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  • Drama: When a Man Loves / Man In Love
  • Revised romanization: Namjaga Saranghal Ddae
  • Hangul: 남자가 사랑할 때
  • Director: Kim Sang-Ho
  • Writer: Kim In-Young
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: April 3 - June 6, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon) is a former gangster, but now a successful business man. He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. He then meets a younger woman named Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung). Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life.


Tae-Sang works for a powerful loan shark (Lee Sung-Min). One day, he goes with his men to a small bookstore in a poor area to collect on a debt. They enter the bookstore and threaten the bookstore owner (Kang Shin-Il).

Around this time, the bookstore owner's daughter Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung) goes to the public welfare office to get free rice. A TV reporter is there and asks Mi-Do for an interview. Mi-Do becomes extremely embarrassed and hides her face with the rice bag. Even though she tells the reporter no, the TV reporter repeatedly asks her for an interview. Mi-Do then becomes angry and pushes the TV reporter. She leaves without the rice bag. While leaving the area, somebody shouts at her "hey rude student!" When she turns around, a young man named Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) gives her the rice bag and leaves.

When Mi-Do gets back to her father's bookstore, she finds a bunch of men in the store. The men soon leave. Mi-Do asks her father about the men, but he doesn't tell her anything.

The next day, Tae-Sang learns that the bookstore owner left a last will and disappeared. Tae-Sang yells at his men to find the bookstore owner. Tae-Sang's men eventually finds the man and takes him back to the bookstore. Meanwhile, Mi-Do is at a private institute and looks at her report card. She lets out a huge smile. Mi-Do got the top score in her class. Mi-Do then receives a phone call from her mother and learns that her father has disappeared.

When Mi-Do arrives back at the bookstore, she sees her mother and father harassed by a bunch of men. Mi-Do quickly gets into a physical struggle with the men. During the struggle, she shows no fear of the men. Tae-Sang then arrives at the bookstore and watches Mi-Do fight with his men. Suddenly, Tae-Sang thinks of himself when he was about Mi-Do's age. Around that time, his mother had an affair. She also owed money to the loan shark that Tae-Sang now works for. At that time, the loan shark and his men came and beat Tae-Sang over his mother's debt. That moment completely changed Tae-Sang's life. He went from a smart kid with good grades to an enforcer for a gangster.

Tae-Sang then sees Mi-Do's report card in her bag. He then stands in front of her and stops the fight. Mi-Do promises to pay back the loan by 3 PM on Saturday. Tae-Sang agrees and leaves with his men. The loan shark then learns of Tae-Sang's actions and thinks he has now become soft. The loan shark has now lost all faith in Tae-Sang.

A few hours after the 3 PM deadline, Mi-Do appears at Tae-Sang's office. Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible, offers to sell herself to Tae-Sung to pay off her father's debt. Tae-Sang accepts her offer and takes her to a hotel room. Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible to hide her fear, listens to Tae-Sang in the hotel room. Tae-Sang tells her to payback the principle without the interest.

Later, Tae-Sang, the loan shark boss' girlfriend Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-An) and Tae-Sang's men gather for a birthday party for their loan shark boss. During the party, the loan shark begins to bad mouth Tae-Sang's mother. Tae-Sang becomes furious and tells his boss that he quits and leaves. The next day, one of Tae-Sang's men goes to the bookstore and gives Mi-Do a bank bank. He tells her that Tae-Sang will pay for her school tuition fees. Mi-Do goes to see Tae-Sang and asks him why he is helping her. Tae-Sang tells her that if someone helped him at her age, his life would be different.

Meanwhile, the loan shark boss sends several men to kill Tae-Sang. Right before the attack, Tae-Sung receives a phone call from the boss' girlfriend tipping him off that he is about to be killed. Tae-Sang is able to get away from harm and goes to see his boss. When he finds his boss they get into a heated argument. The boss' men then brings in Mi-Do. Tae-Sang tells her to run, but the door is closed. When they try to leave, the boss stabs Tae-Sang in the back. Tae-Sang still manages to let Mi-Do escape before collapsing.


  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "7th Grade Civil Servant" and followed by "The Queen's Classroom" June 12, 2013.
  2. Director Kim Sang-Ho and writer Kim In-Young previously worked together in 2005 MBC drama series "A Man and A Woman"
  3. Filming began February 24, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. First scenes filmed involved Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung) and Lee Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) meeting for the first time at the Seoul Welfare Foundation, located in Jongno. Also, Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon) and Baek Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-Ahn) filmed a scene at a clothing boutique in Gangnam.


When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Song Seung-Heon.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Shin Se-Kyung.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Chae Jung-Ahn.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Yeon Woo-Jin.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-JB.jpg
Song Seung-Heon Shin Se-Kyung Chae Jung-An Yeon Woo-Jin JB
Han Tae-Sang Seo Mi-Do Baek Sung-Joo Lee Jae-Hee Seo Mi-Joon
When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Jr.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Kang Shin-Il.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Oh Yeong-Sil.jpg When a Man Loves - Korean Drama-Lee Chang-Hoon.jpg Kim Sung-Oh
Jr Kang Shin-Il Oh Yeong-Sil Lee Chang-Hoon Kim Sung-Oh
Ddol-Yi Seo Kyung-Wook Choi Sun-Ae Koo Yong-Kab Lee Chang-Hee

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-03 1 7.3% (20th) 7.8% (19th) NR NR
2013-04-04 2 10.8% (10th) 12.1% (7th) 10.1% (11th) 11.0% (7th)
2013-04-10 3 9.3% (16th) 10.3% (9th) 11.4% (7th) 13.1% (5th)
2013-04-11 4 11.6% (8th) 13.0% (5th) 12.1% (6th) 13.5% (5th)
2013-04-17 5 11.1% (7th) 12.7% (5th) 11.4% (7th) 12.0% (7th)
2013-04-18 6 10.2% (13th) 12.1% (6th) 11.3% (9th) 12.3% (9th)
2013-04-24 7 9.9% (9th) 11.8% (5th) 10.5% (7th) 11.7% (7th)
2013-04-25 8 9.7% (13th) 12.0% (6th) 10.2% (10th) 11.3% (9th)
2013-05-01 9 9.9% (9th) 11.7% (5th) 9.5% (9th) 10.6% (8th)
2013-05-02 10 9.7% (10th) 12.0% (6th) 10.8% (8th) 12.5% (7th)
2013-05-08 11 9.3% (10th) 10.8% (6th) 8.9% (12th) 10.1% (10th)
2013-05-09 12 9.0% (18th) 10.0% (11th) 9.0% (14th) 9.9% (12th)
2013-05-15 13 9.0% (13th) 10.7% (5th) 9.1% (12th) 10.0% (13th)
2013-05-16 14 9.7% (10th) 11.1% (4th) 10.3% (8th) 12.1% (5th)
2013-05-22 15 10.1% (8th) 12.0% (3rd) 11.4% (6th) 12.6% (4th)
2013-05-23 16 9.8% (10th) 11.2% (6th) 11.2% (6th) 12.5% (4th)
2013-05-29 17 10.9% (5th) 13.5% (3rd) 10.6% (8th) 11.8% (5th)
2013-05-30 18 10.5% (9th) 12.0% (5th) 9.9% (9th) 10.2% (11th)
2013-06-05 19 9.8% (8th) 11.7% (5th) 11.1% (6th) 11.7% (4th)
2013-06-06 20 9.7% (7th) 11.9% (4th) 12.1% (6th) 13.3% (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Ijimae I love it even there is a little tragic love..i still love it.

Ijimae I love it even though there is a little tragic love..i still love it.

Amor The very first kdrama I watched and got me addicted. I admire SSH so much in this drama that I went to look for more of his other movies and dramas.

isa nyc dramma i.wish to see.season 2

zilva not only SSK are degenerate, but I hope writing In-Young Kim. also did not sell.

sasnia I was very happy when Iron Man played by SSK got a very bad rating. I do not know why this drama a good rating, but this drama is very silly

Gigi Bonilla This was the fist time I have ever watched a foreign mini series. I loved it.

BullDogLvr 5 Stars for this engaging drama. Well acted and great characters. Great production values. I loved it.

DEREK MENEDEZ My frst Korean drama picture i have ever watched and boy its brilliant, absolutely love every body especially the stalker chic. I think i have a crush on Korean gals

Mariko Actually the meaning of the story is really good. SSH acting was amazing. I think the stiff SSK is suitable for Mi Do character in this drama.

kodr Song Seung Heon being 1 of my favorite actor . I was really shocked by this Pitiful romance his char. had , this pitiful actress and her character 2.

So if u ever Watch this drama (^^) Consider it as the tragedy of brothers . 'Cause the bromances really compensate the bad love story it shows us.

gnad I luv this korean drama..i hope there will be season 2...pleaseee...

Antonio I've hated Shin Se Kyung and Yeon Woo Jin for a while because of this drama, Yeon Woo Jin changed my mind with Marriage not dating, let's hope Shin Se Kyung can do the same with Iron Man.

Trina Gosh, loved tae- sang in this drama, but main girl piss me off. Why did he even go back to her at the end? She wasn't loyal at all.

oritosola This movie is one of the best I ever had pls let them get married and having child.......... loves you ..........well done

nash Loved Han Tang through out the drama :') but hated the main female lead . He should have married the other girl atleast she was loyal to him .

lyla Need season 2 for Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do get marry, and they're in love..love and love

lyla Need season 2 for Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do get marry and they're in love..love and love. Pleaaseeeeee

hollymool This is the worst drama ever, the female lead is the most awful one i've ever seen, She doesn't even know how to act.

I think I would've enjoyed it more had the female lead be someone else.

esra i luuuuuuv han-tai-sang soooooooo much ♡♡ i hope to c season 2

Keira Seriously this drama is really sucks! Tae Sang deserves a better women. Not Mi Do that always cheated on him and even want to make love with his best friend. She dont even loves him and also not appreciate him. wtf

Dorea I love the ending and I hope that their will be a season 2 on this. I want to see Han Tae-Sang & Seo Mi-Do get marry. I felt so sorry for Han Tae-Sang through out the movie. He show so much love toward Seo-Mi-Do I started crying at this movie.

Lyly Nice ending! Shin Se Kyung played her role well. Mi Do & Jae Hee are better as friends. I don't like the characters of Mi Do's father & brother, they are so selfish. The father couldn't do anything for the family. They get a lot of help from Tae Sang, and he just wants to keep his pride, he doesn't want to give Tae Sang a chance to be a better person. I think Baek Sung Joo deserves Koo Yong Kab, they both play dirty tricks, they are a good match.

sandy I only watched it cause of jr and luved this cause of jr!!!

Othenia Dowell This series of episodes "She a Man Loves" was one the BEST I have ever seen. Fell in love with Song Swine Hung and the entire cast, loved the songs, setting, and most of all the storyline. Please do more episodes. Much Love. Would love to visit South Korea and meet the cast.

Sue Paszkowski OMG I LOVED IT! I was hooked from beginning to end! I told my sister she needed to watch it and she's cursing me because she's hooked too! This show was filled with so much drama, emotion, love, etc. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I was cheering for Han Tae=Sang (Tee Tee) and Seo Mi-do all the way to the end! I give this shows 100 stars......much love!

Martha Best movie I have watched in a long time! Hope there is a 2nd season!

nikita I think this drama makes my heart beating so hard. Well, I haven't finished yet. But, I hope there will be a happy ending between Tae Sang and Mi do. I love Song Seung Heon act's in this drama but I more love him in My Princess.

nikita I think this drama makes my heart beating so hard. Well, I haven't finished yet. But, I hope there will be a happy ending between Tae Sang and Mi do.

Sharette I love this drama. Will there be a season 2?

Benita Why are Koreans so afraid of physical emotions they can't show their feelings no matter how much they feel.. That's why i love iris their love and emotion were just real.....

angila love this drama. but ending is not satisfactory. in fact I din't understand the ending. what happen to her boyfriend do they split?

Sally I love this show... Thanks to subtitles.. One of these days, I'll learn Korean but at the moment thanks to subtitles/English captioned... Only lingo I picked up so far was wei or in English why or what ^.^ I luv Song Seung-Heon.. He's howt!!

leanne I loved this show. I really hope they come out with a season 2...

David This drama was terrible. Han Tae Sang was an idiot, mi do was a cheating B., and Jae Hee was a sneaky douche bag traitor.

oogie I love k dramas but this one is really bad. Very cliched, boring, the dialogue sucks. Bad all around.

Ellie This drama sucks...

Felecia Will there be a season two? Or, is the series over forever?

Juke Lee Jae Hee disgusted me... How can he be so thick faced? Not to mention that Koo Yong Kab... He is super disgusting. Make me wanna puke! Not only both of the, most of them in this drama are also thick faced... Besides, overall is a boring drama. Bad.

Jessie Worst korean drama I've ever watched... Only Song Seung Heon was good in this drama. Shin Se Kyung and Yeon Woo Jin were really annoying in this drama. They both make me wanna stop watching the drama... Not to mention, the drama line are so awkward and boring. Super boring... Nothing matches right. The director and writer of this drama really needs to learn from Cruel City's...

Ruth Why are korean people so afraid of showing physical love in their dramas. Why not a few kisses once in a while is it possible to have so much emotion and not touch each other with affection

emeraldrain Loved this! Please let there be more. I stumbled on this through my Netflix account. Have never watched many international movies or films. Wished there was more love scenes between Mi Do and Han tae Sang. Everything was just great. So intense and draining.

samantha desuyo i hope may part 2 its so beautiful love story the best

samantha desuyo i like when aman falls in love so much

Lanie Grasser I love this show, but the ending left me hanging, which I guess would lead to season 2. Tee² is a great actor. Se Mi Do lacks emotion unlike Baek Sung Joo, who really express her emotions at every scene she's in. Chang Hee portrays his role very well and so is Koo Yong-Kab. Kudos to the director. The plot and the songs are awesome. ☺ Can't wait for season 2! More episodes please. Thanks.

Joseph Eusebio Great movie! Love the story... ; )

evymae aruba what a nice movie

Lee Kim Park In episode 20 Han Tae-sang and Baek Sung-joo will get married and Seo Mi-do is invited in the wedding

reynald cawili gicain i like when a man falls in love because this is my favorite movie in a wholeworld no one end please

reynald cwaili gicain i like when a man falls in love because this is my favorite movie in a wholeworld no one end please

Uche I don't know what 2 say, dis drama killed my ambition of marring a korean girl.

Gunn Where there is JB there is JR

angela the story was great!! the ending was great too.. but it wud have been nice if they all resolved there misunderstanding's in the 15th episode.. so there wud be more taesang <3 mido cute scene together :)

vicky I wish there is more love between Tae Sang and Mi Do...At the ending, she should show more emotion to him like running toward him and holding him..

miyasoo i loved this drama series because it is full of suspense and it is really intense...

Pearly So sweet and love it !!!

katy90 TEE TEE <3<3<3<3

kathleen gerona it was so wonderful.... i've learn a lesson from this story... i really like it...

Ishi Part 2 please.please

hater SSK SSK's acting verry stiff and chaotic. i Like Chae jung ahn acting and character. Kim sung oh verry handsome :)

almaiyia I love this drama toooo much.....I will like to see drama part 2 for the up coming year. I like it very much Tae Sang and Mi Do together. They make a great couple.

Paulene Jamie I just wanna give a credit to Mr. Song Seung-Heon for playing his role perfectly and to Ms. Shin Se-Kyung for making the episodes so interesting. Although they're age is different that made it really a fantastic match. I wish that the ending should've been the best episode. Like Mido realized how she missed Tae Sang and ended up marrying him, Even it's a common ending but it's what the viewers are expecting/hoping. Done watching this drama. It took me a week to finish since I am working. I have mixed reviews on this drama. I love the the character of Tae Sang, a cool guy. Some of the scenes/ episodes are predictable, like the accident of Mi Do, the secret of Chang Hee and the lovestory of Jae Hee. The ending was very SAD/Lonely and heartbreaking. I really can't move on. The character of Seo Mi Do was annoying sometimes but it makes it more interesting as well. Ever since the start of the drama, Mi Do was always been cold. I wish one of the episode is focused on theri relationship, I mean there should be a sweet side. Kudos to the witers and made the drama successful. I wish one more movie for them. I was left hanging!

