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  • Name: Kim Sung-Oh
  • Hangul: 김성오
  • Born: 1978
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type:


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Nappeun yeoja He looks like Akimoto Sayaka

han ni Most beautifullest eyes i've ever seen. By the way he is areally good actor I loved him in inspiring generation. Good acting I love oppa

Diana I like his eyes. So beautiful.

Isata He is a good actor but that pic up there ur need to change it make him look like serial killer. . Lol

Krysa Great role and very good acting in Inspiring Generation.

Genesis I became an instant fan the moment I saw you in Midas, and have since made every attempt to see all of the dramas and movies that you've ever been in.

Currently watching you in Inspiring Generation and seriously hoping the writers don't do a cast kill with your character, although I feel it will go this way....but even if it does, you are a person who will appear in another drama soon.

I do wish you the best of luck in your career and in life....keep acting and being you Oppa!

Fighting!!!! American Fan!

dd i saw him in inspiring generation and i was about " this guy oooohhhhh he's th one from when aman loves" so i searched for him omg he's cutie \ srry for ma bad english

Mrs.Kim He's a great actor. He wowed me in When A Man Loves and the movie The Man From Nowhere. :) I want to see him in a lead role.. ^_^ I like his eyes and cheekbones! lol! <3

PsychoticHatter I think it might be his eyes but his looks remind me of Julien Kang and Ricky Kim, almost as if he is half Korean and half some other race. I don't mean anything bad by this it's just what I keep thinking as I watch Secret Garden. He's a really great actor and I first saw him in Whatcha Wearin'? (aka My PS Partner) his character was so funny. :D

Laura Lang I am such a huge fan of Kim Sung Oh. He's so talented. He can be really creepy, he can be really funny or he can be really sweet. Wonderful actor! I hope to see him get bigger roles in the future. Enough with the bit parts! He deserves better!

cau2great Just finished watching the show, When a Man Loves. Why isn't Kim Sung-Oh in more movies and drama series?! He is such an amazing actor, I plan to follow his career from now on!

Lulu Such a beautiful eyes *_*

pretty lady I like your eyes :) and your face too. Your acting in melodrama when a man falls in love very cool. I wanna look u shirtless :) hehehe

capricorne93 not to mention his part in Giant (2010) as loan shark Cha Bu Cheol !

golfin he is just a great actor in when a men loves. hopes god blessed you.. fighting..

Risha He has a good eyes...

Maggie You are definitely a great actor Kim Sung-Oh! Your acting in When a Man Loves is just fantastic,! I love each scene you are part of and makes me laugh in spite of looking forward to more of your work! More power,

Matsumoto Ran I JUST LOVE THIS MAN! He's so hilarious.

lilyo Sung Oh Oppa, I just watch Love 911, even though its late, the movie is great and I'm glad u r there even though second lead u r still the best. Oppa fighting....

lilyo looking forward for you to get a leading role and please get one. cant stand your eyes coz its too beautiful, cant stand your smile coz its too sweet. anyway thank you for maintaining a good acting. Oppa fighting, saranghae!

Anne_Sweden @ GalZy I totally agree. I have seen some of the series you are in and I share the opinion, you are making the foundation of the scenery as you are a person that, with your acting skills, makes an impact with your appearance.

Good luck in the future and keep up the good work.

GalZy Congratulation... going through people's comment i think you are official made to "The Great Scene Stealer Club". Your part maybe minor but your presence will be remember by many as a major impression of the movie. And don't look at me with your eyes... i'm going to melt down.

Melissa I like watching him in "When a Man Loves" His eyes are so precious and hypnotic..

la he is a good and amazing person, he give us a special performance...and into a big star

Panthea I love him in when a man loves... He's so good at acting. He should get a lead in a melo or Ron-com. Mesmerizing eyes...

maya poor guy is seriously typecast.. he's very funny though:)

Katigie Thought you were great in both History of a Salaryman (why not listed here?) and Midas. You look like a leading man, but put zest into minor characters. And what comic timing! Please get a lead role in a romantic comedy soon!

Doug Hupp I just wanted to say saw Midas here in the US and loved it. You were wonderful, great acting and very handsome.

Julia He is so HOT in Ahjeosshi!

