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  • Drama: The Innocent Man (English title) / The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere In The World (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakhan Namja
  • Hangul: 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자
  • Director: Kim Jin-Won
  • Writer: Lee Kyeong-Hee
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: September 12 - November 15, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A man is betrayed by the woman he loves. To exact revenge, the man uses another woman who lost her memory ....


Ma-Roo (Song Joong-Ki) is a promising medical student. He lives with his younger sister Cho-Ko (Lee Yoo-Bi), who suffers from poor health. Meanwhile, Jae-Hee (Park Si-Yeon) is a reporter at HBS broadcasting company. Both Ma-Roo and Jae-Hee come from poor family backgrounds, but try hard to achieve their dreams: Ma-Roo to become a doctor and Jae-Hee to become an anchorwoman.

One day, Ma-Roo goes home and finds his sister feverishly sick. While he puts socks on his ill sister, Ma-Roo receives a phone call from Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee sounds completely frantic and asks Ma-Roo to come over to save this man. Even though Ma-Roo's sick sister begs him to not leave her, Ma-Roo rushes over to help Jae-Hee. When he arrives at the motel room, he finds Jae-Hee completely shaken and a dead man laying on the floor near her. Ma-Roo attempts to counsel Jae-Hee to turn herself in to the police. Appearing completely broken in spirit, Jae-Hee begins to call the police, but Ma-Roo hangs up the phone. He kisses Jae-Hee and then goes through the motel room to wipe away Jae-Hee's fingerprints. Ma-Roo then tells Jae-Hee that he will take the blame and turn himself into the police.

Meanwhile, Eun-Gi (Moon Chae-Won) is the rich heiress a to family that owns the large corporation Taesan. She has been groomed to become the successor to the Taesan corporation and, consequently, shows very little emotions. When she pulls her car over in front of her home, Eun-Gi sees a woman hug her father. The woman hugging her father is Jae-Hee. In tears, Jae-Hee tells Eun-Gi "You have no idea what I did to protect you. What I just did to the man I care the most for in my life."

6 years later, after serving a 5 year prison sentence, Ma-Roo travels to Aomori, Japan to retrieve money from a woman who swindled his friend Jae-Gil (Lee Kwang-Soo). Ma-Roo seduces the woman and retrieves the money stolen from his friend. At the same time, Eun-Gi and her now stepmother Jae-Hee are also in Aomori, Japan. Eun-Gi looks down upon her stepmother as nothing but a gold digger.

On the flight back to Korea, Ma-Roo waits to use the restroom. When the restroom door opens, Eun-Gi walks out and collapses onto Ma-Roo. Ma-Roo places Eun-Gi on the floor and walks back to his seat. Eun-Gi's condition quickly worsens and the airplane asks if there is a doctor on the flight. Since nobody comes forward, Ma-Roo is compelled to help Eun-Gi. While administering aid to Eun-Gi, he asks for the woman's guardian. At this time, Jae-Hee walks over to the scene and states that she is her mother. Jae-Hee also has a child next to her that is calling her mom.


  1. Early Korean working title was "Chakan Namja" (literally "Nice Guy") then changed to "Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakan Namja" (literally "The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere In The World").
  2. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Bridal Mask" and will be followed by "Jeon Woo-Chi" on November 21, 2012.
  3. First script reading took place in late June, 2012 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea.


The Innocent Man-Song Joong-Ki.jpg The Innocent Man-Moon Chae-Won.jpg The Innocent Man-Park Si-Yeon.jpg The Innocent Man-Kang Chan-Hee.jpg The Innocent Man-Park So-Young1.jpg
Song Joong-Ki Moon Chae-Won Park Si-Yeon Kang Chan-Hee Park So-Young
Kang Ma-Roo Seo Eun-Gi Han Jae-Hee Kang Ma-Roo (young) Han Jae-Hee (young)
The Innocent Man-Yang Ik-June.jpg Lee Kwang-Soo The Innocent Man-Lee Yoo-Bi.jpg The Innocent Man-Jo Sung-Ha.jpg The Innocent Man-Kim Young-Chul.jpg
Yang Ik-June Lee Kwang-Soo Lee Yoo-Bi Cho Seong-Ha Kim Young-Chul
Han Jae-Sik Park Jae-Gil Kang Cho-Ko Seok Min-Hyuk Company president Seo
The Innocent Man-Lee Sang-Yeob.jpg The Innocent Man-Jin Kyung.jpg The Innocent Man-Kim Tae-Hun.jpg The Innocent Man-Oh Yong.jpg The Innocent Man-Jo Whee-Joon.jpg
Lee Sang-Yeob Jin Kyung Kim Tae-Hoon Oh Yong Jo Whee-Joon
Park Joon-Ha Hyun Jung-Hwa Ahn Min-Young Jo Young-Bae Seo Eun-Seok

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-09-12 1 10.7% (14th) 10.9% (11th) 10.5% (12th) 11.5% (7th)
2012-09-13 2 11.4% (16th) 11.6% (13th) 9.9% (15th) 11.3% (10th)
2012-09-19 3 13.9% (16th) 14.6% (5th) 13.8% (5th) 14.5% (4th)
2012-09-20 4 13.8% (7th) 15.4% (6th) 13.3% (5th) 14.2% (5th)
2012-09-26 5 14.5% (5th) 14.8% (5th) 14.0% (5th) 15.7% (3rd)
2012-09-27 6 16.0% (3rd) 17.8% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd) 18.1% (3rd)
2012-10-03 7 17.9% (3rd) 18.6% (3rd) 17.3% (3rd) 18.6% (3rd)
2012-10-04 8 15.0% (6th) 14.4% (7th) 15.1% (4th) 16.6% (3rd)
2012-10-10 9 15.8% (4th) 17.3% (4th) 15.3% (5th) 17.3% (3rd)
2012-10-11 10 16.2% (5th) 17.3% (3rd) 14.9% (4th) 15.7% (4th)
2012-10-17 11 15.0% (5th) 16.5% (5th) 14.3% (5th) 15.3% (4th)
2012-10-18 12 16.4% (4th) 17.0% (4th) 15.1% (4th) 15.7% (4th)
2012-10-24 13 18.2% (3rd) 18.7% (3rd) 17.1% (3rd) 18.8% (3rd)
2012-10-25 14 18.5% (4th) 19.6% (3rd) 16.7% (4th) 18.4% (4th)
2012-10-31 15 17.1% (4th) 17.6% (3rd) 18.3% (3rd) 20.6% (2nd)
2012-11-01 16 18.8% (4th) 19.8% (2nd) 17.1% (4th) 18.8% (3rd)
2012-11-07 17 18.2% (4th) 19.6% (3rd) 16.2% (4th) 16.4% (4th)
2012-11-08 18 16.8% (5th) 18.1% (4th) 18.2% (4th) 19.7% (3rd)
2012-11-14 19 18.5% (4th) 19.9% (3rd) 17.9% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd)
2012-11-15 20 18.6% (3rd) 20.2% (3rd) 18.0% (3rd) 19.4% (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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dietpumpkin the whole story was so good but the ending not so much ugh it was confusing and frustrating. How can you tell whether he lost his memory and can't remember Eun Gi or he was just pretending and playing hard to get or they literally started all over again? I was so confused ah also, what happened to Tae San? I mean really the whole story was epic and intresting. but it left us wondering hah

mali Okay, maybe I need to watch this again. It was good except for some parts...and thank god it had a good ending, because it was so melodramatic and dreary. Kang Maroo had you captivated from the beginning and once I got into it...I kept on watching, Just eun gee was a little irritating because when she lost her memory she was too child like and so unsuspecting she almost made you mad...and she did make me mad when she wouldn't let him leave when he got stabbed..she should have noticed his bleeding. I dunno she was ok...but other than that, it was a good story.

song joong ki lover omg i love him and this drma

kpoperzzz I never watch korean melodrama before.i first meet this drama in kbs world went they reply this drama.yes this drama is the best.i also love 'i miss you' starring yoon eun hye

vmarlany This is the best drama that i ever with good actor and actres. Kang ma roo and seo eun gi they seems really life. I love kang ma roo.

Rouge By far this is the best drama I have watched in all my years of drama watching. The tension and drama in each episode propels and mystifies you. A drama truly worth watching and I can give no higher praise then this; I have watched this drama more than 3-4 times and it's safe to say It grabs my attention and my heart every single time. The character development and the plot were so rich and truly satisfying, moreover the acting was absolutely enthralling. To conclude GIVE IT A GO IT"S REALLY GOOD!!

Lee Mi Young This is for sure a five star drama! The actors are fantastic. They make you feel their emotions; you cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh. It seems so real and the plot is well thought out, It was truly amazing!

Imimi Aweome drama ever..beatiful lead stars..acted boring episodes ..the kissing so real...i loved this drama so much as well as the lead couple...they are amazingly perfect to each other...

Imimi I loved this drama so much...perfect lead intense boring episodes..loved the kissing scenes so real...amazingly excellent drama ever and the lead star awesome pair ever...

Moon My favorite forever. Its the best drama that I have seen.

I can just watch over and over again. I think that I will never find another drama like this one. Perfect story, perfect cast, perfect acting, perfect scenes, perfect kisses and perfect end.

When I began to watch this drama, I had no expectation. I just liked the synopsis, because I really love drama with revenge like plot. So, I was completely surprised and enjoying it more and more. I was never bored and always wanted watch the next episode. This is the best drama ever.

Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki are perfect together. I hope they make more dramas like a couple.

I love so much this drama!

JC it's one of the coolest Korean series I've watched. I just hope that I've seen Maru recovered fully from the brain surgery and remember all and who manage Taesan and the wedding with Eun-Gi. The story is cool but a little short for me...

scarlet I just love it .it's the therd time i'm watching these drama but i'm injoying it sooo mach it's just the best

elli this was one of the best dramas that I have seen in the kdrama world. It was never boring for me. Sometimes I would want to punch the computer screen, or hug the characters, and I would easily get depressed and happy all the time. to be honest the only reason I began watching this was because of joong ki but as the drama progressed, I REALLY got into it! It was an amazing ride of emotions. I even teared up ards the was beautiful.

