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  • Drama: I Do, I Do (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Aidu Aidu
  • Hangul: 아이두 아이두
  • Director: Kang Dae-Sun
  • Writer: Jo Jung-Hwa
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: May 30, 2012 - July 19, 2012
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A woman is the top shoe designer at a shoe company. The woman is called "Gold Miss," because she is in her mid-30's, single, and financially successful. She mistakenly spends a drunken night with a counterfeit shoes peddler and becomes pregnant.


Ji-An (Kim Sun-A) is a successful shoes designer and a director at a high-end shoe company. Even though Ji-An is in her late 30's, she isn't interested in marriage. The only thing Ji-An cares about is shoes and her job. Meanwhile, 20 something year old Tae-Gang (Lee Jang-Woo) dreams of becoming rich, but for now he works with his dad making imitation high-end shoes.

While Ji-An attends her father's 70th birthday party, she receives a phone call that something is wrong with the prep work for a fashion show. Ji-An leaves the party and rushes to the fashion show, but on her way there she runs into a motorcycle driven by Tae-Gang. They have an argument over who caused the accident, but, finally, Ji-An offers to pay for the minor damages on his motorcycle if he gives her a lift to the fashion show. Tae-Gang accepts and Ji-An makes it to the show and fixes the problem.

Afterwards, Tae-Gang takes Ji-An to the hotel where her father is having his birthday celebration. When they arrive, Ji-An discovers that her parents have already left. Tae-Gang then takes her to the Seoul Station to catch her parents before they leave. Ji-An is able catch up to her parents right before they board the train. Her father complains about Ji-An leaving early and they have an argument. After her parents leave Ji-An cries on a bench. Tae-Gang follows her to get money for his motorcycle repair.

They then begin to talk and discover that they have some things in common, like not being the greatest kids to their parents. They then go to a restaurant which Tae-Gang's friend runs. When they are about to leave, Tae-Gang tries to put her into a taxi, but she is so drunk he can't. The next morning they find themselves laying on a bed together. They are both freaked out. Prior to leaving, they both pretend nothing happened.

Ji-An sees a doctor. The doctor warns her that she is going to experience menopause soon. Back at work, Ji-An has trouble selling shoes because of fake products. To catch the counterfeit shoemakers, she walks around a shopping area at night. There, she runs into a guy with a bag of counterfeit shoes. She's surprised to see that the guy is Tae-Gang.


  1. "I Do, I Do" takes over the MBC Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The King 2hearts" and will be followed by "Arang and the Magistrate" on August 15, 2012.
  2. First screenplay reading took place on April 10th at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea. Kim Sun-A, Lee Jang-Woo , Park Geon-Hyeong , Lim Soo-Hyang


I Do, I Do-Kim Sun-A1.jpg Lee Jang-Woo I Do, I Do-Park Geon-Hyeong1.jpg I Do, I Do-Lim Soo-Hyang1.jpg
Kim Sun-A Lee Jang-Woo Park Geon-Hyeong Lim Soo-Hyang
Hwang Ji-An Park Tae-Gang Jo Eun-Sung Yeom Na-Ri
I Do, I Do-Yun Ju-Sang.jpg I Do, I Do-Oh Mi-Yeon.jpg I Do, I Do-Kim Hye-Eun.jpg I Do, I Do-Park Yeong-Gyu.jpg Shin Seung-Hwan
Yun Ju-Sang Oh Mi-Yeon Kim Hye-Eun Park Young-Gyu Shin Seung-Hwan
Ji-An's father Ji-An's mom Bong Joon-Hee Park Gwang-Seok Lee Choong-Baek
I Do, I Do-Oh Mi-Hee.jpg I Do, I Do-Lee Dae-Yeon.jpg I Do, I Do-Jo Hie-Bong.jpg I Do, I Do-Kim Beom-Yong.jpg I Do, I Do-Han Ji-Wan.jpg
Oh Mi-Hee Lee Dae-Yeon Jo Hee-Bong Kim Beom-Yong Han Ji-Wan
Madam Jang President Yeom Seol Bong-Soo Song Ha-Yoon Yoo Da-In
I Do, I Do-Baek Seung-Hee.jpg Kim Min-Hee I Do, I Do-Oh Min-Seok.jpg I Do, I Do-Kim Seo-Jung.jpg Kim Soo-Jung
Baek Seung-Hee Kim Min-Hee Oh Min-Seok Kim Seo-Jung Kim Soo-Jung
Uhm Yoo-Jin Ma Sung-Mi Jake Han Yang Mi-Sook Son Jin-Hee

