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  • Movie: Fashion King (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Paeshyeonwang
  • Hangul: 패션왕
  • Director: Oh Ki-Hwan
  • Writer: Kian84 (original comic), Yoon In-Wan
  • Producer: Yoon In-Wan, Jo Han-Joo
  • Cinematographer: Choi Sang-Ho
  • Release Date: November 6, 2014
  • Runtime: 114 min.
  • Genre: Comedy / Fashion
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


High school student Woo Ki-Myung (Joo Won) decides to become the most fabulous guy in the world. He does this to mach up with a pretty girl who is his high school classmate.

Meanwhile, Kwak Eun-Jin (Sulli) likes Woo Ki-Myung. She attempts to change her style to catch his attention.


  1. Based on the webcomic "Paeshyeonwang" by (published from May 5, 2011 to June 5, 2013 via
  2. Although they share the same Korean title, movie "Fashion King" is entirely unrelated to 2012 SBS drama series "Fashion King".


Fashion King-MV-Joo Won.jpg Fashion King-MV-Sulli.jpg Fashion King-MV-Ahn Jae-Hyeon.jpg Fashion King-MV-Park Se-Young.jpg Kim Sung-Oh
Joo Won Sulli Ahn Jae-Hyeon Park Se-Young Kim Sung-Oh
Woo Ki-Myung Kwak Eun-Jin Kim Won-Ho Park Hye-Jin Kim Nam-Jung

Additional Cast Members:



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khaii nak tgok cite nihh i love the teaser..i hope it will my cinemaaa...i really want to watch itttt

yhuu im watched it coz Ahn Jae-Hyeon is here :) must watch Blood also,, so great,cool and excellent drama of the year!

Maria Totally love it!! But I was kind of disappointed because I can't watch till the end of it as I watched it in a flight. Have to watch it again... Great story!!!

Firdaus Love it very much.. Lots of success ahead for Joo Won & Sulli.. They made cute couple btw

Thae'su Aye only the reason why i wanna watch it, cause sulli is in. And i am glad she is back to f(x). But we r now 2015 why i can't watch, pls released,plsssss

Han Xiu LOL at the people bashing Sulli because she's an idol. For your information, Sulli started acting at a young age, way back in 2005, even before she was scouted as an idol. She knows what she's doing so stop bashing her.

zaunicorn i wanna watch it !!! where can i ? is it released or not yet !!! this is confusing me ! we are in 2015 how is it not released yet !!!

(I'm a girl)(no lesbo) Only want to see this cause sulli's in it

CoolBeans I seriously need to see this for the fashion awesomeness!

elnino Actor who play kim won ho surely lack of acting..... watch it u'll know..

Tita Joo won, you are the best!!!

park shin hae i love you slli u'r the best fighting

uhhh really....they need to stop casting idols. they all literally suck at acting. besides sulli cant even sing nor act. she should try to improve on her singing rather than acting

Saniie Ahn jaehyun you so handsome,, i like you i love you really <3

love love f ( x ) Omg sulli my giant baby i love you

rosalee omg Sulli is back!!!! can't wait to watch it !!!

aff(x)tion Sulli ! I miss you~ looking forward to your movie~

Fx-Sulli omg I'm so happy fighting sulli

jinrifx Can't wait to watch my baby sul movie.Sulli FIGHTING. I will love you forever.

wherewasulli From nred to normal to awesome to alien look :p

tiara this... better be drama. not a movie T_T I want more joo won

septicka love to see acting from joo won ^^

riasshi OMG OMG Joo won and jae hyun and sung oh omg just kill me i can't wait

rianne Its release on november 2014 ...sulli hwaiting!! I cant wait!! I miss u already sulli!

littlewynnstelle ahn jae hyun oh my gooooddd~ can't wait for the drama

blairxkitkat I love park se young and ahn jae hyun was good in "MLFAS" I don't who's paired up with who in the movie but I think these two would make a good couple.

