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  • Drama: Inspiring Generation
  • Revised romanization: Gamgyukshidae : Tooshinui Tansaeng
  • Hangul: 감격시대 : 투신의 탄생
  • Director: Kim Jung-Kyu
  • Writer: Bang Hak-Ki (comic), Chae Seung-Dae (ep.1-10), Park Kye-Ok (ep.11-24)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: January 15 - April 3, 2014
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in the 1930s in Shanghai, China. Drama series depicts friendships, love and patriotism of young people.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Bel Ami" and will be followed by "Golden Cross" April, 2014.
  2. Based on the comic series "Inspiring Generation" by Bang Hak-Ki (published by daily newspaper Sports Seoul from June, 1985 to June, 1988)
  3. First script reading took place October, 2013 at KBS Annex Building in Seoul.
  4. "Inspiring Generation" was originally scheduled to air beginning in November, 2013, but due to the extensive overseas filming, the series has been postponed to January, 2013.
  5. Actress Kim So-Eun was originally cast to play Kim Ok-Ryeon, but dropped out due to filming delays and scheduling conflicts. In her place, Jin Se-Yeon plays Kim Ok-Ryeon.
  6. Screenwriter was changed from ep.1-10 (Chae Seung-Dae) to ep.11-24 (Park Kye-Ok).
  7. Actor Kim Jae-Wook who plays Kim Soo-Ok dropped out of the drama series. His last appearance is in episode 8.


Inspiring Generation-Kim Hyun-Joong.jpg Inspiring Generation-Lim Soo-Hyang.jpg Inspiring Generation-Jin Se-Yeon.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kim Jae-Wook.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kim Kap-Soo.jpg
Kim Hyun-Joong Lim Soo-Hyang Jin Se-Yeon Kim Jae-Wook Kim Kap-Soo
Shin Jung-Tae Gaya Teguchi Kim Ok-Ryeon Kim Soo-Ok Doyama Denkai
Inspiring Generation-Choi Jae-Sung.jpg Inspiring Generation-Son Byung-Ho.jpg Shin Seung-Hwan Inspiring Generation-Kim Ga-Eun.jpg Yoon Hyun-Min
Choi Jae-Sung Son Byung-Ho Shin Seung-Hwan Kim Ga-Eun Yoon Hyun-Min
Shin Young-Chool Choi Soo-Ri Jjang-Ddol So-So Aoki Denkai
Inspiring Generation-Choi Cheol-Ho.jpg Inspiring Generation-Shin Eun-Jung.jpg Inspiring Generation-Lee Cho-Hee.jpg Inspiring Generation-Bae Noo-Ri.jpg Inspiring Generation-Jo Dong-Hyeok.jpg
Choi Cheol-Ho Shin Eun-Jung Lee Cho-Hee Bae Noo-Ri Jo Dong-Hyeok
Shinjo Deguchi Kim Sung-Deok Mal-Sook Yang-Yang Shinichi
Inspiring Generation-Choi Ji-Ho.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kwak Seung-Nam.jpg Inspiring Generation-Yang Ik-June.jpg Inspiring Generation-Jo Dal-Hwan.jpg Inspiring Generation-Ji Seung-Hyun.jpg
Choi Ji-Ho Kwak Seung-Nam Yang Ik-June Jo Dal-Hwan Ji Seung-Hyun
Aka Genjo Hwang Bong-Sik Poong-Cha Gang-Gae
Inspiring Generation-Nuel.jpg Kim Sung-Oh Inspiring Generation-Kim Seo-Kyung.jpg Inspiring Generation-Yu Tae-Woong.jpg Inspiring Generation-Seo Dong-Gun.jpg
Nuel Kim Sung-Oh Kim Seo-Kyung Yu Tae-Woong Seo Dong-Gun
Kkab-Sae Jung Jae-Hwa Mang-Chi Shin Ma-Juk Cha Sang-Ki
Inspiring Generation-Choi Il-Hwa.jpg Inspiring Generation-Jung Ho-Bin.jpg Inspiring Generation-Song Jae-Rim.jpg Inspiring Generation-Lee Joon-Seok.jpg Lee Cheol-Min
Choi Il-Hwa Jung Ho-Bin Song Jae-Rim Lee Joon-Seok Lee Cheol-Min
Seol Doo-Sung Wang Baek-San Mo Il-Hwa Won-Pyeong Bool-Gom
Inspiring Generation-Uhm Tae-Gu.jpg Inspiring Generation-Oh Soon-Tae.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kim Roe-Ha.jpg Inspiring Generation-Park Chul-Min.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kim Se-Jung.jpg
Um Tae-Goo Oh Soon-Tae Kim Roe-Ha Park Chul-Min Kim Se-Jung
Do-Ggoo Omogari Shin Ga-Jeom Old Man Fly Shin Chung-A
Inspiring Generation-Kim Byeong-Ki.jpg Inspiring Generation-So Hee-Jung.jpg Inspiring Generation-Lee Jang-Yoo.jpg Inspiring Generation-Jeong Jin.jpg Inspiring Generation-Lim Hyung-Joon.jpg
Kim Byeong-Ki So Hee-Jung Lee Sang-Hee Jeong Jin Lim Hyung-Joon
fortuneteller Mal-Sook's mother Kim Cheom-Ji Yamamoto Goichi
Jo Ha-Suk Inspiring Generation-Im Se-Hwan.jpg Inspiring Generation-Moon Hee-Kyeong.jpg Inspiring Generation-Hwang Chae-Won.jpg Inspiring Generation-Kim Yun-Hee.jpg
Jo Ha-Suk Lim Se-Hwan Moon Hee-Kyung Hwang Chae-Won Kim Yun-Hee
Sasaki Tamada director nun Rang-Rang Ryoko Teguchi

Young Cast Members:

Inspiring Generation-Kwak Dong-Yeon.jpg Inspiring Generation-Joo Da-Young.jpg Inspiring Generation-Ji-Woo.jpg
Kwak Dong-Yeon Joo Da-Young Ji-Woo
Shin Jung-Tae Gaya Teguchi Kim Ok-Ryeon
Inspiring Generation-Lee Ji-Woo.jpg Kim Dong-Hee Inspiring Generation-Kim Min-Ha.jpg
Lee Ji-Woo Kim Dong-Hee Kim Min-Ha
Shin Chung-A Jjang-Ddol Mal-Sook

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-01-15 1 NR 9.2% (19th) NR NR
2014-01-16 2 NR 9.2% (20th) NR NR
2014-01-22 3 8.9% (17th) 9.2% (17th) 9.6% (14th) 10.3% (9th)
2014-01-23 4 NR NR NR 8.4% (19th)
2014-01-29 5 NR NR NR 7.9% (19th)
2014-01-30 6 NR NR NR 8.8% (16th)
2014-02-05 7 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-06 8 NR NR 8.9% (20th) 9.4% (18th)
2014-02-12 9 8.8% (20th) 9.4% (20th) 10% (17th) 10.7% (14th)
2014-02-13 10 9.9% (18th) 11.6% (13th) 11.4% (14th) 12.8% (8th)
2014-02-19 11 NR 9.1% (20th) 10.3% (15th) 10.8% (14th)
2014-02-20 12 NR 9.8% (20th) 9.8% (20th) 10.2% (18th)
2014-02-26 13 8.7% (18th) 9.3% (17th) 9.3% (16th) 9.7% (12th)
2014-02-27 14 8.9% (20th) 10.3% (15th) 9.7% (16th) 10.1% (15th)
2014-03-05 15 10.0% (16th) 10.9% (11th) 12.0% (7th) 12.7% (5th)
2014-03-06 16 10.3% (19th) 11.6% (12th) 12.5% (6th) 13.3% (5th)
2014-03-12 17 10.7% (16th) 12.2% (10th) 12.2% (8th) 13.2% (6th)
2014-03-13 18 10.0% (17th) 11.4% (12th) 12.6% (8th) 13.2% (8th)
2014-03-19 19 9.8% (14th) 10.2% (12th) 11.0% (9th) 11.1% (8th)
2014-03-20 20 10.8% (16th) 12.4% (8th) 12.1% (11th) 12.8% (8th)
2014-03-26 21 10.0% (15th) 11.4% (10th) 11.6% (10th) 12.3% (6th)
2014-03-27 22 10.3% (13th) 10.9% (10th) 12.3% (6th) 13.6% (5th)
2014-04-02 23 9.8% (13th) 10.4% (13th) 11.1% (8th) 11.5% (6th)
2014-04-03 24 10.7% (14th) 11.6% (11th) 12.3% (6th) 13.5% (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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Bhav this programme was f*cking amazing omg i can't believe how good it was and the best thing is, is that i'm an indian that's watching a Korean programme LOL i love it and omg Kim Hyun Joong i would happily marry you raah you are the definition of perfect. could someone please tell me the theme tune to this programme please, the soft piano music part they keep playing throughout the show, someone please tell me the name and omg it was a breathe taking programme with amazing acting and action raah i'm trying to make my friends watch it too but they're not listening to me LOL so could someone tell me the name of the song thankyou ahh

Agasshi This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched :) I was a little sceptical about starting it at first, mainly because I'd only ever seen Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers, but I eventually decided to take the plunge and regret nothing. The acting was fantastic; the fight scenes alternately 'wow-ed' me and made me wince (LOL), and the ending was bittersweet but satisfying. Kim Hyun Joong was amazing as Shin Jung Tae - my favourite character alongside Song Jae Rim as Mo Il Hwa. Great work, guys - love you both <3 <3!

Ozmo Congratulations to the casting director on the best ever combination of younger and older actors for the Shin Jung-Tae character. Sliding between the oh-so-talented Dong-Yeon and Hyun-Joong was seamless and believable. Well done!

Dark Elf SJR as the Mo Il-Hwa character. His wicked smile killed me! KHJ has developed into a talented and captivating lead actor. Good action drama. The sets, styling, and shooting angles are well done. Love those classic automobiles too.

Bumbumpow I love this action drama... great actor and actress.. and i love it how Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) end up love Ok Ryeon...

dharsini This is an awsome period drama with excellent actors , kim hyun joong is especially unique in his way. Being a fan for him I pray he deserve an award for his amazing acting. The martial art was out of appreciation..well done to the team and all actors.... Wat a marvellous drama wow...... This will be cherished in my memory always...master art..wonderful..wonderful script and actors...

Nikki Mc One of the all time best dramas ever and for me the best for 2014 to date. Great story. Great acting. Excellent job. More than thumbs up!!!!

Lily of the Valley DAEBAK!! this drama is awesome! over all! Storyline, cast, OST and everything! sweet cute romantic moments and other deeply tragic ones! I loved it! Although I hated some unfair deaths, but it is normal in action dramas anyway!

Lillies DAEBAK!! this drama is awesome! over all! Storyline, cast, OST and everything! sweet cute romantic moments and other deeply tragic ones! I loved it! Although I hated some unfair deaths, but it is normal in action dramas anyway!

Ha ya I feel every feeling that this drama wanna show.. Every fist makes me ache..!haha.. The young and older jung tae..nomu muhshee ssuh! Always love hyun joong since BOF.. Will wait for your next drama..! gi da ril geh!!

lala OMG This drama is just AMAZING one of my all time favorite drama ever KIM HYUN JOONG man your awesome i have been in love with that acting skill you have got since BOF but this time you really rocked. You are really talented Iwish we can see you more often on tv screen and im in love with all your song too! From my point of view i think this drama and all its casts should win 2014's good acting award. I especially want to thank this dramas director for such a great job you really deserve an award and a big BRAVO ! I LOVE YOU IG MEMBERS...I MISS THIS DRAMA ESPECIALLY ALL THE HOTTIES ...!

Monkey Does anyone know where the bgm is from? They didn't include the score in the OST :( And there was some amazing pieces!

nada Agree with you frenze...this drama completely impressive.All the actor did a great job. I wish I can watch this kind of drama again with different basic story. Other than km hyun joong(coz he is the reason♥) jae rim and others attracted me to.Wish that kim hyun joong and song jae rim in the same drama soon.

firenze renze This is one of the BEST Korean Action Tele-drama i have watched. It's breath-taking from beginning to end. Every scene is unique, interesting and exciting. Even the fight scenes are intelligently choreographed and awesomely strong and smooth! All the characters were well played by the actors. i also liked the way the writer built the plot, intelligently written. Usually war period dramas give a scene of sadness and boredom, but this one is really marvelous! i specially liked the way the writer unfolds the mysteries of each of the characters and how some side stories were left hanging.... but most of all, i am so impress with the MORAL of the story and the historical educational value it brought even though it is fictional in nature. CONGRATULATIONS!!! more power!!! GOD Speed . . . !!!

nana khattab Ilove this drama and yeah for elsa khj getting more better in acting and ilove his character here he really improve his self as agood actor iwant to see him again on other drama but before we want to see him on stage again after all he's a perfect singer I'm really excited for his new songs

Test I love this drama and just sad that it has already ended. I miss u my KHJ!

Amy6390 Our daughter has been a Kpop and kdramas for years now. We have joined her as well. Enjoyed every episode. From music to casting all the way to writing and wardrobe. This was a solid priece of art. Would like to see kim Hyun joong in more dramas. He really did an amazing job.

Lilly Im specting to find theOST of Inspiring Generation We are from US i Tunes still don't have it Thanks

Terry I just love this series it is not complicated and easy to follow most important it is not long winded unlike most other Korean drama s which take ages to get to the ending, this one has only 24 episodes till the happy end which is also very good. I absolutely love Lim Solo Hwang (Gaya Taguchi) she is absolutely stunning wow a great actress and so over sweet. A cutie pie she is. Hope KBS will show more serious old costumes dramas like this one instead of those senseless comedies.

Thank you Korea.

Terry I absolutely love this drama unlike other Korean dramas on KBS world it is not long winded and has only 24 episodes so we do not have to wait long for the "happy ending" . Lim Solo Hwang (Gaya Taguchi) is

Elsa I absolutely love KHJ, but I was wondering if this drama is worth watching? Has his acting gotten better since BoF?

jhulz the changed of writer and storyline was becoz of some japan theme issue.. thats why kim soo ok part was also cut in the drama,,

princess ..missing my weekly date with Shin Jung Tae so badly.. . my KHJ i hope you're going to have a new drama soon otherwise I would go crazy! Iloveuforever

xxx Nada, I did. Ran Ran isn't Yang Yang as shown in the picture. She is a lot younger.. Then who's Shin Ga Jeom?

dadz . .omo . . .. .. what happened to the face of my idol here? . . . .

     No matter what i should grab a tape of this drama ..  ..  .. i'm just wondering, is the 24th  episode not aired yet?

nada XXX Did you really watch IG?is not yang-yang is Ran ran ,the grand daughter of SDS.Jung tae threatening him...will take ran ran as hostage.But jung tae heart is like an angel...he will never ever do that.The drama completely AWESOME.

xxx Who the hell is Shin Ga-Jeom and Yang-yang? Did the two even appeared in the drama????

pol Aww... how could they do that to Ok Ryeon! She waited all her life for the happiest moment she had dreamed of... then a couple scenes later, dead, an easily avoidable death too. The only good thing that came out of it was after suffering such a loss, Jung Tae became practically invincible, dropping all the strongest characters.

Ghost Hee This drama has so much potential but it just can't lift up to it. The choreography isn't very impressive as it feels like the characters were hitting air. I also dislike the direction of the drama, although clearly the director wants it to feel epic, but it just fail. Bridal Mask did a great job making its hero feel badass, and all the fight scenes are really epic, which somehow is missing in this drama. The way they kill off the characters are soooo ridiculous! I thought Soo-ok is suppose to be the second lead, but he died off screen.. seriously? Then why introduce this character in the first place because his existence has nothing to do with the storyline. Maybe there's a reason, like how Kim Nam Gil has to be enlisted during his drama Bad Guy.. but still, meh. They could have done better. I also find it uncomfortable how EVERY character in this drama fights. It's like there's no diplomatic solution, or they never even considered one. Fist fight is the only way to resolve a conflict.. And all old man in this drama are like some Kungfu Masters.. Jeez, are there no normal humans in this drama? Probably with the expection of Ok-Ryeon...

nada Kim hyun joong is the right choise for Shin Jung Tae...tough and sensitive along with his rough and gentle as well.Kim hyun joong ...bless you.

Hilal Bozkurt It's realy perfect a drama. I just want happies Kim Hyun Joong with somebody. I think He have happy end.

Shaileighz I am so sad that Ok Ryeon died! ;( I honestly don't like Gaya...I never liked her from the start...I wish that Kim Hyun Joong and Jin Se Yeon will be in another drama soon;)

biasKimHyunJoong Going to miss this drama and more so KimHyunJoong, it was great drama and so looked forward watching it every week. Everyone did a wonderful job. I will be waiting for Kim HyunJoong next project, hopefully something really soon. Rest and enjoy some time off. Know I wish you much success and good health. Saranghae, ..KHJ

fey YYYAAAAY IG ended nd i cant wait fo kim hyun joon oppa to take a VERY GOOD REST he needs it and then his new project ...SO EXITED ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • spoiler* funny, Jin Seyeon's character dies again before her engagement/wedding day. Gaksital & Inspiring Generation are similar in plot, male heroine, Japanese, the heroine's lover since childhood (or at least long lost one -Gaksital) Yet so predictable. I thought they'd want to do it differently by letting the heroine with one of his lover but nuuh..

crybaby the End.. i love charactor of Leader Mo the most! really hope SJR could act like this more in future. KJH tooo has totally transformed from being pretty boy to manly man. I thought I could die ifGaya and Jung Tae end up together after Ok Ryeon died. but, seeing them seperate also sad me. :-(

Seta Great drama with outstanding cast's so good that it has spoiled me for other a league of its own...great chemistry between the actors...Kim Hyun Joong is out of this him in Boys for Flowers and Playful Kiss, but he's so different in this one...the role might as well be written for him...can't imagine anyone else playing Shin Jung Tae...the mixture of tough and sensitive was so well embodied by some point you forget that he is Kim Hyun Joong...the OST was incredible with his soulful voice...he is so good in singing ballads...the ending was so sad though...I really wanted him to give Gaya a chance...she's so in love with him and has protected him over and over...he ended up taking care of his sister just like he did in the unselfish...will miss him and the drama...five stars...

nada Agree with you WOW..will miss him.The flower boy turn into a GREAT ACTOR totally★★★★

Wow Kim hyun joong acting from the best actor AWESOME DRAMA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️KHJ I LOVE U

nada Today is final episode...god,will miss him.I wish he will comeback soon with his new drama.His acting in IG really AWESOME!not just better,he is EXCELLENT ★★★★★

paulineee No sad ending please... let SJT be happy at the end! He deserves one after what he had gone thru life!

Lyly It doesn't matter if SJT died, because Kim Ok Ryeon is already in his heart and became his wife. SJT is the one told her he wanted to live with her till the day he die. She obviously has him.

nada Listen his tender voice for ost ....his voice just AMAZING♥♥♥♥♥

Anna L. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I wanted Gaya to be with Jung Tae!!! I hope he dies at the end so no one could have him. Gaya didn't deserve what happened to her

samaneh I don't like gaya!! I don't know why but i want jong tae to end up with ok ryon

Lyly To me, KJT & Kim Ok Ryeon make a better couple than with Gaya. Some people say Kim Ok Ryeon is stupid, boring and a burden to KJT. But I see her likeable and not a burden, she is prettier than Gaya. She took care of him and his younger sister when they were little, she deserves his love. Gaya is ok, but not the right choice for him, she looks a little older than him.

FNAWESOEME OMMMFFG KIM HYUN JOONG ACTING IS SO AMAZING HE GOT ME CRYIN LIKE OMG ..!!! he was awesome in BOF and PK BUT THIS he moved into WHOLE OTHER LEVAL HE IS JUST AMAZIN and yeah i wish his next project would be even more amazin OPPA FIGHTING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Frosty Looking forward to a less bloody and violent KHJ drama next, although I wished City Conquest was aired. This guy is a hard working, quick learning, easy to work with, no nonsense person. I predict he will have staying power and also continue to blossom.

Bia Amazing Kim Hyun Joong. Didn't expect him to be such a great actor. I liked him in 'Playful Kiss' and 'Boys Before Flowers', but his performance in 'Inspring Generation' is much better. I've never really been a fan of his, but he blew my mind in this drama. Nice job, Mr. Kim.

amin I really love gaya and I hope that gaya and shin jung tae end up together. gaya fighting

MILLY I rreally want Gaya to end up with JT , the scene where Gaya kissed JT made me cry a lot. Well now that JT was married to OR i think there is no hope. But i hope that there will be a twist at the end and they both end up together. SIGH...

nada KHJ, as a fan I want to tell you the your acting skill SUPERB,we really proud of you.You are the person who always keep your promise.IG team,thank you for the great drama.

Jenny So I'm not the only one that hoped that Gaya and Jung Tae to end up together. I really really wish they could end up together, but I knew that my OTP ship will never sail ); . At first, I thought that they will really end up together, and that's the reason why I watched it, but... Sigh... Anyways, it's a nice drama.

biasKimhyunjoong KHJ...fighting..keep up the good work...IG fighting.. Thank you for all by our effort.

KHJ for LIFE Shin Jung Tae and Gaya, fighting!!

Lilly Where we can Find the OST of this Drama i tunes don't have it.

paulineee Gaya and Shin Jung Tae --- " the star crossed lovers".. i really want them to end up together. That scene where Gaya kissed Jung Tae goodbye made me cry so hard.. yes Gaya, in the next world you and Jung Tae will not be born that way, you will be born to love each other and i look forward to that... love u guys..

aries660 I also prefer OR over Gaya for JT....just like them together. I liked lim Soon Huang in I do I do with the lead on that drama. Either way love this drama...KHJ is my bias but I honestly think his acting has in improved. Everyone is doing an excellent job. Really am impressed with leader No. IG fighting...Saranghae Kim Hyung Joong

Wendy Lol epi.22 - fightscene with Aka

jhulz hmm.. i prefer OR than Gaya,, and i will not state my reason here why i dont like Gaya at all cos it will be pretty long discussion.... but anyway feel free to like Gaya cos i understand we have different perceptions of the characters.

nina hope gaya and aoki are alive. they deserve a happy ending. lousy first char JT. not smart, ignorant to the truth, then now bonding with the worst enemy who killed his people just to kill off gaya (who saved him so many times) and il gook hwae. and OR is boring as hell. gaya fighting. best ever and unique female first lead.

ciel phantomhive i love KHJ. what a great act after all. Teguchi Gaya as soooooo cool!!!! I hate Kim Ok ryeon. she just a burden for jeong tae, right?

