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  • Drama: Love Rain
  • Revised romanization: Sarangbi
  • Hangul: 사랑비
  • Director: Yoon Seok-Ho
  • Writer: Oh Soo-Yun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: March 26, 2012 - May, 29 2012
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Genre: Romance / Youth
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Love Rain" depicts a 1970's pure love and a love from the present day

In-Ha (Jang Keun-Suk) is a university student majoring in art. In-Ha and his friends Dong-Wook (Kim Shi-Hoo), a medical student, and Chang-Mo (Seo In-Guk), a law student, are popular at school, especially with women. In-Ha, Dong-Wook and Chang-Mo also enjoy playing the guitar and singing together.

One day, In-Ha passes female student Yoon-Hee (Yoona) on campus. It takes no more than 3 seconds for In-Ha to fall in love with Yoon-Hee. He later sees Yoon-Hee sitting on a bench, while painting. In-Ha begins to paint her portrait, but the next moment she is gone. In-Ha runs out to find her and, in his excitement, bumps into Yoon-Hee. Yoon-Hee drops what she is holding. In-Ha helps to pick her stuff up, but doesn't say anything to her. After she leaves, In-Ha discovers a small notebook that she left behind. The notebook is her diary. At night, In-Ha opens up the diary and reads a page. He learns that Yoon-Hee's parents died and she loves the American film "Love Story." He then closes shut the diary. The next day, In-Ha waits for her outside a campus building to return her diary. When he turns around and is about leave, Yoon-Hee appears and asks In-Ha if he has seen her notebook. In-Ha doesn't speak up in time and misses returning her diary. In-Ha then reads more from her diary, this time from front to back multiple times.

On a rainy day, In-Ha sees Yoon-Hee standing in front of building without an umbrella. In-Ha offers to walk her with his umbrella. As they walk together they feel a bond. A date is set to meet the following Sunday to watch the movie "Love Story".

Later, Dong-Wook takes In-Ha and Chang-Mo to a get-together at a restaurant. Dong-Wook asks In-Ha and Chang-Mo to help him get closer to Yoon-Hee. Dong-Wook met Yoon-Hee the day before and also fell in love with her. She reminds him of his late mother. Because of this, Dong-Wook had asked his friend Hye-Jung (Son Eun-Seo) to bring Yoon-Hee to the get-together at the restaurant.

Present Day
At a train station in Hokkaido, Japan, Joon (Jang Keun-Suk) and Ha-Na (Yoona) bump into each other. Ha-Na's cellphone falls into Joon's pocket without either person noticing. Joon is a photographer and a playboy. He came to Hokkaido for a photo shoot. Ha-Na is a student studying in Hokkaido and about to depart back to South Korea.

Later, Joon hears an odd cellphone ringtone. Joon then realizes that he has someone else's cellphone in his pocket. Meanwhile, Ha-Na goes to a shooting site to retrieve her cellphone, but Joon isn't there. Because of Joon's constantly changing schedule, Ha-Na's misses him three separate times. Finally, Ha-Na goes to Joon's hotel. After waiting until past midnight in the hotel lobby for Joon, Ha-Na decides to go into Joon's hotel room to retrieve her cellphone. Nobody is in the room and the door is unlocked. Ha-Na finds her cellphone, but suddenly Joon and a model walk through the door ...


  1. "Love Rain" began filming September 24, 2011. The first day's shooting took place at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea.
  2. "Love Rain" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Dream High 2" and will be replaced by "Big" on June 4, 2012.
  3. On February 28th, 2012 filming for "Love Rain" moved to Hokkaido, Japan for 10 days. Scenes filmed in Hokkaido, involved main character Seo Joon (Jang Keun-Suk) who works as a popular photographer. He goes to Hokkaido for a photo shoot and there meets Ha-Na (Yoona) for the first time.
  4. First kiss between present day main characters Joon (Jang Keun-Suk) and Ha-Na (Yoona) occurs in episode 9 (April 23, 2012).



Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Jang Keun-Suk.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Yoona.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Kim Shi-Hoo.jpg
Jang Keun-Suk Yoona Kim Shi-Hoo
Seo In-Ha Kim Yoon-Hee Lee Dong-Wook
Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Son Eun-Seo.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Seo In-Guk.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Hwang Bo-Ra.jpg
Son Eun-Seo Seo In-Guk Hwang Bo-Ra
Baek Hye-Jung Kim Chang-Mo Hwang In-Sook


Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Jang Keun-Suk1.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Yoona1.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Kim Shi-Hoo1.jpg
Jang Keun-Suk Yoona Kim Shi-Hoo
Seo Joon Jung Ha-Na Lee Sun-Ho
(In-Ha's son) (Yoon-Hee's daughter) (Dong-Wook's son)
Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Jung Jin-Young.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Lee Mi-Sook.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Yu Hye-Ri.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Oh Seung-Yun.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Kim Young-Kwang.jpg
Jung Jin-Young Lee Mi-Sook Yoo Hye-Ri Oh Seung-Yun Kim Young-Kwang
Seo In-Ha Kim Yoon-Hee Baek Hye-Jung Jo Soo Han Tae-Sung
Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Kwon In-Ha.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Park Se-Young.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Lee Chan-Ho.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Shin Ji-Ho.jpg Love Rain (Korean Drama)-Park Ji-Il.jpg
Kwon In-Ha Park Se-Young Lee Chan-Ho Shin Ji-Ho Park Ji-Il
Lee Dong-Wook Lee Mi-Ho Jang-Soo In-Sung Kim Chang-Mo

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-03-26 1 NR NR
2012-03-27 2 NR NR
2012-04-02 3 NR NR
2012-04-03 4 NR NR
2012-04-09 5 NR NR
2012-04-10 6 NR NR
2012-04-16 7 NR NR
2012-04-17 8 NR NR
2012-04-23 9 NR NR
2012-04-24 10 NR NR
2012-04-30 11 NR NR
2012-05-01 12 NR NR
2012-05-07 13 NR NR
2012-05-08 14 NR NR
2012-05-14 15 NR NR
2012-05-15 16 NR NR
2012-05-21 17 NR NR
2012-05-22 18 NR NR
2012-05-28 19 NR NR
2012-05-29 20 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.



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montglane If not for anything, this drama is a must watch for its dialogues. Beautiful music, lines like:"Perhaps the memories of youth is always in watercolor, is because it ends before it can be put in more vivid colors'' made this K drama one of my favorites of all time. But the female protagonist's decisions in 1970 chaffed my nerves, so much drama for drama's sake by the heroine was annoying to some extent. But I guess the mind-blowing Jang Seuk's character made up for it all!

ash daebaak!!! superb series very very emotional ........ yoona looks awsum ^^

novi I really love this drama, and watched this more than 5 times! JKS was so hard working and he made it! Even his gaze and all his gestures describe what are in his heart. Daebak! And JKS+ Yoona got their chemistry.. I'm waiting for next drama from JKS!

