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  • Name: Song Joong-Ki
  • Hangul: 송중기
  • Birthdate: September 19, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


  1. Song Joong-Ki began his mandatory military enlistment on August 27, 2013. Around 1 PM, he entered the 102 Replacement Center in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. He will undergo training for a 5 week period, before being deployed. His is scheduled to be discharged on May 26, 2015.


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Mikee santos I agree with suzuki ryuu!! Please do a drama with song ji hyo as your leading lady!!! Also please come back to running man! Miss you oppa!!

Suzuki Ryuu I really want him to do a drama with Song Ji hyo as the main character <3 A romantic drama with him and Song Ji Hyo will be aweeeeesome!!! AND OMFG WE NEED HIM BACK IN RUNNING MAN!!! JOONG KI COME BACK!

nis Come back to Running Man please D: It's been 4 years since he left, I hope he still remember his words "I'll return in a much better condition to Running Man again".

Akire Chua Oppa! Time flies really fast. :D I am looking forward in seeing you again on KDramas. :D Descendants of the sun fighting! :D

Dumple♥ I miss you so so so so so so soooooo sooooooo MUCH! please come back opppaaaaa! ♥

Waffa I really missing you joong ki oppa please comeback

nancy miss you oppa :)

jo i'm so excited to see you again in kdramas. and everyone was waiting for your comeback . .

joongki fighting!!!! . . . missed you so much. . .!!! the waiting will be over . . . ! we'll see you

soon . . . . !!!!

hanami I really hope he will join the RUNNING MAN cast again!!!!!

jessica one of the most handsome man in korea <3 and for me this guy is the most handsome! watch his drama and pause in random timing, you'll see him, still handsome.

kdrama♡ Its almost time for him to return XD however we will be loosing some top stars this yr as well. Excited to see joong ki comeback

........ i miss u very much....i am really a fan of yours.hope u come back soon...*^_^*

rose ann i miss u so much oppa....wish you come back soon.

seth i am a fan of yours.hope to see u again soon...*^_^*

Simmi I have a timer set for his discharge date. And yes, I am baking a cake and throwing a party for my boo. I will also spend the whole night having a "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" marathon. Everyone is welcome!!!

ai Please......come back to running man...i'm waiting you in here

rrr please accept the main character of the descendant of the sun korean drama 2015

Kingfuzz Let's all wait. together. And CELEBRATE THE MOMENT when Song joong ki makes his comeback, and all of us, no matter where you're from, support him from now till the end.

LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN.... only 105 days left

lie Yes. . .daebak !!!!!! omooo :-) Song joong ki , i'm waiting for you. . can you be gather with this actress ? :

  • ParkBo Young
  • KangSora
  • HanYeSeul
  • JunJiHyun
  • Yoo in Na
  • ParkMinYoung
  • GongHyoJin
  • ShinSe Kyung

Christine oppa saranghae :( hope to see you in person when i go Korea on February 14 2016 on my birthday im your no. fan from Abu Dhabi UAE <3

julia I really loved song joong ki and moon chae won there really great,the best melodrama,the best couple....they all the best,,,we hope a new drama,,,as a fans we love you,,,

Thea Oppa you must go back to Running Man..


mirah Im waiting for you oppa.. im so excited to see you out this coming may, i hope lots projects await of you..i watched all your movies and dramas.. and even your photos are my wall paper, homescreen and lockscreen.. Take care jong ki oppa.. Stay healthy!!!

mirah im waitinfoour you oppa.. im so excited to see you out this may, i hope lots of project await of you..i watched all your movies and dramas.. and even your photos are my wall paper...take care jong ki oppa.. Stay healthy!!

top1 song joong ki top 3 in terms of rating..<3

engr song joong ki <3...innocent man

fijo catherine gepulla i'm waiting for the next project you have :-)

top1 song joong ki <3

Lee Eun Yul Annyeong Song Joong Ki oppa! I've watched the innocent man you looked handsome than ever. Saranghae!

mavis i love the way u acted in innocent man ...especially sungkynkwan scandal that was brilliant..i think being a playboy suited you...keep it up pretty boy!!

dadz . . .All of his movies are cute . .it's worth to watch. my favorite is money pincher and werewolf boy

dadz . . i'm counting down my top 170 korean dramas of all time as a celebration of my 2nd anniversarry as a korean dram fan . . . .and innocent man and sungkyunkwan scandal are included . . . .

sarah woo bao i love ur drama Oppa please make more of it ok <3

Breezelike Miss you so much oppa ♡ I'm looking forward for your comeback♡ #SongJoongKiDaebak

shouq 2042 oppa i love you so much please come back safe ❤️❤️

Monita Can't wait for ur discharged Oppa

mhona(from Philippines) Bogosipda oppa! We're waiting for your comeback! Hope I'll see you soon in a new drama:)) keep safe joong ki my love <3

Ki aile Missed you so much! Stay safe oppa. Saranghae! Fighting Song joong ki ♡♡♡

leo Sihura hello. joong ki Hyung. . . i'm loyal to u waiting u from military service. I'm very sad, because until now, i have watched your film " a werewolf boy" for 16 times. . Bo young nuna very perfect to u, i' pray every day, for u and bo young to become a sweet couple evert where. Amen. :-)

Soompi good luck oppa... we love you very very much cute oppa...

Soompi annyeong oppa nolae hanjung ui KI.... naega yeonghwaleul joh-ahaneun.... ulineun dangsin-ege hyeongjeleul salang

richelle song oppa i hope u come back soon..i miss you..i love u oppa..saranghamnida..i miss chaeki couple too!!

marga I love you Oppa!!! <3 fighting! You're so handsome and cool and Smart! Please notice me OPPA! <333 LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!! mWAHHH

amaterasu i love you.......u are my favorate actor than other hondsome too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amaterasu i like you .......u are my favorate actor than other hondsome too

Loren When joong ki oppa finishes his time in the military, I want the producers of running man to make oppa an official member like before. FIGHTING!!!!

tna Love you cutee.....

Teresa I just wanna see you soon. And I was planning to go to Korea and visit you at your place. I really really like you sooooooo much. I hope that we can meet in person and I'm looking at it. See you soon :) I love youuuuuuuuuu, OPPAaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :) <3

Jennie You're coming back when I graduate from pharmacy school! I can't wait for you to start acting again. Please stay well and healthy.

