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  • Name: Kim Hyun-Joong
  • Hangul: 김현중
  • Birthdate: June 6, 1986
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 182cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent Agency: KeyEast
  • Website:


Kim Hyun-Joong was born on July 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. His family consists of his parents and one older brother. Kim Hyun-Joong was a diligent student in elementary school & received high scores. Things changed for Kim Hyun-Joong by his middle school days. He started working part-time since the 2nd year of middle school and, because of this, his school grades suffered. Remarkably, Kim Hyun-Joong was able to save nearly 100,000,000 won (roughly $87,000 USD) from his part-time jobs by his year school years.[1]

During Kim Hyun-Joong's late teen years, he felt the subjects he was learning in high school were useless for his life and, consequently, decided to drop out of high school. Often, during this time, he wound up at the police station for fighting.[2]

By the age of 18, Kim Hyun-Joong performed in a youth band named "Aksuseu" ("악서스"), which was formed with Kim Hyun-Joong's Catholic Church friends. They were quite popular in his local neighborhood of Songpa-gu in Seoul.[3]

While working part-time jobs, Kim Hyun-Joong was cast by the boss of an entertainment company, but the boss turned out to be a con man. After getting away from that management company Kim Hyun-Joong was introduced DSP Entertainment and, after auditions, became a member of boy band SS501. SS501 released their self-titled debut album "SS501" on June 23, 2005. Since then Kim Hyun-Joong has performed as a singer until being cast in the KBS2 drama "Boys Over Flowers". Kim Hyun-Joong was the first member of the F4 group in "Boys Over Flowers" to have been cast. The other three members of the F4 were then cast with Lee Min-Ho, Kim Beom, Kim Jun playing their respective characters. Kim Hyun-Joong was at first reluctant to take on the role of Yoon Ji-Hoo due to fear of ruining his musical career. Nevertheless, Kim Hyun-Joong agreed to play the role and then performed due diligence on his character. Kim Hyun-Joong went out and bought all 37 episodes of the original manga "Hana yori Dango".[4]

During filming of "Boys Over Flowers" Kim Hyun-Joong became close to actress Lim Ye-Jin & Lim Ye-Jin often advised Kim Hyun-Joong on his acting. Kim Hyun-Joong stated in press conference for "Boys Over Flowers" that he learned to be more patient and calm through his acting experience. [5]

Later in 2009, after Kim Hyun-Joong attended a promotional event for "Boys Over Flowers" in Japan, Kim Hyun-Joong was diagnosed with Influenza A (H1N1) virus on Tuesday Sept. 8, 2009. Kim Hyun-Joong was then quarantined at a hospital in Japan. After making a complete recovery, Kim Hyun-Joong was finally able to return to South Koorea one week later. [6]

After "Boys Over Flowers," Kim Hyun-Joong left DSP Entertainment and joined KeyEast management company, which actor Bae Yong-Jun is the largest shareholder. In 2010, Kim Hyun-Joong was cast for the MBC drama "Mischievous Kiss". In the drama series, Mischievous Kiss Kim Hyun-Joong a genious high school/college student named Baek Seung-Jo. In a promotional interview, Kim Hyun-Joong stated that to improve his pronunciation (he felt he mumbled sometimes), he held a wine cork in his mouth while practicing his lines. [7]

While appearing on the talk show "Kang Shim Jang" (hosted by Lee Seung-Ki & Kang Ho-Dong), Kim Hyun-Joong mentioned that he dated a member of female idol group for 5 months, but didn't specify her name. He did mention that they went to the movies together and once went on a fishing trip. [8]


  1. According to Kim Hyun-Joong's management company, KeyEast, on February 6, 2013 lead actor Kim Hyun-Joong has quit the drama series "City Conquest". He will now focus on touring for his music career in Japan and worldwide and in the 2nd half of 2013 will concentrate on a new drama series.

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vera I love you kim hyun joong


afoluke u are a good actor but smile more. for me , u luk too serious. pls put ur emotions under control less it destroy; assaulting a woman is ungentlemanly

Korkor I loved the serie Boys over flowers u were so cool but I wish its not true u beat up your girlfriend It's not cool

Fatma Yeah it's true @Maro. He did beat the girl up. BAD!!!! And it's not fine with the Fanbase

Maro Is what oti (comment below) saying true?

Oti Whoa. These fans are delirious. And whats more appalling is the fact that most of his fans are females. I mean, i use to be his fan too, until the wife beating claims and now the denying of his future child with Ms. Choi. He's a cheater too, and all you fans are dismissing it as if it were okay. I mean, everyone hated chris brown after his incident with rihanna... So why does Kim hyun joong get a free pass? Its either cause yall racist against black ppl or yall are some crazy psychopath fans who like wife beating cheating bastards. What happened to girl power? I Mean, i use to adore him, but there comes a time where you have to choose what is right from wrong, and honestly, i dont stand for domestic violence nor do i stand for infidelity.

sara Hi my name is Sara , I am a girl from Iran , Mr. Kim are you really ? If you have any questions , please give me answer that for me is very important

Virginia My greatest idol hyun joong i realy appreciate the way you are handling the situation around you, we know your silence is the best for now and we respect that. I want you to allways know remember this, that all the joys, happiness and laughter you are giving millions of people all over the world God will secure your happiness so don't you worry dear cause you will triumph. (Medy)

Virginia We will wait for your comback no matter how long it takes cause we love you so much, do take good care of yourself we believe and trust you and also know that your silence is what you think best for now and so we respect that

Virginia unogwu My idol we are already missing you

virus I love you oppa i will miss you for while -.-

Trinity I love your dramas any dramas you do I like, marathon watch them. Its crazy. I absolutely love your singing too, I've been learning Korean after Japanese and I understand Ur songs bit by bit. But even before I wanted to learn the language I love listening to your songs. Ik your smart and nice, so my advice only to you as a fan is that you make every better decision with everything going on. Ik you will. Although I'm sad I won't see you in dramas for awhile.

Sreysros My idol Kim Hyun Joong bro best in my <3, can wait to watch ur new movies if so long time I'm happy to see ur movie all time :)

christina Wanted so much to see you but I guess got to wait for a while before I can see you again in a new drama....revisit Mischievious Kiss to help my longings...You look really gorgeous there. Please be happy; do not let personal life affect your career...Your fans love your work, what had your personal life got to do with what you portrayed in drama? God bless.

John lee Hyung!!! Ur great..just kip up ur good work nd be mindless of spoilers..dy r shit!damn dem...uve done nothin wrong here nd i trust u..m always cheering for u even frm afar...wil come bck to korea soon nd m gonna break all ur haters limbs..please live happily hyung

Noble Hyun joong! I must confess i wasnt rili ur fan frm d start but nw ur my best star... infact,i lyk u more dan myself...plss dnt eva listen to rubbish frm spoilers.ive always trusted u nd will continue to believe in u no matter wat...oppa! Ur great..just rememba dat nd behind u is ur no.1 fan in d whole universe...hwaiting!!!!

Donny S no comment for KHJ and Choi. Good acting with ur cool expression. but not like ur character as Seung Jo in Playfull kiss. Good work, hope more film with u. Please take care u self, don't be same life style with many actress in this world. be different, life according word of God. God bless u.

esther you awesome,,all the best for your career.

Clover This advice goes to the fans. You may think i am against OPPA, but i am not. The thing is do not say what you don't know because, you may never know the child could be his. Moreover, OPPA isn't saying anything to deny the accusation. So the unborn child could be his.

Tanya you 'r character in boys over flowers is amazing. i have become a great fan of you

jennifer oppa i love all ur movies ,cant wait to watch ur nem movies , dont listen to wat people say abt u just b ueself , we all love u in nigeria hw i wish to c u . sarange oppa

Nkolika,Nigeria Socrates once said after a bitter quarrel with his woman that after Thunder comes Rain, so even this shall pass. May The Lord's Glorious Light shine on you so that you will overcome.

kirubha hai i like u soo best wishes for ur projects and finaly god bless u.

Podami keishing Iam glad to hear your story...its an inspirational one..thank you

amyzandra salcedo Hey no matter how they pull you down..always think of the positive things...and never let that bad things rule over you..and always asked for GOD's guidance...i know HE will never leave you...everyone can leave you but HIM...HE will lift you as long as you believe in HIM.....fight ok...hold your head up high...we love you

ronnie Acknowledgment MS. CHOI

Lately I have been going through the interviews and all the dirty laundry that you and your lawyer aired, I found some inconsistency in how old your pregnancy is.First, on February 25th is when the news came out that you are pregnant and your lawyer stated that time that you are 11 weeks ( Two and half months), then on February 28th when your lawyer respond to KHJ’s parent claim, he said, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 months pregnant (16 weeks). I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, she’s always with Kim Hyun Joong.” I have a question for you and your lawyer, how did your lawyer know that you’re always with KHJ? Was he there with both of you or did he put a GPS on you? Secondly, how did your pregnancy jumped from 11weeks to 16weeks within 3 days? Hmmm! Even the text messages you provided the media is missing so much of your own responses.

Okay,now tell me if you still think that Kim Hyun Joong’s parent are wrong in asking for medical text together; your reports are very contradicting. I think you and your lawyer are mischievous, maybe he took your case because of 15 minutes of shame(fame), and I urge him to please take on a genuine case if really he’s a capable lawyer and both of you should stop manipulating the press.

   So,why is it that after you claimed an abused is when you decided to get pregnant?I have questions that I think people need you to answer and be truthful to yourself on why you’re doing all this. I think the truth is that you need to see a psychologist for emotional and attachment evaluation. After all your

dirty laundry has been aired, what did you achieved? Humiliation! Shame! If KHJ is the baby’s father and married you because of that, both of you are going to live a miserable and loveless life,or do you think both of you will live happily ever after (fantasy)? Giving interviews,publishing text messages between both of you to the public is just not humiliating only to Kim Hyun Joong, but to you too. Most suitors will be afraid of dating you talk less of marrying you. Because they will be afraid of your sneaky ways and afraid of you black mailing them.

I was wondering, when all this was happening, why is it that your parent did not stopped you from this entire media frenzy? Do you even think of what all this will do to your own reputation? It’s high time you stop kidding yourself. Believe me, 85% of public opinion sees you as a liar, manipulator and a scornful woman,15% only sympathized with the baby (that’s if you’re really pregnant). Please quit playing games with someone’s life. Even if you marry him because of the baby, I’m urging you not to mistake pity for love.

Ms.Choi, I think you made all this up just to get back at him, because if not, you would have followed the parents to the hospital instead of not keeping up with them. You are afraid that the show of shame will come back to haunt you if they found out that you were lying, because all this was just a payback for him dumping you for another woman.

My only advised to you is that you should stop now, so that you can rectify and repair your own life, move on with your life. Men and women date and dump each other every now and then if they’re incompatible. I am just ashamed of you for belittle women’s dignity and forcing yourself on a man. Where is your dignity?

Sooner or later when the public found out that you made all this stories up, you won’t be able to stay in Korea, I will conduct my own investigation into where or who forged those fake medical documents for you. This days you can buy anything online (including medical records, sonogram or create them yourself) that’s the power of the internet. But if you refrain from publishing or giving stupid interviews, then maybe we will overlook your atrocities.

Lastly,if you are really pregnant, please go to the hospital with them and proof it. Stop giving interviews and stop misleading the press and the public. I have never seen where a pregnancy that is 11 weeks jumped all of a sudden to 16 weeks within 3 days. Be careful of what you wish for, because it might back fired on you.

This is just revenge and it has to stop.

Samanthan KIM HYUN JOONG! Please be happy! be strong! don't give up and try to endure your pain! we will wait for your comeback. PS: Just because you are a shining star, and loved by million fans.. THOSE HATERS are trying to tear you down and destroy you! BUT, don't forget that WE HENECIA will always support you and be by your side, no matter what!.. WE LOVE YOU! WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU..<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Nadia Kim Hyun Joong , what can i say ? you are the most beautiful and sweet creature on this planet , a wish you all happiness .gad bless you . the sweet heart and deep romantic emotion that you transmit it to your fans through your acting it's amazing , you are the most sweet and lovely asian actor for many of moroccan . keep working " 싸움 " . kisses

Kstar No matter wat u are still the best!! Fighting!!

sasmita prusty i like you kim hyun joong i saw your all seriel & very intresting it,you are so handsome .

christina A kitten strayed into a sport shop inside a shopping mall. No matter how hard the shop assistants tried, they cannot get it out so at the end of the day, one of the assistants brought it home. A neighbor of mine has a cat too and according to her, it strayed into her flat on the ground floor. Although it had since been in and out of her flat, she never lock it the end of the day, if it is still around, she presume it is not going anywhere or if by the time she closes her front door for the night, it is not back, she'll presume it is not coming in for the night. With all the news about Hyun-Joong, I feel that he's like a stray cat who had been independent after leaving home and due to its good look and cool personality, it was able to survive fact, it had more than what it needed. Then one day, something caused it to be downhearted. At that very moment, it came across a girl who was super nice to it( can anyone be not nice to such a gorgeous looking fellow?) It had been some time since leaving home, and a homely feeling makes it feels good and so it stay a little while and went away maybe and then came back again. The girl was downhearted when it left and was super happy when it came back and so she tried her very best & every mean to keep it by her side. However, a stray cat will always be a stray cat, it might one day decide to stay for good but the opposite might also happen unless she shuts it in. Then like a bird born free, it will never be happy when shut it. Hyun-Joong's angelic look and personality are meant for the entertainment world & for all of us. We don't want this star to fall. Together with all who loves you, I'll pray. Please be happy.

Isis Suazo I think so, Kim Hyun-Joong, is a magnific, talented man. He is just at the begining on his rode with very nice principles from his family. A great personality follow by people around the world. I wish the best of the best for him with a very healthy and lovely life .God stay with you always Kim Hyun Joong!!! You have my support my gorgeous boy...

CNM Why is your girlfriend not responding to your request for her to be seen at a hospital to confirm the baby is healthy? Verification of Paternity can also be done with a simple blood test!!! If she released a pregnancy report in a magazine, then she should also confirm the paternity of the baby!? Why is that so hard? These reports really make her look like she is trying to snag you and destroy your popularity!

christina Hyun Joong, I am very worried about what's going on in your life...though I know I am stupid. Please be very careful as you are extremely popular & rich. Take care.

vimansi dhaneera hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,, you are so handsome,, i like you, i wish you a all the best

(jee hoo )

arsha kerala i love u bro.......

n. woman basher.

Rumi kerala Hyun jooooooong...after playfull kiss i watched ur boys over flower..ufff.. ur really outstanding..u luks so cool and innocent in bof..are u really like that  ?? I guess so...i wish to see u in real..may god bless me to fulfill my wish..luv u

kpopkitty When will we see him in drama again? It's been so long.

Rey My Goodness, U r MESMERIZING!!!!!! or Am I Mesmerized?????? I don't know how to express my excitement. Now I am learning MUSIC because of U. Good or Bad, Am up to something new(The MUSIC). Thank U. Keep up ur best work. I do not believe in luck. But, i wish you LOTS OF LUCK.

hazealmay I just love the Way You battle all challenges... ...but the main thing I've really obsevered is that You koreans always seems to make girls look real stupid in your movies and I wonder why. ...Are they really that easy?

n Hi, totally lost by watching you performing.. cnt stop watching you act , again and again... all the best forever and congratulations for all your success... Be like this always... Lots of wishes from an idiot fan.. :-)

lakshmiraman Hi kim hyung joong I like u caring character I want ur friendship

christina Google for news of you but nothing near...remembering you in various dramas hurt when there isn't any news of you. Are you still with KeyEast? don't know me and I know nothing about you except whats in the news or what your company chooses to reveal, so what the hack I care? I don't know...I just care...that's the pain of a fan of a popular star. Why people called actors and actresses, stars? I guess I know now...they are high up in the sky, unreacheable, blinking, adorable, perfect and yet we know nothing about them...cling on Hyun Joong, don't fall, stay up there and strong and let us know you are fine. May God change you inside out. Fighting...

venui hi ! Imheard your awesome's so are the most handsome man I had ever seen.I love you my cute !

Rumi kerala Hi kim, i loved ur playful kiss too much ..u really rocked in that drama..and oh ha ni supported u well..ur smile is ur strength..keep it up..may god bless for ur future success..☺

krystal When I wached you playful kiss and bof I had crush on you.I'm gonna crazy for your smile. you are the superb & handsome idol in korea.I wanna your another awesome drama pleszzz. take care ! I love you sooo much !!!!

saja I love you . you're so handsome! I am a big fan of you :-)

Shenelleramjas Omg I love u oppa I'm in love with your songs unbreakable and gentleman I watch all of your drama shows hopefully u can do one with park shin hye that's my wish I'm your #1 fan i really want to see u a lot of you this year kim hyun joong I want u to make this year yours do your best

deepika i like boys overt flowers very much. you are so handsome. sivakasi deepika shenba

megha Hlo...sir....i m biggest fan of yours...i first saw u in playfull kiss..i like your anger character so much...I think this is a best drama that I had seen in my life..i see that serial 4 time in two days...i like anything in you..your hair style..your cute smile

sangeetha hai oppa i'm a big fan of yours after watching boys over flowers.... oppa you are so cool and handsome guy ...:)oppa your song albums are too good ....;)saranghae oppa.....

jonghyun Hi !!!! Cuttie.I miss you a are greatest,handsome,talented man In korea. I like your awesome voice.and your song because I'm stupid and others.GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE !

vina hello kim hyun-joong 김현중 I am really a big fan of you.. your soooo cute your adorable very talented. honestly I really really really want to see in person.. take care always. <3

Bency You are amazing like your smile!!!!

