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  • Name: Kim Jae-Wook
  • Hangul: 김재욱
  • Birthdate: April 2, 1983
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Universities: Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Height: 183cm.
  • Blood Type:


Kim Jae-Wook was born on April 2, 1983 in South Korea. His family consists of his parents and one older brother. When Kim-Jae Wook was an infant his family moved to Japan. His father worked as a journalist and was transferred to Japan as a foreign correspondent. Kim Jae-Wook moved back to Korea by the time he was 8-years-old.[1]

When Kim Jae-Wook returned to Korea, he could barely speak Korean. When he was admitted to elementary school in Korea, Kim Jae-Wook first started to learn Korean. Growing up through the Korean school system, he could not get used to the strict Korean school rules like wearing uniforms & regulation of hair style. Because of this, he told his parents that he might not go to the high school. He then changed his mind because he wanted to partake in school band activities like his brother. As a freshman at Dandae High School, he took an audition for the band "Kaksital" and got accepted. [2]

During higschool, Kim Jae-Wook appeared on the MBC TV show "Akdong Club" which was a reality show depecting the makings of an idol group. In the show, high school students took auditions and Kim Jae-Wook was among the contestants. The host of the show Lee Hwi-Jae asked Kim Jae-Wook if he could dance and sing in the idol group style rather than rock music style. Kim Jae-Wook said no and without hesitating gave up the audition.[3]

In his sophmore year of high school, Kim Jae-Wook started modeling for fashion magazines like "YuHaeng Tongshin" and appearing in fashion shows. His passion was still centered on his music career.[4]

At the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim Jae-Wook majored in music and formed a 3 piece rock band named "Walrus". Kim Jae-Wook still performs with the band to this day. In 2002, MBC PD Park Sung-Soo advised Kim Jae-Wook to pursue acting in TV dramas. Kim Jae-Wook made his acting debut in the MBC drama "Ruler of Your Own World," performing as a member of an indie rock band. His experience though was not positive for his first acting job. In fact, Kim Jae-Wook found acting to be too difficult and decided to give up that career. 5 years later, Kim Jae-Wook had a change of heart and performed in the 2007 KBS2 drama "Dalja's Spring" as a friend of lead character Kang Tae-Bong (played by Lee Min-Ki). [5]

In 2007, Kim Jae-Wook also acted in the MBC drama "Coffee Prince" as supporting character No Seon-Ki. "Coffee Prince" turned out to be a hit series and achieved high ratings. This also brought recognition to Kim Jae-Wook in the public's eye. The public referred to supporting actors Kim Jae-Wook, Kim Dong-Wook and Lee Eon as "꽃미남 프린스" - meaning literally "Handsome Flower Princes". When Kim Jae-Wook first auditioned for "Coffee Prince," he was cast for the character Jin Ha-Lim who was written as a bright kid but also a womanizer. Lee Yoon-Jung, the PD for "Coffee Prince," then changed Kim Jae-Wook's role to No Seon-Ki - a more introspective & silent character, hoping he would feel more comfortable playing that role.[6]

In 2007, Kim Jae-Wook made his feature film acting debut with "Antique". In the movie, Kim Jae-Wook played Min Seon-Woo, a character written as a highly talented patissier and also a homosexual. According to director Min Kyu-Dong, he picked Ju Ji-Hun and Kim Jae-Wook for the movie, but was undecided on which characters they would play. Kim Jae-Wook decided to play Seon-Woo and was enthusiastic to play him. [7]

In an interview with Kim Jae-Wook, he mentioned that it was difficult playing Min Seon-Woo and expressing the character's gay tendencies in a natural way.[8]

After successfully performing in "Antique," more job offers came to him with characters written simialr to Min Seon-Woo. Kim Jae-Wook decided to take a one year break from acting.[9]

Kim Jae-Wook made his return to acting in 2010 with the SBS drama "Bad Guy". Kim Jae-Wook performed as supporting character Hong Tae-Sung - a character that possesses a more dynamic nature than Kim Jae-Wook's prior characters. Kim Jae-Wook was cast after only one meeting with the series director Lee Hyeong-Min.[10]

Kim Jae-Wook also performed in the KBS2 drama "Marry Me, Mary!". In "Marry Me, Mary!" Kim Jae-Wook perfroms as Jung-In, a wealthy young man who moves from Japan to Korea. Kim Jae-Wook was able to speak Japanese in the drama series.

Outside of music & acting, Kim Jae-Wook's hobbies include reading, baseball and soccer. He also enjoys cleaning in his spare time. It usually takes Kim Jae-Wook about 4-5 hours to finish cleaning. Afterwards, when he looks over his clean home he feels a sense of pride. While cleaning, Kim Jae-Wook finds he can contemplate on matters running through his mind. Stylistically, Kim Jae-Wook prefers an easy style and he keeps a personal rule that he never washes his jeans.[11]


  1. Kim Jae-Wook will serve his 21 month military service starting on July 5, 2011.


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Dini Diani waiting for his lead role in drama

kpopkitty I completely agree with you, Dawn. It's such a shame to see such talent going down the toilet. That's the problem I have with the Korean entertainment industry today. They are casting no-talent hacks where they can be casting men like Kim Jae Wook. They aren't seeing the forest for the trees. He is so gorgeous, and omfg, he can act like it's nobody else's business. This man could be given any role and easily pull it off. His talent agency needs to get into gear, and start looking for roles for him. And yeah, I agree on no shitty supporting roles. This wonderful man is lead actor material, plain and simple.

Dawn Huge talent going to waste. Can someone please cast this beautiful man in more television dramas and movies. When I say cast him, I don't mean as some low level supporting character....Kim Jae Wook, is seriously gorgeous, seriously sexy, seriously mysterious. He's got the talent to pull off sweet and adorable, charming and romantic, and seriously crazy.

Is it just me or does anyone else want to see Jae Wook play like a serial killer type role....that might be to extreme right. Anyways, I happen to believe he could play a beautiful the dude in Red Eye (see the movie...and you'll get my point). I also see him playing someone who could seriously kick ass (see the movie Enter The Dragon...Bruce Lee Story)...something like this or more bad ass like i.e. Transporter type stuff.

It would be super awesome is his management company/agency would get off their ass and motivate our Jae Wook to step it up, and start taking some challenging roles...because he's just that fantastic!!!

Oppa, I believe in you....wishing you an explosive 2015!!! Fighting!!!!

Dark Flower Oppa u are a great actor and we want u as a male lead <3

blsseddamozel i miss u so much in my world. u r really mindblowing and white swan. u r truly best. luv u

farah Jae wook, are u already have a girl friend??


what age you will get married ??


yumi i love you so much >< you are really cool .omg <3

Bryna Miss him a lot

CICI @Jacquie.....Thanks! I'm thrilled to know that Jae Wook is doing his music right now. I've been missing seeing him him so much. Watched "Antique and Kingdom of the Winds" now 5 x, LOL. Can't wait to hear his new stuff, me, being a R & R girl and a HUGE KJW fan. Take care and a shout to to all KJW fans. Fighting! ( ^ . ^ )

Jacquie @CICI, I believe KJW's in recording studio with his band to release their second EP.

CICI Correction: "jilted" (re: below). Either way, I know all here that love Jae Wook know exactly what I mean, right?  : )

CICI I'm STILL waiting with bated breath to see Kim Jae Wook in a new drama with him as the lead. I'd love to see him play a Poet/Musician type that he almost got to play in IG till he got gilted. (IMO) He's soooooo good, he can play any part with excellence and it would be cool to have him singing and playing guitar as part of his character too. Jae Wook is a great ROCK singer and guitarist/showman. People, you got to see and hear him play.... just in case his agents are reading these comments ..Get off your butts and get this awesome man a good GIG already!

I love you, Jae  Wook. You are truly the best AND WAAAY TOO SEXY FOR ANY SHIRT. COME BACK TO US SOON.... LOVE YOU FOREVER.

teresa Kim Jae Wook was so handsome in Who Are You. I fell in love with him right away. I love his hairstyle and his handsome face. Saranghae Oppa

thara you are really handsome in coffee p....i like u.aja aja fighting!

KimjaewookFangirl Nara I know how you want him as the lead male.. but he's not greedy to be lead male.. He has to learn more still.. he only pick the characters that suits him best to act in.. so he don't want to fail other people about his acting skill.. like how Jin se yeon acting when she was only 17 years old.. people said she's really bad acting in bridal mask. jin se yeon always got the female lead role.. and w/e.. i support Kim jae wook's as a fan anything he choose, what kind of character he will be taking in a drama.. but I can't watch when he's suffering.. getting no girls.. is not fair.. Yes I want him to be the lead male but he should choose whatever suits him best.. when he read the script..

nara omg i fell in love with him in who are you but it was so sad i was so mad i wish he was the lead male in it >.< i really really want him to be a lead in some drama in the future

KimJaeWookFanGirl How I love you Kim Jae Wook! You're my favourite actor! No you're my top number 1 actor!.

I watch Antique Bakery, Who are you, Marry me mary, Bad guy, and Coffee prince.. I hate Who are you.. because your character dies the first episode... and how taecyeon sucks at acting.. because he has no experience.. I shouldn't hate him.. I hate when you cried.. It makes me sad too! I couldn't cry with tears when I see in tears alone and has to disappear.. I hate Marry me mary and bad guy because you get no girls.. getting rejected.. is sad.. your not greedy about getting lead roles and always choose character you like that suits you best, that's why I love you..

the thing I hate Is Your into rockmusic.. It totally makes you crazy right? Well you maybe don't think so.. But I think it makes you crazy.. I'm not fond of rockmusic.. because I'm a girl and I love ballad and not fast music.. but you don't have to smoke like a rockstar! It's bad for your lungs! You'll die sooner or later.. and we fan won't ever see you again! It's all your families fault for not raising you a better life.. with good friends like SS501 or other idols.. but no.. you want to hangout with your bad friends who wants to go partying in a bar drinking alcohol and smoking.. If you just stick with being an actor.. I would be happy.. You do looks like Japanese and you grew up in Japan till 7 or 8 years old.. and go back to Korea.. If you haven't go back to Korea.. and act in a drama/movie.. we wouldn't know about you.. Or you can just act in Japan... because you know japanese. I wanted you to live a good life and live a long time..

and people who thinks that Kim jae wook looks like No min woo and mistaken them in a drama are so blind. Lol! I could tell them apart.. Kim jae wook has sexy cheeky bones and he has a manly face and no min woo has the girly face and has no cheekbones like kim jae wook. Kim jae wook can only pull out the sexy cheekbones..

Do you have a problem with both of them so skinny in drama or pictures? Do you think having abs is cooler than skinny? I don't think they're both skinny.. I prefer skinny over abs anyday.. atleast they're alive and eating food.. Kim jae wook chews food slowly and well to make him not to gain more weight or he smokes.. to not gain weight? I have no idea..

beenah Oppa, you're so handsome and i love your roles in marry me mary, who are you and coffee must be a lover boy in real life.......................keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to your new drama...........i love dis oppa a lot..........kisses!

Samantha @LOL-you are irrational just by the fact that I don't fall in your absurd stereotype of a KJW fan. Silly

mimiya I recently heard that Korea is ruled by the Netizens.... So sad... I hope that disease does not spread... It has ruined the lives of many innocent people and celebrities.... As @Mathew said, they make arguments claiming facts which are not true or existent.... The sad part is I think they probably believe rumors or personal attacks floating in cyber-space as true, and don't bother to check the facts...

mclary I was looking forward to Inspiring Generation after seeing Kim Jae Wook in Who Are You. he is very natural and handsome. But IG was too short with him. I hope he gets another good drama soon.

