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  • Name: Ji Chang-Wook
  • Hangul: 지창욱
  • Born: July 5, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @Jichangwook


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Nesing Go I'm avid fans Empress ki

bshsbr Wow!... iran Healer is amazing Fighting hyeong

yeon hwa i love you to gusto kita pakasalan at halikan at iyotan

resh ann hi,,ji chang wook im from philippines more blessing to come, i like how you act and im so empress to you,, fighting,, oppa

jackielou cabusas Hi..jacky here from philippines..just want to share how fancy I am to ji chang wook because of his character as prince togon he captured my heart..i love how he did portray his role..his childish acts made him so adorable..ha ji won perfect partner for him..you really put smiles on our faces..hope there will be more projects for them..Empress Ki..thank you

Tara You are amazing ! Hope to see you allways on k-drama . saranghae oppa !

carmina i cant wait to see you oppa<3..

Julie Because of the Empress Ki getting to know you, Ji Chang-Wook. My friends and me love you so much. Ta Hwan is a very loving man , Seung-Nyang and you ,your love is very touching , let us envy .Ha Ji-Won is a excellent actress, you are an excellent actor too .You are the best CP, I hope you can Cooperate again in a TV show or movie .

Precious Hello Ji Chang-Wook!! Your acting in EmpressQi is very quite impressive!! You're very good at it.

More Power and God Bless you!

tp Wow, one movie & 3 dramas in 2014. Very impressive! I'm so happy for you that your carrer has been skyrocketting. Fighting!

charm Just finished watching empress ki,though the story is sad but I guess it could be sometimes the writers can be like generous sometimes in making the ending joyful enough that we viewers cant complain.anyway,Ji Chang Wook gave an excellent portrayal!thats why he really deserves an award.I considered him as one of the best actor I've seen lately.

MO I can't wait to see U in the next drama healer i really loved your acting in EK .fighting!

arra Me and my sister likes you: -) you can play with yout face in acting ...,,hope more movie .with ha ji won ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

blabbermouth Heol.. We have same birth date! Haha

JO ! cant wait to watch your upcoming drama fighting!

xim hyun lee third,even if it hurt

Mickaela ^_^ my loyalty is yours Emperor.. :D

Mickaela ^_^ he's really cute.. :D

Noren You are my life. I love you emperor!!!!!

wakaru hi ...i like you so much...

Lyn ann hi how are we love your tv series empress ki....

PotzSarip I really love the tandem of ha ji won and ji chang wook..♡♡ I really wish they will collabrate again in a TV series..

rich Emperror togon is very handsome, he is so good in empress ki, he should win a best actor award for that acting, also there should have a follow up drama together with empress ki herself ha ji won, chemistry is good and they look good together on and off cam, wish you have a sequel in a romantic , action comedy format.

janet chang wook is awesome! fell in love with his acting in empress ki. i wonder why he had just an award from the drama . i hope to see in more dramas and movies. oppa fighting!!!!!

오사리 hi oppa ! cant wait to watch your upcoming drama which is healer and movie which is two constables .. please take care of your health !! God Bless !! Fighting !!

PoraOsari hi oppa ^_^ i am a fan that you mesmerized when i watched empress ki ^_^ since then i startedwatching any of your dramas. your such a good actor, what you act can goes to the viewers as well. your emotion while acting for me is superb. i like you not by your looks but for your talent ^_^ im gonna watch healer soon too. keep fighting & godbless O:)

Lea Pagdonsolan I like you so much...

Pearl I m not into Korean drama but due the good storyline and acting skill of ji Wang wook bought me over. His acting skill is so impressive. His display of emotions is so good and real. Very few actors are like tat. Keep it up

Kersha wells you acted great in empress ki loved it soo much continue good work

smartey i love this actor!!! so handsome!! i love every drama with him!!! so cute and great!!!

alex yeoh! ehem u gotta say. he's beautiful, hot. and.. PERFFFF!


Shane Rose I'm not the typical of person that would easily attach to an actor acting... Before. But now I saw you on Empress Ki, you make me cry, laugh and angry. You know that feeling? You're such a great actor. Hope we'll see soon.

