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  • Drama: The King 2hearts
  • Revised romanization: Deokingtuheocheu
  • Hangul: 더킹투허츠
  • Director: Lee Jae-Kyu, Jung Dae-Yoon, Song Ji-Won
  • Writer: Hong Jin-Ah
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: March 21 - May 24, 2012
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in a fictional present day where South Korea is governed under a constitutional monarchy, "The King 2hearts" tells the story of Prince Jae-Ha (Lee Seung-Gi) from South Korea and North Korean Special Force instructor Kim Hang-Ah (Ha Ji-Won) who become husband & wife through an arranged marriage.


In 1989, when the Berlin Wall collapses, a King and Crown Prince watch on TV, but the young Prince doesn't care about what is happening on the television. Prince Jae-Ha doesn't want even to become the king.

23 years later, Prince Jae-Ha takes military training. He isn't serious about anything, a playboy of sorts who looks forward to his discharge from the military. Meanwhile, the King (Lee Sung-Min) announces that military officers from South and North Korea will hold joint training sessions. The unified team will take part in the WOC (World Officers Contest).

Hang-Ah is a special forces instructor in North Korea. She is a great soldier with exceptional skills, but Hang-Ah longs to find a fine man to marry, just like other ordinary women. Due to her career in the military, she has never been in a romantic relationship. A high ranking military officer then asks Hang-Ah to join the WOC. Hang-Ah turns down the offer due to fears it might hurt her ability to eventually marry. The high ranking officer offers that if she joins the WOC, the North Korean government will take responsibility for her marriage and find her the right man. Hang-Ah accepts the offer and with two other members travels to South Korea.

Jae-Ha is the first one from the royal family who is discharged from the military as a low ranking private, but he doesn't care. Jae-Ha is just excited to get his release from the military. Unfortunately for Jae-Ha, he learns that he is selected as a member of the joint Korean team for the WOC. Jae-Ha is furious at his older brother, the King, but the King threatens to kick him out of the family if he refuses. Jae-Ha now has no choice but to join.

During the training period for WOC, North and South Korean military officers must room together. Jae-Ha sees his roommate, busy doing martial arts. Jae-Ha runs to a high ranking officer and asks for his own private room. The high ranking officer refuses his request and Jae-Ha must room with Hang-Ah.


  1. Actor Lee Byung-Hun was offered the leading role, but opted to take the leading role in movie "Masquerade".
  2. Actor Zo In-Sung turned down an offer to play the lead male character. Actor Lee Je-Hoon was also offered the lead role, but instead took a role SBS drama series "Fashion King".
  3. Cast members including leading performers Ha Ji-Won & Lee Seung-Gi had their first script reading at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea on January 26, 2012. The reading took place from 7pm to 11pm. Filming begins January 31, 2012.
  4. Korean drama series title had early working title of "King 2Hearts" and by February 28, 2012 decided on "더킹투허츠" ("The King 2hearts") as its official Korean title.
  5. For its ep.1 premiere "The King 2hearts" on March 21 at 10pm, the series went up against the ep.1 premieres of SBS drama "Rooftop Prince" and KBS2 drama "Man From the Equator". "The King 2hearts" scored ratings of 16.2% nationwide, with "Rooftop Prince" receiving ratings of 9.8% nationwide and "Man From The Equator" receiving ratings of 7.7% nationwide (ratings from AGB Nielsen Media Research).
  6. Actress Lee Yoon-Ji appears from ep.6 as Jae-Shin, the younger sister of Lee Jae-Ha (Lee Seung-Gi). In her first scene, she appears as rock appearing at a nightclub in the Hongik area of Seoul. Filming for that scene took place on March 18th at an actual nightclub in the Hongik area.
  7. Due to elections taking place on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012, ep.7 of "The King 2hearts" will be shown on Thursday, April 12th at 10pm and will be followed by ep.8 at 11pm.
  8. Engagement ceremony between Kim Hang-Ah & Lee Jae-Ha that takes place in episode 15 was filmed at Everland Amusement Park in Yongin, Gyeongi-do, South Korea. Filming for the scene took place on April 27th and took 10 hours.
  9. "King 2Hearts" takes over the MBC Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Moon Embracing The Sun" and will be followed by "I Do, I Do" on May, 2012.


The King 2hearts-Ha Ji-Won1.jpg The King 2hearts-Lee Seung-Gi1.jpg The King 2hearts-Yoon Je-Moon1.jpg The King 2hearts-Lee Yoon-Ji1.jpg The King 2hearts-Jo Jung-Suk1.jpg
Ha Ji-Won Lee Seung-Gi Yoon Je-Moon Lee Yoon-Ji Cho Jung-Seok
Kim Hang-Ah Lee Jae-Ha John Mayer Lee Jae-Shin Eun Shi-Gyung
(Kim Bong-Goo)
The King 2hearts-Lee Sung-Min (1968).jpg The King 2hearts-Yoon Yeo-Jung.jpg The King 2hearts-Lee Soon-Jae.jpg The King 2hearts-Jeong Man-Sik.jpg The King 2hearts-Kwon Hyun-Sang.jpg
Lee Sung-Min Youn Yuh-Jung Lee Soon-Jae Jeong Man-Sik Kwon Hyun-Sang
King Lee Jae-Gang Bang Young-Sun Eun Gyu-Tae Lee Kang-Suk Yeom Dong-Ha
The King 2hearts-Choi Kwon.jpg The King 2hearts-Lee Yeon-Kyung.jpg The King 2hearts-Lee Do-Kyeong.jpg The King 2hearts-Samantha Daniel.jpg The King 2hearts-Jeon Kuk-Hwan.jpg
Choi Kwon Lee Yeon-Kyung Lee Do-Kyeong Samantha Daniel Jeon Kuk-Hwan
Kwon Young-Bae Park Hyun-Joo Kim Nam-Il Bongbong Hyun Myung-Ho

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-03-21 1 16.5% (5th) 19.3% (1st)
2012-03-22 2 16.6% (5th) 19.3% (2nd)
2012-03-28 3 14.2% (6th) 16.2% (3rd)
2012-03-29 4 15.6% (5th) 17.9% (2nd)
2012-04-04 5 12.1% (7th) 14.1% (3rd)
2012-04-05 6 12.2% (12th) 14.7% (6th)
2012-04-12 7 10.7% (16th) 13.1% (10th)
2012-04-12 8 12.3% (10th) 14.8% (5th)
2012-04-18 9 9.7% (14th) 11.2% (8th)
2012-04-19 10 10.5% (16th) 12.3% (10th)
2012-04-25 11 11.2% (13th) 13.7% (7th)
2012-04-26 12 10.0% (12th) 11.8% (10th)
2012-05-02 13 10.5% (11th) 13.3% (6th)
2012-05-03 14 11.1% (11th) 14.2% (5th)
2012-05-09 15 11.2% (10th) 13.3% (5th)
2012-05-10 16 10.2% (13h) 12.6% (9th)
2012-05-16 17 10.8% (9th) 14.0% (6th)
2012-05-17 18 11.2% (9th) 14.2% (8th)
2012-05-23 19 12.5% (5th) 15.9% (4th)
2012-05-24 20 10.4% (9th) 13.6% (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.



