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Ha Ji-Won @ 2102 PiFan
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Ha Ji-Won, born as Jeon Hae-Rim on June 28, 1978 in Seoul, South Korean, is a famous actress. She came from a large family of six (including her parents, 2 sisters, and one brother). Ha Ji-Won is the second oldest child in her family and her younger brother Jeon Tae-Su is also an actor.

She started in the entertainment industry, after a talent agency offered to sign her to a contract. Ha Ji-Won considered the offer with her mother and eventually agreed. The contract also required that Ha Ji-Won go to college and major in theater. She also had to mime as a dolphin during auditions. In 1997, Ha Ji-Won made her acting debut in the KBS drama "Sinsedaebogo 100hui Teukjib" and continued to act in small supporting roles for several more dramas. With 1999's KBS series "School 2," Ha Ji-Won started to gain the attention of drama fans.

In 2000, Ha Ji-Won made her feature film acting debut in the film "Truth Game" playing the role of a fan club president. Her performance would garner Ji-won the best new actress award at the 2000 Grand Bell Awards. Two years later, Ha Ji-Won would land the starring role in the box-office hit "Sex Is Zero," a film that would sell 4.2 million tickets during its theatrical run.

For the following year in 2003, Ha Ji-Won would take the starring role in the MBC drama "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman" - a unique action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty period. "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman" became so popular in Korea that a new expression "Damo Pain" (다모페인) was coined in reference to all the fans crazy about the drama series. Ha Ji-won would reveal later in a 2009 interview with KBS2 TV that her most cherished performance is "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman," due to the fans she gained from that series and that performance opening the door for coveted future roles.[1] In 2003, Ji-won Ha would also release her first and so far only album to date "Home Run."

Ha Ji-Won's next performance in the 2004 SBS drama "Something Happened In Bali," turned into another hit with the series revealing a surprise ending that became a hot topic for its audience. Over the next few years Ji-won Ha would appear in a succession of romantic-comedy films: "Reversal of Fortune," "100 Days with Mr. Arrogant,"Love So Divine," and "Daddy-Long-Legs." Ha Ji-Won would also star in the popular 2006 KBS2 historical drama "Hwang Jin-yi," which recorded a high 29% viewership rating.

Since that time, Ha Ji-Won has branched off into various roles for feature films. She has also picked up the reputation for picking challenging roles, as she learned advanced aerobics for the film "Sex Is Zero," Sunmudo (Korean martial arts) for the film "Duelist," and boxing for the film "Miracle on 1st Street" (in which she filmed the boxing scenes herself).

In 2009, Ha Ji-Won appeared in the big budget disaster film "Haeundae" and the drama film "Closer to Heaven," involving a romance between a man afflicted with Lou Gehrig's Disease (played by Kim Myung-Min) and a funeral home employee (played by Ha Ji-Won).

Ha Ji-Won then went on to star in the highly popular drama "Secret Garden," which recorded an impressive 31% viewership rating nationwide in 2010. She picked up numerous awards for starring in this series from the 2010 SBS Drama Awards.



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علی I am one of your fans from Iran.I saw you in Empress Ki and i like your personality. With the best wishes.

elijah14 Hi!Ms. Ha Ji-Won,Im elijah from Philippines, im so very excited to your next movie with ji chang wook and joo jin-mo.I hope you visit here in the Philippines because i want to see you in person,and i miss your movie "empress ki",i monitored until final.hopefully with part 2 because i like the story...... :-) :-) :-) saranghaeyo ji-won...

Jenick Hi Jiwon unnie, you are extraordinary actress. Awaiting your new drama is so exited. Love you fr. Indonesia.

Lily Bolden From all Korean Actresses, I'm very fond watching Haji Won drama series and in the movies. She is such amazing and serious actress that can pull of her versatile acting role for real in walks of life with unique talented skills. She deserve to accumulate all those awards given to her in accordance with her acting ability and influence of luck on her career. I love her fashion style, and to keep her figure with energetic and rejuvenating beauty always look fresh on screen. I was impressed with her role in The King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi, Empress Ki, Huntresses, Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and most of all the Love story with Bi Rain. I hope she would be able to team up with Bi Rain in Drama series. I give Haji Won a flying five stars in her acting ability with standing ovation, well done :-)

I'm your fans from U.S. in California.

Putu Hello Unni, I'm your fans from Indonesia. I watched your drama more and more, never bored with it. I love The King 2 Hearts, it's so touching because still today, I see the war in much of country like in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, South Africa, Libya etc...

So, it's make me make a wish that someone like Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah are doing something to stop the war. I love you Unni...

For your next drama... fighting!!!

ichigo959 I saw her in "100 days with mr. arrogant" and I thought she played the character very well. She was funny and she made a believable character.

Chit Chit Ha Ji Won is very good actress. Her movies and dramas are very good.Her next project is The Time I Love You ; 7000 days. I wish her co-star is Rain Bi. I don't like Lee Jin Wook because he is playboy. Ha Ji Won is single girl.

rosy You are my inspiration...I love you so much than other actresses.No one can compare you in this planet!!!

Jenick Hi Jiwon unnie. It was long time no see you. I watched your drama are The King 2 hearts & Empress Ki, also your movie 100 days with mr. Arrogant. So nice & perfect. Miss your new performance. -Jenick Indonesia-

Emily Ha Ji Won - a truly talented korean actress. Absolutely amazing performance, she delivers every time and does not disappoint. I would loved to see her love life realized. Can't wait for her upcoming drama.

Gina Ha-Ji-Won, you are too much. I love your skill. More Grace to my one and only Empress ki.

