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  • Drama: Marry Me, Mary! (International English Title) / Mary Stayed Out All Night (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Maerineun Uibakjoong
  • Hangul: 매리는 외박중
  • Director: Hong Seok-Ku, Kim Young-Kyoon
  • Writer: Won Su-Yeon (comic), In Eun-A (ep.1-10), Ko Bong-Hwang (ep.11-16)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 8 - December 28, 2010
  • Runtime: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Mary (Moon Geun-Young) is a young woman with the energy of the sun. She looks like her late mother, but her hot temper comes straight from her deadbeat father (Park Sang-Myeon). Her father always makes trouble as a failed businessman, but Mary loves him dearly, despite his faults. Because Mary can't afford to pay her college tuition fees, she temporarily stops attending school. Without any special skills, Mary works odd jobs just to put food on the table and to keep from getting too far behind on the rent. One day, Mary's father proposes that Mary be wed to a man named Jung-In to pay off their debts. When Mary hears of her father's plan she devise a plan of her own. Mary takes fake wedding pictures with her new friend Mu-Gyul (Jang Geun-Suk), whom she just met over the last couple of days. She sends the pictures to her father's cellphone with the message that this is the man she loves and they've gotten married. Unfortunately for Mary, her deadbeat father has already registered a marriage certificate on her behalf with Jung-In. Torn between having her father prosecuted for fraud or becoming a 24-year-old divorcee, Mary is somewhat relieved when Jung-In proposes that Marry spend 100 days of marriage with both men and decide with whom she wants to live.

Mu-Gyul (Jang Keun-Suk) is the lead singer and guitarist for an indie rock band. He is chic, cool, talented, and loyal, living a carefree bohemian lifestyle. He doesn't talk much and only wants to make music. Mu-Gyul doesn't care about success. He also has trust issues from his mother, who's every bit as well-meaning, likable, childish, & unreliable as Mary's father. Because of this, Mu-Gyul has a constant rotation of women in his life, not believing in any of them enough to consider sticking around. Besides that, he's so unfamiliar with fidelity that the idea of a lasting relationship seems alien, strange, and a bit scary to him. When it appears Mu-Gyul will never get married a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes about. He meets Mary, money becomes involved, and a 100 days of marriage ensues. During this time, Mu-Gyul, not knowing the meaning of family, surprisingly falls in love with Mary who is combative, loyal, and spunky. Mu-Gyul finds himself becoming a rival of Jung-In for Mary's love.

Jung-In (Kim Jae-Wook) is the president of music company JI Entertainment producing a music drama. Jung-In was born into a wealthy family and has never lacked money. Jung-In is also good looking and has good manners. Because of this, Jung-In appears to be highly eligible bachelor for marriage. However, Jung-In also has a cold side - he doesn't like becoming too close to people. His weakest point is that he can never say no to his father. He enters into a 100 day fake marriage with Mary and soon falls in love with Mary. Jung-In also comes across Mu-Gyul who will help fulfill Jung-In's dream in the music world. Mu-Gyul will also become a rival for Jung-In over Mary. Then Seo-Jun enters the picture.

Seo-Jun (Kim Hyo-Jin) is a sexy, sophisticated woman. She also comes from a rich family. Seo-Jun works as an actress, preferring to make movies rather than dramas. Seo-Jun broke up with Mu-Gyul about a year ago, but still attends his performances without his knowledge. She also has a care-free spirit similar to Mu-Gyul's, but uses this to cover up how emotionally fragile she is. Seo-Jun reunites with Mu-Gyul and convinces him to sign a contract for a drama produced by Jung-In. Seo-Jun starts to develop feelings for Jung-In in a bizarre love square.

Ultimately, "Marry Me Mary!" is the story of three young people trying to salvage the wrecks made of their lives by the shameful ways their parents have lived. Mu-Gyul's mom is flighty and cares more about her latest man than her son. Mary's dad is semi-competent at best and easily conned. Jung-In's dad, while a successful businessman, only wants Mary to wed his son to satisfy the sick obsession he's had with Mary's mom, an obsession that ultimately led to his divorce of Jung-In's mom. Can the three grown children of such dysfunctional parents find true happiness?


  1. Based on the internet comic "Maerineun Uibakjoong" by Won Su-Yeon.
  2. "Maerineun Uibakjoong" was first published online via on February 6, 2009. It was then published as comic book on November 24, 2009
  3. Won Su-Yeon also wrote the manhwa "Full House" which was adapted into the 2004 KBS drama "Full House".
  4. "Marry Me, Mary!" will takeover the KBS2 Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and will be replaced by "Dream High" on January 3, 2011


Mary Stayed Out All Night-Moon Geun-Young.jpg Mary Stayed Out All Night-Jang Geun-Suk.jpg Mary Stayed Out All Night-Kim Jae-Wook.jpg Mary Stayed Out All Night-Kim Hyo-Jin.jpg
Moon Geun-Young Jang Keun-Suk Kim Jae-Wook Kim Hyo-Jin
Mary Kang Mu-Gyul Jung-In Seo-Jun
Marry Me, Mary!-park joon kyoo.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-park sang myun.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-lee ah hyun.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-sim yi young.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-lee sun ho.jpg
Park Jun Gyu Park Sang-Myeon Lee Ah-Hyun Shim Yi-Young Lee Sun-Ho
Jung-Suk Mary's father Kim So-Young Director Bang Lee-Ahn
Marry Me, Mary!-kim min kyu.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-keom ho suk.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-park chul hyun.jpg Marry Me Mary-Kim Hae-Rim-p1.jpg Marry Me, Mary!-lee eun.jpg
Kim Min-Kyu Geum Ho-Suk Park Chul-Hyun Kim Hae-Rim Lee Eun
Ri-No Yo-Han Leo Ji-Hye So-Ra

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-11-08 1 NR NR
2010-11-09 2 NR 7.3 (20th)
2010-11-15 3 8.7 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2010-11-16 4 NR 7.1 (20th)
2010-11-22 5 7.1 (19th) 7.2 (18th)
2010-11-29 6 NR NR
2010-11-30 7 NR 7.4 (19th)
2010-12-06 8 NR NR
2010-12-07 9 NR NR
2010-12-13 10 NR NR
2010-12-13 11 NR NR
2010-12-14 12 NR NR
2010-12-20 13 NR NR
2010-12-21 14 NR NR
2010-12-27 15 NR NR
2010-12-28 16 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Claraz If you saw the opening of this drama, then you have seen it. Really, the opening tells the story and the episodes are just the fillers.

khishg After the success of You're Beautiful, this role was not a wise choice for him. This did'nt toppled his acting as Hwang Tae Kyung. Look liked He step backward instead of growing up. Just a so so drama. He acts well..what he needs is a good quality drama that will show how brilliant he is. This drama was just a waste of time for him. Anyhow he will always be known as Hwang Tae Kyung, that made him a house-hold name throughout asia and some part of the world

wyam i watch this drama for the 3th time !!! I JUST LOVE IT ! its funny lovely sweet and LOL i might watch it another 1000 time :D

zafer waste of time trust me

Mimi Just finished watching this it is going direct to my repeat list that is i will definitely watch it again.And am just glad Mary ended up with Kang Mu-Gyul coz Jung In was influenced with his dad from the beginning so i doubt if what he felt for Mary was love!

mia Just finish watched such a booored drama~ -_- Huhhh~! :p At first 3-5ep. it has goes such an interesting way~ :3 Then...all another ep. after just, a trash by a TRASH ep.~ :P "Marry Me, Mary!"...Good Bye~ :P The truth is, I love the two co-stars in this drama (Kim Jae Wook & Kim Hyo Jin)! ^_^ Their acting are so natural n have a strong impact & 'feel'! >_< For the main-stars (Jang Geun Seuk & Moon Geun Young) at 1st, they look like a 'destined' couple...but, after ep by ep & overall drama, they actually such a 'selfish' n 'bad' lovers~ :p Sorry not sorry for the honest opinion~ :3

jeongyi ive loved MGY since Autumn Tale..although i don't really like her character in this drama,i still find her cute. i wanted her to end up with Jung in, i think if Jung in change his style like Moo gyul,he can pull it off better