TrangHo This is the only one Kdrama can be touched me after a very long time (since period of First Love, Winter Sonata, Autumn Heart). I don't know why its rating is low at Korea that time. Big big thanks to JKS and Yoona and all guys who made the great success of the film. Yoonsuk, you are both really matched. Hope see you both in next project. <3

Cookie monster I watched it during a hard phase of my life. I let out the pain trough Hana & Joon and i was living in their dream cause my reality was like a dark cloud. But i saw the silver ray through Love rain...

It's one of the best movies out there in K-dramas. I don't hesitate to say it's the best. Chemistry between Hana & Joon is what I adore the most. Joon, love your smile.♥

Yongie Love this drama! JGS and Yoona what a great chemistry! :)

At some point it seems like it is going around in circles, but gearing towards the end I want more JGS and Yoona sweet moments and intimate kissing scenes which is rare in kdramas. I think I will start with some more JGS kdramarathon, done with He's Beautiful and Pretty Man already.

sely I watch this drama more than three times. I love it because of Jang Keun Suk acting is really great. Yoona acting great also. I love to watch the episode where Seo Jun held Hana's hands in the hotel with sad, both of them were sad and did not know what to do but actually they fall in love. Thank you for the sweet drama

micah I really love this drama everything with jgs and yoona is great. The best drama ever.

Bam That drama was torture. Jang Keun Suk didn't act that well, Yoona is simply annoying and the whole plot is damn cheesy. I just liked a few of the supporting characters. Disappointing.

lee jin hye I really love Jang Keun Suk eversince I watch him with park shin hye in "he's beautiful" and I also love Yoona because she is a good singer and beautiful too. I hope i can meet them personally

Jung Jaehwa I did love this drama, but I really don't understand why the parents couldn't be together. No one was related by blood but two people still ended up unhappy because, apparently, it's not good to be too related? It left me wanting.


micah Best korean drama... handsome jang keun suk ang pretty yoona I love them both the 70' and the present love story im in love this drama because i like jang geun suk very much he is very talented, charming actor in his generation and also yoona her angelic face so cute. Ive watched this drama 3x very amazing i love jang keun suk as a playboy and yoona as a comedienne they suit for its other. I hope they have a project together this coming 2015.

m One of the best korean drama is love rain. I like JKS so much. His very handsome

micah I realy love this drama. JKS and yoona very excellent for their rules. This drama made me eel of JKS. I've watch this drama many many times. More dramas to come they are good much to each other i love them both.

queen I love love rain! Jk nd yooona awesome chemistry, wish u guys re really n love. Jk u re now my best Korea actor,am swept off my feet wit ur smile. Keep it up guys

Sung-Hye-Aha I really love this drama.

khushbu i just love this drama so romantic and yet tragic lovestory...i watch it on kbs world. I am from India and I like the kbs dramas .I am a big fan of it. this drama is one of my favourite kdramas. I haven't seen the last episode of it but i think it will be great.

hooyeah Watch it on KBS world . 4 episodes left . I don't know the ending but I already know this is the second best drama ever . Nothing can beat "The Princess Man" to me but "Love Rain" comes very close .

boo Love this Drama so muchhhhhhhhhhh.........♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ The best ever.. !!

Mitch This story makes me question why life and love is unfair...

Jared I really like Jang Keun Suk... He's being a bad boy in his show is so adorable... Like the chemistry between him and Yoona.

Jared I like love rain. It's so cute and enjoyable.. I wonder why this one did not rate in Korea. Not even once did it enter in the top 20. I think it was made beautifully.. The story line is so good, even the acting.. the guys are sooo cute....

incha I think this drama is very entertaining. Though, i admit that it lacks great ending. I wonder why it such a flop in korea? I'm watching love rain encore in KBS world these days, and I'm still enjoying it. Jang Keun Suk are both great actor and handsome.

SY Wong mbined with comedy acting what made this drama so enchanting. The director, Yoon Seok Ho indeed did a fantasThoroughly enjoyed this drama! The main casts, Jang Keun-Suk and Yoona has great chemistry .. the melodrama cotic job in showing the world the beauty of Korea with beautiful scenery. Also love his cinematography! I admired his work in Winter Sonata and now .. Love Rain! The story line .. of sacrificial love of parents indeed touched my heart. Thank you so much for making this beautiful drama:-)

SY Wong Thoroughly enjoyed this drama! The main casts, Jang Keun-Suk and Yoona has great chemistry .. the melodrama combined with comedy acting what made this drama so enchanting. The director, Yoon Seok Ho indeed did a fantastic job in showing the world the beauty of Korea with beautiful scenery. Also love his cinematography! I admired his work in Winter Sonata and now .. Love Rain! The story line .. of sacrificial love of parents indeed touched my heart. Thank you so much for making this beautiful drama:-)

ingukie i just watch this drama because of inguk debut. honestly, i just give 3/5 rating. i like the way scriptwritter plot the story from 70's to 2012. it is something non ordinary to be drawn on the drama. however, i just dont feeling excitement for some useless scene, and honestly, In Ha character is so much annoying from 70's until when he wants to married with Yoon hee in 2012. coward- and quite selfish for me. just my opinion, the characters that being dragged from 70's to 2012 (in ha, yoon hee, and hye jung) were not real, it was like fantasy. while dong wook and chang mo were more realistic because they dont let themselve be in the past and move on the real world. however, in ha and yoon hee characters that changed in the last part of the drama was acceptable and more realistic. it is just some of the parts of the drama that i cant stand. peace ^^

red I love this drama ever.. Yoona and jang geun suk saranghae.!

hani very watchable... you'll love the love story of 1970's and then you'll fall in love with the modern time couple.... 2012 love story was very cute and you'll enjoy every bit.... recommended...!!! JKS looked great as a photographer...!!!

kai feeling ecstatic love rain showing on kbs world.... happiness to the extreme

jessy this is the first that my junior loves more than boy before flower, they went crazy angry whenever it end. love it so much..........muah/

ronney love rain ... this move is the best romantic movie I have ever seen ... I would also say ... that I would love to watch it again and again

Olympia two years too late but what an enjoyable lovable watch. The storyline and characters are just awesome. I cried in 70's and in 2012's. Superb cinematography. Will rewatch again

Jazz Loved the drama overall but was a little disappointed with the end. It went around in circles a bit with the issues that broke up and go back together. The biggest problem with the end for me was the fact that there was an unspecified time jump and a lot of the characters actions and motivations changed without any real explanation. Also I started the drama really invested the love story of the parents and while I did come to like the children as a couple later I didn't like the fact that the parents kind of faded into the background and weren't seen at all by the end of the drama. Overall though I thought that it was a good watch and I loved the character portrayal and development of most of the characters. Yoona and JKS did really well and the sold the love story in both the seventies and modern incarnations.

yaupade Unforgettable drama I ever watched. great work.. I made me remind that how simple love can be. how straight forward it should be.