Mithuna Reddy Ooh Shinichi is dead. I was expecting Shinichi and Gaya to end up with each other... Sad Sad

jhulz chung ah will be back,, see the casts above.. its updated

Wendy Thrilling, amazing, fantastic inspirin generation is indeed inspirin. Gaya gaya gaya l, Aoki man come on lets give him the credit and most importantly Jun that guy is incredible. Saranghae to all the actors n actresses. Inspirin generation is really a rare n best korean drama amongst all others

jhulz i didnt like the kiss scene between GaYa and JT,, but d*mn the ost is so beautiful.....khj's voice singing a ballad is amazing.....

and thanks to cat jenkins for appreciating the cast and this drama.... more POWER to IG!!!!!!!!!

Lilly I'm inspired by this Generation of young boys And girls

Wonderful Hystory Drama And very good acting work of all of you.


Lilly I'm inspired by this Generation of young boys And girls

Wonderful Hystory Drama And very good acting work of all of you.


nada Very well said cat jenkis,this kind of drama realy rare indeed. IG team did great job...god of the war is one of the best action drama ever.

fey OMG OMG OMG OMFGGG Gaya and Jung TAE KISS FIANALLY I wanted gaya to show more emotion ...exiting to know where is this going .... ^^ IG FIGHTING KHJ FIGHTING ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Cat Jenkins When Kim Hyun Joong came out with his new hit Unbreakable, then the mention of this edgy new action drama, I knew he had made a change in his personal stance on his career. He has physically & emotionally given this change a 100% embrace. There are moments in this drama that stand toe to toe with dome of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters that have become legends. Despite the challenge of being a historical drama, its current ratings are decently high. I think it will sell to other countries big time, and the viewings will accumulate like crazy. Only a rare few dramas are like that (; The supporting cast shines as brightly as the star & I for one am hooked. This is where awards given by critical acclaim vs REwards given by production companies... are a superior system. Thats ok though, the end result will still be a numbers game and my money is still with this

jhulz there's a kiss scene between JT and GAYA.....

AWESOME :) this drama is exiting it gets me to scream ...wich Is a good thing :) ......actors are great espically Kim hyun joong ...HIS ACTING IS amazing HE GOT ME CRYING :") and he got him self a new fan as an actor and a singer ❤

sonia i can`t even imagine how much kim hung jung involvement he is really shucked the hell of me he is became a extraordinary actor i will not supriesd if he become a legend that drama was more than great i love every scene of it ...all the actors and even the dialog was ...extraordinary ...but i was forward for kim jea wook oppa and what the hell happened to him ?????

maggie dear Abeth: thank you, thank you so so so much for your last comment... Your words were very nice and truly.

i totally agree with you,and again i thank you baby

Ozmo Congratulations on the actor pairing of younger and older Shin Jung-Tae. Best match I've seen in a drama yet.

nada Kim Hyun Joong is tough guy who dare to take the role in new genre korean drama.this totally action drama with real bare fight.He made it!with the label GREAT.there is a lot a good or bad comment...all those comments just make him more mature and get the best in his path.bless ya hyun joong.

jhulz i started to like GAYA when she started to go againts DENKAI but im stilll not rooting her for JT,,,

Frosty One of these girls is not going to make it to the end. I'm predicting Gaya because she fearless and lives by the sword. Also, I'm starting to see a cadre of those who will rally around JT. Interesting historical time and as I am unfamiliar with it, I can't imagine the outcome for those Josean people living in China with the advent of communism and threat of Japan.

test .. very well said @Abeth.. you clearly put into words what i exactly have in mind! Thanks  :-))

Abeth Very interesting story (i like the twist of the story and the links to one another of characters and situation)... nice characters (it fits to everyone of them).... Dialogues are superb (to the point i want to memorize them).. If I'm a jobless person.. i will finish the episodes in one sit.... I rarely give my comments but this drama is giving me excitement to the core of my bones and I want to scream in every encounter/fight scenes as if it always in the climax.... it also not all fights but it is opening an emotion that cannot be explained (even u want to hate a villain but in the end of my emotion i want to pity them, an inspiration to be strong not only physical but emotionally and to established a strong will to conquer every trial, an emotion to move on and look and step forward, the happiness of having a family even not blood related just like Dobi Gang).. so if there are critics or bashers of this drama, they are just shallow minded and unable to understand the deep meaning of the story and dont mind them , they are not worthy.

So to the director, producers, script writers and cast.... keep on fighting!!! it is DAEBAK!!! Rating is just a number and award is just a trophy...what important is in our hearts, Inspiring Generation has 100% rating and Number 1 (But I know, award and rating still has an impact, if award is not now maybe later, so dont lose hope). Kim Hyun Joong, figthing!!! This is your wish/dream, isnt it? not to portray a prince like character. just go for it!!! And wishing all the success for this drama!

Nadee Its Very Awesome drama......Kim Hyung Joong As Shin Jun Tae You Are The Best

biasKimhyunjoong More and more exciting... saranghae Kjh...Keep up the good work. You and rest of IG are doing great. Anxiously awaiting next episode. Fighting....always here to support and lift you up.

jhulz episode 20 was daebak,,,,,,,,,,,cliffhanger was great great,, cant wait for the next episode,, have to wait a week again.........

Ally OMO, OMO, OMO! The ending of episode 19 literally killed me. Gaya and Aoki new ship! Can't wait for tonight's episode :D Even if the ratings don't reach 20% I don't care, I'm really loving this drama :D <3333333

Parvaneh Saranghae Opppa! *I'm watching you* ;)

ddd I love MO IL HWA! The most charismatic and bad ass leader! Kekekek.. Jaerim Oppa fighting! ^^

Wendy I cant believe pple r hatin on khj . Wats there to hate abt him oppa saranghae. Hes an amazin actor n so is all of them kim ok rhoen gaya aoki all of them. Inspirin generation is one of the bst korean dramas ave eva watched. Bigs up to the director n team. Cant wait to see wat happen aja aja fighting.


jhulz its a date on KHJ TONIGHT!!!

jhulz @chenchenzeus,, you know what you'ure right,, i just started following him last september and i noticed that he has a lot of stalker who leaves same negative comment on every article/site of his..... he has a lot of regular hater on the net so just let them be,,,

anyway IG was different from a normal kdrama (before i am khj's fan , i am a kdrama fan so ive already watched a hundred of kdramas) ,, i really think the writers and the casts are doing an excellent job,, i admit it has a flaw but overall it was an awesome drama .... p.s. im also watching empress ki, emergency couple and bride of the century......

chenchenZeus I don't get you guys.. Whats wrong with him?. Why people are trying to pin him down.. Simple as this.. if you don't like to actors and the drama, then leave!t, but why are you still watching until now?.. The Drama is 6 episode left, then done!.. I pity for those who waste their time stressing them self to death just to hate KHJ or IG. Please!.. Aren't you tired?..The Drama, the production and the actors, I think proven their worth..! Peace!

Dianah Slowly but surely........Shin Jung Tae@Kim Hyun Joong will surely be UP THERE!!

Judit Silva Excelente despegue de la serie, aun cuando no estaba entre los primeros 20, me cautivo desde el principio, la actuacion estupenda, pero la fotografia y vestuario tambien estan muy bien realizados... cada capitulo me motiva a esperar el siguiente, sin caer en redundancias... los.protagonistas estupeeeendooooss....

nada However it"s you already shown your ability which is GREAT!!! Kim Hyun Jong bless ya★★★

Fey OK. I know that this is NOT bringing kim hyun joong down he went thro wors than this .....u know playfull got ratings lower that 5% O___O yeah talk about how low is that for a hyun joong drama it was just bad luck thst time .. Impossible Rite oppa we all know U are UNBREAKABLE so BREAK IT DOWN to them how u are the best FIGHTING

nyusha hyunjoong oppa you are sooooooooooo good actor fighting oppa good luck

AnyOne Boring! It was intresting up to maybe Ep 10,but got lost in plot!!( too many action, no good storyline...etc) missing one episode doesn't make a difference...too bad,cuz I LOVE Kim Hyun-Joong!

sara IG Fighting..KHJ....Fighting..always supporting you in all you do..

princess Huh?? .. the last few episodes were awesomely exciting and script has greatly improved.. Always looking forward to the next episodes.. IG fighting' .. KHJ fighting!

nada For ko,if you don't know how to appreciate the drama just drop it.I don't mind whatever you said because you know nothing! What! The lead have no 'function'? You know what the meaning? Correct your word,and learn more.anyway have a nice day..enjoy your life.

M-M The first few episodes were good, but it gets boring these past few episodes. I'm a fan of KHJ though. I hope they make the script more interesting.

SHR I Don't understand why jung tae change his mind about his first love gaya ? They Make a Beautiful Couple together . . . ! I Think they changed The Story completely

paulineee .. when people walk away from you, let them go.. your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people.. it just means that their part in your story is over.. #KHJForever

biasKimHyunJoong Rating up just a bit,but doesn't matter to me. Hyunjoong oppa is doing great job.he is doing his best that all that matters. He has improved and has branched out into a different role than before. As he continues to act he will only get better and better. He has made himself known even more. As for all the behind the scenes controversy, one can not blame the actors or actresses nor staffing members. IG fighting...Oppa KHj...fighting

jhulz 3 days got 12.7 and IG got 12.6 and im really worried,, another issue appeared again regarding IG.., a lot happened behind the scenes,, 3 issues in just one drama but im glad IG is still surviving......

betchay Episode 17 - 12.2% (#1), Episode 18 - 12.6% (#2).. IG did great as always (and so did the other dramas) but again one should not stressed themselves out with the ratings and being no 1.. what matters most is how we enjoyed the drama and how well our KHJ gave out his best in each episode.. KHJ fighting!!

nada Why girl ... is the drama doing not well?as far its ok because he compete with the other drama which also quiet strong. We ate fine since Kim Hyun Joong already did a great job. His passion in this drama no one can deny it...unless they are blind. So dont worry,IG daebak!!!!

Manvic I did not recognized Kim Hyun Joong as his face has matured so much from the Boys over Flower, I first saw him. The story is interesting and the actors/actresses though I don't know them, did well in portraying their respective roles

nada Shin jung tae will fight mo il hwa in eps.17. I hope that they will stop since they know that they need each other.Kim Hyun Joong proud being your fan...we always respect you. Ehm .. about your hair cut is suit well for you as street fighter...anyway anything is look good on you.IG daebak!!!!★★★★

fey FRIST OF ALL yes slow and shallow minded people should Disappear there are alot of dramas for u'r stupid mind to watch ~ and second its not that he wanted his hair like this he needs it for the concept i mean if he changed his hair he will look so good for a street fighter dont u think ^^

maggie OMG woooooooow....

thank god..............

i cant wait for EPS 17 really i so so so excited....

betchay .. the only thing i hate about IG is Shin Jung-Tae's hair.. LOL.. all other things are perfect for me.. can u grow it a little bit pretty please? love u KHJ!

test IG is a great drama despite its imperfections.. not for everybody to watch and definitely not for slow and shallow minded people... if one does not like, please feel free to disappear.. there are many other dramas to watch...

ugh i am really confused about where the plot is going lately. is dobinori no longer active? and soo ok's death was confusing too. he was one of the main characters, i don't see why they killed him off. oh and if someone else is paying for chung-ah's hospital fees what has jung-tae got to worry about? tbfh some of the changes were unnecessary and the plot seems to be dragging. i don't see the point in watching anymore.

fey OH MY these days are so hard in waiting ~ FIGHTING

aries660 Can't wait til episode 17, time just seems to be dragging. I am hoping to see more chemistry between OR and Jung tae. At this point seems like there is more between Gaya and Jung Tae which is good too just in case they may want to pair Mo and OR. My opinion OR and Mo would look good together.

Jasmine I really like the drama. My question is who is really the ally of shin jung tae? I really hope it's Mo Il Hwa.

fey to nada : the 16 ep was awesome !! I hope u'r internet gets better ^^ and for betchay : i teally agree with i think so too i wish for more SJT nad gaya sweet moments i can really Since the spark and passion Between them Plus the show will be boring if SJT and OR Coupled up ... Anyway IG AND CAST FIGHTING

betchay I doesn't really matter to me who Shin Jung Tae would end up as I like both women... but looking at the way the characters are played, there's more love and spark to SJT and Gaya romance, ... although SJT deeply cares for Ok-Ryeon, I don't feel the passion at all, it is more like sisterly love.. hence, yeah, I think there should be more Gaya and SJT sweet moments.. and hopefully someday, Princess and SJT moment

nada Till now feel so sad fey...I can't watch eps.16 yet.the internet was so slow.btw IG daebak!!!!

jhulz666 @ nanachu.. the pot/ story line was changed since main writer was changed too,, if you have have watched the drama its different from the synopsis you provided,, and im betting JT will end up with OR or non at all......... and were at ep 16 now JT and OR love story is going strong,,

ep 16 is 12.5%

jhulz666 @ nanachu.. the pot/ story line was changed since main writer was changed too,, if you have have watched the drama its different from the synopsis you provided,, and im betting JT will end up with OR or non at all......... and were at ep 16 now JT and OR love story is going strong,,

ep 16 is 12.7%

Ally I'm loving it. I just want more Gaya and Shin Jung Tae moments, is it too much to ask writers? ^^

fey OMG to nada : thank u YES fainally someone gets it HELL YA

renaisance This drama unconsistent to attract tne viewers. episode 15 is good, but episode 16 down again... I dont understand, feel pity to watch..

sarina i love this drama sooooooooooooo's amazing...& kim hyun joong getting better & better ....i can't wait for next episode...fighting IG.....fighting kim hyun joong....<3<3

nada Kim hyun joong...thanks for always give us great feeling and proud of being your fan.We are not overrated you because in fact you are great in your way. Don't think about the hater,remember what you said before you only read the good comment...because you want to leave happily.You have enough as a singer or actor.You are the king of yahoo buzz...5 time in a raw, you are the prince of style icon in 3 time a raw and you are the lead hallyu star of your time...specially in japan,so now your new drama was so great that we can see how you transformed into street fighter.You are always accept your weakness.God bless hyun joong and IG team DAEBAK!!!

nanachu someone below says that will be boring if in the end of story SJT will couple with Gaya... Do they know the real synopsis of this drama...??

Read it: Shin Jung Tae loses his father at the age of 15 when a Japanese soldier shoots him during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s. But instead of finding justice, Jung Tae is accused of his own father’s death. Jung Tae finds justice only by using his fists in the back alleys of Shanghai, growing up to become the best fighter on the continent. After his father’s death, Jung Tae is taken in and raised by the father of Yoon Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yun). He falls in love with his feisty younger “sister,” who aspires to be a singer but becomes so much more, although he is too clumsy to express his true feelings. But the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Im Soo Hyang), the stepdaughter of a high official of Japan’s National Assembly Denkai, may stand in their way of happiness. Can the young Korean ex-patriots in China preserve their futures during such harsh times?

So..It think will be boring if SJT will couple it Ok ryun, and must be underlined that all success korean drama usually have couple by first & second lead actor.

I never see a korean drama have coupled by first & third/fourth lead actor, EXECPT Kings of Ambition. That drama is good but dont get any AWARDS..Its pity for KoA

nanachu someone below says that will be boring if in the end of story SJT will couple with Gaya... Do their know the real synopsis of this drama...??

Read it: Shin Jung Tae loses his father at the age of 15 when a Japanese soldier shoots him during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s. But instead of finding justice, Jung Tae is accused of his own father’s death. Jung Tae finds justice only by using his fists in the back alleys of Shanghai, growing up to become the best fighter on the continent. After his father’s death, Jung Tae is taken in and raised by the father of Yoon Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yun). He falls in love with his feisty younger “sister,” who aspires to be a singer but becomes so much more, although he is too clumsy to express his true feelings. But the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Im Soo Hyang), the stepdaughter of a high official of Japan’s National Assembly Denkai, may stand in their way of happiness. Can the young Korean ex-patriots in China preserve their futures during such harsh times?

So..It think will be boring if SJT will couple it Ok ryun, and must be underlined that all success korean drama usually have couple by first & second lead actor.

I never see a korean drama have coupled by first & third/fourth lead actor, EXECPT Kings of Ambition. That drama is good but dont get any AWARDS..Its pity for KoA

Andrew Honestly, Song Jae rim's character is just so badass. Mool Il Hwa. I think he's one of those characters that are extremely sophisticated while being so bad ass at the same time.

Test Gaya <3 Shin Jung Tae - a love that can never be, so sad (sniff, sniff)... although it's impossible i never lose hope that they would still end up together .. It is very clear that both still have deep affection for each other.. who can ever forget one's first love anyway... .. I like Ok-Ryeon too.. it's just that i really feel sorry for Gaya's character, what she's been through, how she tries to toughen her character yet you can still see the concern she has for SJT... we'll LOVE does not always brings happiness... LOVE hurts sometimes.. only one thing is for sure.. my LOVE for KHJ always brings me so much joy.. KHJ fighting!

Ladywolverinr Love this drama. It's different and interesting.

sara Wow!! Someone else spells their name without the h on it...oh well love love KHJ and enjoying IG...

sara Hyunjoong... IG Fighting... Thank you to all cast members for all their hard work..

maggie im really happy because the rating is 12 % i hope its going to more than 12%...

Inspiring Generation fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

KHJ fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

KHJs fans fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Chick JT is beginning his strategic plan. AND he will learn all methods of fighting to accomplish this. Also, GT has HER chess game going. I believe her ultimate goal is to be with JT. Interesting how JT is attracted to two women, although in the case of OR, I think it's only out of loyalty.

sahel_ss501 i love this drama so much...oppa hyun joong fighting

fey Dear sara ...: this drama has friendship ,love ,romance ,action, and other stuff ... If u say it a littel more on the action said but its getting better .. I recommend u to watch ^^

fey dewr sara ...: this drama has friendship ,love ,romance ,action, and other stuff ... If u say it a littel more on the action said but its getting better .. I recommend u to watch ^^

sara is this drama good for watch? i like romance drama but i think this is more action

sara is this drama more action or romance?

maggie dear fey:we believe KHJ,the Haters just tried themselves....... cant............we are powerful and KHJ is our power so they cant do anything.....really they cant.......

when i read their comment i just laugh do you know why????because their way is really really like kids.........

Princess Wednesday+Thursday = IG +KHJ = Happy Day

Fey I REALLY HOPE THE RATINGS GO UP even if it dodnt that wont break anything or one down .OH and for all the Haters who are stupid and born to hate and be hated .. commnting here is Useless like u so umm GET THE F OUT  :)

maggie jhulz666: dear its ok maybe they cant speak English verywell but we understand what they said... the important thing is they are fans of KHJ and they support him...they support this drama... i dont know what your idea but its ok for me...maybe English isnt their language but they try to show their feeling about KHJ and this drama...just this

sara Patiently awaiting for the next two episodes. I for one am very much enjoying this drama. I love the action scenes as well the bits of romance here and there. Very much hope to see Mo back in action helping Jung tae. Hoping they pair these two against the so called gangsters. High ratings are not it an excellent drama. Saranghae..Oppa I have missed your beautiful smile. KJH Fighting..

janit hi kim hun joon i love you se much inspiring generation series wanderful your best actor korean

Dianah Ratings seem to be OVERATED! Inspiring Generations is a drama in the league of their own. Feelings and emotions do not come from just romance BUT loyalty, friendship relations between human kinds. That's what this drama is all about. Its different and people are always afraid of what's different! Its OK to not like this drama coz its plot is DIFFICULT. But anyone who can sit through this drama NOT because of any specific cast...congratulations! Its like studying the history subject in school.....for a history freak like me....I just love it!

jhulz666 Kim Hyun Joong, ‘Please keep your expectation up for this upcoming Wednesday as I will make my appearance only in my briefs.

Reporter asked, ‘Is it the brief you usually wear?’

Kim Hyun Joong said laughingly, ‘Yes.’

nooooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,, yessssssssssssssssss

jhulz666 @maggie... its not only one,,, but i cant understand what shes trying to say,,,, for example *******coughrinscough************

jhulz666 @ maggie,,,,,,,,,, its not only one,,,,,, but i really cant understand what she is trying to say,,,,, as i said shes probably gone now,,,,,,,,,,,,, for example *******coughrinscough*************

maggie jhulz666: to the person down down there please FIX YOUR ENGLISH first to the level that an elementary can understand... its showing that your not an adult and just some delusional fan girl of other artist,,,,,,,, who is it??????

jhulz666 Daiz Jan 03 2014 11:49 pm Hopefully KHJ improved his acting, because he was absolutely terrible in everything he's done before. The man who purely lives off of his handsome face alone and the support of rabid delusional fangirls.

,,,,,,,, for this person down down there,,,, most of kim hyun joong fans are noonas and ahjummas who are sensible enough to buy his albums, go to his concerts and supports him by donating to charities who doesn't not even bother going around the internet spitting poisonous words to other artists ,,,, i know there were also some delusional fangirl of him saying oppa you''re the best actor ,, in that case he was overrated,, but other people like you also underrated him.............. he may not be the best actor but he was not the worst either..... and there were too many handsome celebrities in korea to follow but fans choose to follow him because of some reason only them would know and i wont bother to explain those numerous reasons to someone like you,,,,,,,,,,

and lastly i know you are bitter because you think your oppa who is talented is much more deserving than khj whom you think is talentless in which i beg to differ,,, whoever your oppa is im sure hes very happy having you as a fan,,,,

jhulz666 HMMMMM... im annoyed i cant understand exactly what other commentors are saying especially those haters ,,,, i happened to read them when i scrolled down,,,

to the person down down there please FIX YOUR ENGLISH first to the level that an elementary can understand... its showing that your not an adult and just some delusional fan girl of other artist,,,,,,,,

and im sorry for stooping at your level eventhough i know you are gone now probably watching other dramas now but hoping you will read this,,,

jhulz666 anyway kim hyun joong fighting!!!!! IG TEAM FIGHTING this drama is great for a k drama addict like me.......

