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  • Drama: Bad Guy (literal title) / Bad Boy
  • Revised romanization: Nabbeun Namja
  • Hangul: 나쁜남자
  • Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
  • Writer: Kim Jae-Eun, Lee Do-Young
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 17
  • Release Date: 2010-May-26 to 2010-Aug-05
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Geon Ok (Kim Nam-Gil) is a sexy man & highly ambitious. Geon Ok attempts to get a Chaebol group by using his fatal charms and cunning mind. Jane (Han Ga-In) is a strong women who stands by her man, Geon Ok. She will attempt to protect their love.

Tera (Oh Yeon-Su) was born as the first daughter in a Chaebol family. She has never said no to her parents and went through an arranged marriage. She lives her life like the typical upperclass housewife. She then meets Geon Ok and throws herself into a heated affair.


  1. "Bad Guy" will be co-produced & licensed to ACC (Asia Contents Center Inc) - a subsidiary of Japanese public broadcasting comapny NHK.
  2. "Bad Guy" will takeover the SBS Wed. & Thurs 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Prosecutor Princess".
  3. Because of Kim Nam-Gil starting his mandatory 2 year military service on July 15th, 2010, "Bad Guy" was shortened from its originally planned 20 episode length to 17 episodes.


Bad Guy-Kim Nam-Gil-5.jpg Bad Guy-Han Ga-In-5.jpg Bad Guy-Oh Yeon-Su-5.jpg Bad Guy-Kim Jae-Wook-5.jpg Bad Guy-Jung So-Min-5.jpg
Kim Nam-Gil Han Ga-In Oh Yeon-Su Kim Jae-Wook Jung So-Min
Geon-Ok Moon Jane Hong Te-ra Hong Tae-Sung Hong Mo-Ne
Bad Guy-Shim Eun-Kyeong.jpg Bad Guy-Kim Jeong-Tae.jpg Bad Guy-Jeon Kuk-Hwan.jpg Bad Guy-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Bad Guy-Ha Ju-Hee.jpg
Shim Eun-Kyung Kim Jung-Tae Jeon Kuk-Hwan Kim Hye-Ok Ha Ju-Hee
Moon Won-In Director Jang President Hong Mrs. Shin Jun Hye-Joo
Bad Guy-Park Ah-In.jpg Bad Guy-Jeong Seong-Woo.jpg Bad Guy-Baek Hyun-Suk.jpg Bad Guy-Kim Eung-Su.jpg Bad Guy-Ji Hoo.jpg
Park Ah-In Jung Seong-Woo Baek Hyun-Suk Kim Eung-Su Ji Hoo
Da-Rim Eom Sang-Mo Tae Sung's mother Boss Kwak Lee Beom-Woo
Bad Guy-Kim Min-Seo.jpg
Kim Min-Seo
Choi Seon-Young

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-05-26 1 12.0 (7th) 12.4 (8th)
2010-05-27 2 12.8 (8th) 12.9 (9th)
2010-06-03 3 12.2 (12th) 12.5 (11th)
2010-06-09 4 14.2 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-06-10 5 15.1 (6th) 15.5 (7th)
2010-06-30 6 - -
2010-07-01 7 8.3 (18th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-07-07 8 7.9 (16th) 8.1 (16th)
2010-07-08 9 8.7 (13th) 9.0 (13th)
2010-07-14 10 8.9 (12th) 9.9 (10th)
2010-07-15 11 8.1 (17th) 8.2 (16th)
2010-07-21 12 8.0 (15th) 8.3 (15th)
2010-07-22 13 8.9 (13th) 9.4 (13th)
2010-07-28 14 10.1 (11th) 10.4 (10th)
2010-07-28 15 10.1 (11th) 10.4 (10th)
2010-08-04 16 8.8 (12th) 8.8 (12th)
2010-08-05 17 9.3 (11th) 9.4 (11th)
Average - -

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Golden I hate the directors, producers and writers. If they knew about the mandatory military service. They shouldn't allow the main actor to play the role. I really like the script and story. But, it really makes my heart uneasy because it didn't finish well. T_T

Rouge Also for those who are searching for a drama similar to this, I can remedy your problem :D watch Cruel/ Heartless city. Very similar but very different, if you love bad guy you will love heartless/cruel city. It is intense,and emotional, tear jerker here and there, just trust me you will feel the same feels you feel in this drama, obvious this drama is incomparable to anything else but Heartless city is very close, very close!

