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  • Name: Song Il-Kook
  • Hangul: 송일국
  • Birthdate: October 1, 1971
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: Cheongju University
  • Twitter: @songilkook


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riyang After saw Song Il Gook in Superman Return, I started watching his film or drama... I haven't finished Jumong yet but I already falling in love with him... love your triplet though. ..they are adorable.

mehregan hi mr songilgook.thank for your act specially in yummoon/jang character. your voice is so cool and i love it. i hope you will be well.and act in more historical drama kije emperor of the sea....

emeperor of the sea and jumong are the best drama of my life. thank you......... please act please......

and what happen to tattooist and fly high when can we see them???????

thank you for all of thing ... takecare... i am iranian...

EGShopper Your equestrian talent is SUPERB. In Kingdom of the Wind you are so intune with the horse you are like flying in air. Cinematography trick maybe, but one cannot fake that nice presence. WELL DONE!!!

EGShopper My favorite Korean actor hands down. Good job... I never kept any actors picture ever...that is until I have seen you.

I never thought I would stay up till 6:00am on week-end and 2:00am on week-days to have Korean Drama marathon on Jumong followed by Kingdom of the Wind, Kimchi Family. I am totally KDA (Korean Drama Addict) now and I'm not even Korean. Guess what Song Il Gook... you are worth the premium monthly fee I pay on Drama Fever. Keep up the good work. I love your triplets too, I must admit I am not a reality show fan so I'm not on board. But if you do another historical that will be super nice.

Aida I have'nt seen him as Jumong in Korean drama ,, but when i saw him in his The Return of the superman definetely amaze about how he raise his triplets.. I admired you so much for being a good father youre truly great .. Let the triplets grow of what they are ...

namakstan You are the best man

daehanienoona PLEASEEE Song Il Gook should play new drama i'll definetely watch it!!

Starting off loving his boys and now i'm falling for their appa <3

Daehan Minguk Mansae appa FIGHTING!!

zerah Still my favorite Korean actor! You're the best Sir! Congratulations!

Christine I loved him as Jumong, one of the best dramas! But like him even more as a person in taking care of those adorable and precious triplets. If/when he (somehow) has the time for it (maybe when the triplets turn 18 haha), it'd be great to see him on TV again.

Alice Hi SIG,you're the best and your boys are cute...give my love to them!

ninanibum Best father over the world! Thank you for made Daehan Mingook Manse show off, ilkook-ahjussi. The triplets really cute and so adorable. Really love the tripletssssss, their cuteness like overdose.

akki I really love triplets ....and good job minguk manse deahan's father ^~^ banzai

Mimi Actually my first ever Korean drama to watch was Prince of the Legend,It was shown in our local channel in my country in 2008.Am a fan of Song Il-Kook coz through him i came to know a lot of other korean dramas.

marychris hi... i watched a man called God woooow was so good.. because of that from now i use my extra time on Google to check your all drama series... and i will find those series because i know it will be good like a man called God.. congratulation you know how to act like real life... your family are very lucky to have a person like you... may GOD bless you all the time,

Lina Hello Ill, I watched superman from LA, California. Wow, 3 boys that is so nice. So, how is fatherhood treating you? You look so overwhelming taking care of those 3 beautiful boys. So, when is the girl coming??? You are a fine actor and have enjoyed all your tv shows and movies. I also love your mother am a great fan of hers. take care and kiss the boys for me...

ioana I look forward the new film.Success!

see vue Love to watch your movie..

faith Hello Song! Honestly speaking, you are just the bomb. I started admiring U after I watch the drama titled, "a man called god and jumong and lobbyist", I would say that you are too much especially your swordmanship skills and your height, your charisma and ego. Am glad that you are a family man. Your wife and kids should be lucky to have you. One day I would come to Seoul and look out for you just to have a photograph with you. You are very very talented and I admire you so much. I love the drama Jumong and I love mo pal mo so much, he is so emotional and funny . All those brothers of Jumong tried alot . They were so loyal to you. In short, i love you.

Lavinia after watching jumong and empire of the wind you have inspired me to learn as much as i can about Korean history .your acting was so so real.and if your character in real life is like the ones in your movies. your wife is a very lucky women and your triplets are very blessed to have a dad like you..once again thank you so much for your movies

Lavinia Jumong and Empire of the wind your acting here was so so real ,after watching these two dramas i am inspired to learn as much as i can about Korean history and i am also making a trip to Korea Thank you so much for your movie and if your character in real life is like the one you play in your movies you have a very lucky wife and your triplets are truly bless to have a dad like you. once again thank you.

manna absolutely magnificent!

manna all my respect and deep admiration! congratulations, sir!

