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  • Drama: Bel Ami (English title) / Pretty Boy (early English title) / Beautiful Man (literal title) / Pretty Man (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Yebbeun Namja
  • Hangul: 예쁜남자
  • Director: Jung Jung-Hwa
  • Writer: Chon Kye-Young (cartoon), Yoo Young-A
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 20, 2013 - January 9, 2014
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Dokgo Ma-Te (Jang Keun-Suk) is the most beautiful man in the world. He is also an ambitious man and wants to make a lot money using his beautiful appearance. Dokgo Ma-Te meets Hong Yoo-Ra, the ex-daughter-in-law of a rich family. Hong Yoo-Ra recognizes Dokgo Ma-Te's ambitions and becomes his mentor. Hong Yoo-Ra then gives Dokgo Ma-Te a mission to seduce 10 different women. The women have all succeeded in different fields and Dokgo Ma-Te is to glean their special abilities.

A strange woman then appears in front of Dokgo Ma-Te. Her name is Kim Bo-Tong, an ordinary girl from poor background. She has a huge crush on Dokgo Ma-Te. Can she make Dokgo Ma-Te love her?


  1. Based on comic book series "Yebbeun Namja" by Chon Kye-Young (first published November 27, 2009 by Seoul Media Group). Comic book series consists of 17 volumes.
  2. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Secret Love" and will be followed by "Inspiring Generation" January 15, 2014.
  3. Actor Jang Keun-Suk had his hair cut for the first time in four years. In ep.3, his new hair cut is shown.
  4. Jang Keun-Suk released single "Beautiful Day" on January 8, 2014 as the sixth OST single for drama series "Bel Ami".


Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Jang Keun-Suk.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-IU.jpg Lee Jang-Woo Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Han Chae-Young.jpg
Jang Keun-Suk IU Lee Jang-Woo Han Chae-Young
Dokgo Ma-Te Kim Bo-Tong David Choi Hong Yoo-Ra
Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Yang Mi-Kyeong.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Lee Mi-Young.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Hoon.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Kim Bo-Yeon.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Dok Ko Yeong Jae.jpg
Yang Mi-Kyeong Lee Mi-Young Hoon Kim Bo-Yeon Dok Ko Yeong Jae
Kim Mi-Sook Lee Mal-Ja Kim Dae-Sik Na Hong-Ran Park Ki-Suk
Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Kim Young-Jae.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-So Yu-Jin.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Kim Ye-Won.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Cha Hyun-Jung.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Park Ji-Yoon.jpg
Kim Young-Jae So Yu-Jin Kim Ye-Won Cha Hyun-Jung Park Ji-Yoon
Park Moon-Soo Jack-Hee Taoist Fairy Il-Rek Kim In-Joong Myo-Mi
Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Kim Bo-Ra.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-Jung Sun-Kyung.jpg Kim Min-Joo Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-1.jpg Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)-2.jpg
Kim Bo-Ra Jung Sun-Kyung Kim Min-Joo [[]] [[]]
Gwi-Ji Lee Kim Yeo-Mim Na Jin-Seok Na Hwan-Gyu

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-11-20 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-21 2 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-27 3 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-28 4 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-04 5 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-05 6 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-11 7 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-12 8 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-18 9 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-19 10 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-25 11 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-26 12 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-01 13 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-02 14 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-08 15 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-09 16 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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akin This is a good show for time pass and fun..although...although the story is not very deep and has some faults..some very strong points o the show are the acting of the here leads is really awesome..specially the female lead looks very comfortable in the role and humor element of the drama is entertaining..but some negative points are the weird hairdos of the actors,the way the lead uses all the female characters for his benefit n I feel provided the fact that all the women are drooling over the male lead, they could have taken a better looking lead although the lead does decent acting..but one thing is that the show is not boring and is good for leisure

haura ariesta Once again, in love rain... jgs not role to be "pretty man". I have cousin and he photographer. He has same style like jgs in this drama. And for me... some of photographer have unique style.... because they like freedom.

So, that's mean jgs do the best and not role pretty man. Are you not forget jgs some have drama and he's role not pretty man.

haura ariesta Idk, the reason jgs want to joined this drama. Are you think thid drama have logic stories. All is nothing and waste time. Maybe, because this drama. Jgs rest short time and make he be better to choose the script. I love love rain, i love he character in hwang jini, doramefasolasido, baby and me, you are my pet, beethoven virus, alien sam and etc. Esp. He's drama you are beautiful. Hah, i'm just say "why jgs choose drama like this"

Jia Kwon JKS is such a tralblazer! I am amazed at how he can perform so superly in so many different roles and still bring out each character with clarity. Great drama and cast! This was a drama with goooood advice for the young

kpopkitty I hated this drama. For many reasons. Such as:

1: Ma Te was an absolute and utter scumbag, who pretty much used everyone around him. The company that was set up, was all done by Bo-Tong and David, this jerk barely even lifted a finger for anything.

2: B-Tong, while innocent of body, had a filthy mind straight out of the gutter. All she thought of was getting Ma Te into bed. Not very nice for a young lady.

3: David's annoying laugh. OMFG. Every time this guy laughed, it made me want to fly into the tv, grab him and punch him in the face. I mean.... he laughed after everything he said! What moron does that? :/

Normally, Jang Keun Suk is a fantastic actor, but he didn't shine in this at all, I felt his acting could have been so much better. All in all, this drama was a major disappointment for me.

nadia fr It's story about addiction to love. About how hormones work.Bo-tong wasn't normal! And David too... In the beginning story was honestly but then... Just a beautiful lie. And beautiful liars. Niiiice... :-SS

Raphael Man, I have been watching some Korean dramas to improve my Korean (and lately also because I find them kind of fun), but I hope I don't see characters that portray woman so pathetically as this Botong character did in other dramas.

Stopped watching it on the 7th Episode already knowing that: Ma Te would be only of the only character improving as a person, Botong would just lick his balls the entire series and Choi David would (also, pathetically) help Botong to suck Ma Te balls, like a cuckold who likes to watch his girl being banged by another guy, and then, in the last episodes, out of nowhere some girl will appear to fill his spot, so people don't feel to much pity about him.

Peg One of the worst drama Korea ever produced. Top with IU pathetic n lame acting.

Aleng I wish they show how ma te and bo tong spent their youth together that made ma te unknowingly in love with her.

Mimi Do you guys remember that i said i watched only parts of Bel Ami on Drama fever....Now i have finished it i got the DVD ooh my! what a marvelous drama.I don't know if its me or everybody felt the same way after finishing it I wanted a season two for this i want to keep seeing JKS.Hope there is a new drama starring my dear prince this year.FIGHTING!

JKS's eel Prince JKS is the best actor. he is looking for the script not the cast ! despite the law ratings he didn't care and he continued filming with determination. Thank you my prince for this amazing drama. ♥he always want to express his own color he never choose the dramas for being famous if he really wanted that,he would choose another one

Lol what @qwertyuiop You hate a person because of... hair? Wow.

qwertyuiop I think many people will disagree with my review, I'm still confuse if I do give this drama such a high score because of I love IU so much or is it really objective. firstly I got confused, should I watch this or not even I found the plot interesting, why? because I hate JGS so much, it's silly but i hate him cause of his long hair and u know what karma does exist along these drama i found him attractive when his hair got cut and at the same time I love IU so much but then I give a try for the shake of IU. I give this drama 8,8/10, this drama really make me into it, I mean my mom even called me crazy for hearing me laughing so loud at that time. This drama is totally fun to watch, I mean i don't guarantee if this will happen to you. but based on my experienced I found my self laugh a lot until I got stomach ache and disgusted for some reason, and and the end I found my self cryin hahahahaha! This is totally a great drama the actor and actress do a GREAT job I mean they did great with their character I didn't found them being boring they did a great execution! the losing point is the story is totally absurd sometimes it doesn't make sense and to be honest I found my self boring when it reach ep 10 and 11 but it back to normal again. I totally recommend this drama it's not a waste of time and worth to watch! Hopefully my review can help you ;)

nyatio im stuck in ep 7 but find this is not really interesting drama.....

marie I think the story of this drama, which is an adaptation of the manhwa, is based from Guy de Maupassant's novel entitled Bel Ami. If you ever read the novel, you must noticed the similarities..anyway, I will be so much happy watching this drama since it contains Geun Seuk..:D

CuriousOne Who is the girl that Lee Jang Woo or Choi David met on the street in the last episode?

carling I had never seen JKS in a drama before Pretty Man so I was hardly a fan girl. I loved this drama with every fiber of my being. The performances and story line are outstanding! Highly recommend!

parasites It's genuinely very complicated in this active life to listen news on Television, thus I just use internet for that purpose, and take the newest information.

Mimi @Lia just ignore that Evangeline thing she is like a virus. If she doesn't find JKS attractive who cares? I think she hates the fact that she likes JKS too much dats her problem the way Evangeline r u a he or she? Later am busy watching bel ami for the tenth time now.

lia @ #ilovekimsooyun

Don't worry Bel Ami will be watch by those k-drama fans who want various types of genre in their drama watch lists. People are smart, those who have not watched JGS yet will tend to be curious as to why this actor generates a lot of conflicting reactions among fans. And they will discover for themselves why he is one of the Most Popular Hallyu Stars. And btw I have not posted anything negative about Jang Geun Suk, Jang Geun Suk for me is the best! I LOVE BEL AMI! I LOVE JANG GEUN SUK :)

kryssa I love Bel Ami! I just love watching Jang Geun Suk, I can never get enough of this actor. JGS I'm addicted to you, you have a lovely face that can express so many emotions vividly, I truly enjoy watching you act a lot! You make acting looks so easy bravooooo!

As for the rest of the cast they did very well too. IU is one of the best idol actress & of course Lee Jang Woo you are brilliant as well.

Evangeline Lia - Haha, how hilarious. Then you should take your own advice and shut up then.

#ilovekimsooyun @Lia/Evangelin - Please stop fighting with each other. Both of your thoughts will be much appreciated but not up to the point of fighting. Other readers might not watch this drama because the negativity you have posted. That's all.

lia @ evangeline Oh butthurt! Who cares about grammar when you're online? Am i in a classroom? lol ah yeah, for sure you were hurting so you have to get back somehow. I can understand after all it's obvious how shallow & rude your personality is. You think so mighty high of yourself to even come to question a celebrity's popularity just because you don't find him attractive & now you're questioning my education. You maybe educated but for so many here who can read your comments, you are one good example of mal-educated!

You are asking me to learn proper grammar lol but my advice to you - if you have nothing good to say its better for you to remain silent. And that is what you called proper MANNERS, being considerate of others' feelings, kindness, tolerance, flexibility...

Evangeline Lia - There are a ton of things wrong. Not using proper capitalization and punctuation for example. I'm guessing you never finished school. How can I possibly make a positive comment if I have absolutely nothing positive to comment on? I don't care if people aren't "happy" with my comment. I'm not posting to please anyone. Go ahead and say something "not so nice" about me. As if I care what a bunch of strangers online think of me. *roll eyes*

lia @ Evangeline - there's nothing wrong with my grammar, it seems like you have to read many times to understand what people are telling you. Anyway what's the use of being smart if you are the kind of person who has a habit of belittling people. And if you can comment all you want, i can also say what I want. If you want people to be happy about your opinion and not be against it then make it positive because if you do otherwise then you cannot expect everybody to just agree with you. Look at your reaction you don't like it for sure when people say something not so nice about you.

Evangeline Lia - First off all, please learn proper grammar. I'm having a hard time trying to decipher what you are saying. What's wrong with being shallow? Yes, I admit it. So what? You seem to have a habit of repeating yourself since you've just said the exact words in an earlier comment, why is that? Secondly, don't tell me what to do. I can comment all I want. If it bothers you that much, just ignore it.

lia @Ari, Evangeline/// Honestly you are being shallow. Is being good/better looking TO YOUR TASTE is the only reason to be popular??? Don't you think you are being presumptous, that anyone who does not suit your taste does not deserve to be popular? My My who are you? You see I’m not criticizing because you don’t find JGS attractive -- but you are asking why he is popular while you don't find him attractive right! Didn't you understand what have you written & my say about your comment? So I'm also stating my opinion why Jang Geun Suk is popular. So next time please if you don't mind, there are lots of other dramas with handsome actors (even with flat acting) you may find to your taste, you can write all your good, honest opinions without any negativity on its pages. I don't know why some people like you just love to give negative vibes. World would have been a lot better if people would only love to give positivity.

Evangeline I'm just expressing my honest opinion, you mad? Yes, I choose dramas to watch based on how good looking the actor is, problem?

Like you said, people have different taste so who are YOU to judge me? You're contradicting yourself by telling me to learn to respect people's differences, yet you're criticizing me for saying he's not attractive. Real nice. So I'm not allowed to have an opinion, is that right?

Amy BM is a very good and interesting drama. It has depth and so many life lessons to learn from. I learned a few from this drama. and It is most interesting to watch Ma Te maturing as he searches for his identity, for the truth. Ma Te is not an easy role to play. It is a challenging one. JGS did not chose this role lightly . I think he put a lot of thoughts into it. I really enjoyed MaTe’s self discovery journey. . You did a fantastic job, JKS! Congrats! Love you!

Amy BM is a very good and interesting drama. It has depth and so many life lessons to learn from - I learned a few from this drama. and It is most interesting to watch Ma Te maturing as he searches for his identity, for the truth. Ma Te is a challenging role. JGS did not chose this role lightly . I think he put a lot of thoughts into it. I really enjoyed MaTe’s self discovery journey, JGS . You did a fantastic job! Congrats! Love you!

Ari I honestly do not find Jang Geun Suk attractive. I've seen much better looking actors so I don't know why he is so popular. I was going to watch this drama, but once I found out he's the lead, I passed. I wish they would have casted someone much better looking for the role. :|

syrinx #25 pretty man?! jang geun suk oppa!! <3 <3<3

memo Jang Keun-Suk & IU Wow!

Jessica You never fail to amazed me JKS oppa when it comes to acting. Whenever I see your killer look and smile, it never leave to my mind. I hope to see you soon soon soon pleassse <3 I'm one of your millions fan xoxo

v3 i'm from indonesia i'm very very very love to jang geun suk

Barbs I'm a huge fan from México! All Korean dramas rock!! JKS you're beautiful!! bye!

Mimi Am from Tanzania,I have seen just clips for each episode from drama fever,I cant wait to see full episodes of Bel Ami .JKS never disappoints at all and for those of you who are comparing him with LMH you surely know that he is the best but you do not want to admit.Ever since i saw "He is Beautiful" believe me I did not consider his looks but his acting skills came first.I have been a fan since then,i have watched a lot of his drama/movies and i end up with a big smile every time after finishing. Haters you should back off........

Evelyn Sampilo Hi!

I am one of your fan's here in the Philippines. I'm so happy when watching this TV Drama how amazing even if, I'm only watching on the youtube. It has a nice plot of the series. Keep the good work to yo Idol. God Bless You! Hope someday you visit the Phil. Thanks!

herbmom Just finished the drama. It was not the best, but a pleasant way to waste a bit of time. It lacked substance, and I was hoping for more from JKS. Seriously, LJW, get a haircut!! That was annoying the whole way through.

winy i love this drama, i love dok go mate. he is so handsome <3

nana I don't think Dokgo Ma-te is that pretty and David Choi is much better. I don't know why Jang Keun-suk accepted this kind of role :(

Lynn It was the worst drama ever, after episode 5, I totally stopped watching, one would think "Jang Keun-Suk" have more class than acting in such an stupid drama.

girley26 thanks to this drama, I've learned: 1.) the value of women. women with different dispositions in life.. 2.) that you don't really have the reason to like someone. 3.) The world's strongest woman: MOTHER"

khadija i like this film so much <3<3

aure About the chemistry, i think its quite decent, but they

aure About chemistry with IU, i think quite decent, but they lack of romance. the manhwa itself only giving one light kiss for the couple and prettyman give us poorly at the end. I would like to see the continuation, so i hope the manhwa writer will write their mariagge life. it would be sooo muucchhh fun to exactly forsee how jealous botong over mate and determined to keep him hers....despite Mate only see her.......dear all "Happy Valentine Day" love and peace

aure I think he definitely potray Mate role very well, but his pretty face sometimes blur all his acting prowess.......@saeunhan ...well.... pretty is pretty, no mater what the role he potray, weird hairdo at YAB, army look at BV, bohemian long hair at MMM, he is actualy pretty thats just what you see, than what u fell is he is p r e t t y and only acting pretty........The truth is he never afraid looks ugly in every scene he must take. Never forsake vanity for art. Its not a sin to be this pretty..... what a great blessing, also his mesmerizing voice..... he had heady combination.... JKS fighting

acer for the haters who don't like this drama i think they mistaken. i will say that this drama is good. you can learn good things from it. im not a fan of IU and JGS so yeah i give it a 7 out of 10.

johanna The story of this drama is nice. I love it. The idea of discovering secrets & personality of 10 women is good. I love Jang Keun Seuk. I love all his dramas. But I don't like IU. They don't have chemistry together. I don't even feel loved or kilig when seeing them together.

cheeky Love this drama, Jang Keun Suk is truly amazing, will never get tired watching this darn very good actor portraying a character, I've never known any actor like him, who can easily, beautifully emote just every expression there is.

iso Just finished this drama and my honest opinion is that the plot of the drama is not interesting at all. I can't label this as a comedy nor romance drama since it features on none of them as the main plot. The whole story revolves around JGS. IU isn't a great actress too and I can't feel any sparks between the two main lead. In fact, I think the chemistry between IU and Lee Jang Woo is much more obvious. Overall an okay drama but gets boring easily and I spent 1 month to watch all the episodes. There are better dramas out there. This drama is more for fans of JGS and IU.

naomijess @prettybabe, I love your comments and totally agree with you. LOL. yes, saeunhan is a butthurt. She/He doesn't know that overseas/the whole Asia/the whole world is 'much bigger' than Korea. That's the point!

prettybabe @ saeunhan "Whats point being famous overseas," so what is your point then? Well let me tell you, these days fyi there are lots of dramas that didn't do well in viewer ratings, Pretty Man did well in overseas sales & that is very important for a drama that has tank in ratings in korea, other not so successful productions would looooooove to have Pretty Man's success in overseas sales or else what loss profit for them got it???? There are productions that couldn't even pay their lead stars & staff, there is one producer that committed suicide due to that he was bankcrupt couldn't sell his work overseas, poor sales. But Pretty Man smoothly finished their filming, thanks to the undying love & support of international fans as well as local fans of JGS. Stop being a butthurt!

prettybabe @Hansaeun Keep your thoughts to yourself. Just SHUT UP! You're saying you cannot stand this drama & yet you're willing to write some not so welcome thoughts about it, & even willing to sound like a broken record! Just admit that you could not accept that this drama inspite of what you're saying is the 2nd most watched k-drama of 2013 for international viewers. In China alone it garnered a total of 31 million viewers. It is on the top ten (korean) tv shows with the highest CPI (contents power index) in 2013. In every international survey it is always on the top or top three in popularity. So just stfu!

ag2001 I've watched this drama a few times now and each time I've enjoyed it and found new things I hadn't seem before. Everyone is entitled to their own option and we are not all going to like the same thing, drama's actors or actresses. There should be a variety for everyone. That's not to say something is bad. I thought the acting of JKS was very good. Its difficult to find the right balance between comedy, romance and drama and this drama did that very well. Drama's are on the internet as well as local TV.

Hansaeun if my english is bad, I'm sorry. everyone has different thought about drama and its my thought about pretty man.

saeunhan I actually doesnt hate JKS, But this drama deserve bad rating, I cant stand watch this drama, JKS play the same role (hot guy, prety boy style) for all his project. IU acting skill is still bad, she should learn more... the drama can do better if the production team cast other actor/star. JKS shoul quit from his safe zone role and try to potrait different charatcter..... international fans maybe love this drama, but korean doesnt. Rating is important for drama, althought some people doesnt agree with it. Whats point being famous overseas, when your drama always get bad review by your own people.

shin ji this is my favorites drama why this drama with this ratings? i think that ep 10-16 is very good but why ratings is verry low? I swan for drama ratings

Yoon Kai Raa what a cheerful story, i know it's a very simple drama. but i really like it tho'. it was very entertaining to watch.

nyl-reb-on regardless of the rating of this film, i'm still longing for more films from JKS.. :) he's d best ! more ! more ! more! please give him a story that will fit to he's character :) he's doing well :)

      • F I G H T I N G ! ! ! ***

Aisha Who said this films is not ok i love the story than heir and i love all the cast

saysomething toHanSaEun: please don't he too harsh with your words. we should be at least be grateful for their handwork in making this movie. and please, do FIX your english :)

kai This also happen on to the beautiful you, I was like 'to the beautiful you is daebak! There are no eps that you'll gonna bored' and then when I saw it's ratings, i m really shocked coz it's NR up to ep16 though I really like that drama. Actually I always look on the ratings when im searching for a kdrama to watch and when I saw so many NR, I don't wnt to waste time to watch and find another one. So now, I will not do it again, I should read the plot and the lead and watch the trailers, I should not believe on the other people's comments.

hanSAEUN @HanSaEun Korean people o you mean the 3000 viewers they base that viewer rating sample lol. Then you are clearly a loser, who are you to say those things about the leads of this drama, there is no use explaining to you. And please the next time you open your lousy mouth about them, FIX your English bwa ha ha ha ha! You are nothing even compare to their pinky toes. Watching 15 mins of episode 1 lol stupid.

HANSAEUNREPLY Playing critique huh. Nobody cares so shut up.

HanSaEun Actually I doesnt hate JKS. the drama has many problem, I just watch the first 15 minutes of epiode 1. JKS always play role of pretty or beauty man, and I think people already bored about that. there's many pretty korean actor already. he should play another role I think, not just play in his another safe zone role. For IU, i actually doesnt like idol turned actress, they can't act well. ofcourse some of them can act well like Im Siwan, jung eun ji, but IU not in the list. she should study hard again. and for han chae young, she's beauty, but I doesnt thik she's suit with her role in this drama and lee jang woo, i just doesnt like him. the story of drama seem to bored, and the cast like k-netizen said, its terrible combination. overseas fan will like it because jks and iu. but i agree with korean people, this drama is totally worse. and for the lowest rating for latest 8 years... this drama deserved it

Ambika I love you jang geun suk i wish i can meet i am from brunei i am your biggesy fan .I love you very much muah....

Lovee omg the song beautiful day that he sang is perrfff! suuch a good actor with a wonderful voice !

arjolyn JGS is really great..that drama was amazing..Here in Philippines..we love you..really do.

ika Sukkie Oppa is great actor .. I love your sexy voice too :)

♡ fighting ♡

rose In Malaysia, Bel Ami was aired around afternoon weekdays so I guessed the rating will definitely wont be that high..This is a great drama, better than the Heirs to me..too bad it wasnt aired at night. I love Jang Jeun Suk in this drama, he is a very good actor. But above all I like the way the boys doing fake laugh when they competing to get bu tong attention LOL. I like Na Hongran, she is mean to her son but i really wish the drama should ended around 20 episode where Ma te should confront his mom more fiercely, now its like an abrupt ending (due to low rating i think). I also like electric fairy, she is super cute and i like every part when she did her premonition. Its chilling sometimes.

Dheya0o It wasn't that good >< ........... The actors and Actress were amazing ...... But, the only reason that make this drama not good was the "story" who write this drama isn't proffisonal :( ........

lia i love kim bo tong! she is amazing! what a cute ending! :))

jackie i'm glad i watched this drama, i was about nto to watch it due to poor ratings and some comments here, bt i assure you, to hell with the ratings, this drama gets interesting every episode, you'll like and love it till the end, and the ending..... i love iiiiiiiiiiiitttttt...... :)

kiwil haha that is always be the way for 2nd lm shipper, i feel the same way when i saw another drama ****** ** and *****. made me frustated. but for bel ami, i love botong end with mate, they deserve to be together after they face their missrble life.

aaa When I found out that she will end up with Matty I stopped watching the drama. I felt like I have wasted my time. I totally didn't like the way it went.

aaa I reached episode 13 then i saw screen shots of episode 16 and knew that Bo tong will end up with matty and I got really frustrated It became a typical Kdrama like any other drama where she ends up with the pretty guy David suits her more :(

yhoonah @PARK CHAN it was jei of fiestar

kaissi idk why this such a great drama got poor rating ._. i love everything abt it, the cast, the plot, the ending. all the casts did their job really well and nailed it right. recommended to watch if you can stand and bear with jgs haircuts fashion and stuff but later in the drama u just get used to it.

JKS's Eel I'm not saying that because i'm one of JKS eels. but this drama is not ordinary at all. maybe by reading the plot you will guess it's will be boring but after watching it you will love it and you will find yourself getting a lessons from this drama. lessons for your life. Prince JKS is a great actor. he is looking for the script not the cast ! despite the law ratings he didn't care and he continued filming with determination. Thank you my prince for this amazing drama. ♥

Park Chan can someone tell me what is the real name of do hwi(bo tong's female officemate)? TIA :)

madhu bel ami was so good and pleasant drama for watching.i love all the dramas of jks.i love him so much and he is such a beautiful guy in the u sukkie....and beautiful day song was so nice to hear and ur voice is so swt....

lia @dawn, thank you! i bought two dvds, bel ami and reply 1994! :)

jksiu after marry me marry followed by love rain not bel ami,

all jks drama are flopped same character in all drama. pretty boy

already old

kim it's just the first four episodes that doesn't give impact to the viewers.. although it was really beautiful and i have cried a lot

Abigail I like both of them!!!

Dawn @lia, Reply HILARIOUS and FUN to watch....however, if you are trying to compare you can't....both are a totally different style and storyline. While both are teaching you something, it's the way the lessons are delivered to the audience in question.