Rouge Its 2015 and i still think about this drama, i miss it so much. If i could erase my memory i would erase this drama from it, and watch it all over again and re-experince it. This was my 1st melodrama korean drama. I watched it when i was just getting into the whole korean drama thing, so this made a huge impact on me wether i wanted korean culture and dramas and etc to be a part of my life. All in all this drama is timeless and if you get the chance i highly recommend it.

Mexx I highly recommend this drama! absoloutly amazing loved every episode!!!

Geullimja korean dramas nowadays are so bad and boring that's why I decided to watch an old one. i just finished watching it and it was the best korean drama i've ever seen, such an amazing plot and storyline,kim nam gil's acting was incredible!!! for those who doesn't watch it yet ,watch it now you will never regret! I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED IT ;)

Fazad what the ...!? the whole movie was sad but the ending , it was super depressing and unfinished for me manic writers !

Cecille M. Bad Guy is my first korean drama which became my favorite. Oh my! I love all in this drama, especially Kim Nam-Gil. His acting so brilliant, I instantly fell in love~ Hope I can seen him play again with Han Ga-In or Jung So-Min in another drama. I also love them <3

And also I hope next will be happy ending D:

WUTTTTTT Exactly 44:56 episode 11 of Personal Taste 2010 Kim Nam Gil is in the shot, right between the 2 girls having a coffee. is this a crossover? or just a cameo? lol

Kinggofing @noor No, actually he didn't died at the end when Mo Ne shot him. I'm guessing he was able to patch himself up and then wrote the letters and stuff. Remember at the scene where Moon Jane was standing behind a bulletin board, and a paper looking for someone who will claim his body was there, it says a "A guy with a huge scar at the back" and the cause of death "Self Shot" i don't think getting shot at the lower side of his body can give the idea of shooting your own self.

lupin this drama makes me realized one thing that the saddest of all things is being abandoned..and also when you finally understand why you can't get the love you think yours. kim jae wook's scene when he said goodbye to Mrs.Shin is sooooo bitter. i cried my heart out watching that this drama is one of the kind,doesnt end typically like any other dramas. i felt so upset when geon wook died at the end but the ending is perfect since it leaves a deep impression in my heart...i so love this drama

noor In the end of the eposide he was on a ambulance. If he had bad situation in that night or already dead who sent the gifts after that. the boxes sent after few days what 's happen really . it seems Shim Gun Wook is actually alive .but what about unidentified body and what's happen when his little sister find out he is her brother who she shot him .is there any explanation in Korean article or interview with writers.

Paulene Jamie Guiniling Done watching the drama yesterday.... The ending was unexpected and it was nice. The revenge was intense and story is different, I mean it's one of a kind....

I did love it. It's just painful and sad for all the characters. I was also moved by this TV series. Kudos to the writers!!!^^

Paulene Jamie Guiniling Done watching the drama yesterday....

The ending was unexpected and it was nice. The revenge was intense and story is defferent, I mean it's one of a kind....

I did love it. It's just painful and sad for all the characters. I was also moved by this TV series.

Kudos to the writers!!!^^

Paulene Jamie Guiniling OMG. This movie is exciting. I thought it was boring but upon watching the episode 2, the story is tricky and cool..... I'm now in Episode 7.

宗像計画 when there is a bad boy season two

ramses when there is a bad boy season 2

idopiseh KNG, Kim jae-wook, han ga in and all other actors, thanks for that beautiful drama but KNG ending in such manner is a bit still remains a nice one.......

vansg I hate sad ending. Love Kim Nam Gil !

kevin I think this film should next to bad boy 2

Sarah Hate the ending....  :(

tamagoxyaki This drama would've been perfect if it they could've filmed the 20 episode originally and got a better leading lady..

huggable i was feeling sorry for Jae-wook's character all the time, and Nam gil's too. Pitiful characters :( love Jae-Wook ♥