Blessing mbah I wish to see but it not possible atall becouse am in nigeria. Please take good care of your self, is very important.

Homs dear ilgook I wish i could see you.... this is my only aim for 6 years... you are my love and you will be for ever...

Olga Berrios He does really great work. Quite impressive

shiva Hi Mr. song . Are you extremely good hope I always remember I love you I see you re really loved you I am an iranian drama series I am looking at you. you re wonderful.......

Zahra You are the best Korean actor Just this, with best wishes for you.

happie loketo mmmh, nothing to say just to Cong rates you for you talent your the best for all of best in actors, nice I like it from you, keep it up, blessing you with your family.

Mahsan Hi dear song ILOVE YOU Kiss you:-* :-*

Maria hi mr sung. I love u so much and u r one one of best actors in the world... take care sir.

mohammad hi how are you I love your roll in dramma empire of the winds

farid I really love you.

ashamed Iranian thank you for coming to Iran & I apologize you instead all impolite Iranians and their comments.

Kimia Like Alot of people Posted comment here I'm Iranian too,I know you will never read this but i want you to know I really love you & i wish the best for you and your Family All your Movies Rock Exteremly Jumong,The kingdome of the Winds & Emperor of The Seas Im 14 and since i was 9 i loved you i bought all your series and i watch them over and over hope one day you read this

Love you

reza helo how are you ! I am 8 years old Reza from Tehran. you acted the best in Jumong,The land of the winds and Empror of the sea. Are you enjoyng in South Korea

narges helllllo my love,mr s.i.g!i am an iranian but alwayz i wish travel to korea,just to see u and your cute sons.u r always in my heart,and i promise than never forget u.please please please send me email.i really love wish see u one day....kiss your beautty and hot lips.bye.

SABA hey there!!! i love your movies a lot! the land of the wind is the best movie that i ever have seen. so i love to see you... i know one day it will become true.... your big fan saba

peter Merry christmas and happy new year.sir you are a great actor. GOD bless you and your beautiful family.

Gloriana Mr. Song, new year is around the corner-i pray to God for your dreams to come true and all that you wish for. I wish you and your household LOVE, joy, good health, great goodnews, bliss and beautiful things!! Amen. My life is full of pains and nightmare bt i believe someday i will be happy. Best wishes to you sir Song. Happy New Year!!

amy hi mr song il guk !

i love your movies you act awesome! happy new year to you,have a great times with your family and best wishes !

Gloriana Make a wish sir-i Gloriana Melina D. wish you sir Song, your cute baby boys and your gorgeous wife the greatest gift of all which is LOVE!! Do have a great xmas with your beautiful family sir.

amin hello Mr. song il guk my name is amin and i am a iranian. i have offer for you and it is better for you and me you can win in your competition. if you want please send email to me i have a important work with you

hanieh hello i`m Iranian i`m 14 i`m a big fan of your acts.i know you are a cinema star***you are the best of the best you are wonderful you are one that makes world go round . I always admire you always just think a bout it i bless you from here LOVE YOU ***your partisan hanieh.

June Thanya Hi oppa Song il gok <3 I'm your fan I'm very very love everything on you <3 you are the best actor i'm so proud of you <3 I Love you my beloved idol forever <3

nuwa name is kimia and i'm an iranian.i love your series alot specially jumong and the land of the wind.i know it might be hard for you but please play more historical dramas like jumong and the land of the wind.and also please visit our country ya!and also thank u!

negn song sanadim

IDD In short i lke korean tradition&SONG II GOOK is my favorite actors in this WORLDDD,LUV U BRO.

Gloriana In the drama series "Ju Mong," you are a great actor and so amazing sir! Thumbs-up!! Sacrificies and tragedy in the drama. Sir Song II Gook, sometimes, i ask myself- what is it about life? Why are so much pains in this world? What is our purpose or mission on earth? Kind regards sir.

JOSEPHINE I am African, Song II Gook is my favorite actor. Because of him, I like traditional Korean movies. As I am in Korea now for studies, I wish I can meet him for expressing my congratulations.


