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Jin-Ok (Ha Ji-Won), Hong-Dan (Gang Ye-Won) and Ga-Bi (Son Ga-In) are three beautiful bounty hunters. They work as a team with Moo-Myung (Ko Chang-Seok) who brings them job assignments.

Meanwhile, secret envoys, who are supposed to deliver a stauroscope to the King of the Joseon Dynasty, are killed by unknown assassins one by one. One secret envoy is able to escape from the assassins. A high-ranking official from the King's side then visits the cabin where Moo-Myung and the three bounty hunters are staying. The official shows a sketch of the secret envoy to Moo-Myung and asks him to find the envoy and the stauroscope which is in his possession. The official offers a large sum of money as a reward.

Jin-Ok, Hong-Dan and Ga-Bi then set out to find the envoy. They are soon swarmed by assassins and Jin-Ok finds herself facing the man responsible for her father's death.


  1. First movie produced by management company Wellmade STARM, who manages Ha Ji-Won and Gang Ye-Won.
  2. First script reading took place on August 13, 2012 at a DMC Hi-tech Industry Center, Seoul, Suth Korea.
  3. Filming began August 27, 2012.
  4. Filming finished December 18, 2012 in Cheongju, South Korea. The last scene filmed involved the Three Musketeers receiving a secret order which affects the fate of Joseon. This scene appears in the beginning of the movie.


The Huntresses-Ha Ji-Won.jpg The Huntresses-Gang Ye-Won.jpg The Huntresses-Son Ga-In.jpg
Ha Ji-Won Gang Ye-Won Son Ga-In
Jin-Ok Hong-Dan Ga-Bi
The Huntresses-Song Sae-Byeok.jpg The Huntresses-Joo Sang-Wook.jpg The Huntresses-Ko Chang-Seok.jpg
Song Sae-Byeok Joo Sang-Wook Ko Chang-Seok
Police Officer Song Sa-Hyun Moo-Myung

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Angel korean version of Charlie's Angel . Wow

amazing Ha Ji Won

please stay healthy . i will come to korea soon :D to see you

saranghae Ha Ji Won

faranak great entertainig funny action movie!! loved it sooooooo much <3 ha jiwon and gain did a great job in acting their roles i loved that they have brains alongside beauty :)))

Hendra lol ha ji won's aegyo make me smiling and laughing all by myself like crazy. haaha. pretty fun movie to watch.

Sữa hâm hâm I love Son Ga In and Ha Ji Won ^^

Amber I gotta see this..I think Ha Ji-Won is awesome. Can't wait for it to come out and have English sub-titles with it.

amalina really wanna watch this!!! of course ha ji won my first guide to watch this! :)

Francisco Korean Charlie's Angels of the Joseon era. BAM! Anything with Ha Ji-Won in it will already bring a massive fan base. With a little bit of advertisement, you are looking for a hit easily!

dette this movie is so cool!! Ha Ji won is so beutiful, fighting!!!

Michal Have a nice premiere Gain. Love you  !!!


Michal I hope it will be released in europe too. Will it? Please.

loveHJW I can't wait for this movie.. I wish The Huntresses DEABAK!!! Lovely Ha Ji Won FIGHTING!!!

nabi Ahh nice i wanna watch this movie it looks awesome..

yen Im certain that this movie will become hit as Ha Ji Won is one of the lead actresses..I still have a patience to wait this movie until it will be aired in different sites online..hehehe..Good luck to all the "The Huntresses" casts...Fighting...Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!!!

Eka Lestari I wish ha ji won movies deabak

Eka Lestari Ha ji won my favorit actress sarangheyo

Tia I can't to see this movie.. Huge fan of Ha Ji-won.. Love her work...

5555 come back 29 th January 2014 fighting

5555 i can not wait i love ha ji won fighting

psamanta I am really anticipating this movie.. Hope that it releases soon and is uploaded online.. The women look gorgeous and strong!!:)

Roya I love this wonderful move....wonderful....fantastic......wooooooooooow

xino the posters for this are nice. the first trailer interested me in this movie because I love fighting movies and I'm a martial artist fan lover. But after seeing the second trailer for this movie, it looks unimpressive.

seems it's catered for people who want satire jokes in a mild action movie.

i guess a movie for "mature, with serious fighting women in a dark tone movie" is to be expected next time but not in this movie:/ this movie is aimed at women

Imma Jo won Sharangeo ji won shii.,.,

Eo_Stark @Angelina , The Short hair girl is Ga-In, Brown Eyed Girls' member.

Angelina The short hair girl looks kinda like G-Dragon.

cookie i love you unnie. i wish you all the best. always Be happy ^.^

mydarlinglime you are so the best ha ji won <3 <3 saranghae

lurazop looks like average action flick...

viv omg this looks good!

xino i'm looking forward to this. hope it's good

raim go go ji won

Beng Ha Ji Won is the best! I cant wait to see her in another action movie.

alhiya i luv hajiwon belly dancing she looks so sexy

kumon Ha Ji Won bellydancing? I'm so anticipating this movie. Can't wait!!! HJW fighting!!

kumon Ha ji won bellydancing? I'm so anticipating this movie. And Gain is here too!!! My gosh the hottest people are in here. Truly a nice version of Charlie's Angels. Can't wait!!

HJW wooowww.... Cam't wait this movie..

Ohagi Ha Ji-Won to grace the movie screen with her exquisite beauty and lovable personality......she will bring her character to life with her ever maturing acting skills! I am looking forward to the release of the movie! I miss her gorgeous smile!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hwaiting Ha Ji-Won❗❗❗❗❗

jiwon4ever hajiwon figthing

Gainfans Wow~ I just realised that this is second movie Ha Ji Won and Ga In filmed together~ DAEBAK

BEGfans I'm looking forward for this movies~Yeah I can finally see Ga In acting skill~ Yahoo can't wait for it :)

jeffrey I'm looking forward for it, another movie of my idol- ha ji won! when is the premier of this movie?

shigatsu does any one knows if it will premiere outside korea?? hope it will be shown in other parts of asia particularly in the philippines!! :)

hyun binny so excited to see this movie..Another Ha Ji Won unnie's fantastic acts to see,gotta be ready by February..a sure box office..FIGHTING!!

misil I definitely support you Unie wah ... and said news of the actor Joo Sang Wook news also in this movie ... Obliged to watch!

MsGB Both KYW and SGI were in something separate w/ HJW (Haeundae, Closer to Heaven) but now they're both acting w/ her together! Cool!

shin oh beauty and so sexy...lov u gain unnie :X

Penin.0920 GaIn Gabi & Ha Ji Won <3 can't wait this nice film :x The Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers fighting!!!

HJW wooowww.. I LOVE HaJiwon Fulll.......... Fighting Jiwon

son ga in freak omg gain in action movie! finally! i can't wait for this beautiful lady on screen w those actions, gaineee fighting!

Claudia1023 Can't wait for the movie!...hope the movie will be hit!jiwonnie hwaiting!!

Dianne Wow!! Your beauty is really stunning! :D I wanna see you. Hajiwonsshi. :*

Fa'tii Hope U do Gr8 with this movie...wish U the best!!

Fa'tii Ha Ji Won, I'm soooo Xcited for this movie to come up!!! U always do Gr8!! I'm ONE of your biggest fans!

Luvjiwonie I luv u miss HJW but Another action movie/drama? Hope next year no more action, ok?? I miss u 2 play no-action role:-(

wonniefans i can't wait for this movie..

Wonder Wonnie :)

1023 Wow ... So very very happy... I'm waiting for you... Fighting Unnie... :*

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