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  • Drama: Who Are You
  • Revised romanization: Hooayoo
  • Hangul: 후아유
  • Director: Jo Hyun-Tak
  • Writer: Moon Ji-Young, Ban Ki-Ri
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 29 - September 17, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Detective Shi-On (So E-Hyun) can see things that ordinary people can not. With her warm-heart, she tries to help ghosts that have unfairly arrived in their situations due to their complicated stories. Meanwhile, Detective Shi-On's partner, Detective Gun-Woo (TaecYeon) only believes in what he can see and touch. The two detectives solve cases related to the lost & found center.


  1. "Who Are You" takes over the tvN Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Dating Agency: Cyrano".
  2. First script reading took place on June 17, 2013 at CJ E&M Center, located in Sangam-dong, Seoul. The first script reading lasted for 3 hours.


Who Are You - Korean Drama-So E-Hyun.jpg Who Are You - Korean Drama-TaecYeon.jpg
So E-Hyun TaecYeon
Yang Shi-On Cha Gun-Woo
Who Are You - Korean Drama-Kim Jae-Wook.jpg Who Are You - Korean Drama-Kim Chang-Wan.jpg Who Are You - Korean Drama-Park Young-Ji.jpg Who Are You - Korean Drama-Kim Ye-Won.jpg No Young-Hak
Kim Jae-Wook Kim Chang-Wan Park Young-Ji Kim Ye-Won No Young-Hak
Lee Hyung-Joon Choi Moon-Sik Moon Heung-Joo Jang Hee-Bin Im Sung-Chan

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kk great drama...especially I like episode 16.. So E-Hyun & TaecYeon is cute couple.. So E-Hyun is very pretty ♥♡

Vincent Ong Man,i love this drama so much…They've chosen the right actors,if Taecyeon is the ghost it'll be boring,he doesn't have Jae wook's kind of chemistry with Shi on,although they both look great together too,but it feels different… Jae wook's acting really touched me a lot(i didn't cry of course,i'm a boy for god sakes!),hope they make a season 2 with Taecyeon able to see those "things"…i'll definitely watch it if they do!

ace I must disagree with many posters here. While there were certainly parts of the show that were quite well done, I felt much of it was pretty poorly done.

The score was ok but nothing really impressive. For this type of show I had hoped for better cinematography. It was serviceable but quite uninspiring. The script had a decent enough plot but much the dialogue was boring as hell, given what was occurring. I found myself wanting to fast forward a lot. And worst of all was how the male lead character was written to be such a pissy idiot. The actor was ok, I suppose. But the character got on my nerves more and more with each episode. He was so utterly annoying to me that it sucked a lot of the joy of the show.

All-in-all, it is ok for a one-time watch, but just barely.

anneyv I was so inlove with Kim Jae Wook. Sad he wasnt able to end up with shi on. Thy were so cute! Love Kim Jae Wook!!!!

toubi i wanted her to be with Kim Jae Wook :'( :'( :'( !!

Nama This is my favorite drama it had a lot of feelings I cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed!! Wish there was more episodes

thai fan omg i started to get addicted to this serie. thank you wptv for bringing this to thai tv.

Yumi A good drama and great acting by the leads. So E-Hyun is a good actress though cool characters suit her more, didn't like her in her drama "Glowing She", but here I love her. Taecyeon is a good actor too and I fell in love with Kim Jae Wook here!

The story line was good BUT could've been better, especially some of the action scenes

carol that's so cool.. perfect!!! love this drama.. i'm very interested with the plot and all the characters in this drama.

Kora Do you know the ending song?

David Love, the show!!!

Maya Woods Omgg one of the best dramas I've seen! The lead actress was pure love! She's absolutely stunning and kickass. Frankly, I found the first two episodes quite eerie and it definitely got me hooked. The mystery reveal and the love development was perfect. It wasn't the main focus but it was there and right. I felt at ease with the two leads and I don't know, it wasn't like explosive chemistry but comfortable chemistry that had you awed at the drama. The other actors were also amazing which is why drama was one of the best!

I don't know Korean very well but frankly, I LOVED Taecyeon's acting! He has such a natural way of expressing his character and it's totally lovable/enjoyable! Doesn't hurt, he's good looking, but I find him super cute in his acting. I mean I watched Who are you once, didn't continue bc of the horror-ish genre (its actually not but beginning is decieving) but then I began wonderful days, totally fell in love with Taecyeon's character and so glad gave Who are you another go! WORTH THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! <3 totally fan girl here for his acting and hope he comes in more dramas!!

I highly recommend this to watchers who like easy-going romance without it being the focus, suspense and plain ole cuteness of the younger guy falling for his senior (not by much difference). Again, not sizzling passion but it was totally buy-able and as amazing! Salute to the actors/script/directors!

Priya @Dave: the show you're looking for is The Master's Sun

teemafeena It nice,one of the best series 2013...ah lyk it evn mre whn i saw Taecyeon....KUDOS

Dave Im trying to track down a Korean tv show. Does this girl with powers lose them when she gets around a certain person? Does anyone know what show im talking about?

mimi amazzzzzzing drama one of the best ,just finished it kim jae wook oppa you are sooooo hooooot ,teacyeon oppa so cute and yi hyun unni loved u so much in this drama I never knew that you are a funny cute person,,,,,aby wayfighting

Aika Unique drama! Like!