SPOILER: I would have like it if maru died in the end too (I really like endings where the main dies) but this ending was good too..... in the end, I couldn't hate any of the characters even though they annoyed me SO much during the series. i'm guessing that I will never find another drama like this one. I hope I come back and watch this in a few more years

asdfasdfasdf Not the best storyline ……. but the emotional aspect of the drama is the BEST (in my opinion). Moon Chae Won and Soong Jong Ki did superb job! i just LOVE their acting so much!

lala The story is very average..but the acting of the female villain is really bad with none of the emotions rightly all looks so fake and forced..also there are so many unnecessary boring scenes in the drama..athough the lead actors have done a good job but this role doesnot suit the male lead..and the comic timings between the actors friend and his lover is really boring with lots of overacting

luna Oh my I really love this drama..until now I'm still not bored watching it again...hope they both can be paired again..Song Joong Ki & Mon Chae Won.

Park Amir Moon chae won and song joong ki


lixa Yeah me too.. I really love this drama.. I hope they both will be paired again in drama or movie..really ship them..

itsmeenz wahhhh... well it was not just me alone .. which often repeat this drama ... this drama is the best drama I think ... in terms of the story is so emotional. from one episode to another episode is not boring is always interesting to watch. I am most happy when it entered the 12th episode, here kang maruu really been loving seo eun gi .. ah "Neomu Neomu bogoshipeo kang maru"

Lisa Does someone know which score title is the one at the end of episode 6? When Eun-Gi looks at the picture there is a score, but it doesn't seem to be on the official one which is sad because I totally liked it.

citra am Love them !! Love Moon chae won and Song joong Ki, Hope Moon chae won and song joong ki, makes a drama together with best character ever. :D


citra am Hope Moon chae won and song joong ki, makes a drama together with best character ever. :D

mimi i really love the movie... i really feel in love the character of Maru, i like to megan too.. the story focus on how strive and find the true love.

i want to go in korea and  meet Song Joong-Ki

mimi i really love the movie... i really feel in love the character of Maroo, i like to megan too.. the story focus on how strive and find the true love.

asdf So annoyed with Han Jae Hee and also Park Si Yeon. I find the actress annoying ever since my girl. Ugh. I can't believe she keeps using Kang Ma Roo for all her stupid mistakes.

ve wow, i like this drama. song joong ki :*

fan9irl Very love this drama.. Song Joong Ki <3

Tahmineh Hi , I watched this drama again and again ( some scenes, more than 100 times ! ) . I love it . I love so much romance and dialogues between "Kang Maru" and "Seo Eun-Gi" in this drama . Director and writer had done very well... (Of course, if we specially relinquish kiss scene in end episode , for not maching plans of this scene ! )

I watched many Korean dramas and this drama is the best of them that I see.

Thanks so much.

jonah Nice drama. Kang Maru..a nice guy out of his bad intentions. With his bad motives that turn into something unexpected..feels happiness for someone he just used for revenge..I love Soong Joong-Ki. He portrayed well his character in this drama. He is now one of my favorite Korean stars. Aside from being handsome..w/ that good looks, for me he is a good actor & talented, I commend him.

johan Nice drama. Kang Maru..a nice guy out of his bad motives. I don't think there is someone like him, in real. I love Soong Joong-Ki. I love his character. He portrayed his role perfectly. He is now one of my favorite Korean stars. He is a good actor, I commend.

divya pawar such a great drama must watch.... i really like the character maru he is such a nice guy in this drama... he longed for love and at the end he get but doesn't understand it...

jack im just starting to watch this. but I would like to know, who in this actually gets amnesia?

drina It was a fake love, if kang ma ru didnt remeber seo eun gi after all...

louren This is one of the best korean drama, excellent story line, superb acting of the lead stars Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won, perfect pair/couple, they both beautiful....I super super love this drama....

Lindsay Jung This is my 2nd favorite drama. The is a very well written drama. I really praise all their acting especially the three main characters. Joong Ki really transformed here, btw. I also like the chemistry of Eun Gi and Maru plus I love the fact that in this story, the female lead is the rich one. lol

Nika I can't remember. Has Ma Ru a prosopagnosia or not? or Is it EunGi?

kinanzha I always watching this drama.. again...again.. and again.. more 10 time.. never boring... i hope Jong Ki and Chae Won be couple in the real life..

Maryam I can't understand Ma ru... why doesn't he talk? why doesn't he explain himself? why didn't he tell her that he was stabed and in pain? why doesn't he let her know his feelings and decide? did he finally remember who she was?

SJHFan The drama was good just for me Seo Eun Gi and Atty Park Jun Ha is more suitable ::D

Tori LOL I finished this drama in two in a half days. I had put it off because I don't like melodramas because the ending can go either way but the actors were ones that I have enjoyed watching so decided what the heck, I'll watch it. OMGanesh am I happy that I did. I laughed, cried and sighed sooooo much in this drama. "Chaeki" totally earned all their awards for tis story. The ending was not too much or too little. Not sloppy like some say. Being a writer I was able to understand and fill satisfied with the outcome. You just have to pay real attention to the storyline and the ending makes all the sense.

jenesa I never stopped loving you, I just stopped to showing it.

najia after hearing secret was similiar to this, i might actually give this show a try

marielegaspi ilovekorea,anyeongheaseyo  !and also ilovu kang maroo

Sophia berna i love the team up of joong ki and chae-won :)

Abigail I love this movie because it is the best among the rest.Maru good job you did well

nicole solomon this is the best korean drama that i ever watch :D they we're the couple .. ^.^

ellen grace beldad the best k-drama Ive ever seen...CHAEKI couple 4 ever.....

ilyn i really love this korean drama grabe,the best..

Paul One of the best K-Dramas I have watched.. I love the story, the acting, the cast and is very effective I can say.. I love Moon Chae-Won here, she's amazing same in Princess' Man

Jung Hyun Rim ANNYONG!!! :) I Really love this.. Maroo/Song Jungki is so HANDSOME he is the BEST ACTOR in Korea ever!!! ILOVE NICE GUY <3


The Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) is the only dramas that i Addicted to .. this drama is currently showing here in the Philippines ,, and I Love This super ..Specially Song Joong Ki <3 wish that after his enlistment training there are some dramas he lead up to..

(Kang Maru ) This Fictional Character That I Will Not Forget Forever .. He Will Always in my Heart Specially The Innocent Man (Nice Guy )

I'm So Very Thankful to the Whole people behind this Melodrama ..All Of You made a better Job !! This Drama Inspire me most ..


this Will Be my Treasure In My Heart ..

A Forever Thanks !

I Love The Innocent Man <3 Always Here At My Heart ..

alfe i love this drama song joong ki is the best actor and the cast is so great

KC I REALLY REALLY like this drama especially the ending!!! I feel really thankful for all the actors/actresses including director and writer. You make my day  :D I kept replaying the last 30 mins of the final episode several times and came up with the conclusion that Maru did not die. The director wanted us to see he collapsed, meaning that the old life has already ended, so that he could start a new life as a doctor (he was praying for this when he collapsed). And from the last monologue, he said "I want to pray again. Thank you...". Notice the word "AGIAN". That means it is not his first pray and that's why he did not die.

Moonlight The Best Drama ever!.... Forever ChaeKi Shipper...<3

Mikeycknowsrnb I gave up halfway. The drama wasn't boring but more like annoying. The story line moved slow and the actions of the characters were illogical. Every episode went backstab, cry, backstab, cry, funny kwang soo moment, backstab, cry, all mixed with slow talking and dead facial expressions.

roseannBacani i love this korean tv drama.. the innocent man, is great.. a lot of excitement, everytime i watch thisss. i like the thrill, the caracter, even the places..^.^ saranghae..SONG JOONG KI & MOON CHAE WON

sesehangma one of my most fav dramas...m currently rewatching it!! m gonna keep watching it again and again till i get tired this's already my fifth time i guess hehe

Syndy A unique story with a lot of smarts twists..high acting skills and great chemistry between all the cast, and every single actor is so believable in his own character..a great music that just make the drama even more exciting..from the very beginning this drama having very good pacing, never felt bored nor trying to skip it..the best writing and directing skills. I loved it.And I think I will not forget this drama.

lyn ..I really love this drama and also the all cast of characters they are so good in acting :) Chaeki Couple Forever <3

mhariel i really love this....

maricel the story is excelent and the cast is fantastick song joong ki is very nice

jessa i was so addicted in this koreanovela drama !! this was the one of my favorite korean drama how i love to watch this every episode :)

gansahamn nida for those who watching the innocent man :)

xian azter the story is excellent...

the cast are all fantastic...

i can feel their emotions, their acting is so very good..

i cannot say any words with such joy, i was amazed!

JANE LIGMON I love it:)

megan seo and maru kang !!!

shanihar a. abirin i love this korean drama, it really touches my heart. especially MARUKANG & MEGANSEO :)) eeh it makes me kilig.. kamsahamnida :*

John Paul Candol I love viewing this genres of dramas for the reason that everyone could relate to the life's reality that everyone could be betrayed and love would be the solution!!!

rose celine i Love korean Drama The Innocent Man Because She Is very Beautiful Televison  :)

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... its very complicated.. but is very nice.. i dont know how is gonna end.. but i assured its a happiieee ending... i love the most is SONG JOONG-KI._.

  • ^_^*

roseannheart annyeonghaseyo.. its very complicated.. but its a very nice.. i dont know how is gonna end.. and i assured its a happiee ending.. i like the most the actor, SONG JOONG-KI..*^_^*

weng sobrang ganda ng bawat scene nya,,,good job moon chae won and soong jong ki..kilig much cia,,good coupe..i hope my next drama p kau.. .

Daisy I love this drama! Not only ate the lead actors great, but the raw emotion expressed in the finale was powerful. Moon Chae Won, you deserve my respects. Exceptional acting and great work! Im not Korean, unfortunately...but i felt very much partly Korean by caring for some characters while being frustrated by ithers throughout their lives in the drama. Amazing ending!

