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TaecYeon @ 2013 BIFF
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name: TaecYeon / Ok Taek-Yeon
  • Hangul: 옥택연
  • Born: December 27, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Twitter: @taeccool


Taecyeon was born in Busan, South Korea, but emigrated with his family to Bedford, Massachusetts, where his parents and older sister (Jihyen) still currently reside. Taecyeon himself lived there for seven years, attending Bedford High School where he was an active member of the Chess Club, Jazz Band, JV Soccer Team and the National Honor Society before returning to pursue his career in Korea. Taecyeon was educated at Gel In High School in Seoul and studied Business Administration at Dankook University. He speaks fluent English and Korean.


It was his sister Jihyen, who persuaded him to participate in a JYP Entertainment-audition, whose promotion she had noticed when surfing on the internet. After his reluctant agreement to participate, both headed for New York City on his 17th birthday. A week later, he was chosen for the final 35 and finally got the call-back to go to Korea for the further competition. At first, Taecyeon applied to become a model, but the judges suggested him to try to do dancing and singing. He eventually was named one of the dozen finalists (including his future bandmates Lee Junho and Chansung) to compete in the show Superstar Survival, but was the first contestant to leave the show.

Music Career

In 2008, he took part in Mnet's Hot Blood Men which follows the extreme training of 13 trainees in order to become a member of the boy band One Day. One Day spawned two boy bands, 2AM and 2PM, of which the latter one Taecyeon became a member of. Six months after Hot Blood was aired on TV, 2PM debuted with their first single "10 Points out of 10 Points" ("10점 만점에 10점") from their first EP Hottest Time of the Day, but it wasn't until their second EP 2:00PM Time For Change which skyrocketed their success in the Korean music industry. So far, 2PM has released two studio albums and three EPs.

Solo activities

Taecyeon is featured in "Yes I'm In Love" by Bada on her fourth album and Baek Ji-Young's 2009 song "내 귀에 캔디" (My Ear's Candy). He formerly hosted SBS's music show Inkigayo with Wooyoung, and was a permanent cast member on Family Outing 2 before it got canceled.

In 2010, he saw his debut as an actor in the 2010 KBS drama series Cinderella's Sister alongside Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung-myung. His second drama is Dream High, in which he played the role of Jinguk. The drama premiered on January 3, 2011.

On September, 2011 FujiTV announced that Taecyeon was going to become a regular on their Sunday drama “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi“, along with Japanese actor Nishijima Hidetoshi and South Korean actress Kim Tae Hee as the two main characters. This is his first regular role on a Japanese drama. The producer of the drama commented, “We needed someone who can by mysterious and make his presence felt by others at the same time. Outside of his role, Taecyeon is a very polite and bright person, who always manages to create a cheerful atmosphere at the set. He is going to bring a breath of fresh air to the Japanese drama scene.” Taecyeon commented, “It’s my first role in a Japanese drama and I’m really happy to be able to work together with such a wonderful cast and such an amazing staff. I will exert myself to the best of my abilities in order to polish my acting as much as I can.”


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gracia oppa...you are awesome <3

john jennifer lopze Oh my God teacyon is good in acting I think i like its a secret

Bibi-chan Taecyon, You're so cute ^^ I did'nt love your acting in High school love on, especialy when you were cying, you cyed so much!! it's piss me of!! I did'nt like it!...But I like 2PM so Fighting ^^

GnavAdora Taecyeon Oppa, Saranghae! <3 Thanks for giving me hope in the entertainment industry. Your passion, personality, and beautiful spirit makes me love what you do even more! <3 *LOVE YOU*

Nasumi Hi, I'm seriously not like this usually but I'm really found of you, hahaha! Hwaiting you're probably an awesome person in real life too! To tell the truth.........you made my heart beat faster hahaha. I'm a dragon as well, 12 years a part!^^ do your best!

cha chang chung HI! I thought you and kim so hyun are twins when I whached dream high.cause yoh look like same.you 2 look cute together.