ShiromiNeko Oppa, I'm waiting....I just watched Running Man's earlier episode. And I know that you, Oppa, are out from Running Man. I can't wait for you to come back, Oppa! How is your face, now? Can't wait, I wonder if Running Man would give Oppa an 'welcome back' episode? I'm talking nonsense! XD

Can't wait though, I hope to see you well and still good-looking, Oppa!~ ^ w ^

Anushi Watched "The Innocent man" superb acting, lovely.

maurien lee Oppa. I'll be waiting for you. Dont worry about everything just enjoy you service. We weill wait for you. Take care of yourself. I hope you can understand english cause i really dont know how to use your language . Imissyou so much take care also to your babay skin. I might cry if you're not going to do that.sarangghee

glydel anyeong haseo oppa ^_^ your so cute and handsome

sjk i was fans of song joong ki... i felt in love to him start from he acting on sunkyunkwan scandal...><

Random He is seriously the hottest man ever! I fell in love with him when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I loved him even more in A Werewolf Boy! <3

milliah Your the prettiest korean guy! Hope to see you in person!! Love seeing you in movies and dramas. Keep safe always.

dhdh if he comeback from military i rlly hope he does an action-romance drama that will be jjang! sorry for my bad eng.

Gayesha hi song joong ki.. I miss you goo yong ha,, and I like him soooooo much. I like your smile so much, I'ts very very cute. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH.... and I wish you all the best

anmar I miss the ghei ku yong ha and the innocent man kang ma roo huhu and my werewolf boy chul soo! yah!! bogoshipooooo song jong ki!!

throughout the years I will always continue to cherish and love everything about him <3 <3 <3 xoxo anmar]

hi It will b awesome if he has a drama with ji hyo n kwang soo. Then jong kook n gary can make a cameo XD

pippi my birthday is sep 19 toooooooooo and i like ur smil so much. it is so cute

Jessalie Is he still in the Military Service now? But his one of the Running Man Members right? So confusing! :( I miss SongSong Couple so much, wish they'll be back in screen again! :(

menara Wow.. you'are the are my favorite actor

Rose Helo there i always watch your movies and i like your actings and your smile and the way you pout..keep up the good deeds.

Nathaly Flores he is perfect <3  :3 lo amoo

Zovi Tochhawng handsome. Love him a lot.

Jaanvi Oppa fighting.... Can't wait for you to be back.... Please be safe..... Take care of yourself...... Love you.......♥♥♥

minie i'm going to korea next year...really hope tu see you...

mandy I really really wish that after he gets released from the army, oppa can star in a romantic comedy drama!! as the main lead and gets to act cute and all smart like his character in something.. scandal

menara Hi,sarangheo oppa.I am from Sri Lanka.I love you forever.all the best.

alfi vasha fhate i wait you out of ur military oppa, don't get hurt and strugling as well oppa, i miss u so much to see u joong ki oppa, fighting and be the strong army oppa, you can and always can do everything you want oppa. i love u so much oppa ' Song Joong Ki '

yamini i just love everything about you love you...

yamini i just love everything about you your acting smile just everything hope to see you soon in more amazing movies... may god bless you... love u... :)

mehrnaz i like you Song Joong-Ki , you are very beautiful and attractive, especially when you smiled. Joong Ki Oppa fighting...

nula2001 i like your smile it is so beautiful

Joongki"s wife Joong ki oppa I've missed you so much.I patiently waiting for your military discharge so take care as always oppa,don't get hurt. Saranghae oppa!fighting

Song joong ki's fan Oppa i hate waiting for u to come Omg if i had a time machine i would go to the future and see u coming out of the military ㅠ_ㅠ.

Waiting u

ja 1 year to wait for.... :'( i miss you oppa....

CingVong OMG, JoongKi Oppa we miss seeing u in dramas....*-* I hope you can be in lead role when u come back to acting next year :) also I wish ur in Running man as well. I miss watching the movies u act in.....I really really really really really hope to meet u in person someday >.< I hope ur happiness in wat ever u do...<3 ur acting as always

mina What should I do I think I'm going crazy because of him I'm poor girl are you agree with me? Now I'm far away from him but I know some day I will meet him and tell him in face to face that you are the frist man that make me fall in love and make me to wish to be forever in love before that I was hateing to fall in love (^_^) I love you

Ledia Nuooo, I finally got to know him, and his excellent acting, and he is going to military T_T I will be waiting forward to his comeback! Definitely a great piece of art! Greetings from Albania Song Joong-Ki! Give it your best!

icil I'm waiting for your comeback oppa!! great acting. Oppa fighting!!

Chami You are very handsome.

Crystal Oppaaaa!i really miss watching ur wonderful acting...I like u more in nice guy I didn't like the ending though...I hope I watch u soon in a happy ending drama Ur biggest fan ^^

Crystal Oppaaaa!i really miss watching ur wonderful acting...I like u more in nice guy I didn't like the ending though...I hope I watch u soon in a happy ending drama Ur bigger fan ^^

Cat i miss you so much oppa!!! do your best!!!

vishmi Hi!!You are very cute.You are my favorite korean actor.I like you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

sachini akalanka,sri lanka song joong ki,you are great.............really i love you sooooooooo much.your acting is amazingand it's outstanding! do you know,I'm going to be a supper film director in the near future,and I love to do a nice drama with you.I hope u will help fighting!

oppa oppa come to UAEU again TT-TT

kaveesha Really i need to see you and talk with you.that was very crazy thing...I like you and love you song joon ki ............your acting is beautiful.............................hope you a good future................................................................

Bouba Joong-Ki shi, this noona will patiently wait for your discharge on May 26, 2015 (in exactly 1 year & 3 months) . Expecting to see more great work. Writers, producers, directors, please prepare some good stuff for him when he gets back... we'll be waiting ...

melani Your actting was very beautiful in sungkyunkwan scandal and you also handsam too.We love you alot

suyeon I missed YOU so MUCH!!!!

Its still a far from your comeback!!!!


Alex Hey I'm a huge fan and really want to see you get back on TV. Hope you get back soon

Nou-Nou Dude, I want you to make more drama so I can watch them! I love your acting! I love how you act in Innocent Man, YOU WERE GREAT!!! Hope to see you in more drama and movie but more in drama! I'll be waiting! Keep up the good work & you're SUPER CUTE!

yvette hair i love this character of this show. he is so cute OMG u just got another fan.. now i have to watch some more of his shows. i just want to see his face. i love these kinds of shows. dealin with history. im so into korean,chinese history.