BORING BORING! BORING! BORING!.....Worst drama of 2013. I hated it so much, it was a drag horrible acting on the leads part. It was disappointing. A season 2 will be the biggest mistake. Sucks DON'T RECOMMEND

Rully looking forward for who are you season 2. hope So E-Hyun or TaecYeon is not die. love both of them. :) love the drama.:)

Katie Seriously, this is by far one of the best dramas I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen many. Usually I get quite bored watching the same drama for weeks or so, but this one's story just grabbed me and made me watch every episode almost in a row, Thumbs up!

Juni I stopped watching as episode 15 ended..i'm gone with Hyung joon T___T

Trudy I have to say this is one of my favorite Korean Drama. I wish I got to see more of Lee Hyung-Joon and Yang Shi-On's romance on the show. He is soOo hot especially when he came back as a spirit and I love how he had his hair it made him look so cute and innocent...Ahh. I have to say I've never cried over a show before but episode 15 made me ball my eyes out. I could not stop crying. Great show!!!

Mymy Its very interesting to watch a unique and complete gene for a short series - horror, comedy, drama, romance, crime investigative. The story line wasn't that much but I really had fun watching it. Its simple and light to watch.

Lee So far, I've only watched the first 2 episodes.

But I found it a turnoff that the female cop didn't even seem to know basic self defense and then ended up having to be rescued by her subordinate. She seemed less than competent as a police officer.

Also, after the perp was shot, the two act has if the crime has been resolved. But without evidence, the perp would likely have been released, so I didn't understand why the leads acted as if the case had been solved.

Also, the perp had actually drugged and kidnapped the female lead, which is a major crime and this is never addressed by any of the parties.

It's as if the writer knew next to nothing about police procedure and the law and logic.

bobaurora I am in the middle of watching episode 2. Wait, don't tell me old man Choi Moon-Sik was the mysterious person who shot Lee Hyung-Joon?

bobaurora Wait.

Don't tell me Choi Moon-Sik is the mysterious person who killed Lee Hyung-Joon? Just a wild guess.

Alvin I can't get over of this drama. I was able to see it on Ch M (Philippines) yet I looked for any available DVD..and got one! Nice plot! Love the character of So E-Hyun---she's so pretty and a very good actress! I always listen to its OST-Because Love Grows from my I phone.. Hope to watch more of So E-Hyun's upcoming drama--especially "3days"..

MONA LIZA I Love this drama........I Like Jae Wook's character......i feel very sad when he died.......n he was looking so innocent in the drama..........anyway acting of all actors was good.........so............keep it up!!!!

Ellie The last episode made it seem as if there will be a continuation, but i cnt find any confirmation on it. is there anyone who knows if there will be a season 2? if there is do anyone know around when it will air?

Jeni I'm in absolute agreement with Liza, exactly what I was thinking as I watched the ending, why can't hyeong joon wake up and be with shi on! I was about to break the screen when gun woo went to look for hyeong joon without letting her know >< shi on gave up on hyeong joon too fast, if she really loves hyeong joon that much, she should have stop her feelings toward gun woo once she recovers her memories, especially when hyeong joon became like that because of her! Cried for hyeong joon every time T^T

liza And i wanted to beat up taecyeon in episode 14th black n blue bcz he wouldnt tell shi on abt hyun joon. Dude was abt.to die anyway... Giv that woman time to say goodbye. Seriously.. Instead of beating around th bush he should hv just said he's alive,hyun joon's alive before you could waste her entire day and my 15 mins. Oh god! KJW when will you get the girl... ?

Liza For me the drama ended with the 15th episode. The 16th was more for gun wooXshi on followers, I'm more of KJW fan. I found the drama simple, pleasant, interesting and so much better than the dramas with a mean female villain who has vowed to make others life miserable. There is no rich-poor difference, no back biting and evil scheming, the gurl could fight, take care of herself and would be that much of a damsel in distress had it not been for gun woo's personality. I loved SEY & KJW pairing, felt like it was the warmth of drama. I Totally wanted them to end up together but then she couldn't always be with the dead, can she? I'm glad that I got to watch it.

naadiass just finished this drama today and can't stop my tears, seriously. Kim Jae Wook oppa, can't u just stayed beside shi on?!? shi on and hyeong joon reaaaalyyyy are the perfect couple! the goodbye scene was so perfectoo, DAEBAK...

lyn First impression, I was really scared on the reaction of ms. So e hyun every time she saw a ghost, much more on the episode one. I thought that drama full of suspense but when I reach the episode 5, I can’t help myself to laugh. This was the time she meets the father of mr.taecyon. This ghost compared to other doesn’t looks so serious instead keeps on smiling. But when his story reveals my tears falls. Further, my most favorite part was on the episode 8, where mr. taecyon attempt to kiss ms. So e hyun and mr. kim jae wook saw it and can’t do anything aside from crying out loud. Take note, the music background also was really good, though the drama couldn’t tell that it was full perfect.

Lyn_ Philippines

Athenna Jade This movie is so amazing! I watched this at Channel M!I really like the episode 1..:) <3

megha ahmed why kim jae wook is not the main lead here? :(

Alex i love the movie that you guys made im from philippines

laurice ravelo I love the movie. there are still things that cannot be explained by science. the movie is truly fascinating. i wish others could watch too. i love you korea saranghae

- i am from philippines.

