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  • Drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Revised romanization: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Hangul: 성균관 스캔들
  • Director: Kim Won-Suk, Hwang In-Hyuk
  • Writer: Kim Tae-Hee, Jeong Eung-Wol
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: August 30 - November 2, 2010
  • Runtime: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set during the Joseon Dynasty, "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" centers around 4 young handsome students who study at Sungkyunkwan University and tells the story of their love and friendships.

Kim Yun-Hee (Park Min-Young) is a smart, responsible young woman with an independent drive. Since her father passed away she has worked to support her family, but also managed to do well in her studies. One day, Kim Yun-Hee takes the place of her brother and disguises herself as a man to take a men's only national exam. On the day of the exam, Kim Yun-Hee meets Lee Seon-Joon (Micky Yoochun) and becomes friends. Lee Seon-Joon comes from a privileged background and also possesses good looks. He is also arrogant. They both pass the national exam and even share a room together at Sungkyunkwan University.

At Sungkyunkwan University, Ku Yong-Ha (Song Jong-Ki) is good with singing, drinking, and also popular with the ladies. Ku Yong-Ha discovers that Kim Yun-Hee is a woman. For fun, Ku Yong-Ha does not reveal her secret and observes her through the school. Soon enough, Ku Yong-Ha starts to develop feeings for Kim Yun-Hee.

Moon Jae-Sin (Yoo Ah-In) is a guy with troubles at Sungkyunkwan. An impulsive person, Moon Jae-Sin tends to act before thinking. He hates his father who is a politician and his opportunistic ways. He comes to Sungkyunwan to get even with his dad. Moon Jae-Sin also discovers Kim Yun-Hee's secret. He attempts to protect her, while wanting to spend the rest of his life with her ...


  1. "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho" and will be replaced by "Marry Me, Mary!" on November 8, 2010.
  2. Broadcast right were sold to japan for the high amount of 2.7 billion Won (approx. $2.4 million USD).[1]


Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Micky Yoochun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Min-Young.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Song Jong-Ki.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Yu Ah-In.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Seo Hyo-Lim.jpg
Park Yoo-Chun Park Min-Young Song Joong-Ki Yoo Ah-In Seo Hyo-Lim
Lee Seon-Joon Kim Yun-Hee Ku Yong-Ha Moon Jae-Sin Ha Hyo-Eun
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jeon Tae-Su.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kang Sung-Pil .jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Dong-Yun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Cho Sung-Ha.jpg
Jeon Tae-Soo Kang Sung-Pil Ji Nam-Hyuk Ahn Nae-Sang Cho Seong-Ha
Ha In-Soo Lim Byeong-Choon Seol Ko-Bong Jung Yak-Yong Jung Jo
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Han Yeon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Dong-Bin.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ryu Dam.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Lim Yoon-Jung.jpg
Han Yeon Park Dong-Bin Ryu Dam Kim Kwang-Kyu Im Yoon-Jung
Kim Yoon-Sik Byeong Pan's servant Seon-Joon's servant Mr. Hwang Ang Ang
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Lee Jae-Yong.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jung Hye-Mi.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Choi Dong-Joon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Hwang Chan-Woo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Im Young-Pil.jpg
Lee Jae-Yong Jung Hye-Mi Choi Dong-Joon Hwang Chan-Woo Im Young-Pil
Ha Woo-Kyu Sum Sum Moon Geun-Soo Bae Hae-Won Ham Choon-Ho
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jang Se-Hyun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Joo Ah-Sung.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Jung-Kyoon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Kap-Su.jpg
Jang Se-Hyun Joo Ah-Sung Kim Ha-Kyun Kim Jung-Kyoon Kim Kap-Su
Kim Woo-Tak Nam Myung-Shik Choi Shin-Mook Ahn Do-Hyun Lee Jung-Moo
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Mi-Kyeong.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Min-Seo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Young-Bae.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Geun-Soo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ryu Dam.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Sung Hyun Joo.jpg
Kim Mi-Kyeong Kim Min-Seo Kim Young-Bae Park Geun-Soo Ryu Dam Sung Hyun-Joo
Mrs. Jo Cho-Sun Go Jang-Bok Yoo Chang-Ik Soon-Dol Beo-Deul