Paulene Ever since the start of the drama, Mi Do was always been cold*. Tae Sang's character all through the last episode is sad. He never had a break, he's always involved in a fight, problem and alone.


  • Ever since the start of the drama, Mi Do was always been cold and inconsiderate. But it's just a character, some of the viewers are looking for a sweeter side. Since the start of the drama until the last episode, Tae Sang is always been involved in an issue. It's like us viewers are tired of what he's going through.

Nice Shot!

tolu i couldn't finish the films pls i need the season 3. tanx and nice job to you all.

mun love this drama 5 stars...make it part 2 plss.. more story mi do n tae sang..

yoonnia drama that managed to make some fans hated artist ... Poor Shin se Kyung,, artists who are victims of bullying in the internet media

Xyriel PART 2 PLEASE for 2014...,,thanks..,WE LOVE THIS DRAMA..,

Leejeany I love so much "When a Man Loves" but it so Hanging..,need more episodes for Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do.,,The ending is no good,,.more sweetness....It is better that Tea Sang and Mi Do will ended up with a WEDDING.....PART 2 Please.............more character also for part 2 ........................thanks..,

Elyk I really love this drama, i wish it could have a next part for the continuation of the love story of Mi Do Seo and Han Tae Sang... please grant my request because I love seeing Tae Sang and Mi Do sweet with each other,,.. Thank you <3

jhing it think that this drama should have has its second part.. caused i'm a bit disappointed in the ending part ... i thought and expected that the ending would turn to be much better than its original ending... i guess that the director gave us the idea that it has its second part... i hope so!!! and i'm very much looking forward to it...

i wish that tae sang and the girl had a bit lot of sweet scenes than the other boy.... sorry if i don't really recall their names, cause its hard for me memorizing and remembering it..


Jamaeca PLEASE MAKE A PART TWO....I cant help myself thinking that it would end just like it....i really appreciate HAN TAE SANG' rule... I WISH TO HAVE THAT KIND OF MAN TOO...ready to do whatever it takes just for the sake of the woman he loved even the woman doesn't love him like the way he does... Im also a fan of SHIN SE KYUNG but when she deceive HAN TAE SANG.... i was really upset. I REALLY LOVE THE STORY....would make a part two?... in which HAN TAE SANG marry MI DO?

Jamaeca I really love this drama. i cried for it. i wish to see that the ending will be a wedding of SEO MI DO & HAN TAE SANG. i spend two nights just to watch this drama.. please make a part two.. I want to see SEO MI DO & HAN TAE SANG living happily together... even i hate SEO MI DO for betraying HAN TAE SANG . i want to see TAE SANG's smile. PLEASE MAKE A PART TWO...

jenelle please make a part 2 of it because the ending is not good :( i want to see the wedding

Meee this drama is a total bullshit, I hate Seo Mi Do. However, I love Song Seung Hun tho..

RACHEL my eyes shed with tears watching this drama...it's my first time to watch a korean drama with excitement... i love all the characters especially Song Seung Heon!!! very good story,,hope they at least add 1 episode for the love story of Sei Mi Do and Han Tei Sang before it ended...

iljimae i hope theres part 2

BAEngxxxin OMFG~ Shin Se Kyung murdered this drama..i love the story, but tbh her acting really sucks, when i first saw her n FASHION KING..she's such a burden for Yoo Ah In..she can't even show any emotions..like her tears are falling but her facial expression didn't say so. geez~

Erricq This is the best Korean drama Ive ever seen. I only watch it because of Song Seung Heon, but i was immediately hooked on the first episode! The plot became more and more exciting. It is a rollecoaster of emotions watching this series. I was crying towards the end.

Tomas This is a great drama!!! The actors are brilliant, the music is wonderful, the storyline is stunning! It is a shame, it has only 20 episodes! I could watch it for years! I am so grateful for finding this wonderful drama! Greetings from Hungary!

Mimiyam Song Seung-Heon was great and so was the tormented character he plays, Tae-Sung. The story was good, but could have been better if the writer explained more Tae-Sung's obsession with Mi-Do and why she would be worthy of his love. Mi-Do was too cold and the actress did not do a good job, so we don't know when she is afraid or disgusted or in love or confused.... I can understand why Mi-Do was torn between the two, but her choices reflect that she is a selfish B****, so that conflicts with her being shown as a nice poor girl sacrificing for her family.... I like the idea of her character but it could have been written better.

Mimiyam Song Seung-Heon was great and so was the tormented character he plays, Tae-Sung. The story was good, but could have been better if the writer explained Tae-Sung's obsession with Mi-Do and why she would be worthy of his love. Mi-Do was too cold and the actress did not do a good job, so we don't know when she is afraid or disgusted or in love or confused....

lyn I'm not satisfied with the drama... because the love of mi-do to song seung is so shallow.. I wanted it to have more chemistry on the lead actors.

Eghonghon Just finished watching this drama,now I see why people are angry ....their was no single chemistry between Han and seo mi d...couldnt stand her coldness in this drama I think I prefer her dumb in deep root..she made the drama very un romantic ....and tiresom ....

fatoomchan for me I'm satisfied with the ending ... and that's enough.... beside the resone why i watched this drama , it is just becouse song seong .. so i dont think i would watched if he is not the main character

shasha bullshit JH. hate to see his stupid face. stupid guy whose try to be a super guy. I think he should be an actor for teen drama.

Kathy I loved this show so much ! It's my all time favorite. Yes I got mad at Mi-do in the middle but there were motivations for her behavior. Loved the ending--just wish it could have been drawn out longer . Anyhow the show was so romantic and of course Song Seung Heon gorgeous and adorable . I will watch this over and over.

Kaydiamond Well.....the first thing that run through my mind when I started watching this drama was....WTF????!!!!.. I regret ever watching this drama and I wasn't even able to finish it.. I don't think the story was realistic in any way. I loved the main lead actor tee tee but the writer of this drama was soo shallow minded and put all the suffering on him. I hated the lead girl's acting it was just too disgusting to watch... The part I hated the most was where That B**** Mido nd Jae hee were making out in Han Tae Sang's house, I mean Wat the hell was dat?!!!! Pls whoever wrote this story or drama next time if you have nothing reasonable to write......then DONT!!!!!!!!! Bootleg piss of crap drama...3/10

Iwed I thought i'm the only one who feel sad after seeing this drama. I feel sad for Tee Tee that really deserve a sorry statement from those 2 b**ch. I feel sad because he might has the same thing all over again, because i just cant see the love from mi do eyes. But i will blame on SSK's acting that's really bad and plain as others said. I cant see weather she's in love, happy, angry, sad. Whattt? And i feel even more sad because i love song seung heon so much that he deserve a better script and better actress to shine. Just cant wait he's next drama. I wish it will be a better one.

audsma I loved the show! I hope there will be more episodes on my hulu it says this was the first season does that mean there might be a second season???

isheanesu ndawana Uuuh I lyke that so when a u going to relese we end on 1d we want the next episodes

carissa the writer desperately torments the main character, it disgusted me even if i dont like that main actor. i just cant believe the idea of two stupid guys love a stupid annoying girl that much. its so illogical. plus there are too many scenes where someone overheard and/or saw 2 others accidentally. Im not sure about the actors acting, maybe some of it good as others said. yet i still watch to reach final episode, just hoping to see a good punishment to that cheating couple. i dont like this drama anymore and for started it, is a regret.

Zorm Lenaren Well, for me this is one of the best movies so far! The acting was superb!

Yeon Woo Jin - hah! exceeds my expectations as an actor.. his portrayal of Lee Jae Hee was excellent! from a reliable and trustworthy person to a deceitful bastard who listens to no one... haha amazing, i've seen his acting in different dramas, from Ojakgyo Brothers, Just Ordinary Love Story, and Arang and the Magistrate.. he never fails his fans with his amazing acting! Two Thumbs Up for Yeon Woo Jin!

Shin Se Kyung - haha, i've find it funny (for no reason) that people hated her acting, if you have seen her in Fashion King, there is no difference.. I mean, that's how she acts.. anyway, have you seen her in Ogamdo?! she's frikin' hot in it!!!! wew, her acting in When a Man loves was alright.. though i find her character irritating.. (you two timer woman!) she first fell in love with jae hee.. and i like it better for the two of them to be together rather than her and tae sang...:)

Chae Jung ah - I love her acting, for me, she is one of the best actress in the industry...i've first seen her in Coffee Prince and i liked her since then.. and also from Hot Blood! hmm, i feel sorry for her in this show since she gives all her best to her man but is not recognized... a one sided love... she deserves a better man! I love you Sung Joo!!!!

Song Seung Heon - i thought so, he was the man from east of eden.. yes, a great actor.... one of the best out there and no questions asked! in this series, i liked his character until he showed interest in Mi Do (since im a Jae Hee and Mi Do fan) ... i just hated him for bringing himself in the picture!!!

Overall the movie showed promising episodes.. i don't believe that it failed in some.. all episodes are great! it makes me watch with eagerness of hat will happen next! every episode has a climax and that is the best way to entertain an audience... the best! keep it up director writer!!!! LOVE THIS SERIES


tracey chuan 20 episodes was just right. I thought the story unfolded at just the right pace unlike the epic East of Eden where we had to sit thru the typical ugly emotional outbursts LOL

The ending was acceptable - at least Mi Do did not choose the scumbag Jae Hee. I thought he should have suffered more retribution for what he did to Tae Sang. Loved that scene where TS said to JH something like "you're nothing special. with the salary you get we can get better than you. I took you in out of pity for Chang Hee. You're just so full of suspicion and revenge." That was the only time the ever-forgiving TS let Jae Hee "have it".

One of the 10 commandments says Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife. If you can't do that to your neighbor, what more the person who gave you that stanford education, and a full wardrobe with freaking monogrammed shirts in an upmarket apartment?

And deviating from his promised task of looking for investors to selling off Golden Tree. What was he thinking??? This scumbag young punk thought he was smart but he was only revealing his snaky betrayal traits to the Changs. If he can do that to TS, he will do it to the Changs later - that's why Roy was very suspicious of him. I didn't like that the writers wrote him in as the Chang's long lost son for a happy ending. Would have been better for him to suffer in the end.

Mi Do's character? Like others, I was angry at her in the earlier episodes for her entertaining Jae Hee's advances. But even she became more decent as TS's background was revealed. Same can't be said for scumbag JH who remained malicious and vindictive till TS's removal from the company. Bastard that he is!

SSK as an actress? haha I thought a slightly more mature actress would be better - Mi Do supposed to be 27 right? If I were a man, I wouldn't fall for her. Maybe if I were a boy (hint- like that scumbag young punk LOL)

S. Mackenzie I love this movie for the simple fact that Song Seung-Heon is in it! Love him in suits! The drama series is about finding and enduring love. Sometimes love brings out the best and the worst in us. Song Seung-heon's character's love was more possessive; he wanted to show Shin Se-Kyung's character that he could provide for her. He never met a woman prior to her that he could love fully with his heart. This is the only love he knows. When he thought he was going to lose her, his survival instinct triggered a panic desire to hold on to her at all costs. It wasn't until the near end of the drama series that he realized after spending time with his mother, experiencing loss when he was left at the altar, and when he was "unemployed" as CEO of his own company, did he acknowledged what unconditional love is about. Shin Se-Kyung's character is a supportive one. She brought out Song Seung-Heon's desire to love and be loved. She, too was also learning how to love. She is young and filled with dreams, but after living out her dreams, she realizes that without family and someone to love, it is meaningless. She returns back to the bookstore, wanting to rekindle her love for books, which is also the same reason why Song Seung-Heon's character purchased the bookstore. The heart reveals more than the written word. When A Man Loves is about finding love. It might not happen the first time you meet someone. Instead of finding someone else, both characters had to live a little bit without each other to realize what love is truly about. That's my opinion.

Asohang Tumbapo Shin Se-Kyung why did you playing in such lame character??? if you are going to do another some project also like these lame character....you might lost in these media business.... so please play in some great character like comedy romantic types please

Asohang Tumbapo i don't like character of Shin_Se-Kyung in these drama....they shows that she almost sleep Yeon Woo-Jin(i almost broke my laptop) commmnoooon guys and what at last she patch-up with here boyfriend again....boooooo couples with 10-14years different too much

Magda The drama is okay. However, I did not like the ending. I would prefer Mi Do ends up with Jae Hee as I see that they are both like each other and their love scene in this drama is very sweet. Jae Hee is a newly graduated student and Mi Do is a young woman who still want to pursue her dreams. So they are matched for each other and they are a perfect couple. I do not see the love chemistry between Tae Sang and Mi Do, though it seems Tae Sang has so much love to Mi Do, but Mi Do is only accepting him because of he had already done much for her and her family. And Mi Do is only "a bit like" him. I think Tae Sang is more compatible with Sung Joo and need to realize that the perfect couple for him is Sung Joo. All the characters are great. Congrats to all...

Magdalena The drama is okay. After watching it, I do not like the ending. I would prefer Mi Do end up with Jae Hee as I see their both love chemistry is very nice. Jae Hee is a newly graduated and worked at Tae Sang's company, while Mi Do is still a young woman who still want to pursue her dreams. Mi Do and Jae Hee both have like each other and they should have been a couple in the end. I did not see the love chemistry of Mi Do to Tae Sang just a natural feeling of "like" but not "love". I just wanted Tae Sang to be with Sung Jo which is more compatible to him. Although Sung Jo is already done bad thing to Tae Sang, but she really deeply love Tae Sang and want to sacrifice for him. Tae Sang character is great and I love SSH very much. Jae Hee character is also good n natural. Anyway, the story plot is also telling about family and this is great.

Beyondzero9 I just finished this drama in one day.. I actually love it except for shin sekyung's role and acting.. I kinda started watching this because of song seung heon.. I was shocked when i saw jb and jr.. I actually felt at the very start that there will be something between jb/minjoon and eunhae.. I'm fine with the ending but i was thinking that taesang is living with his brother and his mother..also to see that he and mido will get married.. I like it better that monstar which i really hate the ending.. Shin se kyung just ruined this drama but it's alright because the rest of the cast are all great actors.. Even jb and jr are better than her..

Onyxz I just started this drama last night and i'm in ep 10 now... I never like shin sekyung's acting...i think i would like it if it's lee yeon hee because they kinda look a kike but lee yeon hee is better and looks much natural..

nana Although many viewers think bad about Jae-hee character, I love him. He's young and trying to pursue his love. He's supportive enough although in the end, his character is vague. Well, after half of the show, the script are really getting worse indeed. The one thing remain good in this drama is only the brotherhood of Chang-hee & Jae-hee..love them :)

tshoyang teayang Love song seung-heong...he so handsome he should do romantic drama more often....love you oppa i like this drama v much coz of ma oppa song seung heong, bt i don't like heroine..no chemistry...nway oppa love u alys ..ur ma all tym fav...  :-

Yunchi Nam I love the chacacter of Song Seung-Heon. Can you imagine a man in his lastest 30´s, who never before had a girlfriend or even a love? I think this is the marvelous of this drama, the inocent of a man. Remember when you were young? at that time, may be you do what ever for the other just because you were in love.

marieruu SSH and SSK looks cute together. :)

I love their acting, they bring you into what they're trying to feel. Like the anger, sadness... You can feel it. YWJ did a good job. Mostly everyone did.

To be honest, although I liked their acting, I was not satisfied with this drama. I'm not saying that it's bad, it was actually alright but this is not the kind of drama that I would recommend to someone to watch :/ sorry to the people who liked this drama, but I just wanna say my opinion. ^_^v.. And yeah, there were a few scenes that doesn't really go with the story that would make you say "what the f was that scene for?" kind of thing so yeah that was a NoNo for me. Also, I think the drama was a bit rushed.. If the writer have added a few more episodes, I'd probably liked it abit. Coz I didn't really see any 'romance' sht in this drama, I wanted more of romance scenes, like those loveydovey, sweetness kind of thing.. (although this is drama is under the genres of melodrama?/romance) so yeah, I think that's pretty much I'd have to say. :)

I would rate this drama a 5.5/10.

kira i started liking SSH in this drama ..he's role is so pitiful yet i so loved it..SSK is a bit irritable in this series maybe because she's just in character.,she's horrible and disgusting in here..another Fashion King act eh??

sman the main actress is not good in acting, cannot delivery the expression of the role,stop watching after 4 episode, very disappointed but have to let it go... although i love SSH very much but SSK is really sucks in her performance, Director please choose the main ladies role wisely in the future....