Marie I really love the drama. I watched it every Monday and Tuesday 10pm at channel M. Amazing!!

Chansopanha I was franking really like this drama movie it kinda like my types movie after it was so awesome I was watching it every time when it playing I'm watching it right now though

regine aldo i really like the story.. l love this drama ,, i love the chemistry between So E-Hyun and TaecYeon.. I love you TaecYeon....

febbie angel rubin fuego i really love the story .. im still watching who are you even if its very late because i want to updated like the others ..lovelots :)

Nouf _uae I like the story so much .. This is my fav kdrama

drizzle.jp I like the epic 10-12 so much cuz my cutie prince wooshik involved :)

rose season 2 please. i like the story.

jhem I like to much the Who are u movie I enjoy to watch every Sunday.I love to much

Magdalena It's a nice drama and story.. Love the chemistry between Si On and Hyeong Joon.. they are perfect together... Gun Woo is okay but not the chemistry is not so romantic as Si On with Hyeong Joon... Well it is a nice drama to watch... Congratz...

Hera LOVE this drama so muchhhh and the pairing is sooo cute together!! Hope there's season 2...pls make season 2 >.<

Iriz I love this drama! THE BEST EVER! :"> I kept on crying while watching this. :)) THUMBS UP!

Janice omg love this video so much seriously i cried at the last ep(ep 16)

shin one of the best drama i've watched so far this year.. So E-hyun and Taecyon looked good together..

Jiyong-ni Love this drama. This is quite awesome Korea investigate drama. I really love 3 of them ( Taecyeon, E hyun and Jae wook. :3

Orchid The song n who r u .. It's yoo sung eun ( because love grows) that's the song I love it soooo mush sooo painful

fathin this is the best drama ever!!! soo different from others!! i wish there were season 2 cause the ending seems to be a bit hanging!! pls2 make season 2! we LOVE this drama!!!!

May Thin I really love this drama series. better than any typical Korean drama.

Vanya who's the ghost fom episode 3? she looks like HyunA from 4minute

pioneers inc. It very interesting, i hope they would still experiment to improve the scenes and drama and to come up with something unique than the past dramas

shana wahhh!! i really like this drama!!!! i hope there's season2 hehehe :)

Feirox Does anyone know who is the female singer and the name of the song in the drama?

maulia Yes. Same theme... mm.. Master's Sun is full of romantic-comedy. But Who Are You full of mystery. It's just my opinion

Nara acid: Have the same theme, have'nt same the storyline....

acid As I read the synopsis, I found the similarity with The Master's Sun 's story,,, correct me if I'm wrong,, cuz I'm not watch the drama yet,,

tin1984 i like so much so very good both So E-Hyun and Kim Jae WOOK hope another dramas soon

naoufal They use samsung galaxy note 2 as a mobile phone ( respond to cristine)

leena Judging by the ending, I think there will be a season two!!

tonnie Love this show. Liked how the characters transitioned and developed. I agree that Shi On and Hyun Joon were cute together, but it felt to me as a way of her getting closure and moving on. She couldn't have alot of cute scenes with Taecyeon's character because she had to move on first or else she would have been a mess at the end. I liked the ending with them finally being able to like each other without anything or anyone holding them back. I hope there is a season 2 but doubt it.If there is on what would the story line be then?

cristine anyone knows what handphone did they use in the drama? If yes, could you please tell me? Thanks ^^

Zoie Pretty awesome drama for me. Have the thriller element. I really wanted the ex boyfriend with the female lead as well. Have to say there isnt as much sweet scenes between taec and the female lead. However, this ending is probably the most logical one. I mean, if not who do you want taec to end up with? This drama needs a happy ending! No complaints about the spooky ending. Cliff hanger yes but usually good dramas end off with suspense to avoid cliche happy-ever-after endings. Overall, recommended and thumbs up for the writer, director and actors!

Oh Ki Won Knowing the ending, I literally stop watching after episode 15. Kim Jae Wook rocks!

Yuki KIM JAE WOOK is the only reason im watching this drama now. and after reading the comments, i already know what might have happened at the end GRRRRR .. I SOOO wanted ghost oppa to be alive and end up with the girl. at first this drama was AWESOME. the whole "dead bf came back for his love thing is soooooo romantic and touchy.. but i dont like the actress and taecyeon is not that great of an actor no offense. its slowly getting disappointing but yea LOVE U KIM JAE WOOOK :D

Shoegirl the ending is good, how u want the ending to be? si on with the ghost? as much as would love them together (hoping to see them in a romantic drama in future), a human cant be with a non human, so yeah!

love the plot love the actors, love it!

Annie I agree ! I like the drama but the ending is bad .. I demand for a season two ! ^^

Babymag I really like this drama!!!! :D I think the whole idea of this drama is great, but some details or scene might be not as good as the idea. Yea, I'm trying to understand how can you move on to another man if your bf ghost still around you? maybe that's why we cannot see some romantic scenes from gun woo and si ohn in 15 episodes before. Because from what I saw in ep16, gun woo and si ohn had pretty good chemistry. If they're gonna make this kind of ending, they should put some not-so-romantical-but-memorable-and-adorable from these two leads. Or at least, give these two equal scene with si ohn and hyung joon. Hyung joon and si ohn just sooo cute >.< and I can see, even tough only in ep16, gun woo and si ohn could make a cute coulpe too. lol

so, are they gonna make the 2nd season? :O

Mari I liked this Drama. I just couldn't believe it would end so abruptly. I like the chemistry between the actors... the last episode left me hanging... will this have a part 2?

