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Current user rating: 95/100 (1190 votes)

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  • Drama: Wonderful Days (English / literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Cham Joheun Shijul
  • Hangul: 참 좋은 시절
  • Director: Kim Jin-Won
  • Writer: Lee Kyeong-Hee
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: February 22 - August 10, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Dong-Suk (Lee Seo-Jin) grew up as a smart young boy, but came from a poor family background. He is now a successful prosecutor and comes back to his hometown for the first time in 14 years. There, he happens to meet his first love Hae-Won (Kim Hee-Seon) and falls in love with her all over again. 


  1. "Wonderful Days" takes over the KBS2 Saturday & Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by "Wang's Family" and followed by "What Happens to My Family?" on August 16, 2014.
  2. First script reading took place at the KBS Annex Building in Seoul, South Korea on December 28, 2013.


Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Lee Seo-Jin.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Hee-Seon.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-TaecYeon.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Ryu Seung-Soo.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Ji-Ho.jpg
Lee Seo-Jin Kim Hee-Seon TaecYeon Ryu Seung-Soo Kim Ji-Ho
Kang Dong-Suk Cha Hae-Won Kang Dong-Hee Kang Dong-Tak Kang Dong-Ok
Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Youn Yuh-Jung.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Choi Hwa-Jung.jpg Oh Hyeon-Kyeong Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Sang-Ho.jpg
Youn Yuh-Jung Choi Hwa-Jung Oh Hyeon-Kyeong Kim Kwang-Kyu Kim Sang-Ho
Jang So-Sim Ha Young-Choon Kang Ki-Soo Kang Ssang-Ho Kang Ssang-Sik
Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Dan-Yul.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Hong Hwa-Ri.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Choi Kwon-Soo.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Jin Kyung.jpg No Kyung-Joo
Kim Dan-Yul Hong Hwa-Ri Choi Kwon-Soo Jin Kyung No Kyung-Joo
Kang Mool Kang Dong-Joo Kang Dong-Won Cha Hae-Joo Lee Myung-Soon
Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Ko In-Beom.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Park Joo-Hyung.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Lee Elijah.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Oh Yong.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Lee Yoo-Joon.jpg
Ko In-Beom Park Joo-Hyung Lee Elijah Oh Yong Lee Yoo-Joon
Oh Chi-Soo Oh Seung-Hoon Kim Ma-Ri Park Kyung-Soo Bong Kook-Soo
Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Kwang-Min.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Kim Young-Chul.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Yun Yoo-Sun.jpg Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Yoon Ji-Sook.jpg Choi Woong
Kim Kwang-Min Kim Young-Chul Yun Yoo-Sun Yoon Ji-Sook Choi Woong
Jo Won Kang Tae-Seob Jo Myung-Ran Choi Mi-Sook Min Woo-Jin
Wonderful Days (Korean Drama)-Lee Cho-Hee.jpg
Lee Cho-Hee
Seo Jung-A

