It'd be much better if WY died by defense his country or his people, died with honor in the battlefield instead of dying because he gave up and tols TW come here, kill me for the shake of SN, it's such a pathetic senseless death for a leader who has so many died to protect him. So, the complaints here is not about the death but about how the death is portrayed. Yes, drama has to have some angst, not rainbow and unicorn, but how good that angst is depending on how the writer is willing to work her mind. If the last 10 episodes were written sloppy and lazy like that, the writer wasted the talent of the excellent casts and gave viewers valid points to complain.

MeMe @Hyun Yes I have to constantly remind myself that. This show is made for Korean audience. They do things different with TV dramas. I will say this though, QSD and Jumong were amazingly done. The political intrigue was primary. The romance was secondary. Empress Ki was different but I still somewhat liked it.

Hyun I thought this was a fairly good drama. I enjoyed all the casting and thought the main leads did wonderful jobs. I don't think Ji Chang Wook is another pretty face. He deserves credit where credit is due. I have to applaud him for his acting. He really pulled off a foolish, immature emperor. Towards the end of Kolta's (his eunuch) death, he pretty much said the truth about Ta Hwan even though he didn't want to hear it.

I think the shipping wars are a little over done. Naturally, people like to complain. It's in our nature so people perceive the message boards as a space to vent there frustration towards certain products or what not. Try not to complain about the complainers...

And the issue about the characters dying...sure that sucked, because viewers have expended so much of their time into investing in characters that they like, and so to have them disappear from the screen is kind of frustrating. But one has to understand that the time period this drama was written. There was a lot of unrest and it was not all rainbows and unicorns, and the fact that this was very loosely based on the real Koryo Empress Ki, the writers would still have to stick to it. Wang Yu couldn't really go back to his throne, because King Gongmin of Koryo is supposed to take over.

Also, don't forget that you are watching a KOREAN drama. As in, the writers write this for Korean's entertainment and not for foreigners. You might need to be reminded that they have a different culture and a way of thinking than foreigners do. For those of you who think it is a waste of scenes with all that romance stuff...they like that. It's nice to have that, because it gives you a rest from all the people's plotting to get back at one another, that in itself gets tiresome.

Thanks to everyone for making yet another spectacular drama!!:)

MeMe To be in a shipping war you have to have thick skin. If you dish it out you have to able to take it. This shipping war was funny i must say. At one time I did like both couple but that ended. I became a WY & Bi-Soo shipper and SN & Tal Tal. TH needed to be by himself. At one time I liked both WY & TH but that changed. I still liked WY but as for TH I started to dislike him because of his immaturity & how cruel he was Byul and raping SN did not make it any better (the writers romanticized rape). Like I said you have to have thick skin being involved in a shipping war. Looking in from the outside at this shipping war. I have say it was entertaining and annoying at the same time.

From the beginning to the end of this drama I was Team SN.

MeMe Since this show has ended all I have being reading is TH shippers calling WY shipping sore losers, disgusting, mean, bias, and immature. LMAO! They need to take a look in the mirror because the very things they said about WY shippers applies to them as well. They act the same exact way. Yeah WY shippers might be sore losers but TH shippers are even worse acting like horrible winners. You got what you wanted plus a commercial. Don't be arrogant about it because it is very immature. Another thing I don't like rumors. If the rumors I heard are true then that was just wrong. It is not fair to HJW, JCW, & JJM. I hope those rumors are not true at all about behind the scenes of this drama Empress Ki.

MeMe @Dan First of all I do give credit were credit is due. If you read my comments then you would know. So read my comments before you comment on something I said. I never hated on TH. Everything I said was the truth about TH. Futhermore for me to hate on TH he would have had to do something productive. Everybody around TH did everything for him and he did nothing. All he did was sit on his throne and look pretty. Yeah at the end he finally did something for SN but it was too late it was the end.

You know TH shippers are a mess. I can't even with them. LOL. It is funny. I guess they can't take it when somebody criticizes them but they like to dish it out. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.


      • contains spoilers***

This drama is not the best, but not bad either. Saved by the cast's great acting, especially Ha Ji Won (of course, that is expected). She was able to show so many different sides Empress Ki, showed various emotions. Love her.

Revelation here is Ji Chang Wook. He was able to go beyond the sloppy writing and deliver! Wow! Awesome, awesome performance.

The episodes got me hooked each time. Even if it went downhill from ET's demise, it still is a good drama for me.

On a sidenote: TH haters are dominating the comment section. Why so much hate? @guest How sure are you that the drama was used as a launching pad for certain actors? You're just speculating, and you believe your speculation as a fact. Please back it up with concrete evidence. Are you an expert in K-entertainment industry? Are you a critic? How many dramas have you seen?

@WY&SYLOVE You're the one in denial. It is very rare in sagueks to hear declarations of love like this. The fact that Empress Ki said, "I love you, sincerely" means she actually loves the Emperor. Please watch with open eyes.

@Meme Give credit to where credit is due. You should practice what you preach.

guest @CICI ,rskdrama ,comadd - all very well said. As pointed out again n again here, prodn had wasted time on useless scenes for shocks (romance under water/over water/ on e water/ in e bathtub, rape etc etc), overly focussed on one character and then scramble to think of what to do with the remaining characters when time runs out. Solution: initially kill them one by one (Byul, Bisoo, Tana, ET), then mass kill the remaining chars hurriedly except for one within the last 2 episode. Problem solved, no explantion needed. My message to :

  1. HJW - plse avoid Mr Han Hee at all cost; make sure u know who yr real co-star is, dont sign up for a 50-ep drama otherwise you risk wasting 8 mths of yr life once they change the script to ridiculous. # Mr Han Hee, Pd job is not for you. You made a mess w/ Dr Jin and now you've make a bigger mess w/ EK. #writers: youre such a disappointment given your previous track records #MBC - ratings is not everything, pretty faces is also not everything. if we want the pretty, we go for magazines; for dramas we expect a sensible story. Lastly, dont be too obvious in using dramas as launching pads for some actors/actress. Have the decency to do it more subtlely and not at the expanse of the storyline and the viewers time.

Mike Jakober I also agree with some of what Cici said. If it is going to be fictional then don't kill off characters that don't make sense. I really enjoyed watching this drama till the last 8 episodes. They seemed to be rushed and plus I still don't know what the significance of letting "Maha" get better only to die a few days later. I was hoping for some more building on his character, to see how he would have coped with finding out the truth. The last 2 series in this time slot have seriously lost it on the final episodes, "Empress Ki" and "Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire." Both shows started out very strong and continued a good story throughout til the final few episodes.

lady ki I really hope sooner or later ha ji won and jin lee han will have their drama with a happy ending please...because empress ki I was disappointed with the ending...

Sam I agree with you CiCi, perfectly.

CICI I agree with rskdrama, & comadd. It took me about 15 min. to watch the last two episodes since I could not watch most of it because it was unbelievably awful. How sad in a way, to see many really good actors (Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Seo Hyung, Jin Lee Han, Kim Young, Ho, Jeon Kuk Hwan,Lee Won Jong, Lee Moon Seek and Yu In Young) continually doing their best despite probably the worst writing of a historical drama (IMO) I've ever seen. Being a historical drama lover, it seemed to me to have little to do with any of the "real" characters historically, especially an Empress Ki (what a joke) and those ridiculous people with the masks..ugh. Was there anything that was close to accurate in this besides some names? The last caption said it was fiction..yup, you got that right!..and the rushed, lame ending was no surprise. Although I said I loved this at the start, I'm sorry to say, I regret my words now.

rskdrama Glad it's finally over. What a pathetic storyteller this writer is! Don't go by the rating numbers writer, it's not for you, but just us the viewers who are addicted to finishing what we started!!

Moon I cannot stomach how WY faced his demise. Doesn't it make the emperor look like a first class coward to come up with that reason for killing him. What happened in ep 1 where the emperor said EK saved WY's life but here its WY who saved them. Tal Tal , eunuch park and the palace maid was at the coronation. What happened to Wang go character? I thought i saw him in ep 1 coronation. How can they changed the storyline that supposed to led to the coronation? It's a shame that even at the end, the plot is not compelling and the last episode left nothing to be desired. The saving grace of this drama is that it has an excellent cast and JJM's acting is just brilliant.

Jaic I fell inlove with the characters so much that when they does I felt like I lost a friend. When empress ki's husband died (trying not to spoil the series) it felt horrible like i just lost my favorite character. Since after his death the series ended i felt empty... i still do Empress Ki the BEST series ever. I cried so much. If they try to make a remake in the future, good luck to them they cannot top this one. If you love dramas(historical) like I do this is the bet to watch.

Nikki Such and amazing drama. The writes put a lot of effort in making the real historical events so interesting. Actually the plot is quite different from empress Ki's real life, but it's not a documentary movie it's a drama-so love should be included.For those who don't like the love triangle then better go off with some historical documentary, because this is drama and we all enjoyed watching it! Love Ha Jiwon and Jo Jinmo. <3 <3 <3

mdelarosa Hm. Well, I just finished watching it and... I am speechless. Way too many feels and somewhat disappointed. I JUST DONT KNOW, how to feel! Lol the build up was too much for this drama to end in a good way, I guess. I wasn't expecting a happy ever after end, but it seemed like a sloppy careless end. No one won! Smh

lucille It's a pity for Ha Ji-Won and Joo Jin-Mo to join this TV series. You should thank them a lot because without their excellent acting,this series is just a mess. The real empress ki was a b**** and a traitor.And this empress ki is nothing different. The writers are also suck.If you don't have any confidence to complete this story, just don't write! It's not a love story,it's a just a story about how a woman playing and using two man to get her power.

Liz WTH is going on!!! at the end this drama is dedicate to Ta Hwan Obsessive–compulsive disorder to seung nyang!!!! for me 50 episode is enough (not gonna watch it for more). If Seung Nyang do not end up kill Ta Hwan at epi 51, then i should congratulate this two bizarre couple: the OCD Ta Hwan and The what-so-ever-emperor-did-i-will-always-love-him Seung Nyang.

Lee i don't know what is going on in the last 10 episodes. too much drama, with less result, like everything in the past 40 episodes is repeating but it has to finish in 10 episodes. But i glad to see Tal Tal development. And again, i don't understand why they bring MAHA problem at the last episode, are they going to push one more episode? i mean, Ta Hwan become irrational if he angry to seung nyang for the past that she went through with wang yoo (it is not like seung nyang cheat on him) and Maha is dead. Don't he understand the sacrifice that seung nyang made to stay beside him. I detest this kind of man.

july...k drama OMG wth happening in te ep 50 od course not spoilers

4 thing about ep 50

1. yessssssssssss 2. oh oh 3- noo why 4. it can't be, sad, but i think i knew it

july...k drama OMG wht is happening in the ep 50 of course not spoilers 3 thing about ep 50 1- yessssssssss 2- nooooooo whyyyyy 3- oh oh

Juicy Oh yes, I'm a WY-SN fan because their love is real and mature, not that I hate TH though . He just seems too immature to venture into any love relationship let alone having it with SN. Talk about throwing tantrums, SMH!

WY&SYLOVE Most of TH's fans are going through the FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. DENIAL: SN love for WY died a long time ago ANGER: She is a ***** for not loving the Emperor BARGAINING: Kill off WY so our sad desire can be safe (SN can finally accept TH) DEPRESSION: she loves him but still hold on to memories of WY (She's such a bitch) ACCEPTANCE: The only way SN can survive is if WY died so SN's reputation can remain intact. REALLY THE NONSENSE THEY CAN WRITE ONLINE NEVER CEASE TO SHOCK ME. it really irritates me when they vent about TH, fine we get it you like the guy but COME ON wake up and smell the coffee, his character SUCKS big time, just because you like someone does not excuse certain behavior.. they are so delusional that they are pushing for SN and TH to be a couple in real life. that's what happen when you don't have a life you try to live someone else's life for them. I really fell to see how is this supposedly loving relationship even started. it is the most unhealthy relationship i have ever seen in a drama. TH is OBSESS, JEALOUS, and IGNORANT, lack in so many ways. here's the thing when you never know a mother's love or love period ONE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO GIVE OR RECEIVE LOVE from a lover. SN's abandon her first love for revenge, that is all she had room in her heart for, ALL the badly written romantic scenes she have with TH she either was trying to save his life or doubting whether or not she should sleep with him. there was the rescue breathing kiss under water, the multiple times he tried to kiss her either when she was asleep, drunk, or pinned down which she keeps tuning away from, and that rape scene don't even get me started on that, so please tell me what kind of relationship is that, there is kindness, caring, pity but not LOVE at least not the kind you expect in a real relationship. it started for all the wrong reason and is just BAD all around. how about you guys marinate on that for a while.

Tina Am I the only one around here who notices the little hints of Tal Tal's affection towards SN? I wouldn't mind if they ended up together (j/k, I'm team WY all the way hehe). But srsl, Tal Tal just seems like the perfect type of guy.

MeMe I can't with some TH shippers. I don't know what show they have been watching. WY has done a lot to help TH. Yeah WY did it for SN but TH benefit from it as well. TH has done nothing but sit on his throne and look pretty. Some TH shippers hate WY that much they can't give credit were credit is due. SMH. I can't wait for this drama to be over.

CICI @MeMe... I don't know anything about Northcape, but I have noticed in some recent Kdramas a big change in some things. Maybe it's because I was watching some older Kdramas and it wasn't as prevalent. I agree with you though, whatever is going on, it's not fair at all, especially to all the actors that do not have the lead role and they are usually more interesting and better actors a lot of the time IMO. WTS, I think at this point in this drama, it's best to just let it go. I am watching the few actors/actresses/characters I like and have give up on the story. She still isn't Empress Ki with 2 episodes to go. Oh, well. Anyway, IF the writers or anyone else FTM, reads our comments and care at all, I hope they will give Wang Yoo some more scenes since the King of Goryeo at this time period was very influential and balance it out at least in the end with an Empress Ki. I mean really, haven't we seen enough now of this Emperor?? Nothing against JCW, but it's too much. I am glad a bit more attention has been given to Tal Tal since his presence has been so riveting and he's such a good breath of fresh air to a stale script. To bring in the whole Maha saga in again, gives me the impression that it's going to be another rushed ending though. I'm still sticking it out for the excellent actors.

MeMe So what you all are saying is that this company Northcape is influencing Empress Ki. Oh that is messy. I know in American TV shows you have advertisers but they have no I mean no influence on the TV show. If that is the case with Empress Ki then that is not fair to HJW,JJM, and even JCW but particularly JJM. SMH if this is true. It is true when they say you have to have thick skin as an actor or actress. I guess Hollywood no matter what country you are in is cutthroat. Hollywood is not for the faint heartened.

hanie ilove empress ki

song Ok I don't want to comment on the early part of episode 49 but at least towards end of episode 49, things are getting better, TH is sober and looks healthier. I do get to see more of WY and Tal Tal. Tanggishi died. I hope MBC is back in business.

CICI LOL.. TH is such a girl! He can't leave so he breaks vases..lol. It''s a good thing they didn't have tissues back then or he'd be ripping tissues in half to show his anger. What a wuss. In the meantime, Ha Ji Won (love her) had a better episode and was back to her true powerful form again ...AND, Tal Tal..oh my, if this was a race, he'd be lengths ahead and going for a win. Great performance from the "Golden Stallion". (Jin Lee-Han yes!)

rir Does anyone know when will episode 49 air?

song I am LMAO @comadd's comment. Is it me or MBC, EK episode is getting more cornier and dull. Look at the way he is crying over Baek An. As if him being emotional abusive towards Lk is not enough, now they are portraying him to be stepping out of the closet? WTH is MBC doing? They are ruining the whole drama! I think i need to see more of WY or Tal Tal to get that thought out of my mind.

Ojik Seungnyang and Wang Yoo! :)

MeMe LMAO! I was reading a comment from a SN & TH shipper. They said that SN & WY shippers are mean and immature because some supposedly called SN a slut. It made me laugh because as I recall during Episode 20 SN was being called all types of sluts by SN & TH shippers. I can't with hypocrites and the double standards. I don't ship either couple. I guess they got amnesia.

sora @Comadd hahahaha....you absolutely right.Ta Hwan want to prove he is the emperor but never came out with any idea how to rule yuan, he did read a lot of Confucius but surely do not have a willing to rule the country so he end up stuck in between two wives. He over jealous to seung nyang but he easily forget about Bayan's betrayal in past.

comadd What can I say about ep 48? More disappointment!! Seriously, I'm still expecting 'Empress Ki' as the title promised but with only 3 episodes left, I've only seen 'Lady Ki' so far :(( This drama should be named The Journey To Become Empress Ki to clear away any confusion. Ok, naming aside, what's the heck going on with Baek Ahn's storyline? Does the writer try to make TH bisexual? Seriously, all I can see from this ep is TH loves Baek Ahn so much just like he loves SN???!!! The way TH resolves the coup doesn't look like to rule on a serious capital offense, but more like he tries to solve the fight between his 2 jealous wives: I love both of you the same, 2nd wife is just jealous with 1st wife and makes a mistake, now 2nd wife please say sorry to 1st wife, and 1st wife please be nice and not overreacting please accept 2nd wife's apology and live in harmony together. What's the heck? Poor TalTal gets caught in between the jealous fight of two wives and forced to choose side, my poor poor TalTal!

guest @Song, JCW fans seem to have not even heard of the word "manners" let alone understand it. As MeMe and many others already pointed out, they are plain rude, disrespectful, brash calling other as "cats, animals" calling other chars as "bastards, biatch etc etc etc". Something is really missing in the schools. As @Ben Alayah had said Ive never watched a worse saguek than this. It has been like switching on a TV channel to try getting a glimpse of the life of Duchess of Cambridge (EK) in Birmingham Palace but instead hve been given a detailed account of how Mr Bean (TH) played out his antics.

Jamie Nguyen Oh My Gosh. I can't believe that I spend my time to read all the comments. I love you Ha Ji Won ( I am a girl by the way). Every single drama that she takes a role, her partners will shine. I am waiting for episode 48 with English subtitle. Please be released by now, so that I can focus on my upcoming exams on Wednesday (U.S time zone). All my sincere!

guest @Meme, S forum thread is a drama thread in name only. For all intent and purpose It was set up as a actor thread and the give-away signs on this are written all over in the first few pages. Go spot them. So, Byul, SN, ED, ET, WY, TT, EB are only side shows. No point taking those views too seriously.

song @MeMe NorthCape is the sportswear brand JCW and HJW are endorsing. So @comdd is spot on when saying that someone of high influence can exert pressure to alter the outcome of of the drama. I am a non shipper. I like both JJM and JCW and think they are great actors although I have to admit JJM"s superb in expressing array of emotions with just his eyes alone. But I am sick of those JCW fans or TaNyang Shippers bashing other characters especially WY/JJM.They glorify his misdeed. This is very shallow and It reflected so badly on their idol too. I hope they will stop.

MeMe I read on the EK soompi forum, somebody said that they were glad Byul was gone and something about him being boring blah blah. Anyways that was rude to say. Byul had more guts TH ever had.

comadd @sora, I'm sure SN's intention to send Maha away is for his own good. But the way the writer writes that scene gives me the wrong interpret of SN's intention. I want to know is it true that SN doesn't figure out how serious Maha was poisoned? If she sent him away, would it better if she whispered to him about the secret and asked him to keep that confidential? SN doesn't need to announce for everyone to know about Maha's connection to her, and I'm sure the mature and understanding Maha will understand his mother good intention and keep the secret between themselves. Even if something happened to him on his way, he'd die with the knowledge that he's not a throwaway kid that nobody wanted.

CICI @WY&SNLOVE..I don't think you lacked in anything you wrote. I said ..LOL..after reading your "WTH" comment because it was exactly how I felt and made me laugh when I read it. No need to apologize, you were right on. AND as usual guest nailed it. I don't know where it happened either, but I also felt like some actor and actress was being used as a promotional tool to advance their popularity (JCW) or whatever. Sorry, but that 2nd Empress was totally useless. Everything she did was a repeat of the first one and I could not watch her. Audition maybe? I don't know if it's true, obviously, but so much has not made sense with certain characters. Anyway, you're right. It doesn't matter anymore cuz I surely feel like I have been taken for a ride too. @Juicy..I don't think it's going to take any heart to watch any more of this...just a big glass of good wine and finger on the ff button. I may just be watching TT and WY scenes, that's it.. unless the writers and/or whoever screw that up too. Guess we'll see, huh?

sora well, i understand why some people rage to see seungnyang act on abandon Maha. but i understand why she did it, if she keep Maha and everybody know that maha is wang yu's son, maha is as good as death, so does seungnyang. thats why she asking Lady Seo to send Maha to koryo, And she provide a good life for him. maybe she think after she become empress, somehow she will find a way to protect Maha. Maha is koryo son so he better return to his country.

i just dont understand why they make Maha death Hiks...

now, 3 more episodes, i dont hope anything big.

comadd @MeMe, I understand Northcape as the people staying high up the rank, ceo, executive or someone who can influence the outcome of the drama, am I right? Hehe...

Juicy Seriously I'm beginning to wonder if some of these historical Korean movies actually tell their history. They should have a happy ending at least. Most Korean movies tend to end leaving us (watchers) heartbroken! Hearing all these spoilers, I honestly don't have the heart to continue watching it.

yoochunano I don't know why the writer or PD listen to people, pleaseeeee we are sick of TH pathetic scenes. If it wasn't for Tal Tal i wouldn't been watchung this drama since 10 episodes ago.