Deborah Zabron My Oh my! Thanks to MBC4, i like this movie sooooo much!!.... i also like Mae-ri's outfits, like a dolly.. Gamsahamnida Oppa! Sarang hae all :)

qqqqrr love u moon geun this couple so much

narjess i really love all things of korea .... i wish to be there ... i can speak and write the korean language ^^ and still study it in home by my self ^^ i always listen to the korean music ...

right now i am listten to jang geun suk's song <3 and still watching the korean drama ''marry me, mary! ... 재미 있어 ^^

Aisha mahuta I started watching korean movies on mbc4 with the film boys over flowers followed by dream high1 then dream hIgh2 and now am going to watch mary me mary and all these films are amazing they give me inspiration and you actresses are all beautiful and I hope to continue to watch these film for the rest of my life

sassygirl989 oh fck i cant help but to comment because of the stupid people who commented below! they said that this was not realistic because two hot guys fell for a dumb looking girl. well i just want to say that you who commented that were all STUPID. do you only fall for people who's effin goodlooking??? if so then you really are STUPID! could you pls just shut the ef up! im getting sick of ur hate comments! i can accept the comments that the storyline was not good (bec it really wasnt good) but the comment of this show being unrealistic just bec a dumb girl had 2 hot guys fighting over her was sooo not acceptable. you dont love a person just coz they're pretty! you stupid ASSSSSSEEEEESSS!!!! and moonie is not ugly for those who said she's ugly! she's a natural beauty. i wont trade her for those goddess-looking korean actresses that only had their beauty under the power of a great plastic surgeon! you only see sooooo FEW natural beauties in korea, and moonie is one of them! dont give me that shit that she had her nose repaired! it wasnt for aesthetic purposes, she got injured while filming Painter of the wind and had her nose fixed for that but solely for recovery purposes only! the way she looked from autumn tale to now, you can tell just by looking that she never got her face repaired just to look super gorgeous and goddess-like! that's what true beauty is!

bula i love jung in !!! wish it was him

Eun Jung I liked the actors. I really enjoyed the first half of the drama. I liked both of the male lead actors roles well enough to wish that both of them could end up with the main girl, Mary. As the drama got closer and closer to the end, I really wondered how everything would work out. The ending was different. I didn't like it as well as I like endings of other dramas. I liked the music a lot. I did not like the parents of all three main actors. The two fathers didn't seem to care too much about the feelings of their children. And Kang Mu-gyul's mom seemed very irresponsible and inconsiderate of others. Even though she was very young when she gave birth to Kang Mu-gyul, she had plenty of time to grow up and should have been a better mom to him. I can see good in this drama, but it is not one that I will watch again and I probably won't recommend it to others because the way it ended didn't appeal to me.

kim ji heun i realy enjoyed it! OPAAA, nice work!!!

Sally The reason I liked this TV drama is the same reason others did not. I liked that 2 beautiful men fell for charming loyal Mary. I thought that this showed the men had some depth and were looking for a soul connection with someone and not just someone pretty. At first Mary's clothing style was annoying, but I came to appreciate her as a non materialistic person with substance and also thought this of the men attracted to her. Perhaps i am projecting my own values on to the characters, but i am grateful for a drama that allows me to do this. Thou the JKS, indie band character, turned into a pop star, in my mind it was only a temporary necessity to gain favor with Mary's father and to allow them some monetary freedom to start their lives together. I liked the comedy and charm of this well acted drama and of course loved the music!

eve I like Mary's style. Boho-chic all the way!

kiz i like this novel i even buyed 4 my own

micha i miss this! 1st kdrama i've watched from Jang Keun Suk!..this is the drama that i fell in love with jks role..sweet!

Paul jung in wasn`t better mary?! at least he was a bit more manly and he was rich! lol i couldn`t tell which of u were male or female when u were with mu gyul! rofl anyway it was another low rate drama with a common story and happy ending...!wasn't bad for killing time though! -.-

jared I enjoy watching this drama..Too bad I only watch it now (replay) coz it's not on prime time anymore on KBS channel. It's either very late at night or early in the morning. But I really like it and still watching it again and again. Even I myself can't choose between Jang Geun-suk and Kim Jae-Wook (who I like to end up with Mary) I like them both (two leading men). It's sad it did not rate well in Korea...Anyway more power to you guys. Love you all.

kfan A great one, A great cast. This made me laugh in the beginning episodes. Still watching this.

parastoo i loved this drama cause in most k-dramas there is a rich,beautiful,imperious person(mostly man character) that fall in love with a average or poor ugly girl....but....i liked this show cause they both was poor...u know what i mean?i liked how JGS was a guy who just loved his rock misic,his guitar and played it in park and make money,play in a bar to make money for collage and living,how he wasted time being a drunk guy who didn t give a damn about money or go for a fight when all his friends was fighting and just being a bad boy u know?u know?he was a stray....and yet he was calm and didn t care just drink his soju and watch the fight....he didn t have a family he looks a hard rock boy who sees the girls just fir a month but he was actully so kind and warm...he didn t have a home at first episode then he rent a place he didn t want to waste money so he make a bookcase of some brick and make a home with things from was so beautiful....i like story s about poor young people with pride,dreams and hope...just like the other drama dream high...i agree that the very first episode i think till the 7th episode was more strong and good but it was a very beautiful,instructive also teaches us how love is so not enough and also money it s the loyality that make coupls for a life time or friends for alife time...i also didn t like how in the end JGS became a pop star ...and we saw the change of cloths and music...and i don t know i just didn t picture this charectr become k regular k-pop he was a precious pure rock star...and it also was better if the drama shows them back in collage and become successful average(not so poor)couple...aaaaand im so sorry and ashame to say that but dearjung geun suk u supposed to just looked liked girls not act like them im sorry to say that but sometimes u smile or talk like girls u know maybe u re body language...i m again truely sry to say that cause im a fan last i just have to say how much i loved this drama and how beautiful and meaningful was it...hope all the dramas become like this one and leave the fantasy world of money and so so so very rich people with reserving the ehole restaurant and shopping for the girl ang taking them to salone and everything...just look down to poor people i cant help them in reality i just like to see them in movies abd it s beautiful to care about everyone not just money.... iiiiiiii loooooooved the show... well done....good job:) sincerly, just a fan of k-pop:)

Saroj Goswami Amazing. It's a real shame more folks don't know about this place, this covered just what I needed this morning XD

R€D TIG€R £AD¥ 13 Keep on smiling:) while watching this koeandrama fever..... and keep on dreaming. I love Jang Geun Suk, his long hair, his eyes. And the way he talk. All of what he had.<3

Yen18 i really love the character of Jang Geun-Suk and he is so cute..// the story was good and very lovable..// i am hoping to have a part 2 on this movie...// please../// i am excited for that..// hopefully../// hehehe/// i love marry me mary as well as the cast...//// go kang moo gul and mary...

alexa This drama is perfect! Although this drama like a fantasy story, but it's so good. The chemistry between Kang Mo Gyul and Mae Ri is perfect that makes me smile when watching it.


mic hello!!! Hello!!! i miss this couple... any follow show of this couple.. im soo excited if ever they have one... this couple born on the same year!... good luck!

KDrama Lover What a fiasco! I'm so disappointed. The story line was poorly written and I think that's were the problem began. I started watching it because of Jang Geun Suk and he is the very same reason why I endured watching it until its very end. The character of Mae-Ri was awful. Why would anyone want to make the lead female character so annoyingly hatable is beyond me. I sadly found myself fast forwarding through most of her sorry and ridiculous lines. She lacked conviction.