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-02-22 1 25.2% (1st) 26.8% (1st) 23.8% (1st) 23.7% (1st)
2014-02-23 2 29.6% (1st) 32.3% (1st) 30.3% (1st) 30.7% (1st)
2014-03-01 3 26.8% (1st) 27.8% (1st) 26.4% (1st) 26.7% (1st)
2014-03-02 4 27.9% (1st) 30.9% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 27.7% (1st)
2014-03-08 5 25.6% (1st) 26.8% (1st) 24.0% (1st) 23.7% (1st)
2014-03-09 6 28.0% (1st) 29.6% (1st) 28.1% (1st) 27.3% (1st)
2014-03-15 7 23.6% (1st) 24.6% (1st) 24.8% (1st) 24.5% (1st)
2014-03-16 8 26.1% (1st) 27.8% (1st) 28.3% (1st) 27.9% (1st)
2014-03-22 9 23.7% (1st) 24.7% (1st) 25.2% (1st) 25.4% (1st)
2014-03-23 10 26.7% (1st) 28.0% (1st) 27.1% (1st) 27.4% (1st)
2014-03-29 11 24.5% (1st) 25.7% (1st) 23.7% (1st) 22.5% (1st)
2014-03-30 12 25.7% (1st) 27.8% (1st) 24.8% (1st) 22.9% (1st)
2014-04-05 13 22.3% (1st) 24.4% (1st) 22.4% (1st) 22.3% (1st)
2014-04-06 14 24.9% (1st) 27.0% (1st) 24.9% (1st) 24.6% (1st)
2014-04-12 15 22.0% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 21.9% (1st) 21.6% (1st)
2014-04-13 16 23.2% (1st) 25.0% (1st) 24.1% (1st) 24.3% (1st)
2014-04-19 17 18.7% (1st) 19.5% (1st) 19.4% (1st) 18.6% (1st)
2014-04-20 18 21.5% (1st) 22.8% (1st) 23.4% (1st) 24.0% (1st)
2014-04-26 19 23.2% (1st) 24.4% (1st) 24.2% (1st) 24.9% (1st)
2014-04-27 20 27.0% (1st) 28.1% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 27.3% (1st)
2014-05-03 21 21.7% (1st) 22.9% (1st) 22.3% (1st) 22.4% (1st)
2014-05-04 22 23.0% (1st) 24.6% (1st) 21.4% (1st) 21.8% (1st)
2014-05-10 23 22.0% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 22.7% (1st) 21.5% (1st)
2014-05-11 24 24.3% (1st) 25.5% (1st) 26.6% (1st) 26.3% (1st)
2014-05-17 25 21.8% (1st) 22.6% (1st) 20.7% (1st) 20.6% (1st)
2014-05-18 26 24.7% (1st) 26.6% (1st) 26.3% (1st) 26.4% (1st)
2014-05-24 27 23.1% (1st) 24.1% (1st) 22.0% (1st) 20.7% (1st)
2014-05-25 28 27.1% (1st) 29.2% (1st) 27.5% (1st) 26.5% (1st)
2014-05-31 29 22.8% (1st) 25.3% (1st) 23.0% (1st) 22.5% (1st)
2014-06-01 30 26.2% (1st) 28.2% (1st) 26.7% (1st) 26.6% (1st)
2014-06-07 31 23.0% (1st) 23.7% (1st) 21.7% (1st) 20.5% (1st)
2014-06-08 32 24.6% (1st) 25.9% (1st) 24.8% (1st) 24.1% (1st)
2014-06-14 33 21.1% (1st) 23.3% (1st) 21.4% (1st) 21.5% (1st)
2014-06-15 34 23.8% (1st) 25.3% (1st) 25.7% (1st) 26.3% (1st)
2014-06-21 35 20.3% (1st) 22.1% (1st) 22.2% (1st) 21.6% (1st)
2014-06-22 36 22.6% (1st) 23.4% (1st) 24.0% (1st) 23.6% (1st)
2014-06-28 37 22.0% (1st) 23.3% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 23.7% (1st)
2014-06-29 38 26.4% (1st) 26.9% (1st) 25.1% (1st) 24.7% (1st)
2014-07-05 39 23.0% (1st) 23.6% (1st) 22.8% (1st) 21.7% (1st)
2014-07-06 40 24.3% (1st) 24.5% (1st) 26.2% (1st) 25.2% (1st)
2014-07-12 41 23.1% (1st) 24.0% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 22.8% (1st)
2014-07-13 42 27.5% (1st) 29.2% (1st) 26.5% (1st) 26.5% (1st)
2014-07-19 43 24.1% (1st) 24.0% (1st) 23.2% (1st) 22.8% (1st)
2014-07-20 44 25.7% (1st) 26.9% (1st) 26.4% (1st) 25.9% (1st)
2014-07-26 45 21.9% (1st) 22.7% (1st) 21.4% (1st) 22.1% (1st)
2014-07-27 46 24.8% (1st) 26.4% (1st) 25.6% (1st) 25.2% (1st)
2014-08-02 47 22.6% (1st) 23.0% (2nd) 23.2% (1st) 20.9% (2nd)
2014-08-03 48 26.3% (1st) 28.3% (2nd) 26.9% (1st) 26.3% (2nd)
2014-08-09 49 23.7% (1st) 23.0% (2nd) 23.0% (2nd) 22.9% (2nd)
2014-08-10 50 26.5% (2nd) 27.4% (2nd) 27.7% (2nd) 27.2% (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Pee Mak The ratings are awesome,

Alfa Wahjuono I don't understand how they judged the award in KBS? Kim Ji-ho won the excellent Actress Award but in this drama, she is just a supportive actress only. I don't even notice how is her role? It is just weird. My best vote goes for Best Couple Award is Lee Seo-jin and Kim Hee Seon. Both of their chemistries keep this drama so up and down and alive. It is quite a nice family drama.