Lawernce Song ll gook i wish i can come to korean just to see your face i love all your drama love u more God will protect u for us keep it up

vio Thank you very much for everything, I look forward

homa anyonghaseyo! happy birthday ! song il guk i wish nothing but the best for you!

homa hi! darling happy birthday . song il gook

i wish nothing but the best for you.

maryolad Happy birthday song , enjoy your birthday as we nigerians enjoy our independent. 1st Oct marks your birthday and also marks Nigeria independence day . Wish u can come down to celebrate with u ...

Lizzy Wow! Oct. 1st, i cant bliv it! Happy bday Song. U dont luk ur age at all. I stil cant bliv u re 42 yrs. Wel, dat means u re biologically favored. Once again happy bday my korean idol, Song Il Gook.

vio tomorrow is your birthday so, I thought to start today :)) with cheers :)) happy birthday and live many, many years, many films to work :) kiss you .. be cheerful and happy with your loved ones :)

victor buni i like your movies keep it up.send more your films to uganda

tra Hi Song il gook, Do you know that I love you a lot. You are my korean idol always in my heart. Watch term of endearment again again and again but want it again. Your spirit always in my mind. I love you and han ga in . You are the best couple . I wish to see you and beautiful han ga in again in another drama. Hope the best to you for everything. Love your smile, love your eyes, love everything about you.

keren Heloo Song ii Gook, how are u doing? I love ur movies. U are a unique Starr. Ride on , All the best

sherif d world legend


vio Song Hello Sir, to live the 3 princelings whom they love, May God give them good health and dumneavosta everything you want to accomplish, I'm glad for proper fan club opened in Romania, there are many people who love you and admire, will we stand spiritually, fondly V.

vio hello .. I'm a fan of your characters, I watched all the series in the last five years:)) ...l'm from Romania .. and I hope the new movie .. watch as quickly as any have not started filming

so,we have more to waiting :)) .. pictures of your wife and triplets are spectacular ... you're a lucky ... see you in the next movie \ serial :)))

meemee Abba Wooooow,can't wait to see u in real life when am in south Korea Micheal,I love the way Vivian calls your family and I loves your movies so much,we are waiting for the final seasons will also like to be communicating with you.with love Meemee Abba

kourosh hi song il gook .i from iran.i very love are the best actor for me.i have 10 serial from you and i will buy all your serials and movies.i belived that you are the best actor in the world.i very love korean serials and i belived that south korea make best serials in the world. i wish see you and i wish come south korea and see you.i belived south korea is the best country in the world .i very love south korea. i like that again you come in iran that see you.always you be lucrative.

kourosh hi song il gook .my name is kourosh from iran.i very love are the best actor for me.i have 10 serial from you and i will buy all your serials and movies.i belived that you are the best actor in the world.i very love korean serials and i belived that south korea make best serials in the world. i wish see you and i wish come south korea and see you.i belived south korea is the best country in the world .i very love south korea. i like that again you come in iran that see you.always you be lucrative.

kourosh hi song il name is kourosh from iran.i very love you .you are the best actor for me.i have 10 serial from you and i will all your serials and movies.i believed that you are the best actor in world.i very love korean serials and i believed that south korea make best serials in the world.i wish that see you.and i wish come to south korea and see you.i believed that south korea is best country in the world.i very love south korea.

kenniecooler I really love him, pls Song respond to our coments

dramalover i'm waiting for your new drama...

aryan hi dear Song Il-Guk imfrome afghanistan and im big fan of you i live in europe i will come to south corea and i wish to see you face to face its my wish to meet gogorio s emperator mr jumong :) best of lucks god bless you and your peoples keep it man your the best special your jumong drama is like a univercity subjects in my life thanks about ....i love u and i wish to see you in your cuntry regards aryan

dramalover IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

sokliss surdiq Mr song you've been a lovely man and to be candid, u always tease me with ur movies ,most esp. Jumong and man called God, it's been a wonderful movie. We are expecting more superficial, intelligent, excellent movies from you ...thank you

Kate okorie I keep going crazy about u.i am your number one fan and i just wish to meet with u even if it is just once.u are the best in korea and i wish u will grant my wish..... I love u Song ll gook.katie

Kate I keep going crazy about u.i am your number one fan and i just wish to meet with u even if it is just once.u are the best in korea and i wish u will grant my wish..... I love u Song ll gook.

emanuel okpofut i just love wat u are doing,your character in a man called god is wat impress me the most. Wish i could be like you

Felix Born actor, Marvelous! The calmness in the act, tactful, etc. I enjoy your dramas/movies and looking forward to watching your extensive filmography! Be blessed.

francisca bassey you are cool, really love the way you act. but do you know what i wish for, it's for me to feature in your next movie, even if i can't speak your language .wishful thinking, i really doubt you will even read this comment .but if you do please consider me. PLEASE!!!!!