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arianna I would not Say it is the Best drama I have Watched, even though I liked the script and the plot the Most. The two lead characters were nothing special for their acting skills, in fact the prince's Sister and his personal guard were much better and passionate. It is a refreshing drama, both funny and really Sad.

andriew very good drama. . .i very love it but,how can there is no reward they get,i am also have a little upset if i think about that,they just get for LYJ and one of ost of the drama

nentelly this drama is a black comedy genre. the plot is the most awesome ever. Whoever wondering to watch this or not, better give it a try. Lee Seung Gi so outstanding in his role. A perfect guy

RAidiviani Bestt drama everrr♡♡

glam this is one of the best kdrama :) its really cool everytime i see ha ji won doing those stunts moves. Cho Jung-Seok is super cute as well :D but i love Lee Seung-Gi ^____^

Deborah Best drama ever! I felt the pain and joy of each character. Laughed really hard, cried a lot. I loved the when Hang-Ah came to save Lee Jae-Ha at the carousel! Ha Ji-Won is a Bad Ass!!

andri I love this drama....

HopesDD A trainwreck drama on paper, a piece of art on screen and hell yeah!! A rollercoaster ride that I love and I'm addicted to.

Thank you for making such an amazing drama.

AirenSG At first, I was blowen up by this drama. I admit, I wanted to struggle Jae Ha if it wasn't Seung Gi portraying him. I pushed myself to watch it and OMG one of the bestest dramas ever. I used to predict the drama turn, but this one completly surprised me!!! Acting wise -no!!! Great acting, great plot. Outstanding story.

I have to point this, Lee Seung Gi speaking French!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it, I loved it so much. Thinking some actors can't even say their lines in English, he totaly rocked French, I used to hate people who speak French with an accent, but can't help loving his. His English is also perfect!! Seriously, LSG is the whole package.

sarah jane soco Hi!! I want to watch this long time ago.. Where can i watch this. How?? Thank you

yechizu WOW!! I just finished this. I didnt expect that it will be like this. Its AWESOME! I thought Its kinda boring but when you go on... its very very nice. I usually skip episodes with the other korean dramas, but this, I never did bcoz every episode is very important and interesting.. (u wont feel bored.) . I cant get over yet (its really great!).

the storyline.. excellent!. the twist.,... you cant predict what will happen. It will not also revolve with one story but theres alot that makes it interesting....the transition of stories,good and nice.

action, romance, comedy, drama (it makes me cry a lot of times) will touches your heart..

its all mixed here.. about family, friends, teamwork, cooperation, changes, love, sacrifice..etc.

the story is great and the characters plays very good. it suit their characters and played it well. Good JOb! the director made a good job too. I cant explain everything.but. I really like this and love it. this is one of my best drama. I salute to all!

yechizu wonderful ,...amazing story!! nice very very nice.. awesome! magnificent! extraordinary story! watch it!

cornfed The good guys are great, the villains, are scary, and Lee Yoon Ji is, once again, beautiful, and convincing as Princess Lee Jae-shin. I like both sets of leads and those horrible, evil characters who never made you ambivalent about hating their guts. Not every single thing turned out as I would have liked for it to, but, every disappointment was well-acted, and struck the chord it was intended to. I was happy that Lee Yoon Ji was able to win her seemingly annual award for excellence. Her mantle, or trophy case is getting quite full as she's won six drama awards in the past seven years.

Busola love this movie keep it up.

Mary MIgz Love this Korean Drama.The Story doesn't just go with the two main character's.And not only that the fact that North Korean and South Korean joining as one team.Means there' really possibility for world peace!!!

Jen Ng I love a plot of this drama. It is about a peaceful for a country, a love for family and military friends, and an evil of John Mayer wants to become a king. The write has very good plot, and it is very different than MHIYD on 2013.

I like two characters Kim Hang Ah and Lee Jae Ha. They make me laugh a lot when they in military and love. Also, I like Hang Ah action how to be a hero woman.

hwato I could rewatch this show hundred times and never get tired of it! love it so much, one of the best love stories i have ever seen!

bee huaaaah i miss hang ah and jae ha so much

sulthanah Happy second anniversary the king 2 hearts.... you have been my favorite drama all the hjw with LSG forever

Dane i love this one but why Eun Shi-Gyung Dies i like their love team Lee Jae-Shin and Eun Shi-Gyung

hana it was so beautiful . but why Eun Shi-Gyung dies ? its so sad , i fell like crying now i love him so much

askii i lovee it!!! daebak^^

shweta A self independent girl, who knows how to fight, doesn't wait around to be rescued, doesn't cry like a little girl over everything, is not irritating, has a strong presence of mind and trusts. This drama has the strong minded female character I have always admired and I'm glad to have watched it. It's sweet, romantic, has the right amount of action and the first half is hilarious. This was the first time I stuck around because of the girls' character. The leads and the supporting cast was awesome in their performance. However, the one thing I was rooting for was to watch Bong Bong and Ha Ji Won fight, too bad Bong Bong didn't live long enough.

sulthanah I came here again... I just rewatch this drama for...maybe 20 times. LOL. I never get bored over this drama. Yes, I watched I hear Your voice, the heirs, marry him if you dare but... They are not my cup of tea. I never watch them again after finish watching them. Even I did not finish watching thei heirs and marry him if you dare. Now, I am waiting a drama which can beat my love to the king 2 hearts