Jenick Hi Jiwon unnie Miss you in your new drama Good Luck <3

aela1023 we miss you on a small screen unnie...please comeback soon for us we love you

Joseph Quent Gallenero Hi EMPRESS KI.great...you make me cry in the last part of empress ki. yuan dynasty

Trizia Mae Yeah she's really the best :* ! The way she act it's very natural at all ! Go Ha Ji Won !

Mellissa S Ha ji -won is the best !!! <3 all your movie it's really nice ! <3 <3 <3 You are amazing actress... !!! I really love your drams series Empress Ki but also other. I love your performance

tp You're an amazing actress. I couldn't believe that you performed remarkably in "As One". Love you!

Klarisse Hiii ;) Im so happy because i see you twitter ! <3 You are my idol , Please reply me! :/ im so happy because you are my forever IDOL ! :) In my future i want to see you :D <3 im filipino (; (; Im watching you're drama (EMPRESS KI ) im so happy when i watch this drama! :/ please reply my name is KLARISSEANNEPAGULAYAN 12years.old Im live in CAVITE , MAMBOG 4 ADDAS 4-A Block 13 , Lot 10 ! And i have a LETTER for youu! :) Can you help to delivered my LETTER? :D iloveyouuu ♥

jacob michael ha ji won youre so gorgeous women and youre very beatiful youre attracting me slowly<3<3<3

Jhayr Hi Ha Ji-Won I really love your Drams Series Empress Ki.

Ki-Watcher Amazing actress... she does everything well. Now I have two most favorite and most respected Korean actresses...

1. Lee Young Ae 2. Ha Ji Won

How does Korea produce such top caliber actresses?!!!

saramae anching Philippines! hello Ha Ji-Won your so beautiful i Empress Ki! i love it so much :-)

maria jorelie torreon hi miss Ha Ji Won ,,,you are my also favorite actress of korean star.....my favorite Drama Series, Empress Ki, I watching all night..sa fantastic,,

Lynmates I want more hyun bin,ji Chang wook and of course my favorite ha jiwoon drama series and movies

karphy i love yah Haa ji won dont knw what to say,before you become the empress the way you fight i wish i can and of all you are really pretty epitome of beauty. More greece to your elbow!

anne she's so awesome . i like her .

Exequiel She is My Inspiration In LIFE :)

rachel shes awesome in her acting carrer i always watch "EMPRESS KI" here at philippines and i also liked her movies :) Im very fan of her. shes so beautiful i admire her so much... :)

Siwan I love her so much. She is the best actress in my heart.

Bryan I really love Empress Ki casts, I wish someday I see Sunyang personally.

Maelee I never really notice female leads in dramas - but Ha Ji-won was really memorable in Empress Ki. For the first time I found a female lead I could admire as a character and an actress. I have since watched her in King 2Hearts and Secret Garden. I will watch anything she's in now. Such a beautiful, strong and talented woman. Very hot too! You're truly an inspiration, God bless you.

Deborah Ha Ji Won you are one of my favorite Korean actresses! I love that you portray fearless women who "stick it to the man". You show that girls can do high kicks and sword fighting, too! I've seen you in King 2 Hearts and Secret Garden. I love the part in King 2 Hearts where you protect Lee Seung Gi's character from the evil guy at the carousel. I had chills down my spine! I am about to watch Empress Ki (I love the soundtrack!) Stay Awesome! Fighting!

Sophia Mae I really love ha ji won I wish someday I see her personaly and have autograph with her....I wish I can go to south Korea to see her......I really admire her....when I watch the empress ki that's the first time I admire her and beacause of the korean film empress ki I continued watch other film of ha ji won,...I wish that the empress ki is have a infinite episode.....I really idolized you........ :-)  :-)

Gellie I really love Empress Ki Casts.The plot made my heart aches and my tears kept on falling but I enjoy watching it. I hoped to see a real Emperor and Empress. Job well done to all of you including the director and those behind the seen.

Nene ledesma The first time i saw ha ji won in 100days with arrogance,i started to look for another drama of her.i cannot forget her tantalizing eyes and her good acting.

Josie The role and the acting that Ms. Ha Jin Won played in the Empress Ki was an excellent one, along with all the main characters, like Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Wook and almost everybody else.

The story is also excellent and Ive learned a lot from it. I just love the series Empress Ki.

Kudos to Ms. Won and all the cast. Keep doing good film/drama series that would touch the lives of people all over the world. God bless you.

kim sarina I love you ji won unni you are my idol i think you are the best korean actress really want to see you and i believe it will be happen :)

Otaku Senpai I hope the Empress Ki has infinite Episode ! :(

Nezha i want to see her as lead role on drama again... like in secret garden ^_^

Joana Hi Ha Ji Won i love you very very much .I wish that someday i can see you in personal,maybe when i grow up because i'm just 13 years old high school who wanted to go to south korea to see you ,'but i'm not that too old.And Ha Ji Won thank you for being my inspiration . I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH :)

Julie Because of the Hwang Jin-Yi getting to know you, Ha Ji-Won. The Empress Ki , Seung-Nyang , you are great . My friends and me love you and Ta Hwan so much. Seung-Nyang is a very loving wife , a very good queen . Seung-Nyang and Ta Hwan , your love is very touching , let us envy . you are a excellent actress , Ji Chang-Wook is an excellent actor too .You are the best CP, I hope you can Cooperate again in a TV show or movie .

charm I admired you that much!the versatility of your personal in your craft is very admirable..I've been with your journey since memories of Bali until now..you're one of the best actresses that I salute that much! Keep up the good the good work coz you're so blessed! Your acting in Empress Ki is excellent!