Bam One of the worst dramas ever. Boring, too long and the main cast ... horrible.

J I checked here to see the ratings for this drama and... NR?! You got to be kidding me!

When this aired here in my country I too thought that its horrible since I missed the 1970's part but after watching it from ep1, I find it the best drama that I've seen so far. The pretty boy leading man did a superb job and Yoona fits the role in the 70s.

Dan Horrible. It was painfully slow and just kept going around in circles.

kukuu The best drama i've ever watched. i love JGS and yoona. fighting!!!

lony love rain is one of the best dramas ive ever watched.its so touchng.jang keun suk & im yoona fighting .

zonia Love Rain is one of my favorite movie . It was heart touching movie and an awesome movie i ever watched . I love it . Great work !!!!!! Jang Geun Suk and Im Yoona are lovely actors . They were acting very beautiful in this drama .

bsk seo in guk!!! love all his works

zia An awesome drama! I love to watch it all over again... amazing love story.i love the story from the 70's to the present time. JKS really a good actor.

Katya What a lovely show: sweet story, gorgeous cast who did a great job, amazing settings (colors, light, landscapes, those green hills and peach-pink sky were exquisite). I enjoyed watching it :).

Mimi Love,Rain aaww what can i say....this for me was actually a movie i credited JKS as a the best actor ever especially the 1970s part.I loved every part of this movie as i always say JKS never disappoint at all. Yoona also did her best..

erick is the one of the best drama ,i love it !

Paulene jamie JGS even Seo In Geuk... Their 1980's theme really made me feel like I was in that time. The settings/ location look so 1980's. JGS is very good in acting.

emcee i love this drama! try to watch it!!! xD cute story my brother told me to watch this drama, i thought this is not good and i dont like it, but when i watch OMG! im speechless ahhahahHA

Lindsay Jung It makes me sad that this drama didn't do well in the ratings game in Korea because the story of this drama is beautiful. It's touching especially in the first 4 or 5 episodes. Although the chemistry between Yoona and JKS wasn't that great, I like seeing them together as they're both very gorgeous.

1tqz Love rain was a touching romantic story, slightly long winded, but was fine. The mistake was to cast Yoona in one of the main characters. She was robotic like in the previous drama, Cinderalla Man, because of her, I refused to watch 'Prime Minister & I "

denny Jang Geun Suk & Lim Yoon Ah : wonderful actors!

puisi hahaha... this drama so cute yona!!! love you

Nahina I loved the drama.. esp. Seo Joon (prince_jks) & Jung Ha Na <3 :) very good acting!! :)

sarh İ loved this show. İt was such a pleasure to watch jks again Loved chemistry btw the Highly recomended. No matter what was the rating i loved this show and i will Watch it again and again.... :) <3  :)

raqz wow i really2x love this story..jang keun-suk his very great and handsome i like his attitude very much..

PG amazing drama! perfect chemistry between the two leads! and also i loved the cute love bickering btwn the leads when they first started to fall for each other! so damn cute n funny! I wonder why the hell wasnt this drama a hit! anyhow this drama still being watched till now n loved by viewers only proves that it is successful n ratings might b affected with many factors such as tming of airing and its conflict wih other parallel aired dramas so you cant really count on ratings only and take it as a base to the success or failure of a drama on the long run!

rhycka I have been watching quite a number of Korean dramas already but LOVE RAIN just stayed in my mind and heart for the longest time. In addition to that, I really admire the chemistry between Jang Geun Suk and Im Yoona. Both the 70's and the present time stories are truly wonderful. I was just puzzled why it did not make a hit in Korea. Yoona is actually my idol and she is the main reason why I can't stand not watching her drama..

Ree Nami an AMAZING drama ever created and such a handsome actor JANG GEUN SEUK . It has a nice story I really enjoyed watching it and eventually I've already had a original copy of this one . Lovelots to you guys and more amazing dramas to come . ciao :)

cmcross I really liked the first episodes based in the 70s. It was a lot of fun and seemed like there were a lot of options for the story. Also, it was the first time I didn't completely hate Jang Keun-Suk's character. The present time stuff is killing me. Back to rooting against the lead :( . I don't know what it is but I haven't found a likable character from Jang Keun-Suk (besides the first bit of this show).

LearnToSwim Love Rain is really a great drama!

The JKS and Yoona pairing was an excellent choice and the chemistry between the two wasn't forced like in many dramas and you could feel the sparks flying between them throughout the show (and in the BTSs too).

Great acting by all involved, beautiful story, even more beautiful scenery and OST.

Altogether, a MUST SEE!

sunny I loved the first 6 episodes and Inha and Yoon Hee's story, it's so sweet. I prefer the 70's atmosphere and ambiance, it seemed cozy.

Hanna I actually got hooked on this drama because of the very first episode, the storyline set in the seventies with inha and yoon hee, it seemed magical and pure and very romantic. Not really like the typical k-drama plot we see today, it was just so different. But then it turned into the present time, and as much as I loved JKS and Yoona, I missed the initial story. The new plot seemed so recycled to me, that scenario with the girl meets boy in that way, always, happens. They should have stuck to the old plot. Explains the low ratings. I never watched past episode 4.

sommy I love this drama a lot. I just think the first 6 episodes was a waste I prefered the modern love between seo Jun and Ha na.

Kylie Obillo I'm so addicted with this Kdrama! I love it! When I've watched the scene that In ha and yoon hee had fallen in love with each other but In ha was thinking about his friend who did fell in love too with yoon hee, i was already captivated! Their Love was so pure and innocent! Ant at present time, Ha na and seo jun was made for each other! i love them! The story is very unique. Words can't explain how happy I am when I've seen this!! :) :) <3

Cristhine lauren Yoona is the best actress Idol, Love Rain was a epic Drama! this is Art. Love Rain had a lot success in all the world. also, Yoona always had High ratings in all her dramas.! she had just 3 dramas but she did a good job each drama. YoonA won A lot Awards. she is Amazing!..Yoona is the smartest, beautiful, multitalented female Star.

Her drama YOU'RE MY DESTINY pass 41.5% ratings!..also Yoona is the Diva more famous !!!...Yoona is one of the most beautiful women in the World, and The most beautiful in All Asia.


dsikang oh my God i cant imagine why the story of love rain received low rating in Korea considering that the story is unique compard to the telenovelas in the Philiipines, the themes are always the same thats why i seldom watch drama made in the Philippines..

eloi i fell in love with JKS in this drama...and to yoona i already idolized was sad that it didnt rate in korea when it shows but the quality of the story is so good.... it has a happy ending unlike to some kdrama.. aja for JKS!!!hope ul do more dramas

ChristinaPiamonte I love this drama so much! and I don't have any idea why it didn't became popular in Korea. Anyway, no matter what. This would be the best drama I've ever watched!

judelyn sabalberino wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super beautiful story........... ka kilig much.....................i wish na mangyari din sakin to........................saranghae............

janerrol Love this drama so much..I spent much watching in youtube..but uts worth it..want to watch it again!!

anna Perfect....!! I don't care about the rating Love everybody in this drama....!! Well done...!!!!