P.S I AM A NEW FAN NOW of kim hyun joong since he has so many haters,,,, i now want to stick to him since hes actually a genuine person with no pretentions

jhulz666 woooo,,,,,,,, its my first time here and i was surprised there were nasty/ rude comments here regarding KIM HYUN JOONG .....

i think its OK to give criticisms on the character ,on the story line or plot,, on the drama itself,,, but they were PERSONALLY attacking kim hyun joong and they DENIED they were HATERS when obviously they are,,,,,,,,,,,

jhulz666 woooo,,,,,,,, its my first time here and i was surprised there were nasty/ rude comments here regarding KIM HYUN JOONG .....

i think its OK to give criticisms on the character ,on the story line or plot,, on the drama itself,,, but they were PERSONALLY attacking kim hyun joong and they DENIED they were HATERS when obviously they are,,,,,,,,,,,

anyway kim hyun joong fighting!!!!! IG TEAM FIGHTING this drama is great for a k drama addict like me.......

P.S I AM A NEW FAN NOW of kim hyun joong since he has so many haters,,,, i now want to stick to him since hes actually a genuine person with no pretentions

maggie OMG someone just one person is really.....oooohhhh....its not important what you think about this drama....really......anythings that you said,cant change anything you just tried yourself because this drama really really fantastic and KHJs acting too, cant change our mind.... oh and dont be jealous and control youself............

Chick To the person who ragged on KHJ because he is not a talented singer. He would be the first to tell you he is lacking. As far as his acting, he is a work in progress. What is exceptional about this person is his work ethic, his lack of pomposity, his generosity, and his desire to always improve. This is what makes this person exceptional. Though he is the main character of this drama, he is not the only actor in this story. He depends on the input of the writer and director and fellow actors. Everyone connected with this drama wants it to succeed. Those who don't are anti fans. And to you I say, move on. There are plenty of other dramas to watch.

Nonoy A refreshing perspective on Korean-China period during the early 1930's. The depiction of Shanghai architecture during the 1930's and beyond served as an insight into the past. Good job.

fey WOW I totally agree with nancy on this one this drama is like a movie that is why i like it its like Hollywood movies Koreans i just dont kbow why they dont like it :/

Fey I happen to also agree with shaghayegh LOL I AGREE WITH A ALOT OF PPL ^^

lama NO the drama will be boring if Jung Tae be with Gaya

Nancy Could you please stop these comments! For God sake please people and fans! You are all insulting yourselves and your country! As a foreigner (non American) I am happy to see a work that should be praised and admired by all of you, In terms of cinematography, acting and story. EVERY EPISODE is worth to be watched! Why? Because, this serie is equal to any comic/ action/ romantic drama / movie was done in the American cinema ( Hollywood) with all it's importance in the film industry in our time. It's true though the first 10 episodes were very well executed and from ep 11 till now we are witnessing a new transformation of the events, which is very NORMAL! Korea with the years to come can become competitor to many countries due to the content and quality of what we are seeing here in visuals and sounds ( aside the cars and electronics which are already a revolution itself)

shaghayegh i don't know why jung tae loves both kaya and ok ryeon . . . ! kaya was his first love , And why he does'nt kiss kaya yet ? the drama won't be interesting anymore if he will be with ok ryeon .

fey I TOATLY AGREE WITH test ...tho its not a feel good drama ...and iam only watching this becoz of kim hyun joong and his so improved acting .. If i ever heard that this drama is good but it dosent have kim hyun joong in it i would still watch it tho i think the most. Suitable person for thi role is kim hyun joong he can play it really awesomely i hope it at least get 20% tho i fo hope it get higher and the script writers should vut more comdy and light and heart TO IT ^^ ANYWAY KIM HYUN JOONG FIGHTING ❤❤❤❤IG AND CAST FIGHTING

test .. As long as the rating is on the Top 20 then it's Good... .I never expected the rating to surpass "Man from the Stars" nor expect it to exceed or reach 20%. Although IG is a great drama, it is not a "feel good" and romantic drama that are usually a success to all type of viewers. IG is a serious action drama which touches more on revenge and fighting not really as appealing to all viewers especially those who are not into violent dramas. I for one only watches IG mainly because Kim Hyun Joong is on it and i enjoy seeing his transformation to this new image. I hope the writers should also put more heart to the drama, show more light, funny and romantic moments to cater the other type of audiences..

fey Any way i said that and i will say it Again this drama os good not getting good ratings dos not mean a thing there are dramas that didnt get good ratings but still so famous till know days ppl are still watching it so not getting rating above 25% dos not mean a thing i dont know why ppl are not watching i get that most of the girls in korea dont like this kind of drama but i dont know about the men ...... Anyway at least i know i am and a Few others like this drama but they do Actually need to make it LITTEL more interesting anway IG FIGHTING IG CAST FIGHTING ,KHJ FIGHTING ❤❤

jjlyly story is a bit slow … but i don't care… i still love it . Keep fighting KIM HYUN JOONG <3

nicefeelinng Long time no here...

I just say thank you for New-Script-Writer to make this drama be a GOOD Again. -Little bit-... I think, I have Gotten the FEELING of this drama from episode 14....Next is Curious me..

KHJ also seen be more MAN (his blank face has handled), and his Fight also setting more fast even he get it without learn...haha

As sure, ISH is REAL actress. If she can maintain to keep her acting like now, she will approach Ko Hyun Jung & So Ae position next time. I'm sure it...

Maybe this drama won't touch 20% of rating or may touch it, but as long as this drama created to be good drama, so the result will achieve viewers expected..

2 Notice from me:

1. In episode 13, I have found Jung Tae kiss with Ok-Ryon in HOMAGE-ROOM. I don't think this idea is DESCRIBE -- Inspiring Generation --... So don't make FOOLISH / AMORAL / Bad-Teaching to Teen Viewers.

2. and, please Give some FLASHBACK from what happen on EPISODE 10. We viewers don't get the link to current episode..It's not be a problem if you don't show it, but will be good judgement if you show what happen on that time, because that scene like be steam to the outer space..

KH After reading the posted comments have to say some of the people on the post really have to "get a life" that is not TV fiction/pop idol based....really! Note: KHJ's acting is far better than his singing.

fey agian i agree with princess and with chick .......... i LOOOOOVE HYUN JOONG OPPA i also love this drama and the storyline its so good but theNEED TO PULL IT OFF FASSST i mean have u seen the triler this drama is like a freaking movie its its awesome but IT NEED TO GET EVEN MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER and btw not getting good ratings dos not mean any thing AT ALL if u know the drama kim hyun joong played in its called playfull kiss that drama is so awesome .. but it didnt get good ratings in fact they got ratings even below IG but ppl till know days are still watching this drama thats how awseome it is not saying that coz my idole iam saying that coz thats the first drama that came to my mind there are alot of awseme dramas taht didnt get good ratings but are so famous taht ppl are still watching, anyways i will still pry the ratings for this awesome drama to get even better IG FIGHTING! KHJ FIGHTING ! ~~~LOOVE

Chick I find myself having to stop and take a break from the story after JT is in a fight scene. It's traumatizing. I await the time when this character can rest easily and enjoy life. Will this happen? Also, is the doctor starting to like JT? That would really rile JH. Obviously JT is being used by so many factions for thir own power play. GT plays mental chess well. If she has feelings for JT, will she raise JT up at the expense of her Japanese mob? She IS half Korean. Writer, Director, Actors, we are counting on you to pull this drama off! There is so much of the same content in dramas these days that this one needs to change the course of mediocrity.

princess @Rin - Unlike you, I am a happy person who always look at the brighter side of things. The drama may not be perfect but I enjoy watching it so never feel sorry for me (*smiling happily*).

And don’t lie, you never liked IG. Based on your past posts, I can tell that you only watched it because your favorite actor was on it. Luckily he quit because all you (and some of his fans) did was hate and criticize the lead actor (my KHJ). So feel sorry for yourself because despite all your effort to put KHJ down, he is still one happy person and still one of the best loved and admired K-pop idol .. Again I beg you, stop punishing yourself, try to make friends or if not see a doctor.. get out of your misery.... life is beautiful..

fey i gree with @princess such poor person u need to get help fast ^^

Rins rediculous for you and don't feel sorry for me... Please sorry for yourself have to see a worse drama ever. and up to me to comment here..

I just comments of my disappointed bcos the drama which I like has dragged to be poor & worse ever I have seen...

princess ... @rins doesn't have anything better to do. can't help but feel sorry for you.. your life must have been very, very sad.. unhappy people love to spill negativity and tries hard to drag others into their miserable lives to keep them company.. poor thing :-((

Rins I agree with S...

I'm much like episode 1-4 on younger part and some moment from episode 8-10. other part is chaotic, messy and LAUGH SHAME...What drama is it ???..

Actor who has gone bad, let alone bad. Do not drag others into a bad actor.. It's Pity Drama

Before, Gaya & Jung Tae still in touch. Now they have live in a different world.. It's poor

sara With episode 13 and more so seems like drama is starting to come together.Absolutely love episode 14 and Rainbow Jaekyung joining the cast and return of leader mo coming back on scene cannot, wait until next two episodes. Oppa hyunjoong you have come along way in your acting. Love everything you do.Keep up the good work..Fighting!!!

objective this drama isn't perfect but at least its different and its fun to watch. oh and leader mo will be back in ep15. I love this character so much.

betchay .. I'm glad that some people in Shin Jung Tae's past has started to come back.. I miss DoGgo and his sexy voice..LOL .. 2 thumbs up for Episode 13.. keep up the good work my prince..”KHJ FIGHTING" ..

betchay .. i love episode 13 and i'm glad that some people from Shin Jung Tae's past has started to come back.. i miss Do-Ggo and his sexy voice, LOL ..... 2 thumbs up for Episode 13.. KHJ FIGHTING!!

didar where is kim jaewook ?!

S As much as I want to like this drama, I will have to say its super messy! A bunch of characters come and go and there's not only one story line that's really focused. There a bunch of useless scenes (sometimes just scenes where KHJ is just walking around). The drama moves really slow and there is no character build up. KHJ's character actually went downhill after probably the 8th episode. Gaya's character also became kind of stiff when she's doing her business. Their younger self is actually is the best part of this drama.

I do have to say that KHJ's acting has become much better! It's sad that this boring character is bringing him down though. This movie could have been a hit if the build up wasn't so slow.

fey ME TOO super counfused

betchay .. I was confused with someone's comment -- boring , awesome, not very good, fun to watch.... I think the only thing clear in the comment is the idiot part.. see u tonight my love.. KHJ fighting!!

fey Ohh so worried about the ratings i hope it will go 35% and beat "you who came from the stars" coz its relly an awesome drama any way men should watch this more its for them after all but us girls also love it just sayin more men should watch this a lot more ...0_0 ❤❤❤❤❤

didar really i didnt know its kim hyun joong the main actor i mean he changed a lot . wow and what a idiot i am and i really dont like him kim jae wook is so cool ^^ and by the way the drama isnt that good but fun to watch tanx ^^

aries660 Well said Chick, I agree with you.

Betchay .. . I don't see any problem with the drama, i love the story, i love kim hyun joong.. And that's all that matters. Can't wait for tonight's episode.. i love u KHJ "fighting"!!!

kathy I was very interested with the episodes until the 8th and started to wonder why Jung Tae is always defeated to the point of dying and then miraculously saved and alive. Especially with him recklessly and foolishly fighting the bad guy who is armed with a sword and himself swordless. Then the nose of Gaya makes it difficult for me to watch her. I hope the following episodes will see Jung Tae changed and given more brains by the Writer and the make up Artist not pay so much attention to highlight Gaya's nose.

rin The problem in this drama is not in the story. Lots of drama with a story more real and sadistic.

The major problem with this drama is just one person. The problems began in episode 5. Since the person is to appear. 4 early episode that would be great to be felt in vain.

This drama have stuck broken. Then destructed again in episode 11. This drama is not able to be repaired. has failed.

The drama, interesting enough in episode 1-4, 7-10. Maybe the next episode will be good again, but it was too late.

Sorry. But I am confident that the rating of this drama is never above 23%, although the drama Man ​​From Another Star has finished.

Genesis What can I say!!! This drama is the freaking bomb! I love the entire cast....Kim Hyun-Joong and the way he cries!! It's enough to bring me a viewer to tears and loud sobs as well....or I'm just a sensitive and emotional person to begin with. I love how Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun-Joong) was reunited with Kim Ok-Ryeon (Jin Se-Yeon)'s probably just me but I believed from the very beginning of this drama that Ok-Ryeon was better for Jung Tae than Gaya (Lim Soo-Hyang); albeit there were cute moments between Jung Tae and Gaya as kids but now that witch is trying to kill his ass (wake up dummy!!! why go to hell behind Gaya??)

Anyways, I was touched and heartbroken by the way Jung Tae (Kim Hyun-Joong) cried at his father's funeral. A father who had done everything he could for other people but hadn't done the same for his own family....I still don't know if I could have been him and said he no longer hated him...I know it's a drama, but I would've had to ponder that a little bit longer...seeing as how without a father around to protect and provide for him Jung Tae has endured a really hard life. Of course, the surprising thing is that Jung Tae has somehow been able to keep compassion and love in his heart for those around him. The irony being he is like his father in so many ways, a father that was absent all of his life...he is so much like.

On a sidenote, I know the main character and lead is Kim Hyun-Joong and he is without a doubt alot of peoples favorite but my personal favorits in this drama are Jung Jae Hwa (Kim Sung-Oh) and Mo Il Hwa (Song Jae-Rim) only because I have a die-hard fan crush on both of's just something about these two lovely men (handsome).

Anyways, I just hope they really don't do a cast kill and off Jung Jae Hwa (Kim Sung-Oh), it's really to early, I mean just when his character has started to shed light of stuff....but I will see along with everyone else as episode 13 is approaching....I gonna foresee something right now, that the person who turned Gaya into a Princess is her grandfather Denkai Doyama (Kim Kap-Soo) and he is the one that killed her mother for turning her back on the family for the love of Shinjo Teguchi (Choi Cheol-Ho) her father. I think her father was the master to her mother like Shinichi (Jo Dong-Hyeok) is to her. I believe that Aoki Doyama (Yoon Hyun-Min) her uncle knows that Shinichi killed his sister Gaya's mother for the father/grandfather...and he is bidding his time until he can kill them both and take over the family with his niece. I don't think there relationship is as simple as the writers have started it out to be....adopted children trained to be assassins...and Jung Tae's father, he was something within that organization...he wasn't just a militant going alone.

Bottomline the rating for this drama should be off the chart. It should be running neck and neck with "A Love From Another Star" and "Empress Ki"...what else is out there that is leading the ratings??

Oh well, I will be back as the episodes continue on...Fighting entire cast!!!

Dawn What can I say!!! This drama is the freaking bomb! I love the entire cast....Kim Hyun-Joong and the way he cries!! It's enough to bring me a viewer to tears and loud sobs as well....or I'm just a sensitive and emotional person to begin with. I love how Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun-Joong) was reunited with Kim Ok-Ryeon (Jin Se-Yeon)'s probably just me but I believed from the very beginning of this drama that Ok-Ryeon was better for Jung Tae than Gaya (Lim Soo-Hyang); albeit there were cute moments between Jung Tae and Gaya as kids but now that witch is trying to kill his ass (wake up dummy!!! why go to hell behind Gaya??)

Anyways, I was touched and heartbroken by the way Jung Tae (Kim Hyun-Joong) cried at his father's funeral. A father who had done everything he could for other people but hadn't done the same for his own family....I still don't know if I could have been him and said he no longer hated him...I know it's a drama, but I would've had to ponder that a little bit longer...seeing as how without a father around to protect and provide for him Jung Tae has endured a really hard life. Of course, the surprising thing is that Jung Tae has somehow been able to keep compassion and love in his heart for those around him. The irony being he is like his father in so many ways, a father that was absent all of his life...he is so much like.

On a sidenote, I know the main character and lead is Kim Hyun-Joong and he is without a doubt alot of peoples favorite but my personal favorits in this drama are Jung Jae Hwa (Kim Sung-Oh) and Mo Il Hwa (Song Jae-Rim) only because I have a die-hard fan crush on both of's just something about these two lovely men (handsome).

Anyways, I just hope they really don't do a cast kill and off Jung Jae Hwa (Kim Sung-Oh), it's really to early, I mean just when his character has started to shed light of stuff....but I will see along with everyone else as episode 13 is approaching....I gonna foresee something right now, that the person who turned Gaya into a Princess is her grandfather Denkai Doyama (Kim Kap-Soo) and he is the one that killed her mother for turning her back on the family for the love of Shinjo Teguchi (Choi Cheol-Ho) her father. I think her father was the master to her mother like Shinichi (Jo Dong-Hyeok) is to her. I believe that Aoki Doyama (Yoon Hyun-Min) her uncle knows that Shinichi killed his sister Gaya's mother for the father/grandfather...and he is bidding his time until he can kill them both and take over the family with his niece. I don't think there relationship is as simple as the writers have started it out to be....adopted children trained to be assassins...and Jung Tae's father, he was something within that organization...he wasn't just a militant going alone.

Bottomline the rating for this drama should be off the chart. It should be running neck and neck with "A Love From Another Star" and "Empress Ki"...what else is out there that is leading the ratings??

Oh well, I will be back as the episodes continue on...Fighting entire cast!!!

Dawn What can I say! Ah, I've found my next drama....I love, love, love this drama. I agree with @Chick, it's not the typical Korean drama and that's what I love about it. I think ocassionally it's good to mix it up for television sack, every drama can't be a fluffy, sad, feel good, fairy-tale. I love the action and badass fight scenes. The viewing audience of South Korea should be appreciative by lending there viewing support to such a fantastically written drama.

I love the entire cast as well, each character is well-suited for the actors/actresses that are giving them life. I know the main lead is Kim Hyun-Joong (Shin Jung Tae), but my two personal favorites are actors Kim Sung-Oh (Jung Jae Hwa) and Song Jae-Rim (Mo Il Hwa)....only because I have a serious die-hard fan crush on both. Both are seriously heaven to the eyes (@least to mine). Anyways, I don't like this feeling that Kim Sung-Oh will be killed off shortly, I really hope that doesn't happen....because he's to cute to die so fast.

Now back to the drama, while the beginning was a bit slow and I do mean slow the adult cast has breath new air into this drama. I especially love the way every other word is a cuss the guy that said the two men who were at Shin Jung Tae's fathers funeral "when you fart, I know what you ate days ago. Those filthy bastards, dirtier than shit crust on their anus." I scream laughing each time one of these characters shows up or one of the main characters says something so ridiculously funny. Maybe South Koreans don't like this type of talk...but it must be common for the writers to have crafted the script in such a way.

As an International viewer, it's not uncommon for cussing, sex, violence and all kinds of crap to be in one episode of a serious, this drama agrees with my taste. I know it says only 24 episodes and we are up to episode 12 at the moment, but I hope the ratings will pick up before it ends, and the writers/producers can squeeze at least 6 more episodes out to make it an even 30 episode drama. This is a very good drama...and even if no one else agrees...the entire cast is lovely and doing a stand-out job breathing life into their character. I wish the best for everyone in this drama and continued successes to all involved!!!!

Fighting! American Viewer and Fan!!!!

Chick I knew this drama wouldn't be a runaway ratings hit because it isn't about fluff, fantasy, and feel good content. Instead, it depicts a time of turmoil. Intrigue, blood, and revenge aren't fun to watch if you are a female----the majority of which watch these dramas. That said, I think this drama is getting meatier as it goes along. I look forward to resolutions of the many conflicts---romantic and otherwise. Also, I am witnessing the acting growth of KHJ.

betchay ... family currently watching Canada Team battles with Sweden for Hockey Gold in Socchi Olympics but thinking about Kim Hyun Joong from to time and how good he is in Inspiring Generation, LOL.. oh man, is this what you call "severe obsession"..

Krishna i love u kim hyun joong... its awesome series.....inspiring generation..... :-)

Vanessa 21 @Tori I agree with you! The only thing that I know is that Kim Soo Ok died while escaping with Ok Ryeon ( she said so to Shin Jung Tae in episode 12). Kim Jae Wook dropped out of the drama, so the new writer killed his character. But I'm wondering too what happened to Do Ggoo and Mo Il Hwa.

Tori @ela ~ You're wondering where Mo Il Hwa is? Where's Do Ggoo who called SJT in the first place to find out about his sister??? What happened to Kim Soo Ok who ran away with SJT's girlfriend to Shanghai??? This is what happens when you put too many main names out there. Start losing your place. Shows still interesting but feels like we might get some unresolved stories in the end.

betchay My family loves you Shin Jung-Tae. You will always have our love and support.. Looking forward to the next episodes of Inspring Generation..

ela 11 and 12 ep - where is Mo Il-Hwa? i am so disappointed :(

Rebekah Huang Well I don't know all the ends and outs of what is going on in the production but, my husband and I were looking forward to watching the historical relevance in what appeared to be a scenario that captivated us both...fighting, charm and humor and not so much on the convoluted intrigue of plot on plot and then a lil sub plot while everyone stands around Episode 11,12 was a mess with ppl standing around doing the death stare a lot and that pitiful 12th level clinger ok woman able to navigate those waters would still be waiting for someone that just says her name and I'm sorry all the damn time...we will watch episode 13 but, if it's more of the same dragging out the middle so we can make 24 episodes we will wait and just pick up the last two or three when they actually decide to develop something. Too bad bcos the premise and cinematography had really captivated us.

fey Iam really still prying it to get at least 50% ratings "LOL" at leadt 35 % or 26% it could happen LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE mabey the script Writer is Preparing an awesomenss explosion on the rest ep ep 11,12 are good but commn lets hope it gets better ^^ oh and i qgree with renoira

renoira I think NEW SCRIPTWRITER instantly create a new story without watching the first episode 1-10. Consequently the story was much confusion happen in 11-12 episodes.. This drama be 2 different drama.. Not bad idea, but give MORE oddity...

CLIMAX in episodes 10 before, was becoming useless in episode 11-12...I don't know on next episode..