Anadi You are very beautiful.I like you.

Syaa Oppa bogoshipeo!!! I'm waiting for your return! I miss to see you on TV, running man and to get news about you. I hope you are fine right there. Take care of yourself okay. Stay cute & goodluck! 26may2015 , I can't wait for that day! Have a good day oppa, 사랑해요

sandavi you are my favourite actor.

Julianne Hi, honestly, I don't think you even read these comments. Lol. Anyways I discovered you through Running Man (i know, pretty ridiculous. It's sad that you're not part of the cast anymore though.) You're a fantastic actor. Like seriously, you're really good. I'm definitely look forward to whatever you'll be working on next after you're discharged.

chubs oppa i really really miss you my birthday is may26 the time that you comeback we will always love you and wait for your next tv series hope taht when you comeback you will be better and have a good good comeback oppa saranghae hwaiting

hirudya wow! your so nice !!!!!!!!

bernadette Song joong ki, I miss you so much be strong we are waiting for you so don't worry and comeback soon .I hope you become more successful...

MissAigoo you're so cuteeeee

regine daque you're the best actor song joong ki...... hope you will visit here in philippines......

nedo Oppa-ya comeback quiqly;'( YOU wil comeback in 26may2015 and my birthday is in 28may i dont know why im happy but oppa what should i do? i missed you so much in RM :( i missed ur acting in drama's! hope 2014 ends quqily to see you onoppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do an action drama when u comeback! oppa jjang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and comeback to RM too oppa ilove u hwaiting

afrooz Song joong ki oppa anyo,I really love you.I miss you so must be so hard in military but be strong oppa,your fans are waiting for you so don't worry and comeback soon oppa.until you come back I will study hard for university and wait for you oppa.I hope you to become more successful than past,and myself to accept in a good uni. Oppa hwaiting,saranghae:* Love,afrooz from iran. ^_^

micha missing you so much song joong ki..saranghae

Emilia oppa song joong ki .... I really like your acting especially In nice guy .. I wish that you will soon make an outcome with Moon chae won ... I like you together ^^

hannah ruth nuestro Hi,oppa Song Joong Ki, i really really love your acting,all your movies and drama series are so great.You're such a good actor . I AM YOUR FUN FOREVER :)

vmarlany i really love love your acting in innocent man, you are daebak..

Htet Thwel Hlaing Hi! Oppa Joong-Ki,I Love u................... and I like your acting.You are so cute.

chi I really miss you song joon ki.. your act, cheerful smile and your kind personality.. be strong!

Sulis (han eun rin) Saranghae song joong ki oppa <3

Tori Song Joong Ki Oppa broke from his acting on a high note. I can't wait until he returns in the summer of 2015. Oppa Hwaiting!!!

betjing we love you song joong ki <3

Rida Ghevany I'm very very love you... soong jong ki <3

kimberly funwayo i hope to see him or to get his phone number so as to talk to him personally . He is my source of inspiration and likes him a lot.

Anjana your dramas are amazing!!! i love your acting!!!!!!! i also loved the movie, the werewolf boy!

eun-ji your drama's are awesome , keep going love you oppa

sam I dnt know how to express my live for you oppa. Apart from great looks you are really an amazing actor. I would love to see you more. Please do more dramas or movies. Best wishes. Xoxo

Aida nice guy the best drama I have seen fighting ^______^

Nancy oppa fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

fun04 Joong ki oppa, we miss u so much.. n we'll waiting for u.. really hope 26 may 2015 will come faster.. so we can see u come back oppa.. love u oppa :*

megan i saw the innocent guy last year since then i have become a fan of his acting. a bubbly actor in sungkyunkwan scandal. i just wish i could see you sometime. all the best for ur future....... Annyeong

GabiGabi A wonderful actor! He is lovely! SJK is a great actor!It's awesome how he can play so well a serious role as in "The Innocent man" and also be so funny and cute as in "SungKyunKwan Scandal" or "Obstetrics&Gynecology doctors".Great acting skills!

Fanboy Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn it !!! See you in your next movies in 2 years Hyung !!! You did an amazing job in "A Werewolf Boy." LOVE the movie.

Syrh Realy miss you oppa

NuR Hopefull, one dayI can meet him. Saranghaeyo oppa Joong ki :*

Blaise I love you song joong ki. Im your no. 1 fan and your so cute.

Abi Esmaya Song Joong Ki ^^ hope I can meet you in person :) I just wanted you to know that I am your #1 FAN most especially in your korean drama "The Innocent Man". you're a good actor Maru Kang :) God speed and more project to come.. :)

rose have a nice day, nice guy! ;)

michelle soong joong ki saranghae .....

i wish i met you someday ...

god bless .. and have a nice day

astrid Joong Ki oppa..boggosippo...sarangeyoooooo......... Love you oppaaaaa :*

agres Song Joong Ki. Stay cool where ever u r. Have nice day and Take care. God bless u always. Don't be alone. Will always wait for u. Keep Fighting...

ImSimple_One Wish That I Will See You Again ...

Just keep Safe And Looking forward for a Project After You're Enlistment Training ,,



Forever KiAile ..

Love You SongJoongKi <3

ImSimple_One You Are A Perfect Guy For me <3

cristel joy the innocent man* best drama of the year*


cristel joy i think im inlove with song joong ki <3

judy ann i love you maru... or lets just say song joong ki im your best fan ever i hope i will see you soon your the best and handsome actor id see in all korean drama

i will love you forever.................... <3<3<3

Chloe Park Uhhh! I wil miss you Joong Ki oppah,. But I am hoping and praying for the success of your military training.. I know you can do it.. Ajah! Oppah.. Eke eke .;)

leda may salvador i love you song joong ki..ur the first man whom i love and will love forever!

May Teleg You're my Ultimate Crush !. :D

haniya Your the best actor in innocent man,i hope more project to come Song Joong Ki..

Rezideh Your a very good actor ,charming and cute...I will miss you..will wait until you return ...Missing you a lot..Saranghaeyo !

joongkiyah i love songjoongki so baby face..the best actor forever!

barbie chui ang bakit ang gwapo mo ?? sana ako nalang girlfriend mo =))

Crystal Mist i love you song joong ki!!... im your fan forever :) i hope i will see you someday. :**

cecelia a lomboy belated happy cute and handsome forever i love you...

cecelia a lomboy i love song joong ki..hope i see him in a person

KC OMG! I really really like your acting in the Innocent Man! Too bad I have to wait for 2 years to see your next drama!!