Roseanne Saren I actually cried at the last episode of Empress Ki for about like half an hour until I had to drag myself to see some comedy to stop crying soundlessly at midnight. I was blown away by his acting and it moved me to such emotional edge!! OMG. I can't believe I cried that much and cared so much for a character in any drama until this. On October 20 it will be release here in PH, but I'm done watching it. hahaha Amazing actor! :) you impressed me a lot.

dadz . . .I'm a fan of yours since Five fingers. A good actor with a good look. a perfect match!

jieyi After I watched empress ki, I become your fan. I like your perform in empress ki, you are so handsome. I also like your dress style and look so cool! I wish your do everything good luck in the future.

LANIE CAPILLAN Keep it up, more historical drama please. At first i dont like your character but then i fall in love like SungNyang. Hahaha! Saranghe oppa

LANIE CAPILLAN Keep it up, more historical drama please. At first i dont like your character but then i fall in love like SungNyang. Hahaha! Saranghe oppa

aron I'm so happy that the pic has changed and i hope that it will be anew start in your life

lynet , philippines As a rule, i'm not really into korean drama. But with Empress Ki, I was struck by superb acting of JCW. I wish he will be cast again as main lead actor in an historical saga. Im now his avid fan. More power to you, JCW.

shaf aneyong oppa.. you are such beautiful guy ,, your act is so great.. i realy enjoy your drama and movie.. hope to see you in malaysia <3<3<3

Brenda I lv evrting abt u in empress ki

shiela aneyonghaseo ji chang wook, im your fan shiela may imnida :) godbless <3 saranghae

jbkim ji chang wook oppa. why are you so handsome? i like you after watching RM 211 & 212. wow, i don't think you are so innocent and pure of heart. XD. hope you will be next guest in RM again. good luck for your career! :-)

lana omooo!!!! just watched running man 211&212!!! ur such a cute boy!!! polite and shockingly soooo innoncent!!! how cute!!! at first i thought u would behave like an arrogant and braggy hallyu star!!! but you proved me wrong :) im ur new fan!!! fighting!!! hope to see you on the small screen soon!!! ^_^

lina omooo!!!! just watched running man 211&212!!! ur such a cute boy!!! polite and shockingly soooo innoncent!!! how cute!!! at first i thought u would behave like an arrogant and braggy hallyu star!!! but you proved me wrong :) im ur new fan!!! fighting!!! hope to see you on the small screen soon!!! ^_^

Rose I really like u,u were so funny and cute at the drama of empress ki I like u the most.

nissi Ji chang wook u're the total discription of tall,sexy and handsome.ur role in empress ki was mind blowing,I've never seen any actor putting so much emotions like u did u make me cry,smile nd laugh...u were just so lovable dat it was unbelievable to think one could love like dat. And as for me u're the best actor korea has.

greenpeasisland oppa ^^ I'm your fans since I watch sleeping beauty movies :") and I more more like you every I watch your movies or dramas or when you are actor for music videos. your acting so excellent and amaze me too much. acting are skill and talent, and you have them. fighting oppa for your later project ^^

gold Oppa,am one of your biggest fans,I love ur acting nd skills in both triangle nd empress ki,I wil be cheerin you up..oppa fighting

Rosemary I fell inlove wit ur acting in Empress Ki, u were excellent. And I believe u can do more.

D-Rose Annyeong Jim chang-wook am a new fan urs

samanta hi ji chang wook i love you series empress ki wanderful series and best best best actor korean i love you se much

pitbull Hello Ji Chang Wook loved the series because you empress ki representative witty

Bu yong Congratulations! you just got another fan here! I started watching Empress Ki just because of you when I saw the trailer , but later on I was all involved in the story and I absolutely love it! You demonstrated that perfection exists: your acting skills are unique, awesome, natural and unpredictable, you have a pretty voice and you are super handsome... I am so impressed by you :D keep going and enjoy every future work just as you have done with your previous works. You are one of the most talented and amazing actors I've ever seen <3 Fighting!

Romelie Geregia I just finished watching your drama EK. Yes acting skills are superb . it's not stiff and predictable like the usual ..it has stirring and interesting char. I fell inlove with your char. With right role and great acting hoping to see more of your drama series traditional type hopefully your really is a great actor. May hapinness come forth as always in your life.!

more power to you jcw....hope lmh and you can work together soon... more power to you...one of the best actor ive known...hope you and lmh can work together soon...

Katie I loved your part made which that love isn't dead

precious josephine oppa you are too great.fighting

Leloo Chan JCW you are the reason why I smile every day , I'm so in love with your acting skills you have a great voice too , I listen to your ost from 5 fingers every morning , I wish you all the happiness in this world , fighting oppa , saranghaeyo :$$

Reno Warrior baek dong soo,Empress Ki i like so much....Waiting your new drama soon............i hope u be a best actor...fighting!!