Megumi Waiting for your new drama . Please show in dramas in future

marife kim hyun joong i love you so much <3

Hyundarella501 My amazing hyun joong oppa, he is perfect in everything, singer, actor, dancer and musician. I'm so proud to be his fanand ss501 fan, TripleS henecia forever

ANN Hi jim hyun, you are amazing in acting, really like your cast in (BOF)...pls dn't quit acting! Takia!

christina How are you, Hyun Joong? Saw news here about you going to Japan. All the best for 2015...a new year, a new start. Please take care wherever you are and don't forget us, your fans all over the world. How about one drama this year and some slow numbers for a new CD, yah?

shani Hi ! My favourite handsome guy I had ever seen.your acting,singing ,dancing skills are superb. I love you soooooo.

sanjali Hi song jooo ! I like you in playful are soooo cute in that drama . best drama that I had seen in my life.I love you ......

bonse Huyn joong good luck.....being fan thats all I can say....bye.... take care......

ss501 Oppa I like you sooo much.

ima I wish you a belated happy new year ! Khj.I'm your huje fan from sri you soooo much.

taemin I love you soooooo much my cute oppa.

deva Your kiss kiss and unbreakable song is have a amazing voice.I love yoy soo much oppa!

Smantha Mr. ALIEN PRINCE <3 'you' in 'Inspiring Genaration'.!! was just amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing... I liked how you put your whole emotions and feeling in scences. U made the fight and action enjoyable and fun... you made sadness deep and heart-touching..!! keep it up PRINCE.. You are one only K-idol I admire <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Smantha Hello!I wish you a happy new year my dear kim hyun joong. <3 a year full of happiness and success , a year full of love where ever you go <3 <3 We know KIM HYUN JOONG will not be able to read all these msgs...We know that we are not idiots... 'WE' as his fans, want to show people, I mean anti-fan and other poeple!... how much we love him., how much we really care about him not just as our idol...but also as human being and friend... either he will read what we wrote or not! who cares...!!????????????? Soooo please ''HATERS'' fly away......give us some peace, give us some space to enjoy and express our love for our only one KIM HYUN JOONG...!!!!COME ON PEOPLE!!! what's wrong with all this hate???? PS: For me if I don't like someone I just ignore 'him' or 'her' , not insulting.... or such !!!.....

Amanda N I haven't heard much of your music and only watched only half of boys over to date; it's really interesting to see how you grow as an actor from Episode 1. Good luck for 2015 and take care

mavis well i think u are a rally good actor be honest at the same time i think you are harsh for real life....despite that fact you have done a really good job and i ll cheer you on....keep it up!!

sadia HI!!!!!!Kim i dont know how to express i much i love you,i am sadia from niger please act more dramas so we could continue to watch your awsome preformance.Love You!!!

base Hi ! Today is the last day of 2015 please give us your new awesome drama. you are sooo handsome and have amazing talants like ,singing,dancing. keep it up ! God bless you!!!!!!

megumi To the best awseome , handsome guy in this world . how could i not be a fan of you. i am a biggest fan of you. I really like your hairstyle in boys over flowers and your anger in playful kiss.why are you not shown in dramas lately. I wanna watch your new drama . plaese show in a new drama . you might be very talented to music and approve it . but think bout your fans also , we are waiting for your new dramas , you cant quit from acting.....................!!!!!

hasi Hi cuttie ! I'm your biggest fan from sri are awesome in playful kiss.I like the way you get angry.I like your k -pop songs &dance.keep it up !

Dumy Hello!!!!My name is Dumitrita.From de age of 4 years y am fan of Korean flims.Especially Kim Hyun Joong.Am lord watched over South Korean drama series, most pleasant SOAP my Boys over flowers

Len nice cute guy..

gomathy hi lovely and romantic guy. I love u so much. but I don't know how much I love you. I'm Indian. you acting is so cute. ur style was amazing. your walking style vwas amazing in boys over flowers. pls I want you r contact number. pls come to India.

gaul Hi ! You are the best man in the world. I like your song kiss kiss.please act another awesome drama.I wanna see you again in a drama like playful kiss.

Kaffy No no no! u cant quit acting because you are too much, you might be very good in music but believe me you are also superb as far as acting is concerned as well still need to watch more of d movies you featured in, till am able to watch more of your talent stuffs, remain blessed

Maggie I love you in anything you do. I am a big fan from the little island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

lucky i have more words to say but i have no words to say from the first step you took lead one more till you reach the end keep it going and live in your dream but always turn back to make yourself perfect!!!!

priya Hi ...I liked your role in boys over flowers. Your hair style and smile are just awesome. I know only English don't understand korean language but listen to your ss501 songs and just love listening to them. I would like contact you (number or email id) and meet you. Do come over to India. Take care of your health.

dnafi Superb acting in inspiring generation , playful kiss ,boys over flowers.plzz I wanna see your another drama with park shin hye. keep your cute smile ever....

lekshmisri Hai oppa, i love u sooooo much. first i impressed u in BOF. bof is my first korean drama i saw, it is one of the best series for me. i love ur character in bof. it is so awesome. second i impressed in playful kiss. i love playful kiss too. u r the PRINCE of CURD and CREAM oppa. i dont know why i love u so much. ur smile is mindblowing and ur hair style tooo oppa. support u and love u FOREVER, TILL THE END.

blesseddamozel Hai oppa, i love u sooooo much. first i impressed u in BOF. bof is my first korean drama i saw, it is one of the best series for me. i love ur character in bof. it is so awesome. second i impressed in playful kiss. i love playful kiss too. u r the PRINCE of CURD and CREAM oppa. i dont know why i love u so much. ur smile is mindblowing and ur hair style tooo oppa. support u and love u FOREVER, TILL THE END.

sonali Hiiiii,

I have seen Playful kiss which is first Korean series in my life. It is just amazing. Both of you e were awesome together :). we want to see more series of you with Oh ha ni. Thank you for this wonderful series.both of you acted and justified the role very well. Keep Smiling always :)

venu Hey ! What's up ! I like you soooo much. I want your another awesome drama with your cute & handsome smile. you are prince of k - pop world. Saranghe oppa !

Beseu Kim Hyun Joong I hope I can watch you again in a movie or drama series. We already miss you so much. I don't care about the rumor about you what is important is for you to be visible again. We are always here for you. We miss you so much.

jan di I love you ! Hyun joong sooo much.

Marla Ann Lopez KHJ, I'm a fan of yours since forever! I watched Playful Kiss a lot of time because of you. You're indeed a great actor and of course a great singer. I watched BOF because of you ♥ But what I love most out of all your projects was the one with Hwang Bo the We Got Married. I was actuallly bursting my heart out because of your awkwardness but it was totally cute. I love how you show the real you. I even cried a river when you already had to bid goodbyes because of BOF. The Lettuce Couple will only be the ship that I will sail all my life! ♡ How I wish you'll get into a project with hwang bo again. :) And please, stay strong. People make mistakes because we're human. We are bound to commit mistakes and correct them. I'm always rooting for you til my last breath. ♥ Keep us updated! We're missing you so much!!! So much love from the Philippines! (C) @MrsFurukawa - Twitter

Binipi debbarma very very sweet n innocent

marie Kim hyun joong when I saw first in boys over flowers I had crush with you. I like your cute and awesome acting in playful are the only one greatest actor & singer in korea. I love youuuu ever.last thing I should tell you plezzzz don't get married.

Tdbh I love you 're soo handsome.please come to sri lanka.yourfans are waiting for you.

goldy Hi kim hyun joog.....I jst love ur acting ur smile ur style and everything love u god bless u dear

tishni I love youu soooo much.

kasuni Hey ! hyun joong. You 're my favourite idol are the cuttest, singer and actor in world.I like your songs and voice sooo youuuu ever.

pramila seung jo so much crazy about play full kiss drama jung so min and you guys are made for each other...i like your hair and your smile....i used to call ma best friend uma (her name)as mummy so she always used to tell me to call u as dad...and she cheged her name as oh ha uma ni after seeing play full kiss...its funny tat much we are crazy with play full kiss...

vishi You 're my favourite character in boys over 're soo handsome and cute in playful kiss.I 'm one of your fan from sri lanka. PLESZzzzz visit sri Lanka.

Selva Dhasni.P Hi Kim, how are you? Can you please act one more love serial as soon as possible? Then I have one doubt that are you really going to join in army for 2 years?

jasdg Hey ! You are the handsome guy ever. I love youuuuu sooo much.

keethu Hi...hyun joong i love your songs and your acting in boys over flowers and playful kiss and inspiring generation.i love your killing're so handsome i love youuuuu so much.

kteee I love youuu soo much are the most handsome & cuttest guy I had ever seen. like you in playful kiss and boys over's plasent to hear your voice,songs.

k.k. you are the best actor and singer in Korea ...

Natasha Hey ! You 're the handsome and cuttes,. Talanted actor&singer I had ever seen . I love youuuu soooo much.keep up your talent.

aita rani hi Kim hyun joong! u r my favorite actor ever seen ...plz visit Nepal .....

yutuhuyii Kim hyun joong you 're the handsome and cuttest , talanted actor &singer ever. I love you sooo much.

Viktoria How can women go crazy about a man, who beated his girlfriend??? Where ist women solidarity disappeared? I always had the feeling, that he ist total different from the lovely characters he was playing, but I never thought, that he is really that bad. This is just just a proof for me, that my intuition was right.

anu Hi kim hyun joong.I like your acting in boys over flowers and playful are soooo cute and handsome.please come to sri lanka.

fina I really like you . You are my favourite & you are the greatest actor and singer ever. plssssszzzzzzzzx visit sri Lanka.

   Sri lankan fans are waiting for you..

hajids I love yoooooooouuuuuu soooooo much.

guhhn Hey cuttie! I like your acting sooooo much.I'm gonna crazy when I watch your dramas , when I listen to your voice. I love youuuuuuuu.

Isis I think so Kim Hyun Joong is a very talented, inspiring, artistic, good actor with high performance and nice human being...God bless him long and healthy life.

ksuhba You 're sooo cute & handsome. I like your killing smile.I love yooooou sooooo much.

christina Hi Hyun-Joong, I said I'll watch your drama next so I will. After 'Boys over flower' I think I need something to laugh and ' Mischievous Kiss' seems like a comedy...I hope will bring down the emotion I feel for Ji-Hoo. God bless you.

purblanca First of all... Lol.... You are good I must say... And God really took his time to create a child like you... Wish you lots of happiness... Wouldn't doubt the fact that you are having fun... But please don't forget where you started from and eventually where you going.... Lots of love... Wishing you the best of it all... KUDOS

gajhij Hi sexy! I love you 're soooo handsome and cute.

haffiih Hey kim hyun joong. How 're you ? I like your dramas and your amazing voice.

 You are the most handsome & cuttest  idol in the world. I love youuuuuuuuu.
  You are awesome in playful kiss and boys over flowers.

sweety I love youuuu sooooo much. I gonna crazy when I watch your dramas. I want another drama.

You 're my future prince.I love youuu cuteeeeer.

kim fani moong Hey ! I like your songs soooo much. You are soooo handsome and soo cute. You have a amazing voice.

   You 're my best idol ever.I love youuuu sooo much.

sharini I love youuu soo much my cute prince.

friedy I love you sooooo much. I can't forget your eyes and your cute smile.

Maureen Mizuno I just really think highly of him and I really want to see him do well in his life. I don't care what anyone says I know he is a good person and I am praying for him to be successful, and he a good life.

vinny godsora Hey hyun joong. I gonna crazy after watching boys over flower. Today I watched this drama. I can't tell you how many times i cried and laughed while i watching. I can't understand your language. But i am fall in love with u. I love uuu so so so much.

Your one more dieheart fan from india. Love uuu. And god bless u

cela Hi ! sexy. How 're you? I think you're doing fine. You soooo handsome and cuuuute.I like your killing smile.I love youuuuu.

heshini hyun joong Hi ! Kim hyun joong. You are very handsome.when I watching your dramas I'm going crazy.

 What a amazing (cute )smile you have.I love you forever cute baby.

jana1996 anyeonghaseyo oppa miss your lovely smile hope that you are okay i pray to God maybe God bless you

Switlv16 Mr Hyun Joong, how are you doing? I pray that you get to see this message. As a fan, I was really disapointed in you when I read about your scandal with your ex. At first, I never belived but when you accpted your crimes, I felt really sad. You are one of my most respected Idols. Though, you let me down as a fan, but, I still respect you even more than before because, aspecting your fault and apologising wouldn't have been easy, considering your status in the society. You did well Mr Kim Hyun Joong. I have forgiven you as a fan. I'll be your fan forever. Just be good and stay healthy. God bless you. Don't give up remeber, when the going gets tuff, the tuff gets going. FIGTHING.

          This is from a good fan of yours in Nigeria.

feshni Why sooo handsome and cute ???? You are making me crazy every time. You are very cute in playful kiss and boys over flowers and great acting. I want a another drama.

        I like your songs and you have a amazing voice.keep it up.

so na ta I love youuuuu ever .you have a cute smile.

sofia Hi ! are you? I think you're fine.l want to see your cute face and handsome body.

You are the handsome and cuttest guy I had ever have a nice voice.
     I love youuuuuu sooooooo much.

anjai kim hyun joong ,im try to come to see you.we love you very much,because of your act. I like your songs as well......... we love you forever

vashi Omg! You are sooooooo handsome &cuteeeeee. I like your awesome voice and songs. Love you very much!

meni I love youuuuuuuu ! For ever......

svetlana.smoyn Hello from Russia! Girls, do not need to love the actor - spend silly life! And love too !!! He did not read your messages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry, this is so!

kim min ah I love you hyun joong.I like your cute smile and handsome body.plz be together with ss501 members again.I want see youbas a leader.

Keep your cute smile every time. All the best !

malmi .I love you soooooo much.I like you cute smile and your awesome voice.

    Why sooo handsome ?

joe nisha hyun joong i love u so much...ummmmmmmnnmmmma

Nithya ....... hi KIM HYUN JOONG.......i would like to call JOE.....playfulkiss drama is really soooooooooooo cute joe.i'm surprising when i can see you(in your photo,videos)i like your eyes very much.......mmmmmmmmmm

pavani You did awesome act in boys over flowers.I'watching your drama playful kiss these are very handsome.I like your killing smile.I'm fom sri lanka.I love you soooooooooo much.

cynthia i really want you to knwon that i will allways surport u all the days of my life and my biggest dream is to see even do is once in life or even hear your voice once

rosemary I love handsome.I like you very're my favourite idol in korea.

favour that is good keep it up

shani I like you very much.i'm your biggest fan from sri lanka. Plz visit our country. You are very handsome and youuuuuu ..........

cutee Hi! youuuuuu sooooo 're my favourite idol in korea.

Noona Hyungnim fighting and I love u in playful kiss u where great I'm going to visit korea soon hope I see u at the airport right now I'm in the US u keep on fighting

hyungji hyungjoong oppa what ever your doing. good or bad always remember were always with you...i believe you can get higher than this so oppa fighting . .:-D

sathya jung so min is perfect for you

Biaskimhyunjoong Stopping by just to say hello and hope you are doing, Saranaghae Hyunjoong

sajoong Kim hyun joong!  :-) Fighting. Will support forever  :-) Don't mind others! ! Remember HENECIA will never leave you

jws The fact he apologized for beating up his gf is not enough: he needs to be in therapy. Women who think he is so cute--really? Do not make excuses for this guy or blame his victim. He is a monster.

shaini You are so cute boy.........i like your character in drama boys over flowers.

Abishikana jacob I love u soooo Much my cute darling

pinky Love you sooooo cute prince.

senani I love youuuuuuuu sooooooooo are my favourite idol in are the handsome guy in korea.i like your acting in boys over flowers and playful kiss. Like your songs.

ama you are superb actor...................

hasini I like your voice, songs and your are my best (handsome) actor & singer ever. I want to see you with ss501 members again.

          You are very handsome and sweet. I love you ever.plz visit sri lanka.

madini I like your character in boys over flowers (ji hoo) and playful kiss(baek seong joo).I wan't your another drama.

          You are so handsome and cute than other actors.

I love you my cuteeeee.......

thanvi What a amazing body. gorgeous smile. I like your songs(voice) and your acting. Love you sooooooo..... much.

mila perera hey kim hyun joong i like you very much...plz visit sri lanka..hope to see you..........

mila perera hey kim hyun joong i like you very much...

deshani I like you character (yoon ji hoo) in boys over flowers. You are awesome in that drama.why so handsome and cute? love yooooooouuuuuuuu so much.i'm from sri lanka. Please visit our country.

cutee I love you so much are the handsome and cuttest singer & actor in korea.nice job in pfk and bof. I like to see you another drama.

ursula mary yong i love you so much oppa. i like your drama BOYS OVER FLOWER forever.

Tashika Fernando I wish u all the best and may all your dreams come true.

selina I love you..... i like your perfect smile and handsome body.awesome in playful kiss and bof. Love your songs.

hinoshi Hi Kim hyun joong,, I am a biggggggg fan of yours from sri lanka. I love your song n movies.especially jihoo! I love that calm, quite and gentle jihoo! I was in touch with your website from the first day of this assault case. Its great the way you apologized in public and personally to her. A quality of a gentleman! In life Bad things happen as well as Good things. But take courage and face everything comes your way in future. Wish you all the very best to perform in singing and acting!

queen Love you cuteee&sexy......