Hsu Myat Pan Seo Jin Oppa Wow... Amazing!!! I've been waiting for this drama since I heard that you accepted this. Becoz you are my favourite actor. Your smile can attract me so much. I dream your smiles and dialogues almost in my dreams. The more you smile, the more I like u. This family drama is one of your best dramas, also. I hope you can act more wonderful dramas. I'll be waiting for them. :-* :-* :-* Oppa 사랑해

viv Great drama, really capture my full attention from the beginning until the end, beautifully done, great casts and great directing. Lee Seo-Jin did a great job in portraying kang dong seok, Kim Hee-Seon really surprise me with her acting.

dadz . . . . .just for inquiry, Is this drama fun to watch?

sara Taecyeon and 3PM !!!!!! this drama is just GREAT :))))))))))))))))) watchin' him acting angry, stubborn and caring at the same time makes me shiver from happiness, this is just Wonderful, like the name says :)

Divya. Awesome drama i watched it till last episode, really missing it now and the actors acting was awesome :-) i love Korean dramas a lot, thanks for broadcasting it in India :-)

Kristina First of all thank you so much for this drama, to the actors and actress, to the entire crew and staff and the production management.. Thank you for making this kind of drama.

I always look forward to my weekend because of wonderful days episode. Family is family, what we have may not be perfect as anyone else and just like in this drama we value and love our family despite of the shortcomings..

I cant thank you enough guys but two thumbs up and hope you'll have more if this kind soon, Congratulations and more power

Razia Loved it! It managed to hold my attention till the end. The theme of a mother wanting some time for herself after spending most of her life looking after her family may not be a novel one bot it couldn't have been dealt with in a more touching manner. Kudos to the writers, actors and director.

Sandra Diaz This is a great drama. The first family drama I have ever started and ended. It was indeed a great show, and I must say I was highly entertained throughout its broadcast. Though there were times when the writer tried dragging the story but somehow he/she manages to deliver a powerful message. Now the drama is ended, I am going to miss it. I always looked forth to new episodes. The Casts did a great job. The annoying characters portrayed their characters very well so as the sweet ones. Lee Seo-Jin I love you both in person and in this drama. You were so into your role that I wondered if you were really the talkative other fellow casts members said you were...hahahaha. Once again, thank you all (casts members).

Plsherratt So sad this is over!!! I will miss this crazy family!!! Nicely done you guys, nicely done!

Teddybear JJ This family drama is actually not bad if deeply understand what they want to deliver to us? Problem is the writer tried to increase too many scandals happen and not ending to it. Somehow, I feel quite entertain and looking forward for the subtitles. Once, subtitles out, we really understand what it is contained? I had been attracted to this drama because of Dongseok and Haewon 's stories. So I am very satisfied with their ending. Both beautiful couple, I salute. Yeah! I am looking forward to Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Seon 's dramas. They are just wonderful actors.

stranger10 I really like this drama! Kim hee seon ur d best!

Maribel This is a very interesting and good drama, with great casts. Thumbs up.

lisa this drama sucks !!!! having 30% as the highest rating is a miracle!!!! such a draggy plot with a lot of annoying characters.. even taeckyeon cant save this drama. cant wait for it to end tomorrow... now im just praying so that the new drama "What Happens to My Family" will be at least as good as lee soon shin you're the best. chaebal!!!!

sy the 1st time i see 1st everywhere.

nancy taylor This Drama is one of the best I have seen. based with real life situations in a a dysfunctional family trying to live life as best they can. Taecyean is very handsome but if he was the only reason to watch this there are many other venues that can be seen. If you don't understand the concept of the drama, maybe you should stick to sports or something else.

Maybe open up and snap into it? Huh?

seble What is wrong with these korean dramas? So unrealistic. People just watch it because of that guy taecyeon. I just don't get it. I mean, the story line is a bit interesting but It is SO unrealistic. Don't know why you all love it. Snap out of it!

