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  • Name Jang Keun-Suk
  • Hangul: 장근석
  • Birthdate: August 4, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Hanyang University
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Blood type: A
  • Twitter: @AsiaPrince_JKS


Jang Keun-Suk was born on August 4, 1987 in Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk Province, South Korea. He is the only child in his immediate family. At the early age of six, Keun-Suk started to work as a child model. His work as a child model came about by a fortuitous event. When his parents were selling their home, a perspective buyer came to their house who worked as a talent agent. When he saw young Jang Keun-Suk at the house, he advised his parents that Geun-seok should work as model. [1]

Jang Keun-Suk made his acting debut four years later in the 1997 HBS sitcom "Selling Happiness" (Haengbokeul Pabmoda). He then continued to work in television as a child actor. In middle school, Keun-Suk heard the music of Japanese pop singer singer Ken Hirai & Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. He was inspired enough by these bands to start learning the Japanese language by himself. In junior high school, Keun-Suk went to school in New Zealand to learn English & Japanese. Because of his studies in New Zealand, he can carry casual conversations in both languages.[2] Even though Geun-Suk wanted to continue his studies in New Zealand, a job offer brought him back to South Korea. Keun-Suk landed a role in the popular MBC sitcom "Nonstop 4." After his work in Nonstop 4, Geun-Suk fell into a self-perceived slump and didn't think his acting was good enough. He decided then to re-devote himself to becoming a true actor.[3] In 2005, Keun-Suk 's portrayal of the president's son in the SBS drama "Lovers in Prague" became a hit and was well regarded by drama fans.

In 2006, Keun-Suk made the jump to the big screen in the Japanese horror film "One Missed Call Final." Using his past experience with the Japanese language, Keun-Suk was able to communicate with his Japanese co-stars with no problems. He also learned sign language for the prior three months in preparation for his role as a deaf boy in "One Missed Call Final". His next role was back on the small screen with the KBS2 historical drama "Hwang Jin-yi." Keun-Suk's performance in "Hwang Jin-yi" did gain the attention of many female fans. The following year in 2007, Keun-Suk was casted in the rock music themed film "The Happy Life." His portrayal of Hyeon-ju in "The Happy Life" allowed Keun-seok to show off his masculine charms, as well as display his skills as a singer. Keun-Suk would go on to play in two more music inspired titles in 2008, with the feature film "Doremifasolasido" and the MBC TV drama "Beethoven Virus."

Keun-Suk 's next role in the 2009 thriller "The Case of Itaewon Homicide" marked the first time Geun-Suk performed as a villain. The film is based on a true story of a murder that occurred at a Burger King restaurant in Itaewon, South Korea.

In 2011, Jang Keun-Suk embarked on his fan tour "The Cri Show," which began in April and travelled through Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan., Malaysia, Thailand and China (Shanghai). His last performance ended at the Seoul Olympic Hall on August 4th, 2011. "The Cri Show" consists of Jang Keun-Suk performing in front of his fans as well as meeting and signing autographs. On October 26, 2011 Jang Keun-Suk will release a DVD titled "Budapest Diary" in Japan. The DVD "Budapest Diary" has Jang Geun-Suk as the primary actor and also Jang Geun-Suk participated in writing the screenplay and selecting the locations for filming. The DVD also includes a "Making Of" video, photo book, souvenir and original poster.


  1. On August 6, 2011 Jang Keun-Suk will attend the Audi Asia Pacific Area Free Test-Drive event held by Audi Korea. The event takes place in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. Jang Keun-Suk's appearance is made by request of Audi Japan. A small fan meeting will be held with Jang Keun-Suk and Japanese fans at the event.
  2. Jang Keun-Suk performs theme song "200 Miles" for Japanese animation film "Fairy Tail". The song "200 Miles" is taken from his album titled "Just Crazy" (released May 30, 2012 in Japan).
  3. Jang Keun-Suk released single "Beautiful Day" on January 8, 2014 as the sixth OST single for drama series "Bel Ami".
  4. Jang Keun-Suk graduated from Hanyang University on February 20, 2014. He first enrolled in the school in 2006 and he has also donated more than 1.2 billion South Korean Won ($1.1 million USD) to the school's scholarship fund.


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Online Liquor Store He has not done any drama in 2014 why? any upcoming projects?

fan Why there's no drama in 2014?

winni.anjell i like for you jang geuk suk you is the besttttttt...veryyyy besttttt

roxy JKS I Miss you like hell...when you will come back, I will watch anything the drama, movie or the commercial...I'm gonna follow anything for you, please just come back, please Your biggest fan from Romania with all my ♥

maro Jang keun suk i'm your number 1 biggest fan. I Love you so much. I'm a Nigerian and i hope one day you will come to Nigeria. You are the best

bola I am a very big fan of you. Am a Nigerian, I love everything about you. I love to meet you one day. Please keep up your good work and remain bless.

Laras Congratulation Jang Keuk-Suk completing your study. I hope I can see your beautiful face and awesome acting in the next project.

secret i love you Jang Keun-Suk forever even if there is no forever. I love you!!!!!!! im in love with you.

ANABELITA oh my gosh!!!!i really love you jang geun suk...when will you comeback???i miss you oppa...im looking forward to watch you're upcoming projects...i love you oppa!!!!!

anonymous I like your acting.. But I only like you're beautiful only..I don't like love rain because yoona was the heroin..it should e someone better to play that character.. Anyway.. You're a great actor..keep it up..

nikky I'm a Nigerian and I do enjoy your movies.......... wish u come to Nigeria someday.

sheli oppa when will you come back in korean drama? im so excited.

filipa martins He´s very handsome and has talent.

alivia rachma how to be like you? I want to be like you.

Jasha Jang Keun-Suk is really the living pretty man, he is so adorable, i like the way he smile. He is a good actor too.

Sukhdeep Oppa when is ur new drama coming.....its been so long since u have been in a drama <3<3 Saranghaeo oppa

Hana Re watching DOREMIFASO and JGS was so damn cute!! Now he's so not that good. He needs to shed away that long hair and skinny image.

kim hope that you will visit the philippines... i will be the one to guide you all over the philippines...

arche it was in DOREMIFASO that i first saw you and at my age i couldnt help admire your personality.an actor who could melt his viewers heart esp when he smile. GOODLUCK and hope to see you more on screen or in my country,PHILIPPINES!

gloryta I first knew you in the drama your beautiful, then i looked for all your dramas since then. YOU are my no.1 Korean actor, I dearly love you and always follow you. I dont know what troubles you face coz you are always chearful when talking to your ells, but all I am praying is that you keep your energy up and be happy through it all. Fighting, Saranghe........

rcb JKS you are a good actor and very handsome. I've just finish watching your 2010 drama and im definitely your fan from now on. I will start watching all your drama series. Hope you can visit philippines....

joni mae hi oppa, i really really like you since my highschool days. i was a BIG fan of yours because of your good acting and handsomeness. one of my dream is to meet you in person. ill do y best to make that came true. I've been watching your movies and your concerts i hope you can also concert here or even just visit here in our country the Philippines. there are also lots of pinoy who loves you so much and been watching and searching of you.. thank you oppa and Godbless ☺☺

hanae el andaloussi hi jang geun suk you're so beautiful and i love you so muchhhhh

fatoom Hello JKS, I really want to thank you all the actors and actress in youre beautiful series, to tell you frankly im not the fan of any korean drama series but then in MBC 4 in Dubai the drama series there is korean but translate in arabic but my daugther they are watching. Its just show this months of youre beautiful for the first time i dont want to watch but then my children keep on watching that series then i try to watch one time its really amaze me you why ??? I got depression this past months i dont know how to survive in that depression but then when i watch youre beautiful its really help and healed me, everyday im watching and dont fed up, i hope theres a part two of that series and which is showing in too many country hope there is a part two of that... all of you are great actors and actress... more power and goodluck...

idir wow my love you ok love love

benna Hi! I want you to be paired again with Moon Geun Young. You look good together. I kept watching Mary me Mary, nth times already. I just can't get enough. I fell in love to you both, you act so naturally. hope you can work on your next tv drama project. Good luck!

shiksha rai i m ur biggest fan and no one can be like u in my life. i love u more than my family, friends and my someone special.

monaliza h!,jang keun suk. . .you are the one best talented korean actor. .all of your korean drama is too beautiful. . . .

. . . . .i am one of ur fans. . .

Yoo ran Just suddenly I miss oppa drama,, hope to see your next drama opaa:)

Rayhaan Dear Geun Suk,

We are from India...............You have numerous Fans in India too............It came up to a few thousands...while my friends followed in our neighborhood.....never know how many Nation wide.............(We) I LOVE YOU.....for your every movement.....especially your voice and smile............we've progressed so much that we are learning Korean and Japanese to understand your movies and dramas much better..............You are blessed......keep the GOOD JOB ON...............Hoping to see you someday................My Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mavis u are talented...keep it up

riamel1221 im waiting for your next movie and i hope this 2015 i will watch you again on the big screen.

micah Amazing actor with amazing voice. I like him, he is very gifted, very honest he has everything. VERY HANDSOME and down to earth. Hope to see you again in drama more power. good luck. 3 meals a day you do it very well impressive.

Megumi Your acting and voice is superb.you are beautiful drama is best of you.fighting

oladapo bola love you are wonderful bro

menaka hai, am from India. I am a very very big fan of you. you are looking sooooo cool

mae im your avid fan..i hope you and park shin hye will do another drama ..i love you both..

Jane Not only is Jang Keun-Suk handsome.... His voice... It's perfect. And when I hear him singing.... I swear I swoon. He even has a great personality. He's not caught up in his fame. He's perfect. I wish I could see him in a new drama soon.

dramakid how come u have not done any drama eversince Pretty Boy? pls come back to dramaland,i missed his excellent acting.pls come back.i miss u very much

prisky prisky I really like you, you so sweet

Sharin For those who like his voice :) check out his music online by just typing his name and music into a search engine. He has tons of OST songs, his own music and some very eclectic music with his fellow musician "Big Brother" TEAM H are available. I wish all his music was available on ITunes (that it isn't seriously drives me crazy). Check out his voice also on his Zikzin radio podcasts ( I click on the subtitled ones on the computer because I don't know Korean yet also). Even my children like listening to him probably because he is also so honest and sincere whether his opinion is popular or not lol !!!

durga One week ago my friend gave me you are beautiful.I did not find u so sexy handsome but ur voice soooooooooooooo nice mind blowing beyoud words.u r really blessed with beautiful voice even though I don't know ur language I madly hear repeatedly ur voice closing my eyes.I am from Kerala(India).god bless u

queen I simply love ur smile! It's breath taking nd sexy. Love u jk

Marla Ann Lopez This isn't my real name btw but I used it a lot of times. :) I'm from the Philippines :) I am a fan of yours :) Years ago, I saw your face in television bc of He's Beautiful but I really got no idea of who you are. But a month ago, I bumped into your latest drama, Pretty Man. Since I got nothing to do, I watched the drama. I really love it! ♥ Since then, I started to become a fan of yours. I truly admire you in Love Rain. Ugh, that was indeed one of the bests! But I like you more in Mary Stayed Out All Night :) I think Mu-Kyul suits your personality best! Love your voice in The Happy Life! Ugh too sexy for my life :) Too cute in Baby and Me with Mason :( :)) I now watched atleast 8 out of all your projects! And I will look forward for some more :) I didn't just admire you by your looks. I guess that was just a big bonus. Well, I really admire the way you portray the character you're playing. You can even speak english. Omg. And you're a ideal leading man! Plus you're a total performer. Love everything about you :) Keep us updated about your projects! I'm always rooting for you! Lastly, you can't be compared to anyone! ♥ (c)MrsFurukawa - twitter

Annu Jang Keun Suk U have a very inspiring and innocent personality. I really admire U. I just happened to see Love Rain while changing channels and then ended up seeing all ur movies and dramas. Though I do not understand Korean yet I enjoy ur songs. They are very soothing and comforting.

God Bless U.