Varshamit Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, kim, im a great fan of.after bof, pk i started behaving like yours character, from that i wanted to become friends with you, will u.accept, pls, good

princess Hi, you are my no.1 korean actor ever.why very handsome?

Glory-Ann G.Deocariza hi! hello! Handsome and sexy i like your drama series

sajoongie This the most brave thing I have never seen in other actor's , singers and ...doing!!! You deserve our respect we are proud of being Henecian <3 I hope your career will grown and see u in other dramas, sweet and powerful songs <3 <3 You a special 4D prince love u<3

ish No matter how horrible you feel right now. i know for sure that bad times are not going to last forever. Just stay strong and pray.

Eun Jung Kim Hyun Joong, I just learned that you made a public apology and that all charges were dropped. I admire your courage. From the moment I first heard the bad news until now, I have felt so strongly that you are a good man. You said that you did something you should not have done. I believe you are capable of never repeating the wrong you did. I have hope that your future will be better. I will always love your music. I will always love seeing you act. You have brightened my life with your talent. I hope your career will continue to be successful. I look forward to hearing more of your music and seeing you act in more dramas. I care a lot about you and wish the best for you every day.

jandi you are my fav singer and actor.amazing acting in boys over flowers and playful kiss .i like to see your up comming youuuu.....

jayanti hey hyun joong I jayanti from indian a bigggggggg fan of yours from the day wn i saw u in play full kiss drama n nw watching boys before flower....... you look jst mind blowing.....i wish if we cud meet sumwer ....sumdy...<3 and hope this msg must reach to you.. be blessed

samsam kimo Kim hyun joong you are really brave :-) what's u done about your matter was just great and makes me respect you no matter what! No wonder we henecia call 4d alien .because you are really an alien and always surprise us with your actions. Wish you the best wish we can see you in other dramas, wish people won't hate you because of ur private life! Wish u all the best and keep it up till the end! Always hard work people can make it till the end. we love u no matter what

Mohammed My No.1 Artist, Actor. I like that u r quiet, and good I do wanna see u and Ku Hye Sun in another drama other than Boys Over Flowers.

DDB Dear Korean writers please get the old group of guys from “Boys Over Flowers” together again for another mini-series. I would also like to see Kim Hyun Joong in more movies, I love his voice, his music and his videos. He is truly an sexy guy and a money maker.

tna I love you kim hyun joong...I like your acting and your makes me crazy.cute smile

Eun Jung Kim Hyun Joong, I am thinking of you and I wish the best for you. It is a tough time right now for you. I hope you will be strong. It is good that you talked to the police. I believe you will do the right things in the days ahead. I love your music. I love seeing you act in dramas. I don't know you personally, but I believe strongly that you are a good person. I believe in rainbows after storms. Sometimes difficult experiences, even though it is very painful, end up changing us into better people. But, that is hard to recognize until a lot later. I have hope for your future. I hope you have good support from friends and family near you. Take care!

debur I would like to believe you didn't hit your girlfriend, but if you did Please be man enough to admit it and apologize. It is never okay to hit a woman, especially when you are so much stronger. I love your singing and acting, I want to love the "person" you are. FIGHTING.

THILINI I wanted to tell you this I like you very much as an actor of boys over flower.i would dream like that lover,i wish you in real life also to be so and all the best

Jen Ng I just read KHJ on today, and I see his girlfriend force him to accept beat manytimes and give apology about his fault. Therefore, I want to suggest him not do it if he did not hit her many times. Be strong Kim Huyn Joon. My country has this sentence " Real gold will not afraid for the fire." You know what it means right. If you are honest, you will not scare for anything. I will read your news daily and wishing you be good luck.

Nikita Kendra I like everything about you,your dressing, your voice,your steps.U are such an hard working guy,keep it up. Everything about you is lovely and cute,most especially your smile,it is indeed charming... Can we be friend, you can message me through my mail... Go Kim Hyun joong. Good job so far guy.

Nikita Kendra I love everything about you,your dressing, your voice,your steps.. Everything about you is lovely and cute,most especially your smile,it is indeed charming... Can we be friend, you can message me through my mail... Go Kim Hyun joong. Good job so far guy.

Rahmy As i'm proud of him. his story before a star and he good working hard, clever boy. i love his song specially Lovely ( could you give me information about this song) . His drama..i love it.

Tanuja Wish U Good Luck :) Pls Be Strong, All Your Fans are with You :):) Love All Your Songs And Hair Styles ;););). Keep Smiling :):):):):)

Surrounded By Delulus Whoever still supports this trash I hope your boyfriends or husbands or future boyfriends or husbands beat you up.

nana khattab no one could push you down cause you're pure and innocent from inside and outside you're hard working man keep going all of your fans believe in you and supporting you for those black media never mind we used to this kind of cheap media just relax your mind and stay strong KHJ fighting

Reem Please OPPA! Forget what happened .... we are with you and support u in every step so come back and be stronger than before !! Fighting .... arab fan ^^

samjoong KHJ OPPA fightin! you are an honest person, you said what happened you didn't deny knowing the girl nor dating her! you said that you fought with each other and not beating the way she said!This is what makes u special and N1 and only one! KHJ oppa and we fans! Fighting. Loyal fan <3

Biaskimhyunjonng You are the most genuine, compassionate, kindest, honest, down-to-earth, sincere person . I want you to know that there are many of standing beside you and we support you. I am so sorry you are going through this tough time but I hope that you will find strength in knowing that you have many loyal fans and we are praying for you. Hugs... KHJ, stay strong . . .

LOUNI We can not judge him. this is a personal matter, whether an actor or a president is a human after all, literally every can make mistakes but the key it passes this pitfall. I wish him a lot of courage

Leave I work in place where I've worked with abused cases. One can be very caring to pets or children but yet can be violent towards their spouse. Abuse cases are's never a one reason or one explanation. One can kept silence for years before having courage to report it. No judging goes both ways. Don't judge the guy and don't judge the girl. Let them investigate n do their work

Jen Ng I am very happy for him that his fans are still loving him, and his concerts are very sucessful in out of countries. He is a honest person, so he will not scare for anything. Let wait and see the result when the police is investiage with him. I hope he will clear his scandal and be more reputation and love from all his fans and other people.

Csnsmh I am hoping this scandal is due to a woman's scorn! The pictures of her bruises could have been due to any other incidents, like walking into and hitting the door frame or falling down after drinking! Unless there were actual witnesses, I don't buy it! Why would any celebrity risk their career and reputation by doing something like this?! Your Ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin your reputation! Why doesn't she show us who she is? What is she hiding?

miss khj hi I know you are innosent.l will be with you ever.

so so ya Oppa, if you did it(don't wanna say it ...) like what they said, please just tell the truth and accept the punishment, and if u didn't tell us as well! !! We your fans are waiting for you to speak we don't wanna lose you!!!. You will always be our N1 and only one . ♥♥♥♥♥

tharindi I love you kim hyun joong are the handsome an cuttest actor ever.your acting was totally amazing in playful kiss and bof.

Jen Ng I am not fan of Kim Huyn Joong, but I know he has a good personality because he did a lot of charities. In 2010, Kim Huyn Joong and Yoon Eun Hye did charity for Basic House. Also, he just took a half of money for his sing in Japan 2012. Then the other half, he did for charity of other countries include my country Viet Nam. On the interview, he said he wanted to hide his girl friend because he was not sure to marry her or not, and if he is not marry her. Then, many people will know her name and face, so it is not good for her later marry. I hope his fans and other people still love him and do not think about bad for him. Like I mention above, he has a beatiful heart and think about the others.

Pet-Pet Oppa, I'm so scared we are going to loose you because of this scandal. I believe you're innocent until proven guilty, and to be honest, I think I was more upset over you lying about having a gf than this scandal now. Oppa, in the future don't lie, okay? It's fine if you date, but if the public knew about your relationship in the first place this wouldn't have happened. I'm assuming that your ex gf is in a girl group, I noticed how she's not going public with her identity and this in itself is suspicious. Oppa, saranghanda. I'll keep quietly supporting you, so please stay healthy and don't lie anymore. Fighting!

Lyrangel We all have had a situation that gets out of hand specially when things don't go the way we want. Hyun Joong's case ain't different. I strongly believe he wanted to ended the relationship and she disagreed, probably she hit him first and he might've pushed her to get her off him. And since women are easier to believed to be the victim and he is a public figure very well known around the globe, and has a solid successful career she knows she can harm him badly with lies personal, emotional and professionally speaking. I only hope for Him to Stay Strong, Stay Focus and Prove His Innocence. No I am not naive, but a situation like that just happened to my brother, and his wife, and when they went to court she spoke the truth, and not only the Judge ruled against her, but he made sure the case got Public to Prove that women do physically assault men and most of the time, he gets unjustly punished by a lie. Stay Strong My Prince, Kiss, Kiss...

Sonia Nazneen I like you soooooooooooo much. Wish u all the best and gain the highest success in ur career as well as life.

nana82246 kim hyun joong be strong we love you big support from all your fans around the world

ojajuni beauty i cant believe the media though,i will always support you.hyung-nim,love you

Samjoong Wish you will survive this miss and please something to calm you fans plzzzz  :-D Keep it up OPPA fighting ♥

anji hyun...i love to see ur smile very much..its keep in smiling everytime.i love to hear your voice you very much oppa....(i'm your fan from srilanka)

Annette Will always support you , love your music and dramas. Keep the faith the real truth will come out and you will be okay.Stay strong we love ya!

fashionista every person there's always a negative side of it, whether he did it or not... it's his own business, He spend his time to make his fan happy! that alone defines a person that is responsible enough. he deserved to be loved..he needs our support!

biaskimhyun-joong Be strong, take care of yourself...Supporting you always...We have all made our mistakes...Fighting..

Ollissiya I don't believe in such fake story as this. A guy who looks after 2 dogs can't hit a girl. PEOPLE SHOULDN'T JUDGE SO FAST!!! How dare they make him guilty without any investigation?! What with this Lynch law?! Kim Hyun Joong - be strong. Maybe your Asian fans don't believe in you, but your other foreign fans will try to support you always.

Ollissiya I don't believe in this fake story. I've read that many of his Korean or Asian fans turned their back on him. People always easy accuse someone without any investigation. If i lived in South Korea and knew him personally I would try my best to support him. I can't believe that he can be so cruel towards other people. How a person who take care about dogs (i heard that he had 2 of them) can hit a girl? Why she wait so long to publish such nonsense? PEOPLE SHOULDN'T JUDGE OTHERS SO FAST. All these young guys which only like to accuse Kim Hyun Joong are just mudslingers and enviers. Take care Kim Hyun Joong and be strong. One of your fans from Moldova.

Ollissiya Makerpeace

MPP We always support you and hope you will come across every obstacle strongly... Fight till the end oppa KHJ.... We believe in you and believe you are a human being with imperfections too... But we don't believe you are a monster like the media said... Fighting..!!!

Eun Jung I just read the negative story in the media yesterday. It is a one-sided report. I will believe what I hear from Kim Hyun Joong, himself. My heart is sad. I care very much for Kim Hyun Joong. I do not think it is okay to physically hurt another person. I cannot accept that Kim Hyun Joong would hurt anyone. I will continue to care for and support Kim Hyun Joong. I believe he is a very good person.

Wolverine WTF! You are a woman beater? I hope it's not true because I like you.

Dulakshi i like u very much...u are so charm,kind,handsome and cute in bof...

medallin oppa.... hes so cute, and charming... hes really my idol....... :)

eunice Oppa!! Fighting!!!!!!

Venora Just like jandi in BOF my 1st crush was KHJ........Remain the way u r oppa......I luv u evn aftr uor rhinoplasty & will keep lovin' ya......

eunice Um...i dont really know how to say it but u're a wonderful personality whom i would like to meet someday though it's a dream that can never come true i love u and i love ur acting skills especially in playful/mischievious kiss

Nemy Oppa! fighiting!!

America Kim You came from a long way Hyun. Congratulations and fighting. Love you ♡

smaranika i love so much...u r so cute...ur hair style is ousome....

Aparna Kim Hyun Joon, I like you very much, you have very attractive and beautiful smile...i like it very much.. the charactor of BOF is very perfect...i like that role very much..

Rosemary Gosh fell in love with your smile when since i started watching boys over flowers. This movie has really taught me how to be patient and also no matter how tough someone can be the real them they are really lonely inside. I also loved your role. You seemed like an angel, tbh you cute.

joyce i like him,,especially his smile,..

Louie I admired him his very talented person acting and signing , both his really good. I wish to watch him one day I will and I hope very soon. More power for your carrier and I wish you well. Always take care Idol.

Marvellous I really like kim hyun-joong

ram hi.. u r so beautiful.. u have very attractive & beautiful smile..

mohana i like u .....your smile is very cute....

lakshi I like you very much ji hoo. Your acting is perfect.

flora i also prefer "flower boy" look. he look perfect in it but new look is also okay. but not seems perfect.

Thomfrances Have u seen khj's new look? I personally preferred him as a flower boy

sao i noticed he didn't talk much on bof and mischievous kiss. He's cute wit dat style (little talking method) cant he combine movies and music? pls let him keep the two up.

kHJ-lover Wath on a group ohhhhh

claudia i want a new drama , melodrama or romantic , or romantic comedy until you enlist

sahel i wish to see in new romance drama with moon chae won soooooon

sahel you killed me with your crying in inspiring generation please another drama with suzy

Tamarashanthi I really enjoyed watching u in boys over flowers.

FB I love kim hyun joong . i like because you best. not forget me

Emellia Manga Kim Hyun Joong am your big fun in BOF and Playful kiss I liked your role.... Hyun Joong sunbae fighting!!!!!!!

Desi hard to believe im just finding out about you while making you my favorite character in boys over flowers. i really hope someday i live in Korea... though everyone says america is the place to be. i feel as though maybe i am supposed to be in Korea.. anyways, i think you are really talented maybe in Korea when i move there and ill be able to get all the updates on the newest things you put out. im not a crazed fan or anything. and im not going to say i love you when i don't even know you. no offense. but anyways i am a good fan hope i see more of you on TV since im not in Korea. bye!

jenny i love you so much ....your so nice person i love youreyes very much...

boomshakalakalova his smile is beautiful,and i would be fine taking him off Jandi's hands,while she had junpyo...

Vise Saranghae <3

Padma.b Love u soooooo much Kim hyun joong sunbae.Im big fan of uuuu......

sup i just love you so much oppa you are really talented and i love all your work tho im a new fan ur have never disappointed ..not once..ur really amazing every time i see you,,i think you will be my forever idol ..will always be ur fan..I LOVE YOU <3 p.s .. ur hot sun album was FKKN AMAZING CANT WAIT FOR UR KOREAN ALBUM XD

nusrat eila your cool act suits you so much that i really wonder....when i first saw you,i thought you were 17...'.yoon ji hoo'..this character suits you are awesome in acting as you are in your personal life's acting...:P(if anyone consider life as play)...i wish to see your more drama..perhaps film too...

inak I like u soooooooooooo much joe.. in boys over flowers ur acting is nice maintain it.

nisha jing you look so nice. I saw boys over flowers in happy. Why you so silent in this series. Really u know violin. Anyway u play violin so good. You are a good bike rider.u are my friend.are you like friend to me.its just goegeous kim hyun joong

kim yeol wool I love him.. kim hyun joong...♡♡ keep t up buddy Tanzanias realy admire you...

Elaheh I love him He is really hand some I think he don`t know that he has a lot of fans in Iran Good Luck

Abigail Hapu delated birthdae,luv u bouch

jhen happy birthday..muah!

CookieBear Hi :) Happy Birthday ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)

i just watched boys over flowers again earlier and your acting is really GREAT ♥

======= HAPPY BIRTHDAY =======

CookieBear Hi :) Happy Birthday ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)

i just watched boys over flowers again earlier and your acting is really GREAT ♥

Test Happy birthday my love.. Many, many more blessings to you.. Iloveualways

kaylee b mumba 1-4-3 @kim hyung joong ###love yah!!!

Anna Kim Hyun Joong...Happy Birthday to you! 몸 조심하세요 ♥♥♥♪♫♪


  1. @PPy B!rTHD@Y..!!!!... have a wonderful and prosperous life......

Sisi Most his fans become his antifans now

Marlene Dixon Love you and wish to you all the best for your future

alexandra helo !!!! I just want say ....i love you kim <3 <3 you are very beautiful :)

Lovelyn Tracy i love u kim ,especially your movies,your character is very hard to dislike,just keep up with that big talent,my biggest dream is to just see your pretty face and smile,keep up kim,dont slack down.

lucille rhodes omg i love you so much your so cool im from america in arizona in casa grande. i think your really cool i love all your songs and tv shows. i look up to you as a role modle because your so successful and a great singer one day my dream is to meet you and go to one of your concerts

                                                                                       your fan,
                                                                                         lucille rhodes

Yuri Kim Hyun Joong you are a good actor please keep following your dreams and your fan's want to see more of you

tana keep acting, god will help u

jing you are really cool! indeed you are talented.

though your now on the stardom still you have a heart to the poor. 

keep going!!...

jing you are really cool! indeed you are talented.

Lhuiz Ricafort Can't help but to admire you more Khj..

Panch Watched Inspiring Generation... It was an awesome drama which left a deep feeling in my heart. Really love your acting in that and appreciate how you have worked hard... Kim Hyun Joong you have improved a lot in IG. You are really great. Fighting...!!! All the best for your future activities and your new album... Continue your good work...