Kaziu I loved it! After re-watching it I still cried...a lot. The story line was really good and the acting as well. Loved the leads and the supporting actors. The villain was such a psycho, I loved it! :) The only thing that killed me was the foreigners acting skills. Most of them were horrid. haha :)

Angel I love the relationship of Lee Jae-Shin and Eun Shi-Gyung!!!! It is so sad that Eun Shi Gyung died!!!! but I would like it if there is a drama where both of them are the main characters!!! They look sooo sweet together <3!!!

reesha i already watch this drama over and over again. this drama is just.. PERFECT with comedy, romance, action, drama, and suspense mixed up. and i think lee seung gi is a perfect candidate for jae ha. he can show the cocky side of jae ha very well. this drama is definitely best drama ever

sulthanah I hope they can have a romantic relationship in the reality eventhough currently LSG is with Yoonah

sulthanah my favorite drama... I like HJW and LSG in this drama. Their chemistry is just awesome.

Alice I love this series, makes me curious about north korea. thanks TK2H

najme Its 1 of the best korean drama that i realy enjoy of watch it .... i love lee seong gi & ha ji won.

JiWon Don't understand why did so many of the male actor turned down the offer of such a great drama and especially the main actress is with Ha Ji Won!

Gd I think this is the Best korean drama of 2012... Too bad eun shi kyung died .. Thanks to TK2H team for the great drama

Clarkdale44 It was decent series... I usually avoid such plot with political power and all, but i made an exception just for this one as two of my favorite actors were the main leads. So i started watching it and soon it got bored.. Still i kept watching it and made through all the 20 episodes. There are many romantic moments, but in the end all i can say its not the kind of drama i would ever wanna watch again. I liked the performance of both Ha Ji-Won and Lee Seung-Gi, they sure are perfect couple.. Great compatibility... Great chemistry between them too.. Overall its 6/10.

Chelsea Smith Love this TV series!

jury I don't know if lee byunghyun, jo insung, and lee jeehoon was offered jaeha's role. I think Lee byunghyun more suit than lee seunggi and I think the rating will be better. I'm sad jo insung declined this role, because his chemistry with ha jiwon in memories of bali is awesome. I don't know why lee jeehoon take fashion king instead TK2H, because TK2H is more better than Fashion King, moreover he's second lead in Fashion king.

MR One of the Best Dramas I have ever watched!!!(I have watched Many Tamil, Sinhala, Japanese, korean and English Dramas! and this is one of the best) Back in 2012 one of my friends gave me a korean drama named '' Rooftop Prince ''. I started watching it but stopped it half way... But then later one day I watched '' My Princess'' GOD!!! I loved it! My K.Drama Craziness began with My Princess! And I fell in love with Playful Kiss! It was awesome! I became a Huge Fan of KIM HYUN JOONG!! i started watching his every single songs, Variety shows and Interviews (so sad he wont be there in Barefoot Friends any more:( )

and I recently finished Watching The King 2 Hearts! OMG! its awesome! Thrilling! The Background Music, Songs, Acting, Concept, the strategies!!! everything was perfect! beyond perfect! you can never predict what will happen next! one thing I love about korean dramas is that they have answers to every single question of the viewers.. This drama is up to an international level/ standard.. both the lead roles were perfect! THE KING 2 HEARTS!!! AWESOME, GREAT!! <3

Love From SRILANKA :)

australian pokies Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Spending some time and actual effort to make a superb article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and don't manage to get anything done.

Sommy This drama is gradually becoming my fav s k drama I love Ha ji won and lee seung gi I think they compliment each other and their love seems so real I must applaud the people of south korea for their nice movies which is already becoming very popular In my country Nigeria.

icedbaby Oh ma gush! Its so perfect!!

Rambo Sharapova I've watched it many times but I found myself never get bored :D It surely is the best drama ever! :D :D

freya King lee jae

Maha I love this movie just because of Cho Jung Suk. Cho jung suk I love u.

rajyeswari great drama ,story,loved lee seung gi acting

Eun Jung Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi did fabulous! I love both of them. This story was very, very interesting!!!

blinky best drama love the cast love the story my second time watching it REALLY THE BEST DRAMA AND NO ONE CAN BEAT THIS

Raphael Everything is very open with a precise description of the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is very useful. Many thanks for sharing!

vani i love this drama

Gabriela One of the best dramas I've seen, the low ratings for me were clear evidence Popularity vs Wonderful Actuacción and Production... HJW, wonderful as always, LSG very good in his role (never seen before) ... The chemistry and trust between the main characters I can not define, but we were very believable... LJH and KHA a couple strong, as I said LJH's brother... This Kdramas is A piece of art...

olicanal This is...without any doubt , the best K-drama I've ever seen in my life (and trust me I've seen lots). I thought after seeing the hana yori dango/ boys over flower story, there was no other story that will take the first place on my asian-drama-list but mannn TK2H did it and it went beyond that.

I could only think of 2 words: "A Masterpiece"

Miss Seungwon Happy Anniversary The King 2 Hearts, Drama Masterpiece. Always make Laugh, cry and Happy Forever. Missing Cast, Crew, and Hearties.

They are very Daebak!

Make inspiration for people in the World :)

TheKing2Hearts Not Winner for Award, but I'm Still admire this drama, I dont know, Why i'm very loving, admire and always love great story..

Lee Jea Ha, Prince Badguy change Prince Kind, loving and romantic. He always carismatic to handle korean kingdom, Lee Jea Ha.. We are always Miss You..!

Kim hang ah, Princess Innocent from North Korean, She good Military, but she innocent, make see hajiwon , very cute. I dont think, she is 34 old, no she like 20 old, very cute and sweet.

Story The King2Hearts always Daebak, Princess Lee Shin and Eun Shi Kyung, always stole in heart, miracle for them.. Make inspiration.

Always me Finish watching The King 2 Hearts, Cry, Laugh and Happy...!

Gumawo for Writer, Hong Jin-Ah and Trio PD : Lee Jae-Kyu, Jung Dae-Yoon, Song Ji-Won

You are Daebak! Fenomenal!

Ah-Ha Couple, You are Inspiration!, I Love you FOREVER...!