Overall, you can't go wrong with either drama....hope you will watch both with an open-heart and mind. And I hope you enjoy them both.

Sidenote: Don't drink or eat any food while you watch Reply 1994, because it will be all over the's a rip roaring laugh a second drama.

ana I don't understand why this drama has such a poor rating?! ... I't a great one, very well plaid and writen!

It has everything besides good acting: plot, surprising twists, humor and so on ...

lia which one is good and fun to watch, reply 1994 or bel ami?

lia which one is good and fun to watch, replay 1994 or bel ami ?

tetpinay Good casting and great story. I absolutely enjoyed watching this drama. Again JSK you're the man!

tetpinay It was a nice drama. Good casting. JSK you're the man! I absolutely enjoyed watching BEL AMI. :-)

Gem in Disguise This drama has taught me a great lesson i.e. in life we always think about taking revenge from the people who have wronged us. But there is actually another way to deal with this.... Sometimes letting them go and giving a second chance might give us a better result than taking revenge, because in the end the thing that matters is those persons' realization of being guilty...The advice that Dokgo Mate received from Bo Tong's mother is very precious one......This drama has a good moral and is very inspiring for the common people(like me) or beginners who can relate themselves to Dokgo Mate.... Hats off to this drama and love my Jang Geun Suk Oppa always....He's been a great inspiration for me ever since I was fortunate enough to watch his dramas. Oppa Fighting!!!! :)

iris321 great drama very very entertaining, and great actors too!! especially Jang Keun-Suk aigooo :P

definetely recommend this drama^^^

epsillon Opposit of everyone thought I feel a very strong chemistry between IU and JGS. I really feel happy about the endings. But so sad..... I'll miss dokBo couple I hope a great projects in future for both of them and also LJW.

MyPetJangKeunSuk Dear anyone who is talking crap about Jang Keun suk please not that he is the highest paid Hallyu star the top three are as followed 1. Jang Keun Suk 2.Lee Minho 3. Kim Hyun Joong Say what you want about JKS but what you can't say is that he's a horrible actor bcause if that were true would he be this successful? ... No shade towards Lee Minho i love him to death and i love Kim Hyun Joong since ss501 days all I'm saying is just because you didn't watch this drama doesn't mean his true fans didn't.... Smh so simmer down talking all this crap about my oppa. And if you decide too please have the common sense to google him before hand so you done end up looking stupid

Dawn Well, it's over and I was 50/50 on this ending....I hoped for more of a fight between Ma Te and Na Hong Ran...but it was more of a I wave the white flag, I acknowledge and apologize for all the people who hurt you...I'll carry that weight on my back. Poor ending when Ma Te had never yielded before. I dont't think Hong Ran suffered enough for the poisoneous word she spoke to him...stepping down as Vice President so she could sit by her dying husband who didn't die...he should've died and she should've still been central to the company, not just hand it over to the son she tried to have ousted and his ex-wife. I feel like she got off to, seeing as how she used Ma Te to. And all she had to leave was an apology not about something he'd already figured out.

I get that the writers only had an hour to wrap up the storyline...but it seriously could've been better, seeing as how you managed to hold so many faithful viewers attention until the end. I think all the talk of poor ratings made the writers give up and the cast to for the last episode. On a positive note, I'm happy David oppa got a girl and Bo Tong got Ma Te....if they would've started with 20 episodes this story might've been told well at the end. was a good drama....thanks entire cast for keeping me entertained.

Cecilia I keep avoiding ''idol'' dramas since i ve watched 2 with Yoona and Sooyoung and i was disappointed (i like them as idols though) .But i have to say IU totally persuades me with her acting and i love her facial and body expressions.I hope she grows even more her acting skills.I was not disappointed with this drama, it was interesting, even though JGS has the unfortunate situation with foreigners loving more his dramas than his country people. But that's ok! Nice drama i recommend it

Luna A good drama yet underrated in its home country, it is. But yeah, viewership rating is indeed a matter of personal preference of some selected individuals. We can't really blame those who like light romance or cinderella story or alien and time travelling story more than a self-development story like this. Anyway, overall, I am satisfied with this drama although if they made it more than 16 episodes (18 or 20, for example), the storyline might have been developed even better. The casts have done a decent job with their acting skills. I never doubt nor get dissapointed by Jang Keun Suk's acting skills, Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae Young are pleasant to watch, too... senior actress like Kim Bo Yun deserves thumbs up from me while IU the rookie actress gets an extra credit from me. Kudos to the production team. Daebak!

yhoonah just want to ask, who was the girl david choi or lee jang woo meet in the final episode? at the street who likes also glamping?

yhoonah just want to ask, who was the girl david choi or lee jang woo meet in the final episode?

naomijess I give this drama 9.8 out of 10. The 0.1 lacking is for the short duration. Only 16 eps? y couldn't they make it 20 eps? We just can't get enough of it. This drama can really develop to 20 eps and beyond, considering the rich plot.

The other 0.1 lacking is for the kiss. JKS is a great kisser, we all saw how he kissed in Love Rain, YMP, MSOAN. So it must be from IU's side. But I totally understand it as she is an idol whose title is: nation's little sister. Her agency just wants to maintain her innocence image. Nobody can play Kim Bo Tong better than IU. She's great.

memo This drama pretty attractive story

Paul getting so shallow....maybe i only watch the last ep..sigh

naomijess This is an excellent drama. The writer even cared to find a girl for david, unlike other dramas that left the brokenhearted second lead without any solution. Well, after reading all the comments here, 99% love this drama, only 1% dislike this drama (either they really have different cup of tea, or pretend to have watched it but in fact never watched it, just to troll and tried to attack this drama page for their bias, one word: childish.. luckily Jang Keun Suk has more noona eels who are mostly mature or career women).

For Jang Keun Suk, your acting skill is superb, the best of your generation, besides Park Yoo Choon. For those who said that your acting sucks, I wonder how old they are. Elementary or high schoolers? LOL.Can they even know how to recognize good acting or they just follow the hype? Oh, all my classmates are watching *****, so I must follow them and brag about it, if not, I will be the outlandish one. LOL

Anybody can has their opinion. They can dislike Jang Keun Suk's off screen personality, fashion style, singing career, DJ career, free spirited life style, hair style, dare-to-be different attitude, outspoken behavior, or his look (even though for me he's an ultimate hot handsome guy, but beauty is in the eyes of beholder, I understand if some will find him not good looking). BUT, HOWEVER, one should NEVER EVER question his acting skill. Even critics are all praising his acting skill despite low rating (please check star naver site, a korean independent site, this is fact). If any viewer watch his drama with unbiased and unprejudiced mind, then he/she will find how talented this actor is.

Ozmo I really enjoyed this quirky drama. Couldn't wait for each episode. Sad now it's finished. Ending was too quick though and not enough romance between JKS and IU. The kiss was bloody pathetic! Maybe IU didn't want more, because we've all seen that JKS is one of the great kissers. Silly girl! hehe :)

Kuracha143 its from this drama i learned that i should value money very well.. like what So Yu Jin said.. i wish they didnt just cut the drama up to 16 episodes.. they should extend it up to 20 episodes

krysa Good drama but reduction to only 16 episodes killed it. Someone please kick the producer for me.

Tobys Parkerf***ana Pathetic haters go away, find something better to do with your life, or you can choose to leave thousands of hate comments that will just show how HORRIBLE some human beings like you.

@ Ana & Tobys Parker seems like only 1 person. How did you watch a drama that you think is horrible? That is simply stupid!

lovelylia I admire the Bel Ami production for introducing something new in korean drama. This drama drama is unique & very interesting. Where can you find a characters like Ma Te & Bo Tong, those are outlandish, unusual, eccentric in k-drama. (i can understand why it doesn't appeal to those conservative 3,000+ viewers, where agb nielsen samples their ratings, they want their typical makjang).

In the last few episodes it is so refreshing to watch the changes, transformation, growth of those characters especially Ma Te. I love this drama so much & all those lessons that this drama have imparted on its viewers will surely stay with me as long as I live. And to the entire cast bravo, superb performance. To Jang Keun Suk you will always be my ultimate fave.

manda ma te left his high class life and start new business from zero again, he did that for woman his love : bo tong. now we realize how much ma te love her. he named his company with bo tong name, david is righ ma te loves bo tong from long long time ago but ma te dint realize it. the saman lady knows ma te heart button is kim bo tong. tht the secret inside the box. nhr hates mate because she hates his father so much..someone who r*** her. and the chairmain try to fix everithing gecause he is totally sick now, he wants everithing back to normal and his happy family before he leave.

i just dint get the manhwa version in english. i hope yebbeum namja comics will be traslated innenglish version soon. i hope so. congrate bel ami. we will miss you <3

Ana This was just a horrible drama

ag2001 Although this might not be to everyone’s taste, I highly recommend this drama. I liked how the plot developed and the interaction of the lead characters. There were many minor roles as well and all the actors in the drama had well developed personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Congratulations to all the actors in this drama particularly Jang Geun Suk, IU and Lee Jang Woo. The drama had me guessing until the end and it finished with a happy ending for all.

Jinkie I love this show so much that I cried that it has already ended! Great job Jang geun suk!!!!!!!!!! The world knows how talented you are!!!! You'realways be m number one star!!!!!!

abvenice This drama my not be to everyone's taste but I highly recommend it. I liked the depth of the drama and the excellent acting of the leads as well as all the other minor acting roles. Romance is not the key but how people interact and grow. Highs and lows. I liked the ending as it keep me guessing until the end how everything would turn out Particularly the relationships between Dok go Mate and his mother, IU and David.Congratulations to the actors and drama team..

Tina I honestly did not like the drama and the story went everywhere and constantly changing and easy to get lost in. I found the actress annoying so I do not recommend

manda who start to compare jgs and lmh in this site?? blame that selfish fans.. a kiddo appear from nowhere and ruin pieace comments here like a jerk, your TWO beloved actors have to be ashamed with you kids!!

liliput i love the ending..cukkkaeeeee! i love this drama. i love you iu and sukieee, i love bel ami..haterrrsss go away!! so pety all of you haters .. !!

CoCo Love the drama! Funny, sad, makes you mad but overall, great to watch. Though, last episode was rushed, and I wished they should have extended to another episode, but I was happy that it ended well. I would recommended this drama =}! Two thumbs up yo!

niki and a show that wasn't ranked even for it's final!...congrats!

Deepika Drama was pretty okay, I would say in my opinion....though it started out just brilliant :). It's the ending which disappointed me as, it were too fast to properly settle in. Main actor n actress lacked the chemistry, although they both were cute. IT'S NOT GREAT DRAMA, BUT ITS ALTOGETHER NEW IN CONCEPT, AND PEOPLE WILL GET MANY MORE THINGS TO LEARN, I WOULD SAY ITS UNIQUE IN ITS OWN WAY, BUT WILL HAVE LIMITED MASS APPEAL. ALL CHARACTER PLAYED OUT GREAT IN THE BEGINNING, ESPECIALLY THOSE WOMEN DONGKO MA TAE HAS TO CONQUER. And other didn't get much scope to develop, they could have had story of their own. I like JKS ( his girl like appeal notwithstanding), hes good actor and i thoroughly enjoyed watching his drama "You are Beautiful" and it remains my one of best korean drama of all time :). He always choose unique roles, and its better not to judge him now, as he still has got long way to go as an actor & singer. For, now we can sit back and enjoy his work, And comparison with Lee Min Ho is not fair, JKS is his own actor and he has way more experience than Min Ho...who has just emerged.

NoonaEel One of the best K-dramas I watched in 2013 - early 2014. Kudos to the casts & production team :). Glad to hear positive reviews & comments... they deserve it for their hard work, despite the not so satisfactory viewership rating.

asty_noona Keun-chan...i love your hair in this drama..kkkkk and i love your voice and your acting...aaahhh this is one of my fave Kdrama

kristin Jang Geun Suk *He is the first actor in his generation that KBS followed for months in order to film a documentary (I AM JANG KEUN SUK) for korean & international viewers about his unprecedented achievement in Hallyu.

Nanda Ceria last night i had finished watching this drama at 22:10 ,2014 January 09 on KBS2. Happy ending and i don't care about ratings. I just love JANG GEUN SUK now, forever........YOOOOOOOOOOOOONGWONHI!!!

Milagros I love Bel Ami. It is simply captivating. Everyone involved in this drama deserves an award, especially the lead characters Ma Te, Bo Tong, and David. I think the standard in drama in general has been raised because of its exceptional quality. Thank you Korea, for giving the world something to appreciate and enjoy. More power to Korean Drama! My very best wishes to Jang Keun Suk for an amazing performance.

cheeky @ sarah About this networth you're talking about my goodness i have read that three years ago & up to now that website does not even bother to update that info lol. Fyi Jang Geun Suk is the 3rd in rank of the highest earning Korean singers for year 2013. And he is also the highest paid actor among his peer group. JKS acting fees can reach a top fee of $ 90,000/episode.

mari loves oppa Hi.I am here to say:It is not a very good drama.It could be better. but i watch it because i love JKS.he is soooooooooooooooo handsome specially with short hair.even my mother said that.He is talented too.It was my idea about drama.But now about you guys.Dont fight please.we are here to leave a comment about them not fighting.I agree with dont have to compere anyone ,Sara.there are lots of actors that are talented.we can love each one that we want.respect others ideas guys,please.I hope we can see their different which one.all of them are good.It was my opinion.

sepide LMH vs JKS... is never a good idea cause no one is going to change their opinion about either... but no one is allowed to say who can leave a cm or not...this is place for sharing our opinions...not just meaning less positive cms ...remember that nothing and no one can improve if they are only surrounded with posiditve comments...and reviews and why do you bring you're hatters of an actor who does not have any thing to do with this series in to this page an expect that no one replies to you? this series had a new idea...(only in korea of course) but the development was really poor and childish...the level of acting...was like zero...and there was no actual chemistry and love between the 2 main characters and we all know that a great appeal of k dramas is the sweet love...there were so many people in this drama that needed to be more important and talked about...but because it was only 16 episode..there was no chance..they would just nothing important and's like they were just sketches of the character who were supposed to be in this drama...and lots of things about this series were just too much..the kindness...the madness..the badness it's like there was no balance for things...thats why no one watched it...the ratings may not be important to you but it is very important to the whole crew and production...

kristin @ sarah JGS "hes kinda sound like a teenage girl" this is funny. Jang Geun Suk has this unique deep timbre in his voice that can only result in him sounding manly & sexy at the same time. Its obvious that you don't follow his singing career, with his latest zepp tour, his live singing has improved a lot fyi. When it comes to his dancing performance it's kind of depending on the concept of his show or song that he is going to sing. And to say that "the only thing that JKS got on lmh is that he can speak english" is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Jang Geun Suk does not only speaks english but also japanese, he can even hold interviews in japanese without an interpreter now. He cannot only sing in korean but can sing also in japanese, english & chinese. And now in his spare time is trying to learn chinese in order to communicate better with his chinese fans

kristin @ asianwiki admin why you don't allow my reply to sarah? please be fair if you will censored my comment the least you can do is delete also her comment that is insulting to Jang Geun Suk & his fans. @ sarah fyi Jang Geun Suk fans are not easy to impress, most of them hve never admired just any actor. A lot of them are also professionals & educated. So what's with your comment?

chuvy i think this drama has own character compared to others. well, its not perfect 100 percent good but i like the atmosphere from this drama. so, it's good so far :)

Dawn What can I say....based on the fact that my comment about LMH pissed off a few unwelcomed viewers to this page...well says it all!!! I am not delusional but I know great acting when I see it...and that doesn't belong to LHM, sorry really I'm sorry.

@All of the positive viewers of this drama...I apologize sincerely for inviting negativity onto the page, and hope that you all will enjoy the last episode of this WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, BRILLIANT, INSPIRING, AWESOME, COOL, SUPREME, MAGNIFICENT, IMPRESSIVE, DAZZLING DRAMA (What other adjectives can I use...for the haters who've found their way onto this page....oops sorry, I'm really sorry)!!!!

I have enjoyed watching every episode...and if it comes out on DVD (WHICH I'M SURE IT WILL) I will be buying a copy so that I can do my part and add to Sukkie's wealth (opps, there I go again...sorry, really sorry).

For the entire cast and writers of Bel-Ami, this was an absolutely phenomenal drama to watch, it wasn't predictable and that's what I've enjoyed so much. Thanks for such a fresh drama, and to all the actors/actresses thanks for doing such a wonderful job....I'm definitely one happy viewer!!!!!

An American Fan! Keep Fighting!!!!

kristin @ sarah JGS "he kinda sound like a teenage girl" this is funny. Jang Geun Suk has this unique deep timbre in his voice that can only result in him sounding manly & sexy at the same time. Its obvious that you don't follow his singing career, with his latest zepp tour, his live singing has improved a lot fyi. When it comes to his dancing performance it's kind of depending on the concept of his show or song that he is going to sing. And to say that "the only thing that JKS got on lmh is that he can speak english" is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Jang Geun Suk does not only speaks english but also japanese, he can even hold interviews in japanese without an interpreter now. He cannot only sing in korean but can sing also in japanese, english & chinese. And now in his spare time is trying to learn chinese in order to communicate better with his chinese fans. Jang Geun Suk is also the first korean actor who became successful as a singer, whose fan meetings became big concerts. His 3 japanese albums all hits #1 in Oricon Chart, & he has made history as always being the first to achieve this & that! Jang Keun Suk is also the youngest deejay in the history of Korean deejays, now he is fulfilling that talent thru his Team H performances & has released 3 albums as Team H. JGS is the very first Korean celebrity who has created his very own brand Zikzin that now has branch out into different areas. Collecte de Zikzin for brand merchandise (that sells clothing, accessories, shoes etc.), Zikzin Festivals (the first & only one of its kind), Zikzin Radio, Zikzin café & dining, Zikzin Nail salon & shop & who knows what else in the future. He is the first k-actor who has his own personal magazine Cri-J. And he loves also to cook that led him to publish his own cooking book Love Recipe. He can also be a very good entertainment host with his witty talk & personality whether variety or music shows. Jang Geun Suk is also an experienced musical stage actor. He is the first actor in his generation that KBS followed for months in order to film his own unprecedented achievement in Hallyu. He is the youngest one (at 22) to establish his own entertainment agency that manages his career. And all of these are facts & not exaggeration. So if you can name at least one another actor in his age who has those achievements in his record as a talented human being then I would work on my definition of talent.

Mimi Jang Keun-Suk :-) I like the way he acts, I'm only watching this drama because of him- because honestly it's not that good. And the female actress with the main role is really really bad. *By the way "You who came from the star"(my man from the star) is definitely better- so far its just in episode 7, but I can't wait to see the next episode! ;-)

ikatik @sarah... :-D u n ur comments are SUCK !!! U got the wrong page n GET OUT !!!!

HaLa @sarah I understand it's your opinion but saying that only gong yoo it's too extreme for me there are a lot of people who are talented like Joo Won for an example, u r comparing way too much and based only to ur opinion, i love LMH and i love JKS though i think the fame he got is too sudden i liked him in u r beautiful and he was really good actor there :)

Anyway what i am saying is please dont compare, there are a lot of great actors like song jong ki,lee jong suk, joo won, yoon shi yoon,..,..., just enjoy their work without being biased to special one, rating the drama based on the actor is wrong, that's my opinion

chhavi i loved the concept of this drama and i agree that its probably not the best bt still i love watching it.....and all those who are comparing LMH and JKS plz just stop it...both of them are one of my fav actors and they both have their own style and acting skills...which according to me are plz stop making criticizing comments about either of them....that wud be very fine.

kaira Please guys can't we talk about these two fine actors Jang Geun Suk & Lee Minho without bashing them, please. Both of them have their own strenght & weakness. JGS is a better lead in rom-com than LMH - Jang Geun Suk as an actor has the most expressive face I have ever seen, LMH so far is better for some action stuff than JGS because of his stronger body built, but if JGS would choose to work hard to build a much tougher physical look that is also not impossible since he did Hong Gil Dong before & most actors going for an action usually would have to train first prior to filming that is expected of them, JGS did enter action school for Hong Gil Dong btw. But I don't see Jang Geun Suk going in that direction for now I think he is much more like Kim Myung Min (his Beethoven Virus senior co-star).

The truth is I really love JGS a lot not just as an actor, that's why I visit this page. But I dont know why some fans have to mention Lee Minho, I think these two have chosen different paths as an actor, even personality they are opposite. We know that these two are the most popular in Hallyu in their group. I can say base on my observation that LMH has a greater number of fans than JGS but JGS has much stronger, loyal, solid fan bases.

sarah honestly koreans acting are all the same...but there are some who are better at doing it...but the only true actor in korea is gong yoo if there's one actor who can work in Hollywood it's him...LMH is good compare to the others ..he has improved a lot since his BOF days.. and you all can say anything bad you want to about LMH but his facebook shows how wrong you are...because 11m people think he is so good...and they all can't be wrong..for those who say jks is a talented human being head to toe well lets see what he can do 1.first of all his a singer...his recorded voice is not bad...but live performances are just disturbing...and he kinda sounds like a teenage girl...LMH can sing too he is voice is not great either...but at least it's manly an awful dancer...but suki can dance...the point is his dance move are like female strippers...most of the time...he looks so confused that he makes justin bieber look like a dude and believe me...that can't be easy! and i'm not even going to compare their acting skills...lee min ho is not N.1 but suki is not even on the list...if some one is blind enough not to see jks's acting flaws...nothing can help it and about the style...again...JKS wants to be so different but he fails...every time he styles up i can here that fashion police is coming after him! and about their financials ..considering their history in the industry...and comparing their net worth shows who is better at making and saving money the only thing that jks got on LMH is that he can speak english so in conclusion if you still think he is talented head to toe you either are so easy to impress or you need to work on you're definition of talent and head to toe that's it i'm not gunna agrue about this too any more...their popularity..their ratings and theirs success are going too speak for them selves.. you'll all love the person you want as long as you want..and you are going to exaggerate their good points and close you're eyes on their flaws or even worse ...consider them as perfection and emphasize on them...good luck!

abvenice I've enjoyed watching BelAmi. It is different from the other Korean drama's I've watched so far. I think the actors are all great in this drama have acted very well. I've enjoyed watching jang Geun Suk character develop and change It's had a lot of twists and I'm looking forward to watching the last episodes.

merlene honestly speaking, jks is a very good actor. he can act in any role even action , i like his act in hong gil dong as the prince who fights well, a good dancer and singer. even a comedian. so please dont compare him to lmh, who only got a face and nothing more. talking about the heirs, its like watching bof once again in a revised edition to tell you the truth and i heard somebody says their english is terrible which is true. what i like in belle ami is totally a new and refreshing story and i am dying to watch it all till the end. i dont care about the ratings, what i care for is a good new story snd a good actor. those who say that jks is not a good actor, i think you are not a good judge when it comes to good acting .way to go jks! we love you!!!!

chalcy I have to say for this drama.....not cutting it....its a bit boring. Not on my favorite list

chalcy These are the most hilarious reviews I have ever read on Asian wiki....Really people.. bashing on lee min ho saying how horrible actor and then some saying jang keun suk sucks. Well firstly... true people have the right to their opinion. Anyways.....lee min ho is one of my top favorite actors in Korean dramas to say he is not a great actor is bull crap....come on, faith, city hunter, boys over flowers he was out right amazing. Faith was my very first historical Korean drama and that's when I started to fall in love with lee min ho. Jang keun suk love him he is such pretty boy especially with his long hair. Played in great dramas. First Korean drama I ever watched was marry me mary, fell in love with jang keun suk. So can't people say they're both great actors. That is all

Niloofar2PM What is the episode 16? "pretty man" is Perfect. Fighting

Chick @Sarah, Dawn, BOTH of you have got it wrong. Neither of these guys are actors. Their fan base is large, to be sure, but real actors they are not. That is because they appear to be one dimensional types. Some people improve with time, but I have only the slightest hope that they will achieve even B status. If you like these people, support them. But be not delusional. These guys lack the chops to be in the same acting category as say, Oscar nominees and winners.

hna I loved most of JKS dramas and movies. I only chose a handful of dramas to watch at a time and he is one the biggest reasons I chose to watch this one. But truthfully I did not enjoy his acting so much in this. I usually always cheer for the female and male lead to be together. But this is the first time in a long time I wish she end up with LJW. I feel his acting and maybe just the script makes me feel more connected and even feel more empathy towards him than the lead.

But if the ratings are not doing well it is so absurd and pathetic to compare and insult another actor. It is not his fault the ratings are not in the top 20. And even if a drama you like does not have high ratings you should just be glad to watch it and not feel like the whole world has to watch it to, thinking that all people have to watch and feel the same way you do is very sad.

ainee JKS and LMH are all great actors...I love them both...its not all about the ratings!!!! Please dont compare JKS & LMH are totally different...

Shay I really wanted to like this drama. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the Ma Te character. Bo tong and David Choi are so cute together. I was rooting for him the whole time. Sorry, totally disappointed in this one.

niki new genre for jks? like what? action?....even the thought of it is funny..he may broke his nail..or even worse ..have his make up ruined all over his face...he seriously is not cut for any thing else but romantic comedies witch his not even good at ..god he is so bad that bring tear to my eyes...and before you all say your so new line "if you don't like don't watch it" i have nothing to do few hours every i watch this stupid thing and it makes me happy...and just forget about LMH...don't blame him for JKS bad luck!

immy i dont like this drama i find it boring and i dont like the story too, and i dont find jang keun suk that pretty,

sarah @dawn tnx for you'r cm..i hadn't laughed so much in few days... i can feel that you are in a great pain for this obvious fail of you're beloved suki..but honey denial is not going too make it better... suki sucks as an actor...he may be a great dancer...but he definitely is not a good actor...while lee min ho is is one the best korean actors along side with gong yoo hyun bin..actors have high standards comparing to others...and why are you being mad at lee min ho because of suki's failure?it's not like that he made koreans not to watch this worth less series...honey come to you'r senses ..i know it's hard..but at least give it a try...lee min ho is a total handsome stylish manly tall great actor who is down to earth with great manners..he has his flaws like every one else...he can't dance and he is english is funny...but suki's acting skills are not even worth comparing to lmh's..neither his popularity..just open your eyes and see what's really happening around ..stop living a fantasy...