Flora Dada I love him. me and my best friend want to marry him!!!

anna your voice makes me happy.. you are my fantasy. your family must be pround for you and very very lucky that have you. many many kisses

anna your voice make me happy , you are my fantasy. the world is better with you, your family is very very lucky. many many kisses.

nonny Everyday i more and more love you kim hyun joong

nada kim hyun joong is the only one can compare with him.He have more than enough to recognized including 5 times in a row yahoo buzz award,3 time award style Icon and other award that label him as hallyu star.Seriously he have enough.He is one of the king CF before.Hyun Joong,you already did the great job for you carrier,family and for us as your fans.Thanks God that we knowing you and thank you to your parents to delivered such shine son.We proud of you forever.

Cara KHJ...great performer...but ..I have yet to find an interview that he is engaging. he is boring, in a way it is disappointing. I am from the US , who is engaging and quick witted and smart is Jang Keun Suk. Just my opinion.

Princess I miss you so much.. Hope to see u soon in new dramas.. Iloveu Hyun Joong! You're the best and i will always be your no. 1 fan....

Loren @Clarkdale44 He does look like Tomohisa Yamashita, but I think Kim Hyun-Joong is cuter. Both Tomohisa and Kim Hyun-Joong are good looking guys!

Clarkdale44 Holy shit!! Am i seeing things or he resembles Tomohisa Yamashita so much like his brother or cousin.

kshama hyun joong....i m one of ur fans....n i love to see u in boys before flowers...n want to see u again n all shows....i m crazy about u...n ur acting... i wish a great n happy life for u

Amy6390 New fan here angry just wanted to wish you well. You are a very talented person and thanks for sharing your talent with others. Inspiring Generation was such a change in characters but you did an awesome job. Thanks . Hopefully you will have more opportunities in the future for roles. StY happy and healthy .

jessie I really love hoe sensitive your character is in Boy's Over Flowers. You were such a great role model showing how you can forgive your friends & family & to also be a best friend that could ever be! It made me think how I can be a better person to others & my friends. I know that this sounds way overly cheesy lol but I found that your character in the beginning was the most related to who I am (though I'm not musically talented with any instruments) I find myself trying to stray away from people & more

adventina Ur so fun Kim Hyun joong bigup I just congratrate you I real like you KIM!!!!!!!!

sharondee its very interesting watching you act and the songs you composed are very touchy and wild are calm everytime I wonder how you manage.i am a big fan of yours over the seas but I wish you all the best,for you have gone through a lot in your growing years.ciao!

iris321 very goood actor in inspired generation very entertaining drama! x

ramya indian i hope that you will become a very very big actor not only in korea but also in many other countries

pallavi s.s. [indian] i wish to see you in asian games in south korea,with exiting dance and music,i am your very loving fan,i want see your smile again,wishing a good going of ss501 and your drama series,i'm now 17,i hope i can see you in my near future,sarange oppa...........

ronnah jane anniongasiyo,oppa you know your so handsome i am your no.1 fans here in the philippines.

KIMI He is so charming plus handsome, very good in acting, he's the best.

MSP KIM HYUN JOONG is superb..... I hope you will have more TV Series. I hope to see you on your world tour.... Hopefully you will be visiting our country.

nada Kim Hyun deserve to be the best actor in 2014.let's girls n ladies,we support him not only because he is ours but most of all that he is a great actor.His transformed is EXCELLENT!!!!Kim Hyun Joong ,Daebak★★★★

Sara Great job on IG..enjoy and relax for a time. Remember your fans and those who love you will be waiting for your next drama,song or project. I will miss seeing you every week. Wishing you good health, success,and much happiness. So proud to be called your fan.

$K¥D¡VA you are a good actor i belive u ll be a good singer also coz ve never listened to any of your songs.jez keep it up.

sukanya dutta i simply love u.. muah!!!!!

deep As a mother of a son I wish my son would be like u khj so handsome and talented. I'm so crazily watched pk and ig is shown your other type of talents too. keep it up and miss u hope to see u soon again

fhame IG already ended...i will miss you so much are really good on your craft..hope to see more projects of you soon...keep up the good work...i just love you for being YOU...KIYAKAKA..:D

fhame IG already ended...i will miss you so much KHJ...hope u will hve another project are really good on your craft..keep up the good work... i will always support your projects..i just love you for being YOU..:)

biasKimhyunjoong I am going to miss you so much, please make another drama really soon. I know you need to rest also but know we will be waiting for your next drama,song or project. Always wishing only good things and much success in all you. saranghae.. Oppa

nada Kim Hyun Joong turned into a GREAT ACTOR! His acting in IG just superb★★★★ waiting for his next did it♥♥♥♥

nada Hi girl...ladies please check his ost for Inspiring Generation.his voice so sad and lovely.Magic voisr indeed.

suprika Hi i likeyour performance in boys over flowers ...

Panch Kim Hyun Joong you are the favorite Korean artist of mine... I always adore your good looks, your singing, dancing, acting and your personality.... If I meet you in person one day it will be a dream come true moment. And other hand I am really proud to say that you have born in the same year and same month as I have born..Hope you will do your best in all the activities in the future as you always did in the past... Fighting KHJ.....!!!! I will be a fan of you forever.

MPP Kim Hyun Joong you are the favorite Korean artist of mine... I always adore your good looks, your singing, dancing, acting and your personality.... If I meet you in person one day it will be a dream come true moment. And other hand I am really proud to say that you have born in the same year and same month as I have born..Hope you will do your best in all the activities in the future as you always did in the past... Fighting KHJ.....!!!! I will be a fan of you forever.... You are the best...!!!

esmeralda garcia Kim hyun joong " i like you so much and i wish could met you in person" also good luck

esmeralda garcia I would like to ask kim hyun joong that who does he like in this world ? also I want to tell that I like him so much and that I wish I could meet him in person and that every time I watch his drama shows, I feel that I am right there next to him. I also wish I could live in Seoul,South Korea so I could see him every day but that be impossible for me to see him everyday because he tour all over the world.If I went to South Korea I would walk down the sidewalk and get bump by him, I will freak out that finally I get to him and then I would say hello and how are you doing? Then i would go back to my house where I live in.But thats my dream to go to Seoul,South Korea. It was also my dream to go to Seoul,South Korea after I finish john burroughs middle school which is on Thursday June 5,2014.If I went to Seoul,South Korea airport and when I come out of the plane, I wish kim hyun joong standing there and smiling at me but thats no going to happen at all. One last thing if kim hyun joong is hearing this, then i am going to say it once " I like you so much Kim Hyun Joong so much and I wish you said the same also good luck on your tour and K-drama shows

sara a big fan of yours. always here to support and encourage you. You are doing a great job in IG. Your a wonderful person.Thank you for all you have done.

paulineee Gaya and Shin Jung Tae --- " the star crossed lovers".. i really want them to end up together. That scene where Gaya kissed Jung Tae goodbye made me cry so hard.. yes Gaya, in the next world you and Jung Tae will not be born that way, you will be born to love each other and i look forward to that... love u guys..

shella Kim Hyun min and So Min are so perfect match and beautiful couple. I fall in love with all you tubes in Playful Kiss and 16 dairies Baek Seung Jo. Thanks for share to you tube.

Miztiq You're still the one, Mr. Kim Hyun Joong.

AC precision His character in Inspiring is totally different from Boy Over flower and Playfull Kiss. I like it so much. I believe he put lots of effort on this leading act. His appearance looks so manly and better than previous dramass

tina He has kindness heart to donate for charity and acts very well in Boys over Flowers and Mischievous Kiss. I watched two dramas and love its a lot.

sara @ Spring 24 well said...he is a wonderful giving compassionate person. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone less fortunate.

paulineee .. when people walk away from you, let them go.. your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people.. it just means that their part in your story is over.. #KHJForever

Spring 24 i always wish you will stay the way you are now , a hardworking person with a kind heart who is always willing to share and help others... never change . i always like you not only because of the pretty boy image you created but also i like your voice ... but most of all i like the way you persevere in life at a very young age you already saw what life is all about , trying to stand on your own. beautiful face will never stay forever even the fame is passing but how you live and and treat other people be it a fan or not , in that way you will always be remember.. keep it up and never change!

Spring 24 Kim hyun Joong m the way i see him, he is a person who always do his best be it on performance or in the field of music, always wanting to give the people satisfaction and happiness, undoubtedly hes the kind who treasures every single thing he has now for at an early age he already saw the true colors of life, he know without perserverance and hardwork nothing will be accomplish , i always admire this person not only because of the pretty boy image he create but also because of the magnificent voice he had, and most of all a kind heart who always try to help others ... stay as you are , never change and surely more blessing will come for you.. God bless.,

Spring 24 Kim hyun Joong m the way i see him, he is a person who always do her best be it on performance or in the field of music, always wanting to give the people satisfaction and happiness, undoubtedly hes the kind who treasures every single thing he has now for at an early age he already saw the true colors of life, he know without perserverance and hardwork nothing will be accomplish , i always admire this person not only because of the pretty boy image he create but also because of the magnificent voice he had, and most of all a kind heart who always try to help others ... stay as you are , never change and surely more blessing will come for you.. God bless.,

Spring 24 The way i see kim hyun joong as an artist, always try to do his best performance to satisfied the public.... i really admire him not only because of his pretty boy image but , also his voice and the way he struggles in his life as an early age, there was no doubt he would value every single thing he has now , more so he appreciate others for he himself has seen the true colors of life... keep it up and try to stay the way you are now, never change and more blessings will surely come on your way!

paulineee .. sometimes the person who can make you happiest is the person who can hurt you yhe most ... #KHJForever

Hannah Kim Hyun Joong is really a role model for everyone. He is definitely a charismatic leader of SS501. I love his voice when he sings because it melts my heart when I hear him sing. I don't care if his English pronunciation is a bit weird because it shows that he's giving all of his effort into improving. I really wish that I could meet him in person... he's very charming and honest (sincere). I hope that he'll always smile through tough times and continue his career. And I'd like to see him in Boys Over Flowers Season 2, which I'm really hoping there will be one too. Ahaa, Hyun-Joong Hwaiting!

nada Love and respect everything about him.He is simply shine.

Eun Jung I don't know if Kim Hyun-joong will see this comment or not. But if he does, I want to tell him that I love his music. His music is my favorite of all. Sometimes when I have a stressful day, I turn on his music and then I feel better. On days like that, I wish I could thank him for his music. I think his music is the best on this planet!

Xix Omfg wth!! He is the main dude from inspiring generation?! Omfg he looks so darn mature in that drama wth! Lmao I'm so surprised.

biaskimhyunjoong @Joe just one thing...Yea he is all that....Saranghae Oppa

carina Wonderful carer,wonderful dreams,wonderful choice made wonderful khj keep it up god bless u

princess .. you are the best KHJ, you will always be my forever! .. Saranghae <3

paulineee .. why does it hurt so bad when others are mean to you, why do i always have to fight for you ... why am the first one to cry when you are sad and the happiest when you are happy, i tried so hard to break away from your spell, tried to adore somebody else but then i always find myself going back to you .. damn... why are you so complicated to love..

dispicable me honestly to me, KHJ did well in Inspiring Generation. sometimes when I watch again his previous drama, he has totally changed!! he has transform to become versatiles. thats what I like n love about him. keep it up KHJ!

claudia Hey Joe , i bet it isn't your real name bc someone who came to the site of one actor , singer to say only bad things about him , is always the fan of another one , but if you don't like'it don't look , simple like that . There are allot actor and singer i don't like even they have huge success , but i don't come to his site to put them down , is a matter of polite and respect for the other . You can say is your right to have your opinion , but not that manner . I think you have a remote on tv or a mouse on pc to change to that you like . I think is enough about you , now my opinion about the drama and Kim Hyun Joong , i liked him from Boys over flowers , the gentile , sensitive , polite and beautiful boy , then it was Playful kiss and i liked him too , maybe is not the best actor in the world , but show me a great actor from Hollywood who has this huge success from his first film , maybe George Clooney in ER , but the same for his charisma . Is not a sin to be beautiful and taking care of your body , is a plus . Now in this new drama IG I like his character and the drama is by far one of the best that i saw greatest actors and the staff is really professional, and i don't think the producer invested so much money for nothing . Can't wait every week to see next episode.

test @Joe - Only the green eyed monsters have bad things to say about Kim Hyun Joong and Inspiring Generation..... look in the mirror tonight, I'm sure your face is all green with envy..

Augus Candy Jin-hoo you are the bomb men....i realy love everything about you............just pray that one day i ll meet you in person

nada Seriously joe..when the others praise him that's enough!!! Don't need your words .Choose your other actor that can make you satisfied.did you other action movie or drama? All the hero have 9 live..if one shoot die are you going to replace them? Kim hyun joong...someone call you just handsome face?! Don't bother boy since she or he doesn't know I feel like YAWN.

joe Seriously, he gets beat up, cut up and stab in every episode and lives through it! Pease be more realistic, every one dies around him with one stab but he lives every time! Story line is a great one and all the other actors and actress were great but the male leading role should have been given to another male actor, he may be good looking but he is not all that!!! Is it that he can't really act that lines are fighting scenes in every episode. Who lives through beatings, cuts and stabs like he does? WOW

thank's Hi....!! kim hyun joong i hope you read this you know i have crush on you for me your a perfect man every morning i woke up i want to first saw your picture if i look your picture my hole day is perfect because of you i love you so much you are my only one boy in my life i am a single...!! Your smile,eyes,face,nose,character,attitude, i like so much your are my dream boy im your #1 fan until my last life (*^﹏^*) i wish i want to see you in person but i know its very impossible but its ok...!! Im happy and i pray for your career.. everyday i listen your all song day and night like it...

nada Get ready for the episode 15....IG daebak!!!kim hyun joong you are really amazing.

princess .. i just love everything about you - your smile, your face, your eyes, your hair, your skin, your playfulness, your kindness, your charm, your voice, your dance moves, your talent, your humility, your hotness, your body, your muscles, your to die for abs, oh my, oh my ....... hope to meet you in person someday.. i will always pray for your continued success my Prince... love you always until we grow old, your Princess..

Jenny Kim Hyun-Joong I have the BIGGEST crush on you (yep, even if I don't know you personally - which is rare) but you seem like a good person, which I'm sure you are, this I know though, you are a Great Actor, I sometimes need to re-read/re-watch Dramas just because I am too busy staring at you haha and not reading haha (and now I sound creepy), I love your smile, it makes me smile :D even if I am on the other side of the world. If you ever get a twitter let me know (My user name is Chica8D I'd love to follow you, you are after all my Favorite Male Actor. Thank You for Reading ~Jenny from all the way in the USA, PS: Keep on Smiling

feefoo Hi kim hyun joing i really liked youre playfull kiss drama alot that i wished it was true srory but also i like inspiring generation

janit hi kim hyun joon i love you se much series inspring generation wanderful series

Bina I love Kim Hyun"re so handsome, cool headed and you have a very cool and interesting personality............hope to see you one on one someday..........You are the best and i also hope to see more of your dramas..............fighting oppa!!!!!!!!!!!

Bimsky You are someone that I would like to meet... And everyday I feel like you are not real anymore because I don't think I would get the chance to see you for real... :(

nada Because of writer the drama a bit confusing...but with your passion we believe everything will be great.Kim Hyun Joong, we love you bro.

betchay ... family currently watching Canada Team battles with Sweden for Hockey Gold in Socchi Olympics but thinking about Kim Hyun Joong from to time and how good he is in Inspiring Generation, LOL.. oh man, is this what you call "severe obsession"..?

Rofiat Keep it up.... we, your fans will continue to pray for you.... Aja! Aja! Aja!

Grace What can I say, am still a child I lived all my life curshing on you. But today it has to stop I can never meet you, you are older than me with 10 years,well good luck hyun..oh and i love your movies all of them....bye

sara Saranghae, Oppa

aries660 Age of supporting you..Keep up the good work.

maissa hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kim hyun joong i love you so much i want to see you again in new drama and to visit seol and meet you i looooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuu i am the big fan of you i am from algeria you rae the best ever ever

asiat i really like u so much to the extent of arguing with my sisters of who is better looking amongst the bbf cast members...anyway i always pick u. i cant wait to watch yo new drama "age of feeling" oppa...fighting

nada Your shine is have an AURA that can make you bright without putting the light.Kim Hyun Jong don't think about your hater because we are your fan will always be with you.we are not blind...we knew what you have done.Your Passion is unbelievable.

aries660 Loving your new drama, can't wait for each new episode. You are doing a great job. I loved hearing your music as SS501 member well as your solo career. I see how your have grown as an actor.

nada Such a GREAT DRAMA you done It Kim Hyun joong...IG is the fact.our love and support is UNSTOPPABLE !!!!

claudia Hyun Joong , i discovered you in BOF on TV and until now i followed your career , cause you are an amazing beauty and an amazing personality as an artist and human being , i love you very much and i like how you grown from that cute child to the beautiful man that you are today , but don't be sad that fans like you for your beauty , is not a sin is a gift , don't try to hard to look more mature that you are bc you have a hole life for that , try more to be health , you're slim again , eat well and sleep more . I like you very much in your drama Inspiring Generation , cant wait week by week for the next episode . Everyday i search on internet to see what are you doing , don't let nobody to put you down , your acting is doing well , your music too . I hope you have a fulfill life in everything you do and in in your private life too . good luck

anna hi kim hyun joong ...I hope nice time for you ...I dont know any thing about you just know youre populer singer and acter , you have all thing you wanted but in youre heart you dont have calm know beter than me when you become old you arent cute and handsome and you lose most people that like you because of new cute man replace you..its a rule and dont change ..all people become old but some feel calm until died and some never experience that..I wana help you experience it..and know a way be populer for ever..please say youre email

anna hi kim hyun joong... I hope nice time for you...I dont know any thing about you.. just know you are a populer acter and this time youre is famouse and populer and people like you, you have all thing that you wanted but in youre heart dont feel know beter than me when you become old , you lose most of people like you because you arent hansome and cute in that time and the new cute and handsome people come replace you ..its a rule and real thing and dont change is true that all people will be old but some feeling calm until died but some dont experience it never...I wana help you experience it I know a way to be famous for ever....please tell youre email ...

nada Did you watch IG ep.9 girls? Than tell me... who said that Kim Hyun Joong can't? He is not just having handsome guy but more than that he is the man we can looking for it!!!