adame grace Empress,hwang jin yi and others. the movie of Ha JIn Won Movies and tv show are the best talented,she can act like a boy,He's the one that I met her at all unique artists, almost all of his movies I watched, promise I can say that she is the one. I'm just wondering why she can not very popular, because most are viewing actor / actress in the popular and handsome / beautiful, but ha ji won is beutiful too!!! think what you think but its true... But for me she is the Best,The One...i love you my only one idol

  1. HaJinWonTheOne!!!
  2. WangYu #Empress ki....


  1. wangNyang. Forever!

angel Team WangNyang :)

best of best couple in drama series . hoping in Real Life Couple

  1. JiJinMoWon

Sundee^_^ Great actress... love to see when she's with JI CHANG WOOK ^__^ Please make another movie together.....LOVE YOU

Mickaela ^_^ Really like her.. specially when she's with ji chang wook.. :D

Aly Wow, I'm really impressed! Couldn't believe that she's almost 40 years old... She looks as if she were just in her early thirties... Watching Empress Ki and really love her and Ji Chang Wook's acting. They looks great together!

Yellow Lotus Parehas kaming boyish type. Nakaka-amaze the way she plays her role very well. :)

charie i miss you jiwonnie...i am so happy again to see your show here in the phillipoines. god bless to you. mwah!

willie john abion Super b. I love the ways you act bcome empress is hard to do much effort but you do it very well ..im proud to be your pants here we are in philippines.you are best actress ha ji-won..

Kathy You are such a great actor ! Love you role, Ha Ji Won unnie hwaiting !

Skylet I love your movie and i admire your role.

LANIE CAPILLAN For me, you're the best of all best actresses in korea. Keep it up Ms. Lady Ki. You are amazing, No a terrible woman(from Dowager) Hahaha! I love your passion for helping other people in real life not only in the movie you've made. God bless and keep healthy always. Fighting unnie

crown I love you lady ki.....keep it up,wish you are wang yoo's for real. My Birthday month mate...

princess A* my b-day is on 27 th June.Amazing.Wish you success!

tashi norbu She is best, i have seen theses day why she coming out ? We love her

Saw Hsar Kapaw Due OI-Nyi Sar Rar gie I've watched your movie table tenis,I like you. Fighting........... Give support you..

mhel jacinto i really admire you ms. hajiwon, you're such a good actress.. hope to see you in person.. keep it up! aja!

kimchi monster who won? Ha ji won !

Clarrisa I really like you Ms.Ha Ji won.You are so beautiful and talented.I've watched some of your drama and movies. Keep up a good work.....Fighting. ..

milkyyy18 the best actress forever. I love you!!!

kumon belated happy birthday jiwonnie!!! :)

sama happy birthday ji won unni ... love u a lot .. ^^

imah unnie...... fighting!!!!

kumon good luck to your hollywood venture eonnie! Do well! Fighting!

Donald Jenner And the woman ages gracefully.

andrea ji won unnie..... you are always beautiful,when you will introduce your boyfriend to us?? we are very curious about it...

M. Nguyen Such a natural talent in every role she played, the more I watched her films the more I'm impressed! People are so jaleous of her to think that she's getting old!

lea love you ha ji won...I hope can watch your new project soon...

ana I love you ha ji won the role you played in empress ki was superb keep it up

Angelll Pretty Ha Ji Won, hope to see another of your drama. (:

AJ I'm totally mesmerized by Ha Ji Won's superb acting skills. This girl is AMAZING !!! Most actors being paired with her became famous. That's a magnet of HJW.

I love this Ji Won Ha !!!!

minam oh no she has so many movies and dramas it's going to take me forever to watch all of them!!! lol i think i'm in love with this actress T_T

kumon @soso old but still kicking! she's that awesome. Age is not restricting her from being loved through the characters she portray. I love her to bits. I will be her fan even until she acts grandma roles. keke

Hyun I loved your performance in Empress Ki! I always enjoy watching beautiful, strong, and smart female leads. Sungnyang was such a refreshing character to watch after watching too many Korean female leads without a brain it seems like. I really enjoyed this. I always prefer watching a smart female lead that was rather plain like in the Thai drama Cubic than ditzy pretty/plain female. Let's just say I like females that know how to kick ass, and Ha Ji Won is the definition of a girl who can!^^

I think the first performance I ever saw you in was Something Happened in Bali (one of my all time favorite dramas), while I fell in love with you in Hwang Jin Yi. Actually, to take note, I noticed that in a lot of your dramas, for instance, Something Happened in Bali, Secret Garden, King2Hearts, and Empress Ki, a lot of the male leads were quite childish in some way or another. Must be that factor to contrast the two leads when female lead is quite significantly stronger physically or emotionally like in the dramas Protect the Boss and Spy Myung Wol (another two favorites). Just about everything Ha Ji Won has played in has been my favorite!

Ha ji won lover I love ha ji won I see all film that she play. .I love king of two heart see this film....

sosote Ha ji won is too old now

ann yeah...dong wook and dae hee had already met again after some years.when ji won and hyun bin follow them????? really miss them......

scha haha..i see there are many people that cannot get over ra im-joo won yet..including me!!!!so,really hope they can reunite back..since dong wook n dae hee already reunite..its already 4 years..woww..really phenomenon..SeGa forever =) =)

angelene i cant get over the secret garden syndrome...yes im avid fan of hajiwon-hyunbin.everytime i watch the videos of SG..i cant help but to fall in love over and over again...i hope there is a part 2 of SG.pleaseeeee.i wish hyun bin will fall in love with hajiwon.

angelene i cant get over the secret garden syndrome...yes im avid fan of hajiwon-hyunbin.everytime i watch the videos of SG..i cant help but to fall in love over and over again...i hope there is a part 2 of SG.pleaseeeee

kehn My favorite actress ha ji won....i hope you've win daesang award next year....congrats to your drama empress ki.....i hope to see you doing movie again....

rwho Ha Ji Won, you are not only a role model to women, but to everyone! You bring such humanity and charm into your roles. It's like you hold our hearts in your hands and make us feel whatever you want. You are a true artist. In case you haven't noticed, I am a fan. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

ukatu amara ha ji won, you are my role model. you are really talented and i hope you continue to impart more people. as for,i have learnt alot of challenges from and i am hoping to meet you.