Mai-Vy Only 16 episodes?! Its just gunna end like that!!!? UGHH! awesome drama, but bad ending.

Tiffany I like it but the chemistry between So E-Hyun and Kim Jae-Wook are a lot better! after episode 15 I stopped watching! KJW is a good actor! I Love Him!

gladitsover Watching this drama was just something to pass time with. I got tired of seeing Shi-On breaking down into tears every single episode over the same thing. I know there's a grieving process but I didn't think it needed to last until the very last episode. I thought it was a super slow story and would have made a better movie instead of 16 episode drama. I can't believe they left such a huge opening for a second season, I don't think I could sit through another one

wisa ehh this show is alright. Didn't really care for it at all. I tried to get into it, but I just couldn't. I'm stuck on 15 not sure if I want to keep watching. kim jae wook was the best on the show its probably the reason why I kept on watching.

Juu Taecyeon did a great job, he was funny, kind and serious hahah i really enjoying seeing this drama because of him and so e-hyun

nana This one is AWESOME. TvN did it again and gave us a great drama to enjoy. It wasn't a little bit boring. Especially the lastfew episodes i just couldn't stop watching totally recommand it to EVERYBODY !!!

Domino Kim Seung Su as Prosecutor Park was also in ep. 15 to. I think his picture should be up in the group as well. He's a really good and experienced actor with a lot of hit dramas. His acting is definitely better than Taecyeon's and he could've even been better asthe LEAD. Watch him in Jumong..excellent!

Jiyeon shi Always supporting Ok Taecyeon. Although he is not experienced enough, he always does anything with his 100%, Ok Taecyeon Hwaiting!! :) can't wait for your next drama :)

Jiyeon shi always supporting taecyeon, Although he is not experienced enough, he always does anything with his 100%. Taecyeon Hwaiting!! :)

ohho Will there be 2nd season for this drama?i would love to watch if there's any.at first after watching a few episodes of this drama i think the writer lost her/his focus and make me a bit disappointed.but at the end of the drama starting ep13 i started to enjoy this drama..pls give us 2nd season with taecyon got the same ability as so e- yun.haha.

Easter Lily A very frustrating experience all up. A great premise messed around by sloppy writing. Occasionally one might see a flash of brilliance here and there but these were bogged down by annoying contrivances. I'm starting to think that high melodrama and the detective genre just don't mix in kdramas. It's irritating watching so-called intelligent cops do absurd things in police procedurals to drive the plot. The actors did their best with what they were given. Team Ten must be something of an anomaly.

CICI I think if they wanted better ratings for WHO ARE YOU, they should have cast Kim Jae Wook as the LEAD. He was the STAR even as a ghost. His acting was flawless and his scenes were addicting. Taecyeon started out okay, but after awhile it was obvious he is not experienced enough and either over acts or under acts and just didn't fit with So Yi Hyun as a boyfriend. Kinda silly even till the end. I'm looking forward to someone seeing the amazing talent of Kim Jae Wook and giving him a really good LEAD role. He definitely deserves it

bedo good and fast drama ,, the main romance parts was between Hyung-Joon and Shi-On

i felt bad for Gun-Woo yet he had the girl but her heart and soul was with her ex ,, Gun-Woo deserves better
it would be nicer if the  writers add sec female lead character similar to Gun-Woo age who really love him with full heart and soul  and made him end up with 

and on the other hands made the other couple end together after Hyung-Joon wake up from his coma like Shi-On did

riverwind This drama is totally awesome! The content of the story is something unique and not the same with usual korean drama. It has an almost complete genre, suspense,drama,romance and mystery. I hope there will be a season 2 same main character but need to add some comeo to portray the new mystery that they need to solve.

Riririri KIM JAE WOOK! Ahhh looks so hot with his haircut in this drama! MAKE ANOTHER DRAMA with him ending up with the girl xDD I still love taecyeon but kim jae wook clearly has more chemistry with the girl. Taecyeon's actibing is not bad as some other people would say. I am honestly surprised with the raitings as I think this drama has great potential but I still wouldn't say it is the best but come on! I dont think this drama deserve those raitings.

Y.Nari Kim Jaewook is the only reason I keep watching this drama. His acting really get me in. I cried like a baby when his tear come out. Love how he convey his feeling without any word. THE BEST (>.<)b

Tina I Think there will part cuz at the end it show the mirror and someone past by! I think in the next part cha geon woo will be the one who see it or both of them will

Luis I want to know the name of the song... Who can help me?