MeMe What is Northcape? What do they have to do with this drama?

song @guest Yes my sentiments exactly. I hope the writers, PD, MBC and Northcape are reading this. If not will someone tell them..PLEASEEEE

guest @ CICI, MeMe, T2, WY&SLLOVE, lili41, Song – all well said I started watching Ek for a Ek story but landed up w/ a SN story. Also its abt a TH character that makes no sense. I ve fast forwarded many of its scenes as it’s a pain to watch. Its the stellar performance of a grp of seasoned actors tt hve kept me on –ji won (EK), jin mo (WY), moon sik (Bang), kuk hwan (ET), seo hyun (ED), lee han (TT), woong in (BS) to name a few. The feeling of being misled into watching something that does not match its title would not have been so bad if the writers, PD have sincerely shown that their original intention was to have EK as the main theme. The sidetrack was to add a little spice. However, what comes across now is that e drama has been used as a promotional tool for some actor/actresses rather than for telling the EK story. The EK character /story has never been part of its script right from the start for how can there be a EK when Tana was killed off only at ep 42 and Empr Hutu was still around 4 eps bfore drama end ? Its the drama behind the drama that is the real pi…ed off. Writers, Pd, MBC, continue w/ whatever…, whoever dies, whoever lives doesn’t matter anymore. U hve taken many for a ride.

WY&SYLOVE CICI.... just like myself i'm sure that many of us have invested so much time watching this mess. you said eveything i wanted to say and then some. i apologize for the lack of better words. i just am so pissed by how things are so bad with this drama that i could not find a better way to express myself. anyways like you said we've spend too many time to just drop it now.

MeMe @comadd Oh my.. You are going in on SN. Okay LOL. I understand. When she finds out Byul died she will be devastated and that might just break her. She will have all these feelings of regret if the writers play it out like that.

PD, the writers,MBC, or whoever they mess this drama up. There is no way for them to fix it now.

comadd Watching the recent fews episodes, I agree with all the comments criticizing SN. The moment she sent her long lost sick child away without telling him who she is, I'm beyond disappointed. SN has turned into a power hunger who is no different than the ED. She shamelessly uses whoever can boost her up to the highest position, even her kids. She stays with the weak TH because she still needs him to make her the Empress. She chooses to ignore WY's love because he couldn't offer her the absolute power, but she still uses him in anyway that benefits her. She protects Ayu with all her mind because he's her golden ticket. She sent Maha away because he can mess up her stairway to power even though she knew he still sick with all the poison inside him. The decision she makes to choose her power game over the reconciliation with Maha shows her worst side. After being apart for so many year, she manages to send her kid away as a nobody while he just recovers from a death bed, and telling him sternly that he needs to be strong and fend for himself from now on, what kind of mother's love is that? She's even worst than the ED because at least the ED has the excuse that Maha's is not her blood line, but for SN, Maha is her blood and flesh and she still favors power over him. Now, I don't even ship her with Tal Tal anymore because I don't way her to corrupt the only sane man left in this mess. Let her get the Empress title and I'm done. Right now, I just continue this drama with a heavy heart because I has invested too much into it to abandon it. Such a waste of talented actors and actresses in here.

CICI @WY&SLLOVE..I couldn't agree more. Everything you said I agree with. I've been wondering WTH too..lol.. AND@lili41..honestly, I don't know if the writers are really good anymore. I think historical dramas are often distorted and mention it (in the beginning) so they can add more fictional characters etc. You say that the writers are currently on bad terms with the PD. IMO, the real problem now is that the writers are currently on bad terms with viewers who have invested so much of their time watching this mess, believing this was going to be about Empress Ki or at least somewhat close and it has become everything but that. If I had known so many episodes and scenes were going to be about TH (who I now fast-forward) and his repetitive babyfied mannerisms, obsessions and craziness, I would've quit long ago. The only thing that has kept me still sort of watching is, even though the story is all over the place, I see the professionalism of many actors & actresses that are doing their best, no matter what is thrown (literally) at them. They just better not kill off Tal Tal or WY!

lili41 You know the writers are really good, i heard that the PD is awful!!! because of the distortion of history the PD and MBC obliged the writers to throw away 15 episodes (script) some are saying that it was the political intrigues and romance between WY and SN that were erased, the writers are currently on bad terms with the PD that's obvious, they are even using TH's nightmares to tell the truth about what they wanted to tell !!

WY&SYLOVE I am so ready for EK to be over. to tell you guys the truth, SN and TH characters are disgusting right now. i never cared for TH's Character and i was always convince that he is not nor was he ever in love with SN. OBSESS, yes. He just wanted to have SN because WY wanted her, and he only looks at her like she is a piece of meet always have his hands on her, kissing her while she wasn't aware and when she was aware he would try to force himself on her. really was so hard for me to watch his scene with SN. and SN doing the exact same thing both the Empress Dowager and Tanashiri was doing using their child to cease power in the palace. the only difference is SY approaches the same goal with an innocent look, and im so sad to say that she does uses the fact that the Emperor favor her to her advantage. they made her look so cheap, those writers are really messed up they are making women look bad. while her child is dying she is by the emperor side talking about " one day you'll understand i'm doing it all for you". they are so confusing these writers. i don't know what to call all this mess. it ain't a love triangle drama or a love triangle for the two countries because so far she hasn't done anything yet for her country then my question is what the HELL is the drama about. she is not even the empress yet. At this point i don't even know what's the point of her being the empress anyway she is both the bad and the good guy. when i look back at this drama, i could honestly say that the drama went to hell since she entered the palace to exact her "REVENGE".

MeMe The question all EK viewers should be asking: Is when will SN become the Empress? I honestly wanted to see SN fight her battles as the Empress. I truly expected SN to be the Empress about 10 or 11 episodes ago. We only have 4 episodes to go and she has not become the Empress. All SN is doing now is being the caregiver to her needy, insecure, immature suppose to be husband. SN looks exhausted. Heck I am exhausted watching SN looking exhausted dealing with this TH nonsense. I can only hope the writers will Free SN of TH.

MeMe Don't get me started on EK thread on Soompi and the TH shippers that are in other forums. I have been on the offense against since they were calling the writers racist and attacking the actor especially JJM for his role in A Frozen Flower. I even had to put a few of them in their place in a forum I comment on. I don't even like shipping wars. I can admit I have been involved in a few but I no longer engage in them. There are some nice TH shippers but the rude ones are the ones who give them a bad rep. On the EK thread on Soompi, there is someone always whining about the need for more romance. I disagree EK needed to be more about the political intrigue instead of romance. However the love triangle was bad because it was not balanced. A really good love triangle is one that is balance. You could tell from a mile away the writers favored SN & TH. I admit I use to like both couples but I don't anymore. Now I ship WY & Bi-Soo(RIP) and SN & Tal Tal. TH needs to be by himself.

Sora What make me happy with the writer for this past 10 episodes is he/she make a great tal tal character. the only man who standing for the clear judgment. he does not care who is gonna rule the country as long as that person stick to the rule. i see a great struggle when he decide to help seung nyang.

what make me rage is why he/she have to kill Maha? i mean, i know some people disappointed with Feisu died but she died in honor. we can not hope a happy ending story for everyone. but i dont think Feisu died is a waste, at least she is a brave girl who protect his love till the end (and this is historical drama, most of historical drama is a romantic tragic love story). But Maha story is seriously a joke. why you have to kill him. i mean, to kill the love line between seung nyang and wang yu? but it really does not have any significant for the story. from my point of view from episode 1 flash back, seung nyang still love wang yu, what with those tearing eyes when she become empress? it will make sense if wang yu keep maha that will make seung nyang remember him as the beloved one who always by himself but she cant reach him anymore (just like the 4men says in his OST). but now, with maha died i dont think that love will still excess. i mean seung nyang is definitely stick to Ta Hwan. Why must kill MAHA!!

anyway, great acting for Ji Chang Wook, you are the most stupid king that i ever see, yes i wanna slap you right now, that is how powerful your acting is hahaha....

dem i still think all this actor and actress are great. even thought the story is lacking for the last several episodes but they act still consistent and great. especially for Ha Ji Won (your my lovely heroine) and Joo Jin Mo (why your so manly *die*).

hope you make the relevant ending. i don't care if this tragic just make it consistent with the first episode please.

guest Just want to clarify that another "guest" has just join the thread at 1.52 am. There are now 2 "guest" posters in this thread.

lili41 You know WY and SN shippers all left the main thread because of the biais and the bashing they did their own Wanyang shipper forum, where they have the same problems as us and they don't even ship WY with SN.

lili41 You know guys there aren't any WY SN shippers because they all left due to the bashing, they are now on Wanyang shipper thread in soompi, they are like us they don't even ship SN and WY together now and they are shocked and pissed of about the death of Maha, and the omnipresence of TH/JCW in the empress ki thread, you can check it ;)

guest Empress Ki is a total disappointment and so many loop holes n wrong messages in this drama.... 1. After 47ep we didnt c any growth in emperors character he is still weak n obsessed even worse than b4!!! 2 they indirectly killed off the character of SN...she is no where to befound and replaced w this lady Ki...they should have atleast left a few traits of old SN to make that shift in character more believable! 3.Rape Scene Really!! TH the weak guy raping SN who could knock him dead in one punch!! That was a sad joke scene! At least the attempted rape b4 by Dang Ki SI was believable since the man was supposedly physically strong! 4.Killing off characters right n left! What the hell!b is the director having a crazy disorder now like the Emperor?! 5.At least if SN-WY love has to end let it reasonably deteriorate not cut it off all of a sudden!what is this! Its like SN's emotions r a light bulb w on off buttons! N regarding soompi thread for EK well its a joke! Everybody there are very loud towards JCW they leave no place for others to favour any of empress ki other characters or even b a non shipper! Personally i dropped that thread!!

Kayla @guest They are. Now it makes sense. I did notice when reading comments if you say something against TH they jump on that person. If you say something against WY they praise it. Well they would not like me. I am unbiased towards both WY & TH. If TH or WY does something I don't like I will speak on it. The funny thing is WY has not done anything wrong but TH has done a lot of wrong. To be honest I feel the writers wasted both HJW & JJM's talent. Don't get me wrong JCW is doing a very good job as TH. This is the my first time watching him act but I have seen multiple things done by HJW & JJM.

Yes LOL. There are only 4 episodes left and SN still has not become the Empress. The writers wasted too much time on TH that they forgot to make SN the Empress. SN should have been made the Empress many episodes ago. The writers messed up. Now they are trying to save face by rushing things in the last 4 episodes. This drama had so much potential but the writers messed it up.

Song @guest, yes you got that right. In main thread for EK at Soompi forum, most are JCW supporters not TH. I don't even go there now as the fans of JCW can be so immature bashing other characters. Anyway, I hope the writers can redeem themselves and give us something great for the last 4 episodes.

guest @CICI, l im feeling just as embarrassed for having recommended this drama. Blame it on the impressive early episodes when the characters were all gathered in Goryeo. To me, the downhill started as early as ep 8 when SN the jackal turned palace maid. A big chunk of time from then shows nothing but TH running around looking for SN and SN doing hide n seek, serving tea, reading poetry. Such mundane details tell us just one thing. TH was obsessed with SN. And yet, it took so many episodes to convey that message. Its a tell-tale sign that all is not well with the writers and the Pd.

Now that time is running out reason hving precious airtime wasted earlier on irrelevant stuff repeatedly. The writers now simply kill off characters randomly (Maha, Bisoo), introduce and then remove new ones (2nd empress) and create meaningless scenes like the infamous TH-SH rape. Any idea that come to mind are linked up carelessly and presented as a EK story. Funnily, Emp Ki is still nowhere in sight at Ep 47 when the drama is supposed to be abt her..

@Kayla the creator of the EK thread in S forum is a big JCW fan, that's why. Discussion is abt JCW and not TH. Read betwn the lines.

Kayla I can't even with Empress Ki right now. I will say this. Hmm..I went to visit the Empress Ki Soompi Forum and when did it turn into TH shippers thread? Last time I visited which was in January it was more balance. What happened? I thought about joining to talk about EK but that is okay now. Never mind. Correct me if I am wrong this drama was suppose to be about EK right? Cause all I have seen is most of it is about TH.

rskdrama watched ep 46 and 47 in 20 minutes... am sure the viewership is staying because of the past glory!

SeungNyang Did anyone know what's the name of the insturmenal song plays at wedding scene in episode one? It played until the episode starts to 5. Minutes.

Mbme After I finished ep 47 I don't think I can even bear the heart + head ache the last 4 episodes can cause me, should writers have already set the plot in this downward spiral :((

T2 Gosh, I can't say it enough ... I am agreeing with most of the comments on her on the turn of events for the show. I am still dissapointed with how they have ended the characters of Maha and Feisu. TH's delusions are so distatsteful. His character's ignorance of ruling a nation is annoying and then for Lady Ki to continue to acknowledge him as a partner is infuriating because of the rape scene. C'mon writers ... Finish it off with a bang .. How about that maha's death was a plot to get him safely to koryo and that he drank that potion that made him look dead (the one WY gave to El Temur) and he does find out about his real parents and lives in koryo with his father. That would be a more suiting ending to WY n SY epic love even though we know she will be Empress of Yuan

CICI All I can say is "wow". I have been fast forwarding a lot of the last few episodes because of so many unnecessary scenes. I agree w/ so many here about the downhill slide of this drama. I raved about Empress Ki in the beginning and now I feel embarrassed for doing so. I think what has happened is that the writers spent so much time on TWO similar Empresses and SO much time on TH & his personality issues (over & over), they lost track of time and now have to kill people off that had real substance in this show, which is a shame because it could have been really good. This should be another example of why awards should NOT be given out to anyone until AFTER a drama or movie is FINISHED so the people involved have to show REAL worthiness all the way to the end. I also agree with others in my feelings of total disappointment in the writers on how they treated the Maha character. I know things like that happens in real life but I think more pity & compassion was shown on "evil" characters than Maha and Bi Soo and IMO that's wrong. Also, why call this drama "Empress Ki" when it has very little to do with her being an empress and often even her & probably be rushed at the end anyway? Oh well, another one down the drain.

WYSYLOVE WY is the perfect example of a FOOL IN LOVE. don't tell ki consort about the death of Maha because she suffered too much already, i blame the writers for how WY's character is so painfully in love with the image of a woman that he used to love, the SY he knew already died, she's no more, it is time he wakes up and start taking his own revenge and stop fighting SY's battle for her. Seriously Maha is better off dead at this point. They messed up big time when they created maha's character from the beginning, the writers have fell to show at least to me THE POINT of making WY and SY love line so great than so tragic, especially when we already know that they will not end up together and to add insult to injury they kill of the only hope of a love interest he could've had with FEI SU. there are way too many holes in this drama. TH & SY love line is a complete mess, WY & SY love line was too good to be true. with 4 episodes left they better wake up, the way i see it the drama hasn't been it's best since episode 45 till now. Maha's death is another poor writing on those producers part for what ever stupid reasons they have, it truly shows a bit of these people characters. use the kid once he is no longer useful discard him, and to make matters worse he had no peace or joy that could make up for his sad existence. Even if this is a drama WHAT THE HELL KIND OF EXAMPLE are these writers setting for the much younger viewers,. I am so saddened by the turn of events of the drama. first there was the emotional abuse TH was giving to Maha, then the rape scene, the death of Maha and last SY being an emotional wreck along with the Emperor. I am watching this to the end with the hope that these writers are going to do something amazing.

Moon @comadd: I am 100% with you. I am not sure if I am watching the same drama or should I even be watching it. Everything is so wrong for the past few episodes. TH raped LK is so uncalled for. And he is still so immature as before. Why Bisoo had to die? Why Maha had to die so lonely and pathetically without even knowing who his real parents are? Why can't he die in koryo after WY acknowledged him. It will only take less than 5 mins screen time. Is that too much to ask for? I don't even care that Kolta is the head of eagle house now. I don't see that important linkage anymore. But i am thinking that TH might be drugged by him too. Anyway, I love WY's acting. He is such a good actor. i literally felt his agony.

comadd This drama continues to go downhill for me and I keep pulling my hair in frustration when watching it. Luckily I have thick hair and the drama only has 3 more episodes to go :) I totally don't understand what gotten in writer's mind when Maha and Bi-soo are killed off like that. Bi-soo's death is so senseless. She harbored one side love toward WY for so long and did so much for him only has him recognize her feeling AFTER she died. Maha's death is even worst. That poor kid is just a pawn in all the chess games between whoever wants to play for power. Even when SN knows he's her own son, she chooses to withdraw the truth from him a little longer for her to be able to complete her power game. Why does the writer show a little mercy for his character by killing him off with WY by his side and calling him son. Killing off Maha as a throwaway kid is so cruel and unnecessary. At least episode 47 gives me a little understanding why TH turns into a whining, crying delusional luniac. TH must be fed some drug by Golta, the secret leader, in order for him to lose his mind and become a puppet they can control. If the drug thingy is not true, then I can't understand why TH suddenly turns out like that, it totally makes no sense at all. Oh man, only 3 more episodes to go and I don't know if my hair is thick enough to survive through the gruesome treatment. Please writer-nim, have mercy on us, give us something in the end that doesn't make us feel regreted loving this drama.

Lili Demmmmmm....i should not open this page before i watch episode 46 and 47 *cry*

MeMe @wy&sylove Who knows with these writers. The writers romanticized the whole rape plot.

WY&SYLOVE can someone please shed some lights as to where the writers are going with this drama. they kill off both maha and byul, i don't understand the relationship between SY and TH. after that rape scene, she's talking about protecting him, after what is being to her own people by this man, she said im doing it all for you. he deserves everything that he is getting and suffering now. i truly am disappointed with this type of writing. how can she even still look at him in the face after that.

MeMe Just when I was happy about Joffrey's death on Game of Thrones. The EK's writers kill off Byul. I can't even be happy about Joffrey's demise. I am so sad about Byul's death.

T2 I agree with Meme, the writers did mess epi 47 up by letting Maha die. Like you said, its drama with some fiction in it and they should have at least allowed the boy to find out his real parents if they are going to kill him off anyway and also allow some father and son time. What a buzz kill. Fans have waitied all this time for his true identity to be revealed and then NOTHING !!! C'mon .. 47 was a big let down for me .. Now, it's just watching just to finish the series. There is nothing to look forward to since we already know the ending. The writers should have at least given that "feel good moment" with allowing Maha to know the truth of his identity .... Aauggghhh

MeMe Poor Byul. These writers are so messy. I can't even.

I like Empress Ki. I really do but the writers mess this up. I wanted this drama to be epic like QSD & Jumong but it is turning out to be just okay.

MeMe @guest Yes both QSD & Jumong were epic. As for EK, These writers are taking forever to make SN the Empress. She should have been made the Empress about 7 or 8 episodes ago. That would have left 13 or 14 episodes to do whatever.

leekapop I support to wang yoo (played by Joo Jin Mo) and seung nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) and hope them will have a happy ending.

guest @MeMe My guess is tt the fans are upset at SN cos of jealousies, SN got all the rough ups from TH and not them They want to take over from SN for that scene !!! Joke aside, another guess is that such skewed views about marital rape cld have come from those who hve yet gone on a long term relationship (or any date). If after years down the road they re-visit these sites with husband and children in tow and say they still hold the view that its okay for a husband to rape his wife, then we have to salute/respect them as its their life n value. Meanwhile lets sit back and enjoy the reads n hve a good laugh.

On EK, as rskdrama had said, the drama has been going round and round in circle.

rskdrama Now that Ki knows of her lost child what happens? And why is she taking of the shameless emperror? can't she not speak the truth? Like TalTal but his character is powerless. The most detested person in this drama is the Emperor... and the most lucky person has been WangYu, never dying under any circumstances. And when Ki can find out about everyone, why can't she know about Kolta?? I think this drama should have ended by now..another 5 episodes of Emperor's ranting, Ki's i will reveal the truth, Dowager n Queen's scheming is just going to be the same old stuff all over again!

MeMe WTH!!!!! Fans are defending TH raping SN. EK might just be a TV show but to defend TH raping SN is very wrong.

MeMe You can count me as a SN & TT shipper and WY & Bi-Soo shipper.

yoochunano @comadd me too, especially after ep 43 when he helped her and let people know that she helped her. he was so manly and reasonable. I guess SN can;t end up with WY or TH. They've gone far that they can not reunite and live linke nothing happen. It will be good for me if just SN just die.

guest @Meme, agree, Jumong n QSD are good in every dept, acting and script - no fan service, no bts favours, no obscenity. Yes, its SN' fault - "SN grieving over WY upset him so much that he got drunk and do the unthinkable; SN didn't demo her love, so he is doing it to show his love; SN is his consort n should serve his carnal needs 24/7 willingly (no matter how violent he becomes)". Goodness, isn't this a topsy turvy world going by these comments on forced s...x. Message, as long as a man is upset by something, doing rampage in the bedroom or anywhere else is acceptable - like raping his wife, starting a war. TH youth and upbringing were blamed for his childish behavior in the earlier episodes. Now after 4 on-line wedding nights (L Park, Tana, Sn, Huhu), and 2 sons, he is still excusable bcos of his "youth" n upbringing. He needs not grow up, he must be nurtured by SN into his 80s.