I admit this drama is becoming more serious in episode 11-12... BUT, You as a scriptwriter should extend CLIMAX story of episode 10, at least until episode 12 .. Instead of directly denouement story... Now this drama feels so so weird ....

If likened... Episode 9-10 are fireworks/flowers will bloom, then episode 11-12 like of rock falling into deep water/wilted flowers.... feel silent. I tried to feel for the story, but somehow even feels weird ..

TWO GOOD things that I think can to draw from this episode is 11-12 ... 1. The story is getting serious and organized..It's Good... 2. The story less predictable... Als Good

BUT as a suggestion, though the story more serious, do not let the story instead turned away... Now, I just feel more strange part than a part which make me CURIOUS about story..

Once again, I hope the new scriptwriter watched first episode 1-10, so you can make an continuance interesting story..or you may want make NEW DRAMA from episode 11...hahaha

fey WHY! why do that new script Writers u should hurry qnd use u'r freaking charms to make the drama go to the TOP Cause i relly love this drama and KHJ and if he or the drama got hurt iam hurt and this drama is so good to get low ratings but iam relly dispointed at the new script writers i really PRY they get it all the way ro the top with ep 13 they should make it an explosion of awesomeness and Suddenly the ratings go up to 35% *PRYING* ^^ IG FIGHTING ! KHJ FIGHTING

genna who do you think Kim jung Tea love ! or end up with !!!! Gaya or ok Ryeon !!!!!

ANTHONY C.C This type of drama normally end up with one of the leading women die but i hope this would end in happy ending situation.[SPOILER OF BRIDAL MASK] this drama really remind me of bridal mask,my heart really broken after watched the ending of bridal mask,though it is an epic drama.

naive so rediculous, actor is bad, why scriptwriter was changed..The story have good, now down again.. Behind the scene story MUST more entertain to watch than this drama....Really Funny

rainruma This drama is really good...very interesting story line (even if it has changed from previews.)...Ratings should be higher - but drama behind the scenes is affecting it too much. I hope director/producer fix things quickly, because it is a story worth watching.

massive The rating down again, asianwiki rating also down. I don't know how to say it, but story episode 11 is little boring. I 'm not sure what part is?.. but the the good story which have made on episode 10 is lack something on episode 11...Hope episode 12 be good again...hopefully

Adina Jeong Kim Hyun Joong is such a great artist. He's so talented . =)

maggie sara its not only because of KHJ its because of that if i use rude sentences like them im exactly like them,while im not.....

its your opinion,you can think like this or any way you dont know me, my freind(who exactly know me) and i just know your opinion about me is true or its ok for me... dont be sorry about your senteces that said to me i dont care....


aries660 Just finished watching another episode of IG,excellent love seeing my Bias Kim Hyunjoong anxiously awaiting the next episode then will painfully have to wait until next week. IG Fighting ll Kim Hyun Joong...great job....

FanGirl Be you a fan or an anti fan of KHJ, there is no denying, he is a superfine specimen of a man.

Fey OMG test and @sara ! Thank u for explaining this to some ppl who dont understand ! any way not a fan of KJW but who can Hate him ?:/ any way we kim hyun joong's fans are COOL just like himl like u siad we dont need to make him shine he can freaking explode Toxic bomb on his Own !!!

nayu I see only the rest of fans comment here. Below more the comment from early fans, but where they are gone....hoho

test .. well said @Sara, you made your point very well..

Sara @ Domino, I am assuming that you took my post personally. I care less if there are some negative criticism towards IG and or KHJ. What I am posting is about those that keep coming back to this site to harp on the same thing over and over.Honestly in my opinion that sounds more like hate than simple criticism. Let me ask what brings you back to this site since you have posted your opinion? Could it possibly be to see what others are posting so you can then post a reply? You call me a bully, I am far from that. I usually go the extra mile, bend over backwards to accommodate, and give the benefit of a doubt like you I was stating my personal view and I was not in any way trying to be rude. Yes I did say they should move on and called them haters I called it the way I see it. Like I said I am a fan of both actors, they have different personalities but nevertheless i think they are both terrific. Each one has great attributes and give to the entertainment business. @Maggie, I hope you didn't get drawn into the middle of something because of me that was not my intention. I am sorry, like Test posted KHJ fans do not have to be mean or rude to make him shine, he does that on his own.

maggie Domino im not rude with you and im not attacking really im not rude with KJW either... i learn when i dont like someone,anyone(actor,actress,idol&.....)i cant judge him or her someone really rude with me and KHJ its ok for me because they arent my friends so they can say terrible thing to me but for KHJ its different...i support him, when they rude i just answer them and i try to not rude like them... its not important for me who they are.. i just answer to anyone who attack to KHJ with rude because of that i know your feeling.... im sure im not rude with your favorite actor but if you think i am, im sorry maybe i shouldnt say any thing about KJW.......sorry

maggie Domino just calm down and be relax ok???i know your feeling....yes your not KHJs fan....its ok.. im not KJws fan too but i just said his acting isnt bad why he cant play in this drama anymore just this....why you are sad of me????if i said bad things about your favorite actor,im so sorry ok??i dont want to fight with you.... calm down.............

Domino @Sara..maggie said she was not a KJW fan & I said I was not a KHJ fan. I did nothing worse than she did. I also said I didn't like this drama and was glad to quit. I said I quit so there's no need to be rude to me tell me to move on. This is an IG site for "everyone's" comments. I can give my opinion just like you. You call me & others names like"hater" all the time just because I/we say I don't like this drama or episode when this is a place for EQUAL sharing. Many other people would probably like to give their honest comments so people can see how they really feel, but don't because of personal, mean retaliation. I don't see anyone calling you names. Non bias people can see who the "haters' are. I think it's time you & others like you stop attacking viewers with a different opinion and comments and you give it a rest. This is not a "have to like" khj or IG "only" site you know. Please stop being bullies.

test ... Proud to say your fans don't need to be mean and pathetic and resort to saying negative things about other actors for you to shine and be noticed .. your fans are nice and cool just like you Kim Hyun Joong. We love u ..forever and always.. and we'll always pray for the success of IG..

Sara Okay so your not a fan khj and you only watched because your a fan of kim jae wooks, we get it so move on. I am a fan of both and frankly these same people that keep posting the same old crap just getting old .You stated your opinion now and you think IG is horrible, again I say move on.We are happy for you.But I on the other hand am enjoying this drama it fits me just fine. I am sorry I won't get to see kim jae wook but he is just one of many Korean actors and actress that I am a fan of. I will look forward to his next drama. Not everyone has same taste. Please haters give it a rest.

Domino @maggie..not bad?? Kim Jae Wook's acting was perfect!..and.there is no way I will watch another minute of Inspiring Generation without Kim Jae Wook. He was the reason I was watching. He may have been given only a few minutes of time in a few episodes, but each one of his scenes is the only thing that's "inspiring" IMO. I 'm glad to quit too. I didn't like this drama anyway..& that's okay, maggie, I'm not a KHJ fan either.

aries660 I love hyunjoong too much to stop watching....

maggie I compeletly understand how you feel guys im not kim jea wooks fan but i know his acting is not bad why he dropped out of this drama?????????? we dont know whats happened...... guys please continue watching and supporting this drama.... kim jea wook have a very very nice moments in your life KIM HYUN JOONG OPPA FIGHTIIIING

Fey I agree with dianah ..and kim jea wook out dosnt mean to stop watching the drama ! IG FIGHTING ! KHJ OPPA FIGHTING !!

Dianah Inspiring generation is like a breath of fresh may lack in some ways but it surpasses others in many ways. Hope the drama will receive more love and attention from viewers. Kim Hyun safe!

April Thank you for casting the multi-talented Kim Hyun-Joong as Shin Jung-Tae. Last year, I liked him as a charming "Flower Boy" but this year, in this series, he has left an indelible impression on my heart. as an avid Asian drama fan, this series is my new fav.

aries660 I am sad that Kim Jae-Wook dropped out of the drama but i guess he felt it was best for him, so i support his decision but nevertheless loving this drama. I will continue to watch it to the end even though I am confused why the change in writers and what made Jae-wook drop out. Hope we continue with high rating..Can't wait til next week for the new episodes..

betchay ... I knew right from the start that IG is going to be an awesome drama to watch for... so proud of the whole cast for being so great in each and every episode and most especially to my Kim Hyun Joong... my KHJ, when you laughed, I laughed with you, when you're sad, my heart aches with sadness, when you cried, i cried even more....

NoO what's going on with this DRAMA for god sake !!!!! i mean first change the writer got it ,, now kim jae wook dropped out of the drama series ??!!! whose gonna replace him ?? this is so sad and bad still the drama my best but " why " and now what's going to happened ????!!..... and where i can get " behind the scenes of IG " i searched for it but i couldn't found if anywhere,,, so someone plZ tell me from where ??? and explain what's going on with the drama ???

fhame always looking forward to the next episode...i so so love Kim Hyun matter how bad the comments of others are, i don't care...i will support KHJ and this drama all the way..i love every episode of it...keep up the good work KHJ..:) <3 <3 <3

renoira I like Im-so-Hyang as Gaya here..the depth of her acting approach Soo-Ae and she is still quite young. Many moments of Her acting reminds me of Soo-Ae.. I think I still watch this drama Because her.. It's pity that Kim Jae wook has out.. I think it was because he thought that his acting portion is too little..

Before, I predict that this drama is Great.. Up to episode 10, I think a lot of scenes that seem to be lost or cut.. I do not know why?.. but as I recall again, since episode 6, I feel many scene are missing, even though, I never miss every minute of episode.

I dont want to judge by strike comment, but since episode 5 and the rest now,.. The one who act by deep heart an gain perfect acting just Im-So-Hyang as Gaya and Jin-Se-Yeon as Kim-Ok-ryon..I see acting of kim hyun jung is still too stiff, but his acting is far better than his previous dramas.

by my deepest heart...hopefully, this drama will be the best, from episodes 10... Shangkyu

okk12 Since handsome oppa dropped out, who is my okryeon going to end up with? And I Hate how gaya has sooooooo much part I get it shes the main actress but there are other people in the show to not just gaya , my okryeon needs more parts!!!

rin kim jae wook has DO... first curse drama I seen in decade....wakakakakka

Brooke Brown Since handsome oppa dropped out , who is my okryeon going to end up with? And I got really upset when I didnt see her in ep 9 , and gaya has WAAAAAAAY to many parts , that it got to the point where its upsetting , anywayys good to see the ratings going up..

test And lastly.. Happy Valentines Day.. i hope u found the perfect date because i am no longer available LOL, I love u

test .. im loving every moment of IG, it recently received good ratings but again it's not about the rating, it is how we enjoyed the story, the action, the drama and everything.. so proud of you KHJ.. for any achievements you have, be no matter how big or small, for each failures, hurt or pain.. just remember we will always be here for you.. love u Kim Hyun Joong..

Kass What kim jae wook dropped out fr the drama? Is it legit? :O read the NOTES above :O

objective I don't care about behind the scenes of IG. actualy I enjoyed ep9 and 10 more than last episodes. this drama isn't about love so I think it doesn't matter if they change love matters as far as the main plot is unchanged. I mean I like the action part and fightings.

objective I don't care about behind the scenes of IG. actualy I enjoyed ep9 and 10 more than last episodes. this drama isn't about love so it doesn't matter who ends up with who.

chhavi Kim Jae Wook has stepped out of this drama...and the main writer is also changed...I don't think that it will be fun to watch it now..

sara Enjoy the drama or move on to the next one. Those who are enjoying it will continue doing so. I for one have been enjoying and anticipating each episode.

maggie ya idiot also think: you are so rude may be its your behavior. you think the Writer change because of KHJ or his acting????????if his acting is bad why KHJ existes in this drama yet??? you arent director,producer or writer of this drama so keep your opinion for yourself and dont worry, director and producers compeletly know how use their money. you are the guy that when hate someone(idol or anyone)try to destroy him or her and anyone that support him or remember you try to destroy KHJ but you cant open your eyes you cant we support him and this drama..... in your past comments any sentences that you said,couldnt change anything you just tired yourself

U_suck_losr89 @idiot also think, please, do think too. You have horrible English I have no idea what you're saying. Jin se yeon ain't no Kpop idol or whatever she just sings. I don't even like Kim Hyung Joong, he's ight, You sound like a know it all, please stop talking. Then again if the plot did sucked like the heirs, maybe it's good to have some eye candy in order to save the ratings.

mau2 Intriguing behind the scenes happenings in IG.

idiot also think Idol fans idiot comment, when they're(producer/director) trying to attract more viewers attention, they(k-pop fans) actually provoke hatred with a silly below:

"I want him with ok ryon, because they have same color side..heehehe. I like her character than Gaya."

BUT.. I really sure, they not only don't like Gaya character but the truth is they hate ISH as Gaya. Why?.. because she is'nt K-POP idol. She just actress. she not like jin se yeon. why jin jin se yeon?.. because jin se yeon is like KHJ. they are K-pop idol also double as artist.

Recently must many viewer think like this..........

1. Do you think your idol make this drama be best, must YOU all(K-opo Idol fans) remember. from 10 drama, which starring by mostly K-pop idol, only 2 drama have more VIEWRS. i won't listed here(that is not good manner).

2. Do you think your idol make this drama perfect, must be notice that the truth is your idol make this drama ruined. so they must CHANGE the writer of script to made GOOD progress. I am pity for director & producer to waste more money.

I really sure, people like them must be Idol of k-pop fans... Yeah... Must be understand why k-pop idol always damage korean drama. because k-pop fans like ANT. Just support their idol, but Bitting other(actor, actress, all part except their idol)... This manner, why a dramas are starring by K-pop IDOL usually get cursed & ruined..just only few artist whose have mush support like suzy, but of cource because her partner also was GOOD actor like Lee seung ki or surrounded by good artist beside her.

So for all K-pop idol please think meny time, before you Comment anywhere & please know the stiruation of your drama.

fey OMG ep9 kim hyun joong oppa crying T-T his acting is ssoooooooooo GOOD ! ❤❤KHJ FIGHTING! INSPIRING GENERATION FIGHTING !

maggie dear hoda one of my best friends told me that she found the music of this drama on youTube.i think if you check youTube you can find it. dear NoO i dont know the new writer anymoreas you said this drama already fantastic and i hope he is going to do his best for this drama. wooooow guys when i saw how KHJ crying in Ep 9, i really cant control myself and i cry too.his crying was impressive and unbelievable really really really his acting is so good.. very good.

Kdramaluvr19283 All the actors and actresses are so gorgeous I can't help it but to be so captivated. *-* I'm hoping the plot won't waste such a phenomenal cast under any circumstances !:( it's too soon to judge where all this might be going cause I'm posting this before I watch the new episodes this week. I really want Ok Ryeon to end up with Kim Soo Ok, just cause they really do have better chemistry even though I don't mind her with SJT either. I like her character better than Gaya so far though. Though I think the leads fit better with each other only cause they're both kind of on the colder side. THEN AGAIN, Something tells me that someone will die. SONG JAE RIM is incredibly hot though, he's gorgeous so he better not die omg. I will seriously hate this director lol.. Anyways This drama has to be one of the best this year, I mean everything about it just seems really intense and exciting. Everyone's great so far honestly, Kim Jae Wook's character is so cute. If he doesn't get the girl for once, i would be so angry like come on.

hoda Inspiring Generation's main screenwriter Chae Seung Dae who wrote the script up to ep 10 is replaced by "Cain & Abel" screenwriter Park Gye Ok starting ep 11..... 'IG's main writer is changed but they have 4 co-writers & director is also involved in script till now, so there should be no major change.' that what i've found .. and about ep.09.... Inspiring Generation rated the highest one, 10%. 1.1% higher than past episodes!! that all i got guys ^_^

Chick I love so much this drama :3 I would like Jung-Tae have a real story with Ok Ryeon :/ But it seems like the writer want to make Gaya more important. u___u

test ..Yaayyyy,.. i'm gonna see KHJ again tonight .. Wednesdays and Thursdays are now my favorite days.. then after these days back again to the agony of waiting for the next episodes.. i love u so much..

NoO guys it's true that the writer of "Cain and Abel" well continue this great drama from ep11 it has been written on inspiring generation website on Twitter ...i don't know exactly his name like maggie and i haven't seen "Cain and Abel" before ^_^ so guys what about him ??! i mean the drama is already fantastic and i'm enjoy watching it ^_^ soOo is he going add something to it ??!! i'm asking and wondering !!!!

sara Hooray its Wednesday, that means another episode of Inspiring Generation. I patiently await for Wed. and Thurs. to roll around and for it to be subbed in English. With every episode it gets harder to wait. Really loving this drama.

Chick BE INSPIRED: By the story, by the authenticity of the period, by the character choices, by the directing, by the music.

hoda thanx guys ^ ^ , and maggie your arabic ia great ^ ^

maggie dear hoda shokran kasiran.....sorry my arabi isnt good i think its true from Ep 11 the man who Wrote these drama""Cain and Abel","Invincible Lee Pyung Kang" and "Dummy Mommy" will be join to this drama i think his name is park giye ok. im not sure that i write his name true or not.

fey about the writer i really hope this awesome drama gets 35% and higher ! I am a huge fan ! I pry for this ! Inspiring generation !FIGHTING! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

hoda dear NoO , Fey and maggie thanks all for supporting me and this amazing drama .. in egypt we have a proverb :Difference of opinion does not spoil cordiality .. i hope we work with this proverb ^ ^ .. guys i have read that the writer of the drama will be hanged starting with ep.11 with the one who wrote cain and abel drama , is this true ?? and as Laura asked where can we get the Soundtrack to this amazing drama? i really like the music ^ __ ^

test .... you are my happy thought... BOF which i just recently watched introduced me to the world of KPOP and the world of Kim Hyun Joong.. life has never been the put color into my dull world KHJ ... i love Inspiring Generation.. And i look forward to each episode.. You're the best.. I love u so much..

aries660 I have never seen so many haters, I guess it comes with been an idol or celebrity.I am sure every celebrity has had their share of haters. Its a shame that it is that way especially when it is not deserved. We all have our own opinions and see things differently.I for one enjoyed Boys Over Flowers and its was because of Kim Hyun Joong that I continued to watch Korean Dramas and even now enjoy K-Pop. To be honest when I first saw his character in Boys over Flowers I was not to impressed but somehow by the time the show ended he had me rooting for him. That cause me to seek other dramas he had been in and widen my search to other Korean Actors, Actresses and Korean K-Pop. By now I have seen several Korean Dramas and learned many of the different K-pop groups, As for Inspiring Generation I am loving it. Just my opinion.

NoO dear hoda ,, thank you aloOot am comfortable nw ^_^ and believe me there is no need for apology ever you were right too and i got nervous fast too :) ^_^ and you are right again we should support this perfect drama and their actors and actress ,, fighting ^_^ :) and just a note " i'm completely with you about saying insult words about this drama so keep up the good work and i'll be here if someone made you angry on more time ;) ^_^ sOoOoo fighting :)

maggie dear NoO come on.come here...hoda is a good person as she said she doesnt have any purpose to make you sad or angry.i hope you come back dear.we support this drama so please come back and dont be angry...dear NoO,dear hoda and dear fey and all of the guys who love this drama and support it, fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Fey I agree with hoda and NoO this drama is so awesome and agree with fatuma i think kim hyun joong can play any role he is awesome actor !!

hoda dear NoO , i never meant you in my comments .. i am sorry if i make you feel so actully other comments which really upset me i wanted to replay them , but i dont want it to be personal and i will never do that actully i like and respect your comment . i am sorry again if i made you angry but about gaya you were not the only comment ana i as a fan of this drama just definding it .i am not fighting with anyone i just said my point of view and i see that somepeople here admire it and i am thankful to that . i only hope people dont judge others badly like this and respect their work and efforts . for me i respect everyone's opinion and view ,but not with using insult way and saying idiot or stupid its not a way to talk and not judging the drama bec.tey hate the actors and they hate them with no reason . i respect your comment you said your opinion in a acceptable way no one can say you are wrong with any thing , please if you have time read other comment down and you will understand what i mean . i hope you accept my apologize ,however i didnt mean you personally ^_^ . just lets support this great drama and enjoy it ^_^ ^_^

Bubblepopps I'm a little late but i'm just starting now <<lol<< can't wait to see Kim Jae Wook (⌒▽⌒)

fatuma Omg I hope he doesn't end up Wiv Gaya nd.khj acting is deadly he can play any role that's what you call an actor. Haters gonna hate

NoO what on earth .... pleZ just read the comment well before you say any thing ,,first thaks hoda for your comment but if you read it well as i say you'll find that am not disagree with this drama everr actually this my first to comment on a drama and before i said anything i make my point very clear that i love this drama alooOot and i think the story and the actors are really good ... and i didn't disagree with the actress Lim Soo-Hyang i jUst didn't quite like her role Gaya Teguchi but that also doesn't mean that i hated it's an opinion guys not so in the cold ones :D but she actually did it so well that makes as say that about her :) the end plez guys one more time i loved the whole series with its whole actors and actress ,,, one more time guys i'm not against this drama at all or even disslike it it's on of my favorite dramas ever it was just an OPINION ,, i'm sorry for my comment it was the first and the last :)

hoda again and again and again ..dont you just get tired you gudge this drama as KHJ is acting all the roles why do you judge the drama by judging him great actors and actresses in this drama too ana can please someone answer me ..why every one who have negative judgement for this drama hates KHJ alot..? for me ana for many others i like the story the actions and all actors are acting well and doing their best if you disagree with that go and act instead of them and if you think an actor could be better than any other actor as i read in comments some dont like gaya why guys ?? give me one reason ?? she is cold ..this is how the character should be actully its not easy to act coldness ..any way what i wanted to say even if you hate some actors in the drama and think other actors would act better than this i dont think you are smarter than the people who have chosen the actors actully i am sure of it i dont like to say bad words or insult anyone .. i didnt learn that in my religion or in my country ana i am sure that no religion tell us to insult people , but my family taught me what is right and what is wrong what to say and what not to i really hope you were the same saying stupid to someone dont make you a hero or even a person i have comments to those comments disagree with the drama , but someone told me that i am noting more than mud or clay who ia am to judge someone no one have the right to judge someone except god can clay judge a clay ?? who give us the right to do that ?? and for those who really hate kim hyun joong please read this :- dont hate him bec. you love someone else and know him in real life before you hate him if you hate his personality so look to his act , listen to his voice is you still hate him so why are you tiring yourself listening to his songs or searching for his news to judge him ,or watching his drama to judge all the hard work and efforts not just him ,but a dozen of other actors and directors i believe i dont have what to say again and i hope you can respect others ,as i said before i really hate lee min ho , but un my country no one hates him except me even my mother when she saw hin she liked him but i can see he is a good actor i dont go to his acc on twiter or facebook and judge him badly why would i do this what benefit will i get what harm will i get if i stayed away say good things or keep silence -_-

idiot to be genius many idiot people comment... shin jung tae must with kim ok ryon... i hate im so hyang as gaya, i hate kim hyun jung... do you think this your drama....make your self which drama you like in your home.... idiot

NoO i lv it alOoOot ,,, i guess kim hyun joong is good at anything <3 <3 sO the stOry's good and the actors as well ,,, and the actress Jin Se-Yeon who plays "Kim Ok-Ryeon" is soOo beautiful and soOo lovly and cue i love her role alooot and the waay she act is pretty as well ,,, but Lim Soo-Hyang who plays "Gaya Teguchi" i think she is cold i really dislike her character in the drama i think she is stupid and cold and can't use her mind and the way that Shin Jung-Tae likes her dosen't make any sense cuZ she watche him dining and atill cold i really dislike her ,,, bUt the drama is really cool i eNjOy it and specially the scenes that Kim Jae-Wook who plays "Kim Soo-Ok" in it h's funny and his role added to the drama aloot of fun i really love him <3 <3 and i think Shin Jung-Tae musttt stay with Kim Ok-Ryeon cuZ they make just a great and cool couples <3

sorry ppl, bias, imo. one person with many acronym, with many name, as loyal fans of khj.