Terri James-Day I love Korean soaps. The Wang Family was great and I appreciate the 'happy ending'. I am really enjoying Wonderful Days. I'm lookin forward to it's conclusion but will be sorry it will come to an end. The cast is so diverse, personality-wise, I'm assuming very Korean. I think they should have kicked their loser of a father to the curb, and never never let him back into the family home. Maybe he will be redeemed in the end but I'd rather see his prosecuter son send him to prison with his crooked friend. My two regrets regarding this show is that it only airs twice a week and isn't ongoing like the American Soaps. Respectfully sumoitted, a devoted fan.

sunny i love taecyeon so much. he is the reason why i watched this drama. such a hottie. and those oldies suck. hate them. love taecyeon and his kids.. taecyeon so adorable.. why wouldnt he be the lead??/

Plsherratt I will admit I started watching because of Taecyeon.....but then I fell in love with this whole show! I am a happily ever after kinda girl.....so please let them all end happily! I love all the couples.....but how adorable is Min Woo Jin?! O mo! And my goodness but I do love the theme music at the beginning!

leelee This drama is pretty good I have enjoyed most of it except for the starring couple. They are as stiff as boards. I am wondering how this story continues since theres about 12 episodes left and everybody is married. I thought it was strange to jump a year where they did. The children are adorable-best I've seen on any Kdrama.

Natsu I watched her on faith and now I leally really Love Kim Hee Sun!!! Saranghae Hee Sun!!!

Natsu I watched her on faith and now I leally leally Love Kim Hee Sun!!! Saranghae Hee Sun!!!

Natsu I leally leally Love Kim Hee Sun!!! Saranghae Hee Sun!!!

critic Everything is starting to come togather but there is still 16 more episodes to go. I don't know what kind of turmoil is coming up next but I hope it's more realistic than the earlier episodes. Writers are you listening or am I too late?

medilyn i like this drama, it tells about the real way of life of people during that time .

Shakespeare I love Taecyeon and I love 2pm guys and so I am watching this drama..It is very good. Nice story and I'm loving and appreciating Wonderful Days drama.

@Phebzjune Actually,the reason why i started watching was bcoz of taecyeon,after some episodes i was just not interested with ones character but all of them..all i can say is this is worth watching for,most specially its a family drama..i salute the cast and the writers and the whole team of this drama..thumbs up for you guys!:))

Sophie I'm watching this for Taecyeon!! He's the BEST and I wish he was the main lead instead of the second !! He is so caring and has such a sad story, plus he's the most handsome oppa EVVAH!! Dongseok is actually really starting to get on my nerves because he's so cold and uncaring of his family, even tho I know he's a kind prosecutor. But I love the adorable uncles and the cute kiddies, each character in the family has their own little story and each gets their own spotlight... the story plot is great. I really really wish that Taecyeon would get more screen time, he's so good looking and such a moving actor!!!

Connie Unameit I just recently watched this drama until episode 18 now. Wow! I really miss this good show. I didn't know that Lee Seo Jin comeback to act again after 'Gyebaek'. He is getting hot manly style now. I think without him, this drama won't be the top ratings until now. He's super and all the details and styles portray as a pro-prosecutor, really he is the only actor who can do it. I just love him to be back in the drama and now, this time he co-starred with Kim Hee Seon is amazing. This actress is starting appreciated by me since 'Faith', maybe her attractiveness.

luvkimjiho This drama has a great start! As it goes, it seems unrealistic...but, many secrets are yet to be revealed. Only 20 episodes left to go on air..... I will keep watching till the end to support my favourite actress Kim Ji Ho. For the storyline, I am quite impatient but, overall is ok!~ And, all the cast are doing well! Dong-seok, Dong-ok, Dong-hee, Dong-ju and Dong-won are my most favourite characters in the drama! Keep it up!~ Fighting! :D

critic I rest my case.