Tessa I loved this drama. The main characters were perfect! I really fell in love with Kim Nam-Gil. I thought that Secret Garden was sad, but this drama beat it. I bawled my eyes out. Although I wish the ending was different, I think that it really wrapped the series up. This ending is one that I will never forget. I think that Bad Guy is a drama that is a must see. It gives you many different things and shows you how life can really be. I'm sad that it is over.

jbrittney I hated it! The main character had bad skin and was difficult to look at... very unattractive. All of the characters are villans .. I had to stop watching it.

alcyone Out of all the korean dramas I've watched this has the best ending ever. I know it was sad and depressing and chillingly creepy, but it was perfect and in character. It ties perfectly with the drama from the beginning. I mean, right from the start I felt the guy wanted to die--just the image of the man falling from the sky...woah and how he shrugs off injuries-- and through his acts of revenge, he already had a conclusion in mind, and damn everybody and the consequences, even the person he cares about.

It also ties up with everybody's selfishness and obliviousness to the world around them and how the characters especially Han Ga In's might suffer or benefit from it. Great direction and script, though some parts in the middle seemed off and dragging.  Love Kim Nam Gil as ever.  He really fits the role.  I thank this drama for teaching me good characterization.

lynne Han Ga In, my idol, you're the best!!!!...but I don't like the ending of this drama, hope they make it 18 episodes so that it must have a good ending, Shim Gun Wook died in the end, it would be good if Moon Jae In ended up with Hong Tae Seong, live a wealthy and happy life together, I just watch this drama bec.of Han Ga In, I'm planning to watch all her korean dramas and movies...I've finished watching 3 times the "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" (Her most unforgettable drama) "Witch Yoo Hee"(I like her with Dennis Oh), "Bad Guy", and her movie "Architecture 101" (Her box office movie)...they were all good dramas to be watched for.

Libby I really loved this Korean Drama; and I've seen quite a few.; but my thing is : Why did the handsome Shim Gun Wook have to die after a miracuclous come back; It hurt my heart, my mouth fell open; and I felt as if I lost smeone I knew and cared about.I thought about this for days, and then realized how caught up I had become,and that this was only make believe. Please allow there to be a part 2 of bad guy ; and Shim Gun Wook is actually alive. I fell in love with Gun Wook.

ggeoum hi...i really love this kdrama... I dont know how many times i had watched it.. I just cant accept gun wook dead.. I still not believe it.. Trust me all my friends cant accept the fact & hopes there'll be bad guy 2 & gun wook still alive... Please continue this drama...

xyz i dont like ending like that U.U why hero die.. haizzz please make Bad guy 2!

Christine This the drama korean that's stolen my attention and heart. I am thinking many times why the ending is 'dead'?, can't be like that. The writer must co-write the story or fixed it, since Nam-gil already back home from millitiary thus you can ask him together with the director to making the 'continues Bad Guy or put title with Bad Guy.2

I want Nam-gil with Hong Te-ra live together, no matter what. since the birn parents for Hong Te-ra and Nam-gil is different.

Build Hong Mo-ne be a grown up girl, pretty, success with college and put in Haesin company to improve her major in college, then the last point is put her to fallin love with the down grade of her co-worker who is smartest but can love and make Hong Mo-ne fallin love with sincere.

About Han Ga-in (Jane) , I don't like she together with Nam-gil, thue you must build the story with a strong success of the 2nd Hong Tang Seo, who live without Haesin money anymore but he is struggle and be came 'a new personality' moee good, and charming. To keep his love just for Jane, make both to seeing each other and become marry.

Others, you can make all peoples with the happy ending. The stoty must be how to fight with the one you love, no revenge, full of forgiveness, understanding and high appreciated to look a person who love with sincere.

I hope, my desire writing can be real for the best drama korean Bad Guy. and be came fenomenal for the future due the success for all category of this drama.

Much love specially for Kim Nam-gil, and my 2nd love for the singer who sing with all his heart that makes me feel deep to this drama. Felt like Bad Guy life in my heart.. the singer, singing "when the part of Nam-gil take care when Hong Te-ra got sick".

My high honor to Director and Writer, who build this story drama as a real in television.

God bless you Bad Guy TEAM.

