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  • Name: Lee Jang-Woo
  • Hangul: 이장우
  • Birthdate: June 1, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 184 cm.
  • Blood Type:


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Human Casino | Hyumeon Kajino (KBS2 / 2011) - Lee Jae-Sung



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Frances It's not only your looks that made you popular but most especially your talent. I've been a fan since I heard you singing. And with your latest series, you just did perfectly well. A job well done again!!! I hope to see more of your series and hear more of your songs. I love you. :)

vivi I love your song in bel ami...a sad but yet beautiful song and I love your character in this drama. Looking more of your works.

Genesis What can I say? I did expect to be back on your page to comment on you and your performance in the drama Bel-Ami, but omo, omo, omo....I was so surprised last night, and I was jumping up and down when you walked into that board room to save a brother who doesn't even know you are his brother...I was so like, "yeppie, yeppie, yeppie...good for you ole evil witch lady" but at the same time I am now afraid for your character Joon Ha/Choi David oppa...that lady is a demon wearing human skin (the chairman's wife), gives me the chills.

Anyways, I am loving this drama, and as I said in my prior comment I ship you and Jang Keun Suk's character...with the turn of events I'm wondering if your characters are brothers or is Sukkie's character just a bait....well, I'm looking forward to how the drama will finish playing out but I've been so hoping that more episodes will be added because 16 episodes isn't enough to tell the full story and fill in some of the great holes that have been left open by the writers....(WRITERS IF YOU ARE SOMEHOW READING THE ONLINE COMMENTS....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET MORE EPISODES ADDED TO THIS SHOW!!!!) I'm curious about the Chairman and all of the children he's fathered and how he came to be married to the evil witch...the writers have not filled the viewers in on this...why the chairman had all of these secret children to begin with and why he seems like such a poor excuse for a father....

Nevertheless, it's a good drama and I hope it ends well for you.

suli XI hope lee jang woo and iu coupling in future They really match to each other......

suli I hope lee Jang woo and iu coupling in future. They are really match with each other....

Leyla ↓↓ He Did he's in 'I DO, I DO' ↓↓

Khuncho I like your acting in Bel Ami. I hope you will get the first role in future dramas.

Genesis Jang Woo oppa, you're back on television so soon! I'm happy to see you in Bel Ami, and I hope your role continues to entertain not only me but all the other viewers of this drama. I love the interaction between you, IU and Sukkie....especially between you and Sukkie's character. I can see that you can't stand him and vis versa which is so funny to me because IU's character couldn't be anymore clueless.

I hope this drama receives great rating success and I look foward to other movies and dramas from you....Good luck/Fighting!!!!

michelle cabutin gullas i love lee jang woo.i hope that they match again for ham eun jung.best couple in we got married. i love woojung couple so much!!!!!!!!!!i miss this couple.hope that they have a love story movie.

Vanessa Nonan I LOVE YOU!!! i wish you had a drama series with kim sun again.. like ido ido i really love it..

arlene eduria you are so handsome lee jang woo you're very compatible to kim sun ah....you are the best actor in the world....love u.....

arnnie i enjoyed watching i do i do.....no wonder he got the best new actor award....looking forward to watching more of his movies and dramas...

Chrysmas Happy Birthday! I'm watching I do I do and happen to notice it was your Birthday, hope it's going swell.

tezuka Is Lee jang-woo and Lee dong wook related? they look like brothers

Riri Would love to see you in other type of role i.e. as a professional worker like a manager or ceo, or perhaps as a chaebol, as an extension to your established young and dynamic image. I think you have the talent to take more challenging character.

Min Silver I love Lee Jang Woo especially when he played Seo In Wooooooo

sadsameyes Wow. Hes is sooo hot...loved his character in i do, i i do...

Atina jang woo oppa.. daebak!! love ur play in I Do, I Do and Glory Jane..and yet i love to see how u pair with eunjung...hope there'll be a good news from eunjung and u.. well match... ^^

Hana Lee jang woo is a great actor especially when he play the villain in smile again.i cannot say i like his character there( bad guy ),but he is good..,start to like him in Glory Jane..,fragile tough guy  :-P

sraudah I like him act in I Do I Do.He is young and hardworking actor.