Matthew Instead of dealing with issues and topics, trolls like LOL resort to fallacies such as ad hominem attacks on the subject and the posters here. Trolls have been officially diagnosed as having a psychological disorder. They cannot help but be irrational and narcissistic. Their opinions are conflated with facts when it's clearly shown that they have no idea what they're talking about. Their sole goal is to be the center of attention and to cause others discomfort and anger for their own amusement. Consequently, in spite of LOL's claim that that would be her last post she'll come back in order to defend her wounded pride at being exposed for the pitiable self-absorbed individual that she is. Therefore the simple advice is - don't feed the trolls. Go ahead, LOL, prove me right and, by necessity, you wrong.

LaBonita Once more, don't feed trolls like LOL. They just want attention and acknowledgement. The fact that as a fan of KJW, I do NOT fall under her blanket ad hominem of "60-year-old cat ladies who have nothing else to do but watch Kdramas" shows LOL has committed a logical fallacy and should just be dismissed.

LOL KJW fans for sure are a bunch of 60 year old cat ladies who have nothing else to do but watch Kdramas and can't get over the fact that ... hmmmm.. Anyway, just dropping by .. This will be my last visit unless i hear and read from the web that KJW gets a lead role .. I will be back to say congratulations.. ciao and don't miss me too much!

Jacquie Hi CICI, you're right about Walrus being a terrific band. I hope KJW takes the band on the road all over the world. And something else too, I always keep track of the total number of comments here. I find it odd that last week the total was 280 and today it's still 280 - and this is on the heels of another half dozen new comments that have been posted since yesterday! Maybe there's a quota? (Eyes rolling.) Anyhow, I've with you - let's do stick together and throw our support behind KJW, and hope we can gather here soon to comment on his next project. Oh, BTW, I wonder if you have seen him with his new GI haircut? A number of blogs have posted his new pictures with his new hair (check out Inspired Kim Jae Uck, for instance.) Do you know what that's about?

CICI're right! I now remember some that are not here. I was coming back to read everyone's wishes and thought there were fewer people than I remembered and saw mine was gone . I thought I did something wrong because I mentioned world acclaimed guitarist Ingwie Malmsteen and told KJW to go to Itunes store to look him up & I dedicated "Heaven Tonight" to him. I did it as the only birthday gift I could give him. I know JW studied and loves music, has a GREAT rock band, & plays guitar. I thought if he read my post and went there, being a rock guitarist himself, he'd LOVE this guy and be further inspired. So, maybe I didn't do anything wrong and there IS a bigger tech problem than cubist & LaBonita were saying. Thanks for your post and sorry that it happened to you too. All us Jae Wook fans got to stick together. Hope we all can be commenting on a new drama for him "very" soon and give him more LOVE. Till then...  : )

Jacquie @CICI: not just yours. I remember about a dozen advance birthday wishes (April 1 postings) all vanished too.. mine was one of them hence my repost below. Not happy at all :(

Jacquie Once more, happy birthday, handsome oppa...may you have all the best things you could ever wish for.

cubist Jae Wook, it's your special day. Have a great day and many more to come.

Caitlin Don't know much about history; don't know much about biology; don't know much about a science book; don't know much about the French I took. But I do know that I love you. Happy Birthday, Jae Uck. And have a lovely time with your loved ones today.

LaBonita Happy Birthday to the astonishingly gifted Kim Jae Wook. You get better looking every time I see you, indeed even with your close cropped coif. May all your wishes come to fruition. Have a wonderful day with your friends, family and good food, good conversation and great music. Sing. Dance. Shine brightly, beautiful man.

Jude I hope this is not a repost. But I just watched Who Are You. And Kim Jae Wook is just so mesmerizingly enthralling to watch, can't take my eyes off him. He is hauntingly beautiful. He is magical, charming to the hilt and lights up the scenes he's in. And he CAN act.

astrid Happy Birthday, Jae Wook oppa - may you always be surrounded by love, happiness and good fortune LOVE YOU .

bridie To the always charming Jae Wook, wishing you all the very best and heaps of great roles to come your way, and a very happy birthday.

malaya Kim Jae Wook Oppa, appreciate your commitment to your craft and for lighting up my life and TV screen with your presence. Happy Birthday. All great things are wished your way

mabelline Hey Good-looking! Have a good one.

Lottie Hi Kim Jae Wook - hope you are enjoying a wonderful celebration as it's your birthday. So Happy Birthday. May you have great success this year. May you land a great role- and get the girl!

NotaH8ter Is it April 2 in South Korea? Anyways, Happy Birthday, dear handsome Oppa... and another 31 to come. And more. :)

NotaH8ter Is it April 2 in South Korea? Anyways, Happy Birthday, dear handsome Oppa... and antoerh 31 to come. And more. :)

grania Saengil Chukhahamnida, happy birthday, tanjoubi omedetto, gorgeous Kim Jae wook-oppa. wish you all the best

Farida @johanna: not really too early, since many countries in Asia are already April 2.

SaysaySay Dont feed the trolls named 'LOL' and 'Razika'...

sansan Happy Birthday, Mr. Beauty..saranghaeyo ... You are amazing and good. So proud of you.  :D

Natalie An open message to the most gifted artist - Kim Jae Wook. I admire you for always being on the cutting edge of style, for your courage to push the artistic envelope and for your boldness to do what others fear. I cherish you for the beautiful person you are inside and out. I honor you for your honesty and integrity that always radiate in the roles you portray. I wish for you a further two decades of success in all that you do. Happy Birthday with love.

LaBonita @cubist: Hi, I've come to realize that f you cut and paste from a Word document your post will fail to show up. If that's what you've been doing, that may explain it. Cheers.

Samantha Hey Oppa, saw pics of you getting all your hair cut off?!? WHY? Anyway, happy 31st birthday. You're going strong.

cubist @LaBonita... My posts yesterday failed to show as well. What's going on? Can someone on admin kindly explain?

LaBonita Hi again CICI, I've been having problems posting as well. I made a couple of replies to LOL yesterday but neither showed up. I gave up after repeated failures. I was more successful today posting to you. Now you go figure this. Don't trust me though about the seasonal thing - it's just my assumption based on observation but I could be dead wrong. OTOH, even US TV series are seasonal (twice a year) so I could be right too. No, summer would indeed be too long to wait for KJW's next project. I protest!!!

CICI Hi,'s still me that you replied to. I don't know what happened. I typed my name and it came on correctly, but when I saw my post it showed up differently. Go figure. I read a response by Kim Jae Wook's reps. not long after all the "mess" and they said they were going to work on finding him something right away. (paraphrasing) That's why I was questioning things. I don't know how the casting thing works, so thanks for the explanation. I want the best Kdrama writer to write a drama for HIM right NOW..(LOL) Actually, I pray the perfect situation comes to him that will make him really happy and excited...and he can forget IG. It's been a bit upsetting seeing a promo pic for IG on a site's home page which shows the drama, still showing Jae Wook in the line-up. He still looks the best there too. Anyway, I agree w/you as well, I'm hoping for good news soon. ( I hope we don't have to wait till summer)

LaBonita Post below meant for CICI. confused without my glasses..

LaBonita Hi CiCI, agree with you. The wait has been nerve grating with no news in sight yet of whether Kim Jae-wook has a project in the pipeline. I have the notion that K-dramas are aired within a seasonal timeline and the winter season is already under way, so all the spots have been assigned to the respective actors. I won't be remiss to assume that most of the roles for the new spring season's dramas have also been cast. There may be some late castings as in the case of IG - am hoping Jae-wook gets a late casting. Otherwise we may have to wait for the next half of the year (summer/fall) for news of Jae-wook's casting, if any. I hope for great news coming our way soon.

BeamEup LOL, you loser. Saying someone has no charisma is not a fact. You don't even know what a fact is, so go back to playing with your dolls instead of wasting our time.

nova LOL, you sure are ignorant. Kim Jae Wook is not interested in pretty male-type leading roles. Of course he CHOOSES his roles. Straight out of MS, he wondered what role he ought to pick to make his return to television and he picked WAY because he trusted the director. And this is something he himself said so you can believe it, not the half-baked nonsense on the internet written by idiotic fangirls who know nothing. IAC, I wouldn't wish to see him as male lead if he has to be a romantic lead like Lee Min Ho or Jang Geun Seok. I have admired his role choices so far as they have demonstrated to me his versatility as an actor and ability to tackle any role. He is that talented. They also show me how intelligent he is . I think you're being incredibly superficial to think that charisma or the IT factor trumps talent. Nonetheless KJW has talent AS WELL AS charisma, the IT factor, intelligence and the best instinct for acting among the little group of actors you named. KJW - handsome oppa - you are amazing and I eagerly await your next project, whether that be in acting or music.

CiCI're such an idiot, no wonder your username is're a JOKE. Kim Jae Wook just did his military service for 2 years and as soon as he was out, he was in Who Are You. The minute that was over, he was asked to be in IG. His scenes were the most entertaining and enchanting and he looked incredible. Then someone wanted his character changed after he'd been cast as CO-LEAD and a poet/musician. He decide to quit. That's what was reported. And good for him because he deserves to be respected and have the role he signs on for. FYI, he HAS chosen supporting roles even when he was offered the lead role in some dramas because he is a REAL actor, not some fabricated "idol" and he has gone for the parts that interest him & challenge him most. Anyone that has seen him act knows he's a great actor and has an amazing presence. Just by seeing who you're trying to compare him to, tells us you're just a dumb@ss fangirl with 0 life and too much time so you troll around and be nasty. Those guys you mentioned are hyped to little, low IQ girls like you & from what I understand they haven't even done military service yet either, so "BUG OFF" and crawl back into your TROLL HOLE till you're out of your "training bra". You say you don't even know Kim Jae Wook, yet you come to his site talking out your @ss about things you obviously DON'T know and disrespect him and defame him. You're an even bigger FOOL.

Mrs Kee Matt, you're right. LOL is another troll (or the same troll named Rasika) and we don't take her seriously. Which is why most of us would just ignore her silly comments.

Matt @LOL - I too have read what's on the www. and they are purely subjective opinions written by users of the 'Net. By whose authority can their so-called facts be established? Science? History? Archaeology? None. Their views are just that - views that are conjured up in their minds, borrowed/plagiarized from one another, urban legends and rumors at best. Take the oft-cited wikipedia, for instance: written only by commoners and not true writers, wikipedia's KJ page has omitted mentioning most of the awards won by the actor. Besides, do you believe everything you read on the 'Net? Unless the statements come straight from KJ's own mouth, I would take what I read on the www with a barrel of salt. OTOH, you do not seem to know the distinction between facts and POVs and therefore everything you have to say can be dismissed as purely the rantings of someone with an ax to grind against KJ or his minions. We shan't take you seriously and most of us don't.

grania that's right,then if you put it that way.maybe it's because he is overshadowed by so many other younger and fresh and heavenly looking talents. but even if he never got any more lead roles after Antique, i would still be his loyal fan.please don't hurt us,his fans, by saying we should wake up and start living like being his fans and wishing him the best is ridiculous.well anyway acknowledging that he is talented pretty much redeems it, a bit

Fullheart5 Regardless of LOL's insecurity, I like Kim Jae Wook. Started liking him from Coffee Prince, enjoyed him in Marry Me Mary, was dismayed when he had to disappear and serve his military service, thrillled with him in Who Are You and glad to see he was in Inspirating Generation. He has something about him that makes you notice, so keep up the good job Kim Jae Wook.

