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Song Jae-Rim @ 2014 PiFan
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  • Name: Song Jae-Rim
  • Hangul: 송재림
  • Born: February 18, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180cm.
  • Blood Type:


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iris oppa you are a really romantic guy i know that alote told you that all ready but whta they didnot tell you that one day we will met and you will fall for me cause as far as i konw we were made for each other you will think iam wired but when we meet i will remind you of that day and that comment.. jut wait for me . xoxo

layaung i like ur personality .so perfect as a man.,falling in love with jae rim opaa

Alisha lyne As a man you are definitely perfect (personality and body)..Solim couple are the best..Kim so eun namja...

Love jae rim Love you guy ... I just know you from we got married !!! I feel u are awesome handsome nice guy ... I fall in love with u now

anaj He is absolutely charming,caring and an affectionate person,. For me his perfect, his smile his laugh, his eyes, his playfulness, his so adorable.I love his personality, and his work. He was perfect as the leader fight of a clan in sparing generation,his acting was brilliant, he made his character a complete different person. it is amazing how easily he performs and he let us know through his involvement in charity work. I wish him the best for him in his personal and professional life.

diane Fighting !!! you're so funny and a good guy!!!!stay like that.., people will love you more!! heheh

raine I didn't know jaerim oppa since last month,not until I watched the wgm,,it was funny for me how easily he captured my attention,or should I say my heart,, his absolutely charming,an affectionate person,. For me his perfect,his smile his laugh,his eyes,his playfulness, his childisness, his so funny,.I love his personality,.and I also watched him in in sparing generation,but at that time,I didn't know it was him,.his acting so cool,a complete different person,.hope you will have more coming movies and drama jaerim oppa,. Fighting and all the best,. Love you lots,. <3 <3 <3

Han first time i see you was in 2NE1 mv..seen then..i just falling in love with you..good luck and fighting!!!

juhyun woahhh. didn't recognized him at moom that embraces the sun. his face is different when acting and on real life

anlim Falling in love with jae riiiiiiiim Fighting!!!!

albalicious Enjoyed your guesting in happy were so funny and i find you adorable=)goo luck in your new drama.

Donor Macneice Song Jae-Rim is one excellent and talented actor. I hope we see a lot more of him in th coming months and years.

Anam boot Is it just me or does he look jb from got7 like the older version????

kpopkitty This guy is so incredibly handsome. And also a fantastic actor. I saw him in Two Weeks and loved him ever since :)

peace79 Mr Song Jae belongs to Ms Kim So Eun..hehehe..cute couple..sweet like candy..lovely couple...i always believe both of you...SOLIM FIGHTING..Both of you got my stamps...Love forever...

Izza yeah!!! i love him so much.. SOLIM Couple fighting.. we always support you,, you are the best Jae-rim hoping someday i will find a man like you.. Oppa Saranghae <3

yuki I love n i like to see u more and more on screen, and i dont think a guy like you will exist in this world, i just though a guy like u with most perfect , romantic, handsome, manly, cheese, sneaky, humoris, humble n very dwon earth, with alots caracter i mean unique only exist on the book..but im wrong within 999.9 you are the ONE an only ONE. LOVE YOU JAE LIM ssi and LOVE TOO your wife SO EUN. FIGHTING SOLIM YOU ARE THE BEST....

rosemarie i love watching WGW, i love song Jae rim, please Kim So Eun dont hurt our Song Jae Rim..:(

stephyy He's so handsome and I love his personality. He's the total package lol. is it just me or does he look like Lee Jong Suk + Park Min Woo? Lee jong suks smile and Park Min Woos eyes

keisy hii, i really love watching you and kim so eun in we got married!!!