Jayson The Innocent Man is such a very heartfelt Korean drama. Song Joong Ki is really a great actor for his role. I would like to see more of him in his future shows. TIM is # here in the Philippines right now. :-)

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... belated happy, happy 28th birthday to honey..^.^ (sept.19) ~.~.~.~ & i wish you all the best..keep a good smile..because that smile is tief & stole our heart, while looking fresh and handsome as always..

  • good luck in the military, see you soon (may 26,2013)

..we love you, so much.. and i bowed my head, because you did a good job, for everything..:-)) muah, muah.. yehey, yehey Fighting..!! Saranghae Oppah..

  • ^______^*

. . im from the philippines..

april you're so good looking,

Maya I just saw The Innocent Man. One word. O-M-G. He is bloody brilliant in it. Absolutely LOVED him and became an instant fan. He made his character lovable, excited to see other dramas of him. Hope he does more upon his return, 2015 HURRY UP!!!

P.S. I wish I had an ordinary kind of love with this guy ;) I mean who can resist that smoldering look he gives or that that handsome face. Way too perfect. LOOKS and AMAZING talent.

Jessa Take good care of youreself... Hope to see you soon

CW This actor has got my attention. He is quite good and a joy to watch. He comes across as an intelligent actor. Very obvious talent. I hope to see him a lot in the coming years. I recently watched "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and was surprised how he stood out. I found his character the most intriguing and interesting. It was good drama overall but I found Song Joong-Ki to be highlight. Keep up the good work, look forward to more!!!! Much Love~

sakura kun hi joong ki, happy birthday to u wish u all the happiness in the wold, and I hope u return back soon and safe so take care of your self pls. u r the best and I hope see u soon I can't wait untill your next drama. love u joong ki

Olivia Ollet Hi Song Joong Ki

Happy bday wish u all the best

take care

We love you from Philippines fans hope you visit here

hugs and kisses olive

kaede Happy birthday, JoongKi baby!!!! ^______^

Rynha happy birth day Joong Ki oppa, i wish you all the best, love you so much

ruslynjane happybirthday song joong ki ilove you and takecare

PoohFooFoo Keep Smiling your beautiful smile, Birthday Man of Good character, Song Joong Ki, 28/29, Happy Birthday, September 19, 29913.

PoohFooFoo On special days like this, namely you birthday, loving thoughts all turn to you. Remembering your smile and those twinkling eyes; the sound of your voice and the way you move; and with each thought, there is a wish. A wish that you will always know the special happiness you give so willingly to those who love you so, happy birthday, Song Joong Ki, September 19, 2013.

Verselia Hi Song joong ki oppa,m 4rm manipur(india) n 1 f ur big fan..i like ur dramas n that movie.'A werewolf boy '..ur so handsome n cute..m crazy about u n i will b waiting 4 ur next dramas untill ur back..

sri hi i am from India. i like all ur dramas especially 'The innocent man' ur acting is really good. i heard u have joined in military so all the very best for ur future and keep up the good work. annyeong song.

janinacarpio hi !! song jong ki im one of your fan in the phillipines and not me but my friends i know you wont to able to read this comment

i love you song jong ki and i want you to come her at the phillipines

                               i <3 you sooooooooooooo much !!!

jessieanndabon i know you wont be able to read your fans comments but i want you to know that im one of your fans here in the cebu,philippines i wish that one day youll come over in philippines and i hope that youll have an augtograph signing and take a picture with your fans too even if the line is too long youll have the patience to us we love you so much will be waiting for your next project until your back. sarangheyo opa! <3 love lots from your fans here in cebu <3<#

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... your such a professional actor, your so nice & cool... we will miss you, cause we know this time your in military..g00d luck.. we love so much..!!! roseannheart is your *^_^*

kiana Joong ki I really love you and ithink that you aarethe best . Imiss you come back soon and play new rule :**

kiana Joong ki I really like you . I think you are the best . I miss you . Come back soon . And play new role . :**

Monica Serrano Saranghae Song Joong Ki <3

Lee Ritayeol I love you! The day i watched werewolf boy.innocent look! xD your awesome thats all i can say:* now i love watching your dramas your featured in and movies!

roseannBacani annyeong haseyo... OMG!!!! your such a nice person.. i love you ever since i saw you.. your so meo-shi-seo.. cute i love you very much....Saranghae


yehey._.SONG JOONG-KI *^_^*

roseannheart is yours...

Glaiza Mae Song Joong Ki Oppa! Take Care I'll Miss You... See You.. Saranghae <3 <3

DAYANARRA loves JoongKi I'll miss you Joong Ki Oppa ! ;)) ♥

Abdul Song Joong Ki has a brilliant future in him. What he did last was just damn near amazing, he made one of best melodrama show and then he produced the all time best romance movie without even talking. lol. that shows some god damn talent. Seriously, when he discharged and comes back and continues these brilliant performances then he can be in the those top actors caliber. Anyways to me he is the current king of melodrama genre.

Jeunk_vie See u on 21 Months later my SJK :'(

abegail cruz Saranghae song joong ki ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!

jamaica lalongisip HELLO song joong ki ~ i dont know why i liked you.. i watched your movie [ A Warewolf Boy] then i see you and BOOOM !! oh my dear god.. i like you so much .. the time im watching that movie i said.. " He look's so familiar to me' and i just knew you are the actor in the movie Innocent Man ..Geezz.. i cant hep it i like your handsome face so so much :3 By the way im really surprized i took a look at your profile ... and just like it .. we have the same date of our birthday's !! GEEZ.. very shocking for me.. i dont know what to say anymore soooo.. yeah good bye :] take care my Song Joong Ki oppa :3 let's celebrate our birthdays happily .. it's Aug. 27 .. 23 days more to wait :] bye.. All i can say is TAKE CARE ! bye bye ..[ Song Joong Ki ] the BEST! i forgot oppa im from philippines .. BYE :]] saranghae <3

pauline ignacio annyeong haseo ! Song joong ki oppa  :) im your no.0 Fan here in the philippines, your so nice and handsome ;) 2years is too long but I can endure it. As long as you'll do many tv series , I love your innocent face and I want to see it more and more. always take care of yourself, and we will surely miss you , I love you.. and keep fighting for your mandatory military service! :) :D

mae anne hallo oppa.. im your no. 1 fan from the philippines..your so very nice actor..sarang hae..take care always

Angel Song Joong Ki oppa! 21 months is too long but I can endure it. As long as you'll do many tv series and having the lead role! YAY! I'm anticipating it already... I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal before and there I was in aweee... Whaaah you're so HANDSOME OPPA! 알아서 사랑해유 송중기 오빠

hariette i first saw you on "the innocent man" and really like it. Hope you continue doing good project and korean drama. I'm avid fan from manila Philippines.