Isata I Love all ur work u r the best.

nada 7 years already I know you... and realise that you the right person to be followed.well done KIM HYUN JOONG! IG is s great drama.

Fey Opaa i love u u'r the best for ever best actor singer dancer i love every thing u do !every one watch kim hyun joong's new drama Inspiring generation ! Its an awesome drama

maissa helloooooooo you are the best actor and singer in the world i love you you was amazing in plyful kiss and boys over flowers i am from algeria i want to see you again represent with jung so min i promise you if i visit seoul i will meet you . i love you i hope we can see you

Karen You're gaining a US fanbase now that Netlix has put Boys Over Flowers on Instant Watch. I was curious if that was really you singing in BOF, so I checked out your videos on YouTube. Watched for over an hour. Handsome plus amazing voice - and tall!! Even cougars crush and I'm definitely crushing on you.

maissa i love you so much kim hyun joong you are my prince i loooooooooooooove youuuuuuuuu did you love me

mahshid Hey Oppa Hyun Saranghae Because Of Your Songs . Perfect Dance . Lovely personality I Love Hyun More Than Yesterday

Hilal Bozkurt Hyun joong oppa Why am I like you? I know you are handsome, clever, sexy ... but that's not real reason if you say what is real reson ? " maybe you are like me" I don't know. when I watch barefoot friend I understood what you think... anywhere sory KHJ oppa maybe you see that I wait for you FİGHTİNG

knaj Nice..hope many projects to come.....fighting oppa..saaarangheee!.....

Korkor you look amazing acting in a reserve manner.. i really like your personality in Boys before Flowers.......

elis i love to see you do movie with han hyo joo..

Jennifer Kim Hyun Joong you're an amazing actor it's awesome how you changed from a serious,cold person to a gangster with a gentle side to him!!Oppa you're the best!!!I wish one day I can go to Korea and meet you:)

amarachi brown he is really cute in his own way, I love watching act, cos he has this character in him that attracts me to him, very simple and very calm. I wish to be in korea to see kim hyung joong.

sweety hiiii baek sun jo ohh sorry ji hoo oh hoo again sorry kim hyun joong u r really fantastic....ur voice its awesome....great to get u...all the best for ur the way dis z sweety from india...actually a small request from my side i rally wanna see u once

SAM I love hyun joong oppa very very much....... He is the best in everything forever......... oppa fighting.............. I support you forever....!!!!!!!

wasim i love kim hyun Joong

hoanvu I'm looking foward to your new drama. HJ fighting

linda I love your movie. you are sooo gentle.

Nishi Great job oppa! ur new drama is amazing! I'm sure it would make u even more famous all around the world! Role is completely opposite of jeehoo.good luck oppa! <3 <3

mimi in bof i didin't like you i loved min hoo and now after your new drama and new drama of mh i hate min ho and love you. you are growing up an you are more musculin virl . you shaw us ho is realy kim. carry on .

Rachel Fuentes Are you planning any music tours for 2014? You are doing a fantastic job on your new drama. I have been trying to see everything you've been in. Keep up the great work, and please take care of yourself:)

lovelyzel I like them both in playful kiss to be a real couple:-)....stay cool:-P

CingVung Oppa....I hope I can meet u, I realized u r in Inspiring Generation as a lead ^_^ so happy . I hope I can see u more in Drama series as the main character bc ur acting is great. U can be cute, charming, mysterious, bad boy, childish, mature and hot. I really can't wait until ur bright future -Love Cing, P.S. Oppa ur the best

Mariatu Soloku I love the role he plays in all the series he is acting. He is so inspiring and knows his roles very well. Keep it up and don't give up. Mariatu Soloku from Sierra Leone West Africa.

Evelyn I almost couldn't recognized u in inspiring generations. Seems like u hv a whole new look.

honey hey kim hyung joong, you are occupy my heart fully. i want to see you directly because saranghae

joy oppa saranghae <3 so handsome !! hot papa!!

puisi Kim Hyun-Joong oppa... saranghae

somi I come to korea for education (phd)

Pooja singh hi I am pooja singh I like his acting He is nice person .his all darama are the best of every one .I want to see You in my future its my dream

sweety I had never seen Korean drama..but once my friend ask me to see PK.. and from that time onward i have become fan of you.. and you Have captured my heart..the more i see it the more i fall for have many fan follower here in India.. hoping that you will visit us once..<3..

Lizette What can I say, you are an amazing person!!! You're acting and singing are great but what really captivates me is your real personality. Hope I can meet you someday, you seem like a chill person. From California to Korea: LOVE YOU OPPA!!!

DEZZI hey im from america and i wanted to let u know that u gained a knew fan although u probably wont even know about these message but i love the shows and music ur in.although i i have to read day ill go to korea.PLEASE keep makin shows ur LEGIT! XD


laura Hey Kim i am one of your new fan I love your music and drama I can wait for more and your so cute !!! And by the I'm form P.R but I live in hamend C.T I see that u have every were !!!!! Take care Kim one for your new fan !!! :)

Karina We'll Ima glad Kim hyun joong comes out there. But he dosent look the same he looks way different but. Still handsome favorite actor and singer omg can't waitvto watch this drama. Well that all I have to say but OMG KIM HYUN JOONG IS HANDSOME.

Chick Best wishes on new drama, "Inspiring Generation." We know you will give it your best effort as you always do with anything you put your mind to. Fingers crossed for great TV ratings!

furlamu hiiiii kim im the biggest fan of yours and love 2 listen your songs. I LOVE U sooo much . FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

Ruby Vale Hi Kim Hyun-Joong how are you doing. I hope great. I love seing you acting in all the Dramas, but specially buys over flowers my favorite, I lost count on how many times i have seen it already. I also love listening to you singing, it makes me feel like if I am listening to angels. keep going and dont give up so easily


wendelyn butaslac .. i love kim hyun joong ... his the best actor ever... hope i can see him in personal.... saranghanda :)

comment He has yet to capture my attention. So far, his acting is hackneying and boring. Hopefully, his new drama will change that. He does look very unlikely not the same on the new poster.

Ara Bella He will always be my best actor

haale Hi... I love you so much. I real admire you. I can't express my feeIing with word!!! Anyway love you so much!! Fighting!!!;-)

ifeoma You're a very good actor and musician.Great job and keep It up

bena oh i love kim hyun joon...such a nice actor,if i come to korea definately will see you dr...

Luna Hi guys,is there anyone that knows the real page of kim hyunjoong?PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

swathi hi!! i don't know why, but i'm completely attracted to u(this is my first crush..i never felt like this before).. the characters u did in boys over flowers and playful kiss were extraordinary...because of u i have started learning korea,guitar and will learn violin also... i want to meet u once.. just once.. i really admire u.. u look very handsome in the hair style of ji hoo character in boys over flowers... may be many of ur fans already told u this and i never expect that u read this.. but this is my warm gratitude to you..because of u i got some strange feeling in my life..when ever i think of u i feel a great respect towards u... thank you..

Mimzy Hey, iam from Nigeria actually and i Just wanted to say i admire u greatly, iam also born on june 6th, love u

laura AM a big fan!! I LOVE all your drama and i am form puerto rico i girl form all around the word love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura you are so cool i love your dramas!!! i hope your next drama is good !!!!!!!

danmusa Wordz cnt xprssd my feelnz toward yhu. Ur amazn, lovable, caring. Ur my bestie. I LOVE YOU smch more!! Good luck hun

ringmani love u lot ............& u just rock in ur music video your story, please, unbreakable love ur every song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!! hoping 2 c u in ur nxt drama!

Michelle Dim Your personality is what matters most in all you do in life and that is what makes you progressive or retarding/decling.To see how people comment about you is quite intriguing because this is my 1st time of seeing such attitude towards an artist or an actor.I've watched your movies and you were great in those characters you played. I wondered wether your personality was close enough to any of the characters you played (though still wondering) but its quite appealing to hear/read of how good you are as a person(not an actor/artist).I wish you the best in all you do and i pray to God that what people see in you that draws them close to you will always be there and that you will never lack anything as a person living his life. Goodluck actor.

SomeoneWhoLovesYou Hi Kim Hyun Joong, I know you must be busy to be reading this but if you have the chance please do :) , tbh your movies inspired me with my life, yeah I sound kinda dramatic but it's me, ever since the start of high school , finally becoming an young adult I thought that I'll fit right in but moving countries wasn't quite awesome and cool as expected. Getting bullied on the second day of high school til now wrecks me :( but something good came along :) Boys over flower made me realized that people are bullies because they too have experienced it and since you helped out jan di every time she gets bullied my heart literally melted and I cried a bit. This is obviously immature of me, but this is actually the first time I've expressed myself to someone , but even though we don't know each other, God knows that we've met before but not in this world. I hope you have a even more successful career and keep pursuing your dreams , you are the one of many people that made it this far. Keep Calm and Live you life.

kalyani Iam a big fan of u iam from india. Ur smile gives freshness to my mind. When i get upset i will watch ur drama playfull kiss.

ivettemv I love your work. I am expecting your new work. I was so mad when City Conquest was canceled. I am from Puerto Rico I have seen Boys over Flower about 13 times in one year and Playful Kiss about 20. I love your work I whish you the best. God Bless you and your family.

afsaneh you are my life....good luck oppa

Madhu Kim Hyun-Joong, loved watching you in "playful kiss" & "boys over flowers". I only watch bollywood movies but it was good experience of korean series. Wish you good luck.

Niki2 Hyun Joong, i am from Antigua in the caribbean - probably someplace you have never heard of. Loved you in all your roles, but especially boys over flowers. You are one of the handsomest men i have ever seen and your smile feels like early morning sunshine. Keep up the good work *fighting!! *

bency Sup up acting!! I m a indian. I watched ur drauma play....&boys..... I really enjoyed... You have lot of fans in lndia.!!!

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justinemaejacobe hello kim yoo joong im your big fan in philippines

barbie forteza kim hyun joong wait for me in seoul when im 25 years old i want to be your girlfriend ................i live in philippines you your so handsome

anita mi hyuni es tan 4d muy lindo lo amo y le deseo muchos exitos en su vida... esperando su proximo drama

Panda Kim Hyun Joong Is So Sexy;)

ramesh Kim hyun joong real 4D prince n true leader...... very good looking + best entertainer!!!!! best in the world

helia Ss501 and kim hyun joong 4ever!♥♥♥♥♥♥^O^

eunice adeleye Kim hyun joong just dream high,don't worry about girls,the right girl for you will come and stay.Don't let the cute things people say get into your head,you are a diamond on the rough.KAMASAMNIDA!!!.

Shelly Hi! Kim hyun joong I love your show Boy Over Flower and the Playful Kiss you were so wonderful in this both show I like your guys motivation say "Fighting" Oh! I love your music I mean all of them the song that because I'm stupid, Your story and One more time the song that one more time perfectly match with the playful kiss I mean all the word that say in song is completely match the drama love story I listen to the song meaning and watching it brought a tear to eyes every time there few part of the show it make my heart beat very hard keep up the great job on your movie and the singing

Sincerely love; Your big fan....Shelly....!!!!

Shelly Hi! Kim Hyun Joong, I just want you to know that you are my brilliant actor and my favor actor in the whole world I love your sweet perfect smile. Every single time when I watching your movies and no matter how difficult day I have and you still making me have a smile on my faces. I just love every thing about you oh! I read your interview and you talking about what kind the future wife you want to have and the first thing you say was she must be pretty girl. My question for you is do you looking for a lady that she's not just look pretty on the outside, but she must be looking pretty from inside out right. Mr. Kim I don't know you in a person or personally, but I could describe you at least five different way about are sweet, nice, kind, generous, gentle, diligent and a very wonderful person or actor I ever watch so you have to find a wife that meet all this criteria and also have all the common interest like you. You are too special and you definitely deserve a future wife that who share every thing with you and not materialistic something that you need not want. Want is something like no matter how much you have but there are not satisfy. You probably look for a person that skinny, tall, glamour and beautiful from inside out right. Please don't just look for pretty lady to be honest some of are pretty, but there really bitter inside they heart and very ambition too they don't think about you and they only think about themselves that's all. Well, this is the common I have for you Mr. Kim and your big fan who live in America "Shelly"

debbie Komawo kim hyun joong 4 been such a great actor,like samuel said pls come to nigeria

CURLYFIRES13 Absoultely LOVE YOU Kim Hyun Joong!!! such a great actor and a handsome man!!!! Always brighten my day with that beautiful smile :) keep it up!!! love you!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Samuel Kudos to you kim hyun joong.i just like the way u act and your appearance.keep it up and never give up.pls visit nigeria

LIPU Kim Hyun-Joong sunbae or hyung i saw 2 korean tv shows of yours. (Boys over Flowers and Playful Kiss) Your acting is superb. I and my sister saw your coolness, softness and the way you motivate other people. Though it is a TV show but it feels like you are trying to say other thing. It felt real and i like the way how Korean people motivating others/ themselves that is.......FIGHTING.. :)

aylic how about city conquest?!is he still continued casting in this drama?

Dolley Hi oppaa...i like your movies especially playfull kiss as you are looking cool,hansome&dashing..KEEP IT UP!:*Luv you...

mercy vs bidex vs abex oppaaaaa kim hyun joong we are looking forward for playful kiss season three u are perfect couple with oh ha ni we thought both of u are couple in real life but God knows the best ...... Love u...........

Masha Hyun joong oppa! I love your songs,TV shows and everything!.You are so funny,cute and handsome at the same time,the way a guy should be.Cant wait to see your new drama!

Cassandra Hyun Joong oppa i like the movie mischivouse kiss and i like the girl she is pretty and you is so handsome it's a beautiful movie... i like it. .

Barakat (barryb) Sumbae Kim Hyun Joong i rep u so much u really wonderful at acting especially in Boys Over Flowers i wish u visit africa. Am always at ur brk. Kip it up. Sumbae FIGHTING

Anamalia I love you movies and wish to meet you one day.

yesmin Anio ha si mi ni kka oppa Beak sung jo u're the one that made me more enspired in korean shows cause u were one of the first i'd watch in korean episodes

yesmin opp kim hyun joon i love u so much that i evean wrote songs just for u, u r an awsome actor FIGHTING! GO GO CHIO!

minnie baek seung jo n oh ha ni the best couple in drama kim hyun joong n jung so min perfect couple in real live i think they are looking good together... so min the best wife for hyun joong playful kiss the best Kdrama for me

teemishael Hi sunbaenim. How is your tour going? I wish I could mail you in hangul but as I'm an african, it's gonna take me a while to learn. I really enjoyed the kdrama series #boysoverflowers especially because of you and sunbae Lee Min Ho. I found you very funny. And you guys are really really good looking. I just hope you all r good people in the real world. Please be. I wish you all the best. Oppa take care of u. *hugs*

Adeoluwa aderoju zany Sunbae! How is your health?thought u acted playful kiss when u ar young coz u luk pale. Wishin d J.J is u and jan di. You made me interested in korea season films. Are u as calm and patient as u act?

sam so yong Hii , i might be different alot than your fans but instoud of saying i love you or i love the roles you play in dramas ,i would like to meet your real role in life the one that covered from the camera , and i would like to thank you though i really don't know you but you gave me hope to keep looking for my own dream ... ps . thanx for giving me and other girls happiness .

reeyajihoo ji hoo i love ur role in f4 and playful kiss i love so much Ur smiling name attach with Ur name jihoo. everybody call me johoo only.i so happly while they all are calling me jihoo. oppaaaa i what date with u............ i love so much bye bye .... take care your health...... i hope u act many new dramas and sing a song in newmoives and drams i want meet u one time please reply me............

reeyajihoo ji hoo i love ur role in f4 and playful kiss i love so much Ur smiling name attach with Ur name jihoo. everybody call me johoo only.i so happly while they all are calling me jihoo. oppaaaa i what date with u............ i love so much bye bye .... take care your health...... i hope u act many new dramas and sing a song in new

hana yori opa ...please go to iran.....we love you sooooo much,,,,,,i am iranian,,,,i hope you go to tehran and live concert in milad tower......i love you.......salam be tamae fanhaye opa hyun...

soso omg i love him a lot but whats his twitter page

esther i want to be like the f4,i love ur role.i think u are my second favorite actor,i love u so much.

Lydia Miichelle Hi Kim Hyun Joong! :) I think you are my third favorite in Boys over Flowers! I think your totally amazing and I love how you played the violin! <333

Carsonne Kim hyun joong, i really like your movies especially boys before flowers, you were my best actor but i really wished it ended with you and geum jan di together. Love you, keep up the good work

Bhai Marnisa .we love you and i like his song UNBREAKABLE..

we love you kuya(big brother)..and i'm a huge fan of yours

mmmmuuuaaahhh ....

