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  • Drama: Spy MyeongWol (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Seupayi Myeong Wol
  • Hangul: 스파이명월
  • Director: Hwang In-Hyuk
  • Writer: Jeon Hyeon-Jin, Kim Eun-Young
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: July 11 - September 6, 2011
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


In the romantic-comedy "Spy Myeong-Wol," beautiful North Korean spy Myeong-Wol (Han Ye-Seul) goes to South Korea in an attempt to kidnap a popular Korean male entertainer Kang Woo (Eric).

Han Myeong-Wol is an agent in North Korea working to suppress the rising wave of South Korean pop culture in North Korea. She goes after people who watch South Korean dramas, movies, or pop music, but she hopes to one day move up as an agent in the special forces. Myeong-Wol then takes a test to become a special agent, but fails the test. Nevertheless, Myeong-Wol doesn't give up her hope of becoming a special agent just like her father.

Myeong-Wol is then given a mission to go to Singapore as the bodyguard for a high ranking military officer's daughter. The daughter is crazy about Korean pop star Kang Woo (Eric) and goes specifically to Singapore to watch his concert. The daughter is accompanied to Singapore by Myeong-Wol and the chief of special agent team Choi Ryu (Lee Jin-Wook). After the concert, the military officer's daughter asks Myeong-Wol to get Kang-Woo's autograph. Myeong-Wol obliging the daughter, follows Kang-Woo but finds it difficult to obtain his autograph. Kang Woo brushes off Myeong-Wol and states he doesn't give autographs in the public. Finally, Myeong-Wol sneaks into a masked auction event where Kang-Woo participates. Kang Woo buys an old book that is part of a 4 book collection. Meanwhile, Myeong-Wol goes near Kang Woo to get his autograph. At that time, 3 masked men attack Kang Woo to get the book. Myeong-Wol thwarts the 3 masked men's attempt by throwing a pen.

When Han Myeong-Wol goes back to North Korea she meets with the chief of special agents Choi Ryu. Choi Ryu informs Myeong-Wol that he won't pick her for the special agent team. At that moment, Myeong-Wol notices the pen she threw at the masked auction event in Singapore. Myeong-Wol then realizes that she ruined their mission. Myeong-Wol then decides to go to South Korea to complete their mission without informing her superiors.

When Myeong-Wol arrives in South Korea she follows Kang Woo around by visiting the shooting locations for the drama series he is appearing in. During a break in filming, Myeong-Wol approaches Kang Woo and then notices leaking gas. Instinctively, she jumps on Kang-Woo and saves his life. Mywong-Wol is hospitalized and the media jumps on the story.

Meanwhile in North Korea, they learn that Han Myeong-Wol saved Kang Woo's life. They contact North Korean spy Han Hee-Bok (Jo Hyeong-Ki), who is already working undercover in South Korea, to give Myeong-Wol a new mission. The new mission is for Han Myeong-Wol to marry Kang Woo and persuade him to defect to North Korea ...


  1. "Spy Myeong-Wol" will take over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Babyfaced Beauty" and will be replaced by "Poseidon" on september 19, 2011.
  2. On August 14th, lead actress Han Ye-Seul did not appear for filming. She also did not appear on August 15th. According to Han Ye-Seul's publicist the shooting on August 13th was supposed to end at 2AM, but finished at 5AM and the next day's shooting was scheduled to start at 7am. Episode 11 and 12, scheduled to air August 15th and 16th, is only 40% complete. Actress Han Ye-Seul has also complained of the drama series' director. [1] Because of the filming delay, on August 15th KBS2 will air a Spy MyeongWol special instead of episode 11.[2]
  3. Actress Han Ye-Seul has left South Korea by Korean Air flight KE0017 at 3pm on August 15th. Han Ye-Seul traveled to Los Angeles where her parents live.[3]
  4. On August 16, 2011 Han Ye-Seul's management company Sidus HQ announced that Han Ye-Seul will come back to South Korea on August 17, 2011. Her management company released a statement that Han Ye-Seul was exhausted by the tight shooting schedule and her mind was less than clear because of this. Her absence from the filming set negatively effected many others involved the drama series. Han Ye-Seul and Sidus HQ apologizes for this. Han Ye-Seul will come back to South Korea to film the remainder of "Spy MyeongWol" and do her best.[4][5]