Moon Geun Young is a good actress but this role did not suit her at all. Her unusual average looks is what I like about her because the lead females tend to always be so unbelievably beautiful; so much that their awesome looks make the dramas feel surreal (at the end of the drama you end up asking why God skipped you when He distributed the good looks - not to mention you end up depressed because even though you don't want to admit it, deep inside you know that only a pretty girl like the lead would get the hot guys) but Moon Geun Young really represents the audience because of her plain looks. Nevertheless, what was up with her apparel? How can someone be so fashion-impaired? True that she was portraying a poor person but did she honestly have to shop out of the Good-Will's trash can? And what about her hair style? I was waiting all throughout the 16 long episodes for someone (anyone) to come to her rescue and give her some advise about how to not look like a mentally challenged person (no pun intended). Her hair style was horrendous and totally matched her hideous outfits. There was nothing real about two hot guys falling for someone like Mae-Ri. You don't have to be pretty to look descent. You don't have to wear makeup or expensive clothing to make you look good. The character of Wi Mae-Ri was to me as unbearable as Geum Jan Di's from Boys Over Flowers. Both girls look retarded (again, no pun intended - I just don't know how else to put it).

On the other hand, everyone else looked well dressed (specially Jang Geun Suk - his wardrobe was impeccable and totally in character) made me go out and shop wishing it snowed in Southern California so I could wear all those warm sweaters and stylish scarves.

The music was amazing! This I did love. Jang Geun Suk showed off his vocals again. He totally carried me through the entire series with his voice - his voice and his smiley face was the only soothing thing about these drama.

Overall, I think that if you are a fan of any of the actors, you should definitely watch this drama. Regardless of the bad script, you will be able to appreciate their efforts. All of them do a good job. However, if you are not a fan and are looking for a fun or interesting series to watch, do not waste your time with this one. Korean dramas are great and for some beginners (someone who just started getting hooked on KDramas), watching this boring and disappointing drama could be detrimental. Every single actor in this cast has seen better days than "Marry Me, Mary."

belinda bell The comment that the person Chizu said in comment 218 , I totally agree with. The problem with these Korean dramas is that they copy each other because maybe another drama had higher rathings like Boys before Flowers did which had this dumb girl who looked average and a bit funky and the most popular boy liked her? That is not realistic. JUST LIKE IN THIS MOVIE? THIS GIRL Mary is kind of funny looking and these two god looking guys fall for her. That is definitely not realistic. Besides, she is selfish all the way until the end which I find really irritating and the guys still like her? This story is really dumb.

Haizel I miss 'GEUN-GEUN COUPLE' ! This drama is the best romantic comedy everr!! I love them soooo much!! <3 <3<3

J The funniest part in this drama that had me laughing my ass off was the ending parts of the final episode where DIRECTOR Jung-In was driving Mu-Gyul 's old beatup rocker van. He looked so out of place with his suit and being so tall. HAHAHA

cathy cath geungeun couple is the best! a like their chemistry.. when I saw this MMM, I started to be a fanatic of every korean dramas. Hope sukkie and moonie will visit Manila.

Rin GREAT drama but i wish mary would have givin Jung in more of a chance... 80/100

Gelo at comment #244

hoy dwayne, kapal ng mukha mo! kala mo kung sino ka! bakit maganda ka ba?? wag mo na lang panuorin at wag kang manlait! manood ka na lang ng disney channel dun ka nababagay!

dwayne Ayyy ang pangit nman nung girl...nakakawalang ganang panoorin...wla n bang ibang girl sa korea?

ilovekimchi i think i'm in love again.... kim jae wook ;)

JEANROSE How I wish this two couple Moon Geun-Young & Jang Geun-Suk will get married in real life. they are a perfect couple. and i hope there will be a part two of this movie.

PART TWO: They will get married... :)

celicia hi! My name is CELICIA of EAST TIMOR, I really liked KOREAN dramas, for me it is entertainment that is always with me ...... When I'm quiet and happy ^-^!!! I hope that KOREAN dramas are always evolving, and always successful .....

     I would be very happy if these artists want to compaction KOREA gladly into our country .... because for us you are our favorite artists
    LUV u all !!!!!! :):):)

Jeane Maye I super love the both of them........................

"Perfect Couple of The Century"

Wishing them the best. Soon, how I wish they get married in REAL LIFE.........

Big Fan of yours (JGS & MGY).

belle i think GSJ n GYM both did their part well in M,MM! BRAVO! 4me it signify luv needed endurance n flexibility at the same time! thers so many COOL winter attire 2c, i jz luv those scarves! oso all d accessories GS-shi wore .. awesome! m REALLY lookin 4wrd 2 sme nice K-drama frm them again. i luv GSJ wt his tied-up wavy hair, real cool! hopefully he wil start an ASIA Tour dat comprises his songs in all his K-dramas myb wt sme jazzy tunes added-in.. after hes WELL rested, of cz! jah.. o genki dei.. matta nei ... ***

miiho i am so agree with ecclasyas, im so dissapointed why in the end marry isnt become jung in lover :((....

Vivit Jks Like I Jang Geun Suk but I don't love this drama b'cause shallow story and I don't like Acting Moon Geun Young in drama not natural , i like her in drama Cinderella step sister,...and Sorry for Geungeun Lover, in really life , Jang Geun Suk not love Moon Geung young , there just friend...Chingu...

sedighe Don’t go for looks; they can deceive Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away Go for someone who makes you smile Because it takes only a smile to Make a dark day seem bright Find the one that makes your heart smile

Samuel Amazing KDrama, i love this drama.

chizu At first this show is nice and funny and i got really hooked up but in the middle Both Mary and Kang Mu-Gyul became annoying. Especially Mary...

The way she acted here is not so nice. Maybe for her fans it is nice but her acting in this Drama is so annoying. Especially whenever she try to act cute with a little pouty lips and crossed eyes...Dunno how to explain it but her face in this drama is so irritating.

I don't care if she is well loved by korean's but every actors and actresses has their own forte and this kind of acting is not really for her

ecclasyas I wish mary would marry Jung IN...he is a much better fit..:(

genielyn i really love this drama especially jang keun suk he really rocks thats why soon i'll be coming in korea to see jang keun suk.....congratz....sarang hye jang keun suk...muah..

jovilyn i love it. and i like it hehe ^^, i have to part 2 for the movie

liza nice korean film. got so addicted to watching it that i didnt go the office for 1 week. so i bought a dvd copy. hope there will be a part II.

taylor That was 2 sad that "Marry" doesn't married with "Kim Jae Wook" ............. i agree " Marry" 2 marry with " Kim Jae Wook "................ NOt Jang Geun Suk ....... I don't like Jang Geun Suk behaviour in that movie..............

kylie Mei Ri is the unprettiest lead star i've ever seen in kdrama. Too bad myu gul and the other guy are so cute!

aida where can i download this korean drama????

ms.c i realy lyk michael and mary 2geder. xana cla na mgka2luyan in true lyf. amen i love u michael ur so gwapo?!