Daniella Kim Hyun Joong,,you acts very well and very composed in your films,,you are an intelligent actor for sure...l just pray u know God. Daniella

pallavi s.s. hi, kim hyun joong , i am your big fan , i like your acting and your killing voice . i want see your face atleast once a day and think about you 100 times a day . your acting in bof , playful kiss is awesome , now i want yo see you in action dramas like city hunter and i am waiting for your more killing music videos by your boy band SS501 .I wish you all the best for your bright future . saranhe , hyun.

lucy simon hi, hyun joong, i am a mother of 3, 2 boys and 1 princess Both of my boys born at same month with you, they are june 2nd, 1988 and june 13th 1995, that's why i feel so related with you and admire your hardwork. I keep telling my kids how inspiring you are and hoping my kids will doing well as you. you really persuade your dream and work very hard, your parents much be so proud of you. I am hoping someday when you have a tour to USA i can be there to see you with my kids. Recentlly i saw you on bafefoot friends, you seem tired. Please take care yourself and eat healty. My pray always with you.

saranya i like you so much... i wanna see u once in my life time. More crazy abt u...... plz make ur drama schedule soon as possible. me watin to watch in online from india

Amelia playfull kiss season 3, please?

double en anneong hasseo kim hyun joong ur such a good actor and singer..i really love your song.i listen i.when i feel bad or down because of my situation now..full of mystery.but because of you i'am strong.i keep on fighting..philippines...

Eun Jung Hi Kim Hyun-joong! I saw you in Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. You were great in those dramas. I saw your cameo in Dream High, too. I look forward to seeing you in the next drama you do. I have a lot of your music. I LOVE your music! I listen to your music almost every day. I like watching your YouTube music videos, too. I think you are wonderful. One of my favorite things about you is your smile. I also love your style. I wish the best for you! Take care!

Paramie Hii... Seung-Jo I'm a girl from Sri Lanka. I watched Playful Kiss series. Your acting is perfect. I haven't seen ur movies or dramas before. Bt it is totally good... Love ur character sooo mch... Take Care....

Aishwaryah Kim When I saw your first drama scene I didn't know what was happening because when the first time I saw your face ,Eyes ,Lips ,Nose ,Face,Hair ,Body ,I knew that you were the only boy that I was looking for .Iam 14 years old in Eigth Grade.I don't What is happening to me!!!!!!!!!!!

deepa nice.i love u veryyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhh for your acting...

sara Everyone will realize my dreams

patricia omocho hi,hyun joong.....i'm one of ur fan.i lyk ur best is playful kiss....nd boys over flower......i lyk ur sincerity,compassion nd ur killer smile.i wish u will visit again in philippine.u re my favourite actor..nd my role model..keep up d good work.......i love u hyun joong

annbassy u r a born actor keep it up,am lukn 4ward 2 c more movie of u cuz u r 1daful,u r nt lukn bad kim hyun joong.

Arianna Such a meticulous dresser!!! Boys over Flowers...the character-second to none, the sincerity- felt, the compassion- tear evoking...the 100 WATT SMILE......................................PRICELESS!!!

zohreh Hi, I have a message from Iran Tehran urban lose kim hyun joong really do enjoy the series and what Ahngash I wish her ​​all the time, I appreciate the Knsrthash

dana you're amazing , best actor ever

Teresa ! Hi! Kim Hyun Joong ..............

I'm your number one fans you know? Hehe! I'm always hoping that we meet together Here in Philippines ...I. ........ really 100x love you soo much . I'm crazy for you. Your my inspiration always .. saranghae .. mesinjo dangsin . Hehe I'm the no. Fans of HYUNMIN couple ........Playfull kiss is the one I like most ( your drama ) .

Kîm hyun joong I love you soooo much...

Your no. Fans -TERESA-

angeljoong86 Thanks to all the fans making such loving and supporting coments here. I have been folowing KHJ and writing a blog about him since 2011 after I watched BOF and started researching about him online. This is a pretty good bio hitting some major milestones in his life and career. However, there is definitely a lot more to this amazing man. We do not love him because he is gorgeous or rich or famous. We love him because we have watched his behaviour as a role model and it is truly inspiring and touches our hearts deeply. He is responsible and charitible and more grateful than ever for his success. He shares his wealth with many charities and gives anonymously to more than the public is awae. It is his heart that has made us loyal. You do not have to agree. Simply respect a man who has struggled and made it to the top while keeping his moral integrity and humble attitude. He will always be the Only One to his fans because he is unique and special. He is also human with a heart that can be wounded. Know who he is before you mmake negative statements about him or his fans. It's all about respect.

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... you are one of the most my favorite korean actor... your did a good job in the korean tv drama...BOYS OVER FLOWER & PLAYFULL KISS...Saranghae oppah..Muah, muah.. yehey, yehey. Fighting.. ~*~.~*~ i wish you could visit again the philippines... your have a lot of in the philippines.we love you so muchh... roseannheart is yours...*^_^*

Ramya hi Hyun Joong this is Ramya... i don'nt know Korean language but i always hear your lovely voice while sleeping..... there is no substitude for your smile..... like u more.... you are the MASS.... CHELLAM love u a lot............

A Tey Kaa I love you when I started watching Mischievous Kiss. I Love it.

eunice harrison Well it's an amazing biography !

dumdum I'm a Nigerian,hv watchd alota korean movies lyk a man cald God,city hunter,iris,bt BBF z d 1st korean high skul movie iv watchd n twas so kul.Kim,u wia my best actor there,I knw alota gurls hv said dey love u,dis,dat,I gues mine won't mk any difference bt u rily cute,ur smile z beautiful ,ur blonde hair in BBF was kul,ur xter was so gentle,kip bein lyk dat,it suits u,u lovd white tins in BBF,dat any1 wit sumtn white in my haux,we'll say 'ji hoo things',lolz,kip it up,I love you so much,we all love you

Gyeyock My favorite and best actor in boys over flowers, you really played a good friend, all the best in your career and keep driving gals crazy wit your face, Lov u

Shahid hotak from afghanistan Hi kim i love u u r soooooooo cute ur smile soooooo beautiful ;) shahid hotak afghanistan

connie deardorff It's lonely at the top as an actor, because in this world everybody wants something. you have friends but everyone's busy dealing with there jobs,lives, nobody has time. you don't have time to have a girlfriend or anything. but no one realizes how lonely that is. sound familiar? I know because i have a son your age and he goes through son talks to me and tells me i give him strength to go on because i listen to his problems, and don't judge him. i hope your mom does this for you! if not i will be your friend mom. i will be honest though. i never plan on going to korea, i'm too old for your concerts, and you are a very beautiful man. But! your way too young for me and i'm still in love with my soulmate who died 25 years ago.I love your drama's and your guitar playing in boys over flowers. you play like my son. i heard you playing metallica. i heard you might have to go in military, be careful, if you need someone to send you letters let me know! YOUR NEVER ALONE GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU AND HE LOVES YOU!

Selina Hi oppa, it all started on Boys Before Flowers...I have fallen so much in love with u...can't even concentrate on my studies anymore even if I try harder I can't...Its a shame I can never know u personally i love u soo much....wish u all de best

sarah I saw your drama BOF,it was good.

       FROM INDIA. Don't forget that you have fan all over the world  HYUN JOONG.

Really Triple S Hi oppa.........I Love You So Much................ I wish You Success 4 Ever............ Please come back. we are waiting..........

Love You ..........Love You.............Love You................

Hope to return again to you............KISS........Bye

Ishi KIM HUNG JOONG u are sooo cute. I like playful kiss the drama which u acted. I love u as a fan.

Elizabeth Opa!!!!!!!!!!! <3 oppa saranghaeyo.. I just find out we have the same birthday, June 6! :) Great actor and good singer too... naneun dangsin eul mannago sipeoo... :'''( Keep working hard oppa, <33

jeyran i love you oppa hyun joong i am a triple s forever

fatima Good Luck . Much you love the game .

Spoorthi Kim Hyun is became very famous in our place.even though we dnt knw Korean,we saw his dramas n he acted very well in boys over flowers.

Alyssa i really love him in his movie playful kiss,, such a great actor,, i admire him so much..

modestar your story is inspiring. (Thumbs up) your hardwork is what keeps you going

parya kim hyun joong you are my lovely actor and i wish see you i love you

Lululu Hey babe,sorry 4 being a little late(actually not a little,alot) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that we will live forever( u & I ). Btw I really like ur personality. So confortabe yet cute yet simple.Love u!!!!!!!!! U really rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mee Mi I love you like a love song baby!!!

shima you are so beautiful

ajmiree I think I'm in lovev with him....... I wanna contact with him

HK-Angel Someone should really make a drama about his past (with him as the main person) because his life story is really inspiring.

evez i'm listening to your round 3 album...i love the one particular song there ..."Your Story" loving "Kimi Dake Wo Kesenakute"...boy i love this melted my suits your voice..and now i'm in love....<3....

en en macabodbod Anneong hasseo kim hyun joong...i'm one of your fans here in philippines..since boys over flowers until now..actually you are the reason why i'am inspiredfor what i'am doing,if i have problem in my life about the situation of my famly.all i can do is to remember you and listening to your nice voice..even if this is my situation right now full of mystery,i'm always fighting and moving on.because there are someone like you who inspired me so much.i cannot forget you dream come true is to see you in person.hope to see you some day..thnk you..en en.bohol philippines.

Fauster amani I love you kim hyun joong your an amazing guy I really love you much your smile yiur killn me with that smile wish to meet you personaly but am all the way from Tanzania love you much boy

Rasi Dalpadado Kim Hyun Joong is the best actor, best dancer, best singer for me...........

evez's good to know that your new album is making a big hit in billboard...congratz!! deserved it as a kpop idol an actor you have come a long way...and it's good thing to be recognized...don't mind the critics that keep on bashing you...just keep going for the best...<3

catherine Hi how are you doing hope you are fine. I just want to say i love you and the way you acted in BOF and Playful kiss love watching you and your singing is the best, take care of yourself especially for me i will always cherish you in my heart. Adios

Kimberly funwayo You deserve to be happy after all hardships as a kid. Many may say they love you but love only can not but also courage. Just a kid who is trying to do her best.

SantPri Opppa! Love you so much! Please come to India, you have many fans here, We are amazed at the kind of person you are in real life aswell. God bless you oppa! Please Please come to India!!

holly trujillo I think it's really great that you found something you love to do and get to do it every day. where I live I have yet to see anyone find what they truly want to do in life. that is something to appreciate.and I hope you get to continue to do what you love for a long time.

Mango_05 i love kim hyun joong. He's great=)

Juli Im really happy for your comeback and wish you the best! Love you so muchhhhhh !!!l fighting

Radhika Beak Seung Jo.......... I LOVE YOU so much........... Will you please marry me!!!!!!!!! FIGHTING

Reissa Macatangay hyun joong.. I am a girl who admire you so much and when you belong to boys over flower me my sister really like you and thats the reason why she didn't speak me because she feel the korean novela you were belong is true..thats the reason why i commented to you..

now me and my sister is ok..i want to say please we meet each other soon here in philippines..i live at batangas so you have an adventure..) thankzz

princess the first time i saw you in boys over flower i was confused, whether your a guy or a girl  :D ha ha now i know your a guy. i think your cute and have the prettiest teeth ever (you look even cuter when you smile) I liked you in BOF, you portrayed it well (i really liked you there don't really know whether its the character or you) . I hope I'll get to see your other works (films) i don't think you read this but i hope you do

harsha hey buddy, i like your songs very much. i have watched only one of your dramas- playful kiss. Im quite impressed by it..... your biography is really interesting...

awaiting more songs and dramas form you...

well wishes

Kim mi young I really love you my heart sinks every time I see on tv you are my love I want to marry u oppa

sam you are my love.I realy wish to meet you in personaly.i love you kim hyun joong.kiss u

shikha Reading all comments wonder why his fan base is increasing skyhigh. Handsome look,graceful smile,sweet voice, golden heart, determined mind .....real youth idol. recent times...we indians r really becoming crazy abt korean dramas..especially korean actors....truely praiseworthy.I believe they showcase human emotions in the best possible way.

lio Ok...he is great. it seems that he is going to concentrate on his musician career, and he does great! but I still think it will be nice to see him again playing, I guess he would be very cool if he plays the "bad guy". Anyway...good luck, hope to hear soon about a movie or something! Greetings, hugs and kisses from Romania!

nesty hi kim hyun joong..i realy love, l hope that i will see u soon.. more project to come.. always smile.. God bless you...

yossi i guess its late.but all the same..hapy birthday to you kim in arrears..many happy returns

Carlota Hi Kim Hyun Joong,i realy like your role in BOF.....i truly believ you should been the main actor......i look foward to watching your other drama's.I admire you,your history & everything & i wish you all the best in everything you do GOD BLESS:)

happiness l can explain what l feel for him he is great man ever seen.......................

May I am from Saudi Arabia and Boys over Flowers was dubbed in Arabic and I watched all the episodes and I LOVE Kim Hyun-Joong acting , it was so profound and passionate, everyone is raving on the show in Saudi Arabia and girls are all swooning over you and your fellow actors (particularly Kim Bum and Kim Jun) I love you and wish the best for you ..I even watched Playful Kiss and I loved you more :)

Daphina Deximona Kim hyun joong is aweaome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l happy birthday my life...

Chrymas Happy 27th Birthday!

Annanya Happy b'day......keep smiling.

quennie ^x^ happie birthday :D

stay cute and handsome

Tori Happy Birthday (Seoul Time)!! Wish you the best today. Love you!!!! (*♥‿♥*)

Annanya oppa..... you are the best for me.

laden Well Ibeing a nigerian this is my first ever korean series (Boys over flowers) and I really enjoyed it.the BOF mania is currently sweeping thru my country and I absoltuly loved kim hyung joong's xter yjh I couldn't take my eyes off him and I'm nw a huge fan of his and the other F4 members I wish him the best of everything

fan girls i wanna know is he a student in university now ? or he graduated ? really curious hahah

Jo Jo I have your name tattooed on my arm! I LOVE YOU!

yolie I became a fan not long ago. Since I live in florida i have not been able to keep updated.Im hoping to go to one of your concerts one day.Love you forever and always!!! Please look after your health and have lots of rests!! love you :D

rahma thomas i always pray for you,,you are so great actor and singer

rahma thomas you are my idol forever and ever i wish to met you in personaly

FatKidd Wow. I believe it is people like you who inspire me to become an actress. Your performance in “Boys over Flowers” was ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. No wonder you have so many adoring fans.

As I've watched “Boys over Flowers” and “Playfull Kiss”, I have to agree that you were extremely impressive (and seemed to be quite passionate) as Yun Ji-Hu and doing so made me also wish I had a soul mate like Yun Ji-hu was to Geum Jan-Di; I also admit that it hit me hard when she rejected "you" to be with Koo Jun-Pyo.

Your acting is so amazing that you broke into my heart and made me squeal like a little fan-girl every time Ji-Hu stood up for, protected or even comforted Jan-Di in any way. You portrayed the character of Ji-Hu so well, I felt my heart drop and my eyes (one who does not merely cry over “spilled milk”... especially silly stuff like drama) tear up when Jan-Di called "you" her soul mate because, as we already knew, Jan-Di was to have two loves: One as her husband and the other as her soul mate; unfortunately, not having one as both.

Knowing this, I still rooted for the two characters to end up together because it made me sad to think that your character had to love Jan-Di from afar as her "Personal Fireman", but yet he couldn't receive the same devoted love from her. And, perhaps, I’m also speaking from a past experience and I feel your awesome talent helped me to relate to Ji-hu much better. Anyway, I'm glad to have watched “Playfull Kiss” after this series... because it makes me feel even better to think that Baek Seung-Jo is almost like a reincarnation of Yun Ji-Hu... He finally gets to be with the girl he watches over and loves to pieces.

I just have one last thing to share: Baek Seung-Jo was a completely different character from Yun Ji-Hu… even so, it seems they share a few similarities, but I think that may also have something to do with the actor who is portraying them.

I’m just expressing my admiration for your acting ability… it’s one where there aren't words to describe how tremendous you, Kim Hyun-Joong Sunbae, ARE at acting. Again, I wish to become an actress and with “Thanks” to your inspiration, I’ve been looking into hopeful colleges. So, thank you and good luck with your careers. (Acting/Singing)

An Admiring “Fan” ~ FatKidd

Mary Hmmm. Nice! :)

titi hi you understand farsi?i love you many.have anice day.

sarah al sayed hi i don't know if kim hyun joong reads this page but it's ok. i do't know too much about korean series or film industry but i realy liked this series boys over flowers. it's totally different from what i've watched before. the feelings and emotions were very deep and the songs amazing. kim's character is the most beloved and dearest to my heart as if he were my fictious prince charming but in reality.wish him all the best.he is realy talented. by the way i'am lebanese.and one day i would like to visit korea and meet him...hopefully.

manjula yes he is a very talented person and a very natural actor he is amazing I am from India but I m a big fan of korean movies actors directors dramas ...they showcase gentle and true love ...they r really good at expressing feelings ..I like them more than Indian or english actors or movies .....I don't know korean but I understand the feeling...and baek seung jo character has made me to believe in love....he is reaally something a world class hero...