Dawn Everyone, just because this drama does not have high ratings doesn't mean a thing....the only thing that matters is the personal opinion of Sukkie's fans. What can clearly be deduced from the ratings is it's more political than anything else...basically a drama that sucks has paid its way to high ratings. Personally, I don't get South Koreans obsession with Lee Min Ho....he's not attractive at all...hands down Jang Keun Suk is more attactive and a helleva lot better actor!!! Lee Min Ho is overrated if you ask me, and his performance in BOF sucked also....I don't know why he has such a large fan base, but to each her or his own....right!

I've seen Lee Min Ho in several dramas, and I keep hoping the boy gets better but he doesn' to me, he's an industry made talent...he's handlers have bought him fame...he hasn't truly earned it. I know a lot of LMH fans may read this and's your right it this comment makes you unhappy, but I've got to call a spade a spade...the boy is a talentless hack. All of his dramas are a hot boring mess...end of story.

Jang Keun Suk on the other hand, is walking, talking, visual talent....from head-to-toe, this man is a talent that you wish would be on the major screen. I love the dramas and films he's done so far....he's believable in every last one of them...JKS is a man who hasn't bought his fame, but earned every bit of it.

FIGHTING JKS!!!! Keep doing what you are doing, and forget what no imagination or concept having people have to say....BEL-AMI is the FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!!!

Way to go JKS, IU, LJW...and entire cast!!!!!

Roro Agreeee!!!! JGS better than LMH

nahom i really love this drama

helani Why there are no ratings... it is a good drama and jang geun suk way much better then lee min hoo.. JGS is really talented actor. This is very funny and romantic one I love the character of IU and Jang Kuen Suk. I am from Canada.

Joyce What the... why no ratings.. come on.. pretty man can practically outbeat the heirs if not for lee min ho.. since B.O.F... ugh!!! jang geun suk way much bettr then lee min hoo.. obvious.. i don't like the story of 'heirs'... that ending isn't fit to rate high.. "heirs". my feet!!! :( arrghh... this is too much.

Cornell I think Jang Guen Suk need to explore new genre, in his past romance comedy dramas he get low ratings in Korea , but he have more fans internationally.

Yulenni I really do not understand the low rating that has had this drama in Korea quo and this is a very refreshing anything repetitive drama, I'm believing that just like to watch Korean dramas where the main character is rich and falls for poor girl only see it in a minute do not like innovation, in terms of JGS and Starring IU excellent for my JGS especially since in this drama is not only one siono actundo way to many and is clearly a seasoned actor that can interpret different emotions in one chapter ..

Roro @kaira thank you, kaira. I watched it till 4 so maybe that's why i dont understand. Im gonna watch it till end. I like the both, JGS & IU.

Anutama Ningombam This is very funny and romantic one I love the character of IU and Jang Kuen Suk. I am from India. I love this drama.

Anutama Ningombam This is very funny and romantic one I love the character of IU

Lululu Im from the Philippines and i love this drama . JGS and IU are great! :D hope this will air in our country.

idk why still no rating..this drama deserves high rating than the heirs ughh -__-

kaira @ Roro Hong Yura at the beginning had the wrong information about Ma Te's birth secret. She gave him all those tasks of meeting those women in order to learn from them in preparation for his future meeting with Na Hong Ran which they described as an iron lady meaning she doesn't loose to just anyone. Ma Te took the challenge & you see what happened though the target is a "miss" -- because it turns out Ma Te is actually Na Hong Ran's son & not Park Gi Sook -- Ma Te actually did learn a lot from those women learned the value of hardwork & "easy money" does not gives you true satisfaction, dignity & self-worth. In the last few episodes we are a witness to Ma Te's transformation & growth. He became a true "beautiful man" in the side of justice & doing his utmost best to own that great lasting impression, making just the right decisions.

Lilian I'm totally disappointed about the ratings. To be sincere I don't believe those ratings are accurate. I love the story and of course the actors (top of the list). I don't believe that the fans of IU and JGS are missing watching this drama at all. Their fans are millions and the ratings are not showing the true numbers. What's going on?? Anyway I love this drama and high five to each actor for ther wonderful performance ;)

Roro Maybe in korea, they dont like this type of drama anymore. I dont understand why ma te keep meeting those girls, such a irrasional way to against the 'queen'. But i keep watching it, cause of JGS oppa, he's gorgeus in any outfit :)

Nik I am a fan of this drama, although I get tired of seeing the second male lead's feelings get trampled upon. I am guessing there will only be 16 episodes instead of 20. It seems like the premis of MaTe learning from 10 different women has been abandoned. That makes me sad, but I understand why this may happen.

Skinnydipshit This drama manages to draw me on keeping watching it without fast forwarding any scene. Ma Te family drama is well written in terms of maintaining the audience curiosity. More like family drama instead of romance in my opinion. The downfall is how can be a good looking, rich and kind second leading man being overlooked? That's so typical kdrama.. It would be better if they come up with someone who loves him in return..

seli I quess why this drama got low rate it is because the viewers were not aware of the story line when it is first aired. At the beginning I thought that this drama will just show up the pretty face of JKS side only and full of playboy style. I was a little bit worried that people will think the same with me. But because I really love JKS acts then I still want to see this drama. And after I follow the story every episode then I surprised that the story actually is very good for learn and its different with other drama because the story actually is about Dokgo Mate struggle with his unpredictable life after his mother passed away. And it's lovely because his true love which is Kim Bo Tong always by his side to support which is Mate realize it at episode 14! JKS and IU actings very good as good as the story.

Ang Please no SPOILERR!!!

Lulu JGS oppa looks good in anything he wears. He's perfect, combination of his body & face just perfect. I like him soooooooo much :)

xyz i love this drama to death. wish i could do something about RATING. less than 5% is really heart breaking. :(

Frain maybe Ma Te father is the boss from SS group and that will be the shock .. and the big surprise .. Ma Te will be more important that all MG characters .. maybe .. im nuts .. hehe

Dawn Alright, watched episode 14 last night and again I will say shock and awe doesn't describe my emotions. I cried, when that demon wearing human skin a/k/a Na Hong Ran a/k/a Ma Te's birth mother revealed herself....the things she said to that boy....WOW! Goes to show you some animals don't deserve or need to have babies, but somehow they manage to get away with it. This woman, however, showcases a realistic view of how some women can be towards the children from a relationship when the man didn't won't them. It's sad, but so horribly true and I guess it goes for rich folks too.

My heart felt so torn up for Ma Te....(SIDE NOTE: IF PEOPLE CAN'T UNDERSTAND THIS STORYLINE, THEN THEY ARE STUPID, IDIOTS!!!!! YOU'D HAVE TO BE A TOTAL MELON HEAD NOT TO GET HOW FANTASTIC THIS STORY IS!!!!) to realize that your mom is not your mom and the mom that is, isn't worthy of you to begin with. I'm glad he has Bo Tong to help him make it through this rough patch in his life, to show him that it will pass, that the mother who raised him, is his mother and he is a great person because of it.

I think we are all in for a big, big, big enormous surprise....Na Hong Ra and the dad/Park Ki Suk are going to bite Hong Yoo Ra's head off for messing with Ma Te and Joon Ha/David..momma and papa bear is not going to take that lying down. I'd like to believe that all of the women that Ma Te has encounter will also comeback to his rescue (WISHFUL THINKING...IT COULD HAPPEN). Anyways, I will be awaiting the last two episodes...because as they say ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN....and so far it's been an unpredictable ride.....

FIGHTING to the entire cast...I've loved watching all of you, good or evil!!!!

ima This drama is the best drama I've ever watched. It doesn't like the other drama which full of common love story. It isn't full of kissing scenes or something I called 'dirty'. Overall, this drama is the one which I really want to replay again n again!!!!!

Lola This drama isn't everybody's cup of tea... that's why the domestic viewership rating for it has not been satisfying. however it is definitely my cup of tea as I like watching something which can always trigger my curiosity :). I love how real life issues are brought up here, while being portrayed exaggeratedly due to its manhwa adaptation aspect. Some rom-com lovers might think that the romance part is lacking and the story is rather 'boring' because it focuses more on MaTe's mission & 'family issue'... well, in my humble opinion, 'LOVE' is one thing that MaTe should also learn in order to be a 'truly beautiful man'... and as we know, LOVE here doesn't simply refer to the puppy love or very passionate love... MaTe has to find his true love... and as we discover in the latest episode, he has found that love in a person who 'never changes' when his world has turned upside down- she is always there for him unconditionally and she can always make him smile as well :). To me, this is way more romantic than any overrated skinships of the lead characters in a typical rom-com drama. Anyway... kudos to the manhwa writer, the scriptwriter, the production team and of course the casts... I will cherish the moment I have spent to watch this drama :). Daebak!

vie-ds I love this drama. I think this is one of the best drama for jks. Jks showed his big acting talent. This drama really awesome. I love the cast, storyline, even the wardrobe. And I have two thumbs for JKS'hairdresser. I dont understand with rating in korea. But i dont care abt rating. I really like BM. And I really thank to PD, script writer, crew and all cast who made this drama is so wonderful. Fighting!!

wisa THIS show to me started off good. But now its getting boring, I been avoiding each episode, but I don't want to that, I want to finish til the very end. Hopefully I can pull through and watch it. Sorry pretty man but I rate you 5 out of 10. I've seen better dramas. Watching this for jang keun suk and IU because I really think they are fabulous actors.

manda i wish the drama extend 1 more episode before final. Botong and Mate interaction moment is not enough for all viewers :'(

manda @earl 10 womans :1. Real-estate woman, 2. The Fairy/shaman 3. Kim min jung (financial officer) 4. Myo Mi (the international Artist) 5. Gwi Ji ( the chaebol bratty girl) 6. Lee Kim (The Prosecutor) 7. The woman with full knowledge (i dont know her name :p) who drove Mate's car to his home. 8. Hong Yu Ra (the Tricky woman/Ma Te real enemy) 9. Kim Bo Tong ( The woman with True Love/ the one who teach him about the meaning of True Love) 10. Na Hung Ran (His Evil Mother, the woman who hates and love him) = 10 womans :)

shera I love this drama. It is so different from others drama. But I hope I can watch more sweet scenes between mate n botong. Futhermore this drama drive me crazy to know who is who's son. It is so interesting and great. Plus I love all the characters. They played their role so well. Well of course especially mate. IU performance also incredible and David also. Im dying to know the truth. I dont want this drama end soon but I also want to know the ending. Hahaha so good and bravo!!

earl i thought still got 4 more person to seduce? the 7th one already appear but is it enough time for 3 more episode to finish all?

2013kbsdramaawards iu won the best newcomer actress award in kbs drama awards....

kathy lee I don't know why the rating is not good but I love this drama. The plot is excellent compared with those that have good ratings but lame plots. And the cast is really great especially the three main ones.

Dawn So I saw ep.13 tonight and shock and awe doesn't do my reaction justice.....I'm relieved to know the truth, but I still think the network and writers need to agree to add at minimum 15 more episodes to do the storyline right. With only 3 more episode projected...that won't be enough to work out Ma Te (Keun Suke) and evil mother issue, Ma Te and MG issue, Ma Te and Bo Tong romance, etc....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Writers add more episodes....screw local fans are loving this drama!!!

You just can't leave all these did ya'll forget about the box MaTe was suppose to open when it got to hard...the one the Fairy future reader lady gave've got to adress that!!! Come on writers....fill in the gaps the verys do have common sense, and we don't forget stuff you graze over.

Anyways.....can't wait for next episode....Love you entire cast! Fighting!!!!

manda omaigoood !!! episode 14 reviews from KBS, Mate hug Botong :* i am happyyy!! :D yes doll. agree with you..... we need more romance in 3 last episode pliiissss plisssss! :D, less romance but still interesting story for most viewers. Good Job!

doll this drama has a very strong cast members but i feel that they should work more on romance between Ma te and botong rather than who is who's son. I think they are trying to balance them out but somehow its just deviating more on family issues, which is making it boring.

Hope it does well. Fighting!

vill i like that drama <3 i like botong and david than botong and mate :)) verry good :3 i like it <3

mia Haha let me guess son of Na Hong-ran

Diti I really wanted the drama had ended in episode 11. That hug between Bo Tong and David Choi was, OMG. It would be awesome if the two end together, but it is probably impossible. First time that i prefer a second lead. Nothing against Ma Te but BT and DC look so good together.

manda who cares about facts this drama is also popular in 64 countries? :D

kiwi for me, a good drama standard is if we want to watch it more than 1 times. means the drama is very interesting, entertaining, education - ing ;) so bel ami pretty man has entered this category. i watched it more than 1 times from ep 1 to 12.

FeKimi I only watched it until episode 8 and so far I like it! It's so funny and gives you so much life lesson =) Too bad the rating doesn't agree

Dawn @Mattie, hello....hahahaha, we are commenting on another drama we like. I want to know why all of these people are watching a drama they find so boring, awful and full of poor acting from the male lead commenting on this site. Why don't you stop watching, because you are ruining the fun others are having who are really into this drama....hell, if you could act better than Sukkie, why aren't you on the drama, huh????? (Just had to get that of my chest...sorry everyone).

I am enjoying this drama....I love each of the cast members...the entire cast (EVIL ONES TOO...LOL)! Whoever said that Ma Te is Na Hong Ran son and not Choi David....omo, omo, omo....I'm seriously confused and the suspense is killing me. I'm re-watching episode 12 at this very moment because this is to good and to mind boogling at the same time. OMO, when Choi David/Joon Ha walked into that boardroom...evil ladies eyeballs nearly feel out. I like how cool, calm and collected Na Hong Ran is...I wanna be like her when I finish growing up...w/out the EVILNESS THOUGH!!!!!

Anyways, I applaud the writers and the entire cast for keeping me on the edge of my of my Tablet....oh and before I go, I hope they do add like another 14 episodes to this drama....that would give it an even what 30 episodes....PLEASE WRITER gods and NETWORK EXECUTIVES...for the love of all viewers add 30 EPISODES.

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

gyu ri woooooow !!! Excellent performance jang keun suk and IU ,, i hope kim botong happy ending with dokgo mate ,, i really love this drama so far .. its very fresh story and so funny so cute especially for kim botong. go go go go bel ami :)

chasya Excellent performance jang keun suk and IU ,, i hope kim botong happy ending with dokgo mate ,, i really love this drama so far .. its very fresh story and so funny so cute especially for kim botong. go go go go :)

Im'al Excellent performance jang keun suk and IU ,, i just hope kim bo tong and dokgo mate can Happy Ending,, really love this drama is very fresh story :) go go go go :)

kiwil i give my honest oipinios, this drama is worthy to watch, and i am not jgs fans or iu fans.. i just love this drama, just love the story and the cast acting, for new viewres yo shuold waching the three last episode. when i said ive got some lesson from gwi ji and mate dialog, after watched ep 12. i really honest..

if we give positive comments for this doesnt mesning that we are fansgurl or fansboy of the artist. the drama is good so that is my true comment.

and i also believe that any negative coments arisen because they just watched 1 or 2 episode,.and being surprised about ridiculous scenes that adopted from the manhwa part.some of viewers.not accepted it because it was unusual fir korean drama. we just recom you watch a whole of story. .so you will understand the charanters is growing.

renaya I think most of here here are JGS fans (Because you instantly angry ... hhoho) .. I am also including JGS fans .. I'm not saying that he (JGS) has never played a serious role .. I also several times watching him in serious roles in dramas such as Hong-gil-dong, Ji-Yi Hwang-eg .. But do you know what I mean .... He (JGS) famous because of the bad boy character .. you can see in some dramas example of, your beautiful , MSOAN, love rain, Beethoven virus ..on your my pet movie also ... it took him like someone said below, he had a class like Hyun Bin got, veteran ... But for me, it's all just only title skin, because in fact he is best known for playing the bad boy/pretty boy drama .. I just hope he can play the role, just once serious and very nice-great ... that's it ...

sinda the worst drama ever... boring.. sooo boring...

kiwi i am surprised with mate grows procrss..mate has got big punch in mentally at mg party..but then mate shows his ep 11 to 12. . he is totally changes and become diffenrent person. from a jerk at the beginng episode now he become a more wise man with pride and honest. starting become the true "Pretty Man" . i love this drama. i learn something from this shows.. it changes me a bit. when mate tell his story to gwi ji, and then he gived advised to gwi ji..the dialog is rolling deeply in my head. thanks bel ami..

vivi This show is very good. Love all characters. It's very interesting and unique. Looking forward more episodes.

Neena Bel Ami is the journey of Ma Te.. Im watching the show for Jang Keun-Suk only.. Excellent performance by JSK! A Big Thanks to Creative team for giving us Bel Ami!

noona i am melting only hear his voice for the 1st time.he has very deep voice in his young age. jgs is so cool and has a sexy voice when he talks. :-3

i wanna be his noona. XD

kiwi agreee. the main theme of pretty man drama is "a man with growing character" from pretty in phisically meaning to pretty in truest concept  » inner beauty.

as a viewers i can feel the characters grows (MA TE) love ma te, he changed..he is become more mature, calm and able to control his emotion, smart, not being selfish anymore and also can understand about wisdom and pride, caring the other and respect frienship.

aggree with you manda @manda: childish and tacky character to more matur and wisdom in the last episode. because the main theme of bel ami drama is the viewers able to feel the grows of Ma Te characters. and jang gunnsuk is very succesfull to convey/portrayed Ma Te growing characters.

many sites written wrong synopsis for this drama, because of the wrong synopsis some people think the drama is very simple story. but for the viewers who watch this drama, the story isnt like as simple as written in synopsis....they have to re write the synopsis.

day2x87 I super like David Choi's character here. i want him to end up with Kim Bo Tong. They really look good together! I particularly love the scene when he teached Bo Tong how to play guitar.

Marie @Renaya have you watched the few latest episodes episode of this drama? You seem to fail to notice how Jang Keun Suk has successfully portrayed a different, more mature Dokgo MaTe compared with the first episodes :). This character, Dokgo MaTe, is totally a serious character. It's NOT a flower boy character ANY actor can play. This character has to 'adapt' to each female character he has to interact with and learn from the interaction. Can any inexperienced pretty faced actor do this? I don't think so :)

By the way, this drama is not everybody's cup of tea. It's a drama which makes you think further and reflect :). It's way more than a drama about flower boy or a lovey dovey triangle love story. You can see the depth of each character and how each of them has problems to deal with & reasons for becomkng what they are. I have laughed & cried with MaTe, BoTong & David in this drama. I have learned and re-learned trivial yet important things about life from this drama, too, which is pleasantly surprising :). Young people need to watch this drama, not only for entertainment purpose but also for reasons beyond that :)

Mary Johnston I just finished recapping episode 12 and Beautiful Man is the greatest drama ever in my opinion! The casting is perfect and it's full of fun surprises. I hope this writer does more dramas.

Mary Johnston I just finished recapping episode 12 and Beautiful Man is the greatest drama ever in my opinion! The story weaving is impeccable and it is full of surprises. The casting is perfect. But I'm glad it's 16 episodes. More than that writers tend to recycle scenarios.

manda jang gun suk ia the most top 3 korean artists who represent korean entertainment industry very well to the world 2013. voting version august 2013. arirang report. top 5 korean artits voting result are 1. Rain. 2. Suju. 3.Jang Gun Suk. 4. Bigbang 5. Gilr generation. and he is the only one korean;artis who has 15 milionfollowers inweibo. now we understand how famous he is. right... :) he also has thausands tons fans club in 64 countries.

about the acting. you have to read and watch his film reviews. and about his drama. pretty man you have to watch from the beginning untillnep 12.:the characters is grows. from childish and tacky character to more matur and wisdom in the last episode. because the main theme of bel ami drama is the viewers able to feel the grows of Ma Te characters. and jang gunnsuk is very succesfull to covey Ma Te growing characters. <3

about the rank...? who cares about koreannrating..haha. since he can share this drama to the world? how famous this drama in 64 countries? how can kbs and group8 signing 8 new contracts to airing this drama in 8 country? no one can do that this is because the only jgs effect to his international viewers and his international fans.

good job!

miss korea i cant wait till the next episode but why is it so short with only 16 episodes???

hesukie serious role for jks? as whay i've seen in his previous drama/movie he already done that..for e.g. itaewon homicide; hwang jini etc..i really love korean dramas but when i saw his portrayal to one of his drama i was amaze coz he nailed that character..from that i started to search who is that actor and started to watch all his i can say that he is a versetile actor coz he can portray each character differently...we cant stop him in portraying pretty face etc coz he really have pretty which i am envious..

lovelylia @ renaya "could you play a serious character?" what a stupid question! Don't you know that in Korea Jang Geun Suk is already considered in the showbiz as a veteran actor though he is only 26 years old. You're just full of talk without really knowing what you are talking about. Jang Geun Suk is an actor capable of acting every type of genre there is. Pretty man is the kind of drama that in fact showcases Jang Geun Suk's depth in acting. The problem is with you, its either you have not watch it or you were not that keen as an observer. I suggest you read about his filmography then you will know he's not a newbie to a serious role. And please don't talk ns. Got a headache because of your comment.

renaya Drama which more question tag?....But without answer tag?...Boring drama...I also boring see jung geun suk play this type of drama....Again, Again..& Again... What up man?... Maybe you only can play this type of Character?... Naughty Boy + Pretty Boys...Boring... Could you can play serious character?...enough just once time, please play serious role !.... IU= I like your maturity on act, but acting on drama just for acting not include with natural feeling.. was like food without spicy alias tasteless or flat... Maybe your next drama will be perfect IU... Im always your fans as Singer, but not yet as actress...Sorry

miLady Really love this drama. Totally difference than any other K-Drama that I've watched. The twisted's beyond imagination. You can't even think the storyline based on the 1st episode unlike any other K-Drama. I bet rating is important in Korea but as per what Moon Geun Young mentioned during KBS awards when she won for cinderella's stepsister and Marry me, Mary.. that's matter the most. Kudos to the actor & production house.

Ozmo Enjoying this drama. Can't wait for each episode. Don't understand why NR, perhaps it started too slowly for good ratings, but it's getting better all the time. The actors and their characters are intriguing, fun, and good-looking. Well worth watching.

AAA I din't like Dokgo Ma-Te. I want Kim Bo-Tong to end up with David Choi; they are so perfect together.

helen why the heck dis drama s not gettin good rating...y cant the koreans accept such a fresh story....jks s a versatile actor...especially in ep 11 nd ep 12 while expressin his sadnesd he s just matter what ratings will be i lyk dis drama& jks forever....

manda i hope botong will end with mate <3 <3 mate will accept her love no matter what..he have to accept her.. but the clue in ep 12. Mate is real NHR son. and now i am wondering, probably NHR will not accept botong getting close to :o

ng why this drama don't get the rating. .. emmmh

shine chahinez lorane , I'm agree with you I really need an unexpected ending.

Anna I hope that Bo Tong will choose David cuz I'm bored with all the dramas ending with so in love with main character. But it's obvious that the director won't come up with such an idea...pity...

Jess I totally agree with you Mary!

shelly Anneonghaseo..!! Myself Shelly thakur from India (Himachal Pradesh). Iam currently watching this show and it is tooo good. All the charcters are well played and the story is also tremendous. I wish whenever i will visit korea i really wants to meet all the actors of this serial. I would wish u all good luck with your drama and keep doing hard work and ur fans (specially me) we will keep loving u like this. ''Yepppun namja'' khuati..!!


chahinez lorane i think this drama is pretty interesting it's not just about love conflicts i didn't get bored of it yet but i'm thinking about the end . is bo tong going to end up with Ma tae or with David , it's actually obvious that she's going to end up with Ma tae but i don't wish that to happen because if it did then this drama is going to be a waste of time but if she ends up with David then no one would expect that and the drama will be a hit , i honestly got bored from watching in all dramas that the nice guy always end up losing the girl we want a new end a whole new idea

Mary find the drama rubbish? Maybe your problem is comprehension . This drama is refreshing and you can learn a lot from it. It is not shallow and pull your hair stupid like the average Korean drama which for the life of me are the ones getting the higher ratings. In short this drama is not the stupid drama that most Koreans go for ...fantasy and stupidity , cutesy all the way. JKS is a great actor despite his beautiful face , which can be a negative sometimes, look pass his good looks and he is one of the great actors in Korea, same with IU-she is a natural. As I've said this drama is not the typical cutesy, stupid, annoying = I notice that JKS stays away from dramas like that , that's why his drama has a low rating in Korea - but guess what the rest of the world gets him. His Love Rain was the highest bidded drama in 2012 outside of Korea-why is this? Maybe because the rest of the world does not drink the same lemonade the Koreans drink-, viewers outside Korea knows how to think and think for themselves. JKS is a progressive Korean what can I say , one who speaks his mind -and it seems Koreans don't like this kind. Heck, look at the Japanese, they live in a close society but they are open to ideas. What a shame , although it is wrong to lump all Koreans - I hope they become more open to ideas and speak their mind when needed - with all the plastic surgeries going in there, changing the surface , but alas the content have not been changed!

renaisance Rubbish drama.. I like JGS & IU..because, Im fans of them.. But what idea of this drama.. yet, I couldn't found it after watching until 7 episode.. so now, I dont watch it again.. For surely, IU acting in drama really good, but not as good actrees but good on acting.. her acting very good, but lack natural feeling on it, I think she need more time to get natural feeling to be actrees....about JGS, I think he was got same problem like yoon eun hye has done...... "Good artist acting on worsed drama"......