Cordially yours, Christine.

misoo i liked this drama to the core but the ending pierced my heart too much .. every tym i memorize the death of KNG in this drama i literally get upset big tym... after thinking for sometym i relax my heart by saying that KNG died because of the guilt of seducing his own step sister

Mark I don't like the ending. That's it. Plain and simple. I love the way Taera fights for what she feels. I didn't know that Monet knew where Chae tae sung lives but she did not know that she is her real brother. I skipped that part I guess.

It turned a bit slow in ep 3 to 6. Great drama except for the ending. The real world is already depressing enough with bad news why would they add up to the stress with this kind of ending? Well. It not that WORSE as FASHION KING.

Hugsy Amy Hands down the best k-drama!!! Solid story line, even the ending is sad but not at all unexpected, awesome screen play, unbeatable casting, and impressive original score, my personal favorite is the sub title (the elevator scene **wink*wink**). If you are looking for a relaxing cheesy romantic drama, 나쁜남자 maybe not be a good choice. But definitely one worth buying the complete BD set for, if they sell it here in Canada!! ^.^

Jeannette Goins I just started watching Korean movies and can't stop. Became a real fan of Kim Nam Gil in " Great Queen Seondeok", so my next one was "Bad Boy". I loved both movies and all the cast members. But it was so hard having both movies ending with Kim Nam Gil's character dying.I"ve read he has enlisted in the military, but hope that he will make more movies in the future. Maybe with a happy ending.

Mica I live in Atlanta, GA but I am from the Caribbean. I just started watching Korean TV shows and like every body else, I was really enjoying this show until the end. I even considered the possibility of the existence of another season since the ending DID not make sense. The characters were great. The story line was quite entertaining but the ending left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. It simply did not line up with the build up of the story. I can accept a sad ending at times but not this one.

Jennifer I love this drama but it was sad because the ending wasnt that great but that was due to Kim Nam Gil go to the army. The reason why the ending wasnt as great as it was supposed to be is because the army denied his request to give him a little more time to finish the 20 episodes they had orginally planned so thats why the ending was lacking but if his request was approved i think the ending would have been a lot better

Damaris I'm soooo shocked with this ending I'm full mourning right now. and what's up with that stupid ending and why did they showed his hand without the ring? does that means something? I'm so confused that i want to weep. This writers are something else. But I really have to say that Kim Nam Gil is one of the BEST actors I have ever seen. The way he transformed into different people and made you fell in love with his characters. Bravo I'll watch anything he makes from now on. Can't wait for what's next for him.

SISAmantha The plot is very good, the actors were great but.. I really am disappointed about how they ended the story. I don't know what the writers were thinking & why the production team went with it.

Mink i just hope that they come back with a continuation, KNG has amazing acting would be such a shame to never see "bad boy" come back alive.

Lisa I really HATE the endiing...I mean why kill the guy after all tht he's been through...its like the bad guy (tht's Madam Shin in this case) wins , jus gonna remake my own ending then,..Jae In receives the mask n she goes to Japan to search for him n they live happily ever happy ending :) but not for teh endinh the drama was super cool...soo digged the cold-hearted-deeply-bruised act of Kim Nam Gil...n Kim Jae Wok was convincing as a tragedy-ridden-unlucky-prince-with-deep-family-issues

jb 'Stache" i mean

jb that satche makes him look so slimy. lol

wiriyo Too bad. The ending were a bad news, bad planned, & finished in rush.. I've been wasting my time in following the episodes. If only I knew the ending is that "unfinished", I won't follow the episodes.

noted: the only person deserve dead should only be the wicked lady of the Hong family (Mrs. Shin). Mo-Ne do the shooting in the last episode when all truth already revealed (even in court) is out of question. It seems as if the writer wanted to give an ending that is not guessable, but he failed as this kind of ending just make me think that the writer has low creativity & imagination (in the end).

It was a one forced ending. Really too bad, it might be one damn cool drama if the writer didn't messed up.

famous If the ending wasn't so pointless this drama would have been one of the best ever. I expected the guy to die in the end, but not the way he did. What exactly can a person learn from this?

Kath KNG's act was SUPERB! Trully amazing!!!

putri i've just finished watching this drama yesterday, and i don't like the ending. I was so excited watching it from episode 1-14. but when it turned to episode 15, it was disappointing. he appeared only a little with very little/no dialogues too.

this is his (KNG) 2nd sad ending drama i've watched after The Great Queen Seon Deuk. and i agree with all of you guys that he's one of the best actors in the world. he can hypnotized the audience by watching his acting. he expresses it very well so that he can make us sad, smile/laugh, angry.