Myx Better watch this now

mimi i love the story.i totally fell in love with JKS & Yoona with this beautifull & romantic drama.i keep watching it every day.

jun-jun " Love Rain " i love very much of this story, congratulations to the director and to all cast.. love rain is very nice story for me, eventhough sometimes i dont like love story but when i saw this kind of drama, i felt happy and inspired to live with love.. hopefully there was still another drama that Im Yoona and Jang Keun- Suk were also the characters of the story. i lovely to see you guys in the future drama.. thank you so much, you inspired me guys! :) !

fab I dont usually watch K-drama but when i chanced upon watching "Love Rain" I totally got hooked to it and watched it in DVD with eng sub and finished it over the weekend. I still watch it now on tv for the tagalog sub. I totally fell in love with it and the characters. I still cant get over it hahahaha!! I wonder why it dint do that well in Korea. One of the best love stories I've ever watched. I definitely got so engrossed watching it. I laughed, cried and just enjoyed watching it.

K8izGr8 It started out a little slow but the back-story was sweet and worth the effort. Maybe its because I'm closer to 50 than 15 but when it got to the scene where he finds her again (yellow umbrella and all) I was totally charmed.

*Orpheus* "The ratings of Love rain is Goddamn liar, because for me the show is worth watching and the love team of geun suk and yoona are not forced than other loveteam, they have their own chemistry.....tch!!! but the ratings are total liar..

janzy I don't have my special someone but when I watched love rain OMG! I'm always inlove and inspired...haha. It is indeed a great drama I have ever watched.I love the characters specially Jang Keun-Suk and Im Yoona. Superb!! I can't help myself watching this drama over again.

K I used to watch korean dramas but this is the best for me. I am so inlove with this. i am currently watching it through the net a filipino site for us who are working away from philippines. I even downloaded the OST of these (even i don't understand the song lyrics) and listen to these over and over. I already finished the original version with english sub and at the same time watching it in tagalog version.

Joyce A must see! I so love this Drama so much. The story, casting, filming locations - absolutely great! It's currently being shown here in the Philippines. I've been watching the Tagalog version though i have completed the Korean version with English subs :) I just wonder where the cafe is located and it's current name. I'd like to visit the cafeteria once I come back to Korea just like what I did when i visited the coffee prince cafe.

Melissa One of the best K-Drama I had ever watched! I love story, the actors, everything! I cried, I laughed and I fell totally inlove with the story and the characters. Took me a while to get over it after watching the final episode. Made me want to fall in love like how Ha Na and Joon did.. How I wish!  :)

Molan shimray I love the theme! Love rain, oi, and superd actor, onie yoona, and oppa kang.. I love the way .. Ths made me remembr ma mum... Ma mum said rain gve her heart. RAIN DEPART WHEN EVEr i miss ma mum... She leave me behind and said.. Rain is her breathe..

Miss u all, hve a great day,...

elaine i fell inlove with this korean drama.. such a very beautiful love story... i really liked also jang geun suk and im yoona's love team.. they are both good and very natural in their acting.. i loved everything about this drama from the whole story, the cast and the theme song was sooooo perfect.. i'm really hooked on watching this everyday here in the #philippines.. i love jang geun suk and im yoona!! they made me a fan! saranghae sukkie! iloveyou iloveyou!!! ♥♥♥ :))))

elaine i fell inlove with this korean drama.. such a very beautiful love story... i really liked also jang geun suk and im yoona's love team.. they are both good and very natural in their acting.. i loved everything about this drama from the whole story, the cast and the theme song was sooooo perfect.. i'm really hooked on watching this everyday here in the #philippines.. i love jang geun suk and im yoona!! they made me a fan! saranghae sukkie! iloveyou iloveyou!!! ♥♥♥ :)))

eonni elaine i fell inlove with this drama.. such a very beautiful love story... i really love also jang geun suk and im yoona's love team.. they are both good and very natural in their acting.. i love everything about this drama from the whole story, the cast and the theme song was sooooo perfect.. i'm really hooked on watching this everyday here in the #philippines.. saranghae sukkie!!! ♥♥♥ :))))

elaine i fell inlove with this drama.. such a very beautiful love story... i really love also jang geun suk and im yoona's love team.. they are both good and very natural in their acting.. i love everything about this drama from the whole story, the cast and the theme song was sooooo perfect.. i'm really hooked on watching this everyday here in the #philippines.. saranghae sukkie!!! ♥♥♥ :)))

Det I'm such a huge fan of Yoona and Jang Geun Suk! Love rain fanatic here in the Philippines. I fell inlove with the story and characters so quickly!

YAJ hi, i would like to share my opinion with the drama entitled LOVE RAIN... I really love the story infact we Filipinos appreciates the love theme JKS and YOONA here in the Philippines... love rain is like a disease that we don't want to be cure about... if the rate was a problem in korea... mind you, in the Philippines the rating is flooding.... thank you Mr jang keun suk for making us filipinos smile and inlove (hehehe).... keep it up and wish you more power and success.....


sheng "hahaha" i laught a lot in all your comment guys!!XD actually i read all of that! Yes.! for only one day.XD i can`t express my feelings rights now.! eotteoke?? haha.. Nvm. but WAEYO? why this wondreful, great drama got a low ratings in korea? what happen close open?xD tssk.. okay.. i don`t care about that! and also i don`t care to the bad and negative comments! for me, LOVE RAIN is DAEBAK!!^O^. Esp. the lead character! i love the way you act IM YOONA unnie. :) im not dissapointed to you! just do your BEST always! and also... am a... am a.... EEMEGEDD!!!! here i am again!i can`t breath!xD when i know that JANG GEUN SUK oppa is the lead actor in this drama! WAAAAA..... i will see again his TANTALIZING EYES & KILLER SMILE! its makes me CRAZY dude! haha...

and YEHEY!! i am super duper happy when this drama was aired here in the Philippines. but i can`t watch it!:( because the time is evrey morning! and in that time, im at school! so i decide to buy a cd!:)) but i think, just like what other says, this drama was sooo... hit here in our country!! what a NICE drama? i like it from the start up to the end. Esp. the OST. i love it so much!<3

i`m always inspired and happy because of all kdrama`s. KAMSAHAMNIDA!^_^ God bless!

Fighting for all SUKKIE & SONE lovers!

  1. foreverkdrama&kpop<3
  2. saranghaeyo3SecondSeducer!
  3. "MABUHAY"

sheng nice drama^o^

draamlover Love Rain was really interesting in the beginning, but gradually got more and more boring...jang Geun Suk was hot but...WHY YOONA? SHOULD be Park Shin Hye unnie!!!!!!!  :(

ms_pinay the first korean drama that makes me fall in love!! love you both!! you did a great job!!