Tobys this drama really sucks.

gyu ri @welikeBelAmi : Agree!!! I agree with you!! :D

like bel Ami kDrama ,, jang Keun suk And IU is good Actor and actrees,, Next project i waiting :)

welikeBelAmi i think this drama is shows hows good JKS acting and IU acting, they are really good actor and actrees. the did very good joob in Bel Ami. ep 11 rating is increase! thanks viewers.. they deserve to have it. this drama is good. really good.full comedy, full lesson, full romance and also mystery,refreshing and fun. i cant find another drama compare this genre, it is over from my expectation. this is great. i am glad IU and also Mr. Jang choice this drama for their project in 2013. thanks to you sir/madam.

Mattie @Dawn, re: your Dec 13 query on finding ratings for this show (or others). Hi Dawn. One good source for finding ratings (if not posted here on AsianWiki) is on the website DramaWiki > Kdrama > Sometimes, like with this drama, you must look it up under contents, B, Bel Ami. Anyway, once at the drama page that you are researching, page down to "Episode Ratings" for the latest update. With this drama it is updated to ep. 10. The ratings for this drama range from 2.7 to 7.2 in Seoul, Korea. If you have problems finding this website let me know.

GeunShin Suzzie I love this drama it is better than I thought it would at first I was watching it be coz of JKS but I actually love it and JKS too............

epsillon I can't wait .... Tonight Brothers meet each other in front of their dad.

Tom Cléber An excellent sampling. The beautiful, models are positioned well in the lens ... cool! An excellent sampling. The beautiful, models are positioned well in the lens ... cool!

Sumaiyah No matter what the koreans think of the drama i feel that this is a fabulous concept and a very fresh story that i've seen after watching so many similar dramas......and JKS has again proved himself to be a versatile actor by choosing to play the role of Dokgo Mate in this drama.i like IU and Lee Jang-Woo and Han Chae-Young too. JKS oppa, FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

kiwi Won Lee/Choi David is PKS son. MT is not PKS son, thats why he doesnt care about him. poor ma tae. MT is NHR true son.

Chick It is curious as to why the father did not acknowledge MT at the party. My only guess is that he is trying to protect him at this point, although I can't figure out why. Lots of elements to deal wth in this drama: revenge, love, mystery, personal growth, healing. I hope the writer and director just don't skimp on the development of these in order to hurry through to the finish.

kurage I think most comments praised JGS's acting in Bel Ami, but I want to praise IU's acting a lot!!! Although she can be considered as new actress, her acting is almost flawless. Even my mom said that she's a great actress. Not everyone can carry Bo Tong's character since she is quirky and loves Ma Te so much although she knows that Ma Te is a jerk.

dina cant wait for ma te romantic sweet scenes with bo tong......! how long we have to wait? why ma te getting sweet scene with other woman and botong has romantic scenes with david? we need to seee dock go ma te and kim bo tong sweet scenes before the drama is end. pleaseee :( :(

manda @sally from whom you get the information this drama will extend to 20 episod? if yess.. we are very happy!

But i m worry the info about extend episod fr 16 to 20 is wrong information. they will keep filming only 16 episod.

so many mistery still not open yet. make:-)me curious.. !! remind the elec fairy said yora daugter will die before 12 yearsold if ma te get his position in mg group.

sally idk which ep but HYR told mate to get rid Hong ran's son or to kill him :o and i think mate is her son so what will happen to mate and HYR. Will she kill him? omg im so curios. And im excited bcs this drama have 20 eps

tam bel ami is an unusual drama, something that is not just about gives us insights into korean culture..maybe that is why koreans seem to hate or dislike it? i come from the philippines so i really do not know much about what goes on in korea... no matter, i find this drama's hilarious too...the scene with the rich lady and electric fairy tells us that the rich also believe what fortunetellers or shamans say even if they are already successful..this is true in philippines too. the rich lady in love with young pretty boy giving him material things like car and house true in many cultures too.. the idea of something given beforehand is a bribe but given after becomes a gift..that was excellent il joong's using connections in business is also too true..ah there so many lessons we can get from this drama...everyone should watch it and learn from this drama..thank u for choosing it,jks..your choice shows your depth of character...

sarah the best part on ep 9 is botong love confession. and the best par,t of ep 10 is mt get lunch with botong and he take revenge ;p

sarah i love this drama, the story is great and extraordinary. hope not end in 16 episod pliss

kira1930 this is a good drama although some scenes or parst are really exaggerated like how come the mother Na hong Ran has such power over other's lives is somewhat unrealistic. the Gwi ji SS heir girl is a b...h truthfully though money works in almost everything but... usually heirs are careful how they act and talk coz they will cause a mess. but what about the cold shoulders Ma Te's father gave him during the party?? but welcomed David?? is MT the Son of Hong Ran??? because it seems they have the same clock, another how come Park ki suk or MG chairman have all these sons around outside of marriage? Don Giovanni, Valentino??what is the secret behind all this?? the mystery is killing me though i want the whole puzzle made up.. gosh have to wait next week for epi 11 n 12 it will be a long wait!!!

Anne I'm disappointed with the drama, so shallow and silly

liana for everyone who curious about the next episode : the most interesting part is,,,,, when dog go mate have to attend gwi ji bday party. gwi ji friends force him to kiss gwi ji. because mate is gwi ji boyfie.. and at the moment mate kiss gwi ji... botong arrived and see all scenes. so wht is botong reactionnnn....?

gyu ri I just finished watching episode 9 and 10. kim bo tong successfully doko mate jealous,, hhahhaa it makes me happy. I am very curious about the next episode. IU Jang keun suk and I strongly support this drama, really like this drama.

liana in bel ami jgs proves that he is a good actor. he acts verywell in bel ami, he is actually knows what he choice. he refuse empress ki,ect..because bel ami came 1st and he doest want to play with more than 16 eps. because he has concert tour schedule too this year to 2014. for me jgs has obsulutely out of his comfort zone for bel ami. not every actor can acts as dock go mate. this characters is childish, tacky but sometimes cool too. innthis drama he is not playing save, nor like a cool flower boy as he did before on many dramas. so see how antusias belami fans share their opinions in many site. the story is very good. some part is very fun, some oart is full romance, some part is mystery. some part is ful lesson. the loyal viewers of bel ami know this drama is really great. altho the rank isnt shows the good appreciation in korea, but you must know because of this drama, kbs and group8 already sign 8 airing contract in 8 countries. does any drama with hihger rank in korea got the same opportunity like this. i dont think soo..Only bel ami can give this opportunity to kbs and group 8. means money comes more to them.

Nanda Ceria whatever,.no rating until episode 9,.i still watch this drama on kbs2 every wednesday and thursday at 09:55 PM CAUSE I LOVE JANG GEUN SUK SO MUCH,.NOW AND FOREVER, EVER,........I love all of Jang Geun Suk's drama.,

Nanda Ceria jang geun suk is good actor,.but maybe he's choice bad project

belamisupport this drama is the best drama fr jgs and iu i, only the best actor and actrees can act as dock go ma te and kim bo tong. they have acts cool, they have act tacky at the same time. it is difficult characters. you should know most viewers are internasional viewers not korean. me as international viewers of bel ami think this drama is really cool. it make me sad to see the rank is improve but still in 3rd position. how could this great and hits drama cannot achieve better rank in korea? something wrong with the viewers in korea. how the discriminate this good drama meanwhile we are from overseeas really enjoy the story. all the cast so pretty and handsome too. the story even though it addopted fr manhwa, but in fact isnt so simple like comics story. it is extraordinary comics who transforming to the tv drama. only 6 episode left. i am support bel ami till end. and hopes people in korea know that we as international viewers give support for this extraordinary drama. bel ami pretty man crews you doiing great job! you can see many pisitive comments to this drama, on viki, dramavefer, and some ilegal link like.. g***drama, alot positive comments arisen fr international viewers of bel ami. we are addicted with this drama. thank you kbs to share this best drama for us.

Mimi I am loving this drama! It has it all. Cute guys , cute girl lead, intense drama,romance! It has gotten better with each episode.

Nathalie I don't understand why Koreans aren't watching this Drama it is really cool,and different from what JkS has done and the story line it's pretty cool. I admit that it was a bit childish at the first episodes but it has gotten really interesting. If you haven't watched it don't concern yourself with the low ratings, this drama is COOL!,!

zinneyy Please don't generalize by saying you know most viewers are rooting for Bt and ct and that they might dislike ma te. We LOVE ma te. And of course want him with bt. I mean seriously, what's not to like? ^.^

Marie @greenrose I'm with you! I have a feeling that MT is NHR's son. If the story continues with President Park and HYR use MT to 'threaten' NHR and there will be a rivalry between MT and CD as the heir of MG group... wow... it gives me goosebumps already. Can't wait to see how the story goes on!

liana some analysis said, mate,s feeling to botongi, currently isnt love but only selffish because he always be the center of evrything in botong life. he feels uneasy to see botong moves her concern to cd.

manda I agree with @greenrose CD is not NHR sonn. MT is NHR son.. So yo ra and Park using MT to defeat NHR. But Yo ra also plan to kill NHR's son..Wow daebak episode 9 I do really enjoy the storyyyyyy I love you bel ami pretty man!

greenrose I think that MT is NHR's son .Is there any people agree with me? If Mate was Park Gil Suk's son, he had to care him more. We can see at ep 8,Park Gil Suk said that "whether it's entrepreneurial skills,or his looks.The apple doesn't far from trees". Like NHR,like MT ^^ .So PGS will use NHR's son to defeat her ^^

AYOU @Hanna, I admit that the first two episodes seem bored, but then it was getting better and interesting, and funny as well. I love the scene when Bo Tong was trying so hard to get Ma Te attention by doing gracefully gesture but she failed. She gave him a bottle of sauce instead of a bottle of water. Then, you have to watch episode 9, I guarantee you will get a true romance.

AYOU Love the 9th episode, finally Ma Te start realize his feeling to Bo Tong. Can't wait for the next episode. JKS you still have a good acting, I can feel what Ma Te feel, he was in pain and anger when Bo Tong rejected his dinner invitation.

weloveBelAmi Finally we know Choi david is NHR son, so MT will opposite with him to gain the heir at the end.. i dont know lee jang woo can sing. his voice is nice. hope sukkie and IU also sing for the OST. i cant wait tonight episod!

weloveBelAmi @Hanna you try to watch from ep 1 so you can understand the storyline, or you just search adn read many recap in internet about Bel Ami Pretty man.

Episode 9 is amazing !!

Hanna.` Meeh. I really can't understand what is this drama about o.o I expect bo tong with ma te in a happy ending ,but wait all I see is the distance between them . Ma te still going around with rich women and now falling for Myomi ? I mean seriously I still wait for some romance between IU and JGS ... CD looks really like more obsessed about bo tong's existence in my opinion . They are not looking so real together. Well it's just me and my opinion ,but I want real romance :) IU and JGS .

manda toninght david singing to Bo tong, cant wait to see MT reaction at the moment!!

mia cant wait for wacth BEL AMI preety man today! Bel Ami fighting!! <3 Ma te Bo Tong Choi <3

anyone can share the link for KBS2 streaming? please

somidu i think dok go ma te will denies his feeling to kmb until ep. 14 because kim bo to tong is very ordinary gurl, she is not rich, she is not a woman who bring a gate for mate success like the other rich woman. he thinks kim bo tong is not precious for him to gain his succes..and she would be not in his list untill he cannot control his feeling anymore...and probably kbt will start to date choi david.. and ma te will continue his ambition to succes with using a few rich woman (yo ra mission) and pretends to ignore kbt and david..cant wait episode 9.

i understant most belami viewers will ship kbt and david.. and probably will dislike ma te. he deserve to be disliked now. but i still ship kbt and dmt, so sad to see kbt 10 years-one side love for ma te. just wait his wisdom will be improve soon and he will learn about true love. i always enjoying to watch oh ha ni syndrome on this drama (playful kiss) :D

ma te with his newest haircut is really hot <3

gyu ri and i hope IU and Jang Geun Suk oppa can be feat in sountrack this drama .. waaaah really hope :)

gyu ri kim bo tong so cute cute and sweet,, love this drama .. I hope doko Ma te aware of his love for Kim bo tong :D I still love this drama and will support its..

Marie @Lopez his haircut and outfits are matched with each woman he is connected with. Until Ep 3, MaTe is still with Jaek Hee, the real estate tycoon. If you pay a more careful attention, up to the current Ep (Ep8), Dokgo MaTe's hairstyles look like the hairstyles/ characteristics of the women. Jaek Hee ties her hair in a delicate bun, so does MaTe. Elec Angel has a cute curly hair, so does MaTe. Kim In Joong has a classic career woman bob style while the World Star MyoMi has a stylish hairdo. You can see MaTe is adjusting his style. I assume this symbolizes how he has been trying to adjust his 'characters' to each woman's character. So it's not simply a matter of Jang Keun Suk's personal style.

belamilovers the romance beginsssss on episode 9 <3 <3 for BT and CD..

what MT will doing after he knows BT getting closer to CD instead of himmm? call 112 again ??? he looks like a cd's haters now Ha Ha.

Lopez ummm he doesn't get his hair cut till episode 4.... I just got done watching episode 3 and he still has the same hair style so you guys need to fix your info on that.

fmm u can vote for this dama on those two sites, which r mentioned by this site above. TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

liku why no previews for ep 9 :( ??

Tai-lee I love this drama-series!

Kim Bo-Tong (IU) is so cute. My favourite part so far is the part where she was told to sell the socks. I found her really sweet, funny and cute. I can't wait for Wednesday to come... patience is a must... I guess... :P

Bel Ami (Pretty boy) is an awesome, fun-filled drama series and to those who haven't watched this, you should watch it right away. Because I myself fell in love with it. ^_^

manda this drama geeting more interesting day by day. i love it. i suggest to writer give free exploration not fully copy fr manhwa. it will be more interseting if the story could be different and more intric in mg group company. botong. .please give mate space, not shows him you available as 'his servant 'all the time for him, tell him to respect you. i am sad when botong talkiing about mate everytime,love him too much,meanwhile mate called her name "that fool kim bo tong.." well, he dint event think she is exist ritenow, even mate looks jealous, it was still not sign about love but probably he just dislike when people who concern about him suddenly changes.

cheeky @ Dawn You can visit There you will find all the korean dramas ratings. You can leave also your comments about Bel Ami on its page and please kindly share Bel Ami's page in tweeter or google so it will always be on the Top 30 most shared dramas. Thank You.

Davia This is one of the craziest fun dramas ever! Wow! Just finished ep. 7 and I don't know when I have laughed so hard. Bu Tong and David were a riot doing the presentation!

kiwi very brave drama with its controvercy. i am surprised. another controvercy from this drama, talking about lesbiansm, it is tabooo in ***** :-) ,they are very conservative. so now i understand, the target viewers from this drama is oversies viewers. cukaeee.. bel ami ph to celebrate the contracts airing for 8 countries. fighting!

Dawn @All Commenters, it's good to read each of your comments about the show. I don't see any ratings posted for this show yet, so if anyone knows where they might be listed it would be great....because, I do not believe they will be able to satisfy the many viewers in 20 episodes...that's pretty much my biggest concern.

I watched ep.8 and like everyone I was very surprised by Myo Mi's announcement....caught me off guard because, I thought for sure she was going to say she was a les-bian...fooled me big time. This show is full of's surprising that Ma Te's father keeps up-to-date on him without Ma Te knowing. I hope soon, they will reveal the reason the father is keeping himself hidden....@the person who said Choi David is the Hong Ran a/k/a IRON LADY's son...that's a strong possiblity, which would explain why he does the "glamping" outside of such a big and beautiful house....because as he said, a mom doesn't have to be dead to miss having one....and he works at MG or rather he did work at MG Homeshopping...sitting on the edge of my sofa for the episode that reveals the truth.

Bo-Tong, get ahold of yourself girl...if you really want Ma Te, you've got to start doing something for yourself...don't be so available....STOP RUNNING WHENEVER MA TE's clear Ma Te adores Bo Tong and has a feeling for her but he's not there yet...possibly the next 2 episodes will show a change in Ma Te's heart that pushes him in Bo Tong's directions.....I feel a real fight coming between Ma Te and Choi David over Bo that's gonna be funny!!!!

I don't know when or how, but Ma Te has got to get himself in a position where he is not being used by all of these women he has to Kim In Joong...doesn't this name seem horribly similiar to the North Korean Dictator...just saying (are the writers playing on a pun!!!!!



Dramalover I like this drama so far; America needs this stuff because it's so much more funnier!

manda @RANDA i think she pretends to be lesbian, because she said she born a son 10 years ago. my question why mates father still in usa after his surgery.,?

cresy i just read, bel ami drama production already signing contract for airing bel ami in 8 countries. congratulation crew and cast! *the power of jang geun suk hangyul star..popularity., 2 tv fr 2 country has sign contract before bel ami airing in kbs 2.. wow.

loney wht i love in episode 8 mate stars feels responsible about his staff, and also feels guilty wif kij. and feels responsible to mi yo mi. this feelin he never shows before. means he start weeeeewww i also love mate doing this.. :-D does anyone see the kindergarden namplate,?? that the gift fr botong to mt.? botong trew it afar fr his desk, because she thouhg yoras gift is better but mate put the kindergarden nameplate beside of the giftbfr yoras on his desk. sweet. kij is evil woman.

milky23 @Ayu mee tooo the scenes is totally fun big giggle fr me to botong sie.. bUT i am SO SAD MT start fallin in love with yo mi,the L actres. not to botong, his heart racing and he tries to protec yo mii fr kim in joong the spider woman ergh.,that he never did foe any girl before in his life.. he likes yo mii, botong will be broken heart if she knows it. now MT got big problem he got stuck with kij trap spider web lady. i read the title mt will learn about "the timing " fr yo mi the title. yo mi ia a woman who really knows about timing.

redtomato @blessing I love this drama too and I love IU too. She is one of the best idol actress.

Loved the story so far. I hope botang would realise david's love for her. I think yoora doesn't even know the password and she is just using matae. I have a feeling that matae or david is real son of hong ran. Family mystery is killing me with curiosity and botang is killing me with quirky comedy and those sweet moment of botang and david is icing on the cake

RANDA i love how ma te started to fall for myomi in ep 8  ?! and i thinks their is some secrets around her ? i think she will start to love ma te too even if she is lesbian , cuz i think she is pretending to be ?! or is it just me ? any way i can't wait to see what will happen so excited :)

Mary I love this drama JGS is such a diverse actor and I love the second lead he is gorgeous ..i don't agree w JGS having cut his hair but if the character requires it I could understand..IU is by so far my favorite lead actress then the chick from BOF..

cheondamdong i am watching ep 7, omooo sink noodle??????? wth :D :D david and botong idea for selling new item are crazy HA HA.. LOL MT said botong is dummy, and now CD too

i love all the character sincerely (y)

livingaze very interesting.. episod 8 everybody have their own recognize hong yu ra..what is their secret. what is hong ran secret...who is her child? cd or mt or probably botong. ha2. does cd really confess his love or just wanna save botong from being rejected and broken heart. im nerveous if botong try to say she loves about she suddenly got rejecteed..and im glad if david save her by his confession in front of MT. yes pathetic botong..poor botong. cd is ideal man for her, but mate oppa is her love. does she can turn her heart to cd..? then mt will realize her presence.

Ayu I am a fans of JGS. He really knows how to play any kind of character. Regarding Bel AMi drama, it is a little bit boring at the beginning, but later on I could enjoy while watching it. Ma Te and Bo Tong really make me laugh, they are both are funny. The funniest moment in episode 8 while Bo Tong trying to impress Ma Te by her gracefully gesture, unfortunately she gave him the wrong bottle. He gave the bottle of sauce instead of the bottle of water. Though the story behind this drama seems very complicated. I look forward the moment when finally Ma Te realizes that he loves Bo Tong. Can't wait for the next episode.

manda about the haircut, please stop cutting your hair.. mate, dont cut it too short. just enaught. you look handsome with the lastest stillzz. soo manly.

manda @bethany everybody dislike mate`s character. remember:ma te not jgs. i love jgs :) but i hate mate. yooou rite¡¡ he makes advantage of botongs feeling.. couse he knows botong loves him..mate is a jerk n selfish. never care about botong,s heart. :(

i hope ma te will grows soon become better person.

i am actually thingking mate is the secret child of the iron lady...not cd. how about the secret pasword....?

Bethany I'm a fan of JGS but I'm not really a fan of Mate. He's funny in this drama but his selfish and womanizer character has headed to a jerk level. He's using so many women and Botong is the most pathetic one since he knows Botong's feeling for the past 10 years and he's taking advantages out of it. I do have to agree that David is the most better man for Botong. I'm hoping the story line focused a lot more on the family feud between Mate, Hong Yoora and Na Hong Ran. Their story was so interesting that I kept wanting to know more. I do have a feeling that Choi David is the Iron Lady's secret child. Probably because his name sounds like Korean American. I also hope that Mate gonna grows into more positive character.

TayTay I'm laughing a lot in this drama because of IU. I like Ma Te haircut up to ep 6-7, I hope he will stop change it next time since he looked much more dashing with his current hair style. I'm trying to like Ma Te character but the way he's using Botong and other women for his own benefits seems a bit immoral. As a girl, Botong seemed too pathetic even David realized it. David is much a better guy for Botong and it's kinda unfair if Botong end up with Ma Te. I know Ma Te will change sooner or later, but honestly David is the one whose always stay with Botong in many difficult moments. It's hard for any girl to face the reality if one guy has become her blind spot and too bad she can't see David's real feeling towards her. I'm really drawn to this drama because of Yoo Ra and Na Hong Ran characters. Their family story should be elaborate more in each episode.

epsillon @Blessing... Me to . My favorite idol-actress : IU... And indeed : I love you, JGS... Fighting bel ami

manda you right @dawn.. yo ra is more dangerous fr anyone else, she use mate for her personal mission. yo ra get secret password fr mate,s mother..she keep the secret for herself not to tell mate

i think at the end yo ra will be mates enemy.

remember what the elec fairy said to yora. ...if yora help mate and mate get what he deserve, yoras daugther will dye before 12. ...if im not mistaken...

nextweek will be romantic and hot, botong confes her love to mate and.david confess his love to botong :-):-):-)

i agree mate have to meet his father..writer nim please

Blessing I love this drama . MY favourite ACTRESS: IU Anyone else?

Basma&Ebtsam i love this drama and people in Arab World love this drama so much. it deserve a high rate.

Dawn I love this drama, the more I watch it...the more and more I love it. I agree with the person, who commented that this drama is teaching you important things as you watch each episode....if you pay close attention that is. I know I am picking up some valuable things as I watch.

I've previously stated that I love each and every character, the bad and routhless ones and the sweet and innocent too. I hope the writers really get into this issue with Ma Te's father and why he hasn't come to his son himself or even knows that Ma Te's mother is no longer living....I really want them to jump into that. I need for the writers to get to this part of the story, if he is suppose to be making a connection with his father I can't see the development....what I see at this point is one character using Ma Te for her benefit...and I'm afraid of that web.

We probably all can agree as viewers that Yoo Ra is more dangerous to Ma Te than Hong Ran at this point or do you all feel like they are both equally poisoneous to Ma Te??? I do wish the Electric Fairy would pop back up, because she was essential to Ma Te...while I don't want there to be a love connection, I do want there to be a continued friendship connection....a source of help connection (Ma Te still has that box she gave him to open for later when it gets harder than he can stand....looking forward to the opening of that box from the Electric Fairy).

I really like this drama, no matter what the overall ratings might be at this point...and I hope for an extension, because I can't see them ending this drama successfully in the next 9 episodes...because, I can see something deeper happening or coming from the Director Choi character....isn't Jang Woo the most adorable guy....I'm soooooo loving him in this drama. Jang Woo, you've got the cutest expressions and your interaction with the character Bo it, love it, love it.

Anyways, entire cast keep up the fabolous work...I can't wait for next episode.

Sbcri This drama is so funny! I really enjoy watching it! Fighting BM!

Sbcri I love this drama, its because the story is unique and very funny. I dont like sad stories though...Fighting BM!

Marie @TayTay the socks should 'symbolize' something... something which seems to be trivial yet needed and then they can also be 'revived' to fulfill other functions such as for cleaning ;). after the "normal/ botong" company has been set up, they would like to sell other products, too :p.

By the way, the family 'feud' is coming to an interesting development soon... as more characters are involved now... Ma Te is still 'trapped' in the 'spider web' connection of Kim In Joong and Iron Lady has been watching him closely...

TayTay I know this drama is supposed to be light and fun, but I think the sock story is getting ridiculous. It's fun at first but it has been dragged long enough up to now.I mean, why socks?? Since this is Manhwa adaptation, there's nothing can be done about the story line. It's fun to watch cute scenes between Ma Te, Botong and David. But, the family feud is the strong point of Bel Ami and it really generate my curiosity for next episode.

manda im dying coz im gooing grazy launghing.....loooool :D :D

manda lol lol lol.. i love this drama i do really love this drama, coz it it reallyyyy funnnyyyyyyy support bel ami fighting..!! i know the rating isnt good but this drama is daebakk!!!!

lecy Hahahahaha I can't stop laughing saw Mate's master piece on botong face. He draws botong face when she got drunk and sleeep LOL LOL And mate due to jealousy called 112 (police) to sabotage CD+Botong+botong's family dinner time hahahaha

Episode 7 very entertaining and can't wait ep 8 tonite!

diana i like this drama fighting jks we love youuu......

kdlover i like this drama very much.i think this drama is best at it's airing slot, can't wait for today's ep

livingaze copypaste :-):-):-)

i agree with you famy.