Pammo Watched you on Roommate episode 39. You were extremely gracious and accommodating adding so much to this episode. Even though you cooked breakfast it was fun watching you do the wake-up of all the roommates with the french toast. I do hope you return as a true guest so we can enjoy more of your personality and interactions. Reading your background I will begin to follow your work. Starting with Wonderful Days.

Soledad manalo Teacyeon. Is really good and nice person he always happy person , and good actor I hope and he do drama again with Emma wu they have really amazing chemistry in TV ..God alway guide you a ng many more blessings to come

LITTLE TAEC He is so wonderful.. But why many people said that he,s not that WOW??

LITTLE TAEC WOW.. This oppa is driving me crazy .. >.<

saurabh vivek i love taecyeon oppa so much..i'm not the fan of kpop before..after listening to 2PM songs i was falled into it..i'm really huge fan of u..so adorable..keep it up..i'll be always support u taec oppa..hwaiting...

Sophie A young man who has a very clean image,polite, sunny and likeable. Hopefully he will be a role model to youngsters.Do continue to work hard.All the best in your future undertaking.

mavis I like your rapping skills...you are and keep it up

MaiToast Seen everything you've done so far - keep doing what you're doing :) you're great and you do it well. 2PM is my first KPop band I've listened to and with each drama, your acting had truly improved. I'm currently undergoing treatments and while I sit there with my infusions I watch an episode or two learning Korean so thank you for making the hours pass quicker. Oppa, happy early birthday. When you're done with your military duties i hope to see you in future dramas - hopefully I will still be around ^_^ have a wonderful new year to and your band mates

Tofo Matilda Bardi omg nice I love Oppa a lot I love your singing and rapping skills I also want to be a rapper

Hiru Rathnayaka Taecyeon oppa... Hwaiting!! He is my favorite Korean star. His acting,singing and rapping gets 10 out of 10... I think he is born with it.. Keep up the great work in your carrier.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Taecyeon oppa and all 2pm members!!

Andria5490 Taecyeon oppa~!! i have just finish watching all of your dramas and movie..!! Keep on the good work and stay humble always..2PM oppa fighting!! <3

Miki Amazing! This man here introduces me to the Hallyu Wave. The first drama I watched was Dream High. My first Kpop band was 2PM. He's so down to earth and just incredible. I will always support him. Taecyeon, if you ever have a chance to read this, I just want to say thank YOU for staying true to youreself and inspiring me!

myrna galangey Such a great great guy,...he's the only Korean actor who catches my attention to watch Korean dramas Good luck taecyeon....stay humble always....

min-sa a good singer.. but the worst actor ever... please stop torturing us, and don't take any more long family drama. You do not have what it takes. Not even close

Narisha You are an excellent actor. Your ability to capture the attention of people is really great. Very attractive and smart!

Jasmine I'm so proud of him really big fan of him seens 3 years ago 2pm fighting

Intan Hey, i never knew that he is a singer. haha.. sorry. but what i know is he is super duper cute and a great actor. Thumb up for hin in the Wonderful Days. I am so sad cause 10 more episodes then its done. what do i'm going to do with ma life after this drama end. Good. KBS make more god family drama this Wang Family ang Wonderful Days. Daebakk..

Bonnie lynn Katzell Muench I am watching the drama Wonderful Days. I want to say what a great script and phenomenal acting.. I can't wait to catch the rest of this show.... Taecyeon is pretty amazing. Just read his biography to and I hope to see more of him.... (Y)

zoey oppah you are the best <3 you are and you will always be my HERO <3 <3 <3 Love You so much <3

zoey oppah you are the best <3 you are and you will always be my HERO <3 love you <3

jay ann Teacyeon oppah ur d best..keep up the good work .and i will always there to sopport you no matter what..fighting

Sally Your acting is fantastic in the Wonderful Days series. I am really moved by your character. Best of luck in all you do.

myrna galangey Keep up the good work Taec I almost watch all ofyour videos on you tube your such a nice. Cry baby guy...,,,....you're so amazing good at everything your doing.......

myrna galangey Keep up the good work Taec I almost watch all your videos in you tube your such a nice cry baby guy.....