Sharin Who would like to see Jang Keun-Suk and Park Shin Hye do a duet together? Male voice I love to listen to the most paired with the female voice that is sincere, warm and not whiney, which is rare. These two kids are so joyful whenever they do anything together that I would be happy to see them do anything together but just think that would be fun. Up with fun!!!! Up with music!!! Up with acting!!! Up with their best lives!!!  :)

asdfg omg viktoria i agree thats mee

Ayla I loved him singing flu my to the moon he speaks English really well

nuha You are very handsome...I love You so much from: your fans from malaysia

Viktoria I never thought, that I would like asian dramas. But as I saw 'You're beautiful', I completely changed my mind. Jang Keun-Suk played very well and persuasive. The fact, that he learned Japanese only by himself, says much about him as personality. I wish him luck and a succesful career. I wish, I could find my path too.

enigma JKS im sooooo in love with you! hoping to see you in person and waiting for new drama/movies of yours! you given me the feelings of being in love again! more power to your career!

Cathy Hello Jang Keun-Suk,

I don't know if you read these comments.  I love korean dramas. You are a great actor and singer. I'm so glad that you were visited my country and my city and made a movie here.(Hungary, Budapest) God bless your life and your work!

jyoti Like u very very much.you are awesome in you are beautiful

paula i watch the "you're my pet" and "marry me marry" and "he's beautiful" . they are great. jang keun suk is really handsome. he's great actor. thank you keun suk.Kisses from portugal.

Annu You r cute and a wonderful actor. I love ur voice and songs. Especially the Love rain song..

mena I'm a huge Jang Geun Suk fan from Sri Lanka. no wonder he is one of the best actor. you have a nice cute smile & i like your voice too..he is very good singer. U r very handsome guy..

Manisha U r the best...we are waiting ur another drama

greyz Pls make new drama.. i really like you.. im your eel.. ♥♥♥

cherivie salvador iloveyou jang geun suk... your the BEST.... Im your num.1 fan... -=)=) mahal kita...ayayaten ka...in ilokano

sky when is his next project coming? he's like totally vanished from the limelight

Sharin I have to share something with you all. This is a hard working guy. He makes music videos, movies, dramas, does numerous fan meeting events, hosts a cool radio program and does countless commercials. In addition to this, he poses on the red carpet, for magazines etc... With all of the stuff he does to continuously stay connected to his fans, why is it considered acceptable to photo and video bomb him in public places like the airport? Here's an idea, treat this person like you would like to be treated and stop shoving a camera up his nose in his private moments or any other star for that matter. People need each other to live but personal space to breath, it would be nice to "not see" this individual get some much needed personal space, just putting it out there. What an intelligent, kind, open, honest, humorous and more person worthy of our respect, lets extend it to him. Thanks :)

bobby I like your dramas. You are acting well and you have a nice smile.

                      ☆☆☆★Good luck!★☆☆☆

shravanthi you are handsome i am a big fan of you and your smile you are so cute i like your dramas and movies very much..........saranghae

epi safitrie I love you jang geuk suk.iam epi from indonesia batam.i like very much jang geuk suk in drama your beautiful.my love only jang geuk suk.i love oppa sarang heyo

faq I like you once I watching your drama series Love Rain. I am from Myanmar, south east asia. I am hoping that you will come and celebrate your fan tour at my country is including.

May God bless you and may full of happiness and free without stress.

zilam i really wish for him to bulk up/roughen up a bit more to do roles similar to what he did in Itaewon and happy life. i wish to see more sophisticated, mature roles. i know a lot of girls are wanting to see him in a series/movie with LMH but i dont want that to happen. i like both actors, but i dont think the movie/series will gel really well with both of them being superstars and leading actors already. JKS is a much better actor than LMH, so i want to see him expand his acting into more diverse roles, even more than the diverse ones he has done

Emelly Oppa!!!!!!! Saranghae!!!!!!!!! U're I'm yo big fan!!!! Love you oppa

antonia continue your passion in singing and acting and being helpful to those in need...and if ur tired of being single find ur heart in shin hye ...u know u have similarity and both of u enjoy each others company...

ja Good actor. Needs more diverse and better roles.

kris you have a great smile.

JKS's eel dont mind the haters because they don't know you,you are genius and very very handsome how can there be a such a perfect guy you are maybe angel from the heaven you've worked very hard and you are the word prince take care for your health and your beautiful mind, you have an angelic voice too, your eels love your everything FIGHTING!!!!

susan Sukkie, you've worked hard, don't let detractors spoil your outlook in life most specially in regards to recent comments about that camping incident. Be happy and enjoy the fruit of your labors, your a good man. Am happy for your mother, having an offspring like you, continue doing good deeds to the least in life, God Bless you & belated happy bday!!

ps. am grandma of 4 young boys, enjoys watching kdramas, kfood and been your fan for some years now together w/ my 2grandsons (2 are still too young to join us!)

Chrisandra I love you so much Jang Keun - Suk <3

sally im sooooo addicted to you! im always watching your series and movies...over and over and over again....cant get you out of my mind! hahahaha more projects to come....Blessed be!

theresa Hi Jang Keun Suk... your so handsome.. hot.. almost perfect.. I LOVE YOU.. mwahhh..

khishgee i am really happy that you said ''I want to continiue my acting as long as possible" i think it means you'll have the next drama, It will be succesfull Because you are the best of the best you are perfect all the way, the drama stories good or not you always can save the drama because its you WORLD PRINCE JANG GEUN SUK

anonymous JGS don't mind the haters because in every actor there are those roaches lying around. I know you're smart i can see it in your eyes and the way you speak. Don't mind the s.korean anti fans it just means you're ahead of them. I love that japan loves you because i love japan. Just be yourself, be weird, and be crazy. Life is short to waste being a goody-goody. I love you so much, i hope we can meet someday.

P.S Don't get married yet.

sydney morgan Hey i think you're really cool not to mention hoooot. I really enjoyed watching you in your dramas as well as your movies. WOW you're cute gosh

Natasha hey oppa. I'm from Sri Lanka. Your sooooo beautiful .Perfect

r.richel belated happy b-day oppah =) May the good Lord continue to bLess you.... i wish all the best and pls remain the simple-handsome JKS =) I am one of your greatest fun here in the Philippines.. take care always and saranghae...mwaaah " :*"

fany Oppa happy birthday hope you have a wonderful year and may all your work be the best of the best

Sharin Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk Sir, :) Wish you peace, love, joy and health and for the love of everything Holy, please take good care of that health so no one ever has to see you hooked up to an IV pole again...not even on your 103 year old last day...Just every manner of blessing for you always every day and something extra special for you on your birthday would be awesome.

Jennilyn serdan Oppa your birthday august 04 is the same with me happy birthday to us. GODLBESS us

Ave Happy bday, more dramas to come. Good health and long life

khishgee thank you for your every efforts and all you did for us, thats enaugh to be the world prince and wish you all the best ,you are loved by everyone who knows you and I love your everything I only wish for you is balance between your health,your life and and your career

Sharin First of all, thank you for reminding me what it is to be joyful :) Your perfect facial expressions and exceptional comedic timing had me laughing so hard, loud, gasping for air with tears streaming down my face, that my kids checked up on me and got infected by your humor virus. We rock out to your music in the morning too. Your Family and Korea are blessed to have you :) My only wish for you is balance between your career, your life and your health. I wish you were Canadian but am glad you were born into this world.

Warsha Hi i'm warsha. From sri lanka. Oppa u re soo cute and very handsome boy... Saranghaeyo......143

suruthi kanimozhi you are soooooooooooooo handsome hyungnim :-) i like you a lot

Nimesha Annyong! Srilanka e so wassoyo... ottoke chine yo? Sarangheyo oppa!!!! I really wanna know your mail address. Please..... I love you so much... please visit srilanka. We are waiting for you....:-)

saran i love you and you are the most beautiful man , your voice is amazing

Ghail Hello Mr. Jang Keun Suk. I'm from the Philippines, hope you come to our country to meet your Filipino Eels here. You're such an amazing and talented person. Hope you get more projects and make lots of album. I have watched almost all of your drama series as well as movies. MAHAL KITA JANG KEUN SUK!

eli sarangheyo oopa :)

fatemeh hiiii you are amazing , i saw pretty man and you are beautiful. you are perfect actor i love your face and your voice .... i`m iranian i wish i could see you :)

mira saranghe oppa! :*

omolola Hi!! Love your movies. Am a soild fans of you.

phatymah Hii! Oppa! U so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Elliss Your voice is beautiful

krissa nahhh..EUN SUK you're driving me crazy..ever since i watch your movie DOREMIFASOLA..i became your number one admirer :)..i do watch all your movies and dramas..hope to see you in person :) i <3 you so much !

Aliza More English subtitles please. I wish I knew what you were saying most of the time....

lili You are amazing

I knew   South Korean cinema and drama, with you

lili Hi. I am happy because I found the actor Jang Keun Suk. He is super amazing. Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus was great and the series "You're Beautiful" was interesting. I applaud his game in his recent drama "Bel Ami". Dubbed the "Prince" graceful he is. The strength of his acting is great.

kpopcritic JANG GEUN SUK is making me crazy!!! Day and night after watching Baby & Me, I'm thinking about him...... T_T you're making me cry for no reason... I'm so crazy about you!!!!!

sanaz just jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjang keun suk

zahra I just have one important question and it's that which:Why are you soooooooooo cute? It makes me craaaaazy.

mokona @ Evangeline : your complaints about the reactions toward your post are quite hypocritical. You obviously posted this shallow comment about Jang Geun Suk to provoke his fans, so you need to assume your action. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself why you felt the urge to write such a gratuitous and uninteresting comment (saying that JGS is not attractive). You didn't make any constructive comment about his acting or anything, you just needed to vent.. and for what? There are many shallow people like you on this site, it's always boring to meet one.

vpoojadipti I really like you a lot. I want to meet you

asma from iran Hi, I am Asma Hong Gil Dong Iran saw the movie when you're night and my day ... I'm going crazy crazy crazy about you so much I love the look ... but my family Nzashtn a time I wanted to commit suicide. my grade school .. too bad you do not speak with just anyone, and only a few psychiatrists I've looked everywhere but to no avail ..... God help me if you want someone to die Khatrt

Rose Keep up the good work..stay the same and be dynamic. Be humble and always call on to the source of everything..God!

You're such a handsome and talented actor.

Dhanalakshmi hi how are you i liked you from the drama you are beautiful

Nandhini i think you are very talented, handsome and very kind person, i like you very much............

kausalya Youre beautiful Jang Keun-Suk. I like you very much..............

Rose jang geun suk it the most handsome guy in the world beside Jesus is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I think is my secret crush is so hot is the only reason I watch love rain I love you soo much I think im crying right now

maha i think you are very kind it is appear on your smile

cheeky I love Jang Geun Suk. What an actor, superb, very talented! And of course very handsome. Handsome looks, superb acting what a deadly combination, love you sooooo much!

Evangeline LOL. For the person using my name and adding butt, it just shows how mature you are. Keep it up.

lily I find Jang Keun Suk a very interesting actor. He doesn’t always choose dramas that are popular but I admire his independent approach as he does choose drama’s that stretch him as an actor. I look forward to his venture and hope he has a long and rewarding career in acting as he very talented. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

lily I find Jang Keun Suk a really interesting actor. I think he often chooses roles which are not always popular but stretch his acting skills. He seems to be an independent thinker who follows his own heart and I admire that in such a young person. There are different reasons why we watch entertainment but I've always liked all his acting choices. Beauty is is the eye of the beholder and very personal. I' will be interested in what he chooses to do next and hope he has a long and rewarding career in acting.

lia People have different taste, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and millions of fans all over the world love Jang Geun Suk not only because of his handsome looks but because he is such an extraordinary star, one of a kind, you'll never find anyone like him who is so smart, very talented & of course an incredible, amazing actor!

Evangeline Butt @ Evangeline just please stop any butt ugly comments, that can only come out of butt ugly mouth...

Evangeline Mimi - No one needs to ask for MY opinion. It's obviously my opinion so I can say what I want. Did I ever said that I hated him? I just said he's not attractive so stop twisting my words around. Thanks.

Amy The title and 1st episode of this drama make it sound shallow & superficial, but if you continue watching, you will realize that this drama actually has depth and a lot of life lessons to learn from. It is a very interesting and good drama. It is most interesting to watch MaTe grow and mature as he searches for the truth and himself. JKS is awesome in Pretty Man! MaTe is a challenging role for him and he portrays MaTe beautifully! His acting is excellent and impeccable as always! Even his clothes are perfect and impeccable! There are a lot of great qualities in this drama. I only wish the screenwriter and Director developed the love between MaTe and Botong more instead of focusing so much on the other guy and her.