Vea cute & interesting drama! Moon Chae Won & Soong Jong-Ki are perfect couple! love love love!

Rocketter Heavy drama is not really my type but I just tried to watch this and it is REALLY GOOD. Maru's life is so complicated but I already expected that since I know this is not light drama. Every episode is not predictable even at the end. Song Joong-Ki, Moon Chae-Won and Park Si-Yeon did a great job. All of them played their roles consistently and in character. Even the secondary roles were great.. The story is so great! Highly recommended!

maripat I love this korean drama especially kang maru(Song Joong ki) and Eu gin(moon chae won).watch innocent man tagalog version at gma7. I love u song joong ki.

MyAnh Omg I feel like the story doesnt progress at all. Stop watching it after the 8th episode because nothing was going on...

enajashiA i observe that few of the viewers of this movie mostly like Moon Chae Won!..we should also give a big big hand to Park Si yeon,she also did a great job right?I love her so much shes so beautiful.....LOVE YOU PARK SI YEON.

Aishajane I like the story of this movie...this is the kind of movie that i really like...i really do like the characters especially SONG JOONG KI and PARK SI YEON...go SI YEON,you are so you girl.

se ryung love this drama so much! never gettin borinh even i rerun watching it 6times.. chaeki couple was really best couple ever moon chae won stand besides everyone aslike park shi hoo moon joo won lee seung gi and another still good too. but chaeki still in the best! hope they would play in same projects next time! chakhan namja fighting!! :*

noura love this drama so much! never gettin borinh even i rerun watching it 6times.. chaeki couple was really best couple ever moon chae won stand besides everyone aslike park shi hoo moon joo won lee seung gi and another still good too. but chaeki still in the best! hope they would play in same projects next time! chakhan namja fighting!! :*

desiree darbin I fell in - love with Ma-Roo (Song Joong-Ki) while watching the drama Innocent Man. two thumbs up!

i want to add you in facebook :D i really wish i can have a photo of you and me together.<3

lovelyn de guzman super beautiful the best from all korean drama ... love it love you

marky i will remeber this drama for the rest of my life T.T especially song joong ki and moon chae won this is the best drama FIGHTING

Kai It is a must watch drama! Good all around story, especially at the ending.

rohanie tamayo i do really love moon chae won... now,i'm just looking forward with her new acting piece in this drama... more power to you & we love you!!!!

rohanie tamayo I do really love moon chae won... now, i'm looking forward with her new acting piece in this drama... more power to you... we love you!!!!

eila san ive alredy watched this drama when it was first aired last year.. and now i watched it for a 2nd time! hehe

so this drama revolve around revenge.. i just not content with the story.. if only eun gi doenst hold any grudge on maru.. she should forget all of it if she want to be happy.. she should know how to forgive..take I MISS YOU DRAMA for example, lee seo yoo (eun hye) didnt hold any grudge on joo won (park yoochun). yes seo yoon had grudging on joo won but she didnt do anything stupid like eun gi did..the ending were beautiful and it takes one year but dis one 8 years seriously? and still im blurred about the ending

if only eun gi let maru knows her memories are back, if only she'd forgive him, if only she realizes that maru really really love her not bcuz of guilt, if only she didnt expose to the public about jae hee and maru's relation and if only maru had shown up to the wedding.. things wont turn to be like this.. her happiness is just right in front of her, why she has to take that path? hurting herself and maru as well..

and she should be the one to feel sorry and apologize to maru bcuz she had hit maru (car accident)..but in this drama, her grudge hasnt disappear yet after that accident? seriusly..

im not being biased about the characters, just feel like why the director has to make a story like complicated.. anyway the script were beautifully doubt..

sorry if my language bad :)

Rinzin sherpa TBH this was mmY first drama to have seen. i jstlop it was sos so so sos sos so so so so so so ......... lovely . i even see it twice a week <3<3<3

Emma I just watch this drama AGAIN...still sooooo into it. It should be the best drama of the year. Love SJK and MCW in this drama. They play their character so well...I just can't have enough word to say. Love the drama, love hot SJK and gorgeous MCW <3

kira hmmmmmmmmmm ..i so loved the story and the actors ....i just wish and wished Park Si Yeon become the lead ..LOL..i'm biased i know.just please don't make the second lead prettier than the lead actress-next time,.MCW was good though...Song Joong Ki !!!You're the BEST!!

Janerdelle I loved this drama so much, One of the best drama in 2012...The acting was outstanding and the chemistry between chae won and joong ki is really great..I rate this as being ahead to that winter and the wind blows ( this year's best melodrama)..

louisa This drama has the best ending all the drama I've ever watched. It's hanging but in beautiful way. I LOOVEE Maru's narration at the end. I bet there's no guy as nice as him in this world. Love love it so much!

Slippery So I've seen it and yeah, one of the best kdramas I've seen!

I have to ask, in the series, there is a song with a woman humming/vocalling and a piano accompying soflty.(Most notably when Maru and Eun Gee break up that night in ep 7) I can't seem to find that song anywhere, and its not in the OST. Anyone know whats it call or where I can find it?

imyjoonkimine Well i guess that’s it. I already finish watching Innocent Man . I feel like my world just stopped and don’t know what will i do next. how am i going to start my life again? Chos !xDD I can’t even count how many times i cried because of this drama. Different emotions actually. Sometimes i am sad, feel the kilig, excited, disgusted and even want to shout to the characters XD “Why did you that!?” And about Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) …HOW CAN HE BE SO CUTE, HANDSOME AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME? Tell me pls. OMAGAAAS you know the moment that you feel like jumping inside the TV and strangle him because of his HANDSOMNESS?? Gosh! Omg!omg! marry me! And about the ending, when Maru was about to give the ring i was like dbfjkdhfjkdfnhsfjsdbf but then again it ended the drama ended orz

simeon I think joong ki's role is good, considering how he acted it, is actually very good, but MOON CHAE WON'S ROLE WAS REALLY GREAT SPECIALLY ON EPISODE 16. IT WAS JUST SO REALLY FOR ME.


SisukaChan -Story: good, another ordinary love story -Plot: smart, "page-turner" (which is great!) -Script: very well-written! -Acting: excellent! -Chemistry: amazing! i could also feel the pain. -Soundtracks: fit perfectly!

One of the best drama, why? Because I could also feel the pain. Joong-ki is a great actor anyway!!

HundredPercentChaeKiFan Gawd! I just love this drama so much that I'm never going to watch any drama again.

I love the idea that two of my bias actor and actress, Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won, had gone paired up with each other :)) And for my own opinion, the ending is that Maru pretended to not remember Eun Gi because (idk, his own reason?) he wanted to start afresh with his relationship with her, 'ya know, like they would forget the past and stuff; the rings that he gave her tells it all, anyway... and also the way that they look at each other-- especially Eun Gi.

Also, I do have to say that I was disappointed in not knowing what happened to Taesan.

BTW, I wish that this will get aired and subbed in our country so I can rewatch it again (ABS-CBN, please?).

@Forgotten, it's episode 5... at the end of it :))

jr coolguy I live in india and one day i was searching for new channel and i found kbs world and it was displaying innocent man's first ep. And i started watching it seriously and i really liked it so much that i recommended all my friends to watch this drama and i really like all the actors,their chemistry,their actingand story and i liked every single of the story and as it was the first korean drama i watched it's the best one and i discovered a new and awesome channel ,for me it's like killing two birds from one stone.

Wendilynn Excellent Drama!! This story never gives you a break. Just when you think you know where its going, its changes direction. No side had the edge. Its refreshing to see a story so well told that isn't formulaic nor chaotic. Excellent acting by our leads. Chemistry is unbelievable. I came to this drama after watching SungKyunKwon Scandel because of Song Joong-Ki, and found several other favorites in the cast. The music in this drama was also highly effective. Just all around well done.

sixtofive Innocent Man is definitely one of the best Korean Drama! Can't wait to see it dubbed in Tagalog once shown in the Philippines. Very good plot, beautiful story and of course excellent acting especially the three leads. I'm actually a big fan of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won so I really don't missed any of their dramas or movies. I loved them more because of Innocent Man. But of course you can't set aside Park Si-Yeon's acting here, super effective but still you can't hate her because she's so pretty and the child star who portrayed as her cute:) Congrats Innocent Man! Two-thumbs up!:)

Yoyo i just started this drama...and i'll say it is addicting!! >.< i watched this cause i'm a running man fan and been watching Haha's, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Jong Ki, and Song Jihyo's movies ant dramas...cant believe in two days im already on episode 12 O.o i know crazy lol but Song Jong Ki plays the role really well and lol i love Lee Kwang Soo character and he did his robot dance too!!!! and i found my new crush cause of this drama...LEE YOO BI :D soo cute!

islandsatire I had to come and give my high vote to this, my favorite drama so far, and accidentally gave it a 75% somehow with my cell phone touch screen. 100% all the way baby!