Homa ilguk ilgook hi! how can i explain my feeling?? how can i prove that how much i love you?? my dear i know you for 6 years. when i saw you for the first time in emperior of the sea i fell in love with you, maby its impossible but beleive me that after i saw you again in Jumon i desided to do everything to meet you. so this dreams changed and now is not just one desair its my aim, its my aim to see you and look at your eyes and tell you how much you are dear for me...and how much i love you...,

Emmaus In fact you are real amazing, and always you fight to be the best in return you are the first actor of all I know in korea, You are the one inspired me to like korean movies, you know what? you know what you are doing Bro. Keep it up

Rolly Song is a good actor. Why are we not seeing him in foreign films? Jumong is so was the first I had seen from koreans. Keep it up men! Don't give it too much break cos of ur triplets anyway. Congrats to han yee jin on her forth coming weDding!!

chichi i love you so much,you are really a man called god. kisses

Marcus Master! You are wonderful, I have watched two of your movies (Jumong and Kingdom of th winds)......your action in jumong touches soul...your are the best ever.....I love you.......hw I wish I meet u one on one.....God bless you as you keep on producing more films.

patricia In response to comment #75 tan, Song uses his eyes to show anger, love ,upset or happiness. This is really good acting. His eyes would simply kill as Yum Moon and then that school boy love sick puppy look in his brown eyes that he shows for all his lady love actresses. Those eyes say sooo much! It is a well known fact that a large percentage of men have trouble expressing feelings out loud or at all. What I have learned from experience is that the eyes tell the truth in those type of male persons. So how great is his acting since he shows feelings through his handsome eyes instead of all of those silly expressions? His acting ability is outstanding in my opinion. He is the ultimate male!

evelyn nice drama and a lesson to teach people how to handle the marriage.I like your clothes. i have cried and cried especially the last episode. Yes understanding, trust, faithfulnness, love and responsibility. They are the terms of endearment. Im happy you got the best couple award with Han Ga In. Both are so much in love

evelyn I ve just ended terms of endearment. I like the way you have done your role. Youre in casual attire here. Good looking, good personality. What more can i say. The last episode is touching.

Chika SIK is simply awesome,his ability to make you relate to the character he portrays is wonderful. After watching jumong,I've had to re-evaluate my personality and way of life. I learn somthing new everytime I watch a SIK drama,he inspires me positively on how to make a better impact in the world. Well done song! I hope I get to meet you in person very soon,you are my hero.

Adewole jumoke I have seen many American series but Jumong is my best when you are talking about a movie on fate,destiny,perseverance, polygamy and believing in your self jumong has it alll. Just love tbe Actor He is the Best keep it up!

evelyn Hes romantic in Kingdom of the Winds. Jumong the first time i saw him. I didnt even known him. Good acting, i love the poise, the way he walks. I like his eyes

gabi Song Il Kook is one of the best actors I ever saw. He played in many dramas, yes, he is brilliant in Terms of Endarment, Haeshin, Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind and A Man Called God, very special in Crime Squad (this series NEED a second season!), but guys, your comments here show that you didn't watch Fermentation Family (with Park Jin Hee female lead)! In this drama SIK has some scenes for Oscar prize! I totally disagree @tan's opinion, SIK is perfect in any role!

tan in my opinion song il guk is Mr. poor of expression.. but i don't know why i watch many drama of him... his expression is same between sad and angry, even when his loving in love, he can't done well...

Adejumo Obafemi I really love your acting especially in Jumong, keep it up...

stasteek Song il Gook has to be the hottest actors around. Love his movie Jumong and hoping that he'll continue to make more movies! Luv luv luv!