LOL ... documentation? My facts are actually based on what I've read.. one must not forget that everything can be searched in the web.. I agree he has talent but sadly talent is just "one" thing, not "everything".. He has been around for a while, a decade or more , but haven't you wondered why he only landed mostly supporting roles? It's not because he was choosy, it's probably because no lead roles were offered. Search his name on the web and everything is old news... i don't even know this guy until I stumbled upon an an old drama Coffee Prince. Search the names of Le Min Ho, Jang Keun Suk, Park Yo Choon etc, and you will see what I mean.. KJW has never been as famous as these guys, doesn't even have a strong fan base. Probably there are only a few of you left.. So wake up from your dream world people and start living..

grania Kim Jae-wook has already got his own charisma and talent.. he might be just very careful in choosing his roles or his agency doesn't give him proper promotion. he could have chosen to play cool or pretty boy all the time like in Coffee Prince and Antique Bakery but instead he chose to play various characters and i admire him for that. people who said he doesnt have charisma or the IT factor, i recommend them to watch his movie and dramas. i'm sure they commented before knowing who this amazing guy is^^

AinsLee Correction - * That's the IT factor ...

AinsLee Really, LOL? You're so insecure about your own favorite / idol that you have felt the need to seek out KJW's page to diss him? The laugh's on you, little girl. Everyone should feel insecure next to the super talented and beautiful Kim Jae Wook. But he doesn't need me to defend him: he did get an award last year at the Enta Awards for doing almost nothing for 2 years while in MS. And that's from a panel of judges (jurists). Just proves that it's hard to forget someone like him. Now that's CHARISMA. That's the IT factor. (Why did you feel the need to capitalize these words? SO insecure that you had to shout them out to us? Your actions are very telling.) Proof is in the pudding, LOL, that by giving KJW a special award these jurists recognize KJW's true worth as an entertainer and these are people respected in the industry. And this is a FACT that you can read up on the www.

Matt @LOL - a fact must be documented. If you want to be taken seriously you should provide documentation for your 'fact' that KJ doesn't have 'charisma' or 'new' fans. Such documentation may include published sources, a bibliography or history. Failing to do that, you have espoused merely an opinion and should be stated as such. 'IT' factors are non-tangible value judgments which are also subjective. Ergo, they cannot be facts that must be accepted. Your statements are not only dishonest but also underscore your ignorance.

LOL ... it's because he doesn't have that CHARISMA and "IT" factor to attract more fans.. as hurting as it may seem, you just have to accept that fact..

CICI It seems so long since seeing Jae Wook oppa. IG was so short although he was and still is the BEST they had going for it. I noticed on this site it has him in it from ep 1 thru 8 ...but he was only in it from eps. 5 thru 8. Still, soooooo upsetting, which brings me to this: WHERE IS KIM JAE WOOK's Management? WHY haven't they found him a really good LEAD role in a drama yet?????? He's the most gorgeous man there is, so charismatic, professional and such an awesome actor. What IS the problem? He deserves so much better. I see several actors that don't have half what he has to offer (IMO) and they are in dramas a lot, getting publicity and have LEAD roles. As a fan of KJW, I am so disappointed. I don't know what is going on BUT ....I hope someone will "Please" focus on Kim Jae Wook better and treat him like the "shining" STAR that he is. (If KJW has now been cast in a good drama I apologize... if not, time to get on it)

verde I miss him already after that brief show in Inspiring Generation..please please come back soon, Kim Jae-wook oppaaa

Trudy All I got to say is.....Damn boy you look so fine in the show "Who are you"

Chamila K Kim Jae wook.....ur so handsome....keep it up!

Nellie KJW is one of my favorite actors, and I most definitely look forward to his future projects. Although MSOAN didn't do well in ratings, I liked it solely because of his acting & presence in the drama. I was definitely disappointed in his tiny role in IG, as I began watching it because of him. I definitely thought he was the second lead. Hopefully his experience with IG doesn't keep him away for long.

I do have to say that I thought KHJ was kind of a conceited jerk until I saw him on Barefoot Friends, and he seemed like a sincerely nice guy. He is first and foremost an idol/ singer, and unfortunately, not such a good actor. I really did wish him good luck in this role as an opportunity to show himself to be more than a pretty boy idol. Hopefully he ( or his people, as had previously suggested by another commenter) had nothing to do with KJW leaving IG. I won't continue watching IG, but I wish them all the best.

Pekay ridiculously handsome this Jae -wook

Kim Jae Wooks lover omg maaah princeeee!!!!!! i hope he will get a lead role in a good drama <33 ;*

kimbaby whether he dropped out or was canned, he wasn't treated well, long IG. But long live handsome oppa..

AinsLee Correction .. * that should read Miranda Priestly and not Cruella deVil.

AinsLee Quite possibly one of the most challenging jobs around is acting, and I mean acting with conviction, as it requires rigorous emotional and mental preparedness. It requires shedding your own personality to assume another persona, which is emotionally draining. Think about all the best actors out there who tell you they have to shut out their family members and friends in order to remain in character and not lose sight of their alter egos for the duration of filming. That's an example of a method actor's mental preparation and I believe that Kim Jae Wook is such an actor. Considering that he has the reputation and renown for being meticulous about preparing for his role pre-production, I'd say it was unjust of the IG production to change how Kim Soo Ok was being characterized and, then, expect KJW to get out the character he'd already been psyched up for in order to assume another persona at the drop of a hat. This is not to say that KJW is rigid or unprofessional, but even an actor of the caliber and experience of Meryl Streep had to avoid being 'nice' to her co-stars backstage because niceness might rub onto Cruella deVil during shooting. Great acting comes from the soul and the mind and, I'd say that IG's flip flopping pretty much messed up KJW's head. I also agree that the change in the direction of the role might have been a conflict of interests for him. Never mind, it's all water under the bridge now. AFAIAC, KJW is a pro and an excellent role model of humility and diligence.

Cait @Domino.. please accept my apology for misspelling your handle. You're right: KJ will rebound from his experience with IG. The anticipation of what he'll be in next is fairly exciting, I must admit. That's something to look forward to. Others have already said it - he's free now to pursue other ventures that do not compel him to compromise his principles (I am assuming this is one of the reasons his contract with IG has had to be honorably reneged). His sense of professionalism and faultless work ethic are plain for all to see: right up to his final moments on the set he gave his utmost, throwing himself into a role that had deviated from its original direction from his entrance in episode 5. He had to have known before shooting his final scenes that he was ending his stint but he did not slack in his performance in order to sabotage the quality of the drama. If nothing else, even his detractors must respect him for his ethical standards.

Domino @Cait...I understand. I thought maybe telling them he is a pro and didn't do anything wrong set them straight but the "defamation" response by your friend is most likely the better way. Everybody with a brain knows KJW did the right thing and is a total professional anyhow. I understand about the frame of mind thing too. I miss Kim Jae Wook already but more glad he's out of that miserable show. I'm looking forward to some good news now about him being cast in something spectacular so we can all be back cheering him on.

Cait @Domina.. I hadn't felt in the right frame of mind to put anyone in his place, so to speak. I didn't want to put in writing anything I might later regret or that might be used against me. OTOH, my more tactful friend did make some relevant point about defamation which was posted on another forum. It's been replicated (twice!) here.

Samantha Soar, Handsomest Man, soar toward the sky!

Y-Won Fly, Beautiful Man. Spread your wings and fly :)

Cait @Domino, hi. I hadn't felt in the right frame of mind to put anyone in their place because I didn't want to put down in writing anything that I might regret later or be used against me. But my more tactful and eloquent roommate has, and his comment is on a popular drama blog, replicated twice here.

aries660 I am sad that Kim Jae-Wook dropped out of the drama but i guess he felt it was best for him, so i support his decision but nevertheless loving this drama. I will continue to watch it to the end even though I am confused why the change in writers and what made Jae-wook drop out. Hope we continue with high rating..Can't wait til next week for the new episodes..r

Matthew Oops, sorry for the double posting by Rhys. There's been a cross wire in our communication.

Noura The same for me, I became interested in "IG" only because of Kim Jae Wook. It's true that his presence in any work outshines the others. I was upset to know that he won't continue in the drama. His performance was really a plus to the work. But let's not worry as far as we can enjoy watching Him in other dramas, and the Best is yet to come. Since now we konw that once His name appears in a work it's a label of Success & Great acting capacities, as it was in "Who Are You" in which KJW's performance gave meaning, spirit & beaty to the whole work.

cubist @CICI and LaBonita: Thank you for your assurances. It's very kind of you. Just the same, I mean to be a person of my word.

Rhys Time will tell if KJW has committed career suicide with his decision. I seriously doubt it. It is one thing to write a review of the films and performances of public figures such as actors and musicians, but quite another to malign their character such as maligning their professionalism or lack of. The law provides for the protection of individuals from defamation of character such as libel and slander and his agency and the network, KBS2, must testify to the fact that he has acted within the framework of the law to leave IG. KJW is a professional and I am certain his legal representatives would have taken the time to go over the details of his rights before allowing him to make his final decision. This may be accounted the reason for the delay in announcing his decision to leave the series for which he had ceased shooting as of episode 8.

Domino @Cait...I know it's not your responsibility, but I hope you left some comments to those trying to hurt Kim Jae Wook ( if that's what they are trying to do) and set them straight.. I don't think any of his fans would say "he" let them down. I think fans are feeling it's someone else or the people that cast him one way and then...well, you saw, everybody saw. I felt let down that he was being put in a whole episode for just a couple of minutes less than some "extras". What an insult to him to be treated that way! What an insult to his fans to be looking for him and he was barely in it . Why do that to him when many places still say that he was cast as TJ's best friend/, OR's first love, suggesting that he was like a 2nd lead? I seemed off from the start. They should know of his Japanese fan base and he cares about his fans. They had to know what his character was originally supposed to be. Why do that? I think KJW quitting was the most professional thing he could do under the circumstances. I respect him even more for quitting if that's possible. Those saying stupid things may just be more trolls, trolling around trying to stir things up. It seems they feed on that kind of stuff. I think the best thing is for someone to get KJW into a good drama ASAP so that it will be the focus, not all this made up garbage for weeks & weeks. But, along with being talented, he's an intelligent guy, he knows what to do and like you, I support him 100%.

Matt Time will tell if KJW has committed career suicide. The law provides for the protection of individuals against defamation of character such as libel and slander; if KJW wants to, he can take up a law suit against the people and blog sites that have maligned his character. It is one thing to review the films and performances of public figures such as actor and musicians, but quite another to malign these artists' character such as making conjectures about KJW's professionalism or lack of, which can damage his reputation. I do believe he has a case against them if his agency and the network KBS2 can prove he has acted within the framework of the law, and I'm sure his legal representatives would have gone over all the details of his rights with him before allowing him to make his final decision. Perhaps that may be accounted the delay in announcing his decision to leave the series for which he had stopped shooting as of episode 8.