Angelica MY FAVORITE DRAMA EVER! I can't even remember how many times I've watched it. I fell in love with the story, with the characters, the casting, the acting, everything. If you are watching it and no tears come out then you are not even human! Moon ChaeWon and Song Joong Ki are just flawless, their acting is marvellous and I guess we all would like to be Eun Gi... Because Kang Ma Roo is the nice guy that doesn't exist anywhere else in this world. <3 If you like melodrama and you haven't watched it yet, make sure you don't miss it! I assure you that you won't regret it^^

trytrya what a beautiful drama! tears is won't leave when i'm watching this! aaarrrrggghhh~ like eun gi's feeling, right now, kang ma roo is walking, running in my head!

mayrica really worth watching, i cried my ass of in this drama. The characters are well played and both actors have a good chemistry with one another. Its been a long time since i got attached with a drama like this. Two thumbs up! worth 20 hours of my life :)

just saying Without exaggeration, The best Drama of 2012

Gyo The ending is very clear, he doesn't have amnesia, he has prosopagnosia(doesn't remember faces) but he did play around at the end, I'm sure he could have recognised her voice, it was for the sake of the ending. So, everyone remembers everything(with the exception of faces, no biggie):D

Svemicha Sorry, but I think that Ma Ru died and that, what we see at the end is only vision/illusion of how it could be after operation, if he wasn't killed. That's my opinion.

sunnyday I'm so agree with @Hi 's comment : "Okay to those who didn't understand the ending here is a brief summary. Kang Maru didn't lose his memory at all, he was just pretending because since he wanted to meet Eun gi 2nd time around and start out fresh he decided to pretend he lost his memory. Happy Ending!" I really think the same way. Its really obvious. We can see that from Eun Gi's expression when she met Ma Ru (as a doctor in final episode). She showed a happy face, not a sad face that she should have show if Ma Ru really did lose his memory. And those rings are also the proof. :)

Btw I hope people who read all the comments here finished watching this drama. Those who haven't finished yet, please dont read the comments! Lol

Sunnyday By the way I'm so agree with what @Hi said : "Okay to those who didn't understand the ending here is a brief summary. Kang Maru didn't lose his memory at all, he was just pretending because since he wanted to meet Eun gi 2nd time around and start out fresh he decided to pretend he lost his memory. Happy Ending!" I really think the same way :'D We just can find that from eun gi expression when he met Ma Ru (as doctor). She showed a happy face, not a sad face that she should show if Ma Ru really did lose his memory. The rings also a proof that Ma Ru is just pretending. Okay, I hope people who read all these coments finished watching this drama. And for those who haven't finished, I hope they dont read the comments here LOL

Sunnyday After giving me kinda twisted feeling in the last two days, I finally got done watching The Innocent Man! I think this is the best korean drama I've ever watched. Waaa. All the casts are sooo great! The story line is unpredictable! Fuuuhh. really breathtaking from the beginning till the end! Highly recommended! :'D Btw about the ending, I hate sad ending but when i watched this drama, I just feel that I dont care about how the ending would be. And after all, i feel so surprised yet satisfied about the ending. Finally we just knew that Though he throughed so many twisted things, Kang Ma Ru is still a nice /innocent guy, his desire is only to be with the girl he loves much (eun gi), and he just wants to meet her naturally and go out like another normal couple.

@felixfelicis nooo. That's the real eun gi. :D imho you should watch the the final episode once more, and think again about the ending, you'll feel touched when you find out the point. :')

felixfelicis Overall, I love this drama so much. I love the twisted story, the strong characters, the setting, the shoots, the natural tone of movie, and especially Joongki oppa's acting. :D Also, the truly friendship chemistry between Joongki oppa and Kwangsoo oppa was so adorable. :DDD Oh, I love Joongki oppa's song too! That song fits perfectly to his voice, the drama's atmosphere, and the character "Kang Maroo". But, I was a bit disappointed about the ending. I thought it was too rush, no conclusion about Taesan-Seo Eun Gi's relationship, and I was a bit unsure about Eun Gi and Maroo's relationship too (Did they meet each other or did Maroo meet another resemble person? *could anyone tell me, please..*)  :(( I'm waiting for the next Joongki oppa's projects! JOONGKI OPPA FIGHTING!!! :DDD

fifah this drama make me think that live is no easy... so smart drama ^^

Thy Adha This drama makes me think HARD while watching,,

jhamyca i love song joong ki your the one for me...!!! your a good actor that a like... your soo cute!!!


kero @DramaQueen: really? I don't think so. Actually the pacing was fast and that made the drama more exciting. Maybe you don't like melodramas, most dramas w/ same genre are often boring but this one is a nail biter. I just can't stood from my sit after watching every episode. though I admit, the tense/action on the last 2 episodes kind of sapped for me. But it's still a good drama. There's still flaws but it'll just scratch your head if trying to figure out. So I suggest just to go over the flow when watching it. XD

kero such flawless cast... I still had a hangover after finishing it two months ago. <3

mumu i love it SJK and MJW! i wish they would do another drama together.. maybe a different genre, not too serious like,nice guy.. a romantic comedy perhaps.. ! (^з^)-☆

Kerri Love Love Love this drama! Any idea when it will be available on dvd?

DramaQueen this is a really boring drama, sorry to say this, but the plot is very slow & the nasty guy isn't really nasty......there are not much decent ideas here.......if it wasn't Song Joong Ki I wouldn't have watched it.......he's acting skills were fantastic & he is very good-looking~!!

meyli joongki love you very hand some !! when i see you i will hug you !!! <3

Frau zasky Kang Ma Ru..''saranghe..''

Forgotten Hey guys... I've been searching but i cant remember what episode did Maru and Eun Gi kissed on the bridge.... Anyone knows???? Thanks..

Anyeong Hello All... I just finish watching Nice Guy... Fantastic movie!! But sorry to ask... but i can't really remember watching Maru jump into the water.... Which episode is it??? i really cant remember.... anyone help?? Thanks.

Dash This drama is awesome... The twisted story line... But Mr.Director, can u make a special episodes to explain about the ending.. how the relationship and what happened in the past 7 years.. and also about Eunsok and Tae San and also others.. and lastly about Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Roo's relationship... The happy ending..

PS: I really hope there will be a special episodes... to make it more satisfying... PLS PLS PLS MR.DIRECTOR....

Anna Moshita Its been for awhile i did't feel an urge to know the ending of the korean drama that i've been watching ..but, this drama is different. I feel a greater rush to know what will happen in the next episode..finished watching all the episodes in almost 3 days..its make me go emotionally crazy while watching it,give me many mix feeling,,, sad,anger,hopeless,happy,frustrated....all kind of emotion become one in this or should I call it a masterpiece... i can feel the emotion of the actor at every scene..sometimes it makes my heart aching...Joong Ki ( Even if he did an evil works as part of his character in this drama i couldnt bring myself to hate him..hahaa )& Han Chae Won really did an awesome job in this drama!!!!. if only they were real...^___^ same goes to the supporting actor and actress..the writer,director did it AWESOMELY! BEST MELLO DRAMA OF THE YEAR 2012!! ^___^ Hope they will get many awards ;D

P/s: Sad coz its finished..when can i find the drama like this again..?? *sigh*.. fell in love with joong ki again and againa and again..He goes from the very cute adorable guy to the very killer handsome guy full with charisma ;D

yoon shi yeon I love Moon Chae Won very much..What a great acting.I think the character fitted her well,you can really feel the emotions....Very great actress..I love you Moon Chae Won...I hope they will win best couple award and best actress and best actor...Great chemistry also..

푸리 Wow, Innocent Man has now topped my list of favorite Korean Dramas.. I really, really love this drama a lot! At first, what aroused my interest to watch this drama, was Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki. I am a big,big fan of Running Man. So, knowing that these two best friends are working together in a drama, is a must watch for me.

But later as I started watching the drama, little by little, I fell in love with the story line and the roles of the actors and actresses. Especially Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won and of course Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Yoo Bi. These two couples are my favorite couples in a drama so far. It's impressive how sweet Song Joong Ki could be and at the same time, how mean and cold he is.. Moon Chae Won's character in this drama is great. Eun Gi was a mean and kind of rude lady at first. After she met Ma Ru, her soft side and innocence was slightly shown. Then after she met with the accident, her character was totally different. She became a totally different person! And after she recovered her lost memories, she became a cold-hearted person, using her own marriage to get revenge on Ma Ru. I'm surprised how Chae Won can deal with all those character changing in such short time given. Proves she's a really good actress.

Lee Kwang Soo is the perfect add to this heart-aching and tear-jerking drama. His funny moments in the drama came perfectly in time! I enjoyed watching every episode in expectation of what funny moments he will let us remember from this drama. Together with Lee Yoo Bi, these two acted as a comic relief to the intensity of the drama. Other than his funny side, I was also impressed with Kwang Soo, for he made me cry a lot in the drama when he cried. He was really into his character. Kwang Soo's acting let me feel the pain Jae Gil felt when he knew Ma Ru is sick.. And trying to persuade him to undergo operation. His expressions really moved my heart and emotions deeply. I hope he wins something for the drama.

All the episodes are great. But honestly, the ending was not too good for me. Though Jae Gil did admit in the Karaoke Room that Yoo Bi made him fell in love with her, they shouldn't have skipped to after 7 years without even showing their marriage. I know about the airing time and all but at least they should show just a bit. Besides, the ending is a bit suspended. They showed Ma Ru dying on the silent street, with his narration..which let people think he actually died. But in the end they showed him meeting Eun Gi again and he claimed he lost his memories and all, but in the end he actually remembers because of the couple rings.. The narration is confusing.. I think the writer wants to let the viewers decide for themselves whether they think Ma Ru died or lived. But I prefer to think that he actually died..and the ending scene with Eun Gi are all his imagination before he died..Though it's sad..but it's beautiful ending...

I Love Innocent Man!!

scarlet Wow, it was great, l love it.good jub everyone welldone, last episod was really nice :-)

Hinda This drama is the best drama i ever see but maru lost his memory b/c of opertion any way i hope happy ending

slee I think The Innocent Man is a beautiful drama with interesting and unexpected twists here and there. I kind of like that it wasn't overly melodramatic with complicated revenge plots. Although I would have to say it didn't make sense to make Maru leave his "dying", semi-unconscious sister to be at Jae-Hee's side at the beginning when he could have called the ambulance first (just didn't suit the Maru character not to think things through). Just also figured out that Jae-Hee (even with her claiming she was a righteous reporter back then) had already aimed for fame, wealth and status and that was what made her go to the Tae San's President Seo immediately after the murder with the she already planned that sometime back. Anyway, I think the ending was good and left a lot to imagination. And the way I saw it - Maru didn't lose his memory. He really just wanted to experience the kind of innocent, simple love (the ones without motives) he never really did before (in one of the scenes he even asked Jae Gil what he should do during dates when he was a womanizer already) and that was why he took his time with his "amnesia" to slowly woo Eun Gi - and that was what he prayed for just before he collapsed on the side of the road. What gave it (Maru's fake amnesia) away was at the last scene - he said in his heart that he prayed to experience pure love (before) and he was praying for the same thing again (with Eun Gi seated on the bench with him), as he gave the rings to her and both then looked at each other knowingly. So she knew at that moment too that he remembered. Obviously the rings were the most telling but hey, he remembered what he prayed for 7 years ago.