Why they hate him?...Of course, because they like him. they are a fans also.

Why they hate him?...Of course, because hyun jung performance really bad.

Why they hate him?...Of course, because they want him could be more perfect.

but they hate him again and again, because their idol never listened to his fans expectations.

remember. person who are not his fans, did not even watch this drama.

So, what I think, what we think, what you think.

please think by our self and please democracy in our opinion.

Shawn At first I didn't even recognize who the lead was, just goes to show how much his look has changed since BOF. This was one reason why I decided to give it a shot. I was interested in KHJ growth as and actor since the last time I seen him in something. Plus this was more of an action oriented role, verses a rich pretty boy. IMO it's an alright show, but no where near the greatest. Even though I've seen much better, I don't hate the show nor understand why anyone would. Just because they dislike a person.

As a Male fan of Korean Drama I have different tastes obviously, than females do. But I do have to say, the sudden infusion of Kpop stars in so many dramas these days can be frustrating. Just because they can sing doesn't automatically mean they can act. Though I have been surprised by a few, who are very talented!

Fay some stupid ppl came to this world to test my Anger management

Fey I am sorry but why ppl are so mean . i think that being other Bias then kim hyun joong dosnt mean he is a bad actor ! Or a stupid actor ! Like some people The drama is good the ratings are good it 24 ep so dont judge

antikhj The only thing, I hate about this awesome drama is Shin Jung Tae

Glori787 I have watch so many Koreans dramas and I have to say this drama is amazing. If this drama is not getting ratings that doesn't mean it isn't great. No all the amazing films get recognize, no all the amazing actors get an Oscar. This drama is different, something not usual, that's what makes this drama perfect and unique. We need more dramas like this one. There are so many dramas where the guy is the lead character and he goes from the stupid jerk to the nicest person in the world at the ended. We need to see romance in another perspective. Oh and I don't have anything against those type of drama, I love them. Sorry for my English.

Jay34 The only thing, I hate about this awesome drama is Gaya.

maggie dear fay,quoqo1213 and hoda im really agree with you.your right this drama is the best korean drama,we support this drama and KHj.... fighting.............

moyangyun Fact = This drama is great, but do not get a rating, why?....

Korea drama is women/girl drama, if the actor who starred is bad, who else is watching. This drama starring many great female actresses, but, the largest audience of korean drama is women/girl. and women generally fans of the actor, not fans of actress. so, the only hope, the main actor here is able to control his drama, before being crushed. do not wait for the drama of side tv who have big rating, finished..

About KHJ=............

many k-pop idol also changed from a beautiful man to be a real man, but khj transformed into a stupid man .. wearing a vest racer, big muscles.. so ridiculous. not be look cool, but he even looks clumsy, awkward. This is not a film india. This is a korean drama. at least some martial arts that he mastered, like some martial arts of korea as Ssireum, Taekkyeon, Taekwondo and Hapkido. although the story based on the comic. at least some relationship with korea. fight about korea. but used martial arts from india.. stocky, slow & stiff.. stupid drama.

There are many more good Korean actor who deserves to be the main actor in this drama type. but because they felt, khj have many fans, so chosen khj. what happened, ridiculous.. The drama becomes damaged, because starring by an actor who does not take control his own drama.. rating fall, even lower than the miss korea rating.

hoda although this drama is much diferent from what KHJ acted ,its the best drama i have ever seen . i like it so much .its about reality and we miss this kind of drama .before being a fan i am a good judgment and i know no one would play joong tae role better than kim hyun joong i am really amazed by how he had changed from a flower boy to a real man i used to read this sentence in different sites but after watching the drama i am really surprised . i have read some comments that really upset me :( if you dont like KHJ so dont watch him and dont judge him its not fair at all and if you dont like the drama dont watch it ,but i believe that some people cant live without anoying others . for me i really hate lee min ho but after all he is an exellant actor i never judge him bec. i hate him please say good things or shut up your mouth you are not changing the fact that this drama is amazing ana that KHJ is loved by millions of fans or that he is really good actor and changed to the best just by saying and writting this comments if your comments proved one thing they prove how Anahtatkm and rage you are from him and it proves he is successful and an exellan actor so pls say what ever you want we believe this is a goal for KHJ every success has its enemy kim hyun joong fighting and keep the hard work we arab support you and love you ^_^ P.S : specially we egyption adore you ^ _ ^ live happy and strong ..fighting

quoqo1213 Ppl If some stupid people leave some stupid comments don't replay to them .. Not onley fans know he had improved his but ppl rhat are watching the drama knows all the good Articles and Reviews that came out Proves it so dont worry haters gonna hate just lets Support this awesome drama with awesome cast !fighting!

rabya khan awesome awesome hyun joong is really talented....i just loved the drama and im waitting for the upcoming series....keep it up hyun joong....also we hope to see him in another dramas....arabic fan

maggie KHJ this guys are really funny really really arent they???????.i cant stop laugh. dont be jealous and dont be rude most be look, we know the people like you, this way is not work trust i said the valuable of him is more than the past when we saw the people like you,so the sentences that you used, help us to understand how our KHJ fantastic,amazing,valuable.... oh i think the person that really need to help is you not KHJ you dont have any fan to help?????????ohhh poor must be look....................... dont worry about him he doesnt needs any care from you because you arent exist for him........ oppa KHJ im really happy for you and your acting wooooooooooooooooow amazing fighting..................................

must be look KHJ like cockroaches in this drama. important, but it is very disturbing ... He needs help. is there any fans who can help him?

must be noted Kim Hyun-jung. I think you need to take vitamins to become more intelligent. you too much to drink a beer, soju, so you look stupid .... don't be angry.. just honest people...hhhhhheeee

objective please stop fighting. I feel dirty just by reading your comments. if you like this drama enjoy it and if you don't, stop watching it. is it that hard for you?

maggie guys do you know what, when i see KHJ makes you sad like this i really happy. must be honest:the people like you never understand what we can do.KHJ doesnt care some people like you exist......he doesnt care. his fans important for him. be sure some people like you cant do anythings with this sentences except when we see people like you we understand that he is valuable for us more than the past. and if he cant act,may i ask you why always KHJ existes on all the posters of this drama???why the sponsores of this drama choose him for sponsoring????? we support him as usual. KHJ your acting is so good...............all of your fan support you. fighting.................

must be honest Somepeople as fans always support KHJ, But what they can do. Still, their idols can not act. if he is not acting properly, stop it be actor. moreover he is a k-pop idol. do not trouble the viewers. just because one actor, all the stories look so bad..

Alilsora I don't know bout arts of the movie, how good their acting are, the storyline. but i love this drama so far, i love the actor and both heroins. I'm expecting better fighting scene and romance after this.

Test @ CICI - if you don't like it, it's fine.. you are entitled to your own opinion... IG is now on it's 8th episode and just can't believe you're still watching it... if you hate it so much why torture yourself .. this drama is amazing, we love KHJ's acting, he is awesome and we don't care about the rating .. so get over it.. enough with your hateful comments, life is short.. no one's forcing you to watch, move on and get a life kiddo!..

CICI @Chick.. I understand what you are saying and I know there are people in this world living horrible lives that find it hard to express emotion etc. It's not even about "appropriate" emotion because that can be subjective. I find him a dull lead character and terribly boring. It's just how I feel. I really dislike the story's content and it's not what I care to watch anymore. The rest is what I said below.The funny thing is, I liked Kim Hyun Joong better than Lee Min Ho in "Boys Over Flowers" so I wish you would not use the "prejudice" card on me when you don't know me. It's so OLD and such a "low" way to attack someone's opinion. Anyway, this is just not worth my time. I gave it 8 episodes and it's enough for me right now. peace.

test inspiring generation = awesomeness

Chick @CICI, If you haven't read the manga, you don't know what this drama is about nor how the main character is portrayed. Also, haven't you noticed other actors in this drama also showing little emotion? This is a story but I would imagine there are people in the real world who have lived horrible lives and find it hard to express any kind of "appropriate" emotion. You see and feel a certain way towards the story and, in particular the main character, because you probably have a prejudice towards him in the first place. BTW, "Playful Kiss" was not a Korean blockbuster but it was a big hit outside Korea. So, while it's nice to be popular in one's own country, it's actually more beneficial to be worldwide popular--right? (This opinion does not come from a starry eyed, young KHJ groupie.)

CICI After 8 episodes, this drama continues to be absolutely horrible. I have to continue to fastforward so much because it's just same ole same ole, disconnected, & boring as h*ll. Lead actor Kim Hyun Joong is like watching paint dry (red paint) on a wooden board. He is so constantly beaten up and bloodied that it looks like the make up people just alternate the 2 little scratches on his blank face...which btw, is not believable. Then he walks around like "Night of the Living Dead" even when "dating" and I don't know who's more uncomfortable.. him (acting) or me (watching). There are some really good actors here though and my heart goes out to them, but this drama is filled with so much repetitive fighting, it's a struggle to wait till they show up. I can't believe this is called "Inspiring Generation" because it's anything but...and I've seen that KHJ is supposed to be called the "god of battle". Seriously? From "idol" to a "god".. that's scary. I can't watch anymore of this. I'll check back down the line to see if it can possibly improve. I was looking forward to this and hoping it would be really good but in my opinion, it's just painfully awful and having all the NR ratings is no all.

yubel Kim hyun are the best...... I hope this drama would be no 1.

SAMIN Kim hyun joong.... Others opinion is not important... We think you and yor act is the best..... I love you very very ....much and I support you forever so oppa.. FIGHTING....!!!

Rofia I'm really happy to see oppa Kim Hyun Joong acting again the drama is amazing i really like it fighting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ronyucky First Big Sorry....But every time I see KHJ act here, I really looks him like "hardpaper". His gaze always without expression. his gaze seemed to say "I'm cool".. whereas, he was in a fight situation, really ridiculous.. I can not tell, he was being angry, upset or sad, all time is same ... I hope he can be better in next episode.

Just Comment Song Jae Rim is baddas....kahakak... I think he will be next lead actor, cause KHJ like pudden fece him...haha Jin Se yeon.. Your's good in sing & act, Im soo hyang.. your act near perfect..I like it...hhoho

maggie its not important what others say about you kim hyun joong.we Know you and we believe you. you are fantastic.this drama is so good and your acting too.we support you.fighting

Tyrone I don't know who's worse: Kim Hyun Joon or Jaerim... Jaerim ruins every drama with his terrible acting and he always plays the same character... "sooooo coooool and soooo badass" right. Really annoying.

asal it is a great drama.....the story has been begun just now! what is wrong with u people??you cant just say it is not a good drama because u just dont like kim hyun joong. definitely it is a very good has a very good scenario and great actors and actress.....including kim hyun joong...he is fantastic....great singer and actor!! nobody forced u watching this drama! we will always support kim hyun joong and ss501!! saranghee hyun joong!!<3

TS no one will ask you gyus watching it if you don't like just stuck to that cheezy dramas who only got viewers with flower boy image and don't mess with this drama cuz ur jealous of hyun joong. I don't exept much from k-fans who only become fans of korean dramas just because they are thirsty of beautifull boys loving this drama means you know what is the real drama.. that u should look deep on it not only enjoy the beautiful actors

Deniz Kim Hyun Joong My Love .. Always Love You My Prince ♥♥♥ Do Your Best in U R New Drama .. Good Luck ♥♥♥ ^_^

Leslie I am enjoying this drama and looking forward to watching the story unfold.

Jacqueline Came on here just to comment on how much I LOVE this drama!!! I've watched over 60+ dramas and I absolutely love the story of this one. I highly recommend this drama!!! I'm just someone that enjoys kdrama and whether they are a great or bad actor...I don't really long as the story is great! (And of course I enjoy the eye-candy:)) Looking forward to the next episode...each episode gets better and better. I hope Jung-Tae ends up w/Ok Ryeon. Peace everyone!!!!

Lee Don't be ridiculous people. No matter how much your comments (fans or criticism) that will not effect the drama process. as you should know, the only things that will effect the whole drama process is rating, coz rating showing the real interest viewers. fans who watching streaming or illegally download the drama do not effect the sponsorship coz in marketing principle "online viewers" tend to watch a lot of drama (coz they can watch it in separate times), so no one can actually calculate their effect to sponsor. Thats why sponsorship or in marketing world of house production, they still use rating as a starting point to judge how attractive a drama. Because rating made by calculate the TV real time viewers (how much people will spending their time to watch your drama at some point or change their channel to watch your drama in other point). Don't be ridiculous saying there's no one can compare KHJ in action drama, as you know, there's a lot of action actor in korea, KHJ is just a beginner in this area (i don't say he lack with acting skill, everyone have they first time). Of course the director choose him to attract the viewers, he has a lot of fans, but if the rating showing a bad result, i think the director miss calculate the effect of KHJ. i don't say bad rating is a bad drama, coz you can't judge quality with rating. But bad rating means less viewers (a true viewers) and it will give a bad effect to sponsorship (who given a lot of money to this drama). So stop bad mouthing (coz it will only give a nasty image to this drama). The true battle is depend on rating, which one is more attract viewers (real viewers): KHJ image or Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun combination. The battle of comments definitely will did not effect the movie.

illu The only comment regarding the blinkered view of both parties here that would fit :

“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice.”

illu This is the most ridiculous IG site I've visited so far.... both the fans and non-fans (or should I say antifans?!) appear to be too biased to see clearly or engage in any sensible discussion...

maggie renaaya bravo your comment really good.its made me happy... thank yooooooooooooou soooooooooooooooooo much

maggie dorman:you are right the critique include negative comment but not rude comment...... this is so boring i fight whit you ,you fight with me and someone fight each other too,we fight here to prove what?????????? be sure this way is so so so so boring i think this drama will be great if we just stop fight and criticism useful(its include negative and positive commens not rude.) thank you dorman about your last comment.(i mean the part that about me) and Hee yoon min i compeletly agree with you.

renaaya First of all I was not being taught, because I'm more smart, but imagine the best, as good fans....

When the scene Moo-Il-Hwa(SJR) intimidate Shin-Jung-Tae(KHJ)... I think it's moment is the most shows why KHJ look "less/weak" like some of the comments below. Well..In connection with that scene. I think too.. Which actor should be an example for KHJ in that situation. The results is, I conclude several young actors, who age with KHJ. namely Lee-Jun-Ki(LJK), Kim-Soo-Hyun(KSH), Song-Jong-Ki(SJK), Lee-Min-Ho(LMH) and Lee-Seung-Ki(LSK). case they are placed on such situations, while SJR was intimidating KHJ like scenes such as the episode-6 scene,.. about how the expression and feelings radiant energy of the actors will GIVE... Well, based on my imagine is... 1:(LJK & KSH will provide expression and a strong feeling radiant energy, sharp look and also a serious face)... 2:(LMH & SJK will give expression and a strong-sharp feeling radiant energy, but the face remains normal/warm)... 3:(LSK will provide expressions and face looks normal, but with a feeling radiant energy that is strong enough)... Well based on my imagine is.. I think that should be emulated by KHJ just LSK(Lee-Seung-Ki) to obtain/provide appropriate feeling in the scene where the SJR(Song-Jae-Rim) being intimidating someone.... why ?.. because KHJ does not have sharp looks and strong feeling radiant energy such LJK(Lee-Jun-Ki) and KSH(Kim-So-Hyun) and KHJ also does not have as strong feelings energy emitted like LMH(Lee-Min-Ho) and SJK(Song-Jong-Ki)... But KHJ has a warm face and a strong feeling radiant energy enough such as LSK(Lee-Seung-Ki) and also KHJ does not have sharp eyes.. So, KHJ could take a little lesson from of LSK (Lee-Seung-Ki) if he plays again the scene as before...

erianaa Here, really" hot..hahaha. people divided to be 3 parts= (1. I'm fans "So I'm must true") / (2.I'm not fans "So, Up to me what's I'll say..") / (3.I just want to be fans but.."). Here, I'm in option-3. I still want to be fans, but firstly of cource I must discover KHJ capability, included with my criteria OR not. If KHJ approach my criteria, so KHJ will be my StarIdol next.

But, honestly I'm not yet KHJ fans now, Why?.. because KHJ still not attain my criteria. Someone below have explained that sometimes when acting, KHJ still looks BLANK, OUT of FOCUS and other reason..

I don't expect you to angry to me because misunderstand of what I have explained before, Really...I think we or you all must understand that be a fans is Human Rights and won't work by force of anyone..

I thinks their opinion were true, after I watch up to 6 episode. but I hope KHJ can pass it next time, so I'll be KHJ fans next time, either I'll still watch this drama, because I find more actors and actress also good.

ISH acting really good. I think SJR could be LEADACTOR in his next drama/movie, not be a bad person in every film...Jin Se Yeon really beautifull. I'm Jealous. I think her beauty is pure. I'll be her fans from now on...hahaha

Hee yoon min "Since you were already born,you should work hard to make your name known, help your less fortunate neighbors while living a life that earn RESFECT"

      '"Kim Hyun Joong""

idon't care about other people saying about you.. you teach us to resfect other thats the reason your the best..

dearlilidiots Oh please idiots stop with your long novels and stuff like that that doesn't make any sense... I just realized something from reading all these comments is that... PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ABOUT KHJ!!!!!! Hahahhaha that's the truth! Otherwise you wouldn't be arguing about a thing that doesn't make sense anymore, it's like WATER and it actually doesn't have any taste but there stupid people who STILL argue that it does what a fool! PLEASE STOP FIGHTING ON THIS PAGE!!! Wanna argue and fight? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Get each other's phone number and talk 24 hours instead of making useless comments here.... I hope this comment make some fools realize that they are idiots and STOP! This is so annoying for real! Plus everyone has the right to speak up their own thoughts on something! You CANNOT take that right away! SO PLEASE STOP IT WITH USELESS COMMENTS!! THANK YOU!

dolor kHJ fight scenes

@ nice feeling. I don't get it when you say KHJ fights like an idiot.

For me, KHJ's fight scenes are the most realistic ones. The young SJt fights like a street fighter, no real training yet. He uses regular punches, a jab here and there with occasional kicks that's why the camera can easily take shots at every angle. As he grew up, he added spear hands, knife hands, side kicks, palm strikes straight kicks and a whole lot more to his arsenal. The way he extended his right leg going into a roundhouse kick to the enemies left ear with his upper body still in the right angle while delivering it in lightning speed still amazes me up to this time. I have seen adults who spar at my sons martial arts classand does this technique and yet their knees are bend and upper body at an awkward angle and couldn't deliver the kick that fast. For KHJ to deliver this level of technique in such a few months of training is exceptional.Because he's added a lot of new style, the camera has to work faster to capture every action there is. And of course, the PD and choreographers has to make the fight sequences look cool and not also shows SJt's development into one of the finest fighter of Korea at that time. SJR vs KHJ fight scene. My son's teacher says that when you spar you have to be either on a left or right stance, with legs apart,, entire face forward, eyes never leaving an opponent, and with hands up protecting face. Here KHJ has demonstrated all the rights move except for the hand up thing since he didn't go there for a fight. Still, he's vigilant, always on guard .He's doing it right and is actually teaching the audience as well. Whereas SJR, he is standing straight and tall. When they do actually fight, both guys are still in their actual forms.Does this actually happen in real sparing?

sJR vs samurai man. SJR kills the man in two swift moves. It seems thatSJR's fighting skills are choreographed to bring out the coolness factor, a level of awesomeness, to draw viewers, to suspend them in disbelief so as to drive ratings up. Whereas KHJ fights has a certain purpose for it, never deviating from his reasons. And since KHJ's theme is dark and deep, the show has to inject something aesthetically beautiful since no one wants to see doom n gloom all the time, to be reminded that life is hardand that it seems everything in life is a struggle.

However this drama wants to show more than violence, Koreans fighting for freedom against foreign invasion, gang vs gangs.Although there are sufferings, brutality, hardship, betrayal, death, etc, there's also love, brotherhood, loyalty, kindness ,others willing to give a helping hand, etc .

droman @Chick: The only ones engaging in lengthy diatribes are those threatened by a bit of criticism of IG or KHJ and these diatribes are being heaped on the poor critics. You can't turn around and blame the critics for engaging in equally lengthy self-defenses, which from my objective vantage point have been very polite and only arguing point for point; no name calling, no bad langauge, no attacks on any individual poster. I raise my hats to cici, nicefeeling, mau2 and especially cubist, whose patience must really be stretched. Anyway chick I find your post offensive as if you are writing the rules of posting here.