@comadd - its not as safe as u think to ship SN/TT. look over some sites. Anyway, safe or not safe, imagination is gd for the soul.

comadd @guest, I think there would be no shipping war for SN-TT because there's no way their loveline would happen in the drama. So I say as a SN-TT shipper, I feel very safe to freely declare my ship and use my imagination :)

MeMe LMAO! The things being said by fans of Empress Ki. So now it is SN's fault for TH's shortcomings as man. Typical fans blaming the female for the man's faults. SN did all she could to make TH a better man but he messed that up. It is TH's fault. I mean seriously why does SN have to do all the work. TH should be doing all the work to make himself a better man.

Ben Alayah I have never seen a worst historical drama as this, why making drama long and poor. Writers sorry for this but l love your work on Giant.

CICI @ MeMe....LOL...That's exactly what I want right now too. SN & TT and WY & Bi Soo. I don't see why it couldn't happen since this is no longer close to the historical Empress Ki. It probably won't happen (or political intrigue) but I agree with what you said. BTW, Kingdom of The Wind & Jumong are epic & my faves.

MeMe @guest The writers should have had more political intrigue than romance. That is why I loved Jumong and QSD. Political Intrigue was first and foremost and romance was secondary. Yes I rather SN with TT right now. TH is acting like child. I want WY and Bi-Soo together now. I am shipping SN & TT and WY & Bi-Soo.

guest The drama has lost its shine since SN entered Yuan palace as a slave and not just during the last few episodes. Though the drama titled EK suggest a story about the work/role of EK, the drama is nothing more than a story about romance, love triangles, jealousies and love fights amongst the various char. Are you ready? Here goes the love lines :

  1. WY loves SN, SN loves WY;
  2. WY loves SN, SN might have changed n not love WY;
  3. TH loves SN, SN does not love TH;
  4. TH loves SN, SN might have changed to love TH;
  5. Tana loves TH, TH does not love Tana;
  6. Tana loves WY, WY does not love Tana;
  7. Bi soo loves WY, WY does not love Bisoo;
  8. TT might have love SN, SN does not know.

Since Tana is dead, TH has gone insane, WY get locked up, only SN and TT are left standing with minds intact, very tempted to join the TT/SN ship to get some fun (tho I detest shipping to the core, esp those that are rude and crude).

MeMe @CiCi Yes Bi-Soo as well. The four of them would be lethal.

CICI @MeMe..Yes! WY, SN, and TT. That would be a GREAT TEAM. I like Bi-Soo also. ( ^ . ^ )

MeMe I like TH but I am so done with TH shippers. To say it is okay that a child's 'father' tells him he wishes he was never born is messed up. TH deserves the worst father of the year award. When will the writers let it be known to SN, WY, and Byul/Maha who Byul/Maha real parents are. I wish they hurry up because the way TH is treating Byul/Maha is making me dislike him a little.

MeMe @CiCi Yes Tal Tal. I could only wish if WY, SN, and TT ran that country together. They would be a deadly trio. They would rule the world.

CICI @yoochuno....I "third" your opinion and also agree. As much as I enjoy Joo Jin Mo'a acting,(& HJW) I don't know WHAT the writers are doing either.(I think guest nailed it below) or since the writers got early awards maybe there "are" new ones.Don't know, but this went south FAST. The only char. that seems to have risen above dumbdown & haywire rewrites is Tal Tal. This is the first drama I've seen him in & he's captivating .. even in a "few" scenes. I've been watching JJM's other dramas cuz he's so great, but will be moving on to Jin Lee Han(Tal-Tal)..he's a great actor too, plus handsome and IMO, deserves lead roles ...much more than some I've been watching lately,ugh. I'm at least glad I saw him here.

comadd @yoochunano, I second your opinion, agree with all your points. Let's ship TalTal together :)

MeMe @yoochunano The writers took too long getting rid of ET. They are still taking forever to make SN the Empress. TH has been a mess. Fans choose not to see it because he has pretty face. LOL. SN is conflicted. Love is so complicated. WY is still smart. He was tired of Yuan oppressing his people. Plus they used a child to get WY to go with them. I guess he thought it would be harmless. I would say he was a little reckless.

yoochunano is the writer of this drama changed or something. In the last 6 or 7 episodes i feel like i'm watching another drama. I suddenly hated all the characters. I don't mean the acting cast cuz they all great. But all people in this drama turned to be selfish except for my ideal one Tal Tal. Honestly, TH how can she accept him and his childness and selfish love, ok he was cute and that was keeping us silent but now he is really the worth pathetic character i've ever seen. Even SN i can't understand her or know what she wants.And what was that 5 years skipping although there was so much unfinished things. Even WY, where all that smartness!! for God sake this drama was really really beautiful art of piece so don't make it fall and fool yourselfs with the ratings.

MeMe @comadd TH was on a path to self destruction when he first let ED & Baek Ahn become his new puppet master. Second when he acting so insecure and jealous. TH has been terrible father to Byul/Maha since Tana took him and passed him off as her own son. That did not just start now. That started episode 24 or 25. I would say WY was little reckless but who can blame him. WY wanted Yuan to stop oppressing his people. He was tired. At least WY cared about his people unlike TH. If I am not mistaken the money WY is sending back SN is taking care of the Yuan people. So with that said WY is taking care of both Goryo & Yuan. The funny thing is WY is accused of being a traitor by the very people who are the real traitors.

comadd I'm so taken aback and disappointed at the sudden 5 yrs jump. It's like I'm enjoying a good meal and suddenly someone snatches it away without giving me any excuse and change it to a meal that's not my taste :( I don't understand why TH is so pathetic all of the sudden. Yes, 5 yrs ago, he was weak but he loved SN and tried his best to become a man. But now, he changes into a pathetic killer, a stupidly suspicious husband, an awful dad who puts his hatred of previous empress on top of an innocent child (I still refer Maha as TH and previous empress child since he hasn't known about his real identity) I'm so disappointed, where is my cute puppy emperor??? I'm disappointed with WY too. He supposes to be smart, and he supposes to know how hard it was to get back his own country, he has to realize how badly Yuan wants to take over his country, so he has to be very carefull and on high alert. However, he acts so carelessly and naively. He doesn't only endanger himself but also his people and his own country.

Well, right now, I just focus on my ship on Tal Tal then, a cool and intelligent man who can be a perfect match for strong and smart SN :)

MeMe @CiCi Like I said I want to see SN with her husband not needy child. As of right now, SN has three sons Byul/Maha, Ayu, and TH. Yes Byul/Maha is just like SN & WY. Ayu loves Byul/Maha a lot. Byul/Maha loves Ayu a lot.

CICI @MeMe...I agree w/ you about Maha having more guts thanTH. That's because he's not TH's son but Wang Yoo's and he takes after his "dad". Imagine how incredible a kid he'd be if he was with WY and not filled with hate, anger and also sadness from being ignored byTH. At this point, I don't like TH at all...pity maybe, because of "his" upbringing" but he's quite a pathetic Emperor and father figure as well and he's not a real husband, just a little boy in a man's body wanting a "mommie". He's done nothing heroic or honorable either. AT least according to history, the real Emperor Huizong of Yuan wrote poetry. This Emperor "TH", also just learned to read..lol..But, we all have our individual tastes & opinions.

MeMe As much as Byul/Maha needs his butt whooped but who can blame a child who is raised to be hateful. Byul/Maha has more guts than TH will ever have.

MeMe I don't see how it is Hot when TH is acting like needy child. I think it is sad. If my friends were watched this show they would rip into TH. They would ask why the heck I like him. I like SN & TH as much as I like SN & WY. SN & TH's relationship is unhealthy.

CICI @guest...Thanks for your comments. They validated how I've been feeling & what I've been seeing lately as I watched this drama. I might watch one or part of one more episode. I'm not wasting any more time on TH /Empress scenes to see a few good ones which IMO has lost all continuity. Also, lately Ha Ji Won & Joo Jin Mo even look worn out to me. I've really enjoyed most of the actors & actresses immensely and will look for them in other dramas, so I don't regret watching up till now + I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments here. .(.except for the few crazies) :P

guest @rskdrama, just to alert you not to label TH as spineless. You have touched on the raw nerves of JCW fans. When TH is mentioned as a character, JCW fans take it that you are talking about the actor. We must always say nice stuff like TH is brave, cute, lovable, pitiful, caring to avoid being classified as animals. Anyway, just to repeat my view on the actor behind the TH character. He is not bad but still has some way to go. Fantastic? not how I see him.

guest @MeMe, for the S forum, check out on the moderator. It does give an idea why the discussion has come to this state. @CICI, the writers need not bother giving us a sensible story as they have already pocketed the "Best Writer' award. They can do all nonsense now. The writings are no longer their vision but a mish mesh of ideas dished out week in week out -- mechanically elaborate on popular scenes, remove not so popular scenes. I am starting to watch it for a good laugh at the many silly plot line, read some ludicrous comments about love triangles as side entertainment. As for SN, don't hope for an Empress Ki story for the final episodes. The writers have long forgotten that this drama is about Empress Ki. The last scenes will instead highlight how brave TH has become. Afterall he has finally, finally and finally left his sleeping/wedding chambers and surfaced wielding a sword. It deserves to be given the spotlight all the way to the end.

Lydia One thing I have to say about this show, the actors are doing such a phenomenal job! The drama is also written very well. Sure there are a few repetitive scenes. I think we can all have a sort of wishful thinking in to which we wish the drama could go a certain way, but I'm pretty satisfied with where it is going. The thing about the second empress had to be put it if they were going to at least follow it somewhat historically accurate as they were getting a lot of flack for not sticking to the history; even though they already explained that it leans more to the historical fiction. It's just a drama made for people's enjoyment while bringing in the bucks. As far as I can tell, I think they have done their job well.

However, I will admit I was quite shocked (and slightly disappointed) in episode 42 to see a crazed Ta Hwan...but then again I felt the outcome would be inevitable. I'm not surprised since after growing up in that kind of environment, with the war campaign going on and their numerous defeats, while also being poisoned with the fact that Wang Yu and Lady Ki were still corresponding with one another. I still like Ta Hwan (most likely just empathetic towards them) and in the beginning I was shipping him and Sungnyang. But, I thought he was starting to blossom into a man. Episode 42 changed that. It kind of gets a little frustrating after awhile to see how Sungnyang constantly has to baby him as his mother, and I think more than anythinig she pities him, which is kind of sad because you want her to love him like he says he does. In the end, you can see why it's very hard to love him as a man and respect him as one since he does not act like one. On the other hand, Wang Yu is an epitome of a man. Actually, in one of the episodes when Wang Yu and his gang were entering Daidu (the capital) many of the men were commenting how manly and handsome he was while Ta Hwan sort of made a comment as to why they were touting him as such and why not himself?

At the end of the day, I think Wang Yu wins in the one you would rather have a long term relationship with. And as women are more caring creatures, of course they will ignore the fact that the emperor is needy as seeing him just "lonely and needs some loving." I say he's just weak and needs to get over it. He has no inch of leadership in him!

As for the show, there's nothing I would really change about it. Sure the empress is really annoying and sometimes can be a total buzzkill but she's actually quite interesting and more frightening since the last one. Ever since episode 42 though, I think she's kind of lost her touch...xD. May be surprising, but Empress Dowager is one of my favorite characters alongside Tal Tal and of course the three main leads. I just have to give kudos to Ji Chang Wook's acting skill. Not fangirling but I honestly think he's pulling his character off really well even though he might seem pathetic. I guess his next project will need to be something totally different so he can shake off that image. Funny though, the emperor's character reminds me of Ji Chang Wook's character in the drama Five Fingers...I guess he's just great at pulling off the crying and feigning just as well as Park Shi Hoo!

So, enough of my long comment/rant. Have a good day!:)

MeMe @CiCi Hi.... Yes it was suppose to be about EK and her journey. I get what you are saying about TH. You are right it does not mean you don't like him. Exactly his scenes are getting repetitive. The scene with the two sons showed me that TH is trying to act like ET especially when it comes to Byul/Maha. Who knows with that fan base. Right Now they are calling WY a traitor and saying he betrayed SN. SMH. Oh I will not let them ruin it for me.

CICI Hi, MeMe...It's not that I don't like him, he's become mundane. I just wish the writers would make him grow up already or at least don't spend so much time on him & his constant insecurity. For me, he acts so childish and needy, when I see him with his sons, it looks creepy. So many of his scenes are like replays,..the drinking, the crying, looking for Nyang... Wasn't this supposed to be about a woman & her journey in becoming Empress? Yes, SN with her husband & not a needy and now "crazy" child would be nice but if the writers go according to any part of history, that might not work either. We'll see. RE: the fanbase, ignore 'em. Don't give them the power to ruin your fun. They're only about "their" actor.

MeMe @CiCi I really like TH as much as I like WY. Ugh the TH fanbase is ruining my liking of him. I still like him though. I want to see SN with her husband not needy child.

CICI I am so tired of TH. I used to LOVE this. I agree w/ MeMe, I watch the "character" and their actions and relevance to the story. Which, Ta Hwan is still so pathetic and now he kills his general "fliping out"..great. The new Empress continues to be a "bore" and she's useless & nauseating pertaining to the story. It's as if someone just lobbied to get this actress in the show. Do the writers care anymore? How many times do we have to see an Empress doing the same thing and also Wang Yu be naive & brought back to spend more time in Yuan? There was so much going on at this time historically to use here, I'm surprised at what is happening. Also, where's Yeon Bi-Soo's picture? She deserves to be up there before the Bayan/Empress. YBS has been in this longer and she's a much more viable & likeable character, IMO. With 8 eps to go, I hoped there'd be more time spent on Nyang and the whole Empress Ki theme than the constant focus on the same ole needy, now wielding a sword, Emperor, biased fangirls or not. I also agree w/guest, rskdrama, Kayla & T2.

MeMe @guest TH fans makes me SMH. Some of them tried to criticize me because I criticized TH. Like I told them I like him but when he is wrong I will speak on it. In their eyes TH is good and WY is bad. I guess they forget that Yuan was bullying Goryo. Some even said Goryo should just submit to Yuan. LOL. I don't get caught up in TV characters to the point were I am bias. I love and dislike things about all the characters I like on TV. I have noticed that the Empress Ki Soompi Forum has turned into TH shippers thread. There is no longer balance of opinions on there anymore which sucks because I like reading everybody comments. I just can't with TH fans sometimes.

guest some amusing tidbits from the net:

  1. TH is heroic for planning to attack Goryeo; WY is a traitor for defending Goryeo.
  2. If Yuan attack on Goryeo fails, its WY's fault. he should have let TH strolls right in.
  3. To show how he loves SN deeply, TH has to attack Goryeo (SN home country) behind her to prove it. SN should not try to save her people behind TH. She is damned for having done so. She had betrayed him.
  4. TH is a great head of state, as his focus is solely on the women of his life. Going bonkers over a fake letter is a sign of his deep love for SN. Country affairs can take a back seat. WY is a irresponsible king for refusing to give up his people and be jailed in the process. WY should have willingly sent his people to Yuan to be slaves and prostitutes.
  5. Its a disappointment if SN becomes too wicked towards the people who killed her parents. Love conquers all. Must forgive and forget. Must remain like a starry-eyed teen. TH should go all out to kill, even the kin of the woman he professed to love, to prove that he has grown to be a man.

MeMe SMH. Why is okay for TH to treat Byul/Maha the way ET treated him but it was wrong of ET to treat TH that way? How is WY a traitor when he was looking out for Goryo? Some fans of this show make me SMH.

rskdrama After 42 episodes, Emperor is spineless still... and I am waiting to see when Yangi and the King will know that Maha is their son..

Its no wonder in real history Yuan kingdom didn't last long after this emperor!

guest Yuan is now making plans to take over Goryeo. However, Goryeo is expected to sit tight and do nothing. Any scene showing Goryeo (WY) hitting back to protect their land is evil but the schemes hatched by Yuan (TH and Baek An) to overthrow Goryeo are brilliant and strategic. SN must be thankful that TH make her empress but TH need not appreciate that WY and SN helped him remove ET so that he gets the throne. Yuan (TH) can do no wrong. Goryeo (WY) can do no right. This is TH viewers' line of reasoning in a nutshell! They are all logical, objective, insightful and very sensible.

Kayla Why are people so mad about how Yuan is being portrayed. It is not like they were nice and it was Disney Land. I know Goryo was not good either but Yuan was not either.

Kayla I see a lot of fans are mad because of the change in their precious TH. At least for me I saw this TH coming. His insecurity, jealousy, and trying to live up to his predecessors changed him. Oh well Team SN.

T2 Epi 42: I am so saddened by the turn of events for Lady Ki's son Maha/Star. His identify should have been found out long before now. She had ample opportunity to find out who he really is and then perhaps we wouldn't be seeing a child that is disrespecting his biological mother. WY needs to have more time with his son, to mold him into someone great -- because his parents are great citizens of Goryeo. C'mon writers, the child needs to be a good character .. one that will reunite SY and WY together as they should be. I know the story has to follow history but this is drama and we can make any ending happen because it is TV. Team WY all the way. Please let SY find out who he is so she can be a real mother to him and he can feel loved by his real mother and father. Please x million

CiCI @daniel faustine...Welcome. I agree with you. I also wished El Tamur died earlier and more of the story was conflict between family members and especially Yon Feisu/Yeon Bi-Soo (where's her picture??). She has bee a big surprise on how good she has become. I think it would be very interesting if she and Wang Yoo got much closer, maybe even in love, and made Nyang jealous. By the way, votre "English" is "tres bon"  : )

CICI @Lee Han Fans...yeah, I agree. I'd love to see more of Tal Tal also. He's GREAT.

guest In this last leg of the drama, I am still wondering why the writers have to introduce another Empress. It took almost 40 ep to get rid of Tanash and now it is introducing another Empress to add more palace conflicts - the annoying thing is that the root of these fightings are basically the same as the earlier ones - jealousy and the fight for the emperor's attention. These have been repeated for so long and in almost the same ways that they have become stale. Writers doing favour? Possible There are many issues Yuan has to deal with as a dynasty and there are many other current characters (WY, Tal Tal, Banyan, Eunuch Bang) whom the writers could work around with to create something refreshing (as CICI has said), something beyond the emperor's love life. It will be really absurd if the new 2nd empress get killed off within the next episode and a 3rd new empress (selected from amongst the Yuan generals perhaps) just to create another wedding night scene for TH - to allow more screen time for him. It will be the greatest joke of all time, writer nim.

Lee Han Fans i want to see tal tal struggling between his clan and his principles >///< your the man!! dont be like any other mongol man.

CICI I agree with rskdrama..Joo Jin-Mo should definitely be used more. He had only a few scenes with one or two lines and he's so powerful an actor.. Scenes like the new Empress and TH going through another boring repeat wedding night exactly like the first Empress will be death to the rest of this drama IMO. There are so many interesting characters and many better actors that have been interesting and now there is this clone inserted. Why? A favor maybe? She's such a drag. I never thought I would be fast-forwarding anything here but I'm ff'ing her scenes. I'm interested in Seung-Nyang and her choices between Yuan and Koryeo + the main cast not a rehash of a mean, conniving Empress and her two dumb maids that are from the first Empress which btw in history, they would've been exiled or put to death as well not still there and def. not given to a new Empress. The other Empress had too long of a stay IMO and to do this again is a huge "let down", ..not what I want to see anyway. Please writer, don't blow it now.

Davia So great to see more of the actors here!!! Thank you to all that suggested it.

rskdrama Jo Min Joo can act with eyes.. oh man in ep 31 and 32 when he sees Hyang, he feels everything with his eyes...such a wonderful actor...Korean Drama producers and directors please use him more.

Kunyang Finally, a proper display for good actor and actress. Nice job asianwiki.

Masta This drama was so entertaining at first, the wait between episodes was hard to bear.. but now i cannot say this anymore, as much i loved Seung Nyang, as much empress ki's goals i don't care

guest THANKS ADMIN for including the pictures and names of the remaining casts. These marvelous actors/actresses should be accorded due recognition and credit for their parts in EK. You have indeed heard us. Thank you.

rskdrama I just started watching this drama, in Ep 19 now. I like the way the story is going, but I have some issues with this screenplay. Why doesn't the Emperor feel guilty that because of him a King is now in Yuan and has to live like a prisoner and that because of him Nyang is also in Yuan as a palace maid? This part of not feeling guilty for his actions, but showing courage in trying to find the will is pathetic! He evens wants the King dead.. unbelievable way to show love! Next is Nyang herself. In all earnestness, it seems like she can't choose between the two men and would just go to one who wins! Her feelings for the King seems loyalty and her feelings for the Emperor seems to be fun and joy... As for the King knowing that Nyang is a woman, when from has he know? Or did he feel for her even when she was man? I know the Emperor will mature fast and that Nyang will become the Emperess, but wish their character had been a little more deep.

CICI Correction for below..."actresses"... I have to add, Joo Jin-Mo has my heart in this drama. He is so manly and such a wonderful actor. His display of emotions and heroic manner continues to steal every scene he is in. King Wang Yoo was such a crucial yet tragic figure in Koryeo history, I can't wait to see what the writer will do.

CICI WOW! "THANK YOU".. to the person/people that put up all the pictures and names of the awesome cast of Empress Ki. You did a wonderful job and I hope even more people will watch now that they can see all the beautiful & talented actors & actress in this fantastic drama. Thanks again!  :)

sarieque Im so inlove in this drama.i love sungnyang and the emperor.