Moni STOP wasting your time reading the comments, and go watch the drama already!!! It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Amazing storyline, amazing acting, and amazing characters! I'm sure you won't be disappointed after watching it. <3 <3 <3

Pete This beautiful drama has made pretty and multi talented Ha Ji Won being nominated as the Best TV Actress in Seoul International Awards 2012, she is the best Korean artiste....Cheers!

LL really...really....good drama ..i watching yestarday ..a little late but i really really this drama ... this drama make me cry a lot... i cry during watching this drama. My Heart ...kon...kno...kno :D love you both

Ina I just can't stop think why this drama can't get many recognitions for the actors....?? This drama has an unusual story plot.....

Lee Sarang I have not finished this drama yet. I got to the part where bong gu gets released and is talking to hang ah. This story is amazing to say the least. I seriously can't stop watching it. This drama makes my heart throb and pound. It makes me anxious and excited to know what will happen. I cried my eyes out when eun shi gyung died. The tears wouldn't stop pouring. I was literally sobbing! These actors just grab my attention and make me feel like I'm actually part of the story. It's as if I am really there and related to them. I really can't even believe how good this drama is. I don't have just 1 favorite drama but this is on my list of the most best, greatest, amazing, awesome dramas to ever exist in the history of anything ever put on paper or the tv! I have a bit of a feeling there may be a Romeo Juliet ending but I'm hoping there won't be. My comment is all over the place but I hope u understand what I'm saying. I'm so upset that he died I just had to take a break and let people know how I feel. Amazing drama.

Phong This was definitely different then many korean dramas. I really like it. The only problem I had was the male lead. His role in in My gf is a gumiho makes it seem like he's not a serious actor. If only TK2H didn't go up against Rooftop Prince. It probably could have done much better. To think this story was much better than Rooftop Prince too.

Ronaldo It seems the drama version of movie "Love impossible or the so-called Love of South and North" way back 2003 but more on melodrama....worth to watch

simplyweena indeed...great drama!

ginger2827 Hi! oppa <3 u! I was so addicted in your drama king 2 hearts you two of Ms. Ha ji won is so very compatible I like ur acting skills I feel like the scenes was so true!!! I hope that you two will be couple again... and I hope also that this new drama is very exciting also!!:-)

yipang I really like this drama, cause the life of luxury and materialistic things are not the central point in this drama, which are in the most of the regular kdramas. And I really like Ha Ji Won, she is so beautiful and not artificial like so many korean actresses/singers.

nhalis jelek this drama so AWESOME!!

I can't stop watching it.. Love Ha ji won unnie n Lee seung gi oppa... :)

Zelaii Definitely one of the best kdramas I have ever watched! It's just sad that it didn't get high ratings but then again it's still awesome and I still love it. This drama comprises the things I really want for any story: -no third party -Strong female lead -direct to the point -with sense -political arguments -GREAT CHEMISTRY!! -AWESOME CASTS!!

Lee seung gi is so GOOODD and handsome and believeable that he could make you cry with scenes where he's crying/weeping/etc Ha Ji won is so badass!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her! I love her more here than in Secret Garden though it's a really good kdrama.

Shi-gyung is so handsome I could melt. I just wished he has a full version of "First Love" which was also sang by Lee Yoon-Ji (princess)

btw, it was like 2 weeks ago when I finished the drama and up to now... I still haven't moved on (which meant that I haven't watched other drama. but i'm planning to watch Queen-InHyun's)

So looong~~ that's all

Eueu Can't stop it once you start it. Very nervous and very romantic.All of you are awesome!!!!!! 연료를 보급하다!!!!!

vasantha rao The best most touching drama i have ever seen in my life, never has anything touched me so deep, the pair is perfect as if made in heavens, all international especially americans should see as to how beautiful and deep drama can be depicted in a mind boggling capacity, beats anything i have ever seen so far, may god bless the makers and the crew,i am obsessed with it now.Simply a work from a divine genius.

engkus 2 thumbs up!!!!! 2 big toe up!!!

bossmama DAEBAK drama. Best asian drama I've ever watched. The characterization was superb. OSTs were thrilling. Not to mention the plot, emotions, chemistries, storyline. Just... daebak. I hope it'll get lots of appreciation it deserves, as it didn't get high rating and all.

ree daebakk!!! first i thought its just another romantic drama,but after seeing one n continue watching,even now after finished watching it,,all i want is just repeat watching it again from beggining just one word,,its AMAZING!! Bringing global issue like north-south korea united is outstanding n very brave if i could,i wish to give FOUR THUMBS UP!!:) like the cast n story,,yeah i agree with most of reviewers here,Lee Seung Gi is improved a lot,i love it n he look so cool in this movie,,not as much handsome as Go Soo but he is smething amazing Ha Ji-Won,i know she is good actress n this movie make her become more n more,i like her in here,joha nen:) kim hang-ah ssi,,saranghaee lee jae-ha chonnaa,,saranghae

Steffie Even for this time Rooftop Prince's team in an excellent situation, but, Never lose any hope. This drama team brings one "inovation" for KDrama's genres. Two thumbs up !!

To be honest, This drama is very worth to watch !! I Love IT !!!

eun chan28 DAEBAK.... After queen seon deok i think i won't never found unforgetable kdrama ever, but TK2H is refused it. Its shocking me to see lee seung gi's act such a great actor N it increase alot than before.... Well for ha jiwon onnie damn it was amazing. DAEBAK TK2H

Hart Damn you TK2H! DAMN you!!! I'd still move on yet.....

Tomluvme Love this drama, lee seung gi, and ha ji won.

Taa TK2H is awesome. It taste so international, i like this drama so much. So different, it's not like any other drama which just show 'drama' to viewers. Dae to the bakk !!!

Nik This drama is a rare gem! *salute*

gyaa~ For a newbie watch this drama, lucky you're found some kind high quality drama which is rare nowdays. For loyal kdrama lovers (including me) watch this drama is like found a Gem among others. Result: another kdrama seem like blur after tk2h.

bannies After The King 2 Hearts, other kdrama just looks like....ehm-yeah-so-so (who-ever LM/LF, storyline, or SW/PD). Because tk2h set their bar (level) is very high.......*sigh (definitely not complain here) :D

kit TK2H is all-package drama, truly a Gem among others. Fantastic!!! Well done guys, whose are behind the drama production, including all actors, PD, SW, crews. Long applause.......

jio Warning! To sugary-light-romantic-comedy fans or the weak/faint heart people, this drama isn't cup of tea for you! But if you dare to challenged your self to endure suffering cause by this drama, you're totally be WINNER!!! This drama is Masterpiece!!!!! Bring a new level of kdrama-pleasured.