@maggie: you still don't get it? A critique includes negative comments too. You're right: idiot is not constructive, but neither is it constructive when TeamKHJ calls the rest 'fools' and haters.

maggie droman i never asking you to shut up your comment why you think like this????????i asking you dont say bad things like KHJ is idiot or he is terrible. its not meaning that you never do comment on KHJ.dont worry i learn most of you,i learn when i criticism someone i should never use rode sentences.the criticism should be constituent and useful. in EPS 05 when KHJ crying and said sth about his sister,i think his crying is not real he can do it better.see im his fan from 2005 until now i like him so much but when i see some time his acting is weak i criticism him. oh im so thankful that you never like me and you never thinking like me.thank god...... i explain my opinion twice please dont think like this again. oh do you what, i think its better to say that its none of my business who fight with each other who not except of please dont fight because of him.i just think here is not for fight and if we fans of him we can be friend,but i completely made a mistake and i never answer you or anyone who think like you about my opinion.

Chick All you anti and pro people----make it short and simple! Like this drama or not, but the lengthy diatribes are unnecessary in this forum.

cubist @Dolor: I don't feel that it's necessary as I'm putting an end to this debate. As you should know from @mau2's explanation, I was confining that part of my post to CiCI's comments since right from my first ever post, I was questioning you for attacking CiCI. I don't care to read others' posts that are hard to decode due to language, punctuation or spelling problems AND the use of text language, which is sheer laziness. Anyway, I find that your passion for KHJ is what determines and colors your points of view and you will not change your mind whatever anyone else (or even I) has to say.

@mau2: Thanks for clarifying. I get it now.

dolor @cubist. Look into all of nice feeling's earlier post. All those quotes came from him.

mau2 @dolor and @cubist: I believe soemt hings are flying over each other's heads.

@dolor wrote to @cubist: "Why will you quote a line while omitting the dumb like comment. Suddenly the definition of dumb has change to blank and angry face and awkward fights."

@dolor, you were referring to @cmcross and @nicefeeling who made comments about Jung Tae's dumb look and fighting skills.

@cubist was referring to only to @CiCI's comment. I don't think @cubist changed 'dumb' to 'blank and angry face' (which was @CiCI's comment). Right from the start @cubist was confining THIS part of his/her post to CiCI's comments, which you had attacked.

Hope this clarifies things for both you and @cubist.

dolor KHJ's dumb like acting. How is it when someone says they have palyful kiss in their video arsenal cannot still see the vast improvement in his acting here at IG?

Let me talk about KHJ's crying scene since it's been mentioned too. Here, the PD decided to put KHJ full closeup. I don't know how he could have acted this any better. His eyes were brimming tears, trying to control his emotions not to totally lose it, his voice choking, the slight trembling halfway and then the total breakdown at the end. This scene was the no. 2 most search in the daum website and has news critics and reviewers praising him. Even some of his most ardent nay-sayers have since turned around.

kHj talking about their pitiful childhood has ,at least for me, made me realized that his has the most developed character early on. Who wouldn't do what he did when he alone doesn't know what to do. He's', scared but one act of his sister made him realized his cowardly action and decided to be strong and take full responsibility. The young SJT , even if he's suffocating, is still determined , still fights, will still smile for his sister's sake but after his sister's "death" the grownup SJt has now become blank, all semblance of hope vanished, devoid of emotions and is now totally disillusioned. He, instead of gaya has all the reasons to turn totally black but has maintained his convictions intact.if a child, woman, a friend needs him and even if there,s a remote possibility that her sister is alive, he'll go running to carry out justice. He has shown the most humanity out of all the others, he even donates his salary to charity.Is he really violent when he could have stabbed back the man who stabbed him early on but instead just beat him to a pulp. He has shown restraint actually. His friends, love ones and most especially his sister are his vulnerabilities ever since and that has not change yet

SJT's relationship with OK can't be fully realized yet not with so many luggages for him to carry.He has to settle issues about his father, his so called love for gaya, most importantly his sister. Until he resolves some of this, he can never go forward with OK. That's, why he can't commit when OK mentioned marriage. If anything else he really cares a lot about her, he didn't,t want to hurt her, know she's too good for him and if she finds another one, he might actually let her go.

cubist That post failed to paragraph correctly so I shall re-post:

@dolor: I will respond to you within your post, which I will c and p.

@cubist. You thought my post is long but yours look like a "novel." Refrain from sarcasm, please. It doesn't make you sound or look clever. Your post was long, relative to others' posts. My post is not a novel, although I have written and published a real novel; three, to be precise, so I know what a novel is. (It's more than 50000 words. My post was 917 words, which doesn't even qualify as a short story.) Also please refrain from using hyperbole because this is a debating/comments forum, not a narrative piece of work. You're not dealing with a novice here. You wrote a post that was filled with red herrings and strawman fallacies, which warranted a long response from me. Generally replies tend to be longer than an original post because of the necessity for explanations and clarifications. You wanted me to hear you out, I did and I took the time and care to compose a polite and thoughtful response (I thought) to you. I find your reply to me discourteous and disrespectful. If you carry on being disrespectful and engaging in sarcastic remarks or ad hominem attacks, I promise that this will be my last reply to you. As I see it, I feel as if I'm dealing with either an adolescent or one with the sensibility of an adolescent.

@cubist. What do you really mean by fair appraisal? Fair appraisal entails disinterest (no bias caused by wearing 'idol blinkers'.) I have already addressed this in the third paragraph of my previous post. Why are you asking again? And you DARE accuse me of long-windedness?

"If I'm going to rate KHJ acting, it's an 8 and if others give him a 5 or a 1 that' s fine. I'll ask them their reason why, if they give it I'll listen and give my reason as well and respectfully leave it at that. BUt if one says he's way too overrated is like accusing me that I don't know how to rate and I rate without merit." Your last argument is a strawman fallacy. As for your giving KHJ an 8, I won't regard that as fair since you're a fan of KHJ. For a fair appraisal I would prefer to request for it from a disinterested viewer.

"Why will you quote a line while omitting the dumb like comment. Suddenly the definition of dumb has change to blank and angry face and awkward fights." Please reference the so-called 'dumb like comment'. I don't remember reading that from CiCi, whose comment I c&p'd as my reference.

"That KHJ somehow destroyed the image of the male species because he acts dumb and fighlike an idiot. And now we are the worst fans. How are this good criticism exactly?" Again you have committed a strawman fallacy. If you argue this way, there will be no end to the debate because you're making things up that aren't found in any of the critics' comments so far.

@cubist.How did God got into this?Is this the right forum? Are you kidding me or deliberately being obtuse? I was referring to your red herring argument of knowing the motive behind the critics' comments. And note my use of the third person plural pronoun. I was referring to all the posters with the tendency to play God. I made that very clear in my post, which I will cut and paste below.

@cubits. It seems my post rub you wrong just like the other's rub me wrong that you feel the need to give me lessons on right etiquette and good manners. But look @ roots post. That's to you? Still fair appraisal? Did you not notice my third person plural pronoun? My only lesson was in questioning those who dare to play God and presume to know the motive behind critics' comments. Playing God is being arrogant and narcissistic. This is a forum for comments. This is not a platform to engage in character assassination, using profanity and other foul language. Yes, such activities are an example of bad manners but most of all they are not in the good spirit of debating; and if I see such activity being displayed, it is within my prerogative and right to free speech to call the perpetrators on the carpet for it. The first rule of good debate is to argue points and critique points, not attack the persons in the debate or forum, not use bad language and definitely not resort to ad hominem attacks. All these are examples of bad manners, or don't you think so? So if 'roots' has committed the offense of engaging in bad manners, then my post is referring to this person as well, thence my use of the third person plural pronoun. The only wrong way I was rubbed was by the people who try to muzzle the rights of others to free speech. I enjoy a good debate with such people because they don't have a leg to stand on.

@cubist. My friends say I'm blunt or straight forward but if you think I'm arrogant, that's OK. But look through you long winded post, aren't you also guilty of the very same words you castigated me with.? First of all, you don't know the meaning of long-winded. Please refrain from personal attacks that are false. 'Long-windedness' has the connotation of being repetitive and wordy to express one idea. I was expressing 6 main ideas and not being repetitive. Instead I gave valid illustrations to explain each of the 6 main ideas. Secondly, no, I unequivocally and confidently maintain that I'm not guilty of arrogance. Please read again that section of my post. My comments on 'arrogance' are encased within the same paragraph as my thesis on 'knowing ulterior motives'. It's the fifth paragraph of my post. Here let me quote it for you:

"There are even those who presume to know the ulterior motive of the critics. I find this a demonstration of an extremely arrogant behavior and narcissistic mindset. You cannot judge the ulterior motive of another person unless you know that person very well and have spoken to him or her. Only God can see the motive of the heart. I presume that some posters here think they are God. I find it also unwarranted of posters to attack the person instead of attacking his or her idea, and the worst offense is the use of strongly-worded language such as employing profanity, swearing and character assassination (such as calling critics 'fools') to unnerve another poster. We all know that those that have nothing of intelligence to say tend to resort to profanity and swearing as a tactic to silence the critics. They simply come across as lacking mental and emotional maturity."

Ergo, based on this paragraph, I'm not guilty of the arrogance of playing God because I don't claim to know the motives of commentators until I know for certain what the motives are. I'm also not guilty of the arrogance of using foul language such as calling other posters names like 'fools', as though I'm so much smarter. Only God sees the heart and its motives and only God is allowed to call people names such as fools because only He can see what is true or not. People cannot. Only God can know who is a fool and who isn't. People cannot. Therefore my using the name of God is not a non sequitur and is not in the wrong forum. I was using the name of God to prove my thesis on arrogance.

On the other hand you wrote this: (quote) "I've seen through your posts so it doesn't work on me as well." (unquote). Really, dolor? You can see through a person's posts? This to me suggests that you know this person's ulterior motives. This is arrogance. QED.

cubist @dolor: just found root's post, viz-a-viz: "Shuck Drama with dirty fans, no quality, hope no rating till end...idiot" You wrote: @cubits. It seems my post rub you wrong just like the other's rub me wrong that you feel the need to give me lessons on right etiquette and good manners. But look @ roots post. That's to you? Still fair appraisal? My answer: If 'root' has no partiality towards any actor, then yes, it is a fair appraisal. Is it worded in a polite way? To be frank, I can't tell since there is little use of punctuation; I am prone to excusing such a poster since she may not know the right word to use instead of 'dirty' (fans). What exactly does that even mean? But to be fair, she has every right to say that the drama has 'no hope or rating'. As for the last word 'idiot', we cannot assume root is attacking anyone on this forum. She may be describing the drama, or the actor, or the director or producer. (FYI, I had forgotten to define in my earlier post: 'fair appraisal' means 'being objective in critiquing a drama or actor without showing favoritism or discrimination'.)

shaniqua i have a question...whose the main girl. i know the main guy but who is he going to fall in love with? The Gaya or Ok- Ryeon????

twotoons betchay,who ya kidding? U have been a smitten fan from the very beginning. ...... pants on fire.

droman @maggie, your the worst of the lot asking us to shut up our comments. Haven't you learned anything? If we can't comment who the hey do you think you are to comment? Who gave you the right? Rules should be fair across the board. And why must all comments be positive? Are we all made the same as you? Think the same as you?

sansan Betchay: your sarcasm betrays your lack of ability to argue sensibly.

Gira Holy shit, what's with all the idiotic fangirling here? Can't people even try to type and capitalize properly? All I see here is "OMG OPPA KHJ DA BEST,ACTOR LOL ^^^^ LOVE U OPPA XDD BEST ACTOR IN KOREA". Also, Inspiring Generation is pretty bad, poor characterization, boring and dense as hell MC (not to mention that Kim Hyun Joong is a bad actor too), stereotypical villains, predictable story. Yeah, it's gonna flop, it's inevitable. Oh, with that budget couldn't they actually hire Japanese actors for Japanese characters? Or Koreans that can actually speak Japanese? What's the matter, do Koreans not like to read subtitles or what? Seeing all those Japanese characters speaking Korean is embarrassing.

dolor @cubist. You thought my post is long but yours look like a "novel."

@cubist. What do you really mean by fair appraisal? If I'm going to rate KHJ acting, it's an 8 and if others give him a 5 or a 1 that' s fine. I'll ask them their reason why, if they give it I'll listen and give my reason as well and respectfully leave it at that. BUt if one says he's way too overrated is like accusing me that I don't know how to rate and I rate without merit.

Why will you quote a line while omitting the dumb like comment. Suddenly the definition of dumb has change to blank and angry face and awkward fights. That KHJ somehow destroyed the image of the male species because he acts dumb and fighlike an idiot. And 

now we are the worst fans. How are this good criticism exactly?

@cubist.How did God got into this?Is this the right forum?

@cubits. It seems my post rub you wrong just like the other's rub me wrong that you feel the need to give me lessons on right etiquette and good manners. But look @ roots post. That's to you? Still fair appraisal?

@cubist. My friends say I'm blunt or straight forward but if you think I'm arrogant, that's OK. But look through you long winded post, aren't you also guilty of the very same words you castigated me with.?

Nancy This serie is very well directed and produced in addition to the acting skills that we witnessed in each episode.

CiCI @Dolor..Do you know what this drama is supposed to be about? Do you know why they decided to call it Inspiring Generation? Have you learned anything about the this period In Korea? it's about fighting "oppression" and "suppression" of freedom and equality for all. Many Koreans died for that freedom. Many still suffer because they don't have it. Then there are many like you now that want to keep it going. Like I said before, your ranting won't run me off. I WILL state my comments as I feel and think because I have the FREEDOM to do so. So does EVERYONE here. BTW, you and others like you are displaying some of the same behaviors your so called "favorite" actor is supposed to be fighting against in this drama. (acting badly or not) I suggested to the writers to watch Seoul 1945 because they got it right about showing the struggles of the Korean people during this era. It seems to me, all the OTT violence in this drama so far has spilled onto review sites and onto anyone who says they don't like the acting of KHJ or anything else about this drama.That's why I esp. disliked the 1st 4 episodes. I hope others here will not be chased away by your tactics either and use their right of freedom to say honestly everything they want as well.

maggie at first KHJ is not her.he is a man i dont understand why you say this"make KHJ looks more idiots. why?..because her fans are also an idiot" second i said if you arent his fan dont say bad things about him,like he is idiot or he is terrible its not mean do not comment on him.the criticism is not like this you can criticism without any rude sentences gogkak its not important to me that you think im babo,moron or sth like this.every one we can wait to end of this drama then we can judge about stop this fight because of him.thank you

Betchay @sansan - bravo! thanks for noticing, i stand corrected for using critic instead of critique, should refrain from using my phone when expressing my thoughts, just too hard to proof read.... anyway, ask your roommate if she's interested to become a proof reader on my future posts, the position is vacant right now.. LOL.. as to inconsistency, me too was surprised.. but then haven't you heard of the word "HACKED"?? .. my little sister did it, ggggrrrr.. having followed KHJ from BOF to Playful Kiss, an ultimate fan, you can say that... .. but seriously with IG, i am starting to fall for him.. i love his new look, HOT, SEXY and those ABS to die for, oh my ... LOL, so expect to hear more from me.. i promise you this won't be the last.. hasta la vista baby  :-)

LovSooHyun Wow...there's a fire burning in here...Keep going guys! I'm so entertained reading all your comments. Haven't watch this drama yet...but the comments here actually giving me mix feeling. Still thinking about it though.

gogkak Someone said, if you're not fans then do not comment on him .. moron, so, just fans who can watch his drama, so, just fans who can comment here .. it turned out, he was not able to grow because of stupid fans who is surrounding him. Only a fool, weak, and do not have the confidence just be a fear of being criticized..babo

idem Good drama with all fans like idiots. which makes this drama also seen idiots. I read all comment here. More people angry to @nicefeeling, then they fight each other..strange. Someone also quotes "Not Criticsm but critique"....khuhuhu. She written "noun", but you comment "verb", Idiot...If your english really good, you must only say good comment here. I know her. She always explains the honest comments in a polite way , because she is dramalover. she only hope KHJ can develope his ability. but you all here is blinded fans..your respond, make KHJ looks more idiots. why?..because her fans are also an idiot.

maggie whats happen here????????????? everyone we are not here to fight with each other ok??????? please stop it if you are not like KHJ please dont say bad things about him. Im his fan,he has a lot of fan and his so valuable fo us.its natural when someone say some trerrible things about him we are not his fan so dont speak about him,speak about your favorite.I hate all of actors who acting in this drama EXCEPT KHJ,but im not say bad things about them. just stop attack to KHJ with nonsense sentences.its stupid way.why you are like this???????????

jack KHJ fans can't argue for peanuts.

mau2 It would be naïve to presume that your apologetics would have a soupcon of impact on an idol-worshiping audience. Those on this forum have proven to be some of the vilest creatures on the planet who snub holds barred on bad etiquette and exact their vitriol, invective and character assassination behind the anonymity of their handles and nom de plumes. Yet they wouldn't dare to be discourteous when they meet you face to face and are in a discussion with you in the flesh. Add hypocrisy to their list of vile behavior, why don't we? They remind me of road ragers who leave decency and courtesy at the door when they take possession of the car's driver's seat. It's a power trip for these people. Put them behind the wheel and what are ordinarily nice guys transmogrify into feral dragons that puff out billows of their erstwhile latent smoke from conspicuously flared nostrils as soon as you cut into their lane or hog it. Oh, how I lament our eroded morals. These wannabe-critics are also content to leave behind their expletive-laced POVs (e.g. ‘shit’ and ‘hell’) as if that makes them sound really smart. It doesn't at all, but their blitzkrieg inevitably makes otherwise respectable forums sound like a combat zone. My advice: leave them be.

sansan Get real: even if KJH wins award for IG, it's not because he is good, it's despite the fact that he's terrible but it'll be thanks to his many fans who may vote for him. That's all most (key word is 'most) network drama awards are given for - popularity rather than acting merit.

sansan @Betchay: in your Jan 30, 10:37 pm post, you said: "I love you so much KJH.. from Toronto, Canada with love.. I am pretty sure IG is awesome because you are in it.. looking forward to seeing IG with English subtitle.. see u in my dreams." Then you said on Feb 01: "@nicefeeling - your name ahould have been "badfeeling" rather than "nicefeeling" as you don't have anything nice to say.. I agree with Dolor, upgrade your writing first before trying to act like you knowhow to critic.. I am not totally a KJH fan but i seriously find his acting incredible, excellent, deep etc.. i can foresee a best actor award in his performance in IG.. just wait and see.." You are totally inconsistent. Of course you are a KJH fan. You said you loved him! pfft...BTW upgrade YOUR English first - it's 'critique'. BTW, I asked my roommate to edit my English in case you 'critic' mine.

cubist @dolor: It’s big of you to apologize and that always helps. You asked me to hear you out. Well, I have heard you (from reading your long post, which took up a bit of my time in order to understand where you're coming from) and I'm going to go out on a limb to infer that I'm also invited to respond to that post; so here goes nothing (I say ‘nothing’ because from past experience I have learned that any critique that is aimed at a favored ‘idol’ is likely to fall on deaf ears since minions have the tendency to put on idol blinkers. As I said this is from past experience and if anyone out there reading this wants to debate me on this, please don’t bother unless you have engaged in such arguments since the year 2002. I have lived longer and engaged in debates for longer than some of you have drunk tea, so show some respect.)

@dolor: does that single line: "All he does is look angry or has a blank face and fights (awkwardly)" justify making a post that contains angry tirade and personal attack from you? I find such an attack completely unwarranted and also gratuitous and impulsive, and angry diatribes such as found in your original response serve no purpose except to fan further anger and hate.

I, too, personally have always found KHJ (whom I liked in BOFs) to possess the gaze of eyes that look dead and radiate a blank even if pretty face, and in IG he is no different. Granted that at this stage of the drama KHJ is required to depict the aura of the 'strong, silent type', but think carefully on this and relate it to reality: isn't the ‘strong and silent’ façade put on display only for the public? I do not believe for a single moment that out of the public’s scrutiny the ‘strong, silent’ guy cannot yell into a pillow, smash the mirror or weep silently to himself. Even the toughest and meanest of characters has some weakness and vents his emotions in private. In the privacy of his own chambers or even when he was alone, such as when he was waiting for Ok-ryeon to return from the skating date with Soo Ok, the character, Jung Tae, could have shown some emotion, which would have augured better for the character and for the drama: firstly it would be a redeeming quality for a character so violent that he would alienate a lot of sound-minded women who aren’t into bar fights and street fisticuffs, and secondly, it would make him a more rounded figure with some humanity and vulnerability. Characters such as this are easier to relate to, and this would elevate the credulity of a story, thus elevating the quality of the drama as a whole. Even if such critique and suggestion from viewers isn’t taken by the actor himself, the studio ought to benefit because any profit-making production company would pay for such marketing feedback and KBS2 is getting it for free from discerning and disinterested viewers here who aren’t partial towards one actor or another.

Whereas criticisms directed at the drama and actor are warranted for the good of the drama, it is the opposite when a person attacks a poster or commentator on an online site just because something negative has been said of her favorite actor or of the drama. I find some of the people here doing exactly this, all in the vainglorious hope of suppressing public opinion. This only shows to everyone else that their faith in their favorite actor’s abilities is so minuscule that a little critique would cause them to waver in their beliefs, and it's a sign of insecurity

There are even those who presume to know the ulterior motive of the critics. I find this a demonstration of an extremely arrogant behavior and narcissistic mindset. You cannot judge the ulterior motive of another person unless you know that person very well and have spoken to him or her. Only God can see the motive of the heart. I presume that some posters here think they are God. I find it also unwarranted of posters to attack the person instead of attacking his or her idea, and the worst offense is the use of strongly-worded language such as employing profanity, swearing and character assassination (such as calling critics 'fools') to unnerve another poster. We all know that those that have nothing of intelligence to say tend to resort to profanity and swearing as a tactic to silence the critics. They simply come across as lacking mental and emotional maturity.

I also find it ironical that there are posters that criticize others’ English when I can find at least one error in every single sentence written by the former.

I stand by what I said before: those who want the critics to (quote) "shut the hell up" (unquote) are guilty of trying to suppress public opinion. If these people have so little respect for free speech, then I wonder what right they think they have to exercise their free speech and tell others what to do. Or do they think they have more rights than others? Such are hypocrites who think they live by another set of standards.