SJH I'm shipping TaNyang Couple but it seems that Ki Nyang was only using Ta Hwan for achieving power hmmm......Well Im Joo Eun is so beautiful but ehy she has to be the evil one hmm...i was hoping for her to be with the emperor in case Ki Nyang choose the king ....

SJH I'm shipping TaHwan Couple but it seems that Ki Nyang was only using Ta Hwan for achieving power hmmm......Well Im Joo Eun is so beautiful but ehy she has to be the evil one hmm...i was hoping for her to be with the emperor in case Ki Nyang choose the king :(

SJH I'm shipping TaNyang couple...their chemistry is so good but i hate that Empress Ki is only using Ta Hwan for achieving power btw Im Joo Eun is so beautiful but the shame is she is another evil women in this drama hmmm...

misch im loving this drama... really! but the mouth of the new empress is bothering me :p

guest @CICI, me too. Ive been waiting for her to leave long long time ago. Her presence and that of ET's have been dragged on for what seems like eternity. Really, she has been made to look more like a clown executing one evil deed after another. Its about time to cut her off completely.

CICI possible spoiler: I was cracking up at how the Empress was blaming everyone she talked to for why she was the way she was, trying not to be executed for her crimes. It was hilarious to me. She was so evil and murdered so many herself, it was about time to "finally" see her go. I read where Baek Jin Hee who played the Empress, on having to leave, wanted to thank "all" the people who supported "Tanasiri.".....is she kidding?... I haven't felt this good since I saw the witch from the "Wizard of OZ" melt..lol

Loren This is an amazing drama. I love Ha Ji-Won in everything I've seen her in. Joo Jin-Mo is magnificent as Wang Yu. I thought he was amazing as the Koryo king in "A Frozen Flower" as well. Ji Chong-Wook does a great job growing from a weak, fearful prince into a powerful ruler.

I have a couple of comments about Asianwiki's page for "Empress Ki". Why aren't there more pictures of the cast shown on the page. The other actors deserve to have their pictures there as well as the main cast.

And why isn't the actor who plays El Temur listed at all. He was one of main characters; the whole story revolves around him, and the actor who played him was incredible.

MeMe @Chris Exactly, this is not my first K drama but I did know some about different asian countries' history. Who you telling coming from American TV it was different to see how they do romantic scenes. I remember watching my first K drama and When the couple confessed how they felt about each other I was waiting for them to kiss but all they did was hug. LOL. It was so different but I am so use to it now that have seen so many K dramas.

Chris Watching from the U.S.A........ This is my introduction to Asian drama and I am very entertained. Plot and character development are excellent. I find the acting refreshing and superior and the actors themselves are really all very attractive most of the roles are quite memorable. Although this is historical drama I don't suspect the series is historically accurate as regards events. However, having said that, the series is a cultural eye-opener for anyone like myself who is steeped in western drama and history only. As drama goes, I believe this is really a must-see production. The director, writers and actors are to be congratulated for a most memorable series.

MeiMei JungBlackJack, i bet you never read the story about Genghis Khan klan. They were not a nice and humble klan. they were the king of desert land. They rule almost northeast asia and west europe, they more like a rome in asia. This era is showing a great battle to koryo where they get back their own mainland before the era of chosun. well, i was shocked with episode 37. they kill El Temur omg!!! this is getting more interesting, i though this going to be like any other story with one evil man till the end but what we got here, a great development. i love the way they portrait Ki, not an easy characther, there is three phase of Ki, First is a young, innocent and full of energic Ki, the second is the mother who loose his son and beloved friends and seek for revenge Ki, and the third i guest this gonna be a women who want to prove she can rule the country better than any men in this mongol klan LOL (i bet she changed for his son maha too). there is nothing wrong with Ki fall in love with ta hwan, especially when ta hwan has give all the love for her, seek for protection is natural. how can he forget wang yu? that maybe a way in your opinion, but wang yu has given his permit to seung nyang "you can choose your path to revenge and i will do my own way" and she disapointed with wang yu betray her in the chase of Maha. She doesnt know that wang yu seek every possiblity to protect her. I am so falling in love with Wang Yu character, he is a man who doesnt seek glory for himself, protect the one he love without demand anything, a great commander who fight with his soldier, a loyalt and smart person. Perfect character. Hope Ta hwan will giving back his throne back.

guest dmt3412 has given a very good suggestion. Yes, why not include pictures of ET, Tal Tal, the enuchs and bi Soo. They are not just flowerboys/flowergirls standing around as sideshow with their good looks but have contributed significantly through their acting skills. Lets not treat them as non existent, invisible and nobodies and attribute the success of this drama to only a so-call "lead".

As ET clan is out, hope SN will resume her badass character. Given the situation she is now in, its unrealistic for writer nim to harp again and again on those lovey-dovey characteristics just for entertainment sake. She must have changed tremendously, having withness and gone through so much suffering. Its not an option but a necessity that she goes to extreme wickedness to survive. She is not living amongst saints but amongst one of the most wicked people known of that era, the Mongols. She either kills or be killed.

CICI I totally agree with comadd, & dmt3412 in showing more of the cast's pictures here including Yeon Bi Soo, The Emperor's main eunuch and Nyang's eunich, Bayan and esp Tal Tal. Also, the Empress Dowager is a big part of this story and she should be in the first lineup. Like the others have said, I really enjoy these actors/characters and they deserve their picture posted. I think Jin Lee Han is due for a lead role in his next drama. When he's on screen, he's mesmerizing. I also have been looking more for Yu In-Young who plays Bi Soo. I wasn't sure if I liked her character in the beginning, but she has done such a great job, I want to see more of her. There are so many great actors in this it's refreshing to not have it mainly focused around a "lead", IMO. Kudos to the writer & director.

comadd I second your motion @dmt3412, El Temur is a very important character in this drama, the two main eunuchs gave me joy when I see them, and my real ship TALTAL has to be given a special place hehe...I just love him. He's cute, he's cool, he's smart, he's a scholar, he's a warrior, he's a great strategy and he doesn't sleep with SN :) I predict that he will be the main man for SN now since she starts her quest for power so she needs his brain. And same as the other two men in her life, he'd already saved SN by not using his body or his battle skill but by using his BRAIN. SN will have to depend on him now, and she doesn't have to reward him with her body, just share with him the power.

dmt3412 Could someone PLEASE update the PICTURES by including more of the characters like TAL-TAL, for instance? He is getting to be a more prominent character with every episode, thank goodness!

Also, please don't forget the Empress Dowager, Batolu, Mu-Song, El Temur, Jeok-Ho, the two main eunuchs Dok-Man and Gol-Ta; and main maidservants and other assorted prominent characters.

In addition, the character list featuring only names is also greatly lacking.

THANKS in advance!

CICI @Jung Blackjack...actually Togon Temur/Huizong of Yuan was the last Mongolian Emperor of Yuan which went back being called China (according to historical records) and it was noted he WAS very weak and mostly disinterested in being the Emperor. It was because of him the Yuan/Mongolian Dynasty ended. Also starting from Genjis Khan till "TH" it was a very violent period where Mongolians ravaged China, Korea and many parts of Europe as well, often destroying everything in their path.. BUT..with that, said there WAS an Empress "Ki during this time and that is what THIS drama is about. She WAS orig. from Korea and this writer had her engaged to the King of Goryo first. IMO, there is nothing disgusting about a woman giving birth, being chased down & her baby falling off a cliff, presumed to be dead & she moving on with her life. "Kids" are accepted, adopted & loved everyday by someone who is not a biological parent. Why not an Emperor? I'm sure it happened factual or not since there were many times an Emperor did not have a biological heir. I remain curious where the writer is taking us with his spin on history and I still like this better than any other drama right now.

MeMe @comadd Exactly, Mongolians were skillful warriors but they were evil. I will this the writers are showing Empress Ki in a better light because the Empress Ki in history was not nice. I read somewhere somebody said something about historians being concern about this drama was they are showing Empress Ki being good whereas in history she was not.

MeMe @comadd Exactly, the Mongolians were skillful warriors but they were evil. I will say this though the writers are showing Empress Ki in a different light. In history Empress Ki was not a good person. I did read somewhere somebody said even historians are worried about the drama showing Empress Ki in a good light since she was not that in history.

comadd @jungblackjack, I have to say the Mongolians at that period of time couldn't be considered as nice, angel-like people. I also watch lots of Chinese period drama, read a little history :) and from my understanding, the Mongolians at that time were skillfull, ruthless and also evil warriors who set out to conquer Asia. There's a saying that people would tremble with fear hearing the sound of horses as the Mongolians coming. So whichever Asian country or people that were brave enough to fight against Mongolians were considered great heroes.

MeMe @jungblackjack The disgusting part of the drama is rude and disrespectful fans of the show. It is a drama. The whole SN getting pregnant by WY is old news. Are we watching the same show because from what I see the writers favor TH. Please don't act like the Mongolians were saints and good people because they were not. I am not even Korean and I know that.

JungBlackjack @Kristine Can't agree with you more! Seungnyan's becoming pregnant and giving birth to WY's son is just most disgusting part of this drama..I really wish the script writer could pay some respect to Togon Tumur khan (Emperor Ta hwan) and other mongolian characters. I understand that it's just drama for Korean audience and the story is mostly fictional but honestly this drama is just portraying Mongolians as evil, ruthless, and the Emperor as a complete idiot and pathetic guy who can't do anything except falling for a korean girl and portraying Goryos as the as most amazing and flawless ppl...... Anyways despite displayed bit wrongly as an idiot, Emperor is making me love him so much haha! and also Tal Tal is attractive as hell haha. I'm just on ep 27 but Seungnyang is hating emperor too much.. it feels like she will never truly love Emperor :( Also a woman who even gave birth to kid can become emperor's consort disgusts me... I hope the emperor will soon know that kid is not his child

comadd @ads, I'm very surprised to know a 18-yrs-old like this drama. Thought it's just for ahjumma like me haha...

ads i really like this drama but it kinda scares me loool coming from an 18 year old

CICI I think it will be really interesting to see what Nyang does once she has a lot of power. Will she still remember why she wanted to go back to the palace(?)... or will the taste of great power override her revenge for Lady Pak & the others that died so she could escape. RE: WY and TH, Nyang doesn't know all the things lately that Wang Yoo has done to protect her and that he still loves her. She probably thinks he has abandoned her so it's easier to stay focused on her goal. Meanwhile, TH is still so weak and needy, and he does let her control him, which WY would never do. It's probably appealing to her ego and the way TH does everything he can do to show he loves her, plus has not given up on her. She's probably starting to love him now since it looks like he's all she has and she has a son with him. I agree with Davia, I hope the writer doesn't make her a power deviant too and who will she choose when she finds out that Wang Yoo's son is still alive?

MeMe @comadd Yes SN loves both WY & TH. She does have TH whipped though LOL. Yes they both have risk their lives for SN. I don't like how people are comparing WY's love & TH's love for SN. You can't measure love.

MeMe @Davia WY don't care about his wife. He never did. The only reason he married that chick because was a stepping stone in his revenge against ET. I am so ready to SN to become badass. I hope she is like Mishil from Queen SeonDeok. People wanted them to follow history. They are about get their wish. Empress Ki in history is so different from what is being portrayed on TV. Yes SN loves them both.

comadd The way I see, SN does love both men a lot but not at the same time. She loves WY first, then she loves TH later although of course, first love can never be erased in her mind especially when she has a child with him. I have to applaud SN for showing her love for both men very equally because they both love her so much in their own way. Let look at WY! He's strong, he's in control, he can be SN's protector. His love for SN is reflected by his strong personality. When's he thought SN died, he immediately turned his grief into a avenger mode, and he's willing to do anything including sleeping w the enemy. When SN was in danger of being killed, he threw himself in the battle to rescue her, didn't even care about his life or if she acknowledged his effort or not. He got jealous when she's with another man but he accepted her choice. Now, let look at TH. He's weak, he lets SN controls him, but he tries his best to protect SN. His love fo SN is also reflected by his weak personality. When he thought SN died, he turned into a mute and couldn't function anymore. When SN almost got killed, he used his body to shield her. He loves SN uncondition, even though he knows SN already had someone else, and he listens to her a d lets her control him. So both men love SN dearly in their own way and she rewardd both of them by give her heart and her body to one after another and give them both a son. Now, she reaches the turning point of her life that she wants to get power. Her priority now is not the love for WY or TH anymore, but the power she can get to take care of her 2 sons. So now, I can predict that she will use both of them, whoever is more valuable for her to quench her thrist of power

Davia At the end I meant that people have told me that people can be in love with more than one person.

Davia It would be really disappointing if Ki Seung-Nyang starts becoming a power hungry deviant. If that is going to be the case they should have written her differently from the start. Seeing her face insurmountable obstacles with a caring mentality for all the good people around her has been the best part of this show for me. So any serious deviation from this would be not only extremely disappointing but wouldn't make sense in the context of what we have seen about her character so far. From how the writer wrote it it seemed to me that she truly thought that Wang Yu didn't care about her anymore and Ta Hwan was being so loving and caring about her that she started having feelings for him. This happens in life all the time. It's very rare that I have met a person who has stayed true to their first love after that person has left them and married someone else. I think she still loves Wang Yu too. I always thought that one could only really be in love with one person at a time but some people have told me that no one can really be in love with more than one person.

CICI @JJAe.. I agree about Wang Yoo and Yeon Bi Soo. At first I wasn't sure about her character, but as the story went on, I am liking her more & more. I could even be happy if they ended up together. I just hope Wang Yoo ends up happy and not as heartbroken as he's been and he finds out he has a son. I also like Tal Tal a LOT. WY, YBS and Tal Tal have become my main reason for watching right now. I hope the writer offs the Empress and ET very soon..like, the next episode. Their constant evil is starting to bore me.. BUT the rest is still the BEST.

JJAe The historic version of queen of ambition! I just love Wang yoo and Yeon Bi-Soo even if they become enemies at the End.

fernand ki is getting drank to power

st OMGGG episode 37 was the fricken bestttt !!! but i'm so scared it'll go downhill for lady ki after this. hopefully queen dowager won't start accusing her of things in this drama. since i heard it isn't going according to the actual history.

sora1004 phantom: this have been an issue for along time ago and the writer has said clearly this drama is a fiction, so if you not watch the drama you will never know, have you ever see seung nyang betray her mother land? hate: lol what did you though about alien, a three hand creature? you state it by the Hollywood product.

hate wrong story wrong translation. he isn't El Timur, El Timur is someone other. i'm warching now only beyond the clouds. alien and ki woman isn't anymore interesting.

Anna Does anyone think i should watch this? I started watching it when it first aired but after 7 episodes i dropped it because through i love the storyline it was so confusing, I couldnt remember who was who and what was happening. Does it get less confusing as it goes? because Im hooked on su baek hyang and when i first started watching it, it was confusing but now it is super easy to know whats going on, I have pretty much every character memorized, so is this one like that?

claire I've just finished watching ep. 33 and I'm about to start watching ep. 34. Actually i'm afraid to watch it, because so far, all the episodes are VERY, VERY, VERY, GOOD, and i think I should take a break and prepare myself. all the casts are very good, but the most extraordinary about the drama is the storyline. you can always expect some surprises at every second of every episodes. No dull moment, very intense but sweet at the same time. One of the best saeguk drama ever, very very much different from Jewel in The Palace, Dong Yi, or The Moon That Embraces The Sun, although we all know those dramas are already very very GOOD drama.

CICI @yulia...Empress Ki is awesome!! I think it's the best drama to watch right now with so many good actors & actresses and an exciting, great story. At first glance it does look like a lot of episodes, but it is so good, by the time you catch up , I think you'll be craving the next episode like I am. I highly recommend it.

yulia is this good?i wanna watch it but it has so many episodes :(

MeMe @SN-TH RockNRules LMAO Really? I thought your last comment was your last one. I guess not. Your comment tells me you know nothing about the facts. I am laughing at you saying JJM fans are the ones ruining Empress KI. If that is what you want to believe then go ahead. Go to any forum about Empress Ki maybe excluding Soompi and see who gets criticized the most with malicious and disrespectful comments. Actually I like both couples and I like WY & TH. Just because I like them don't assume I am bias. If something is wrong I will say something regardless. Hmm...I am MeMe and only MeMe. I don't troll under other names. If other people are saying you need to grow up and be mature then that means people are agreeing with each other.

Dawn Woah! What can I say...I've been gone for a minute. I've caught up on all my episodes....the like of the working woman. Anyways, so I will just touch on episode 35, which is where I've stopped...hope this is not a spoiler moment for anybody out there whose network isn't up to ep. 35...but AHHHHHHH, THEY HAD A BABY!!!! (CONGRATS NYANG AND EMPEROR!!!)

I really loved how he was so attentive and worried about Nyang, that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen....not really, but close.

I do feel bad a bit for Wang Yu...I mean, can the writers send him home to at least look at the wife he married...that's who I really feel sorry for. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad for him, if he at least tried to get over Nyang....they had their moment and it wasn't meant to be. Of course, I understand why the writers have written the drama this way....Wang Yu says he's finished with Nyang, but he doesn't demonstrate that very well....he's hurt that he lost her. He's hurt that he has to watch her be with the Emperor in the end...but what's gonna kill both of them is when they find out that the child the Empress has been raising is the child Nyang lost when Yom and the imperial guards thought they killed her.

I feel for Wang Yu the most because it's his son, and at this point I don't really know how Nyang is going to be able to overcome this fact when the nun reveals the rest of the cliffhanger....what are Nyang's possible options. SIDENOTE: IT'S FUNNY HOW THEY AGED MAHA (NYANG'S LOST CHILD)...THAT CHILD LOOKS LIKE HE'S EVER BIT OF 2 YEARS OLD....NOT REALISTIC WRITERS...THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY BE STILL TRYING TO HANG ONTO THE THRONE???? SERIOUSLY!!!!

I do love the fact that El Temur is losing his mind...that curse that the Empress tried to put on Nyang, turned around and landed on her father....but it's not strong enough...he hasn't had a total meltdown...which is about to kill me.....anyways, I've enjoyed catching up on the show. I just wish it came on more often...but I'll take Monday and Tuesday for 15 more episodes...

Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the show and showing your support by encouraging the show (which is over) and the actors/actressess....FIGHTING ENTIRE CAST!!!!!

SN-TH_RocksnRules @MeMe, why you have the same expression as CICI, like the grow-up, act mature tone? If you're the same person trolling, you think you should be telling this to yourself to act mature and grow up. This is crazy, why do I get the feeling you're bias and siding against SN-TH fans? Have you been reading what I was saying here??? I asked for apology and these certain people just want to keep an on-going war. If you have been clearly supporting WY, I'm sorry to Joo Jin Moo, he's a good actor, but his fans are the biggest ruin of EK, spreading malicious comments and are disrespectful online.

MeMe @SN-TH RockNRules You talking about fangirling & warmonger? Hmm..reading your comments on here you have engaged in both. I do agree that fans of this show should be respectful to each other and the actors & actresses on this show. Blame the writers when stuff going wrong on the show. JCW/TH is doing fine and he does not get criticized that much. JJM/WY receives most of the criticism. If I break it down using 100%. I say JCW/TH receives 20% of the criticism. I say JJM/WY receives 80% of the criticism. Lets not talk about libel, defamation, and derogatory remarks. SMH. There have been comments from calling the writers racists to calling WY gay or Queen WY because the actor who plays him played gay in a movie. It is sad.

Fan shipping wars are brutal and can become very personal. People need to blame the writers for issues on Empress Ki

CICI @SN-TH......Keep your word and let your ridiculous, once again "false", insulting, "defamatory" CRAZY comments be your LAST...good riddance! So much for your fake apology...& for the LAST time, GROW UP!

I suggest if this TROLL does come back she is reported and removed so the rest of us can stop being distracted by her insane personal attacks.

MeMe What was going on here. I have been gone. I see little debate happened. @SN-TH RockNRules Why you leaving? If you can dish it out you should be able to take it. Act mature.

SN-TH_RocksnRules @guest,CICI, &all EK fans, Ok, this will be my last piece, it seems my intention hasnt come across. There's a fine line between fan-girling and being a warmonger - aggressive advocates of ones beliefs. If we fans of the same show were throwing each other w/ muds & dirts, do you think its a good way to be an ambassador or to attract more patrons for this drama when all we do is distress each other out than recognizing the strengths & opportunities of this drama? Constructive criticisms (weaknesses & threats) is fine and should be expressed in well-thought, but to be unfair, or give acute view is just the exact opposite of it, these are in same family of libel, defamation, derogatory remarks, and so on. That's just about it for me, if you think you're behaving beneficially, it's really up to you and your choice. Nice day ahead! Good luck to Empress Ki!

anon I don't know why that recent comments are hateful. I know none of the characters except for the main girl who starred in Secret Garden. Here, she plays a more active role: her character has been forced into many things but she always fights back against fate. No one can blame her for her choices. Besides, in dramas, when we have that nagging feeling that the main character should fight back somehow but they never do, it is different in here; she tries to fight her best and is true to how she wants to save her people, even if it is not in her own country.