Mary joy Anneong Haseyo Song Joong Ki <3 Saranghaeyo :) Haeng un! AJA fighting :) we will wait for your come back :*

^^your die hard fan fresh from the Philippines but to be specific Queen City Of The South "CEBU" :DD

mali Joong Ki oppa! you are sooooooooo handsome! I love your innocent face and I want to see it more and more. I love your voice and I want to hear it more and more. I will miss you if you go to military :( I wish I could kiss your eyes some day :D Your lover From Iran


YukiHime Hello Joong Ki oppa I heard that you quit from running man show It really makes me sad . Since i watch running man , i've become your fans And when you talk about making a pure love with Ji Hyo unnie , that's the best part !! I love it so much . I wish you can go back to running man .

jhennica iluvu "Song Joong-Ki" ur so handsome and cute face

Ms. D Yeoboseyo Joong Ki :) Your My Super duper Favorate Actor, Always Take Care, Im youre number 1 fan .. i wish that i can meet you in person ! im from philippines idol ! :D I Love You, Saranghae :)

promise hi oppa joong ki..always take care.. i will wait your next movies and dramas after your military service.. i love you oppa. i can't help it.\\( ^_^)//.. still your the best actor for me..but 21 months is so long..i'm so sad about it

sherilyn naneun-yeonghwa mugohan salam eul salanghabnida .. oppa :)

sherilyn Oppa.. naneun-yeonghwa mugohan salam eul salanghabnida

Chrysanthemum sigh~~~ how is it possible that a person is so perfect!! my poor heart.. <3

zel oppa so sad you will go to the army. your such a good actor and a bonus of good looks. saranghaeyo oppa. hope to see you soon in your next movie. i will pray for your good health everyday.

Aneui Aw poor him.. 27th august is soon! T^T

nurnila hi... I from malaysia... Saranghae oppa you my favorite actor i wish see you in next movie or drama

faeze irani Hi oppa joong ki*i'm a iranian girl and I love very very you and your smil I want you come in iran because We like very your drama and your film too And jounen chamaol sarangeho ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

Radhika oppppppppa i love u in all your dramas!! you are soo beautiful n i love your acting in all the dramas! I hope to seee u in more and more dramas!! I definitely will watch all your future dramas! hope u get awesome roles and wish you the very best always!! SARANGEHEYO!!!!!

Saranghae Anneong Oppa! It's me Crisel from phillippines, your so nice and handsome ;) keep on smile. Take care more projects to come! God blessed <3

Hye Soo Jung OPPA! you are the best my FAvorite Actor ! What?! 21 months?! -___- why ? so long?

  ...... BuT Still I will be waiting For U, im looking forward for you're next Drama ! =D 
     OPPA ! Hwaiting ! <3

Dini Oppa, you are my ideal type :) Really!! Because you are smart, cute, handsome, and a good man :) I love you.. and keep fighting for your mandatory military service! :) :D

lisachan Just finish the innocent ur smile..n happy with the ending ...

Edralyn Anneong Oppa :D .. Your so handsome ! ^_^ specially when u are smiling .. haha Oppa , keep smiling .. 하나님의 축복이 오빠는 항상 오빠 송 정 기 관심을 가지고 ^ _ ^ (hananim-ui chugbog-i oppa neun hangsang oppa song jeong gi gwansim eul gajigo ^ _ ^)

Yoyo So sad, you have to do your mandatory military enlistment, just when you did so good with A Werewolf Boy and Innocent Man in 2012, not i gotta wait till 2015 to see you return...but I know, when you return, you'll be a hit actor again, best wishes to you Joong Ki hyung!

3weeshuae I just read about your army enlistment ... i'm sad that you will be gone for 21 months T_T however i'll keep cheering for you and i will wait for you ...

I love you and i already miss you...

Fighting !!!

GEORGIE Joong Ki Oppa..... Wa, at the first time I saw you in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I immediately like you. Especially whey U smile n Wink... Omo, I can't handle that..... (^-^)v

Oppa, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu johahae.....

Barbara First of all BEST ACTING AND good looking. THE PERFECT PACKAGE, Thank you and keep up the good work Form Greece with love

pegah i think good actors shines after some suporting roles like lee minho in boy over flowers and after that in each other dramas that he played or will be and like song jung ki in nice guy,werwolf boy and the dramas or movies that he will play in the future,he was really excellent in nice guy,it was all because of his power in acting that now all of us like kang maroo very muche,i should say his acting,facial movements,changing the voice in different situations and so on are the reasons that make us want to watch his privious drams even short role like in my fair lady after watching him in nice guy and waiting for his next drama!

rajyeswiar ur drama innocent man is very nice and you look good especially when you smile haha keep smiling.......

Erika ;) Kyaaaah I really really love you oppa =)))) your so cool <3

Gwiyomi I love you Oppa~~! ^^ JoongKi is SO adorable! His smile makes me feel so happy! ^_^ I love him so much! His acting is very very good. I want to see him in more dramas and movies! :D Saranghaeyo!

Paola I just love him!!! <3 & love his act so nature :)

qtet Oh My God!! I really love his smile.. His acting was great i already watch The Innocent Man and Penny Pinchers and i love him.. I Love You Joong-Ki!! Hwaiting!!

nada miss him in the running man...

Emma He is one of the best SK actor. Cant wait for his next drama.

BriBri Amazing actor! I mean how was he able to act soo well in Wolf Boy without being able to say anything. I can't wait for his next drama :)

ash You're so great at acting and so good looking too. Amazing actor. I'll be looking forward to your next drama series.

Jeunk Vie I'm waiting for your new drama. And hope it will more success than The Innocent Man ^_^ Fighting Joong Ki sshi

Anne_Sweden How on earth can you stay so beautiful? Usually a man is handsome, but you are beautiful. Amazing to look the way, you are not changing at all. And adding to that, you are also a talented actor. Golden mix. Keep up the good work!

joong ki 4ever Please comeback to act in drama... You're the best actor ever.. Oppa saranghae ^^<3

Meow He was in the movie Gone with the wind, he just made a cameo at the end of the movie :]

Deekshha Great actor but the thing that bewilders me is he's got such a cute face but a very strong and charming voice... I'm a big fan and will always be...

geejonghyun Hey, Robyn. If I were you, I'd buy Nice Guy instead of A Werewolf Boy. :)

Robyn I have a question for you all please answer should I either buy A Werewolf Boy and watch that on DVD or buy the drama Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) Drama and watch that on DVD. Because it's online I can only choose one and they both seem so interesting and I can't really choose one or make up my mind because Song Joong Ki is in both of them. Please help.