Bheng This is probably the latest comments.I just Finnish watching this interesting drama,truly amazing ,If you captured the rule of the mean actor you will understand why his character is tough and controlling yet in the inside super protective and sweet :-). As we judge it by episode why he become so innocent by the minute, but in the end if I summoned it up.its because how the family upbringing is.Nice plot two tumps up to the writer and all the cast. Thank you for such entertaining Drama. Best regards .

mina I watched this drama until episode 8 and stopped it. Really dislike the heroin character. Seung Heun is the reason why i want to watch this drama but i think that the hero is stupit.why he still love a betrayer.it make me angry to him and of course that girl.huh...really2 wasted my time for this drama ._.

Khuncho This is one of the best drama of 2013. All supporting casts are good. I love Song Seung Heon. He is marvelous. Thanks to directors and writers to give him a good role and make him happy in the end. Seo Mido is hopeless. I hate her making HTS confused. How can she never give a smile to the man who loves her so much and so sincere. She does not look nice if she is not smiling. I was very angry while watching episode 6-14 and so anxious that HTS might die in the end. Although I don't like the actress I am satisfied that HTS wins at last.

CW Absolutely loved the ending theme song ~ baek ah yeon - introduction to love. I stopped watching at episode 6 or 7.... Glad i just jumped forward and watched the last episode.....it has a feel good to it (probably because i skipped all those annoying episodes)

kyla First I love jj project so this was a highlight in the show. jyp I see what you did there, promoting them and all. second when I read the synopsis for the show I was thinking mi do would be some tough loud gangster chick. but she was just annoying, selfish, inconsiderate, and boring as a character. as an actress although I don't speak korean even I can see that her acting isnt good. She never shows expression and the way her mouth moves makes me want to hit her in the head with an apple. and sometimes at parts when mi do is being selfish she looks like a rat. I never liked jae hee. han tae sang was perfect in everything and his brother tae min ws also. I wanted a warmer scene between the two brothers because they seemed to connect so well. I loved tae min as a character and actor. I'd give this drama a 6/10 for a fantastic and exciting beginning(first twelve or eleven episodes) I was willing to say it was the best I've watched. after ep 12 it all went downhill. writers mustve gotten tired.

Lssie I found Lee JaeHee & Seo MiDo so disgusting. How could they act like that to Han Taesang. So horrible, even in real life i can't imagine how people like them would end.

Kutu King I also wish can meet a person like Han Tae-Sang.. The bad things is Hanging ending..

With this movie I think got a lessons.. That if a good Person, God will not let bad things happen even many people around you always want to do Bad things to them.. And I also learn.. Pleasee all Girl in the World.. don't be a "very very stupid Lady" like Mido.. Got a very handsome, very nice and very Good Heart like Tae Sang and very love with her.. But Still choose the Jae-Hee..just in the begining very nice to mido.. When already have it the girl, he don't care anymore.. That's the karma of affair.. The people who stealing someone gilrfriend is definately a BAD GUY..

kiyana I think this movies just need an added episodes through the blossom love of mido to han tae sang, because love cannot be pushed or be hurry, they need to grow within time and understanding. Even though in reality there is such thing a hanging ending, but when you make a movies you have power to make it ended beautifully, I'm sure viewer will not mind to spend more time to watch adding episodes which will remind warmth in our heart after we see it.

mydqHannie my friend introduce this drama to me...and while watching i suddenly fell in love with SSH esp the character of Han Tae Sang....i begin to like SSH...especially in a rugged type with a fitted polo...ahhhyz....aigoooo...i love u SSH...my mr Han

Levite Chaumba The movie has been evoking emotions from the start but it seems the crew or maybe the writter got lazy in winding it up . I love the characters and the story line, I hope the next movie wont be this disappointing.

Janerdelle I recently finish watching this drama, I rate this 6/10..I'm not satisfied with the ending of this drama coz it keeps me wondering if mido really turn back his feelings to tae sang. Also Mido didn't seem to have a formal break up with Jae hee or put a closure to their affair..

An Song Seung-heon, who played the role of Han Tae-sang was the only reason I watched this drama. The ending should be Mido in a passionate embrace with HTS. Staring at each other is such an anti climax ending....I feel cheated for watching all 20 episode. I shall continue to watch SSH but I hope he picks the ones with a truly happy ending...arrasso?

Bintou After watching the entire serie, I realized that Lee Jae-Hee never, even once, apologized to Han Tae-Sang. He never admitted his mistake because he is so proud and full of ****. Hate him.

oasis happy to see Song Seung-Heon and he was the only reason to watch this drama although i was disappointed by this cheesy drama at least song was absolutely amazing like always.the script really sucks. some scenes were not necessary even boring.I hope Song Seung-Heon choose better works to act in.

Samantha After watching WAML. One of the best dramas ever!

Excellent cast all around.


He was like a chameleon playing the part of Jae Hee. Going from sweet handsome and charming, then switching to the devil himself.

I wish they would do a Season 2, because in the cliffhanger ending it is so obvious that Mido still has feelings for Jae Hee AND she realizes that she now has feelings for Tae Sang!!! She still hasn't chosen one over the other.

MY ENDING: Jae Hee repents and eventually wins Mido's heart back. They go back to Guam and fall in love all over again. Then Jae Hee marries Mido and they move to Hong Kong where he works on being a loving son to President Chang and acts as Director for Asia Star while Mido pursues her career as a Performing Arts Director there in Hong Kong. Baek Sung Joo repents to Tae Sang and then one day Tae Sang wakes up and realizes that he's loved her all along and they get married for real this time.



In Hee After i finished watching this drama, i really missed it. I missed it for three reasons. 1) I miss Han Tae Sang's character 2) The bro-ness? between Lee Chang Hee and Lee Jae Hee && 3) The beautiful landscape that are seen sometimes. Like when its night, they're on a high area and you can see some of the beautiful Seoul. It was a great place to film Seo bookstore because i loved it. If you like landscapes and you're wondering whether to watch it, well i would give it a try. Yes, if the story gets boring,. just ignore the subtitles and stare at the background.

Eun Jung Warning: spoilers. I just finished watching When a Man Loves. After episode 16, I almost stopped watching it. Because I like Song Seung-heon, I did finish watching it, though. I am glad I watched to the end. Because this is a drama with Song Seung-heon in it, I really don’t want to be negative in my review. Yet, my honest reaction to this drama includes some negativity, which I hesitate sharing, yet may be useful for those involved in scriptwriting and casting. This is the first drama I have seen which was written by Kim In-young. I will not choose to watch a drama written by her in the future, unless I see that it gets good reviews first. This story started out promising. However, there were things lacking in the script. Having Lee Chang-hee hit Seo Mid-do with a car was over the top. It stretched Lee Chang-hee’s character unrealistically. True, he had worked as a gangster, but deciding to make his character run over Seo Mi-do made him appear as someone who was mentally unstable, which was inconsistent with his behavior for the majority of the drama. He was a tough, heroic, brave, and intelligent man who was also a loving, devoted, self-sacrificing friend and brother. I think the hit and run scene only sensationalized the drama, but did not enhance the drama. Also, the moment that Lee Chang-hee fell at the construction site, I no longer wanted to watch the drama. That was just too painful for me to see. I thought he died right then. And I did not want his character to end that way. Fortunately, I finished watching the drama and found out he still lived. I was comfortable with the obvious villain, Goo Yong-gab, whose role was well done by Lee Chang-hoon. However, I disliked Lee Jae-hee. I didn’t like how his character hurt Han Tae-sang, especially considering he was greatly indebted to him. I hated Seo Mi-do for how she treated Han Tae-sang. I only started warming up to Seo Mi-do in the 19th episode. The actress chosen to play the role of Seo Mi-do is pretty; however, her face lacked expression. Shin Se-kyeong is very young. A more experienced actress might have been a better choice, especially considering the leading actor was Song Seung-heon. Because I cared very much for Han Tae-sang’s character, I did not like anyone who hurt him. And his love interest, Seo Mi-do spent the majority of the drama disinterested, untrusting, unappreciative, and closed off to him. And she betrayed him while engaged to be married to him. Her character was tiresome and did not have any endearing qualities. There were good actors with minor roles. One I especially liked was the actor who played the brother to Han Tae-sang. The actors who brought the most strength to this drama were Lee Chang-hoon, who played Goo Yong-gab; Chae Jung-an, who played Baek Seung-joo; Kim sung-ho, who played the role of Lee Chang-hee; and most importantly, Song Seung-heon, who played the role of Han Tae-sang. Song Seung-heon was absolutely amazing, as always. He brought his character to life, adding rich depth and beauty to the drama whenever he was in the scenes. He is an incredibly talented, high caliber actor. I am always grateful to get the opportunity to see him in films and dramas. I hope he continues for many, many years to act. He is wonderful.

soso thanks for the writer the drama finished so good i love it i cried a lot cause that was nice to see this beautiful ending i love you tete ya <3 sarangheyo

rib thanks to all who made this T.v show it was great I love the story... the acting.. the filming... the ending HTS desrve to be happy with the woman that he Love SSH Ur the best actor I will miss you Song seung heon can't wait for your next project Love you

tiffy I hear ppl saying the drama is just entertainment and that there was nothing wrong, Mi Do was just acting. Acting? Ha, i wouldn't call that acting. she showed no emotion, not being biased now. Okay, lets face the reality. There was no real chemistry between the two main leads throughout this drama.If i didn't know better i would think the title was meant for jae hee. To me, she showed more affection 4 obsessive wierd dude than she did for someone who took a knife in his back for her. i would say, she was indecisive kinda like elena in vampire diaries (American tv series). i mean all we felt for her throughout it was agony and disappointment, there was not one point i smiled at her acting. it was all frowns. All im saying is the drama should have had some more spice to it. Let T.s and Mi Do spend a little more happy time together, some more romantic amusement park dates, karaoke, getting drunk and spilling crazy secrets and cuddly scenes to make us squeal with joy. Maybe the writer should have made that makeout scene in 12 b with T.S and Mi Do

Abitconfused Hey Charlie,

Thank you for your help. It make sense now.. my first understanding was MD was telling TS that she might like him again (in the future) or she wants to like him again but when i watched it again i also understood it as she was telling him that she (currently) likes him (again)

On the subtitle MD said the same as what TS said "Because I might like you again"

But anyways thank you again

genz I will miss Han Tae Sang for sureeeeeee!! I really really really like HTS's character, it seems like he's not a perfect person but at least he has a perfect love for just one girl. ♥

Even though I have watched many Korean dramas, I did expect (a little) that the ending was like that, a cliff hanging ending. Most of the Kdramas that I have watched was like this but at least both of the main lead stars were smiling at the end. Ü

Wish I could meet a person like HTS ♥

charlie hey Abitconfused, yes what you said is right. TS said basically that he is afraid he might come to like her again, and MD says she wants to start over with TS.

Abitconfused Hi Guys, I need your help. Im a bit confused I watch this show with subtitles because I don't speak or understand Korean. However, could someone please explain to me the ending? Based on the subtitles, HTS said to MD that he doesn't want to hire her because he might like her again. So did MD say the same thing, she doesn't want to leave because she might like him again, OR did she confess that she thinks she likes him again? I hope you get my question. Thanks in advance to whoever will answer me.

Norlynor Full credit to the writer and SSH for his fine performance .SSK is the spoiler in this one... It could have been a Mega hit if not for her... Her acting is so bad and no credit at all to the casting director for this...

lusiabournet Finally get to the end, and read most the comments, yes the writer is focus on trick the audiences perceptions i guess, ( to get more attention), well done, i see every episode turn up into shock, not even close to what i expect or imagine, well much drama just the end some times did trick us, but every single episode?? its kind new, so it well done. But because it focused to bring something unexpected, the ambiences doesnt maintain very well by the writer.

The story line was good and yes extraordinaire, the k.drama come up with the girl plays two time, and doesnt feel any sorry, and really like both, and really confuse about her feeling, its really close to reality,( not cinderalla story, like only one man to love).

And how the man handle the unfaithful is interesting, and really come close in life, doesnt like a prince in our imagination, how he fall in love very quiet, we always expect a prince when it comes to lead man, he did like most man would do.

About the the ending to, is close to normal life, after seperate in two years, without contact, ofcourse it strange if suddenly hot and long kiss ( thats what we expected, we are always expect Cinderella effect). again it more likes us.

But audiences always waiting for Cinderella story, ofcourse, something that never comes up in ordinary life, we love to dream when we Watch drama.

At least SSH act so well, so does lee chang hee,

Lmc What??!!!!!!!! heck to the no! worst ending ever! i mean could have been way better if the charscters were developed more towards the end. but did not deliver at all. between tae min and tae sang could have added more interest,the way they knew about eachother its pitiful. jae heestill not sorry and keeps going like nothing pitiful! After tae sang suffering foryears he doesnt have a super happy ending just blah, seriously?!

Maria excellent end that it could be. and the best drama of this year

mm excellent ending that it could be. and the best drama of this year

JuanCarloTayag The ending was great but I hope that there would be a chapter 2 for Tee Tee and Mi Do :)

gonny on second thought, it turns out this drama is good, because almost half of the story are scenes, where the drama is not generally used now and again is partly recycled scenes ...

three major drawback of this drama are: 1. many messages are missing from each episode 2. function is not clear the role players, such as brother of seo mi do, uncle han tae the ... a little weird 3. not be able to keep the expectations of the audience like jae hee kiss laying in eps 12 ... ridiculous

but an outline is a good drama because it is able to trick the audience perceptions and beliefs .. :)

ojik It was a good ending. Although i wanted them to at least kiss at the end. Somehow, it turned out nicely done. The best drama this year for me. I too wish that Song Seung Heon and Shin Se Kyung could be together in real life. I mean, they look so CUTE! Handsome Song Seung Heon :D

hellogus hey I wish song seung hun and sin se kyong will be real couples in life that woud be so cute and awesome. because theyre both single now right this drama was freaking awesome I totally agree with missbeautiful. I loved the ending too plz don't bash on shin se kyung she act really good

MissBeautiful It's A Lovely Drama, Actually. It Really Grabbed On To The Reader's Attention, Didn't It? I Always Watched The Drama The Day It Came Out, And I Didn't Give Up On It. This Drama Is One Of The Dramas I Didn't Give Up, As Well As City Hunter, My Princess, You're Beautiful, And The Moon That Embraces The Sun. I Think This Will My Number One Drama. Why? I Think It's Pretty Obvious. 1. The Story Itself Is A Good Story. I Mean- Every Drama Usually Starts Like This: A Boy And A Girl That Doesn't Really Like Each Other Meets Each Other 'Coincidently' And Ends Up Falling In Love. Not At All In This Drama. I Mean- Han Tae Sang Liked Mi Do In The First Place, Right? That's Why He Was Helping Her Out- Taking A Knife For Her. And The Story Is Pretty Interesting- A Gangster To A Successful Business Man. I Mean, Wow. How'd They Come Up With That One? Usually, A Gangster Stays As A Gangster, And Some Girl Falls All Over Him And The Gangster Guy Turns Into Not So Much Of A Gangster Guy. But Again. This Drama Had Its Own Twist. Mi Do Wasn't All Over Tae Sang, And That's What Grabbed The Viewers' Attention. We Kept Hoping, Praying- Watching Episode After Episode, Hoping That Mi Do Will Notice Eventually What A Good Guy Tae Sang Is And Kept Wishing She Would Fall In Love With Tae Sang In Stead Of The Pesky Lee Jae Hee.

2. The Love Story In This Drama Is Different From Other Dramas. Who Wouldn't Realize That? Usually, Guys Are The Bad Ones. But A Girl, Cheating On A Guy? Wow. That Amazed Me, And I Came To Adore The Director For That. Although I Disliked/ Didn't Understand Mi Do's Choice For Most Of The Parts, I Was Astonished At How I Couldn't Come To Hate Mi Do Completely. (I Am, By The Way, Song Seung Hun's Fan.) At This Point, If It Was Like An Ordinary Drama, Tae Sang Would've Gave Up On Her, And Would've Started Going Out With Baek Sung Joo, Who Understood Him And Loved Him Completely. Or He Would've Started Crying, Begging On His Knees. No. He Got Mad With Their Secret Relationship, And The Sweet Thing Is- He Didn't Tell Her That He Knew. It Touches Me, Really- He Was So Passionate Although She Did So Wrong To Him.