CICI @SN-TH....... you apologized for your "earlier" misconduct which was a good thing but still continued to attack and "falsely" accuse in an even more ridiculous manner. After re-reading your comments, I agree with guest & Kayla. You really need to deal with the fact that not everyone has the same opinion about JCW as you do and has the right to say their own thoughts about "whoever" without you blowing them out of proportion time & time again.. and then go into name calling mode. How about living up to that apology?

guest @SN-TH RockNRuless, So you are saying that we have been behaving like animals all this while and you need to remind us to "compromise and act like humans and not animals". Have you gone potty? Bashing? Do comments like "not bad but not over the top, not fine" amount to bashing. Are you satisfied only if I echo what you said about him. If that is your expectation, youll be disappointed for that will not happen. As for character assassination, did I condemn him at a personal level by saying things like he is immoral etc. My comments are all about his works for goodness sake. Insult? who have been doing insulting stuff here and needed to be told off to grow up so many times. In fact, you've just downgraded us from being a cat to being an animal!. If this is not an insult then tell me what is.

CICI @SN-TH RocksnRules.....I wanted to add, I think it was "very cool" of you to apologize.  : )

CICI @SN-TH...FYI, I never said that JCW was an "idol"/singer. I was agreeing with Kate's comment about "pretty faced" actors over experienced, "great actors'. If the Emperor here was being played by an "idol"/singer/ wanna be actor, I'd be watching after the show ended, like I said before, ...but it's not the case here and I think as a whole EK is the BEST watch and deserves to be rated #1.

@phantom, aaaaaaa, & kkkkkk( obviously, the same person), I think you might want to read up on HISTORY if you never have and you will see that it is "filled" with people who have turned against their own country, so to use that as your reason to "dis" this drama (& the write)r is a moot point. Also, I've read where there are some historians right now that have concerns that the writer might show EK in a good light when "historical" records show her as not being righteous or loylal to Koryo at all (according to them). Either way, I continue to love the twists & turns of this drama. @cems, I think you might be hallucinating or not really watching THIS drama..& yeah, a drop from 1st to 2nd in one spot and all the rest are 1st place is huge..lol

cems this show has become ridiculous the leading girl is getting pregnant and having kids at the same episode hahaha and her sleeping with togon the ratings dropped people don't buy this shit i'm glad i stopped watching this crap!

alex i used to love this drama when it started but now the story is dragging badly, the writers are making seungnyang a bitch sleeping with both men and having kids with both they totally lost their way no creativity i got sick of the el temur clan and the childish emperor who can't man up already and keeps clinging on SN too bad this drama started well but oh well...

Kayla @Davia @SN-TH RockNRuless

Who overreacts? I think JCW is doing very good as TH. What I don't like is when TH fans complain about negativity but they do a lot of bashing themselves. I am not saying that other side does not do it but TH fans SMH. I am not trying to start something it just what I have observed reading comments about this show. I hate the shipping war because it ruining the fun of watching Empress Ki. I started lurking different places that people talk about this show a few weeks ago. It was sad to read comments from fans. I wish I had never started lurking. No I don't like either couple. I do like SN, TH, & WY but I am Team SN. I just hope people can become more mature. Kudos to all the actors & actresses on Empress Ki. They are all doing a very good job. Bravo.

phantom This show is totally rubbish. How can the script writers write a story about a woman who tried to invade her home country of Goryeo?

aaaaaaaaa This show is totally rubbish. How can the script writers write a story about a woman who tried to invade her home country of Goryeo?

kkkkkkk This show is totally rubbish. How can the script writers write a story about a woman who tried to invade her home country of Goryeo?

Davia Did I say that I thought that people shouldn't express their views or differences? I just wanted to address the nasty comments issue. I didn't want to embarrass anyone so I did not name the person my previous comment was aimed at. I have always liked to hear different opinions because for one I feel that we grow from doing that. But isn't there a difference between doing that and being down right mean spirited in the way one expresses oneself? I don't think there is anything wrong in saying one doesn't like how an actor is doing his job. That is our perogative. But is it okay to grind someone into the dirt? That is all I was saying. For instance JJM has a lot of depth in his portrayal of Wang Yoo but I do find his propensity for glowering feels somewhat stiff and gets tedious after many episodes. But he won best actor for this and obviously many love him in this role. So it's all a matter of taste right? We like some and some we don't. That's life. Let's just not be cruel about it. @Guest - Thank you for your reply. I agree with you there are many fantastic actors in the drama and it was not my intention to underestimate them with what I had written but I don't agree that any actor is replaceable and therefore not indispensable to a show. Maybe if we were sitting face to face we could discuss this more in depth. @SN-TH RocksnRules - Thank you for getting my drift. Cheers.

SN-TH_RocksnRules @guest,CICI,Kayla,et.al I think what Davia was trying to say is you guys seem to over-react negatively whenever anyone gives approval, admiration, compliments, or applauds JCW portrayal of TH -the Emperor. For correction, he's not an idol. The last time I've seen him is in Smile DongHae and this drama attracted me back because of not JCW the star, but the TH character as being portrayed. As a viewer, I cant help it, I could relate to his character and he portrays it impressively. I just think you're going overboard by saying you'd want JCW to leave the show. To be honest, he's the prime reason I got hooked on this drama. Then further along the road (w/ an enormous 50episodes) appreciated more the rest of the characters, plots and the production as a whole. As avid viewers of EK, let's just compromise and act like humans and not animals. Show your cards on the table, appreciate those you wanted to appreciate, discuss it rationally. Just no bashing, insults and character assassination, as you've said, each one has contributed to the success of this drama. I apologize ahead if I have misconducted earlier. Good day!

guest @Guest, It has never come to mind that doing a little analysis make me look bolder. No need to write back? Why cant we decide for ourselves? By the way, good to find out that there is another "Guest" in this thread.

CICI @ Davia, just because someone doesn't like HCW 's acting doesn't mean they are making nasty comments. He is only one actor here & his character is just part of the story. Empress Ki is in the # 1 & #2 slot because of "many" talented actors & actresses here not just your favorite "one" along with the writer, director, camera people, music etc. It's a "team" effort and it's been a great one. Do you not realize that other actors who are in this drama have fans too? In defense of HCW, his character is a dumb, sissy kind of guy, but he's supposed to be that way for the story. I do understand & agree with Kate's frustration though. I decided to not watch a drama if a so called "idol" singer/'type is in a lead role until the drama is done because too many times I've ended up quitting. I decided to watch this initially because of Ha Ji Won & JJM & I love historicals. I've continued to watch because of the many good actors including supporting ones ie: The Empress Dowager, Tal Tal and Bi Soo + others + a good story. etc. I've seen enough Kdramas now and the ones I thought were excellent & the best were mostly the ones that had "full time" gifted actors that have worked hard for "years" to get where they are instead of transitional/hyped ones with a big fan base from their "other" career. I also agree w/guest... I hope the writer doesn't get sidetracked with so much focus on the Emperor & ET since this IS supposed to be about Empress Ki. Just my opinion.

Guest Wowowow guys calm down, there just trying to express their feelings and putting their thoughts down here. No need to write back and debate about it... Its not a big deal anyways.. working someone up isnt going to make u look bolder

Kayla @Davia I usually don't comment on the show. I decided to comment because this bothers me. Yes I agree JCW is doing a good job as TH. Yes it maybe wrong to criticize him but it is nothing like the criticism JJM receives for playing WY. They criticize WY for his pure existence. Yes it comes mostly from these from fans of TH. They even use his movie from 2008 Frozen Flower which was a very good movie to go after him. Talk about his age which is funny because he is only 2 or 3 years older than HJW. They say only only older women like him which I beg to differ because I am not a older woman. I am just mature for my age. JJM/WY has received most of the criticism from fans of Empress Ki. This coming somebody who likes all 3 leads. I am not a fan of either couple.

guest @Davia, I don't agree that EK would not be the same without him. Yes, he portrayed his character well and that's it. There are so many good actors amongst the cast, including the supporting ones. Its really an insult to the remaining casts if we put it this way. All of them have been performing par excellence, some have been given more opportunity to show their craft while some given lesser time. The drama could just go on if he is exited from the show for one reason or another anytime. It just depends on how the writer and PD slant the plot and directing to accommodate the other characters. There is no such a thing as being indispensable or irreplaceable in any work situation. For this drama, its just that the writer and PD has given so much screen time and emphasis on this character TH and many a time at the expense of other characters. The drama is supposed to be about Empress Ki but the apparently there is a change of direction midway.

Davia When people make nasty comments they just really makes themselves look and bad no one else. JCW is just an incredible actor. This drama would not be the same without him. His character is very realistically portrayed with a lot of heart by the actor and that's what makes the character understandable and give depth to this drama.

Kate Ji Chang Wook fans are the ruin of Empress Ki. Fan girls are really blind, they see a pretty girly face and they go crazy and can't even see how bad of an actor he is. Not only he is a bad actor but even his character sucks but of course fan girls still praise him like a saint, this makes me upset, if things continue like this only pretty faces with no acting ability will do dramas it's really frustrating. The episodes that were focused on Ji Chang Wook had drop of ratings, thanks god korean people aren't blind yet. It's a fortune that there are such other great actors in Empress Ki that can carry the show. Fan Girls go to your idol thread and don't pollute here too with your absurd praise.

MeMe I am truly bothered that people are saying Byul/Maha is blocking SN & TH's happiness. This debate over Byul/Maha after Ayu's birth makes me feel some type way about some viewers of this show. It is sad. SMH

fubukito Baek Jin Hee <3 Ji Chang Wook

SN-TH_RocksnRules @Davia, if I may, it's not that the horses are rare in that area, it's probably the skills of the actors in riding a horse that is a constraint. If one doesnt have a skill to ride a horse, it would be dangerous and more liabilities for the production team. Also, I believe horse riding skill is an expensive skill and hobby; just imagine how much it'll cost one to hire a horse, a training field or better yet buy a horse to develop a better riding skills; definitely it's not for everybody.

WY&SYLOVE You guys wait until you watch ep 34 y'all are going to flip. i am so shock i don't know what to feel, she finally have some pity sex with the emperor and in the same ep she is now pregnant. yes you read right PREGNANT i am still convince that WY & SY will end up together, i just can't wait to see how the writers are going to spin this around, SY having children for two different men . it is so stupid right now this whole thing with the first born still alive and the second one coming up. i really don't know what they are thinking. i mean she shouldn't have the first one if she was going to have a second one for the Emperor. im starting to think that the writers are portraying SY's character very badly right as a woman i feel like they are degrading her it's starting to discuss me. and i apologize in advance if my comment offend TH's fan, i dont mean anything bad, i am just stating my honest opinion. i cant wait to see the next dagger they will use to stab WY's heart with, really he is the most pitiful character in the show still love him to death though, My dearest King and the love of my dreams im starting to think that the writers did you a favor taking you away from this mess because what im saw today is UGLY.

Davia @MeMe - but you're right maybe she feels too guilty to be happy with the king after they died for her. Apart from all this I found it annoying that she didn't just jump on her horse in episode 33 when she was being chased. It was standing just a few feet away from her and she is experienced enough in combat to know what to do in an emergency. Also the fact that none of the Emperors guards have horses is just weird. I notice that in most of the Korean dramas the soldiers and guards are on foot. Where horses rare in that area? With all the gold they have all gold they have one would think to buy some horses for better defense wouldn't be that hard otherwise.

Davia @MeMe - Thank you for your response. Even the word " his story" tells it all. It's kind of annoying and sad that we don't know the truth actually. What you wrote about Nyang's reason for revenge was very sensitive and insightful. I do think though that she could have gone to be with the King and still killed them with the skills that she has. She definitely wants power and to rub their noses in it not just to kill them. I think being treated the way she has been since her mother was killed obviously has a lot to do with it. But in the end no matter how our lives have been we still make our own choices in how we decide to act on them.

KHEN Ha Ji-Won is a brilliant actress...you're doing great in empress ki...you're my favorite korean actress....

samanta hi ji chang wook and joo jin mo and actress ha ji wan wanderful cast empress ki

samanta hi ji chang wook i love you se much your best actor korean and joo jin mo and actress ha ji wan si wanderful series empress ki

guest SN-TH_RocksnRules, I suspect you are the one who have come under a different name. Well, to quote your words, for all I care. I totally agree with CICI. At least we confine ourselves in talking only about JCW's performance. If you think he is good, carry on with you views. If I think that he is just passable, why cant I say my piece and continue to do so. By the way, what is so offensive about what I've said about him. To be exact: Ive said he is not fine, he is not bad but not over the top. Since you are so upset reading this and anything that are contrary to what you like, skip this open thread. Go to his site where you can praise him no end and where you wouldn't get to read comments that cause you so much pain.

You've said you cant stand somebody's rudeness and that we started the offence. Check yourself. At least we didn't use names to insult him, call him or you a "cat" as you did to those who don't agree with you.

CICI @SN_TH...are you nuts? I don't need to know guest to agree with him/her. I read below and saw you were just as rude to that person as you were to me when I said early on I liked the King & Nyang together better. Now, you're back at it again and just because I said I have found JCW's acting sometimes not as strong as other actors in a few scenes & he seemed a bit boring BUT it may be at the direction of the director.. that constitutes a "personal vendetta against the actor?? You just proved again what I said to guest is the truth & how dare you falsely accuse me of having wrongful intentions behind my opinions. Get some mental help. How many times do different people here have to tell you to "GROW UP?"

SN-TH_RocksnRules @CICI, I dont know what is your relationship w/ guest. You could probably be the same person for all I care. I'm not so sure as well the experience you are talking about. But it's very clear as the sun, you're not here for good talks about Empress Ki, but out for personal vendetta on JCW's performance as TH. If his fans and supporters praise him, why the need to be negative about it like he's done you wrong, why dont you just praise the actors you support w/o the need to downplay on someone else. You started this offense and I cant stand your rudeness.

CICI @guest.. I had the same experience w/ SN-TH_RocksnRules. For whatever reason, it seems, there are some who just don't want to allow another's point of view and get rude or worse if they see one...so. I'm glad you spoke up too. Re: JCW, I have to admit sometimes I've thought him a little boring compared to other actors here but I don't know if that's how the director wants it or not. So many others make up for it, I focus on who he's with. I've never seen Joo Jin Mo act before, but he's been my favorite so far and Jin Lee Han is fascinating to watch. I could care less about his clothes. The guy's got talent and looks galore. @Davia, I'm also surprised that TH's mother didn't try to make him grow up strong instead of having to show stupidity and cowardice too, because as you say, she is depicted as such a strong and confident woman. At least he should've known how to read & she seems like she could've found a way. Guess we'll never know. I'm hoping he continues to get more manly but it has to be done so it doesn't look un-believable now. It will be interesting how the writer does this.

MeMe @Davia Exactly... That is what I have been saying. History is not always accurate but many fans of this show have been whining about the writers not following history. How they want the writers to follow the history of Empress Ki. That is why I said be careful what you wish for because you might not like what you see. I agree the drama is interesting. To your point about SN being more interested in her revenge than love for WY. SN's heart is dark right now because she lost her friend, the woman who like a second mother to her, and she thinks her baby is dead. In SN's mind she feels she has to do something to stop ET to avenge their deaths. She realized that she needed power to that. To her that meant becoming TH's concubine and so she buried her love for WY so she could do just that. I don't think SN would have felt right choosing to be with WY after seeing those people die because they were trying to help her. She feels a sense of obligation to them to make sure they did not die in vain and that meant choosing revenge over WY. Also WY did get married but it was to avenge SN because he thought she was dead.

Davia Watching such a strong and fearless, and yet good hearted woman, is I think more than anything what makes this drama so exciting. I hope that she doesn't become power hungry in a bad way. History as we know is not always accurate. It's interesting though that her need for revenge was more important to her than her love for the king. But she was drawn unconsciously back to the very place that her child is. I think that the writers could have written the scenes, showing Ta Hwan making the decisions to be more courageous, a bit better in order to fully feel the character's transition. I for one can understand how a young boy who saw his father being murdered and grew up all his life having to act stupid so that he wouldn't be killed would in fact have a very hard time coming into his own. It would be unrealistic for someone with his up bringing to be different. Except for the time he spent in Goryeo he never had any other influence in his life. I am surprised though that his mother didn't teach him better as she is depicted as a strong woman.

guest SN-TH_RocksnRules Don't be childish and rude. What do you mean by "acts like a cat". Are you resorting to another name-calling session under the cover of anonymity. Am I not entitled to an assessment. You say JCW is fine, that is your view. I'm saying he is not fine. I have to fast forward many of his scenes and this is my view. Also, enjoy the show without going overboard over an actor and react so rudely over a simple comment. He doesn't even know of your existence. Grow up please.

MeMe I can't stand immature and childish people. It is hard to enjoy a show like Empress Ki with all this immature and childish antics. Grow up people. You people (immature and childish ones) are hurting the show. People want the writers to follow the history. Be careful what you wish for because the Empress Ki in history was not so nice and power hungry. She basically made power plays against Toghon Temur( TH) to make her son the crown prince.

SN-TH_RocksnRules @guest, meeehehe, talk to your hands! What's your problem that you have to look down at JCW's performance. Cant you just enjoy EK w/o having the need to degrade a very fine actor? Your strategy is just like ElTemur, a tiger who acts like a cat.

Francis I watched the first 5 episode and I really love it..good job..ji Chang wook

guest Sorry JCW fans, I for one is not at all impressed by his acting. Its not bad but its not over the top. Nothing to crow about as the side casts are comparable to his level.

R.Simpson @Dawn

Thank you for that post. I actually laughed out loud for real. That was great and you brought out some important points such as Tal Tal needs a fresh outfit. LOL.

I really love this drama!

Tahmineh I like this drama so much and i believe among 2013 and 2014 korean drama this drama will be the best with amazing writing with great artists. But I hope it's story being real according to yuan dynasty without bolding of Wang yu. I like every it's episodes with great castings especially SN and Emperor. Exactly Ji Chang Wook is excellent and lovely so I like him so much because of his intelligent acting. Ji Chang Wook go forward bravely.

ella I watch this Drama because of Ji Chang Wook... Love U Oppa :)

AnnGie I want to say first love Empress Ki every episode leaves you on edge and wanting more. Now I must say when will the good people of the drama ever win. I mean it is only 50 episodes and they are on episode what 33 and they are still dealing with the bad person. I am trying not to say to much for the people who have not watched this awesome drama watch it bye the way if you have not. Now, I mean it seems the bad guys are always coming out on top here I just hope it wont stretch until the last couple of episodes that the good guys win. I want to see some bonding and healing episodes. I mean if the drama is following the line of history the ending the doesn't look good for Lady Ki and the Emperor anyway so give us some good episodes before then. I am just tired of the nasty old man and his followers. We Have dealt with them for about 75% of the drama. I think it's time to clean house and focus on the mixed up love triangle here. According to history we know she is going to have a son bye the emperor and of course the show is called Empress Ki so we know she becomes empress. I love the drama one of my fav so far of 2014, but that nasty old man and the current empress and her followers has got too go. They have plotted and bullied for more than half of the drama. So lets end their nastiness and move on to a new enemy already. Fighting Empress Ki!

secret28 Wow it ends on my birthday...any ways im a fan of ha ji won and she's always a great actress...haven't watched it so....I'll watch it right now or maybe tomorrow hehehe ^_^

CICI I love watching "Empress Ki" and anxiously look forward to each episode. IMO, this is is the BEST drama to watch right now. I love all the characters and I'm hoping the, current but hopefully soon to be short-lived Empress, turns into a popsicle..lol ..Poor King is so heartbroken but he knows he must be a King first and save his people. I love Joo Jin-mo's acting so much, actually everyone is doing wonderful acting here. Keep it going and it totally deserves to be #1.

Kailani vvvv - awesome comment below!!

Dawn Hello fellow commentors....so I had to take a break, but I've caught myself up on my Empress Ki drama....and I have to say, that I'm all giddy that Nyang knocked the Empress off her block...but that's not enough, so I hope she doesn't get to comfortable....I loved the shared hug between Nyang and the Emperor, such a compassionate moment. These two are really fighting their little hearts out...but Emperor imma need to you be tougher than you are. I was so disappointed, as I'm sure a lot of the viewers where when the Emperor abidicated the throne...I was like really fool, after all Nyang has done to help you....(MESSAGE TO THE KIDS...THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T LEARN YOUR ABC'S AND 123'S!!!). However, I understand, either sign the document or be killed on the spot...El Temur is a gangsta about his....he's survived 9 Emperors over 30 years...why, can someone please tell me why no one has poisoned his soup!!! Seeing as how poisoning folks around the palace is a surefire way of offing someone.

That day he was alone in the palace with the Emperor would have been the perfect time for someone to running up on him after or while he was talking mess to the Emperor and cut his ass....just saying. There have been too many opportunities to kill this dude...but it seems everyone is to weak when the moment presents itself. If it was me, and maybe it's just me...but the next ones I'd get rid of since the daughter is gone, is that son....Tangishi (or something like that) and his sidekick...I mean he is a bit too jealous of everyone and everything around him. They should have pulled a double wammy, while they were taking down El Temars daughter they should have been taking down his son at the same time. You have to cause total chaos, it both were being messed with at the same time, it would have thrown El Temar for a loop because though he is a tyrant he seems to care about his kids...

Like being in a fight, once you've got the person on the ground, you don't let up, you just keep at them until you see and feel the body give up (I'm not saying kill the person...in real life) but for the purposes of this drama, yes I'm saying death.

