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  • Drama: Potato Star 2013QR3 (literal & working title)
  • Revised romanization: Kamjabyeol 2013QR3
  • Hangul: 감자별 2013QR3
  • Director: Kim Byeong-Wook
  • Writer: Lee Young-Chul, Lee Gwang-Jae, Jang Jin-A
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 120
  • Release Date: September 23, 2013 - May 15, 2014
  • Runtime: Mon-Tue / Mon-Thur 21:15
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Computer programmer Hong Hye-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) dreams of becoming the Korean Mark Zuckerberg. An astronomical phenomenon occurs.


  1. Filming begins in August, 2013.
  2. First script reading took place August 2, 2013 at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul.
  3. Early working title was "Kokoomacheorum Saenggin Kamjabyeol 2013QR3" (literally "Potato Star 2013QR3 That Looks Like A Sweet Potato").


No Family

Potato Star 2013QR3-Lee Soon-Jae.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-No Ju-Hyeon.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Geum Bo-Ra.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Ko Gyung-Pyo.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Choi Song-Hyun.jpg
Lee Soon-Jae No Ju-Hyeon Geum Bo-Ra Ko Gyung-Pyo Choi Song-Hyun
No Song No Soo-Dong Wang Yoo-Jung No Min-Hyuk No Bo-Young
Kim Jung-Min Potato Star 2013QR3-Kim Dan-Yul.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Jung Joon-Won.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Seo Ye-Ji.jpg
Kim Jung-Min Kim Dan-Yul Jung Joon-Won Seo Ye-Ji
Kim Do-Sang Kim Kyu-Young Kim Kyu-Ho No Soo-Young


Potato Star 2013QR3-Ha Yeon-Soo.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Oh Yeong-Sil.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Yeo Jin-Goo.jpg
Ha Yeon-Soo Oh Yeong-Sil Yeo Jin-Goo
Na Jin-A Gil Sun-Ja Hong Hye-Sung
Potato Star 2013QR3-Jang Ki-Ha.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg Potato Star 2013QR3-Julian Kang.jpg
Jang Ki-Ha Kim Kwang-Kyu Julian Kang
Jang Yool Director Oh Julian

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100011100111 This show had a good rhythm to it so it was rarely boring. I was glad it was only 30 to 40 minutes long instead of 1 hour. The laugh track was completely unnecessary, but they reduced it throughout the episodes.

I do wonder what cell phones they used.
The characters were as detestable as they were lovable. (They all had their moments of sheer stupidity or ignorance). 

At first I did want Nah Jinah and Hongberg to end up together but then I was hoping she'd go for Noh Minhyuk. That didn't happen though.

The ending was awful and very open ended.......which I hate. 

This is only acceptable if they make a final episode. Looking forward any future work from these actors.

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Gerry D. I had to watch the last 3 episodes several times to figure out why it ended like that. I'm just glad it didn't end the way Highkick 2 ended with both main characters dying in a car crash. I'm okay with the ending with Jin-A getting over her fear of the dark because she is waiting for Hyesung to appear.

victore What the heck. !!!! Please tell me there's more to this. Cause you can't just end it like that. I agree with a lot of the watchers this show really made you part of it.

tamthom So is this the end of the series or is this just a cliff hanger until next season? That can not be the end. If that was the end, I am very dissappointed. I really looked forward to the updates on Hulu. I want more. Give me more.

jet speed I did not like the ending of the sitcom. Why did Hyesung have to leave everyone? I feel sympathy for the characters who suffered because of this, especially Jina. Her crying scenes just can't leave my mind. I have watched this sitcom for 9 months, and I felt it was part of my life. Now that the ending is sad, I feel like my heart is broken in 2. It's been 3 days now and I still can't get over it. What to do?

minhyuk_supporter Does anyone know if there have been already aired more episodes after the 107th in Korea?? I'm looking forward to watch them!! :(:(

nominhyuk_supporter Does anyone know if there have been already aired more episodes after the 107th in Korea?? I'm looking forward to watch them :(:(

Sissy I love loveeee loveeee the couple of Yeo Jin-Goo and Ha Yeon-Soo. Their silent love is so touching <3 <3 <3

Mary Does anyone know what phones they use in this drama?

RR We love this sitcom! Can you please give Min Hyuk more airtime? He's a very good actor. We wish Jin Ah ends up with him. We're waiting for a drama with him as the leading man. Thank's a lot!

Plsherratt I hate what the writer is doing to Min Hyuk...and that sports announcer woman looks old enough to be his mom!!! Yuck!

hanana I love this show, I feel like I'm part of their family.

Ana Lujan love this show...........sorry kimchistu hater...