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-08-30 1 NR NR
2010-08-31 2 NR NR
2010-09-06 3 NR NR
2010-09-07 4 NR NR
2010-09-13 5 NR NR
2010-09-14 6 8.0 (18th) NR
2010-09-20 7 9.7 (14th) 9.0 (19th)
2010-09-21 8 NR NR
2010-09-27 9 9.8 (19th) 9.2 (20th)
2010-09-28 10 10.1 (14th) 9.3 (18th)
2010-10-04 11 9.2 (13th) 8.8 (13th)
2010-10-05 12 9.9 (9th) 9.7 (12th)
2010-10-11 13 11.2 (8th) 11.1 (9th)
2010-10-12 14 10.3 (9th) 10.1 (9th)
2010-10-18 15 13.0 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-10-19 16 13.7 (3rd) 13.7 (3rd)
2010-10-25 17 12.9 (5th) 13.1 (6th)
2010-10-26 18 12.0 (8th) 11.9 (7th)
2010-11-01 19 12.5 (7th) 12.2 (7th)
2010-11-02 20 13.3 (5th) 13.2 (4th)
Average 10.1 -

Source: TNS Media Korea



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mhonette's an awesome drama! love it to bits! from the cast to the story itself.. so helarious and always looking forward to their sleeping time hahaha guys i do recommend this drama like AAA+++ rating from me :)

Xandra oh the fact that Jong Ki and Ah In won the best couple award ... <3

Neni Wonderful drama.. I enjoy watching it. And good actors as well.

dadz . . .this is one of my top 4 korean dramas, along with I MISS YOU, MOON EMBRACING THE SUN AND the latest,YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS1 . .i cant even decide which is the best.

vmarlany good drama interesting story

Shanu Love this darama>>Moon Jae-Sin YOu are the significant character in here..Your appearance,Personlality.role in the drama,acting everything is Marvelous..Love YOu soo much.. Kim Yun-Hee that foolish pumpkin is totally insane to reject you..wish if your real life nature and habits were same as the Moon Jae-Sin ...Fighting Moon Jae-Sin opppaaaaaaaaa!!<3

Yuia omg such low ratings, I thought it was much higher than that (around 15-18%)

Zia Loved it. very entertaining drama.

Leo Wow,this drama is so nice cos it has a way of relieving one of I love the actors and actresses. But please, can u kindly make available the second season(episodes 8-the end) here in Nigeria. Thanks so much.

menara Wow you are the best song jong ki oppa.i love that movie.i'm from Sri Lanka

trine trish we watch it and we really enjoyed it a lot..thanks to the cast,god speed on you...hoping to see u here in the philippines...will wait for you the 4 jalgeum quartet...

Kushani This is my fav drama and i love all these guys

nipuni This drama is so much beautiful.Their acting are very attractive.This is the best Korean drama that I 've ever wathched

supuni This is the best korean drama ever i watched i love this.

micha this is my next target kdrama mission to watch! fighting!

punsala moon jae shin and ku yong ha are cool guys in sungkyunkwan university.i love this drama toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

emcee the best ever drama i watch!!!!!! i love it!

Anchor The Best time of my life is somewhere with them, in the Sungkyunkwan campus, studying, fighting, unveiling mysteries, building friendship and love! The Jalgeum Quartet Rules! They never left my heart and are living there to this day.

sandy ahhhhh......its now airing in my country!in sri lanka......I want this by one else.....ahhhhh im sooo selfish I have watched hundreds of Korean dramas and still this is my favourite !!!<3<3<3<3and this is not made out with hanakim this is based on a book called daily life of sungkyunkwan students if ANYONE WANT TO WATCH KOREAN VERSION OF HANA KIM WATCH TO THE BEAUTIFULL YOU!ITHIS IS THE BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST K DRAMA I WATCHED!

Nana I think this drama is worth a watch but I just can't really enjoy it. The casts and plot was good but the main female lead really ticked me off. To have such a role that can elevate her acting and yet Park Minyoung did not shine. Why does she cry at least once in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE no matter what the problem is? for a girl who has to act as a boy to take care of her family at least she have to be a little stronger than that. I find her tears so hard to like and all she does is cry prettily but no other emotions. My fav character is Goo Yongha, follows closely by Moon Jaeshin, without them I couldnt have finished the drama. if the main lead was different I would have loved this drama alot. oh well

yoomin I'm speechless! I just can't say anymore about this drama. Even though it's joseon era, it's just so mesmerizing and a spectacular drama!!! Yoochun's debut drama is very awesome. he's totally talented and i hope i can see him sometime there in korea. love you, yoochun. Fighting!

