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  • Drama: The Land of the Wind / The Kingdom of The Winds
  • Revised romanization: Baramui Nara
  • Hangul: 바람의 나라
  • Director: Ji Byung-Hyun, Kang Il-Soo
  • Writer: Choi Wan-Kyu, Jeong Jin-Ok, Park Jin-Woo
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 36
  • Release Date: September 10, 2008 - January 15, 2009
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1. The historical drama "The Land of the Wind," features Song Il-Guk as King Daemushin of the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-A.D. 668).
  2. The cast and production team recently returned from China after spending more than 40 days filming battle scenes.
  3. The drama is also based on the popular historical cartoon by Kim Jin.
  4. "The Land of the Wind" will take over the KBS2 time slot previously occupied by "Korean Ghost Stories" and will be followed by "My Dad Loves Trouble" on January 21, 2009.


The Land of the Wind-Song Il-Guk.jpg The Land of the Wind-Choi Jung-Won.jpg The Land of the Wind-Park Keon-Hyeong.jpg The Land of the Wind-Jeong Jin-Yeong.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Jeong-Hwa.jpg
Song Il-Kook Choi Jung-Won Park Keon-Hyeong Jung Jin-Young Kim Jung-Hwa
King Daemushin / Yeon Do-Jin King Yu-Ri Yi-Ji
The Land of the Wind-Lee Jong-Won.jpg The Land of the Wind-Oh Yoon-Ah.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Jae-Wook.jpg The Land of the Wind-Jang Tae-Seong.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Sang-Ho.jpg
Lee Jong-Won Oh Yoon-Ah Kim Jae-Wook Jang Tae-Seong Kim Sang-Ho
Hae-Myeong Hae-Ap Chu Bal-Su Ma-Ro Ma-Hwang
The Land of the Wind-Park Sang-Uk.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Hye-Seong.jpg The Land of the Wind-Lim Jeong-Eun.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Myeong-Su.jpg The Land of the Wind-Jin-hee Han.jpg
Park Sang-Uk Kim Hye-Seong Lim Jung-Eun Kim Myung-Soo Han Jin-Hee
Gwoe-Yoo Yeo-Jin Sae-Ryu Goo-Choo king Dae-So
The Land of the Wind-Park Jung-Hak.jpg The Land of the Wind-Son Byung-Ho.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg The Land of the Wind-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg The Land of the Wind-Kim Byeong-Ki.jpg
Park Jung-Hak Son Byung-Ho Kim Kyu-Cheol Jeong Seong-Mo Kim Byeong-Ki
Sa-Goo Tak-Rok Myung-Jin Bae-Kuk Sang-Ga
The Land of the Wind-Lee Si-Young.jpg
Lee Si-Young

Additional Cast Members:


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jenny I love this movie. Infact we all speak korea at home. But the story of muhyul is so tragic. Didn't really like the end of yeon and maro. It was soo painful

rezky I love jumong that's why i also love this drama its so touching!

ramadhan idd no one like suarez

Amandusy I like so much corea movies im Amandusy from TANZANIA then I like so much king genchogo all epsode my contact is +255652306974.

Amandusy I like so much corea movies im Amandusy from TANZANIA then I like so much king genchogo all epsode.

LoveAmerica If 81 episodes of "Jumong" leave you thirsting for more, you will enjoy "Kingdom of the Winds," a very worthy 36 episode sequel with qualities that are very nearly as good as "Jumong." Every episode is exciting. We found that viewing it after "Jumong" was a completely satisfying experience. We plan to watch both dramas again eventually. For us, these two dramas are definite "keepers!"

chris tib the cobination of jumong,su seo no and mo pal mo(in jumong) was perfect.

john I love Sung Il Guk, Ive seen all his drama, this one is one of the greatest of all. from philippines.

habibu juma what a drama, wonderful, you did it, bravo. Song il gook #habibu from TANZANIA

damn Beast of a drama, 'nuff said.

shar Reply to Fahmi - The drama that comes after The Land of the Wind is Princess Jamyung. It shows prince Ho Dong growing up

fahmi karama pls i need to know which drama comes after land of wind

Geraldine 내가 너무나도이 시리즈를 사랑

kjams Hmmm, song u're d best so far, infact ma hrt yearn 4 more, more greece 2 ur elbow.

jackson& pendo i miss mo pal mo and chief sossono in the land of wind, i just want to know how did they establish their new nation, song il guk keep it up;from tanzania

dorice yustino its a nice story when am looking it am enjoying it and am able to reapet several time without being bored

gloria i hv watch jumong and a man called God i luv dis actor song ii guk he knows how to play his roles very well. Jumong is a nice drama . All the charaters are good.

Goodness Song il gook,u are awesome.iv never been touched this much emotionally.i dove my hat for you.keep it up.

omara langol OMG :) this z wonderful

Sherry Waiting for his next drama, Song-il Gook!!

The best Korean actor there ever was!! I will always be his audience supporting him 4ever.

I just don't get it, why the actor acted as Do-jin has no drama for past couple of years, which is ridiculously waste of time!!! I can't wait for his new role!!!

Sherry Waiting for his next drama, Song-il Gook!!

The best Korean actor there ever was!! I will always be his audience supporting him 4ever.