JoongDe I love wacthing wgm SoRim couple, lovely, cute. I hope they become a real couple ...♥♥♪♪

dramakid I just remembered that he was Kim soo hyun's bodyguard in MoonSun.but he didn't talk much.

peace79 Other song which remind me about both of u(Solim couple)..I CAN'T FIGHT FEELING ANYMORE by RED SPEEDWAGON....:-)

peace79 I love to watch you & kim so eun in we got married...very lovely + funny + cute couple ever..when I heard this song title 'MAKING LOVE,OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL ' by AIR SUPPLY,suddenly I remember both of you..:-).

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I have seen quit a few of his dramas and now seeing him on, We Got Married I want to see everything he has done.. Tho I am to old for him he would be the type of man I would want to marry.. He is kind, caring, generous, warm, loving, thoughtful, and has a great sense of humor which makes him one beautiful man...

Loretta @Renielle Nah your talking about that guy whos From King High School , i forgot what his name is ... :/

Renielle Isn't he the guy from the 'go away' mv of 2NE1?

tieya I love him..i want to get husband like him..his is my ideal husband..

Vichaya eek, love himmm sososososo much <333 super cute & manly, good at acting and his perfect!! i really want to meet him one day.. I will go to Korea and find him HAHA. his smile should brighten up everyone's day like it did to mine. ahhh, i wanna see him! :D chef kwon :3

kim min asy your so cute :)how can i meet you:)i like your role in moon embracing the sun:) your role is woon right?your so supercalifordialistic expidicious guy i never forget you untill i leave this word:)

Pupu I missed you....^.^ How can i missed someone i never meet before. I can dead because missed you. (T_T)

nicky OMG! I really really love this handsome, drop-dead-gorgeous-one-hell-of-a-guy from head to toe till the dephts of his pure heart towards his angelic baby Kim So Eun! Oh dear! This two never fails to make my heart giggle and wiggle every episode even the replays that i watched over and over again in youtube! I am hoping and praying that you two will end up together as a real sweetheart couple! You heard me Mr Song Jae Rim? Please make it real as in REAL with our Kim So Eun!! Hope you can read this! I AM WATCHING YOU! (threat)

myke_con I love his great smile..WGM ideal hubby..No regrets for liking him since I've watched the kdrama "Moon embracing the sun" lovin' a swordsman like him..

Melissa He was my first k-drama crush waaay back in Nail Shop Paris.Then, I liked him because of his manliness and charisma but now as he ages he becomes cute and waaaaay more handsome. I didn't know it was possible to be more attractive than he was before.

armie coyoca he's one of my favorite k-pop actor, since i started watching 'We got Married" with Kim So Eun.. it makes me look back on his past drama..and He's Awesome.. Soe-Rim couple they are now my bias.. fighting! (y) (y) <3<3<3

grace_jae rim I am looking forward that jae rim will someday be the lead actor and ended up w/ the lead actresses.

HaniShinKyung Really wished him and ha ni ended up together in surplus princess he was just too good there. Looking forward to all of his projects ♡

addikito Really live him as Kay in nail shop, saw him again in two weeks and become a wgm fan because of him. Fighting!

Lulu Marry me Jea Rim..

ann my new fave korean actor..good looking guy n very mysterious look on him...looking forward to see him again in drama especially n become a main lead offcourse..i wish very soon..see u soon opa...

r-j he is definitely one of my fave actors! looking forward for more series! i love you, oppa!

white_Lilly I really like his character in we got married. so sneaky but cute husband. his personality is totally different with his character in his drama.

miles I first noticed him in the drama "The moon that embraces the sun" then recently I'm into we got married nowadays because of him.Really daebak.I am totally smitten by him with his sneakiness, charm,cute.strong and manly personalities.HE IS TOTALLY MY STYLE.My ideal, im going crazy right now because of him)

tria im really love him in a surplus princess,, him so handsome,,, very handsome... any one can you give me official sosmed song jae rim,,, kkkk jebal!~~~

#heartheart What I really love about him is his personality! Omo ^o^ want to meet a guy like him! ^_^

musicbeat I saw him first in 2NE1's mv Go Away and started to notice him in Nail Shop Paris. I started to like him and noticed his other works^^. Then, I saw him in Zhang LiYin's mv "Agape" and the second mv related to it. He's a really great actor! One of my favorite looks for him was in Moon Embraces the Sun... he looks very handsome^^ There's also Kara's special short dramas...