Spy MyeongWol-Han Ye-Seul1.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Eric2.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Lee Jin-Wook1.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Jang Hee-Jin1.jpg
Han Ye-Seul Eric Lee Jin-Wook Jang Hee-Jin
Han Myeong-Wol Kang Woo Choi Ryu Joo In-Ah
Spy MyeongWol-Jo Hyeong-Ki.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Yu Ji-In.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Lee Kyeon.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Park Hyeon-Suk (1968).jpg Spy MyeongWol-Shin Seung-Hwan (1978).jpg
Jo Hyeong-Ki Yu Ji-In Lee Kyeon Park Hyeon-Suk Shin Seung-Hwan
Han Hee-Bok Lee Ok-Soon Lee Dae-Kang Kyung Jae-In Bang Guk-Bong
Spy MyeongWol-Lee Deok-Hwa.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Son Eun-Seo.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Lee Ji-Hoon (1979).jpg Spy MyeongWol-Cha Seung-Joon.jpg
Lee Deok-Hwa Son Eun-Seo Lee Byung-Joon Lee Ji-Hoon Cha Seung-Joon
company president Joo Yoo Da-Hae Yoo Jung-Sik Kwak Ki-Tae Jang Han-Soo
Spy MyeongWol-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg Spy MyeongWol-Jeong Da-Hye.jpg
Kim Ha-Kyun Jeong Da-Hye
Kim Young-Tak Kim Eun-Joo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-07-11 1 9.6 (18th) 10.6 (13th)
2011-07-12 2 NR 7.8 (19th)
2011-07-18 3 NR NR
2011-07-19 4 NR NR
2011-07-25 5 8.3 (16th) 10.0 (11th)
2011-07-26 6 NR 8.7 (17th)
2011-08-01 7 NR 7.3 (20th)
2011-08-02 8 7.3 (20th) 8.4 (14th)
2011-08-08 9 NR NR
2011-08-09 10 8.1 (20th) 10.1 (11th)
2011-08-16 11 NR NR
2011-08-22 12 NR 7.7 (19th)
2011-08-23 13 NR 7.8 (19th)
2011-08-29 14 NR NR
2011-08-30 15 NR NR
2011-09-05 16 NR NR
2011-09-06 17/18 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.

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Muto I just realized that the character Choi Ryu is the main male lead in Nine drama, he is Lee Jin Wook ssi......he is sooooo,superb in Nine, love him !

Rajni Woooowwwww ! Han Ye Seul eonni,you are so,daebak!!love you always!just watched your new serial Birth of Beauty,it is great ! you always act daebak! love uuuuu...... Love you the best in Myeong Wol The Spy with comrade mayor Choi Ryu... Kang Woo got bad boy aura :)

Pascal heinriette Sorry to comment, but I prefer Han Myeong Wol with Choi Ryoo. He is the one who protects her sincerely and unconditionally. However, this drama is a good one, not boring to watch, interesting.

Zonkrismoria I love character of the chief Choi Ryu altough he is not the main lead in this series ,he is cool and loveable. Like his style ,

Ike soemantri Omo, Just knoe Major Choi Ryu is the main lead of TVN drama Nine, ohhhh I love him so much in Nine, he is superb n cooooll……, wish him more drama to come , and love him the most for drama mystery , keep fighting!

Bina t.tanseri I love all the casts here, but the most I love is Lee Jin Wook ssi... Heard that he will cast in the upcoming drama Hello Master, I hope it will come up soon , aja!

Sayara Love Eric. Hope to see more projects from him.

Popong Is it the same actor Choi Ryu and Seok Hyun in I Need Romance 2? after checking it, i just realized it was the same actor, Lee Jin Wook. I love his acting, very great in every type of roles. I wud like to be his fan :-D

Yawn Eric….love you

lisette cabaluna i am fan of Han Ye Seul, and watched this series abcoz she is in . after watching i fall in luv with the character of comrade Choi Ryu. he is very cool ,charismatic. i think the character of Choi Ryu here play really well , i am so impressed:-D

Li An Lee Jin Wook ssi is a great actor, hope he will have his new drama soon . And hope he is as the lead male ,he got the look n talent, he deserved it. From Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

Sycilia I like Choi Ryu character , Jin Wook,Lee acts Choi Ryu character very cool ...he is supposed to end up with Myeong Wol i/o Kang Woo. Kang Woo character is nice to Myeong Wol too, but Choi Ryu should be the one with Myeong Wol at the end of story, so, kind of disappointed-_-||| i watched this drama once a year since 2011. And this is the fifth time;-) nvr get bored watching it, its good story which I find it perfect with comedy and mellow parts .I enjoyed it a lot!esp its set in Spore ;-) from big fan in Singapore!