Also, while I'm sad along with those who are said about the King and Nyang, I'm sure we all understand why she did what she did....but can anybody tell me why the person playing the role of the King looks so bad now...I mean his color is all off, and his lips look a bit dry. Joo Jin-Mo, if you don't laydown and take a nap, you look like you getting to thin in the face (could it be you're preparing for another movie/drama role??? In which case, it would be nice if you played like a serial killer...you've got the face for it. Something about you're body language says, i'm made for a good serial killing role!!!)

And before I go, can anyone tell me why Tal Tal (the one with the reddish hair always in the black army outfit...Bayan's sidekick) has not changed outfits the entire drama...if it was real life, them cloths would be funky as hell!! Seriously costume director/director/script writer...we are 31 episodes in and no one figured that Tal Tal needed to change his damn clothes. Does he sleep in them clothes...for real now, everyone has changed clothes on this drama...down to the beggars on the street, but Tal Tal rises and falls in that same black outfit....Tal Tal (Jin Lee-Han you really should be upset!!!)

That's all I've got, I will be back when I have other comments....again shout out to the entire cast, you're doing a lovely job. This drama is the best!!!

tp This is such a well rounded written drama performed by all amazing actors. It's worth to watch every single episode. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Thank you for all your hard work!

T2 Team SN and WY all the way!!! LOL. I love the show. Don't want it to end so soon.

Casey Its been such a long time since i have been so drawn to a story. The last time I felt like this was when I was watching the big shows for the first time, like Secret Garden and You're Beautiful. The script is beautifully written. All of the characters are very dynamic. It's weird being drawn so much to a show, I am not used to the feeling of waiting in agony for the next week to watch another episode. Before this show, I had completely forgotten that feeling. I recommend this show to anyone! At least watch 3 episodes before giving it up :) Usually I don't write reviews, but this show is just too good :)

Ange I love both guys but I'm totally shipping SN with TH because of recent scenes. I love the way with each episode my mind changes! I do hope that the show will stay with history and that SN will truly fall in love with TH instead of him always chasing her. It's sort of annoying.

MeMe Loving Empress Ki. I can only hope that some fans of this show can learn to be mature instead of being childish. Other than that, Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Empress Ki.

MeMe @fishunderwater Exactly, Empress Ki and Game of Thrones is nothing alike.

seeme I read the reviews and see the ratings, why can't I get into this show been stuck on ep 19 forever....tried skipping a little but I just get bored. Really hope I can get back into it.

fishunderwater I just read I comment comparing game of thrones and empress ki....hey dont compare it's not the same by far.

chocoo~~~ am I the only one going forget Wang and love Emperor already? lul

Lee So people do have difference stories just by watching one show and being difference is not a wrong thing. In my view, every character have a flaw, wang yoo use el temur's niece to revenge seung nyang's dead (and now he look like a cruel slaughter man, losing your love do change the way you view the world), the unwilling to grow Ta Hwan (he have a power but do not have a courage), seung nyang use emperor to revenge the koryo's maid, given up his love to wang yoo (she's the lucky woman who get all man attention, but i understand why man high over heels for her especially if the woman is ha ji won). But all that flaw is something that make the story more interesting. It will sound flat if the story only a love story between Wang Yoo - Seung Nyang - Ta Hwan, nobody want to see two perfect king fight over a girl and ruin they throne for 50 episodes (it's like watching 50 episodes of twilight). And This drama have a lot of superb supporting character and team, i do feel the director effort to make this everlasting drama and jang-jung is my fav writer since history of salary man. Keep up the good work.

CICI @Dawn.. I'm also sorry for your loss. I lost my dad a few yrs. back too and it's still painfully raw. I did not lose my voice though, so what does that mean? I didn't love him as much as someone else? I 'm not going to judge anyone especially a character in a drama about such a heartbreaking ordeal cuz I know what it's like too and grief is such an individual experience for everyone.

CICI @SN-THRocksnRules...are you so blind (and biased) that you only see what you want to see when you read others' comments & opinions that may differ from your own? Are you here just to insult people and hurl the "hate " word? In my last post, why don't you just READ the last sentence of my paragraph. GROW UP!

guest SN-TH_RocksnRules : your conclusion that "so you must have been hating this drama a lot, because there's more interactions and lovely scenes between SN&TH." is really strange. Ive gone through my comments and am at a loss as to when I gave this impression that I HATE this drama. Its really weird. All I can see were my response to the criteria set for signs of true love. Does this constitute hate? Isnt there also other ways to show that one cares a lot. Anyway, this is only a drama. I don't think I would go into hate mode over something fictitious. The comments are just views on how the characters interact, Nothing more and nothing less. SN/TH characters can continue with their fantasies right to the last episode. Its no big deal.

MeMe @Dawn Yes both WY & TH have been immature and have an arrogance about them. Both of them. WY has grown up but I need TH to grow up as well. I hope he grows up soon but from the first episode it seems he will still be a little childish when he marries SN. I don't like that. It is time for the baby emperor to become the Emperor. Sorry I can only tolerate being immature for so long. Sorry to hear about your real life moment. I know it is hard to lose somebody you love dearly.

SN-TH_RocksnRules @CiCI &Guest et al WY-ship, so you must have been hating this drama a lot, because there's more interactions and lovely scenes between SN&TH. Maybe you'd have me convince a little of SN&WY love, if they have been interacting more and not just w/ that sacrilegious one-night and memorial love daydreaming of each other kinds. Come to think of it, it wont make sense either on SN's journey to becoming Empress Ki if she spends more time w/ WY in Goryeo. Oh, that's the writer's dilemma. But truthfully, SN&TH interactions & ingenious scenes are primarily the reason I'm hooked-up. Why is SN so hard-to-get? Watch-out SN, I'll snatch that Emperor!

Dawn @Everyone, yes we are watching the same drama, and the Emperor was not faking...after Nyang came back and he regained his speak, then it was faking so as not to deal with El Temur and his daughter. And yes, I'll accept that we all grieve in different ways but when you are really heartbroked you grieve should be reflective of it...who among us has not had that 1st love that didn't last for whatever reason...if you were sincerely invested in the relationship then your heart was not eased so fast....(real life moment here...my dad died and it's been 3 yrs my mom still isn't over him...she's still grieving over his passing. it hurts me to watch her...it's like watching the Emperor) I guess that why I felt it was more geniune with him that Wang Yu. (real life moment...when I lost my husband...I nearly lost my mind...it's been 7 yrs and there are days when I'm still not over and fall into a depression)....that's why I can feel in this drama the Emperor feels more for her than Wang Yu.

I apologize for having to you real life moment, but I hope it helps others understand me....but I will acknowledge that we all grieve differently...some harder than others. I believe that's reflective of this drama....the Emperor grieved his way and Wang Yu grieved his way for the same woman.

I'll even admit that the Emperor is childish in his behavior, but you've all got to admit that Wang Yu is childish also...don't know which episode it was but when the Emperor but on the puppet like show for Nyang and Wang Yu saw the Emperor holding onto Nyang's hand...he displayed a bit of childishness and jealous behavior too....so both of them are equal. The Emperors only fault is that he wasn't raised to be a warrior, and therefore has a handicap over Wang Yu but Wang Yu started out the same way...it was only after the harsh reality of losing his throne did he grow up.

As always, it's good to read everyones comments. I hope we can respond to each other without being mean spirited afterall it's just a drama, and when it ends we will all find another drama and/or go about our daily lives. Until then, I will respect everyone here and their opinions and hope you will all do the same....

To the entire cast, again keep doing a fantastic job...I love each of your characters and the way you are portraying them.....good luck and keep fighting until the end. I will be back to comment as the show progresses.

CiCI forgot to say..I agree with MeMe too.

CiCI I agree with Guest. @Dawn...SN does not love the Emperor. She only got into the palace and wanted to be a concubine to take revenge for Lady Park and all the Koryo maids that were murdered to save her. When I watched WY's reaction to hearing of her death, I could feel his pain just by seeing his face. Didn't you see the scene where he was screaming too? Also, (I don't think this is a spoiler now) last ep, it showed that the Emperor faked his being mute and was pretending he lost his mind so he didn't have to deal with the Empress and her father. So all that intense grieving you are talking about was "fake" ..lol I still hope somehow SN ends up with WY because no matter how much the Emperor says he loves her, he still comes off as a wimpering, selfish man/child.And...WHY doesn't this man know how to read?? His being good looking isn't enough for me ATT. Whatever happens, I continue to I love, love, love this drama!!!

SN-TH_RocksnRules I'd pay 10,000 gold coins if SN ends-up w/ TH. Bidders anyone? Bi-soo &fake bidders not allowed ok. Haha!Just kidding. I think if SN ends-up w/ WY, MBC wont have the face to market this drama in China,Mongolia or they'd probably have that part editted and cut. Hope TV stations in my country gets SN&TH happily-ever-after.

guest @Dawn, this is something new to me. Must one "lost your ability to speak, could you have not starved a little bit, lost his mind" to show that one is deeply in love. Must one dart from one end of the palace, be high strung, jumpy to show that one is pining for a loved one. If these are the criteria for true love, then there must be many fake lovers in this world. By the way, some of the best scenes were screened when the casts were in Goryeo, the first few episodes.

guest @Dawn its really something new to me. Must one" lost the ability to speak, to starve a little bit" to show that he is deeply in love? Must one dart from one end of the palace to another end, to be jumpy, to lost his mind in order to show that one is sad and pining for some he loves? Then there must be many fake lovers in this world. Many of the best scenes were in fact outside the palace. What drew people to look into the drama right from the start were the first few episodes where they were all in Goryeo.

MeMe @Dawn People grieve in there on way. Everybody does not grieve the same. Some become depressed. Some want Revenge. Both WY & TH grief over SN was sad. It showed me that they both truly loved SN. WY getting married was nothing more then stepping stone in his revenge plot against ET. Are we even watching the same show because from what I saw WY was grieving over SN. He is still grieving over her. Just cause he did not become a mute or get sick like TH does not mean he did not grieve over her. It sad that as up until episode 27 WY still thought SN was dead. He even had memorial tablet for her. My point is both WY & TH suffered from SN's 'death'.

T2 By far, this drama has been captivating. I am a big fan. I have read most of the comments on here so here goes my two cents. Despite knowing how the story ends and also reading a little bit about the history that this drama is based on, i still love the romance between WY and SN. Perhaps, maybe an alternate ending after she marries the emperor and right what was wrong, when she disappears as history has it ... She can finally return to koryo to be with WY. Haven't not seen epi 27, i am reading spoilers that she may be with child from the emperor. Although my heart is broken by that but if it must occur for the good of the greater master plan than so be it. But i am still wishfully thinking and hoping that WY and SN end up together at the very end with their son.

Dawn Alright, so this weekend I somehow caught up to where most of you commenters are. I am so in love with this drama....I hate that she lost her child...I cried for her. Nyang, must have built a country, burned it down, repented and re-built it because this poor child is going through. I don't know about you all, but I really ship her with the Emperor. Don't get me wrong The King is a cool dude too but in the end all day long it's Nyang and the Emperor. The way the Emperor, lost his mind and his speech because this girl was gone presumed dead...that is real love...what did the King do....cried and poured out some liquor.

I understand Nyang, to learn that you went through a rough childbirth ALONG in a damn cave, get show with a bows arrow by some palace thugs and lose your child all on the same day...and all the King can do is marry someone in the Yuan family line to avenge you...really!!!! Could you not have suffered a bit King, could you not have lost your ability to speak, could you have not starved a little bit....I mean dang. The Emperor seems to love Nyang more than him...just saying!

Anyways, I'm glad that Nyang has found her way back into the palace....I can feel that she is gonna get her revenge with or without the Emperor. Hell at this point I don't think she even needs the Emperor. She gonna do it all on her own...can't wait to see the part where she ends up married to the Emperor....does anyone think that's gonna happen...the current Empress is gonna be tossed out on her backside or killed along with her family/clan...and Nyang is gonna take the throne. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I feel like this is gonna be the ending....oh I can't wait.

Besides all the twist and turns, the heartbreak...I love the entire cast, the evil ones and of course those playing the good ones. I hope this makes it to DVD because I'm buying!!! I'm a collector....until then everyone keep watching and I'll be back with more comments.

Guny Game of thrones could learn a thing a two just saying . This is how you fight for the throne

Gunn Game of thrones could learn a thing a two just saying . This is how you fight for the throne

Gunn Episode 21 had me crumbling on my knees that bath tub scene was more romantic than the first kiss Nyang had with wang you

MeMe Loving SN!!!! Tana better watch out. LOL. Let the war begin... Game On.

Dawn I think you all might be ahead of me...because I haven't seen the pregnancy episode yet....I'm only up to episode 17, well it'll be 18 on Monday.....I wish I could comment along with you all but I will have to pause my activity on this page in order not to see any other spoilers....but I wish you all an enjoyable time commenting....

JOYCE I have to say this drama is excellent. I was a bit skeptical when stating because most korean traditional drama isn't as good as some mainland chinese one with a few exception. But Empress Ki is just amazing. The story plot is good, but the actor and actress are superb for their acting skill. The tension, crying and fun moments were all done so well. The costume and setting is really pretty too. Too bad the ship i'm shipping isn't going to end up well :C but its okay, the drama is too awesome for me not to watch.

I hope the rating will keep going up, and the 10 episode extension will come.

sora i love cici's line "I'm really wanting the Empress dragged out of the palace by her hair" Lol the battle between Seung Nyang and Tanasili is amusing ^__^ women in the palace is seriously as scary as the soldier hehe...i think the pregnancy is an importance scene, just imagine the son of Georyo will become the heirs of yuan make me giggling.

anieunni i love this drama...:) better than the prime minister and i..

CICI I agree with guest. I'm enjoying many actors in this historical drama and many I have watched before from other kdramas. So many talented people are in this.. Although I have my preference on how I'd like things to go, I'm just sitting back and seeing where the writers want to take me. I think they are doing fantastic writing. WTS, I'm really wanting the Empress dragged out of the palace by her hair though..hehe

stranger agree with Renesmee . I don 't like the stupid story that SN was pregnant with the King , non sense !

I like the romance between Emperor and SN .

Davia I love the pregnancy storyline. It facilitates the development of the storyline. I also love that the smug Empress thinks she's getting away with something but that she is in fact raising her enemies child. I was surprised that the consorts don't need to be virgins though. I agree that all the actors in this drama are exceptional and so immensely enjoyable to watch!!! This drama is so good that it has spoiled me and now I am finding it hard to find anything else that is current as good as this. Loved the final stare that Nyang gave the Empress at the end of #26. Ha Ji Won is mesmerizing in this. Love that Emperor Tahwan is a pacifist and is against blood shed. I have never seen a part played the way Ji Chang Wook is acting this. So exceptional. Can 't help but love his character, flaws and all.

Dawn I love this drama.....it's a shame that it only comes on Monday and Tuesday. I wish it ran 5 days a week and had more than 50 episodes. I love the entire cast...the evil ones and especially the good ones. I totally ship the King and Nyang, the Emperor and Nyang, just all of them.

I hope this drama will move into the number one slot in ratings until drama ends....


MeMe @Cutedod Hmm... Wang Yoo is not over SN. He thinks SN is dead. He only married into ET's family to avenge her 'death'.

MeMe @guest Exactly, there is no point in getting all worked up over what we can not control. Calling the writers racists is just wrong. The shipping war is getting annoying. Yes all the actors and actresses are doing a very good job.

guest @meme, I am not interested in shipping war. I'm watching dramas for the story line. Everyone has his favourite character. Off course I have mine too. But rather then focus only on the favourites, I would try to appreciate the overall casts. Support actors like Lee Moon Shik, Kwong oh joong, Lee Won Jong are doing a good job too, but are often overlooked, forgotten and rarely mentioned. While we are upset at how the story goes, it is obvious that there are plenty of political manoeuvres behind the scenes. Who get more screen time, meaty scenes might not be soley in the hands of the writer. Other agencies who have some measure of influence do interfere on how things turn out. Characters which should exit from the drama in the earlier episodes are re-written to stay on longer while others who are supposed to be the focus are sidelined. Hence, no point quarrelling over something we have no control.

Cutedod The King got over Nyang real fast......

R Simpson Out of all the Korean dramas this is probably my favorite after Queen Sundeok. Ha Ji-Won is such a FABULOUS actress. Korea has some of the finest actors in the world. I could stand a little less crying and torture but great performances. I am really loving that she will be with the Emperor from here on. Both relationships were interesting but Nyang and the Emperor is the best one. Tal Tal is growing on me but hope he does not fall in love with Nyang. She has enough on her plate. I will be very happy when El Temur and the lunatic Empress are out. I have a feeling that their parts are being stretched out more than planned. Also that Queen mother is a bit power hungry too. Won't miss her that much. Well I thought I would say how I really appreciate the series. Keep up the quality!

bagul this drama is becoming awful..im lossing my interest in watching this drama...its quite lousy especially episode 22-23..it was made fast paced and so unreal..."a deep sigh"....i hope it will become interesting on the later part...pls. im expected so much from the director and the writer..pls make it better...thank you

Renesmee All actors are great. No overriding of characters, the scene was evenly distributed to everyone ( to all actors) to showcase their personality and skills. I loved the colorful Hanboks of the Emperor, its suits him well. I loved also the character of Empero Huizong... I love the way he cares for Seungnyang. Reading the history of true Empress Qi made my heart broken especially when I learned that Huizong grew apart from Seungnyang when he learned about the intentions of Seungyang of passing the throne to his son.. I wish I live in Korea so I don't need to wait many days before I 'll be able to watch the next episode. And I wish to see Ha ji won and Ji Chang wook in person.. Hope they will come here in the Phils.. Ji Chang wook showcased his great acting skills too in episode 23. 2 thumbs up!!!!

dddddd great ensemble cast, i loved the plot until that stupid pregnancy cause every thing went crazy from then on, but i want to say that tal tal is so HOT, he caught my eyes in the beginning and i wish he would do well in the future, but then again i really like the other chinese characters like baek an and dan ki se..

MeMe @Guest I agree with everything you said. That is shipping war for you.

Domino @Langit I agree w/you that Jin Lee-Han's character in Empress Ki is the 2nd most attractive character. Jin Lee- Han is not only handsome but has great charisma and talent as well. I also agree that this whole cast is excellent and although the lead actors & actress are the focus, the supporting cast is doing their share to make this a #1 drama. I count the days till the next ep.. My only complaint is that I think the supporting actors' pictures should be put up here also. Their characters add a lot to this drama and I think people should be able to see who these actors are. They deserve some credit too.

guest @Jiwonnie, agree with you that all the cast of EK are fantastic including the supporting ones. Unfortunately, some on this site thinks that there is only one good actor and the rest (at least over 30 other casts) are minnows. Some even become vulgar and started name-calling eg SN is a biatch!!, SN's son is a bastard!! and so on just because of the scene she had with WY. Its really embarrassed to repeat what was said here. Goodness me, its ok to idolize but its another thing to show such bad manners.

Langit After Joo jin mo's characther, i think the most attractive man in this drama is jin lee han, tal tal is so cool (cold, smart and beautiful man >/////<). Thank you god he doesn't head over heels to seung nyang LOL. Well, it's only my opinion, other women can have difference taste. I'm feeling sorry to wang yoo and seung nyang, fate is cruel sometimes (or should i say the writers is cruel, but i love the writers ^_<). now all ji chang wook fans can yell "mansae!" :P After jewel in the palace i think this is my favorite saeguk drama. i use to hate long episode drama.

Jiwonnie This sageuk is so amazing...i reaaaaally looooove it soooo muuuuuch...i am shipping to all the casts of EK...all of them are really good actors, i watch this because of jiwonnie seung nyang..for me she is the best actress in south korea...EK Fighting!

Domino Joo Jin-Mo's acting in Empress Ki is so amazing, esp. ep. 23. To see such a handsome, manly man show such emotion & cry the way he did over Seung-Nyang was heartbreaking. What a performance! I'm really glad he won an award for this because the more I watch it, he surely deserved it. The story keeps getting better and better too.

MeMe @Dawn Empress Ki is really good.

Dawn Hello@Everyone...I'm new to this drama, I've been DVR'ing it...so I'm doing my best to catch up to where you all might be. Please look forward to my comments, as I've been browsing and read a few posted here.

I've seen a few episodes so far, and I have to say it has my attention...the cast seem very beautiful and well fitted for the roles they are portraying. The scenery/background/location of shooting is also realistic....I think I'm going to love this drama.

Again, I hope to become comment buddies w/all of those who are also into this drama in a good way....I will be back when I've watched a few more episodes and can lend a really good comment....until then.

vina it is a really really nice drama.. so exciting :) , i really love it! <3 hope i can watch the full episode in english sub. thanks more power ^_^

Davia So exciting! This really is the best drama that was aired last year. And maybe it will be the best this year too. I know I keep repeating myself but I am in such appreciation of this that I keep having to come here and express it. lol

WY&SYLOVE Racist is a pretty strong word. I really don't think that the Emperor is a good enough character for her, He still has a lot of growing up to do. SY tackle things head on but he curls up into a big ball of fear when things gets too hard for him, i wish they portrayed him better, because I really don't see him as a competion against WY that's the problem i have. Yes he is cute and loving and sweet but WY is also all of those things and more. when you're done having fun, at the end of the day you got to get your head straight and get to back to being serious. he is just a healthy distraction for SY but he is not a man she can rely on for the rest of her life.