KVyR I am sure you will succeed as an actor... you seem to be a down to earth person as I see in your acting and character. Hope to see more drama of you!!!!

sophie Taecyeon oppa you are so handsome and cool! I love your acting and dancing--u will always be my one hero and don't ever worry about losing your popularity. we love you!!!! Hwaiting oppa!!

Lisa Taecyeon-ssi, I support you! Fighting!

houda We love you very much, especially with Susieyou in a dream hight And you're a singer and you are a wonderful talented actort

myrna galangey He's so calm young man I saw him in wgm......

Kristen kate Saw him first on wonderful days. Now I have a crush on him. He really is wonderful. I will always love u, Taec Yeon. :) <3)

Idycy Taecyeon, I loved you on Dream High!! I thought your acting was great :) and because of you I'm going to check out 2PM! Keep working hard :)

monsu i love u oppa! saranghae<3

Trudy I love the show that you played in "Who are you?" In your bio did you really live in Bedford, Massachusetts USA? If it is that's awesome. I live in Massachusetts too!!!

sw_tcy taecyeon!!! u are so cute!! great acting!! saranghae <3

lizzee I know I'm a little late but I just finished watching Dream High and I really liked it . Taec Yeon you made me love that show and made me want to watch it again and again. It was Amazing , I really like you and I would like it if you would keep working hard . Thank you for the wonderful show and your music from 2pm . Work hard LOVE YOU!

niloofar Hi I think taecyeon was amazing to be able to show courage and brave him self trough this path of living ... be happy every times and take care.... I love you ..^ _ ^ @

Zana @Delhi If you watch the drama 'Who Are You', then he was a lead role and he got the girl.

niloo hi.... I love you Tae cyeon since I love music so much as my life.... keep up your good work and gain more good luck.... I like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Antoinnette Odelyn Britney Btw, I like your performance on Dream High! Since I love music so much as my life, I love Dream High too..! Especially when those K-Pop Idol starring on Dream High. Well TaecYeon-san's live broadcast film in 'We Got Married' with Emma Wu is so amazing and funny ! Keep up your good work and gain more good luck !

Antoinnette Odelyn Britney I'm interested at this kind of business. It's amazing and awesome. To be able to dance, sing, act, create your own or find your own way! I think TaecYeon-san was amazing to be able to show courage and brave himself trough this path of living. I wanna be an idol not actress at least, but I don't have time and courage :s So i'm so happy to be able to look up an actor like TaecYeon-san!

Levi you and gui gui are such a cute couple in we got married *.*

kimia Yobosiyo!!hiii My idol.are ok?you are our god in dancing..be happy every times and take care.I whish more and more prosperity for you.GOD be with you in all situation...saranheyoooo...

madleen oppa you ae the best ♥ ♥ fighting we will love you all of our life ♥ ^_^

Delhi Waiting for the day when Taecyeon plays the lead role where he actually gets the girl. Btw HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TAECYEON!!! :D

lorielyn r. belated happy 25th birthday

Sulfahshaff HechBeeDee tew u dear Taecyon...wsh u mre yrx ahead and stay blessed...much luff...em Fateema 4rm NIG!