NubianMom I am so glad that LSJ has returned! I truly love his subtle acting and his masculine features. He emotes so much in his eyes and with a subtle turn of his head. I love how he started so wooden and stoic in the beginning of this drama and then started to smile more and loosen his body language as he warmed back up to his family. The child actors are also extraordinary and, next to LSJ, my favorites. Taec is "beautiful" but his dimples don't compare to LSJ.

critic This drama is not a great drama, it is mediocre at best. There are too many plots in this drama and too many holes within the plots. I think the producers spent most of the money on the cast and not enough on the writers and director. The reason why this drama is top rated (I don't know for a fact) is because of the cast. Especially with that guy from '2PM' (k-pop group). Thank goodness this drama only has 50 episodes cause if it had any more people would drop out. It's too unrealistic.

Drfan SO far (ep 20), I'm really overhelmed with this drama! Wonderful days... symnonym of wonderful cast; wonderful plot; wondeful story; wonderful production; wonderful surprise!!!! jal haess-eoyo! Please, keep up with this great work!

Jenifer I really LOVE this drama! At first I didn't think I would but now I can't wait for each new episode! Plus I can't get enough of Taecyeon! <3

cat one of best drama ever

cat i really like the main couple. LSJ and KHS are the best couple ever

cat love the main cast enjoyed the drama very much

SheRy I love love love this drama!everything is perfect,It's such a good drama to watch on the weekends and makes you feel good...and I like the romance between LSJ and KHS...fighting!

Linda Newman I love this show! Tuned im for Lee, Seo-jin but, I have fallen in love with the Mom and Grandfather. All of the characters. I need to know how I can get it in the San Diego without having to wait a month.

To the Lee, Seo-jin haters...have faith this man is perfection.

zaius Subpar writing but every thing else is good so far

Plsherratt Lalalove this show!!! I really do like every character. Really....the only reason I started watching was because TaecYeon is in it. But now, hooked.i don't get that some say it is too slow. I love the storyline of Dong Ok and the Doctor .....So cute. And I really love that kid dong Won....brilliant!

Ida Hang in there guys. Every cast member gets their moment in the sun and their stories are engaging and charming.

HH how can this drama get the highest place (1st).. i watched this drama because of the rating but.....T..T such a boring drama...how can... but still i like hyee sun.. this drama so slow...and make me want to crashed my lappy...

ree Frankly speaking, this show has been somewhat of a disappointment. I am upto episode 10 and Lee Seo-Jin's acting seems too wooden. He isn't able to display intensity or concern or other emotions on his face. I only hope it gets better later on. I am more interested in the developing Dong-Hee and Dong-Ok plots and the kids storylines. I was utterly impressed by the kids acting. Park Joo-Hyung plays an annoying brat quite excellently as well. Hopefully the acting and story picks up otherwise I will not be able to stick with it for 50 episodes.

ben Boy I don't know what to say any more. I'm on episode 18 and there are only 32 more to go so I think I'll stick it out. There are so many dumb moments that it makes me laugh. People just pop in and out just at the right moment that it makes it so unrealistic.

lesli haven't seen such a good family drama in a long time. i can imagine the actors having a lot of fun playing their roles cuz there are some real goofy moments but on the flip side, it seems you need to have a box of tissues for every single episode. i love the opening credits when they show beautiful scenery and "real ppl" shots and they're all different for each ep; great minds at work here.

leslie one of the best family dramas in a long time; i can imagine the actors having a lot of fun playing their roles

amy I don't know which drama everyone is watching but this drama is not a great drama. If you have to ask yourself 'why did this happen' or 'why did that happen' it's not a great drama. If you want to see a great drama look for 'My Love By My Side' or 'Star Lovers' to start.

Nou-Nou Hi there, do anyone know what the song in ep.2 when Kang Dong-Suk turn up the radio in his car???! If any know please tell me. Thanks. This drama is pretty good, thought but I think it's a litte bit long. :)

luvkimjiho I love Dong-ok in "Wonderful days"! Dong Ok and Woo Jin is the best and cute couple in the drama! I cried a lot while watching latest episode 20! Fighting!~ Daebak!

dane It's a great drama plus lee seo jin is hot! :P

eightiesgirl83 It's a great drama with great casts even the kids playing their role well. No wonder it has a high ratings number 1 from episode 1 till the current episode. And oh yes lee seo jin is hot! :P

Cat Great drama. Love all the characters. KHS love for LJS is heart taking and unselfish. The more the drama goes the better it get. Just love it. Thank you for a wonderful drama.