Shamanda I just finished watching this drama, very late to watch this drama but really happy to hv had watch it, it such a good drama,but so sad to find the comrade major Choi Ryu not ended with Myung Wol:( however, this is an awesome series, appreciated it a lot, just hope to see Comrade Choi Ryu with Myung Wol at the end of the story coz he has taken care of her since she was young and always by her side to protect her even when she chose Kang Woo . Choi Ryu sacrificed his life for Myung Wol , I cried at the end of the show to find he is not with Myung Wol~~o(>_<)o ~~

Shamanda I am at the last episode , so addicted to this drama, i am,sorry to be very late yo watch it. It is super goooooddd drama ever !!!and i hope Comrade Choi Ryu with Myeong Wol at the end. But i red comments below that it is Kang Woo ended with Myeong Wol:-C so sad..i think Choi Ryu deserved Myeong Wol than Kang Woo::>_<::

pujiastuti i hate to see Kang Woo. I do not like him .

owen love JIN WOOK,LEE as always. wish him appear soon in new series.

dexter hv just watched this drama. and my fav K actor is still Lee.Jin Wook, i think Choi Ryu character here is the best. much better than other casts. LJW,you are the best!

critehypo Daebak.... episode 10 ending was epic.

Sarah I don't care about the ratings. I enjoyed watching this drama. Eric and Han Y e Seul chemistry was superb. When they were on screen together, his manly charm and her sexyness mixed and resulted superb chemistry. I even can watch without any storyline if only Eric-Han Ye Seul together in it. I must admit Eric was the actor that extraordinary handsome and his acting was definitely great. Han Ye Seul is really pretty. How I wish this two ended up together in real life, but I heard Han Ye Seul already taken. But who knows the future.

pamila Eric is great actor. I always enjoy watching all of his drama including Spy Myong Wol. Han Ye Seul-Eric was beautiful couple. Hope to see your next project Eric.

Lala Actually i prefer Lee Jin Wok and Han Ye Seul is main couple they much more compatible to each other....it getting sucks when it is almost at the peak of the drama :(

keiienpi i love this drama :) even watched this twice! (2011&2014) ....and i will watch this again in the future!!! i just hoped that it has more in its ending... :) i'm a fan of han ye seul and she did really great in here! and bcoz of this drama, i came to like Eric too!!! he has this charisma that will capture ur heart, i really hope he would have another drama soon!!!

keiienpi i love this drama :) i've watched it twice and it's really good! just i hoped that there'll be more on its ending. . . :)

Enjia I just learned that our CEO Eric is part of this drama. This goes to my watchlist. hehehe

KC I've watched about 100+ korean series and this one is my least favorite.

neow90 Done watching this :D it's good. I hope Comrade Major and In Ah have a happy ending in the last ep. I really like his character Comrade Major he is cool, hot, handsome and his smile kills me.

Mindy It seems like u truly understand a lot related to this specific subject and that shows as a result of this amazing blog post, named “Spy MyeongWol - AsianWiki”. Thanks ,Ona

Jimmy “Spy MyeongWol - AsianWiki” ended up being a fantastic blog, can’t wait to read alot more of ur articles. Time to spend several time on the web hehe. Thank you ,Blythe

Smartphone Samsung Hi mates, how is everything, and what you wish for to say concerning this article, in my view its truly awesome for me.

mansi this drama is one of my best drama and love the acting of Lee Jin-Wook,Han ye-Seul,Eric and Jang Hee-Jin. SARANGHAE ALL OF U SPECIALLY LEE JIN-WOOK

Cris This drama is great, I don t know why people say that Eric is too cold in this drama. It s his role and he is adorable, his acting impressed me. Hyun Bin from Secret Garden was also an ass in the drama but still was considered a good act. I don t see the difference. Anyway I loved Spy Myung Wol, it was a good drama.Hope more people appreciate it.