Novychan You are the reason I watched Empress Ki, you did a great job there :-)

tp I really love you, JCW. You're the reason why I watched the "Empress Ki" drama. Was a bit disappointed with the ending though. Hope that you will be the lead actor in a new drama soon. I'll be definitely waiting for it. You're an amazing and a promising actor. FIGHTING!

Hyun An excellent job of executing the character, Ta Hwan in Empress Ki. You did a great job and hope to see more of you! You know you did your job when viewers start having strong feelings towards your character, because you made them believe you are that way when you really aren't...that's what acting is all about. Keep it up!^^

tdkjw Ji Chang Wook, you are a wonderful actor. Amazing acting skill in empress ki and other dramas, I'm in love with EK because of you and HJW. Thank you for giving me variety emotions & feelings with your acting. I laughed, cried, was angry, jealous, even mad, sad then happy with your charater throughout EK. Truly, you are a talented actor. Keep up your good work. Forever supporting you.

Tahmineh dear JCW you were the best among the best of empress ki artists. I was enjoying see you in every scene you played. your acting was very great and lovable. Go ahead and let us see you at the another great job.

rskdrama Friendly advice. Choose the right character to act. What you did in Empress Ki wasn't acting. You can do much much better with the right character, we have seen that and hoping to see moreof your good acting in the future.

Jen Very good actor, silent but effective acting using his eyes in convenying what he feels. Very charming and charismatic also

Movie Buff Hi you good looking talented guy. It's too bad you won't be able to show your martial Art talent, like Warrior Baek Dong Soo. This character as the King hopefully becomes more noticeable as a REAL KING before the ending. Although in this era your character has a lot of charisma, we need a manly man, that you are. We are enjoying the drama from here and looking forward to an exciting ending. We love all the characters and hopefully will end well for your audience sake. Always looking forward watching your dramas and especially you. Handsome and your expression in your characters makes you more interesting to watch. Keep on fighting!!!!!!! Thank you the Staff of Empress Ki.

samanta hi ji chang wook series empress ki wanderful i love se much best best best actor korean

janit hi ji chang wook your best actor korean i love you

Quan hah... "Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?" ( = Why is it that you've come into my life only just now?, and it's a nice song) ahh... Ji Chang-wook-ssi, I like you now despite of your very pretty face :-) Baek Dong-soo didn't convince me then; it's this scared-ly Yuan emperor that did it, this adorably pale awkward spoilt rich kid, enough to make me go through Dong-hae's life (Smile, Dong-hae) while waiting for the rest of the episodes (of Empress Ki), enough to make it fine for me that Sungnyang does not end up with the gorgeous Goryo king ... Mr. Ji Chang-wook, I wish you the strength to choose film-roles that will provide positive inspiration for the everyday person on the street, especially the youth :-) may you prosper in your choices and plans whatever they may be in the future ... banzai!

tp I totally agreed with the others that JCW is so amazing in Empress Ki. I was certainly impressed at his emotional express in each scene. Congrats! Hope that he'll stay in this career as long as he wants it. Wish you all the best, JCW!

Mare WOW!!!!! I would like to see JCW in more movies/dramas!! I'm really enjoying Empress Ki!! Keep up the good work!!

XSynn I am very surprised from your acting in Empress Ki. Very great indeed. Also you are so handsome and looking great in this serie :) Cheers.

Pop Aguilar you're one of the many reasons why i'm excited to watch Empress Ki! you are such talent! you brought out every emotions you portrays! that is why i never doubted you getting an award! more power to you & your career! more projects to come! aja!

Youngie Hwaiting ji Chang Wook oppa. I'm amazed with your acting in empress Ki. Jinjja chuwa. Nomu chuwa, hwaiting!

Youngie Ji Chang Wook oppa, hwaiting! Jeongmal chuwa ta hwan. Kumawaeyo

sewuese hi! you are one of my top actor in Korean movies i wish i could no you more. always keep the good works up okay!L OVE YOU.

Faith Ahnyeong! Jst a fan luvin ur actin skills. . . Wsh u all da best.