Mimi @Evangeline why even bother searching for JGS if you hate him that much,so you say he not attractive nobody asked you for your opinion.I think you hate the fact that people love him so much. And for that @Teetee you do not have to be attractive to be popular TALENT matter and this guy got talent.

junielyn I'm really a fun of JGS! You're not just a prertty man, but such a talented. Keep it up FIGHTING oppa! God bless. ;)

Evangeline Really now. So I can't even express my own opinion? I just said he's not attractive, would you have liked for me to say he's butt-ugly then? I could say the same about you, judging me when you don't even know me. I'm sure your personality must be pure gold. *rolls eyes*

jeera @ Evangeline & the duplicates I think its the same for everyone who loves Jang Geun Suk, do not find you attractive too. With your comment proves how unattractive must be your personality, you have a heart that is mean i just feel sorry for anyone who must be unfortunate to know you in person.

Teetee I honestly do not find this guy attractive. I've seen much better looking actors so I don't know why he is so popular.

Nasrin I watched Love Rain..that was awesome...you are a good actor and i`m sure you will be better in a near future..i`m from Iran and you are really well-known here..hope you the best..fighting!!!

manochitra you really awesome soooooooooooo cute i love u jang geun suk...........

Melynda The best actor ever JGS.. The one that has it all :)

Behnaz chookayo! you are a good actor Jang Geun Suk.. Fighting! you can be the best for ever.

Mimi I love this young man so much,he surely got talent,he can act,sing,dance,what more do you want in order to like him?.....fighting JKS. Am a down to earth eel from Tanzania/East Africa.

belle hays :)) iloveyou im so inlove with you

Amy Gosh... JGS is fantastic in Hong Gil Dong! He is so incredibly handsome! Love the Prince ! He should do more period drama! Please...please... JGS!

cheeky @Jontha95 Who cares anyway if you dislike him?! JGS millions of eels are always SOLID in their love & support of their star. He is one of the best actors in korea no doubt.

And congratulations Jang Keun Suk for earning your bachelor's degree. You are really an amazing person. Love you!

Jontha95 I dislike this actor , I used to like him ... but if he showed up in a new interesting drama I might watch it .... His roles are all same , nothing is new , I do dislike him

Amy I am watching Hong Gil Dong. Want to see JGS in a period drama. So far so good. loving the Prince. Hope it's a good drama.

varunineelan i watched a baby and me. love rain,you're my beautiful within 3 weeks... i never had seen like this type of movie serial and all.. i really like this....

DMD I have watched one missed call (1 -3) over 10 times since I bought the Asian saga dvd at my local kmart, I have seen in multiple things! NEVER ONCE DID I REALIZE HE WAS AHN JINU! *I secretly liked ahn jinu too! ~*

Maina Edward I first saw him in "One Missed Call Final" cute looking guy I thought, than I watched "The Case of Itaewon Homicide" I hated him... so funny!! Listening to his songs way back, I fell in love with his beautiful voice & always felt that he was a rock-star, never ever imagined that he was more of an actor than a singer but I totally fell in love with this man when I got to watch "Mary stayed out all night", he became my ultimate Prince. I watched all his dramas/movies/CFs anything & everything. I know I love him forever... All the best 오빠 사랑해

Amy Bel Ami is a very interesting drama. There is a life lesson learned from every woman he meets. In his search for the truth about himself , he learns and matures along the way. I understand why JGS picked this role. This is a serious and challenging role. JGS is maturing :-) . Good job in this drama, JGS!

grlfwnd The first time I saw this guy was in the drama 'love rain'. I wasn't really interested with him as an actor at first, but the drama itself has a very good story in my own point of view which made me re-watch all episodes 10 times consecutively. By then, it made me appreciate more of how good his acting skills were, and because of that, I started to follow and watch his other dramas and those movies he was in. And he did pretty good in portraying his specific character. His Movies and most of his dramas had good story lines , though not all of those exp. the recent ones became a big hit. And Also, He 's Damn overly gorgeously handsome. ahahaha!

This guy is really one talented Actor. He plays his roles/characters very well in whatever Drama or Movie he is in... Keep up the Good works Mr. Prince! Congratulations in graduating! God Bless :)

Paulene jamie Number 1 person when it comes artists has the prettiest face.

Paulene jamie Watching one of his dramas and was amazed how good he is. I'll definitley include on my list as one of the beautiful faces and multi talented K-pop artists....

bebi today jgs & psh filming a short movie for korean tourism lotte duty free in jeju island..

Amy JGS is a great actor! I've watched Love Rain, You're beautiful, and Pretty Boy. He is terrific in all 3 dramas. I Loved & greatly enjoyed all 3 dramas. Looking forward to your new projects, JGS!

ella Jang Keun Suk Oppa is the Best Young Actor of Korea, I really Love "Beautiful Man" and I can't understand why people didn't like this Beautiful Drama....is better than all teenage dramas of 2013 including "The Heirs" (well that was a copy of "Boys Over Flowers" sorry Lee Min I Love You,but "The Heirs" really stinks) love you JGS oppa and congratulations fore graduated from Hanyang University earlier ;)

Nichole WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for Castle Clash Cheats

Joyce @Qamar yea... i was looking into that until i find some of his actions and song lyrics very viable of him as a part of illuminati's... so was just curious cause.. you Who Knows...??

Qamar Jamous @Joyce and @b ! who the hell did tell you that Jang Geun Suk is a member of illuminati?! i have no idea where you heard that but i can completely be sure to tell you HE'S NOT

Amy Just finished watching the 1970s love story! What a beautiful love story! This drama is so very well done! The lead actor portrays his role so perfectly. Excellent actor! The lead actress is a little stiff but she is great! I totally enjoyed this drama (so far). much thanks to the Love Rain team! (To be continued). (I don't understand why the drama got low rating when it is all around very well done).

b i so sorry for myself and others being as your fan if you are part of Korean illuminati members i hate you

i hope to god bless you and come back to god

Joyce Sukkie... please don't tell me you are part of Korean illuminati members????

Yoon Kai Raa i just wanna tell u guys this ... if one of the cool guy chara in anime turn into human, this guy Jang Geun Suk is the one and only who can be them.

vio vio congratulations for the wonderful movie roles !

Yingdra OMG! U r sooooooooooooooooooo sexy. <3 u soooooooooooooooooo much. <3 ur music and movies. I known starting to no u last week on wednesday. <3 u Forever! If I have a chance to meet u one day.

From Canada well my background is from China.

Natalia Olvera One day hopefully I will get the chance to meet him. I love his songs. And I think he's so cute and very handsome...

zahra ハイ 偉大な芸術家氏スーク! 私は、イランからのZAHRAです。 私はグラフィックアーティストです。 あなたは、私が何度も見てきた美しい映画をね。 あなたはまだ私のメールに個人的な電子メールメッセージを必要以上に映画や音楽のためのビジョンを提供することに同意した場合。 あなたの芸術と韓国の芸術家の友人のおかげで... あなたのメッセージを楽しみにして。 バイパス

rose I personallyy felt that JKS is super handsome and he look good in whtever hairstyle or whatever dress he wear. I love his acting and Bel Ami and Hwang Jini are the kdrama I ever watched with him on it. He can be charismatic and funny all at the same time. Very good actor indeed. However I prefer JKS when he was in the Happy Live as an orphan rocker, he looked manly eventhough he is young at that time. I hope he will be more manly in term of dressing and appearance as he looks too feminine nowadays. (I dont like him with Shin Hye..but if she that he chose, well I need to grief in silence lol)

parand from Iran all I can say is that I really love to see you! and your hair style in pretty boy is amazing I love you.....JKS....

Aarya Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i wanna talk with uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu JANG KEUN SUK please


Aarya i found your name meaning JKS "JANG KEUN SUK"

Aarya will JKS really read these all comments ah???

Aarya hai.... this is Aarthi@aarya from india... are you JKS??? will u permit me as your fan and ............(I hidden something in this dash) If you are really jang keun suk you will found out that and you will message me soon... Am still waiting for your reply.......... when i seen you i didn't felt anything..after 3 days i seen u again..on that time on wards i am liking you.. why i don't know..you are not looking good., except in "you're beautiful"..and u are not like what i am expected... then why i am liking you..don't know i want to be with you at all time(life long)..don't know it will going to happen or not.... i think maximum it was not going to happened..because i am in india and u are in south korea.... and i am not the celebrity.if u want the celebrity as your life partner then i'll become celebrity soon pls wait for me... if u read this all means i will get hope...i know u will read this..but how can i know that u read this.. well am your Puppy-Rabbit know..so definitely i will get reply from u...

mokiBy I started following Jang Geun Suk after I watched his drama "You're Beautiful". Since then, I watched his other dramas and movies, clips on his concert, tv guestings, fan meetings, advertisements and his documentary on youtube. I am just amazed of what kind an actor and a person he is. Truly talented despite his pretty face. Optimistic and a goal oriented person. He is reckless enough to show his true identity. Such one of a kind to be set as an inspiration.

Jang Geun Suk! Hope you will never change. Keep that pretty face up and stay humble to your fans because they are your lifeline.,..WE are your life line. Keep us inspired with your deeds and stay loving and carefree. In short, stay as you are because that's what makes you different from the rest.:).

More Power to you..more projects..more Blessings! ---- I'll be watching YOU. ;)

misuiri and once more i love your recent hair cut.. very handsome with your short hair and ur new fashion style. love love, i saw ur picture with black coat and black hat at airport. very handsomee.. !!! keep it your chic new style. make everyladies droll.

it is the same style you did in bel ami drama.. we love it. more handsomewith chic style.

misuiri i am in love with you jang geun suk, why? not because ur handsome face, but because i saw ur video, how happy you enjoy ur work and life, udo what you wanna do, talk what u wanna talk, just the way u are, very honest person, u good cooking, packing ur stuff by ur self, not humiliated if doing grazy thing like scream,jumps,laughing like a kid sometimes, but when you talk seriously. we know how smart and wise you are. i adore you. very talented and you can do everithing you desire....previously i tho u are complicated actor, but when i saw your daily life video i realize how simple you are an superstar who can enjoy your ownlife not as superstar but a very ordinary person, you shows your ordinary side..like everybody else, cook,sick,happy,somtimes lok tired, unhappy,sad , i am envy you..since not many of us can express ourself like you do.because many of us uncofident, love to pretend to be someoneelse and protect our image, the one who will be your love must be very lucky and happy woman. i hope you find your true love...and marry thzt lucky woman :) maybe not sooon since you so busy with your international activities. but i hope after 30 you should find your love one.

Milagros I think Jang Keun Suk is awesome, no matter what the ratings are in his dramas. From his beautiful face to his excellent acting, he is a joy to watch. He deserves more awards and credits than has been given to him. His past movies and dramas are all interesting and wonderful. I loved Bel Ami the best! It is a reflection of the high standards of Korean drama.

Ave Hope you can read this. It was easy for us your fan to say this, never mind the low ratings because we know that you are internationally remember by your fans. But, of course the crew and staff and you are totally affected. Oppa, ask hong sister to make a good story just for you to get back your you know the fame that you get in your beautiful is not just just, your fans all over the world including me are much more interested in korean dramas because of you. Be more natural in acting improve the way you walk, stand more confidently. By now I like your acting in you're beautiful and baby and me. You are so good I watched it 5times I prepare to watch hongil dong, I want to see the other side of you. Maybe you act outside the box or behind your reach. I watch Mary, love rain and bel ami, but I can't promise that I'm going to watch them again. Hopefully I can help you in a little way. I want you to be more successful. Godbless and good luck. Sarangheyo oppa.

sedigheh Hi oppa...wow !!!! you are Really pretty and i Jealous to you you are very special for me...i hope you always happy and one day i see you:)

you are the best actor

i love  you for ever and ever
oppa fighting ...

bye bye ♥♥♥♥♥

maryy he is not just an actor but he is a businessman.. great smart person.

mari loves oppa Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.happy new year.I love you more than what you think.you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome specially with short hair.you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented in acting and singing.I hope that you have best chances in your career and your life in 2014.all the best for you.

Belen Iglesias I love Jang Keun-Suk but not only as a fan but I admire his work he he's just great.

Azie Khalid Greetings Mr Jang Keun-Suk,

The first Korean drama I watched is Bel Ami and you are extremely talented. Congratz and thank you.