unicorn hes so handsome and idk why but he reminds me of Super Junior Henry?? anyone else think so? anyways he's so handsome and awesome and anfiafaksjfakfjaskf

Tanzima love his personality <3

Marry me Jae-Rim he suits every role he had played and I hope he'll have more shows to come! :))))

I am Young I like him in WE GOT MARRIED most. He Is so hilarious.

Nise He is an amazing actor and it doesn't hurt that he's handsome. Everything about him screams masculine which I love. I'm currently in love with him on "We God Married." He is hilarious and surprisingly very gentle and humble. I'm glad we have shows like "We God Married" where we are able to really see stars as themselves. Song Jae Rim...Fighting!!! I look forward to what you have in store for us in the future. <3 <3 <3

elizeboo he's so good looking in surplus princess & he reminds me of GOT7's JB

TikaOxav Omo Song Jae Rim Oppa is the next couple in We Got Married

sarah i really like good and cool.keep it up

Feline So cute and talented, loved him since his character 'Kai' in Nail Shop Paris. <3 Now Im watching him on Surpluss Princess <3 love it love it love it, amazing actor, makes my heart smile, thank you Jae Rim <3

Chuko Omona!!!~~~~ How can he be so hot?! And looking so different in short or long hair, but always amazing. Ah he looks like a greek god! No joke! Thank god he is an actor so I can watch him anytime! Lucky us that could see him~~ Isn't he just a cure for tired eyes?

cindy he has been in 2ne1 - Go Away MV, who act as CL's lover who then got to know the president's or someone in higher position's daughter and betray CL.

2ndratekorean i like his rugged face in nail shop Paris... his hotness/yumminess in surplus princess...his moves in inspiring generation... i tried to searched for all his dramas ... cant believe he's there in most of my favorite dramas and i never noticed him before....i hope to see more of you even as cameo.... you are so versatile...

mijah that apple butt tho *_*

마나 I can't believe I watched 영의자 and missed my oppa song jaerim. I'm going to watch it again just so I can see him. 어빠 화이팅!!! *^▁^*

Princess omg..he's so hot in suplus princess..

Zura really amazing......he is so hot

Myat OMG OMG OPPA U ARE DE BEST. In Inspiring generation, u just killed me. The smile of urs after u all won the fight, I am like CAN U NOT??!! AND UR ACTING SKILLS = DAEBAK ×10000000. Really srsly, I like Jang Keun Suk to the core but U, SONG JAE RIM, TOTALL WON HIM NOW TO ME. OPPA HWAITING!! I REALLY ×INFINITY hope u can have more lead roles becozz uf the companies dun, they have problems with their brains and eye sights. I LUV U!!

MA MA Lay When I've watched moon embracing the sun, I m sure he is the actor I like most.

mavis cool stunts on inspiring generation......u v got the moves...I am from Zimbabwe but rili admired wat u did

mavis cool stunts on inspiring generation......u v got the moves

Nyang Nyang He looks so much better with a moustache :-) but he's still pretty hot. Can't help but fangirl over him everytime I watch him in a drama, he's just amazing and makes my heart beat. If I ever see him in person I'll probably faint or die of happiness, lol. ^___^ Best actor ever, Love you Jae Rim <3

HUGS So happy that you have so many acting roles lately! Add Oil! I will watch them ALL, Keep up the superb acting! I LOVE YOU <3