Well, i'm waiting for your next drama, Kim Nam Gil oppa...

Ha Ga In, you're so pretty... it's nice to have you play in this drama also....

Saga I can't find drugger's actor ... I can be stupid... But still, anyone who can help me ? Thanx!

Aor Greet from Thailand. I really love this series especially Oh Yeon Soo as Hong Tae-Ra. She performed really well, oh her eyes ... her eyes! Facial expression is so great that you can feel it (Kim Nan Gil as well). Oh Yeon Soo is really sexy, elegant and beautiful. I fall in love with you. First, I watched Jumong then Bad Guy and I searched for more of your series. "La Dolce Vita" is my favourite one. Now I'm watching 'Gye Baek'. I'm looking forward to your series! More please! Thanks!! (^^)/

Giggles i dont like that stupid monet. she ruined everythingg. but i wished that jae in chose tae sung. i was hoping that they would be together at the end.

azy i love this drama.. one of the best korean drama i ever watch.. the actors are awesome.. but the ending seems too sad..

Habin Jeon Min Seo was very cute in this drama.

william with regards to the presents i think he sent jae in and tae ra's gifts before he decided to commit suicide, and my interpretation of the ending is that jae in's sullen expression and her statement ' is the world you are looking at a happy one?' might suggest that jae in realises gun wook is dead since why would gun wook randomly leave for america when jae in says she would return for him. for me the ending was really sad but if it was a happy ending people might think that revenge is okay where in fact it never is. i think the ending is the writers' way of condemning vengeful acts =(, but i would have liked gun wook to forgive himself and not commit suicide and also for him and jae rin to be together. but all in all GREAT DRAMA

Brittni I loved this drama until they got to the part where tae sung accuses jae in of only liking him for his status and she agrees and claims she only liked him for his money. Thats crap. the last 10 episodes you've shown us that jae in is falling for tae sung and out of nowhere she just changes her story? Did a new writing team come in or something? After that I could barely watch the show. After everything Gun wook did with tae rea and mo ne how could jae in still choose him over tae sung? I'm sorry but it made NO sense at all. I really think the writers screwed up the story. She should have chose tae sung.

Lira It is one of the best corean drama( I no english well, I sorry for mistaces, I am from Azerbaijan, and i love all korean films). Kim Nam Gil is my the most lovely actor. Successes to you. By

marishake the title of the song THORNFLOWER sang by jungyeop; the other female song is entitled WHERE. wonderful musics were used in this drama, i love it!

sakuraigurl I love the drama but I got depressed with the ending. A happy ending would be nice but they choose to have a sad ending.

KNG is so hot in this drama and his portrayal is really amazing. I hope to see him in another drama once he returns from the army.

anis I want to khow the song title of this story. love the song.

smileyme okay...i love the story in the beginning,with great acting, actors, also cinematography but the ending really ruined everything i love's SUCKS ENDING.

Maggie I like his drama a lot and had high hope for the ending. I thought after all, Geon-Ok will live in a happy life with Moon Jane. I stopped watching it when I saw that evil look on Mo-Ne and the gun on the floor. Why do they make the ending so sad? I know sometimes people like to be surprise but the ending really ruined the whole drama. Actors are great but ending sucks.

cici Love Kim Jae-Wook only. Love him forever

non sibi HGI's nose is cute. Surgery product, isn't it? KNG is cool with mustache. KJW's acting is cool.

Danny The ending is terrible. Pretty much the evil madam shin got everything she wanted: 1) Tea Ra is president, 2) loser son is out of the family, 3) father is punished for sending her son to the U.S. here he died and even without her knowing she even beat Gun Wook by revealing the truth led to him to become tormented, pulling out the gun and ultimately the tragic ending with the gun! I can't believe they would let the Madam get away with it all! And yes Gun Wook is dead at the end because they wanted a symbolic ending, Gun Wook struggled the whole time with his identity and in the end he died as an "unidentified person". Bottom line, ending sucked!