IMChrysalis He's more than just a pretty face with a great voice, too...He has a generous heart, sponsoring charities with the rest of SS501, and was selected as an honorary ambassador for Korea's United Nations Campaign on Contributions to Social Welfare...

Temmy Wen i 1st watched boys over flower, my impression of you was that u stood out among the f4 members, there was something different about you. So far, u ar the best korean actor that can portray the role given 2 him well. I admired the fact dat u struggled toward achieving ur success and i pray u get 2 d apex of success nd happiness in life.Pls continue wit the marvelous job u're doing, i'm a nigerian and i know many people here share my opinion. Am a loyal fan of urs. If u can read dis and try sending a feedback, it will b greatly appreciated. Tnx

shawn Too bad about City Conquest, I was looking forward to seeing him in an action type role.

Hopefully he has better luck with a new series in the future!

Shawn That's too bad about City Conquest, I was looking forward to seeing him in more of an action type role. Hopefully he has better luck with another series in the future.

ocean i used to be KHJ biggest fan,saw him first in BOys Over Flowers and instantly fell for him.but after Mischievous Kiss,i realized it was Yoon Jihoo character he portrayed that i actually fell for..not him.but SS501 has always been one of my very first K-pop idols.wish they reunite once more and release a new album..or single

amyleigh what the heck is with these crazy people leaving these comments??? first off.... it was NOT kim hyun joong's fault that ss501 stopped recording. he (as the leader) has made it very plain that the group has not broken up and will record again in the future. the reason they had to take a break is because their contract as a group ended and there wasn't a company that would sign all the guys together. because of that, they all signed with different labels as solo artists WITH the stipulation in their contracts that they could continue to record as a group when they had time. but it takes a backer, a producer and money to be able to record. just look at what a hard time JYJ has trying to do it on their own. I have faith that ss501 will reunite some day (I know they even tried to get an album together in 2012 but kim kyu jong had to go to the military) so people need to stop judging before they know the facts!!! ss501 FOREVER!! we trust out leader to get the guys bac,k together someday and until, we're waiting!!!

on to the person saying how it's silly to go to their concerts and stuff. well that's just stupid. 2st off, kim hyun joong and other ss501 members are all big givers to charity and have donated money and food and items to worthy causes (money of their own) and music is an important part of society- it brings people a lot of joy and happiness and takes their mind off the stress of daily life. so that's a worthy cause too. don't try to get all self-righteous and pious like you are better than them because you're not rich and famous and therefore live some better life. I think that's just called JEALOUSY

zahrah he looks so much like bae yong jun, at first when i watched boys over flowers i thought they were siblings. what a remarkable resemblance, the smiles, the stare and the looks are so similar, interesting cos they are both gorgeous guy.

Mani Hi joong,

   All the best for your bright future......choose ur future with truth and love.................good luck:)

Hannah Attention all the haters---

If you have something to say then find a way to say it in person. Don't go around on the internet saying that it's his fault that this band broke up or you don't deserve this because your just a regular person. Would you think that way if you had the choice to be someone like Kim Hyun Joong? I doubt it. Plus people that are famous can have a really positive effect, such as making kids do their chores so they can listen to music or go to a concert. Also if they're the kind of person that actually cares they can impact the world!

banana Hey Kim Hyun Joong you are an amazing actor and singer. I partly understand Korean due to my Aunt living in Korea to teach English. Also I can write Korean very easily. I have seen every single one of you drama's/t.v shows and your songs (SS501 and u solo) I hope I get to come to Korea some time soon with my aunt or that you come to Wisconsin. :P

arpit kim hyun joong u r d best..though I cant understand Korean but I love love to listen only ur songs m looking forward to see ur new drama barefoot friends..every time I only watch ur pics listen to ur u so much.. <3

srujana every hard days will have a happy ending..wishing you all the success cre bye

T. Arslan Really people, just wake up… I see you getting crazy over just a regular human being. If the fact that a person manages to produce the music and the looks of his time, make you all scream like a bunch of indoctrinated… Who of you was there to support him in the cold nights before he became famous. So, what has made him so appealing now? His money? Is it again just that simple… Go travel by foot, look around you and discover if even these desires are yours. I will not surrender myself to the fact that people act as if it’s normal to make such preparations to go to a meaningless concert rather than bothering if his/ her neighbours have find food to eat that day and if they’re in good health.

marjan i loved ss so was the first korean group that i knew at first.but suddenly you broke up.i couldnt believe for was disappointed.and now i hate you hyun joong cause its because of you that ss will never back together.

ross Hey Kim Hyun Joong you have a lot of fans here in the US especially me in Santa Barbara Ca, I hope you can come son day because a love your songs and how you dance, especially like "please be nice to me". I had seen your dramas and are really good, I love then and hope "city conquest" will be transmited and here too, I'm waiting to see it and see you in person too.

Claudia He's such an awesome actor and performer. His dancing is incredible.

Shalini Hi KHJ.....

Its really good to see that you have selected veri nice character in BOF... Good luck...

Creamy Dreamy hey i am ur big fan frm india...plz do cm n visit us....

u r my favourite...luv u muahh...:*

Tabitha I'm one of your fans in the states..... I LOVE YA SO MUCH!! Don't worry about that drama they don't know what they are missing.... keep working hard,I can't wait to see your tour....I will be watching from here good luck oppa......... Fighting

rai oppa ...i love you....:) wishes for you...good luck...fighting:D

Cheryl Hoe Hi Kim Hyun Joong,I am from Singapore and I really wish that you will continue with the drama name "City Conquest". After watching the drama trailer, I really was interested in it and really wishes to watch it. Thanks!!

Jullianne I love you Kim Hyun Joong

I watched BOF and Playful Kiss they are the  best shows and I can't wait to see the rest and salon I love dancing to your music LOL you are the best and I will never forget you and you'll be in my heart. :D <3

CouldBeYourMom Just watched you in BOF and had to search you on the Internet. You played your character so well, with such consistant compassion, graciousness and serenity. Congratulations to you and to the director of your show. Just so you know for your real life, women all over the world whether young or old (like me) always love a true gentleman. You portrayed one perfectly. God bless you if you are one in reality. Hope to see you in more Korean dramas and good luck with your multifaceted career. Will be watching you from the west coast of the USA.

madhuri I've stopped watching our regional movies I'm only watching Korean movies and dramas and always ur songs. I love ur voice a lot.U better come 2 India soon and come 2 south India. please come

Rutuja Hi Kim hyun joong. I am yet another fan from Indiaa and I really hope to see you soon. You are one of the few actors with both talent and good looks... you are truly awesome

kalyani Hey Kim Hyun Joong, u better come 2 India or else stop making ur drama's and albums available in India. U r making girls here crazy about u. By the way puppy I like u a lot. I'm expecting a guy like u in my life bcoz it's not possible 2 get u. Bcoz of u i started 2 learn Korean even though i have my most important exam for my life. I've stopped watching our regional movies I'm only watching Korean movies and dramas and always ur songs. I love ur voice a lot.U better come 2 India soon and come 2 south India.

swetha hi, i am from India.. normally i do watch movies if it seems to be interesting but never watch a movie because of the actor / actress..but i should definetly say i have turned out mad because of you, after watching boys over flower. for people from india its hard to get korean movies so all i do is google and dowload it..the moment i saw you i felt what is this!! he got lips of girls!!.sorry to say this for a sec i felt you are a gay..but seriously after watching your movies i feel like being with my boyfriend holding his hand tight..your movies makes people fall in love..i should definetly say this the girl whom you marry to will be luckiest one..i mean it.

Teelo Hi hyun joong iam a greatest fan from zimbabwe i love yr songs and your smile pliz kip smiling;;; u did agreat job in PK&BOF

shawn Kim Hyun Joong is a good actor. He definitely has promise. I hope that he succeeds in both his desire of tv/movies and in music. I first saw him in "Boys over Flowers" and then in "Playful Kiss" (sorry that was the name on Netflix for us Americans). I saw both of these and advised my daughter to watch as well. She enjoyed both shows as well. We don't live in the same city and both have busy lives and this is one way we keep connected. Know this, Kim Hyun Joong, because of you and your cast mates, you have jumpstarted a flagging desire to learn the languages (other than English) that I should be doing. Thank you. Keep up the good work, best wishes on whatever career choices you make.

Katie Merry Christmas

neena varghese hai.....please come to visit kerala god's own country...i am an engineering student....i recently saw the film boys over flowers....oh my are amazing...i am a big fan of you...also i love the song "kiss...kiss.."waiting for your new songs....may god bless you..

Twiss Kim Hyun Joong is my future husband ^^

chinna kim hyun joong is very handsome.........acts well,sings well,dances well.......he is an allrounder.... i like you kim hyun joong

harrieth hello everyone. I am glad you've found a talent inside of you and moreover you've been working over it. my little wish is for you to do the least and come to visit Africa in a country called United Republic of Tanzania so as to teach our actors and artists the way that you got over to the top and remember is not a big deal to doubt that you've got fans all over the world but your life come first with pure heart and mind also mind that i am glad that in ten years to come you'll get married to a girl who has all qualities that you would like her to have without hesitation can i say goodbye and goodluck.

►✖яαнα✖◄ خیلی جیگیری به خدا عمرا بتونی بخونیش هههههههههههههههه

diane Hi Kim Hyun Joong :D

I wish you would read these..

I really admire you're skills. You are multi-talented. But i really missed SS501. I wished to see you with them again..

christelle marchand Even if you had an plastic surgery you are still very nice ,even more nice now darling.. The people who talk ,it mean they are just noy proud of them selves... big kiss sweety

Abha hello! I am your fan from India. you are my first Korean actor to whom I have watched in the series and loved his acting and I love you smile most. I want to meet you just for once. please have a visit in India there are so many fans of yours in India and they just wish to see you for once. I don't know if you read this message or not but I want you to know this that so many fans are waiting for your visit in India. I loved your playful kiss and boys over flowers and really loved you with jung so min. I want you to make another series with her. And I am eagerly waiting for your upcoming series city conquest. Good luck for your career I wish for you to have bright future and you must gain fame all over the world.

Mozhde I wish i saw him!

santyseftianty Annyeong..i don't know you will read this message or not..but we were your biggest fans in knew about u for so long..but i loved u most after i watch Playful kiss..i tought that was the best drama in korea i've ever seen..i have thousand of cd korean drama but i never watch it more than twice..but PK its different..your chemistry with so min is such a perfect gift.may be i'm wrong but that true heart was shown on us..everybody will judge the same way as i do.i believe that was god min..and all of the coincidence..hope our dreams as both of fans of yours are coming true soon..fighting oppa!!!each of your album its the best song that's been written forever

SHANMATHI REKHA Hi I love your songs and i am too admired by your drama playfull kiss its nice and too good. Please come to INDIA once please let your mobile no i need to talk

sobhan khak to sare diplom radit konan

roxana You are salines face but you are hermit.whay?

yasaman Hi. always be the best, because of your friends.good luck.

roxana Sweet words are easy to say,sweet things are easy too buy,but sweet pepolem are difficult to find,but i find the best of these

sahar Anyo Hyun joong oppa...saranghe...I wish see you with SS501 again! fighting oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

behnoosh 안 녕 하 세 요 오 빠...some people say that you should wait for the things that you want but takes a lot of time to achieve them...i have a very precious thing in my heart that i want to achieve it do you want to know what is it?!!'s the love for you.i am not just fan but someone who is waiting just to see you once in person..your dramas, your songs, everything of you are important to me don't forget and keep work hard...fighting 오 빠

Tori Curious but has Hyun-Joong served his military time yet? He's 27 (26), isn't by a certain age?? I know Kim Kyu-jong is and he's only 26 (25).

Mahdi Ania heseo! dear kim! is it true that some people say u're become sick in japan and u can't sing 4 a year??? I can't belive it!!! plz tell me the truth..

tina this for the 1st time i ever see someone with beautifull smile.. hyung joon fighting:)

Anna your smile is really nice. I love you. I hope to see you.please smile .I wish ss501 cameback again!

sasirekha 사랑한다 KIM HYUN JOONG !! Come to india once,, and do visit Chennai !!!  :):):):):)

Anita Kim Hyun Joong oppa, saranghe. I Love your Drama's, Music and just everything about you <3. The band you was in SS501 was awesome. Hope you guys reunite and create some news songs again. Your own singles are pretty impressive....and did i forget to mention how good looking you are <3

Anna Honey,I love you so much. Best wishes for you. I wish you had best time everywhere you are. And I wish ss501 cameback again.

Nan Just finished watching BOF and Playful Kiss. I love his personality and admire him as an outstanding singer. Anyways, does anybody know if he has a fan meeting schedule tour in Los Angeles this late 2012? Love to see one of his concerts.... hope it happens.

kim Negin joong Hyunjoong u broke my heart with please song

Dawa choden tshering Anuseo Kim hyun joong,I love u very much from the beginning of ur baned formed called ss501....i love u so much...then u appeared in the drama Bof there the first eye catching person was u n u always make me mesmerized....then in play ful kiss ah!amazing ur role played was very nice actually i wanted a guy like handsome AND ur new single album lucky guy amazing n i was very shocked.i mean ur multi talented like singer,actor, n a very eye catchin dancer n so on n on i love u very much n i have downloaded many pics of u that r so nice n pleasure to look at again n u sarang gayo!wish to c u more frequently on any dramas.u can do it....F I G H T I N G!!!:D;)love u so much sweety angel!

Negin anyaseo to my love.....aree u okay?...sarangheo.sarangheo i love u alot i want u to be healthy and famous please comeback to stage with ss501

le.nguyen KHJ What a lovely smile! How can God created such a perfect human being! I hope that you will take a good care of yourself. Do not become a smoker like Lee Min Ho because that will destroy your flawless skin. It hurt me just to think the day that you get old. How long can you keep this angle look? What the heck! we are all being aged just like you. So nothing to worry about it right. I am in the US but i will have to see you in person one day. That is for sure

KimHyunJoongLoveAlways Love Kim Hyun Joong, he is absolutely the most beautiful man ever created. His eyes are absolutely awe inspiring it's like you could absolutely get swallowed up in their dark depths. I am embarrassed to admit having a crush on the much younger than my KHJ... However, his beauty is without equal and I find myself worrying over this man who I do not know when I see him getting thinner during a show I fear for him. Is he okay? Is he sleeping, eating?

I wish only the best for Kim Hyun Joong hope that all his hopes and dreams come true and that he has a great and happy fulfilling life.  :::Hugs to all of you::: I know everyone probably shares these thoughts as well:)

kiruthiga hi kim i am really like you. he so handsome and co cute

Sheyda.H Anyooo opa How are u? I like u why u sooo... U know..?? Hmmm u not good! Sory but i not love u i jast like you'r acter bye i hope u good luck

Angel face do hope to have a soulmate like Jandi but not expect that will be you admiring like an angel as you!!!!!

As angel as u! do hope to have soulmate like Jan di !!! not expecting that it will be you...atleast like an angel as you!!!

Anna you are really lovely and handsome. you are the best actor in korea. you are always in my dream. your songs and dramas are very nice. you are popular in everywhere .yuor smile is pretty and when you smile you become more pretty. I love you .

AssA Sunbae! <3 <3 Wish he would appear in a new drama! :)

SANG HYUN JUNG saranghae yonghonae.... frm Bhutan

rekha hi..........belayted wish u happy birthday jihooooooooo

Alexanda Happy birthay Kim Hyun, from Europe, exactly from Romania!! ^^:D All the best for you!!...I like your person, and your smile is wonderful!!

Gulnur Happy Birthday, Oppa!!! Wish you all the best!

hee yoon min happy birthday dongseng,kim hyun joong.hope all you wish may came true,more success and goodhealth,may the god always be with you,fighting..:)

Chan Di Ким Хен Чжун ты мой кумир хоть я не знаю о тебе всего, но я думаю что знаю тебя. Ты очень талантлив! Помню в дораме мальчики краше цветов Чан ди сказала: "ЕГО УЛЫБКА СОГРЕВАЕТ, ОНА МОЖЕТ РАСТОПИТЬ ЛЮБОЕ СЕРДЦЕ!" И она права твоя улыбка меня согревает.

Neda Your character in Boys before flowers was amazing.I don`t like to flirt with boys and I know that many many girls say it to you but I wanna say that I love you so much. I hope that you read this message and reply me. Cuz if you do it,It will be pleasure to me,HONEY

Mimi You're an old jackass oppa

Bree I like your character in boys over flowers thing, you did it very nicely. hey you wear odd socks like i do sometimes.

Irishx guys camm down, he is not that beautifull face, i call tell you much better than him, no offence, i hope fans will not finish me. i like most jang wooyoung all over korean acters, you can say kim hyun jong has a beautifull voice but not best. find sm3sw

inggie aurellia Hi , Are you died ? ? em... ?

JANDI You have a beautiful face and beautiful danceYour Body .YOU ARE MY STAR.I'll see you up forever.I'm in love with your smile.I do not think you have the time to read these messages .NAN DO CHOAHE HARASTO???????????/KOMAPSMIDA.CHOSAM MIDA.ANI YO

JANDI . I'm in love with you. I get up every day hoping to meet you.ï»؟

You have a beautiful face and beautiful dance ShmabdnMy character in Boys Over Flowers Gvshanh the game of kiss.

BriBri Please have a new series this year!! Sure he is new to acting but I like him ever since Boys Over Flowers!!

Sarah I Don't Know Why But I Don't Like You at All...I Think You're Not a Good Actor & Your Voice is not That Good For Becoming a Singer, Sorry...Why I Should Be Sorry? I'm not Sorry At All @~@

Low marlene: I totally agree with you, but it's so good to dreaming! ;) This is the role of the stars!