Hannah Im from Nigeria..You were really really awesome in Inspiring generation Leader Mo..My favorite scenes are the ones u were in, u were just so cool..Saranghe Oppa

tenzin Song jae rim oppa, u r damn cool looking in Inspiring generation n u have really taken Almost all of my love and attraction towards you more than Kim hyun joong in this drama. U r really cool in short hair style n ur character in this drama was damn superb. I really waiting for ur new drama as in which u gonna be the main role. Fighting oppa.. Love ya

zuanshikari I'm waiting for the next good productions. Jaerim Oppa, fighting~~~! Saranghamnida~~~ >< kekeke

farah when I watched inspiring generation, I caught if you are so cool man. and then, I think your face looks familiar, ahhh you are 'kay' in nail shop paris. I never "fall in love" with suppporting cast, but now you are above kim hyun joong on my list hahaha..

farah fathiyah when I watched inspiring generation, I caught if you are so cool man. and then, I think your face looks familiar, ahhh you are 'kay' in nail shop paris. I never "fall in love" with suppporting cast, but now you are above kim hyun joong on my list hahaha..

Nana I love him so much~~~~~~ he 's soooooo handsome I never saw someone like him , he is also good at acting they should give him the main character at any drama & and even if the drama wasn't that good I'll watch it just for him When I see song jae rim I can't close my eyes !! He is so handsome and he have a special charisma not like the other actors or idols fugdv hfrvhjrwscjpneoytrewdggbjb. Bfewewschip nt *I almost die* I watched nail shop paris over 7 times & I'll never get bored of it And yeah .. I'm arab fan :$

Hee I love you. That's all.

Hz Sol Song Jae Rim I am crazy for you!! @_@ I watch nailshop paris about 10 times or more also in inspiring generation you are suppoting actor but then, on my opinion you make inspiring generation more lively and amazing. More dramas for song jae rim please!!!!

NewZealander Song Jae Rim is such an amazing actor! There is something about him when he is on screen that makes you can't stop looking at him in any drama he is in, gah. He has a really lovely voice when he talks, and the way he moves his mouth is like... *sighs dreamily* <3 He really does know how to make full use of those subtle facial and hand gestures to his advantage... which is kind of bad for me cause i end up rewatching every scene he is in a couple of dozen times and totally have no idea what i'm watching. <3 ^_^

Irene I'm from Nigeria and I love korean dramas alot you were my favorite in inspiring generation the hair cut and dark looks really did justice to your looks hope to see you as a lead role soon.Oppa fighting...

dana Inspiring generation ..... what the ...... he is awesoooome really & a special on .. what a face ooooooof him my heart i cant keep it in my body i just falling in luvv with him

fhame i love his character in cool..:)

thesanguinist I have always liked him ever since The Moon Embraces the Sun. His character Woon is my favorite, his loyalty to the king got me completely falling in love with him. It's to the extent that when I visited Korea i met a bunch of swordsman doing parade then I took a pic with one of them thinking i was taking the pic with Woon^^ LONG LIVE SONG JAERIM! <3

-Indonesian Fan

mahsa ooooooooh my god.jae rim oppa you are so hot and a amazing actor.just because of you i watch inspring generation.jae rim oppa you are soooooo handsome.i hope i will see you some day.

Elly I love him in Inspiring generation. My heart melts whenever I see him. Forget Kim Hyun Joong who I love too but this guy is yummy. He is a great actor and I cannot wait for him to be recognized and have his own lead roles.

rinsan i wish i can talk to you someday...

samanta hi song jae rim i love you se much she s very sexy actor and handsem best best best actor korean

Nadine Lane He is amazing damn sooo handsome guy I love about him.

febri lestari Handsome oppa, Song Jae Rim oppa saranghae ^_^

QQ OMG...He too perfect..HOT HOT HOT HOT " Inspiring Generation".....Fighting oppa....

okila You look like killer to me, to be serious for a sec i though maybe u ar killer for real the way u act is so fantastic keep it up. sunbae fighting!!!!!