3. The Story Behind All This Was Interesting As Well. Really. Two Guys In Love With The Same Girl Makes The Drama Complicating Enough, But The Whole Thing About Tae Sang's Mom And Brother Takes It Up Another Level. With Tae Min Being Roy, And With Tae Min's Adoptive Dad Being Jae Hee's Real Dad- Woah.

4. The Ending Most Of The Viewers Probably Didn't Like The Ending. But I Loved It. I'm Glad Baek Sung Joo Didn't Marry Tae Sang, And I'm Glad Tae Sang Didn't Go To Jail. It's A Happy Ending, And That's Good Enough For Me. Of Course, Most Of The People Are Really Complaining About The Ending Scene. Like, 'They Didn't Even Kiss!' 'They Totally Left Me Hanging!' But That's Why I Liked It. It Was Like A New Chapter, A New Beginning. Like, Mi Do And Tae Sang's Relationship Isn't Over. It Just Started Into A Clean, Fresh Start. It Gave Me A Refreshing Feeling. Really. It's Such A Good Drama.

6. Characters I Liked All Of Them, Even The Old Bad Guy With Crazy Purple Hair. But I Especially Like It Because The Main Characters- Tae Sang And Mi Do- Are Good Looking. I'm Picky, So The Main Characters Have To Be Good Looking- Or I Just Won't Watch It. It's All Good.

This Drama Brought So Many Emotions. It Made Me Cry, Smile, Panic- I Swear. It's Totally Worth It, Don't Give Up On It. There Will Be Times When You Want To Give Up On It...Example: When Mi Do Starts Falling In Love With Jae Hee...(And Especially If You're In The Tee Tee Team Like Me) But It All Turns Out Right. Also! Please Don't Hate Shin Se Kyung Or Yun Woo Jin. They Did Act Doosh Bags In This Drama At A Point Or Another, But That's Just Their Characters. You Don't Really Know How They're Really Like Outside. I'm Sure They're Already Receiving A Lot Of Hate From Song Seung Hun's Fans, And They Really Don't Need Anymore Antis.

Thank You, And Sorry For Writing So Much.

Sandy_7 Thank you for this wonderful, should i say a masterpiece story. It touches my thoughts towards people who are going to BE In Love and are STILL In Love. It did portray how Love moves and changes personality in you. I love the LOVE that is within HTS. I learn the Love that is with MIDO. I admire the AGAPE From Chang Hee. And all the other casting.

charlie hey Lmc, i thought the ending was better than JH marrying MD and TS marrying SJ. The writer made every character in the drama humane at the end. I agree with you that it is unrealistic that SJ, after all the nasty things she did to TS just to get him suddenly let him go in order to clear him from the charge. I am glad this drama is over.

genz HTS is an open minded person. He really try to understand the things around him. He always thinks that there are reasons why that person did that to him and why his life is like that. He's a strong person, he didn't let bad things ruined his life after all that he'd went through. He also didn't let his anger eat him up and take revenge to the people who hurt him but he tries to understand and forgive them.

I admire his open mindedness and for being a true understanding adult. ♥


  1. teamhantaesang #untiltheend

Lmc The most awful ending i have seen in my life!!!!!!! Seriously the writer should never write another story.

ojik Hoping for a good ending for episode 20

blahending what kind of ending was that? I WANT MORE!!!!

charlie That inexplicable attitude of Jae Hee toward HTS. JH learns that all of his prejudices against TS were false, yet he doesn't show remorse or regret about his terrible hatred toward his sole benefactor in this world. I hope YK kill JH and SJ and then shoot himself. These three, 1. JH, 2. SJ, 3.YK, do not deserve to live, they simply have no human decency.

bnight Can't believe SSH will marry such a selfish and boring woman. Single rather than forced to do so. Please don't let the story with such a bad ending. Should be a happy ending. Don't want SSH be hurt anymore though it was. Hope his younger brother help him on everything.

yxzn it is good drama.those who criticize on ssk acting skills is just because you hate her character in the drama.She act well enough to make u hate her.Hope md and ts will get together in ep 20

gv it was an excellent and exciting drama . cant wait for last episode...

Pbwithoutthej I'm glad Seung Joo proposed. I don't want Tae Sung to end up with that cheating MiDo but I don't want him to be alone either. I know he deserves better than any of them, but I wouldn't mind if he ended up with Seung Joo. Even though she's mean and selfish, but she always been by his side, unlike MiDo who's hurt him so much.

And I don't see why people have such a big problem with MiDo's acting. I think she's doing a good job, she could do better, but so can everyone else in this drama. I don't know the actresses' real name but she also played Princess Cheonmyeong in The Great Queen Seondeok and I liked her acting. She's also in Deep Rooted Tree which I hope to watch soon.

Ojik I hate Jae Hee! I wan Tae Sang with Mi Do <3 but that stupid seung joo propose the marriage and tae sang accepts it??? Arghhhhhh. Just cant wait for episode 20

SC Bravo the director and script writer. You guys did a good job. Don't believe me........just read the chain of comments. Hilarious......they were written as if the plot and the characters are real. Both of you did a great job and getting viewers attention, grieve, sadness, disappointment and emotional. C'mon viewers... this drama is just a drama. It's entertainment. Let's enjoy it and move on.

Sunnyside I think nothing is wrong with Mi-Do both the character and the actress. I think she is demure, she has class and grace and she stands up for herself. I don't blame her for being scared of Han Tae Sang, i would be too if he I didn't know him well yet. But the person that is stupid and i promise I WILL NEVER WATCH ON TV AGAIN is Jae Hee. He even walks funny! Out of all the main characters of this show he had the best education but he doesn't even know how to use it or acts like he didn't have any education at all. Jae Hee ruined Mi-Do's reputation on this show. He acted like a brat and very selfish. I agree with Mi-Do's mother when she described Jae Hee, as someone who steals someone else's girl and he didn't do it for love. Mi-Do only liked Jae Hee because she thought HTS didn't understand her or didn't love her. I still think Han Tae Sang should be with Mi-Do. Because even though they don't say it you can see that they love each other. As the last post on the blackboard says "You are someone I had read the most painful book with" my understanding from that is Han Tae Sang is the person that was there in her most troubled time. It only shows that Mi-Do is realising that Han Tae Sang is the person that really loves her not Jae Hee. And then Mi-Do will love him back. The End (can't wait for the last episode tonight)

kapoop Do you know that the lead actress in this drama, Shin Se Kyung is the ex girlfriend of Jonghyun from SHINee?!!

charlie What can happen in Ep.20(final): 1) Yong-Kap kills Sung-Ju, gets arrested for murdering Sung-Ju and TS's mother's second husband. The writer can not possibly reward Sung-Ju for all the immoral disgusting acts she did. 2) JH leaves Mi-Do after confirming that he is the biological son of the HongKong millionaire. But the father, on the death bed, does not want his son JH to be the heir. In a cliff hanger scene, TS is seen to run into MiDo and the two goes for a cup of tea.

All in all, not much to look forward to.

charlie Ep.19 -- Baek Sung Ju proposes to HTS and he accepts. SO, this is how the love goes --- hurt the person bad until he accepts you. Nice.

Okasan I am watching this drama thru Hulu and no one is updating the episodes. Maybe Hulu is disappointed with this "Man in Love" with very low rating.

Deekshha tiffy i'm with ya!!! never seen a character in the lead with so much of bullshit and crap in her acting... the character is only getting on my nerves so i stopped watching long time ago coz i knew i would be really pissed

tiffy Mi Do, you are a disgrace to dramamland. Your acting skills is soooooo horrible i am soooo surprise you even got recommended for this drama.This is just crap. you are an ungrateful selfcentered cheating cunniving narcicistic skunk who uses men!!!( though its the script and i should blame the person who wrote it but whatever her acting sucks anyway!). I thing T.S doesn't deserve someone like you!!!!! Making out in his house? With his so-called friend? Ha! he should have caught you two and burn the darn house down!!!!! You show no emotion. It's like u r just there!!!! bam. nothing. this drama, at first caught my attention but now...it's horrible!!!!why im i even on this site looking at it anyway???? I hope she reeps what she sows in the end! Poor T.S, go find someone who deserves u and not an ungrateful girl u waited 7 years 4!!!! Honesty T.s is a good man but u!!SEO MI DO! U R SOOOOOOOO BAD,i don;t think there is a wrod to discribe you!!!! Those two guys should not be fighting over her! who is she anyway!!!?? she's not even waiting a second 4. and Jae hee. something is soooo off with you. in my opinion, i think he is a retarded obsessive freak!!!! acting as if hes know her as long as T.S did!!!! His Love sickness makes me sick!!!!! he disgusts me!!!! He should fire them both but T.S...he's too nice thats why he doesn't deserve a girl like her! in conclusion this is crap, crap and more crap. who's with me? p.s Highly recommended dramas: Gu family book, youre the best lee soon shin, shark and jang ok jung! :)

Okasan The writer does not know how to end this drama. Is it really Jae Hee or Tae Sang that the title represent???

KaViE My first Korean drama that I loved was 'Hotelier'. Ever since then, I never watched any until 2 days ago when I came across this drama entitled 'When a Man Loves'...I watched all 18 episodes in 2 days because it was really interesting and now I just can't wait for the ending..I just hope it will have a nice ending.. ;)

ST Have not seen such a Korean actress like Mi Do. Her acting is suck! If its not bcos of SSH will not watch tis show. Her acting make me miserable.

ani I think that's the way drama should be There are good people and bad people, i also think that the writer has done a good job, ssk also has done a great acting (it's proved with lots of us don't like her character so is about jae hee) especially ssh Can't wait to watch the last 2episodes, hope it will ended with happy ending Well done for the team :-)

sky the series is very good I write from mexico across the world here too we see the actors congratulations greetings from america and all who watch the show.adios amigos

Marlene I'm mad that i wasted my time watching this drama for 12 episodes. I hate Seo Mi-Dol's character. She can't act for shit too. Pls save your time don't watch this one. I wish i checked the reviews first before watching it.

charlie Advice to this drama writer --- You make the main character suffer like you have throughout this whole time, then you get the same thing back in return!!! Your ratings suffer! Among the three dramas I watch -- "You are the best! Lee Soon Shin", "Gu Family book", and "When a man loves", the first is in the 30% range, the second in the 20% and this one is 10%. They show on different days, but my 'subjective' view of these three dramas also agree with the ratings. Also, the main characters -- fun v. suffering, go hand in hand with how much I enjoy and how high the ratings are.

In short, you make the main character suffer, and the drama viewers suffer for this long, then your ratings suffer and so does your job security. Hey you writer, next time write something more enjoyable. You are not producing an original at or literature!

sola Song Seung Heon you are the best but the story is not good this mi do she is not a good person and ja hee i hate both of theme very baaaad characters i watched 16 ep n i can't go n watch 17 18 ohhhh my god the korean writers are Pessimistic

genz Can they just extend another 4 episodes so that Han Tae Sang will btch slap those persons who make his life miserable?!!! Aigooooo~~~ 2 more episodes left and there are still a lot of things that HTS should do to his enemies.

I really hate the episodes (before the ending) of Korean Dramas. The plot/climax is always really good and interesting but the ending is always rush and has "cliff hanger endings" His brother is on his side now, protecting his hyung from bad people. FTW! Bromance ♥

I saw my hubby's name, KIM JAEJOONG. Hahahaha

Arezu its plain the director is trying 2 change mido's character because all the viewer HATE her. but nothing will be changed, because we STILL HATE her even if her character change in these 2 last episodes! she is too much IRRITATING!!!!!

nisha I love this drama & I love song seung hun act.

Leili actually it's very different from the usual arrogant boy meets cheerful hardworking girl,falls in love, family disapprovals,etc.. it has it's own awkward plot lines but it's still different and is doing the job for me..frustrating,unrealistic..i agree..but c'mon! what is realistic in kdrama land! at least it has something as big as whether to forgive a cheating heroine (cinsidering all the circumestances) or not, whether to trust a person whose only good side you've seen and whether to reject the other judging from the bad side he used to show..not ' u're wealthy and i'm poor,we can't be ' or 'u used to look like a boy,how can i accept u're agirl now'...i still like it..

lola lol, 'Do Me' instead if 'Mi Do' or it should be, 'Mi Do Jae Hee' or 'Do Mi Jae Hee', Won Biiiiin, Jaejoooong = my wish A'least let Tae Tae be happy...please? T.T

Jessi Hee I agree with ya Karen, This Series SUCKs! I can't even watch it anymore! It WAS getting good until 'Do Me' got her memory back, all went down after that...I agree, I love the movie "Man From Nowhere," "Mama" and "Goong", I would chose... Won Bin and Kim Jaejoong <3

Karen Ugh! I seriously liked it from the beginning but now its beginning to be a piece of crap, manuscript, story line, and characters! Except T.S and T.S's lol bro. I mean...WHY does T.S get blamed for EVERYTHING?!

Mi Do's dad is an ungrateful nosey idiot.

Mi Do is a cheating, using, ungrateful, annoying, demanding, lying, *Insert Word Here* of a *Bleeeeeep* skank.

Jae Hee is a lovesick, obsessive, weird, demanding, ungrateful *Bleeeeeeep* of a *Bleeeeep* 

Mi Do's mother is a money hungry control freak.

Mi Do's little brother 'sadley' is a clueless, ungrateful moron. 

That old guy with the teddy bear hair is a stupid love sick, scheming old bastard.

T.S's ex boss's girlfriend is an obsessive, idiotic, annoying, scheming, demanding stalking *Insert Word Here*.

Chang was....pretty cool, r.I.p chang

T.S's other close friend....Ugh you betrayed!

T.S...pooooor poor T.S! Always getting blamed and hurt, can't he atleast find Happiness?! A new city, a new girl, new friends and Fire Jae Hee an Mi Do???!!! This drama is going to be down grated with down ratings if it continues like this. I mean, he's only 30 yrs old and Mi Do looks like a 28 yr old!!!! UGHHH!

Man From Nowhere Anyone? Hmmm? ;)

Atleast get ratings up by putting in...

A. Won Bin

B. Jaejong

C. Yunho

D. Kim Joong Hyun


Yohanna Veshanya I seriously can't believe that this drama is coming to an end. I mean, it's like so fast! Anyways, it's a good and nice drama.

charlie Lee Jea Hee is the embodiment of hatred. He plans to take everything away from the very person who made his today possible at all. Hope his real father (Mr.Jang) finds out who this boy really is and reject him from becoming his heir. Lee Jae Hee is like a snake that kills own mother.

xyz I think she was ask by the director to do that

Anso Mi Do is the baddest girl ever. Shes ugly inside. Is it writers thinking or not but I see her character like that. Im disappointed in SSK s acting skills. No emotion no facial expression . Same as she was in the Fashion King...

SSH4EVER I think folks should not give up on this drama. Episode 17 is looking better for TS. CH is not dead and TS' Lil bro is coming to resecue....All the misunderstanding imposed on TS should be slowly all cleared up and TS will reunite with his family...He won't end up alone....I'm hopeful...

miray I hate MD&JH...

TAE SANG be happy.

dee Agree with april 30 !!

JB SSK is really getting a bad rep in my book. I really couldn't continue watching Fashion King and this drama seems like it's heading in the same direction.*sigh*. Should I continue watching beyond episode 12? Or should I just bury this drama along with it's irritable equal, Fashion King?

charlie Mondays and Tuesdays, I feel entertained and happy with drama "Gu Family Book", then come Wednesday and Thursday with this "When a man loves" and I feel miserable for HTS and this drama stresses me. Idk WTF is the point about this drama. I will stop watching this terrible drama as soon as I find a replacement for W&Th. So long. Hope whoever writing this will never write for another KDrama in the future.

love and hate omg...... tae sang..... what would happen to you???? pls be nice to tae sang pls.. aigoooo.... everyone is stabbing him. gossshh!! he seems like the bad guy to mido family. stooooopid!