Chie Last episode tonight right?

krj I already guessed that hyunjoong would die ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

krj I've already guessed that hyungjoon would die ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ozmo Why, oh why, can't people comment on the drama and actors WITHOUT giving out SPOILERS? !! Think of others please !!

arang whether she ends up with hyung joon or gun-woo, it doesn't matter. as long as she is happy.. ... :)

Habiba I think shi-on is so beautiful with hyung-joon and i dont think that after this all hyun-joon would be alive for 6 years coma but he would walk up like shi-on walk up and i prefer that shi-on choose hyng-jun and thare are mabye 2 ends first that hyung-joon walk up and while gun woo is taking his last breath he told shi-on that hyung-joon is still alive and tell her place then die and the second which is more expicted and dont want it to happen the hyung-joon maybe die or alive but in coma or walk up and gun woo would alive and shi-on would choose him but i prefer the first and i want shi-on choose hyung-joon

Habiba I love this drama and i thin kit end would be like any end of any drama that shi-on will lovegun woo ana i think that hyung-joon would walk up like shi-on walk up from 6 years coma hyung-joon too would walk up but i hope that she choose hyung-joon and i am sure that gun woo would not die their are still 2eposids and he is main leader in the drama and main leadrs donet die i hope that shi-on choose hyung-joon

eloise kim jae wook...i'd love to see him being the main lead in a drama one day..i think his acting in some earlier works is better; antique, coffee prince, kingdom of the winds..fighting,KJW

Lisa I'm going to be sad if Gun-Woo dies. Sorry but no one wakes up from a 6 year coma and is normal. Yes it's tv but that just means Gun-Woo can survive an otherwise mortal blow!

taecyeon i think this drama should be made ongoing , not just up to ep 16. :)

midoshi i think si on has already made up her mind about detective hyung's death. now it shows how much she cares about gun woo, if hyung come out from coma gun woo has to die. becaue only one man can be with her, both men are loving her, i think gun woo doesn't have any intention to live after seeing hyung still alive, he threw his body to protect her, but if gun woo dies will she able to happliy live with hyung, i don't know. but i remember hyung told that wich girl he is getting weaken dayby day, i think this the time to leave his body permenently. will wait till monday ^-^

damnnright This drama made me sort of chuckle when I notice that Prosecutor Park Eung Joon was with So E-Hyun in a drama called Alice in Cheongdamdong. It is because he was her husband in that drama.

damnnright @xoxo90: the title of the song is "Because Love Grows" by Yoo Seung Eun

Narwhal It occurred to me that taecyeon gets friendzoned in almost every drama he is in, so here I am thinking so help me if Taecyeon gets friendzoned because she chose the ghost I am going to rage quit so hard and possibly flip a couple of tables as well. It is about time taecyeon gets the girl! Although either way I absolutely love this drama!!

Shunda I'm loving being pull in and hating having to wait for more.

xoxo90 This drama is pretty much awesome:) And a great acting game by the two lead actors. But can somebody tell me the name of the song from the ost,because it's simply impossible to find it>>>>

Domino Hi, writer Moon Ji-Young. You've made "Who Are YOU" an exciting drama to watch. If you want to make a lot of viewers happy, please do something more original than the typical Kwriter and LET Hyung Joon LIVE and give us a happy ending. PLEASE???

Taecron Si Ohn just woke up earlier than him kkk... but seems like Taecyeon(Gun Wo) will be the one dying T_T

Taecron Lee Hyung-Jun IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!! WOHOOO!!! HE IS IN COMA LIKE SI OHN ^_^

Tess I love this drama! Nice twist in episode 14. Very curious as to how the writer will let it play out. 화이팅!!!

Krysa Hey pople, why do you want only possitive comments? JJ does not like this drama so let him write it here. I wonder in what world you people (Midoshi, Newb) live, that you can not endure that someone has a different opinion. The taste of viewers differes and I am happy for this. Thanks for your comment, JJ (although I do not agree).

midoshi dear jj, if don't like this so don't look at it. your guys are not in open mind, you all are limited only to one thing, that is only romance, or kiss. that all you all know, but thats not the entertaining. and dont critisize the actors, they are doing it well, if you are perfect for acting so go for it, don't critisize the people who are doing it

newb Obviously jj, if you don't like the drama why bother watching and commenting here, are a hater? Get lost LOL. Purposefully putting this drama is bad, why watch in the first place?This drama is what think good on its own, cannot be compared to Masters Sun cause both have two different genres the former is a romcom while this is a Rom mystery, so yeah, hoping to see how it turns out:)

imma Ok Teac Yeon & Choi Woo Shik...Great Actor From JYP Entr...Love This Drama...^^

deasia i Love This Drama

Summer I've noticed a lot of people wondering who the hacker his. His name is Choi Woo Shik. :) Loving the show by the way~

jj the suspense in this drama is so bad. it is a badly written drama. like we all didn't know who was behind it all. it was so obvious. ah all i could was just laugh. i am done now. i aint gonna continue with this bullshit, annyeong!

Kisses The guy who played the role of the hacker is Choi Woo Sik http://asianwiki.com/Choi_Woo-Sik

He was in Rooftop Prince.

Domino I like "Who Are You" a lot and So E Hyun and Kim Jae Wook make a beautiful couple. The story has stayed interesting although Taecyeon has substituted his humorous moments at the start with awkwardness IMO. I think he was mis-cast as a romantic lead here. He acts too young for her to be anything serious. Also, I think he should take on some character roles to get more experience instead of doing leads because he has Kpop popularity. People really can tell the difference. In the meantime, I hope to see SEH and KJW together as LEADS in another Kdrama. They are well matched, great looking & their chemistry together is really sweet. Now, please, Taec lovers don't get mad, It's just my honest opinion. : )

layyyydaaay What is the actor's name (the guy who plays the technology hacker guy)?