Also, I may have missed it but I don't think Maru has once said he loved Eun Gi throughout the whole drama, although you could see it in his eyes, sensed it and felt it in they way they kissed. So, yeah wonderful acting from the artistes! Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae Won really understood the part they played and got into character extremely well. Moon Chae Won did so well switching from the hard/arrogant Eun Gi (what she wanted to show the world) to sweet/giving Eun Gi (her true self) and finally finding the balance in the end.

This drama is highly recommended!

luvia I'm still miss this drama although it had been 2 weeks end... :) This drama just awesome with all the actors and actress...The Innocent Man.. <3 :)

sara please vote for innocent man best drama of 2012

Maru Love this drama! soong joong ki best actor ! totally amazed with his acting skill and hope to see more drama lead by him.....

Elle The way it skipped to 7 years ahead annoyed the hell out of me. Seo Eun-Gi had to give up Taesan because her father committed fraud in his attempt to leave it to her. Kang Ma-Roo did not loose his memory he says he has Prosopagnosia (which that had claimed Eun-Gi had before if you remember) it means he can't recognize faces. (might be true, might not no one knows but the writer.) But if that is true that he can't recognize her then why was he eating her sandwiches like they were delicious when even Kang Myeong who works for her says they are horrible. Also if he can't recognize her why would he be sat there with the couple rings. I'm inclinced to believe he does recognize her but decided to qualifie as a doctor and start his practice before letting her know and get to know her all over again as just Ma-Roo doctor, not Ma-Roo who tried to use her to get revenge, JooEun-Seok is living with Eun-Gi but we never get to see him or find out how his is. Jae-Gil and Cho-Ko are so cute together, I'd hoped it would end with the married. It would have been nice to see Jae-Gil finally admit that he liked her though. The best bit was when Jung-Hwa was pretending to be annoyed that Jae-Sik kept confessing his lover for her, but when he triedto rip up the note she got mad cos she does like him.

lin jing jing I think this is the best melodrama I ever watched.. Must watch this drama!! Daebakk!! Now I'm huge fan of Song Joong Ki.. Very talented actor.. Thanks to screenwriter, directors, crew, staf and all the cast.. Every scenes like roller coaster, makes me feeling up and down in the same time. What a beautiful love story.. from revenge change to true love. Intro from ep.1 -19, Ma Roo tears.. Till last episod.. Ma Roo smiles.. OMG... Song Joong Ki smiles is the best <3 .The ending just Perfect. Hope this drama will win many awards.

VicT I really loves this drama and the casts especially S.Joong Ki and M.Chae Won..<3 P.Si Yeon was sm*rt,too..:)

shenaya hiiii i would like to make penpals. i am 20 years old.. i love korean dramas… if anyone wants to talk with me here is my skype address


soktavi i'll miss this drama T-T

Sabah Style Yesss!! Happy ending indeed. Personally, I think the ending was mature and most of the love and work related problems faced by Maru were handled maturely with deep thinking. These would set good examples to all the viewers. My anticipation that Maru will persue his career in medical indeed came true which make me very happy. Anyway, why Eungi has to give up Taesan when she is a very talented person? Moreover, she was graduated from prestigious Harvard University. What a waste! Like everybody else, I am too curious about the girl named Kang Myeong Joo who had stomachache, why Kang? Well...I think the ending was better if Maru and Eungi hold hands after Maru give the couple ring or putting the ring into each others' fingers. How about pairing Song Joong Ki with Park Min Young in your upcoming drama(s)? Not a bad idea at all right? THANKS!!

Hi Okay to those who didn't understand the ending here is a brief summary. Kang Maru didn't lose his memory at all, he was just pretending because since he wanted to meet Eun gi 2nd time around and start out fresh he decided to pretend he lost his memory. Happy Ending!

Kelli Best drama of the year!

gherzel glad they end up together.. :) weeeiii great drama ., not much more on love story yet still a beautiful revenge and ending.. cant ever think he'll fall for a girl he used to know. thanks for the director and it's story writer.. ofcourse to soong joong ki and many other job well done.. :)

Franz KANG MARU DID NOT FCKING LOSE HIS MEMORY! OMG im disappointed about you guys .. but then I just love the director in making these drama intelligent! its not for a simple minded person.. thx! just so PERFECT

ixtyjjang I know it's a happy ending, but I've got questions too, just like how others are confused about the ending.

Can we have a Part 2 or even a Special Episode which shows the progress of Ma Ru and Eun Gi's relationship. Some time to show what happens between Choco, Ma Ru, Jae Gil and Eun Gi after the long waited 7 years. And what progress did Jae Hee had been through as well as how Park Jun Ha live his life after all the struggles he has been through to protect his loved Eun Gi. ^ ^ is this too much to ask?

I hope the writer gets to read all our comments and decided to make a special episode for those people who have confusion and for those people who love EunMa couple and to all the viewers of this drama.

Lastly my Questions are:

1.) Did he regain his memory? Or did he fall for Eun Gi again without remembering the past? (I really want him to remember everything not for him to suffer from all the sad things but for him to feel happy that after all he ends up with the one he loves, the one he loves even before he lost his memory. I really don't like endings with a memory loss since its kinda a waste for them to not remember about their happy times from the past.)

2.) Is he only pretending to not remember. If he does, does Eun Gi knows he's only pretending? 3.) Who manages Taesan? Did Eun Gi really leave everything and live a simple life as a baker? 4.) Who was that kid who has a stomachache, how is she related with Eun Gi, how do they know each other, and how is she related with Kang Maru and Kang Choco, do they have the same family name accidentally or are they blood related with each other?

  • Where's Eun Seok? :)

aciey I really love the ending!! It was a happy ending for Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi! Love them both dearly. Even though, its a happy ending. I am a little confused. Did he gained his memories of the Eun Gi or did he just fell back in love with her again?

maya ending is really stupid. spoiler ahead-i mean everyone is so happy he didn't die but that would have been better. he lost his memory (like every one does that while their injured/operated and like the amnesia thing isn't that washed up already) and 7 freaking years later eun-gi desides to visit him?? or approach him? and i seriously felt like both of them said some ***** up things to each other.. all in all it was very good until eun-gi got her memory back and every thing was starting to get old..

surichan i really really really hope there is a special episode just for kang ma ru and seo eun gi. please please please ..... i hope the director will see our comment ^^v

Pania I applaud the INNOCENT MAN's cast & crew... the writers & directors and everyone who was involve. I'm just so pleased with this drama. (: It's ashamed that such a great drama has ended. =( My heart holds a special place for this drama. It's at the top of my list! SONG JOONG-KI is so handsome in this drama and I'm so amaze at this acting. It's a side I never really got to enjoy since he was never the main lead.

I hope Song Joong-Ki and Moon Chae-Won will star in another drama in the future. Their kissing scenes were THE BEST! So hot and steamy... keke :P I think they had great chemistry with one another. They worked well with each other.... They make a cute on screen couple! Do I wish for them to really date... OF COURSE! But then if it doesn't work out, we would never get to see another drama of these two together... so on second thought.... I hope they just be good friends. BUT hey if they date, I wish for them to last forever and ever. LOL INNOCENT MAN, I LOVE YOU!

MPV88 I'm very satisfied with this drama. I watch a lot... and I mean a lot of drama and the plot of this drama is different from any other dramas I've watched. I like a lot. I like how it's not predictable to what's going to happen next and it leads the audience as confuse as the characters. This drama really show the amazing acting skills that I've never seen before from Song Joong Ki. I would like to request that he make more dramas to which he plays the main lead. (: Moon Chae-Won was a great actress too. She played her role very well and I like her character, Eun Gi. She's a very strong and straightforward with everyone and with herself. I think the drama is well written and I was happy with the ending, but I wished there was more to the happiness of their happy life together. At least a wedding would had been doable.

I recommend this drama to anyone who is looking for a good drama to watch. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! This drama and both Joong Ki and Chae Won acting deserve awards!!

Tuete To the director of the drama 'The Innocent Man': please make a special episode, where we can enjoy ourselfs seeing more about the relationship between Maru and Eun Gi, an episode where those two are able to enjoy their relationship as well. Maybe more information about how they are living in the new neighborhood which we just saw in episode 20 etc.

SweetpinkxPL I am so satisfied with how the ending went. Can't have any better endings than that one...but they jumped til so far away..i had hoped to see jae gil n choco's marriage.. but that scene was also sweet enuf..with their daughter as well as the sweet morning kiss..kwang soo must have been happy for real..that smile was so

darkshader It is a nice ending ... but they could have make it better.

If i was the director. It they want to make kang ma-ru had a temporary amnesia. Let seo eun-gi take care of him, until he gets better. then cut the scene.

on the next scene make it a wedding scene or give the ring in the bench. simple as that. then repeat the line that kang ma-ru is telling in the end. then said "thank you seo eun-gi". atleast we would know that he remember everything and we not kept hanging.

darkshader @eila

we are in the same boat. i have a lot of question same as you. if i was the director i will give an additional 10 more minutes to answer all of the questions or polish the ending.

kang ma-ru was talking to himself hoping that he will find love again just like he experience from seo eun-gi. he was narrating this line before he took the surgery. now he repeated this line again when he become a doctor and gave the wedding ring.

so here is my question when he gave the ring.

1. When he reminiscing his love with seo eun-gi ... did his memory came back already or not?

2. At the end of his line kang ma-ru said "thank you". does this mean that he is giving thanks because he found his love again through this baker girl? or he is giving thanks because he remember seo eun-gi now?

because i'm more leaning towards to the story that he found love again to this baker girl, not knowing that this is the girl that he had love before. Am i right? Am i right? If that is the case ,,, then it sucks because he cannot still remember his past and forgotten about her sister and brother in-law.

3. who is managing the taesan company now? did it went bankrupt after han jae-hee went to prison?