BBO OMG... It's too terrible. HTS is too pitiful there is no one for him. Lee chan hee maybe really worried for him but i guess he worried just because of his guilty. HTS's mother's lover killed was lee chang hee, i think. That is the why he worried for him so much. Also i'm really hate Jae hee. How can he do that. Same as for Mido. How he she fake her feet and tel him that he worried for Jae hee face to face. I truly hope that. Jae hee and Mido realize their ugly, self centered, stupid and horrible actions. I'm really hope for HTS eventually find his happiness. Oh by the way Beck Sung joo, i will tell her, please just die. I truly hate her. I really hate that she loves him so much to extend ruin him. OMG Why HTS have surrounded so many bad people. Poor him...

yx April30 well said !!!! I strongly agree.it's actually a good. drama

April30 This drama is really interesting...haha..it has a thrilling plot twist...don't criticize the writer that harsh because I think they are actually smart to create a story like this eventhough it is heartbreaking for certain viewers. However, I don't really think that Jae Hee is Han Tae Min but he might be related to president Chang Ji Myung, Han Tae Min's adoptive father. And I also think that the real Han Tae Min was the one that Jae Hee came to deal with in Hong Kong. By the way, I'd love to see Jae Hee and Mi Do together. It's not that I'm taking their side but I just don't think that Mi Do is suitable for Han Tae Sang. I mean he deserves a girl who is better than Mi Do. If he end up with with Sung Joo, that is way better than anything else. As for Mi Do, I don't think that she purposely toying with two men's heart. If you understand the story, you will realize that Mi Do actually liked Jae hee first when they met in Guam before she gets into a dilema to accept Tae Sang and at the same time tried to like him after she returned from Guam. Even before she went to Guam, she hasn't fall in love with Tae Sang. All she can think is the debt that she and her family has owed him. I think that's the point of the story that the writer and director trying to tell us. I mean, try to put yourself in her shoes.You loved someone else but you have another one who loved you so much and he/she has been helping you a lot. But then you can't love that person because you really unable to fall in love with him/her. What would you feel??

Arezu i think the way SSH,s fans really feel sorry about the awful things happen to him is showing this drama is somehow successful, since his acting is also so natural. besides it shows they( im also his fan) really love him. ps, frankly speaking, from my point of view SSK's acting isnt good & she doesnt look beautiful in this drama.

Arezu i think the way SSH,s fans really feel sad about the awful things happen to him is showing that this drama is somehow successful because they feel it is real. since his acting is also so natural. besides it shows they( im also his fan ) really love him. PS, i really hate SSK acting and honestly from my point of view she doesnt look beautiful in this drama.

daisy This is a very interesting drama. You guys don't need to comment that harsh. The plot of the drama do happened in reality. I think the writer is just smart. If you dont like,then dont watch..end of story..

Limawarty Mi-Do is such a conniving lady, I hope she learns her lesson; whereas Tae-Sang deserves someone who really loves him. I hope Mi-Do has a change of heart and realized what a gem Tae-Sang is.

Jenna I stopped watching after the 6th episode and tonight I took a peek at the most recent one. Not worth watching the rest. I'll just have to wait for the next SSH drama series.

sasha OMG how horrible are these latest episodes. she has some nerve telling him to his face that she faked not knowing JH because she is afraid of his well being and the well being of her family someone please tell me maybe i missed that part where Han threatening her family or her love because i never saw it. she is a very bad and distasteful girl. i truly hope that in the end she does not get to be with him i'm sure that she is going to realize that Han is a wonderful person and all the things that she has done and said to him she will come to regret them. i can't wait for this drama to be over. i had enough of this horrible drama.

Mai I can't barely wait to see the next few episodes has in hand. I hope tee tee doesn't get framed for his friends death. :( patience is a virtue!

charlie Let me guess the ending of the storyline. TS gets absolved from the charges of killing Lee Chang Hee thanks to the Letter that Chang-Hee left in the picture frame of his grandmother in his apartment. But until he gets vindicated by this letter from the murder charges, TS stays in prisoned with the blame of murder of Chang-He. TS's company goes under due to loss of investments and lack of leadership. The company is taken over by Baek Sung Ju. Tae-Min, TS's little brother in Hon Kong comes to his brother's rescue but it is too late as Sung-Ju has already bought the company. In that letter Chang-Hee tells the secret that Jae-Hee is not his blood-brother and that he killed the boss and attempted to kill MD to save his family, namely TS and JH. From this letter, JH learns the whole truth and realizes how wrong he has been about TS and regrets his actions and leaves MD seeking forgiveness from TS. Mi-Di also understands how wrong she has been about TS and attempts to resume her relationship with him, and TS being such a warm-hearted gentleman he is has a little bit of remaining love for her, but then TS himself is in a situation that needs a lot of financial help. TS decides to marry Sung-Ju to run his old company again and says his final goodbyes to Mi-Do. Mi-Do, losing both TS and JH, goes back to her former poor condition with her family. From the way the story is progressing so far, my conjecture has a reasonable chance for being right. If right, then for the remainder of this drama, we the fans will continue to suffer with our hero TS until the very last episode. So, it is all up to us to decide whether to continue to suffer and feel unhappy about TS's fate for the remainder of the drama or just give up watching this damn thing and only come back to take a peek at the last episode to see what has finally happened to TS, MD and JH. How does it sound, folks?

amouna tunisienne it isn't bad that much it might be good in the next episodes

Ttra3403 I agree with everyone. I mean to a guy who once was a thug, he met a girl that changed his life and now he's looking toward to good things but as the story goes, I'm predicting everyone in the drama in the end will end turning agaisnt him and he will probably end up in the prison. At first, I wanted to see Tae Sang and Mi Do to be together but now I think I was wrong. I mean really? The guy has been helping her and her family all his life and now she is hiding from him that she is still in the wheelchair? If you dont love him, then say no. End up already, go with your birdy lover Jae Hee. Stop ruinning the man!

 Also, now i think Tae Sang is better off with the other girl, who has been looming out for him all along.

genz i'm starting to hate this drama! SERIOUSLY ! HTS dosen't have any person to rely to. He easily gives his trust to anyone but ended up hurt and betrayed. WHYYYYYYYYYYY! Writer-nims, please change the story line of this drama. I think it's getting boring and hateful. I'm getting lazy to watch the next episodes. I am so annoyed :(( HTS's life is so miserable. <//333

stef this drama is just making me dissappointed....i should have stop watching this starting from episode 11.. it is just the same as fashion king. I just couldn't understand most of dramas that has SSK makes me freak out...can the writers make this drama more interesting?

Zaag Ok this drama is getting me irritated. I don't care about JH and MD's love for each other. I only care about the lead male TS. JH is so....unlikable! He and MD deserves each other anyways. TS is better off without her!

yx It was JH fault because he stalk MD and make her love him. and in my opinon I think SSK was ask by the director to put up a stone face throughout the drama,if not the director would have correct her for doing the wrong order from him

An The Script Writer need to be ethical about the plot. Considering the viewers of this drama are mainly SSH fans..please start turning the plot in favor of SSH it's already episode 16 and we are tired of waiting for a good twist for SSH.its ok to eliminate Mi Do character...bring in a Mi Do twin or something...one that has better character. Mi Do character really sucks...

Tina I am not judging the story line. It can or should be different from other dramas. However, the lead actress SSK only has 1 boring cold stoned face throughout the drama makes it hard for viewers to follow and understand her character. She can't portray or express the feelings of any characters at all. She makes people confused and frustrated to watch. i, personally, do not enjoy this drama when i see her on screen. SSK, please shape up your acting skills before sign up for another drama/movie. You are making this drama invaluable and less enjoyable!!!

TaurusgirL this is a bittersweet drama, from the cover we can see both of the face are so sad.. i guess its gonna be a sad ending story.

Nor Malaysia Very disappointing!! I have stop watching after eps 10. The writers had ruins the drama just like Fashion King. For those still watching or wanted to watch, my advise is STOP!!! Don't waste your time. SSH should choose his drama and lead actresses well...if this goes on his career can be affected. The time travelling medical drama (i don.t even remember the title) and this....aigoo..... whoever his manager should be kick out already.....

Sasha This show is about to give me a heart attack. this young lady is a horrible actress. i do not understand her character at all, and i 'm almost positively sure that she is faking not remembering JH. She is very immature and is not ready to receive the kind of unconditional love that HAN is giving her. She so does not deserve HIM. I don't believe that she forced herself to like him from the beginning i do believe she actually loves him but is afraid of his past, she doesn't know that much about him, and what make matters worse is she cheated on him with that "BOY" sure he is sweet, and caring and BLAH BLAH BLAH but he is not a match for that wretched girl. to my opinion she is more scary than Han can ever be.

Hye Ri You guys are getting it all wrong. This is a good drama. It actually happens in real life. There are people (women and men) who go through this everyday. Itjust shows to me how wicked Mi Do is. If she does not like TS, she should just say so than pretending. TS should leave her alone and find someone else who appreciates him. As for JH, OMG i want to slap his face. Why like someone who is already dating another? He is going to ruin his brother and friend. I cannot stand him....But this is life, it happens everyday. I like the drama.

charlie in a peep preview of E16, TS says to Mido that 'you have a good reason why you only remember me (and not JH)'. Will TS still love her and stand by her?

Anyway, after the accident, Mido is scared for her life and initiates her survival instinct: pretend to have lost all memory of JH. Well, can't blame her for this as she remembers TS's scary gangster past.

JH better hear from his brother the truth. Drama doesn't need this type of putrid deception to keep audience. There must be plenty of other ways to keep the audience engaged and interested.

liza steve i thought at first that this kdrama was beautiful but when the drama goes it was so disappointing ... i dont like midos character.. i watch ep. 14 i hope she will die.. i dont like her character..pls.. i want to watch song seun hun but theres a hindrance its mido hehehe cut her character plsss

SHUBA I am SONG SEUNG HUN'S fan. I am watching 5 th episode. Hopefully this drama will have a good climax. Even if it is not so, SSH's role is going well.LEE JAE HEE'S role is okay at the start but i don't know how worse it is gonna be?

sabeen I m really depressed after watching this drama, Mi Do is really looking an expert who is tryng to make fool two persons at the same time,she didn't look sincere with anyone,she is changinging her emotions who is treating well at that time,even if she will marry how can her feeling be true,because in marriage you have to be sincere and loyal to one person not with two,

mary Such a bad drama!!!! ssk sucks at acting. i do not like how the story is developing. such a two timer for someone who has been given it all.

browneyez I really like Tae-sang character. Mi-Do need to quit playing with him. I truly do not like her character. By how the ratings is really low I can tell I'm not the only one not liking this storyline. Tae-Sang changed everything for Mi-Do and she keeps mistreating. She need to let go over Jae-Hee. Because of him he is going to ruin his own brother and his best friend that looked after him. I can tell this drama is going to end stupid like Fashion King. The same character was in that drama also playing two guys. I truly don't like her role. She is a awful actress.

corazon nieveras me and my friends love to watch Han Tae Sang. We feel sad the way he is treated and betrayed by Mi Do. We hope his scenes will be more exciting to watch and favorable for him on next episodes please.

Doramafan Watching the first episodes (untill about ep 6/7), my first thought was: "wow, It's long since we had a great drama like this! Certainly the best one in the last years". Then, the drama was really promising and I barely could stand to wait the next episodes. But, at the same time, by then, I already was afraid that the writer once more would ruin and screw up this lovable story (I watched some of the dramas of the same screenwriter in order to see if they could give me a clue or an idea about how it could progress and I really didn't like any of her dramas!) Unfortunatelly, all my worst fears became true and she spoiled and messed a drama that had all the potential to be perfect... And could have fulfilled our heart. I really hoped to mantain 5* score untill the end! However, it was not possible. I'm deeply disappointed once again with this screenwriter and director (and I'm pretty sure that many others also has the same feeling and had to rethink and downgrade the scores given beforehand). Well, I guess I'll have to wait a little bit to be blessed with "the greatest drama of the latest years!".

charlie In episode 13, TS's car tire was leaking air (or the driver suspected something like that) and Tea Sang had a close call with car accident. Who did it? Was it Mi-Do? Jae-Hee? or Goo Yong Kap? Another question: WHY did Jae-Hee not ask his brother the question who actually killed the boss and under what circumstance? Why did JH ask the question to Sung-Ju and Yon-Kap, the least trustworthy people to him? Wouldn't anyone ask such important questions to their closest and the most trusted people, namely their siblings or lovers? Why wouldn't Mi-Do ask this question to Tea-Sang? Why does the main storyline depend so much on this simple deception and secrecy? Had Jae-Hee known the truth, he wouldn't act this POS against TS; Mi-Do wouldn't have the lingering doubts and fear in her mind toward TS which is tilting her heart for JH; and the writer wouldn't have this pathetic storyline to tell. Chang-Hee's attempt to kill Mi-Do to preserve his family (namely JH and TS) in episode 14 earned my curiosity and I will stay with this drama at least for another week.

Tita Myrna Song Seung Heon deserves a better drama script, role and lead actress ... The story is still not as good yet ... Maybe she'll shine later on ... Hope SSK will redeem herself. Still waiting for a good turn out of the story.

Jae I am struggling to watch this drama. I am on episode 7 and debating if I should even bother watching the rest of it.

SSK has no emotion. I have seen her in several dramas and her acting never varies. Can she act any better? Is she is being type casted? What’s up with the “duhhhhh” facial expression when she gets kissed? Is that how she is supposed to act it out? Even so, it just looks bad.

The writers for this drama keep rushing certain scenarios. Take the first episode for example. If you read an episode synopsis it differs completely from what occurs in the actual episode. The synopsis makes it look as though an awesome sequence of events occurs but what you watch on the screen is “flashes” of a so-called scene. It jumps from a poor girl, debt collectors being at the poor store, her father supposedly going missing and trying to commit suicide, debts being settled, etc. All of that in one episode, are you serious? First, it’s hard to follow. Second, there is no story to follow there. It’s like being shown picture 1, 7, 3, 4, etc.

As for the characters, thus far here’s my POV….

JB’s character is pretty darn cute so far. The fan girl in me is hoping to see a Mi Joon x Ddol Yi pairing. *lol*

Mi Do likes Tae Sang but Jae Hee’s sweet act is warming her up. She has a bad history with Tae Sang and his associates so this puts a lot of bumps in the road of their already rocky relationship. Jae Hee appears to be more emotionally open in comparison to Tae Sang also, which helps to put Mi Do more at ease. I really hate female lead characters that are weak and too indecisive like this. It would be nice if she would toughen up and stick with the guy she originally chose – Tae Sang. I do not think that their relationship in/experiences and ages factor in the current plot. This has more to do with the differing personalities. Being the way she is so far I get the feeling Mi Do will cheat on or abandon Tae Sang if things get any harder. You have to keep in mind that Mi Do started out as a rich girl whose family lost their wealth then fell completely into debt. Her previous upper class upbringing probably hinders her relationships with anybody because of a different mentality.

I read this on Korean Drama and it made me laugh so hard: “Seo Mi Do is full of ambition and she is also bright and lovely. Seo Mi Do isn’t afraid of anything, because she went through so many difficult times when growing up.” When has she been bright and lovely? She even said her new home was a hundred times worse in one of the scenes with her brother. She should have been grateful that she even had a home at all. Ambitious maybe because she’s basically dating two guys and both have potential. And she’s been acting like a coward in most of the episodes I have watched. It annoys me that she keeps hiding her relationship with Tae Sang and especially seems unwilling to break the news to Jae Hee.

As for Tae Sang, he should put more effort into his romantic relationship with Mi Do. He hides a lot of things from her but if he wants a better relationship with her he needs to open up. Even the bad parts should be shared if they want to stand a better chance. He only shares those pieces of his past with Sung Joo, which is why Mi Do keeps distrusting him. Ask yourself, would you want your lover hanging out with someone who is madly in love with them? The normal response is no. Even if it begins harmless it could very likely happen that trouble happens. However, I commend Tae Sang for being able to finally break away from his bad ways to start over and become a wealthy businessman. Too bad the guy is his own worst enemy, letting his love rival get too close to his love interest.

Sung Joo is in love with Tae Sang and I get that she wants to go out of her way to impress him, but she needs to stop being a door mat. Tae Sang very clearly tells her like a broken record they are just friends. She is being petty and pathetic. Have some pride woman!

Chang Hee is a fiery spitball. He lets his temper get the best of him. That is both a fun quality but also a problematic one. He needs anger management classes. But he appears to be very faithful towards his brother, which I love.

Jae Hee is honest with his feelings and pursues Mi Do from the get go. When she rejects him he tries to remain civil and respect her decision while also keeping hope as Mi Do admits she does have an attraction towards him. He needs to learn when he’s being intrusive.