saine Undoubtedly the best Korean period drama

orr this is the best korean act i have ever seen, may be i havent seen better than this one!

hazel i really love this drama.the plot is good and it is one of my best korean dramas.i love you koreans

Quan !ahahaha umuulan ng kagwapuhan! :-) this drama is so student-life, albeit set in sexist Joseon era, but that's just how it was :-) I've had lots of laughs in here, it's so entertaining as long as one can overlook the usual dragging dialogues. I'm in Lesson 7 now and I'm not gonna breathe until I finish this one, and then I'm gonna watch it again over vacation for in-depth analysis :-) students rock!

kiki Best drama ever..its interesting n so exciting u wait wait to watch the next episode Oh boy am so in lovve with all the three guys :)

Patricia I am so happy that I still have chance to watch the drama. Korean Drama"s are the best. Please kindly keep it up in English

Lee Eun Hye Good drama,interesting.The actor and actress so talented.

irellor Wow im so happy that i can watch it again at kbs world on oct 26 encore i love kbs world

Catherine Wow. Korean drama's are the best!!! So much plot twists and really exciting to watch! :3

irellor I love this series, its so funny and full of exciting events , I hope I could watch it again to kbs world encore ^o^

maricel sungkyunkwan scandal is very interesting drama

Patricia lisenda Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a very interesting drama. The Actress are very enjoyable characters to be watched.

Park Yoo -Chun is my favourite. I really like him. He beautiful and handsome, I love the expressions on his face, especially his smile. He has a natural talent to act and a wide range of qualities in scences, whether is serious, sadness, humorous or romantic

lame kgotlaetsile we just started watching the dram,1st episode yesterday and it was fun to watch

Eun Jung Sungkyunkwan Scandal is an extremely enjoyable drama to watch. The story is interesting. It has adventure, intrigue, sword fights, romance, and fun moments between the friends. The lead actress, Park Min-young, is one of my favorites. I first saw her in City Hunter. Later, I saw her in Dr. Jin. This was the third drama I have seen her in. She is beautiful and very talented. I loved seeing Song Joong-ki’s smile and twinkle in his eyes as he played his role. His character was so fun to watch. Yoo Ah-in also had a very enjoyable character to watch. I loved his fight scenes, watching him leap from rooftops, and seeing him look out for Park Min-young’s character. His hiccups were cute, too. Park Yoo-chun is my favorite. I really, really like him. I love the expressions on his face and especially his smile. He is very handsome. He has a natural, great talent to act. He skillfully depicts a wide range of qualities in scenes, whether it is serious, sad, humorous, or romantic. He really draws the viewer in. I have watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal twice now. I like it so well, I will watch it again sometime.

Tweety I only watched this drama after an outstanding performance by Song Joong Ki, "The Innocent Man. He gave a performance to be remembered and made you want more. SkkS was most enjoyable and I was introduced to a different SJK. He was whimsical, and so enjoyable to watch. As for me, he nailed his role and stole the show. Every time I saw him, he made you want more. The epic was was well written and the cast complemented each other in such a way that every scene flowed. The quartet was remarkable in how they blended. However, that Ku Yong Ha, with his antics and wealthy playboy imaged "rocked". As you can tell he's my favorite. **VOTE** for Song Joong Ki, BEST ACTOR, "A Werewolf Boy", -->2013 20's Choice, vote by email, once every 24-hour period thru July 18, 2013. SJK's performance was truly SUPERB, as a feral boy with no lines. Another GREAT thespian!

gladcraze i ended up watching the show for cho-sun!! stunning and totally captivating on-screen. i just finished moon embrace sun before starting on scandal and didnt realised cho-sun was the same queen in moon embrace.

anyway kim min seo performance was so impressive i googled for her information. undeservedly there doesnt seemed much and she had no lead roles yet?? nw i have to be like this scandal drama, watching every episode and waiting for her scenes..

aww cant stop thinkg abt her character cho-sun.. she giving her lingerie to yoon hee and looking so abash when yoon hee open the undergarment up.. she unable to hide her cheering happiness at the archery competition.. most touching was the scene she returned the love when wrapping the scarf on the injured hand..

i think its interesting to put ourselves in those olden days shoes where the woman are willing to wait for the guys to gradually fall in love with them even though they knw their love werent straight?!?

sigh i want cho-sun's love to be reciprocated!! but guess the show's been gd to her by the surprise bravery fr in-soo.. at least she is loved!!