If anyone of you get any news or interview from the actors/actress and explained it further. Please please post the link here or answer my questions.

eila its great maru really end up with eun gi..but there are some stuff that made me confuse. so in the end eun gi leaves all her wealth, her tae san, and went to open bakery shop??who conduct the company? and maru monologue to himself that in the next life he definitely meet eun gi, means after he succeed the surgery? and so in the end, its like he starting over with eun gi?so he doenst recognize eun gi in the 1st place?? plis help confuseeeee:(

Joongkiandchaewon Hi i am from US..I was really happy to see the ending that Joongki choose Chaewon in the end. Kang maru deserved to be loved and love someone. Joongki and Chaewon congratulations on both of you. I hope that both of you will make another korean novela. You guys are awesome, very good actor and actress. Joongki and chaewon forever. I told all friends to watch Innocent guy the first time they aired on viki..I fell in love with Joongki and Chaewon. Handsome and pretty girl ( I admire her because she can be beautiful with less make up) and Joongki ( he can be handsome anytime, any hair type and clothing) i just love them both. Please make another korean novels with joongki and chaewon. I love choco and gae jil..they are really cute. C O. N. G. R. A. T. U. L. A. T. I. O. N. S. !!!

To all the casts, actress and actors who made this beautiful korean novel, I salute you and support you with all my heart. More power and god bless.

Lovejoongki I love the way the ending was. I've been waiting patiently to see what is the ending of this story. I was really amazed how the story twisted and thinking that Kang Maru will go to Jae hee but in the end I love love love that kang Maru choose eun gi to be with her. This drama makes me cry alot..two thumbs up Joongki and Chaewon. I love the team up, very good actress and actor. They can portray any type of mood, the can be happy, sad, mad, revengeful, inlove..this drama made me fell inlove with the characters.

NiceGuy SPOLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING) yay! it's a happy ending! I was crossing my fingers to the very end and it turned out so well. So happy to have came on this journey with joong ki and chae won! loved it soooo much. Such a beautiful storyline (though the ending did seemed a little rushed) but oh well, as long as they ending up together then I have no more complaints!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Mayakho Am I too much to ask a special edition? I mean, with all the great ep but wrap in a rush ending. Ahh..

soraya ( 소라야) i need special episode for nice guy.. PD nim please make it. . please. . please. . . make a special edition for kang maru and seo eung gi. . T-T nice guy makes touch my heart . . Daebak nice actrees nice actor nice crew nice writer nice director nice producer you all the best team.

stacia ♥ joong ki jeongmal saranghaeyo joong ki oppa♥.... I love this drama so much.. Joong ki played his part as kang ma roo extremely well.. Can't imagine other people can do it.. I don't see cute joong ki anymore, i can only see kang ma roo, who loves eun ggi, who protects her,... Really love you oppa... Am just hopping a happy ending... You've been through so many difficult times... A happy ending is a must...

farima what willlllllllll happened to kang maru i'm still waiting some one pleaze tell me i'm dying

iamcekii a happy ending please! :) MARU-EUNGI Couple Fighting! ♥

ppqpham Please give them an happy ending :((

sahar oh........... this drama just drives me crazy the pain kang maroo has inside make my heart painfull oppa you are the best nice guy not the bad one who is out for revenge. sarangheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sally i really love this drama.... especially those two characters, kang maru and eun gi... and also lee gwang soo am a huge fan of him... congrats!!! hoping for a happy ending to kang maru and eun gi..... Saranghaeyo joongki oppa >_<

serwena1212 his drama is written by Lee Kyung-hee who is famous for tragic endings.....:(

eila why eps 19 and 20 does not appear yet? im nervous and too anxious waiting for the ending... i hope that nothing happen to KMR, i mean he's not goin to die rite? when i watch the end of eps 18 when KMR comfort HJH, i thought that its the end and they end up together but then i immediately google found that its 20 eps overall, so much relief! i hope he'll be with SEG both of them together!

Dum2z Oh, God! This is the best Korean drama I've ever watch. It is MAGNIFICENTLY made. Really loves their acting skills. There's no other drama better than this *trust me!. I just hope for a happy ending. Please, do not create the sad one. In overall, I would give 9.5 out of 10 for this drama when I compare it to other drama. GOOD JOB EVERYONE! A MUST WATCH DRAMA!!

fairyep Really a good melodrama!!! Every episode i'm hanging onto my chair bcuz it is so exciting. Song Joong Ki act really well here and so does Moon Chae Won.:) They are a great couple!;) I recommend this to everyone!!!

P.S: Please don't let there be a bad ending:(

parkeunrin I'm so in love with this drama...its totally different from other drama..and for the ending, I hope that Maru will lost his memory after the surgery and Eun Gi will help him recover his memory and only then Maru will get the happiness that he deserved to have from long time ago...then they will live happily ever after...This is the best drama for 2012..

Bimbeautie I hope it ends well the lead actor really did well deserves an award he's very natural about it not faking it from within

Filmmy if Kang Ma-Roo dies in the end, i dont wanna watch Korea series forever !!! T^T

CiCi This drama is excellent! I love, love, love Moon Chae-Won and although I wasn't quite sure about Song Joon-Ki, he has really pulled this off. I can't imagine anyone else being Ma-Roo now but him. I agree with many others about hoping this can have a happy ending. Writers, please have a change of heart if you are planning to totally depress us all out here. I commend you on the wonderful suspense going on in this show. You definitely deserve some awards.

elsss i want kang Maru and Eun Gi will live happily ever after and have children.

clowie This was the first drama that i've EVER watched and i really love it !!!! please happy ending and i hope they get married in this drama.

Miyoko Nakamura I am really sure out of 100% Good Happy Ending, this drama will only be 20% out of 100%. as what i research on the magga version of it. Eungi will die at the end, i don't know yet it's just a rumors on my co-chatters on a certain website. but i am very very very hoping that the main writer of this korean drama will change the story's ending...i don't like to watch korean dramas that has bad ending. it's okay to me if Eun Gi will die, but so is Kang Maru.... I have a prediction that Eun Gi will die on a Car accident ,that she planned... and Maru also will die after he take his operation...and as of Eun Gi's step mother Jae Hee..together with the man that tempted her...they will go to prison and all of Taesan's power will go to Eun Gi's little brother... It's okay if Kang Maru and Eun Gi will die, because they will surely meet again in Heaven. right? LOL...God forgives Maru for being a killer. he has a reason for it. ^_^

iamp Maru, will he be innocent man if he lost all memory after surgery? Please let him live a happy life...with or without his memory.

He has such a pure heart. He gives true love to both Jae-Hee and Eun Gi and be honest to his love each time. Why he have to go to painful way to show his love? So painful...but beautiful...Maru, who will embrace you with warm heart at the end?

Thank you for the writer and team who made this beautiful series.

Apple it will be really bad should this story end in a sad and devastating way for Maru and Eun Gi...

Poh Lyn Seriously..what attracted me to watch The Innocent Man in the first cause of the cast..Song Joong Ki as main..then there's Kwang as a loyal viewer and fan of Running Man, I seriously love to see these 2 acting together. Especially Kwang Soo..I still didn't know of his acting abilities in drama/movies but since I started watching this drama, I completely fell in love with his skills..and emotions he put into his acting.Totally different from the variety character he portrays in Running Man..His character in this drama varies as the drama goes on...From unfortunate guy to happy-go-lucky then he's a great friend to Ma Ru, and caring and gentle to Choco..His crying scenes just make my heart melt and teary eyed instantly. Just so enjoyable to watch him in this a comic relief to the drama. I also like Joong Ki's acting..he's flower boy in Running Man but here..he's so cold..yet some of his emotions still show in the drama..

I am so hoping so see a happy ending for this drama... I will be so sad and disappointed if the drama ending doesn't turn out to be like how most people want...But still I won't hate the drama if the ending is happy or not..It's the best drama I've watched for year 2012...Looking forward to more dramas by Joong Ki and Kwang Soo..

KZ It was weird watching about 4 straight episodes of Nice Guy, then going back and watching old Running Man episodes and seeing Joongki smile and laughing. Damn he's a good actor.

Gorgeous girl This is crazy and lunatic drama i just don't get it why people love this drama huh!Pity Kang Maru and don't expect happy ending since script-writer always done bad and sad ending!

Lady Sue Ellen Don't expect great ending coz most of the dramas this script-writer writes always has sad ending but then it's one of those drama just watch it good things we follow bad we throw away.The leads were great but some character not so good to follow!Only great character is Kang Maru really nice too good to be true hahha

angelina please give us a happy ending :( it's not fair if maru dies in the end. because his life is really really bad :(

Afg girl Please make them toghether no die please it is the best drama i have ever seen soo please make a beautiful ending <3

Nelly i dont think maru will die ,i mean the entire drama will be pointless if he dies at best he falls into a coma,this realy is one of the best Kdramas ever!!! maru and eun-gi are so perfect together! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

melly Im sure maru will die at the end ... but it's just drama not real life so relax :D

shiva Very sorry...... But no ,not happy ending.I think happy ending will ruin the drama. I do not like sad ending too :( But...........

g-jae Please make maru and eun gi happy in the end... they both had the worst life experience... Please make us (the Viewers) light hearted with a happy ending.. even in the last 5 mins of the 20th episode... PLEASE.... PLEASE....

lovely please make the viewer happy in the end of this series.. please extend to episode 24.. this is a beautiful drama i highly recommended to watch this.. please make soong joong ki oppa happy in the end. no one will die please especially kang maru..we will waiting for the next episode..:0)

JMV why only 20 episodes? make it extend like 24 episodes, it is a very AWESOME drama. and I hope it will be a Happy Ending <3 :(

Sung Joong ki fan Please do not disappoint fans of the series. Every week we're just waiting for Wednesday and Thursday. Please be a happy ending.

lemon ''from the screenwriter Love to kill and Sorry I love you, how can i hope happy end for this drama? :( '' ?

both drama having sad ending... but not dis time plz.... T_T happy ending plzzz

blossom At first I'm watching this drama because of two best friend SJK and that time I'm not too interested to watch so I skipped it by watching another drama which is romcom genre that I always like to watch. But after that drama finish, I guess there's not bad trying to watch it back, so I'm watching from ep.1-ep.8 (that time ep.8 is the one that just aired) and I get more and more enjoying and loving this drama!and the silly part is every time LKS's crying scene, I'm always laughing not also crying cus his unique face.. :p *sorry Girin oppa*

But I do really hope this'll be has a happy ending, they deserve to be happy after many things happen in their life. At least after MaRoo get surgery, maybe he won't be remember anything, but lets make EunGi now the one who help MaRoo to remember every happy and love thing between them and how everybody *choco and JaeGil* love him so much. I guess that'll make a happy ending at least. :)

goldfishmemory Good ending please! more Eun Gi & Ma Ru happy times!!