@famy said:

No matter what people says: I give you 4 Reasons, why you must see this drama:

1. The drama give you satirical humor about beauty concept. When people in korea really concern about their beauty appearance. This drama shows us and changed the concept of beauty, beauty is not usefull without brain and effort

2. Each episode gives you point learning, you will realize it when you watch the drama fr 1st episode. Episdoe 1 _ 2 mate learn about money, episode 2-3 mate learn baout how to conquer n understant people minds, episode 5_6 mate learn how to make connection to grow your small business. Full lesson for me and you too ;)3

3. The comedy and satirical humor make you laughing and get better mood after watching it. :)

4. I will notrecommended this drama to whom that still love many many cinderellas story or 'rich mans love poor girls' in many korean drama, but I highly recommended this drama to whom want enjoying s'thing different from k drama, and want to learn about philosophy of live, a growing man's character, grow small business become bigger, and real beauty with its better concept.

yous will love it because the drama is soooooooo funny. specially episode 1&2 the drama adopted from manhwa, why the scenes sometimes ridic, because the director and wrtiter want to show the similaritirs between manhwa and the drama.

warning:::: before you watch it. think out the box 1st,forgotten jgs and iu are pretty cool on their previous drama because in this drama they mostly e act as comedian,.and you will find the beautiful lesson whithin. :-):-):-):-)

famy you are.genius

nam chasya I just finished episode 6, this is very fun and very much enjoyed it. I dont care about rankings still love this drama, this drama tells the hard work of someone with a good way ... wow amazing

bel ami whating !! go... go ..  :D

cheeky @sepide its obvious that you did not really watch it. Feel SORRY for you. Please don't bother to comment. You don't know nothing all about the shooting sites of this drama. FYI JKS fan clubs have been sending support from the first day of shooting of this drama, feeding the entire cast/crew maximum 4x/week. Those meal trucks sent by fans reached even the REMOTE areas in order to feed the crew who are all working so hard. So who are you to criticize knowing you have not really witnessed the hard work & dedication of every single person involve in making this drama for those who know how to appreciate a good & unique one.

-That building that you described as "idiotic" (like you) technical thing is actually a warehouse for the hundreds of thousands of socks that Ma Te has to dispose as part of his mission/learning.

- the scene where Ma Te & Bo Tong met at the entrance of a building door that is revolving that in the story is part of MG building. Are you really that idiot not to notice it, at the end of that scene they even get inside the elevator!

- Hong Yura's house is filmed inside a house, scene Ma Te arrived in front of a country mansion coming out from his porsche, what is that!???

-Electric fairy's consultation office, again are you that blind not to see where Jaek Hee entered after coming out of the car.

- Ma Te's penthouse yes it is done in the studio like the rest of other dramas produced & made in Korea.

-As for Bo Tong's house she came from an ordinary family do you expect her to shoot her family scenes in a palace or mansion, are you kidding meeeee!

- David's house again he is not super rich just an average marketing director where do you want him to film in a fancy building what a joke!

So please stop with your nonsense. And learn to respect yourself, the production know very well what they are doing & NOT YOU who obviously know nothing.

sepide @famy wow! genius..i didn't mean david's house i meant the mg group ep 5 or 6 ..i don't remember correctly.. jks and iu are talking and their background is some idiotic technical thing...that shows that they didn't do the filming in the real the way for someone else...the reason that i'm not talking about the philosophy is that there is none existed..the plot is not even worth of criticism.. a shallow..want to be different (so not there! )series...even the name is not original...the total subject is good but the ruin it with stupid development...

diehardfan watching this for hoon!!! hoon fighting!!

cheeky @Paul its okay because you are a guy. Men don't like Jang Keun Suk because let's admit it their girlfriends, wives, girl-bbf have all fallen in love with this amazing Hallyu star. And fyi not all JKS fans are teenagers, there are so many older fans who became his loyal fans -noonas, ahjummas lool. I consider myself a noona (older sister) for JKS, and well if i'm the police officer yes I might do that - not totally impossible lol.... don't worry we understand your feeling as long as you will not bash him. Thank you for your comment.

supit Correct @----, this drama story line is Satirical HUMOR about beauty concept! Ha2.. Now I remember austin powers, the clasic comedy movie fr Hollywood. It is worthy to watch. Hei I am not fans of anyone. I just enjoy the drama ;)

delia I watch this drama due to my curiosity. Some part I love and some part I don't like, balance. But the story itself is fine and unique, I understand why it will be raised controversy coz this is a new concept for K_Drama, many scenes as candid like J_Drama, I've watched so many J-Drama before most they add manga scenes on the show, it ordinary in J drama. About Bel Ami so this is new format for Korean drama and I like something new.

I keep support bel ami.

I try to find the Manhwa but still don't find it..could anyone give me the link? Thx

tragic I just only like this drama, I am not fans off jgs or iu :) but the drama is good.

Hmmm.. Pro n cons, critics and many good comment or good appreciation. Means this darama is recognize well, no matter they love or hate :)

Don't forget the story adopted from MANHWA, don critics tooo much. Coz the plot is setting like that.

Bel ami fighting! (Y)

botong if you want to critic that much, why don't you go to the KBS building and ask the chairman to make your own drama?. heol~ -.-

keep calm and enjoy the drama. :)

Jang nae Hi everybody ... i don't know what going on with comments down below? why do you have to be so negative for??? I know everyone has their own opinions but sometimes opinions got to be kept to themselves. Anyways, I think the drama is great for viewers ^.^ i'm enjoying it. Bel Ami ~hwaiting!

tiz i've watched the 1st and 2nd episode. it so hilarious. credit to iu n jks. i really enjoy this drama. its cheerfu, lively and iu looks so cute! BEL AMI, fighting! ^-^

Paul maybe because i'm a guy but i didnt find JKS pretty or handsome! the way women show intrest in him in this drama is just too much! i know his fans will attack me after this comment but i dont care..i only saying my personal opinion...some teen girls might like him but a police officer with that age was actually eating him up in ep2! i don't know it was a bit too much to believe! i know it's a drama but still...

in other side but IU doing  great job...she's  so pretty and funny here..specially her first kiss with a dirty brush in ep2 ! LOL

lela6130 Sepide, Sepide, Sepide... I'm so shock to see your comments here.. how dare you to insult at here after you're insulting The Heirs.. that was just rude and cheap!!

welovebelami Stop reply unworthy comments just concern about the drama everyone :p.

What I love about bel ami episode 6: I like MT turn a bit jealous with CD coz he know BT is CD's secret button sign I like MT shows he cares a lot to BT I love CD getting close to BT, BT needs someone who make her special I like the new MT haircut I like BT not obey all MT's request. It means she grows up. I like MT narcissism it make me LOL LOL I like MT and CD 'mock' conversation, Funny! I like BT's family they are so funny tooo!

But I hate YEAR and MT's step mother

Can't wait ep 7!

haha Omg cmons haters go away! :)

-Eels-China We Love Jang Geun Suk! our asia prince go away haters! :)

sitikom For @PRETTY-BOY-VS-THE-HEIRS AND @SEPIDE YOU BOTH ! Don't write any provoke comments here. Let's everyone have their peace here!

These 2 drama lovable. I am belami's fans and I am the heirs fans, I am adore this 2 drama. Coz I love lmh and also jgs, stop bullying them okay?!

You @prettyboyvsheirs @sepide please leave these site. We don't need your comment.

elix The true eels would never comment about this other drama coz they don't watch it only please stop comparing because those two dramas are different in style like night & day. Please understand that eels (JKS fans) would not deliberately provoke or leave a bad comments on other actors or dramas page. For the new eels Jang Keun Suk taught us not to bother or fight with other fans. So if you love him truly respect the feelings of those fans. But some fans are just full of hate & you will just feel sorry for them. So my advice for those haters stop... or else what goes around comes around.

Bel Ami Fighting! I just want to focus to watch Bel Ami. I recently watch the 1st and 2nd episode. I think It's a good drama. It also funny. Especially Bo Tong. Hahaha.. I don't care about the rating. But I just feel sad because of the comment I read on netizenbuzz about Pretty Man, They said that they are busy to watch The Heirs. I really don't like it. And please don't compare Bel Ami with The Heirs. I hope this drama will successful. ;-) Fighting JKS and IU! <3<3

stupidjoke Hei galsss, please stop fighting.. Hahaha, dont bullying the actors, they just do their best what they payed for it.

Those are only drama, heirs or bel ami, isn't necessary to be fight about. I am sorry, but t I'm saying this»this is stupid thing to fight about gals :)

Face and enjoy your real live, so many important thing to discuss. Fight for dramas land is not worthy to do it.

But, perhaps these both drama are good because its make people concern. And the actor and actress has delivered their message on the right way. GOOD! ;p

JKS's Eel Sepide. what a hater !! that's totally none of your business, we like our prince's haircut. so shut up gosh!!!!

Kdrama Fans Those comment from pretty boy vs the heirs was totally cheap and really immature. I'm following both drama and I don't agreed with you. Both dramas are great but I do have bias. Still, I wouldn't differentiate them. Instead, I just enjoyed watching them peacefully. Yeah you just made some of The heirs fans hated you.. Give it time, The Heirs are ending soon..

lela6130 currently i'm following The Heirs.. since the drama gonna end soon, I've decided to watch Pretty Boy as well.. but reading most of the comments here made me think twice.. Anyway I'm still gonna watch it since I'm a fan of JGS.. a comment from Pretty Boy Vs. The Heirs was very rude and hurtful.. did you really watch The Heirs? did you really have to bash the drama here? just because Pretty Boy has lower ratings, it doesn't give you the rights to make those hurtful comments.. Just support Pretty Boy and stop watching The Heirs.. Don't compare both of them.. not every drama can satisfy every people..As a fan of Pretty Boy you should encourage people to watch this drama.. but now you only made some fans hated you..

lovelylia @sepide come on!!!!!! Every insulting words that you said in your comment obviously describe who you are -- cheap, awful, stupid, desperate!!!

Please stop mentioning the other drama in this wall, because there will always be those awful fans who do not know how to counteract decently. There will always be antis/haters that are mad with themselves for their own incompetency & lack of self-worth.

lovebelami @sepide Ma Te (JGS) changed his hairstyle for each episode when he met a new target/woman,he match his hair style with his target woman to fit their mood ;p. that Ma Te characters is, When he start to date electric fairy he changes his hairstyle become curly This 2nd hairstyle is not good I agree, but his 3rd target is another woman who work in insurance company/financial advisor, so he changes his hair style again. the latest hairstyle in episode 6 is totally good! Love that hair style. He looks hot and manly :* Can't wait to see the next episode an on and on he will change his hair style :) hihi

famy Could you guys stop to compare heirs and bel ami, these two are diffent genre, heirs is for teenagers. Heirs story is easy to be lovable coz is about cinderella story, every girls love that specially teens :) But Bel ami is for grown people who like humor in satirical way, with a little bit J-Drama concept, mostly only adult and smart and wise people will enjoy this unique drama :p ha2

Fighting bel ami!!

There is a secret about the iron lady, she is actually ...... " Watch on the next and next episod

famy @sepide the tends is david's home he live on his park, and rents his house to bo tong. Please see from 1st episode to 6th :) mate's house is big apartment and also the office MG and MD are both building and of course they rent building for the drama :) don't underestimate. The drama is quit good for you to lear about phylosopi,I enjoye itm but maybe teens doesnt get their mood to see the smart concept of drama, but think out the box evryone gals/boys :D

No matter what people says:

I give you 4 Reasons, why you must see this drama: 1. The drama give you satirical humor about beauty concept. When people in korea really concern about their beauty appearance. This drama shows us and changed the concept of beauty, beauty is not usefull without brain and effort 2. Each episode gives you point learning, you will realize it when you watch the drama fr 1st episode. Episdoe 1 _ 2 mate learn about money, episode 2-3 mate learn baout how to conquer n understant people minds, episode 5_6 mate learn how to make connection to grow your small business. Full lesson for me and you too ;) 3. The comedy and satirical humor make you laughing and get better mood after watching it. :) 4. I will not recommended this drama to whom that still love many many cinderellas story or 'rich mans love poor girls' in many korean drama, but I highly recommended this drama to whom want enjoying s'thing different from k drama, and want to learn about philosophy of live, a growing man's character, grow small business become bigger, and real beauty with its better concept.

Lee Ok people lets stop fighting. Both of these dramas have pros and cons in their own way. However they still can't compete with 'I Hear Your Voice', that is still the best for me this year.

sepide come on!!!!!!!!! this series is so cheap they didn't even do the filming in real they made that awful thing that made me laugh because of it's far..the cheapest korean series that i'v ever seen and will some one plz tell jks that he looks like a mushroom with that stupid hair cut..and that he is in a desperate need of a styler?no wonder why it is not even ranked...

Pretty Boy Vs.The Heirs "Pretty Boy" is way better than "The Heirs"...Well! most of the Drama ar better than "The Heirs"...."The Heirs" IS WAY TOO PREDICTABLE...i don't get it why "The Heirs" has more votes than "City Hunter"..."City Hunter" has a beautiful story about Poo Chai (Lee Min Ho) and and his parents...well and a story of love of course...but "The Heirs" is the typical story about a rich guy who fell in love with the poor I totally forget about the rich people who are disrespecting poor girl...yes, this Drama is way too boring !!! Pretty Boy fighting !!!

incess i love the flow of the story. Ma-Te and Bo-Tong keeps me LOLing. :) The heirs and Bel Ami stories are both catchy.There's no need to compare :)

Jeipei I really love JKS, so it hurts my heart to say that but in my opinion this Drama really isn't that good :/ I watched 4 episodes now and I'm not even sure if I should continue watching ... I was super excited when I heard of Bel Ami and I tried to start watching without any expectations but It was boring all the time. It was a challenge for me to even keep up with it 4 Episodes. I know some Drama's just need a lil bit time till the episodes get really thrilling but I didn't see that coming with Bel Ami *sigh*

loveJGSLMH Really in korean language ? That's why google search can't help to find it :/

I love lee min ho and also jang geun suk too, they are my 2 best fabulous actors with different special characters, LMH is calm when he talk with his prince charming style but JGS totally different, JGS very enthusiastic when he talk and he is Hot exotic prince with his bad boy style.sexyyy :)

These 2 actors amazing me ! :D. I can't stop to love them both.

hesukie the manhwa version is written in korean language...

silver it's manhwa not manga, i am also looking for it but couldn't find it...

bully Great drama!! I'll Keep Watching Jang Keun-Suk Oppa fighting! i hope the rating would be increase. Funny Bo Tong! Comedy Drama really like it..keep it up

  1. LOL

emily @Lee So true !!! I feel the same :) !!! Heirs is getting more popular because of all the fan girls , not because of its story !!!

Lee I am both Jang kuen suk and Lee min ho fan, but I have to say this storyline is much more appealing to me than the heirs.

I love it when Jang Kuen Suk posed and asked 'is this my best side' Lol.

LOVE BEl AMI (Pretty Boy) :D

lovemanga Yes meee tooooo :'( wanna read the manga and don't find it.. pleaseee

BEL AMI FIGHTING! * could you people give support for this goooood k drama?

angelica i want ti read the manga can someone plz tell me were i can read it

botsie For the time being, let's forget about rating, just enjoy the drama. I hope after heirs end the viewers will arisen up significantly just wait and see :), please give support and give concern with bel ami. Because this drama is very nice, fully lesson you have tru the story. And you know jgs is really hard worker, he full dedicated himself for this drama. Iu too. Viewers should support their effort to make manga live into drama. Feel, touching with JGS kindness heart. About he donate his money for charity. Not often korean actor do that. We honor you jgs.

Denise I love this show IU is so cute with her face expression and love for keunk - sok. Plus anyone who watched the drake & Josh show David Choi is the Korean version of Josh witch is awesome I really thought it was josh it ed like double take moment. LOL

liana Wow daebaak!! Bel ami viewers for episode 6 (link sites overseas in china) gain more than 23 million viewers. So it means bel ami will be top rating if it can be airing and polling by other country viewers instead of korean viewers. But I hope for the next 2 week, the rank will raise after heirs end. Support bel ami!

bebybluey good drama <3O:-)O:-)<3 i love ep 6, !

Marie EP 6 is so entertaining! I love each episode of this drama... Really... kudos to the production team & casts for their hard work so far. I don't care about the Korean rating... This is one good drama and this compliment comes from somebody who doesn't even fancy a Korean Drama before... :)

Nur_Hidayah_my I just don't bother about the ratings. The most important thing is if there is any lesson/moral value that can be learnt from each episode. If there is, then that would be good enough for me. Daebak!!!

hesukie low rating doesn't mean that the drama is bad infact i learned a lot from this drama..

atik Im from hongkong n i really appreciated people who support this drama.... PM fighting n for all the crew n staff from PM thank you for ur hard work... This drama DAEBAAAAAK.....

emily What has happened with everyone who watch the telly ??? 3.8% kind of hurts knowing how good this drama is.... !!!! I had seen love rain long after it had aired and I liked it soooo verryyy much... and it was only recently that I saw its dismal ratings!!!! It was as sad and good(may be more heartfelt and emotional in few cases, in my opinion) as boys over flower .... but its ratings were not worth !!!!! So sad that good dramas donot get appropriate publicity and honor !!! Ratings do not matter to fans , but they do matter to ad agencies and those who are involved with the drama ...

I wish ratings would involve internet access and is world-wide,, then obviously rating would go high :)

5555 555 rating very bad i don't love drama

Daisy Amazing drama! very funny! I love JKS forever!!!

Choco Love this drama!!full of life's lessons!! Fighting!!

Davia So happy to see people on this site that really appreciate this drama. It's a gem. It's so well written. It's like an adult fairy tale.

lovebelami the real rival of Ma Te is comiiing........ his step mother :0 he got nervous when he met her. poor Ma Te. the step mother come to show him her claws, big bos from MG group, she traits ma te.. o_O does he can win. ? sweet scene between bo tong n mate make me smile, he cares so much about botong. when botong hand suddenly got burned, he took botong to hospital, he said that hand will get the ring when she get married, so dont get any scar on it.. sweet. n in botong imagination she will get marry with MaTe :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D iam not worry about rating, jang geun suek is more popular outside korea, alotof vievers give apreciation for bel ami. the ratings dooenst shows this drama isnt popular..look the comments from all those country. everyone love this drama :-D and love jang geun suk!

his voice is soo hot. <3

belamiforsmartpeople The story line is soooo smart :p only smart people like this drama :p Btw, the rating is rise a bit :) go faighting bel ami. We love you! Keep your spirit to compelete this drama :)

This is The wonderful story "nothing is impossible", very interesting when see how they try to sell socks. How to build small business and grows it.

So many lessons I learn from the story, It is fun to see MT growing to better person.

From the 3rd woman mate learn how to make connection with people. Coz connection is important for growing business :D yes interesting how the all woman mentor him.

He looks more handsome w/ his new hairstyle :)

I love I love this drama daebaaaakkkk !, it deserve to have more rating. Stop compare w/ heirs, the taste n market is different genre w/ heirs. I watch heirs, iam just happy. But I watch bel ami, i am very happy :p In bel ami all storyline is simple and realistic. More laughing, and get lesson too. Supeer.

in episode 6, electric fairy asked to broke up w/ mate, the electric fairy is because she scared faling in love w/ him, she knows mate dosnt love her.

Mate improve his character also, he gets more talent than before, he start his own business (he laearned from 1st woman&KMB), he also can see button from other heart(he learned from 2nd woman), he start to build his business connection (he learn fr 3rd woman) also feels jealous w/ BT n CD.:)

And what surprised me than mate named his socks homeshopping business "Bo Tong" hhe shows us that he really thanks to her and as a gift to her his named the brand w/ her name.., but his stepmother tries to ruin his business. The war is begin ..mate have to be ready for that. :(

Very good drama, but this is more serious than I though.

And I love the way MT grows his feeling to BT, he starts doing it..can't wait to see next episode. :D recomended drama to watch this year.

cdbhl Absolutely love everything about this drama so far! I'm also surprised by the low ratings. I really hope it'll start getting more recognized soon. Although the synopsis itself is pretty cliche, the way they're unfolding the plot is so different from a lot of dramas that I'm always being surprised with each episode. I also love that this drama showcases all these powerful woman (it's seriously not everyday you see this in a kdrama...) and how they all mentor MaTe and help him grow into a better person. There's quite a lot of MaTe hate (and BoTong hate too), but I actually enjoy seeing them having flawed personalities and then learning how to change themselves for the better. I really can't wait to see how much they have grown by the end of the series.

amee This drama is really..really really funny!! This drama doesn't deserve low ratings. For my personal opinion, I think this drama is a lot better than The Heirs. The Heirs got huge ratings just because of the top actors/actress.

kdramalover i dont know why this drama ratings are low because this drama is very good

lollipoplover I'm really enjoying this drama. Everytime Kim Bo Tong is on screen she does funny and cute things. So adorable!! I love that she is so dedicated to Dokgo Ma Te, he is some special guy. Jang Geun Suk definitely doesnt fail to deliver, as expected. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. :-)

Chick At this point, Ep. 5, I think MT has jealousy towards DC, not so much bec. he is attracted to BT, but he has always been her focus and now he is seeing this focus diverted. He is used to women falling all over him but even though BT idolizes him, she is goal oriented and wants to finish the task at hand in order to please MT. Also, he is showing some embarrassment at even looking at her. After all, she is unsophisticated, not glamorous, poor and, ditsy---a watering can as a purse, mismatched tights, crazy clothes. MT has 2 women who are going to make a successful transformation in him. I look forward to how this is accomplished.

derylryl yes he is jelous, but he still dont understand why he acts like that.. :-D

i love episode 2 and 5, episode 2 made me lauhging alot, episode 5 i saw a man grow become wiser, mate said he learning sthing fr botong,he said thanks to bo tong,, matee happy when he start to get money with his own effort. philosophyi story.

and the interesting parrt is he feels sthing to bo tong..probably he cares like an oppa to a dongsaeng. but could be he start flingin love with her

while he still playing game with prety and rich girls/woman :-p i am waiting see his suffer when botongs heart move to other namja :-D

Marie Not watching this drama is such a loss. It offers a nice package: serious theme wrapped by a comical way, wonderful casts who fit their characters and nice soundtracks. It's really nice that we as audience also get to learn some lessons along with Dokgo Mate and Kim Botong :)

miho is he getting jealous? botong don't have much to offer but still doing her sincere efforts to help mate. unlike other woman's she is the first to move his heart... when i see JGS in next life i want to born as pretty boy.....

Fara Now, I think this show is really interesting and not to mention funny and a bit mental for me, especially IU's acting. I mean she's really hilarious in this drama but cute! It's just that most people now looking forward to something different (not typical and heavy dramas) and Bel Ami is pretty much similar to 'He's Beautiful' (but only better, methinks!)

Marj i don't know why this drama is NR!!!!!! this drama is so interesting! i love the story & the characters.. IU is the best and cutest korean actress ever! i'm a k drama addict.. i have also watched IU in dream high.. her cuteness really captured my heart.. she had been then my favorite korean actress.. she's the cutest korean actress ever! Her acting is simply natural.. she really got this natural cuteness & charisma.. && JKS? my favorite actor ever..! when i heard they will be paired up! i'm so happy.. & now that i'm watching this drama.. they are really so cute.. !!!! love their love theme!!!!!!!!!!!

hesukie finished watching episode 5....woah this drama is so amazing...i admit i'm a fan of jks but this drama is a must watch not only for his fan but for everyone of us coz it brings a lot of lesson on how to improve ourselves....just forget about the ratings just continue to bring lessons for us..

lilithlil yeah lol.but i am laughing when he tries to tricks bo tong he always get the stone himself haha

winnythepooh i think until 5t episode, dok go mate just utilizes botong to do what he reluctant to do.he knows botong idolize him. poor botong. but botong still lucky, choi help her and give her full support. ma te seeing choi as his rival now..he2. he jealous when botong start to close to choi..ha2

Andromeda Williams Some of my favorite people some several of my favorite dramas. Poor Bo Tong.. she can only be a fool for so long. Eventually she will realize her own worth. Poor Ma Te when she does that.

lilithlil hmm botong amaizes him day by day, he will realize that 'looks and 'money are nothing in the world, everyone needs love, the one who really care about you without any conditional.. think...but does he still keep botong his side when he get suceesss..? i doubtfull aboutbthat, coz when he got succed yo ra will stay with him... but botong fighting!!

amandadelty i love this drama.

fnally those old sock become moneyyy! great botongi! dok ma te really thanks to bo tong for what she doing for him..very tauching..i guarrantee he suddenly fallin with her because of it. actually from botongi, he learned about " love&loyalty&hard work " eventh he dind realize it., from the 1st woman he learnd about money can burry his life if he cannot control it, from 2nd woman he learnd about how to read people minds, amaizing storyline.from the learning, he become stronger n more mature man now.

thats good to te give a sign he looks jealous to david, yeay the loveline story between mate, botongi, david begin... ;) btw, he look georgous with his new hairstyle. you can see it in episode 6. a new woman will come to his life. ;)

Nonna I really really really like this drama!

kiwi Daebaakkk ep 5. Very entertainning¡¡¡,! Ha ha cant wait the next ep.. I love bel ami.

epsillon I finished Ep 4 right now. At first I watched the drama beacuse of JKS and I didn't know iu.but now I'm going to be addicted iu's acting as Botong. SHe is so cute and I love the way she acts. Pretty man keep hard working I'll support you untill the end and I don't care about Korean ratings.

epsillon I finishe Ep 4 right now... At the first I watched the drama beacuse of JKS and I didn't know iu. but now I'm going to be addicted iu's acting as Botong. Pretty man keep hard working.I will support you till end. I don't care about Korean's ratings.

jksiu jks + iu = super bored drama

bel ami will become his another flop drama after marry me mary and love rain...NR

Sanara To be quite honest, I like this drama wayyyyyy better than The Heirs. Unlike The Heirs, this grips the audience even in the start of the episode. The Heirs made me bored and is so very lukewarm. What I really am saying is, this drama has potential (unlike The Heirs which I abandoned at ep4 for its bland plot) and is a bit different. Although I would like to see Jang Keun-Suk in a much mature role as well, especially as a villain, lol. I'm looking forward for this drama to surprise me more and more and also, I love Han Chae-Young whom I know in the drama Delightful Girl Choon Hyang... So excited >_< Haven't been excited in a KDrama in a long time. Don't let me down Pretty Man (Bel Ami) :)

mia news for heirs fan from recent viewers voting polls heirs was voted as over populated and most disappointing drama of the year by viewers....

belamiluv Fyi..dok go mate will changed his outfit style and his hair style for 10 different woman. It would be sssooo interesting!!! Amaizing jang geun seuk!!! <3<3<3

belamiluv tonight!,,,,,,,!!!! Dont forget to wacth bel ami.. Streeming kbs 2 for abroad country. Since today the airing episode will add english subtitle. Am i right.? <3

Genesis So, I have watched up to Ep. 4 of this wonderful drama. I am so glad to see Sukkie back on the tube. This is a going to be an AWESOME drama, the cast members give off a unique mixture of bright, funny, tragic, vulnerable, villianious, playful and most of all BEAUTIFUL.

