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  • Name: Lim Soo-Hyang
  • Hangul: 임수향
  • Born: April 19, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 169 cm.
  • Blood Type: O


  • The Clue | 4Gyoshi Churi Yeongyeok (2009) - Lim Soo-Hyang (fan 1)

Drama Series


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saqar how are you ? i like apeak with you !

miczster loved her in Iris 2...hope you get more projects !!!

Kayla She's one of the most natural and graceful young actresses I've seen to date. Her role in New Tales of Gisaeng was executed perfectly. She looked so lovely, innocent, classy and all of these qualities that matched perfectly with the description of her character. She definitely amazed me.

guk keneth i liked your act in iris 2, inspiring generation 2, amizing that was great and great and great

Toni Melendez This young actress gave one of the best performances in her role as SaRan in New Tales of Gisaeng along with her costar, Sung Hoon. They worked so well together; so convincing. A lot of love, tears that only managed to pull one's heartstrings. It was a well rounded drama with a great cast of actors all around and the icing on top was that it had such a happy ending. Do Not Miss This Drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily She has a nice voice.

asmaryani hai...i'm fans lim soo hyang

Genesis It's so crazy how you can watch one drama and not even recognize the person you are looking at....but, you keep having this feeling that you've seen the person in another drama somewhere. Well, I saw you in I Do, I Do and now most recently in Inspiring Generation as Gaya. Gaya was a character I loved to hate. I mean, when the character turned bad, and just had it in for poor Shin Jung Tae but couldn't manage to kill him....I was like come on girl kill him or love him pick one, because this merry-go-round is making me

Now that the drama has ended, I am interested in knowing what role you will take on next. I hope it something more sassy, playful and sweet. Inspiring Generation was really heavy, and I don't want to see you cutting up nobody, kicking nobody and most of all being cut up or beaten up yourself.

Then again, if you were to opt for something on the heavier side...I think a really good, suspense/who done it murder with you as the lead killer female type would be awesome. I have not seen a drama on television where the female is the killer....just saying.

That being said, best of luck to you in whatever role you take on next and in life.

American Fan!!!!

latipaimnida i like you in New Tales of the Gisaeng

love you eonni♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Betsy The reasons why I watch Inspiring Generation. She and Yoon Hyun Min is the best for me in the drama, both as an actor and character. The way they portray Aoki and Gaya made you felt their misery. Urgh, they should just have their own shows. Hope to see her in more dramas, this time hopely with a happy ending or a very heartwrenching sad ending. All the best for her career.

Viet An She is so amazing and beautiful \(*~~~*)/. Just watching Inspiring Generation because of her :O what an amazing actor!*_*

nina i love acting and she's just maturely fresh beautiful. hope shewould have a drama on her own where she is involved with yoon hyun min. her chemistry with oth KHJ and YHM is awesome.

Sara She is and amazing actor, the first drama I saw her was in I do, I do and she really did a good job hopefully she keeps making more dramas :):):):):):):):):):):) wish her the best !!!!!!

yamz does she even get together with shin jung tae?

Alan I love her acting and she makes me hate her character in inspiring generation. keep it up <<33

anand gaya, she is gorgeous. charming, beautiful, every thing i really like her acting, keep it up.....

Chrissy Kim I love how people can't distinguish between a character and the actor. You hate an actress because of a role she's played in a drama? That's ridiculous. I'm sure that's not how she is in real life. It's called acting. She's a great actress and I personally think she's gorgeous.

tsubasa Love her as Gaya in Inspiring Generation. Her acting sends chills down my spine. Just fabulous. I usually don't praise female lead but Gaya is just love. <333

Leneee She is really beatiful and talelented actress. I think she will be incredable in her new drama Inspiring Generation. I love Gaya s character. And she dont deserves bad comments İf you going to do but comments for her dont write hear.

Gülşah I think she is the most beautiful actress in Korea. I would like to see how she will play Gaya in inspiring age . I think kim hyun joong and lim soo hyang going to be fantastic couple in tis year! :)

Nora There're only a few actresses whom I cared enough to dislike. This actress is one of them. She's one reason why I dropped New Tales of Gaysang. I hated her character so much as the annoyingly quiet perfect girl on the surface while being b*tchy inside; all the ugly stuff she did to her so called friend which we were suppose to think of as fine cuz she's the lead actress. Gah and everyone in the show kept praising 'how beautiful she is' while I don't see her THAT pretty was a major turn off from the drama. I know the character is something while the actress is another thing...still I can't help it. Hopefully after watching her in Inspiring Generation, I'll think of her as better than a wanna be beauty queen.

CICI I'm really happy Lim Soo-Hyang is the leading actress in Inspiring Generation! She's a very talented actress and a favorite of mine.

@U Shes so beautiful, I can't wait for Inspiring Generation xdd Kim Hyun Joong and she... aww :3 Interesting ^^

marie keep up the good work fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie Kato Lim Soo Hyang good luck on your new drama Age of feelings and hope you have a great time.The title fit right you arel the time of Age of feelings.

이니조 To be honest, she's really cute in iris 2 *.* I love that acting!

Alex great acting in iris 2, succesfully posses the beauty u....

cola bola She looks a lot like Lee Ji Ah!!!

they probably had the same plastic surgeon or something

baaa ugly plastic nose!

deltoid She's the most beautiful villain in Iris2. Great performance!

Greenluvs @Hanna: Since Kyeira is medical student, I'm assuming it would be easier for her to tell if someone's had work done than the average person. BTW, I'm not a medical student or anything, but i do believe Lim Soo Hyang has had work done. Not bashing on the actress. I've got nothing against her and I've liked her roles. It just seems to me that she has.

Hannah @kieyra, how's that got to do with anything? Does it mean you have plastic surgery too? I don't get it.

kieyra yeah,she pretty talented.obviously,she's not naturally adorable girl.i'm a professional medical student in russia and i knew that she has made dissection with her face.i'm not agree with hahhyosang.

Shamma I was wondering why she looked so familiar. I watched PR a long time ago and can't, for the life of me, remember which character she was. It's nice to see someone so young accomplishing so much. I hope to see more of her acting soon.

hanhyosang I saw her in ``Paradise Ranch`` and in ``New Tales Of A Ginsaeng``, she is a real beauty ! :X Fighting, unnie ! :X

shahou I first really caught notice of her while watching New Tales of the Gisaeng and I cried my eyes out. I actually found out that she was in Paradise Ranch, it was no wonder I thought she looked familiar. She's such a good actress. In just those two drama, she plays dramatically different characters. I look forward to her new drama, I Do I Do and all future ones ^_^

Ballsq i first saw her as a guest in running men... she's so cute and i like her... and i watched her drama on new tales of gisaeng.... she's the best and talented actress... i hope to see her in next drama or movie....i just new she's model clip on t-ara lovey dovey zombie version.... so sexy...^^

babobear its just the beginning... without a doubt, lim soo hyang will big a huge success. fighting! keep your head up and smile!

Sam @Bob from the Star King, it was So Hyang 소향 , she's korean gospel no wonder she could sing very well.. and here is the actress Soo Hyang 수향.. pretty similar name, but different vocal. :)

Bob I first saw her singing with Charice on Star King in 2010. This young lady is not only gorgeous in appearance but has an amazing voice. I am surprised that she is not as popular as she should be with all her talents. Although it seems South Korea has an abundance of really talented people for the population size. I wish nothing but success and happiness for this very talented young woman

Jase Talented actress... Hope to see her in coming drama's and movies....

justlin same date of birthday~~

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