Hadiz Oh my god this drama is like one the besy drama ..I like their lovs story n their chemistry was supper awesome ....

ame this is one of the most nice drama i watched! yoona and jang geun suk are really good loveteam,they have the chemistry although other loveteams have they own,but this two was really "KAKAINLOVE". When im watching this drama it really feels me inlove, you know the feeling that your are giving your symphaty to those characters.

jayzer molinar Wow...i dont have anything to say on this movie, this is a great love story...this is the BEST....

hunnie the best korean drama i've ever watched!!! thumbs up! i've cried so many times & makes me fall inlove again. i love Yoona & Jang Keun Suk! i'm looking forward on their next team-up drama...

ice1019 A TRULY MAGNIFICENT KDRAMA....watched it 3 times and it still makes me feel so many emotions.. FYI to lee min ho fan who's comparing JKS to him.. JKS was first offered the Boys Over Flower main character, and yet he chooses You're Beautiful because he will the first one to portray the lead part not just a copy cat from so many versions of a manga series. That shows how good and wise actor he is. JKS forever!!!

Steve777 Love Rain was one of the better dramas I have ever seen. I liked JKS and Yoona in their dual roles. I liked how they built the story in the 1970's and then flash forwarded to 2012. The scenery in the show was great and the acting was decent. The only thing I wish could have been different was that every time something good happened, it was almost immediately turned into trouble and then an episode later it was happy again and so forth. Yoona really looked incredibly sweet and pretty as Jung Hana, especially in the later episodes. I also thought they didn't really need episodes 18 and 19 and could have used those episodes to develop the story leading up to Yoon Hee and Inha moving to the States and a little more romance leading up to Jun and Hana's proposal and wedding.

I look forward to seeing Yoona in another leading role soon. She's made me a fan.

JOTEEZO I have been reading some of the comments, and some of you guys don't like Jang Keun-Suk, since I'm a fan of Korean Dramas, I would like to tell all the actors and actresses that I do enjoy you all, for LOVE RAIN, I think JKS was doing a good job, I love the music on this drama....Jang Keu-Suk, I'm a fan of yours' just don't worry about the negative comments, be your best and God bless....since your went to New Zealand for school, I'm from New Zealand and I'm sure a lot of New Zealander support you, stay safe JKS....this is your Polynesian fan living in San Francisco....

ian im not ahater of both lead actors but i dont like the drama and them .. im a fan of kseries but this one i watched with so much disappointment hmmm

lilik ko g main lagi d indosiar?saya tunggu pkul 17:00 ko g tayang2?pdhal msuk episode seru2 itu

Princess Alison Caya I love the story ! Every k-dramas has their own theme and type of story and this one is just one of a kind which made my days happier when I'm thinking about it . To KBS , more powers and more inspiring drama-series to come ! Kamsamnida ! Chukahaeyo ! :D

kave h yousefzadeh wow!that is so dreamful,interesting series!a milion bravo to this so interesting series players,filmmakers,...!bravo!bravo!bravo! these kinds of series have been my permant wish from my childhood to now! i wish i could come korea in my longevity a lot! thank you

diamondsnow hey there's this BGM in ep13 when joon hugged hana, can you tell me what is the title?

Kathy I watched at least 10 times over & over on Love Rain. This is an extremely hard to act drama due to the fact that Jang Geun Suk & Yim Yoona had to act 2 generations of roles. JGS actually has superb expressions on both generations. The reason of what netizens did not like it because this drama needs a lot of thoughts, and it's really really sad. Most people did not have a 2nd time to view it. Audience would not be able to grasp all the psychological beings of the actors. I gave them rate of 10 including the music. The music 'Love Rain' is very very beautiful. Jang guen Suk wrote the words which are suitable for the drama. A lot of beautiful songs... The sceneries are shot beautifully, especially the young JGS looked out the window, painting young Yim Yoona. Just impressive. This movie is more psychological, philosophical, character portraits style than most dramas. One could never forget the difference between the 2 generations--father and the son's differences and conflicts; the ironic reality of effects of divorce left on the kids for the rest of their life is so deep and inevitable that prompts people to think twice to face marriage choices seriously. I love this movie very much. Jang Geun Suk & Yim Yoona did very good jobs.

mimi one of the best kdrama! thumbs up for YoonA and JKS! (this is their best performance ever! ) their chemistry is overflowing..esp in the modern era! thumbs up also for the storyline and cinematography!

I also can't understand the ratings..this is so much better than Fashion King(rival show). I tried watching FK but I got bored.Maybe koreans changed their taste? anyways , it may not be a hit in korea but this will be a hit internationally.

rein really love this!!!

grace I really love Love rain, it is the best

Yu Lian Good story line and supposed to be very touching. Sad to say I did not shed a single tear. Acting for both was no good. I still finished the show anyway. The song and scenery was good and of course the script was good and that all.

dhebora i like love rain is a best korean drama i ever wacth

nadee I like love rain.....very interested for me..I like jang geun suk oppa.. Also, the lead actress Yoona she can really portray her role very well. LOVE RAIN the best drama ever... I really love love LOVE RAIN!! This kdrama is one of the best dramas that I have watched  !!! So I cried more times...I miss!!!.... saranheyo... pogoshippoyo...

Leslie Bacarro I really had a good time watching this drama. First, it's because I really love Jang Geun Suk. I love the way he talks, sings, dance and even he smiles. He is such a talented actor with good looks and personality. Also, the lead actress Yoona she can really portray her role very well. And the story is very fascinating, from 70's to the present. This drama is one of Jang Geun Suk's best performance and he should receive a credit for this. ^_^

Maeri Eun Hye I so love watching Korean Drama Series but this movie is the best ever series I have ever watched :) - Fighting!

nilam sari I like love rain,,very interested for me..i like jang geun suk oppa..^^

xiara Love this drama! I love how Jang Geun Suk acts and is so original in the way they dress and being that I do not miss any of his performances. True, the first four episodes are a bit slow but when they present the drama becomes the best! Be strong Sukkie this Argentina fan supports you all the way! I'll never understand because they got good ratings

John The basis of this story is a cultural Taboo that would be and is totally foreign to a Western person. So when watching this drama the only way to appreciate it is to try to understand the social constraints and stigmas that are taken for granted in Korean Society with regard to relationships and Family.