Cat The drama gets better and more better as it goes. Very nice story and great characters. I am glad I stay closely with the drama and just now understand why KHS acted the way she was. She was very unselfish and alway love LSJ It was breathtaking to hear LSJ's love confession. Thank you for a wonderful drama. Love it

SF123 @dell, It's an awesome drama. I agree SoShim is a very weak charater but i believe her character has not been developed fully yet. Come on, it's only 18 episodes till now! ------------------------------------------------------------- I think this is Lee Kyung-Hee's one of the finest works. And all the actors are really good. Even the child/teen actors! I agree, there're too many characters but i think it's to balance the melo and i find it really good that everyone is given equal screen-time

As for the leads, I love LSJ and KHS to bits! They really have that adult chemistry between themselves. And can express their range of emotions with their eyes. No dialogues needed! This is what I love about the seasoned, veteran actors. They don't have to bicker or perform stupid acts to show their talent!

dell one of the weakest drama. I've been watching all weekend dramas since my husband got a family was aired (excluding you are the best lee soon shin was was exceptionally stupid. IU was so young compared to her partner in the drama and the drama made it seem like an older man was enticing a young girl) while this drama was failed us all. The prosecutor is such a good actor yet he is made to waste in every episode, too many child actors (so very annoying), Youn yuh jung's character is so weak which is why it's unsuitable for her (watch her powerful performance in my husband got a family). Tae Yeon's performance is average as compared to his acting in cinderella's stepsister. So very boring. and the fact that it's set in countryside is worse.

sid Boy this drama has lot going on. I'm on episode 14 and the way I see it I think Dongsuk (prosecutor) never loved Haewon. When he was young nor now as a prosecutor. The reason he pretends to love Haewon is because to get back at her mother. I think that is how it is now but at the end Dongsuk will end up loving Haewon. Now for Dongok (mentally challenged sister) I think the intern doctor likes her. I think that the doctor at first didn't know that she was mentally challenged girl but I think he knows that she is now. Who knows he might even find a cure for her, after all this is a drama (make believe). Anything could happen. Now with Donghee (half brother), I think he's going to get togather with Mari (kids school teacher). Now what I can understand is why a beautiful school teacher like that is not hooked up with anybody. As for the other characters, well I have an idea but I don't know exactly how they are going to end up. As I said at the beginning, this drama has lot going on.

Wendlynn I love the inside jokes. You've got the "3pm" band and you've got Seung-So, who is a well known acting coach playing a character who needs an acting coach.

Cha min jee Plz hurry with the episodes!! OMG. its taking forever, the only reason im watching this is because of taecyeon ❤️❤️❤️( kang dong hee). Geez taking forever!!!

Shakuntala The prosecutor, poor chap, is made to just stand there, in many episodes, and allow Chae Won to have her way, while we, the viewers, were just itching to make him grab hold of her and hold her close. The writer / director have made him out to be as cold as a gravestone most of the time and sometimes it just does not make sense. We understand he is a prosecutor and they want to make him seem unapproachable and what not. But give me a break, he is human after all - he comes back after 15 long years - the embers of his first love still burning - he is not young any more - surely they could have allowed him to show a little more mature emotion. He is good looking, chiselled features and great acting. The other actors & actresses are all great - many of them my favourites. The children were superb especially "Dong Hee Jr" ! Hopefully in the next few episodes we will see some loving action between prosecutor and his Chae Won.

Lian I am so in love with Dong Hee and his children. Taecyeon is such a hot father.

ben I said I was going to give up on this drama cause the writing and directing is so bad, but I'm going to stick it out cause it's only 50 episodes and I like the actors and actresses, especially the actresses. I think this drama is so pose to be serious but the writing is so bad and dumb that I'm beginning to be amused by it.

Akari im watching this beacuse of Taecyeon :3 i love you oppa!! OMG 50 Episodes?? i thought its up to episode 16, boy i was wrong. Cant wait for more scenes of Kang Dong Hee!

Frosty @ben, I'm with you. And as an additional comment, enough is enough with the poop talk!

Ben Alayah Big up Kang Dong-Hee!