Kim Ra-Rae The Best and my favorite korean actress ever. She's really talented! Secret Garden is a very beautiful, funny and amazing drama! Gil Ra Im and Joo Won are perfect together. <3

hajiwonrock she is the queen of acting she rocks

aliceinjiwonderland1022 Hi, Ha Ji Won eonnie.. I am one of your devoted and die-hard fans (1023r) and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards your diligence for great acting as it really inspires me towards a better change.. I would like to meet you someday in a life- time chance and please do keep smiling always, Dear Amazing Yeoja~ Our Inspiring and Beautiful Haet-nim.. I love you soooo much~!! <3 Your stunning smile always keep my heart warm and contented... Please do keep up the hard work in exhibiting your awesome acting skills in the future~! Hwaiting~!!! <3

Fabio Ha Ji Wo, the queen of action movies. Cannot find any other action actrees as you are. Keep improve your skill Unnie...

Mo I absolutely love her. She is one of my all time favorite actresses. She can play a variety of characters flawlessly, but I love when she is kick ass the most. I look forward to every movie and TV drama she is in, because i know she will be amazing.

Viera Unni why u not thinking about married u are too old,,don't always think about jobs,,it's will difficult to have child if u too old,,

choco Seeing "Best Couple Award with Hyun-Bin" on her awards list after watching secret garden for the 3rd time really make my life complete! ;D

SeGa uhhh I have a huge girl crush on you ha Ji Won! I ship u with both lee Seung Gi & Hyun Bin ^^ because u have best chemistry wit them > < please make more drama. I will always support u

ken I love you hajiwon....

cmcross Good actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world. In what I've seen from Damo to King 2 Hearts she's been amazing. Looking forward to watching Empress Ki.

boom Noona daebak !! hahahha

arwa ha ji won oni saranhamida!!! <3 <3 <3 vaytiiiiiiiing

gwendolynn thanks for acting. you have the art of bringing out the trueness of the character. may u see more in the field of acting.

Flora You are really beautiful in empress ki and also handsome

chayong Asianwiki Thank you so much for updating jiwonnies account I'm an avid fan of her..jiwonnie your the best korean actress ever..I will continue to watch your projects forever...wish you all the best in life ...saranghe from here in the philippines :-)

abiola Ha ji won.....i love u so much.stunt woman

5555 i love ha ji won you are beautiful excellent drama empress ki very good

Unicorn .... I thought she was Gianna Jun, They look exact to me....

den can't wait watching empress ki....

ace cara hope to see you in Philippines someday...take care always..

prudence she is so inspiring! beautiful with good attitudes. Her acting skills never failed to impress audience.

Bechai Hipolito HA JI WON is a woman of substance.

Kei Li Ha Ji won is sooooooooo beautiful and talented <3 such a fantastic actress seriously !


Please get together with Hyun Bin and make perfect babies. <3

neow90 After knowing about UTA good luck Ha Ji Won do your best !!!! Hope to see you in Hollywood Movies work with the big stars in there. Good luck also to your new drama Empress Ki looking forward to that your always be the coolest star I know hehehe :D

Raymar I love this lady. She's great.

rus miss.ha ji woon is really my idol..dia artis yg cantik, berbakat,multy talent..pokoknya artis hebat deh.

Christine (Indonesia) Bonjour, Holla, Annyeong Unni Ji-won Ha.. Why you never update your twitter? Anyway congratz for you already sign the new contract with U.S talent agent - UTA (united talent agency). I believe in your mature ages, you will be more start, keep shining like a diamond in the sky. God bless you as always.

Christine (Indonesia) Bonjour, Holla, Annyeong Unni Ji-won Ha.. Why you never update your twitter? Anyway congratz for you already sign the new contract with U.S talent agent UTA (united talent agency). I believe in your mature ages, you will be more start, keep shining like a diamond in the sky. God bless you as always.

Christine (Indonesia) Annyeong Unni Ji-won Ha.. Why you never update your twitter? Anyway congratz for you already sign the new contract with U.S talent agent UTA (united talent agency). I believe in your mature ages, you will be more start, keep shining like s diamond in the sky. God bless you as always.


  1. milleNAVALsaltik

shima she's my idol . . .^_^ i love you Ha Ji Won

claudia she is the best actress ever!and congratulations for the new agency United Talent Agency!hope your career in Hollywood will be good!God bless you always

kara good luck to your upcoming drama Hwatu! I'm ooking forward to yet another amazing side of your acting ability through Empress Qi's character. Continue being awesome by consistently setting a good example (your charity works alongside maintaining your good acting career) because they inspire people like me. Fighting Eonnie!