Esther peter pan, michael, chie kang Ta and Ju mong...,. u ar simple d best. I love ur style n ur acting, keep it up my guy.

tommy eng Exceptional acting, loved Jumong, and Land of the winds. Keep up the good work.

olamide I like the way you act, is as if is real. I just watch Ju-mong is it interesting. Ju-mong will be my third Asian tv drama i ever watched (IRIS and CHUNO). Song-Il-Gook keep it up, i am of of your fans.

chenge you are a super duper star,rocking every parts in the world,even in local communities like ours.

yusuf skyo have been watching film, the movie ''jumong'' was different. it was interesting, fantastic, and SWARGGERCIOUS................ men the movie is too interesting, i wish to come to korea and know song ll guk better. and i know 1 day 1 day i will come to korea and know better...................................................................................................................

deborah jumong was actually my first time of watching chineese movie, i head about it through a friend of mine, i was at first reluctant of it and that was because i dont understand the language so how do i know what they are saying? but, when i heard it was subtiltled to english i decided to give it a shot. i fail in love with song ll gook (jumong). i re-watched jumong like 3 times before i heard about a man called god, thats the series am on to now. song ll gook i say more strength to ur elbow, you are doing a great job there. mmmmuuuaaaahhh!!!!!!! xoxoxo

samaneh you are il gook shi saranghe.

Leah weche So far av watched chumong and hae shin bt u are my best actor,LOVE YOU

Prince JOFF Hi song i'll loved it when geumwa said jumong is the chief commander of the vanguard i also loved it when jin bo bae pronounced the name michael not to forget when soseono called u pathetic real romantic and archery skills fantastic keep it up master archer uar real good at wat u do. hope to see more of u &soseono.

dolapo U killed it in the film"a man called God"...u were so real,u made me fall in love with u I love u michael king,peter pan,choi kang ta...I LOVE U II-GUK SONG

Prof. Dominic Hi song, i give God all the glory for who you are. Your drama "a man called God" is great. I love your performance as the boss and the role of the reporter jin bo bae. (han hae young). So wonderful. I never get tired of watching your series coz you r the boss!!!. Hello to the the computer wizard jonny in this series. I dont know his real name though. I love you all.

mightymhong your my all time korean actor of all time, i always watch your series and you really stand out in your role in jumong, you rock like gangnam style

Joy tom You are one of a kind song.well it's kinda sad that i dont no you personaly.i'v watched your movies so much that i can even speak korean language a little bit.some of your movies are realy heartbreaking.

Camron Mbachu Look at all these people! They all love u man! Keep up with the good work! Should it be a coincidence that am sending this at ur birthday! its just because one of your movies (Lobbyists)kept me awake! Be good to every man, woman and child around u!

Idiat Song il gook mere watching your films makes my heart shake.u know what,u are good and i love you for that but please wherever you are always be good to people and stay steadfast to GOD that allows people to like you.i hope i will keep seeing you in more movies that way i know you are near.stay bless.

Shar I fell in love with this guy when i was watching Jumong. That show was really good. I loved it and the best thing about it was that the main actor Song Il-Guk was a really good actor. Kingdom of Winds was also really good. I love his acting style. He's so handsome too!!

Negar these days when i saw your face i cry a lot.the best actor,model,person,FATHER i have ever seen in the world.go on my love.wish you and your family the best.i first saw you in the emperor of the seas and begin to love u and i have one dream that is visit you and speak to you and say that i'm ur biggest fan.i never forget you until the day i die. ONCE IN LOVE,FOREVER IN LOVE

Tagi Song, you are the best asian actor,pleasu come to Armenia, here we love you very much and we like your films and dramas, please come to Armenia

Stephen Infact, i cant blieve dat song ii guk is nw 41. Afta watching jumong, i bgin 2 watch ur films

theresa Hi,Song Il Gook I think u were sent by the heaven's to capture thousands of people's heart.I love ur movies especially jumong,a man called god,land of the winds and empire of the sea.Keep up the good work.

lanre I started watching korean films after watching jumong and kingdom of the winds. U are one of the best actors I have ever seen. The way u acted immature and weak to a strong and intelligent man In jumong and kingdom of the winds blew my mind away. Actors like yours are few. Keep up the goog work. I dream of meeting you in flesh one day in this life.

chandra hi Song ll Gook i love your acting skills so much...if only there where more historical dramas with you in them. Your my fav actor even when i compare you to american actors none can compare. you may be 20 years older then me but dont worry every time i see you, you amaze me every time. keep up the great work cant wait to see what you will do next.