Mahboobeh you are so great in empress Ki . your act is great.I love you.Fighting

Lae I love him sooo much! He's so good in empress ki! He deserves way more fans, I SHIP HIM AND SEUNYANG SO HARD OMFG!!!!!!

Kristine So so agree! He's so damn hot & sexy in Empress Ki. Great Actor, seeing him in different character and he's just perfect! Just see Empress Ki to believe. I really hope Ha Ji Won's character will fall for you in the end. I'm shipping TH-SN OTP!

Dalal He is the best actor in delevering all kind of emotion...when he cries, he makes me cry! When he make funny faces..he makes me smile. When he is jelous ..he makes me feel hw bad he feel. Wow what an actor..korea should be proud of him. Finally..he is so handsome..his handsomness is unbelievable.. Love you oppa From kuwait

Flore Ji Chang Wook you are one hot damn guy..i was your fan when you acted as Donghae in Smile again but now i'm totally into you..i've to use present tense..

Anso He looks. sooo handsome in Empress Ki!!!!

nadeem i cant be leave it his final fight thanks ji chang

sherif ji chang-wook we love watching ur moveie here in nigeria .thanks

Peacewon So far all your dramas i have watched were great, and are on my list as favorites. you are obviously very hardworking. I am looking forward to your new dramas : Empress Ki, and you are going to be a perfect guardian angel in Secret Love - Kara.

njay i luv jiw alot in worrior dong su

Ellie looking forward to watch your new drama.truly talented actor.as much as i like your villain role as in ha in five fingers,but i like your character in WBDS more.

Olivia Christine OMGosh!!! we share the same brithday excalty 10 years apart!! :D that is so awesome!!

azurymint He is also appear in the king of dramas as the actor who really hate anthony because his girlfeiwnd is stolen. Isn't it? I forget his character name there. But i wonder why his role there is not listed here

BriarLee I am so amazed at the depth and facets of character you bring to In-Ha. He's tormented by guilt for things he'd never have done on his own, and jealousy of not quite being the best or most loved. Watching the range of emotions such as: anger, hatred, disgust, guilt, even remorse, and love cross your face is amazing. I literally worry that your mind is going to snap even though I know it's not real. Just a testament to your acting talent. I look forward to seeing you in more things. Thank you, even though I know it's unlikely that you read these :o)

kanz Ji Chang Wook oppa, you're so handsome.. I really fell in love with you while watching Bachelor's vegetable store.. Keep up the good work! Fighting!!

shiela hi ji chang wook,i'm 16 yrs.old now and currently learning hangul,korean cuisine and others because i want to meet you someday with oh ji eun,i hope to see you...

Doutty Joo Ji-Hoon, It will take me some time to get used to you acting as the evil guy. I

123 @TP It means that Ji Chang Wook can plays his role well Why are you so angry, it's just a drama

jessica whats wrong with the comment below,he is an actor and basically he acts. also i think he does it perfectly, he fits the role, i personally like inha more, feel way too sorry for him, i hope he gets a happy ending. first i liked him a lot in warriror baek dong soo, but with five fingers i am a totaly fan. fighting!

TP You're such CROOK in Five Fingers. You truly make me sick of watching you. In real life if you kept playing DIRTY TRICKS like that, I guarantee you that I''d be the one who would help Yoo Ji-Ho to seek for: "an eye for an eye". If it were not for the beautiful classical music, i'd have quit watching this drama. Tired of watching you though!

n132 One of my cute dongseng You are so good looking I liked you since My too Perfect Sons Your acting is improve now Ji Chang Wook ssi, noona always support you Fighting

Renee First saw Ji Chang Wook on Hero where i first thought he was super cute lol ;) then i watched him on Warrior Baek Dong Soo - and even though on that drama my heart went more out to Woon than Dong Soo, he was still a major part of that drama that really drew my attention, not only was he handsome but his ways of dealing with people and problems that arose were astonishing - he truly amazed me - i now watched Bachelor's Vegetable Store because he played the leading role on it - and this drama had me captivated with him - so loyal and amazing <3 the kind of person who does not back down at people's threats and other things that happen - a very strong person - that is the type of man i am looking for - this is the first drama where i have seen someone not back down in fear of another - Taeyang (Ji Chang Wook) is AMAZING!!! Hwaiting!!!!! Aza Aza Aza!!!!

chinchi i saw him on five fingers for the first time, and totaly love him! besides he is damn handsome, his acting is awesome, affected me so much. now i just have to watch all of his works. i hope he will be damn succesful!

kdeon his not handsome but he has a strong sex appeal and chraisma.. I LOVE HIM.