Maryanne Sulliiiii I'm so excited for you as the main in this movie! I know the dude as Gu Ma Jun in the drama, 'King of Baking' and I think he's pretty cute xD when will this be released? I'm so curious! XD (and excited :D)

nana Omg . Sulli . I cant wait . I know u can act well . I watch all you acting in drama and movie even your acting in children . I like that . I like your drama in TTBY . SO CUTE .. even in this movie . You always talented actress

amy my god, i really love snow white ahn jae hyun~ too good to be true, joo won is a lead role, can't wait to watch this drama!

julie OMG THIS IS DA BOMB sulli and jae hyeon GIVE IT TO ME NOW btw when is this going to be released? because sulli is in her hiatus and stuff but i don't know if she's working in this so anyone?

HanHyoRyung @heyu acted poorly ? LOL , She's a child actress and now an idol. She has more experience than other actress . huh -__-

dis failed movie:(

KrazyForKorea When is the movie going to be released? It's so frustrating, I can't wait any longer.

Asaam when exactly its will released ???

Latanoa Asssa ! ^_^ , Joo won <3 so exciting , can't wait !

Sasha Why is no one talking about how excited they are to see ahn jaehyun!!? Ever since ‘you who came from the stars’ i’ve had a massive crush on him and his kawaii-ness (even though he’s older than soohyun o.o), so far in ‘you’re all surrounded’ and it looks like in this drama too, his role is a minor one, the day will come for a lead role (hopefully soon)!!! Until then.. hwaiting~!!

sasha Why is no one talking about how excited they are to see ahn jae hyun!!? ever since 'you who came from the stars' i’ve had a major crush on him <3 so far in 'you’re all surrounded' and it looks like in this drama, his roles are only minor ones but his day will come~ Hwaiting~!!

christine tbh sulli is actually a good actor despite being an idol. if you watch her previous works, "punch lady", she had great facial expressions for a girl her age. the part that moved me the most was when she chewed the glass. so, rooting for sulli in this movie plus the pirates movie!

antihaters "heyu" user is obviously a hater, insulting Sulli and not other idol actors who have won awards with mediocre. Sulli is a very good actress even Joo Won complemented her without having to. Sulli has good expressions in her past projects especially in her childhood. Looking forward to this movie and so excited to see Sulli take on this project with Joo Won.

heyu @Fiffy but to have a main role? I don't think that's fair for actors who rarely get a chance to participate in dramas or movies because of idols taking their places. . That is what i called getting cast for being famous. If she wasn't in F(X) I doubt she would be in this film considering her acting in other projects she's done. She should of gotten a minor role instead. Looking forward for some basic acting.

fiffy heyu; this is what we call looking for experience.

OMGe Joo won and ahn Jae Hyun were born on the same year!!

IluvJW Not that I don't love Joo won but why is a 26 year old playing a highschool student?

IluvJW Not that I don't love Joo won but why is a 26 year old playing a highschool student? Plus this role seems like a step down from Gaksital and Good Doctor

heyu I wish it was an actress other than sulli, she acted poorly in TTBY. It would be better of it was an actress with more experience /sigh/

Juhena Begum (Got7) When is this movie going to be released. Not the season, but the month and date please?

Elena f(x) omfg sulli in this movie can't wait really i'am so excited to see sulli and i now yu will do a geat job fithing sulli unnie <3 F(x)

Elena sulli <3 GO GO GO inow that you will do a great job fithing unnie sulli <3 F(x)

renjo goshhhh! joo won, sulli and ahn jaehyeon! the story is interesting! can't wait!

lucky88 Joo won, ahn jae hyun.. What a cast!! Cant wait to watch this movie

ariella go sulli unnie cant wait to watch this movie ^.^

Gunn hahaha really this is hilarious. they like each other but they both have to go to outrageous lengths to get the other to notice them.

afterschoollover nana from afterschool is going to make a cameo appearance.

f(x) lovers sulli in it iam reaking ecxited to watch it <3 SULLI FITHING LOVE YOU f(x)

Elena omg sulli in this movie ican't wait to watch it such a great cast park se young wooooooooooooooooow son cooooooool <3 F(x) SULLI GOGOGO

kim I'm going to watch this because of ahn jae hyeon :"> Can't wait to see this movie!