Okay, right off the bat, I hate that Sukkie cut his beautiful hair for episode 3. While, he still looks good (truly Sukkie is hot), I think we can all agree that the longer the can do more with long hair...just saying. The storyline is good so far, but I hope the writers get around to telling us how Ma Te (Sukkie's character) mom and dad met, and what forced them apart (well her into hiding). We already know that the dad is married to a "witch" but he can't possibly be as rich as he is and afraid of his wife. We know he got around, because in Ep. 2, it was said he had a lot of illegitmate children....but the question is why he kept contact with Ma Te (Sukkie's character) mother???

Anyways, I'm looking forward to watching the rest of this drama play out. I've already shed tears...did you see Sukkie and the quivering lip when he talked about his mom and her food....I know it's a drama but I was like...Fairy Mind Reading Chic, if you don't hug that man, right now...but, I think Sukkie is his best when he's acting with IU...this girl is hilarious!!! Please keep IU through the entire this point don't write anyone else off...I see that Jack Hee's already been cut (which is okay, she served her purpose)....but don't get rid of anyone else....well, at least not until Ep. Bo Tong mom and brother....I can't see what they have to offer to the drama.

Well, that's is all for now...good luck cast and crew. Wishing you top ratings!!!!!

lovejks true beautiful heart you prince asiaa... Love you,! Bel ami keep fighting!!!

NoonaEel KBS World will air 'Bel Ami' with English Subtitle on the 4th of December! Don't miss it ;)

goudgeurl There are 8 more beautiful woman will be the guest star in pretty man bel ami. One of them is my favorite artis.. :-*

goudgerls Such interestng plot..! Cant wait untill next belami! IU you so cute.

bekamilovers Why do you feel he does not fit the role as ma te, many people specially his fans want he acts in more challenging role. It is the time. In movie he had several plays different role not always as a flower boy. Think out the box, just enjoy the drama. You say yournot enjoy the drama because you always hope he will cast a role as cool folwrr boy like he did. I am abit surprised jang geun suk can acts as a dorky playboy dok go mate very well.

This is a clue of The plot: for a new viewers..this kdtama is combination between comedy and marketing skill education i think.. :P 1.Mate is a poor man who utilizes his good looks to get money from the rich woman older than him. 2. But something changed after he met yo ra and finally know that mate is the heir to a large enterprise group. But it isnt easy to take his birthright, he must deal with his dictator stepmother. To help mate yo ra trains him(actually yora help herself due to personal reason with mate's stepmother, she hates her somuch). Yora train him by continue to use mate greatness in conquering women. Mate have to learn many things from the 10 wonderful women, before he really strong to face stepmother 3.and the 1st mission is seliing 1million old socks and learn from jaee hee about life vs money. 2nd mission is qonquering electric fairy that from this woman mate can learn about how to read other people minds. 4. But in facts he always succed to seduce woman, but stil failed to sell 1 milion old socks, he refused to do that and asked bo tong to that for him (botong is a dorky girl who freaky grazy love to mate since highschool age) 5. Botong is very energic girl who able to do evrything for mate also,she did many part time job in order to save money and the plan is to buy mate a car than hope mate will faling in love with her someday,she knows mate is very materialistic, she also help mate and tries so many ways to sell the old socks. A lot of funny moment apears between botong and mate, when they meet. 6. David choi, is the home shoping employee, he falingnin love with botong at the firstsight :-) He will help bo tong to sell the milion old sockss. So this drama from manhwa..dont expect to much the sory will be common. O:-):-D:-D

Lovejgssforever I love sukiee, no matter what you say, he is a supperstar.

But doenst enjoy his manga character in bel ami, he still too cool to do that comedy character. Probably, this is challenge for him. But i still cannot accepted he plays as dok go mate. Mate character is tooo funny for jang kun suk. :-)

bulbul I love the way JGS made people around him falling in love.... I like his hairstyle.. I like his act.. I like his character, and I like this drama.. Good Job Oppa :)

Cecilia OMG that voice of JGS when he is talking...I want that voice to talk to me till i fall asleep:) Even my bf is used to listening to his dramas when we r going to bed. Interesting drama and i like how it presents women's abilities-talents-character!!

NoonaEel A bit off the topic from the drama, this is just a comment related to some comments concerning JKS' choice of drama & roles. Many people have gotten the impression that JKS has chosen the same type of role. On the one hand, yes, if they think only about the "flower boy" role. On the other hand, to me they seem to forget that one character might have different personalities that makes it different from the others. Just like the character of Dokgo Mate that JKS is portraying in this drama. It might be "another flower boy" role for some people who don't even care to read the manhwa or start watching this drama. But Dokgo Mate is a "flower boy" character different from Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Mu Gyul or Seo Joon. Based on the storyline, this character will develop as he interacts with different people (women). There's no way that this is an exactly similar role to whatever JKS has had so far. And JKS is known (at least by his eels who have been following him) to be highly selective when it comes to picking a role. He himself said that when he gets older, he won't pick roles which are not suitable with his age. At the moment, the flower boy roles still match his age, but probably not anymore in the next couple of years. So, expect different roles from him in the future as he himself is turning into a more mature man :). As for the time being, let's enjoy him and his co-stars in "Bel Ami", a drama which combines a comical tone with a more serious issue of "gaining a success", including all the intrigues, conspiracy & of course romance :).

amy guys don't worry about ratings, just enjoy the k-drama's... lee minho's drama faith had not such great ratings either but it was successful one. just enjoy them like true k-drama fan. those people are pathetic who are badmouthing bel ami, JGS,IU... by the way no one is forcing them to watch this drama, they have remote controls in hand and they are free to change channel...

Kats Im very sad with those ratings. I dont understand why korean people dont watch the drama. I think pm is a great drama. Hope jks doesnt feel bad. He doesnt deserve this. Fighting oppa!

Kats Im very sad with those ratings. I dont understand why korean people dont watch the drama. I think pm is a great drama. Hope jks doesnt feel bad. He doesnt deserve this.

i'm an Arab Eel with all meanings it's awesome drama i just looooove it .. i used to watch freaking awesome amazing things from keunsuk oppa actually i admitted it his dramas his movies are very great freaking awesome always touch my heart .. in his sad scenes while he is silent and only his face has this sad expression that's touching my heart and make me cry like a lot of scenes in love rain and - beethoven Virus and you're beautiful .. not just his acting but his voice i can't describe how it's freaking amazing warm awesome kind voice .. Jang Keun Suk "Asia prince" is the best for ever .. keep go on oppa Fighting .. Ur Arab Eel .. ♥♥

cyndrus I feel like JKS never takes a challenge, always plays the same role and that's why he doesn't have a good actor image. P.S: Just telling my thoughts. Not a Heirs fan either Lee Min Ho is just as bad as Jang Keun Suk.

cheeky Please for the fan of other drama, stop trolling. Accept the fact that many, many many people find Bel Ami very interesting, funny & has grabbed their attention. Please be decent if you want to leave your comments. Stop being pathetic gosh!

Bel Ami cheering for more fame! Daebak!

redtomato Neither of the things like borring plot, bad actor or actress are more realiable to hate this drama. This drama has interesting plot. All the actors and actress have done their job in good way. If you want to hate then do hate but atleast don't make up the things which this drama doesn't represent. Anyway haters gonna hate no matter how good this drama is.

manda LMH vs JGS = cutie image vs bad boy image, they both handsome and lovable, but jgs is more sexy imo :-D. Very impresed how people outside korea really love JGS,able to fight for him huaha, He has huge fans internationaly i think.. And about bel ami. I read the manga, interesting..the story about marketing, sales, promoting, hardwork growing your character become a better get money you have to work hard that is the lesson will be learn from dok mate. Eventhough he is the heirs of a big company, but to get his will he suddenly learn about life, learning love hate sad happy and hard work from 10 woman. Include botongi......? :-D His bad boy lazy freaky playboy character will be growing..just wait and see bel ami O:-)<3

redtomato @valerie , I agree with you IU is one of the best acting idol korea has. She is even better than some actors who has got awards for acting. And I'm also saying from the prospect of a K drama lover. IU is definitely not at fault protraying her character as botang in this drama. Haters really need to be more reasonable

hyorin I love this drama..even gets a low rating but this drama is better than 'the heirs'...lmh is better in 'the great doctor' than ' the heirs'..jks is always good in any characters he choose. Fighting ..bel ami.


naomijess sorry guys, I never intend to compare Bel Ami with other drama. But if those trolls started it first in Bel Ami page, I think I need to outline the facts. So, please don't bash JKS or IU. Both of them have done their best.

naomijess LOL. Why are most of the hate comments are from heirs fans? And why are heirs fans trolling here? Feeling insecure though your drama get high rating, aren't you? Though the rating for Bel Ami is low, which is just a matter of fact of Korean's taste and prejudice towards JKS, nobody can deny that this drama is good. It will be a huge hit internationally. JKS' international fans base are no joke, just look at the amount of rice wreath which breaks the record for a drama presscon in korea (including the presscon of heirs),

plus he will get more new international fans through this drama, coz it's undeniably good (maybe except for teenagers who like to see their oppa who is 1 year older than JKS acts as a high schoolerrr?????? who can stay in their delusional world to keep imagining their oppa as a highschooler). Just go back to watch your drama. Pretty man is for viewers who know how to appreciate good acting, good script and different genre. This drama is just daebak and unpredictable. For those who think this drama is boring and predictable, I dare you to comment here about the ending. What will happen to hong yu ra? Iron woman? david choi? except that mate and bo tong will be together (in heirs, lee min ho and park shin hye will also definitely be together, so no need to bring this up). If your comments are proved to be wrong, then please chew your own shoes. Or maybe I will volunteer mine for your chewing. LOL

Valerie I'am a fan of Korean dramas since 2007 and i ve watched almost all:) I find IU's acting really good compared to other idols.For example if you watch Yoona's dramas at the crying scenes it is kinda awkward to watch,IU on the other hand has very good facial expressions and more natural crying.Sooyoung also is really bad (imo) at acting.I vote for SNSD a lot as idols, but IU is really better at acting.

buloirdre I find the article :-):-) why jung geun suk become the most hated but also the most loved male artist in korea. Because he speaks what his mind. But i think that is a cool namja character :-) :-) not pretending and hiding behind the prety image. Cool jjang!!!! :-)

rozsa seriously people need to get life. IU's character and her acting is one of the factors that is keeping me to watch this drama.every actors are immersed in their own character. this drama is too good to get this low rating. only cheap people would find this drama cheap.

sammy it's so funny how people are questioning IU's acting in this drama because of jealousy. IU's acting in this drama is perfect for this role. she is just like manhwa character.IU is one of the best acting idol . those people who uses abusing language show how cheap they are and their low standard. all the other actors, script writer, director have done good job. if you want to hate this drama, at least come with more reliable reason.

chasya I love this drama, I do not understand why the rating is not good, but I still support this drama,, very fresh and very funny,, JKS and IU great guys, whaiting :D

mamenkka jks choose iu why, why actually many dramas need 1 or 2 or 3 actor-idols, why?..why the actor-idol is more famous than a simple actor and...why the drama can to have more popularity.

people know that the heirs is bad drama, this is just popular!. why? why the heirs have 3 FAMOUS ACTOR-IDOLS and 1 big actor LEE MIN HO!. korea love actor lee min ho, but korean hate actor jang keun suk. .. pretty man is better drama than the heirs, but the heirs is more popular why have 3 actors idols + lee min ho. you understand it, now!. jang keun suk and lee min ho are good actors. iu can not acting, she is so bad acting, ..terrible and horrible acting...she needs improve, now!!

Tess Estrada This is my prediction, the rating of Pretty Man for the 4th episode will be around 8% but it will be double digit in figure the 5th and 6th episode. The rating of PM will surpass the rating of YAB in 13th-16th episode.This drama will a huge success around Asia and some countries in Latin America.

incess @marie i agree! JKS and lee min ho are both good looking and good actors.i really love them both. if IU can't act then why does she chose as the main actress? *insert common sense here* LOL!! if you don't like it then stop watching as simple as that :))

christine I like this drama a lot... Mate and Botong are cute, their role is so funny..i wonder why the ratings is so my own point of view it is a very interesting drama that everybody shld watch.. God loves you Jang keun suk..I knw on the next episode. ...your ratings will be a surprise... God has his own way..Goodluck Bel Ami....fighting!!!!!

Ilija Since when a galbi store owner order galbi from elsewhere? hah this crack me up ep3 was funny

emily Love Pretty man ....Love jks and iu ... fighting!!!

emily Can some one just tell me why the ratings are decreasing??? A really weird comment suddenly popped in my mind, so I will say it even if it sounds funny. "Korean people really do not understand korean dramas"!!! ...I do not mean to offend anyone by this comment, It is just something that came into mind after seeing the rating .... !!!

keunjoo IU is so cute more than little girl,. whenever i see her i want to pinch her cheeks... so adorable... JGS is so handsome, they both rocks....its title should be PRETTY COUPLE.... FIGHTING....

pinawardah still NR????????! i dont care about the rank, i enjoy to watch bel AMI, so i will continue to watch. waiting the 4th episode tonight. i am exciting..!

lovejgs i dont think most korean people hate him, only few korean people maybe! He has everything! a handsonme man, he can sing, he can arranging his own music, he can speaks 4 languages! he can act very well and he can directing his own movie actually. He can do everthing!!

He is supper star!! who hate him because they are jealousy!!! if they hate him, wolrd will love him!! the most they hate him, the most we love him!! JGS! fightinngg!!!!! <3,<3

Bel ami such a great drama!! we are waiting for your tour in our country sukiie!

gulagula LMH is my husband, he just doesn't know it yet. but Pretty Man is better than Heirs.

lya i don't understand you "ponderella" you talk like "The Heirs" or "Medical Top Team" are are something NEW....something you NEVER SEEN BEFORE or something IMPRESSIVE.... "The Heirs" fore me looks just like "Boys Over Flowers" but much more ridiculous and so damn more boring ....Seriously now Lee Min Ho will be teenager until the age of 30...this is ridiculous....Bel Ami is a comedy and is so much better than "The Heirs"...Pretty Boy Fighting !!!! I Love JKS and LMH :)

dwi28 i think the drama is good, the story is not just comedy, they make us to think how to start a small business wich is look like imposible ..i am courious how they able to sell 100.000 socks? it will success or failed..

lilia this drama is the best right now. and honestly the heirs suck because is always sad and boring like honestly how more depressing can a drama be ...........beautiful man is the best and is super funny like hello haters get a life and stop hating in a good drama that is not sad like all the rest

rinawat huahahaha... sukieee wkwk, this is the 1st time he plays so dorky on movie XD XD. crazyy.. bel ami funyyyyyy!! :D :D

Marie @koreandramait those dramas you've mentioned... they are of different genres. Why should we compare? On what bases? Anyway, anything adapted from an already finished production (novel, comic etc) will have already a predictable storyline :).

By the way, I haven't read the manhwa yet. To me personally the story makes sense though exagerrated, as it is derived from a 'comical' mode. I've been enjoying it so much and don't care about rating. What can a mere percentage tell you about quality? Whether you'll like it or hate it, it's up to your personal preference.l. can't simply generalize the quality only based on a small -probably biased- sample :). At least that's what research experts tell you in their books ;)

lmd i believe its super BORING. jks is a better singer then a actoer. Iu i do npt like.

lalala Twice as much better than heirs I think this rating isn's fair at all. at least watching this drama makes me laugh but heirs.... this drama is so better without any hesitation

M I do not know why people dislike this drama. For mw, it is better than Heirs>> WAY BETTER. so yeah keep your thoughts to yourselves HATERS

Marie I never trust rating system. I personally like this drama & it's the only drama I've been following real time. I feel sorry for @ponderella & @koreandramait for not being able to enjoy it as much as the others here. Maybe you guys should choose other dramas & just be happy with those without having to bash the drama you don't prefer?

Better than heirs People really need to grow up. This drama is pretty funny and entertaining. It is based on a manhwa something similar to a manga so what did you guys expect? I like the plot is refreshing as well as the characters. I like that his character development will progress as he learns things from women. I like IU'S acting and character, she cracks me up and I am really curious of how her character will develop in the future. I don't understand why people complain about his hair so much, everybody has different tastes if he likes his hair long let him be. Anyway this is WAY BETTER THAN HEIRS, which I gave up on. The only reason heirs has high ratings is because of all the lee min ho fangirls not because is a good drama

luvmanga Eventhu belami is adopted fr manga. The story is more realistic instead of heirs kekeke. Kmon guys give rank for this drama! :D

league3 Ha ha you said boring? But you watch until 3rd episod? Probably You lied. I think who said boring because they don't watch from 1st episode so they don't know the plot is. I understand a little bit difficult to present manhwa to tv show. Writer and actors/actress try their best to be fit with manhwa characters. This drama isn't ordinary, I hope will raise better rank. :)

koreandramait CAST: ...regular.... jks is a good actor, I do not think him is the best (his roles is almost always the same)...and ..jks is also the most hated of korea. Chae young is very good actress, one of the best. no doubt. she is a nice mom. Jang woo is very good acting. well!. an actress-idol, iu needs improve, now!!! she is terrible acting. (she always has the same role and repeat and repeat and ...repeat... that same role spent many times.) boring role... PLOT: ..plot is bad and bizarre, ..but...writers are good.

sally BORING !!! sorry i cant watch this even though i love jang keun suk, i prefer THE HEIRS right now and i'm going to watch it instead of PRETTY MAN... also i don't think it will have high ratings in near future

koreandramait the plot is very predictable.

I'm sure that pretty man will increase your rating in the future, because only this competing with the heirs. if pretty man increases its rating, will not be because is good, it will only be because people need to see something at this hour, if pretty man would compete with secrets, master sun or empress ki, I'm sure that pretty man could not have more than 1 or 2% of rating. pretty man will be a failure.

kring kring You Pretty Man so fabulous!

Haters trying their very best lol but eat your hearts out "oh this drama is soooo good, no i better say something bad about it because of my fave, im so bored with my life, my fave's drama is the one really boring me to death."

Bel Ami fighting!!!

thinkerbelle JkS and IU did their best in these drama..I believe in them..if 1&2 episode are low in ratings..I strongly believe that the coming episode wil hit it...God bless you JKS..just look on the bright side..everyday is a miracle..fighting!!!!!

maruko @nissa eventhough i'm not fan of IU. As a general viewer i found iu's acting fitting for this drama.i think she did good job protraying botang character ( silly and funny character). if yoona and suzy could get awards then why can't IU get awards? i find IU's acting far better than suzy and yoona. anyway this drama is not boring at all, atleast not for me. people who like rom com should watch this drama. about rating i think it deserves more rating in compare to other airing dramas in this slot

ain d I just dont understand why ppl hate JKS so much ...just because his long hair?there are many ppl love his silky long hair esp in japan n korea...even in malaysia. Did you all watch this drama already....o u just comment here without watching the drama...well...there are some ppl like that..just because they HATE jks...

Btw...i heard there is a drama that really....super....boring...i cant say what the title is-i respect the actors in that drama..but just because the fans love the main actor...they just watch it even it is REALLLLLLY BOOOORING.-many their own fans comment like that.

Last but not the drama 1st before comment about it. We are all human being n HAVE BRAIN to think. Dont be so childish.

Anyway...fighting JKS N IU. Im super duper sure this drama will be a HIT drama not only in korea but definitely in Asian. Cant wait for next epi♥

sukiehe lol...if this drama is not good because of low ratings and boring like what others say...then one thing is for sure..i wil collect all those low ratings drama from korea and i will watch it coz this drama is so good and entertaining...

duplikatn So much fun to wacth.. :D this is better than heirs funnyyyy. !, lol lol lol.

Shaka Episode 1 and 2 was so boring (×̯×)

Tobys This drama is boring=low ratings

silver its been long time, i had hearty laugh... ep 2 was funny, i love how cute IU is like a little girl, whenever i see her face, i want to pinch her cheek, so adorable...second lead is also good looking guy, if mate sees him with botong, he will surely get jealous... after those tears were shed for secret love, this drama brought smile to my face...JGS oppa n IU FIGHTING...

barbershop aaa i dont like jgs newcut curly style-hair! could he just straight the hair for this show...? next time dont cut his hair tooo short, damn....wanna hit your hairdresserr ! kwkwkwk :D

Nissa Well isn't it exaggerating to say that IU deserves a acting award ??? :P IU fans calm down let her do her job , she maybe good for her fans but there are many who cannot stand her acting.

Tess Estrada This is my prediction, the rating of Pretty Man for the 3rd and 4th episode will be around 8% but it will be double digit in figure the 5th and 6th episode. The rating of PM will surpass the rating of YAB in 13th-16th episode.This drama will a huge success around Asia and some countries in Latin America.

Lioneru Keep fighting! Good story. You deserve better rank! :-) i lke bel ami. But still dont get the manha series in any link..pleas innfo where i can find it.

lovesukie i love sukkieee!!! <3, you can love him or you can hate him. whateverrrrr......!! he still a superstar!!! :* <3 Bel ami love yaaaa!!

tellthestory this drama is very recommended! JGS and IU appreciate with your hard work, i understand why JGS accepted this project because previously he always acts as a cool boy / a cool man caharacter in all movies and drama, but in this project will be a new challenge and different for him. in Bel Ami JGS will play dorky character (same as IU), he will be a man who truly love his own beauty appearance :) and also acts weird and funny that he never plays before :P IU he act as Kim Bo Tong with very well , salute! :D

i dont care about the previous rank, the drama is worthy for me to watch! it is should gain more rank in korea for ep 3 - continuee, because the drama is damn fresh. i guarantee you will be bound to this drama since 2nd episode :*. but still remember this is adapted from Manhwa ;p

Positive comment will come from all, teens come and see these good drama and will adore with all characters :P

Cant wait to see more Choi David character that will be appear in episode 3 and continue, LJW & JGS are both handsome! <3 <3

Kay Not feeling this one. For me, JKS lacks charisma. A grown man in a boy's body.

roselle i love IU and Jang geun suk..!!!

Ashee This show is so good. Finally a unique female role. Am loving IU <3333

belaswan we should share this link to twitter, share bel ami @asianwiki to promote! World will know your positive comment about this drama and the casts, from this site. Yes i aggree, this is 1st drama in 2013 that i saw over and over again.. Super.

korean fan from ethiopia jang keun suk youare a very good actor.I LOVE U OPPA!i love this drama. iu i love u ilook forward to this drama

manga458 in manhwa series, kim bo tong is ugly girl or super ordinary girls who love MT. :)

luckily we have IU represent kim bo tong in this show :p, because she is pretty! natural beauty not ugly! :D, her acting is sooooo goood!! i believe she will get an award from this drama :p. very impressive acting skill! <3

kpopfreakk this drama is really new i swear IU's role is not the typical perfect-slash-poor-slash-smart-slash-awkward female lead. Her role is more like something realistic haha i love the drama even though i only watched two episodes :D daebakk

kim4 fresh drama, not boring, this drama is better than those drama airing :) i don't think the plot is shallow, this is comedy drama, so much fun to share with the viewers. i know why people recomend it to watch..

this drama based on manga/comics/manhwa, dont expect too much the story will match your daily life :P

luckygirl omooo... Kim Bo Tong (IU) she totally got pervert thoughts about dokmate, kekekekekeke, i never find any Korean drama that the lead female characters like this :))))))))))))) LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL i am starting addict with this drama :P episode 2nd is make me laugh like a crazy XD XD XD , kekekekeke. i love 2nd episod. How dare dokmate think his beauty face is more precious than Botong life???..kekekeke.. XD XD and how about those legs and socks? whatehelll world is that??? LOL LOL LOL XD XD XD recomended drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hjklnm the plot is so shallow -_- so boring

Yahn Ana ZikZin! JKS and LMH are both good actors! But lets be frank. There is not much one can write any more about high school students that we have not already seen. This year alone have been flooded with dramas about high school....I wish that Heirs had been more true to its title so that the drama would have been about inheritors/inheritence or something related to preparing to take over from one's parents...I don't find that in this drama, instead it is more about hate and segregation in high school in Korea. What a shame! It has me wondering if this is a side of Korea that we should be concern about...mmmmmmmm I have watched both dramas and I must admit that Bel Ami is more true to its title and JKS is sooooo different in this then in all the other 8 dramas that I have seen him in. What great acting...He displays a wealth of emotions and acting skills that have me watching Pretty Boy over and over as I wait for episode 3...JKS you've made me laugh, smirk, and cry...I feel you!!! I wonder if JKS offended someone higher in the industry which is why they have tried to block such a nation Korean icon from being all that and more....Give a man his dues...This man JKS deserves it.!!! LMH you role in Heirs is everything that you have done before. when I saw you in City Hunter and Faith, I expected that you would continue to take more challenging roles that does not promote hate and are too good an actor for that. EELS in Korea pls continue to show love to JKS when he is home! We want to see him for a long time to come

Lya i don't get it, why "Beautiful Man" had no rating because is definitely better than "The Heirs"... Not to mention the votes seriously now "The Heirs" has nothing but really good actors...the show is so damn boring, my cat fell asleep to the first episode...Now I know how to fall asleep my cat :)) I Really Love Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho Oppa ;)

bionic I am interesting with this drama, the story main plot will teach us the beauty is not everything, beauty will not give you a succed life or a happyness, mate hates his routine life during highschool that everygirl interested to him also his teacher.he cannt enjoy his teen life coz girls always disturb his free space.. Poor boy..