OzFan4KDrama I have watched the movie and I must say I was very impressed with the acting and dynamics of the quartet. The dialogues were very inspiring. I love Yoochun in his role as the intelligent and straight guy who was a stickler to the rules until the end although towards the end, he was able to reconcile his principles and his compassion towards the people that he love. I like Min-Young in her role as the only girl who was able to serve as the glue to hold the quartet. I enjoyed watching the antics of Jung-Ki as the bystander who was in fact the most knowledgeable in everything that was going on around him. Yu-Ah-In was interesting in his role. A laid back guy whose interest in Min-Young did not deter him from becoming a good friend to all. I love the bickering and teasing that went between the characters. I must say that I was sad when I watched the final episode because it meant that I will be saying goodbye to the handsome and loving Quartet.

LAPD Scandal works like a young table wine that settles in your belly like fruits from a well-aged barrel. I am in the middle of SBS’ Jang Ok Jung, and because we in the US are seeing that production roll out in real time, the weekly famine is enough to drive anyone batty! I had not seen YAI since “He Who Can’t Marry” with JJH and Lim Ho, so when he popped back as this dashing, debonair Crowned Prince, it was, “Are you serious??” He has come into his swan roll of a career, one that will take him places beyond local fare.

Aside from admiring YAI’s lovely transition from then to now, had to find something to bridge this famine to feast back to famine on a weekly basis! Went back to queue and found Scandal. I had put it on the list early in the year but the cover had me thinking, “Not another K-Poppy drama!” Was not exactly in the mood for oddball redheads, screechy female leads, wicked MILS , or maniacal retainers. The conniving retainers are in but that is so forgivable. Take a tale built on a not so original premise, throw it back a couple of centuries with male-egocentric politics? And breathe new angles, life into the tale? Successfully? OUTSTANDING execution, excellent direction, and acting! You absolutely recognize the characters, but the showmanship that the Triad – PYC, PYM, and YAI – bring to their respective crafts is incredibly refreshing, believable, and relatable. Without the overacting, or the usual pitfalls of being young, popular and in Korea’s glaring life of the rich and famous. The chemistry and rapport among the cast is fine Belgium chocolate good. The casting agent to this series should have gotten double Emmys for the second tier, the well-versed thespians of the “upper house”. Cho Sung Ha – he brought swagger to the monarch! In stark contrast to YAI’s own young, often-foiled monarch of JOJ, CSH walks in and owns that role. LOL! I was so pleasantly taken aback. There is an aura about the way he carries himself as monarch of the tale that makes one stop, rewind, and watch him do it again. (During the exam). He exudes kingly authority like it is his birthright. (Maybe he is descended from the royals, LOL). KKS, LJY, KKK, KMK, JMG and ANS all complement the production so well, and are always men that I’d see around. For better or for worse – when is Lee Jae-Yong ever behaving?? LOL! If someone from these productions ever read feedback in a public forum, I would certainly say this for Mr. Cho. He commanded that role and wow! Am so appreciative! He IS appreciated in San Diego!

Walked into Scandal thinking K-Pop or the American Amanda Bines. Came back out with such a GREAT story and drama to add to my bests list. Kasamida, cast and crew, KBS2. The awards was well earned. BRAVO!

And to think that Scandal and I were about to never meet. YAI you rock. See you on the side with JOJ.

sara i finished watching the drama n still i wonder why ah in n joon ki won the best couple award but lee jong suk n kim woo bin of school 2013 didnt win all know that their bromance was much much beautiful.

wowzers Oh well.i really love this drama.when i watched the final episode which is episode 20 for the first time i think they should extend the drama.towards the end,the drama getting better n more fun to watch.and how i like song joong ki in this drama.his acting was very good and awesome and i really like him in here compared to innocent man.the storyline was good and it has all ingredients that we need which are love,friendship,family,humour and manage to make me shed my tears too!! Eventhough this drama make you think of coffee prince or watsoever,still worth watching it.

fafa I hope they make a sequel of sungkyunkwan scandal. With four of them gather around and solve another mission for the country. Show the married life of Seonjun and Yunhee, and make a love-line for Jaeshin with a new character. Same with Yongha. Must be EPIC!