Yong Kab is pretty weird. He has an obsession with Sung Joo and there are points where he is very sincere towards her, but he still cannot get his act right and win her over. He is the type of person who follows the saying, “The third dog gets the bone.” He has no problem abandoning his friends and siding with an enemy if it benefits him. Best thing so far? I love when Sun Ae comments on Tae Sang not bringing in-laws to the marriage table!

leila it's the worst drama i've ever seen,i can't believe korean can make dramas like this one. i'm really disapointed in song seung hun is acting in this drama it's rubish ,he's one of my favorite actors .and the actress i hope they'll make her die she's just rubish for me she doen't desrve even to be his maid not his wife ,i just hate her.i can't stand watching this drama after episode 12.i didn't believe my self ,it was really shocking

genz I think the writer-nim did a lot of mistakes with HTS's life story, he/she made HTS's character became miserable and pathetic. I hope the next episodes will have a good story line for HTS and just erase the villains. Jjebal~ this drama has many villains D': I cried when HTS let go of Mi Do and fight the feeling of sadness ALONE. :(( <///3333

deltoid This was not the 14th episode, it was an insult to the viewer. Thanks to Kim Sung-Oh, he showed the best performance, but now count me out. This crappy storyline is simply too braindead stupid.

norma It is very predictable. Writers and director, you lost that Midas Touch to keep your viewers excited to follow up this drama and your future projects. I feel bad for SSH to be part of this project.

yhu i agree with the one who said the end is like what happened in balli sooooo saaad):

Marina Poletto The title of this drama make me to expect something different ... is really depressing that anybody seems in their right mind

Low I can't wait what happens next.. ? I foresee it already... Probably it will lead to a good twist this time.. Somehow I can't stop loving Tae sang role in this drama... And more challenging part for jae hee...hoping for more acting from Mido...good luck...

charlie Thankless bastards Jae-Hee and Mi-Do. They should be cut from the company and Jae-Hee get in car accident and become paralyzed. Mi-Do lives her entire life pursuing her dream and looking after paralyzed Jae-Hee. A pure love. This ***** and bastard deserve each other and deserve this kind of life together.

AlondraS OKASAN, #146...Thank you for agreeing with me!!! :) Dont you just want to slap Mi-Do??? hahahaha, seriously, she is a joke...she is just being dishonest from the beginning...She has managed to play with both men so well!!! She is a disgrace to women!!!! lol She doesn't know what she wants...She is way to dumb...I am disappointing in her character because she has no integrity and decency after the things she has been doing and I think in the end she will just regret it... Hopefully Tae-Sang can find a really respectable beautiful girl...:) He deserves someone as pure and equal to him because mi-do lost her purity already!!! She has no self respect...:( She cant even straighten out her thoughts and be honest...She should have done that a long time ago!!!! :( I think Mi-do & jae-hee deserve each other......Tae-sang should just let those losers go....He should stop employing them & let them go because they are no longer worth it!!! :( hahahaha, I'm all serious!!! lol It's only a drama but Mi-do is so stupid....why do they always make women look so dumb???? lol

Guest Han Tae Sang is a stalkerish weirdo. He follows one (unappealing) girl around, pressures her and tries to push her in a direction she doesn't really want. That's not love. That's being obsessed.

Mi Do is like a dead fish. The actress is unable to deliver any emotions. The viewer is always puzzled about her true feelings. Besides that her character is so disagreeable one has to wonder what exactly the guys see in her.

Jae Hee is the most likeable of those three. He at least seems to care about Mi Do's wishes, but still the viewer is left to wonder why Mi Do of all the girls out there. Why?

This will end like What Happend In Bali.

Best thing about this crappy show is Kim Sung-Oh.

Faith This drama is getting boring as it goes on. I stoped watching it because the story is getting too ridiculous.

Norma Just kick out MiDo or this actress out. Make it like she and the Lee JH died in an accident. Put in a very talented actress in not this one who needs to have a good acting mentor. It's not too late to correct the story.

Beware: Before you even start watching a Korean drama look for its writers and directors because they are really noted to spoil the plot just like in Fashion King and Whatever Happened in Bali. I feel in love with watching Korean Drama because of how wholesome their plots are. I am not Korean and I accidentally just try to watch one drama The Princess in Hulu Plus and I become addictive to watch them.

kdrama I have a feeling that Taesang is going to die and when Mido find out the truth...she will realized that Taesang trully love her...and it will be too late...

charlie Mido is a two timer, but what is worse is that she is habitually lying and deceiving TS, so she is bad. Will secrecy, misunderstanding, lying and deceiving, lack of straightforwardness, make the drama better and more intriguing? This is stereotypical of k-dramas (deception and secrecy) and the writers should do a better job than that. We watch the drama to release stress and to have fun, but these days the drama gives us stress. No wonder why the rating is dropping by the week. TS is the most honorable and sincere man; JH is indebted to TS for his education and his is paying him back with revenge? And thus JH will get the reward? Why the hell JH and MD get the reward and happiness, although they deserve each other and they deserve hell together. Hope the writer bring them terrible lives together. If the drama continues this way I will stop watching.

Okasan I agree with 137,135,124,119,117, 108 &105 and don't agree with 57. After that action in chapter 12, the writer of this story makes MiDo irrepairable. The writer makes MiDo not to be respected by anyone. If the story tell something about Jae Hee and MiDo that is okay. But MiDo cannot be with TS anymore at the end.

Dee I think...the story pretty much good, if you all know...at the beginning mi do does'nt love ts. Trully love doesn't come because of kindness or money. If this story end with mi do and ts happy ever after, it's just ordinary story. We will see what happen next...

madhusmita i hope there will be ending of the series with han Tae sang and Mi do and that will be great. because sang really loves mi do a lot with sincerity. Jae hee should get departed from Mi do and let her to go with han tae sang.Jae also should get a good girl in future episodes.

renengine I do not know, what is the drama director have in their mind , making the story even looks ridiculous and very short minded ...

we know, its artists pretty incredible, but why the story is too narrow and is expired. is the producers did not feel the loss making expensive dramas with stars incredible, but the results are rubbish.

its artists too stupid enough, drama plays stunted sense, less creative and unprofessional.

rather than the story being what it is today, better than the beginning made ​​little triller by fight along episodes..

but.. too bad it's too late .. good bye When a Man ​​Loves

kdrama I don't care what had happened but as long as the writer give Taesang a new girl and give him a happy ending then I am happy or else I will not watch korean drama anymore...

axiya Ckckckc

This drama will soon fall crashing .. ridiculous .. sudden in episode 12, the story is similar Japanese comics, where in one night, her girlfriends virginity was taken by his friend ..

if this conflict scene appeared in last 2 or 3 episodes, then maybe it is different .. ouch, why appearance in eps 12?

I'm confused, the story suddenly, classic too sensitive stale / expired, where the appearance of a conflict tends to not be creative and innovative ..

really stupid, I really hope the story is cool, where the man will keep and maintain the female with his life and going to a lot of fight scenes ... --- (as the title suggests) -

ouch, it turns out the story was stale and similar comic stories stale / expired. I feel stupid to follow the story over the last 7 eps ..

Emily M I’m with Jea hee and Mi de relationship. They are perfect couple. I think what happened in episode 12 that Because of Tae San stand in the way. The kissing scenes happened because they both depressed. I think in next episodes Tea San will become devil and he will make them suffer. But, I hope at the end Mi de and Jea hee be together and Tae San have happy ending.

Keep fighting,

deltoid This drama, initially, had a pretty strong impact. The story of a gangster turned tycoon and the girl-next-door could have a really interesting and thrilling plot. But what did the screen writers do? They turned it into a decaffeined, no-transfatty, crappy melodrama. The male roles all developped in the course of the story, but after the ugly duckling streching her wings in the first three episodes, the female lead is put to a halt. How is it possible, that there are so many great actors, goood stories and so awful script writers? I mean, those guys deserve to be stipped naked and chased though a field of thornbushes for their low performance.

betty I think that ep 12 is the end of the drama for me :(

AlondraS I think Mi-Do still has a chance if she gets on her knees and begs for forgiveness!!!!!!!! She is really dumb and cannot even clear her thoughts and heart!!!! What a dumb girl...I think TS's character is way too good for her...She is lucky to have a man like him after her, she shouldn't take him for granted. She needs to get slapped in the face for being so indecent!!!!! She is not as pure and innocent as she wants to portray after what she did in chapter 12.....She seems so dumb and such an easy girl....:( TS has been respecting her all this time and she lets this dumb little boy take advantage of her and all her body!!!! :( I hope a new girl will appear in the drama that will be good enough for Tae-sang!! SongSeungHun is so hot!!! & he's acting is so good in this drama!!!! <3 <3

AMJ Hi ... I watch this drama of Song Seung-Heon and Yeon Woo-Jin. And both of them are doing real good job on his character. Song Seung-Heon is the best always. Yeon Woo-Jin I like him since Ojakgyo Family. And He never gets the girl in any of his dramas, so I feel sorry for him. In this Drama “when a man Loves “I want him to get the girl, but not in this way By Betrayal his friend. I hope the drama goes well and I hope at the end noone accept MiDo Character.

pipoy I think the writer is so confused and doesn't know what to do with Mido's chararacter as well as not knowing fully her own theme of the drama. After watching ep. 12, this drama become soo disgusting to watch anymore. the kissing scene is so sickening! to be honest, i couldn't finished watching it 'cause i felt like throwing up- because it's done in a bad taste- Jae Hee, from the way he's kissing her was not because of love but- Lust! The way he looked at her was not as a woman but as a sex object? What made it worst was mi do's response to Jae Hee's attempt, That kind of reaction was not something from a confused person or a supposed to be an inteligent..? What was really her dream that she is pursuing,- to be laid down by Jae Hee or going to London? With that kind of lewd kissing she don't deserve Tae San (SSH) but deserve each (JH) other. I wonder, what was really the writers' meant of the title "When a man loves. - his evil ways will manifest? That kissing scene, is meant to provoked Tae San and to do bad against them? Also, taking it from The dialogue of Midos father..."his thug nature remains".. referring to Tae San is already an indication of what will follow. I hope too, that this writer is not the same as Fashion King writer. And as for me, the last episode I watched (ep.12) is the end of this drama. I ' m not going to watch this and waste my precious relaxation time. Or better yet, watched again a feel good drama "That Winter...."

fayesha look ... i'm frustated here ... i'm watching these drama because of SSK. why i'm frustated ? it's because OF LEE JAE HEE ... He's the one who miscasted, i can't accept He kiss with her, that's what make this drama sucks ... but for overall ... they did great job for delivering the drama ... ep 12 really makes me upset so much.

Skinnydipshit They should just kill Mi Do character because nobody seems to enjoy the show due to her character. I can't see the intelligent and ambitious woman out of SSK portrayal of Mi Do. Miscasting really ruins this drama.. Badly

nine this better not be like fashion king ENDING!!!!!

WML After episode 12, I don't want TS loves and ends with MD. I can't accept what she did. Even if she might realizes TS is a good man and she loves him at last. She doesn't deserve his love longer. I just want him to ignore her and let her go. TS should move on to find and fight for his brother and mother. Also don't end like "Something happened in Bali". I am unable to bear watching it.

Norma Throw the leading actress out and send another who is pretty and equally talented to match with Song Seung Heon to rectify the plot after the screen writers stupidly ruin the plot on Episode 12. I was thinking of it could be the director's fault too to accept a mediocre actress to pair with SSH.

Maya Couldn't be more agree with CT.. Korean Drama Kissing Scenes are rather lame. I haven't found a good kissing scene in K-Drama. Maybe I haven't watch that much of K-Drama myself.

fan of SSH Ep 12 was too much for me! a forceful kiss was oke,but they ended up laying,threw away their clothes and kissed! Make me mad!!! Damn SSK.she's not adorable with monotonous face.no emotion.can't even take a good care of her own heart.she's not stable with her own decision.she's too dumb to even look which one is better for her.From what I can see, this story tells about lovestory SSK and YWJ more than lovestory SSK and SSH.This is not fair.I can even feel the love between SSK and SSH. For the first time in my life...being mad and frustrated of..hero being mocked down by someone he truly loves,damn SSK b**** !

cava Please don't make it a sad ending, so far, I love this series,cannot wait for episode 13 and 14 next week, perfect casting for all characters! No overacting, except MiDo (but it could be the tranlation into English that skipped a lot of her points on how she feels about Tae Sang). The 4 lead characters are just perfect cast fitting their character and the storyline well. Kim Tae Hee is way too old for this role, supposed to be a young girl yet they still look good together so that it doesn't look like he "rob the craddle". I am glad that they picked her for this role, she is pretty enough to attract TS in addition to her personality (as opposing to some series the lead actress is so plain that you can figure out why the leading men would fight over a so unattractive woman).

ct song seung heo is the perfect choice for this role with an edge for gangster roughness in his look. Jang Dong Gun would be good but too old. Huyn Bin is just too whole some and sweet for a gangster role.

Mi Do forces herself to like Tae Sang because she owes him, but JH is a better match for her, age/education/ambition so she is torn. Being intelligent, independen, and ambitious she struggles to make herself liking TS while being attracted to JH and wanting to pursue her dream, so she is suffering from feeling guilty, she is not a true villain. TS should know better and let her go...that his immature and ineperience in relationship, and not wanting to face the reality. If I were MD I would walk away instead of prolonging the inevitalbe for all three of them. It's not fair in the long run for any of them. Her coldness toward TS is because he is an old and scary man to her contrary to JH who is intelligent, fun and of the same generation. The audience hates MD character because the actress (and maybe partly director/writer's fault) does not act very well. Her look fits the role perfectly, it's her acting that's a bit "stiff", not expressive enough. I must compliment the casting director as I think all of them fit the roles well (age/look). Chae Jung Ah, and Yeo Woo Jin are great. Chae is so beutiful and does not "over act" I can't figure out why she doesn't get to do more leading roles. I only see her plays second fiddle. Yeo Woo Jin plays preppy educated young grad. very well (except for the kisses, why Korean actors and actresses are so bad in kissing scenes, they need to remember it's all acting so just go to make the passion look as real as possible, but they look like they are too inhibitted, they need to watch and learn from Holywood movies, or learn it from Park Shi Hoo in Princess Prosecutor!)

Maya This Drama is too many villain! Even the leading actress is a villain as well..but I would like to see how it ends. 12th episode is really frustrating. I really want to see how Tae Sang doing his revenge to Mi Do and Jae Hee.. I don't really familiar with Shin Se Kyung but it's true that her acting is very dull. Sorry..

mgrian it's really frustrating... seo mi-do's acting is very stagnant... Song Seung-Heon acting makes the viewers drives crazy because he captured what the story tells to do and viewers are affected on it.. but shin se-kyung is very opposite! I probably watch this drama on June.. probably..aheheehe SSH <3 fighting!

mayra owhhhh i hate to watch episode 12...Mi do and Jae Hee are too much...now i really like Baek Sung Joo to get back to Han Tae Sang...Mi do always not appriciate what Tae Sang do for her...I hate Mi Do so much

Elena SSK is a horrible actress. She doesn't even smile, no expression at all. Its a great drama but there's better actresses then her.....

TSlove I like the story and all the actors except Shin_Se-Kyung. Something about her that's very unlikable.

Low I'm looking forward for Mi Do 's head to get smashed on the wall... Then have amnesia and start the drama without any help from Tae San then will see who can help her get through all the sufferings with both parents that only waits for luck!!! Tae San deserves to be happy at his 40's.. Hoping for a good twist.. Kind of boring already..

hazel mi do doesn't deserve any of them she was dumb to not trust tae sang, now having a pathetic excuse to play him. really don't like mi do. this is one of those few dramas that i would like for it to be a sad ending. shin se kyung sucks in this, her acting is dull and monotonous.

Kaying I think the rest or the show is not going to end up good because the why she started cheating on her boyfriend.that mean they ain't going to end up together no drama end up like that that I ever seen. But things like that do happen in reality,but not in my life. Hopefully he stick with the older woman who truly loves him, my poor baby always not a good role for him at all. You guys need to make him fall in love in drama not out of love.