On any free forum, fair and balanced viewpoints should be welcome, otherwise we would all be simply patting one another on the backs and deluding one another with a lopsided point of view.

maggie nicefeeling if KHJ is not your favorite so please dont judge him ok???? speak about your favorite actor or actrees or judge them.

maggie dont worry nicefeeling.time can solve the problems.this drama is great we can wait to understand who is right and who is not. Its not important what you think about KHJs fans.the important thing is we know KHJ try hard to do the best acting for this drama.we believe him and we know about his try so we support him. its soon to judge about KHJ or another actor and actrees...its really soon.this soon judge can make it(drama) weak so wait until the end then judge about anything or anyone you like

dolor @cici. Sorry but I'm not done yet. You think that I use the word "hate" to manipute personal opinions, how about you? Didnt you use your so called opinions to insult others in a roundabout way as well? I've seen through your posts so it doesn't work on me as well.

I just ranted earlier and unfortunately I ran out of time. To nice feeling.... I'll respond to you later.

dolor @cubist. Saying hate was a little too much. I apologize to everyone. But when you say fair appraisal by them .... how exactly? Please hear me out.

@ cici. If you think I attacked you don't you think you did the same way too? How is saying someone is overrated constructive criticism in any way? Didn't you just insulted not only KHJ but commenters here as well? Doesn't that word mean he's garbage and our comments based on nothing? And if you think that another drama is the very definition of greatness why even suggest to the writers and PDS to watch it so as to conform to what you like? It's like saying to someone's painting hey it's OK but you should look at Picasso or monets. Again why would they? Didn't you just degraded and insulted not only them but the entire production team telling them they're not doing a great job and not on par to that drama? What made you think that they haven't seen that drama, that they just created IG out of nothing, that they did not think this through? How about if they have indeed seen it but decided it's just not their style and went about doing it their way? Movies, dramasand even sitcoms are categorized into action, comedy, sci fi,etc. And under each of them , you can find a whole lot of greatness not just one. Why just follow one standard? Not everyone has to like IG, although one can only wish, but there are also others like me who are enamored at how the story is unfoldling and for someone to even remotely suggest how it's suppose to be done just because she doesn't like how the show is going is a little selfish to me. It's their work...... their VISION...... and if you don't like it then leave it.

root Shuck Drama with dirty fans, no quality, hope no rating till end...idiot

Lovethisdrama @nicefeelings are you serious? You know what you just need to shut the hell up and go somewhere else where you can express your BADFEELING on something that is isn't good! Ok? This drama is the best and trust me you'll regret saying all this later... KHJ is taking a risk right now changing from flower boy to a MAN so we are all here to support him we don't need YOUR "good criticism" and this drama is ONLY HIRED FOR 3 WEEKS! I mean like come on... when it reached 10 eps then come and talk about your "good criticism" I'm not a that I'm a crazy fan of KHJ.... However I respect him and I REALLY HATE someone like you who is trying to bring down a hard work of a actor who is trying his best to prove it that he has CHANGED!

Betchay @nicefeeling - your name ahould have been "badfeeling" rather than "nicefeeling" as you don't have anything nice to say.. I agree with Dolor, upgrade your writing first before trying to act like you knowhow to critic.. I am not totally a KJH fan but i seriously find his acting incredible, excellent, deep etc.. i can foresee a best actor award in his performance in IG.. just wait and see..

titi Who are those fools that critics khj empt head that don,t know what to do with their life his their. Making his money and you are busy drikinking pandor for another person headache

SAM I love this drama and kim hyun joong actin very very much.............. he is the best..........forever........ oppa fighting......!!!!!!!!!

nicefeeling Whats happen to people here... I just give good criticsm,.. but you replay with BAD manner... frankly I don't know know much of all actrees or actor here, also I don't favourite any of them... I never Judge here EXCEPT Kim-Hyun-jung... I Judge Him, because He is the LEAD-ACTOR here... IF his ACTING worse..So, The Whole parts of this Drama Will Be Worse too... I Don't Know who CHICK or who are you all... I just Share my GOOD criticm, because I want this drama to be a PERFECT...But if you want to assist your IDOL to be the best one... So, you ALL must be the worse FANS... because you are allowing THEIR(your IDOL) lack not fixed forever...before, I am actually very angry, because you misunderstand my good criticism .. but now, I think I understand why, an artist fo korean never developed their ability, either because fans always justify their lack...And that's happen to Kim-Hyun-Jung until know...Now, I'll shut up, it's up to you as a fans .. you want your idol remains to be poor quality artist .. or .. you build them become the best artist .. EVEN so, I still expect this to be the best drama .. although it's main star less in total control of his drama ..So whatever, however...I'll Just wait...Thank you

cubist @dolor: Writing a fair appraisal of KHJ's acting does not make one a hater anymore than criticizing President Obama makes one a racist. Playing the hater/racist card is getting very old. If you believe that we're not allowed to express an opinion then apply that principle to yourself: DON'T voice your opinion either.

CiCI @dolor..why do people like you always have to attack someone who doesn't like the actor you do? It has nothing to do with "hatred". You just use that word to manipulate personal opinions and it's not going to work with me. If you read my other post you'd see that I felt that Song Jae Rim should've been the lead. I think he's is a far better actor than KHJ. I find KHJ's acting stiff and one dimensional compared to many of the actors in this and from comments I've read, I'm obviously not the only one. One more thing, I don't need to put anything in writing to make KJW look good, he looks d@mn good all on his own.

maggie I agree with samiha I think someone can not understand the character of KHJ....his character is different from his character in playfull kiss or boys over flowers....this drama is different too... his acting (KHJ) is strong and powerful. Kim Hyun Joong is this drama he proved it so dont say fuuny sentences about KHJ and his acting.and dont be jealous about KHJ if you love another person who play a role in this drama. Kim Hyun Joong acting is exellent

dolor To cici. You love Kim jae wook so much that you had to put down khj so bad . It must feel so good to put your hatred in writing just to make your idol look good.

To nice feeling. Don't make me laugh. What aura are you talking about? You obviously don't understand the character line of SJT and how KHj is suppose to act it and you'r e talking about aura when a lot of reviews have been positive about his acting so far. Even the action sequences have been receiving great reviews. Upgrade his acting????What the..... before you criticize him why don't you read and upgrade your writing first hand. You're obviously a hater too. Why ? Do you feel that one of your idols are being threatened now?

Chick @nicefeeling, sorry you are thus far disappointed. Perhaps if you would have read the manga it would have helped you to understand KHJ's character better. You will see growth in the man and his fighting. Remember he will eventually become the greatest fighter. Also, he is a sensitive character and not prone to open display of feelings. PK is one of my favorite dramas. We share that opinion anyway..

nicefeeliing Sorry for everyone here... I already explained very clearly before,... Here I don't JUDGE Shin-Jung-Tae character because he loss fight often or because ROLE-Character reason....BUT(Must be underline here),..I judge here is How Kim-Hyun-Jung Acting really DUMbest one... Here, anyone has explain it also,..When He(KHJ) acting, he LOOKs..."BLANK, EMPTY-MIND & WRONG-Expression/No-Expression",.. maybe someone below have explained that's happen because it was a role-character he must do by director....But as a man, I don't feel the sense fight he have GIVEN here (He don't give any men-aura in fighting scene)..Must be explain clearly(even the character or the mood acting was setting CARELESS of your LIFE, loss you sister, loss your mom or even be DUMB-MAN, should still appear in fight scene, even just a little, but he(Kim-Hyun-jung don't include that FEELING)...That point was I judge here...I also could give some KOREAN-Lead-ACTOR which rarely have fighting-role but I still can't sense his man-aura around them I list from strongest to modest (Jang-Dong-Gun, Cha-seung-won, Kim-Wo-Bin, Lee-Jun-Ki, Hyun-Bin, Ji-jin-Hee, Kim-Soo-Hyun, Lee-Min-Ho, Kim-Re-won, even Jung-Il-Wo & Kim-Soo-Ro Who also act funny/comedy scene have man-aura on act scene... but Kim-Hyun-Jung man-aura very..very weak,..and more worrisome is his acting still feel UNNATURAL)...Once again,.. I Also don't attack Kim-Hyun-Jung Personally (I have her video drama Playfullkiss rooted in my dvdcase for many years,..... but here, I just give him sugesstion to UPGRADE his ACTING...because I really hope this drama will be the great-serious-perfect korean-drama i'v ever watching in my it was..

Maya watch it because kwak dong yeon, such a talented young man. i agree with CiCI "seoul 1945" is a great realistic portrait for korean war and i love "road no. 1" too. this drama have a more "beauty side". well, i am waiting to see kim hyun joong act like a "macho man" (i only watch epi 1 & 2). he use to be a flower boy and his image do not match with jung tae characther.

Ally Totally agree with Samiha. I can't wait to watch it more and KHJ and Im Soo Hyang really blow me off :D <3

lomich cmcross "holy crap! the main guy character in this show is so dumb. it's actually becoming too much to handle (i'm starting to cynically hope he loses all his fights." To nicefeelings, what cmcross was saying is the character Jung Tae, that is how the drama was written. As of now he should not be a really good fighter yet, until he will be summoned somewhere later to be trained as shown in the drama trailer. I think (nicefeeelings) attacking KHJ acting as not a good fighter is just wrong this is just the start of the drama. This is what he should be portraying as of now. In episode 1 where they showed him fighting in a competition, he did well on that scene. But the story went back to start from his younger years to becoming a great fighter in China. So to Nicefeelings, can you wait and go with the flow of the story, lol. Don't get ahead with the storyline. I'm not KHJ fanatics, but the way I see it he did very well in this drama so far, and it's worth watching this drama with him as the main lead.

Hilal I think this drama is perfect but people don't watch it because it's diffirent because people is stupidd

sahel i agree with samiha

mimiya This show is really good, can't wait to watch more... KHJ has really improved his acting and KJW finally has a character that is fun, so he can show his talent also... Some of the fight scenes are just blurry camera action/editing...I blame the director, I am sure KHJ can handle a choreographed fight if given the chance...BUT, that is minor thing, the show is still very good...ALSO, in the 1st Ep. KJW did a really good job in those fight scenes...

CiCI I'd like to suggest to the writer and director for "Inspiring Generation" to watch "Seoul 1945" if they are really trying to do a Historical drama for around this time period in Korea. THAT's how a quality made drama is really done with excellent acting, an amazing story and even "real live" footage from that era. No "idol" flaunting there and a drama everyone could and should watch.

Samiha I saw nicefeelings comment and i just couldnt stay still, you say that Kim Hyun Joong can't fight like a man and that he fights like an idiot comapared to the young shin jung tae, that you feel embarassed watching him ? well let me tell you oen thing miss, it's not KHJ's fault if this is how the story should be going, young jung tae had a younger little sister to save and protect, he didnt know the meaning of "fear" because all he cared about was his sisiter, his own family,, but now, what do u expect from a young man who went risking his life and faced death at such a young age to come back and find his sister missing ??? he lost the most precious thing in his life and his life became meaningless, now he's living his getting into endless fights and being played looking for a sister that he doesnt even know if she's still alive or not, do you expect to see the same look in young jung tae's eyes who was ready to do anything just to save his sister, or the look in gaya's eyes, the one that has nothing to lose and who swore a million times to take revenge for her parents ?? please pple before you start criticizing kim hyun joong and saying shit about his acting just try to understand the story.

CiCI I agree with several commenters below. I think the weakest and most over-rated character of this drama is Kim Hyun Joon as Jung Tae. All he does is look angry or has a blank face and fights (awkwardly). I really dislike overly violent dramas esp. when it's just for shock value & not adding to the story. That's current US stuff and what's why I watch Kdramas. I ff a lot of this but I catch certain parts that are OK. The lead actresses are very good and Song Jae Rim is the "GUY". He's just mesmerizing when he shows off his martial arts skills. Five minutes of him makes up for 20 min. of KHJ, IMO. The best decision was to cast Kim Jae Wook. He's the most handsome & he has such a fun, interesting character. He's the perfect balance for all aweful fight scenes just like I knew he would be. I don't understand the "Spider Man" flash movements at all. It doesn't add's distracting. Watching bunches of guys strutting around like "roosters" fighting each other to the point of being obnoxious & gruesome is not a "good watch"... it's just a bunch of dumb, egotistical guys "measuring" each other. I hope this can improve because there are lots of actors here I'd like to see esp. KIM JAE WOOK.

nicefeelings Someone said here.." main guy character is dumb "..For some reason I agree with you. I also dont know, His DUMB just role CHARACTER or he is indeed DUMB one.. If I remember, I Really Miss YOUNG Shin-Jung-Tae(kwok-dong-yeon), because When fight, kwok-dong-yeon still LOOK like man even not perfect... But what happen when Kim-hyun-jung fight. He seen like DUMB, He can't fight like man ( he just act to look COOL, but what happen, he actually looks like IDIOT)...REALLY.. he just fight like choreographer when teaching fight training...i don't see even just LITTLE bit MAN-AURA or fight feeling from him(KHJ)... I don't say this because when fight he loss often(it's maybe role)...BUT.. because when he fight just like Hindi-Movies fight...Sorry (He just spinning, hit & fall OR on the other word just FAIL-ACTION-FIGHTING)...I dont really see Him FIGHT like Korean, chinese or japanese Martial-ARTS culture of his fight type...but just like idiot or dog-fight without fight-aura even little bit...Seriously, Be a MAN I'm embarassed to see him fight...REALLY SERIOUS, COMPARED with Gaya Deguchi(Im-So-Hyang), his fight was similar like transvestite(sorry)...Frankly if I compared with harsh criticism.. Im-So-Hyang Fight much more MAN(her acting really perfect) than Kim-Hyun-jung many times I remember it, the way he fights very DUMB ( Very.. very..very lack of FIGHT-aura-feeling).. Even when you fight you loss much more time, but we still can get fight feeling that... but not him, I see he just act to SEEN COOL when fight but exactly seen like IDIOT... really ONCE Again, as a man, I'm really..really embarassed to see him fight... he even damaged the image of the MALEs...REALLY,..KIM-HYUN-JUNG...please CORRECT your fight-act...just be a MAN when fight(no need good martial act, just like man)..don't let women even more men, than you....I criticism like it, because I really hope this drama could lift KOREAN-DRAMA-VALUE...thanks

sansan I don't like Kim Jae Wook styling here. It make him look very thin in face and ageing. I don't like also the hair. And most of the characters their hair also look like has too much gel. But I still watch because the handsome oppa from Who are You is here. But he is small role which is not praising his talent. Without him I will not watch this drama it's suited for man not for girls.

cmcross holy crap! the main guy character in this show is so dumb. it's actually becoming too much to handle (i'm starting to cynically hope he loses all his fights. though, I would rarely be disappointed if that was truly what I wanted). It's getting repetitive watching him make an insanely stupid decision then get his ass kicked over and over, baring the occasional fight he wins again weak nobody characters. also he's treating the woman he kind of sort of likes like crap. I didn't want it at first but now I can't wait for her to break up with him. I really hope she does because she deserves so much better. if they don't give the main guy character some sense soon I'm going to have to bail on this show for a good while (which would suck because I really like almost all the characters besides the main guy). sorry for the rant. I'm more frustrated because this show has so much potential.

betchay I love you so much KJH.. from Toronto, Canada with love.. I am pretty sure IG is awesome because you are in it.. looking forward to seeing IG with English subtitle.. see u in my dreams

Lee Rating is depend on viewer option on the airing time. well, if we look to the other show there is you who came from the stars who airing first and it have the deadly combination "kim soo hyun and giana jun". the IG story is good actually,but YWCFS air first rather than IG, so i think the rating will get higher if YWCFS finish. it really hard to make people change they channel, it's like asking someone to change they heart LOL

gabriela I do not understand that the audience is low. It's good drama, has an extraordinary plot, great actors, etc.. Inspiring Generation hits ...!

nicekom for me every episode is one movie.... gooooooooooood

Chick Keep the faith people. This drama will prevail. There are too many stars and big money in this venture. Also, the story has just begun to get into the nitty gritty. I am loving the close ups of KHJ. In the words of an Elvis song he's a "hunka, hunka burnin' love!"

jhulz666 i also noticed that artist who is popular outside korea sometimes suffer from low rating,,though IG rating is not that low but considering the fact that he is competing with the combo jun ji hyun who is having a comeback and kim soo hyun who is also popular in korea it greatly affects the rating,, anyway IG is having is receiving good results since it was already sold copyrights outside korea ,,

samaneh What's with the rating?!It's Kim hyun joon playing here!!

grania good luck to inspiring generation and Kim Jae wook

NADIA Inspiring Generation Fighting ! <3 ***

anabel The girl that plays Gaya is really good. Gaya its an awesome ass character !! Great drama overall

waaow I was afraid to watch this drama ... I fear skipped though only 1 minute ... hahahah

Kimchi Gaya can have Jung Tae for all I care! Ok Ryeon and Soo Ok look good together! <3

ng love this story awesome. . very talented. ..

newgenerations hyun jung, after he carry 1 tons watermelon in his shoulder, now he bring 1 billion won in his neck...hahahha also, congrat for all young actor & actrees who make the beginning of drama really good..i'll wait next episode..

Ceyda Gaya and Jung Tae are going to be best couple ever !

Masha this is amazing! It has everyting in it.Action,love,friendship,brotherhood and so much more.At first i wanted to watch it coz KHJ s in it.i'd watch anything if he is part of it! but now i can say i would have watch it anyway.It is so different from other dramas.Cant wait fo the next episode!

Jacq LOVING this drama!!! It gets better and better with each episode. The writer did such a great job...the storyline is superb and all the actors are amazing. Hopefully people will start watching this once My Love From Another Star is over because it's truly a great drama! Looking forward to the next episode.

Rachana The whole cast is amazing ....great direction ...... Loved everything abt the series till now.... Great story top it KHJ is on the top of the game .... His action part was amazing ... I am KHJ s fan... N I love him for his passion....he gives his 100 percent.... Last but not the least... Young Jung tae .... Great job...all the best I hope it gets good rating which it deserves...fighting.....:) waiting for Kim jae wook n KHJ....

Lena Lim Soo Hyang s new drama ! She is awesome ! I like this actress and ı for sure watch this drama.

damon it is an excellent action drama.. story line is dragging attention day by day.. KHJ simply superb improvement.. you put in a lot of effort.. oppa fighting!!!!!!!!!

Emerald I'm just watching this for Jin Se Yeon.

likeaction i not Kim hyun jung fans or other.. but I think this drama really precious for me.. really great.. I think i'll collect it if DVD has out...I never agape to korean action drama before, because always fine MORE unnatural act..but this drama open my eyes that korean drama could also entering BOX OFFICE ACTION DRAMA... GREAT..

Chick Dong Young is doing a fantastic job, but I am now ready for "my boy" to take over the Jung Tae role. I am also looking forward to Jung Tae to be cleaned up. I am sick of the drab, dirty, torn clothes. Thus far, all are doing an admirable job--including the director. I wish I could have read the manga associated with this drama so I can "fast forward" and she what happens in the end. Are there any websites that give manga synopsis? Anyhow, good luck, KHJ. I know you feel the weight of this drama rests a good deal on how you perform. A collective fingers crossed, good thoughts and prayers for this to be a success, folks!

Annie This is such a great drama!! Truly and an underrated drama....aaahhh i wish more people knew how great this show is and give it the credit it deserves. The actors are phenomenal, the makeup-clothes-production..exemplary, and the best thing is the director and the writers. It really seems that this shows has the production value that of a Hollywood Blockbuster. NO one who worked on this drama took any short cut, well at least that's what it looks like. Hahaha, so right now currently watching a ton of dramas coming on right now and this is my favorite and i've only watched 4 episodes! Hope it surpasses 20% BECAUSE IT SHOULD. :) Best of Luck Inspiring Generation!!

renoira I do not care about rating now.. I think this drama really GREAT. All Scene really perfect.. an actor play like man, an actrees play like woman.. but all artist do a serious acting.. Previously, if you see CITY-HUNTER(2011) drama, than you can found more act like not real or too perfect or the act still seen unnatural or like princes act(little picky to seen as natural)..I dont degreed CITY-HUNTER Drama But not with this drama.. I think the director & writer MUST be a LOVER of be NATURAL-ACTION (Drama/Movies)..They really make a drama with the scenes as natural as possible.. Seriously, We can find more enough korean drama action, but If I could rate them.. This drama is the perfect on NATURAL-ACTION with scale 9,7 of 10.. ( Example when young GAYA sword train in episode-4.. Usually we can find acting weird enough to say natural IF GIRL act in fight scene.. --You can found weird act in city-hunter too).., but in the scene..Young GAYA don't take actions that are not necessary to do..She just did the most natural to look by viewer..).. If I could preasume..This drama more similar with JET-LEE Movie in term SERIOUSNESS-PERFECT-ACTION.. If we watch JET-LEE movies, then you must say "His action really Perfect, slight error gap.. BUT most important was his action SEEN NATURAL..)... until episode 4, everything still looks natural, serious, and perfect .. to say, as a Korean drama .. This drama may be too good compared to other Korean action drama .. ah no, but very good ...But I don't know what happen in NEXT episode...whether it remains good, be better, or it becomes worse? .. I'll wait

SweeTripleS This story is unique, different from any other Korean Drama stories that makes me interested in it. I also like the lead actor Kim Hyun Joong. He work so hard for this drama and I believe he will do the best in this drama. (He never disappointed his fans). Fighting Hyun Joong ssi~~~ Fighting Inspiring Generation

SweeTripleS Got to watch this nice drama.. Fighting Inspiring Generation! Fighting Hyun Joong ssi~~

Tobi Those are some terrible ratings lol. Inspiring Generation? More like Flop Generation, haha.

semen it is sad and sometimes heartbreaking to see the helplessness

daichi Very good show , excellent character development and story line , although I have to admit some areas involving politics in the story are lost to me, due to my lack of knowledge of South Korean history. but over all I'm a quick study, so I'll pick it up pretty quick.