Or they should just cast Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young in another romantic historical drama. I want them to ended up together. Let them have an intense love-line. Hahahaha!!

Angelica This drama made me laugh a lot!! I watched it because of YooChunnie and I fell in love with the story. This was the firt time I watched Song Joong Ki acting and he amazed me. Thanks to SS I watched Innocent Man and became a fan of his work. What can I say? Perfect acting and beautiful story. I highly recommend it ^^

sara i am watchin ep10 till now i wonder why yoo ah in an song joonki won the best couple award...half of the drama has finished...will they be the best couple winners in the next episodes?!!!!

miss i think the drama is really boring ! no offense but it really is ! i only like song joong ki and yoo ah in drama . and we've seen lots of this drama ( girl pretend to be boy ) and most of them are cute like coffee prince and he's beautiful but this one is really stereotypical !

Cikhanmy HowI miss to watch this drama...good story :)

Ronaldo real great tv show..... Joseon Dynasty attires are good...the guys are funny and cute the way they reacted as they secretly knew that their roommate is a girl. one of the tv show worth to watch for it showing true friendship regardless of social class :-)

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench This drama is absolutely brilliant. Filled with so much fun and laughter yet pain and sorry a wonder ful combination not just in the writing but in the cast...

jaiza secret love is a wonderfull movie i always watching it and i want to study their language i always ask my classmate ivy joyce about their lang.she also a fan of secret love

i dont know how to say

jaiza oh my gosh!! i really enjoy watching this movie its nice the character and everty way they its a good story specially to those teenagers like me its super duper like!like! : )

Gretchen This drama makes my world turns upside down. I really, really love the story. The way they act is so natural. I could almost feel their emotions, when they smile I laugh, when they sigh I cry, when they gaze I swoon! Oh, this is really, really great. I love the couple Yong Ha and Jae Shin, their friendship is so unbelievable! Amazing! I get so addicted with this two handsome character. I love how Yong Ha wink, twirl, smile and laugh, and with a handfan ofcourse. He really possesses good look. Song Joong-ki did it very well. As for Jae Shin I love his hair, his smile, his nose and how he look. He's really good. I love how they act. I just love them. Thank you for SKKS, to the one who wrote this story, it inspired me write a historical korean novel. Thank you very much. I love you all! <3 <3 <3

Allen Grace I REALLY LOVE IT.......The three guys were so handsome. I love the Minyoung-Yoochun loveteam. They were so awesome

Angelseyes Yoo Ah In looks good on his long hair in this series... i also like the way he smile.. keep smiling oppa! ^^

Anette I love love this series ts my favourite,im sooo inlove with lee and crazy horse omg..........they r supa cute

Gretchen Rose Marie I really, really, really love this show. I love them all esp. Goo Yong Ha he's so cute, I love his smile, how he looks (at me.haha), he's really fit for his role. Is he for real? Is someone exist in this world like him? I love you Yong Ha!!! We hope na ipalabas ito around 5pm dito sa pinas para mapanuod ng mga student. Thank You Sungkyunkwan Scandal for bringing secret love into my heart. <3

carla love this sHow tlaga super duper cuTe ni Song Joong Ki and ang kulit kuLit nya dto nice and great show LLLOOOVVVEEE IIITTT tlaga...!!!!!!

Pambu1980 The only thing that I didn't like of this drama was the bad acting and constantly crying Park min young, Girl!!! it is suposse that you are a man and men don't cry as often as women even if they want to. And you can't cry every time you feel sad o happy. Too much!!!

angelica I have so much fun watching this drama:))

casierhianne Ang tagal na nang dramang to pero ngaun lang pnabas sa pinas,, Ano bayan, nasundan na lang ng Rooftop prince na current Drama ni Chunnie.. Dapat kasi lat year pa to pinalabas ei. Anyway, wala na akong magagawa dito.. BUT THIS DRAMA REALLY IS GOOD WELL, ALTHOUGH ROOFTOP PRNCE IS MUCH MUCH BETTER.

ang laki nang improvement ni Chunnie sa ROOFTOP PRINCE<

marisse 2 thumbs up for this drama!! highly recomended to watch. Feel so addicted with Yoochun when I watched sungkyunkwan..He's very good in everything...dancing, singing, of course acting... a multi-talented person. Fighting!

keira This drama is very fun to watch,, the storyline is pretty unique but also romantic. I like the way song jong ki and yoo ah in play their role so well. Especially song jong ki, he made me forget about my real idol micky yoochun. Lee seon jun character is kinda cool but funny and dumb,, i like it actually

Daebak !!!