RM lee kwang soo was in one of the episodes

hwangjy I like this show. Very hilarious! I wish more of min hyuk and jin a scenes. Not embarrassing moments one Please. ㅋㅋㅋ

Hate Haters @Kimchistu Does it satisfy you to write a terrible comment? You have no idea how rude it is to write that. While ur here critizing horribly, some people have a life to live, busy writing drama scripts and coming up with new ideas to please the media and public. Your little comment wont even put a dint on anyones thoughts about this drama whether it is bad or good. And Korean comedy is wayy different to yours, if u dont have a sense of laughter dont watch it. Keep your thoughts to yourself please.

Kimchistu This is totally horrible. Too the ultimate max. Production meet's and conclude, Oh let's just get this over with and hope viewer's will laugh.

daniel I doubt that Minhyuk will be with Jina. When Jina was struggling, who was there to support and encourage her? Junhyuk, of course!!! Girls fall for guys who protect them, and Junhyuk is definitely the one for Jina. He helped her so many times that I can't count. Now let's go to Minhyuk. What did he ever do for Jina besides saving her from the truck? He just liked her and expected to receive something from her. That's not how true love works. 72 episodes have aired so there are 48 episodes left, and I haven't seen a single episode where CEO acted as Jina's true guardian angel. He can't catch up to Junhyuk.

smily Never a dull moment ! in fact the starting episodes started lame but then the mist started settling and the characters started getting familiarized now its one of the laughing points of Korean family drama ! nice dialogues and screenplay totally enjoying it !!!! total heights in creating normal situation to hilarious:) lovely grandpa and the daughter-in-law !!! They keep fighting :)

loveit Also don't get why they have a problem with these two characters they're pretty dang cute! And what chemistry with the CEO he's been on the level of a seven yer old so far so how could she fall in love with a kid and in the begining she hated him, so really I see no love connection there.

Jeisy I love Ha Jin-A and Hong Hye-Sung together. Since the beginning, they felt comfortable with each other. And the kiss! That's when they both realized they like each other. She was always thinking about him, and when she felt bad about something, Hye-Sung cheered her up. I love their chemistry and they are supposed to be around the same age in the show so I don't really see why they can't love each other. I am tired of watching dramas where the guy treats the girl like if she was an insignificant fly and the girl still falls in love with him. This show is the total opposite, give the nice guy a chance. I'm not saying the CEO is a bad person, I find him a nice person underneath all the pride, but I love Hye-Sung and wouldn't change him for anyone.

Plsherratt So done with this show! I can see where they are going with it and BLECH! Yeon Soo and Jin Goo together? PAHLEEEESE! Now way. Not watching it. Sorry writers....badly done. The end. (I guess I just don't get the Korean way of dating. In America the way that Yeon Soo's character treats Jin Goo's character is just like that of an older sister to a younger brother.....but then I see Soo Young and Min Hyuk and the way they act to each other and I am like....wait. Wow! Such,a contradiction! She has feelings for Jin Goo? What? Seriously? ...done.)

Kat Could it be that Lee Jong-Suk is the real son?

Plsherratt Didnt like the preview for the next episode. Jina can't end up with Hye Sung! NO they are more like bro and sister. Bleh! I'll stop watching if that happens!!!

Plsherratt The CEO and Jina have way more chemistry! And what is up with Jin Goos voice? Creepy!!!! I am loving Min Hyuk!!!! I usually do not watch shows that are this long but this show makes me giggle so much!

Jojo Yeo Jin Ku and Ha Yeon Soo ages are too far apart for love!!!! ㅠ

Nangli Nyahahaha! This is a very funny show! I died laughing at ep 22 LOL! First time in my history to ship both of the guys to the girl. I like the CEO at first but I also ship Jin Ah and Hamburger. The No family are all hillarious and have their individual issues on their own. Even the people outside their family have issues. Plus the villains of this show are stupid lol. Sometimes I feel nervous about their evil plans but they failed with their stupidity lol. Nothing to be serious about in this show. It's all just laughter looool. I also like the random celebrity cameos. Potato Star DAEBAK!

Lea I died at the Lee Jong Suk bit in ep 15. Tears from the back hug lol.

Audrey Kwang soo in ep 18 was so funny and so adorbs

Marie21 episode 18, so moving, so beautiful!!! probably the best episode of the drama yet!!! the young actor who plays Hongberg is awesome!! heartbreaking scenes with him and the parents!!! <3 <3 the story about Hongberg and the missing son is getting more and more complicated...