Raena No other words.....The King 2Hearts is MASTERPIECE The original storyline is Awesome, sucessfully my jaw drop each eps. And thank god, no cliche things!

Another kdrama should be changed-over just like TK2H did.

polaris why don't they make a part 2 of this kdrama for the princess and Eun Shi-Gyung? i love HJW and it's actually my first time to watch LSG act and i have to admit that this guy can really perform well.. however i can't deny the fact that i also fell for the other couple.. so why not make a part 2? maybe they can make a flash back telling that Shi-Gyung didn't actually die and that it was only an act so they could totally destroy Club M.. remember, Club M wasn't at all destroyed.. they only captured John Mayer right? so in order to demolish the organization, the king and Shi-Gyung planned the whole thing, you know, "his death" but in reality, he's still on the mission to stop the organization from making havoc.. now, on the second season, John Mayer will escape from prison and his anger will be towards Shi-Gyung who played him.. not knowing that SG is still alive, JM will try to harm the princess and SG's father and even the kingdom, so LSG will have no choice but to ask SG to come back to the palace and report.. hehe! sori! just love this drama! peace!

Diena This drama is awesome. Very addictive and inspiring. Watch out! You should have a Strong Heart and open minded before you can start watching this drama because it's not like any other Korean Drama...Yes. I agree if you want to call it a masterpiece!

joenjohana This drama is a masterpiece! The storyline may be not everyone's cup of coffee but it bring Korean drama to a new light in term of originality. The writer is brilliant. The director is genius. Every episode always end at cliffhanger and we can't predict what's going to happen in next episode. It's so addictive. The chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won is sizzling...both of them looks comfortable with each other on and off camera which makes me root for them even more. The lovestory between Princess Jae Shin and royal guard Eun Shi Kyung is beautiful. The relationship between WOC team is heart-warming...I miss everyone in this drama like they really exist! Kudos to The King 2 Hearts team!

tawtorot HD i likes korean dramas.. l keep on watchng likes,Iris,green rose,city hunter, tree of heaven n so on..recently,l came across some drama like fashion king,but l found it too slow so l pick `the kng 2hearts` which l likes from d 1st episode.. now my lists included` secret garden,` athena n so on..

mitz one of the best.. i learned a lot from watching this..

mitz i love this drama!

ian always been a fan of Ha Ji Won...most of her series was a top rater? what happened here?maybe wrong choice of project i guess...but it's ok HJW is always DAEBAK anyway..

marital affair I believe this is one of the most vital information for me. And i'm glad studying your article. However wanna remark on few normal things, The site style is great, the articles is really excellent : D. Good task, cheers

bluelysia I like Shi-Kyung-Jae Shin couple more than The King-Hang Ah couple.. <3<3

commentor I just finished watch TK2H,and I really enjoy it.actually I want jo jung suk end up with princess for the ending, but he end up killed by jhon mayor. Even the story is happy ending, it's sad ending for me, well I love princess and Eun Si Kyung story. I hope jo jung suk and lee yoon-ji will play on another drama together again :)

Haruna Brilliant!!! Oh my gosh...TK2H is kind of RICH drama ever. The storyline is incredible amazing point. Characters building is absolutely Superb. SW-nim...I'm officially fans of u. Cinematography is awesome. PD-nim...I know u're deservedly as genius PD. All of ur works is classics. The actors...LSG, HJW, JJS, LYJ, KSM, LJM, LSJ, YYJ, ect, thank u for awesome n superb acting! Music director, thank u for brilliant ost. Each won is ready spent on right place, totally amazing about setting/decoration drama, property, costume, ect. LOVE...LOVE...this drama!!!

tk2hdiehardfans After Sega, I thought never ever again found such as complete amazing drama from kdramaland. Most of them average, but many of them awful n disaster drama. With cliche storyline which one is re-cycles over n over again, so BORING!!! But, that was past! That's before I've find TK2H. feeling/addiction of kdrama comeback after watch this drama. Truly kind of GEM, I'm so greatful. For now, no more memories from Sega is left, to change over totally TK2H. satisfly.

bintang @Emily That is Ha Ji Won North Korea accent character (kim hang ah), so she speaks like that.

YES n YES, the king 2 hearts is wonderful n amazing drama. Its like too good to be true! But, finally some kind rare gem like this drama come true... Raw emotions has potrayed in almost all of ep this drama such as MASTERPIECE. Truly...kudos to all actors! Mrs/miss Hong jin ah n Hong ja ram, u are such amazing SW that I ever know, hands down for ur hard working script. Definitely diehard fans of u :D PD Lee jae kyu, hats off for ur amazing works. U're humble n good leader. Session 2?? Please.....

Emily I just started watching this drama and it is coming along very well and I'm sure I'll love this drama! Lee Seung Gi is amazing and so is Ha Ji Won but what's up with her voice?

1023 This Drama so DAEBAK..... Love u unnie.....

reegi FANTASTIC!!!

This is the best drama Tk2h makes we who watch this film jealous They look really really good together I love the story, it makes my heart beat so fast haha I can't moved my eyes from the tv and very enjoyed watching, I can't skip every part of this drama I have been watching this drama for 4 time and never get boring :) I hope this drama will receive many awards

enook This drama is very AWESOME!!! It makes you don't want to do anything but watch this drama It make me really satisfy:) I never think that this drama can't get the best rank, it mus be 1# They look great together, not look like they were sunbae and hoobae I never write a comment before too I really hope this drama can receive many awards:)

keira noona Briliant !!! Tk2h is a really different drama from others. There's no triangle love story or such melodramatic story as usual It has a proffesional compossition, The story was almost perfect The main cast acting was outstanding Especially, lee yoon ji and jo jung suk ... They made this drama unforgetable

The king 2 hearts ... I give u an 8 :)

byn Still withdrawal TK2H. This drama spoiled me to much.....even can't watch another kdrama. Totally unforgettable drama.

Gogagast FINALLY!!! Oh god, finally something new in kdramaland. A new genre/formula = a new breath! Such wait for this long...long....time. Finally, The King 2Hearts come to fill up my crave for a new genre from kdramaland. Am who's BORED with kdrama currently.

