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  • Name: Kim Sun-A
  • Hangul: 김선아
  • Birthdate: October 01, 1975
  • Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  • University: Kyung Hee University
  • Height: 170cm
  • Blood Type: A


Drama Series


  • 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Award (City Hall)
  • 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress - Special Drama (City Hall)
  • 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Top Exellence Award My Name Is Kim Sam-soon
  • 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award
  • 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Greatest Award
  • 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple with Hyun Bin
  • 2005 Asian Television Awards: Best Drama Performance by an Actress (Runner-up)


  • Education: Ball State University USA (Piano Major)
  • Talents: Playing the piano, swimming and figure Skating


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victoria i like your acting. and i like your new drama '' the man in the mask ''.

shin my favorite korean actress forever

Tata Real T. Kim Sun - A is my favorite Korean actress.She is an excellent artist.Kim Sam Soon is my favorite among her drama.

gcte best korean actress, you always portray each role with perfection. very talented woman with wit and charm.

Marhen This 87 year old woman has been following your career with interest. Recently, however, have not seen or heard any news re your activities/career. Something for the Soompi news, please!

shf please come back to dramaland soon! I miss your work!

mahsa hi sun-a i love you so much i want see you very drama kim sam son lee yon jae i love

Sunny cheata I love kim su ah in I do I do drama..really beautiful queen comedy actress:)

iloveshoes I love I Do,IDo <3 :) Great Job :)

fashionista're one of the gorgeous actress in korea and i appreciate you for being good on your roles,doesnt matter if you look good or not in the story which is good

Asdf Jkl I've been a fan of yours since 2005. I'd like to see more of your works in the future especially if you'll be doing a movie or tv series with MR. KIM NAM GIL.

P.S.: Hoping that day would come 'coz I think that you look great with him. :-)

gwendolynn thanks for acting. you have the art of bringing out the trueness of the character. may u see more in the field of acting.

Visitor Kim Sun-A, annyeong. I had been watching your drama, movies and even read interviews about you. I am always amazed by your acting, i feel when you cry, I laugh when your happy and being in-love. sarangheyo, I Like you too. I will wait for updates about you. Take care always, God Bless.FIGHTING!

Visitor I had been watching the your dramas and movies. It makes me happy seeing you. Kim Sun-Ah shi, you portray your role perfectly. Take care of your health. FIGHTING! I like you very much. I will be waiting for any updates, interview, drama or movie again.

dee.11 i dont like her but I cant say anything about her acting shes soooo good !! love scent of woman

mhyLoveSunA I really love her,, great actress,, she is perfect,, no words to say.. i admire and adore her so much^^.. always fighting Kim Sun Ah,,i will always love and support you....)

Pat K Have only just seen Sun A Kim in I do I do, and she plays her character stunningly. Very strong acting talent showing emotional depth with each situation whether funny or serious. Plus so physically beautiful as well. Am definitely watching any filming she does.

Tanglefoot Kim Sun-ah's rating should be no less than 100%. She's perfect in every way and in her every role. In an industry bursting at the seams with incredible talent, she's right up there at the top. No "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it...

Nur Can't wait ........miss u !;)

maureen Kim Sun Ah really very truly talented. So beautiful and her acting so genuine. I wish her the best and I hope she will come out and do the drama again..... Love her.....

fauzakisu I have just watched scent of a woman and I totally love it. am a big fun now :)

Michelle Colledge Thank you for being so good at your job. Netflix did a great job adding Korean shows for US viewing. It has been a long time since I've been so emotionally invested in a character. I hope they continue the story of Scent of a Woman...something along the lines of she beats the cancer and they get to live a long full life would be nice.

astri I Love all drama she played,especially for drama my name kim sam soon..I'm always support her acting until now

mehdi love you miss Kim Sun-A . play you in Series My Name Is Kim Sam-soon very very good

She Great actress! Whatever role she acts, she puts her best into it!Based on the off camera videos, she is warm person. I admire her beauty. Im always watching I do I do several times because of her acting and that of their chemistry of Jang Woo. Aja!

Ariadne Maxwell I LOVE KIM SUN A :) She's my no.1 actress in the world And she's almost perfect :) Beautiful inside and out :) Reaches out to her fans and gives her best in everything she does even if it results to injuries..