SSH4EVER Yes, TS deserves the best life! but not with Mi Do. TS is too kind to Mi Do. She is taking TS for granted! Cheating on TS with JH in his room???? WTF! I predict the rest of the drama is going to be about revenge between TS and JH. Arrh...a part of me really want to see JH suffer, but I hate to see TS being sad, maybe just forget about the revenge and start a new life with a new girl..not Sung Joo either!!!!

HTS Hoping a happy ending for Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do. HTS deserves to have happy life.

After watching episode 11& 12, i dont like SMD, cos she doesn't know the moral values of love, she did what she want to, even she betrays her boyfriend. Really want to dump her to river, so that she could wake up from her vanity dream and realise who is her real loves.

JC I totally love this drama! It´s quite deep and heart breaking. Let´s not forget this is a melodrama, so of course we are going to be left with a sour sweet feeling. I am trying to understand her character, but from what I get she likes him too, but she´s more afraid of his past and his dark side, she can´t completely trust him, plus she feels burdened by his feelings. TS has a lot of things going on, he has abandonment issues, he hadn´t let anyone in his heart until he met her, probably fell for her because of her willingness to sacrifice herself for her family´s debt, something that his own mother didn´t do. I can´t wait to see the new episodes, I want to know if he can redeem himself through forgiveness or get swallowed by pain and darkness. I hope that Mi Do grows up and cherish his love, apparently it´s not going to be easy for her to realize her own feelings.Great story! For those who don´t want to keep watching, remember this is only half the way, a lot of things can happen.

Sybille I suppose I'm partial to TS because I see all the efforts he has put into really making things work with Mi Do. She is one cold girl though, and I agree with the above comment about her looking and acting the same age as TS, but when I think about it more, maybe it's the maturity in her that draws him (TS) in. MD is just a girl living her life day by day and wants to see her dream come true now that she had the chance. So what if a hot rich guy who treats her like a QUEEN mind you. . gets his heart stomped on and a young director just doesn't make the cut for her affections no matter how much THEY try. . . and they are really trying. . .

You know what, I'm convinced that MD has no heart and will probably make things really hard for us viewers. That's what she's there for.

On one final note. . .two final notes actually, I wonder what all their astrological signs are on the show? MD is not an Aquarius that is for sure and from TS I'm getting the Capricorn/Virgo vibe. Not the actors, but the characters they play. And really . . . when is episode 11 through 20. . . or is it 16 coming out. I wanna see what happens. Anyone know?

I'm am a black American btw (just thought I'd point that out). . . and LOVE KDRAMA of this variety. It just feels authentic and more conducive to reality.

Ht I think SSK has 1 expression.. She ALWAYS looks angry...sighnnn... I wish they picked another female lead other than SSK...she supposed to be an ambitious and "lovely" woman but I can't see anything "lovely" in her...oh well

JeJe I can't stand how Jae Hee always happens to be there listening to TS and MD's conversation. He's like an obsessed stalker. Hate his character.

sasya i guess everyone love SSH. well, i love SSH like drama my princess because he is the man who is sure with his love and try to do the best from the beginning.i really hope he can get the happily ever after life.

for SSK, i think it's better if she make sure about her feeling. love is something that people should protect. If she is is selfish and really leave SSH, it means she is not a realisctic girl.Just a selfish one.

i'm confuse with the loveline chart in wiki, when SSK has a same feeling with LJH. so what is she doing in this 10 episodes? Trying to be nice to SSH? i don't think so. She's trying to be thankful and finally love him.Someone must be messed up those charts.

i wish the ending is not like fashion king.everyone love SSH and will blame this drama if his life is awful. The plot is natural i guess.When a feeling of loving someone but still keep a friend who cling on you.But still,life is a choice. Having both is forbidden.

Rig Did Shin_Se-Kyung really go through audition for this drama? OMG!!! and they still picked her as main character? How terrible!!! I'm sorry but Her face is like a glass mask... Cold and no expression at all!

Andie I've watched this until mid episodes and getting confused with Mi Do expression & the story line. Why is she still haven't made up her mind, as if there's nothing that Tae San can do to move her heart. It's not romantic. I think I won't continue watching until it's confirmed there'll gonna be good ending.

pipoy I kind a understand a lot of disappointments of most comments here 'cause i myself is also getting confused of some characters of the drama specifically SSK.. i heard she even audition for this drama. one thing here, if they really like to show a big gap in age, i think SSK is not the right person for this role cause she is not that big difference in age in looks with SSH, or maybe they should have gotten a much older looking man and not so handsome like SSH. SSH is so handsome than the "supposed" young looking Jae Hee whom i think otherwise( I don't know but he does not even look handsome to me) and if SSK character is supposed to be a young ambitious woman -who would not fall for a man like SSH - handsome, very rich man and so smart despite lack of higher education much more if he had one. when you see the together you won't the difference in age. Or I maybe more sympathetic with SSK role if the role SSH was given to the villain guy, Lee Chang Hoon. I think the best actress who would best identify or act SSk role is YOON JIN YI the Imeari of the "Gentleman's dignity"she acted the role so well that you understand and really feel the difference in age. Another character that's dragging is the mother of SSH Why so much people around SSH was so interested in her, the mob guy, the right hand man and the woman in love with...it's really getting boring and dragging. Let's just hope that the writer of this drama is not the same writer of that Fashion King otherwise we'll see the same ending.

Marie I love this show and it makes sense that MD fills burden by TS feelings. She wants to like him but aso has her own dreams. I really like TS and hope MD truly understands his heart and stays with him. But if she remains with him, that means she has to give up on her life and just live to help her family. She would just make hom lonely and sad. I hope she can achieve her dreams and yet discover that she loves him. I hope TS forgives his mother and lives with her. Maybe that will make him stop needed that girl so much. He is so mich better then her and became successful through his ability. MD seems so depress and just wants to run away. I totally understand and hope she too finds happiness.

chrish20 ..aissshh... SSk acting expressions is always awkward like she did in fashion king.. i don't know what would happened next but i do hope that SSH will find his true happiness ..


Hi Was dissapointed with episode 9. They are making Mi Do character kinda annoying to watch now, I am not liking her spoiled bossy attitude, feel sorry for TS and not surprised if in real life a man falls out of love for MD. She should make up her mind and the director or creator of this should hurry up and make MD fall truly in love with TS. I feel like she is taking advantage of him. Did you see TS fell asleep and she left his place in a blink of an eye? Where are her manners after all the efforts TS made for a perfect date at his house ... Oh well...

WML Oh! seriously the rating of episode 9 is drop again. I think it's because you ruin TS through letting MD pretend to love and cheat him, also let JH to be her hero instead. I try to understand her feeling and thought (even her expression is quite a poker face). I think I can understand her some level but it's difficult to accept. Also I wonder if I can love her in case she turns to love TS later. This is almost mid of story but there is no progress in storyline, except creating watchers more hurt for TS and hate people around him. Now one thing that many people hope is TS let MD go to find her happy if she still express she is not happy with him. But don't ruin him by making him cruel because of her selfish, please!!! ToT.

SSHfan I saw sypnosis of this series from many sources, it's quite terrible. After episode 8, all will turn to bad for TS? betrayed and set trap by people around him, even MD. I feel uncomfortable as if my heart is been brokening. I can watch further if others betray and cheat TS, except MD I can't forgive and watch anymore.

CPM I can't watch anymore, if the story is going like that.

cpm I feel hurt and uncomfortable when seeing MD pretend to be love TS, while she smile to JH. I fear that she will betray and hurt him. Then he will turn to dark side as others predict...sign...I can't see anymore if the story is going like this. I wonder there is no love story which is more exciting, and mean while warmth our heart. ❤❤Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage❤❤

1am SSK ruins this drama along the way.. Manage to watch til episode 4 but then i just decide to see if it's going to have happy ending.. Otherwise it's just a waste of time to watch no matter how much i love SSH.

yoseph So sad that people predict this will end up like fashion king, but i got the same feel after watched ep 8.

Seo Mi-Do will falling in love with the wrong man, not to Han Tae-Sang that has sacrifice and do anything for her.

I'm not going to be fooled by Korean scriptwriter for the 2nd time.

budi anduk Brace yourselves, this K-drama will end up like Fashion King. Han Tae Sang got killed by Seo Mi Do because she doesn't love him.

jkt48 After watched ep 7 and 8, i feel that this drama will end up like Fashion King, where SSK character falling in love with the wrong man and the lead character will got killed. Stupid Korean script ever!!

Wake up everybody!!! Romantic K-drama like the old days has long gone. You will be fooled by Korean for the second time after Fashion king. hahaha.....

luvu Dear script writer, there are some doubtful things; such as why TS's mother left him alone, whose grave that CH visit is, and TS's brother pass away really, which should focus and reveal in later episodes, not only let us uncomfortable and hurt with MD's indecisiveness or fickleness. That is more exciting and keep us to continue watching, otherwise you can't keep devoted followers for this series.

loveseries From the title I expect this drama is a beautiful love between lead actor and actress and left a last long good memory and warm heart of watchers to make more energy of watchers. Love is positive feeling and good side of human who have love. Don't lure and weaken us by making a very very sad story. It's not surprising and pleasure, instead it suck my energy, and left bad memory.

crazy I still want MD love TS truely and not feel indecisive. And no matter the story will be sad but the end I hope they will be happy together. Don't make this series depressed until it ends. Otherwise I won't watch K-series which is still on air anymore. The writer may be happy because they make it surprising, while I feel like I am lured to watch and then betrayed at the end. Please don't do that.

WML Episode 7-8 are quite sweet and happy both couple in series and watchers, SSH can act like a young man who is falling for first love. It's lovely. However, the prevailing sypnosis still haunt me to be afraid that TS will turn to be cruel when he doesn't get love return. Because love is still beautiful and you can be happy when seeing your lover happy with other, not you. Script writer please don't destroy feeling of love by letting TS be cruel, that is not love.

qistina I don't think age is matter...as long song seung heon is hero...i love this drama...n love the actor song seung heon...

Kh I think Song Seung Heon and Shin_Se-Kyung look great together as a couple. SSH doesn't look much older than SSK. But in my opinion, SSK doesn't have a lot chemistry with SSH. Her acting skills are way behind SSH and that's why people think they don't look good together because of age gap. They need to pick actors with comparable acting levels for this drama because the love story is beautiful but SSK can't express it... What a waste!!!!

mary i wanted to like this drama so bad but the SSH/Shin Se Kyung coupling makes me feel soooooo uncomfortable because of the huge age difference. SSH comes off like a creepy uncle figure to SSK. i don't care how attractive he is it just feels weird. Seo Mi-Do/Lee Jae-Hee is the better couple.

i wonder if ssh will ever be cast with an actress close to his age in the future because his lead actresses just get younger and younger and I think that's so sad because there are some talented older actresses out there.

samantha so i really love to watch episode 6. I'm happy for HTS and SMD i hope they continuing love each other till the end of this drama..haaaaaaaaay im really happy to watch this drama HTS your'e so handsome oppa..

hyunsang I love this drama a lot and I hope it will have a good ending!!! And anothwr thing is that I love these actors and actresses soo much! Hwaiting everyone!! Love this drama, love it!!

Lee IchaaL byung it's amazing,,,,,,,, i hope, this is movie happy ending

xxxzxxx @Donna "Sung Joo needs to learn that, for woman it's better if man loves woman more than the woman loves the man [....]."

The same can be said for men - Han Tae-Sang should just ignore Mi-Do and get together with Sung Joo. It's better for a man if the woman loves the man more than the man loves the woman ;).

I actually don't believe that I think a relationship can only work if both people love each other equally and a lot - but if I were Han Tae-Sang I'd without doubt drop Mi-Do and go for Sung Joo instead.

xxxzxxx @skrwitch: "Yet, Lee Chang Hee went to prison for 7 years in this drama. Pay attention. That is realistic."

If you would actually pay attention yourself to what I write - then you might notice I write that the BAD!!!! guys in MOST!!! dramas gets forgiven in the END!!!. I never mentioned how "good" guys in korean dramas spend a lot of years in jail which does happen. I'm only talking about how a lot of dramas end with the bad guys getting forgiven and not spending nearly enough time in jail as they should. If you gonna reply to my comment please actually read what I write before you decide to reply.

Mel She will end up with tae sang right its his picture on the cover and he's the first one when they name characters he's the lead but when I went on drama wiki it showed that he has a one sided love with mi do and she and jae hee like each other I hope that's not the way the show ends that would be stupid.

Elizabeth If I understand correctly, this show is currently being filmed. Isn't there some way to ask the director and producers to warm up the lead actress' character? Somehow I don't think it's the actresses' fault, I think she must be being directed to play the role so coldly. But it sure doesn't make one like her character very much. She just comes across like a pill. It makes it hard to believe that two such interesting man would be interested in her. Just a little sense of humor, a few smiles, some small acts of kindness from her would do wonders to up her charisma factor.

bitten I love SSH and that's the reason why I'm watching this drama but Shin Se-Kyung makes it hard for me to love the drama...

tenzin Keep telling myself that I should wait then the last episode air, and then decide whether to watch the whole drama or not coz I like Song seung hun too much that I might get upset if he ends up alone or dead in the end. But then again, I like him so much that I always end up watching each episode as they air. Hopefully, the director doesnt disappoint me.

WML The ending in episode 6, is pretty well, since they feel happy (including SJ as well). I would like to think MD's sweet smilling and sparkling eyes is she becomes love TS. Also I expect next episode she would show her deep feeling toward TS. Don't let he loves one-side longer or cheat him. It's too sad to watch his heart crumble.

katina let me tell you my two cents ,for this drama.I didn't read all comments but if I am not mistaken nobody said that the 2nd male actor will be the little brother of Song S H the attractive older guy.SSH will sacrifice himself in the beginning bcoz that but the girl which I find expressionless , finally will see how much she loves older guy.Personally, I prefer young cutie but he lives some thousands miles away from my place so i can not offer him my shoulder when he will be heartbroken. Also,me too, I quit watching the show after epis.2

Donna I like this movie, I hope Han Tae San and Seo Mi Do will end up together.. Seo Mi Do needs to be loved by a guy like Tae San. They've learnt together the meanings of happy and pain. Sung Joo needs to learn that, for woman it's better if man loves woman more than the woman loves the man, she has a good character, I believe she will find her true love who loves her so much. And I hope she keeps doing good thing if she really care of Tae San. I am wondering, when Jae Hee finally find out that Seo Mi Do likes Tae San?

Redjedi As much as I love Song Seung Hun and his gorgeous body, I really feel the drama is trying to hard. I'm going to see how the plot evolves in the next few episodes, because although the storyline seems predictable, maybe it has the capacity of surprising me.

naf but on second thought, this pair is less chemistry .... I hope their chemistry will appear soon, because it is still a long drama, or this drama is becoming a bland drama

naf I honestly have to say this is great drama, but somehow getting old, it feels less and less interesting story. but the outline of each episode pretty entertaining, though the story sometimes feels bland. for shin se kyung acting that feels stiff, I guess it depends typical of the artist

Tkk Does Shin Se Kyung know how to act?. She looks too stiff... I was wondering if that's what her character should be or she can't express it. In my opinion, she would be better in evil roles. This drama is getting less interest after episode 2... Is this because of Shin Se Kyung's annoying acting or is the story line getting boring?

nonsibi Oh.. I just wait for this drama to end 1st week of June, then I may watch it in 2 weekends. Read the above synopsis and caught "...and asks him why he is helping her. Tae-Sang tells her that if someone helped him at her age, his life would be different." Cannot picture how the director will put this conversation into the drama, but I am sure it must be beautiful.

itsmesnitches! i love it great show! i cant stop telling people about this series (drama)

ha from us

skrwitch @ xxxzxxxx

You said: "Another bad thing about most korean dramas is how the bad guys always have to be forgiven and when they actually end up in jail for thair crimes they get like 1 year jail time for several murders and crimes.. Totally unrealistic"

Yet, Lee Chang Hee went to prison for 7 years in this drama. Pay attention. That is realistic.