JJ he looks like a cross between lee min ho and john park..?

Rika this day you're birthday... Happy Birthday ^^

tara I love you so much I wish you read this and stay humble and also be more popular ;)

sara you are one of the best actor i ever seen , you have everythig charm , talent , kindness and lot of thing that a actor need , goooooooooood luck

Bobbi You are very cute, kind, sweet, adorable and much more! I watch you every night in the USA. You are an awesome actor & I love you soooooooooooooo much!!

Bobbi You are very cute, kind, sweet, adorable and much more! I watch you every night in the USA. You are an awesome actor & I love you soooooooooooooo much!!



Lizzy I love to watching the movie smile dong hae . I love donghae. He is handsome & charming

Remla U r the most handsome actor from all over those Korean actors.U r adorable,cute and cool.U act so much well.ur acting in smile Dong-hae was very nice.i am a huge fan.i luv u soooooooo much <3!

nessa like your role @ smile dong hae. i wish i had a boy like you. always be healthy and take care.

chi HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wish all the best for you and your family, chang wook-shi

chi HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!I wish all the best for you and your family

Fara D Like your acting in Smile Donghae and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. You act very well and I just love the characters. Hope to be able to see you act in a new drama. Wish you lots of luck in your acting! :D

sha i really like your acting and your character in warrior baek dong soo and i also like when you and yoo seung ho act together in that drama...

Riisa Why he hafta be the bad guy in T-ara's new music video? -__- but he's still hot!

Komi Handsome actor....

amatei oppaaa......i like your smile....smile always....saranghae!!!!

Sarah You are really impressive, Ive been watchin' the drama Smile again with subtitles and I really likes your expressions as actor, nicely done! Enough said ;)

JCWfan some say you resemble lee min ho but i think you're more adorable than him! i really like you first in sons of sol p. and seeing you agian in dong hae makes me like you more! you're not only handsome & cute but really a great actor! wishing you all the best in all your endeavours! God bless! sarang hae yo! fighting!

pearl you're just adorable and cute as a button, luvya sarang hae since sons of sol pharmacy & now i'm watching you in smile dong hae & loving you more! hope you keep up the good work & get more offers! i can't wait to see your new drama series! take care!

pyaepyae I love u so much....... I wish you will get successful .............

Olly I am impressed by your affection and attitude expressed in the movie generally, and especially towards your mother. You have a heart of kindness and sympathy. For a male, you have acted a character of perfection, a character to learn in real life. May this be an inspiration for your spiritual being to be manifested in reality. "As in water, face reflects face; so the heart of man reflects the man".

maureen Ji /Carl whatever your name call - you should give Jung-Ah/Sea-Wa a chance eventhough she's a liar, a witch a brat and confuse, no one is perfect! She is very smart and beautiful. Remember, she was your first girl friend. She did try to help you and Anna in the first place until she got tempted by Lee/Do-Jin. She's a dreamer but she'll change if you give her a chance. She married Do-Jin and she thought He love's her but in the long run she loves you. For sure she still have feelings for you. Not for the money but for who you are how you feel for each other. What both is in your heart that's counts. Dah! Is this real or just drama! You're both good actors! Both very charming..... Oh Ji-Eum is too young for you, not matured and act like a baby. She needs to learn more.... Good luck!!!!

Tsehaye It is nice drama you should proud of yourself "take care of bongi"

Temelkach Donghea is seconded to none. I also appreciate Saewa and Mrs. Kim. They are really great in sholdering such a villain character. By the way, this drama has several fans from Ethiopia!

tsega z best korean actor..........

Hayi Dongae(Ji Chang Wook), u r handsome and cool.

Luv u

I wish u all the best!!!!

zed he is so cute,adorable and real actor love him.sarangheyooo dongheayyaaa

rachel I really like your character so much i hope to see u more in many movie we really crazy about you ,u so handsome and very hot guy

chiane i like him hes so cute


watiey Hmm so nice and sweets i alway waiting for his drama

won' Wow, he is one of the best actors on KBS. Good luck, young man!!!

yoo I love donghae and bongi!!!!!

dani AAAAGGGGHHHH! so cute

Sarah He is very cute & charming.

jxsoul Love this guy!

yeon hee so cute... oppa, love you..

dTaniax waaaaa so cut!!

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