Sulsahshaff Hech bee dee@dearext,cheesy,sugary,peperoni,spicy taecyeon...llnp,gwd health en apie mre daex ahead...lurv yha

chidinma hi teacyeon!!! i really love ur music and the way u rap and act. My best movie so far is Dream high, and 2pm is my best kpop group ever. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.! 4rm chidinma. Nigeria...

chidinma hi teacyeon!!! i really love ur music and the way u rap and act. My best movie so far is Dream high, and 2pm is my best kpop group ever. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.!

yusmaizura yasin hello oppa!! my newhew really love you. do you know, how old are they? seven years and six years. both her ​​your fans. they are still children, but they are very interested in you. sometimes, there is also jealousy crossed my mind. not just, you know they are not his, but they love you from my right. but not why. I'm already your fan. so, I forgive their iniquity. hahaha. and I hope to see you with them. they will not be smiling down right? I Yus. from malaysia. batch97

Candy Oppa taecYeon,

Happy birthday when it comes (12-27)

Your fan from New Jersey, USA. ASA

Candy Hello Oppa (TaecYeon)

Hope yu continue to be in the best of health. I admire and love you has a person I know only through your various art forms of music, rapping, acting, and appearance on variety shows. In all of these different arena's you are phenomenal. Keep up the good work. I would also like to wich the best of luck to the rest of your group members in 2pm. I love your song heart beat!!!! I have started to learn how to speak the korean language and recently I was able to speak to the lady(ahjuma) from the sushi restaurant in her native tongue and she was very surprised that my pronunciation was so good and I understood her when she spoke as well. To date I enjoy watching Dream High. Keep smiling your smile is the best(chinch)!!!! I hope to visit Korea soon and to be able to meet you and talk to you would be great. You could then teach me how to speak Japanese. I only know how to say hi and thank you currently. Oh, i want to eat some food too cannot forget that(kimchi), and drink some soju(kumba).I will definatley visit Korea after completing my double bachelor degree in elementary education and psychology with a minor in English and a certification in special education. Just like you were in the honor society in high school while you lived in boston I am in the honor society for education and psychology of which I am the vice president for the education honor society enough about me I will tell you more if we ever meet. I can promise you this I would not ask you to ride the roller coaster if we go to the amusement park. Oppa, Fighting!!!!!!

dee.11 you are the best ,,, where ever i go ,, who ever I see or love ... you are number one ... your fan from JORDAN

Eun-Suh Aloha,

Whoa life of the celebrities.. Long hours, hard work, harldly any family time. I only get to see the glamor sides of all things presented in movies,music and entertainment. But the impossiable has to happen and for that it takes durable people to go through all that. I applaud and commend you and all others like you on a job well done. I hope that whater is next for you can accomplish all your hopes,dreams, and live with no regrets.

Best warms wishes,

I am sorry I do not know how to sign this.

A friend you will never meet or know. P.s no last name


Greatgrace Taecyon, I appreciate evrytin about you, your acting, your voice and your maturity, how I wish u are d one who married go hye mi in Dream High, bt its cool anyway. Hope to see you soon.

ILoveAsianPeople I love you Oppa. <3 You are so good in acting, rap, singing, modeling and you look good with Yoona Unnie. I really like 2pm's songs especially At Time because that was my first time hearing you sing. Well, I hope to see you and your 2pm members soon. FIGHTING!

Roniya oooooooopa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI. i,m realy like dream high and your function at film.my name is Roniya .I realy want to learn your dancing and I want have a BF like U!!!!!!!!!

Mugitsu He is so ... cute ?

mariam hi taecyeon my name is mariam i'm from palestine in asia i love u soo much and i like your show dream high i feel happy everyday when the show starts and i wish u good luck and i felt sad because u will not show in the dream high 2 but we wish u all good luck :) <3 and u and suzy look amazing together in the show and the story of the show is awesome i learned from it aloot <3

with love mariam

Azzahra Jelita Oppa!! ^^ So, what is the name for Taecyeon's fans?

yasmen good job keep the hard work

katy Good luck honey...I love your acting and your voice and new TV series also..

emily insanely in love with you

Jaimie Oliver What's with the orange hair. It looks strange. I like him better with dark hair

yasaman you are my love.so handsome and swite.I can not waite for your drama Who are you.please act more and more.take care of your self.you know?your acting in dream high is fantastic.I always cry when I watch that.I love you more than you can think.

jen go oppa......can't wait....hwaiting!!!!