NERI just saw my fair lady ep 1 !!! and he was there as butler who fired … i never noticed him before ! he is so cute :D

Sandra Peterson It is such a pleasure to know we have such a gallant "Prince Charming" to look forward to for future entertainment in dramas, movies, variety shows, etc.... During promotional engagements, he's a true gentleman by always extending special courtesies to each female costar. SJK is really skilled in his craft, so much that in, The Innocent Man", you can really feel the role he is portraying-you want to laugh and cry with him. I actually feel he made his role in SKKS the main attraction. The "playboy" new it was a girl before anyone else even suspected (holding her close at he 1st meet, rubbing his thumb over hand and the expression on his face...) Oh!, Don't forget going to determine the truth, or, rather to see a woman's naked body. He had already stolen my heart, but he comes back again looking more like a 16 year old, A Werewolf Boy, perfecting the role without any lines. Those eyes could say a thousand words, the facial expressions (his trademarks, and the voice) and the body gestures are outstandingly phenomenal. I eagerly await his upcoming project(s)!

december lulu seng I like your drama.You are so cute.

Jessica He is just too perfect!

Jessica He is just to perfect!

shin hi! well...i think that innocent man is really a dreamy and beautiful and it was really great! and my life style changed alot after watching this drama and i should say: Mr song joong-ki and Mrs Moon Chae-Won thank you!!!

carla Hi, I think that you are a great actor and my favorite show is the innocent man. You are so handsome and any girl would be lucky to have you invent though I wish that girl was me.

Keep up the outstanding work.  ;-)

reya you are so cute and very talented actor good luck oppa..

AlexCalifornia thank you for making the movie "A werewolf boy" , I luv the movie very much...plz do a sequel "A werewolf boy 2". kamsam mi da...

violly sk fan What I admire most is not the handsome face-almost 90%of SK actors have it, but the way you change in the different films-the challenges you take and the way you surrender yourself to the project for fullfilling the aim.Sometimes I give you as a model of behaviour to teenagers who don't know what to do when they face big problems which they accept as tragedies -having in mind what you decided to do after the injury as a shorttrack skater-how a very painful and difficult moment of life can become a beginning of something worthliving,blossomming in a respectful life as yours!Thank you for being such a model and please continue to give such joy to us taking part in tv and Big screen productions!With love and respect: an East European fan of yours ,Song Joong Ki shi!

violly sk fan I admire your work and efforts to become better in whatever field you undertake!I'm happy to have seen the films and shows with your participation!I'd like to share all my gratitude for making them!Thank you,SongJoongKi!

Syifa Oppa~ I love his act since i saw him in Obstetrics an Gynecology Doctor. He is really good actor. Your face is really cute :3

nana I am your fam since your drama soongkyankwan scandal,now your new drama nice guy is so good,you have a cute face,saranghaeyo~!soong joon ki

Naf Im man, be man actors little worst for me... But now im your fan , cos before i dont know you.. You'r like my brother cos im "86l... I think your charct in "nice guy" is most suitable for you by mystery, smart 'n wild boy... So must keep it.. You must know every actors have deep personal charct which make them long exist... Ex.. Kwon SW by funny, steong 'n serious. Jang GS by naughty boy. Lee MH by serious, deep 'n smart. And ect. So I hope you can exist in your perfect charct, keep 'n deeper them. Ok man..

Tan Yun I love you so much Song Joong Ki. You are my favorite actor.

He is so handsome, smart and very talented. <3 I've seen in you Wolf Boy, Running Man, Nice Guy and more.

I will always support you! 사랑해요~ <3 송중기 오빠 <3333

JaneDejucos @LovelyHope lol I mean SNOW MAN. sorry typo. saranghae Song Joong-ki.♥‿♥

LovelyHope @JaneDejucos make snow w/him? how?

JaneDejucos annyeong werewolf boy Chul-soo oppa lets make snow together...don't do it alone. it breaks my heart.saranghae.♥‿♥

Lil'Tokyo Love you from the first moment I saw you!! FIGHTING!!!! <3

@Oyabun: I think so too :3

ariesta Oppa... Gomawo for your drama innocent man... That's really great story, and your acting make me successfully crying.... Aza aza fighting oppa!! :D cua

RunningManFan I hope he comes back to Running Man. He is a very intelligent guy and running man will be nicer if he is there

mayaKiAilee When will you come back Oppa?? Bogosipeo Oppa T_T I really want to see your acting in the next drama,,and I hope your carrier more bright with Blossom

Mearri L. Hey.. keep going.. I cried a lot at your tv series "Nice Guy" I cried from the first ep. to the last,... Hope you can get more excellent roles like in the "Nice Guy"

felixfelicis 안녕하세요... :) I wonder will Joongki oppa comeback to Running Man or not. I think Running Man doesn't complete without the flower boy character :D

bojimloveSJK :") ohh !! how i want to watched your movie a werewolf boy !!! :"DDD

@jeanne hey SJK, you're such a great actor and cute guy :)) i'm starting to watch the nice guy and i think i will really like it. keep it up! i am now a fan

Wengdg SJK, you are indeed a great actor...Just finished watching you in Nice Guy, you are the reason for the drama's success...such talent in acting, I am awed! I have seen you as well in SKKS, and you are equally great. I hope you will have another drama series (though I hope it's kinna romance comedy). I think you can be paired with anybody, and you can pull off whatever roles they maybe. You are handsome and funny and smart....God Bless you more in the years to come!

diana i think i am i bad person i don't want song joong ki to have breaks

kero This guy made me fall... not for his innocent and cute looks but with his acting. Ha! Nail biter. I can't wait for his upcoming projects... fighting Joong Ki - yah!