Cait Am feeling so irate to read on other forums that KJW is being unprofessional about his decision to leave IG. They don't even know half the story. Not that I do, but I was thinking last night that KJ is not only professional but also sensible. Look, something has to be said about the FACT that there was a change in characterization (we all have read the initial character description of Kim Soo Ok and what's being depicted the past few episodes KJ has been in don't begin to square with the description), which can't have sat well with KJ. Then with the change in the chief writer, there must have been negotiation for another modifying of the character. From what we can infer out of episode 8, it appears that Soo Ok may evolve as some kind of a spy for the Korean army and this may require him to participate in active resistance against the Japanese occupation. That may be fiction, may be partly historical, but KJW has MANY Japanese fans...I think some of you will know where I am going with this. Suffice to say, KJ did not sign on for it; his role was meant to be one of an art aficionado, and a lover not a fighter. It's silly to even think that it would be so easy to break a contract and I don't think KJ can violate his contractual obligations without legal ramifications and consequences. It must have been a mutually agreed upon decision between the network and A-List to let KJ leave IG with peace of mind, at least in this regard. He is still likely grappling with being at peace with his decision as far as letting down his fans. But I for one am not feeling let down, not by any stretch of the imagination. KJ, I support your decision. The sky's the limit for you.

CICI @cubist..I just saw your recant  : ) LaBonita said, no need. Glad you shared what you did.. Still coming off the shock but I am feeling better now that KJW quit that terrible drama and sorry, but it did p#ss me off to see him have to be a supporting actor for KHJ who is IMO one of the worst actors I've seen. I really hope Jae Wook is OK & hope his agent/mgr is on fire now to get him quickly into something extraordinary and let him show his incredible talent without being distracted, etc... I watched a MV of his and seeing him and hearing his music was healing for my heart. WOW, what a talent. I love to watch him play guitar and sing as well as act. He's a great ballad singer too.... To Jae Wook I have to say: "ROCK ON Jae Wook!.. and see you soon as the LEAD actor..nothing less but the best for you now.

Iori Shall wait with eager anticipation for your next show, Handsome Oppa.

johanna Never mind, Kim Jae Wook. I support your decision now just as I supported you by watching the insufferable IG. Now you're free to do what makes you happy.

ediebakker kim jaewook, feeling very sad and bad for you. but you have many great opportunities before you now and shall see you soon in a brand new drama. first or second lead, or not lead, you will have my support. just don't be too upset. ur the best out there..

LaBonita Chuckling - cubist, no one expected you to rescind your words since your heart was in the right place and you only wanted to console us. Agree with CICI and everyone else - the drama was too dark and violent for KJW who's better off without it. Yes, KJW, reach for the stars.

grania this is better. fingers crossed for you, Kim Jae wook. I'll eagerly wait your next project:)))

Domino Holy Moly! This is definitely more exciting than watching IG. After watching it for awhile I was upset he was in it for only 1 or 2 scenes, now I'm upset he's not in it . Well, not really. I'm just upset that he's probably upset. I hope not. I hope he feels relieved and happy he can get into a much better drama now. He's a first class actor and only deserves first class treatment and respect. I love Kim Jae Wook and I'm looking forward to seeing him in a lead part now and getting the girl and the most scenes in EVERY episode. I must confess, I am so glad I don't have to watch that #&^%$# drama anymore.

sansan Oppa, I think its a good thing you left IG. Saranghaeyo !

MayLin Oh what the?! KJ was involved in another drama that changed screenwriter mid-production as well: MSOAN. Poor oppa, but this time he got the smartz to get out not like the BIG-FAIL MSOAN. Kim Jae Wook, you are too good of an actor to suffer any more humiliation. TOO GOOD.

cubist apropos my promise I am here to recant all that I had written on Feb. 12.

nova No, no, no. No more Kim Jae Wook!?! Waaah. What will I do now I just bought a new couch for my computer room... weeps. I will miss you, oppa, till your next new drama and I know you will be greatest in it as usual. Just as you were greatest in IG.

Mrs Kee Before anyone gets the chance to accuse Jae Wook oppa falsely, let me come to his defense. I think it’s not lacking professionalism to leave IG and I support his decision. He signed on to do IG being promised certain things about his character and the story line. IG's producers changed the main writer and if this person has changed the direction of JW’s character then JW is under no legal or ethical obligation to honor his contract with them.

Now JW is free to pursue roles and carve a career path that make him happy and give him self-respect. He is a talented actor and an intelligent person, and he should continue to be successful.

CICI OMO.. I got chills reading what's been going on.Did we sense this or what? @ LaBonita, ..of course, KJW would say something like he wants his fans to support IG. because he is the perfect gentleman as well as "perfect" actor...BUT..Jae Wook, as much as I LOVE YOU, I felt like my psyche was in pain when I watched that thing except for the parts you were in, so I am going to have to decline your request and stop. (whew)... Actually, I am glad this happened. In "MY OPINION" (let me make that clear I felt there was way too much darkness, bad energy & unfounded violence in IG for KJW to be part of it. I admire him for making the decision to quit & I'm glad he got out. I'm really hoping that his representatives have already found him a GREAT drama to star as a lead in. He deserves only the best. I feel like crying for him although I really think this will turn out to be a good thing. LOVE you, Jae Wook! FIGHTING!!! <3

BeamEup Never mind then. Jae Wook oppa, look forward to your next drama. Or movie. Oppa fighting !

cubist Correction: ** they ** have brought in a new writer for IG..

Faith From another Soompi member: " is what @501wangja tweet Kim Jae Wook quit after ep8. His agency released notice through official SNS 'It's with regrets that KJW will quit after ep8 of Inspiring Generation.' And emphasized that 'After discussion with the team, inevitably made the tough decision to leave and felt apologetic towards the anticipation received from viewers, please continue to support IG in future.'"

'Currently there's source on the internet that KJW quit because of the change of scriptwriter for ep11 onwards, thus it was an inevitable decision. '

Source: 感激时代-斗神的诞生@weibo

I support KJW. Whatever is being touted on the forums, KJW must have very good reason. I bet one of the reasons is betrayal. He is too much of a professional to have done this on a fancy.

And I for one don't regret his decision. As far as plot and historical intergirty IG was dead on the water for me since ep. 1.

LaBonita I guess all those suspicions about some mafioso hanky panky going on backstage were warranted afer all. Never had a good feeling about the drama anyways. Never had a good feeling about KJW's treatment. We still admire KJW's humility and selflessness. Despite all this, he still has the class and grace to wish that we all continued to support IG. With due respect to KJW and love for him, my only thought at this stage is 'As if...' (IOW, as if I would continue to watch IG.) It was a struggle to watch it and I wouldn't have bothered except for the fact that he was in it. Now that he's left the station, I'm jumping off the bandwagon as well.

cubist IG has brought in a new writer for IG. And there's discussion on the IG page of soompi. Here's an example from czakhareina at Sommpi who opined: .." I think the quitting is along the lines of differences in artistic integrity and character progression... I hope they took care of kim jae wook better cause he is one amazing actor and he made Soo Ok one amazing and memorable character...."

I hope this person doesn't mind my quoting her.

mau2 This just received from KJW's official website's FB page: 'Unfortunately, Mr. Kim Jae-wook 'Inspring Age > 8 times the last station. the inevitable end of the crew and the station, it is difficult to determine. "I feel obliged to expect much could inspire. as soon as possible to find a good movie to see, and generous heart, please stay tuned. "In the future, many cheering Inspring Age > please.'

Seems like he's made the hard decision to end his role in IG. Well, well, well, intriguing as I had said before. Sounds like he may have been given a hard time on the set. It does explain why he's disappeared from recent episodes.

nova @Marilyn, are you refering of his role in Who Are You? Well, then yes, I think he is beautiful in that too...

Faith I'd think that if KJW knowingly signed on to do IG he'd have read all the stipulations and clauses. Anything that now violates the clauses are liable to a suit. His agency and legal reps would be on top of any hanky panky pulled by the series production, so to suggest any triad-style conspiracy to rid him of the drama just sounds...well, more intriguing than IG itself. I hope it isn't true but if it's true then why is the agency just sitting by and letting their 'son' get humiliated like this?

Jacquie @Marilyn.. now you got me all curious

Marilyn Queen I'm fascinated by how he's beautiful yet eerie at the same time.

Jacquie What I want to know is whether KJW was tricked into signing on for IG? ... More importantly, why did his agency allow it? Now he's tied up for weeks of shooting in China for what is going to amount to less than a full hour of screen time in toto. This is downright criminal, if it's purposefully done to harm him. The time spent tying him up to a show that doesn't want to utilize him could have been spent doing something more lucrative and beneficial to talented KJW, which would make his fans a whole lot happier.

ediebakker Ep 9 worst ep evrrrrrrrrr !

cubist @CICI and LaBonita: I completely understand your frustrations. No apology necessary, CICI - this old fool also understands human behavior. And, BTW, I do look my age ;)

Don't give up; in the previous episode Kim Soo Ok is seen rowing the boat away with some women unwittingly put under his protection. May we assume that the director intends for some time to pass before we see these characters again? And when we next see them the passing of time would have settled them into some new province. Ok Ryeon would have fallen in love with Soo Ok and she would have established herself as a singer of some repute. Anything else in between may be explained as back stories later.

Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae meet up again one day and Jung Tae wants to rekindle their relationship. But it's not so easy next time round; perhaps Ok Ryeon now owes Soo Ok her life or her mother's life... consequently the rivalry between Jung Tae and Soo Ok deepens, which later becomes ugly.

There's more to Soo Ok than meets the eye: why is a supposed aficionado of the fine arts able to fight and reconnoiter the way he can? Is he some spy for the Korean government after all? This intrigues me and is probably the only suspense element of the story for me.

I understand the feeling of being tricked. I admit to being confused by the lack of continuity between earlier statements in the press releases about Soo Ok's character and his actual characterization. Yet scripts can sometimes be rewritten after the fact, particularly if an actor gives his input (such as the part played by Kim Jae Wook in changing his character in 'Coffee Prince') or as a redress for poor ratings.

I almost dozed off to episode 9; yet I'd be the first to encourage everyone who's getting weary to keep the faith: you may yet get to see more of Kim Jae Wook as the story progresses. I'd also encourage everyone to allow the story room to develop and surprise us.

If I'm wrong that Kim Jae Wook will get more screen time soon, then I shall personally return to this forum and recant everything that I have said here.

CICI @cubist.. first off, I want to apologize to you if I came off harsh at you. I didn't mean to. I'm a bit angry about how Kim Jae Wook was publicized in this and I watched several episodes of a drama I don't like just to see him and then he's barely there.I feel mislead and tricked. I read that he was supposed to be Kim Ok Ryeon's first love too so that gave me the impression he'd have a bigger role from the start once the adults entered. Mostly, I feel bad for him and like Bonita said it's hard to be a fan of his and see him treated this way. I didn't think anyone was crossing the line, etc and I guess I thought it was a bit silly to think so, but you are right. One has to be careful so they are not misunderstood. I appreciate your caring & knowledge to give your advice and I will remember it from now on. Please don't call yourself "an old fool" were wise in your advice and a nice person for giving it. (and I bet you look younger than your age)

LaBonita @cubist, advice taken. I can see why you came to the conclusion that many would assume that accusations were being bandied about in this forum of a conspiracy by some quarters to gradually eliminate Kim Jae Wook from the drama. But can they also see why some here would feel this way? Just consider the way he's being treated so far. Well, take the latest episode as an example: he can't be found in a single frame. Then again others may argue that neither is the girl that plays Kim Ok Ryeon and she's the second female lead. @CICI, you're not wrong - KJW is not in ep. 9, and as someone here had expressed, we'd be lucky to see him in every episode from now on. Ep. 9 seems to portend this state of affairs. Very irksome I must say, and an absolute waste of my time having looked forward to IG's airing.

cubist @CICI: I'm all for autonomy, trust me. Go to the 'Inspiring Generation' forum and you will see me defending this right. It's sometimes easy to misread intentions and so I was careful not to assume I know them, thence my use of 'conjectures'. That said, I did get the sense innuendo about cultural fascism at play with the conjecturing about a conspiracy to downsize KJW's appearance in the drama. Perhaps there is some truth to the innuendo but it's best for everyone here to word their opinion as questions to avoid any suit. I was just looking out for some people - but don't mind an old fool like me.