Langit well, Jang Young-Cheol & Jung Kyung-Soon win the best screenplay, that's showing how great they are. if one person doubt it, i bet it do not concern to them, as long as alot of fans still supporting them.

guest @Kristine, As @Domino has said, its the writer's right to decide on the script. Don't need to threaten that you go watch a competitor. Go ahead and drop out and head for a one-man show drama, a drama which has only one character portrayed by your fav from first to last episode..

ian lol @kistine it's not like the ratings of EK will change after you stop watching and start watching the competitor ..

go get yourself something to do rather than posting things like this one here ..

guest This drama is made up of quite a huge cast and will definitely feature all the characters at one point or another. All of them are important. If we are concerned with only one of them and want that character to be portrayed the way we want it to and treat others as insignificant, then its just too bad. There are plenty of alternatives from which we can choose to suit our taste. Nobody is really forcing anyone to continue watching it.

Domino @Kristine...I think Empress Ki is a great drama and exquisitely done. Whether you like it or not, to call the writer a racist because you like one of the actors/characters over another and it's not going your way, is the craziest thing I have ever read..ever. How can you do that to an innocent person you don't even know? Personally, I like where the writer is going with this so far, and respect his talent. I also like Wang Yoo better than the wimpy, crybaby guy Ta Hwan at this time in the drama. Even more than that, I think Joo Jin-Mo just looks better matched and has better chemistry with Ha Jii-Won. No matter where the writer decides to take us in this adventure, it's his right to do so. I for one hope you do drop out, but before you do, I hope you have the decency to apologize to the writer for being way out of line.

MeMe @Kristine I watched the drama as whole and plus I like sageuk dramas. Hmm..I am not Korean myself I am American. My love started for sageuk dramas almost a year when I watched Queen Seon Deok. I guess as viewers we see what we want to see because what I see is the writers actually favor TH. I think they also favor SN-TH couple because of the scenes. Calling the writers racists because they have SN loving WY and Not TH is going a little too far. Plus we are only at 22 episodes of 50. So maybe she ends up loving TH you never know. I get you love TH but calm down because it is not even that serious. Did you watch episode 1? If you did then you would know that she ends up marrying TH. I say continue to watch the drama but if you chose to stop then that is your business. I have experienced racism and what the writers are doing clearly is not racism.

Kristine @Langit,MeMe, to be frank, I'm just watching this due to the Emperor-TH, very entertaining actor/acting. Now, the writer's are making him look bad to justify SN&WY who's otp is just really bad, not thrilled w/ them at all. Or maybe, the writers are racist, SN had to love WY who's also a Koryo and can't love TH because he's Yuan. I guess because of that, Empress Ki will end-up a user, undeserving of her throne, not worth the respect of people not from Koryo. I'm not Korean, I can't relate to this, I'm done, going to drop this drama for good! Will check out it's competitor.

MeMe @Langit Exactly, I agree with everything you said. From what I learned about most sageuks don't actually follow history. I remember Queen Seondeok went way off history and it was still popular. The only sageuk that I think followed history mostly was Jewel in the Palace. If the rumors are true about the child plot in this drama I am not surprised the same thing happened in the sageuk King Geunchogo. In that drama the King's first love who was a fictional character had his child at 7 months pregnant and then the child was adopted by his Queen and eventually became king. That did not happen in history. Yes the writing for TH is great. The writing for the other characters is good but you can tell the writer are doing a lot with TH character. Welcome to the world known as shipping war. It is crazy. There is a lot of bias. They can be brutal. I think shipping wars are hilarious.

MeMe @Kristine Who said that TH did not save her couple times? I didn't. If you read what I wrote instead of getting all worked over TH. I was talking about the reason she was mad at TH. I did not once say TH did not save her. She forgave WY because she knew in her heart what WY was trying to do. He was trying to save them. Actually the person who killed her mother was Tangqishi. Yeah it is true that TH saved her but he also was the reason get father died. I get you are TH shipper but get your facts straight before you write something pertaining to what I wrote. I can have respectful conversation about this show but I don't like childish attempts to start an debate. I like both WY and TH.

Langit lol miss kristine, i think you miss judge the situation, the one who kill Seung nyang's mother is tan qi shi not wang yoo. wang yoo just trying to give a "freedom right", the one who decided to runaway is seung nyang's mother and the others slave, sometimes people will choose die in freedom rather then die as a slave. i know ta hwan's shipper is having a hard time to see this half of story but said the writer is "psycho" is exaggerate the situation. if you displease with the story then you should stop. i think this story is interesting and great. In a story, there will be a lot of characters with a lot of flaw, that's what we call "fiction drama". But looking at the rating, people look please with the story. And i should say Ji Chang Wook is a great actor, even with a lot of flaw, with his charming character that the writer made, he can have a lot of fans. And there is no one as pretty as ha ji won, she can show a lot of sides in this drama, strong, wild, cute, weakness, and loving characters and its all thanks to the writer.

Mahboobeh This movie is great.I hope it go on so great

Kristine @MeMe, SN is a biatch, she easily forgave WY when it's her beloved Mom who got killed due to him, and was so hard on TH when she knew during the Yuan seige in Daesong island, eventually Koryomen are all deadman walking, TH is also a victim and had his neck tied-up by El Temur's forces. Didnt also get why she hide Ki JaOh is her dad to TH, harbored hatred and had to surprised TH and made him languish over it. She was saying WY saved her, didnt TH also saved her when she got sick from wound infection of arrow hit during forest escape? Duh!

Kristine The Best line ever @ep.20, SN following WY upon arrest as prime suspect for El Temur's poisoning, TH: (blocking his arm on her) Do you want to become an accomplice? SN: What is the reason?... Once El Temur PrimeMinister died, the happiest one would be you. But why would you go like crazy trying to arrest people? If it is because of me, then you are really stupid. TH: Dont misunderstand thinking that I did that sort of thing because of you. I just want you to see it clear how incompetent your Master is. And why I am the Emperor! :))) Bravado bravo! Handsome TH fighting!

MeMe @Kristine Actually WY was trying to save them. It might have been reckless but he was trying to do something good. Yes everybody got killed except SN but remember WY was young a lot younger than TH so I chalk it up to him being naive to politics. As I recall WY did not know it was SN and her mother until SN told him it was her and her mother. She knew from the start that WY tried to save her and her mother. What TH did was lie to save his own skin. Granted he did not know Commander Ki was her father but TH's lie did cause his death. Also the lie cause WY to lose his throne and him & SN being sent to Yuan. Like I said before I like both WY and TH. How is SN a biatch? Please Explain. She has right to be mad at TH. I mean he lied and that caused her father's death. Why call WY & SN's baby a bastard? I mean is it even that serious to get all worked up over. After all she did sleep with WY and said yes to his marriage proposal. This isTV and anything can happen. From what I get the writers favor TH.

Kristine WTF, seeing ep.19-20, afterall it was WY's recklessness that cause SN's mother to die, and now, her hatred to TH is sky-rocketed blaming him for her father's death, a father whom she didnt even knew most of her life. And while they (SN-TH) were on the running in the forest, why she didnt even mention to TH that Ki Ja Oh is her father. WFT! This SN is some kind of a biatch! Is this Empress Ki even worth respecting??? And now, WY-SN are having a bastard that the psycho writers might turn into Yuan Crown Prince. OMG, where is this story heading?!! The writers are definitely trying to make the Emperor look bad, so sad for TH! Fighting! I'd rather stick to history, where Wang Yoo never existed at all! Hahaha!

kosar thaks lee but it was more like kissing!

MeMe I read people are confused about the timeline of SN's pregnancy. When SN found out she was pregnant the eunuch told her she was 3 or 4 months already. Then after Yom discovered WY's letter to SN and gave it Tangquishi. Tangquishi burned the letter and that is when the drama jumped to 4 months later. That would make SN 7 or 8 months pregnant and that is why she is showing. She is now in premature labor due the stress of trying to get away from EL Temur and the assassins. Lady Park was 9 months but she was killed. I for one am not surprised that SN is pregnant in episode 21 after she and WY made love in Episode 20. The same thing happened in Dong Yi, The Princess' Man, and a few others. It is TV.

Lee @Kosar he did not kiss, it is like a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), so he give oxygen to her, since he saw Seung Nyang going to fainted. i just don't understand the time line in episode 22, if seun nyang have a wang yoo's child, shouldn't Lady Park give birth first since she pregnant first than her? @MeMe, i think you are right, in some other countries, they use politic to possess they power to other country, just like el temur did back then or yuan did to guryeo.

CiCI It's so refreshing to watch Ha Ji-Won in "Empress Ki". She's such a gifted actress and definitely deserved the Grand Prize. So, good call, MBC. Just watching her, you can see she works very hard at her acting and does whatever her role demands of her with total professionalism. I'm convinced she could've passed posing as a male over any other kdrama actresses I've seen trying to do it, like "Suzy" for example. That was a joke. (she could hardly HOLD the sword lol) Ha Ji Won is strong and athletic as well as feminine and pretty. I look forward to the rest of this great drama and I'm rooting for Joo Jin-Mo. He's more manly and has the integrity of a real King whereas Ji Chan-Wook/Yuan's Emperor has been such a selfish baby and a coward while killing innocent people. Love this historical drama.

kosar i dont undrestand that kiss in the bath tube when SN was about to die. can any body explain me the reason why TH did so in such situation?

MeMe @Lee I just laugh at the ship wars because some people take it so serious. I mean seriously is it necessary to bash the actor or actress because you involved in a ship war. That is true Empress Ki is about so much more than just romance. I do wonder will SN turn into the Empress Ki that history talks about or since this is TV will they change it a little. I agree I am glad I live in this era but politics are still corrupt. That seems to never change.

MeMe @Daisy LOL. These ship wars are nothing compared to the ones that involved American TV shows. The ship wars on American TV shows are sometimes brutal and can become personal. It is not for the faint hearted. I just look at ship wars and SMH because it is not that serious. I like both couples on Empress Ki but I have been criticized because I said something good about one of the couples and not the other.

Lee Lol your right daisy, i don't get what they fighting for, this is a fiction drama and they fight over a fiction characters. Well, the over all story is not only about love, but also politic. well, glad we live in this era, if we look back in the old ancient history, where human right is only happen in utophia, human slave like all this king and queen did in this story is very common. i feel sorry for all the soldiers who fight for they king (or the country) but die in betrayal.

Daisy Just started watching this drama and I love it! Especially Ha Ji Won.

But I had no idea the ship wars in this drama's fanbase were that intense. Wow. LOL.

Marie @guest, were you talking about me 'Marie' saying this drama is for lower class? I have to remind you there's no way you can identify here if it's same 'Marie' or someone else, you're even using 'guest' as your name. You dont need to be surprise because it's not me, I'm here for good chat and debate on all about Empress Ki. Now re: your point about who has the most time for love, I disagree on yours. The deposed King won't definitely have time as he has a lot of things to worry and burden on his shoulders. As for the Emperor, need you forget, he's a puppet leader and a young man, it's El Temur who's running the show, that's why he has some time to let loose, fool around, show some love'n and bug SN. I just dont get those WY fans here, he's character is perfect and all, no growth needed, it turns out to be boring most of the time. TH on the other hand is very interesting, he's immature, youthful, naive and all, great for character development; and it also happens to be played by a good, charismatic actor - Ji Chang Wook, just perfect match; thus, we (fans) were so smitten and mesmerized by TH, shipping him to SN.

MeMe @Langit That is so true. I don't get why people continue to say if SN does not end up with TH or don't end up WY it will suck. I am like Did you even watch the first episode? The first episode showed us that SN will marry TH. What we are seeing is the events that lead her to marry TH. Exactly, if this was based fully on history SN would not be as nice. I remember Queen Seon Deok was not fully based on history and it turned out fine. I am wondering what Wang Yoo will do when he returns to Goryeo with out SN. Yes the El Temur man is stubborn..ha ha. I laugh when El Temur's music comes on.

Langit Funny to see people fight who's seun nyang gonna end up with, coz this is saeguk drama, most of saeguk is written base on history line, and base on history Seun Nyang will be Ta Hwan's concubine and be the empress. That's why the title call "Empress Ki" but the writer has announce that this is a fiction and not fully base on history, coz if it's base on the fact then the real empress ki will not as kind as seung nyang in this drama. i really cant wait to see how Wang Yoo will take back Guryeo (he already take over the silk road), and who's princess kyung hwa? and where's Bi-Soo? will we see el temur for 30 more episodes (gosh...he is the most stubborn old man in the saeguk drama haha...)

MeMe I will say this as person who does like both male leads. They both have done things good and bad. Not to say both male leads fan bases are not bias but from what I have seen it is mostly people are fans of only TH who are very bias towards WY. They talk about what he has done but forget the fact TH has done some things as well. They talk about how WY looks and that TH is better because he is cute. Don't get wrong fans who only like WY are probably bias towards TH but I can only speak on what I have read. You say WY fans are bias the same can be said about TH fans who are just as bias. I like both characters. I accept the good and bad they both have done. Empress Ki to me is about much more than just about romance. It has political intrigue that is very interesting.

guest Its easy to say people whose views differ from ours as being biased. If WY fans are biased can we not say that of TH fans (I'm not a fan of either of them, reel or real). People seems to have forgotten that this is a saguek drama and the story includes political intrigue other than romance between the OTPs. But the interest shown by many seems to be only on the love interest of TH. Perhaps, its due to comments along this line "I ship TH and SN!!!!! If they dont end up together then this drama will suck..." for example that people who watch dramas for other reasons surface to give their views on TH behavior. Its not because of being bias or not bias. Yes, death has occurred because of some failed schemes. But death and tragedy can also take place if people just keep sitting on the bench doing nothing. All the characters are revolving. Good guys might become bad, bad guys might become good. We are only mid way thru. Ep 1 has given us THE answer as to who will land up with who.

guest @Maya, the impression from the comments so far do suggest that many have forgotten that this is a saguek drama which means that in addition to loveline, political intrigue is part and parcel of the story. Those who want only romance nothing but romance where handsome guy A falls for pretty girl B or poor girl X is torn between rich boys Y and Z and so forth should go for genres like Heirs and the like.

@Marie, while ploughing thru the past comments, I thought you've said that this 50 episode drama is meant for people of the lower class. Really surprise to see you here.

Zeee i love to read comments on how people feel and who they are rooting for but boy are Wang Yoo fans biased... they call the emperor an idiot and a betrayer and yet they forget Wang Yoo has done waaaaay more evils than the emperor... maybe its the writers... they just seem to want people to hate the emperor and root for the king... first of all wang yoo has gotten so many people killed because of his scheming (although it seems to be put forward in a positive light).. and those who say that all the emperor does is chase after a girl... he has grown so much in these past few episodes... he is learning to read... stood up to El Temur once he asked what was so wrong about looking for his father's blood will.. it was only for a moment but it took courage and much more...plus... I know that Nyang marries the emperor but i seriously see the writers reversing that and that will be a mistake... like in the heirs when she ended with tan who she barely had any chemistry with... i do hope they take a gamble and keep the marriage but i don't see that happening...

Maya I laugh for this comment "I ship TH and SN!!!!! If they dont end up together then this drama will suck..." this story is not only about romance, would you try to look the whole story. if you seek a drama where the handsome lead man end up with the cute little female (like everybody wish) then try to watch "bel ami, the heirs, or something like that". For me, i don't care SN will end up with WY or TH. Both the lead actor have a great acting, i love Jin Mo (have watched alot of his drama, a great actor) and Chang Wook (very attractive in this drama). I only hope the stroy will keep interesting as much as the past 20 episodes. Keep up the good work!

MeMe @Guest Exactly, Wang Yoo has time on his hands to do whatever whereas Ta Hwan is suppose to be emperor but is very immature and pining for a girl. He should run his country. Yes Ta Hwan is still young though. When people have favorites they tend to overlook what they have done. This is what you call a Fan couple war/debate. I watch dramas as whole and do not complain because that is how it is. American TV dramas if popular enough run for seasons. TV couples break up and get back together all the time on American TV dramas. The emotional Rollercoaster is crazy. I like both SN & WY and SN & TH for different reasons. I will say this again. Love is so complicated.

MeMe @Kim

My opinion on the two male leads  has nothing to do who looks better. For me it is the character traits and the growth of the character. I like both male leads. I support both male leads. They are just very different from each other. I understand the reasons they both are the way they are. I do wish they would have join forces but that is very unlikely to happen.  Ta Hwan just needs to grow up. I am expecting him to become a pit bull soon. What I am curious about is the events that lead SN to marry TH.

MeMe @Kim I can not speak for other females but my opinion on the two male leads has nothing to do who looks better. For me it is the character traits and the growth of the character. I like both male leads. I support both male leads. They are just very different from each other. I understand the reasons they both are the way they are. I do wish they would have join forces but that is very unlikely to happen. Ta Hwan just needs to grow up. I am expecting him to become a pit bull soon. What I am curious about is the events that lead SN to marry TH.

guest Those on SN/SH need not worry that they will not be together. Ep 1 already tells us that they will. As for JCW, agree that he is good, he is cute etc etc. However, he still has some way to go (well, those who are not comfortable with this observation can ignore it. Need not start a verbal war on this). As for being ridiculous for a deposed king to have time for loveline, he has no country to govern, so he do have some time at hand. On the other hand, we have someone officially designated as an Emperor and supposedly expected to take charge of the country's affairs but spent the bulk of his time stalking, whining, dreaming about his love interest, doesn't it look more ridiculous?

I'm watching the drama for the complete storyline. For me, this is what watching a drama is all about. Need not be upset, offended, hurl insults, if the characters who we think should be together are not together in certain scenes. We expect all the characters, big or small, to have their roles played out at the opportune time.

Kim Honestly I'm not liking Wang Yoo at all. He seems to have better traits than Ta Hwan, and Ta Hwan is very whiny. Yet, i find myself supporting Ta Hwan '~'

This is a guy's opinion. What are the girl's opinion on the two male leads?

Angela I ship TH and SN!!!!! If they dont end up together then this drama will suck... The other male lead is waaaayy older, isn't very good-looking, and they just seem to not have any cute moments like TH and SN. Hopefully TH will be more manlier and stronger once the drama progresses which I'm sure he will(:

MeMe @Marie Hmm if I was a SN&WY shipper I would say I am. I don't have to lie. If I say I like both couple then I like both. Please don't tell me how I feel because you sound childish. It makes me think you are trying to start something. I don't know how old you are but I am old enough to know Love is not black & white. Love is so complicated.

Marie @Meme, you dont need to hide you're a SN-WY shipper, it's obviously written all over you. The point is, I'm just not buying that ship, and SN obsession to WY is unrelateable. They are at odds given on how they were written (ridiculous for a deposed King to have a time for lovelife,haha! when he should be worrying about his country), and the most obvious reason for SN-TH shipper could be, we're all smitten by JCW's charisma as an actor portraying the idiot Emperor.

Meme @Marie Who is denying SN & TH dynamic? I like them as well even though TH is soft as cotton tissue. I want TH to become a pit bull. The dynamics for both couples are different. I like both couples dynamics. Having SN & WY love scene is not desperation on the writers part. What it showed to me is that while SN will end up marrying TH, WY will always have a part of her heart. To your question it is how the characters are written. I understand you are an SN & TH shipper. I like both couples. I look at from a neutral perspective.

Marie I dont know, even if SN gets bed w/ WY a hundred times, there's no denying SN-TH dynamics is more thrilling and exciting. Getting on love scene too early, less half of total episode, is somehow a desperate move from the writer to make a lovestory work. In this case, it's definite desperate for SN-WY. Their pairing is just bland, cant feel it under the skin; dont know if its due to the actors, or how the characters were written. Just sad for TH, fighting!

MeMe The debate is funny though. I read somewhere that SN & TH shippers are saying that SN had intimate moment with TH first. I am saying what intimate moment? When she was trying to warm him up when they jumped into the water. That moment is nothing compared to what she did with Wang Yoo. She gave Wang Yoo her virginity. Now that is an intimate moment. Being neutral the debate between SN & WY fans and SN & TH fans is insightful.

MeMe I am neutral but she and Wang Yoo do make love. That is something that SN & TN shippers can not deny. I like both couples though.

krokzzz me too...plizz let ta hwan and seung yang together...\(^^)/!!

Olivia Ohh this film really Something ^^ i really really hope Ta hwan with Seung Yang <3 !!

5555 Congratulation Empress ki Ha ji won the best actress No.1 i love you very good

Mooniechan I did have doubts when starting this series. My main reason to watch was Ha Ji Won unnie and the plot sounded good. I must say I regret starting because I cannot stop. I am waiting anxiously for what will happen next. The characters are portrayed beautifully and I am just sucked in! I am having withdrawals because they're not showing new episodes this week due to award ceremonies. I love the chemistry of all the characters and cannot wait for more!

Ana Never thought I would like this drama, but I got to say, I have been enjoying watching the development so far. Cannot wait to see what will happen next. Great plot. And the actors/actresses were well chosen, if I do say so myself. They either make me like them or hate them more.

shaiha i'm so addicted to this drama.. good choice of actors and the plot is simply stunning! I will no even risk to watch the raw episode just to catch what happened next. What a good way to grip the attention of the audience.. Hoping for a justified and beautiful ending.

Vivi Gran drama!!! me encanta mucho las actuaciones de todo el grupo de actores, muy bien logrado...espero que continue la trama así de interesante; a pesar de que en la historia la emperatriz ki (realmente emperatriz gi) después de reinar por muchos años desaparece!!!....vamos a ver con que desenlace nos sale MBC !!!!

renaya interesting drama which i dont like it....hehe. I always watch it.. but not too serious to got the feel of it story... may be next episode I will serious to got the feel of it...