Melanie Nana is going to make a cameo appearance.

sasa jaehyeon oppa! i'm waiting for you!♥

BioNETTE AWESOME!! can't wait to see Sulli her....

nic joo won and jae hyun! sometimes i see their face really look a like lol cant wait :)

enex49 cant wait !!!

hadeel Ahn Jae Hyun oppa ♥♥♥♥ love you!

jury @Lee you should watch him in 1 night 2 days or see some photos of mountia fansigning recently,joowon looks like a kid,even his 1n2d hyungs called him baby.LOL It because he always play/act character older than his age (30s), so that's why he looks mature

Lee so ImSadForTheOther must be into an older women, but not all the men have the same taste as him (and the setting is in high school, would you want to see adult women as a high school student?). Sulli as a high school student is a normal choice. Despite that, i more worry about joo won, can he be a high school student? i mean, he have a mature image ^^ but he have a good acting skill.

ayudhita Ahn Jae Hyun oppa ♥ I waiting you ~~ ♥ ♥

Joowon's wife Oppa, Fighting!!! i wish this film more success and keep your health, pleaseeee. I'm worried abaout your health. You're so busy actor with killer schedule but i'm still waiting your next drama <3 <3 <3

randomseed yah! sullis FINE! but she looks better with mnho in my opion! theyre SO cute geyomi! im like a minsul fan forever!

sulli lover OMG imsadfortheother,.... dont b a b****. if you dont like it dont comment coz now you cuased all this trouble anyway, whats wrong with sulli? wat did she ever do to u huh?

coolieslovedramas I cant wait to see this movie the cast looks great and the plot sounds interesting i wonder how they will adapt the comic into a movie and i hope the ending works out well for everyone. I wonder what they will change in the movie to the comic. The user @ImSadForTheOther is just a hater because Sulli got a role in a movie and their bias idol didn't so this user is hating or making up excuses to hate.

honestopinions Yay i cant wait to see Joo Won and Sulli act in this film. Joo Won works always amazes me. And Sulli is just absolutely adorable and so wonderful with her fans and co-workers. Sulli is just adorable and i think she would be perfect for her role. So happy these two are working together.

Tita Nia Sulli so pretty and perfect

hadeel Ahn Jae Hyun oppa omg omg omg omg omg can't wait ><

SulliFans @ImSadForTheOther wth, u just jeolous bcuz Sulli is PERFECT

ImSadForTheOther I don't like Sulli she's a Brat...

Analeigh I honestly think that every script Joo Won touches turns to gold. He is unbelievably good at acting in K-dramas. I feel excited whenever I see him in the line-up for any work. Also, they will be using Kim Sung-Oh, the pretty-eyed secretary from Secret Garden, famous for his "선생님!". I love his acting just as much as I love Joo Won's. I'm incredibly anxious for this movie.

Ontokki Aaaaaaaa... There will be Ahn Jae Hyun oppa tooooo.. Can't wait for this movie

Ahn Jae Hyun oppa, fighting!!! ^^9

Meee23 I'm so excited about this movie I can't wait to see sulli and joo won act together!!! I hope this movie becomes a hit!!!! The cast is really good and the story is adorable^^

Mnear OMG!! I've never imagine that Joowon and Sulli are appear in a movie together. Really can't wait for their effort to come out soon. I totally love Sulli so much since she debuted as an idol. As well as Joowon, my favorite actor. Sulli and Joowon, you two fighting. I'm really looking forward this movie for sure :-)

Linda Sulli baby fighting!! Do your best <3

itsthetruth YEEEE!! OMG Joo Won in another movie and is a student role^^ I can't wait to see him act he is such an outstanding actor and I love watching all of his films. Sulli is going to be in this movie too XD I can't wait i love her personality she is so wonderful to her fans and her childhood acting was outstanding for a child!! I can't wait to see how this movie will turn out!! Joo Won and Sulli fighting!! <3

nickskullnick whuaaaa!!! from doctor to student roleee!! Yuhuuww How bless u are joowon!!! that's good when i hv found u on Baker King and then Ojakgyo and gaksital, and i always curious evrything about u!!! Joowon Jjang!!! Joowonisme Jjang!!!