CICI BTW, I just ff'd through ep 9 and I didn't see Kim Jae Wook at all in it. Did anyone see him in this ep? Does anybody know what is going on?

CICI @cubist.. I think you may be one of those people who read comments wrong. Any "comments" made about representatives, etc. are said to be opinions, not knowing what's going on, etc.. These are only people's "opinions" (mine anyway) here & I doubt intentions of "cultural fascism" I for one, though, feel very disappointed by the advertising by "whoever" about KJW's appearance in the drama since he was who I mainly wanted to watch in it and suggesting a "smear campaign" by any of the comments I've read here, I feel is OTT. If I had known he wasn't going to be in it for at least the first 5 1/2 episodes, I would've stopped watching after the first 15 min. because I find a lot of the drama distasteful and I don't care for the acting of the lead man. My "right" "my opinion". Also, most of the comments I've seen here are by people who feel the same and/or have noticed the same thing regarding how KJW was presented to be in the drama and how he is hardly there. I think fans are just wondering why..Also, I would think if someone was doing something like you are trying to claim, Asian Wiki people would've taken down the comments already.

BeamEup Kim Jae Wook surely is making exceptional use of his eyes to express his feelings to Okryon in the latest 2 episodes of IG. He has limited scenes and lines but limitless expressions using body language alone. Hes the only one to watch in the whole drama. With him in a scene it's hard to give anyone else an even glance.

cubist I feel that any conjectures about an actor's representatives should be worded as queries to avoid a defamation charge or one of a smear campaign. Cultural fascism is a serious charge. Just a word of advice to my learned friends on this forum.

Steffanea Gotta agree with everyone below . As extended cast in Coffee Prince and Daljas Spring Kim jae-wook had more screen time and dialog than this Inspiring.

nova Just as I suspected Rasika would be doing - hit and run.

ediebakker agree w/ cici that kim jaewook would make ig a better show and improve the ratings of the show...

LaBonita @CICI, I have been wondering about the same things. Kim Soo-Ok's characterization isn't living up to its hype and early promo description given by the publicity team. Either there's been a scramble to rewrite him to make him the antithesis or antagonist of Jung Tae rather than his best friend, or to play down and reduce the importance his role. Some power is wielding its scissors so that Kim Jae Wook is less of a threat to KHJ. If that's true then KJW may be better off not being a part of this production. It's an insult to him.

On the other hand, he may get more screen time soon since he appears poised to be Ok Ryon's mentor or employer. There may be swing toward a concentration on the love triangle.

Dang, but poor KJW may be the third wheel (yet again). Despite this, he is too much of a professional not to turn in an excellent performance in every episode.

CICI @LaBonita..I know it can happen in the music biz and I just watched an old mystery series where the script in a show was changed and one of the actors was then given hardly any lines LOL. I don't know what's going on here, but once Kim Jae Wook was cast in this drama, he was in the front line-up of a promo pic. I read was he going to be the best friend of Joon Tae and a poet/musician. It appeared to me that he would be a co-lead. I have not seen any other kdrama where the co-lead or supporting actor was only in 1 or 2 scenes per ep. Plus, it is SO obvious Jae Wook's acting is outstanding here. I would think the writer, director, producers, etc would at least capitalize on that and get behind him more and make him a bigger part of this drama. Inspiring Generation pretty much sucks the way it is and with KHJ's acting so far. Kim Jae Wook could definitely turn this around. He always does.

Faith Kim Jae Wook, I'll always be in your corner.

grania it really feels like KJW were a permanent cameo to this drama.i also fast forwarding the drama to get kjw's part only..i hope after this he plays in a much better drama/movie where i can see him in many scenes @LadyLay totally agree with you..but it's antique first that makes me adore him then bad guy. i have the same case with you..i used to be kim hyun joong BIG fan after watching BOF.but after playful kiss,i just like him as SS501 member

LadyLay Whoa, Rasika, you're rude? And you don't make much sense: 'criticizing' and 'insulting' - I don't think there's much difference between their meanings, so why are you suggesting we can criticize and not insult?

Look up google for Kim Hyun Joon? I don't think it's necessary. Let me tell you something that's true: I fell in love with KHJ's face after watching BoFs. I looked him up online watched his videos and singing and dancing. Watched his dramas. In less than a week my crush fizzled into nothing. And that's what happens when a crush is founded on physical looks but not backed up by something more consequential, like real talent. Because I soon discovered and realized that KHJ wasn't anything special.

Then I watched 'Coffee Prince' and fell for Kim Jae Wook. I thought 'oh my, this man is gorgeous.' And I watched drama after drama and film after film that featured KJW. I watched him on youtube and watched his MVs. And it's been more than three years now and I'm still enamored of this brilliant man.

Unlike KJH, Kim Jae Wook is gifted and talented at all the art forms he experiments with - music, modeling, acting; he's extremely charming, magical and mesmerizing on screen, and he's just lovely to watch. It's all owing to his talent that has sustained my love for this fine, elegant, classy and handsome man for this long.

LaBonita CICI, if you're right then Kim Hyun Joong's reps have some scary clout.

Farida @Niall - ah, yes, but Kim Jae Wook is an A-list character actor and sometimes a leading man, too. Jae Wook, saranghae

Lottie Someone below said that Kim Jae wook was wasted here; I instantly thought oh my, my KJW has progressed from ciggies to marijuana or something? When I realized she meant his talent was wasted in his new drama, I was so relieved! But I do agree: KJW's talent truly is wasted in 'Inspiring' .

tomasina Rasika, what a hoot! Hope she's crawled back into whatever hole or bridge she slithered out of. Aigoo...

I agree that Kim Jae Wook is the only saving grace in IG, a self-indulgent illustration of sado-masochism that gives a platform for its male lead to show off his machismo because he has nothing else to show.

Niall to put things in perspective, Kim Hyun Joong is to Hayden Christiansen what Kim Jae Wook is to Kevin Bacon...

ie. one is likened to an A-list leading man that sucks, the other a character actor that lights up the screen...

CICI I agree with johanna below. That Rasika troll isn't worth our time. We're here for Kim Jae Wook.

CICI LOL..well, I see a Troll has made it over here. However, even the "troll" had to admit that Jae Wook is a great actor. I have been FF (ing) scenes too only to watch Kim Jae Wook act because after 5 episodes I couldn't force myself to watch such a terrible drama anymore (for all the reasons we all know). I'll continue to do only that because I want to support KJW and even if it's 5 min. or 1 min. of him, I want to see his mastery and gorgeous face. I agree with LaBonita below, something's happened, because he's in the front line up and it looked like he was going to be the co-lead. Guess KHJ's people panicked when they saw Jae Wook blow the pants off him after 1 scene. The "proof's in the pudding" as my grandma used to say. Kim Jae Wook is proving one scene after another what class, and genius creativity looks like. Keep giving 'em what you've got JW, cuz "everyone" can see you're the BEST! BTW, Kim Jae Wook can even make slurping soup sexy and fun to watch!

johanna Rasika, STOP your TROLLING. You are inflaming the posters here to get involved in a war of words for your own amusement. I hope no one takes you seriously or gets involved in any silly tit for tat because that would be playing into your hands.

Iori Kim Jae-Wook, you're so wasted here... but keep on shining your light on this woefully pretentious noir with the silly title, "Inspiring Generation"... aishh...

mabelline correction *any way, shape OR form..

mabelline Contrary to its title and story premise Inspiring Generation is not inspiring me in any way, shape of form. I'm no longer following the story - only FFing to Kim Jae Wook's scenes simply to enjoy his superb and matchless performances episode after episode.

mau2 @Rasika, please stick to comments on the artist and the drama, and leave behind your personal attacks on the people posting here. You are completely out of line.

evangelina Er, Rasika, what makes you think your opinion is more important than ours? Or more true? Anyway, thanks for the laughs too...

KeegansWife Kim Jae Wook is once more carrying a show (IG) that Kim Hyun Joong is totally failing at.

Gille @Rasika, I was contemplating whether or not to respond to your rude comments. I decided that you're likely one of those cowards who write their miserable little POVs and then scram, never to return to read the replies or engage with the respondents out of fear of hearing more truths that they cannot accept. I feel sorry for you and your closed-mindedness. You're really sad.

MayLin Rasika, you're contradicting yourself. Until you learn to write coherently, go back to bed.

SaysaySay @Rasika, I'm willing to bet that whenever you hear some truth being said that you dislike hearing, you stick your fingers in your ears and go: 'lalalala, I can't hear you!'

Nevertheless, your comments are empty words and nonsensical noises and should be dismissed outright as such.

Well, got her out of the way. Now I want to raise my hat to Kim Jae-wook and drink a toast to his remarkable performance in IG since his appearance in episode 5. Everyone else before me has said it already but I must add my opinion as well: as an actor, Kim Jae-wook has excellent instincts for knowing human behavior and this emanates from his body language so that his performance always comes across realistic and awe-inspiring. His awareness of space and group dynamics makes him a natural at what he does and it transfers successfully to the small screen. He is such an exciting person to watch.

nova "I must agree that Kim Jae Wook is a great actor." - @Rasika, this is the only sensible and honest comment in the cesspool of stupidity written by you.

Jacquie Rasika: sorry to burst your little bubble. I've seen Kim Hyun Joong act, sing, dance and expose his abs but think very little of him. He's mostly style and little substance. Sorry. (Well, not really.)

LaBonita @Rasika, it's good to know we can make you laugh. So why do you sound so angry?

November Mwahahahaha. Rasika, get a grip; are you, what... 12 years old? You certainly have the mind of one and the IQ of a banana to come up with the kinds of silliness evident in your post. Don't go insulting us and then expect us to respect anything you have to say. While we are criticizing IG and Kim Hyun Joong (with our every right to since it's the arts and artists we're reviewing) you are attacking us, and so you have turned public discourses into PERSONAL ATTACKS. How RUDE of you. What are you? If you think you're Kim Hyun Joong's wife that you must defend him and attack us, then you are delusional.

IG is quite terrible; it's an assault on the integrity of history; it's an assault on the notion of creative story-telling; and it's an assault on originality with its derivative direction and cinematography. As for Kim Hyun Joong - he has some of the blankest eyes and face in Kdramaland, and most of us have seen most of his dramas, so it's not as if we're espousing myths. Only Kim Jae Wook is IG's saving grace because this man can perform with credibility week after week and anyone that says he can't is simply retaliating against us.