Zarmeena He is so hot in Inspiring Generation and I love his acting

CICI I am fascinated with Song Jae Rim's acting in "Inspiring Generation" even though I don't like most of the drama up to ep. 6 (I like only him and Kim Jae Wook). His acting is so powerful and intense, I think he should have had the lead role. He was amazing in Two Weeks also. I'd like to see him as a lead in a historical Kdrama. He's one of those actors that no matter how many scenes he's in, you remember him. I look forward to seeing him in many more dramas to come.

czak he first showed up in Ep 4 as a blur image in inspiring Generation. But in episode 5 he was really scary and amazing!

Jay Cee I would have to agree with Genesis, after seeing you in The Moon Embraces the Sun, i was completely mesmerised by your character Woon. You played him so well. I have to admit, you're a pretty darn hansome actor which makes it all the more worth seeing you in action. Hope to see more of you in your upcoming dramas....^_^

행운을 빌어요

~Pacific Island Fan~

Leon your face is funny :D and i love your acting!

Genesis So I've seen all of your dramas you've appeared in and so far the best ones have been all of them....I think I really like looking at your face....seriously. Do you have any idea how georgeous you are, well sure you do because your parents gave you that face.

So the I have to say that I didn't like you so much in Two Weeks, I couldn't believe your were playing a killer...kinda had me undone, but then I understand your decision to avoid being typecast....but I loved you in The Moon Embracing The Sun....made me wish for my own personal Woon. Anyways, I'm so looking forward to seeing your new drama Inspiring Generation.

Best of Luck to you in your career be it movies, television dramas or modeling. Fighting!!!

Your American Fan!!!!

haffo i only recently discovered you after watching two weeks! even though your the bad guy can i just say you were friggin smexy as fudge!!! hehe is that bad ? going to watch all the other projects you were involved in (so not stalkerish) hope to see your work in the future!! oppa hwaitiiing!!!!

adhinatalia I like you as Kim Chae Woon on The Moon That Embrace The Sun, and I like you as Killer Kim on Two Weeks! I think those kind of characters suit you very well. I haven't seen the Nail Shop.. but.. I saw some scene and don't think i'm gonna like you there, so I skipped. I saw some of your CF and they're great. Hope you succeed more in the future. ^^ God bless you.

sulistina Dear jaerim-ssi... You look more like japanese than korean.. Cool

sumi Hello my dear boy. Gumabsimmida...

Julaiza Your amazing at acting!!! Your cute and handsome

claire i'm sure you're a good person off camera as Teacher Kim but i'm sorry i loath you in 2 Weeks! i hope to see you though in another kdrama where you're one of the nice guys! you're good though in acting!

Ces Super OMG!!!...Your acting is superb!!! Your facial expressions are sooo good you don't even need lines to show how good you are....Your "Nail Shop Paris" character truly melts my heart and as royal bodyguard in "The Moon That Embraces The Sun....u perfectly did a great job!!! Hope to see more of you in Korean dramas......

Ces Darn....your acting sure catches attention!!! Your facial expression is soooo good you don't even need lines in any of your acts. Can't believe your face got stuck even in my dreams especially that "Nail Shop Paris"...too bad it ended so soon but was happy enough to see u ended up with Bunny!!!

Le@ oppa....... I love your act in Nail shop paris...... you are so cool with moustache and short hair..... but i like your style anyway...... love u oppa hwiting<3

Omar OMG youre doing great in two weeks! im loving the drama <333 it wasnt nice of you to hit detective im hand LOL

Jessica Jae Rim oppa~ You're so cool in Nail Shop... I think you're hot with your mustache. >//< Fighting !!! for your next drama... I'll be waiting

kristina Hope he gets the girl in nail shop paris! A great actor! he has the Best acting skills of the boys in that drama.

welch wow, I love him in Nail shop Paris and is rooting for him. hopefully he'll end up with Bunny. But I didn't even know he was in Go Away MV so I had to check it out myself, dang he is firing HOT!!! Sizzling!!! Anyway, I'll watch his other dramas as well. I so have a new guy to stalk hehehe.

eva lee ans is he under sm entertaiment?? omg love him after watching 2ne1 go away mv and TMETS drama with actor kim so hyun..