Sarah I was very surprised to find out that you came from Bedford, Ma a couple of hours away from me. Anyway my daughter really enjoys your music and we both enjoyed watching you in Dream High. Let us know if you ever decide to do a concert in your home town!kkkk We went to a kpop concert in New York and people came from all over the country and Canada to see that band, B.A.P. I can only imagine that if you came to the States you would enjoy immense success.

sushmitha Oppa i love you and your acting!! Your so good looking and handsome. I wish you all the best for your upcoming projects, i wish i could meet you once atleast!! Love you and miss you so muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

hana hi you are handsome & effective actor i wish for you the best success every Iranian love you ;-)

Sara I like taec Yeon he is my future <3 but to sad I don't see him every day or week :( I am the biggest hugest fan you would ever think. But you don't know me.

Catherine I LOVE YOU. period.

very good-looking, well-built body, charming appearance, manly attitude and bubbly personality... WHAT ELSE COULD A GIRL WANTS?

farzaneh hi . I am "farzaneh". you are very fantastic.:)... I love you very much...

kring2x Taecyeon...!!!!! i THINK Im I LOVE YOU...OH NOHHHHHHHHH !!!! IM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! evvvvvvvvvverrrrr...im going crazy when i heard your songs!!!!

kring2x Taecyeon your so handsome...handsome...i love the way you act and sing...

babarce very manly features, but turned into a child once you smile...

cutegirl_23 wow ur so cool ......i like u wish ..u have more projects to come.....and see in personal//♥

jo You're so cute... and very talented i hope more blessings to come... keep it up! fighting!!! ♥♥♥

Irishx this guy is really best. i'm your biggest fan really from Africa

Shilpa Keep Rocking dude!!!! All the Best!!!looking forward to more of your work!!!

Kat Man is there a lot of weirdos,that write trangeq comments

xninaxhangx AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TaecYeon makes me melt to death!!!!!!!!!! i wish he could be ming!!!!!!!! lol i wish i could meet TaecYeon!!!!!!!!!!!

ami Oppa your so handsome in 99 days with a star !!! your acting is great xx saranghae oppa <3

Amane TaecYeon !!! You're so handsome and coool x I love your acting in Cinderella's Stepsister !!! Saranghaeee and Hwaiting TaecYeon <3

micheeRu love your eyes!!

micheeRu oh my! you're so cute and handsome!! god bless,,

evilive hi oppa im here again and again ^v^ i hope you to act with ha ji won unni. comedi/romantic im waiting and thumps up :)

:P Haha all of the comments on here are so creepy!

Paulina Tan TaecYeon ... I Like It... You is so CUTE..

Wulan He's so handsome,, i know taecyeun ID on Tweet,, hahaha... 2Pm,,he's a good rapper.. i like it

stephanie i can't explain about you more..but i know that you are so cool n handsome....want to see your new K-drama and hopefully your character same like in dream high...God always bless You...

Taek Di Yeon He is very cool and very handsome i want to meet him

lumi hello Taecyeon, you are The Best Star , great man, strong personality, hot, great actor and singer. you are my favorite in 2PM, so natural, just the way you are. i wish you all the best in the world. i"m from Romania. no importa che dice il mundo, tu eres unico, spero che vas a incontrar una chica buena che te ama de verdad creo che te gusta Suzy, spero che se va a dar cuenta ella qe eres un gran hombre verdadero i onesto toda la felicidad del mundo para ti i para suzy

vanessa oh my! ur so handsome!!

saba ohhhhhhhhhh, you were really awesome i mean your acting and singing and i really enjoy watching this series and i wish to see you acting in another korean movies or dramas and wish you all success and happiness in each step that you are taking to reach to your goal.be healthy and happy, domaniko(*_*)

Ardvisoor He is So handsome

Hyuna you so beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gingskai ...'I really like his role! Quite but mysterious and hmmm, the looks very different from other cast got hot and hunky looks... Ummm, yummy! Haha.

nadia love you...!!!!!!