And I don't know if his entourage reads the comments, but who know, on the off-chance, if he cans tell to him that French people are waiting for a concert!

m hello oppa i want to come to korea and see you i love your personality you are the best!!!

marlene hmmmm.... these comments are so weird hehe oh well fans are fans. i hope kim hyun joong gets married soon, it would be too late if he married by 30 something. As i see it, no offense to any fans reading this, a lot of fans are being selfish because although they know what their idol likes, hates, etc. it doesn't mean they know him... and so i don't understand why if they start dating someone or something the fans turn anti against the idol or the partner. i find it so unfair that fans have little fantasies about their idol and are so into dreaming that they forget about what a fan really does which is SUPPORTING THEIR IDOL NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS-----------> Thanx for reading this :)

pratibha please come to India (Banglore) once.... people here are waiting for you badly..... KHJ is most amazing person i've ever thought of..... even if you are 25 % of the person i've read abt you... still you are finest person of my dreams.....

Rayana bora Dear kim i love ur songs...seriously i telling u i love frst ur voice when i don't even know your name..nd don't even know you are king of asia nd also don't know your a actor also now i know u to read ur biography....and now i love your personality i mean not your popularity i love u what u r in actual stragule of ur life more than anything*

mounika hi plz come to india and come to my plase vizag

NewKDramaAddict Loved him in BOF and Playful Kiss. Look forward to more in the future. Especially a transition into a more adult role. He is the only F4 not to cross-over yet.

IVY @GROWN UP: Well, he admitted to having plastic surgery but for some reason he doesn't seem that different, when you compare his pictures now to his pictures back then before plastic, who ever has plastic surgery on their eyes....his eyes were made beautiful and no comment from haters can change that :) KHJ FOREVER!! <3 Kim Hyun Joong!! Saranghae!! I love your songs too :)

Ann Ahh! The first pic of him is soooooooo HOT! BUT since he do is solo now his music is like American MV is were its mostly abut sex and alcohol! I like the old Kim Huyn Joong better! And i dont like the way he do his hair now!

Nadia We cannot be together, But we'll never be apart, For no matter what life brings us, You're always in my heart

─▀██▀─▄███▄─▀██─██▀██▀▀▀█─ ──██─███─███─██─██─██▄█─── ──██─▀██▄██▀─▀█▄█▀─██▀█─── ─▄██▄▄█▀▀▀─────▀──▄██▄▄▄█─

az He's the hottest Korean man.I do love him.I wish I could really see him in person.

Grown Up What?? High school drop out...talking like some low IQ guy but admire by so many young girls....He admitted that he done plastic surgery. His eyes so unnatural. Please don't be a bad influence to kids.

Rin he was great in Boys Over Flowers but not really great in Playful Kiss =/

fotinitsaou helloooooooo everyone.........first of all i loveeee ss501 they are sooooooooooooo handsome all of them.. the fisrt time i saw kim hyun joong was at the korean drama BOF and then at the playfull kiss(i loved his hair more in this drama)!!!then i watch the tv show ss501 thanks for waking me up and many others and since then i love them(ss501)...i hope that in the future i will have the opportunity to see them live since i am from Greece and it is not easy for me to go to Korea...anyway i want them to know that i love their music and that even if it's very far away their is still exist one more fan of thei music...!!!!!!!kissessssssssssss!!!!!!!:):);)

adinda slalu smile dan sone i love kim hyun jooung kpan ya datang ke indonesia????? sama snsd?????

Poppy BIG UPS ,U are a star keep doing the good work.Can u be updating me about his new movies which he will be acting in them.Take care..

Claire dont get me wrong but in boys before flowers i thougth he was kinda ugly...! but i guess its the hair color that doesnt realy suit him that well i do adore his smile <3 im from the netherlands and i love korean drama's Kim Hyun Joong can sing good and act good aswell he is also one of my favorite actors just like Lee Min Ho

Steph He is good looking but I like the fact that he is hard working and rebellious. I enjoy watching him when I can on YouTube. I'm from the states and I really don't get to see Korean or perhaps any "Asia" shows on tv but I do watch when I get the chance. I do hope to see him come to the states specially in New York. I would like to get the opportunity to meet him.

patriciacassandra hheeeyyy. .he is really good looking and whenever he smiles it can melt even the hardest thing in the world and he is also talented. .

patriciacassandra hhaaiii!!! he is really good looking and whenever he smiles he can melt the hardest thing in these world. . .whooaahh. .he is also talented huh . .

Mana Hello kim hyun joon, l love you, and happy births day to you, and kiss you

Mana Hello, kim hyun joong, l love you, and happy births day, and kiss you

cass All I can say is I'm your big fan, as in BIG, you're good in singing as well as in acting. As a fan I'm wishing for all the success in your career, love life and as a person. You have a lot of fans , they love you so much, me included to that. We are here to support you all the way. GOD Bless.

Dorra kim hyun it's a pleasure to me to give my opinion for such person like you .It's true that you are a great singer and you have a such nice voice ,your acting is not bad (%40) but i have a question, i know that you will never answer it but i will say it: why did you stop your studies ? did you regret it or not ? i know to be a star it's not easy but i don't you get boring or fed up from being follow it by your funs or some thing like this ,don't you think that many people love you for your style and your look !!! wherever forget about it . Good luck and fighting :)

Atina oppa,,, pogosippeo... i really2 envy 2 jung so min and koo hye sun... but most of it, i'm envy to Hwangbo-unnee who can get u as her husband for several times... u'll be a nice boyfriend, husband, and father at the same time,,, hope u can meet u'r soulmate... always pray for ur best...... =)

Hanie I hope you could e-mail me,,,and hope u could read this msg,,i think there's no need for me to post my e add coz it is required already above,,,hope to hear from you soon

xioma I love him he is beautiful

Hannah It would be soo cool to talk with this guy and maybe have a jam seccion XD. I just hope he can speak English. ^_^


Anita Ahhh Kim Hyun Joong is soooo hot, love him alot! <3

larissa thank you for all you create the inspire songs for the diffrent peolpe

larissa omg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is so very handsome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, guy and when i discover his band ss501 i'm so very shock u include that band u are my inspiration all of my life and when u sing , dance , acting , drama in different way u all ways handsome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and i love all u create the different song and i wish i will visite your counrty someday i wishhhhhhhhhhhhh and i do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

rajes you rock man! hope to see you more in acting.. SS501 TOOO... FIGHTNG

Saba ohhhhhhhhhh, you were really awesome i mean your acting and singing and i really enjoy watching this series and i wish to see you acting in another korean movies or dramas and wish you all success and happiness in each step that you are taking to reach to your healthy and happy, domaniko(*_*)

sharmaine artigo ei Kim Hyun-Joong!

this is all i want to look perfect when with Oh Ha Ni(Jung So-Min)

i wish i could be as cool as you are when you're playing the role of Baek Seung Jo though i hate Seung Jo the way his personality was. Cold Blooded jerk!

by the way, i really wish Jung So Min will be you're future wife =) fighting!!!

rizzacamille GO GO GO Kim Hyun Joong

link why??? u look so cute...

Pwangmo Kim Hyun Joong is really handsome N i like the acting in boys over flowers

Love U frm Bhutan

pwangmo Kim Hyun Joong...........Love U frm Bhutan U r really Handsome !!!!

Pwangmo Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!LOVE U from Bhutan

Pwangmo Kim Hyun Joong is awesome! e is really handsome....... N I m a great fan of him


sarafina oh God!!! i just love your songs & your character in " Boys over flowers".suits you best. i wish you the best!in your tours, consider one in Kenya.i love you so so soooooooo much.

soni hi ................m indian girl. i like Kim Hyun-Joong and his acting. wanna meet him once.

shadi hello i hppeto see u soon

shadi hi how are u?i hope to see u upclose see u

SHANI AAHHHH!!! kim hyun joong u r d best!!!! i luv all ur shows!!!! specially PLayful kiss!!! i hope SS501 returns back with an awesome new luk (not that i don't like this one...i love this one) and awesome new songs...!! i even heard dat u will release a solo full album!! all the best!!!

Claudia Wow! You can actually leave a comment around here now. Nice, nice, nice! Anyway, Kim Hyun Joong is a pretty guy and also a good singer! ^~^ His acting is nice as well ~ Fighting!! ㅋ

Hafous You're my favorite Korean actor/singer! keep the great work, love you very much <3

naghmeh karim you think who u are that u talk about kim hyun joong???ur name is awful I think your face is too..

naghmeh Nobody knows how lovley you are except me..lUv U more than anybody in the world..I'll come to korea & visit u.


nouna hey my love!i love you so much!we were born in the same month!so we are the same,too!iam waiting for your new songs!love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

sa You are beautiful specially with long hair like second picture ( Not very long0. You had very very nice & kind personality in Boys Over Flowers. You are very sweet. You are also handsome :p

p4nda_tripleS miss u 4D leader.. miss your perform with SS501..

seanah likes korean i love you so much i would want you to go here in California,Los Angeles pls..

p you are very cute. You are very kind in BOF.

Nurgul Kim Hyun Joong you are such great singer and actor!!! Please come to KAZAKHSTAN!!! There are a lot of your and ss501 fans here!!!

nikki I wish one day I will get to meet kim hyun joong in California....we love you........your character in playful kiss was very handsome....wish to see more of your drama in the future....^_*

hana u look really (beautiful)....pls cheers up!!!! fighting!!!

Choo Just absolutely love his quirky character. I think he's a bit of a bad-ass boy... which makes him so much more interesting than most IDOLS! hahaha... Love you! Keep up the good work - but eat, sleep and be healthy too!!! You're looking way too skinny these days. Oh, please sing a rock song soon... coz your voice is just fantastic for a rock song. =)

zhai_sexy hope we can be friends.... =)

zhai_sexy One of my great dreams is to personally meet u..... hopefully one day.... love the characters you play, love the way you look, love to know you more.... =)

Beng who can explain why he's wearing different colored socks?

utahaha love his acting, but sometimes I don't like his character :D ahaha

NJ oppa i saw you in my dream last were riding a white horse with pretty white hair but it still could not compete with your beauty...right after that dream i knew it we were meant to be together...i have your picture in my locket and all my girls say "you is craazzzy" but i tell them that they are crazy for not recognizing this brilliant beauty...oppa saranghyeo...i know you love me too so come to me soon...

khjftw KIM HYUN JOONG oppa!!! I know u probably won't read this but I love you sooooo much!!! you look so pretty in all ur dramas and videos.... and i know u mst be prettier in real life....oppa ur so beautiful like an angel descended from heaven.... i love ur style so much... plz continue on being the most amazing oppa in the whole world... u rock my socks off!!! :-)

lovelamia n my entire life I have not seen a good actor and singer like you good luck in your job

Ariane Kim Hyun Joong :) I would just like to say that I love you && SS501! Your songs inspires me and your like one of my idols. Singing is one of the most important things in my life, I hope you keep this up because your amazing. My friends and I LOVE YOU, and we hope you come to Canada someday.

maryam hello kim hyuun joong.. i really love you not because you are handsome, charming or rich . i love you because you are kim hyuun joong . your face is mirror of your heart . i like know you . you have lots of secret in your heart . i love your hair because it is fix whit your face . when in boys before flowers you kiss her i had big pain in my heart because you kiss her whit power feel .

risa kim hyuun joong.. i like ur song.. so romantic,, u are so cool.. hehe.. i hope ss501 can to come in indonesia(jogja and ponorogo city) thank you if u read my message..:)

leonard i like ur hair style -jihoo- very very beautiful

khatecute hi,,kim hyun joong!! i wnt 2 married u!!! _+i love your all songs_+ take care and all of ur friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

sakura i hate you very much coz u are to handsome for me...............................................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ................................................................................................... ........................................................................... .......................................................... ............................................ ................................. ....................... .................... .............. ........... ...... .... .. .

mi young 제발 팬들에게 인도네시아 물론 F4를 같이

Glori@ SARANGHAE! ^^ Kim hyun Joong is CUTE! Love when he sings! and I love to watch him act!

Claudia I Love You !!!!!! <3

lily i luv hum piano................voilin..............etc.

eizzy hai, I love ur songs Kim Hyun-Joong... and i am ur biggest fan.. I like ur character in BOF as Yoon Ji-Ho...

I wish i could see u in person...

email me if u come to Malaysia ok...

Emily Ahhh , KHJ is amaziinngg ^^ Saranghaee~ ♥

Pig I love u so much!!! saranghaeyo

cREULLA dEvILLE I didn't like him in the beginning as JiHoo in BOF. But when his character had developed into a loyal and compassionate friend to JanDi, OMG, I wished that he could be with her till the end (I was really rooting for him and totally forgot about the rascal JunPyo haha). I wish I could meet a soulmate as goodlooking as Hyun Joong.


HOSAN hi_boys over flowers is the best koreaovela that i u sunbaeeeeeeeeeeeee...................i love u jihooooooooooooooo

                  hai ang gwapooooooooooooooo talaga na f4 sa boys over flowers...hahahahaha

yeye everybody here is dreaming...come'on!reality check could you ruin the word 'love????even marriage!!!dont you know those two words are sacred???he is far beyond our reach..besides..admiring is far from being in love...he is just acting and portraying a character which is not real!WAKE UP!!!!!he is not even handsome as what you've guyz saying...hahay...

kamzy hi there,.,.,i like you so much and i think i love you,.,.,please email me at.,.,kamzy090106,.,.,ill wait for your message,.,.,i love you so much,.,.,take care always,.,.,

Lyun Lyun HI! i love your smile and your yawn-ing,haha. my hobby is the same as you haha, sleep =x ... wish you happy belated birthday,(sorry if its late) love all your shows and songs :D Love you & ss501 LOTS!!! FIGHTING!

cleffrey aspialn walang papalag kong love ko na si jehoo its now my time to say ILOVE YOU Hyeon-jun kim iloveyou iloveyou 1000000000000000000*x

cleofe aspialn compost in:July 06: to my crush:Hyeon-jung Kim


I still remember the day i saw you I told myself that the person I've been looking for is you

    you are my soul mate, you're my life

And i I want to spend the rest of my life with you

But how can I reach you, you're too far from me I know you, but you don't know me I missed you , but you don't miss me And i love you but, but you don't love me

can thiss be happen that you & me will meet? Can this be a real that you & me will be together? Can this be true that you & me will fall in love with each other Or can this be a dream that will never come true.

If you only knew that I want to see you If you only knew now i love you If you've only here with me You'll know how I'm so happy to see you

The most special person in my heart That i always keep in my hear I've that is the only way to be close to you Because life is worthless with out you My love "Hyeon-jung Kim"

 (Writer: Cleofe  A. Aspilan)

cleofe aspialn @in the moment i so you@

I never expect that you are so so very handsome i thought that you are not a hunk but you're so... i feel I'm in love now to you........

         yes it is true not joke

cleofe its so great show that i see ever./ i like all of the cast of boys over flower///

pink angel24 jihoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....!!!!i love you!!!!!!!......................

TONETTE U KNOW GUYS, he's really cute, i like him when he smile.

Analyn I love BOF so much.. It's the best Koreanovela that I have watched..

Hyun Ji Hoo is very handsome!! Amazing actor too..

gayle hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!im gayle your #1fans


Jhing hi... i want to tell you that your an excellent actor already....I love your character on BOF always making me cry! well i just hope and pray for your career and personal life! Keep it up....

i will look forward for your another project, preferably drama but you as the main character!

i want to see you happy and not the one looking from the sideline....

take care....and more power!

opppssss....since im a fan it's normal to say I LOVE YOU as in SARANG HAE.....



amarie joy hi!! hyeon-jung kim u know your my idol because u are so cute plz be mine friend

jazz hi,hyeon-jung kim,i really love ur movie your my inspiration in my life hope 2 see you soon..take care always..mwahhh

kaji he's really kawaii. he looks like yamapi or ahjussi bae yong jun. wahhaha still i like him in bbf.

zura i love your character in BOF...

gary he is cool,cute n in love with him.i cant stop thinking about him.i wish that 1 day i could meet him in india. miss u alot. ALL THE BEST FOR FUTURE.

Muthie He hypnotizes lots of girl including me... wish i could meet him in person and be 'hypnotized' by Hyeon-jung Kim ;)

Lydia soo cute love him i wish i could marry him, too bad his drama is over

Hyun after having watched boys over flowers, i have come to the conclusion that kim hyun joong would make the perfect edward cullen should south korea decide to remake twilight.

ameiy he really awesome in boys over flowers!!!! esp, the way he smile >>>, <3 !!! I really love his character is this drama!!!!! It would be great to see him coming to Cambodia!!!

Jesse no, Kim Hyun Joong must be more than awesome. I love him and his character Ji Hoo so much :)) If only someday he would come to my city. It must be my luckiest day ever =]] Send thousands of love and flowers to you, Hyun Joong :))

mikazu yuki i wish im his wife

meltingstar13 wow! we have the same birth date!!!!

huongthusan He looks cool in WE GOT MARRIED. I do like him!

bria he is really handsome..hay!! how i wish i could really see him in person.. i lovve him and the SS501 MEMBERS...FOREVER..^^

p3rk3le Kim Hyun Joong is awesome! I loved him in We got married, I'm sure he'll do great as Rui in Boys over Flowers. cant wait ^^

Emine Hey!!I love the all songs so much.They are really nice,i love them really..

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