Ajumma Azie

jasmine oppa happy new year i love you, i love your acting in mary stayed out all night . I hope to come to korea one day.

jasmine oppa happy new year i love you, i love your acting in mary stayed out all night i am one of your biggest fan. I hope to come to korea one day.

sheyda Oppa,SARANGHE !Happy New Years.....BooBoo

calvin always strong sukiie, keep Cool, keep attractive, Jang Kun Suk!! you the best korean actor. all overseas people love you!

cheeky Actor Jang Keun Suk you are one darn excellent actor. I'll miss you so much again once Bel Ami ended. Please try to go back as soon as you can in dramaland. Love you & will always be rooting for you!

norma You are perfect for the role in Bel Ami and you can really act. I also love your acting in Love Rain. Congratulations. I don't understand why the rating in South Korea for Bel Ami but in USA we look forward for every episodes. Keep up the good work.

ahri minamoto oppa! I hope you can visit the United states. happy new years! and also merry Christmas! I hope you keep making more series .

haruna mitsuka oppa,,.i love you so much i hope you can visit indonesia i like your acting, fashion, and your voice. please come here I'M EELS will waiting for you

Rere Mustopa annyeong Jang Geun Suk Oppa .. Love you Much :* you stay in our heart just like a miracle.. please come visit us in Indonesia .. we'll wait for you ! :)


) <-- smile cheerfully ^^

frd continue smiling that is what i like

gyu ri I really like your acting in 'bel ami' is very good Oppa .

ANUSHKA hiiiii.....jang geun suk oppa......i love u very much ..........i have seen u r beautifull many times........u stay in my heart ever n forever.......i have no words to express my feelings......i am from india....n my sister is also very big fan of u.... in indian language i want to dedicate this ''tum jiyo hazaroo saal yeh meri hai aarzoo'' [meaning::you may live 100 years with happiness, this is my wish] i love uuuuuuuu......

ANUSHKA Hiiiiiiii.......jang geun suk oppa..... i love u very much.......i have watched u r beautiful many times.... u stay in my heart forever n ever......u r such a superb singer........i really don't have words to express my feeling .....i am from india n i am very big fan of u ....in indian language i want to dedicate u this tum jiyo hazaroo saal ye meri hai aarzoo....... (meaning::u may live 100 years with happiness it is my best wish.........) i love uuuuuuuuuuu.....

dong hwa i miss you're team up with PSH..i wish you can make another drama with her. i'm a fan of your dramas.. go jang geun suk!

gyu ri love your drama 'bel Ami' ... whating oppa :D

thin i really like you JANG GEUN SUK....and i really like your hairstyle...but why did you cut it off... But it's ok ur' still handsome

gunn i love you when you are sad, smiling and being all mischievous .

Homa im so upset why u cut ur hair but ur new style is so unique ;)

Aemma Is it possible jang keun suk match with moon chae woon on drama's. anyways im so miss u keun suk XD

Asal jks i lOve You so muCh... fighting:) when I'm sad(upset) I'm talking to you on paper. you are my heart myth.so stay forever3>

Janice Jang, I have to watch movie pretty man today. I like it and more. Good night :-)

Genesis I am so glad to see you on television again, it feels like it's been forever! Thank you for your return....I am currently watching you in Bel Ami (Beautiful Man), and I've got to say, it is an AWESOME drama...I am glued to my television waiting for it to come on. Your character Ma Te has got it all...he's funny, charming, sad, a player, a lover and a compassionate man too....did they make this character just for you or what.

Anyways, thank you for returning to television, and I wish you the best of luck in this drama...as a fan, I hope to see you in another movie real soon too.

Good Luck

lovelylia Thank you so much Jang Geun Suk for your beautiful heart. God bless you coz you never forget to give back. Thank you for your kindness (Jang Keun Suk has donated 100 million won to the Philippines thru UNICEF for those needy victims of Haiyan) thank you thank you thank you!!! Words cannot totally express our heartfelt gratitude! God bless you more success & most important happiness & peace in your heart! And never forget Eels all over the world love you from the bottoms of their hearts!

i'm an Arab Eel there's no words enough to describe our prince :) Asia Prince but not Only asia i wanna Say "the prince of the world"

Nylle Hey Mr. JKS! I really like you in tv dram since the time of hwang jini (that's when the time I noticed you, i'm a high schooler then)! You really act and sing very well (your voice is great)! I hope you visit Philippines soon. God bless you! Bbasya!

Nia Nurrohmah I Love Jang Geun Suk,..Jang Geun Suk Best Actor and Singer,..Jang Geun Suk please come to Indonesia with Yoona SNSD,..

I Love Couple Jang Geun Suk and Yoona SNSD :)

Daphne Jang Geun Suk is the best actor and singer I've ever seen. I've loved him ever since watching his hit show "You're Beautiful" and now am a huge fan of his. Jang Geun Suk, fighting!

cheeky Jang Keun Suk your eels love you just the way you are. You are a great actor, an awesome singer. Asia's Prince fighting!

Tomboy-Girly Sometimes I find he's too into himself to give himself the name "Prince of Asia" or "The Most Prettiest Asia Star" o-O o...k... There are way "pretty-eR' boys/actors (Naturally, too) than him, but by all means if it makes him happy and his die-hard fans love it then it's fine by me. Love thyself first, right? ;-) #ExpressingOpinions Much love from the Asian California Girl.

winter life one thing i love the most about him is his honesty it make me think that he's good person before being an acter

JL I Love JKS so much.... He's the BEST..... From Philippines with love... :)

mahsa2, iran I did not really find the words to express the full my feeling to u Only love you and

      thank you for being with US and ..
   .. and let to make dreams to you

fateme Hi my love . you are so bad oppa .why you can go to japan , china , and .... . but could not come to iran ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no dappoun saramiyoe... saranghe ooooopppppppaaaaaaa

aliye from iran hi . oppa we love u so much . we look for your email to chat with u but we could not find it . please answer us . your friends from Iran

ORISACHI Jang Keun Suk is a very good actor and I like his song keep up the good work! You have a lot. Of fans in Lagos Nigeria Africa.

ORISACHI Jang keun suk is a good actor and I like his son keep up the good work! You have a lot of fans in. Lagos Nigeria Africa.

vie really like him! everything about him, his performance, talent, voice, etc fighting with your next project! can't wait dokgo ma te!

Maha I love you.i can't Waite to see your new drama.

Bernycske He's a great actor and a really good singer too. I admire him for his hard work and strong will. I'm also really happy 'cause Budapest Diary was recorded in my country. He was really cute speaking my language with his accent. I was so happy because hungarian language is one of the most hardest to learn especially for an asian but he even - if just a few words - he learned it and it just made me really glad. :) ♥

Hilda The only time i liked was when you smiled in "you are beautiful". Just keep smiling,you look so cute when you smile.

Nancy The only time i liked you was when you smiled in "you are beautiful". Just keep smiling, you have the cutest smile.

pp i love you .i watch films .i waiting for you

mahsa who knows his email????????please someone answer please

Anzu your voice is so good that even though i don't understand korean, i can feel it through your voice................you're perfect..............and m your big fan..............love from nepal...

mahsa you are one of the best actors in all over the world.and the epic one in Asia.i wish you will be successful all the time in your life.i am an Iranian girl and love you so much.i am looking for your news;almost every day!!!and every day i dreaming about seeing you in future.{maybe one day it's going to be true;who knows?!!!!!}I will be so happy if you reply me back;I'm waiting for that...

Connie I love Sukkie!! He is the most beautiful person inside and out! He cares about his fans more than any other star I have seen. He truly makes us Eels feel loved. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I only ask that they think before they speak. He is a person.....one who has very high standards for himself, and always tries to be the best he can be. He has feelings like anyone else. Do you like it when someone goes out of their way to tell you how much they don't like you? The world is a beautiful place, with many different people for a reason....not everyone has the same taste. It is always better to spread love than hate. I do not go out of my way to tell actors I think they are bad...I just don't watch them. I will continue to watch my star shine, and support him however I can. Saranghaeyo Jang Keun Suk conquer the world!!!!

carpe diem JKS critics, haters, anti fans or whatever you call yourselves, you are all admirers/fans in disguise. Admit it, TRUTH HURTS BUT IT WILL SET YOU FREE! :)

sadrodin As always, good luck in your new movie .. I'm your biggest fans.in Iran...I saw all the movies you....I love the movie, love rain

alma i admire jks not only because of his pretty face but also because he seems like an intelligent and caring person. Being in a glittery world like showbiz is not easy... yet he remains down to earth and really appreciates his fans' love and loyalty... he does his best so his fans will be safe..he also loves and respects his mother so much, something i really admire considering that he had a difficult time when he was young...his intelligence shows in his comments during interviews... there are grains of wisdom in some of the things he says...he seems happy enough for now, in spite of the fact that he seems to live a cocooned life.. i pray for his happiness... i hope he gets to have the family he wants so much... go, go, go, jks

moji HI. geun suki!!!!! I fall in love with you. I see you in my dreams every night. I crying for you every night. I want to go seoul for see you but no now because I am sixteen .I am Iranian girl.when I twenty I will go to seoul and see you.bye see you later

Ann For me, JKS is a very very talented artist and grade A - Top performance actor. I love all his dramas, movies and Songs. And I'm super impressed with his pure heart and his "no fake" personality. I can feel that he really loves his eels (fans). So I'll always support him... Saranghae <3 Wishing him all the best...Jyo Zikzin!!!

Max Heard you would be departing to Military soon after your next Drama . Omg! Can't wait to see you in a super short hair like you carried in Beethoven Virus. That's my fav . Wishing you goodluck for your upcoming drama may you be much more successful . Will always remain as a true admirer.

Joza Marie Hi Oppa! I Love You So Much.! Hope to see You Someday! I'm one of your Loyal EELs here in the Philippines!

I love everything about YOU.! Take care always.! SMILE :)


Melton Omgggggg! JKS Love your smile , your eyes , your different hairstyles , you have a very strong sex appeal and charisma which made me fall in love with you . Also you have a very deep and manly voice I keep listening to all your songs :) Hope you come to Peru someday.

HumairaIndonesia Hey Jang Keun Suk, I love watching all ur films and I love your Drama you're beautiful and love rain with yoona .you hav great chemistry with ur actresses. I love your DOREMIFASOLATIDO and One missed call movie where you played a Dumb guy role . Really you are a fantastic actor and my favorite from all Korean actors. God bless you .


JeajoongFan Love u Jang Geun suk. Jus gotta know about your new Drama. All the best..... I love your smile , it melts my heart.

Hearts from Germany.

Jessica Wats happening here :O So many hater leeches are around here -_- FYI nobody is delusional if a person likes /appreciates a actor everybody has the right to like whomever they find attractive. Oh! Well maybe ppl are either fans in denialor jus jealous about his popularity . JKS saranghea :*

Sunshine Yah poonam I am allowed to say what I want .u are talking bias , u believe he is hot and cool, well I don't and I am allowed to compare him with whoever the damn I want . So spend all you energy on ur extremely uncool oppa cause my opinion is mine . Damn these delusional and craz fans cannot handl criticism at all. They will always be like "my oppa is the best, my oppa is the prettiest " go find what beauty is and that ain't in him

heath hey niki, get a life

niki i didn't see any rules about that we are only allowed to post positive cm including meaningless compliments and no criticism is allowed!i am not saying trashing some one or cursing them..just criticism..whats wrong with that ha?i'm not saying this too any one special..just bothers me that some people can't stand different opinions jks( as you say)..he's cute...he's singing voice is not bad either (doesn't include live performances!) and he speaks english really better than lots of korean actors(including my love lee min ho) but he is not an outstanding actor actually an average one..he's not hot..and definitely needs to do something about his girlish dance moves..(it's not only my opinion read some of the cm under his videos specially sexy back in youtube )you see..we can say +and- things about a person without exaggeration

Poonam I can never understand one thing. Why do haters/antis take the pain search for a artist they are not fond of but simply like to spit their venom on that person for no reason. Did he hurt anyone of u individually that u bash or mock at him for no reason. Why can't ppl live life easily ? Is hatred that important or I'd rather say bashing ? This implies nothing but wat boring life they lead n the values taught to them from their society.

If a person finds his/her bias as outstanding wats the big deal with it ? Everyone does that nobody drew a comparison to Jks , N to someone who compared JKS n beyonce woah! Really wat illogical comparison is that ? I don't even want to get started on this. It only spreads negativity n very unlike a JKS eel. I believe in positivity like my JKS. Hope the dislikers find a better job than hiding behind a computer n bashing/insulting someone whom u find uninteresting . Peace.