Piott If u've faint heart, or u're just one of fans sugary light romcom drama, WARNING!!! This drama isn't good for u. This drama will make u totally torture to core *in good way :) All of pains, blooding tears, jaw drop, scream, will be paid in fair way. Totally satisfied! Thanks n applaused to PD Lee Jae Kyu, SW-nim Hong sister, all cast n crew of production for such incredible and awesome drama. Well done, guys!

Cadee King 2 Hearts is a great drama.

All the actors and actresses are great. They portray their characters well. You will even think that King Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah really exist. When you look at Lee Seung Gi you will forget who is he in real life and the same goes with Ha Ji Won.

I even wish they are at the same age in real life, that they don't just have the relationship of sunbae (senior) and hoobae (junior)....note.... Lee Seung gi calls her "Ha Ji Won Sunbae" in real life...

I love their team up ..and. Lee Seung Gi looks older than her in this drama. I hope they win Best Couple Award...

Good job for the writer as well that he didn't put love triangle in this drama just like other k-drama.... Since all the conflicts were enough to test the love between the king and the Queen to be... But knowing that the King got jealous toward the second leading man is a little bit funny and entertaining... WATCH it if you want to know why....

Cade Each episode will bring you an intense feeling. If you haven't watch it and you are planning to, Then I could say you are lucky, since you won't experience the same feeling I've been through while waiting for each episodes to air in korea and be uploaded. It is finish now so, watch it....

Once you start, I'm sure you will immediately watch the next episode without skipping... Enjoy ^_^

Glem This is the first time I wrote a comment in any site, even though I’ve been watching so many k-drama in the past. Still, I’m not intersted in commenting, just watching is enough for me, but it makes me mad seeing that king 2 heart isn’t rank high as I expected. So as a support I wrote this.

All I can say is that….... that's how GOOD.. no . . no. . . that’s how AWESOME this drama is…... so if you haven't then I suggest WATCH IT,,,, you won’t regret promise…. for me this is the BEST drama ever.

Shin-chan If u're looking different n unique taste of kdramaland, I've high recomended go watch The King 2 Hearts! Brilliant drama ever from Kdramaland so far..... Full of intrigue, political isues, black comedy in smart way, intelegent, roman n family bond were heartwarming, this drama absolutely isn't enough just watch once but must it re-watch over and understand all of things/hidden message what's the writer-nim mean. This is drama for the thinker!

Mattie Such a great drama. One of the best if not THE best now on. Oh, I should tell you that I just finished watching ep12 here in NYC.. Finally, in ep 12 Ha Ji-Won got back to kicking butt. And, Episode 7 just turned me around on this drama! Do not want it to end and that to me says great drama.

commes I watch this drama "king 2 heart" becos I like Ha Ji Won. However, the script is childish and unrealistic. Nothing compare to LOVE RAIN.

jiwonlover ha ji won is the best

Willy This drama make me torture, heart-wretching, jaw drop, flooding tears, LOL, but its Absolutely Satisfied. Just like 'masokhist' this drama doing to me. And because all of that, TK2H definitely unforgettable drama in my heart. Love u so much. Muuuaaaahhh.....

Ve If any had justice there, this drama will won many highness awards. TK2H is brilliant to the core! Hey...Kdramaland industry just wake up and changed your stagnant formula/mainstream currently!!! Follow TK2H step! And Kdramaland will re-born again.

Lydia The best ending ever! King Jaeha so brilliant. The scene which make me giggle: Lee Seung Gi + baby = double cute baby. Ooppss....King Jaeha with his little crown prince, SO CUTE together!!! After TK2H, Lee Seung Gi isn't The National Young brother anymore, change to The National Man. Hot namja ever!

MiaIsNotBong2 So. Satisfied. Absolutely high quality drama! Already miss TK2H. Beg n deep praying to D-cut DVD, and I definitely buy it.

awesome this is top quality drama! good start, good ending too! they have it all ... suspense, love, humor, idealism, realism, tear jerking moments....i'll vote it best overall drama....RTP has more funny moments and light hearted moments ... and the shittest drama of all with the shittest ending is Fashion King! the ga young character is only pretty face and bod but can't act ... facial expression is like stone ...

byn Aaaggghhhh..... I'm MAD. I'm SAD. Shinkyung death *SOB* with HONOR to protect our king. Poor Jae shin, I'm crying with u dear...... OMO, jaeha how could you kiss hanga like that??? HOT to the Max! Is anyone here who's want to kill Bong gu? *count me in

tiik Seung Gi becoming more and more handsome.. i don't know but its happen a lot with Korean's man even he's getting older (well not really old) but i like him , he's cute and handsome hehee

joel i love this drama so much....

gita this is the first drama, from all dramas i've watched, that i really want to see the ending. because this drama is unpredictable. i love it because the cases straight to the point. kim bong gu immediately known as the killer of the king in the next episode of the death. (usually, they keep the murderer untill the last 3 or 2 episodes before it ends, right?) kim hang ah directly cleared her name and North from the suspection of the dead king. (usually, woman main lead will suffer for suspected by man main lead, right?) and other reasons that made me went insane. oya, like what @shy said. really thanks to the writer that it doesnt have 3rd love, family's rejection of the wedding, unnecessary fight, and predictable scenes that other dramas have. next week please come faster.......

I'm from indonesia, by the way. so i have to wait until next friday. T.T

shy Thanks god no 3rd lover. Thanks god no stupid characters even the villian is reliable. Thanks god no mother/father/sister/brother in law who's obscure. Family character in this drama so warmhearting. Thanks god no cliche storyline, everythings in this drama is a new level from Kdramaland history ever. Thanks god no chessy dialogue. Thanks god TK2H is absolutely high quality drama. All of good things in package! So satisflying.

momo All of what things viewers looking for from kdramaland, TK2H had it. That's it! Incredibly amazing story, characters building so realiable, unforgettable dialogue, sizzling of chemistry from all of characters, SUPERB acting, high quality cinematography, deep ost, rollercoaster or twister feeling after you watch, but that's it make you craving more and more.... When I was saw you for the 1st time, I fallen in love.... So good to find some of kind rare high quality Kdrama.

byn @Kao I can't agree with u. Its not about who is more popular in SK, but its about a new genre. This drama is not everyone cup of the tea. Viewers SK now, I thought they are more conventional (makjang viewer). To except a new genre what is not their usual genre, its had risk way, but because of that my high respect to all the crew of production tk2h. This is idealism drama. And also has high quality drama what it so rare to found among Kdrama so far. This one is Gold.