Eh SO glad his hair his shorter in "I Do, I Do". He's absolutely adorable!

:D be'el oppa.. saranghae yo

titiek Lee-jang-woo is awesome, cute, handsome and manly. I love how he teases T-ara's Eun Jung in WGM! Hope Lee-jang-woo become a lead actor in a drama together with Eunjung.

loyalfan_1 Outstanding performance as In U in Glory Jane. He can portray both character extremelhy well Love to see him in more dramas and movies. Eun Jun is lucky.

Elisa Maurice He was also in Three Brothers!! I remember him in that show!!

rene I’ve never enjoyed watching dramas cuz they’re too draggy, but having watched The Partner and then Glory Jane, I’m enjoying them. I like the way this actor portrayed himself as selfish and mean initially. But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor’s name). I’m beginning to like this guy Lee Jang Woo. He’s got the stature and outstanding personality…not to mention the way he carries his clothes well…near perfect.

rene I've never enjoyed watching dramas cuz they're too draggy, but having watched The Partner and then Glory Jane, I'm enjoying them. I like the way this actor portrayed himself as selfish and mean initially. But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor's name). I'm beginning to like this guy Lee Jang Woo. He's got the stature and outstanding personality...not to mention the way he carries his clothes well...near perfect.

neonbbachyeogal @Sweetie actually he got famous because of his role in Smile Donghae,people pretty much knew him from this show before WGM. His role in WGM just boosted his image to become popular...as well as his new show Glory Jane...so yea, best of luck on all that he does...LEE JANG WOO BBASYA!!!:)

sweetie i didnt know him until he got married with eunjung..i think his popularity is rising because of eunjung..after i watch him in WGM, i search about him, and i end up watch his latest drama, 'Glory Jane'. I believe many people around the world know jang woo through eunjung! Whoaa..he should thank WGM..anyway, i love the couple <3 aja2 fighting!

scarlet hi I loved you in smile again and i'm so cruose about your next movie I'm waitting for it

Dini Jang Woo is just awesome. He's so good looking, good singer and also romantic person. i really am fall for Lee Jang Woo :*

WooJung fan I think Lee Jang Woo is a good actor.. I really enjoyed his character in smile donghae, and even fall in love with him now on a show ' WGM the WooJung Couple also known as C.C as in campus couple' with EunJungshi (T-ara). I watched WooJung couple for their 7episodes already... I thought this two were teriffic pair... they are funny, hilarious, and fun to watch. With Eunjung personality... she is so adorable, gullible, very innocent, and to top it all EunJung has this great honest personality her face tells all, which I like very much and I adore her for it. On the other hand Lee Jang Woo is also adorable, capable, reliable, confident and to add to that he is a goodlooking young man; however I find him he can be very possessive at times.. which I don't find it cool to a guy.. Well, duh WGM is a reality show afterall, and to make it real they have to play it real. right? GoodLuck Lee JangWoo. I sincerely wish U all the Best. =^o^= U Go Get Married with EunJung~! for real!.. bouya!!?! kekeke

Riisa I haven't seen his dramas/movies, but I am lovin' this guy!

He's so playful around T-ara's Eun Jung in WGM! lol so cute how he teases her and she makes him jealous! xD


maureen you are cute and all but you are mama's boy. you should have more like Ji Chang-Wook.... in reality - you are both just fine.... good luck with your career and best wishes.....

inforhub Doesn't he and Eunjung kinda look alike? Well match!

peper ha ha looks like am not

the only one investigating about

him cuz of eun jung ...

raisyamia hull ~ i hope he will bcome a good hubby for eunjung ..

mmisso waahh he's gonna be in wgm with eunjung from t-ara!!

YelizCakarSoleman I like him character too much. He is very successful.(^-~)

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