Esther I love ur movies Guk-song, most especially A man called God.. You really don't look your age...

yeyy omo, .... your age now is 40th???? you look younger than your real age!! i think you're 30s

what a great actor!!! love your role in Jumong

olamide U are d best actor ever seing, if I watch jumong and a man called God ten times I woulnt be tired. Keep it up.

Angel Hi you are best actor in Asia and I love you , you are very handsome and kind, a real man I like your drama Lobbyst with jang jin young but what a pity that she died I love her very much and I pray for her .

Babatunde U are my favorite actor. U are d boss. Yes boss!!!

Folarin Song II, Yu are a great actor, I must confess! Yu look pretty good in corporate than in casual but still handsome wearing either or both outlook. I hope "Fermentation Family" would glue my butt to the couch as "A man called GOD" did and will always do because watching you as the "Boss" and "Michael King" can never be tiring nor boring if I were to watching the movie 100 times in fact, the sound of Michael from those ladies especially, Jun Bo Boe is quite romantic....wish both of you could act another movie together! Well done though, and keep the good acting alive

Ariana Hi... I just wanted to say I wish you success and a great marriage life... and .... I admit you are really talented.. that's it... Best Wishes Ariana

ernesta guy i swear u are d best song ll kuk much kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

sousou we love you soooooooooooooooo much u r the best

i*************love *****************you

sousou from algeria my dream see u face 21 face

M Inuwa Song II-Guk (Jumong) u are amazing, the film was very interesting because story line make me interest in your action. Those supporting actors have made well like Soseono, Deaso all did will, keep it on.

Mykel Il-Guk is 1dafl n superb, his swordplay is jux eye-catching not 2 talk abt his use of d bow. Luv u n continue 2 give use 1dafl movies. Jux can't b without ur movies. GOOD JOB IL...

negar HI MY DEAR SONG You are very kind & the best actor.


" Best Wishes 4 U "

El-zakir Atolade Nurat I love ur acting so much and i wish to meet someday.kudos to SONG IL GOOK!U DA BOMB!!!

BULLET Brother you are more than hot I have seen Jumong, Land of the wind and empire of the sea, haahaaaa no one is able to touch you bro just keep it up and i wish one day to meet with you song.KARIBU BONGO KAKA(TANZANIA)

Ilori Olubukunmi Song Il Guk, I cherishes ur supernatural n emotional movies including prince of the legend n a man called god. I can't wait 4 d next one. i am ur No 1 fan HORLBHY

calvin this guy is so amazing i hv bin watching his series away back,hes pretty good on what hes doing so my man song ll guk big up! my name is CALVIN all the way from TANZANIA the number one fun of SONG ll GUK.

Fadhili Mwakubombaki You are The Best actor i have ever seen Song il-gook i appreciate you the most men.

Fadhili fredy you are best of the best i have never seen the man who is intelligent in acting like you Song il- gook . I think You are the Man who know how to play with people mind . Ungekuwa unajua kiswahili ningekusifia ki Tanzania . yani ninavyo anaglia series zako yani moyo wangu unakuwa mbio napenda zisiishe haraka napenda maamuzi yako . You know to act you are a MAN OF ACTION Even martial Arts you are the master . The film with JANG BOGO Ilike you a lot more than Jang bogo because you are the MAN

Emma have watched ur latest 'Detectives in Trouble' but it seems not enough..hope u'll have a sequel to this drama. Please update us on ur activities and what's coming up soon. Love to see u act again, ur very good in whatever u do.

Ludan A. Massawe Hi Song Il Guk! from KILIMANJARO much interested with your best actions ever in my eyes mostly in your focus and critical thinking in making dcsion and achieve your goals,if time wont allow us to meet via my email, memories will though i hope its possible. your work will become an historical dramas in the world.

jumong hi my twin brother, you can kissss my black assss mother fucker because you just play in dramas like 1000000 years old ago. hemoso is your real father asshola your mother used to be a hore. :)

neriza Hi Mr Song Il Gook... I love you and your acting.. ave watch Jumong, Kingdom of the winds, Man called God, Emperor of the sea.. and of your TV drama and movies.. Want to follow you and have email to congratulate every performance but i don't know how and where to write you.. hoping that someday you'll give me a reply.. God Bless you always..

Ulumbi makwi Do nt forget to thank God on who you are. al the best on whatever you wil be doing. i have nothng to compare with your series. i have ever seen such kind of series.