Genelia Whats the song in the trailer?

CICI I think Shi On and Hyung Joon make the best couple and are believable. Gun Woo is cute and all, but he acts immature and like a younger brother. It felt weird to me when I saw him kiss her..like he was kissing his big sister..yuk! Sorry, "T" fans. KJW is handsome, sexy and manly. I think the story should have been more around him but it's still good so far but getting predictable.

Plsherratt No.....I like the two main,characters together! He is so adorable with her. The ghost guy is too intense. Plus how can she end up with a ghost.....unless she dies too? The main guy is like this little puppy and awkward....it just makes him so likeable

jason ok taecyeon, looks great, I think So hi hyun should fall for him. hope to see them together. fighting!!! ^^

Trang I agree with most of the comments I read, shi on and hyung joon together. They are so cute together!

erya gunwoo look so handsome ,,,, perfect it

orchid I prefer shi-on and hyung joon tgt, shi on and gunwoo look so funny

Jenny I honestly prefer Shi on and Hyung Joon together more than her & Gun Woo.. their chemistry is better and they LOOK better together because she looks a lot older than Gun Woo.. LOL it was so awkward watching the kiss scene with her and Gun Woo LIKE COUGAR ALERT. But anyways this drama is so good but it get's a bit predictable.

DramaGirl When I was watching Shi-on and Hyung-Joon's in episode. 8/9 I cried cuz I felt bad for Hyung Joon. I like Shi-on and Hyung Joon better then Gunwoo. But is fun watching him act like a high schooler who's new to love express himself infront of Shi-on who's older and has someone she loves. Love the tv show

sheerna the guy from rooftop prince as cameo... choi woo shik

kagi Jj, you are right about her scared face. But is she to blame, or do the writer and director make her act like that.

CRYSTAL ZHANG I like So E-Hyun with Kim Jae-Wook better you can feel the chemistry

Suu And who is t,e geek guy on ep 10 ,, he is so hott and cute and handsome... Never been atracted to a geek before but he definetly iss HOT.

Su ALso I am teammGunwoo because he is hotter and more masculine and protective than the other sad fcae cold guy. Also he saved the girls life a dozen times and I think she should hav already fallen for him.

su OMG!!!! Jj you are totally rightttt!! I was thinking about the same thing!! She always hav the same I m scared face, doesnt sheee???? And yeah I agree she is two differet characters when she is with gunwoo and hyungjon I mean she acts like a small girl and then a teacher and cant bind the two persona within her character....Howvwer she is not that terrible, I seen worse

Jj Does anyway get annoyed with her "I am surprised " or "scared " face . It's always the same with bones sticking out from her neck . Seriously it frustrates me . As soon as she looks scared I look away . and I think this girl is busy feeling that she is pretty than actually acting her role . Sometimes she overdoes it . That whole "I am miss sophisticated persona" . Personally I think she is a horrible actress .

Sha Shi-On unnie and Hyung-Joon oppa is a better couple because each of the scenes, you can see them as if they really love each other. Their scenes are anticipated because they seem so real and carefree. Whereas Shi-On and Gun-Wo's relationship seems more like boy has puppy crush on older girl. Its more like their are classmates and sometimes I think Gun-Wo has the same facial expression at some parts. (Sorry about the Gun-Wo lovers (>.o<)/

Mikachu What is the name if the actor that helps them find out the information on the phone( the computer geek guy)?

stalo the name of the song is because love grows-Yoo Sung Eun

Lian Hyung Joon and Si Ohn together is more interesting!! They have this chemistry that makes you hold your breath for a while.... like them to be together hahahha can't it be possible to Hyung Joon in a coma too hhahahah or better yet, another drama with them together ^^

Hyung Joon and Si Ohn scenes are much much much more awaited ^^

Paige sae I like si ohn and hyung joon's chemistry because it's more romantic

mary What is the name of the song when they kissed on episode 8?

Beyondzer09 I love the kissing part of shi-on with hyungjoon more than with taec.. I love shi on and hyung joon's chemistry more.. But definitely hyung joon is super hot specially with his hair when he's a ghost :)

Meli I loooove this drama!!! it's sooo diferent and unpredictable!! ch. 8 just broke my heart!! i want more!!!

Mimi i sincerely don't like his acting in the drama, "Who are You", i honestly prefer the other drama, "The master's sun". His emotions don't come across very well with the words he's speaking, i don't feel any chemistry, and the character choices are so odd. i went back to watching it for Kim jae wook....but honestly he doesn't even speak! the chemistry with all the characters are so weird. and i have a feeling it's just the actors they chose to put in the roles... hopefully it gets better, but its been 7,8 episodes so far, a bit too log for things to become interesting in a drama...