Love, avid fan from the Philippines

damer she's my idol . . .^_^

lili You're such a fantastic actress. love you as both Ra Imm and Jin I

juliet your an awesome actor i hope you and hyun bin are a good couple

Deena Your fans from middle east ,,, really love you and your acting ,, I can say you are the best actress and no one can say no ,,, you have courage and charming personality ,, i've watched all of your works ,, and i was impressed ... Hope I can come to korea and see you .. I love korea because of you

Desiree i like ur acting alot and i liked it more in secret garden.i pray to God that u and Hyun bin become off screen lovers forever because you 2 made such a good couple in secret garden.Ever since i watched it i can not stop searching about ur lives and relationships..........Love you and wish all the luck in acting and being HB's soulmate.....

May God be with You

Your Loving and crazy fan from Africa Hope You and HB make another MV together.

Bazinga I'm late but happy birthday to you Ha Ji Won! The most talented Korean actress! Can't wait to see your new projects!

waitinghwatu Happy 35th Birthday Ha Ji Won this will be your year, can't wait to see Hwatu and The Huntress!

Scarlet Ha Ji Won is a brilliant actress. I've started liking her in Hwang Jini. She's so believable. Love her <3

Jiwon Awardnya still many who have not registered... Hehehehe

zai dua she is the reason why i am addicted to korean drama..she is really amazing an brilliant actress..she has everything the character the personality..she has a humble personality..no wonder she is a famous star until now..i adore and love HA JI WON so much..hope she will find the best guy for her a guy that love her unconditionally...Love u Ha Ji Won..You are always the best in my heart forever..continue to shine continue being a noble and a philanthropist..God is with you..More power to you stay healthy..God bless you always:)

Ilija She is the reason why I started watching K-movies and drama

DudeFromFinland She's still number "1" in my dreams...... Time to sleep

zai dua Ha Ji Won is really a brilliant actress..i love her so much..i am so addicted of her drama series and movies even if i sleep late at night i don't care even my mom scold me..How I wish i could see her in person..Hoping to for Secret Garden 2 and King 2 hearts..for me she is the version of Angelina Joli in Asia...Love u Ha Ji Won..Looking forward to watch your more dramas and movies....MOre power to you..God Bless You always..I'm your No 1 fan here in the Philippines..

farel she's amazing woman......and amazing actress.....

farel ha ji won you're my idol and i think you're so amazing......

JC Check out Family Outing Season 1 Episodes 68-69. At the time she was 32 but looked like she was in her early 20's with a personality of a child. When I think back to her most recent role at the time Hwang Jin-Yi and compare that with her personality in the show, i'm speechless. Shes so beautiful and has a really unique character. one of a kind.

jiwon Wonnie, congratulations for the new agency, SidusHQ. Hopefully wonnie added brilliant career in this new agency.

carlà Amazing actress! She pratically won every award for her incredible acting exept for Best Actress Grand Bell, but she will win that too if she continues like this! I was impressed with her acting in Damo, What Happened to Bali, Hwang Jin Yi, Secret Garden and The King 2 Hearts, and her performance in Love By My Side is so touching and real. Fighting Ha Ji Won!

mr. arrogant shes a good actress but sometimes she is overacting. i know shes trying her best but thats not funny at all, shes like a jerk or a child for exagerating gestures and speech. exageration for me is a poor acting. sorry for saying this.good for her she knows how to pick a movie or drama thats hit and makes her famous.thats all

fan87 The best Korean Actress Ha Ji Won. Amazing woman, amazing actress and amazing charm.

Elle I am one of her fans here in America. Totally captivated by this beautiful, talented actress and I look fwd to all of her upcoming projects.

huggable She's so talented,so hot,so strong,so pretty,so amazing and outstanding♥

zee I'm crazy about Hajiwon. Her beauty very simple and natural, her eyes and her smile very beaufitul. I really like her.

Dianne Ha Ji-Won ... Thank you for sharing your fantastic acting ability with those of us who have seen your movies/dramas. You have a precious gift that you are using to its fullest. I've enjoyed seeing you in "Love so Divine", "100 Days with Mr. Arrogant", and I've just finished watching "Secret Garden". Amazing how your characters come alive on the screen as so believable! You do have the most beautiful eyes, too :) May your career continue to blossom and grow as you introduce us to many more characters! I will continue to follow your career! God bless you! A fan from the State of Alabama in the USA

anggi anggreni i so much adore ha ji won , she is my favorite actress from south korea. she is so talented, and amazing ! she has perfect body ! i really hope can meet her in indonesia !! unni, please come to my country, indonesia, and bali is the place where i lived! i love you unni, can't wait your next drama!

Andy Ha Ji Won- I think she is a fantastic actress and lovely person. I am sure Hollywood would be interested in her if she was considering it. And....she is so damn cute and one of the most beautiful women I have seen.

Miya She always look perfect.long hair or short hair always beautiful,,I hope she with Hyun bin

PrimaOptima Ha Ji Won is one of the best actresses I've seen. Not all people might appreciate her beauty and talent but for those of us who do, we will be one in saying that she deserves all the success and the love.

satyavati bv I am an India lady .... present I am stating in USA one day in my leisure time I have seen "Secret Garden" korean drama I like Ha ji Won's action... because of her I started to watch korean dramas and Movies...god bless you

FN ha ji won you are so pretty and the best korean actress

HJW OOhhh Gosh My favorit actrees in the world... Hajiwon!!!!