Teena @Rasika: really? Coming to a Kim Jae-wook page to stifle our freedom of expression? Aren't you a little too bold for your own good? Yes, we can criticize but we can insult too as long as it is backed up by reasons why we're insulting IG. If you DARE believe we shouldn't exercise our rights to freedom of expression and expect us not to express anything insulting then why are you insulting us by saying we are jealous? You are a HYPOCRITE. DO NOT tell us what to do and then go and do the very thing you are prohibiting us from doing. You are also a TROLL. Your comments are self-defeating and you have no grounds to make anymore demands on us. If you don't care for free speech then stay in whatever god-forsaken middle eastern country or Asian country you come from. And if you don't like what is written here, stay out of this page; go to the Kim Hyun Joong page where you can enjoy all the lovely but immature fangirling that goes on there (not to mention the use of horrid English just as yours is). As they say, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Rasika I saw so many negative comment about Inspiring generation and Kim Hyun Jooong here. It made me laugh. If you don't like that drama then don't. You can criticize but don't insult. Most of you said that Kim hyun joong just had the publicity and his acting skills were so bad. What a joking factor. I must agree that Kim Jae Wook is a great actor. But It can't compare the charm that Kim Hyun joong holds. He is a great actor. You are taking about his eyes. Lolz. Those were amazing and about the drama i love that. not only me so many people love that. only jealously people can say those kind of things. I'm sure These bad mouth commenters has some one else as their bias. Its not even Kim Jae Wook. Ha Ha Ha . Its all because of jealous. If you don't know about kim hyun joong just go through google and search who he is. He is one of best actor, singer, performer and dancer in whole Asia.

LaBonita I notice an incongruity between the drama and Kim Jae Wook's appearance at its press conference recently. He appears to be front and center for the press conference together with the 3 other leads. Yet he has been omitted from the drama's opening credits and often not even appearing in any montages created for the final credits. What's going on? I must admit to being extremely incensed and let down by the way our beloved KJW is being treated. Might it have anything to do with the fact that he was a late addition to the cast? Could the opening credits have been created before his casting in IG so that he was left out of the opening and closing montages? I am hoping that for the next half of the drama still to air, the creative team in the production will add him to the opening credits so that he would appear alongside the 3 principal leads. Because the way things stand he is being treated with undue injustice (considering his status in the industry: KJW has been a principal in two past feature films and second male lead in several dramas pre-MS, so he cannot be demoted to anything less than that). All this is not a very subtle slap in his face and our faces. OK, my rant is over - kudos and job well done, Kim Jae Wook. You have very little screen time so far, but your performance has outshone that of your co-stars.

November Kim Jae Wook is a pleasure to watch on screen. He always steals the scenes he's in. Acting-wise, his sense of timing is perfect and his sense of space is acute so, as others have observed, he is always in motion. Whether it's his eyes, head or limbs, he is never stiff, robotic or staying still in one place. Yet he's very natural, not forced. And he's a rare beauty.

MyAnterior Am getting sick of all the superfluous fight scenes..aigoo. But I enjoy so much to watch Kim Jae Wook's scenes. he can be cute and funny and serious and angsty, which he does both so very well. His acting is convincing, more much much MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE than the male lead in IG.

MayLin Agree with everyone. I am giving up on IG as well because of alack of Kim Jae-wook. But I also don't want to miss his great acting.

Domino I was ecstatic to see Kim Jae Wook was going to be in a drama again but like others have said, this is ridiculous. Kim Hyun Joong is so bad an actor and he does look like he's trying to remember his lines. Even one minute of Jae Wook brings sunshine into this dark and dreary drama...BUT one minute is not enough for me. The lead actress and Jae Wook are the cutest ever when they are together...skating together and eating together was the best! It's completely different when KHJ is with her, he's just a drag. I'm quitting too. It's too much for me to watch a really bad actor who's just got a lot of publicity behind him and what looks to be a drama centered around him AND the drama is not that good either. I love Kim Jae Wook so much and wanted to see him more. I will just hope that he gets a lead part in his next drama and it will be a GREAT one.

Gille Agree with post below. Kim Jae-Wook's facial expression and body language are constantly animated but never rushed and he is graceful with his movements. On the other hand the stance of the male lead, Kim Hyun Joong, tends to stay the same for a long time as if he is frozen. See example in episode 8 when he is being trained to use the sword. When he was listening to his mentor he stayed in the same stance throughout. His movements are just so stiff. And he always wears a blank stare in his eyes like he's trying to remember his lines. How did he become lead actor?!? Kim Jae-Wook has soulful eyes and when he's engrossed in a scene you can tell from his eyes that he's engulfed in the moment and in his character like he has fully become the character. He so deserves to be first male lead.

NotaH8ter Kim Jae-wook's portrayal in Inspiring Generation is perfect. Very impressed by his sense of timing when executing a scene. Very impressed by his physical movements.

Blossom Kim Jae-Wook, you look so tall and elegant and handsome as Kim Soo Ok. I love your character only in Inspiring Gen. And I love you!

aoki Hello Kim Jae-wook, come to Japan and act here, we appreciate you more in Japan.

evangelina Again he only had less than five minutes in episode 8, getting tired of this???!!! Think I shall give up IG unless I see more of Kim Jae Wook oppa. Oppa, I luv you but this is ridiculos.

nova Don't get me wrong. I believe Kim Jae Wook is brilliant RIGHT NOW. He doesn't need to grow in his craft since he is unique and perfect. I'm merely suggesting that since he's already in this (painfully plodding) drama, why not bite the bullet and take the opportunity to hone his skills? Guess I'm trying to console everyone who's sick of the way he is being treated by the industry but mostly myself. YES, he deserves the first lead roles more than any other actor and being handed one yesterday wouldn't have been soon enough. Really now, what's wrong with everybody in the industry? They blind or just being prejudiced? Don't they recognize a great talent in him? It isn't just that he's so photogenic but he has REAL talent. Thence the problem is politics (likely) or the powers that be don't think he's bankable. Well, they're all wrong. Kim Jae Wook is the most bankable star/actor there is, and as proof the highest ratings for TVN's 'Who Are You?' were recorded for episodes in which Kim Jae Wook had substantial screen time. In addition, his agency must work harder to secure him lead roles that justify his talent and status on the upper echelon of the k-drama industry.

hi5it hellyeah Kim Jae-wook, you nailed it...again and again and again with your masterful body language...your one sensational actor... you are my mrperfect...

evangelina Agree with everyone all having different opinions and some similar. Agree with CICI, why Kim Jae Wook not getting more main lead roles instead of standing behind bad actors like aging has-been idols. We're not here to give actors the chance to grow. What are we, guinea pigs? IG is sad to watch because some actors just so stiff and one-dimension. Kim Jae Wook is different; every role every episode he shows different expressions on face, deliver his speeches so perfectly for the scene like full of emotions but different emotions. We don't wanna watch green idols actors trying to use roles to try to be actor. We want to watch great acting like Jae Wook's acting and enjoy the filem. Jae Wook makes this IG filem really best to watch while other scenes without him are unengaging. With him the scenes light up with sunshine and colors and make me smiles. Give Jae Wook a lead role already PLEASE !!! He is too good to be only a guest star. IG more like cameo role for Jae Wook, not even guest star. Is it fair? No. What! Episode 7 only one minute of him??? Disgraceful for an actor so perfect like Jae Wook.

CICI I'm wondering if there are some agent politics holding back Kim Jae Wook in this drama. He is clearly the best and most interesting actor here. and clearly outshining the lead poster board guy even if he does have TWO scenes.. When he's in a scene, it's like night & day (him being the day). I don't know if producers and directors etc read comments here or not, but PLEASE "someone" give this handsome, classy, highly talented guy a break. He deserves his own series like a Korean remake of "It Takes A Thief" ( Robert Wagner) (which I've been watching) let alone a good lead part. Someone below mentioned he can at least work on his "craft'. Yes, that may be true, but why is he having to support a male lead that doesn't even have a craft let alone work on it? I for one am getting tired of so called "idols" being put in a lead role surrounded by seasoned and super talented actors & actresses just to make them look good when more times than not, they are the worst part of the drama. Please, someone, get behind KJW and give him a good role. It is so obvious in the few scenes he's been doled out here that he has immense talent far above the muck and mire presented.

vincci Everyone talking about your expressive face. I also agree. I love even more than that is your line delivery. Good acting, Kim Jae Wook oppa.

Natalie WOWEE Jae Wook oppa..looking so fine...agree with everyone...very good acting in IG episode 7.

siannyoung I very impressed with your acting in inspiring generation and you had win my heart. Kim Jae Wook...

nova @Domino, it is a waste and yet not really if he takes this as an opportunity to grow in his craft. His is a supporting role, not quite second lead even, more like special guest star, so I don't think we can expect more than a few short appearances in each episode. If we're lucky he may appear in every episode from now on but I even doubt that much. Maybe his next drama ... I hope he does another feature film.

johanna How does Jae Wook oppa do it? In episode 7 his facial expressions are subtle, natural and so ingenious.

Domino Hey, I just saw episode 7. Why isn't Kim Jae Wook in this more? His scenes are the sweetest especially with the lead actress. They make the best couple. He's a better actor than the lead actor and he looks so much better too. I hope he's in this drama much more than just a couple of scenes at a time. What a waste of this fine actor.

LaBonita Yes, episode 6 has been aired this week. @CICI, agree with everything you have to say. KJW rocks every role he's depicted so far.

CICI Although "Inspiring Generation" looks like a pro-violent & dark drama to me, there was a ray of sunshine peeking through in ep. (5), it was KIM JAE WOOK! Wow! What a difference. After the "train" scene I've been laughing all day and can't stop smiling. Whether ep (6) is delayed or not, I know I'll find him no matter what. He is such an amazingly handsome and great actor. LaBonita, you are so right. KJW is brilliant & once again proves he CAN do anything ..and with class & excellence. BTW, TKOW was where I first saw him and I've seen it 3 times. I've seen everything he's been in and more than once! (lol, I'm still smiling over that ONE scene!)

LaBonita Argh, I'm getting conflicting info about episode 6. Apparently it may still be aired, so keep an eye out for it. And my deepest apologies again for confusing all of you.

shin many great supporters of kim jae feels great to know that kim jae wook has a lot of supportive fans...

LaBonita @CICI, there's not going to be episode 6 this week as it's been preempted due to the Lunar New Year festivities, so we'll have to wait another week to see KJW. But I really have to sing KJW's praises here: I wasn't sure what to expect from KJW in IG. Now I get the feeling from his 2 minutes of screen time in ep. 5 that he might be playing a sleazy, lecherous and greedy character but despite this he blew me away in just those few minutes by the fact that he had me in stitches with his sublime comedic timing. Indeed, this episode was quite ho-hum till KJW emerged with this totally different role, even different from 'TKOW' although he was the comic relief there as well. The difference was that this was a Ben Stiller-type of comedic role which parodies the worst of the immoral people out there. KJW is doing a parody of the Bernie Madoffs of the world SO VERY well with the timing precision reminiscent of Jim Parsons. His ability to choose roles that are different is a calculated genius to prove what a wide range he has as an actor. On the other hand, I regret to say that some of the other actors have been in the drama for the past 4 weeks and have only displayed their two-note range.

CICI correction: LaBonita (sorry)

CICI Sorry, I meant to type "LaBonita" (I'm getting over a broken finger) ugh

CICI I watched some of ep. 5 ..still boring I started fast-forwarding ..TILL.. the Train" scene LOL the most interesting and enjoyable scene in the whole 5 episodes! Naturally, KIM JAE WOOK! I watched it 4 times. fast-forwarded to the girl singing and KJW peeking in the window and walks in, decks a guy and tells a girls she can sing a little... another worthwhile scene to watch. Well, done with 5. Bring on episode 6. It's ok LaBonta, I found him.