Nina This series made me love Korean drama. I cant wait for the ending, I hope maroo and Eungi would end up together. I highly recommend this to all :]

lorenz it's my first time to meet song joong ki in this drama but am loving him already. he's a cute guy alright but he's capable enough to show his strength when being cold, arrogant and a b*st*rd. it's his first time for the lead role but he's acting is really good. thumbs up!

azurymint i guess the ending will be sad one like a love to kill and i'm sorry i love you with someone die at the end. Or open ending but a bit sad like Will it snow for christmas, the couple are actually sibling =_=. In this drama, the possibility of open ending is big because we never know who is Maru's real mom, it possible he has same mother with Eun Gi. And one of them can just die suddenly considering their brain injury. I still hope this drama will have even just a simple happy ending like Eun Gi can't get her position back but she can live happily ever after with Maru.

Bluesky Writer- nim, please give Maru and Eungi a happy ending,. :'(

Dalal This drama is breaking my heart every time i watch new episode. It makes me so addicted. Iam really afraid that maru will die at the end. If i am the writer , i would make maru loose his memory at the end and eungi take care of him. I think this ending will satisfy all of us i right?

Rawrrr!!! Hey ! Can someone tell me why Eun Gi and Ma Ru broke up ?:O Before the car accident! around episode 9-10 ! Really confused about that part!

pamela I really love this drama :)) the episodes are getting more and more intense .. super love the characters<3 PLEASE !!! I'm begging .. make a happy ending for maru and eungi T.T they're suffering so much pain in every episodes so plsss give them happiness at least on the ending of the dramaT.T 3 more weeks left :(( i'm gonna miss this so much!! fighting !!

Sam Best actress award for Moon Chae-Won again. She's so good at acting, I don't know how she does it, but she's very effective. Song Joong-Ki is great too. And also their chemistry, Song Joong-Ki & Moon Chae-Won, is overflowing. If you ask me, this is the best show this year. And best couple would be them.

Sali...Bali from the screenwriter Love to kill and Sorry I love you, how can i hope happy end for this drama? :(

Jae-Hee ..I dont like actress who plays role of jae hee, and what's wrong with her mouth ... every time when she talks I hate her mouth..

Park Joon-Ha ... I like him, sometimes more then Kang Ma-Roo but... his character reminds me procurator Kim's character from City Hunter ... I'm afraid that he will end like procurator Kim ...

samantha so so please to the script writer.. please make this drama a memorable and remarkable drama this 2012. don't let kang maru and so eun gi a sad ending. i wont forgive you...pleaseeeeeeeee.

samantha so please make this drama a happy ending..i'm always watching this good drama..i want the lead actor and actress have a happy romance till the end.

lia I think it's gonna be sad ending, but.. I hope it will be a happy ending drama, because I don't want to see maru died, I really love this drama, the story is interesting.. and I really love song joong ki, he is very cute ^_^ please... don't kill kang ma ru, we love him so much ^_^ and please make it happily ever after with so eun gi ^_*

Lady Sue Ellen This is a sad drama but will keep watching till ends but not gonna be my favo and just wanna see the talent of the leads.....knowing it will be sad ending huhu

ahaaa OMGGGGGG i want to watch this when it's finished airing, i hope lee gwang soo will get a main lead soon after this..

sheida i love song joong ki so much!he had fantastic acting in this drama!i'm totally into him!cheong mal komasmida

MariaBAE this drama is great !! i love the team up of Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki .. good casting!! 2 thumbs up :) hope the ending would be happily ever after for this two couple Kang Maru and Eun gi <3<3

mysin Hmm... Funny, I wanna see Joong Ki paired with moon geun young... Must be very much excellent... *imagining*

Taylor I hope this show will have a happy ending!! :))

Ana Excellently Written and Highly Addictive... A Must See!

choco this drama has a unique way of presenting the story each episode is very intriguing ..great job to the writer/s and all the production staffs..

sh I hope ending of this drama...sad or happy ,keep that in mind and do not forget too soon.

hibye Great drama, very intriguing story and makes you want more and more.Very nice acting too of the two main leads. My only objection is the villain in this story.Generally i love the villain's acting in most dramas,as i consider it quite difficult.But i don't like the acting of the villain lady here.She has the same expressions and makes me think she tries too much for expressing her role.She also does something with her mouth and eyebrows to enhance the sadness or the ''bad herself'' that is exactly the same in all 12 episodes till now. On the other hand the 2 main characters have so intense facial expressions and body expressions,that amaze me and drag me into the story as it is happening in front of me. Thank you all participants for this great drama

wulan for me, it's still confusing.. i want maru being with eun gi, but i like park joon ha as well.. hehe and also jae hee is actually not that bad, is she?? anyway, jaegil and choco must be together, right??

fan very daebak...................... i hope kang maru will forget about his revenge

Cassey love it so much.... Cheers!!!! for Moon Chae-won and Song Joong Ki..nice team up... Goodluck for all the actors and actresses, make this drama a remarkable one....

looking forward for the next episode.....

nsohail i like this drama very much.I hope this drama will have a good ending.Not like fasion king drama,s ending . thewriter should respect the views of the viewers.plzzzzz

VianaDewi704 I like Nice Guy.. WWoooww,, good's Drama.. Macth Couple's Song Joongki and Moon Chae Won.. I like us event together.... :D >___<

Singapore viewing Hi Director, please leave a happy ending for the young couple Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki - great actors both of them !!!!! It has to be a good ending or else defeats the morale of the show .... very interesting plot ....

eve m. vicente perfect melodrama/ romance Love how they make every plot and story move

SS501hyo writers please don't kill Eun Gi or Ma Ru at the end, I would hate that ending more than if Ma Ru ended up with Jae Hee. I wouldn't be able to watch the show again or buy it, so please do a good job like Secret Garden's ending.

Eun Gi and Ma Ru couple!

Raimay A heavy and Great drama of 2012!! Love this drama very much, especially Moon Chae Won <3

Maridol Bello Is this the first time that Song Jung Ki became the lead actor? If so, then it's about time. Such a pretty face but able to project strong emotions. Knowing the writer of this drama is notorious for sad endings, I still can't wait to watch the ending, whether bittersweet or happily ever after.

Kate I'm not actually a fan of Song Joong Ki but he is really good in this drama. I love how he acts cold and arrogant. What I love about this drama is that it will makes you curious that you'll wait for the next episode. And despite Maru keeps rejecting Eun Gi, he still saves her from that bastard brother of Jae Hee. And I agree with some comments that this might not be a happy ending, in latest ep, Maru's having a problem with his head because of the accident. But nonetheless, I'm hoping that it will be a happy ending for Maru and Eun Gi. And make Jae Hee suffer.

Another to look forward to is Jae gil-Cho Ko couple. They made the story a little light.

Can't wait for next ep.

angelinelopez I will really be disappointed with the writers and producers of this drama if maru will end up with ja hee. Ja hee's character sucks that she can be buried alive. Not even worth saving for.

Azie i love this drama.. waaaaaaaaa Ma Roo please be Eun Gi Boyfriend... and help Eun Gi to smash down Jae Hee

YukiNashreen This is so cool :)) The story was great .. Really caught my attention .. I'm addicted to this, I stay awake late at night just to watch this beautiful story :)))

duma shelala this drama make my heart "BEAT" sooooooooooooo fast omg.. ^.^

G-jae Cant wait for ep 9... when will Eun Gi lose her memory??? Maru-Eun Gi couple pls...Love to smash Jae hee....

Adama This drama is similar to a taiwanese drama. If you know the title?, let me know.

wanie i love song joong ki and of course i love this drama no matter what!

Hime This drama has grown A LOT in me. First of all, I have to say the writers are doing an amazing job to catch the public, you see, until now Korean dramas where alike when it's about starting a 'new' episode, they review the last one some minutes and starts the new episode from where it ended, but with Nice Guy they gave this boring minutes a new meaning because you telespectator will watch everything including the opening, because they somehow engage things we did not know in the last episode that actually happened and instead of showing it in the last episode, they will show in the new, making you watch everything to be able to understand. It's marvelous because they do this very well in ALL episodes, Taiwanese and Chinese writters should watch this drama and learn how to deal with the screen time and end an episode. As a film student, I'm kinda happy to have decided to watch this drama despite all of the things I have to do. I kinda remember o Bad Guy and A Love to Kill, so I'm not expecting a tradicional happy ending,but something darker and why not ,yet ,unexpected? I don't think Maru will be able to deal well with his feelings for Jae Hee until the end, even with he saying that now it's over ( Episode 8 ) , there is a lot to happen, and I'm really excited to see how they are going to kee up with the amazing writting. I saw some people saying Eun Gi before she gets a boyfriend she needed to love herself, and I by looking after her, I can see that there's a lot in her of what people say 'Sometimes loving other people are the only way for some to feel alive... ', it's pretty sad , but it happens, I think Maru will try to make a way out of it , but the feeling of revenge by what Jae Hee did to him will have to pass through a long way until he can let it go... My commentary have got too long, but to end it , I have to congratulate the whole staff of this project because it is working very well but in special the responsable for the direction of photography that is simple FANTASTIC!