LOL Tae-ra is f*cking hot!! sexy~~

ana y this story have a ending like that,, i love this story but i expect that shim gun wook will get his happiness after what he have been through,, i put a high hope for a happy ending for moon jae in and shim gun wook.. i also hope that shim gun wook and his family wiill together again,, but y the ending is like that,, it is so sad,, it make me cry,,

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tricia i must say a very versatile actor is born with the name KIM NAM GIL...the ending was a bit shocking i was hoping to have a lighter queen seon deok ii was really sad because bidam died and in this series kim nam gil again had a sad this drama gun wook deserved a better life with han ga-in's character..but any way bad guy is really the best drama ever...hope to see more of kim nam gil...saranghe oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vee I just finished it 10 days ago... And I really like it. the whole story, plot, chemistry between Ga-In, Tae-Ra and Gun Wook, the soundtrack, even the sad ending, is one of the best that I've ever seen.

ange if you like this series, then I recommend you to watch "million star falling from the sky" (Takuya Kimura). the core story is almost similar, and also the main character. To compare the series, I still find Takuya Kimura is hotter when it comes to kissing scenes / role as playboy than KNG, but KNG's body is better :) But anyway I love both series & I love both main characters, recommended series !

marishake this is actually the best korean drama i watched along with queen seon duk;) kim nam gil is a great actor. he is my best actor in asia. the plot, the setting and the scenes in each episode of this drama excited me a lot. i love all its soundtrack, the background musics are wonderful, and the song THORNFLOWER. though the ending is sad, i was entertained and inspired by this drama.

Cullengabriela U are so tallented actor...!!!

Tess I started watching this series because I like Ha Ga In but was totally attracted to it because of Kim Nam Gil now. Not to mention the storyline is also very good and having Ha Ga In paired with Kim Nam Gil made it even more perfect. Have to agree with the rest I wished the ending could have been a better one. Kim's character really deserved a better life after all those hatred have been resolved.

Love the soundtrack too, can anyone provide the romanised lyrics to the 3 main songs they played continuously in the show please? Would really appreciate it.

Ha Wa I've just finished watching the drama '' bad guy'' the series was great and breath taking I just wished the ending was different, I hope they continue when Nam Gil comes back from the army and good luck with him!

Great fan from Australia

twister woww... this movie is twisting kNG go...

karlita i really liked kim Jae-Wook in this drama, very hansome and great actor, about the story i just want to watch another end u_u

seena i just finished watching the drama like 10 minutes ago and i must say that it's mind-blowing! definitly a MUST SEE!

Kristen i wish Bad Guy didn't have to be cut to 17 episodes and that Gun Wook had to die in the end. Kinda wish that when Nam Gil returns from military service they make more episodes and call it 'The alternate ending.'. >.>

Jae Wook = <3 Nam Gil = <3

leyla hello kim...............i no english very well.....................i wish to see you very much.......................bye....................



Anna I love this drama & Oppa is so handsome... The ending was too sad!!!

David In the end of this movie is not perfect (a little sister's Hong Mo-Ne can not shoot the big brother's Geon-Ok). I hope next time a movie ending is happy or not unhappy. By the way thank you.

Jennifer Vargas For me, Kim Nam Gil is the best actor in the whole world. He's the only one who could make me laugh, cry and feel depressed because of his ability to act so well. In the Great Queen Seon Dok, he showed to us the best actor he could be. I even neglected to work the next day after I fully watched it. It made me feel like I'm the one who've lost him..And in Bad Guy, he just did it again. But as they say, I think they need to continue the story because it's very obvious that they cut it short because he went to the army..It's so unfair to all of his fans...I hope they would come up with a better plot for this story and a how about a great ending..He was found dead under the sky way. The worst way to die, I hope they could change it..More power to you Kim Nam Gil!

yulia maheswari this drama really cool

tina the best drama that i have ever seen best actor and actress.....brilliant them

iyonakoh is there a part 2?..