Patricia Hayden This was the best TV I have ever watched in my life. I was hooked in the first 5 minutes and it just kept getting better and better. The fab four are awesome eye candy but there is way so much more. They can really act. They made me believe them. I laughed and cried and hoped for a better day right along with them. I only wish there were more episodes. I miss their gorgeous faces and the sincere wisdom of their words. Now all that's left is to watch them again. Support oppressed women across the planet, in the name of peace and harmony.

kimkim pa lang bongga na ! it na agad

KC The best Korean period drama that I've ever watch very light & romantic, excellent story for young viewers.

Yangban I found Park Min Young cute while watching City Hunter. But she looks prettier in this series!

clemencia this korean drama is really beautiful and very fun to watch.,ive almost fall from my seat..moon jae shin is really cute, ko yong hwa has nice smile..thanks for this korean drama

maia i luv korean dramas but dont have the interest to watch when it comes to their ancient histories. a friend recommended this drama and so did i try..and wow! touching and wonderful..i couldn't get off my eyes on my computer..i slept almost every dawn juz to finish the story..i really appreciate the people behind this drama esp. the one who wrote the story..well Thank You sir! hope you will continue to write amazing stories...

@Almaira yoo ah in...i like the way u smile i line the way u look... looking so gentleman. U had a perfec nose...

Korean Princess Beautiful Kim Yon Hee, Handsome Mon Jae Shi.......

zainab omo geol-oh take my heart ♥ . your long hair so cool ♥ >w<

Lee Ji San I very like this drama and actors & actress.

dragonlady Does anyone know the name of that tune that plays whenever Cho Seon is with 'Dae Mul'? ._. I can't find it anywhere.....

Dawn Its a very nice movies. I feel so sorry for Cho Sun (Kim Min Seo) who loves Kim Yoon Hee with all her heart. I really hope she will find someone who truly and madly loves her and taking care of her.

Park Ji Hye I really love this Korean series :D I'd watch it over and over again! It's not sickening. Also because of Moon Jae Sin (Yoo Ah In) and Goo Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki)! So handsome! @LuvUYuAhIn~ You are so right! The way Jae Sin smiles, makes me fall for him more, too. I wish guys like them really exist. :'>

LuvUYuAhIn~ I really love moon jae shin, even though he looks like a bit dirty.. XD I still love him! The way he acts and the way he smiles.. it makes me love him even more.. I <3 Yoo Ah-In aka Moon Jae Shin (Geol Oh).. This television series is way better than Hana Kimi.. (just sayin') XD

pj i love this drama movie soooo much.,

jaja Luv this drama so much & i really luv Moon Jae Shin (Geol Oh)... He really cool...♥♥♥♥

hana i never realise that u r (Yoochun) so attractive 2 me...cheers up~ fighting!!!

Maross Anyway,they are all good. But i really dnt knw dbks mybe micky has posses a talent dats y he is now acting and not just as a part of a group.The role fits to him.the further info about his band,mybe we should wait. Until the result will come out.

bingsae_suju_tvxqjyj dbsk @ tvxq @ jyj never ever disband by sm ent or watever ok yeah "always keep faith!!!"micky "if someone telling u cant do it just smile and said i'll show u" hero jejong please buy their jyj album there has 11 english 1st song

Robert Hello!

 Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I like this series. Thank you for your performance. May you be successful in your life all members. God bless you.  Juaa Hae!

becky oh ma gosh ! how awesome movie esp i like all korean movies but this one is the second one by ma runk and i love micky he is so cute........... xoxoxooxox for the all four saranghi!!!!

rea i like this drama....i like the guy from the drama....especially yu Ah-in....he is so adorable....hwaiting....


sar I had so much fun. My favorite drama. I love you boys. I really enjoyed. Funny drama with beautiful moments. I don't know what to say But I know that I'm gonna miss you all. Very nice. The best drama with cute, kind & handsome actors.Park min young is also very cute. I love them all. They all have beautiful smiles & tears. I love them. I wish good ending for skk. The ending with no heart breaking. I hope happiness for all cast members.