Janice hi.. i really love this drama. i cant wait the episode 9. plsssss download. thnx

ppqpham This is such a awesome drama. I cant wait to watch next ep. I really want to know what happen in the end. I hope Kang MaRu will fall in love with Eun Gi.

Dawn It's been so long since I've been so immersed in a drama. The actors are all great. They are able to portray their roles very well. Plus the plot is really good, too. I just love it! :) However it ends, we'll have to wait and see. <3 Joongki!

jellies the 1st eps was interesting and I hope thet ma-roo and eun-gi will be together at the ending

JC I want Maru and Jae Hee to be together in the end. They are destined to be together and since they are willing to go so far (especially Maru) to be together, I hope Maru will be able to bring Jae Hee back on ground and they both live happily ever after (It's so sweet to watch them together especially during college flashback time),,,,I believe Eun Gi will survived from the nightmare since she still got Joo Ha by her side anyhow....Ma Jae <3

niinux does anyone know the music at the opening in episode 5?

Sandra I'm totally absorbed by this drama now at a Point of no return...I'm really hoping for Maru to fall so crazily In love with Eun Gi that will Be the worst punishment for Ambitious Jae Hee, but for some reason I keep thinking That the dream that Maru talks about in epi 6, somehow is predicting the ending. I'm really hoping to be wrong as I love happy Endings...will have to keep watching :-)

tera hope they will have a happy ending. i'm addicted to the story now. I watch it till ep 6 and waiting for next ep next week........well at least one of the writer's story will it snow for chistmas has a happy ending i believe. I hope the writer will have enough conscience to give this story a happy ending too...chayo..Kang ma roo and seo un gi...hwaitting....

Quynh Please let this movie have a happy ending (without ppl dying) *prays*

syamim Running Man brought me here ;)

calvin This is my first korean drama i've ever watched and its my favorite. i love Joong Ki and Gwang Soo

Tom4395 I just watched the first four episodes one right after the other. After the first episode I just could not stop. I was thinking after watching a few episodes that it reminded me of "A Love to Kill" (2005) with Bi (Rain) and Shin Min-A (now in Arang and the Magistrate). And then I see that the writer, Lee Kyeong-Hee, of "A Love to Kill" is indeed the writer of this drama! Well, I am prepared for this drama to end not too happily. But, I am enjoying what I am seeing so far and look forward to the next episode.

Amayesing Haha, I read the first couple paragraphs, and all I could think of was Bigbang's song Lie! Nevertheless, I'll be trying this one out ;-)

angel please... i want a happy ending of this drama.. dont kill ma ru.. huhuh

fayy this is my very fes time to comment in such website. i just cant help it since i love this drama so much!!

at fes i was quite hesitate whether to watch it or not since i only watch joong ki's drama in sungkyunkwan scandal. however, after watching 3episodes, i just dont know how to express my love towards this drama. ok, this may sound exaggerating but what can i doo, i can say this may be my 3rd fav drama after secret garden and gentleman's dignity^^

joong ki opppa fightin!!! saranghaeee ♥

Lincoel This drama seems so Shakespearean. I expect everyone to die at the end. Kang Ma-Roo reminds me of Hamlet, maddened to near insanity by betrayal. His sister Choco has the same almost ethereal melancholy of an Ophelia. Even Park Jae-Gil seems like one of Shakespears comic friends who try fruitlessly to disuade his friend from the destructive path. Eun-Gi and Jae-Hee both seem a mix of Lady Macbeth and Tatiana, both enthralled by power and narcissistic. This is simply going to end quite badly, but it will be fascinating to watch.

fighting! i just love how the dad, mom, and the daughter are all the same casts from the Princess' Man :) anyway i sure hope that maru wont hurt eungi and that they end up together

Quynh The third episode the viewers really rose up with 13.9 (nationwide) and 14.6 (seoul) on TNmS and 13.8 (nationwide) and 14.5 (seoul) on AGB Neilsen. Thats about 4th-6th place

RAM First two episodes are quite impressive. Let's just hope the writers will be able to pull a good plot for us. This is about revenge so I expect more twists and turns. :)

azurymint Since the writer is Lee Kyeong Hee i can't expect too much the ending will be a happy one. Maybe the ending will leave open-end like will it snow for christmas or saddening like A Love to Kill and Sorry I Love You. Anyway i'll still wath this drama because the actor and actress are my liking.

enchanted Now you mention-it ticks in my head abiut A Love To Kill-a drama about revebge turned into irrevocable love in which both dies severly holding in to eachother in snowfall.But in this dram lets view few eps and decide - Im giving in just because of leads SJK,MCW & PSY..Though I know SJK&MCW ends uo together yet Why do some parts of my mind pair up SJK&PSY.PSY must have taken that step bcoz of an unutterable truth if its just bciz of ambitiob thwn screw her playin with the heart of innocent who loves her like crazy even enough to throw his life & her sick bedridden sister And MCW whom he uses as weapon to cut the neck of PSY slow like ripping her skin so that to see her actual character.Excited but the episodes that are to be aired can be guessed..Let take it like trolling a page while watching it.But emotional angst are sure to mesmerize all of us

Icyvirgorox The plot sounds kinda lame but I hope the drama will be better than I thought since there's Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki. Can't wait for the first episode to be aired!

Missy Moon Chae Won, I love her acting and i expect much from her in this drama but I hate to say that her hair is awful in the official poster :| ah, anyway, there's Lee Kwang Soo!!! I hope he can naturalise the revenge-ish dark theme scenes with his own epic ways just like in Dong Yi. Song Joong Ki's another dark side? Well after playing King Sejong's dark side maybe he thinks it's not enough to clear the flowerboy image in the Sungkyungkwan Scandal, but still I love how he manages to act differently, and convincing still. I'm counting 'only' on the cast now, since the basic plot kinda reminds me of Bride of The Sun. Eh? Well, I'm waiting *fingers crossed*

kessy moon chae won goes 300 years in the future but that's not all, she brings her father with her hahahah.

KZ Looking forwards to seeing Kwang Soo. Heard that he's kinda like the comic relief in this drama.

InSu I <3 Moon Chae Won BUT I won't be able to stop comparing her to Shin Min Ah. This writer probably improved her "A Love To Kill" script, which had the same major elements as this one. Song Joong Ki looks like he's doing a better job than Bi/Rain. I look fwd to crying every 10 minutes LOL

farah kim kim young chul and moon chae woon played father-daughter again after the princess man..they must already feel comfortable with each other...

Min.Sung wow the trailer looks good!

lhouie - how come there is no Moon Chae Won stills?

slassy Admin, please update the gallery with Moon Chae Won's stills please. Thanks!

xna Waiting for this drama...hehe..especially the lead actor and actress collaboration...

cleo Ups, I mean September 5th and 6th

cleo @Danny.. no. The previous airing date was on August 22nd. But with the 4 episodes extension of Gaksital, Nice Guy will premiere on September 12th. KBS is planning to broadcast the 2 final episodes of Gaksital on August 5th and 6th

Danny @KimHayan: i think it'll air in late August, with the extensions 4 episodes for Bridal Mask, then Nice Guy will be air around August 22th

KimHayan Hope the OFFICIAL poster for this drama is dark (not too dark) and nice to look at. There was a "Nice Guy" poster made by Moon Chae Won's fan, but it's the bubbly kind and I can't imagine that poster as an official one. I'm still looking forward for this intriguing melodrama even if it'll air around beginning or mid-September.

Quynh Joongki oppa I'll be anticipating the movie ^^

Nana Ow,, the same-aged friend from running man is meeting in this drama. Can't wait.... >.<

camille hwaiting chae won eonni !! XD also joong ki oppa! i'll be waiting on this drama.

Natasha Can't wait! Lee Kwangsoo reuniting with song joongki <33

KimHayan I can't imagine Song Joong Ki portraying as a cold-hearted womaniser. Because of this, I'm intrigue to see his acting skills on this type of character. As long as I can remember, his roles are the kind roles he gets. There's no betrayal and revenge involved in these roles he had taken. That's why I want to see whether he can portray this dark character after portraying some nice guy roles. And don't expect the drama title to be literally true. "Nice Guy" is going to be a melancholic love story since the writer has written the works of "A Love To Kill" and "I'm Sorry, I Love You".

sete harahap can`t wait too long!!!!

nabil tohoin lee kwang soo as main cast yeahh cant wait my next favourit k-dramas

denise woowwww!!!! song jung ki & mooon chae won <3 <3 can't wait to watch this drama!!

lgaga Thanks for the info mr-aks. Seo Eun Gi sounds so much better than just "Eun Gi".

mr-aks I'm looking forward for MCW and SJK pairing! I hope it will be wonderful and unforgettable drama! Anyway, MCW will be playing the role of Seo Eun Gi.

six7one fighting!!! moon chae won! looking forward to every part you'll be playing! love from an island called guam.

Dara mai: this drama is a melodrama, so it will be another sad role for Moon Chae Won. But never fret, I'm sure she'll have a plenty of opportunities in the future to acts a spunky, easy going girl.

All the best for this drama and all the cast! fully support it!! especially for MCW-SJK pairing!

mai i like moon chae won but i never saw her in a drama with charming character yet and i'm hunger for that because all her dramas she only has sad roles. no offend, i love every korean actor who stands beside actress moon chae won. song joon ki is one too since he will work with her. his smile is fantasty. i hope that nice guy would be as good as the princess' man.

zheee Song Joong-Ki Moon Chae-Won Lee Kwang-Soo , love them all <3

Mary I'm so happy that Moon Chae-won and Song Joong Ki is getting to work together! Both of them are my favorite actors so I'm ready to watch this drama once it airs for sure:) First Joong Ki with Park Bo Young, then now Joong Ki with Moon Chae Won. I'm getting really lucky (;

a 4 ever I hope All of the workers on the darma will be ok >>and do your best ..fighting *&^ !! Although the actors are very nice ..the drama will be soo gooood with them strong ,,hehe

Ann Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki!!!!!!!!!!!

auipots please add Gwang Soo in the list of cast already!! heheheh

rainfairy two great actors with each other im sure this drama will be huge hit

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