Chat And Yeon, you realy making a good couple together. Im realy enjoying your drama" The Land Of The Wind" . I wish one day you and I can chat via emails.

lorivi letawo Mr Il Guk Song i like ur movies very much,mostly when u fought leading a war u look like a real marshal n king u r the best n the world.The movie of jumong n emperor of the sea wwas a hit for me, i liked ur looks ,smile yeon n even ur archery n swordsmanship ur the best n action n the girls u work with r very hot e.g sosuhno,ye soya n yeon like them very much keep it that way u act beyond anormal man i consider u a king n action movies lorivi from tanzania welcom hope to see more of u

Yeon an extraordinary man

jamie i really liked land of the was a masterpiece.. i wept like a baby when Ma-ro died. you're good at what you do-keep doing it!

owenkizito guk song ure just the best am the next ,..ilov ure acting

owenkizito ure just ma man of the century i wish u were the lil king of that land man u worked 4 it i lov ure courage

Deusdedith Christopher Men your the hero fist when i watch your tv drama i was shocked and then to see yo in land of the wind my life is complet full of enjoyment counting on you keep doing good am from Tanzania

millicent Hi! Am from The United Republic Of Tanzania... Song Il-Guk you are the best actor i ever seen. The only thing which makes you special is the way you put things in reality. When you are sad,you become realy sad; when you are in battle, you carry the impression of being there ; the same as you become confused, disappointed and happy as well.

And Yeon, you realy making a good couple together. Im realy enjoying your drama" The Land Of The Wind" . I wish one day you and I can chat via emails.

shawn your a real when i look at you in the jumong and the land of wind the way you do is the best i never see god bless

Ntaate Samuel Hi, I just cant imagine that this is real you, I like everything of you in the land of wind. I Could feel hearted when ever Dojin wins over you though not through a fight but as long as you feel pain. I used to forget that it's an act, that's really what it means to be Genius.

I liked it when King Daeso Sent Dojin and his troops to go get the Sword of the Late King Chumo, you made me happy when you won him in that fight on their way to Fort Gea.......... I wish to see you live not on screens. please think about it.

Please if you dont mind am an events manager I would like to Host you here in Tanzania. Mind you it means hosting the main actors in “The Land of Wind”


treva mtete work hard guy you have a talent

treva mtete he is the fantastic player never seen of the old stories

maria jumong.. i love you soooo much... j cant sleep until i watch the land of wind...... i wish you could marry lady yeon... god bless you

corina 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

jason ur good in what ur doin keep it bro ur cool i enjoying watching u

delia hello il-gook song,i love so much,you are the best for me


Emine I love ur drama A Man Called God!!!!!! ♥♥♥Song Il Guk's so hot & he's a really good actor♥♥♥ =) Hope to see u more in dramas & movies!!!!

Michelle I started watching Jumong recently bec my family recommended the series as "A MUST watch"- so I started watching. I have no idea I will be addicted in watching the telenovela everyday and literally burn my eyebrows staying up to watch an episode or more. I really like watching Jumong and I'm looking for another good one after. I think all the series you're in are just hit and not to mention you're very good looking :-)

I really hope I can see you in person on of these days when you come to the U.S. Is there any website that is available to public that lets us know your up coming shows? If there is- please do share because I would love to see you in person!

edith maria gok

i watched your tv series jumong and kingdom of the winds via internet ,i was really fascinated since i rarely watch asian films even philippine films. i liked the way you acted and how you wear you korean kimono . it fits you well when you are in your korean komono. i hope that you are the same in your tv series the way you treat people outside the showbis. good luck and may you fine your personal life as succesfull as your career.


mania Hi Mr song il gook I know you might not see this comment but I really hope you see it. I just hope for your success in your new drama and I know you will make your fans be proud to like you again. I also pray for you to be healthy and happy with your wife good luck

Azadeh hello dear ll-gok i really love u since i knew u i was searching u on the internet and tv channels i'll be happy if i have ur number or e-mail i hope u see this note and answer it i really thanx god to creat u best wishes Azadeh

namilussag loved your work in jumong and kingdom of the winds.. i think your the best when it comes to historical dramas.. keep up the great work.. hope ur happy in ur marriage life and all the best..

safa song il gook you are the best acter for me and soo ae too you are very handsome and you rools in emperor of the sea with lady jeong ghwa very good really this tv series is amazing so i from tunisia and remamber ther are a tunisian girl she watch all the korean tv series thanks safa.tunisia

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