Sunshine (To Saad, Saudi Arabia) I don't think than JKS has conquered the world . Beyonce has, u r kind of aiming a little too high there for someone who is not outstanding

Fooooooooahhhhh He kind of looks like a rat with that hairstyle . I can imagine him with a tail

niki i think that he is perfect fit for a bad boy roll..they way he can make his face look mean and cold is great..just need to do something about his cuteness...

Samantha JKS u r one the finest actors Korean industry ever saw....An actor with multi talents n not to mention that sexy manly voice n the LMFAO shuffle dance really impressed me . After watching you're beautiful I tried catching up with all ur other works . And I couldn't help but fall for u as u kept grown on me with the versatility u showed in ur dramas n movies.

Wishing u all the success for ur future projects. Be unique . Be urself . You hav us "Eels" :) Loads of love.

Cecilia He's better looking than a girl. He's Beautiful! A Pretty boy! When he had long hair in HONG GILDONG, I was like OMGEEE, who is this cute looking gal? But, no, it was this pretty boy. He looks better than me...better than girls. Arrg, guys don't even need heavy makeup..., no dark eyeliner that I have to use.

shasha I'm a big fan of yours here in the phil.great m0vies.keep smiling.a picture of you with your signature will really make my day.please send me one in my email.love u.mwuah..:)

rhiza hello....I am the one of Jang Keun Suk fans. I love all your movies and songs..You,re the best among the best.

sahel you are the best & in top for anything,i am very happy that see u in new drama.i waiting for start this drama.

Noureen Jang Keun Suk is a very, very talented actor... i love Jang Keun Suk.... i am inspired much to learn Korean by him... my favourite TV Serial in "Minami Shineyo" & i just love Hwang Tae Kyung.. i've watched all the episodes more than 50 times.. i think about him all the time.. i wish to meet him in person & tell him how much i love him.. i wish he will go to the top... my favourite sing is Jang Keun Suk... i love "Still/As Ever", "What Shoul I Do", "Promise", "Love Rain", "Let Me Cry", "Just Drag", "I Will Promise You", "Good Bye", "Fly Me To The Moon", "Take Care, My Bus", "Dreams, Giving Them Wings" all these are my favourite songs... SARANG HAE, Oppa. NEOR SARANG HAE..

Janice Toves I watch dramafever movie. Like it and more. I am work today. So want watch movie again. Have a nice day!

lusi / shin eun jin Annyeonghaseo... I'm verry like for all about Jang Keun Suk N i'm verry like with drama He's beautiful...you look is verry coolll and handsome hehehe I don'n know what must i say about u anymore....all your link i try to sign up ...and subscribe...i follow u so many link already from twitter weibo till youtube also. I also make link me2 day... Gomawo for you to read my list

Country origin indonesia Stay singapor

rodea the 1st time i saw your video w/ park min young i never thought that will be the beginning of my interest towards you. the 1st drama i've watched was you're beautiful and like it. then, after just right now i've already finished watching love rain. im still searching for a new drama of yours to watch 'coz of you i've been inspired to work even late at night while watching your drama. i really love the story behind love rain i laugh even smile and most i cried while listening to the love rain. you're a great actor and even singer looking forward that 1 day i would be able to visit o have a trip there in seoul just to see in person. i do hope that you will be able to read this. i also hopr that when you have a trip here in italy i could see you. god bless u more!!!

saisha you hv an attractive way of speaking... plus you are an ANGEL

shohreh You are very intelligent & talented.I like your performance in "Love Rain" .It is impresssive.Good Lock;-)

Saad (Saudi Arabia ) for that stupid who wrote JKS is a asia's princess ! do u know who is JKS? he is the man who have been in the showbiz for more than 20years ! the man with a popularity that has conquered all over the world, the man who've captured many women's hearts! but instead who is LKS? he is only a Comedian man! without Running man he is nothing! no offense but this is the truth ! jks is a prince of asia and everybody knows! so don't even compare a super star with a Comedian ! they are so f**ckin different

lee kwang soo lee kwang soo is the only prince of asia and jang geun suk is the princess of asia..... anyone disagree is soo soo gayyyyy

aneko heike i admire you since then .... you are my inspiration .... i hope someday we will meet .... :)

oloratok i love him to bits...he has such a cute face...

UNE FILLE Actually, I`ve to say that, he doesn`t have beautiful face and has "Bad guy" looks......But, I`ve to admit, he`s attractive and like his body ( figure).......First I saw him in "You`re beautiful", but I didn`t liked that drama......But I liked him and his style in "Mary stayed out all night".....AND I MORE LIKE HIS SINGING ABILITY........HE`S VERY GOOD VOICE AND SINGS VERY WELL....KEEP ON SINGING.....FIGHTING

micha the one and only gorgeous asia prince!

Annie oppa...... you are a different actor.....you are best oppa

Annie hii,thanks oppa, Thanks for make me Happy when i am in depress , Thanks for always with me when i am lonely ....... really you are a good actor who help me every moment when i need a friend through your serial... thaks oppa for me you are best... God bless you and get all the success what you want.........

Janine I hate you.. why did I ever watch that series (you're beautiful).. I even dream about you! I guess I'm a big fan.. (sigh) your face is so handsome, very cute when you smile and the rock and roll style is Awesome!...... who wouldn't fall for that right?! .. your voice is very beautiful ^ω^<)

raheleh your so beautiful and cute i love u oppa.....

Mazen I Love U Jang Keun Suk So Much, I've Watched All Your Dramas And All Ur Movies ! And I Love Ur Voice Sooooo Much ! Saranghai

ashley saranghae Jang Keun Suk...! I love your movies especially LOVE RAIN. honestly,its the only kdrama that made me cry and giggle at the same time. . . . .and I love your voice!!

>> hope to see 'ya here in the philippines! .. . SARANGHAE!

JksRain I just got to say keep it up my love. You r a handsome,talented,super cool guy. It will be a blank If I don't say you and Hacci make the best couple in my world. I Hope you two will get marry. God bless you! All the best. I'm from Sri Lanka

rainb0w anneonghaseo .. im a fan of yours .. by the way , i love your drama series "love rain" i loved it much , i love also your theme song there .. hope to see you and have a picture with you here in the Philippines .. sarangheyo !

Heavenly Eel Great job Prince :) you rock! Congratulation for the new drama "Beautiful Man"..its really makes me happy n proud to be your eel :), i do miss your acting n really miss your 'smirk' face on the screen..so hot!! n sexy for me..LOL. No matter what..i'll always love you n support you..i'll be waiting "Beautiful Man" on my screen, ASAP..ZIKZIN!!!

parastu salam.labkhand ghashangi daran

pardis Hi opa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you are very beautifull but it is better you put beautifully clothes and sports shoes!?

fadzaikunaka Just started korean dramas and watched You are beautiful,Love Rain, Baby and me and eish you are good.Now i will look for more but only when i am done with all your movies and gramas will i start searching for others. If ever you are in Zimbabwe look me up. Just wanna see if you are as goodlooking as you are on screen. Maybe you could give me one of your famous smiles.

so_so Hi..jks:-) im a big fan of yours(from India). Please shoot more dramas... I love your character and smile in all your dramas and movies..I have watched all your movies and dramas. oh!!yeah..and i like your hairstyle in 'you are beautiful'..please dont change your hairstyle.. keep your hair long.:-* -----Forever JKS-----^_^

Nao as usual hot and epic and the same time ^-^

Maryam 안녕하세요 장근석씨 I am your fan, I love you so much You have a beautiful face and You're a good actor and You have a great voice I am Iranian, You have many fans and lovers of Iran I hope you are always happy and good luck

El! 오빠 나는 당신을 사랑 해요. 난 당신이 항상 건강하게 희망.

I love you ;)

Mary Wow, What a lucky guy!!! Got too many fans...!!!

I watched baby and me - Marry me Mary and He's beautiful, I was unable to say if he was a male!!!! :o He looks just like a cutie girl!!! cute cute

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Love this guy, Great actor all around have watched most of his films and dramas and looking forward to seeing new ones..

Firoozeh Eskandary You very talented actor .I am your fan.be successful .l will following fol your yo drama.

pavi charu oppa..... i love you... i loved your dramas very much oppa..... v r indians... but i loved to see korean films because of u nly oppa....

CeltyHale Oppa, you are the reason I started watching korean dramas. Saranghaeyo. <3. Please continue to be an amazing actor.

jhenny sukkie oppa i love all your drama's and movies and i hope you have a new drama again so i can watch it........keep it up.....you know what for me everthing about you is perfect that's why you dont need to bother yourself to get extra concious becoz although your fat or thin or your dark or not your still perfect...... i love you sukkie....always take care and god bless

sukie whenever you smile.. i melt!!!!! i wanna watch a drama that always using/acting? a lot of smiles like that! i can't help but to recall that every single minute after i saw it!!! i really really love that! you are the only korean actor can do that! that's why to me you're so special and you're so adorable! :)

jackie Omg he is so overrated! i don't know why he's so famous. His looks and acting are nothing special.

Nivi only one word that figure out JKS " AWESOME" You capture me from "mary, me mary!" and in your dramas "hong gil dong" i just wanna said that girl was so stupid to choose hong gil dong than you! i'm cried very high when that girl run to gil dong than you. in the " love rain" you're really annoying but so touched and funny >///<

Catherine S. Lagran -from the first time i saw JKS from his movie DOREMIFASOLATIDO, i've been captivated by Jang Keun Suk virus....since then i've been watching whatever JKS related videos-from movies, TV series, and documentaries even behind the scenes of his movies. And i keep on watching You're Beautiful and Loverain again and again though i have already watched it..i keep on listening to his songs even i cant understand the lyrics...Hope to see you and Park Shin Hye in person. You two are my favorite Korean Actors and i wish that you will again work together


JOTEEZO Kiora from New Zealand, didn't know that he went to school in New Zealand, I'm a New Zealander and live in California, just started watching this young man's Drama movie and listen to his music, he's a great actor and a fantastic singer. Good luck Jang Keun-Suk, thank you for all the music and movies, really enjoy them very much. God bless you and your family....from you New Zealander fans in San Francisco.....

yooah my one and only kpop idol ever!.. before i meet jang geun suk, i don't have any time regarding those kdramas, kmovie, kpop etc.. until i got addicted to him after watching he's beautiful.. he change me alot! i really do love his smile it's like i'm melting whenever he's doing such! and his voice is like a harmony touching my deepest senses! you really do inspiring me everyday.. you're my greatest crush! i don't like anybody but you.. you're my addiction now.. i wanna finish my studies immediately so that i'll visit you in korea or go to japan to watch your concert, whatever i wanna see you face to face! that's my biggest wish! i wanna see your smile, hear your voice, see you dance in person haha :D saranghe sukkie chan! <3<3<3 go here in the philippines please :)

toughMeNot i really love and admire the playful and sunny personality of Sukkie. He dance and sing whenever and wherever he was. Ive seen all of his documentary on his travel and asia tour even his personal vacation in Hawaii, his concert footages. I really love this person so much. so talented, so playful, so cute and i love the way he smile, I am really captivated the way he smile as if he always bring the sun to shine on my face. I miss watching him on a big screen and on tv series. Ive already done watching his most recent series Love Rain and as usual its a bomb!!!so awesome and so handsome he is, in and out!!! saranghaeyo <3 <3 <3

P.S. hope someday you'll be able to visit us your fan in the philippines. i really want and love to see you personally. I want to see you grove, dance and sing. take care always and may God give you a healthy mind and body to inspire more.

Abigia Kirimova Dear our beloved and Jang Geun Suk! ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥ endless gratitude from us, to you. Thank you for your beautiful songs, movies, dancing, for your work, and love. And happy for the fact that there is in the world, people such as you, Jang Geun Suk. We admire you and support you. I even pray for you. Very - very much like your songs, they are heartfelt, sincere, sometimes such a subtle flavor that I want to cry. Sometimes these perky, happy that I want to dance. And jump to the ceiling. I love your movies as well. And look at them and wonder how you zhy talented. And admire and enjoy. And just worried and worried about you sometimes. Movies that you have played, they are very different. I hope to, to see many of your films in the future. Only I do not like one story, or rather, a character with a knife. I know everyone has different tastes. And opinions. And desire. I do not like the scene with the knife. I'm terrified of such films. In a world full of violence, and so, without humanity. And the sea of ​​blood being shed. Many suffer from injustice. I think you do not fit such a negative character. Rather I wish positive characters. You are, in themselves, a very good man. And the very kind, honest. You too, do not be mad at me please. I just love you very much. And so worried. Of course, you can decide what role to play. Just think of today need positive. All need wings to fly. All need love. Without which no one can live. Without this main (vitamin - love). And you, as a vitamin - love. And your one appearance on the stage, already gives us joy. And we can smile. Your smile is expensive. They lift the mood. They give us wings. And we can fly and fly and soar in the clouds. And all this with your help. Distinguished and dear friend, Jang Geun Suk. I'm sure many think so. Thank you for everything. I take off my hat to you. Thank heavens. And also, thank you, your parents and grandmother. For the fact that they raised such a nice guy like you. Tell them, please, my appreciation, and gratitude. May God support them. I remain your friend, all the best to you. ♥ ♥ ♥

gtvijayalaxmi I would love to see how he is going to continue and excel in acting... Hope he will continue acting and not move to some other field as I don't want the world to lose a great actor like him... I am an Indian and have been a follower of his on-screen works from the day-1 when I watched him on the screen...