Keny OMG, just watch ep 17-18!!! Show, what's you have done to me?? My life is twist as like as this drama going to me! The writer-nim, PD-nim, I'm beg to you, happy ending final, ok??! No? Yes? TK2H you own me, absolutely.

Kao The only reason why rooftop prince got higher rating is that Yoochun is in it. Both stories are totally in different genres, RTP is the romantic comedy and the King2hearts is more on a serious genre so I think people enjoy both of these dramas but Yoochun is more popular I guess...

Ve I love this drama is not typical dumb drama as like as many kdrama so far. Its like fresh air of the breath. As Kdrama lover for along time, I'm sick about the storyline from Kdramaland currently. So easy to predict, unsurprise and most of them was cliche! Bah!!! They're maybe entertaining but easy to forgettable. Exception TK2H. This one will become one of classics, note my words! The storyline, the cast, acting, writer, PD, chemistry, ost, cinematography, ect were SUPERB!!! Kind of high quality drama was rare in nowdays! I'm so glad finally find this drama. Thanks God!

Din If ur don't mind to think more, so u can enjoy this high quality drama completely. I though this drama will more success than sega. Just wait till realease to oversea! Screw about rating tv but HORE about rating via streaming online in SK. If u confused what I'm talking about, go to dramabeans or koala's playgroup blog, u will find about how incredibly amazing of tk2h. Hearties from the whole of world are there! Join with us!

Mia Yeah, its not your typical drama. The genre is a new comparing mainstream kdramaland currently. This drama is like Renaissance of Kdramaland. Thanks god, TK2H were so unique and different. This is original and kind of masterpiece!!! And I'm glad I can enjoy it.

L I love so much this drama. Every ep was better and better. Every ep has layer of lays hint to wait discovery. This drama make me though alot, and I love it. The writer is incredibly BRILLIANT! Hats off!

byn This drama is not your typical drama currently (not your cup of the tea). To understand the whole of storyline you must watch and than spare your little time if your not mind to thinks what is the writer mean about something in the drama. This is drama for the thinkers! Please visit to dramabeans blog to more understand and join to Hearties from the whole of world.

Me greeting from Indonesia.... Love this drama

vian I love this drama like crazy =) I think this drama is so interesting and romantic. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are a lovely couple^^ Their harmonious combination has bulit the drama's success! Hope this drama will be more successful. Wish both Seung Gi and Ji Won will gain success :x

tmp0709 This drama is far much better than Rooftop Prince! I can't understand why it has low ratings in Korea!!

Consus I am glad Lee Seung Gi was able to take this role he can play almost any type of character. The Hong sisters are awesome. If not Lee Seung Gi, I would have liked the lead to be Hyun Bin or Rain. Too bad they are serving military time.

noron Love this drama very much! Though it's not rating well in South Korea, do not know why since this a superb drama dealing with the latest incidents bet. South & North Koreas, international fans are thrill so much for this drama - the actors superb protrayals, the grand production - thanks to MBC for sparing no expense for this drama! Thank u very much for this drama, Jiwonnie & LSG, keep fighting!!!!

Felix Greeting From Malaysia. Love it. No word can describe the greatness of this drama.

LyArisa Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!! Ep 11 & 12... Love from Malaysia!! HJW & LSG fighthing!!!

P/S: This is not a typical K-Drama... I think the story line of political conspiracy is too heavy for Korean people who prefers the enjoys entertainment..

daisy try to notice in ep.8. they mentioned a script from secret garden :D

noron Love this drama very much, awaiting for the uploads of engl eps. killing me! Noron from the Phils.

shazy this drama is good..i think its Called King2 heart its not only his love to his country between a woman he love.Its just like what he gonna choose in his heart between doing good and revenge to his enemy....hahaha...thats what i think..

Yohanna veshanya Love,love,love..... This drama so much! As usual, can't wait for the next episode. Yay.

hervi i love ha ji won

April_baby Love this drama ;) Highly recommended.. I hv not missed watching it.. Can't wait for ep 10 tonight!! Love from Malaysia~~

noron Love this drama because of HJW!

Yohanna veshanya For my case, this drama is ok. It's nice, but there are better dramas to say. There are no bad korean dramas, it's just that some are interesting and some are not. This drama is nice. No bad feelings pls.

abcd i think its call king 2 hearts because the older brother was the king and then changed to LSG umm idk making guesses...

C23H watched till ep 8. the cast and their portraits of the characters are SUPERB! LSG's acting skill surely improved a lot. all fit in their role so good. I think HJW looks younger in ep 7-8 compared to other eps. (maybe) the magic of make up? the antagonist characters are quite boring and seemed a bit 'over' - too much act, not natural.

memyself @Ching I thought maybe because he is the king to the nation and the king of hang ah's heart, maybe thats why its 2 instead of to. Or in an overstretched interpertation if all these events leads to the unification of korea, then he will become th king to 2 nations.

i might have over thought it .. hahaha :D

Ching Why the title is The King "2" Hearts????

Eventhough I feel that Ha Ji Won looks a bit older than Lee Seung-Gi , but as sparks fly, they look soo matching and loving in this drama. Looking forward for the coming episodes!

WHen will they get married???

jessica this drama.. is really touching..

Kim Oh man, it's getting better and better every episodes! You can't predict anything with King 2 Hearts!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama!! HJW + LSG= PERFECT!! <3 :) Hawiting!!

Fanny Suddenly feel this is not a good drama after bed scene... (Sex Before Married)!..... Should a King who is supposed to be clever, charismatic and become a role model did it? So disappointed ....