p I love you all. Micky Yoochun Park Min-Young Song Jong-Ki Yu Ah-In . I love this drama because of all of you and also that nice story. I don't want to finish watching this drama. You are cute lovely & you have cute smiles. I love you

chu and guess what i didnt sleep for two nights to watch all the 16 episodes though some dont have english subbed, luckily there are also some synopsis along, cant wait to know the end of the stories, or get the novel for a reading. :)

chu oh i love the movie, sort of bring me back memories of monkey love and attraction during universities days, and how nice there were almost miracles and countable frens around, all actors (aged and young) are so strong in acting and handsome especially yong ha, jaeshin, daemui, micky and insoo.. cheers and have very nice day for the great job..

mirano can't wait to watch next episode... so sad cuz malaysia (via kbsworld) juz reach episode 4. sooo late! why it has bad ratings??? i think this drama is good to release my tense. but anyway, it shows some increase in ratings. love ku yong ha characters. he is such a funny guy! juz realize that host of music bank starring in this drama. :)

zozo thaaaank u aloot

LioGirl i particularly like stories of strong independent women in a place of male dominance… with the twist of "cinderella" or "romeo-juliet" concept… and plenty of "moe" moments. the first 2 episodes caught my interest and the following each have something good to look forward to... not the typical predicable situations. as the story progresses, its kinda fun seeing the characters not being "on the same page" which created more confusion... from one mess to another...hahaha!!! SS has become one of my favorite k-drama. ;)

p I like this drama. It's funny. I like this story & I like Song Jong-ki. He is cute & handsome.

sedef omo omo. aigoo:D i love this drama^^

Anser I really like this drama. I think the story is catchy, the actors are good and Song Jong-Ki is really cute. ^_^

DreamCatcher At first I didn't think I was going to like this drama, but it turned out pretty good!

My fave guys is Ku Yong-ha and Lee Seon-Joon!

hyukri i dont hate the drama...I hate te fact that when i do surfing theres only little vid of the making or behind the scene..cause I love watching behind the scene as much as i love the drama....

hyukri i love this drama..MUCH! i dont usually watch like alot of k drama and dont wanto cause then I would turn to my surfer(surfing internet) addict mood and its frustrating...thats wat i did when I was in luv with BOF..but now this is my new fav. Thanks to playful kiss that I didcide to watch this in stead cause that drama is simply boring (no offense). I like the characteds they all are good looking including the girl.. i really hate it because i want more making vids...I want to know how they interact together i sound like freak!!

ps. is it legal to have 3 supa hot guys in one drama?

evilive i thought that they where disbanded. but they are singing appart. i thought that as*hole SM drive the m appart. now i'm happyyy

Riisa Another drama about cross-dressing?! wow that's pretty popular these days...

Minphy omg, i heard sm did sumthing to this drama's ost thats y its so hard to look for it @___@

funfun This is a great period drama - full of life and the intricacies that would make this fun and intriguing to watch as the plot unfolds. Micky is doing a great job. I like how all the characters are really into their role. Perfect!! And the guys are pretty handsome too.

Good eye-candy - good storyline - and great acting...

KrisHyun Whoa!Girls...Chill Okay^^ You're all Over reacting.. ssarena is definitely right,, If it's true that they are disband it doesn't mean that they're not friends or what so ever..right? let's just hope Micky will succeed on his chosen career:)

MickyIlya please say they are not disbanded, Stop hated comment here and let micky acts like normal people. He's believing in himself and he always know what he's doing. for me, He choose acts because he kinda into it. He said! and He didn't even once forget the other members. Maybe Changmin and Yunho still support them by watching his drama.? That's maybe. Junsu, always come to set of the drama. Jae Joong always support micky by sending him encourage message. what again? huh!

Cassiopeia, always come to the drama set and cheering for micky. The other cast already know, when there is people scream, they know, micky was here!

What again? ME? well, I am always online to check my Oppa's health, activities, praying, and picture.

MickyIlya sorry , am I hearing wrong!? DBSK not Disbanded, they just HIATUS. They are totally contact each other, but in silent , in PRIVATE. HEllo, back off if you said that to DBSK . I am protecting them and not let them fall for once.

Micky Yoochun! always keep faith Oppa!

ssarena so what they are disbanded...whatever!!! They are still DBSK and they are still friend with each and love each other the same as before...

tha DBSK isn't disbanded.

evilive omgg micky dbsk is disbanded and now he is acting

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