ChuuShwa After watching "You're Beautiful" I got hooked to dramas that you were in xD I really liked your character && the Drama in general >:D yes :3 After watching that, I watched "Mary Stayed Out All Night" Cute stuff :3 Now I am watching "Love Rain" I :D -.- Not Stalkery like tho.... ahha ._.

nia Opppa I really like you but can't you be with shin hynie ? I really like you with shin hye unnie together , I already saw love rain and I get jealous with yoona even though yoona unnie is my bias . Because you look great woyh her , I hope you really datong shin hye unnie TT_TT. Hin hye unnie please accept him !!!

ivy Hi, I love jang geun suk so much, you're so very cool and handsome that could melt everybody heart... hope you can have romantic comedy drama soon... I've watched already all your movies and dramas... you're the best JKS.. sarangheyo!!!

lorraine Hi! its my first time to watch one of your movies, your a great and good looking actor, i just finished watching "Love Rain" i got so hook and attached almost feel like falling in love again watching it, it was a great movie, i wish that you will have more projects soon more power...Smile.....

Laura When I saw him in "He's Beautiful!" I was totally stunned. His face is the asian version of my boyfriend! And the personality of Hwang Tae-Kyeong was very similar too... I even showed him and he laughed so hard because it he also completely recognised himself. It was really weird, but also very funny :D. I'm not complaining, lol. It made me love the series even more.

Kassandra One of the best and cutest actors in Korea, beautiful smile, gorgeous voice, and very handsome. you rock!!

sara you look like girle!ew

Hannah Wisener I love your work as an actor and your dedication! I'm a huge fan and hope to meet you in person someday. Goodluck in your journey!

hui i first saw him in bethoven virus and i fell in love in first site, then i followed all dramas and movies he played. i love how he act in mary me mary where he acys from his eyes. i mean in that series his 'talking' scene isnt that much and i felt like he tell us watchers what he felt by his eyes. same goes for he is beautiful series. and i love his voice, deep and soft XD for movies..i probably love baby and me and doremifasolatido the most XD. in doremifasolatido, i cried and felt that he really sent the message of that 'sadness' to me XD jang geun seuk! i am proud to be an eel !!! XD

R Like many others, I also like to watch your acting. I started to like watching Korean dramas after watching you in Marry Me Mary. Your long hair and a matter of fact acting blown me away! I had just finished watching Love Rain and I wish it did not end so that I could continue watching you. I look forward to coming home from a long day at work or school (I am also studying) so that I could catch an episode of Love Rain (to watch you actually haahaa). Once again, you have done a great job in Love Rain. I become a bit obsessive with you actually.. I am now listening to Love Rain OST songs at all times be it when I am doing my workout (running) or studying in particular those songs sung by you. I even put your photo as my cellphone wallpaper..hmm i know this is too much, right!. anyway, i look forward to watching your next drama... I have not watch you in He's Beautiful but will only watch after my exams in July.. keep up the great acting. this fan of yours does not have enough of you.. all the best

emmageorge I am an Australian and only been into Korean films recently for leisure due to my regular business visits to Hong Kong. I can only compare you with the Western movie stars and with my background I have and set very high standard. The fact is you are one true great actor and never lose sight of it. Ever success and happiness, Emma

diana marie gira jang geun suk can you make a movie with moon geun young ? please ? :DD

Jenjie Hi Jang Keun Suk Oppa! Love your work, your an amazing actor, singer, model, and person! I truly hope to continue seeing you, and also hope you'll come to the USA especially California :3 It would be awesome to have such a great presence here in Cali, anyhow have a good one and thanks for sharing your talents with the world. Saranghae <33 Jen

Btw your sexy back performance on your tour was too cute :P as well as your dog :3

marlene i think i fell in love with you while watching you in you're beautiful... you're so cute and have an awesome voice.. more power to you

ChirrupChirrup It's really amazing seeing so many fans from all over the world comment and praise Jang Geun Suk. Every single comment will motivate him further to do well in all his future projects. "Love Rain" hwaiting, aja aja !

hazeey hey JGS.. I miss you! Gonna watch Love Rain SOON. I miss your character as HWANG TAE KYUNG!!! Looking forward to see again in a movie or drama with Park Shin Hye.. She's your perfect match!!!!

deepthi Such great voice and good looks..I want to see you.Your more because you very cute and smile.best one is you are beautiful

Ann I swear he has a nicest smile! I just love him, no matter what drama he act in he always act his best! (Saranghe oppa!)He is ana amazing actor and a great singer! ;)

Bernard The Best korean actor

sweetheart i watch the "you're my pet" and "marry me marry" and "he's beautiful" . they are great. jang keun suk is really handsome. he's great actor. thank you keun suk! i love you

hanana always a pleasure onscreen jang keun suk. i do miss the natural looking jks however.

jenny I watch the new movie teaser of Jang Keun Suk." You're My Pet "and his so funny looking guy, acting like a real puppy who love to be cuddled by the owner.And you know what?!, you always make people happy and laugh with your natural acting ability,!This Movie is another great success for you,keep up the good job!

Clarisse you're an awesome actor.. my favorite. I really love you. my most favorite drama is You're Beautful ..

nini i liked him at first, but he was such a ladyboy in youre beautiful and mary stayed out. i hope he changes back to normal manly JGS for future projects. good luck jgs ^ ^

jozzel i hope you'll continued your acting and singing in front of your beloved fans. I always believed that you can do it!... I know that being an actor is a hard job, but you've got the strength to do it... your an amazing person, i really do!... once I've seen you on T.V, i noticed that you are such an impressive actor...i always telling myself that your kinda cute when you smiled,and my mind is full all about you that my brain is about to explode hahaha!... But my dad always telling me that to stop dreaming about you. And after that,i was worried that i might not seeing you again and make me forget about you :(... But i'm glad, that your there and be responsible to your adoring fans and your doing well... "forgetting you is not what i wanted...It's ok,that I've seen you only on T.V. But deep within,i really want to see you in person,and that was in the past...then 5 years later,i was a high school student 2nd yr. ...My elder sister was telling me to take a look to the computer. My sister loves to search such a handsome celebrities... then,i looked at those names that have been searched by my elder sister. And i was shocked that a name "Jang Keun Suk" is very familiar to me,then my sister said to me that "are you sure that you know him before?" then i answered "i don't know,but its quite familiar...and my sister tells me that "you've better search the picture" then i'm searching your picture.After that, i was shocked that your my favorite celebrity...then after that,i remembered all the things that iv'e been watching you all that time in the past...then after i look at your picture,i was wondering lately that you've been changed.You've become handsome.Then,all was recalling to my mind... :) And the,every night i always dream about you...no matter what time is it... :)

                (\ /)             (\ /)                    
               (^.^)   <3    (^.^ )                   
              c(     )         c(     )

mel2 amazing actor!prince charming!

Nicole Thank you for all of your hard work. 100 points! A fan from America.

Evgenia By the way...long hair suits you really well.Your skintone and lips looks better.

Evgenia You are a really beautiful performer and somehow breathtaking in a many different ways. Thank you for working this hard. A fan from Sweden.

Jamie Love the acting. Love the singing. BTW Long hair and the androgynous fashion sense fits the best.

edna i feel in love with your tv series - merry me mary .. i am already in my 40's and married ... i really like you ....

chena mhe annyong ha shimnikka!!!!!! i like your hair style...and your smile.. i like your hes beautiful movie.. can i ask you a favor????? please teach me how to speak and write your language. have a nice day.. by the way my friend named elflor love you so much........and such a suckSSSSSS....peace

N i dont know why, why am i still wrote this thing here, still i know u might not even read it. only fans of yours do. (laugh) okay, be serious N. well, please do come to Malaysia. okay thats all. TQ. bye.

  • typeless. ghee.

icha 'jang geun suk' Is that your real name? Well i just wondering the meaning of that name in korea,. You had a great voices n acting,.your face is too cute for the man like you,just like a baby i guest,my boy friend always asked me after i saw you on tv"are you a man or a woman?coz u're face looks like a baby"and finally i always mad with him,but its just a joke,. I'll wait your movie,and i hope you can visit indonesia n make some fans rendesveouz,. Thx Regards

she i've watched most of JGS movie. most of the character portrayed are quite typical. perhaps JGS should explore a more mature role. one that will portray himself as a dependable/serious guy instead of cute/ idol like/ innocent character. he definitely can sing, his acting talent need some exploration. good luck!

catherine hi!i really love your shows.. i hope that there will be the sequel of he's beautiful we really admire you sir

teena actually its my first time to looking you in a he"s beautifull as hwang tae kyung, but its also make me love you so much. your smiles it cute. loved you..

sam dong geun seok kiyopta! ^^ like Marry me Mary!

azimah you are so cute same with lee hyong ki................ i love you.......... i hope u coming in malaysia...... i'm want be special fans..

Ivory Whoa...why are people commenting like he'll actually read this page? No one else finds it weird? -_-'

Nono Annyeong Haseyo.. & Salam 1Malaysia to Bubu geun suk.(comment 380)( Happy to see a fellow Malaysian's comment). We just finished our airing on He's Beautiful that made me feel bad as i was too late tu buy a pig-rabbit soft toy when i was in Hong Kong end of last year... Anyway, we (me, plus my friend, my staff and my daughters ( me, an adjumma already)really love you, watching you in the screen and knowing you are doing well. From the comment i learned that you do smoke, please give up that as not only spoil your image , it also your good health. Gonna to catch up your old movie / drama..I watched Beethoven Virus and part of Hwang Jing I, you give me the impression that you are very cute and handsome.. Besides your 'pretty' face, we have no doubt of your excellent skill in acting and singing. Saranghae. Waiting for your next movie/drama. Watched MSOAN, love that too. You're beautiful still the best . Watched fully 3x

nsane. sooo soooo cuteee x333 amazing actor with awesome dramas and movies :3

fata hi,i like your act in your tv series,i'm want to send mail for you but i can't,how can i do this?

sarah You are beautiful. You are very good actor. You are one of my favorite actors.

bubu geun suk im from malaysia..... i love jang geun suk so much!!!!!! i really love the way he act... so profesionaallll!!!!....

Miss Haughty You're an idiot.I really wonder that you're stupid in real life like while you're acting.May be you don't know English enough as understanding my message.Your all dramas are the same.There is no different between them.There is a girl,poor and stupid and blaze.There is a boy,cool and handsome(but you're not) or popular.Two boys like a girl.That's all.You must change your concept of tv series.Then you can popular not only in Korea and between girls 10-18 years old but also overseas countries.

jay suerte apay hi jang geun suk...i dont like you actualy...beacuese park shin hye is my idol... and you look hot together thats why ilike you tooo.but more ilke you if get real relationship with park shine hye....i dont wach tv alot but when isaw your drama with park shineye im going addicted ....and now on im lways waching korean tv. kbs world ...just im waiting you come back with park shinye... if you do that uknow.. you make more happyto all your fans....

p You are amazing. You are so cute & lovely. You are beautiful & handsome specially with long hair. You are cute actor with shining smile. I saw you acting in Marry me, Mary & also your kind & happy personality in 2010 KBS Drama Awards. You are very kind. You are the best.

mina Hi Geun Suk oppa. :) I really like you're acting in He's Beautiful... Right now am trying to watch you're old series and movies... looking forward for he new ones... You're really amazing.... I wish I'm from Korea so I can see you in person....

marlia hye..your smile in he's beautiful make me feel extremely fall in love with u.. haha.. hope u'll come to malaysia.. our voice very unique.. i lov you oppa..