Googyice Love this! I am most impressed with LSG's acting. Finally a script that allows him to show a more manly and firm side. HJW is amazing hahaha luv her switch from a strong woman to a .girly girl.. And her accent :p Enjoyable watch :D

Dan Why is the title 'The King 2Hearts'? Currently watching it now. I'm only watching this because of HJW, not into LSG much... Would've been better if it was JIS :(( Oh well, so far I like the plot. I like that I get to see a glimpse of how "maybe" North Korea is like. Wish HJW would make another Historical series though :)

ChoAhna I dont know but i really like this drama, it has mix emotions for me and it is really good, the casting, the acting and the story are fantastic. Some of you may say that it is boring but please try to watch it first fully, or lets finish first the drrama before you judge it, because who knows that this drama may end as a BLAST to everybody's heart and mind. Love this drama!!!:)))) Thank You & Goodbye! Hwaiting!

jurippe I like this drama. It has depth in plot and characters. The casts are good. Ha ji won never disappoints me with her acting prowess. I hope that this drama will have good ratings until the last episode.

Art @Jashom This drama is good but not "the best" and you were right. I don't like the story line. But I love that couple!

Jashom I don't find any Interest in this drama. I've already watched the first episode and it's boring. I love LSG and HJW but I think they don't match as a couple. I think I expecting too much in this drama and it's making me really dissapointed. I will skip this drama and wait for the other....

Jashom I don't find any Interest in this drama. I'v already watched the first episode and it's boring. I love LSG and HJW but I think they don't match as a couple. The story line is boring too.... I think I expecting too much in this drama and it's making me really disapointed. I will skip this drama and wait for the other....

ayucute I think most of people and I was expecting too much for this drama. I watched it cuz wish could get something interesting and curious about. But then it turn to such a boring drama~~ the general plot, the casting, sound interesting enough. but it wasn't enough to make me sat peacefully for watching this drama. I'd rather to watch other drama at the same hours

Helene Love to Watch Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi for this Drama..... Success for this drama and be one of the Unforgettable-drama !!!

Tina Well, Lee Seung Gi try to make another breaking-role after Brilliant Legacy. Good Job, oppa !!! Ha Ji Won is such on her good track career, and this role is so suitable for her...Hopefully this drama will brings to the excellent ratings !! HWAITING !!! Wait for the next episode !!

LoonyLizard @Sajen16:

I don't know about "best," but she certainly is one of the best. I'd put her in the same league as Kim Sun-Ah, Kong Hyo-Jin, Choi Gang-Hee, Nam Sang-Mi, Yoon Eun-Hye, and Lee Da-Hae. If you ask me, that's mighty fine company.

LoonyLizard Ha Ji Won really seems to be bringing out the potential in Lee Seung Gi. Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much because Seung Gi was such a disappointment in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, but his acting seems measurably improved since then. Maybe it's because of his co-stars, maybe it's because of a script with actual depth and real-world importance, but this show is definitely changing my mind about his abilities.

NewKDramaAddict Can't wait. A true fangirl of Ha Ji Won and liked Lee Seung-Gi in My Girl is a Nine-Tailed Fox and Shining Inheritance!

airen this drama absolutely will be a huge succes, both seunggi and jiwon are the true king and quen of rating. can't wait!

manna Some rumours says, lee seung gi was kiss ha ji won's neck! OMO... Can't wait!!! Please 14th march comes faster....

nana woow trailer K2H deabakk !!

ha ji won great actress is kim hang ah ...

Riisa I hope a serious Lee Seung Gi will show us that he could act more because I didn't really like him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho :/

Sajen16 Ha Ji Won will carry this show as Lee Seung-Gi really isn't that good of an actor whereas she is by far the best actor in Asia only two or three better or as good in the whole world, but I'll watch it anyway as I love Ji Won and Beethoven Virus which is the show these Hong sisters wrote was awesome

azurymint AGAIN the age gap between two leading role are so far. and the one that much older is the lead woman. is it a trend right now to match much older actress with young actor? =_= although ha ji won is so pretty but i think she's not a good match with lee seung gi. But i'll still watch this drama since i think the plot is interesting.

Paul Will be looking forward for another HONG SISTER drama. i really love both lead. Ha Ji Won from my all time favorite and probably the best yet korean drama "Secret Garden" and Lee Seung Gi from the Epic drama "Shining Inheritance" and with the help of the HONG SISTERS power to make people craze. And note, this will follow the leading drama "The moon that embraces the sun" Oh crap. I cant imagine how this drama will make it to the "HALLYU WORLD". ^^

ryeong8 The Writer of this Drama is not the Hong Sisters who wrote Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong, You're Beautiful, My GF is a Gumiho and The Greatest Love. It's another Hong Sisters, they are the one who wrote Beethoven Virus starring Jang Geun Suk. This will be their come back after Beethoven Virus. However, the Hong Sisters (the Famous one) already announced that they are working for their new drama this 2012 for KBS2.

iamme I'm so happy that Hong Sisters are back again in writing for a new drama series. Ha Ji Won is such a great actress and she can portray any kind of role. As for the leading man, he's not that goodlooking but he seems to be a promising actor. Although it would be better that the role would be played by someone with good looks. Anyway, I'll still be looking forward to this. It seems thatt MBC would lead this year as far as production ratings

mhmdizvn hope this would be another great drama from hong sisters, really have high expectation...

anjoloveskirby looking forward for this drama!

anjoloveskirby Wow! new drama from the Hong sisters :D Surely it will be a hit like their past dramas. It will replace the moon that embraces the sun who is also a hit. Looking forward for the onscreen chemistry of the two leads:D

Janice can,t wait to watch this korean drama....

ruri the plot remembered me of one manga "absolute peace strategy" the prince and princess two hostile nations has marriage's arranged... hem!

LALA Is this something like princess hours? Seung gi and Ji-Won.. definitely worth watching.

lsgfan aaaaaaaaaaa lee seung gi is in it yayayyyyyy finally another drama after my girlfriend is a gumiho <3 <3 <3

hajibinnie This will become a top rater drama because of Ha Ji-won's capability to bring her role to life.

biruCHOCOLATE heard the rumours cha seung won ajusshi will take the lead man....if this is true... i will definitely watch this!!!! can be super awesome to see both of them on screen together!! <3 cha seung won!!

viro highly anticipated drama of the king ..

hopefully ha ji won, it is definitely playing in this drama that can be just as the male lead is jo in sung

Mye Xye I hope they select new and fresh casts in this New korean series... looking forward to this one though... :D

Sa Rang Hae I'm looking forward to watch this drama... I miss Ha Ji won so much....

Arlene if ha ji won accepts this drama i will definitively watch his drama

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