Jen did he die or disappeared? cause in the end of the eposide he was on a ambulance but then who sent the gifts? im all confused... hope he didn't die , they were all waiting for him to come back T_T

aREfIXed sorry..its *male lead~..

aREfIXed i dont remember which episode but the mail lead set the alarm for the girl when she slept at the stair~...does anyone know what handphone she use?...or what apss he use?.

chazzy I love this drama but why does it have such a sad ending......could someone name a series where kim nam-gil doesn't die:))? Ps. your acting is amazing. Greetings from Romania.

vania Hi, I like a lot the soundtrack. can you tell me where is it avaiable for download, thanks a lot.

ledhumour Absolutely fantastic drama- buying as soon as it's released!!

joyowon I'm loving this drama!!! Personally speaking, I think this will be another a phenomenal Korean Drama Series. It has a good storyline, plus a great casts. Each episodes keeps on getting exciting and so thrilling...Another brilliant performance from Kim Nam Gil along side top actresses Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Soo and Kim Jae Wook.

If you love Kim Nam Gil's portrayal of Bidam in Queen Seon Deok, I recommend you to watch Bad Guy...He display again his wittiness and charming ability here...not to forget his oozing sex appeal...Every girl would definitely fall for this man.

Kim Nam Gil deserves another award here.

angela love this.... can't get enough!! Stayed up late last night watching all 12 eps before going to work. Waiting for ep 13 subtitles

NightLizard I started to watch it a few days ago... At first I wanted to watch just the first episode to see if I can watch it later BUT I simle fall in love with this drama: plot is very interesting, great cast and most importantly you can't predict how all this ends up... I watched 11 episodes and I hope it won't disappoint me in the future!

jhen dela cruz KNG's acting here is so amazing!he is a very versatile actor....hope there will be more projects for him when he comes back!!!God Bless KNG!

mark what is the name of the cellphone geon-ok use in episode 9?!

corina Hello! I watched at TV Drama Bad Guy (episeode 1 to 5). I liked very much and I want to know wath happend with the rest of them. When and how can I watch again? Thank you for your work. I forgot to say that I am from Romania.

shenta love this drama....... love oppa.... mmuuuuaaahhhhh

key_lover i love thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss drama so so so so much T___________T

Aisha Just finsh ep7 T_T Omggggg i can't wait to see ep 8 Best korean DRAMA EVA !!!!!!!!!!!! keep going guys god bless you

alloo long time none of the drama catch my attention ... but this one defiantly does ... the Cast is amazing specially KIM NAM GIL .. he is a real actor .. his facial expression .. his voice .. his look ... every thing about him is just amazing ... KIM NAM GIL oppa fighting ... we hope to see you in other works after you come back from the military service .. here In Arab countries every one loves you ... you have thousand of fans here :) oppa Nam Gil saranghyo

ccieaf Just love this TV series................

laura you are so cool...i really want to see you in reality,but i am sure that you will never come to Romania...i love you...(te iubesc!!)

hans i just finished watching the first episode and all i can say is that: KNG --you rock! =D

when it comes to acting you can deliver with depth. you're so cool!!! keep it up! =) lavyah!

snow jae-wook and nam-gil look like each other

girlie cant wait to watch it...your eyes could do all the acting.. luv u

isty luv ur acting bi-dam. im one of ur fans. wish to watch bad guy in indonesia. all korean drama r my fav program.

aisha Best Drama Omg i love it so much from first ep !!! no guys , Come to dubai :P

rachel i was able to watch the first 2 episodes.. it was great.. it makes u want to watch the next episodes.. the story is unique (well, from the shows i've watched before).. kim nam gil's acting was amazing! =) totally different from his character BiDam from Queen Seon Deok.. and the stunts! wow.. =)

the girl who plays Mo Ne is really cute.. she reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye.. they kinda look alike..

shidoka Thank u I love u sll

sendoh_rara_akira Charming...charming......charming........BAAAAAAAAAD! can you ask me as you're date mate? I LOOOOVE TO!

sylvia You caught my attention in role as Bidam in Queen Seon Dok. You are amazing actor. Aside from being a charming actor, you have a great potential in your acting carreer because you can act well and you can even deliver your lines well probably because you have a good voice. I hope that this drama will again show again how competent an actor you are. Goodluck and more power

rine_anne `nani deulamaleulbogo gidalil su eobsda !

denise I hope I can watch this drama here, in Romania. YOU'RE SO COOL. Perhaps you could come in Romania...:*

Hasegawa Yumi Whoa~ oppa! I hope can watch this drama in Indonesia. Please visit my coutry again, oppa! My house is open to you. Hehehe... :-)

megan i'll be waiting u oppa.....

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