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-30 1 8.2% (18th) 9.5% (11th) 10.5% (8th) 12.4% (4th)
2012-05-31 2 8.0% (20th) 9.6% (16th) 9.8% (9h) 12% (6th)
2012-06-06 3 9.2% (13th) 10.7% (8th) 9% (11th) 10.3% (9th)
2012-06-07 4 8.1% (19th) 9.5% (12th) 9% (12th) 10.3% (11th)
2012-06-13 5 10.0% (9th) 12.1% (6th) 10% (9th) 12% (5th)
2012-06-14 6 9.0% (17th) 11.3% (7th) 9.2% (13th) 10.6% (9th)
2012-06-20 7 8.2% (16th) 9.4% (14th) 9.6% (9th) 10.4% (6th)
2012-06-21 8 8.6% (17th) 10.2% (10th) 8.9% (15th) 10.6% (10th)
2012-06-27 9 8.2% (17th) 11.1% (7th) 9.2% (12th) 10.4% (9th)
2012-06-28 10 7.8% (20th) 9.3% (17th) 9.3% (13th) 10.5% (8th)
2012-07-04 11 8.1% (19th) 10.1% (10th) 8.7% (18th) 9.8% (11th)
2012-07-05 12 NR 10.4% (17th) 9.1% (20th) 10.5% (17h)
2012-07-11 13 9.3% (19th) 11.3% (11th) 9.7% (15th) 11.0% (9th)
2012-07-12 14 9.2% (19th) 11.0% (13th) 8.9% (18th) 9.5% (16th)
2012-07-18 15 8.3% (19th) 10.6% (12th) 9.0% (16th) 9.9% (13th)
2012-07-19 16 NR 9.9% (16th) 9.1% (20th) 10.0% (15th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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MelaoK I adore this drama! it's not only a love theme drama,but bringing up some issue like unwanted pregnancy,single mom,abortion,marriage for after 30s women. I do adore their acting,such a good chemistry! superb!

ifyyyy Is it really awesome?

kim sun ah addict I love kdramas and I love Kim sun ah which started with her drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon. She's such a good actress. Have watched all her dramas . I cried a bucket with her and Cha Seung Won in City Hall (my favorite) and in Scent of a Woman. In I do I do she's so glamorous as in so different from her other roles. Noticed too that she really impersonates the characters she portrays. .Go go Kim Sun Ah , can't wait your next drama. .

Trew Chocoholic Girl, You are absolutely right, Kim Sun A is excelent actress. Try her other dramas City Hall, When It's At Night. Or She's on Duty movie. ;)

chocoholic girl After getting ADDICTED 2 dramas like "Boys Over Flowers","City Hunter" & others of LMH' dramas,I cannot really watch other dramas. Even if I give some dramas a try,I will DROP watching them after a few episodes because I REALLY REALLY cannot! Then One day,I read positive comments about "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" in a website so I decided to give it a try! :) These days,I'm watching "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" & FOR THE FIRST TIME,I am LOVING a female character of a drama FOR THE FIRST TIME,I have become a fan of an ACTRESS!!:))) I really LOVE Kim Sun-A!!! :)) I think I should IGNORE the episode ratings & watch "I Do,I Do"!! ONLY JUST BECAUSE OF KIM SUN-A!!!:)) Am I right???

Heli It was fantastic

Rachelle i hope there will be another part for this drama.. kim sun ah and lee jang woo are both good.,.

Rachelle im just curious about the title of the song who have been played during the senti moment of Jo Eun-Sung?!!! with mix korean and english lyrics?!!!

iLove_KimSunAh i do i do is the best for me .. because i'd never addicted in many korean movie and because of KIM SUN AH i am so addict .... she has a beautiful and gorgeous face that i saw in my entire life ,,, she has also an amazing talent in acting that no one actress have.. that's why i like kim sun ah <3 and someday i want to go to south korean to meet my no. idol in the industry and that is kim sun ah...

lorena i love this drama so much. this is where i felt in love with kim sun ah and addicted to her. ive watched all her tv and movie. she's sooo versatile. hope she'll come up with another tv drama.

Secret I'm very depressed of this drama. I just cant sleep, I cant eat, and I cant play..!! whhhhyyyy!

FanFan Sarangheo Sun Ah unnie.. 1st see she acting at My Name is Kim Sam Soon so fat so cute hahaa... Now she back at I Do I Do, great actres love u some much!! Yeah fighting ^_^

jenny this is the first korean drama i got interested to watch in full and grrrrr I'VE LOVED IT!!!!! Kim Sun Ah is really one or maybe the only one i find who act that so great...she's hillarious and an amazing drama actress as well...will never forget this korean drama... i able to watch this twice already...love KimSunAh - from Philippines :)


it shows in this drama that age, status and education doesnt hinders true love...and if fate is destined to happen no matter who you are, what you are or where you are...it is like a lightning that will struck you out of nowhere...a cute love story...it made me cry a little, laugh a little and smile a lot...

thumbs up..

maureen I only have one word - lovely

aya It's me again, yes this did not disappoint, KSA keeps proving why she holds the #1 spot for my fav actress. and Lee Jang-Woo aka TK or TEAM BABY DADDY!!!!! did a splendid job. i can't get over the Ji-An & TK couple!!! i miss them soo much ><

jonnjonn not happy with the endings, but it is nice lahhh...poor doctor...i think he's gonna be single 4ever or g#$

Kim Sun Ah fan agree with jumanah...the concept same with accidently on purpose, american tv show..love the show....hope this drama give the good vibe too...