Ly Ha Im so so in love with Cha- Kang couple. Kim Hee Sun is always my fav idol and Lee Seo Jin is a great actor.

dane I am enjoying this one,so glad that this is 50 episodes. Lee seo jin is just a great actor as well as the other casts even the young ones and i love how the story goes too. I don't mind waiting weekly. just please no more sad endings :D

ben I'm about to give up on this drama cause the writing and the directing is so bad. There are many scenes that are bad for example when the prosecutor and the loan company owner gets into a fight cause the owner hits the prosecutor, at the police station when the police ask the prosecutor what happen, the prosecutor just sits there without a word. Now does that make any sense? Is he just trying to be cool or what? There's another scene where a good samaritan comes to an aid of a kid that is choking and the mentally challenged girl thinking that the kid is being attacted goes and bites the arm of the samaritan . That's fine and dandy but when people around the kid tells the girl it's ok and to stop biting the samaritan's arm, she should stop biting his arm, but for some reason the writer/director lets her keep biting his arm. Now I don't care how mentally challenge a person is when people tell you to stop she should stop. Again, bad writing. And there are many more but too many to mention. I'll give it a couple more episodes and if it doesn't improve well asta lavista baby.

Ida Enjoying tremendously, finding all actors excellent and love family dynamic. Keep up the good work.

NaDa it is an ost sang by shin jae called heart for one person it is reallly wonderful <3 and touching song

curious Dear Carilyn, thanks for the info on Min-A from {AOA} Ace of Angels. I knew she was a singer from one of the k-pop girls group cause I've seen her before. Thanks for shedding the light on my curiosity.

KD Nut Please help! Can someone tell me the name of the song that plays at the end of every episode? Thanks in advance :)

Siham the Kang Dong-Suk (as a kid) is handsome, and the young Cha Haeon is cute too his coldness is attractive, it's only a sign of a lot of pain inside :) good luck with your career as an actor both of you!

Siham the Kang Dong-Suk (as a kid) is handsome. his coldness is attractive, it's only a sign of a lot of pain inside :) good luck with your career as an actor !

Siham the Kang Dong-Suk (as a kid) is handsome. he's coldness is attractive, it's only a sign of a lot of pain inside :) good luck with your career as an actor !

carilyn @curious her name is Mina and she's from the girl group called Ace of Angels(AOA)!

sharon I love this drama. I love all of them. I think they all acted out their roles completely well. I am a fan from the Philippines. I am very selective of KOrean dramas to watch and i just love this one. I like Taecyeon. He's handsome! :)

curious What I want to know is who plays the row of Cha Hae-Won when she was younger (teen). I think she's a singer. I would like to know if she's in other dramas or if this is her first row. She's a good actress (a natural if this is the first row) and one to watch in the future dramas.

funny like the drama but it a bit slow at the begining hope it will pick up soon

@annoying potatoe - do you know that big earlobe means wealth and longevity life? geezzz

ken This drama is owned by KBS network and is televised on commercial television. They don't want people to watch past what they put on TV so they have a hold on anybody trying to air it somewhere else. Also KBS puts on 2 episodes a week and there are about 50 episodes so get ready for a long ride. Close to about 6 month if my math is correct.

Ashley Chan Why the viewers rating is up to episode 5 only and now already showed up to episode 7. This thread looks like not active anymore.

Alice Yong Curious why Hae Won is the only one who takes the responsible for her father death? Seem like she is the only one who knows whose behind all this? Eng.subtitles is so late come out and I wanted to know what the boss's father talks to Hae Won in his car in ep.6

Sabrina Annoying Potatoe, you 're funny! Maybe you should operate yourself to look like him? Hahaha! :D

Paul @Annoying Potatoe there is nothing wrong with his ears...why would he operate something that made him cute and charming?!

Annoying Potatoe Eeww....sorry! Not offense. Why I always noticed TaeC-Yeon's earlobe so rare and big like an alien. Since Korea is so advanced with plastic surgeries, why can't he operate it?

Paul great drama...great acting specially TaceYeon.he is better than many actors with years of experience.his acting is so natural for me.keep it up TaceYeon FIGHTING!

Sabrina What's wrong with TeaCyeon impressions? I felt he is improved a lot. His angry face remind me that he is a heavy-weight boxer, ready to fight. **Cute** Guest, you must watch his kind sides, he is stubborn but funny,kind and cute. Give him a break, he is still immature in this drama. So young age, already be a father to both kids yet he don't know how to take care of them.