kuxi I'm not sulli's fan but I found she's very pretty & mature. I read an article that her ideal type is actor ahn sung ki,& I'm giggling because I found her connection with joowon coz joowon always said he want to be like actor ahn sung ki which I found their similiarity both of them are warmheart person. I hope sulli & joowon can work well together because it's rare joowon partner up with younger actress lol

kuxi I'm confuse, I read in another news that sulli will take role as woo kimyung's crush & she's ulzzang, but in here her role description is different. I read in another news that ahn sohee is considering this movie. I heard there will be 2 female lead, maybe sohee will take up role as ulzzang?

kuxi this will be joowon 3rd collaboration with SM artis. (1) with eugene (ex-SES member) in baker king, (2) with lee yeonhe in MV miss you i hope the movie will become successful :)

zeynab hi.. i love you Sulli and Joo Won ...

Agnes joo won could definitely portray high school students. joo won acting is very good. I'm sure he can portray any character.

Agnes Won2 joo won could definitely portray high school students. joo won's acting is very good. I'm sure he can portray any character.

cindy i thought good doctor was unique and inspiring. he took on that role knowing it would be hard and challenging, and if not even hazardous to his reputation if he did not portray it well. even in his other dramas he spent a lot of time and effort producing the drama. i don't think hard work should ever be called "crap". just because the plot or whatever does not appeal to you, you disgrace the hundreds of people who put in hours of work to make a drama/movie possible. there are plenty of people here who love joo won and his dramas what is your point in throwing a bomb here anyway? attention? at least try to reason why you think his other dramas are "crap" instead of just throwing it out there, i think the production team could at least deserve some constructive criticism.

jury ofc I called it's challenging for joowon because he hasn't act in movie with school genre eventhough it's not challenging as his role in bridal mask & good doctor. and it's not like all school genre not challenging because I heard Fashion King will direct social issues which have pro & con, but I hope it's going to be a comedy & very lighthearted like you said. some actors include joowon are considering doing comedy is more challenging than acting in melodrama. it makes me remember joowon has done high school role in spring awakening musical which was banned in Germany for some time due to its frank portrayal of abortion, homosexuality, rape, child abuse and suicide.

Nita Joowon not too old to be high school. he's age same with Lee Min Ho and i think, Joowon can act better than Lee Min Ho.

nbslr I love the easy and cute plot. But, why should Sulli? I like her but, dont think she will match the character. Even so, I would still wait for this sweet movie~^^

Tita Joowon not too old to be high school. The age same with Lee Min Ho and i believe he can act more better than Lee Min Ho.

Titanita Joowon not too old to be high school, the age same with Lee min ho and i believe he can act more good tha Lee Min Ho.

Titanita Joowon not tooo old to be high school. He's still '97 the same age with Lee Min Ho. So, i believe he can act more good than Lee Min Ho in Heirs.

Daisy @jury it's not a lousy comment, it's called an OPINION. Of course you think it's lousy because you don't agree with it.

I don't see how youth/school genre would be considered a challenge for him. This looks like it's going to be a comedy and very lighthearted.

jury Joowon is a good actor which I respect because he wants challenge himself and he hasn't done youth/ school genre. Don't bother some lousy comments in here, even another actor who older than joowon still acting as highschooler example: lee minho in heirs, jungwoo & yoo yunsuk in AM1994, jo jungsuk in architecture

Daisy Joo Won looks way too old to be in high school LOL! Oh and the plot sounds stupid, I mean a girl changes herself just to impress a guy? Give me a damn break! Ridiculous and sends the wrong message.

Remember when Joo Won did back to back good projects? Everything he has done after Bridal Mask is crap. Such a shame :-(

Love sulli OMG I can't wait to watch this!!!!!!!! My favorite kpop idol and Astros :))) I can't stop smiling Fighting sulli and joo won

Kranju Wow! Looking forward to this movie... Can't wait to watch it.....Joo Won oppa ^_^ Hwaiting!!

Secret Why the title of this drama same like yuri snsd drama "fashion king" ?

himawari is sulli should be lead actress? -_- She's not match with joo won look from her skill

Pyong I like Joowon with Uee please !!!

Kyeopta Sulli and Joo Won aaahhhh Can't wait!!! The plot sounds so cute, adorable and interesting!!! I can't wait to see my favorite actors act together!!! <3

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