Lujane I really Love Mary and michael being together.. I really really love the story...

gale i luv jgs and mgy! geun geun couple! the story is great, good actors and actresses. i really luv JANG GEUN SUK!!!!! He's really good in acting & singing! plus he's so handsome!!!!! i luv him sooo much!!! Kim Jae Wook's also handsome..Moon Geun Young's a very good actress..I love her as well.. I love you sooo much Jang Geun Suk........****

liya After the success of You're Beautiful, this role was not a wise choice for him. This did'nt toppled his acting as Hwang Tae Kyung. Look liked He step backward instead of growing up. Just a so so drama. He acts well..what he needs is a good quality drama that will show how brilliant he is. This drama was just a waste of time for him. Anyhow he will always be known as Hwang Tae Kyung, that made him a house-hold name throughout asia and some part of the world.

ina A woman end up marrying 2 hot guys...the thing is the woman looks just like a kid...they should find more appropriate one.They say she acts good but definitely not in this one...she's overacting and very annoying. Bad casting, bad story...that's why it's a flopped. I think this is the end of MGy's career, While JKS has a backup plan ,can concentrate on his singing career for a while.

leizel the ending is kinda flat...but still i love it so much....i rily think dey have to make a partII of this project where mary and kang mu-gyul is living a lyf together w/ their children that are so very cute lyk them.....rily hope to see a part II of this show...ilove moon geun young and jang geun suk.......

rosieryll i love it so much!!!!!!! buyaen tku amin kakailyan..aheje (let's all watch men?) ahaha

eyak_kaye oh my god...i really love watching it.. I'm so excited to finish this drama.. Hope that Mary and Michael will be together.. i love them so much.. I can't wait to watch the ending.. I'm really sure that it would be a perfect ending.

lucille i wish he will have another korean drama.. i'll wait for that...

lucille i love this show very much... and i love kung mu-gyul.. so handsome!!!

ris what?!only sixteen episodes???!!!!!! why? i really love this show,, it's more of a romance movie.... just like "My Little Bride"

sami MGY is too plain for these 2 hot actors. She looks like a kid playing dress-up (wedding dress and the over-layering clothes). Her crossed eyes really annoyed me. And i think she's over acting in this drama...

mimi yap mgy doesn't look good with either of the two guys...These guys are so beautiful and hot. JKS specially is prettier than her. Watch some episode and bored with it. I read it was supposed to be 20 episodes but cut it to 16 due to low ratings.

Bobby Jean The 2 male lead are more beautiful than the female can this happened....They should find another pretty girl or find leading men that are not as beautiful as these 2. Or blame it to the cinematographer...seems like he/she did'nt like her...the angles were not good. Plus i heard the story was very lame. I think this is JKS worst drama so far.l

angel i really really like it

Hebe ^^ I love Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk. Well, thank u 4 the drama

xena i love Jang Geun-Suk.., Hes so cute.

shin I love it....!

shin I really,really like this drama...It's so funny and super "kilig"..:)

I love Jang Geun-Suk

yumi i don't lyk it..but i don't dislike it either..its simple..good for simple minded persons..(no offense to everyone)..its just that, its too predictable and its one of the main ingredients in dramas and its a great deal for me..again..i don't dislike this drama..^_^

shairra I love this korean drama because it's very sweet and romantic!!! I really love Jang Geun Suk.

Mary Yeah i really really like this korean drama..the name of the main cast is also the same as my name..i'm surprise also because the story is looks like mine,imagine two guy loves you,hehe..but you have to choose only one..i have a husband right now and i choose him 'coz of his silent type..maybe the cast mary will choose Kim Jae-Wook:)

charibell ``I'll always watch excited every episode..we love you all......super cute....nice...keep up the good work guys..^_^ <3 <3 <3

TIMMY This DRAMA has the same effect with TWILIGHT SAGA.. the feeling that makes you want more after watching it all through out. It'll make you restless and dreaming. What good about it is it caters REALITY beyond any doubt. The goodness of TRUST, LOYALTY and LOVE. How I wish I could see all the Characters and the writer to thank them for INSPIRING me.

PS. Now Jang Geun-Suk made me sleepless.. hehe. xoxo

jazzy queene perfect guy or the rocker of her heart?

oh my excited tommorow is the day ive been waiting for....


moongeunyoungforever i really really like this korean drama because this drama is perfect to everyone. i love moon geun young forever....

Glaiza I really love your voice Jang Geun-Suk

cruiser623 Marry me Mary is one of the best korean series i've ever watch, it because the story is simple & realistic, it's all about love, loyalty & trust to ourselves, family & friend. The true beauty & talent of Jang Geun Suek comes out in this series no wonder Japan gave him a debut album after the series. Many viewer don't like the style made to Moon Geun but i think it's realistic not idealistic. Thanks to the people behind Marry me Mary for choosing Jang Geun it's really fit to his talent. I Love GeunGeun. 당신을 사랑합니다

Tintin Finlad I used to hate Korean series. But becouse of my sister recommended. I started to watch first 'Secret Garden'. I loved it very much. I watched it twice and then I get bored.

Then, by accident I foud 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' on Youtube. I started watching and then...What happen? I ve been watching 'Mary..' every day. I really cant get out from it.

Best of the best!

sandra i hope to see it soon.. I'll be watching it because i relly like Jang Geun Suk so much!!!!



ika GEUNGEUN COUPLE! They are matched and suit for each other ..:))

Mgy is really cute and Jgs as well. Still hoping that they will have another project. TOGETHER! Haha.

ika Jang keun suk <3 .

ika I hope there will be CHAPTER 2 .:)) i really like this !

anne1311 I like this kdrama ^^ out of all the korean dramas I've seen, this really made me stay up all night! I just can't stop watching it... still... Save the last dance for me remains on top of my list.

The story is simple, yet I don't get tired of watching this over and over again ^^ I'm a big fan of korean dramas, I think I've seen and finished more than 30 already. I don't like dramas that are too complicated to understand yet I don't like one that is easy to guess what will happen next. And Mary stayed out all night always leaves me wondering what will happen next, and It didn't give me a hard time understanding it either ^^

cotto This is the 1st K-Drama that makes me hooked-up to the screen. I'm abusing my DVD player coz this Drama. Not bcoz the story, but bcoz how wonderful the main casts play the character, esp MGY with that massive hair.... she supposed to look ugly with that hair... but NOOO!! She still manage to look beautiful in that massive hair. She possessed a rare beauty, can manage to look beautiful in the worst condition. The superb acting of MGY & JGS is 10thumbs-up here!!! A comical role is very hard to play, not to mention to portray the characters close to the books, but these two (MGY&JGS) portrays it perfectly with ease.... the costumes is just the script demand... not their choice, but it is a superb demand coz I got to see a rare performance like in this drama that I have never seen in other dramas, not just a regular performance with the regular costumes as in other dramas....... IF YOU WANT A REGULAR DRAMA, then better not watch this drama. Cos in this drama there's nothing regular...... IT IS OUTSTANDING. As for is not Mary that annoying me..... it is MG's costume that's the weirdest & make him sometimes look like a female.... But I dont blame him for that!!! It is the script..... He's superb here..... I've watched all his movies/drama, but in this drama that I'm convinced that he's really superb in acting, coz this role is very hard but he managed excellently. Low rating in Korea...? As we know, MGY's name is very powerful among Koreans. So it is deffinitely not her as the cause of low ratings. The cause is probably the other cast (Koreans is not very fond of JGS, not to mention him being pairing with MGY, many Korean hate this), the genre of the story combine with the broadcasting hour-time (heard it was almost midnight), the new frame the drama harboured (Hairstyle, costumes, story of double marriage) that the community hasnt ready to accept yet (instead they more prefer a boring story like Bakery). I'm sure this drama would have hit the roof if only the male lead is LEE SEUNG GI (who is very favoured in Korea), but honestly it would be a horrible thing to do and I wouldnt want to watch it if JGS replaced coz MGY&JGS is unreplaceable in this drama. No pair can play it better than them!!!! NEVERTHELESS..... it is an outstanding drama, out of regular ones (ones with regular hairstyle, costumes, and talent). TEN THUMBS-UP FOR THIS DRAMA!!!!

Raina For those who haven't watch You're Beautiful you should watch it, It's the drama that makes Jang Geun Suk's career a skyrocket

esoradem i love moon geun young,.....

pretty ring i undeniably loving Jang Geun-Suk too..:)

pretty ring all i can say is oh my gosh!! i have watched He's beautiful and it was the best...but "Mary Stayed Out All Night" rock my world.. im so much inlove with JANG GEUN SUK's character..haha lol!

leesunkyut I really really REALLY Love this drama!!!!

but what's with the episode ratings? why is it low rated?