sb I absolutely love this show! The acting is great, so much so, that I forget that I am reading subtitles, and the guys in this show are HOT... yeah, I'm gonna be real bummed when it's over :)

jan min View all friends B All Profile Series

Sheryl I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!! Kim Sun-A is the best actress!!! Love everything thing she's done!!!! And boy does she get some real hotties to 'be' with in her dramas!!!! :)

LorenA Me encanta!!! I love It!!!!!

loyalfan_1 This is my first Kim Sun Ah drama. Love her eyes movement when she talks. Just love this drama. Want Kim Sun Ah and Lee jang Woo be the couple at the end of the drama.

sie_sunny is it true or not??? i do i do have 20 eps...is it real???

suzie None other than Kim Sun A can play this character...Ohh gosh.. 4 more episodes to go..and im gonna miss her alot!

yemir super junior yesung sang the ost...her over flower is the title.. ^^

jenyap i wonder who sang the OST of this drama? the one with the upbeat melody??

sie_sunny i do i do....ajaaaaaa-ajaaaaaaaah :)

sie_sunny love you so much sun ah eonnie... love all your drama and movie :) may you always be happiness, longlifes and healthy :) take care and sleep well eonnie...saranghe our eonnie :) always love you from indonesia :D

sie_sunny KIM SUN AH....she is a great actrees :)

Inna Yes, is Oh Min-Seok. Thanks Pitzel!

meath I Love This Drama ... I Love when Ji An with Tae Kang ...Although he does stupid things but if he can with Ji An side gave rise to adult life ... can't wait .... :)

Anna Who plays Jake Kim in episodes 7 and 8?

pitzel I believe it is Oh Min Seok who plays Jake Han. He was in Pit-A Pat..

Inna Does anybody know the name of the actor who plays jake khan?

Anne I am really loving this drama..It is hilarious...and just enough drama to follow it through and yes Kim Sun Ah is such a great actress..reason for me to continue watching this... I just hope they do well in the rating game...

Lawmiss The advertising/promotion for this drama is HORRENDOUS. It's SO bad, it makes anyone cringe.

But the drama itself is pretty darn good. The promos totally screwed it over, but the storyline and all is satisfying.

The OTP couple isn't clear-cut, which is very interesting; and the actual story material is something that's rare in Korean dramas - an accidental pregnancy and abortions. It's very "hush hush" in Korea, so having a drama about it is very fresh and new! (:

Indah Kim sun-A the best of the best i have watched all the drama and movie she play it she always brightly in his drama, All the character she play it fell so fit to her and for all the man main character is look like she really falling love with them love it it it loveeeeeeeeee it

iheartkdramas If only Jo Eun-Sung was the main lead actor! Nevertheless, this drama is really so good so far! LOVE IT!!!!!! 100% :D

mel kim sun ah has droopy eyes that always make me cry....you're the best unnie!!!

LoveKorea But, I was just wandering, will Hwang Ji-An ever fall in love with Jo Eun Sung in the end? And I also think that Yeom Na Ri will fall in love with Park Gae Tang. Who knows? Hehehe....

Yohanna Veshanya For those of you who have been wondering who's the father of Hwang Ji An 's baby, it's Park Tae Gang. Because in episode 1, she got drunk and slept with him remember?

rumi ı like kim sun ah , very beautiful drama ^^

Kate i really like this drama, the storyline is original and interesting.What is most important ,for me,is that i can't predict how the story will unfold, that is it's most appealing aspect.The second most important thing is that it doesn't have sudden U-turns in the storyline and the flow isn't sprinting ahead of the viewer,like you have the time to think about how they feel, understand it and empathize with it.

MG so the reason i started watching was lee jang woo, that i rally like, but i was very disappointed.. it wasn't very funny, i don't really see how a love story is gonna play out in it, and since it's a drama you kinda expect it.. right?? and the worst of it i kept skipping parts and it didn't even felt like something is happening.. long story short- crap, don't waste your time.. yeah sorry..

Kao I just started to watch this drama td, honestlybjust because I was bored but then i kinda fell in love with this drama!!! It seems interesting to me and I cannot wait until next week

Tammy I will be watching this when it comes on next week. Can't wait to watch

rainfairy i cant wait!wow it will be an awesome drama.lee jung woo amd kim suna.OMG

monica CANT WAIT!!! btw is lee jang woo the father??

LoonyLizard Kim Sun-Ah as a career woman in fashion knocked up by her hoobae? THAT sounds like entertainment! Can't wait!!!

I wonder how bad she'll cry when her ankles swell to the point where she can't try on her own designs...

Jumanah its seems just like accidentally on purpose the american tv show

sunahforever OMG!!! She's back!!! Love u love u, I do I do....can't wait

sie_sunny love you so much sun ah unnie, i hope u always healthy and happiness, can't wait for ur new drama, aja-aja faihtng unnie....^^

non cantye love u sunny cant wait new drama

aya First to comment and first to Vote 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I CAN'T WAITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LOVE YOU SUNA

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