potl I so like the smile and the eyes.The character is so great. wish you all the best

zed happy getting this cance to say you are so gr8!!!!!!!!....lol

sara he looks hot and some i'd like to meet him he's talent guys with amazing vioce sarang neah teaceon

mahya iloveyou so much more then my life and love ur movies tooo mwaaaa <3<3<3

VivienH I would like to ask Taecyeon that why Jin Kuk and Hae Mi can't be together?????????????????

cinderella_sister They should TaecYeon and Moon Geun Young should be the love team...

yeorim cool~~~~~~ i notice ur acting skill at dream high... keep on rooting!!hwaiting!!

btw, we have de same month of born-day^^

sabrina good actor and at singing.... adorable

taecjjang so hot..love u so much.. i like ur acting.. plez do the best in future.. i will support u always..

Taecyeon Lover You are soooooooo fine. When you arnt wearing a shirt i fell like im going to melt. Oh come to my town, please!

JT hehehe :)).. he is freaking hot :">

lovelightt He's not as hot as Kim SooHyun in Dream High, but he's still great ^^

Erika HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!

sarah You are good actors. Dream High & Cinderella's Sister are just begining for you. I know you can do better & better in future. You were lovely in Cinderella Unni

meena you were good in Cinderella's sister.... really liked it a lot..... hope your upcoming drama gets better response .... will be waiting for it... take care ....

puspa hi............. i love u so much



sasha i very like your drama in cinderella sister

i wish u all the best GOOD LUCK!!^^

risa annyongasheyo.. saranghamida.. hehe.. i like u in cinderella's sister.. very cool and strong i think..hehe,, i'll waiting to watch cinderella's sister in indonesia..xD

Jessi(am a girl ;p) I pray for yours and the other 2PM members' health stays good this year and all the years to come along with your strength. My twin sis and I are here in America(soon to be in South Korea) supporting you and Jay. Even though Jay is no longer in 2PM he will always be a 2PM member to us just like you and the others! :D We love you all and your wonderful music keep up your spirits and continue with doing a fantastic job. But keep your selves HEALTHY!!! Or your fans along with your friends and family will worry about all of you!! and we will be sad. 2PM FIGHTING!!!!!!!! <3 YOU 2PM! ;D

난 당신을위한기도 오후 2PM 다른 회원의 건강이 남는 좋은 올해는 모든 힘을 년 동안 함께 가야. 내 쌍둥이 동생과 내가 여기 미국에서 (곧 한국에서) 당신과 제이를 지원하여야한다. 제이는 더 이상 오후 2PM 그는 항상 우리에게 오후 2PM 회원이 당신과 다른 사람처럼 될하더라도! : 디 우리는 당신의 모든 음악과 멋진 당신의 영혼을 계속하고 환상적인 일을 계속 사랑 해요. 하지만 계속 건강한 자아! 또는 친구 및 가족과 함께 팬들이 모두 걱정됩니다! 그리고 우리는 슬픈 것입니다. 오후 2PM !!!!!!!!를 싸워요 <3 오후 2시! ; D

eugene Hello Taecyeon

I wish you all the best. I'm now waiting to watch Cinderella's sister. I hope you will be ended up with Moon Geun Young. You look good with her. Fighting!!

~♥한지용♥~ Han Ji Young 택연 오빠! 연기 잘할요! 오빠 너무 멋져요!! 파이팅! OH MY GAWD! Teac, your Hawt! ;D I hope you act in other Dramas! I Love you Taec Oppa! I'm from Boston too but I never knew you'd be famous! Show us your true self in Cinderella Sister! You're my favorite in 2PM after JaeBeom ♥ ^^ My heart's beating for You! Its Only You Teac! Fighting! And OMG, I LOVE how you rap in "My Color"!! I know OK TAECYEON won't ever read this but this is my message to him ;)

evilive aaaaaahhhh, i wish you good luk teac. 2PM's first to act. YEEEYYYYY

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