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  • Name Lee Min-Ki
  • Hangul: 이민기
  • Birthdate: January 16, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: A







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Cheesecake Oh so he's the nuts guy who hit on and killed Jieun in A Million. He was very effective in the film because I hated him so much there. Bravo :D I expect greater projects from this guy. ^u^

Hiki Spellbound is one of my favorite korean rom coms. His acting melts me ;_;

Gayle The first time I laid my eyes on you while I am watching Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, I got so amazed and amused! At the same time I got so attracted to you now at then, I love your styles, I love your character there. and my mind saying, "I want to meet this person personally. Badly!! :D"

Hope you guys could visit here in Philippines!! I love you!! XOXO! :*

Langit you surely die too much lol i hope you will take a lot of comedy genre, i love "very ordinary couple" great Min-couple chemistry.

Love America Good, versatile actor. His drama list should include "I Really Really Like You" both Part 1 and 2. He does a really fine job in those dramas.

Jaemin Hi Oppa Min Ki :-* I really really miss you i am wishing to see you in the drama again as the lead actor Sarangheyo!!!! GBU ^_^

Jaemin Hi Oppa! i missk youuuuu i really really really miss you watching in the series!!! hope to see more of your acting career in the dram Sarangheyo ^_^

olimpic hi minki, when will you act together with chae rim in new drama... same as like another fans, i,m falling in love when i watched dalja's spring.. your act awesome!!! GBU

Born2duit New fan this year (Nell mv and Shutup Flower Boy Band). Forever fan now that I know we share the same birthday!

eka Hi lee minki... when i watched dalja spring. Really i falling in love. i like you when you act together in the new drama with park chae rim... i hope you will be couple in real life with chae rim

riyang I just finish watching 'really really like you' n I'm falling in love with this guy.... yup I like his voice n the way he talks. I think I'll start searching other movie or drama with him on it...:)

yongguk Lee Min Ki is awesome!!!

alex Why is he so sexy with that eyeliner on?

anujin i just cant express what i feel now , i spent my all day to watching lee minki’s movies and i just fell n love with him . he looks really really really cool with eyeliner . i just changed my ideal type as Lee Minki . just dunno what to say and maybe this feeling can’t be expressed as a word . just want to meet him and tell him how great actor he are and his expression and that feeling that he gave me .., sorry for my bad english and i just wanted to post what i feel now.

Chaela That sucks my computer wouldn't let me vote 100%

shnnta I love quick film!!! :D

Eun Jung Hi Lee Min-ki, I have seen you in Be Strong Geum-soon, I Really Really Like You, Dalja’s Spring, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Romantic Island, and Quick. I think you are a great actor. I like you in all the roles you have played. The role you played that I like the most is Nam Bong-ki in I Really Really Like You. That drama made me really really like you. It was so cool to see you as Joo Byung-hee in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. You looked really different from your other roles with all that make-up on. I recognized you, though, and was glad to see you in that drama. I was so shocked and sad when you died in that one. I want to see the rest of your films and dramas. And I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. I wish you the best! Take care!

sora i'm so MAD when he suddenly died on Shut Up Flower Boy Band!!!! i watched it because Min Ki acted so awesome. I love his Rock n Roll Style, and those sad but optimistic eye of him. Gosh....WHY?!

Thandy I loved watching him in Spellbound

keysaetern i fell in love with him in tidal wave. can't believe he sacrifice his life to save the guy because the rope couldn't hold to people when the was breaking. made me cry. i knew it he does kinda look like yoon doojoon ina some angle

Mamikodomo Is he gay?I saw Korean UnionBay ads and he looks just like girl in every posts.I really like his acting.

beatriz Barker Strange looking guy....

Sabrina I AM SO FREAKING MAD THAT HE DIED. I knew something was going to happen when he was crossing that road. :'( Anyways, great acting man! I absolutely loved it. And I think that Guyliner looks amazing on you. :)

yuyun I am deeply in love with you after watching Dal Ja's spring,,you are super cute, super great actor :) your chemistry with chae rim is the best :) thousand love and thanks for your wonderful performance in this drama :)

nina g. i love his voice. i love the way he talks. i love his facial expressions. i love that he does not look feminine :)

Kish It's strange to see him without eyeliner....

ellethefierce I think you are amazing. Plus, eyeliner looks amazing on you. I hope to see you on more shows! Fighting!

Renuka Why did you die sooo early my muse!? come back!!!

roksana he was handsom and great in shut up flower boy band.i love him

AyoKeisha I cried like a newborn baby on Shut Up Flower Boy Band because you died, I was so upset evrytime someone in the show said your name I cried. I look forward to more dramas w/ you.

Tina Maiment Damn,u are such a good actor.it broke my heart too see u death on that movie,i just dont get it why on that band there is no picture of you ,they try too vanish your exist event tho you are death at the end of the movie .and i dont like it

loveK I've seen him in DalJa's Spring n I really love him..for shut up flower boy band I saw so many good review about him although he only cameo for 1st n 2nd episode..but seeing him in Spellbound(1st box office in Korea) make me wanna love him moooreeee~ Spellbound movie is the best!!!

babygirl88 he is amazing actor!!! thanks to shut up flower boy band that i came to know about this talented guy! love you Lee min ki

snooglebunch Spellbound is such an amazing moving his a verryyyy~ good actor! love him! ^_<

Kitty Dude, I love you but a cameo? You broke my heart! I loved you in that drama! We've all waited so long and.... and... and... that happens?? I was really looking forward to that drama until ep 2.... You were awesome but damn... that crushed me -_-

Pikaki Po Lee Min Ki oppa is NO.1, I love oppa so much when I watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band!!!! So Handsome So cute So CoOl!!!! Min Ki-iss is the BEST ever !!!!!!!!!!

sadaf he's greatttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!i first saw him in Dalja's Spring and i was like omg!!!! who's this guy?! and then when i saw that he's playing in Shut up flower boy band i was like "YeY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i love him soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! <3<3

NewKDramaAddict he was great in SUFBB! I now have to see his other movies/dramas! Very impressive!

Sydney Why did his role have to be a cameo! I thought he was one of the main characters. I was about to cry when i saw him hit by a bus! He needs to come back! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Emily i become speechless to see lee min-ki role ended like that...so sad,, btw gud luck SHUT UP FLOWER BOYBAND!!!

BPinocchio why Min Ki just cameo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band ? HUAHHH ! i miss him :I

neah OMMMGGGG. WHYYY?!! heartache. you were my favorite S.U.F.B.B. character D; </3


Gigi Byunghee come back!!!!!!!

Hx I can't believe what they did with his character in Shut Up Flower Boy Band He ,for sure, didn't deserve that D:...

Ayumii x Lee Min-Ki <3<3

sweetfrown Just saw haeundae it was amazing. He was amazing I also liked loving you truly or what ever its called.

He needs to get more recognition.

Plus he's super cute

sarah You are very cute. very very cute.

LMG i have voted every day, he needs your vote....you can vote twice per day, he is in no. 45 right now.

lyn vote for Lee Min Ki on this link to all his fans

lyn more power to you Lee Min Ki

s You were handsome & very cute in Dalja's Spring. Good luck ;;)

ulysses youre such a good actor, hope youll have more tv series like that of dalja's spring...... i love it!

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