Monggg What about danashiri? In real history she die at very young age,maybe she will be die at this drama with very sad life

b.t.s Superb drama! I just love the love triangle goin on in this drama bt truth b told i'm so into ha ji won and joo jin mo ending up together! Their presence together is somewhat magical...im not gona say Nice chemistry nope...it is a powerful chemistry thats what makes it special!

F A I T H best drama for 2013 - 2014 all the best for the amazing cast

Kristine @Kiki, absolutely agree on you. Have been shipping TH-SN otp. Their dynamics & chemistry is so addicting. JCW is btw acting great here, very good actor, having a blast seeing him in that weakling-childish Emperor role, also he's a definite eye-candy. Hope TH character matures soon in this story. Anyway, the Best & most favorite sageuk for 2013, the team is doing very well! Great job, Congrats!

kiki This drama is the best drama of 2013!!! I watched 10 episodes non-stop in a day and I don't normally do that :P i ship sungnyang with tahwan <3 <3

Amina XYT i love Ha ji won and practically everything she does and this is also a masterpiece cnt wait 4 d middle #jiwon

imene at the end with who will she remain the manely koing the on e she loves or the childish one ?

Hannah I want her with the manly king so bad...I could never respect the wimpy king, he is so gross groveling for his life and submitting to that wicked general...His father would be ashamed in real life.

ererrr the dowager and the manly sexy warriors have to get some credit.. amazing actors all in all.. i have to say that i don't understand how people can stand ta hwan and want him with nyang.. seriously the dude is a wimp.. he is so spineless and she is so in love with wang yu..! besides wang yu is hot, he is older then the emperor so all you teenagers can drool on the barbie face all you want..

noufa i love this drama so much and i love ta wan and everything about him he is just sooo amazing i hope that nyang will end up with him

Florence tonsing This drama is sooo good..damn interesting. How can i interpret it's greatness..it cannot be expressed with words. All the actors done their parts well

Liz This drama is so good. Can't wait for the next episode. I love the emperor, he is so cute and his acting is good. Too sad he is not the love interest of Nyang.

Davia Tahwan and Seungnyang are so cute together. So funny how he would keep abruptly turning! Since he has her beside him in the palace it reminds me of BOF when Jan Di was working as a maid in Jun Pyo's house. He was beside himself, just like Ta Hwan, with glee.

Watergirl Ah~! Can't wait for the next episode! All three leads are awesome (esp Ji Chang Wook ^^)

Flora So far so good<3 currently the best drama..

MariusZ. I didn't watch a full episode of this drama 'till now, but I will do it soon enough. Those ratings look really promising and the cast is pretty awesome. Ha Ji-Won ftw!

Hilda Lim Best historical drama i've ever watched. Can't wait for the next episode. All actresses and actors are absolutely amazing. The casts, acting, and story line really good. 하지원 언니... 넌 너무 예쁘고 잘해요. 언니를 사랑해! 완전 대박 이드라마가~~

T2 Great drama so far. I know that King Wang Yu and sungyang will each choose a path that is for the greater good but it would be nice to see them together as a couple in an episode before their fates both keep them apart for good. Great job guys.

Flore Today is monday:-Dhow excited am I!!

norma Among the best drama for 2013!

hensi each episodes is amazingly great, love ha jiwon's acting. can't wait for the next episodes

yup daebak.....very amazing story, good costume, just greatttttt

HT27 Simply phenomenal.

sher All episodes are superb :-) congrats all the actors especially the three leads jjm,jcw and jiwonnie.....FIGHTING! Love you all guys :-)

yee rating very good drama very good i can't wait ep 13

5555 The best drama No.1 this year 2013-2014 i love ha ji won she's beautiful and excellent very good^^

Flore Watching Empress ki ep 12:-Dcant wait for ep 13

yana 10 episodes down, 40 more episodes to go. So far, the drama is good. Good characters, cinematography, outfits, and story-line. Best historical drama of 2013 as of right now.

Flore @badgalriri you are not the only one. Even i kinda feel so:-D

badgalriri HJM and JCW <3 I'm probably the only one that wants them to be together , but there just soo cute together, and you can see how much JCW feels for HJM, how before he kind of hated her, now shes one of the only people he trust <3

Davia So far one of the best dramas ever made. Every episode is so exciting. The characters are fabulous. Absolutely love this!!!

Flore I cried in every episode. Very touching story..sob sob

Flore I don't care even if it has 50ep instead i'm very glad because the story plot is perfect..m gonna watch until the end of it.

flore best drama in 2013 so far

love ha ji won rating No.1 wowww i love drama and HJW very very much

Anso I really love this drama. HJW and JJM are will be great couple in there!!! Love them so much!!!

sher Empress ki....best k-drama ever:-)

chayong Episode 9 & 10 so impressive,......whoooooooh!!! LOL now I'm done watching can't wait to the next episode...I will miss seung nyang so much that's why I keep watching all over it again from the start till next mon & tue will come.....hahaha I'm so addict to watch ha ji wons acting. Love it so much:-)

LAPM Love sageuk dramas. I have been on hiatus since the summer after SBS totally deadpanned and shot themselves in the foot over JOJ. (I had fast tracked The Princess' Man - totally cool stuff - and SScandal while waiting on the weekly updates for JOJ). After all that this early summer, I went on a break until I saw Empress Ki on the Hulu line up. Read a little on its foundation and will be asking MBC how much they are going to color in the lines and what they will leave to literary license. 1 episode down. Was too tired to marathon it before work! But hey, great idea for Thanksgiving food coma pause! LOL

Great hopes for the cast - just sooo hope that we don't have the "banshee" female. 50? If the first 10 does well and holds the story well, the next 40 is a blink.

b50592 So I never watch historicals and I was scared to watch this one but I heard about all the rave and marathoned all 8 episodes. and....I LOVE IT! If there is anybody like me that is scared of watching historical dramas this is so different. Even the politics part is so interesting. I don't want to miss any conversation between characters and it is packed with adventure. Watch it! I am also scared of the 50 episodes but if they keep this up for the rest of the show this might go up to being one of my favorite dramas ever.

Definitely a surprising year for me and kdrama...I don't like melodramas and LOVED secret (another drama i recommend if anyone hasn't seen it).

Jang nae This show is dae buk... I fell in love with it after watching the 1st episode but i felt like killing myself when i saw that there's 50 episodes! I hope its all worth it XD ~ hwaitng!

Diane Kjesin, please do not ever say "change the history." Truth is hard enough to discern in this world. We all love romance, but I give Korea 10 stars for keeping history alive in their country and trying to represent it as accurately as possible. Empress Ki is wonderful because of the production values, great acting, great music and tight suspense scripting which never leaves you bored. The occasional lightening of hearts with some comedy is also a welcome part of the process. I have watched some with so much torturing that I could barely make it through. The balance here is excellent!

laura i am loving this show and gosh i loveee seung nyang with the king Wang Yoo♥!!! their scenes are so deep and beautiful those touching scenes just make my heart melt ♥♥ i hope she will end up with the strong brave king wonderful show congrats to the cast and the actors they are delivering an impressive show and i am hooked looking forward to watch 10 tomorrow

Kjesin Please Please Please!!! Change the history and let her end up with King Wang Yoo!!!!! I love this drama so damn much!! I have to wait till April for the ending... which is sad!! Can't you guys just broadcast it Mon-Fri or something?? Two episodes a week is definitely not enough!!!!!!! P.S- I think the instrumental song you guys were talking about is the instrumental version of 4MEN's Thorn Love. I said "I THINK", ok? Even Ost of this drama is amazing.... T___T

SeungHwan @hafsa Me too!!! I want it so bad. I think it is composed for this drama specially so we can't find it anywhere. Maybe when the drama is end, they will release it but I think I can't wait anymore ( >..< ) Pleaseee!!! Someone should cut this 'instrumental song' from the drama. I'll really appreciate.

Kailani WOW!!!! This is shaping up to be one AMAZING drama and I'm sure we're in for a lot more to come. We're only 8 episodes in and there's been so much action, comedy, intrigue, deception, and betrayal, and now we're starting to see the foundations for the love triangle. I also have a feeling that Dang Ki-Se will develop real feelings for Seung-Nyang and this may turn into a three-way battle....you go, girl!! I hope her character stays strong throughout the entire drama because it's her strength of character and resolve that are actually turning these kings into stronger men!! I haven't been this excited about a Korean Drama in a long time...Ha Ji Won has hit it out of the park, again!!

To those people who are commenting that this drama is too long (50 episodes), all I have to say is don't you think it is better to watch a great drama for 50 episodes than several mediocre ones??

hafsa greaaat drama !! can anyone tell me what's the name of the "instrumental song" in this drama veryy beautiful but couldn't find the name! plzzz!

Nadine Great Drama ,, Just saw 2 eps ^_^ But It's too long 50 eps !! :(

5555 drama this year No.1 Empress Ki gu family book No.2

wisa Great drama. Got me hooked on the first episode. 2nd best historical drama this year( # 1 is gu family book). Writers fighting!!! :-)

gou I Love This Drama, Thanks Ha Ji Won Unnie....

chayong Best korean drama ever...your the best jiwonnie :-)

5555 The best drama jiwon fighting she's beautiful

chayong Again....the episode last night is great...congrats jiwonnie, I love your acting so much whatever you do you're so great. FIGHTING!

cyndelome I cant wait for every episode..i like all the actors/actress the music and everything how it goes..

Princess_Marikit I consider this drama series as one of my favorite Korean drama ever. I know it's ongoing but every episode is something that you shouldn't miss. I love the story, characters (actors) and the choice of music. I can wait for the rest of the episode to come. Super excited. KUDOS TO EMPRESS KI!!!!

sora well, ha ji won is my fav korean actress and this drama once again give me a reason to love her more. She really outstanding. Ji chang wook acting is also amazing, i surely wanna slap his face right now hahaha...

Hope Wang Yoo will get his throne again. Cant wait to see the rest of the drama, i wish this drama is airing everyday.

Dalal This drama is magical..such agreat and attrCtive work... It can match queen seon deokin the brilliance and the strength. I recommend this drama to everyone.. No boring moment at all

jovilyn this is the best. eonnie fightin!!

stuffs This drama is breaking all the "rules" and I'm loving it!

Wida Suandhito Good drama....fighting! I love Ha Ji Won!!!!!

5555 rating very good i love ha ji won

JCW Love Ji Chang wook and Ha ji won!! T^T I hope they end up together ....... But......T^T

guest Its such an outstanding drama. Really really love it. The first promotion stills were released just 2 weeks before its airing - without too much fanfare and hard-sell promotions and yet it has received so much love and attention. Its due to the solid acting of the actors, especially Ha Ji Won and a great storyline. Don't be scared off by the word Saguek. Empress Ki is completely different from the normal slow slow-moving, slow-talking kind of saguek dramas. Go watch it!!

Davia Love this drama. So exciting and fun to watch. Great storytelling and great actors.

kailani vvv uuuummmmm, heller.....douchebag!! She is both pretty and beautiful!!!

She is supposed to be disguising herself as a boy, and she's a kick-ass one at that!! What would you prefer her to look like while she's playing the role of a boy???

mnbpol she is not pretty or beautiful, but she is very good actress!

mumu the best drama 2013-2014 i love ha ji won you are excellent beautiful

Chayong AMAZING! I've just finished watching the fourth episode...i love it...but quite sad because jiwonnie struggled to protect Tah-wan (the future yuan emperor) but anyway the whole episode are so great...i will keep my finger cross that this sageuk drama will be the best till the end...keep FIGHTING! to all the actors and all the staffs of empress ki, specially you jiwonnie...i highly recommend this sageuk drama...enjoy watching!

anjpunk I must say most chinese armor and hair are pretty cool and they are too cute.Like Top Ja-Hae, Dang Ki-Se and Baek An assistant unfortunately they're the antagonists.

Mike Jakober Finally an era show where the king isn't a coward or and idiot!!! How this show has a good story to tell, and the acting stays up to par with most of the era shows I have seen.

Changwook I love ji chang wook!!!! And ha ji won!!!! Ugh y does it have to be baek jin hee?! Please!!!! I hope ji chang wook doesnt end up with her.... No offense

hanna i love this drama so much>>_<<<

ian oh hell felt oh so good after knowing that HJW's new show ruled it timeslot ...people watch this because of her .. the fight scenes as expected were oh so realistic and damn , the shows really good.. hope ratings go higher and higher again up to 40+

Maiister I just finished watching the first and second episode. Holy moly! They were gorgeous to watch! I love all the action, even my siblings were watching it with me [they don't really like my kdrama obsession]! That's what I define as a good show. I hope, wishful thinking [whatever you want to call it] that she gets paired up with Chang-Wook. I really could care less for the Crown Prince really -_- But with how the opening sequence was and the way things are going, I feel like I'm in the minority here. I am definitely going to keep watching until something else pops up.

LoveHamEunJung cant wait for this one im historical drama fanatic

Bonnelle I'm excited for this, but I really didn't want another tragic love story. It seems like it's going to head towards that direction, because I hear the main couple is Jin Mo and Ji Won, but she'll marry Chang Wook :( Anyway, I'll watch it for sure, I've been waiting for a good historical for ages.

jury I don't worry with the writing skill, because the writer have experience writing long historical drama The King Dae Joyoung (KBS / 2006-2007) which has 130 episode and the lead actor choi sejoong got daesang award. And a lot of their drama have success (Giant, history salaryman, incarnation money). I'm more worried with directing skill because his last drama dr. Jin. I hope his skill has improve now

ian i pray hard that this series really goes well and become successfull .. seeing how MBC sageuk dramas are doomed this days , i am afraid that this may affect HJW tv shows success.. whats with mbc asking the writter and the director do this show ..? where are there epic writter-director team ups who made the legendary jumong-seonduk-jang geum-donyi ?

i love ha ji won ! fighting !

taemin Ji Chang-Wook Love:-)

edith caunceran super exciting!!!!! i can't wait...jo jin mo and ha ji won....

Cathy Love Ha Ji Won. Hope this drama will do well with her. Keep our finger cross. Good luck!

daisy poster looks great! looks like a chinese show!

Majken This locks amazing! :-) ;-)

matt I don't think writers are risky or lacking experience. One of them wrote an epic saeguk. Also look at the plots of their other works. They're master in this kind of plot. Salaryman & Giant are greatest example. Incarnation of Money is great too! They're my favorite writers. I'm not watching this for Ha Ji-won and any other actors. My reason of attraction is writers.

Christine Holla, Annyeong, dear TEAM of Empress K (Khiwanghoo) so many peoples waiting for this long traditional drama. Please keep a good team, and good healthy. We are all support you, to get the high rating for this drama in the end of this year. Fighting. Blessing you all as always.

Christine Annyeong, dear TEAM of Empress K (Khiwanghoo) so many peoples waiting for this long traditional drama. Please keep a good team, and good healthy. We are all support you, to get the high rating for this drama in the end of this year. Fighting. Blessing you all as always.

jacquelin what i know is the role of actor Ji chang wook actually offered to jang geun suk but he turn down this role ...my hope to watch JKS and HJW on screen again not comes true T.T Hope one day they get reunite again in a movie or drama...they look good together ...good chemistry ^^

AaTaRee It seems the writers and directors for this have very little experience in period dramas.

I love Ha Ji Won, but this worries me.

Since it is taking over a good time slot, I am hopeful. Best of luck to all.

gg I'm expecting that this drama will be good since ha ji won + sageuk = PERFECT. Damo and Hwang Jin Yi are so awesomeeeee. I hope everything goes well 4 this drama and for Ha Ji Won.

ian omg ..ha ji won's coming back to sageuk with 60 ep? and the series will not be written by lengendary mbc period writers.. what a risk ... i hope this goes well

ian so this is ha ji won's real debut to mbc... we all know that when it comes to period dramas , no one goes to the level as mbc does.. so excited for my favorite actress ... but i think this should've have been a good repairing opurtunity for the BALI couple .. after lee young ae, then song il guk and the legend of four gods , lee yo won , han hyo jo, han ga in now its ha ji won's turn for a 60 episode sageuk .. i'll pray real hard fopr the success of this series... i hope the writers write a good piece to put mbc up again ... their sageuk this days we're crap ..

cuwie Ji chang Wook so handsome.. :x

Julie Chang Dang! A whopping 60 episode drama! Looking forward to it! :)

bong super excited....cant wait the first airing day..love you ha ji won...

KDA I'm so Ji Chang Wook deprived @.@ It's been a year already! I miss him!

daniala ha ji won i miss you...i'll be waiting

Christine (Indonesia) Hwatu the tradisional collosal drama with long episode, I hope the Actor/Actress not get tired. Hoping this drama can be a great drama in the end of this year 2013 and in the beginning new year 2014. God bless you as always for all CREW.

Christine (Indonesia) Actually I hope Song Seung-heon who become a man lead in this long drama due I am hoping Ha Ji-won with Song Seung- heon will become a real lover.

Love Ji I actully hope Joo jin mo play with Song Ji Hyo from running man

junior I'll be watching this drama though it has whooping 50 episodes (!) because of ny love for Ha Ji Won. Also, Joo Jin Mo and the scriptwriter of Giant adds to the awesomeness factor! I wonder who will be the other main lead (the emperor)? I hope its either Jang Hyuk or Gong Yoo or Oh Ji Ho or HYUN BIN <3 Can't wait for October -_-

cuwie1023 Yeeeeaaayyy Finally wonnie and Jo Jin Moo.. So Handsome... So very excited.. :)

Deeee I think they will be the best drama couple ,,, yaaay i am too excited

gary finally, a cast worth waiting for! Ha JI Won and Joo Jin mo fighting!

piepie Finally we know more about the lead cast, can't wait to hear more.

gloudore looking forward to this drama :) i hope october comes quickly :) it seems this drama have a solid cast :) hwaiting hwatu ~

anj_86 She's back in drama. I am following her dramas and movies. Her latest movie is The Huntresses and I couldn't wait to watch. Hopefully she'll reunite with Kang Dong Won.

ian great actress in an another great drama we have here.. well HJW already has established herself as a very good actress , that alone , probably, we'll get ourselves all blown out by watching this drama.. there really is no need for a good lead male here anyway he's just going to be a support of HJW... but i think it's going to be better if we see jo in sung together with her again... they have this thing i call super chemistry,better than that what she had with hyun bin

sil HJW has proven herself to be an excellent actress. Whether she takes on dramas of a few episodes or 100 episodes of whatever genre, she can deliver.

Sorri, the comment below is in response to Marie @#5 (and not @9).

sil Comment #9, Marie

Im not sure what do you mean by "middle low class". I presume by that you mean people who are brainless with low education, have nothing better to do but to sit around to watch long running dramas etc. So people who watch Hwatu are 'middle low class" whereas people like you belong to the upper end "middle class" for afterall you don't waste your time watching dramas with 60 episodes. You are indeed very arrogant.

winwinsue Great to have her back. Hope to see her matched with an actor of equivalent standing. Better still, change the PD when there is still time.

Yumi I hope Ha Ji-Won will reunite with DAMO lead actors Lee Seo-Jin & Kim Min- Joon in Hwatu. They did a great job in Damo & they deserve another project together. Lee Seo- Jin perfectly fit to do historical drama as well as Kim Min-Joon. They're all great actors :-)

Jiwon Song Jong Ki & TOP pleasee.. : P

lea i hope ha ji won will be paired with hyun bin again in this project.. <3

Christine (Indonesia) hi sista, more years more productive is good for your carreer. Ha Ji-won if you capable to request for your partner in this drama, I suggest you can asking about the name of 1.Cha Seung-won (high priority), 2.Lee Seo-jin (meet again after long years of DAMO), 3.Lee Byung-hun (gambler at drama All In). The best gambler who can play this "Hwatu (playing card)" come from that 3 men. Choose the best of best. Producer + writer helps this..

jj I hope this will become another hit after the 5 consecutive dramas of HJW: Damo, WHIB, HWang Jin Yi, Secret Garden, and most recently, the awesome King 2 Hearts. Can't wait for this! I hope to see another side of HJW's acting here.

zai dua cant wait to watch it...im very excited...love u Ha ji won..

aiyu wow,... Can't wait to watch her,........ who will be her partner? Zu in Sung ?? hahahahhhh

Marie What? 60 episodes of sageuk? No, thanks. Now we can see clearly why SBS reject the proposal. The SW team is originally SBS's. SBS is made for universal viewers, when MBC go exclusively for Korean middle-low class. I don't think Korean middle-end class wasting their time and waiting 30 weeks to watch the ending of the drama. They must be have TVOD to watch SBS's content. That's why MBC's rating always the best.

kumon can't wait! Ha Ji Won is a drama Goddess. I want to see her in a sageuk drama so badly. MY dream came true through this Hwatu. I hope it will be good! I think it will though given that the writers are the ones who penned Giant and History of the Salary Man. HJW, fighting! I hope her co-actor will eb Chas Seung Won or Won Bin or Gong Yoo or Won Bin or Kang Dong Won! :D

Beng I hope she'll be paired with a good actor in this drama! Counting the days 'til October!

Claudia The Queen of kdrama is back!can't wait!curious who will be her partner later?

ana Great news coming from my queen Ha Ji Won. And she will actually be a queen! I'm so excited about this drama, October, come faster!

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