John Not sure why my previous post was removed...but Jang Seung-Suk's hair style in the 2012 segment is really irritating.....shaved on one side....short pony tail....long on the other... what is that???....Yoona is adorable....she seems less bowlegged too....not sure how that can happen. The Story is good with the typical hidden real feelings and hurtful behaviour, broken promises.....over and over.....lies...deceipt...unrequited love.... a little humor.. all the things that make Korean dramas the best dramas made in the world today. US network television could really learn from the Korean TV Industry.. ..

lovellelight I am filipina from france, my friend from milan send me a link about this korean drama and I'm thankful because it is worth watching =) thumbs up for the actresses, actors, director and writer! auguri! for me it is one of the best korean drama. #bestkoreandrama #mustwatch #loverain #3seconds

Dee Yoongie Love Rain so romantic, my friend watching and I am so happy... They're liked sarang bi :D

Czarina Oh! I loveeeeee the movie. Its so romantic and it makes me inlove. ♥

I dont get it why for a low rate. But i enjoy it!

Tracy Referring to comment #290

 JGS in very good actor.  If you look him up on goggle, you will see a lot of rewards and films he is in.  Lee min ho is just a new actor not as experience as Jang Geun Suk.  LMH got popular in Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter but in Boys over Flowers he is the NG KING...You might want to watch Mary stayed out all night.  I like it a lot. I think that it's way better than Playful Kisses and Secret Garden.

Me Really the biginning was really boring but it ended in such a cute story. I kept smiling untill the end <3

sixtofive I don't care about it's ratings in Korea. Love Rain is definitely one of my favorite among Korean Dramas. It was such a beautiful love story, in my language it's "sobrang nakakakilig". I fell in love with the characters and the settings of the story both in Korea and Japan. I am sure Love Rain will again become hit in my country Philippines once shown here just like You're Beautiful where we first loved JGS and now with Yoona. Great work to all the people behind Love Rain and of course all the casts...superb acting!:)

ulalala This movie was greattt !!!. In Ha and Yoon Hee love story was very romantic n touching. Especially their shy character ! really like it !!

Last but not least very love the way Yoona's acted <3

A MUST DRAMA (watch it completely :D)

ran I like this drama so much and the lead characters are really good. They are so sweet together :)) I hope they never break up with acting.

Risarisa Love rain got low rating in korea?! Oh i just dont get it! This drama is awesome! 1-4 episodes might be little bit boring but I'm sure you'll be addicted then! :D the chemistry between Jang geun suk and yoona are just soooo strong! And I love jang geun suk's voice, makes me melt. ;D Best voices ever! I love the way he says, "Ha Na, 1..2..3.." Recommended drama!

Liz Hong I left out something in my earlier comment ie. JGS's character in Love Rain from episodes 1 to 4 is gentle and considerate.

Liz Hong Reply to comment # 293: I guess you must have been sleeping through You're Beautiful and Love Rain! JGS's character in YB is arrogant, self centred and in LR opposite and he acted those out perfectly if you have noticed his walk, mannerisms, etc. In Hong Gil Dong, he was on par with the other lead too.

Anna Moshita sorry to say to all love rain's fan..the first four episode is too boring to me..then its get better at episode 4 onward then it become boring how the character of janggeunsuk in the present day..but there's many scene that i skipped..coz its soo boring..the love between old in ha and yoon hee i just cant digest their story..if its not love, then why having a child from the woman that u don't love, so lame to say its a mistakes..what i love from this drama is only a beautiful sceneries showing in them..that all~

jenny omg... i'd watch all the dramas of jang geun suk oppa.. and this one was the best of all. the story is perfect and all the casts acts natural according to their role.. i am very impressed to this drama. i really admired jang keun suk, saranghae oppa....

cindy Spent my whole Sunday watching was GREAT...true love story, and the sacrafices a parent must make for their children.

2 thumbs up. a must see!!!

eccent I just finished watching this drama and I find the storyline so touching and so full of romance. Really, 2 overlapping romance in 1 drama. I've watched You're Beautiful and was captivated by the songs and Tae Kyung's bad boy character. Love Rain's Seo Jun is as captivating. The torture and dilemma that the characters went through were so believable. A story where true love last and forgives all.

Qamar @trapkpop.cheche you're just another hater... JangGeunSuk is just perfect and there's nothing he can't do... and what he can't sing or act,are deaf and blind? he has one of the best voices ever,he has a unique voice that melts anyone's heart... and for his acting he's an EXCELLENT actor,he portrays his roles perfectly and if he's not good as you're saying why would they give him so much awards for his roles(in this site there's 2 awards mentioned but search on him on wikipedia there's lots of awards) and why would he get best selling album,best Korean album.. etc if he can't sing... he's too perfect he is an amazing singer,perfect actor,cute dancer,great model also he composes songs,plays lots of instruments and has one of best personalities ever and so on so i know why you hate him? because he's PERFECT and i like the artists that you have mentioned!

trapkpop.cheche I don’t think that Jang geun suk is the best actor in korea. I personally dont like him. he’s a terrible actor!..Everything I’ve seen him in is exactly the same and I really have no patience for such bad acting. I watched him in Hong Gil Dong, which stars a wonderful experienced actor by the name of Kang Ji Hwan. Seeing the two act side by side is an embarrassment to Jang Geun Suk and his dismal acting. His character in this drama is really similar to his character in the drama You’re Beautiful….oh!..boring and bizarre drama you’re beautiful. He sings in this drama and he’s not even good at singing! And now, he’s going to star inthis a new drama “love rain”….why?… honestly….I prefer LEE MIN HO, OR LEE JUN KI, OR LEE SEUNG GI…THEY ARE THE BEST actors that Jang Geun suk. bside….all korea hateeeeeeeee hateeeeeee jang geun suk!!!!!.

Lillic85 With much comment on this drama, I guess I got to seek it out

homemaking Actuallу no matter if somеone doеѕn't be aware of then its up to other people that they will help, so here it takes place.

julie nice. jang keun suk is such a hotie:)

Pabs a very beautiful movie!!

LoLahKetch What I like about this melodrama is the aura that every character portrays. The old characters and the new characters are really look-alikes! Not just in physical looks, but also in personalities...

Lululu just want to know. what is the name of the song in episode 15 at around 12:20? I REALLY LOVE this dramaa! ;DD

Dorama If you guys like this drama, watch The Classic!!! I don't know if this drama copied the movie because the drama got sued for it, but the movie is waaaaay more touching especially with beautiful soundtrack.

sonn i just luv dis dramas especialy In Ha and Yoon Hee's luv story..its so romantic...wish i could paint like In Ha n paint someone i luv...

zozo rain or rain's love...! I think , twins are same , because love is like rain.... Love such as rain cleaned to heart and rain such as love with all prettys finished soon, but this , turned into happiness because your heart tobe cleaned ...!? Love must to in this manner...!!thx

sinta touching drama .... i loved this story

ugi nugraha lee i am very like this movie,,,,,,, i love yoona.......whwn i see you?..... i want going kore because of you.... wait me.......!!!! i am a sailor man.

amhie i love (love rain ) it is the best korean drama and also becoz i love oppa jang geun suk ... and yoonaa ...

dEMO Can anyone tell me where I can get a song from episode 17? It's around 11 minutes 17 seconds.. That song is not there in the released OST, but with the same tune, a different song is there with the title "Song For Telling You How I Feel 2".. If anyone knows the downloading link, please reply.. Thanks..

afrooz one of the best korean dramas i have ever seen.fighting shi hoo oopppppppppppa

Tyuna I like the episode when there saying the truth of two of them

La La oh, I finished watching it. I want to say that I am expecting more from everyone involved in this drama. I am happy to see you in other work again. To be honest I felt that the story happened really so I cried 12 or more times. The songs were really heart touching esp. the one In Ha sang for Kim Yoon Hee.