Shiga I love taecyon and si on together I don't really like her and the ghost together after her coma if it was before her coma I would have rootet for them

mido This is awsome drama, i love this specially because of kim jae wook, he is so manly and excellent acting, worry to see him as a ghost.

sky why should taecyon who led the main man in this drama ?? i really don't like him .. siwon or le sunggi should be the main man .. Taecyeon good at dancing but not too good at acting. i like so e hyun-si . fighting !!!

ninja I so wish Team Leader Yang could be with Hyung JoonT____T he might be a ghost but still.... they looked so much better together than she and GunWoo.... π.π

Latiaaaaaa I.WANT.JAE WOOK.AND.SO E-HYUN.TOGETHER.SO.BAD! I mean i LOVE taecyeon & all but in da drama jae wook and so e hyun r sooooo cuteeeeee! :3

cy i want to see kim jae wook and so e-hyun together... hope to see them in another drama after this one... they have good chemistry between them.. love lee hyung joon's flashbacks.. :"> they really do look cute together..

lyn woww its getting hot and hot by the episode....love it but they were supposed to hide that choi mon sik was involved in the killing of lee hyung joon and surprice us leta but anyway its still.....hot ..as it is really loved the ending of episode 8,,mwaa

Alexa AHHHHHH!!!!!!! This Drama is amazing!!! But I seriously want to see So E-hyun and Jae Wook together!! But for obvious reasons I understand this can't happen....because she would have to be dead. I like Taec and I loved watching him in We Got Married. But I don't want him to get together with So E-hyun or be kisssssing her! My heart goes out to the sad lonely ghost boy who has to sit and watch her move on! WAE!!!!!

TheAngelStar Woow this drama is so amazing so far ! Finally Taec and E Hyun are not arguing and now they are comfortable around each other, Waiting for the romance ^_^ Kim Jae Wok is sooooooo cute. I wonder did she remember who he was in ep 7 ?? waiting for the episoooode. Oh by the way it says it airs every monday and tuesday at 23:00 but is that according to korea time ?? If so, what time is it according to GMT ??

MyAnh OMGGGG TAEC OPPPPPAAAA!! I started watching this drama because of him. He's such a GREAT actor. Super reactions, facial and super handsome <3 On the other side, E-hyun is also really talented, she's mastering her character but I feel like the rythm of this drama is too slow.. When she's scared of the gost, there will ALWAYs be a 10 sec close up plan of her face being scared! That's kind of annoying..!!

Can't wait for the romance beetween E-hyun and taec oppa!!!! :D I recommand this drama, so far its ok. The suspense and the story is good.

meimei i love kim jae wook so much. he's so handsome, and i like to see jae wook and e hyun together. why jae wook must became ghost ? waeee ? T_T

Emma I really love this drama but I feel like So E-Hyun and Kim Jae-Wook chemistry is better

merry a noer it is a good drama.... can't wait any longer to the next episodes i cried while saw kim jae wook..., so sad i hope the ending is happy ending for taecyeon and so e hyun

char I love this show.. so far its a good one. I like that its alil scary and the mystery behind it. Woo. Oh! And of course I love taec..lol

lyn wow..i love the actors,,love the drama but i just watched episode 6 i think something happened to the website i was watching it cn some one tell me how it ends like i ended when where sleeping in that house they found..please

mmm boooooooooooooring

Ann I love this drama because it is really like Melinda of the Ghost Whisperer! I am absolutely hooked like all the other fans!

Lynn This drama is like a combination of Cold Case and Ghost Whisperer and it's way better than them! LOVE IT!! Totally hooked!

Lian I was reading one of the comments and I totally agree... this drama is like "Ghost Whisperer." But I guess this one won't have that many seasons... ^^

Lian Kim Jae Wook.. you finally make an appearance again ^^ you're characters keep becoming more interesting ^^

Mae Rosa I so love this drama!!! I just finish watching episode 5 and I can't wait for tomorrow's next episode... This drama is so addicting, I watch the first episode because I was curious and bored and it's seems interesting, now I keep looking at my mail for any updates, I just can't get enough of this drama and I hope that it will better in more episodes to come... But I'm really curious to whom really killed Lee Hyung-Joon...

Aimee I love this drama since the first ep it's really interesting and addictive Taecyeon is such a great actor he makes the drama less scary kekeke this drama gave me a heart attack every time i see a ghost T.T but i still love it <3<3<3 XD

Haze I highly recommend this drama, started watching it today because I was bored, and I didn't expect to like it so much - but it. is. addictive! I really wish kim-jae wook's character was the lead, just because I love his acting, but can't complain too much since TaecYeon is doing such a good job. Once again, highly recommend this drama!! (although waiting for the new ep is going to be difficult)

Shakira Hooked just by episode one!!!! Kinda makes me think of "Stir of Echos" with Kevin Bacon because the dead come to him to help solve their unjustly deaths. I kinda believe in real life a person soul can not rest if they were wrongfully killed without justice. I freakin LOVE THIS!! So E Hyun's hair is gorgeous and TaecYeon is so freakin cute!!!! LOVE IT!!! Oh and did I mention I LOVE IT!!!

Chrisocta I don't know about ghost whisperer, but this drama is a real good one.It's quite scary and feel so real. I mean how the ghost appear and terrorize yang shi on *i had no comment it seems so real* how the ghost just stare without talking, scream or whisper, and following her around. And the best part is, the interesting part start from ep1 onwards. I really recommend this drama, if u are unsure try watch 1 random ep. That's all I can say. Happy watching ^^

fraulein Melinda Gordon. I think I know who's the final bad guy already, the one who killed Hyung Joon.

park kiyeol for those who dont know ,ghost whisperer is a show where a women [belinda or something] helps ghost to find the light for them to go to a better place by helping them convey a message or solving their unfinished work and stuff lid dat

Abused Smiles I love this show!!!! Btw It's nothing like ghost whisperer.