Dragunova I want to watch it again and again and listen to Jang Geun-Suk’s music live))

Dragunova I want to see it again and again and listen to Jang Geun-Suk's music live))

demi i was so in love with kim jae wook that i cant explain in words, he is great actor i had watched his crap only for him.

PattyTaemin Hello..i'm patty from indonesia.. Mary me Marry was a great series ever..!!!

ailyn jang geun suk is really a great singer

ailyn jang geun suk is super cute

yanni I like this film, especially jang geun seuk,

Meeng Moon geun young is super pretty! I love it! MGY is very talented and very cute!

Kure City Mom What happened to the Finale? Did they change writers mid-stream? It was like they tried to end the drama by mixing in scenes from The Graduate with The Odd Couple. The result was a mess. JGY lost all his fire as Mungyeol. And KJW actually saved what he could by turning in a much better acting performance and giving In real depth. But still, shat a huge disappointmen! I did go out and buy a bunch of bulky knit scarves, though. So, it was still fun. :)

leslie This was probably the second korean drama I watched from first to finish only because I like the main guy...just as I liked Hyoon Joong from Boys over flowers. So I had to actually tolerate. Really, Korean dramas have good plots, I would give's just that they have things in common which makes one stop watching in the middle of it. It particularly has to do with the female characters. They start off as strong females and can stand up against the leading men's characters...yet along the way...they suddenly lose that particular and definite strength which supposedly makes them unique and they ended up always much for the tears...I think that is pretty much what's disappointing...

This drama is no exception to that and I also find Mary's father so annoying. i mean what father would ignore the unhappiness of his daughter and continue insisting she marries the man of his liking simply because he is wealthier than the other...and they should have at least given a resolution to the father and daughter and son-in-law relationship. That's what was lacking at the latter part. so viewers are left to assume that perhaps the father had indeed thrown away his daughter since she insisted on living with the guy she loves...I wouldn't really say it is the best since I rarely watch Korean drama but I'll say their talents were all wasted...

michelle really love it.... from the start til the end... so cute.... i love all the cast this drama series.... i love korean movies....

Kure City Mom I love the show. I love the clothes! I love the story line! I love the actors! They have all the charm of those fabulous 1940 romantic comedies like Gable/Colbert in "It Happened One Night". And Jang Geun-Suk, what can I say! If I were 15 years old, my bedroom wall would be plastered with posters of JGS. He's as adorable as Paul McCartney!

Ki Weak script killed the series for me, stopped watching after 3rd or 4th episode. Nice eye candy but that's all there is ....

cutemo I just finished watching it and I really liked it. My first time to see Jang Geun-Suk (yeah I just found out that his a popular actor, I only watched a handful Korean series so I don't know him until now, glad I watched this though.) and I find him real cool, cute... bordering between beautiful and handsome. (His prettier than other girls. lol and he captured my heart, yeah became a fan after watching this, hahaha, still thinking of their kissing scene wedge between walls.... wish I'm that girl... lol.) Now I'm searching for his other series/movies.

kfan call it FLOP but Moon Geun-Young shouldnt be blamed.... people misjudged dis drama mainly bcoz MGY is definitely superb in all of her movies and dramas..... She wont be called Korea's Little Sister for nothing you know.... and as far as im concerned, she won d HIGHEST AWARD an actor/actress can achieve last 2008 on PAINTER OF THE WIND....(DAESANG AWARD).. d one annoying is Mae-Ri and not MGY.... she even agreed to portray dis annoying crybaby wid disastrous fashion sense just to prove how versatile she is..... So why d heck blaming her for dis one??? cant you see dat even dis drama doesnt give a big impact still it makes noise on TV KDRAMAS??? She's d only reason dis drama rates and not by d 2 leading men that still lack on acting prowess... agree???

Aimiko Moon Geun Young is one of the best young korean actress. She did her best to make this drama successful. I remember when she said in one interview after MSOAN that she hate being cold. While filming MSOAN, Moon Geun Young has to be in cold all day long to shoot at the raining scene plus the weather that time is so cold. But, she never ever complain about it and do her job without knowing tired and so on. These shows that how professional she is during acting although she hates being cold. And the character Mae-ri is a little bit annoying. It is because that is Mae-ri's character. Moon Geun Young just did her best to be Mae-ri's character. And she is pretty and cute. You dont have any right to say that she is not cute and unpretty. If she not cute and pretty she will not picked by producers and directors to be a lead cast since she was young. So you all are talking bullshit!!! At least she is natural beauty and she's not taking any surgery to be pretty. And plus, she is different with other actresses. She have her own charm, personality and beauty. Some korean actresses are look similar and its hard to recognize unless we stated her name. Thats why Moon Geun Young is recognizeable and popular not only in Korea but through out the Asians.

april jang geun suk and kim jae wook are great actors. ilove them. these guys are the only reason I kept on finishing the drama. the drama sucks because of the female lead, she is unpretty and not cute at all. she is the reason why this drama wont click to viewers. it was a miscast for her really. she was like trying to be like the female lead of full house or my girl. the secondary actress is is better than maeri. what's with the big hair of mae-ri? it was so annoying really.i was waiting mae-ri's hair to be cut and become neat & tidy, that hair was so disappointing. I got tired of watching this female lead. the clothes she wear sucks too. what's with her that the 2 male leads fell in love with was unbelievable theres nothing lovable with her. probably if they casted someone pretty lovable, it may be believable a little & would have a high rating. she's better off with the cindrella's sister. but that drama sucks more. it was full of crying and negativity and I felt unhappy the entire days watching it.

haleluana Most of you who have written comments that are glorifying this drama as the "best" of 2010. I find it very mediocre and predictable. The ending hasn't been shown here yet, but it's predictable who will end up w/ who......I'm hoping not!! If it's so good, why are the ranking so poor? I don't understand how the main character won an award for this....isn't he just playing himself? ....and i agree w/ the person who said that "he's beautiful" was a lot better than this one.... A famous person or popular person doesn't make a drama has to be written very well....the people have to be believable.... The people who come across as most believable are all of the secondary characters....the bitchy female agent, the actress, the mother of the main character, and the son of the rich man.

jet toledo you're beautiful is better than this one. i hope abs-cbn is not wrong in getting this FLOP teledrama!

amalina naimah i hope my life is like mary"s life.....

kfan dis one is genuinely good... i just cant understand why people rate dis badly.... its not as fast paced as the other kdramas thats why i call this GENUINELY GOOD u know??? people just cant understand the tought of the writer/s in this drama..... this one is more realistic than d other fairy-tale like and so good to be true drama.... MGY still is at her best in portraying annoying yet very cute roles making her the best Romantic-Comedy actress of this generation!!!!! ^^

Haneul the fact that you annoy with characters mary show that how brilliant and talented Moon Geun Young as an actress. Good job to her! GeunGeun couple is so match from heaven and i love them very much! There are so much proof that JGS likes MGY better than PSH. I like PSH too but i think JGS is more suitable with MGY better. JGS also already tell that he just think of PSH just like his sister only. And his fans ask him in his fan meeting, who is the actress that he works with that he like the most. Without any hesitation JGS answer MGY.

cheaky I was so upset with this drama, it was rated so high...but right from the beginning Mary annoyed me all the way through the drama, why do women portray such annoying, whinging women...not good...thumbs down for me...sorry peeps...but have to be straight out

Aripin Edgar JGS ,,,,,,,,,nice somg

Aripin Edgar kim jae wook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are cool. i like it

ruby i definitely love jang geun suk and kim jae wook. super!!!!!

soulprincessmystic I just started watching this show and I LOVE it.And the best part is it has english entittled so I can understand what's going on.Does anyone know the song kang and mary was singing when they were doing kareyoke when they were running away from mary's father?

rozeize As always Jang is awesome......... loved to watch it.