Sachharine you know why its got a lil low rating?? coz of choi ryu hyung. he's character is better than kang woo in this drama. i think he surpasses kangwoo character in this drama. too good for a 2nd main character.

mun heli i have a lot to say about this drama so i will start by saying THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!i'm personally eric's fan,am practically crazy about him and the reason i turned out this way is because of spy myeongwol!the image he depicted in this drama is unforgettable,it'll forever remain in my memory!he was mean and ignorant but at the same time really loving,caring and romantic!he is a truly great actor.and han ye seul was gorgeous from the get-go of this drama!i loved her in the black dress and she's the preetiest korean actress in my opinion!am also her fan and wow she and eric made a great couple!ep 13's bed scene was by far the best bed scene in k drama history and i loved every minute of it!i wanted to break into the screen and hug eric right then and there!i don't understand the low ratings in korea!koreans really don't know what they have missed out on.@eric mun i will 4ever be your fan and i swear if you weren't 20 years older i'd be your wife by now :) you are the best actor,idol,model and you are the best man in my eyes!SARANGHAE ERIC MUN,SARANGHAE SPY MYEONGWOL <3 <3 <3

emmageorge The following comment is for Eric's page To Eric – I am real puzzled if this site is actually current because I am surprised that after Spy Myung-Wol I could not track any of your later work. It is a pity because you are a real true great actor. The Spy film was so entertaining and all the characters were well casted. Your acting is so perfect all the way through and is exactly what you portrayed in the drama, so very mean and yet on the contrary so apologetic. I am only recently being introduced to Korean dramas and am in fact very disappointed at quite many of the poorly acted series. To act in a film like this required crafted skill as poor acting from the main actor and actress could in fact an object of ridicule but this is not the case with this drama. I hardly have too much time to follow the TV channel around at the nominated time slots for any series, I therefore purchased the blu-ray DVDs everytime I am on business to the asian country. I totally enjoy this drama and is one of few money well spent. I hope that the event of Ye-Seul does not cause problem that might in fact affect your career. I am really looking forward to encouter a lot more of your work. Ever success and happiness!

emmageorge The following comment is directed to Ms Ye Suel's page. Since it has content re this drama it's only appropriate that I posted here as well. I really want to stress that she and Eric are actually truly great actors. I now have a very brief insight to the Korean film industry. It sounds like it's slave labour to meet the producer's budget. And again may be one should say at this economic climate one's lucky to get work, Right??? Whatever I feel for everyone that work so hard and God bless us all. "I am also from the western world and due to business to asia only recently onto Korean dramas since 'My Princess' I also had the opportunity to watch this drama and as you all have supported Ye-Suel I absolutely agree that she is one true fine actress. To act in such a drama which is a bit comical requires more craft to make it believable. This is another reason why I think Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee are also in the same category. I know little about the Korean film industry as I always view the american industry with a very critical eye and these Korean actors are not disappointing. In fact I totally change my viewpoint and start watching Korean Dramas at my leisure not that I have much although a lot of them are totally a waste of time. Somehow in some sort of way there are little irritating part that actually ruin the plot. To name a few, I really didn't get the ending of City Hunter the mum headed to America then the main characters smiling at each other with one dragging a suitcase and he's driving off. What are the writer and producer trying to say??? Also the ending of Ye-Suel's another drama (because of after watching this one I was so impressed with her acting I bought her 'Will it snow at Christmas' It's also an unsatisfying ending. What are they thinking wanting the viewers to guess or filling the missing link? It is so silly, up to now people still want to fix the ending of the old time great 'Gone with the Wind' I really do not understand the Korean film culture, they love to create super sad endings or endings with no relation. Is that truly what the Korean public want? It's so very different from us, the endings are all well planned and carefully thought of. Even if the main character dies in the end it is always being accounted for this is what make the western film industry so great. These endings a bit of 'bad taste'! Forgive me being blunt, like the ending of this drama it's all fine but in the end the last video part on the billboard is so unnecessary. It's entertainment, it's make believe and it should be fulfilling not leaving 'bad taste'/unfinished business in the end. During my business trips to asia I managed to make friend with the store owner and from now she only recommends great dramas with good endings. I know little about what's going on but from what I gathered it looks like she is really being frozen by the industry. I also do not understand why Korea is so similar to Japan they glorify being young and when an actor or actress getting a bit old it looks like their career are numbered. How sad!!! She should desert them as they have deserted her. I sincerely wish her ever sucess and happiness regardless and she should try her luck in Hollywood. And for those who only ill monthed others they simply have too much free time and obviously insanely jealous. Cheers to all"