Misky I absolutly luv song IG ive folowed up all his dramas im a kdrama adict

beatrice i love korean movies,they all participat so good.(Song II-guk) this man know wat the role of an actor are.and i love choi jung won-she is so warm+too kind. oh yoon-ah(she played so tough in all series+she dsolve a congratulation,keep it up baby) i love all+come to visit us in Tanzania,you will enjoy so many things. kisses to all(karibuni Tanzania-i mean welcome to Tanzania)


MissTamTam This is the story of Jumong's grandson who was supposedly born with the fate of killing his parents, brothers and even his own son and eventually causing the downfall of Goguryo.... His father, King Yuri, staged the baby's death and so Muhyul grew up without family and not even knowing his true identity... This is the story of how he overcame his ill fate and became the third king of Goguryo, later to be known as King Daemushin (Great God of War).

This is truly an outstanding drama. Not ever have I cried this much about a film or a show in my life - and I am reallly not someone to cry easily... but there are always funny moments so, although it is very serious and unfortunately many people die throughout the story, you can smile and laugh aswell =) I can only recommend watching this drama - you won't be disappointed!

Ulumbi makwi I have nothng to say its only ma heart these are my top 3 series uluma frm TZ

Hussein MK. ur amazing actor...........! Actually u understand very well ur role as an actor  !

Ines woooh! I lyk song ii guk much,ur the greatest actor,jumong n the land of wind are greatest drama ive never seen. Big up 4 soseono,mopalmo,oyi,mari and hypobo. By the way take yeon 2 b ur real wife,she suits u much. Big up as well as on empiror of the sea! Awesome!

Arezoo Only My Love Is Dojin ...

rose ann ..wat was the theme song ?

rose ann ..i love jumong..!!!!

Mohammad Special thanks for song il guk.

karama rashid land of wind n Jumong are ma best of the best of all. Love u jumong, sosonho n yeon

Musty Su_seo_no is d bst. I lik hr alot. Jumong ur great. musty 4rm 9ja

idrisa il guk song you are the best actor i never seen before coz you real know what to do to your audionce big up bro

Eric B I ril lyk relationship btn yeon n' muhyool,i ril nid 2knw hw great ho-dong z wil he b lyk his fathr?

jawaher I love song il gook the way he acts and the way he is n about dojin don't ask ilove him so much yeon is soooooooooooooo cute wow i like her

tasha cant wait for more

kareem A like JUMONG so much.

glory tausi i love the relationship of Seryu and the General.

Glory Tausi from Tanzania.

glory tausi i really love this epic,i love the way Song ii Guuk,plays,though i was sad after the death of Maro,i still like it. I like Dojin too he is handsome n knows how to act. I love lady Yeon and Seryu.

miriam kusenha i love u song ii guk ur great

Martha i love the way u act,i saw ur drama in jumong u act really well,ur inspirational to others keep up the good work

SULEIMAN DAVID Congrats dear my lovely actors! Song ii Guk i appreciate your acting and i really learn alot from your dramas thanks to JUMONG and LAND OF WIND! kip it up and give us more flavours! Dojin leave Yeon to muhyul........!! am from TANZANIA!

rollydel6 i like your acting you are so natural and some part of kingdom make me cry especially when you have been become a prince! (Song Il-Guk) and i want to view more your video but i want in english word can you tell me how???? ASAP... t.y

owenkizito land of the wind do jin just leave my new king alone

chris you are really serious in what you are doing. jumong and the land of the wind are the best series I have ever seen in my life

Bita hi there i realy like your acting you are so natural (song il Gook )all the best i was see jumong and some part of kingdom make me cry and i like to see all of them in english could you please tell me how ? thank you

shawn your the real actor you done amazing things i your drama of jumong and the land of wind song !! guk keep it up

Talitha-Jia I absolutely love this Drama.... AWESOME!!!!

Iyelagha Oro Song Ii_guk. I don't known how you get to act these drama. Jumong, and land of the wind. You act real. I learn from your drama. You are the best i have seen. What next are you preparing to act?

Ramadhani Salhija A lot has been said but i still have to add, you have made the best drama. Jumong was nice, hope the land of wind will be nicer than Jumong. Keep it up Sung Il Guk

Martin Bonomali Mr Gook ,you are the best actor to me ,i real real like your dramas (Jumong and The land of wind). But is there any drama will follow after The land of wind ??

Trish well babe i agree wit u

Trish i just love the way Song II Guk handles things big ups to him

winnie Irene song II Guk your such a cool actor. the first serie i watched that was jumong it was cool and touching the way you fight for your loved ones. land of the wind is cool. so far what i have seen is awesome

collins lwanga keep it up koreans actors

James Mbedule Congrats Song-il, you are a very good actor, ua dramas really moves me inches.. Both jumong and land of wind are nice bt untill nw i find jumong better than land of wind cz i'vent finished watching land of wind..

Boaz Mhilu It's really true that Song II Guk you are a great actor. I really like your dramas. Keep it up men. Ju-mong was good butI think The land of Wind is more good than Ju-mong.

Light Chobya I love South Korean Drama. As Jumong is an excellent Drama, Even the Land of the Wind is fantastic. Keep it up Koreans. Song II Guk - Jumong - Mu- You are a great actor. Keep it up.

Sharon Damkaer Has anyone published an episode guide for Land of the Wind?

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