Nepurr I love this drama!!! I DVR this thing every Monday and Tuesday and then drag my cousin to my house so we can watch it and spazz out together!!!!!

YAZZ!! I saw an episode accidentally and I fell in love with the drama because i already knew Jang Geun-Suk he was in the drama "you are beautiful" and Kim Jae-Wook was in "coffee prince" .....they both rock .....^___^ I REALLY like Jang Geun-Suk's baby face he is sooooooooooooooooo cute .... hope this drama ends with a happy ending ya!! I don't like sad ,heart braking drama

azeleya chery chan i hate your baby face. jang geung suk

azeleya chery chan but why jang geung suk make me throw up??? just waning for him. don't made his cute face as weapon to get all girl. that's not work for the girl who also have a pride.

you not the only man who have a cute and handsome face. rememberthis line

Romina kim jae woooooooook:X:X

aybi I love JGS but i don't really appreciate MGY on MSOA.JGS must do more mature roles than another childish act.

Masio Wow.... Geun Suk oppa look so great in this drama... he n Geun Young is a cute's couple in this drama... make me crazy 2 watch it... n congrate for the awards they had won... love them... n this drama...

Deez_isa I started watching this only a few days ago can some one tell me a lttle more abt the story as far as i think its a cool drama except the fact tht mary is too childishhh! but Kang Mu-Gyul, Jung-In and Seo-Jun are all awsme !!

Maria I SOOOO LOVE JANG KEUN SUK!!! SUPERRRR!! I'm still watching it on KBS 2!!! superr nice! <

SHINee arhhh this story is the best i ever see after full house but in malaysia the drama right now in episode 10 arh i need to wait for 6 episodes ......

alice I am in love by korean drama ideeas they are like my dreams you never now what is going to hapend

jojo yaya me to can't wait

retro-rAin. wau.....this is the best movie after MY GIRLFRIEND IS GUMIHO........ wau thisv story make me know how to appreciate love..... the most interesting movie ever...... cant wait to see the next episode......

alrhize .... i really enjoy this drama...

Orange Can someone please tell me the title of the song and singer that goes "My precious my precious?" I love that song.

Stephanie Kim Jae Wook.. even though mae-ri won't choose u.. I'll follow u to north pole ^-^

yaseedlerta Well, i would love to watch this drama cause i am overhwhelmed by the attractiveness of Jang Geun Seuk.. he's so charming and talented.. the way he acts, it looks very natural.. i would like to purchase this drama in the form of dvd cause i have no time to watch in on tv.. I wish JGS can come to Malaysia and have a tour here by promotig his drama.. it will be such a lovely moment for Malaysians.. I love this drama so much..

ice whooooo....... episode 14 really make me 'kilig' it was so sweet confessing the real feelings of kang mu gyul!!! they really rock my world!!!! whahahahaha....

Clara ""but 0.o can anyone tell me model phones they are using i love them too (the phones)""

I am also interested about their phones!! What model(s) do they use?

apple96 .i super love this drama .. i want jung in ang mae ri..hope the writer will put a twist in the end mae ri will marry jung in..

apple96 .i super love this drama .. i want jung in ang mae ri..hope the writer will put a twist in the end mae ri will marry jung in.. :)

Nana I'm so in love with Mu-Gyul and Mary =). I feel sad for Jung-In though. =( I wish I was there to make him feel better. =)

yuii I got hooked watching the first 6 episodes ^____^ I laughed really hard and it was interesting to see some development between Jae Wook and Moon Geun. Then somehow... the story starts to drift a little and it becomes a little draggy for me. I still enjoy watching the drama but the addiction/ intensity slowed down a lot. Maybe it's because I got hooked on Secret Garden...

Xinyin Wow.. After see-ing this drama.. I am totally in love with Jang Geun-Suk!!! Oh my Oh my Oh my.. I can't take my eyes off him.. Cool Cool JGS..

:DD24 i love this drama a loottt <3333... but 0.o can anyone tell me model phones they are using i love them too (the phones) <333 i think i love everything in this awesome drama^_^

mangakit I've never heard of Jang Geun-Suk or Kim Jae Yuk either. Only familiar person in the drama is Moon Geun Young since I've caught one or two of her movies. I must say the casting is pretty good, unfortunately the casts' talents are wasted. There is too much melodrama, where Mary's father gets too much airtime. Not able to understand his behaviour where Mary is concerned, especially as she's already 24 years old. The series started out pretty good, with very cute casts, but it can get pretty tiresome. Persons to blame are probably the scripwriter and director.

SangYoo That was my first comment after watchin 8 ep

omo omo ... i love it ...


I hate the coldness in Jung IN ... it doesn't suit him that much ... but AAAAAAAAAAAh i still love them both ....

ive watche 8 eps in one day hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... will its not progress but still there is four ep. still not subd ... so i have to wait ....

but after watching ep 9 10 11 ,,, it turned out

will i really started to reduce my likeness to this drama ...

First ... I dont like the custom ...

Second ... what a waste of talent for JGS ... he hardly can get in the role, while i heard before that he said he felt in it ... ( + i love his eye when they are lined, better right|? )

third ... why does marry have to be this much talent ... she helps the writer and she compose a lyrics ... common ... get real at least ... and she aslo know how to do anything .... she should be called wonder woman ... not marry


last but not least .... i know am being negative at the moment ... but common I've waited alot for this drama ... and it really blowed me down ....

and the rating ... OMG ... cant believe people how do they think ... i find it childish drama and totally not mature ...


maybe am being to harsh ... but i wasnt expecting this kind of scenario

Shushii OMG ,, am really in love withe Jung-In (Kim Jae-Wook) .. mary please maary him .. >


Eiiza I've watched 11 episode this far . . . but i still confused !!!! >.< I want Mary with Moo-Geul . . .

Merry Christmas !

Happy New Year ! 


Eiiza Is Moo-Geol with Mary . . or mary with Jung In . . ??? my sis said he'll be with Jung In ! Argh ! Thats to bad for me !

kim the story is pretty amazing! :)

yeorim i saw this drama last night and fell in love in watching it...^^

miasara oh great !!!!!!!!!!! i love this drama :0

illyasviel wow..this drama is amazing...when i watched this drama, i cant let off my eyes from the tv...^^-

djaouhara ow my god i'm verry verry fond of 2 famous hansome moon geun young & jang geun suk i want to watch that movie no more waiting

Hani i love this drama already! XD

nanako Quite agree with #82. The show started off very good for me but by maybe the 4th episode it's downhill all the way. The good parts were not worked on and bad parts were repeated to death. Director seems to have went on a mental vacation so did the writer. For screaming out loud what a waste of JGS who is really a good actor. Still trying to watch since I'm a JGS fan and hope they'll be able to undo the damage. The updated national viewership ratings at wikidrama is confirming a downward trend too.

hazifah Jang Geun Suk-vs-Kim Jae Wok??...geeeezz~~hardly to choose between this two~~♥♥♥♥ ngggggggg~~~~hahahhahhahha


ice ahhh...... it was reaaly hard for me to watch this drama.... everyday? im hoping that they have a english subtitle in youtube!! huhuhu...:(( hope later they will have a full episode 11 and 12.... i really like jang geun-suk most specially when he was singing... i love it!!!!

nam I live Jang Geun-Suk

malia wooow.... i cant wait to watch this!!! i think they're cute together .... romantic...handsome... gorgeous.. sweet..comedy..cute wait until you see the new view of art i hope you succeed in your new job ur the best !!!!!

mommy Oh, I can't wait 4 2morrow!!!! I wanna see MuGyul asap!!!!

Claire Lugay OMG! I'm really hooked with this drama! Mae Ri is so cute :> JANG GEUN SEUK I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU!

ayu JANG GEUN SEUK. oppa i love u. yeyeye..