NM17177 i don't have favorite actress from korea, but now i have one, Ha Ji Won. keep up the good work...i love ur movies and drama...

park min hee i really like her eyes!when you look at it..it says everything!her beauty is magnficient!

park min hee i love her so much!!! want to see her in person!!!

park min hee how about LEE MIN HO and HA JI WON in a big korean action/romance drama?!I can imagine how can these two great actors will hit the hearts of thier fans..It would be great right?!can't wait!!!

ye wint thu I watch all your act ,your are perfect with unique others ,I love Ha Ji Won as my elder sister ,you will always young in my heart because you are my best actress.I watched The King 2 Heart and I am one of your fan . I wish Success will get more than you want.God Bless To you.

adnerb my boys are going crazy because i can't get over watching movies/dramas and anything associated with ha ji won...nothing and no one compares to her...God Bless ha ji won.

adnerb ha ji won is the ONLY reason i watch korean movies. her beauty is exotic and her talent is priceless because it exudes from the inside out. she is one of a kind. !!! i cannot watch any other korean movie if she is not in it :-))

teamleader78 Lovely Yeoja with amazing personality!!!

teamleader78 My one and only korean actress that i really admired ...more power Ha Ji Won ssi!!!

wien I love ha ji won at Secret garden,,,please play in new drama with hyun bin again. I love this couple.

CharLie Amazing GirL Amazing Actress Ha Ji Won !!!

Hang Ah You are a wonderful person.. And you so cute unnie... I Love u so mucH... Good Luck for you.. ^^

Cuwie1023 Seangil Chukae Hamnida.. Happy Bday Wonnie.. Sukses s'Lalu ya wonnieKuh tercintah.. ^^

cutie Ha Ji Won is one of the best Korean actresses ever! <3 I love her a lot!

Liz Ha Ji Won UNNIEE!!! all these years that i have been watching korean dramas and movies never have i seen someone as amazing as you. :)) you're soo different from the rest and soo experienced in many roles! I can't wait for more and to actually meet you in person if i can :) FIGHTINGG

Luvjiwonie Im a fan of korean dramas..addicted 2 it..from d day of jang dong gun, chae rim, etc.. till now, but 4 me HJW will always b the BEST korean actress, she's so hard 2 describe, a chameleon lady..im a woman n i dare 2 say im in love with u...but recently i felt that u choosed action dramas/movie, plizz dont b a typical actress, ur more than that...come 2 indonesia plizz

Luvjiwonie Im a fan of korean dramas..addicted 2 it..from d day of jang dong gun, chae rim, etc.. till now, but 4 me HJW will always b the BEST korean actress, she's so hard 2 describe, a chameleon lady..im a woman n i dare 2 say im in love with u...

vidhee she's so pretty..i like her so much...she's a talented woman..i hope i can watch her drama with lee seung gi..(likes the king 2 hearts)..this drama very..very..great..amazing..i love it so...much..it's the best drama that i've ever watched..!!!!

honlum I think I'm in love with Ji Won :/

ressa ha ji won hope to see you in person! i'm your no. fan here in the phils. i've watched all your movies and drama many many times! i love all your character! you're great, amazing woman and admirable woman! God Bless You always!

1023 Ha Ji Won incredible artist and has always worked hard in every role ... Unnie I always support you ... Success unnie ... :)

jiwonlover ha ji won you are so pretty.your smile so cute

Bechai You're my favorite Korean Star. You're an award winning and a versatile actress. I hope to see more of your movies and drama series too. keep it up, Ji Won! Take care and God bless! mwaahhugz

Franco Holm Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

reslie she is one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann I swear she's the best actress I known!

kimjino my top fav actress. i watched almost all of her dramas and movies. Secret, LiB, Damo, WHIB, HJY, SeGa are all my favorites ever. jiwon unnie hwaiting!

Maria My favorite actress ever.. I loved her in Secret Garden and I really hope I get the pleasure to meat her someday :D

jiwon-juri She's a force to reckon with, no doubt one of the Greatest actress of this generation.

uyanga you beatuful and top actress.i like you drama

pure pinay hyun bin and ha jiwon are so good in secret garden....i wish they are off screen lovers too he!he!he!,

sandra love this amazing woman...a versatile actress...my most favorite korean actress.

fardhe miss Gil Ra Im/Ha Ji Won,ican't say anything after i saw your acting in secret garden.. awesome.. hope you come to indonesia like hyun bin in several months ago.. keep fighting unniie...!!sarangheo

fardhe miss ha ji won/gil ra im,i can't say anything after i saw you in secret garden.. you're so beautifull,funny,sweet and make me can't see anothers.. i can't sleep before i watch you in secret garden although just one episode.. Hope you come to indonesia like hyun bin several month ago..keep fighting..!! sarangeo..

leonora your my no.1 idol hope your always happy and healthy.i won't forget secret garden till the rest of my life.

Metasinz Great, talented and extremely hardworking actress. Her beauty is really unique, and she really shines when she is acting.

Though she is now slightly more recognized, I believe that she is still being under-appreciated, and her talents should be rewarded with much much more awards than what she has now.

Love you forever and I will always support you! Please take care of your health and continue to produce excellent dramas/movies for us to watch and enjoy!

haibara_f Secret Garden is the best korean drama i ever seen... me and my mom were fans of Secret Garden. hehe unnie,,, please have another project with hyunbin oppa (after his military mandatory service, of course).. i'll be waiting for secret garden 2... haha... amien.

ken She will be the only number 1 actress in my heart forever !!!!!!!!!!!

ozer kun you believe,what you see is what everything is supposed to be but can't you see,that it's only gonna make you blind from the reality jumping up and down then you slowly change your mind and stop when you're lonely mood swing is your responsibility move' on just trying to sing along to the song to this melody if there was something inside of me that could save you and let you free if somehow we could lie in bed all day as if it was meant to be if there was something inside of me that could save you and let you free if somehow we could lie bed all day

romina i love secret garden.it was amazing.i love ha ji won and hyun bin.you are awsome

sohaila i like miss ha ji won very much and her movie secret garden.!..