ixara I love this drama. the ending was not so bad though. but I really hope it was LJW who ended up with HYS. I am looking forward to see lee jin wook new drama. how about him and kim tae hee? i think they will suit together and make a good couple : )

elizabeth OH MY GOD. the film was spacil for me. can yoou send me her music of this film? with mail

elizabeth oh my god.it is spacil fil for me. can you send for me music of film i love HAN

rainfairy whats wrong with the rating?i love this drama i laughed and cried with it. eric is so cute here i love the way he tries to act all cool and show that he dont care. han ye seul is so funny. watching her trying to seduce eric was so enjoyable. i just cant figure out why people didnt like this drama.

ungu I also dont know why the rating was so bad..I just started watching this yesterday and I just can say that this drama so good..such a good acting..really like this..(^_^)

J I really don't understand why the ratings were so low..I personally loved the drama and was totally addicted to it. Even with the scandal HYS created with her leaving, I don't blame her --- classic case of industry greed vs human rights

Anyways, those hesitant of watching this series, don't be! Definitely top 10 .. perhaps top 5 for me out of the many I've watched (50+)

NewKDramaAddict Great beginning! Lagged a couple of episodes but the ending was great! Good drama overall

JohnnyBravo Wow I was so dissappointed with this drama. Han Ye Seul is one of my favorite actresses and I was really looking forward to this drama because I love everything she is in. But I gotta say, this drama really sucked. What I hated most of all was Gang U. Not the actor, but his character. He was such a jerk. Yeah, in most kdrama's the guy is a jerk, but he was over the top. He was never nice to Myung Wol, and somehow she still fell in love with him. He even slapped her! WTF!

Kure city mom This is one of the best ever. Han YeSeul is the next Meryl Streep. She is a marvelous actress!

wan i really love this drama..it is really addictive -.- i watch it nonstop ep1 till end.. ^^

mas eric since kang ho super rookie... u r the best with very mystery eyes...don,t care about the ratings. saranghe eric mun.

winhla i like the epsd i can't wait to see another one.oh by the way Han Ye Seul and Eric r good couple!!!!!

hayu i escape episode 17 in kbs so where can i find epis 17?

butterscotch im gonna miss comrade major choi ryu!.. he just so hott!! luv u so much!!..<3

Messi OMG!! Dis drama is awesome.

jena the drama is awesome ...BIG TIME! i hope it has a good ending and also myeongol n kangwoo r the best actors so r the others ,the theme song also is the best song ...... Just luv the drama!

Hunny Did anyone here notice that Eun seo's character disappeared? She was there for a few episodes but then disappeared all together. According to some of the info I read, she was supposed to play a major role in investigating KangWoo and that she was playing an NSI agent. What happened to her character?

Abeth Please let Kang Woo and Myeongwol be together till the end, they are perfect for each other. Choi ro yu and Ju Ina should end uo together. Greatest love story for the season. Awesome drama/awesome.

nuri Spy myeong wol is the best...hope I can 'face to face' with eric mun or han ye seul.. (Just dreaming)...at last, kang woo n myung wol is together..luv it..

kerry We love this KBS drama but hope that the ending won't be stupid like 'baby face beauty'.

6th Will miss the Lena Park theme song 세상 그 누구보다

eric sarang i dreamt of eric oppa last night after watching the ending of spy myung wol. i hope it was me instead bec. i'm so heartbroken.. anyway, i hope for more success in his future, eric oppa hwaiting! :D

cocoafudgy I really wish kbs2tv would do live streaming! I am dying to watch ep 16 right now and I swear the suspense is killing me!!!! SPY MYEONG WOL FTW!!!!!

kiara I hope this drama have a logical End something make sense and be believable however wouldn't be disappointing & ridiculously like others k-drama.

hayu i lovde it it is rock myeongwol go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

marcel How can download the very nice music of this drama ? What is the name ?

marcel How can download the music ?