Pisko It's pretty stupid and distracting how KHJ has that godly body he built in the gym while drinking various sorts of substances that will enhance his muscles when people at that time didn't have gyms, or protein shakes and whatnot. Such an annoying thing, I can't suspend my disbelief when it comes to historical inaccuracies such as this one.

Miss Mong This is the best one action drama after I have done watch with City Hunter (2010) . So guys, i really recommend to you to watch this drama. But make sure, you over than 18 years old to see the fight or any actions like a gangster do kekeke~ But This is the best one (y)

CICI @park x...I started watching Kdramas because they were more interesting, better written, had greater ethics and had many, many better actors & actresses than in the US. If you look at a Kdrama list, you will see, there are hundreds for men to watch and are not just love stories. Example..GIANT, IRIS, A MAN CALLED GOD, HEARTLESS CITY, CHUNO and countless Historical dramas. Many teach the world about the beautiful lives, heroes and rich, endearing history of Korea which I am so glad to have found. I agree with you though that right now, THIS drama is geared for older men who like lots of hard-core violence and constant gangster type fighting...not for women and definitely not teens & children IMO...enjoy.

park x my dongseng say. Oppa, do you want to see drama for man?.. First time my dongseng ask me in my life about drama?.. I say ya.. then, she recommendate to see this drama. so I watch this drama from episode-2 by gambling with her. really this drama is MAN-DRAMA. all action, fight but all moment & scene really precious. & then I watch untill now. honestly i rarely watch korean drama, because drama only for girl or ahjumas..:D not for man. because i think this drama really good. I also give here time to comment & also in debt to my dongseng.. hehe

yuina I dont think this drama have a violent.. The drama really close to history.. If I could to insist, then this drama is first drama who DARE to explain Real Story.. On thi other side, this drama also HAVE Japanese + Chinese Background... So, Exactly the story litte cruel than Early Korean drama... If You Compare to Love Drama, of course this drama too cruel, but if you compare to same type.. this drama exactly the REAL

Roxy I like the drama a lil although episode 1 and 2 were a lil too violent unlike kdramas. Hoping the older characters will be introduced sooner than later. Can someone tell me if Kim hyun joong's character might like Kim ok ryeon later in the story or its jus gaya all the way. Hmmmm..... Well I kip seeing people complementing kim hyun joong buh honestly I really can't say if he was the best in jus 5 mins he's good looking buh acting wise uhmm let see am looking forward to it

CICI correction on my comment Jan 23 below...should read.."If had kids "esp." teenagers.. I wouldn't let them watch this. @ Jasmine...I've seen other Kdramas about this historic time period with an enlightening storyline that actually WAS "inspiring". This is more like graphically driven over the top violence with the story 2nd. If you consider seeing guys being beaten to a pulp and brutal stabbings scene after scene entertainment, then this is for you...but not for me. I'll check back later to see if it got more "humane" with KJW.

Jasmine Why it's no rating?! Less Korean watched this drama? Is it because the drama is violent? I'm not even Korean but i really like the drama. This drama is really happening in human's life. It's a scary thing but this is the human world. Kim hyun joong is portraying a role that i know he can really portray with all his might and to show his skill and talent. This is him now! No crap and no nonsense!

CICI Although the actors are doing a good job with their characters in Inspiring Generation, it is a LOT more violent than I was expecting. If I had kids (eso. teenagers), I think this is way too violent so far and wouldn't let them watch. I'm hoping that when the older characters show up, it will be more story oriented and be more about their personal relationships with one another. I think I'm gonna wait this out till I read that Kim Jae Wook has arrived. He always has a more calmer persona (even in action dramas), so I think his character will hopefully balance things out. Kim Jae Wook is definitely needed here sooner than later, since he is so extremely handsome as well as talented as an actor in whatever he does.

maggie Kim Hyun Joong oppa you are so so so you are so lovely too. I watched it because of you.....

Deng yi Oh Gosh, I love this drama! Especially Soo Hyang and Kim Hyun Joong! I watch this drama because of them! I love the story plot, love the characters, love everything about this drama. Can't wait for them to appear on episode 4~ YAY! This show is awesooooooomeeee~~ <3

aleja i love this drama !! and kim hyun joong fighting! i want to see episode 4 !!

phal_kuza DAMMMMMM............................ This drama will be ultimate epic one can't wait for E3&E4:)

Crissy Kudos to the whole production team of this're awesome everyone

denialle Kim hyun joong u look so stunning in this drama n love ur action a lot since never seen u in this way be4 always love u............

CICI Wed. & Thurs. just got a whole lot better because of "Inspiring Generation" with KIM JAE WOOK! Popcorn and a smile on my face is READY!

roveloin I think this drama really Great in early 2014... Really this drama like it's Title.." Inspiring Generation".... I think I just found suit drama for my feeling.. before I'm really boring to see drama which the plot just LOVE, affair love, heartbroken love & like it..... Now,I think, I found a suit one.... Thanks You Very Much

roveloin I think this drama really Great in early 2014... Really this drama like it's Title.." Inspiring Generation".... I think I just found suit drama for my feeling.. before I'm really boring to see drama which the plot just LOVE, affair love, heartbroken love & like it..... Now,I think, I found a suit one.... Thanks's v Much

roveloine I think this drama really Great in early 2014... Really this drama like it's Title.." Inspiring Generation".... I think I just found suit drama for my feeling.. before I'm really boring to see drama which the plot just LOVE, affair love, heartbroken love & like it..... Now,I think, I found a suit one.... Thanks You Very Much

Fhame actually, i don't like dramas set on ancient times and i only watched it bec i really love Kim Hyun Joong. But fortunately, i like how the drama goes from ep 1 & 2 and been looking forward to the next episodes...:) hyun joong fan 4-evr.. <3 <3 <3

Sora Jung-Tae (young) soooo adorable ~~

soo interesting drama <3 love you Kim Hyun Joong so good to see u acting again ..

fluffy I really love this drama so far it one of my favorites their all good actors and actresses I rate it with five stars <3

hnlley Only here for Kim Jae Wook!

Was very lucky to meet him on the streets of osaka last November!

Chick Scary how the young Jung Tae and KHJ resemble each other. They look more like brothers than KHJ's real brother.

elena woww great work oppa hyun joong!!!!!!!!!! you look stunning <3 <3

galina_a1978 Deserve your money for this movie,it`s great.Your folks Korean films are becoming better and his fans more and more and I`m one of them! I wish you good luck and keep us over and entertain us! I kiss you and hug you! <3

Maha India woooooowwwwwwww!!!!!! love it

rumi I love you,Kim Hyun Joong :)))

wilson Okay, this is pretty unique ! Im chinese so watching a drama made from a different country gives a refreshing look ! Love it :D Story wise, the first episode , kinda lacked sometime, too much 'romance' time and the story needed to move but the first part of the episode did captivate me and making me want to watch more. Its only 2 episodes so far, hope it will get better , im sure it will!

Juni Jae wook. I anticipate him exuding strong unique charisma..ehm, maybe the charisma of Jung in + charisma of Min Seon woo + charisma of Han Tae Sung.

asal Daebak, Kim Hyun Joong.......... You Are My Love.......

Chan Daebak, Kim Hyun Joong..! Great to see you doing action it really fits on you.

Ota the young kim hyung joong is really a good actor (Y) i think he would do more dramas because he did really great work (Y)

Ota SO excited from the first and second episode i can't wait for the rest episodes ♥♥ *_*

anand kim hyung joong is one of the finest actor in korea and i just love this drama ep 1 and 2 was really good !! khj rocks in his new look  :)

Domino No worries about Inspiring Generation's ratings. When Kim Jae Wook shows up, they will skyrocket!!

Donna OMG! Frickin' AWESOME! I cannot even fathom watching any other Korean Drama now! This has completely set a new standard on how Dramas should be filmed! LOVE IT! The Cast members are perfect and there are so many great "acting couples" it is hard to choose which I like best. :-) I am looking forward to the adult actors however, I cannot express how amazing the younger actors are and how they truly set the stage for this drama! Kudos!

anna Awesome drama i love it

wahid first two eps, freaking epic , so many badass characters gangs,Yakuza hopefully much more to come. kids are good actors and from the first ep adult female and male actor looked cool as hell. especially the Yakuza female lead looked fierce.

Wolverine So far so good. The drama is pretty interesting.

Minami SJT''s characters are potrayed charismatically. And of course the the 2 hyungs (Poong. Cha and Boong Sik) in the Dobinori gang. They can show ruthlesness and embodied gentleness at the same time. Great start to IG! Kudos to all.

sapana I m really glad that kim hyun joong proves he can justify in every character ...this historical drama is very good I m enjoying watching ...luv u all character of dis drama specially young Shin jung tae and of course my fav Kim hyun jooong

Brooke Brown Dont like the younger version of gaya ugh and wanted khy to end up with the other girl but we all know that wont happened -.- but overall really good drama so far

nara FeKimi .....first 20 menute is kim hyun jung... the rest is kwak dong yeon ( young jung-tae)...........hahah

FeKimi Oh, my God? That's Kim Hyunjung?? I don't event recognize him!

SSj Oppa hyun joong i love you so much.fighting

solar i think the only versatile actor who can compete with Lee Jun ki( in my mind is the current best actor in the korean drama scene) is this person KHJ. no doubt about that he has on screen charisma endurance, stamina to do this kind of a character.

Tori That fact that my future hubby (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) Kim Hyun Joong is starring in this drama was JUST the tip of my excitement until I saw the drama poster and realized Jae Wook was in this too. THIS made me even happier. With sooooo many name actors here, I just hope it lives up to its hype.

jin awesome start epic quality.

renaya Kin Hyun jung has ability in physical duty work... You could proven that in Barefood friends stage indonesia.... he carry watermelon up to 1(one) tons.....hihihi...I think this drama will be perfect for him this........Congratulation Hyun Jung to crush your obstacle-wall....

Kath I'm disappointed, kim so eun dropped out... Aiiiissshhhhh .... I've been waiting for her appearance..

Cathy I'm disappointed, kim so eun dropped out... I been waiting for her appearance.

foodie The first episode was a roller-coaster! Oh my... from the opening sequence with YSH "where should I bury you?" OMG! So fierce!

Chick KHJ did not pick an easy role to play. So far, the physicality aspect iof it is difficult. Not many actors can pull this off and also play light, romantic parts. I admire KHJ for not playing it safe. This may not be every ladies cup of tea because of the dark, depressing atmosphere, but those were the times. You will either hate this drama or appreciate it for what it is about. At any rate, this should pull in the masculine audience.

Gem I really can not describe how different was kim hyun joong and specially his acting . It's really unimaginable !!! he did his best in just first 5 min of Ep 1 ! keep fighting oppa you are the best ♥

Elli I can not believe ,Kim Hyun-Joong's acting skills improvement is unbelievable .oppa you are great , keep fighting .good luck

asal the first episode was veryyyy goooooooooood cant wait...

dore daebak! waiting for the future episodes! hwaiting!!

Yakin seriously kim hyung joong ur best and i love ur drama :D :)

ih kim hyun joong is the best actor if you dont belive it you can find it in internet ...

T I'm from Sri Lanka and KHJ is the 1st Korean actor I had a crush on,:-D, so hwaiting KHJ! I wish you all the success! God bless you always! Oppa chuaae so much :-D

jm oppa hyun joong i love you so much

Interesting... Not a fan of Kim Hyun Joon, but I like Jin Se-Yeon of course thanks to Bridal Mask. The trailer looks rather exceptional with its dark concept that seems to pull me in. I'm actually anticipating to see how it'll turn out.

Mayra KIM HYUN JOONG FIGHTING!!!! .... your fans know just how much I tried to make this character ... I know there are people who do not believe in you but I'm sure you've improved a lot ... act is not easy for someone who is a singer and even more a role like this .... although there are criticisms that are just to attack ... We put ourselves stronger than ever for us to know that if we value your effort

Kyubey >Kim Hyun-Joong W-Why? Just why?

Couldn't they have picked a real actor?

Yeah, sure, idol = more viewers, but it's going to be totally crappy, oh man, why... That man's just embarrassing.

onigirilove We love you, Kim Jae-Wook! Forever Kim Jae-Wook fans.

Though we don't love all of your movie choices, this one looks like a really good movie. Fighting, oppa! Loved your work in Antique Bakery.

raineal I love you Kim Hyun joong, i will surely watch this series,FIGHTING!!

HEY haters! those who are saying that he is the worst actor that you've seen, well atleast KJH is better than YOU!!!

Lynchu This message is also for DAIZ, not just for MUI who agreed with DAIZ. Please keep your opinion to yourself if you have nothing good to say! He received good reviews from several critics. He doesn't care how he looks to be able to portray his role truthfully especially in this drama where he is not a pretty face at all but looking like a true fighter. One of the reasons his fans love him is because of his dedication to his craft/work and sincerity to his fans. You should see how he practice to prepare for his role as an actor and concerts as a singer/performer. If you do not want his acting and the role he is playing, please stick to your own preferences. Please refrain from making negative comments even before the start of the drama. Please stop making negative vibes and offensive words. Have a good day!

libra MUI: Kim Hyun Joong does not just "live off with his hansome face". I hope you will stop making negative comments about Kim Hyun Joong since you do not know what he's been doing when he debuted in 2005 as a leader of SS501. Kim Hyung Joong is the only artist in Asia who won Buzz Award for five consecutive years of the top idol award and scooped four Yahoo Buzz Awards last year, etc. The reasons why he is recongnized in other parts of the world are because he puts 100% dedication to what he does and his strong desire not to disappoint his fans/viewers. Good luck to all your favorite artists. Aja aja to "Inspring Generation"!!!

yordanos I hope this Drama will suicides. I can't wait to watch the drama. KEEP YP THE GOOD JOB KHJ. fighting!!!

L Wow look how much he had changed!!(Kim Hyun joong) he was a pretty boy now is a manly man. Cool can't wait.

mui Hopefully KHJ improved his acting, because he was absolutely terrible in everything he's done before. The man who purely lives off of his handsome face alone and the support of rabid delusional fangirls.

i agree 100% with that comment, he is the worst korean actor i ever saw.....

asal teaser was so great..... very verrrrrrrrrrrrrry gooooooooooooooooooood oppa hyun joong tnx

Neha Gautam Love Kim Hyun joong <3 <3 <3............................ supporting from India (Y)......... this drama will be a great hit.......... 4 sure :) :)............. All the very best to rest of the actors :).............. god bless u kim.......... always keep smiling... love you :)

maggie Woooooooow Kim Hyun Joong you are fantastic..........i can`t wait 4 this drama really i can`t.....

oppa sarangaheyo...fighting.............

cold_cherry when i saw JSY here, i was like, she's doing a drama like this again? XD (Bridal mask <3)

Lulu Waw what happened with his he's an oldie in this drama. Waa the cast so daebakk, must watch.

Ally Wooooo,I can't wait for this drama.And I hope that Im Soo Hyang is the main female lead,not Jin Se Yeon,like I heard :D

Sarasweet I'm so exciting to watch this drama.. Jin se yeon is here and it looks interesting ~.. I think they should add more details about the plot ..

Lee Ni Jo He's becoming exactly like Jang Hyuk now -,- but I still like Kim Hyun Joong :b

platest Yoon Hyun-Min should have been the lead role to be honest.

Daiz Hopefully KHJ improved his acting, because he was absolutely terrible in everything he's done before. The man who purely lives off of his handsome face alone and the support of rabid delusional fangirls.

comment Finally he's given an unlikely role different from his previous ones...not that I'm concerned

wisa WOW.... I cant beleive that is kim hyun joong! He looks sooo different what a transformation. I'm excited to watch this drama. Looking at all the cast and I'm starting to like it. Can't wait

Yusmeiry Wow I can't believe this transformation from now on he looksote mature and sexy nothing like the old roles !!!! Oppa Fighting !!!

momo Isn't Kim JaeKyung of Rainbow casted in this drama??? She was at the showcase, but I've heard no further news on her.

Mai Cabasee HomaygAEIOUd! Excellent transformation of KIM HYUN JOONG!

alex awesome teaser

aznative Trailer looks really good.

Lizzy Payne Kim Jae Wook sshi it's sad that he's not the main actor... but I'm sure that he will be GREAT as always ;) FIGHTING !

Lucca Please shine, kim Jae wook, as you always do. I'll only watch this drama for you...Jin Se yeon too, so beautiful actress:)) good luck!!!


wow Finally kim hyun joong in drama again Wowwww go hyun joong ssi go :-) we are waiting with a lot of existing Fighting

asal kim hyun joong fighting oooooooopppppppppa i love you very much this drama is the best

hilal Oppa fighting!!! I waiting this drama Because ı want to see you in tv are best for me.ı love you do not throw in the towel.we stand by you...♡♥♡

Laura Me gustaría ver el estreno,admiro sobremanera la capacidad de todos estos chicos,vale la pena jugarse por cada uno de ellos,ya que nos permiten disfrutar de sus trabajos.Muchas gracias y estoy a la espera..Laura

sahel_ss501 kim hyun joong oppa fighting i love you and ss501 forever

BigFan I am so happy that Hyun- Joong oppa is making a new movie, kya! >_< The best part is he is the main actor

ellis kim so eun :(

Kay Our boy, KHJ, deserves a blockbuster before he goes into service! Just hope the Korean audience is ready for a serious, period drama rather than the fluff that normally airs (exception--Secret).

Anonim i prefer Kim So Eun plays yoon ok-ryeon than Jin Se-yeon!!! :( :(

Jang nae I'm really excited. Impatiently sitting here waiting for the drama to come out. I'm so glad Kim Hyun Joong is coming back to acting, Olenmanieyo, he really is an inspiration to me ^.^ Can't wait!

Wati@shaci KHJ oppq fighting

Esther Kim hyun joong fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

fitri figthing KHJ oppa, I wish "Inspiring Generation" (Age Of Feelings) Korean Drama the success in the Korea and the World with Rate high. good Luck KHJ oppa :)

Redson NOooo!! Kim So Eun.!! You were the one that I have been anticipating to. . . :(

Anon WTF? I thought he was JYH.

Nataly Finally KHJ will be in a drama! i have been waiting for it long time !^^ i am soo excited !!

kiwimango Finally, I have been waiting for KHJ to be in a drama, but I prefer hin to be on a modern day drama.

saory ahhh esperarr ahh mi hyuni con ansias espero tu doramaaaa

Nilay Wow....can't wait to see hyun joong in a drama again. Fighting oppa!

MARI why not Park Min Young to be his leading lady . I watched i do i do lim soo hyang but i think Park Min Young would be the best for the role and i miss her to see in drama ......

grace owwwwwwww va a ser muy lindooooo :3

aylic i didn't hear about it,after cancelled about city Conquest now it's a good news=))...when is going to be air on tv?<3<3

Nishi Hyun Joong oppa fighting! I cant wait to see you in this new drama! <3

noelia hay q lindo que kim hyun joong

riska a little disappointed ... try replacing the female lead in the position of kim so eun, definitely nicer. tlong yes, his female lead in the drama rating change definitely increased ... greetings ...

ehra i also like kim so eun and kim hyun joong together in this ...

Brandy why can't Kim so eun take the leading lady role? Kim hung joong and kim eun so would be the perfect lead couple but i will still watch it for kim so eun

hyun joong sarang Kim hyin joong....I love you... Oppa,fighting

Vidhya hope kim so eun and kim hyung joong are paired here... they'r the only reason am longing to watch this series... both of you, fighting

agus Kim So Eun and Kim Hyung Joong.. Kim So Eun is perfect for Kim Hyung Joong ..!! they look great together .... I wish to change the story and run them together

dj whoa.. im soo hyang.. I really liked her since her role in Paradise Ranch, New Tale of Gisaeng, Iris 2, and now will be paired with hyun joong.. omo.. I cant wait any longer

eddiekato1 Wow can't wait for this drama. Lim Soo Hyang is a hot looking woman. She did well in iris2 I believe. Anybody who knows.her?yes I do well she gonna do a hell of a job. I can't help it because I really love her a lot.

Sonam Pyade Tshering I am soooooooooo happy.....Kim Hyun Joong...he's so adorable....i am desperately waiting to watch his new serial....<3 u KHJ!!!

Ten Yay! Im Soo Hyang. <3

Nor Can't wait to watch it!i really admire u KHJ!!!!wish to see you in person!!!

nanda noona OMG,,,my lovely Kim Hyun joong comeback Can't wait for his new drama,,,,!!! Sarangheo,,,Hyun joong fighting,,,,!!!

Aarifa Khan After watching Playful Kiss...I m in LOVE with Kim Hyung Seung Jo.... :-) :-* Eagerly waiting for his New Drama ..... :-*

sasha ahhh cant waitttt :DDDDDD

henny yuliana Finally, KHJ new drama will coming...hopefully in every year KYJ made drama/movie...can't wait this new drama

saranya bai me, KHJ fan from tamil nadu ( part of india ). finally i got the news that he is on air again.... kim u really rockzzzzzzzzzz :-)

Sarah I can't wait to see this drama!

KMJ- die hard fan finally... much awaited for this moment..

yannie yasha haaa i will watch the movie, don't make me dissappointed oppa yun jung

anj_86 KHJ is back,i am gonna watch this. (^_^)(")

fateme i hope kim so eun be the lead ! ah she is perfect for kim hyun joong !

adara kalea i hope it will be kim so eun as lead female and also paired with kim hyun joong as lovers!♥ please considering it. kim so eun is a very good actress but it seems like she has never been considered to be main cast :(

gina Lim Soo Hyang -Kim Hyun Joon -- HOT couple.))

soumia i love kim hyun joong so much and kim so eun

benniy i do wish kim hyun joong will doing acting with han hyo joo :(

park so eun i hope park eun bin will be cast on this drama i think she will fit to this drama she s really great at acting seriously

Maedeh Hello,I love kim Hyun Joong ,he has special behavior i think.fighting Oppa...but i'm sad about somthing,he has much more fans in some asian country like iran than others that he always visit but he doesn't pay attention.but we support him forever.this drama is the best.

Eunji OH MY GOD! I just found out about this drama,can't wait for comeback drama of Kim Hyun Joong!

nava im soooo excited too watche kim hyun joong acting again cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caro I've only seen Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers and I didn't really get an idea of if I liked him or not, so... The story sounds interesting, tough! We'll have to wait and see!

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