Irishguy Only recently discovered the joys of Korean Movies and drama outside of Korean horror and have been extremely impressed by Miss Ha Ji-Won versatility and chameleon like abilities as an actress. Take a Bow Miss and I look forward to seening more of your performances in the future.

JAMIEWEN fanatic .... oooowwwww.....

       really miss ha ji won specially jamie gil/ gil ra-im 
   sana makapunta sya dito sa pilipinas... muah :-*
  wish you all the best .. good luck [for your LOVE life]

.................. ♥♥♥

ran i love her she is gorgeous

hajibinnie Ha Ji Won is really a good inspiration to all her fans. I hope she finds an equally exceptional guy for her :D

nikenweu Ha ji won onnie is the best actress in korea..i love SEGA i love hyun bin and i love u forever;-)

nikenweu Ha ji won onnie is the best actress in korea..i love u

jamie hi miss ra im or miss ha ji won.. . you know im your number1 fans. . since i saw you . . i make you my inspiration person in mylife. . i really like your drama the secret garden. . your the best of the actress i ever saw.hope we will meet each other someday and if it will be com true, then my that is happiest mmoment in my life. .thanks miss ha ji won. i will never 4get you. .

mee kyung jeon hae rim ::

                            you really make me crazy obsessed with you .. ;D

mee kyung .. for me : she's really amazing :))) and she's my inspiration ''

i hope i can see her in person .. more blessing to come ;>

daryl 하 지원 사실은 매우 보내는에 좋은 지도 텔레비전 영화 코미디 액션 드라마 공포 서스펜스는 짐승이다 등 당신은 기본적으로 단지 개최 약속한다고 여배우

kristyn wow your amazing everybody likes you especially me your so good .you are the my favourite i made a scrapbook who are inside is all of you i made this for you because you are the one that i idolize i wish someday we can meet good luck!!! you are nice to me . god bless you

MICHEIL i miss secret garden..i wish you will work again w/ hyun bin

MICHEIL ha ji won was very pretty she is so nice..she is the one.. i think hyun bin and ha ji won is good love team and compatible..

rosty-ann grabillo ha ji won and hyun bin are both good....i love watching their secret garden and i am looking forward to see the season two of that........ i am very meticulous when it comes to asain dramas and secret garden caught my interest so i watched it from the tape and i also watch it in the tv. my father tend to scoled me because i slept late in the evening which i knew was not good for my health but i am still doing that and there are circumstances that i forgot to study my lessons just to watch secret garden............so i hope you will have another movie with hyun bin............PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keishean ha ji won ssi the best Korean actress ever.. Beautiful inside and out!!! ;)

keishean Ha ji won ssi the best Korean actress for me!!! stay pretty always!!! Amazing woman of Korea... ;)

arthur you are a very beautiful sunset and i am sorry i miss your birthday for i would bake you a cake and give a gift from my heart arthur



i love ha ji won so much.............

alexia secret garden catches my attention teaser pa lang...............

alexia season 2 for secret garden please im begging you..............

krisz i Love ha ji won !! you are a great Actress !!!

cute im one fans of hajiwon best movie that i watch :) annyong;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

AngeL ow... So beautiful :*

same birthday but not the year :DDDD

p Does anybody know if she has (or another korean actors) her own page in facebook? . I mean her page not her fans’ page. please tell me if you know.

p Wonderful actress. She is so pretty & lovely. I like her. She was amazing in Secret Garden. I think she is very talented actress. She is very nice.

ysa Ha Ji-Won is really an admirable person. I love Secret Garden very much especially your love team with Hyun Bin. You two are perfect together ! The love story of Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won really touches my heart !!! Could it be possible to have Secret Garden season 2 ? haha... i will LOVE it so much !

ic i love ha ji won..specially when she acts as Gil Ra Im.. :)

judymae belated happy bday

judymae annyeong hi ji won ..i really like u coz ur so pretty .. i hope i can see u in person ... saranghamnida ..joshim haseyo ..

rein i really idolized Ha Ji Won....:)

shar ha ji won saranghae

shar o love you ha ji won

shar season 2 please….season 2 of secret garden please… season 2 please….season 2 of secret garden please…

shar season 2 please....season 2 of secret garden please...

shar i really love ha ji-won…she’s so beautiful…i always thinking of ha ji-won…

more project to you Ha Ji Won your the one

the best Korean Actress Ever



kay i like secret garden..more projects for ha ji won and hyun bin..

sheen ha ji won and hyeon bin forever great tandem!!! more projects to come...secret garden the best!!! season 2 please....

NICOLE ................... I'M AN AVID OF SECRET GARDEN ............ IT'S SO WONDERFUL.................

janella i really love all youre movie and tv dramas!! i was ur fan!! love you ha ji won!!! more success!!!

edmer i love u Ha ji won dahil galing u umarti s secret garden nakaka inlove k hehehe at sweet hayooooooooooooo,,,,

edmer Ha ji-won u r very cute and #1 fan becouse mgaling k mag drama s secret garden,,,,i love u yahooooooo,,,

Ajianne Well.. Ha Ji won is one of the best actress in Korea! She's really versatile.. I've watched many of her movies and 2 of her dramas. She was really great!!.. Such an amazing actress!! ;]

dianarose please have another project with hyun bin...more drama series..your good in comedy romance...i love just the way you act

joebelmae i really love secret garden this would be my inspiration at work ... My day is not complete without watching secret garden on GMA ..Love it so much. Hai ji Won is the best with strong personality i just want to be like her

razel ha ji won was very pretty she is so nice i think and hyun bin and ha ji won is good love team with there secret garden

maregil you're so hot ha ji won....i like the way you act....you are so famous and the very best for me...!

cheeryl you're so pretty and talented..

you are very good in secret garden especially when you and hyun bin in a scene...

both of you look good together.. hope thers's secret garden part 2....

very nice plot and story..

hope you visit here in the phils...

grezz i'm fanatic of secret garden... your amazing i love your smile @ your simple beauty.. i was hoping that you and Hyun bin will had another t.v dramas that inspired the filipino viewer. and its really great to hear that you and Hyun bin will be in real relatioship, your really perfect combination.. i luv u both........

klarzs Ha Ji Won ♥ Hyun Bin! Secret Garden really rocks my world!