La La This movie is so perfect. It means something to me. Yoona and Jang suk thought me how to love. I really like everyone. I like the 'assistant' because he was so funny. Thank you for presenting this movie. It means something special to me.

camillecaledron i really really love this movie!!!!

chabog! i did not finish watching the drama yet. the first episodes are interesting so i think it will be fun to watch. i was hooked by the OST's of this drama. Listening to the songs makes me wanna cry.

Chingu Well..sorry to say..,this is the worse drama i've ever watch! It's so slow.,(falls to sleep).the character's is not interesting at all.. Ego seo in-ha,childish n blur hana..,what the ??'s so pathetic! Jgs drama since mary stay out always get low ratings...,n yoona? she really should'nt act.,at least not the female lead.terrible!!

ts9596 vhoooooooooooooo i luv diz drama.....itz simply gr8...i luved yoona n jang geun suk in 21st centuary.......wen eva d old couple ws shown i used to feel soooo bored dat i thought it ws a break afta everi interestin part....i wnted to watch more of the young couple...n it rele frustrated me wen eva d old couple was how i wish dey wud mak luv rain part 2....were dey ll screen more of d young couple dan dat borin old couple........neway it ws gr8...luv u jang guem suk n yoona....i hop u wud play mny other dramas 2gether... ...aza aza fightin..... ^^... bileul salang..

slc i was bored one night and during channel surfing & decided to give an asian drama a try. i sometimes watch telenovelas but nothing has caught my attention of late,this story certainly did! i love the characters, the plot, the actors, cinematography, everything about this lovely.

DavdThang Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA OF ALL TIME!!

The drama is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time. It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs and i still did not miss a single episode even though i had tests!!
People say that it is predictable but say that only when you have been attentively watching it because the Love Rain fans were going crazy whether the main casts were going to be together or whether the actress would die since the writer of the drama usually have a sad ending in all his dramas.So it wasnt predictive AT ALL! I am going to miss the drama and the amazing actors who did their utmost performannce. I am sure that the casts and director would win many awards!!

ritika i love ha na and joooonnnnnn...

ritika since i m nt familiar with korean language... but still i have seen this korean drama...and i m also trying to learn korean... the drama was fantastic,... amazing...most of the tym i just pause the video to read the eng sub,.... being an indian... i m trying my best to see all korean drama... i am abig fan of ha na and joon... they have acted vey good.... korean drama series ROCKS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KDrama Lover I thought this drama was great! The story line, the actors, the scenery, the music, etc... I specially loved the kissing scenes. Jang Geun Suk has gotten so much better at kissing (or was he always this good?). I usually hate it when the couples in the dramas kiss by just touching lips. There's no emotion, no passion, no sparkles, no nothing but in this drama, although the kisses were very seldom and few, they were absolutely breath-taking! I kept rewinding the scenes wishing someone would come to kiss me just like that! (preferably someone like JGS of course!)

Anyway, I watched this drama in three days because every time one episode would end, my heart would flutter and skip a beat, making it impossible for me to wait too long before watching the next episode. I'm sad it's over but I love the happy ending. Every story should have a happy ending.

Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this drama - great job! I'd recommend this drama to anyone, anytime.

P.S. Why are the ratings of good dramas like this one so low in Korea? What is the criteria the audience goes by? Most of these type of dramas are fresh, fun, refreshing and the best thing of all...they are short!! Unlike the dramas in the U.S. or in Latin America where it's always the same boring story line and they all have over 200 episodes each (so annoying). Kdramas are really very well received and much enjoyed outside Korea - I'm had about that.

YE MYINT I like simpley and honestly face action ,now your action and director are very good so I like ,and then because my family were creasy korean movies show the time from T.Vin myanmar broadcasting ,when I see all peple were interesting in your movie now I am working away from my family ,I am using internet movie ,so I sea korean actresses were verygood and I felt for creasy ,thank very so much . now I

hui to be honest fisrt time knowing that yoona plays yhis with jang geun seuk, as an eel i felt dissapointed since *cough* yoona's act in other series are *cough* but afer watching... yoona, you didnt dissapoint me XD you act your character really well! and jang heun seuk, you are the best! XD in magazines here, this series is low rated, and i wouldnt understand! this series is so good!

varsha i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show.yoona rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!! jang keun-suk is the awesomest the most handsome...u both together r the best.i dont know weather it is korean or japanese language but i was watching love rain reading the both together r the awesomest pair ever........yoona u r soooo beautiful...simple ,sweet and the best when u r with jang keun- suk.............................................................................

) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ; )

Alicia I'm not too sure if this qns have been asked , but , what's the meaning of the '?!' in the drama ? It happened like twice in the drama . Once with Yoon Hee and In Ha , and once with Seo Jun and Ha NA when they were dining in a restauant . I really don't understand :(

MG i liked the coupling of yoona and geun suk and i thought it was romantic but pretty slow.. i mean it wasn't anything special.. and i didn't like the fact that they didn't realy do anything with any of the other characters, they just didn't show the parents at all! seriously??

jasminne yoona eonnie,you are very pretty,and keun suk oppa you are very handsome i hope this korean drama like many successful people and continue to mak yoona eonnie and geun suk oppa

Alice Really ,really......Great!!!!!

Jeun_Hyo_Ri im watching it a.t.m. and i think that Yoona's actually a pretty good actor! i originally thought she wasn't very good because i watched hello baby Girls' Generation and when they were holding a surprise party for Seohyun, Yoona completely failed at acting :P and i think she looks better in the "olden day" :P

Jimz Liang touch love "i love rain i love u"

Maulana Gisaf I'v been watching this movie.....and i'v been falling love by every single part on this drama....great acting.....great movie.....and many more.. Thank :D

Fira Kapan tayang di indosiar?

jun In my opinian this drama is about α "pure love" (In Ha - Yoon Hee) and α "fate love" (Joon - Ha Na).. :) Great love story ;)

Fans Don't understand the Korean audience, why the disappointing rating?

Breathtaking cinematography, excellent director, amazing actors, beautiful OST, great plot, so different from the recent kdramas, reminds me of the sweet, simple and pure love like autumn in my heart and winter sonata time. I thought this would be a great hit, what a disappointed rating! Well, I am sure this will be a GREAT hit in other places outside of Korea. I just feel bad for the entire production team for their hard work.