Tori Why does it seem like Yeo Jin Goo is the missing No son??? Is it just me or is everyone riding the same brain wave? (~.~)

Marie21 yeah! episode 15 was good with the parody of some of the best scenes of "I hear your voice"!!! the hug was so cute and so funny!!! that was a good episode!!! And yes, I saw Hong Berg in the preview!! yeah!!! I misses him so much!!!

Tori So Hwang Jung-Eum being the secretary in ep. 1 and going crazy wasn't just in her head?? She actually did it. Daebak! Ok explains the new sec. lol

Mezzy Watch the episode yesternight it was awesome lol all the time the parody of I Hear Your Voice.. The Best Episode 15.

Acha Ending song's title is 별똥별 by The Electric Eels ^^ It's a good song.

sheila Anyone know what song that they used for the closing?

sahara does anyone know where I can watch this for free with subs?

DerpyBird Well seems 2 me that people watched this drama because of Yeo Jin Goo......WELL ILL SUPPORT U 2.. i watched this because of Yeo Jin Goo 2 :P i think they made a hawt guy into a guy that is erm yea u get what i mean....

Jung hee hee I will watch this drama for yeo jin goo. Because i really love him:)) maybe one day he want marry me :P i am 15 years old so i am just one year younger than him.. We are a perfect couple!! hahah but i hope that he will play a drama with kim yoo jung. They"re a very good couple... Soo maybe next year , i mean in 2014 they will play a drama. Something like the moon that embracess the sun... Xxx a tutkisch fan:))

Ps: oppaa saranghe:))

Dooda I'm going to watch this for Fun xDDD It's going to be so funny i am looking forward to it :D

Maria Fighting Ha Yeon Soo! You are the best, and you are very beautiful, you are amazing and good actress! I love watch in Monstar and now I watch in this sitcom =) Saranghae Unnie I love the loveline with Jin Goo haha xD! :)

cutiepie2013 i love all the trailers: teaser, teaser spot & teaser (15 seconds version) funny! i definitely watch it :)

cutiepie2013 i love all the teaser, teaser spot & teaser (15 second version) so funny... i definitely watch this drama...

lolla Definitely gonna watch this !! Yeo Jin Goo Fighting !! Noona will always support u ♥♥

Just 2 years older :p

Ms.TPOA Hey hey hey! even for 500 episodes i would still watch this drama "if" Jin Goo will pair up with kim so hyun! oh well what a waste!

Kuaci Cant wait for any longer.. Yeon soo yaaa...Jin-Goo yaaa, Noona on board :) Yeon soo my monstar's sheep girl, Fightingg!!

Jay Lapidario HA YEON SOO is my favorite Korean female.

This means that I don't care about anything else, except for her presence on camera.

Go, Ha Yeon Soo!!! You can do better than Kim So Hyun would have. Show them that you can really act. Monstar was just a little preview. :)

mhlee 5 reasons why I am not considering watching this:

Yeo Jin goo is not paired with Kim So hyun, but instead with someone 6 years older than him. I did not like Ha Yeon soo's acting in Monstar. This sitcom is not a spin-off of the High kick series. I wanted High kick 4. There are no other young actors that I like or recognise. Potato Star 2013QR3? I know it's still the working title but wtf?

Although, it says Jang Ki ha is going to be in this. Hoping it's the one from Jang ki ha and the faces. :D

Hanee_Honey I Love Yeo Jin Goo...

Haru Kim So Hyun suits the role better :c

Evilive Is this supposed to be high kick 4???

jjj well it may be 120 episodes but atleast they're 4 a week so the drama last 30 weeks ..........well this should be intresting

Ceci I may watch this for yeo jin goo but after ha yeon soo bored me to death in monstar i dnt think i would be able to see her in any other drama!! But pleaseeeeee pair him with kim so hyun in another drama and i am pretty sure it willl be EPIC!!!

sby 120 ep? They are mad. I'm checking it though -for YJG >_<

Tori Yea for 120 episodes and NOOOOO...120 episodes!! lol Doesn't that mean it will take longer for the main characters to have their love interest develop if that long??

kez Err..not sure about the plot. If Kim Sohyun would really join, it will be a plus point to watch. But since the drama about programming, i think it would be interesring, if Yeo Jingoo can play a cool programmer like So Jisub at Ghost ><

nikki what the hell kind of name is Potato Star for a drama????


colorbar Ha Yeon-Soo - new drama again for you.. fighting unnie!

Fafa So looking forward to this. Yo Jin Goo! YES!

Bunniefly Is this a sitcom? there's a lot of episodes.

MISS You Team KIM SO HYUN :) :)

I Miss You KIM SO HYUN also wanna join in this drama :) :) :)

leyuhhh 120 Episodes? nooooo. but Jin-Goo!!

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