GGGGRRRRR :D secretary kim did the exact thing that joo won did to gil ra im about the cappuccino kiss.

ahhh dude i LOVE secretary kim he's soooooo funny and ra im is a cool stuntwoman and joo won's face when him and ra im switched bodies!!!!!!!! <3

Tebby i know him from secret garden and he's very talented i wonder why he didn't lead the drama and always act as a minor he half Korea?...his eyes so attractive...keep it up man...cheers

jy he is one of the few actor. who is not the lead of dramas, but i instantly took note of him in 'secret garden'. his acting is comparable to the lead and his acting totally stood out in the scenes where he misunderstood his girlfren 2-timed him, the male lead is trapped in the elevator and the hospital scene which followed after. they left a deep impression! his crying scenes are superb, and he shared a great rapport with hyun bin. ^^

honey his eyes are very mesmerising. Is he mixed caucasian?

liteyrsaway I just got through watching "The Man from Nowhere", and his character was so crazy that if it wasn't for those beautiful eyes of his I wouldn't have recognized him as the same guy from "Secret Garden". To be honest, his comedy relief role in "Secret Garden", though he was good, didn't make much of an impression on me, but in "The Man from Nowhere" his acting skills really came to the front. He was such a good, convincing, sadistic bad guy that he almost out-shined the star. His acting in this movie has made me a fan. I will definitely be watching more of his movies and shows from now on.

  • standing ovation* Keep up the good work, bro!

xrv marz those eyes really captured my attention towards you and and those funny moments that you seems like a child having tantrums.really it.^_^

cece OMG i could not stop staring at you throughout the whole entire should be a minute you're hot then you're funny then you're crazy then you freak out then you're back too being hot! you Rock!!!!!!XD

ps: i think you should come to America and make a movie...that would be awesome!

niCk i love his acting on SECRET GARDEN..i nver noticed him bfore this..u make me laugh good luck in your bright future ^_^

Rennis Ng This man rocks! Look the way he acted in Sign, It brought me a kinda shattered feeling. Vulnerable. And wild as his role. Take an overview around Korean's stars, he is uniquely different. No shiny hair, no baby face, no pretend - to - be - innocent. He is wild, multi-charateristic, which a real actor should be. And this is what i love about him. What you shoulda do, Kim, keep as you are, no need to be 'lovely' like others. You are sexy. I'm sure you can go further in your acting life. A good producer will see through his talent and give him a right role. I'm a producer. I'm really frank to admit this.

suzie I luvd u in SG. I didn't think you could do comedic parts, well you're an actor, hello. Whenever you appear on screen, I just know it's going to be rofl time. You're characters, Giant & Sign are bad guys, I don't know what to expect of you in Midas, because I've only seen 2 episodes (I'm from NYC) It looks like you'll be a schemer. Anyways, I love you and keep up being lovable.

A new fan

ami I first saw u in the secret garden..... and I think your character is quite unic.....a loyal henchman but also a real talkative one whenever I saw u, I don`t know what to say....... whether should I laught or shake my head.. u are a real funny one.... but when I saw u in the movie of "this man"/"ahjussi" oh.... man u are amazing... cruel... sadist..... and sexy.... i was wondering, is that really u? the sassy boy in the secret garden? well done... good job..... I`ve become u`r fan I wish u can explore many roles as u can...... coz.. I`ll be the one to watch u.......^_^

Momo he is so cute in Secret Garden. I want to see him more on TV.

pigrabbit007 He's such a great actor in Secret Garden, I love it when he fights for Ah Young :)) and I think that was in episode 17, when Joo Won he got fired as President, he said, "President!", Joo Won replied, "I'm not the president anymore.", and so he said instead."JOO WON HYUNG!" hahahahaha! LMAO I really found that funny! thumbs up sir!

kiddyOmalley Such a comic guy! really good in comedys! and WHAT ABOUT THOSE EYES?

SG ♥ LMAO I LOVED LOVED LOVED HIM IN SECRET GARDEN x] joo wonnie oppaa ahaha! then when i watched the man from nowhere, id laugh whenever i see him i just cant take him seriously now. great actor *clap clap clap*

Jay He is a great actor in "The Man From Nowhere" movie.

bd187 also played main bad guy in won bins last movie. really good acting chopps

bd187 played a photographer in city hall ep 14

genthu Hi, I just want to congratulate you on your awesome performance in secret garden. You are most attractive part of the drama. Your comedy timing is very good. your's and hyun bin's combination is very good.. All the best for future career :)

Muriel just wanted to tell you that the way you played your character in secret garden was really good. it brought me a lot of laughter which i think was the purpose of the character. keep it up kim sung-oh

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