Torune I hope she will come in Hollywood !!!

Torune she is too cool for korea

funkytown She has a long face and spiky chin.

Riisa Why is her last name different from her brother's? Her's is "Ha" and his is "Jeon" o.O

klarzs She's my favorite Korean actress! I love her personality~ Unnie, good luck to your career. :) Fighting!!!

angel giganan short or long ang hair nya ang ganda nya super!!!!! :)

SECRET GARDEN kakilig!!!!!!


cory ang ganda ganda mo ate, sana mag tour k dto sas pilipinas..

ganda ng secret garden!

princezs05 ~nya~~~ i reaLLy Love ji won-nuna!! <3

kimut Hmmm... I think there are many actress that are more beautiful than you. But you have such kind of charism that makes every one pay respect to you. Especially when watching your acting in Secret Garden. I must say that you are adorable. I like your eye gaze and your smile.

wilhelmina hi sista...luv u so much,luv u as chae ok in The legendary police woman.that drama is my favourite.u're so typikal and charming woman.i pray ur career will be always successfull n if u're at that rank,don't forget of God who had given u chance and talents;family who support u in joy n sorrow;fans who luv u n pray d best 4 u...also,be ur self in real life n be actress in acting:)Gbu

jingshi i love secret garden!.. ha ji won and hyun bin has a chemistry. this series is very romantic and so sweet! i love both of you.

Imba She is really awesome woman .. i haven't seen a woman with such passion in acting .. ops by the way is she 30? or 31? OMG i thought she is just 25? Hope to see her someday.. Soon Enough

PuRpZ ...annyeonghaseyo!,^_^,,I'm one of your great fan and admirer,,I like all of your movies and TV dramas,,I'm hoping that I can see you in person because I can only see you in my dream,,,I'm hoping for your many upcoming films and TV dramas,,,more power to you!,take care always and God Bless!..^_^

marife i love secret garden so much .^_______^ your so great and pretty much ha ji won

Arianne Hilario Hi Ha Ji Won... I like you so much.. You are so cool. You are my idol. God bless always and keep up the good work always... :)

Rina She is indeed more beautiful and skinnyin person..All fan account claim during HB's manchu premier....i'm also a HB-HJW shippers .. She is my #1 actress in Korea..Horray for her...Amazing Yeoja..:))

asd She is so talented, isn't she?! A real pro

Popcorn You're amazing girl! I love you as always. I've seen and collected the DVD almost every movies and dramas, and hope there will be new project coming out very soon. Love you with Jo In Sung in Bali and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and wish to see more of you to act with these two guys in new project once they release from the military.

lovely jean super dooper mss u........me and mah bstfrnd love you so much..........hope you're doin fine.......

chamroeun hi! Ha Ji Won. How are you. I'm Chamroeun. i true like you in secret garden. i from Cambodia. i missing u.

Lem0nee She is a very pretty...no...BEAUTIFUL person. I like her smile a lot. She was a great in Secret Garden. =)

yudi a beautiful woman, and humble and has a charming smile. really perfect. I really liked acting ha ji won in the secret garden

inn ha ji won......i loooove u.....u are very awesome.....i reaally like ur drama especilly secret garden.......from now i will follow all ur drama n movie n also personal developmnt.....u r the best ha ji won!!!!!

Sherry Ha Ji Won is the best actress. I love her how she is a humble actress even though she won so many tropies as a great actress. You are one of the best among actresses.

menk m i'm a huge fan of ha ji-won and i wish i could hug her one day. i absolutely love her and her acting's superbbbbb! looking forward to her next project. million kisses and hugs xoxo :)

cyral she is my # 1 actress

sar Vote for this her in this page please. He should remain one of TOP 10 actresses.

Sabrina she is very fantastic!!! I like her in 'SECRET GARDEN'

Frichel hello ha ji-won... You are a really a flawless actress.... Keep up the good work.. I'm one of ypur avid fans. Pls. send my regards to jo insung and ryan in memories of bali

rinn i can't agree more..she's been my favorite actress since 2004..we love u as always..Ha Ji Won Hwaiting!!!

Phuong Thy Ha Ji Won is so beautiful. I like her so much.

alice She is a pro actress, sweet, gorgeous and hard working. Her smile is really sweet. I love her acting

raia she is one of actress who don't repairs her eyes too much, or never repairs?

astri i love jer so much :)

sunny ms, jiwon: when are you gonna have another project with jo insung?

i'm sure a lot of fans are waiting.. dying to know IF it's gonna happen.. i'm a fan of you're teamup :D

nonsibi It is said "The contract also required that Ji-won Ha go to college and major in theater." Did the contract also say for her to go to cosmetic surgeries?

Jontot She so good actress.ha ji won are lucky to acting in popular drama Memories In Bali.she give her best performance on that show,the best korean drama have ever made.


piju she is the one

nica She is really gorgeous and sweet. I like her as an actress.

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