Mate seem hates himself, his pathetic life, thats why he doesnt care about love, he just loves money. yura tricks him,but it will raise his inner ability im prety sure he will.

Eventhu he plays like a playboy and using his beauty appearance to get money and all facilities fr rich woman, but in ep 2 mate shows he lilbit cares about botong. A weird dorky fansgilr :D laughing to see bo tong always succed to make him mad :D

I am waching episode 2 more than 2 times, cant stop gigle LOL good reducing my workstreespressure;> during this week. My enlish not well but fine B-)

Judy I agree a 100% with Cara, USA. I do not understand the Korean's in JKS matter, as I am a Korean fan anyway. I mean, I visit South Korea twice a year for a month, because I love it there, but I do not understand the mentality towards one of their biggest young successful international stars. I am not a fan/eel ( I hate the word eel) of JKS, but he was great in all his previous movies, TV-dramas, music and concerts. I do admire his zest for life, and trying things out successfully, and doing well in everything he does. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I can wait till the TV drama is finished and see it on DVD. I do not care about his hair style, his clothes, his personal preferences, I just enjoy his performances.

bionic @sisil you will see newcut hairstyle of jgs in ep 5 *if im not mistaken. But i still prefer his best haircutstyle on loverain n on mary marry me Jgs is still young, multitalent, smart, most said he is jenious, because his IQ more than average. Some people dislike him due to he looks like over confident about everything. But i think young people have appearing the same passion like him, you must confident and dare to be different in your young age. And speak anithing you want. Jgs perform himself. He is a raw model.

SwaggyYolo1234 This program has #Swag!

breze123 I am start waching this drama since yesterday, and want to wacth it over and over, ..started addict?  :D thx for recomen this.! It is the most funny korean drama v ever watch, should have get more rank because, the drama is best. I understand, why the story is so much fun because it adopted from comics. Am also recom you all to watch! !

maryam jhenny the heirs is BORING ? who are u kidding .. don't talk about a lee min ho drama like that + the heirs is so better awesomer then ever <3333

Sisil Iu acting is so naturally... Lovable :-D:-P you will be great actrees this year :-D heirs fans you should see bel ami. Fresh drama for teen. Dont wory about the erotic scenes of pretty boy manga, even they try to fit with its manga, but i ensure you that sc never happen in the tv show hihi

sisil keep fighting bel ami we love u! Love this drama! Highly recomended..but sukkie plesase change your hairstyle, :-) :-)

putri w No rating? Who cares ? To all korean viewer pls...why dont you respect what JGS doing? This guy is really a hard worker..he pays tax for all of you...Eels over the world give a big amount of rice...for whom ? For your country of course..why people from other countries could love him...why dont you ? Please JGS is really a great person. Focus...sukkie, just be yourself...act naturaly...we love you.

milky23 Recomended drama, so fun and worthy to watch. Better you also read the pretty boy manhwa/manga, so you can understand why this drama shown the cartoon scenes, and smtimes the character is really unusual characters also the oufit xixixi, due to exploring comics character. :-) why out of rank? Probably korean people are not familiar yet with j-DRAMA method , but just try to watch bel ami, dont stag with the ordinary drama, watch the new genre of drama, just exploring your curiousity and think out of the box. For me This drama is new chapter of korean drama, it is looks like j-drama in korean version. :-):-) good job!

I know Bel ami and heirs are diferent genre :-D but i think bel ami is original idea, the heirs is really ordinary story, heirs story you also cn see in many others k_drama, cinderella story and also bit ridic bcoz the story perform adult version acs like a teenagers.

Im full support for this drama, keep fighting bel ami :-)

Skylar Funny is Bel Ami supposed to be french? If so the true translation is not pretty boy/ beautiful man, the true translation is Beautiful Friend or beautiful guy friend, actually I don't think I have I heard anyone use that to describe their guy friend, if they wanted to say boyfriend it should have been Beau Petit Ami, lol.. but aside from the wacky translation of the title it's a good drama so far :)

jhenny I watched the first 10 episodes of The Heirs because of PSH and LMH...but I stopped since then because i found it boring...I watched the first 2 episodes of Bel Ami and i can't stop from there!!!!!!!! This drama is so good!!!The story line is very good and refreshing!!!!!! It's not common because there are not much gold-digger men in the Korean drama who portrays as comical and equally as dramatic as Jang Geun Seuk! It's not always that people get to watch a Korean drama lead girl who happily follows her man everywhere...IU has done a superb job doing her character. Han Chae Young is so pretty and sexy and fits her role very well and also Lee Jang Woo...

I think the reason why JGS does not sell really well in Korea is because the people there is so superficial. They get intimidated by JGS because the man is not only "beautiful" he is also intelligent plus his acting is really superb!!!! If Jang Geun Seuk is a Filipino, I will really be proud that such a "beautiful" and talented person is from my country!! He really is someone to be proud of! Go Bel Ami Team! Even if your rating in Korea is low, the rest of the "real" world will definitely appreciate your hard work!

charity dannang .....sooo excited to watch this series, im sure it would be worth it to watch!!!

kring kring Yes this drama is 100% highly recommended to anyone who wants to laugh. Its hilariously funny, interesting, mysterious. Its been quite a while since a rom com k-drama engaged me this much, dropped some previous dramas after a few episodes. But this one is different, I love it & it will make you crave for more! Pretty Man deserves the love of the viewers! Fighting!

sweetcarrot this drama is totally worth to watch it. you won't feel bore a bit watching this drama. it's so fun drama. highly reccomended. it deserves more rating. bel ami fighting

breviez23 I am very recomended this drama, you can also see the cartoon scenes in a few part..lve never seen in korean drama such sce be4. Bel ami Unique!! :-D:-D Lets promote bel ami!! love bel ami instead of heirs, i am watching both. But i am watching bel ami more than twice for each episode. :-*

livingaze this drama is good!

Bel ami dare to be diffrent with those drama airing..gosh.why the rating out of 20???? Why koreans less give appreciation? It will totally give huge rank if airing in my country.. This is almost like japanese drama with comical influences. Lot of laughing, so fun, i cant stop laughing wacthing botong, she is so dorky when get interaction with mate a cold narcissm arrogant man who really love his own beaty LOL

I watch ep 1 and 2 : great storyline..cant wait the next episod! Episode 2 is more fun! You can see botong first kiss with toothbrush hihihi

Full support for bel ami, cmon everyone this is great drama, give them more support, specially from koreans people :-)

Marie When KBS gave the title 'Bel Ami' to this drama, I immediately checked on the classic literary work of a renowned author Guy de Maupassant and indeed the storyline is rather in the same direction. To me, it means that this is going to be interesting and way more than just a story about a life of a pretty boy. Really... Can't judge the book (or in this case, drama) by its cover/ title. The manhwa itself is said to be quite popular, written by an author who was also a graduate of Ehwa Women's University Law School, one of the best women's university in the country. Production team? they are all competent if you google their names & achievement. Casts? Regardless of how Jang Keun Suk is both loved and hated, he is undeniably one of the best & most talented among Korean actors of the same age who can and still makes an effort to portray different characters. Yes, different, because he's never played a gold-digger before, has he ;)? Then we have Han Chae Youn, who is an experienced actress, so no doubt about her. IU- despite being a rookie idol-actress- and Lee Jang Woo are not bad either. I have watched the two episodes so far and continue to grow hopes that this is going to be a great drama closing 2013. it has a basic theme of modern life (beauty, wealth, success, love), it has comical aspect (the manhwa influence), it has suspense & mystery, it has the casts. Worth watching!

Jacqueline Love this drama so far!!! The story is had me laughing & crying in the 1st episode. IU & Jang are so cute!!! Looking forward to the next episodes.

Cara M Please...JGS is not a cute guy!!! He is a handsome man....what is it with Koreans calling grown man as cutie pies? Maybe since I'm from the States we view the term as derogatory an insult ...Babies are cute, monkies are cute, puppies are cute if you get my drift. To be labeled "CUTE" means there is NOTHING going on behind the face. I know the Korean society is superficial in general, that 's why JGS gets into trouble because the guy is intelligent, speaks his mind, knows how to market himself "Prince of Asia" ...the great entertainers do this, look at Michael Jackson. JGS is savvy, thinks ahead of the pack and obviously in the land of Manufactured shows , boy band/girlband, manufacture faces this is not good. Nah guys , the Japanese gets, it, the Chinese gets it, we in the US gets JGS...I think it's time for Koreans to think a little bit outside the box. Heck those Japanese fans can't be wrong...Japan being the 2nd biggest music market in the world. Good Job JGS your life with are doing very well.

lotie I think this is how this drama will get more attention now. Viewers will get curious how poor this drama was done to deserve no ratings at all on its pilot episode. This is a very big frustration on the part of the production team much more on the lead actors. I think I should watch it then I will give them my own rating.

loveygirl omg, why not rank.....? This drama is soooo good! Very recomended. So funy, cute,adorable. I am laughing alot almost whole scenes very funnyyy :-D very interesting story for drama.

Fighting bel ami! Hope get beter rating next week! :-)

Ann G OK, just finished both episodes and I loved it! I am looking forward to some cheesy drama now. I am sick of the I love you so pick me no I love you so pick me or I am going to destroy your life drama. This drama is based off a manhwa so be prepared for it to be cheesy.I think IU is portraying the obsessive and silly part really well. I just don't want people to compare this to Heirs. This and Heirs are two different worlds of drama, a group emotional disturbed high school kids and a vain man and obsessive woman are two different concepts. This is a good drama if you want laughs. If you are looking for something else then this might not be right for you. I also suggest for people to read the manhwa as well they would probably get a better understanding on why the drama is chessly funny. Anyway I loved it and can't wait for the next episode.

Anu Heirs is not worth the hype..i dont feel like watching after 10th boring.Pretty Man is soo..Awesome!!!! It deserves more ratings..

Keith Seriously? NOT RANKED?! Korean people really have different taste of drama nowadays. But if this will be shown in the Philippines today this will surely be a big hit. the story line was cute.

G.faeze this movie is great for me because Jang Keun-Suk is my favorite actor I really love this movie

lexa omg! :D park shin hye (the heirs) jung yong hwa ( marry him if you dare) and .... and ... Jang Keun-Suk (pretty boy) oh god thank you :) <3

Ilija I like the first two episodes funny and interesting, I can't understand why this is not popular in Korea

chayong I like JKS ...I'm happy his back...but his role is similar to his past projects, but anyway.... Just finish watching episode 1, and I will watch this up to the end. And guys if you love korean dramas pls do watch EMPRESS ki I'm sure you gonna love it...the actors are all amazing specially ha ji won -the lead actress, remember she was also the lead actress in Hwang jini and JKS was her leading man. Fighting jks and jiwonnie. :-)

simin you can say Jang Keun-Suk is cute but pretty? most beautiful man in the world!? come on! I never expect too much from kdramas ,but pretty man is worthless!

syaf okay since everyone's talking about the heirs, pretty man and marry him if you dare... i must say my first choice will have to be the heirs. followed by pretty man-- but i may be biased since I've never liked stories about time travel and such. so my last would me marry him if you dare. but i'm watching all three dramas either way! :P

juju @beatingfaster

your full of sh*t :p

marie I wish his hair is like during the b.v. days. I love that cut!

Yazmin I've watched episode 1 and I'm getting excited but I really want to watch episode 2. I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE THO!!! Everyone keeps saying they've seen it but I can't find English subs for ep 2 :((. Anyone know where I can find it? I'm watching this because of IU :DDD

hol finished watching episode 1 and 2. this drama is fun and the story plot interesting. it's got some interesting elements in it that i did not expect. i enjoyed everyone's acting in it. jks is a good fit for the main character and iu is good as kbt. this drama is fun and i'll stick to this one.  :) i'm glad i gave this drama a try

멍. Both Pretty Boy and The Heirs are stupid brainless dramas.

jona I was excited to watch it and now it's here! I like JGS, but he's too pretty for my taste (He really is a Beautiful Man). I'm excited to see him and IU Working together. Also it's good to see Han Chae-Young back she looks gorgeous as ever. I like JGS but I love the second lead guy Lee Jang-Woo. IU HWAITING! :)

  1. determined to watch it to the end.. no matter.. hopefully it won't dissapoint..
  2. cheesy moments LOL
  3. IU is beautiful (in the drama she's considered "Uggghly") and her clothes don't do her justice either
  4. Everyone's beautiful in their own way... k nuff said

Bionette What can I say? JKS is awesome...I <3 anything he does..... I will far...the drama seems ok....I will def. watch it....

niki wow!geun suk's acting was really bad at the made me laugh!

sarah can some one pls tell me who is the woman buying the house for jks ?she is so familiar...but i can't remember where i have seen her

morelia pretty man is plastic drama heirs is better...even top medical is better than pretty man. lee min ho and jang ken suk are good actors. parkshin hye is better actress than iu..iu is trash acting, she can't act.iu has just 1 typic rol in all her dramas.

Renu This drama is fresh, light and funny compared to Heirs and Marry if you dare. Hope it gets ranked in top 20.

anora have watched first epsiode. I am not sure, what's tipe this drama, but allong episode1 i think this drama maybe comedy-romantic story.. ( backsound, ost, scene-chain) say that...but we'll wait what's next.....

gfd lol at heirs is for teen only. this is waaaay more "for teen" than heirs. heirs revolves around multi-generational characters as well XD

I'm sorry but PM was doomed to fail from the start

Daebakdramas Pretty Boy is a really good drama it is way better than its competing drama Heirs. I can't wait till the next episode this drama is Daebak!! The acting is pretty good since it is a romantic comedy^^ This drama is amazing so far!!

Sarah Episode 1 was so boring (×̯×) why jang geun suk acts like girls?!!! I wished he could be more manly... I really liked his role in You're Beautiful but here not at all (•̪●)

Ilija As expected this will be flop in Korea but great success overseas!!! I hope this doesn't affect their chemistry.

beatingfaster marry him if you dare is NR and this is also NR. but this drama is way better than marry him if you dare. i hope it will enter the top20 as the episodes continues. fighting

cheeky Daebak on the ep 1. Jang Geun Suk is undeniably an actor who can deliver every sides of his role. I'm also impressed by IU - Botong is so funny, her comic timing is pretty good! One hour of this drama is not enough for me. Can't wait for episode 2. Pretty Man fighting!

sohee Even if the 1st rating is not good. Me and auntie will still watch it.. for us , the heirs is for teens only . Its was boring. But pretty boy is more promising to watch:))) no offense! AJA! AJA! FIGHTING! PRETTY BOY!!!! :DDD

Mungki kyaaaaa...jang geun suk is back with his new drama. just got the preview from the kbs tv today, then browsing this drama. jang geun suk is my favorite actor n singer. Double daebak for Jang Geun suk !!!

Minguohoney i love lee min ho in BOF!!! and JKS in Baby and me. BOF is better than YB. YB is just overrated drama!. shit and trash drama for stupid teens. .. pretty man had beween 2 to 5% ranting first episode. poor jks, he is so good actor :(..but iu is bad actress. heirs had between 16 to 18% rantings. congratz oppa lee min ho.

julz although its role yebbeun namja, but I think JGS stil manly!!! most like hear his voice .. episode 1 is very interesting, I hope the ratings continue to rise.. better story than the Heirs, the story is so-so only.. Korean society may soon realize it.. hahahahah Bel Ami Fighting!!!!

mika11 well i have to agree with honey here..tho i love both LMH and JGS..i loved JGS in YAB and i hated LMH in BOF but then..the switch happened..after City hunter LMH started to grow on me and look more manly and handsome with each drama..JGS i still liked him in MSOAN but he started to fade a little..maybe too many "outside" projects? he hasn't been much around and for a while now his style became now he's still handsome he'll always be to me and i didn't belive i would say this cuz i started as a JGS fan..but i ended up as LMH lover, i prefer him cuz he's more manly...and well i've been waiting both dramas "pretty man" and "the heirs" with much anticipation..but "the heirs" got me from DAY 1 ...and after watching the first ep of "pretty man" i was dissapointed..and extremly bored. well then i'll just stick around hopefuly this will get more interesting tho it's taking a while to get my attention and get me imersed in this drama, while "the heirs" got my attention right away and got more and more interesting and capitvating..still i'm giving this drama "pretty man" a chance cuz deep down i'm still a fan of JGS..tho i hope he'll become more many some day i think we should le PSH decide who's the best since she acted as a couple with both of the don't you agree?=)))))))))))

bilibili I wonder when can we watch episode 1 in America. There has been episode 1 with Chinese subtitle on Chinese website, but I cannot see it because of the copyright problem. Does anyone know how I can watch it here

Hwi Chae Hyun Hi Cri~ I'm excited... I've been waiting for 'Yebbeun Namja' ever since it was announced... JKS's look is so JangKeunSuk-ishly awesome in the drama... IU will definitely suit the role... awesome and refreshing pairing... Bad luck I won't be able to watch the series before 14th of Dec this year... However I wish JKS God's Abundant Grace... And am betting that this Drama Will be a Yebbeun massive Hit. ;-) Eels around the world- Keep on cheering and supporting Prince as always and more... Zik Zin!!! Himnae-ja JKS....! Fighting!!!

Hye Rin Well I really hate dramas about "pretty boys" and I'm not particularly a fan of Jang Geun Suk and IU. In fact, I'm surprised that Han Chae-Young took the second lead role. But, the synopsis does sound promising so I might just keep a look out for this drama.

lollipoplover I have been looking forward to the first episode of this drama. I´m just going to watch and see what happens, Jang Geun Suk and IU are both amazing so I want to see how this brilliant combo turns out. Pretty Man Fighting!!

elix Everyone has their own ultimate bias. But I don't understand the fan who would leave a malicious comment on other celebrity's wallpage. If you are so much in love with Lee Minho then please leave your comment on LMH's wallpage in this site - all of them have their own. This only shows how truly successful Jang Geun Suk is, inspite of all this haters pretending to be an ex-fan, he managed to gain the support & loyalty of millions of fans all over the world that others would only dream of.

Pretty Man fighting! Zikzin!

camelin LEE MIN HO vs JANG KEUN SUK i choose JANG KEUN SUK! the heirs is the worst drama.

i Dude who cares lee min ho and jang keun suk are both supet hot and awesome actors So stop saying one is better both r awesone and to hard to choose All that matters is that they make kick ass dramas and becone Even hotter. Yeah

sepide by the way..i think that this series is going to be so better than the heirs..i like lmh but it doesn't mean that i like his choices..this series seems to be fun ..and why is this woman always plays an outstanding beautiful girl?isn't she a bit old?i mean works..this one...isn't there any other pretty korean actress? and i also hope that jks does smt about his hair...he will look so much better with a different hair style...a more manly one...

lovelylia @ honey Don't you think you are in the wrong wall. If you want to compliment Lee Minho go to his page not on Jang Keun Suk's dramapage. What is wrong with you guys? Jang Keun Suk didn't do anything wrong with anyone of you. Is it because you know JKS is the biggest threat to your bias. Jang Keun Suk is a multi-talented artist with not just one image to project - he is an excellent actor (by the way better than Lee Minho), a talented singer, a hot dj, a great host not to mention a very smart businessman. That is why he deserves to be the highest paid actor of his generation. And yes you are just wondering but you don't have any proof of what you are insinuating.

honey I'm not as thrilled as i was with "The Heirs". The heirs casting was great! I used to be a JGS fan back in YOB but the awe faded when he decided to embrace the queer look. Lee Min Ho always look good in all his drama, handsome but "manly" not a drop of gayness. with JGS, i always wonder if he is gay. Anyway, i will still watch this our of curiosity though im quite not sure if the old fangirl spark will ignite once again for JGS.

cheeky I can't stand a fan who think he/she knows everything, but doesn't even know that he/she is giving out wrong information. wth! loooool.

Bel Ami fighting!!! Daebak this drama, JGS & IU looking 200% adorable, cute. Got this vibe they will have a pretty awesome chemistry on screen!

444665 it will flop worse then love rain, and now JS is facing yoona.. i hope she wins, i can't stand that guy and his cockiness..

HanaRadzi looks cute!!!...Can't wait!!!

saso i can't believe it really JGS&IU i think i'm in love with that drama before watching it <3

toki I really want to watch it♥♥♥

.... I'm not as excited for this upcoming drama, but I'm going to still check it out just to see where it goes.

ohho Reading the plot and trying to imagine IU character make me laugh.after watched her in YTBLSS, i believe she can play her character very well..will look forward to this drama..

antonette can't wait for this !! oppa <3

Zarmeena I'm so excited for this!!!!

marlyn Cant wait to see his upcoming drama,,,missed you Prince!

Nikkaboo Can't wait for this Drama :D

yoonahana wow my first're really a pretty boy...hwaitingggggg!!!!

Scott Buter Alright get to see IU again in a drama this year, life is great!!!

sizzler IU fighting. can't wait for this drama

nishtha plz change ur hairstyle....... its not suiting you

Ave Please change your hairstyle.. Pleasssssse just for this drama

Gizzy Chan OMG!!! IU and Han Chae Young in one drama is a dream like for the second time around, I was so happy so IU get to work with Yoo In Na in a drama and this time it's Han Chae Young! The story looks cute and romantic. Looking forward to it.

faridah wow finally i watch the trailer is so amazing see sukki again fighting

Nanda Ceria yes, finally after confused along time, i can resolve my problem how to watch live beautiful man(pretty man) or yeppeun namja, i can watch this dramas on google play kbs . so confused cause i life in village so tv channel can not in my phone and channel of our television the cable channel put off.

minka-chan oppa <33 gosh can't wait Opppppppa :*

cheeky We are definitely waiting AJANG couple! This will be another awesome unforgettable drama. Fighting Pretty Man!

mica GOSH!! I've waited for this for almost a year!! i'm so excited!! I LOVE JGS!!! and the pretty IU

kiiven about damn time to become a man again jang geun suk!

Nicolle Looking forward to this!

she I'm so excited to watch this drama. :) i love sukkie <3 Fighting!

lyziealys I can't wait for this show ^^ IU fighting

eenfitriyanti I miss him more ( jgs) he is have in everyting i really looking for his new one style

Faroodah Wow i'm so excited for the drama sukki oppa fighting oppa

James The most beautiful man in the world? What an exaggerated claim. Everyone knows that I'M the most beautiful man in the world. OK, maybe not everybody . . . or some . . . or a few . . . Hey, my mother thinks I'm cute.

mariell Gui The Heirs is aired Wed and Thurs at SBS while Pretty Man is on KBS2

niki why it's same time with the heirs?any competition going on? as hard as it is for me too say it's more likely too be successful because it's not as cliche as the heirs...still not such a great story i guess

Redson Yes, I am happy that this drama will be aired on KBS! :D

Addict'tine excited to watch this.... same with The Heirs. i like Jang Keun Suk...

Catherine Durant OMG... why the same day as the heirs this drama would need to wait for me to watch it, until the heirs' last episode. I llike JKS

Sukanne Lee It's the same day & time of "The Heirs"....hmmm.. Good luck Sukie!

Nhuuuu Despite IU career as a singer, she is a very good actress. Her acting in Fream High was amazing and in Lee Soon Shin Is The Best, She really did a fantastic job of expressing her character. I am SOOO looking forward to this drama. I want to see soooo badly. Jang geun Suk is also a good actor and good looking.

jeeger IU playing again a poor girl role as of hers in Your The Best Lee Soon Shin.

momocri superficial drama! duh! iu is so bad acting.

Sandrine I cat wait to see him playing a drama again I love him

Anna I cant wait to watch JKS!!!!!

Hedgehog Nice New Couple i want to watch This ! i Like IU and Jang Geun Suk

HaNinA I'm Waiting tHis Movies...I'm so Happu.The handsome man Jang Keun Suk..And the cute girl IU....:)

Lipgloss Ok... Am I the only one who recognizes the name David Choi? LOL Anyways can't wait!!! I wonder if IU can act since3 I haven't seen Dream High.