Oyabun I believe this guy can be the Leonardo DiCaprio from Asia lol

pabuloveee I still can`t wrap my head around how adorably gorgeous Joongki is o.O It`s almost unbelievable. On top of that, he`s an amazing actor (I watched SKKS, Nice Guy, and TWDR) and genuinely funny and smart... I`m a very devoted Runningman fan, and I think I can say that even his true personality shines with sweetness and beauty :3 PLEASE COME BACK TO RUNNINGMAN, OPPA T-T we miss you <3

hannah simply stunning.. cute:)

rosjen shine like a star,.. but never forget to look back,.. joong ki song ;)

lexa you're so cute oppa!! :))))

sarangheo!! <3

Kristine Mercado youre so handsome .. terrified ! :) more projects to come :) merry christmas and a hppy new year in advance :)

Gretchen I am like a wave that come and go with the moon -- and you are moon! Don't you know that I am a lunatic person. You are so cool. I first saw you in SKKS and for the first episode you got my heart right away! You are great. I really love how you play the role of Yong Ha. I can't take my eyes off of you. I am writing a novel and dreaming that you'll be the person who's acting on this. So good you are! I'm praying for YOU Song Joong-ki.

glaiza your so cute soong jong ki!!!!!mwahhhh

jean love you so joong ki... i like him best in sungkyunkwan ...

Gasenadi Who woulda thunk the Winking Playboy of SKS could execute such MINDBLOWING acting in Nice Guy? Absolutely knocked my socks off! He was good in TWDR, WISFC, and Five Senses of Eros, but THIS?! It's one of those roles where I'm compelled to go look for everything he's ever acted in before just to see if that talent was lurking somewhere. (Psst! Just don't do NG roles too often; we don't want you to burn out.)

aster omg, i'm going to miss NG very much esp. SJK and MCW. good luck to both of you and may you have another project together in the future. to the makers of NG, thank you for a job well done. it was so good from the beginning to the end, congratulations!

ninok oppa sarangheo...manimani sarangheo...your act in chakannamja make me feel sad...your act is perfect...oppa goodluck for you....^___^

love you oppa song joon kil

KZ Wished he would rejoin Running Man! Running Man family for the win!!

Emmi I love you are so pretty!! i wish that joong ki oppa was for me!!!!!!

cho pam ki your so hondsome

cho pam ki i <3 u soong joong ki

panda.!! i don't know what to comment..hrmm.. but i hate Song Joong Ki so much.!!

NiceGuy Does anyone else besides me thinks Jong Ki's voice is HOT as heck in Nice Guy. sooo smooth and rich (like melted chocolate) XD love him so much!

mae WOW! I love you song joon ki oppa!! :)) so handsome.. you are a man to die for.. hahaha.. song joon ki oppa saranghaeyo!!!! ^^, thank you for making a good drama.. wish you good health! you are such a magnet, once you start acting nobody cant resist you.. hahaha. :)) take care oppa.. :))

Phunnie Sung Joong Ki oppa, wow... speechless...I LOVE YOU, kungmaru<3

Gretchii Gee Oppa! Be with Noona Eun GI ( Moon Chae Won ) for REAL <3

Marwa You have truly captured my heart from the very 1st episode of Innocent Man, I haven't seen your act before that and I'm really glad they chose you to do it. Your acting skills is amazing and you have strong presence on the screen even though you have a baby faced pretty face you are totally manly and whenever you pop on the screen my heart skips a beat JUST WOW what a charisma you've got. Please keep on choosing such a serious projects you are totally worthy of doing it wish you luck from now on you are one of my top 5 most favorite OPPAS Saranghae ^_^

Nhung I dont know what to say how much I love you!

chery I like JoongKi oppa since I watched the first episode or Running man. he is so smart n good looking. but, I do falling in love in his latest drama that still airing now "innocent man", his acting is really DAEBAK!!! all of his expression made me die!! JoongKi oppa, saranghae :* hwaiting!!!!

hanna i really love his acting.. his last drama is amazing, i can't stop watching nice guy. he's amazing.!! . <3 :D

LeafClovery I like how he can play different type of character like playboy (Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Nice guy), clumsy (OBS, Penny Pincher), wild (Wearwollf Boy) and lastly smart (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Nice guy and OBS). He's my favourite actor, SONG JOONG KI <3

samira i blow kiss across the blowing're the best in your new healthy & eat well" i LOVE u so much^_^

Dokdo you are very handsome and good actor.i saw all your dramas and movies,and your new drama is very perfect.Good luck and good actor.

MinSuL Joong Ki...Joong Ki....he became my favorite character after watching Sunkyukwan Scandal XD Love his personality in there, but now in NICE GUY Im totally blown away. This is definitely a new side to his acting and I love it! In addition, he's playing with Moon Chae Won (my favorite actress) could it get any better?! But i do hope this drama ends well....~praying

Katherine I absolutely love his acting! Sungkyunkwan Scandal was one of the first k-dramas I ever saw and he was my favorite character! Then I saw him in the variety show Running Man and he just seems like an amazing person! Now I'm watching his new drama "Nice Guy" and I'm absolutely loving it! Oppa, hwaiting! Hope you had a great 27th (28th in Korea) birthday!

Nona I noticed him for the first time thru Running Man. I got curious with his dramas and movies. I saw him in My Precious Child, great act by the way.. Almost all of his profects I've seen.. He delivered satisfying acting skill in every single project. Now he's doing marvelous act in Innocent Man. His acting skill here is unbelivable, it is flawless, without any doubt.. Now I'm anticipating Werewolf Boy. Happy birthday, keep up the great work.. stay healthy & be blessed..

shawn I heard he was in a new TV drama called Nice Guy starting this month, but i don't see it. Looks like a different character type for him though.

I enjoy watching shows with him in it, he has great aura and relationship with the camera. loved his character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal the most, but enjoyed some of his other stuff too.

Missy I'm hoping to see him playing roles like when he played King Sejong, well he often gets delighted & charming characters, but not as a serious up tight one like in Tree with Deep Roots, which I found really interesting and promising.

Lia saranghey oppa,,,,, i,ll wait your new other drama's,,,,,,,,,,good blees you always.........n happy new year 2012

Lia sharanghey 4ever oppa

Candid Ohhh...he's more of a movie actor than a drama actor. No wonder I rarely see him. I fell in love with him in Tree with Deep Roots, and I was so surprised and delighted to see him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He did such an convincing job playing completely different roles in both dramas. I'll be checking out his films now. But seriously, directors need to let him play more lead roles!

fatima you very very handsome

azzanurul MR.SMILE in SS K-dramaaa..:)

miss F i love soo joong ki....... you very very handsome........... i miss you...... datang ke indonesia yaaaaaaaa.. jgan lpa............