I'm looking forward to your new movie "The Five" :) And especially to your new Chinese drama "Competition of Roses." :) Stay Happy and Safe eonnie :) We'll always be here for you :) May you visit our country again :) Lots of love from the Philippines ! <3

Mhallot All the movies and drama series of Kim Sun Ah that Ive watched she'll make laugh and cry. Very talented can play the piano very well sings well she can even sing an english song she is so pretty A MODERN DAY MONALISA,, she is ONE OF A KIND.Hope She can visit the Philippines someday..Take care and may the Lord Bless you with good health and bless you all the time..

Vanessa Nonan IDOL!!! your so beatiful honey.. i like your drama series IDO IDO.. more blessings idol.. love you girl~

JShe She is one of the few who is a multi talented actress! A humble actress yet she can show the world what it gets to be in the media!

I wish you the best in your life!

Stay as good as you are!

Joanna Annyeonghaseyo :))) I really loooooove this woman. She's so pretty & I love how she act. I do, I do is now aired here in the Phil. Mooooooore power I love you so much. & also Lee jang woo :DD

Kittyverd Anneonghaseyo.. Unni. Everytime i watch "scent of a woman" my younger sister always mad at me, i dont why. Maybe she hates the character. Lol.:-) btw: saranghaeyo unni..

Sa.Ho I love her REALLY

sonia ng love your talents, looks and persona.....

William Kim Sun A..... ur the actress ,every take is mesmerizing. Can't help not to fall in love with you. Everytime watch and feel that sweetness and scents flow. Happy New Year 2013.

Shinta Kim Sun A..... ur the actress !!!!!!!!! love u eonnie ^^......

maureen Kim Sun A is very sophisticated and glamorous lady I’ve ever encountered from the drama – I do, I do! Her act and fashion is a baeuty! I wish her the best.....

fanesya waiting next your movie

Geoff I have recently been watching Korean TV shows on Netflix. I find them to be so much more entertaining than TV shows here in the U.S.. The actresses are so much more realistic in their portrayal of their characters. This young lady, Kim Sun-A, is a stunning actress and her part was played flawlessly in my opinion. This was an unbelieveably fantastic show. How do you fall in love with someone you ahve never met or didn't even know existed.......I don't know, but I did!!! Talk about being jealous of the leading man in this show......damn.....

true2u My #1 actress in the world. I LOVE ALL YOUR WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

sie_sunny always love you sun ah eonnie :) may you always be happiness, healthy and longlifes take care and sleep well eonnie saranghe from indonesia :)

iheartkdramas ❤❤❤❤❤❤

mel unnie you're the best - keep it up on the acting!!!

Marine Prince This is the best korean actress ever!!! I love all her dramas, but City Hall is my favorite! BELLO, BELLO, BELLO. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFIL. BEST WISHES FROM PUERTO RICO!

non cantye luv u kim sun ah,,, miss your acting

Gasenadi The BEST pairing for this marvelous actress was with the MAN in City Hall (Cha Seung Won)! My grandsons know the theme song by heart, we play it everyday (Youtube) and they know exactly where she falls down from the scaffolding! LOL. She's excellent in anything she does, but pairing her with eye candy that can't even grow beards yet, irks the heck out of me! In Scent of a Woman, I even rooted for the Doctor. Anyway, Kim Sun Ah, you deserve the very best in your profession and in life. Many blessings desde Puerto Rico.

Mae-Mae I really love ho you acted in your film, Scent of a woman. You break my heart into pieces everytime you, and Lee Dong Wook cry. -I'm one of your fans here in Phllippines:D More powers to you unnie!:D

SisterB Love you!! I have enjoyed everything that I have watched with her in it! Looking forward to finally getting to see Scent of a Woman in the future. I liked the music of I am legend but I also know I would have loved it with Kim Sun Ai in it.

kunyu kim sun ah u are my fav female actor... im really love when you are with rain (bi) during TANGO.. it wil be more nicer if both of u will be together in drama.. i hope so.. a funny drama .... fighting kim sun ah and will be getting married later... heheheh

^-^ My favorite actress in the world.

atina Kim Sun A noona,, you're so great.. i admire your act in every drama and movie... so lovely to watch you

Farhddin.L This korean actress made laught and cry when i couldn't do both in my wild days and specialy in "sam soon" i hope i can get to know and meet her and learn korean lang with her.

wish you the best.

your top 1 fan: Farhdidne

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