Josie Holt All I've got to say is, thank you for sharing you talents. I've enjoyed them very much. I know the chances of you actually reading this message is slim, but I just thought I'd take a shot at it anyway. Keep up the excellent work!!! ^_^

Mio hi...now i'm watching ur drama named ~~Marry me, Mary!~~ it is very interesting...goodluck!! and u r very very same with Jo In Sung.

Cherie Amor I like your style! Very unique and breathtaking... You totally ROCK the whole of Asia! And who knows? One day, you're gonna ROCK the whole world!

Demoninmysoul I just watched the drama "You're beautiful". And came here, because your expressions really caught my eyes! I liked that childlike character you were playing, and loved the way you created it! I was smiling with every grimace you made, and every smile you showed, you made me cry with you, so for these emotions, I thank you!

Bernalyn i'll always be here to watch you shining beautifully. please don't get sick and please take so much care because millions of people love you so dearly.... thanks for being born.... your the only star that caught my eyes.

Bernayn i'll always be here to watch you shining beautifully. please don\'t get sick and please take so much care because millions of people love you so dearly.... thanks for being born.... your the only star that caught my eyes.

darlene hello. i dont know what to col u. i dont speak korean. i only know saranghe Coz i learned it from you in your movie DOREMIFASOLASIDO. i watch that movie everyday simply Bcoz i just wanted to see you. i dont know if you can read my comment. but i guess you cant. i just grab the opportunity in sending you a message because im hoping dat you will read this soon. i"ve search youre name in the facebook but alot of you appeared. i dont know if wers your profile there. im dying ti go to korea only Bcoz of you. i know i can only see you in the TV but i dont know why i have this kind of feeling and i dont know why im acting like this. i just can help it. sorry if my english is wrong grammar. hope to be youre frend even through facebook only. my name is darlene. thanks

Angel Sukkie can i keep you?  : )

carla i hope to see more of your movies! i cant help crying whenever im watching your movie in He's Beautiful or Youe're Beautiful. I love you Hwang Tae Kyung!!!!:)))

carla I really love everything about you..hehehehe..muah!I'm your avid fan!

Jane Yvonne Hi, ur acting is really amazing in He's Beautiful compared to Beethoven virus...I've only seen this two dramas of urs though. And the songs from AN Jell...really love them very much. Hope to hear more songs like that from you in the future! Chayo!

Jialing Hi Jang,

Not really yr fan. but enjoy very much when you sing and act.

Just wanted to say you are very talented. Keep it up. I really like your series that you are acting. But please don't slim down too much. As in "He's Beautiful", you are too skinny. Take care of your health.

Robbert Hello Jang!

  I hope you'll understand what I mean if you see this comment.   
  Why you are so cute? I also like you among Korean Actors. Your actions are perfect. Try hard. I encourage you. I heard that you are good in English Speaking. Proud of you. I'm learning English too at the moment. I haven't seen all of your movies but I have watched ' Hwang Jin Yi ' and ' You are beautiful ' or ' He is beautiful '. They're great. Good luck my bro:. God will be with you always. Bye Bye.

Cin Long I love very your movie in DO RE MI FA SO LA SI DO & Baby & Me latest movies when you're in show we all want to see a new drama Jung Geun Seok

kadek you're cool...l love the way you smile in he's beautiful. have you ever been to Bali before? we're waiting for you...

wine i'm very hapy today. because i will meet him tonight. i miss u jaks. i love u so much.

mimi keep smiling .,.,,.:) cause one smile of yours makes me fall inlove with you!!!!

nita dewi much people say you so cute,good actor,you have very sweet smile,what ever people say you still first.always like that..couse u my dream. you have 100 point.. i can't see n talk u but u still in my mind.where aver u are..miss u..

peepo You're pretty boy as me

^(00)^ You're koalachick.

You're koalachick. You're koalachick. You're koalachick. You're koalachick. You're koalachick.

emma i like you so much Jang Geun Suk i like your acting, i like your smile keep spirit to do the best!!! God bless you....

gladies handsome & funy. i watch u & luv u ............. jang geun suk.

labyrintyh hi! I am wut yie naing.I live in myarmar(barma). you know! Congratulation for your success,bro. I like you only one among the other actor. You are so cute. I want to meet you. but we are not a same country. So sad. I love u so much,bro..........


ankur koirala hi,like others i'm 2 a fan of u'res.i'm 13 yrs old and i'm from nepal.i luved u're film hong gil dong and u're beautiful.my aim is be a great singer and once visit korea.i'm 2nd year in music.so i just like 2 say that,be a honest actor as always and show us u're best perfomance i every film.best of luck.....

next to go mi nam,,i'm ur biggest fan.. i really love the songs in the drama he's beautiful...i always cry everytime i hear it... i love watching the drama again and again...it's just so beautiful... i have plans of writing comments everyday here so that there will be more chance for my comments to be read by you my sukkie oppa...

laurenze jang geun-seok...

annyeonghaseyo! Saranghae!!! I really like you!

next to go mi nam,,i'm ur biggest fan.. i'm going to study the korean language so that i won't depend on the subtitle whenever i watch your movies,.and so that i would know exactly what u mean everytime you speak in the movie

next to go mi nam,,i'm ur biggest fan.. i'm not sure if u would be able to read this coz i'm not the only one who is pathetically dying for u but still i would like you to know that i loved the hwang tae kyung that i've known from he's beautiful..wish u could be my oppa...sarang hae..xDDD..

p.s.i have written the whole story of he's beautiful in my diary so whenever i forget a single detail about it i have my diary to help me remember it..

Ika Mei If you have time, pls think to come to Indonesia (Surabaya or Jakarta or Bali) your Korean Drama series like You're Beautiful and the Bethoven Virus was really like here. All of your fans here or us never have chance to interact with Korean actor or Actress. It's because many of fans which has same age like u even older fans like u very much here. So pls just think to have a fan meeting here...we will be glad to have u here. We are waiting for that moment.:) thank u ....

ita 'good luck' cuma itu yg w' bd ucapin w'ngomong bnyk blm tentu lo tau blm tentu lo ngerti,itu kata hati w',yg ga prnh bs w' ngerti

Suzy Lee haha..my mistake..all this time i thought he was TOP from Big Band.

janice can i request for part 2 of he's beautiful?...or it could be another movie with park shin hye...you two are compatible & nice....

janice handsome jang geun suk!....love you...

janice i am one of your fan, jang geun suk....your acting in He's beautiful is really perfect!...you are so cute...hope to see you in person....

kulet all i can say is I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathie Hi i really love you're character in He's Beautiful... Hope to see you in person....

ai you're so cute! :D

rhea haz sarangheyo!!! youre so cute... love you....

sexy mich I really like He's Beautiful......You're a good actor Hwang Taek Hyung...SarAngheyo Taek Hyung... :)

jinjin i really love the way he acts

janine love yahh....

janine you're really handsome....and you're the apple of my eye... you're th best actor in the world... i love your movie so much....

I LOVE JANG GEUN SUK and you're my best idol..

i wish u could have a nice and beautiul movie like that someday....or soon.....

i like your movie you're a good actor...........

milly i just love you.=]

Juddith Geun Suk oppa! You have a very expressive face and a great actor indeed. I am very impressed because you also know how to speak Japanese and English and its quite visible that you really make an effort to improve and explore other roles in acting which only means that you ARE a versatile actor. We all know that it is not all about the face value that would keep a star shining, it's more of the love for work, enjoying what you do and the appreciation of all the people and blessings that has been given and entrusted to you. I pray that you would have more projects in the future. Geun Suk oppa, always smile... that warm-sunshine-like smile. Hope you could visit "the Pearl of the Orient Seas". :) More power! Aja!

dianne i really love sukkie., he is a great actor., he can act different role ,. and i really idolized him by that ., hope he's not a gay., :)

love you sukkie :)

madeline Hai...Really like your performance in 'You're beautiful'... You're lack of smile but when you smirk, you look nice..=) i just have two requests...even i know you wont entertain these..=( Can you sing the song "What should I do" into English... Why don't you come to Malaysia and give us the opportunity to look at you in real... I believe you've a lot of fans here...=)

non sibi I just finished watching "You're Beautiful". He looks different than the 2 photos here. Did he do a nose job? His nose looks weird when viewed from the side :(

kleizal Congrats and good luck for you JANG KEUN SUK .. I like your character as CHANG HWI @ The Legend of Hong Gil Dong .. sounds funny but i like it.. its cool ;-) Don't smile hehe.. its cool ~

Jason LUv U Sooo Soo Much!::))) FiGhTiNG!!

chin hae love you so much!!

lianda I like the movie he's beautiful and a member of a.n.jell I wish he's beaufiful in go

chinggay i was watching your drama in He's Beautiful...i was inlove of your face so handsome...

barbara for me your the best actor in korea..... i really like to meet you idol......

barbara i wanna see u soon... i really like you in your movie.. youre beautiful...... youre my idol.........!! i wanna meet u soon.... god bless...

ocha jang geun suk is so coooolll......!!!! so cute.....!!! would u be my boyfriend????

kristine jang geun suk. Annyeong .... he's beautiful no eiga wa omoshiroi deshita. I enjoyed it a lot ... you never fail to portray your character well. I've seen your acting in hwang jin yi, beethoven virus and in he's beautiful and I'm hoping for more amazing movies and tv dramas from you. sorekara jang geun suk san wa kirei desu yo!

van hi there, Your character is so lovable. That's probably the reason why girls and even women of my age going head over heels over you.. Continue to inspire your fans all over the world with the good characters you portray in your movies/series.. We may not now the real you, but we count on the Jang Geun-Suk we've known and loved. Godspeed!


cute hello,i like u beacause i like to watch your movie and youare so cute.

Noveille Piseo Lendero Hello!!! I know this comment may or may not be read, but I'm hoping that someday I would finally see you in person. Jang Geon Seok, your the best!!!

arezoo-the persian girl jang keun suk u are the artist I enjoy your talent and emotions I enjoy the pleasant smile of you And I hope someday I can see you up close And finally I want to tell you i love u very much oppaaaaaaaaaa

pussycath78 HI Jang Geun-Suk, first saw you as hwang tae-keung and you're so beatiful, really..always thinkin of you...

Patty You're angel on earth!

arlene i like your style! you make my day complete, i always smile every time i see your picture! and my baby in my tummy are also like you if i born my baby can i have your name for my baby! iloveyou!!!!!

michelle-london You've got the most amazing smile I've ever seen, never failed to make me smile too and brighten my days. Love the sound of your laughter, love mostly about you really! You're such a natural actor too, the way you change in each role you play is admirable. You give justice to every role. I've watched "You're Beautiful" like 10 times I think but each time is like the first time....never failed to get me through "rainy days". More power to you!!!

han eun bin I have been already watched he's beautiful (3 times), do re mi pa sol ra si do (once), and baby n me (twice)... I'm going to watch his movie or drama over n over when I miss him... ^_^ lucky to be your fans,Sukkie hyung nim...

jane I just finished watching You're Beautiful and I really like it (it's funny..). I wondered where I saw this actor before and I remembered he was part of the Korean series about kisaengs (I don't know if the spelling is correct.) Anyway, the first thing that I noticed was the voice. It was actually simple but I like it. Keep up the good work!

aane hi handsome Jang Geun-suk....! you are so handsome and talented... love you.... take care always, god bless, good luck in you're career,more movie to come.. more wishes and dreams to come...

daintyhands It doesnt mean you're handsome, ergo you're good in acting. He has a lot to improve with. He looks presentable, but not handsome enough for me.

JGS He's someone who deserves excellent awards since he's majoring in Film. A ham actor.

2010 I really liked the ending of 'Hong Gil Dong' even though his character betrayed his friends.

Baby & Me. I knew the ending was going to be something like that haha I didn't think I was going to have tears, but I did at the ending...not the ending ending.

One Missed Call. So he was that one dude who threw up that weird red marbel? And he's doing Sign Language?! It was my favorite subject in HS.

Case of Itaewon Homocide. Pronunciation is a bit off, but done a good job on his part. I could tell he was nervous.

Adelle Hello! Belated happy B-day! :D

You inspire a lot of people, you're not only a great actor, but also a person with a good heart...I wish you more happiness and success, take care always! Love U !