Miss Le OMG! I was like this page have so much info.. I couldn't read it because it a spoiler for the drama.. LOL :D I think the drama is soo cute.. but I like Geun Jang Suk in You're beautiful better.. He and Geum Mi Nam is sooo cute together!! ( that what I think :D)

Robert Hello! Members. Actually, I've been watching only three episodes. But I like this series. May you be happy and successful in your life members! I wish.

heaven ilove jang geun suj a lot.... an amazing actor.. and totally charming...

moonieyurie go geun young go!!!fighting geun young!!! although many of peoples do not like you to join this drama with geun suk,

we always support u, luv u, n believe in you, coz YOUR'RE THE BEST ACTREES GEUN YOUNG! YEAH YOU'RE THE BEST!! YOU WILL DO YOUR BEST, SO,,,SHOW YOUR BEST to all of peoples who do not like you, antis to you, even hate you,,,

luv you geun young............................., bIg hug for you....................mmmuah!!!

Awee The drama so far is soooo good! and Moon Geun-young is soo cute i just want to pinch her cheeks! Start watching it cause its awesome!

herlina I can't wait for this drama, i really believe this drama will become HIT

rocio94 Really awesome and funny! MUST WATCH :D I like both lead actors!! otoke!! which one should i root for?!

Lily omg. im so in love with KIM JAE WOOk. he is so hot in this drama. i just finish watching ep4. i just wish that jung-in marry Mary at the end.

Shin Yu Ri 장근석 정말 좋은 배우입니다. 그가 노래를 잘하하실 수 있습니다. 그의 목소리는 정말 그를 점점 더 그가 노래를 부르고있는 동안에 당신이 사랑에 빠질 수있는 훌륭한 있습니다. 이 남자가 다중 재능이다. 그는 그것을 모두 있어요. 가장 이상적인 =) [Jang Geun Suk is a really good actor. he can sing well. his voice are really great which lets you fall in love on him more and more while he's singing. this guy is a multi-talented. he got it all. the ideal]

그는 필리핀에서 팬 미팅을 가지게됩니다 내가 바랍니다. 그래서 필리핀에서 내 동료 필리핀 개인적으로 그를 볼 수있다.

- i am half korean ^_^

vens he is a really good actor

vens aigoo.... JANG GEUN SUK AGAIN AND AGAIN!! love him sooooooooo much! can't wait for YOU'RE MY PET!! he i really a good actor!

wine i'm waiting 4 u. i hope i can meet him tonight. jaks, .... i luv u so much.

Millie I really like this drama, it is absorbing!!

I already watched two episodes and waiting for the third episode...:>

hopefullu it will come soon!!!

love LOVE love LOVE love

Hwaiting guys! ^^

Millie is here to support yeeww :D

MarryMeMary Same author, similar story, but I prefer Marry Me, Mary over Full House already. To be honest, episode 1 drags a LITTLE bit but Episode 2 is picking up and it was pretty funny. Moon Geun-Young's character is simplistic like Song Hye-Gyo's character in Full House but cuter because Geun-Young is younger-looking. ^__^

mai this series is so bad really..the main actress acting in stupidity way and childish..and the director isn't good at all...unfortunatly i was waiting to watch it..but after i have watched only the 1st part of the 1st episode i couldn't hold it anymore...why uou jang geun suk after the great drama and act in"you're beautiful" you chose this bad series...good luck in another series,,really iam fan of you..but i cant watch this series

sizzling_april i'm loving this drama can't wait for the episode 3!!!!!...

^_^ Kisses from Guam

bhram Marry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!! (: (:

erejane i already watch few episodes..its so excited to watch more of this...

syira87 ya i already watch episode 1 and it's this couple...i will watch this drama till the end..

Ki Just watched ep.1 of "Marry Me, Mary!" and it looks promising. Moon Geun-Young is very cute in here and Jang Geun-Suk will have a lot of girls fawning I'm sure. Already looking forwards to tomorrow's ep.2 ...

take care my bus wow you should hear a new song of this drama it's called my bus and our lovely oppa JANG GEUN SUK sing it so beautiful music i can't wait for 8th november!

Nana I can't wait to watch this drama <3 My favorite Korean actor (Jang Geun Seuk) & actress (Moon Geun Young) is in this :O Yes xD So happy, definitely something to look forward to in November xDD

lia Oppa.. I Love U so much.. When you come to Indonesia?? When lounching this Drama??

Banu Woww.. this is awesome this drama looks SUper.. She's so lucky.. ^__^

ari RF I can't wait for this couple hehehe :)

Riisa Trailer for ep. 1 looks good! Excited to see it!

nair waiting for release day! sukkie adore! I like singing and how to act and his adorable smile! I live in Uruguay

Mirai I LOVE MGY! Moon Geun Young, fighting!

sassygirl989 This is what I'm talking about!!!!! I've been waiting for Moon Guen Young and Jang Geun Suk's lead roles in a same drama. I love them both!! This would surely be a great thing to watch. I'm so excited!!!!!!! :)

teeka Lovely couple...

Riisa woohoo!! a mini tv spot is out! check it out in youtube!

omg, i love park shin-hye but i'm beginning to think Geun-suk & Geun-young make the cutest couple!!

Taengooooo i'm so happy that it's Moon Geun Young!!she's like the best actress ever.i totally adored her in cinderella's sister~ she could play a minor part and still outshine everyone haha and jgs and mgy are so cute together ><

Kelsang so the manga"Maerineun Uibakjoong"-- is it online for free and in eng translation? i tried to find it but, i couldn't. can someone help me ?

Nicole I LOVE U Jang geum oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333333333

coco omg, cant wait for this drama, love moon gaen young :)

iloveJangGeunSuk This drama is going to be the best drama of 2010! go to " i love Jang geun suk" facebook for the latest updates of Jang guen Suk and this drama

MoonGeun @yamelicious, I'm free to express my opinions. You're ugly too I bet. Being a fan of those slutty-looking girls pssh. All they do is show their friggin' skinnyass legs and "fake pretty" faces to gain fans. Yeah, I hate friggin' SNSD because they're a bunch of PLASTIC. :P So stfu to you too.

yamelicious @ MoonGeun who's slutty??SNSD Members??hahaha..yeah there's rumors about one of SNSD members taking place the role of Wie Mary,and it's Yuri not Yoona...You hate so much Girls from SM huh,i know why..i think ur ugly like ur attitude..if you don't know SNSD then shut up ur mouth....!!!!get that.......................and they are not slut like what you've said...Better watch your words because sones always defending SNSD and i'm one of them....if you hate SNSD keep it to your self.!!

MoonGeun HAHA! It's not Yoona! the one rumored to gonna be playing Mary! I hate SNSD members. :P Moon Geun-Young is a great actress and person unlike those slutty looking ladies from the stupid company SM entertainment. :P

trian gita i wait for this drama. i like it. jang geun sukk... i LOVE UUUUUUUUU.............. <3 <3

dian i think Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk gonna be best couple..i love them..

Misya It's GREAATT!!...I am waiting 4U...

kleizal im wondering hows it ??.. hope all is ok .. good luck JANG KEUN SUK !!

eva michelle this is a much awaited drama!! i think shin-hye is the most suit leading lady character for this.. i love jang geun-suk!! i believe he can play the job well... God Bless and More power!!


jamie this is another drama of jang geun suk that we are all looking forward to watch.. thanks that he has something to offer to us this year!!!! We love sukkie very much!!! he is really a very charming guy.. with the looks, attitude, good acting, nice singing voice, perfect MC/VJ hosting..what could we ask for.??? more power,JKS!!

asli waaaoooww kim jae wook!!! I love him soo much! I was thinking abouth that jang geun seok and he is similar to each other~~ what a nice coincidence!!

DRAMA Sequel to He's/You're Beautiful?