LaBonita Just watched episode 5 (Wednesday) - KJW makes his appearance in this episode. I apologize for the misinformation before.

LaBonita @CICI, gee, thanks for the compliment. I think you're pretty special to do what you do in support of KJW. He did win an acting award for 'Antique Bakery'. And I think he deserves to be first male lead, too. But I think he himself doesn't care what lead it is as long as the role challenges him and he likes the script. He surely deserves recognition for the work he does in Korean dramas and for Korean entertainment in general. At least the Japanese do recognize his talent, uniqueness and potential for longevity by honoring him with an award late last year at the 10th Enta Awards. You are so right - he is exceptional. And so good looking, elegant, modest and natural at what he does. I, too, wish he would sing at one of his dramas some day. @j: no, I don't believe they are related. Unless Kim Jae Ho was born before 1983, he could not be KJW's brother. KJW (born 1983) has an older brother. But if we're talking about the same Kim Jae Ho, I believe this person was born in 1992, making him younger than KJW. Hope this helps.

CICI @LaBonita, you are so cool. I agree! KJW will steal this drama. He always does no matter how many scenes he has. I will always say wonderful things about Jae Wook..after all, he stole my heart the first time I saw him act. He is my favorite actor and I wish he'd sing in some more dramas too. Just knowing we share the same sky and can look at the same moon, makes me smile. I am hoping his next drama he will be the lead and he will finally win an award for his exceptional talent...and most of all, that he is happy and well loved.  :) ONE MORE DAY!!!

j is Kim Jae Ho (a member of a kpop boy band: history) related to Kim jae wook? They have similar names and they look so alike!

LaBonita @CICI, I'm with you. It's KJW I'm watching IG for as well (no offense to the other cast members). He's so going to wipe the floor with his performance. And next time round he'll get his first-male-lead role. He'll have his day soon. Thanks for all your comments. I have enjoyed reading them and appreciate the wonderful things you always say about KJ.

CICI @LaBonita..Cool! I'm sooooo looking forward to this Thursday now. Kim Jae Wook has all my support and love...always! I'm only watching this drama because KJW is in it. Can't wait..thanks again. BTW, I saw his promo pics for this. He looks awesome! (as usual)

LaBonita @CICI, to be precise, I believe our handsome KJW is appearing in Thursday's episode this week.That's according to A-List Entertainment, the agency that represents him. Let's all look forward to this and support him.

CICI @LaBonita, Thank you!! I wasn't going to watch but seeing that you said KJW will in the drama this week has made me very happeeeee and now I have to watch it..  :))

LaBonita He'll be appearing in this week's episodes. It's been a long wait for his fans.

Gülşah He will be nice couple with Jin se yeon in inspiring age. I look forward to see him :) I think he is awesome.

vivi KIM JAE WOOK ,,, I really love him, he's so handsome, calm, and so cool. I like your drama " who are you " but i don't like the ending why you should die, whereas i want see lee hyung joon and si on come together :( heuuu... !!!! why don't you that became the main lead ??? : (.. i hope in the next future you could be the main lead in your drama.

CICI Yaaaay!! Kim Jae Wook is in "Inspiring Generation"! His acting is so wonderful and his presence will light up the screen. I just hope they give him a lot of scenes because he's soooooo good & I'm watching only for him. (^ . ^)

Michelle If i have my wish i want to meet him only to said hi

ciara man whenever i look at him he reminds me of no min woo!! some point i think they look alike and resembel each other!..both are goodlooking,cold,and have that kind of a japanese touch in their facial features specially!..i love them both!

Lizzy Payne My God this guy is an amayzing actor ! In Coffee Prince, Who are you he was DAEBAK ! PLEAAAAAASEE make him the lead actor in some romantique/crime drama please ! I'm sure that he won't disapoint... I hope some director would see his great potential by the grace of God. Good luck !

koreanrain @grania

I'll go out with you, Princess.

grania I guess I'll cry when this guy gets married someday..the girl will be one of the luckiest girls.I read it somewhere that he is into kids very much.please marry a good girl and stay gorgeous.I'll give my blessing if you ever want to go public with yr girlfriend #understanding fan^_____^#

nite God...Kim Jaewook,your chemistry with So Yihyeon in Who Are You are zillion times better than hers with Taecyeon. no offense, i like Taecyeon too but those sweet scenes of KJW and SYH really melted my heart. i cried a lot watching the scene when Yang Sion finally recognizes Lee Hyeongjoon..really.. i'm anticipating him in Age of Feeling. it doesnt matter him being the 2nd lead again.i've got a hunch he'll steal the drama from the main lead. the art lover Kim Jaewook, how charming will he be...Kim Jaewook-oppa,saranghaeyoooo

Dawn First of all this man is GEORGEOUS!!!! Second, I was not all to thrilled about his latest drama. I couldn't get into it, it didn't grab my attention in the first 2 episodes. I'm not saying I'm off of the drama all together, maybe in a few more months I will attempt to watch it again.

I would highly recommend that you grow your hair're sexier when your hair is longer. The longer the better, that's just me....a personal like I have. And your next project should be sexier, like you were in Bad Guy. Not saying you should do the same kind of movie but something with that kind of aura...again this is a personal opinion, but I see you doing something more passionate as a leading man...not a supporting character.

I recently went back and re-watched Marry Me Mary...and oh how I laughed at you and Jang Keun Suk and the chemistry and how you both played off one another....good times. Anyways Wookie (no offense), I do hope to see you in more movies and television dramas. I wish you sincere blessings in your career and in life.

Your American Fan!!!

Mariz Kyaaaaaa!~ Jae-wook oppa!<33 I just finished watching -Who are you- I like the way you act the sweet scenes with the female lead ////<

Gunn He looks so much like the tasty twins . Just saying

juni why can't those people see his huge acting potential like he showed in Antique..they keep making him the 2nd lead.or is it his agency that can't really choose projects for him? i admit that his acting in Marry me mary isn't so impressive, but given the right roles, he'll really shine and the rating will soar...also i think he needs to gain some weight, he looked better in coffee prince and Antique then.but still he's my forever favorite..good luck, Kim Jaewook..:))

jae wook oppa i love you kim jae wook oppa saranghy you oppa i love you oppa soooooooooooooooo much

CiCI I just read that Kim Jae Wook will be doing another Historical drama and once again playing 2nd male lead to yet again another Korean idol type singer. I just went online and listened to the guy who will be the lead. Jae Wook, you can blow this guy away vocally just like you could Taecyeon as well as your acting ability. I hope you realize how incredibly talented you really are let alone the gift of the most gorgeous face I've seen on a man. I trust in your instincts to chose the right character you feel you want to challenge yourself with. I only hope you start to get some LEAD roles because you are TOP, TOP, TOP quality and you deserve the LEAD roles now. Love ya!

julia thorne kim jae wook is an awesome actor.i really like him in marry me mary,and what i really like the m0st of his tv drama is "who are you"...i really love him as lee hyung j0on..

Maridol Kim Jae Wook is someone who looks awesome, talented and can really act. A triple threat.

jiyong-ni Kim Jae wook.. your acting are good. I start loving you now because of your roll in this drama..<3

nectar so...good at acting in Who Are you....I started to notice u 'cos of yr sad ya...

Rich I think kim jae wook is a good actor, better give him a lead role which can be paired to song hye gyo or choi ji woo, he is a good looking guy with a serious character,but i think he's also good in comedy

sandy Any director make him the lead.he is a perfect actor handsome and all.why cant he become the dying here to see him as a main in a drama or a movie:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Ozmo Welcome back after your service, Kim Jae-Wook. Oh, how I have missed you! My delicious fantasies can recommence :)

Allison I would also really like to see Kim Jae Wook as the lead character. Not that there is anything wrong with a supporting role. I have several favorites in Korean Dramas that are supporting roles but Kim Jae Wool is a quality actor.

Tiffany argh! I really like you in Who are You! You're a great actor! better that the lead actor actually. I hope I can watch you again in another drama but a lead role! Fighting!

Peace :p Uggghhhh! R u ever gonna be in a drama, where You are the main guy?! Omfg u r like the best actor maan.. I honestly loved how u portrayed ur character in Who Are You. Ur acting skills are amazing! I hope u get a lead role SOON! And finally get the girl? Eventhough Who are you had a bad ending (in my opinion) im sill happy that everybody got to enjoy seeing u act again, though u only had a couple of scenes. But thats the thing u only had a couple of scenes and yet everybody cant get enough of u! So im really really hoping u get ur own drama :) Peace

CICI The reason I decided to watch "WHO ARE YOU" was because Kim Jae Wook was going to be in it. The only reason I continued to watch, was because of Kim Jae Wook and the minute he left, so did I. I agree with Monica. I was also disappointed in the drama. After awhile, the drama became boring and goofy with Taecyeon. It was Kim Jae Wook's professional acting who carried the show and made it worth my time. Plus, he's so handsome, when he's in a scene, who can look or want to look at anyone else?!

nadia from saudi arabia I am also watched this drama because of kim jae wook is on it, and i was so happy when i knew he is alive and wished that he is gona wake up and live with his girl, but the end was disappointing and i cried a lot when he died, that was not right, the drama failed after 15 episodes were carried by him, every one watched it because of him, taecyoon acting was a disaster he was so weak and i can not understand the director point in putting him in this drama! and the fabulous so e hyun dose not deserve to work with some one has so weak acting skill like taecyoon!, every one watched the drama fall in love with jae wook and e hyun scenes it was so beautiful and natural and amazing that made us believe that they are real couple, and i wish kim jae wook gona back so sooon with new strong drama in main role as he deserve and his fans. kim jae wook fighting, you have alooot of fans here in saudi arabia we will always be with you and supporting you, love you.

Monica utter disappointment in the drama who are you and it was dreadful (in my opinion). i was willing to watch it just for kim jae wook. didn't have any expectations since the lead was taecyeon but i was still disappointed (if that made any sense..) but kim jae wook REALLY carried the show for me. he did an amazing job (no doubt about it) and he's so handsome!! he's a fabulous actor and i'll always watch him even if he's in supporting roles. and i hope he will keep that short hair :)

Sally Wishhh see you kim jae wook as the main role!! . Love you most in your new drama ' who are you' You are amazing alwaysss,! Fighting

CICI Kim Jae Wook, I just saw ep. 15 of "Who Are You" and you were awesome! I can't wait for your next drama. Hope it's soon and you are the LEAD actor cuz you're the BEST!!!! Also, please do more singing in dramas. OK?

Athena I was so happy to see Jae Wook oppa still alive in " Who are you"! I love this drama, it makes me laugh and cry along with the characters...I can't wait for tommorow's episode!!!

Cindy kyaaaa, jae wook oppa is still alive in who are you drama!!! yipppeee!!!! but Tacyeon must wake up soon.... omgggg the nicest twist everrr!!!!!

Wishes I wish I were a ghost who is always around him - invisible but can be felt. How I want to look at him even from afar because right now, I am only loving him from afar.

CICI hahaha...okay, I need to make a correction on my comment below. Sorry Jae Wook, I meant to wish you "GOOD" fortune not "food" I wish you LOVE too!

Lisa You are sooo handsome! A big new fan of urs now. I wished u had some lead roles tho. I love ur acting! N ugh so amazing

Emily Oppa, I miss you so much, your so HANDSOMES. I wish you could be the lead role. Your amazing. #FIGHTING

leena great to watch your acting again .. keep the good work and I hope you'll get the lead role next time.. you are so handsome and a good actor you :)

Katia HE IS SO HANDSOME. <3 Jae Wook oppa fighting!!!