Purvi Jae Rim oppa~! You are SUPERRR HAWWT! Loving u in 'Nail Shop Paris' .......... Love your eyes and smile! Hope to see more of you.......... <3

Fofo Opaa I love you. سارنهيييه اوباا انك جميل حقا. اتمنى ان ألتقيك يوما. حقا وفعت في حبك لديك نظراات عجيبه في عينك تسحرني.

ifiey i started liking him when he acted in moon embracing the sun. then i followed his activty..he is totally a good actor. he show a different character in his new drama..totally..hope he'll be the main guy in nail salon paris.. :)

Vea @Gao : I hope so too but it's too early to announce the winner because Alex is on the lead. >_<

Gao I hope he's the main guy for nail shop paris!!!!! Waiting for the next episode to come out.

babibulma So cute, and perfect, and handsome... *-*

ako si ace Saranghae! <3 Song Jae-Rim, super duper cute! ^_^V .. I wish I can meet you someday!

- thinking of you!

Cherry Prettyboy :) can't sleep thinking of you... <3

Naome I so like his character in moon embracing the sun. His so cool and cute. I hope he will be one of the most popular korean guys soon.

jea I love your eye's your super super cute when you smile. Your manly but at the same time beautyful :D

Lucy Love those fierce eyes! :D

Rebecca Foster I just love your eyes. I hope I have that eyes.

superbass a man oozing with testosterone! :)))

karina eoppa, you're so damn hot! XD XD XD

naz song gae-rim ,,,,fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

naz i hope you can see in more dramas rather than this role ( bodyguard) and also as a lead role ,i'm waiting for more dramas on you

naz your acting is superb and you are so cute , i love your role as a bodyguard ,good job

Risufu Oppa... I love you love you love you soooo much! You have handsome lips and very attractive feature! Do you know how many times I replayed The Moon Embraces The Sun and the Lirikos commercial and NELL's MV just for watching your parts? (okay I'm kinda obsessed xD) Please, I need more of your dramas!! More more more!!!

rinngoAh Cool, Woon in black!

Airrr In love with Woon-ah <3

desti asmara_ndo Halo oppa,your acting is the best.^^ When you come to indonesia.???

WE LOVE YOU. . .!!!


aliya i love him in TMTETS from the very top of his head til his toes. i love him and his young version. i love him and even immersed into his acting and his role much much more than i did to the lead roles.

Aisha Jae Rim oppa, I remember you from Go Away (2NE1) and Because Of You (After School). You're AWESOME! Fighting ^-^

kim ju hee Fighting!!!:-)<3

lanna i really love his act in the moon that embraces the sun....he's cool face really suit as a bodyguard...

little Ninja I think he's a handsome actor, esp. his eyes and when he smiles

little Ninja This is my first time seeing this actor, I lovvvvvvvvvvve his eyes and he's very cute

dinajean93 He is also in the After School- Because of You music video! I <3 Him! :D

Risu He is reaaaally sexy! I love him! I hope he will be in more dramas, because I want to see more of his acting!!

lee i like how you plays in flower boy ramen sohp and the moon.

Nay Yes he's damn HOT.. I love to see his role being a bodyguard. its suit to him. i see his fierce eyes, like assasin wanna KILL THEM ALL

yeah this guy is good! damn he looks good in that bodygaurd suit.

artyquet ahaha he suits killer and bodyguard role thou...and he's pretty hot too :)

pluto agreed! he did leave a great impression(looks & acting) for his appearance in the moon that embraces sun, waiting for more of his roles :) all da best mr!!

dora8pocoyo @Tashiko: too! i met him for the first time in 2ne1's go away MV!! and after that, in flower boy ramyun shop! and now,he is acting with cha chi soo@prince yang myung@JUNG IL WOO again!!!!

Tashiko Weinstein Oh my god is he hot! When I first say this guy it was the music video for 2ne1 "go away" and now he plays on Flower boy Ramen I have high hopes for this actor in the coming future!

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