Just think of it that way.

arta it will be great oh my god i cant wait to watch it

Katty should be very funny^_^

niken i can't wait 4 this!!!!!

eva i think this film is awesome like YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! wishing all the best to the film!!! i'm excited to watch!!!

i admit that i dont like moon geun young to jang geun suk but i know that they will work together better in this film...


woods Moon Geun Young is perfect cast with Jang Geun-suk because I've been wanting him to be in more dramas/movies with female costars that will actually look as young as him, if not younger-looking. No, I'm not forgetting You're Beautiful. YB was the best (cute) korean drama ever!

Park Shin-hye & Moon Geun-Young are the only two young actresses that I like from Korea.

I'm so looking forward to Mary Stayed Out All Night and the romance between Moon and Jang's characters.

Toyting MGY is very popular, perhaps that's the best co-star for JKS. Personally I don't like Moon Geun Young much. She's good in acting but she's too skinny so some how look rather like a kid than a charming mature woman.

kim chik woo waaaa. . . .. . moon geun yong and jang geun suk will be the best couple

Mariarashi They combined one of my favorite actor and actress ~~! I'm so happy :D I'm so excited :D I will watch this for sure XD

wendy i think the film was wonderful.. even though i dont like moon geun young, jang geun suk is still there!!! hehe... i will watch it... :)) but i prefer park shin hye... but it's ok... :)) i will watch jang geun suk only... (LOL) (just kidding)... i'm so excited in this film!!! :))

gogoraga MOON GEUN YOUNG is the best young korean actress ever!! JANG GEUN SUK is the best young korean actor ever!! they can acting for many character, dance, singing, many more i prefer moon geun young than park shin hye... i dont like her.. she can't acting well just because jang geun suk and park shin hye play together in you're beautiful it doesn't they are good couple.... moOn geun young is better ANYWAY

YES! AGREE w/ Riisa. :D

Riisa Yes!! I'm so happy it's Moon Geun-Young!!!

I Prefer MOON GEUN-YOUNG over any of the Girl's Generation that they were considering (the rumors).

Moon Geun-Young is a natural beauty. She doesn't do plastic surgery. :P

Finally! Geuns United! yay!

syira87 love moon geun young..go geun geun couple..prefer moon geun young than park shin hye..moon is a great actress...

loveyoumoon hmp..

i really really love moon geun young, i'm so excited about her new drama, even though i don't like jang geung seuk so much, i think they're cute together but it's good if choi woo hyuk have a comeback together with moon...

Dhelind OMG! Wow can't wait!!

I hope Park Shin Hye will be Ui Mae Ri


joy woooaahhh.... i cant wait to watch this!!! but i'm hoping that PARK SHIN HYE will be ui mae ri... GEUNSHIN is my best couple and of the others...

i want to watch them again in a drama... GEUNSHIN... GEUNSHIN... GEUNSHIN... :))


rhea i love it even though i do not watch this already ... i love it because JANG GEUN SUK is there... and i will love it more if PARK SHIN HYE will be UI MAE RI.... i love them watching in that drama again...

i hope and pray that PARK SHIN HYE will be ui mae ri... i love GEUNSHIN COUPLE!!! :))

wendy i think this film will be great also like the others... i'm excited to watch it... but i think GEUNSHIN COUPLE is well good... PARK SHIN HYE is cute to JANG GEUN SUK... i think the characters are perfect 4 the GEUNSHIN COUPLE!!! ( wishing, hoping, and praying... )

HANDSOME+GORGEOUS+SWEET+ROMANTIC+COMEDY+CUTE= GEUNSHIN COUPLE!!!! woot woot... it would be our pleasure if they play in that film AGAIN... :))


bommie i think it would be a great film if park shin hye will be ui mae ri... :)) GEUNSHIN is da best among the rest!!! (LOL) :)) i'm so very greatful if i saw them again in that film... :)) yeah!!! PARK SHIN HYE!!! PARK SHIN HYE!!! PARK SHIN HYE!!! :))

gae_in I think KOO HYE SUN would be the best for this drama JANG GEUN SUK and KOO HYE SUN would be so cute together.

Lorin Yeah i love moon geun young and hope she will be in the drama ;)<3 they will be cute together :) I do not know why but I want more to moon geun is with the drama than shine hye park ;)<33

arezoo-the persian girl Wait until you see the new view of art I hope you succeed in your new job ur the best sure i love for ever

Telan Ray Jang Geun-Suk and Moon Geun Young best couple! I hope this will Moon Geun Young, she talanted and beautiful actress.

van i love GEUNGEUN couple. it's better to see them act together:)) i love moon geun young (^^,) i want to see her act in a romantic comedy drama. wahaha. HOPING.

    • fingers crossed**

ruby jean luyahan jang geun suk and moon geun young...anoder fresh tandem that will surely catch our heart,,,...but im just park shin hye...not part of the cast...fellow eels....i cant accept it,,,, should be park shin hye

Sung Young Lol.. Yuri ... D: DNW~~

But I do want JANG GEUN SUK AND MOON GEUN YOUNG~~ geungeun couple ^^

pen_animida I like him much too. I have not any boyfriend yet although I am 21.. because of this the drama interest me more than others. even though I have not any experience in acting I've been becoming an actress so to act with him in a drama like this would be an auwfully big adventure.

msviolet i know that this drama will be good to the viewers... but it will be great if park shin hye would be the leading lady!!! (wishing, hoping, and praying that she was...) GEUNSHIN couple, GEUNSHIN couple.... all of the fans of GEUNSHIN will be happy if park shin hye will be ui mae ri!!! :)) i'm so excited 4 this drama!!! i cant wait!!!

(THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION... no bad feelings...)

Maryhadalittlelamb OMG!!!! ITLL BE SOOO AMAZING IF PARK SHIN HYE PLAY THE ROLE OF UI MAE-RI!!! Well even if they don't choose her i hope that she's better than her ^^v!!!

Aprii I hope that a female actor is park shin hye ...... I'm sure it will be more interesting drama

riisa Park Shin-Hye *wishful thinking but hoping*

Moon Geun Young *hope it's Moon because he hasn't acted with her yet*

  • fingers crossed*

sakura yoon eun hye plz

myene I also hope that jang leading lady was park shin hye again. i really love them as couple

myene it was nice to see him again in a new drama. wish this drama would be aired soon as possible

fatima08ify ooh, i hope the girl can be eun eun hye or moon geun young too. i haven't seen her for a while. i really like moon geun young!!!!

Krizia I hope his leading lady would be PARK SHIN HYE! They are a couple made in heaven! :)

yamelicious i hope SNSD Yuri gets the role for the lead female star,she's so compatible for GJS,it fits her character....and i love to see her again in acting..i'm gonna cross my finger...

jini im really hoping to see him with moon geun young. cute couple :)

sanza00 you're my pet has not yet filming because due of production delays

scuttlebuggist It is rumored that SNSD's Yuri is one of the nominees for "Mary Stayed Out All Night". After reading the synopsis and character role, I think the role is a great fit for Yuri. It's funny 'cause I never imagined Geunsuk with her,.. not once. I've imagined him with SNSD's Taeyeon.. or T-ara's Jiyeon, but not once for Yuri. Hm, guess I'll get to see more of her acting here (if she beats her competitors). I'd love to see them together! I hope she gets the role!

Mindy Jang Geun-Suk as a tough rocker??/ wow!!! yes i'm in. I really love JGS

Riisa Geun-Suk has already finished filming You're My Pet?

Anyway, I hope the lady who plays Ui Mae-Ri isn't older than Jang Geun-Suk because he's always co-staring with ladies older than him. @_@

MSOAN Hopefully Jang can adapt to the manga character and do a good job.

Yamnic15 I'm so excited, I can't wait for this drama. I absolutely love Jang Geun-Suk.

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