Sehee Omg it's so scary. Argh i want to watch it but im scared :<

mmelanie you people seriously should stop relating it with Ghost Whisperer. Stop thinking that eveyryone is from america and that eveyone knows the american series. I've never watched Ghost Whisperer but i'm watching Who Are You and I love it!!do you think that us was the first to have this concept? -.-

zoe This drama is amazining!! Everytime I watch an episode I'm so eager for the next one!! the plot is just so exciting and thrilling!! I love it so much and I'm surprised by Taecyeon's acting. In WGM he was so... umm.. serious but here he's a whole different person and it seems so natural. he acts well^^~~~

John So far much better than Ghost Whisperer which is kind of sappy. It has the feel of Sixth Sense. I hope they stick to the format....so far so good. I like the acting choice. Very well casted.

maya i was bored to death...

Kuipo Teacyeon is nothing like he was in We Got Married Global Edition. If the real Teacyeon in We Got Married Global Edition was his true personality, it was a shock to see how much his personality didn't come through in this series. He is definitely a top notch actor.

vita marwinda Kim jae wook.. Looks so manly.. and ofcourse ok taecyon.. They just sooooo visual which is good for my eyes..hahahaha..

Kkiki I watched the 2 first episodes on Dramafever! This drama just look amazing! I think that is going to be as good as "I hear your voice"

Aziza Itssss amazingggggg, I loveddd itt. Oppppa Teacyeon youuu aree amazing♥♥♥♥♥

Isis The plot is similar to Cold Case and Ghost Whisperer but I like the certain twist to it as to what might have happened 6 years ago and the brewing love story between Taecyeon and So E Hyun

Jaime Oliver Ah, they are using the same creepy actor who was in the Goddess of Marriage in this series as a psychiatrist who killed the girl in the first episode. He is so ugly so it's a good role for him because he naturally looks like a creep. So far, it's a good series.

Laura Duran Ah, they are using the same creepy actor who was in the Goddess of Marriage in this series as a psychiatrist who killed the girl in the first episode. He is so ugly so it's a good role for him because he naturally looks like a creep. So far, it's a good series.

Cheng 2nd episode and both the leads are just retarded

gyubee i've watched the first episode and it was good. Looking forward for the next episode ^^

Sneha I've been waiting for this drama. Not coz of Taecyeon but because of Kim Jae Wook :D First drama after being released from the military! Can't waittttttttttttttt...!!

IrnaQaila Taecyeon oppa!!!! Gonna watch it for him.....ahh..he's just so cute in we got married and so handsome in dream high.....definitely gonna watch it because of him....

aeyachen It seems interesting but I guess not so original. It's just like Ghost Whisperer.

Lis It's seems like Dana scully an Fox Mulder in Korean version

hottest I can't wait this drama because Taecyeon Oppaaa!! ^^ Wish it will broadcast to Channel M global..

hottest I can't wait this drama because Taecyeon Oppaaa!! ^^ Wish it will broadcast to Channel M global

Acano I am watching this because of Taecyeon.! And this i kind of like ghost whisperer...

TY lovers Really can't wait for this drama, I'm so excited.. I see many people want to watch this drama bcause of taecyeon oppa amazing I see oppa you have many fans..

Eleanor Pinkjambu Daebak!! This drama will be watched of many oppa taecyeon fans.. Saranghae oppa!! I've been waiting for your drama.. Now it's the time.. Bogoshippeo oppa fighting!!

yasaman WOW.I can not wait for this drama.taecyeon is a very good actor and he is so lovely...

immairmayani Taecyeon-ah....love you....i hope your role great....:-))

julie ashih rosli can't wait to see Teacyeon again...so cute and handsome... :P

Mericia really can't wait for this drama!! very interesting plot and gorgeous actors!!

malak Really can't wait for this.

Taecyeon! love you 

tunisian love you so mush

sindi Funny how both guys, TaecYeon and Kim Jae Wook were both partnered with Moon Geun Young but both did not end up with her in the dramas. (Referring to Cinderella's Sister and Marry Stayed Out all Night). And, So E-Hyun was part of Cheongdamdong Alice which also stars Moon Geun Young. Small world. :)

Dooda I really can't wait for this drama >.< I love every TvN"s dramas <3 TvN Fighting

Sa.Ho Sooooooooooooo excited for Taecyeon , but I really hate that other actor Kim Jae Wook . He's like a robot

Sneha Kim Jae Wook's comeback drama. Can't wait!! It's been ages since I got a glimpse of him. Oppa fighting!! :D

MIMI @Armin... you what?!

KIM JAE WOOK IS AWESOME!... only reason i clicked on this was cos i saw his picture.

Armin I hate Kim jae wook!

vuny luwitha Kim jae uck sshi...i wish you will be first lead....butits sounds good to hear you willcome back soon...oppa bogo shipda....

Yul Taecyeon!!And I love So Ehyun after watching her in Cheongdamdong Alice.

Yusrina FAR Really can't wait for this. I saw her on I Hear Your voice and thought that "oh, she's just cameo. When she's play drama again?" And I don't believe that finally, she's play the lead actrees in here. With Taecyeon. Btw, the plot is interesting.

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