Dara I so want to see him on a lead role. I think he could carry the whole drama, and please without killing him at the end ok. I think he is amazing.

jangyookyung oppaa! ~.~ i really like you in Who Are You? I hope you'll have a new drama soon, as the lead actor. Fighting! :*

halimo oh i love you and the dramas your in I think your an awesome actor i hope you can make more dramas i hope to see more of you fighting!!!!!!!;]]]

merry a noer kim jae wook is very cool... love u..... hope you will get main role in good kdrama

Domino Kim Jae Wook is awesome and I just had a great idea. He should be the lead actor in IRIS 3 and love interest with Kim So Yeon. If you guys want to make up for the loser that IRIS 2 was..cast KIM JAE WOOK... 5 star ratings all across the board!!!

CICI Dear Kim Jae-Wook, I'm so happy to see you are back and acting again. I just know that "Who Are You" will be a big hit because you are in it. You have an awesome stage presence and you're such a great actor.. and a great singer. I look forward to seeing you as the lead actor from now on after this and I hope you will be doing more singing in dramas too. Best of luck, happiness and food fortune.

Analiss Ayala Kim Jae Wook, this is the first time I have written to you, but I wanted to say be careful and come back safely. DO YOUR BEST! :D I hope one day I can meet you.

Ni You are back, missed you so much Jae Wook hope to see lots of your new drama or movie again!!! fighting

parrrrr oooo he was in kingdom of the winds? who was he there? I felt he looks familiar...anaway! He is sooooooooo cute

sarah i love kim jae wook i think hes really cool and works really hard and should keep on being in dramas

Mel Lee Wow - 김재욱 figured out just why some women are attracted to certain gay men. He was truly amazing and sexy in "서양골동양과자점 엔티크 " - I liked him so much more in this than in Marry Me, Mary! wow.

huggable ohh when i was watching bad guy and coffee prince i just couldn't help thinking ''when?when is Kim Jae-Wook going to appear!!!!!!!!!!!!''

verde waa, Jae-wook oppa, jjang! really falling for him when i watched antique. when i watched him in mary stayed out all night, i just couldn't help looking for Sunwoo in him, but no, it wasn't there. he is seriously a great actor..^^

CiCi Jae-Wook, Please stay safe during your military service. I am looking forward to seeing you in more lead roles in future K-dramas. You were my favorite actor/character in Marry me, Mary and I wish the director or writer would have created scenes displaying your musical talents too. I know Jung-In's hand was hurt but the writer could have had a bit of imagination. Maybe next time. Your gentle spirit always shines through no matter what kind of character you play (and that' a good thing).

pina jubair My friend recommended "Marry me Mary", It was really worth watching. Kim Jae Wook is really cute and promising..

Rimca Jae Wook Oppa Saranghe :D please be back safely :)

acie I love you jae wook. I wish I cud meet u in person!

lovejaeuck im dying to see you..cant wait for you to come back from the training...I have watched your past show DIRECTORS CUT i love it(you and the Oasis song)..and im proud of you in Hedwig and the Angry Inch your too brave and talented to accept that kind of role..too challenging and only real actor can do that job..and i must say i love you in Antique you smiled there a lot!(one of my best movie..have the collectors edition dvd) im looking forward in your band WALRUS nice album yall ROCK IT!! TAKE IT EASY,GOODLUCK!

strawberryshortcakz its a pity but is worth waiting for... If u watch Antique u'll have no doubts on his talent!!

Verra Jae Wook Oppa, miss you...




Abril aaah I knew he would be in the military around this time, I already miss him :( comeback soon!!!! Saranghaeyo!!!

Mandi Ah!! Just watched Antique! It was amazing! Having watched multiple dramas with Kim Jae Wook in them, it was refreshing to see him play a gay man. I'm a huge fan of gay films and even though I wouldn't consider Antique a gay film, it was nice to see him play the role of a gay man. He did an amazing job! I recommend the movie, it was hilarious and super cute :)

Giggles ahhhhhhhh!! i really want to see u as the main role in a drama when u come back kim jae wook!! i will definitely wait for your return!! its gonna be a long time but ill wait. <3

Giggles kim jae wook <3. omg i loved u in antique and bad guy. im gonna start watching marry me mary later. lol u look soo cute when u smile. best wishes to u during ur time serving the military! i will wait for u to come back!! but i was so shocked to see u in your military hair cut. it looks nice on u, but i was sad to see ur hair gone...

maria jane Kim jae wook, you're such a talented actor i must say! Just finished watching marry me, mary! and i couldn't help myself getting annoyed when mary didn't want you as her husband.. silly, but yeah!lol. i just hope that you'll get a main role after you've finish your military service. I'll wait patiently then. Take care of yourself oppa!

kandra I love yu!!!! Youre th best!!! :*/

And so. sexyyyyy :x

sosad aww he's in the military right now. uugh. it sucks that every male has to go to the army. i'm gonna miss him but i'll be waiting for his return. saranghaeyo Jae Wook sshi

Edna signo Kima jae sexy hehe.. He's so ready to take the male main part. A lot more charm than other korean japanese taiwanese male lead actors. Keep up your acting. Lots will support you. God bless!

dita ahhh i love u oppa..... i want ask haii guys u do know fans base of Kim Jae Wook ???

misty you r really somethin' !! i fall for you and your acting.since i know you from bad guy drama. i'm done watching antique just now and you can bring the character so lively,, bravo!! haha. well i hope you r not that kind of man in real life.:-)~! wish you with more luck in your career !!!!!

ayudiah jae wook hyung,.... saranghae.....!!!!


amie This fine specimen of a guy is in our generation and oozing with talents. He also looks like some Regency Era gentleman like an Asian Mr. Darcy you go Jeauck the sky is your limit enjoy best of both worlds.

chrischang after watched mary stay out all night .. i prefer Jeong .. hope to see u in your next drama :D

Jane When watchingMarry me mary, I chose Mr Jeong. After reading this profile, I chose Mr Kim. Happy belated bday!

Angel Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad to share the same birthday with you. God bless you dearly!! Xoxo

leila i saw many of your Dramas and movie you are different in each role you are sooooo talented i hope we can see much more Dramas From you best of luck ^ - ^

mikki love the way he acts

surbhi i will love him till d day i die, after watching him in antique bakery i wanted to "kiss him" i had never seen a man with such beautifull lips n not to forget how great he acts his every role. best of luck 4 future projects.

LOVE JAE UCK EveryOne pls come to join!!!>3<

Updates on Kim Jaeuck (Jaewook) April HK Fanmeeting - Tickets sale starts from 10pm (HK time), March 9 (Wed) at!

김재욱 (Jaewook) 4 월 홍콩 Fanmeeting에 업데이트 - 티켓 판매 www.hkticketing.com에서 오후 10시 (홍콩 시간) 3 월 9 일 (수)부터 시작!

Nazanin Salam (mean):hi wish u all the best

cuteydoll i am so obsessed with him just cant take my eyes off him. i first watched him in mary n loved him in it , then i watched antique n bad guy and now its like i cant live without seeing his picture regularly. I had never seen such a cute, sexy man in my life oh! my god his lips n his smile just killed me thousand time. great n exicellent actor.

vera I like his acting in Marry me and bad guy .. I like his cool style ... 4rm Burma .. now I am going to watch yr movie Antique.. I am sure it will be very grate.. I want to c yr next one.. waiting ...

junko666 fell in love with him in "coffee prince", makes my heart beats in " antique", still kakkoii in " Marry me Mary"...Jae Wook, u ROCK! really luv ur acting n ur look of course! ^^

Ni i love watching this guy since coffee prince, eventhough he keep silent through the whole time :D his cool style is just...LOVED!!! Wish to hear more rock vibe from him, and i am glad he like rock music. I wonder who is his music influence? And Kim Jae Wook, i missed your old hair in coffee prince :3

Vel 사랑해, 김 재 욱.....!!!! Waiting for ur next film and drama...

Anney Ren Nothing much to say but i fall for his talent.Love the fact that he can speak Japanese too.Jae Wook....hwaiting!

Linda We love you a bunch! greetings all the way from Sweden

olivially Hi Jae Wook, Happy New year. I send Gift to your agency Esteem. Are you receive? I hope you like. I like your korea drama " Marry me, Mary "

siska hi im one of your fans from indonesia happy new year 2011 keep all your good work and stay healty ok

artha love ur act in "marry me, marry" oppa.. makes me fall in love with the character.. :) keep up the good work!

rainbowfay i love him :) he is awesome! and good looking, ofcourse :D

nas ej i love him! he is so charming and he's such a great actor. i have to say that if he has all of his fans and viewers questioning his sexuality because of Antique then he's a damn good actor ;D

sasha watching "marry me, mary," I get a real sense of sexual tension between the two lead actors. I don't know if this was done on purpose to maintain a gay fan base but it's very hot. I find myself rooting for them to hook up in the show, which of course won't happen, but it should. thoughts?

YesungBiased @sonya unfortunately, I don't think he sings the song from Mary Stayed Out All Night. Jang Geun Suk sings a few songs. I heard another singer sing My Precious, but I don't think it's him (although I would love to believe that it is him). Soribada lists the singer as "Ernest" and so I don't think he's the one who sings it ToT

sonya I was wondering if he sings the song from Mary stayed out all night.And does anyone know what it is called?

Janet which company is he from?

Janet which company is he under?

J.A.K lool i thought he was japanese. his features look jap. but its awsome that he's skorean. Haha.... i want to meet him!

iluvkimwook i want to learn korean and japanese just to tlk to jae wook. i love uuu

Epyon Saw him in Coffee Prince and Antique, he's handsome and can act. LOL @ non sibi's comment. Does acting as a gay character make you gay? Then Jo In Seong and Lee Jun Ki would be gay as well (and their partners in their movies). XDXDXD And if he were gay, so what? Like that matters as long as he looks great and acts great. ;) Will go watch Bad Guy next. And can't wait for Marry Me, Mary.

Pennie Some of your comments are so funny! You LOVE him now that he is popular. Since he is such a good actor does it really matter if he is straight or not (non sibi). And as for his looks I really hope his personality matches, unlike so many of the actors here in America. I may have just started with the Korean Dramas but he does have better acting skills then some of the others I have seen (just my opinion). So I hope he does flurish in what he excels at and has a long career.

non sibi He is straight, right?

rainy33chay he's so damn sexy...i got a nosebleed when i saw him dance in ANTIQUE. he's really a guy with demonic charm. i will attack him 4 sure if he's in front of me. ^_^

Emine Can't wait to see this new drama!!!He's such a great actors!!Keep up the good work!!!^^

Stephanie Nieves You are so fine! You have got to be in more movies and tv shows because if your in people will watch. Jae Wook you were so sexy in the movie Antique:)


emiru Kim Jae Wook kamu manis n ganteng!



evilive he is good looking. But sometimes he looks a bit like Lee Jun Ki in Antique. but still apart.

sam omg he was in kingdom of the wind. currently watchind that drama, so i will have to keep my eyes peeled O.O

mol Hope he can get more popular. He has beauty, talent, and special charm. Why not bloom? Fly, Jae Wook!

RamenLover Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

katy rose. He was in Dal Ja's Spring, Ruler of your own world, and kingdom of the wind, too

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