Tanya I hated the girl, she can't act. I love Chae_Jung-Ahn, I wish they will be together

xxxzxxxx @Lessie acton: Another bad thing about most korean dramas is how the bad guys always have to be forgiven and when they actually end up in jail for thair crimes they get like 1 year jail time for several murders and crimes.. Totally unrealistic

klove judging by the main poster of the drama...with SSH in front and SSK and the other guy at the back...i think SSH will end up along t_t I hope not!!! he's so sweet in the drama

suriantywu When a man loves `two thumps up`

Lessie acton So, most of the scriptwriters are female ( hard to tell with those Korean names) and they all write for female wieners. No wonder all the female leads are not so pretty or they are plain looking and the males are good looking. It is THEIR fantasy not ours. Then, all these writers follow a formula: girl does not like guy or guy cannot stand girl until later ( in order to get more viewers) but the one that really gets to me is the end. The end always changes at the last minute on the last episode and it is usually badly written as if the screenwriter has lost interest and the assistant finishes the script. The other issue that is ALWAYS the same is that both main characters end up getting drunk some time or another. Does Korea as a nation have a drinking problem? It seems that way from all these stories I watch. None of them go to AA meetings. Guess it's OK to have a drinking problem.

Yoke Hope to Song Seung-Heon and Shin Se Khung will come lovers and Her love Him very very much. Love this series and Love actress and actor.

Hope to see the cute scene of Song Seung-Heon and Shin Se Khung.

adlin Just watch so you can fully understand and appreciate on how this drama lead to...It's no big deal about the actor but the story around this drama..Gives you a lesson to ponder..Is this kind of stuff still existing in their place..Many questions to ask...Age gap..not a big deal for others..so still excited to watch this awesome drama..

Reg The more I look at Shin Se-Kyung, the more I dislike her. She looks too cold even when she smiles. She doesn't have good chemistry with both male leads. I would love this drama if they have a different female lead. Song Seung Heon is awesome though.

Davia Shin Se-Kyung's Mi Do is really screwed up just like her character in Fashion King. I think she has a similar destructive sub-conscious pattern. I didn't like her character from the moment she gave Tae Sang the spicy noodles and laughed and then did it again on purpose. It's as if that incident was the symbol of their relationship. We'll have to see if she gets better but so far up to episode 4 she's just appears to be conniving. I do like Shin Se Kyung's acting though. It's very subtle.

I hope that Tae Sang ends up with Sung Joo. But that may be hard as she was his hated boss's mistress. Those two have a lot more chemistry and would have an interesting and very sexy dynamic if Tae Sang could wise up to Mi Do and start lightening up a bit with Sung Joo. She is very funny and quite a character. She is not stereotypical and I am often finding myself pleasantly surprised and intrigued by her actions or responses.

One can't help but really love Tae Sang so I hope he doesn't get hurt too badly.

Tod In my opinion, the female lead didn't portray her character well. She doesn't act (or look) like someone you could fall in love at first sight and worth waiting for 7 years.

naf eps1-2 is very nice,but why eps 3 is empty .. like a hole in the road

xxxzxxx This is turning out like every other drama out there with main male in love with main female while he is totally ignoring the girl who actually likes him. The female lead is - like every other drama - indecisive between two guys who both like her and will sacrifice everything for her. I would love it for once where the male lead would just forget about the female - so she rot for herself with debt - and turn to the girl who actually likes him but i guess that will never happen with 99% screenwriters being females and all dramas targeted towards females. The only good drama I have ever seen was Brain where the male lead actually had a 'brain' and didn't sacrifice everything for the female lead

Susana 20 eps?! oh immmmm ready

KBR In my opinion Shin Se Kyung just perfectly acts her character. "If I marry you it would be 100 % because of your money (EP 3)" .I mean who falls in love within 2 days but childs. She has this kinda distanced aura which just builds on their chemistry/attraction. Also she went through so many trouble. Who can easily fall in love with one, for whom you have offered yourself for a night??? Please answer? She doesnt know anything about his past or about the 7 year they havent seen eachother. Just WE - the viewers - know what kind of warm guy he is through his actions. Personally, I couldnt understand why a hot guy like him couldnt forgot me for 7 years! So she is interested but there cant be something like love from the very first second!! She is attracted but also there is another guy who wins her interest. Her character is like on the principle "hard shell soft centre". So please keep watching and understanding :)) Anyway I like both male actors. (But of course SSH is tooo cute - his eyes and his smile.... ♥)

meimei I usually don't like huge age gap in a drama..but this is an exception<3

I love their chemistry..SSH fighting!

(the girl is falling for him...

as you can see...in episode 4

spoiler : she wanted to kiss him but she held back.. she got jealous.. she held hands with him..and she even bought something for him... hihi..)

meimei I usually don't like huge age gap in a drama..but this is an exception<3

I love their chemistry..SSH fighting!

(the girl is falling for him...

as you can see...

spoiler : she wanted to kiss him but she held back.. she got jealous.. she held hands with him..and she even bought something for him... hihi..)

bitten not so fond of the leading actress. her acting is bland..but other than that I'm loving this drama!

BlazeKyo I'm going to predict this drama's plot and we will see how accurate I am:

Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Heon) is killed by Koo Yong-Kab (Lee Chang-Hoon) while trying to save Seo Mi Do (Shin Se-Kyung), the gangster is then caught and goes to jail for murder.

Lee Chang-He (Kim Sung-Oh) who went to prison, is release but dies trying to protect his brother and Han Tae Sang from the gangster.

Baek Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-Ahn) ends up alone.

Seo Mi Do ends up with Lee Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) and they inherits Han Tae Sang's fortune.

This is a story of each individual's unrequited love -- where the main character dies alone.

The End. ----------------- Editor's comment: Judging from the current character's situation, the sad music and the type of characters they are -- I believe this will end badly, therefore, I will drop this drama and wait until the last episode and compare it with my prediction.

Shin Se-Kyung was on Fashion King and since her is also character very similar to this drama, i believe there is a high probably that it too will result in a similar outcome.

rfr i dont like shin se kyong in my idea she cant act well i hate her acting

cool Now-a-days I am discovering a new genre of amazing actors Jo In Sung(Soo from winter ), kang maru(Song Joong Ki) . Lee Jin Wook (i need romance 2012, nine 9) , Gong Yoo (from big) wow these guys are sooo matured in their acting its a pleasure to watch now a days feeling a lot of difference btw 20 ish and 30 ish actors ... i shall go with 30 ish :)

xenhyp898 I am liking the twist ..plot is natural !!! if the girl also falls for him in episode 2 then wat's there with the remaining episodes the same saga of love story whc is very common.... nope she needs to fall for that beautiful guy who doesn't express, some interesting sentiments and scenes .. just because he is generous doesn't make one fall in love with him/her, she needs to feel the attraction not just forceful grace and duty since he has helped her family a lot. Song Seung-Heon is awesomely good luking ..:) i watched few episodes of dr jin coz he was very lukingly cute in that pony tail and his smiles are to die for :):)

xenhyp898 already in epi 3 ... I am liking the twist ..plot is natural !!! if the girl also falls for him in episode 2 then wat's there with the remaining episodes the same saga of love story whc is very common.... nope she needs to fall for that beautiful guy who doesn't express, some interesting sentiments and scenes .. just because he is generous doesn't make one fall in love with him/her, she needs to feel the attraction not just forceful grace and duty since he has helped her family a lot. Song Seung-Heon is awesomely good luking ..:) i watched few episodes of dr jin coz he was very lukingly cute in that pony tail and his smiles are to die for :):)

Now-a-days I am discovering a new genre of amazing actors Jo In Sung(Soo from winter ), kang maru(Song Joong Ki) . Lee Jin Wook (i need romance 2012, nine 9) , Gong Yoo (from big) wow these guys are sooo matured in their acting its a pleasure to watch now a days feeling a lot of difference btw 20 ish and 30 ish actors ... i shall go with 30 ish :)

xenhyp898 I am liking the twist ..plot is natural !!! if the girl also falls for him in episode 2 then wat's there with the remaining episodes the same saga of love story whc is very common.... nope she needs to fall for that beautiful guy who doesn't express, some interesting sentiments and scenes .. just because he is generous doesn't make one fall in love with him/her, she needs to feel the attraction not just forceful grace and duty since he has helped her family a lot. Song Seung-Heon is awesomely good luking ..:) i watched few episodes of dr jin coz he was very lukingly cute in that pony tail and his smiles are to die for :):) Now-a-days I am discovering a new genre of amazing actors Jo In Sung(Soo from winter ), kang maru(Song Joong Ki) . Lee Jin Wook (i need romance 2012, nine 9) , Gong Yoo (from big) wow these guys are sooo matured in their acting its a pleasure to watch now a days feeling a lot of difference btw 20 ish and 30 ish actors ... i shall go with 30 ish


Cheryl Burke I am already on episode 3 and I do not like the lead actress! She is selfish and ungrateful!!!

inah Han Tae-Sang you're so handsome and sexy body i hope this will be happy ending

Nan Connor "When A Man Loves" is a drama I strongly recommend~A love story with not only the "perfect" ingredients to make for an excellent drama, but great actors who portray and express their roles with class and vigor. Each episode thus far has left me wanting more at the end of the evening..the writer, director, editor and all involved in the decision making as to how each episode will end is beyond just talent; imagination and keeping the viewers attention in tact is not an easy job; so, congrats to all involved in this nice drama, "When A Man Loves." Outstanding Seung heon; your work is always appreciated and loved~*❤*~

samantha so i hate the girl of their role..i really like han tae sang he is so handsome..why they don't like that guy he so generous and kind to their family.. I hope their will be a happy ending. am gonna watch this...till the end. i don't want to be disappointed.

amy i totally agree with Grace. I watched today's episode and I wanted her to say yes after all he did to her. She also sort of ignores him wen he sees he in resort and i was really mad at that. hopefully she and the other guy will not go out so he will not b devasted. In the end i think she and song seung heon will be together <3

Grace I really really like the first 2 episodes, and I was so excited to wait for ep 3, but it turned out that makes me disappointed :( I hate the main actress who so cold blood and doesnt appreciate the big help from Tae Sang.... I hate it more when she falls for another guy....

aiza why is everyone so gung-hoe on the age gap... it's not like she's 22 and he's 60 something years old... he's only in his late 30s geez. and it's more weird she was a lot and I mean a lot older than him. and the age gap is part of the story. What matters is that the show is good, it has a good story to it, and they have undeniable chemistry, sparks flew! and that's what people should focus on... not the none-sense age gap issue!

Belinda The age gap IS part of the story. What attracts her to him is the fact that she reminds him of himself, a boy with no fear. They are both hot headed as well.

Tara I like this drama very much.... Can't wait Wednesday and Thursday.... For me, no problem with the age gap.

kharisakharis I love this drama. No problem with the age gap. Yes, it is good if a man much older than a woman than older woman than man. You see the movie "Pretty Woman", in which Richard Gere is also 14 years older than Julia Robert. Not be a problem. What is important is the quality of the story and their acting skills. They seem to fit on the screen. Hoping a happy ending for Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do. Fighting !!!

Jum JJ Project!!!! Wow, JYP's artists are having so many film projects these days.

mearhi its the trend today..age gaps..its much better than woman older than man whahaahaha.. i love this rama so excitinggggggg

naf I like type of its drama,.. I like this drama,... its make me focused but relaxed.... song seung hun like lee min ho when figthing scene...so serious and convince I do not consider the rating, the main one he certainly okay...v"

Linda Not sure why anyone would question a movie with Song_Seung-Heon as the lead star. What age differences, he's hot, that's all that matters. Never been disappointed with any of his movies.

kbr omg the first ep was sooo thrilling!!! so suprised .... i liked the story and the chemistry between the both also because of the age gap its kinda hot!! just couldnt like the end song and the quality of the cinematography. FIGHTING!!!

Bijuk Have watched the 1st episode and hooked up with it! Hopefully it will keep up the good job! Fighting, oppa SSH!

Tim The immaturity of people who are "bothered" by the age gap between the two main leads. You are supposed to only see the character they protray in the drama and not who they are in real life (their actual age). Besides, being the rich man that SSH is protraying in the series, the age gap makes a whole lot of sense...

maya guys! the age gap in this case is pretty hot, the guy is not that old and it's not like she's a baby.. chill out. i don't get it people want a drama to be the same all the time? some diversity wouldn't kill us, and in k-drama we definitely need it! and i thought korean are close minded..

skrwitch Why do you people go crazy over age gaps?! God. So judgmental. It doesn't matter.

beth What is all this talk about age gap? People, this is drama - a story that will entertain most of us. Plot, actors, and acting are important, not age.

Besides, in the real world, there really are couples with that age gap. And in movies, dramas, theatre, the writer can create "anything" and "everything".

So guys, sit down, and just enjoy. Don't spoil the fun.

qwerty I like it so far. Im pretty sure its melodrama. But... The age gap bothers me :/

sangheon i just hope this drama will turn out to be yet another sensational one...heart cross! ^^ oppa is really working hard and thumps up for that!!! your handwork will surely be rewarded...;) love you loads!!! :*

rainfairy just i can say.im dieing to watch this song seong hoon omg omg omg <3

Illa OMG, Song Seung Hun...It seems you like in MBC. It's already the third one you play the drama in this channel, since My Princess and Time Slip Dr.Jin. Is there any reason?

It's just...it's hard to say for this drama...Hope the best.

ixtyjjang JB and JR together in drama again. <3 hehe

Leili Love love love SSH..wish him and the drama all the best..and from the promos it really seems like an excellent show

Kathryn Song Seang Heon should work w/ actresses closer to his age or at least strong like him. The excellent Ha Ji-won would be a perfect foil for him. Ever talented Yoon Eun-hye is strong enough to work w/ him or even the crafty Ko Hyun-jung. The sparks would fly. Working w/ little girls only wastes his power as a actor...

van it's like this drama will have a sad ending again...but i think it will be good =)

Klove I don't like Shin Se Kyung,but I really like the plot.

alina Yoon Ah in + Shin Se Kyong = Fashion King Song Seung Hoon + Kim Tae Hee = My Princess

Kim Tae Hee + Yoon Ah in = Jang Ok jung Shin se kyong + Song Seung Hoon = When a Man in love


Marry Actually, I dont like Shin Se Kyung because of many reason, but I will definitely watch this drama because of Song Seung Hun. He Is my favorit actor. And I like melodrama so much........

11Shadows apparently song seung heon is a married guy on the show

Bro I think they said Jr is also gonna be in this drama. Hopefully JB has improved since Dream High. I think he'll do better because he's just a supporting role this time with no pressure.

Jaebumah JB&&Seungheon !!!!!!!!! I will definitly watch this drama <3

natalie i cant wait to see this omg .... im excited

noviana Haaay seung hun.. :) i'll be waiting for ur new drama... Whatever drama u played was always amazed.. :* love songe seung hun... #indonesian :)

Nan Connor The title itself "When A Man Loves" tells me that Song Seung heon will portray somewhat of a romantic kind of guy which is fine by me~as handsome as he is, it doesn't matter whether the woman he falls for is 10-15 yrs. his junior as long as they connect mentally~physically will be a given..ha! In the real world today, people don't seem to pay much attention to the difference in "age." Where it used to be taboo in some countries, it is becoming more acceptable. Men and women seem to go with the flow; if it feels right the relationship is pursued~"better to have loved than not loved at all." Seung heon will bring some good romance to the screen, I'm sure~he has the work hard kind of attitude and he will only bring perfection to his audiences around the globe. I can't wait for this drama to air~FIGHTING Seung heon!!!~*❤*~

bayne im looking forward to this drama,bec i fell in love with their lovestory in the east of of eden...so excited to see them both again..

eli is hard to see ppl with 15 years age difrences making love :\ ! i wish they would some one who looks better with song seon heon ! some one like kim tae hee , son ye jin , yoon eun hye or han ji hye

Sheneen Love song seung-heong.....can't wait to see this his last drama was too dragging hope his character in this will be like my princess,,,,,he so handsome he should do romantic drama more often....love you oppa

anis What? Kim In Young? So it will be a sad melodrama? Come on, we need romantic comedy. And it's a joke also to make a pair of Seung Heon and Se Kyung. They have gap 14 years!

Derek Apparently Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung have been cast as the two leads

Alyssa Pls let it Wonbin,,, I really want to see him in drama...And it'd be great if the lead actress is Yoon Jin Yi from A gentleman's dignity^•^

Sayueri I'm guessing it'll be a modern romance drama.

Lola Anyone know what genre is this drama going to be???

Shinhye I hope it will be park shin hye and wonbin or Hyun bin and shin hye :)

Tin Wondering who will be the casts. Hoping for Jang Dong Gun as the lead actor. That would be more exciting to watch if that would happen.

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