Simone Hi Jang Guen suk. I'm a great fan of yours. I love watching ur movies and i'm crazy about watching u. I loved ur performance in Baby n me and Doremi. I love to hear your voice and your songs. I hope I will be able to meet you someday but if tats not possible i'm happy to see you frm far away. wish u great success 4 ur future. i'll b waiting 4 your next movie!!!! P.S. Sarangae

Riisa This guy is a really good actor. I like that he wants to show deep emotions when acting. I think he should stick with acting and not be a singer though. And why do you have to be friends with Girl's Generation?! They're a bunch of sluttys! x[

yunita you're the best actor in the world....

claubie baby good looking. talented. you're soo purrrfect!! lol XD

annisa you are very cute..,.,

joyce Saranghaeyo Oppa! Your character as Tae kyung is the best i love you for that two thumbs up!

laxmi Ahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahhahaha I was enjoying and laughing like this first when i was watching Hong gil dong and baby and me. But thanks to you I ended up crying for hours,finishing all of my tissue papers. Because of you I had to attend a party with swollen eyes. But I have to say you look very pretty and cute like a girl but i wonder if it's a compliment. And yes shockingly you were charming, charismatic and somehow an idiot in he's beautiful.

rhein iI really like your acting at you're beautiful...& it was different w/ your acting in doremifasolasido or itaewon (different character, i mean), it seems like u can act as any character u want,, i really like your acting so much, can't wait for your next project, :)

karina I fell love with him in beethoven virus ..now you are beautiful...movies ..Do re mi fa sol la si do...baby and me ,happy life ,going crazy waiting OHHHH Itaewon murder case...great palying

ToMmy_TalEz He is very talented I cried alot for him in Hong Gil Dong !! And looked really beautiful with those long hair !!>ow<

sunshineanve i really love you so much.........your smile, your personality, your acting and singing skills, the way you walk, your voice.............oh my!!! i love you

Rachel I've got to say, if you were in Canada where I am right now, I'd be hitting on you pretty hard. Don't know what it is, but you're just fantastic with everything. I just love your acting. Great at all the subtle things. I'm trying to learn Korean, so all I can really say is Kamsa Hamnida!

Qoo36 You're my favourite Korean actor, definitely good acting in " You're beautiful "..... I wish to join your fan club but I try more than 10x time the webpage won't allow me to load. It is kind of disappointed coz I can't always check your status... nevertheless, I will still support you !!! ^^ I <3 all the song from this drama too.. ^^

richa hey oppa im ur big fan from nepal i fell in luv wid u in first sight ur amazin n tooo cute.lov u hwang tae kyung i mean jang gyun suk.n take care lots of luv n wishes for ur bright future luv uuuuuuu

hedi the people say the sky is blue.but i say sky is brown,because your eyes are brown and i saw the sky in your eyes...i love you so much...you are always in my heart...booooooosssssssssssss

arlene Hi Jang Geun Seok, I'm one of your fans..I Saw your drama Television about 3 Days ago, so you can imagine, I'm not good enough as a good fans, This time I just wanna say that. I like your drama television "You're Beautiful" your acting and singing very good, so romantic and touching my heart, I Think your next film will be great than before..

anandita hi! hwang tae kyung oops! sorry! jang geun suk. really a big fan of urs. u looked awesome in youre beautiful.u r dashing, handsome and god ur attitude! really any gal would give up anything to once date with u.u drive me crazy!!! cant stop thinking about u n love u. sarangeyo!!!!

puchh You will be a bad boy. But you are so cute.

Prize You are very thin,as like a girl.Your bodystructure isn't smart.In fact, you should have 70kg.But your movie(your are beautiful) isn't bad.

You will try in body weigh.If you haven't need weight ,you will like a girl.

rani sukkie i love youuuuuuuuuuuu i admire your acting skills they are so great...every character you play is so real... you are really fascinating... and your voice its so touching like an angel would sing.. only watching you make me sooooooooo happy and gives me so much strength your smile is so unique no one else has such a divine, shining, warm and cute smile... it makes my heart melt... most of all i like your character..how you treat your fans and others your modesty and your sincerity

me and other support you here http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=562 there we left every day so much comments for you so that you become no.1 maybe you will see this link here and come visit us! everybody can join us there god bless you and your family

lovelots whoaa! nice to be back again. Hope and pray your doing well. Just want to say keep fighting to excel more in acting and singing. im sure you will be one of the best actor someday in the whole world and i'm looking forward for that day geun seok. be humble always, and always remember your fans but most of all be a good model to every one. God bless... shalom...

yhamea you're incredibly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaa!!!!!!!!! hope you're doing just fine... GOD bless...

Intan W.W. Hi Jang Geun Suk!!! You're Beautiful is your film that I first watched you and I fall in love with your face and your acting in that film. Hopefully you can visit to Bali and invite your fans in Bali to come and see you because I'm from Bali. Ok! ;)

indira YOU ARE HOTTER THAN LEE MIN HO. I tought that i will love Min Ho forever, but after i saw you in ur drama n movies, i just fall apart to you. you have a great talent! just see next two years. i wish that you will be an ever lasting actor geun suk!

xee oppa you are really good at acting.. maybe you should become a singer... you have a really nice singing voice... hope you never think about quitting your career... keep smiling^-^ cause it makes girls like us fall for you^^ lol..idk about that...but i do know you have the cutest smile ever saranghaeyo^^

Silke WOW!!! Just finished "아기와 나 (Baby & me)" and already saw "미남이시네요 (He´s beautiful)". Thought I should comment on 장근석!

장근석 is really an excellent and handsome actor! Actually, I can´t believe that he´s 4 years younger then me and already that famous and all. Makes me feel like a lazy bum!!! Then again, he is really good in what he´s doing, for example: in "Baby & me" he performed that good, I nearly cried. Especially in the last minutes, when his character wanted his baby back. Or in "He´s beautiful" he´s acting out that unfriendly and stiff personality extremly good. I Like, how his face looks, when he pulls a face! :D BUT GIRLS did you recognize how small his waist was in "He´s beautiful"? He´s probably thiner then me. And I AM small!!!!!!!

I´m looking forward to see him acting in new dramas and movies!!

denisse he look very cute in the punk style he shud be like that hope to see him in other movies soon

jeju Hahahahahahahahaha...!!! That was so funny!! Poor baby he can't stop crying!! Jang Geun-Seok was kind of confuse!!

lovelots i fully watch beethoven virus i really like ur character your such a good actor. at first i don't understand why u choose this and turn down BOF to act jun pyo, i watch the whole episodes of this and i say its nice movie but when i watch beethoven virus, all i can say" u have made the right choice." ur character here is amazing and cool.. i like it. keep it up. stay humble always. dont let us down.... fighting... ur the best...God bless. Shalom

munira oppa.. u are super duper talanted person.. keep up ur good work.. i'm supporting u, always n 4ever

NanaShimizu Oppaa Saranghaee <3

Edith I'm a new fan of the drama He's beautiful! I've always been drawn to other culture's movies and shows, and this is the first time I ever watch a Korean drama. Congratulations Jang Geun Seok! you are indeed a very talented actor. I myself am an actress and I can proudly say that a good actors are those who make you feel and believe what their characters are interpretaring when they see each other acting. You are so into character that even though I know you're acting I get deeply involved in your character. My best wishes in your career. Edith, Hollywood CA.

linda.morroco I wish you peace of mind....

adriana wow this is...wow... im speechless. i love that every character have ther own defect, and that little defect i think there are some people out there could relate to it.

proud fan from U.S. California---keep up with the great work

Zero90 you were execllent in you’re beautiful but not that good in Hong Gil Dong drama serious , and very good at Baby and me . Other than this , your movies were not that much . You’re are a good actor and I think that you are good at romance and comedy serious , and the lead role suite you alot . Also I heard your sing and it was fantastic . the roles that suite you best is when you act as a prince , proud and bad boy , and singer . A kind and good boy do not suite you at all .In you;re beautiful , you were exellent . You have no idea how many girls liked you;re acting and you;re role in you’re beautiful here in UAE . However , you need to prove yourself not just to your fans but to other acters and actress . I might liked your ackting in some serious , however , I think that your acting is not that that that much good . Finally , I and the other girls will admite that your the most successful actor , when you surprise us in your next drama . The dramas that I liked the most and thought that the acters were good is in full house , coffee prince , shining inheritance , the main acter and acteress in Hong Gil Dong but not you ,boys before flowers , and goong . If you can reach them then you are a true , intellegint actor , work hard

yazayue tsukishiro geun suk is one of my favorite Korean actors since the 2003- where he debuted in the show Nonstop 4. I love the way he acts because it shows a lot of his personality in real life and when he gets into action you can see a different side of him.

Kristalyn OMG HI I'm biggest fan of A.N. Jell.... you're beautiful korean drama is so ROMANTIC:) I'm so happy because Hwang Tae-Kyung and Go Minyu/Go Minyu were so in love with each other.... I wish that Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye were in love or couples in real life.... Damn!!! But yeah, this korean drama RoCkZzZ!!!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anjell I am a HUGE fan of You're Beautiful (Minamishineyo). Jang Geun Suk is a flexible actor and he's got adorable face and great singing voice! I am head over heels in love with you!(*o*)

"-_- I love your new song just drag you are so cute and handsome there

tick-tick you're first korean boy please take care of your self annyang kessyo my opppppaaaaaaa!!!!!!! please played more

hello my love for ever

Rozza WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I likw u in Bethowen Virus....u re the best!!!!<3333 ya

NNM ooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO

34 you are very handsome

65jhh you are very very very evry very very very cute in all drama and movie

renzeeeeeeeeeeeee hi geun-seok jang your really-really amazing....... you know what im wishing to see u even in a one glance only but i know its very impossible b-coz wer far at each other In our second life i hope and i prayed to god that we wil be the best of friends...... thank u 4 the inspiration..........mwah.....

deana yesssss!!!!!!!! i love you too your the best!!!!!!!!

NoNe I love him he is lovely

Nastja he is a great actor, i watched Baby & Me, Doremifasolasido, and some part of the Dramas, (normally ma siis watched them and i stand by her side) haha, whatever, i love his acting and if he is smiling, omo so cute :) and dont know why but i cried in Doremifasolasido :) and he looks so great during Tektonic :) dance XD XD XD

greetings from Turkey and Germany ;)

AiGera Geon Suk was so handsome. but now he is smoke. Please don`t smoke!!!mmmm he is so sexy)))

TSERING actully u r so hot n cool that i can't find any adequate word to discribe about you u relly rock the world............ n keep acting cool like ths n u will soon become heart beat of every one loves u alot htta u can't imagine............

Emine Jang Geun Suk is so good looking and he is very talented!!! He will get all the nice dramas role and all the movies he is in will be successful....

bria an nyeong!!^^

your so handsome and talented... i love your movies.. very much..especially the baby and me and dorimefasolatido..^^

keep up the good work..^^ fighting^^

sarang hae!!

joeydragonlady I enjoyed watching his dramas and movies. He started as a child actor and grew so tall. Wow. He was excellent in Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus, and Doremifasolatido. I want to see him in another drama soon! So Cool!

Kejt Ah, Geun Suk is awesome. He has got really great talent. I've watched "Baby & me", it's an accident that I'd found the film. And I can't regret. I only can search all of films that he's acted. <3

smargott geun suk oppa! saranghae!!! (well....most girls that know him really love him^^)

i just fell inlove specially when you played the guitar in doremifasolasido, happy life, and even in nonstop!

omy! you're such a talented guy for a person who's goal is to just be a serious actor^^

how can we fall in love for real..when there's a person like jang geun suk???

i love him! honestly^^ (though he's 6 yrs. older than meT_T)....haha! love this oppa! (kuya in our country^_^)

Korean He is totally cutee menggg [: <3

reynie omo~ he's younger a few months than me? tsk... tsk.... uhuuu~ but a great actor tho. watched him in doremifasolasido. fell in love. then watched baby & me, in which he is so freakingly HOT! gah~ not reli a fan of period drama... but myb i shuld start watching hong gil dong and hwang jin yi eyh? juz 2 catch a glimpse of him. haha... still waiting for beethoven virus 2 b fully subbed... ugh~ i hate waiting! JGS, saranghae! hik hik ^^

ana You are an amazing actor! i fell in love with you in Hong Gil Dong! Looking forward to your next act! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nawal you are so cute..just the same like mason

Emine I love very your movie in Baby & Me. Your more because you very cute and smile. You are a good actor!Nice

Alexiel I cried one litre of tears because of him in Hong Gil Dong. He was amazing there! I also liked his performance in Hwang Jin-yi.

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