Miss S Just came back from watching his latest film "Penny Pinchers", and I must say that he was the driving force behind the film. It wasn't an Oscar-worthy film, but he was so damn charming and witty that it made the entire film worthwhile. His acting range is quite impressive! He delivered some totally LOL moments along with some more poignant, touching scenes. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch Song Joong Ki as a lead actor.

By the way, his skin is BABY FRESH, omfg. I'm so jealous, lol.

PARK SHI HOO'S WIFE!! honestly i thought you was just some funny pretty boy in "sungkyunkwan scandal" a typical pretty boy idol actor who got the part for his looks not his acting skills omgggg i must say you have proven me WRONG!!! you were Phenomenal in "Deep Rooted Tree" though it was only i believe 4 eps until your character grows up and the older actor becomes the future King you left me breathless just Awesome acting you will be missed the way you and Han Suk-Kyu meshed your characters together you as the King in his younger years was just OUTSTANDING Bravoo plzz make sure your Agency give you Serious roles because i know you can kick but in this business you have Skills good luck in the future i know you have a Promising Career.

yuki ^^ hi..a smart n cute guy ^^ admire you because of your hardworking in acting and studies... make me felt ashamed by are really2 harworking in anything you do,is it?? ^^ and your smile :) :D make anyone feel calm and like your personality.. just maintain in anything you do..BE YOURSELF ^^ HOPE YOU ARE ALWAYS SUCCESS IN ANYTHING YOU DO..of course your acting skills and studies..HWAITING!! ^^

tiffy Ur such a good actor... especially since u have oppisite roles sungkyunkwa scandal compared to deep rooted trees

MissTamTam fell in love with his role in sungkyunkwan scandal and now again in deep rooted tree. great skills ;)

desy l like drama obstetry and gynecology doctors... love song joong ky.. :)

Hnin Nandar Khine Hi,,,you are so lovely.I love the role you play on Sungkyunkwan Scandal.Then,I love your smile.Your smile is so cute.

Linnshin so miss,so hit,so hot ,

kenchai so cute & pretty I love he's skin so flawless gosh he's really cute!!!

juniel I like him at SJKS love the way he winks *wink* hahaha hope to see more of him

ame i luv u 'cause you're smart,, nice guy,, and absolutely you're very good looking,,, oppa~~~~~ sarangheyo~~~~~

lita so cute, oppaaa ^^


dina handsome..exactly I luv the way you are...when u smile even when u cry..

annisa 1114 you're really nice and u have beautiful smile, if u smile or wink, u can make my heart so nice. i hope u will be a famous actor in future, and u will get a beautiful woman and have a nice heart for u. u will be number 1 actor for me

august Ku Yong-Ha is the soul of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

shafinaz arshad Hey Joong Ki, you are one of my ikon. I really love you so much and I always support you from behind no matter what happen top you in entertainment world or your personal life. I really love to watch you with Seo Hyo Lim in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Music Bank K-Chart. Both of you look so lovely and cute together. Your speech in 2010 KBS Drama Awards so touchy you even make me cry. Saranghaeyo Soong Joong Ki oppa. From your no 1 fan from Malaysia

vanessa hellow . . . . tis nice to see good looking people and good actors at that! Wish I could view more of his tv shows.

sarah I read somewhere that Sung Jun-Ki & Shin Min-A are the lead actor & actress in new 2011 drama "Full House 2" It'll be GREAT. I can't wait to watch it. I hope they product & broadcast it soon.

nat2 Oppa!! I love ur naughty smile so much!!!

Monisha Oppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Nomu Nomu saraghae!

indah afkhai kpopverz oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... u very2 handsome..:):) saranghae..!!!

linda joong ki oppa... i really like you,,, you are really cutee, love your smile.. saranghae >.<

Riisa The funny sexy playboy from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.........he's handsome...

eka I found him on Ep1 My Fair lady as 16th bodyguard of Kang Hae-na (Yoon Eun-hye). Wooow..

mine he's so cute ! wow

Rita Joong Ki Oppa..... Wa, at the first time I saw you in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I immediately like you. Especially whey U smile n Wink... Omo, I can't handle that..... (^-^)v

Oppa, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu johahae.....

Eric 전 시리즈 성균관 스캔들에 조치를 좋아. 당신의 cute.I 'm 팬들이 그렇게했다. 네 인생에서 행복하세요. 좀 이제는 내 의견을 볼 수 없습니다하지만 어쨌든 난 행복해 유감입니다. 하나님은 항상 당신을 축복. 널 위해기도 해 줄께. 난 큰 팬이은 자신의 인생에서 '정직하게'입니다 당신처럼 당신을 조언하고 싶습니다. 당신의 사는 일이 생겨도 '절대 포기하지 마십시오. 알았지?네 오빠가 권해드립니다.

s cute smile, funny character & lovely face. You are one of my favorite actors.

Min Cha I only found out about Song Jong Ki in SungKyunKwan Scandal, and I looooved it. Love his smile. <3 Definitely one of the prettiests guys ever. c:

p I love you. I love your smile. You are very handsome actor. Do your best in all of your future dramas

dominoir wow! i love the role he plays on Sungkyunkwan Scandal.... i like the way he smile or teasing other cast....

angelover he is so cute, especially after i saw Sungkyunkwan and scandal...ARGGH

Riisa He looks like JANG GEUN-SUK in the new drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

yegi aigoo! He so cute in any way.

carol He is so stunning in WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS......

Wiwik He's so young, talented n has good looking face too..jung kisii..keep a good work!! (i wish i have younger age)xi..xi..xi..

evilive now i know him he really is the host of music bank!!! he is cute too.

he kinda looks like onew from shinee when he laughs.

Mochi He's HOT!! ;D Just got finished watching "The Case of Itaewon Homicide" he was so cute, I had to google search him! LMAO

sulian I want to watch Music Bank live to see u, but m so far a way and no chance

diane he is the music bank host right??

amallia hello,,,you are so handsome,,, i miss you,,, ]

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Ex-Girlfriend Club *ep.1
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The Classified File *teaser
S: The Last Policeman *teaser
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The Coin Locker
Piece of Cake *teaser2
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Assassination *teaser
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Bird That Doesn't Cry *ep.1
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Northern Limit Line
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The Treacherous
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The Chronicles of Evil
Heroine Disqualified *teaser
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Who Are You: School 2015 *teaser2
Love & Peace