Georgina Can't wait for this drama!!! Jang Keun Suk & IU!!! Woohoo! And also Lee Jang Woo & Han Chae Young!!! I've been a fan Han Chae Young since her "Delightful girl Choonyang" drama!! And Lee Jang Woo since his "Glory Jane" drama! What a cast this drama have!!! I really can't wait.! But for sure.. It's worth the wait! :)

Georgina Can't wait for this drama!!! Jang Keun Suk & IU!!! Woohoo! And also Lee Jang Woo & Han Chae Young!!! I've been a fan Han Chae Young since her "Delightful girl Choonyang" drama!! And Lee Jang Woo since his "Glory Jane" drama! What a cast this drama have!!! I really can't wait.! But for sure.. It's worth the wait! :)

Georgina Can't wait for this drama!!! Jang Keun Suk & IU!!! Woohoo! And also Lee Jang Woo & Han Chae Young!!! I've been a fan Han Chae Young since her "Delightful girl Choonyang" drama!! And Lee Jang Woo since his "Glory Jane" drama! What a cast this drama have!!! I really can't wait.! But for sure.. It's worth the wait! :)

JL Can't wait to see JKS again...Love him so much :)

omolara So excited... Can't wait 2 watch jang geun oppa and lee jang woo

Julie I'm so excited to watch this kind of Korean Drama I hope I will like it. SARANGHEYO OPPA JANG GEUN SUK

Look! Eel I'm an Eel..i'll always support good or matter what..'till the end..Zyo ZIKZIN! Fighting Prince! ;-)

Gdik Their posters remind me of a movie. Was it 100 days with mr arrogant? Anyway, the plot seems cliche and a little Boring. Lets just see what happens. Its a little predictable though ... Or not? Hmm?

rifka OMG. this drama will be air at the same time as Man From The Star. Jang Geun Seok VS Kim Soo Hyun.

Joj For those who say IU is not good enough for this, PLEASE. Are you kidding me? She's my model girlfriend material!

She's the most refreshing thing to happen in drama these days. Go IU, FIGHTING! <3<3<3

Ayelah Yie :'> Go IU ! Make him fall in love with YOU :) <3

Stephanie OMO! Oppa, Saranghae! Fighting!!

bettie nice to see keun suk back

Sinyorita Well to be honest the description or synopsis makes it sound like a very eye candy ish and superficial show... I dont know how much they can drag with just good looking stars.

Olga Maria JANG GEUN SEOK!!!! LOVING his look in the recent teaser photos! Wah, I CAN'T WAIT! I also support IU as the lead actress. We just watched Lee Soon Shin last month and saw in her the 'stupid girl' look which totally suits the lead actress for this series... and look at her haircut now! She truly looks the part!

nahom kiros jks is wow for his role and he has that pretty face to act like preety boy,,,,,and i love that iu is a good perfect to him,,,,and lee jangwoo wow,,, i cant wait to see their battle for iu,,,,,,,,

Aloha JKS is perfect for this role, not Luhan and fo sho not Choi Ren!!! This show needs an experienced and known actor and Jang Keun Suk is a Hallyu star, ♥

Tori IU...seriously??????? Seriously????? I mean I LOVE her and she is talented but from how I read the back story I didn't picture her interested in this type of drama. Ok well hope its even better. (^_^)

UNZU OMG heirs and beautiful man both gonna aired at same time...................but i think this drama is going to have higher rating than heirs.....and of course JANG GEUN SUK gonna win against LEE MIN HO....

ah faye I like happy ending..

maricris montano he is perfect for the rule and it was given to him by the writer of the Manga and HE IS THE ONE WHO OFFER the RULE TO JKS AS BEAUTIFUL MAN....

tiffany every single drama that stars JGS ima gonna watch it also i think this drama's gonna be great! the storyline is pretty interesting the main female lead is very pretty too, they look good together:) looking forward! <3

Moomoo Is that drama or just cartoon

Maha I'm so happy that IU is in this drama.thanks.JGS you are perfect,I love u

cheeky Asia's Prince Jang Keun Suk & Nation's Little Sister IU together in a drama. Love this pairing! Can't wait to see their chemistry on screen which I'm sure would be awesome!

Jang Keun Suk is truly bless to have all those pretty stars as his co-star. Being the first to kiss them all passionately (lol...please don't kill me for mentioning this :) ) you know them all Park Shin Hye, Moon Geun Young, Yoona...we'll see about IU. :D

lovelylia @risolli123 Agree with you. :)

@maria Are you kidding? Those two you mentioned are not even actors. They don't have the right to lead a drama or film not to mention no production would cast idols that are lacking in acting experience or have not yet proven their solid (selling) status, as a lead in any drama. Its like asking them to dig their own grave. WTH!

maicah Jang Geun Suk <3 :)) can't Wait

Jvenus I can't wait for this Kdrama they are both good actresses and actors :)

Fannieee 2 of my favourite ppl! <3

risolli123 for those who say that yoona and suzy should have been female lead instead of iu, must know the fact that IU is much better actress than them. she might not be great actress as she has less experience in acting and in learning phase. But IU is far better than yoona and suzy in acting. IU and JGS would surely be an awesome couple. can't wait for the drama.

liz So glad. He is good as an mc, singer and performer, but he shines the best as an actor. Still remember his acting in loverain and itaewon homicide.

missD @sneha....they air at the same time wed-thur 21.55, but they didn't clash, because 'Heirs' is SBS drama while this drama is in KBS2 network.

maria why JKS as the lead role? there are many other beautiful man. He's too handsome, why not Luhan (EXO) oppa or Choi Ren (Nu'est) who more has beautiful face rather than him???? :( :(

Ilija Finally the lead actress will be more beautiful than JKS but I do not think it fare well in Korea mainly because JKS always plays similar characters, for his next drama he should accept more challenging role like the one he had in Beethoven virus

Moonlight Cant wait to see JKS new look

sneha i don gt dis.. "the heirs" will air at the same time till wed-thur 21.55.. wont dey clash??

annon jang keun suk is reallyy adorable i love him way too much <3

IU's the best Park Shin Hye is in the cast of the Heirs and Yoon Hye is on Marry Him if you dare any Yoona is on pending/official cast on the prime minister and I so I think they can't be the female lead because their already the female lead in their own drama but being them a cameo is good. Yoona and IU have the same acting we can't say their bad at acting since their focusing in their singer career not on being an Actress. It's good that IU have a side line xD IU isn't a bad actress since she mostly got a good ratings in The Best Lee Soon Shin.

Well, I'll be rooting if it IU/Yoon Hye/Shin Hye maybe Yoona to? xD

Vincent I think, the title should be "Beautiful Woman" instead of the current title. It's pretty obvious who has the prettiest faces out of the two.

ivy maquinay yoona unnie and park shin hye unnie is better

melissa want yoona, they look so good together

Hyun-rae Daebak! Can't wait to watch this ^_^ i hope the leadng woman will IU, 0m0! I love IU!

Lve UI want to watch..... I want IU to be yhe lead female please... IU IU

Belle I read some info on a drama site about the main cast having done a photoshoot. Let's wait for the official announcement from the production team. I'm rooting for the team-up of JGS and Lee Ji Eun (IU's real name)...

helen grace IU ang JGS wow im excited to watch this drama..hope IU will accept the role

katy pleeeeeeease yoona <3

Japps I want yoona again to be his partner..

Shin Yoona again..hope she'll be one of the 10 ladies..

Ariana Han hyo joo is better..

Joyee No IU plz....She's neither good looking nor a Actress worth watching .

july I heard IU and Han chaeyoung have confirmed because they have did photoshoot

asdf IU hasn't confirmed yet? why? what she waiting for? or her agency? still wait for official announcement..!

LP I love Lee Jang Woo

yosup how about han hyo joo for the leading role? I mean the mentor.

gayu I really love JGS a lot.he is really talented..I wanna see him in short hair..I miss his short hair!!

evzl if iu becomes lead female then i'll definitely watch it. they would be awesome couple because both are pretty

anzu Hoping for IU to accept the offer...................

keunzyness! i agree @eloise @fatima and @wadud.. I think SUZY AND KEUNSUK would be a great pair.. :D

Eckaii JGS suits the title very well. He looks really beautiful recently. Looking forward for this drama. I really love JGS even he looks like a girl now. :))))

blah_blah well apparently IU has been offered the lead female role

ahkheen and oh! please don't compare him w those *cough* plastic monsters~ that is very insulting n his him w those actors w quality talent like him. :) JGS is not just a face..he is a total package artist/performer.

ahkheen we have our own definition of "beautiful"..and JGS for me is beautiful. so don't over react. if you don't like him..just don't watch his dramas,or simply don't read any articles abt him..shut your filthy mouth. and don't bash him w/o knowing any of his achievements..

prean im rooting for park shin hye

dJulz omo .. I really love JGS .. very stressful because of the drama in the plot on Wednesday, Thursday, where two previous dramas have very low ratting .. if in the plot on Monday Tuesday I will be more relaxed, because ratting previous drama was very good .. I believe JGS able to act well, and hopefully lower ratting two previous drama does not adversely affect this drama ..

eloise ehm, suzy,please,lately everything that she plays become a hit..she's very pretty too..i guess her with JGS would make a lovely pair

julz29 Looking forward to watch this drama of jang geun suk oppa here in the philippines.. Im his number one fan here!

lady blue I love all your songs can you hear me, good bye hes beautiful gotta getcha and let me cry<-it really makes me alive rock'n roll and my favorite which star are you,hes beautiful and sarangbi i keep on playing it whenever i miss you i may not understand it but i really enjoy listening on your songs damn! my you tube were more of your clips i watch it when i have time esp.your tour show an d your funny crazy dance ha9 May god protect you all the way...can't believe i'm saying this even though i'm older than you,but can't hide it,hope you could read this.I just wish you can have a drama with yoon eun hye. :-)

anzu this drama is perfect for him.............becuz he is beautiful.............i don't care about actress....... @niki....we don't need to know about turkish or we are only talking about jang geun suk.........its a korean drama and jang geun suk is the most beautiful guy................beautiful is not only for a girl.....beautiful means attractive...and he is attractive..............

hana Park Min Young always look good pairing with Jang Geun Suk.hope they can act together. ;-) I'm loving their Tong Yi ads ..,but its not enough,. I wanna see more love ....they will be a super cute And adorable couple :-P

diana rose tapaya waahhhh ... im so excited to watch your movie the beautiful man ..

I think park shin hye would be much better to be your partner of your drama ..
 and also I would like to see you and yoon eun hye together in a drama ..
I hope so .. I love you oppa and unnie .. :*
I love Korean ..

fighting !!!! lovelots <3

junc675 jung so min will be prefect for this drama ,she really beautiful ,cute and very talent yung acterss

paru sukkieee will be great in dis drama... Cant wait......:)

Shine Yeh! your right, me too i love jung so min as well. They are a perfect couple.

ilal Jang keun suk oppa.. Hwaiting...

Rose Please choose jung so min as a lead actress in this drama we really love to see her acting along with JKS. Jung so min, jung so min, jung so min , jung so min pleaseeeee grant our request?!

asdf @niki are you ok? what? lee minho looks better than sukkie? hahah you make me laugh :D

whatever, I hope lead actress will be one of popular, beautiful and succesfull stars. So, NO HAN YE RI please..

Lidya I hope that park min young will be starring in this drama.Nice couple<3 <3<3

yoong Park Shin hye will definitely not be starring with Geun suk oppa because she will be starring with Lee Min Ho this October in 'the heirs'..::::

lovelylia @niki when using the word 'beautiful' for a man it's not only about physical appearance. And why are you panicking? The PD offered the role to Jang Keun Suk that means that he believes that JKS would be able to give life to Dokgo Ma te character - its not about JKS being the most handsome actor (although for eels JKS is the best looking) - its about who among the young actors whom the pd thinks has the depth in acting and would be able to portray the role at its best -- Jang Keun Suk has that talent.

Kimna Hope that Park shin hye will be his leading lady in this drama <3

Jessica Can't wait to watch JKS back onscreen . What a phenomenal actor :)

Ella kojo Ella keep ur mouth shut about park shin hye being lead actress . She ain't gonna be, ok . We have had enough of ur park shin hye hestiria

Go li do I agree with niki. Samantha wake up come on "Koreans, beautiful " nah , no way . They are one of the least prettiest nations in the world so they over compensate with their extreme cuteness

Ella I want park shin hye for the lead actress! Hoping!

ELLA Jang keun suk said that hes beautiful because of the title of his new kdrama, dont be so over reacting to those antis.

Kassandra I'm looking forward to watching this drama on tv .He's an amazing actor, I admire him a lot not only for his looks, he is so intelligent and gorgeous no matter what other people say about him I love him a lot.

The way they speak about JKS is so hurtful and impolite that make think they are spoiled brats without brains.

leahe807 Jung so min much pretty and talnet yung actters .

Princess GZM @niki

'Beautiful Man' is only a drama title. Calm down and put your keyboard down slowly.

Samantha @niki - Hahaha! Cannot believe u came back :p why are u soo bothered about his drama n his wiki ? FYI the script is already changed so u don't really have to bother itself whether he is the prettiest guy in the world or not . Another FYI :p the F4 guys u mentioned all of them had plastic surgeries u can google it if u can waste ur time on them rather searching fr Beautiful Turkish guys :p As simple as that it ain't a joke or anything to laugh about :p

IDC which country u r from I do appreciate artists with commendable potential in acting n are versatile. JKS is someone who impressed many coz of his versatile Acting skills n multi talents....later comes the looks. He is pretty or not IDC , am someone who looks to an actor for his/her quality work.

I hav nothing to deny Y wud I deny wen I find JKS absolutely handsome ;)

Keep ur saint words to urself....Don't like him.....Don't watch him as simple as that .

niki i never said he is bad looking or else..i only said that he is just cute...not hot or beautiful actually i don't thing being beautiful is a good thing for a man ..boys need to be at list cute...but i think for korean guys being beautiful is a good thing something that is considered as a sarcasm in my the way lee min ho is plastic?hahah..i laughed a lot..really funny! when we like some is hard too see negative things but to deny that is not good..accept it..he is not hot or beautiful he is just really cute and for turkish actors and see what being beautiful means!

Dyne female lead??big no for han ye ri,,,park shin hye,park min young,han hyo jo,moon geun young,han ji min are better than han ye ri..find another actress, please!!

asdf what a beautiful news *-* airing on KBS2 and end of november *-* but I still pray for lead actress. I hope that isn't Han Ye Ri :'( PLEASE HEAR US! Please find someone, more beautiful,younger and more popular than HAN YE RI!!

Tess Can't wait. JKS will use his skills in acting; he is so talented, charming & down to earth.

artina I want moon geun young to be partner of Jang geun suk, please. i really love MGY and GEUNGEUN COUPLE! They are matched and suit for each other...

Wadud Eagerly Waiting for this drama. Bae suzy opposit to JKS.

sara please moon geun young for the lead actress...

chloe its so nice if im yoona will be the lead actress they did a great job and awesome in LOVE RAIN TV series..

Jj i agree with niki. the most beautiful guy cannot come Korea. on a scale of world beauty koreans are right at the bottom . I give Koreans props though for making us believe that some of their lead characters are beautiful when in fact they are ugly.

Liza★ Looking forward a lot to watch it!! Curious to see who will be the female lead haha

Mai-chan I suggest moon chae won or uee for the femal role ! Fighting (:

Samantha To All the fans of Plastic Faces I.e Lee min ho n etc....kindly stay away from JGS if u have nothing good to say about there is no need of comparisons to be drawn over here . We are noone to decide on who the Production team has to cast. Watch the show n appreciate the work done by him n others or jus refrain from watching or getting bothered with JGS news. There is absolutely no need to throw harsh comments on him everytime. The original story will have its fair changes before It actually comes onscreen , use some commonsense it happens with almost all the mangas which turned into dramas.

niki the most beautiful man in not only in korea but also in the world?come on is this a joke?even in korea there lots of actors better hyun joong ..lee min ho...i mean really?!if there is going to be a series or movie about the most goodlooking guy the actor should be Turkish or Italian not korean and specially not jang keun sook..he is cute but seriously not beautiful or hot for that matter!

Ella PARK SHIN HYE please for the lead actress!

IndianFan Wen is the show about to go on sets ? Wen would we watch u back onscreen.

maxi0818 moon geun young please...

Vieve Fell in love with JKS in you're beautiful! Perfect actor and all. I really hope that Park Shin Hye would be the lead actress with sukkie!!! ♥♥♥ Can't wait for Beautiful man to be out!;)

jelly ann why is Han ye ri noona to be leading? I understand about the pd drama, is that to be giving a chance role for her career... but i want Jung so min to be partner of Jang Keun suk oppa! beacause to her acting in the playful kiss... pls. give another chances of jung so min to be partner to him.. :(

along Han ye ri ?? I don't know her n i never got a chance to see her work yet.just google her name,n i understand why so many jgs fangirl is against on choosing her.

marycris I miss JSK.. he is so cute

shiena F(x)'s SULLI For this Drama

nana sulli please,,

Qamar can't wait for this drama :D missed oppa so much :D i'm not against Han Ye Ri as long as she's a good actress , i can't deny that i want a younger and a prettier actress for oppa to act in this drama BUT as long as the actress is a good actress i don't have any objection :D

prasadi willing to see JKS' s act again.. hope it will be a wonderful drama

Kathy C'mon! Why do you think that Han Ye Ri is not suitable? Do you see her on anything? I think that she is amazing actress and I'm so happy that it won't be good known actress. I just happy that she will play with our Prince =) so please...relax and just wait for drama :D

Joei I can't wait for this drama. I can see Jang keun suk act again.

Mary The main actress in a drama is very important,han ye ri is not good for this role...when i understood the main actress is her I dont have any incentive for watching this drama....

no han ye ri no no han ye ri. that actress very big for the role. Please choose another one actrees as lead role!!!! JUNG SO MIN, HAN HYE JO, SHIN MIN AH, GO HYE SUN, SUZY, SOOYOUNG ETC.. please be more careful!!

Just Suki oh i really became sad to know the Kim Bo-Tong role is han ye ri ! She is not Suitable for suki at all....!!!

sanaz how when will they release this drama???

honey i cant wait this drama, hope this will be by fall...

mErziditas wow this character really suits him!

rion i like Im Yoona but for the changes my preference is Park Min Young. Cant wait!

Just Suki I Like to see oppa with han hyo joo or park min young in this drama...

novi can't wait!!! love sukkie and miss him so much!

jelly nn i love jang geun suk and all of his drama that show in the philippine... i supporting for his new drama beautiful man and i want to his leading lady to be partner of jang geun suk is jung so min because i love her in his role in the playful kiss... God bless to your new drama and also into your careeer opportunity...

a turkisheel I guess lead actress wil be Jung so min.but this news isn't confirmed yet.

Connie What about Sulli? She would be cute with Sukkie

elham I'm so happy . Finally, after a year, a new film I will miss her. Oppa Fighting I like the Prince

elham wowwwwww I'm so happy . Finally, after a year, a new film I will miss her. Oppa Fighting I like the Prince

Apple Park Min Young..They look good in will be a hit...most beautiful man and woman in one series !...

kath it would be better if moon geun young is the leading lady of this story.. they have a lot of chemistry.. geun geun couple!.. moon geun young is more capable of the role poor girl..

Ana So happy that I can see you in a new drama after waiting for a long year :) Oppa fighting! Saranghae

Nana I have a hunch that the lead actress will be Park Min Young.If so,they will have chemistry!! why are there talks for the lead actress?!! I know they need different women but there should be a lead actress so that there will be so many scenes of her with the lead actor!!

fatima bae suzi pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

PaRis They need 10 different women., i hope park min young,moon geun-young ,kim hae-rem, yoon Eun Hye , Yoona will be there and a lot more... and ofcourse ., PARK SHIN HYE would be the lead actress.. :) PLEASE.. love from PARIS :3

along Park min young cute.park min young lovely.park min young the sweetest. Beautiful smile (^_^).park min young and jang geun suk make a lovely couple......

lady blue Me too i want yoon eun hye or park shin hye as the leading lady of jang geun suk...finally i can not miss jang geun suk for a long time its good to know that he has a new drama, a drama that i can't wait to watch. I'm curious what would be hes outfit on that drama same with hair duo.

Laura I want Park Shin Hye for female cast. or Yoon Eun Hye. or maybe Yoona again. *banyak maunya* *disiram* X))

hi Just SUNG YU RI ...she is best


along I want Park min young as his leading lady for this drama.they look good together.park min young is the best.hopefully this drama will make jgs shine even more...

Regina Female cast: Park Min Young please!^^

Nandini Finally! Ever since Love Rain, I was dying to see more JKS on television! He's so busy with his career in music that I thought it'd be another year or so before he even signs a contract. Thank goodness he took another drama! I totally love his acting! He's an intelligent actor! This sounds good. I hope it becomes a successful drama!

micha can't wait for this drama! love jks!


narges o0oh my god!!! what??just think he becomes the most beautiful man in the world!!! i cant stop loughing to this idea!!! OH MY GO0O0O0D....

aysha obial jang geun suk good luck!!!!!!! saranghae!

Susan After seeing you in You're Beautiful, I'm hooked on you....Seriously. You are so talented and beautiful, full of charm and delight. America needs MORE OF YOU :) You are the Asian Prince, and you are so much more than that. Jang changed everything I thought was beautiful in a man. Now YOU are beautiful. Just you :) Wish I could call you oppa, but I can't - I think I'm pretty much older than you :) lol....Beautiful Prince, keep shining.... <3<3

Erika Missing you jang keun suk. Cant wait for your new tv series Beautiful Man. Saranghae oppa. Keep safe!!

Erika Parreño Im glad and looking forward to see and watch you on ur upcoming drama Beautiful Man. It really fits you

Erika Cant wait to see and watch you jang keun suk:) keep safe !saranghae . Hope you visit philippines!!

JullonMarrem Keep those supports coming for Jang Keun Suk guys!! Looking forward on this one.

JullonMarrem Can't wait to see him again! I am soooo excited. Jang Keun Suk. Keep those supports coming guys!!

selen please yoon eun hye please she is best ^+

maia would love to see him with HAN JI MIN. Period.

bhea oppa I really really like your voice.your talent,and also your drama or movies saranghe oppa fighting!!!!!!!

reine can't wait for your new drama... JKS is the best. good luck for all the upcoming projects, God bless! love you oppa

Mary I hope han hyo joo plays in this drama!!!

Mary I want to see Oppa with han hyo joo in this drama!!!

bhea opaa i really that it will be the best upcoming drama sarangheyo oppa i hope i can see u in person

mhaey I thought the lead actress is already PARK SHIN HYE!!!!!!!

JJ Whoever the lead actress it will be, it all depend a lot on both of them, the script director and all the crew members. e.g in the drama 'you are my pet' actress Kim Ha Neul did not shine in this drama but in 'gentleman's dignity, they got so many awards!!!!

ann let it be Yoon Eun Hye.. pretty pretty please.. :D

~marl Oppa. . can't wait to see you. but please cut and recolor your hair. i really love your black short hair..

ione Really wish the team-up of JKS and Yoon Eun will be a dream come true ^^ a lot of eels have been waiting for that, too.^^

hizumi song hye kyo for female cast ,please ....... !

hizumi song hye kyo for female cast ,please ^^

fhreainz I love to see yoonsuk couple for this drama.....hope yoona be the leading lady of jks....

KdramaLoverw Yoon Eun hye for the female lead! MAKE IT DREAM COME TRUE PLEAAASE! T-T

ivy can't wait for this new drama of our very own KEUNSK oppa i hope that his leading lady will be compatible to him

maximaxi Park Shin Hye for the female role please! Can't wait to watch Jang Geun Suk again! Looking forward to it! :)

Daryl lade Looking forward to this drama with Park Min Young as the female lead. Their chemistry in the music video ICU is awwsome.

badkitty_0011 Omg this drama sounds good and i would love to see him act with Han Ji Min she was great in Rooftop Prince i think she would be perfect for the poor girl part. But thats just me <3

Ana Oppa, cant wait for your new drama! But please cut your hair or wear a wig for this drama. You look much more handsome in short hair.

Dewi Z actor jang is comeback,,,!!! I can't wait to see his new drama... Hope jang keun suk oppa cut his hair like Dokgo's hair but with red colour is awesome i think....


Galilea I love oppa sukki with unnie Yoona, I miss them :'(. but i always support them, because ..both are actors and this is just job. therefore I wish Oppa Sukki many succesfull!

please. l want his new co-star--------> HAN JI MIN , please please please :)

Nate yoon eun hye pls!! :D

Lssie This plot, this kind of character really fits well to JGS. He mostly acts as self-center person. Hopefully it would be different to any other JGS dramas before.

cristy love it!!!go fighting!!!

selen please yoon eun hye please :D

jun wow wow! awesome! I will wait for this!!!! love ya Jang Keun-Suk!

Navila Yes Finally He is doing A drama

But will He keep his long hair here too? As i HATED this hair style on him ...PLease JGS Oppa CUT THOSE LONG HAIR >>>> and I will Love that anime hair style on hm in this drama

Anggun Cri The story is fresh. Smart actor... I hope this drama explodes and everyone loved it... Can't wait for this,, Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk.. Zikzin..!!!! U can do it..!!!

Lea Hello At last!! Wonderful, morveles. I have so much waiting for this, i like all sukkie dramas, i've watch them so many times. But who is the female lead actor?

Heavenly Eel Wow..awesome script..awesome story..and its all coz Jang Keun Suk as the star of the drama..i think it will be the great drama that relief Eels yearning of his acting, also it can make the prove to haters or others that JKS is not only big talking about his goals...Sure he can do and he can achieve what he want and he can achieve his goals..and its all coz his hard Beautiful Man is similar with his reality..JKS is really pretty boy..also Beautiful Man..Agree? Of course you do..:) So Eels..lets support JKS, and together we r all united to make him WorldPrince..Zyo~ZIKZIN!

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