Guest Help, drama gods, please teach Mr. TaceYeon how to act and act angry... So painful watching him act esp. angry, among a group of seasoned actors... Have to by- pass all his scenes.

Junior Gee One more day will be my wonderful weekend, love this drama so much.

Xian Nee I just love this drama, very addicted and it is not an ordinary family dramas. I can't wait for the next weekend, I love the main leading actor and actress impressions.<3<3<3

Helena Ma3 I started to like this drama after episode 3. I love to see Dong Suk and Hae Won 's chemistry. Desprite Dong Hee 's anger attitudes, he's caring and responsible to his family : mother, sister and his kids. I want to see more.

Doris Nee Can't wait for Lee Seo-jin and Kim Hee-seon meet again? Love them<3

Satchi-Govin Can't wait for the weekend come, my favourite idol and favourite drama?

S. What about Mina she's acting young Hae Won in this drama but i can't find herself in cast list

Queenie Loo That 's what I said before? This drama is amazing, one of the fast ranking Korean family drama. Hope their rank reach up to 60% same as "Dae Jang Geum". I always feel that those dramas with good ranks come with the experienced actors, good plots and important new cultures and nice views like "Winter Sonata", well received by it's locations.

James How many episodes wonderful days has?

Jojo I didn't know there is a very old historical village in Korea. It is not a human-made locations, the houses sculptures and interiors and views are great. Mostly Korean like those family dramas with a lot of stories hidden behind and I think this one is quite nice with so many great artists in.

Sandra So far so good. I love all the casts in this drama and the scenery. Wish I can understand more because now, I am watching it without any Eng.sub. Yes, I watch it raw thru koreandrama.com or goodrama.com. Thanks, ita. Yu Yin, you should try it but I don't think it is streaming broadcast.

aznative Hope "Wonderful Days" will be aired on KBS World YouTube channel and available in USA, it certainly looks like a very interesting story. Watching "Wang's Family" and curious to see how it all ends. I'm sticking it out primarily for Oh Man-seok.

Chris Lim Long wait for this beautiful actress, Kim Hee-seon from "Faith". I would like to know her more after the latest drama, she is very attractive lady and I think she is one of the popular Korean actress that long times out of the lime-light. I like to watch her comeback in this new drama. Fighting, beautiful Kim Hee-seon!

Queenie Loo Can't wait for this drama to air. Seen like the storylines is better than "Wang Family" Hope both of the main leading idols of mine can hit the rate up to 60%. Love both of them and they looked so perfect couple. :)

Rosemary Hope this drama is better than "Wang family", since what I seen here, all the actors casted in this drama are very great and well-known actors than "Wang family". Best of lucks!

Paul @Kyuelf it's a weekend drama...just like wang family it will be 50ep. i'm so happy i can see TaecYeon on screen again! :-)

Sunny G. Greetings from USA!

Hope this drama is a good one.

Lee Seo-Jin, any chance for you and Han ji min can partner again in a drama? Love the chemistry between you two in Yi San.

kyuelf how many episode this drama will be ?? i think it will be long bec it air in sat & sun i really dont like to watch long drama though

Lee SAN Wow for the first time in his career.....he has a drama project with KBS Channel and it is also his comeback after 3 years HYUNG!! IDOL!!

madleen i will watch this drama just for taecyeon oppa taecyeon oppa fighting  ! ♥ ♥

luvkimjiho Can't wait to watch this drama all because of Kim Ji Ho unni. Fighting, unni! And also to Lee Seo Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Taecyeon and other casts and crew. ^_^

Christine Oppa Lee Seo-jin, I miss you so much. Welcome back to site action Oppa... Really miss you handsome.

Christine - Indonesia

Camelia Happy !!! Lee Seo Jin return to us !!!

Lilian Kuan BTW, when is this drama going to show in Feb, 2014? I just hope that I won't miss the first episode of my idol.Kim Hee Sun. Hehehe! :) :) :)

Lilian Kuan The storylines is looks very simple but since it is a happy family drama which include my beautiful idol, I definitely can't wait for it and support you until the end. "Happy New Year 2014" Kim Hee Sun, it is really a good day to wish you here. Fighting, Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin!

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