Nabilah Zharfa this drama is so awesome.....

lengskee Super enjoyed epi 9 n 10 when myeogwol became actress. I super loved the last scene were she did not ff the script and spoke what was in her heart.much more endearing was kang woo's reaction. Cant believe the low ratings?This is one of the best series i have watched.its like riding a roller coaster.you ll feel sad then happy.i loved it that eric's character is unpredictable.how major choi restrains his feelings for myeongwol.what makes this series more endearing is the ost.super loved lena park's song.what is there for anyone not to love this series.why cant the others see what we appreciate? Fighting spy myeongwol!

flowergirl this drama played the best OST after Secret Garden!..really LURVE them! plssssss have a good ending!!

Mon This drama definitely the best i've seen so far this year, it made you laughed, sad and depressing. Both main played their part very well. This drama it is addictive, please give a good ending. If this drama ending is sad, I don't think I want to watch anymore kdrama.

spy_myung_woul this is addictive - fighting han ye seul!! heard she abondoned the sowh for some reason... I do not care about the ratings also - but this will be an asian hit!

vadul Yeah... this is pretty awesome! I love han ye seul so much! and eric mun also - btw - also began to watch Super Rookie though it's late I really like his acting there! I dont care about the ratings as well - koreans do not know what they missed!

Anna Well said zie,have a great day to you to :)

Zie Owh..man the rating is going down,why!!!why!!??its getting better!! is it because Han Ye-Seul left for a while? Owh..well who cares about the rating I love it is one of the best k-Drama its different then others,the writers are amazing,its not typical.All the actors and actresses are amazing, I can't wait for episode 14! >_< I'm from Brunei Darussalam just started watching this drama yesterday on youtube just finish ep13, because its not aired and famous in my country yet,didn't really sleep that much because its addictive unlike most of the kdrama nowadays that I watched I haven't got that over excitement,heart-wrenching,emotional feelings since My Girl,Full house,Mischievous kiss,every episode is adventurous and hilarious.Its definitely different in my view.The reason why I started to watch this Drama is because of Han Ye-Seul I love her in couple or trouble,great actress,the reason why I keep on watching this non-stop is because of Eric and Lee Jin-Wook they are both talented and amazingly HOT!! their eyes are attractive.Watched Eric on Super Rookie,he was very different back than he sure know how to bring his role.Once I finish watching this I will watch it again! that's how good this drama is v(^__^)v hope you enjoy this as much as I do.Those who haven't watch this its a must!you won't regret it,Have a great day everyone!! ;D

Ruby Wow, eun seo is sure different in here. Love her~<3 Hope that she'll get to act as a main character soon. :D

rikso the series is very nice,well acted, <3 kang woo and myeong wol :3

zainab I Love This Drama , it is very cool,

wawa_b2uties>0 this drama storyline come ut really nice and unic i'm very excited to watch until the last episode, i hope its a happy ending, such a best couple(kang woo <3 myeong wol)

bhadz i like thsi drama i dont care about the ratings in korea.. i think the actors should know that their acting ability really moved our heart espeially ep 10..

just continue with this no need to be sad coz this drama is an epic..

nl thumbs up :) very nice specialy ep10, i cant wait for the nxt ep

shin33lover a fun drama..kang woo is a hnsem guy..i dont want to miss any epsd of this drama.and now,i excited for the next 5 epsd!spy meongwol!hwaiting.

Ed If she ends up with Kang Woo I'm gonna give up on Korean Dramas. Choi Ryu, clearly is the better man.

ajumma Han ye seul is awesome and so is Eric! they make such a good couple!

Jiji i've never escape from watching this drama every monday n thursday nite!and also always waiting till the day (monday n thursday nite) just for watching this awesome drama!Before this my brother always bodering me when i want to watch other korean drama infront of tv cuz he only interest to english movie.But now we are wacthing Spy Myeongwol together!!>_<

Jiji such a funny drama and really enjoyed watching this drama!!love every character shown by this drama and beutiful Han yeseul noona!!sarang hae yo noona!!

hayu i like myeongwol.sweet girl lol

ddd han yeseul noona! She's too pretty in this show. <3

sue what is the title of the song in episode 4..please anybody

manami I've only seen 3 episodes, but as for now this drama is awesome

lmao lmao Eric is a legend

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Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Treacherous *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Love Clinic
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1

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