I didn’t know any of the main actor when I started watching this, but I fall in love with them and the story from the 1, 2, 3… scene, now I am so addicted, have watched this 3 times already. I wish there will be more of this or a part 2 or something. Oh man, I want to go to visit Korea now, and I want to learn to speak Korean…Saranghae Sarangbi!

park hye i always cry when In-Ha and Yoon Hee met again.. but the drsma is telli the relationship about In-Ha and Yoon Hee or Yoon and Ha na? cause i think the perfect love is a love of story between In-ha and Yoon Hee. Until 30 years, they're still with the same people. And always and still love the same people..

sara this drama really the worse drama i ever seen jaust wasting the time and make you regret

AnDrew yoonA the best!! love you><~~

commes LOVE RAIN scripts are not evenly close to ' the classics' movie storyline. There are only a ver small minority of similarity. So what is the big fuss about infringement sue against LOVE RAIN. There are so many other dramas with similar storyline...don't tell me they are going to sue each other. Moreover, korea produces so many dramas over the past 10 to recollect whether they are copying each other scripts. So happen that LOVE RAIN has very small similarity does not mean they copy "The Classic" movie which feature in 2002. LOVE RAIN...fighting. We fans of LOVE RAIN will support you all the way.

skiehigh Pls. make a part II or Hope that Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk will team up again in a another project like ths story!

Its very awesome ;)

sabere i want more.... these are very short.

klosh jang keun-suk... fighting :)

i really love watching jang keun-suk...

cath It really had my heart it so heart warming every episode you cant stop you just want to.go on. Hope there would be part 2 .


To Korean drama fans out there, you better watch this drama! It really has an interesting plotline.

And also, I just love the cast especially the main ones (Jang Keun Suk and Im Yoon Ah).

Since I'm an Eeels and also a SONE!!!

The first time I watched this drama, of course I thought it was just so boring (yawn~)...

But now I know, that at that time, I've gone MENTAL!!!

True, at first this drama is pretty dragging and all. But then, after I accidentally watched the preview for ep 5 I feel so attracted with this drama.

I love this drama so much, that I keep repeating watch all of the series over and over again.

Oh! I forgot one thing! You should also hear the songs. Really love them especially the song "Love Rain" by Jang Keun Suk.

Anyway, YOU (yeah, you. y-o-u, you) should open a new tab and watch the drama. It is available in Youtube.


Quynh To make it short "In Ah and Yoo Hee met 40 years ago so Hana and Joon could be together" ^^ In the Plot it said In Ah and Yoo Hee weren't ment to be so Hana and Joon were supposed to be together :D

chenda I really like this drama ,it's so sweet ,I will never forget this movie ! I like Hana and Jun .I hope to see them in the next drama,ok?Hana so cute ,lovely ! Jun so handsome man ,they acts the best !

christyne I come from Indonesia, and I really liked this movie, I want to be able to go to korea and meet with them especially jang keun suk,and and I like movie soundtrack music in the love rain .

VianaDewi704 Woohh.. 2 episode again will finish.. I wait soon.. I'm not looking forward to it... ^__^

gee what channel will it be airing? here in the philippines? :)

Rea I really love this drama... The best drama ever.... I'm happy that it will be showing in the philippines! Go love rain! Fighting! This is the best drama I ever saw... I really like the most coz Hana & her mother are close! & I love the love team! Perfect!


David Thang Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!

It is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time!!! It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs!!

I m sure Yoona and Jan Gan Seuk will win Thousands of Awards for their Phenomenal performance!!!

ivoni I love this drama so much! the story line is just awesome and both the actors and actresses played the characters really good. Too bad it will end soon, but still this will be one of my favourite drama of all time.

arina actingwise JGS is wayyy better than yoona but he is considered an experienced actor already..i watched yoona in her her dramas n her characters always feel the same..colourless..dunno why??? hope she will better next fav character of JGS is in Hong acting

Shahu Absolutely adore this drama!!! The leads are superbly beautiful and extremely talented. Seo Joon and Ha Na's characters are so refreshing and ...real!!! Gosh. I wish these kinda people existed for real in today's times.

Although i wish Seo Joon would dress better! Even the most simple cuts and ordinary blazers he wears would have a weird stitching somewhere. I understand the fashion photographer should be fashionable...but i swear i saw a giant vagina shape at the back of his blazer in episode 16!!! Dammit. LOL.

Yoon Ah is so breathtakingly attractive. Too skinny, but what a face!

Oooh, I'm wishing for more kisses and better hugs here. Seo Joon's hands on Ha Na's waist...a hug with her arms around his neck...a kiss somewhere scandalous..neck maybe? Or is that too scandalous? tee hee.

And i cant believe they discussed marriage in episode 17!! OMG. They actually discussed it!!!!! Wow. And so randomly too. Aaaah. magical. I really hope the drama ends with a wedding. I soooo dig weddings! *starstruck*

annissa ocwh......... this is romance drama.......^o^ ^_^

David Thang Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!

It is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time!!! It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs!! Please Extend Love Rain for us!!! We BEG U!!!!!

I m sure Yoona and Jan Gan Seuk will win Thousands of Awards for their Phenomenal performance!!!

kiara I watch this drama at KBS World and just because of Jang Keun suk. the rest is absurd.

kiara It is a repetitive subject , an unbelievable love, with very poor act. It makes me sick. particularly poor cold soulless act by Yoona is gruesome. ]It is very trashy drama.

Kamatari I'm really enjoying it! The lead actors are amazing!

Anna After Jang Dong Gun, I think Jang Geun Suk is the best Korean Actor. I especially like his act on Love Rain. Why is it being underrated in Korea? For Yoona, she is improving but well, despite, the story was great. After all Jang Geun Suk played it! I'll give 5 of 5 stars for his performance. Excellent drama. Hope it have a great ending too..

Anna - Jakarta, Indonesia.

rainfairy OMG!i cant believe the rating.what is wrong with people they forgot what is a good drama?at first that i saw the rating i thought damn!how can it be?it kind of made me change my idea about this drama.i postponed watching it.but because im just crazy about sukkie i said damn to the ratings im going for it.the first episodes didnt catch my eyes alot. i mean they were in the past so i didnt like it.the story seemed to be slow.but still adorable. but as soon as the present episodes started i couldnt take my eyes away from them. JGS proved that he is an awesome actor i mean inha and seo joon were totally different but he played the both well it was so well played that i felt two different people are playing the characters yoona is so cute and lovely.she is my fave from snsd. as far as i see this drama is huge hit.who cares about the stupid rating? im sure this will be as huge as u r handsome. JGS is hotter here. i love how arrogant he is. the way he first confessed his love to hanna for the first time was sooo cute and their first kiss was really sweet. but i liked the second more it was soo made me like wanting to kiss somebody right away. 2 thumbs up for the director writer and all of the staff.great job you did there. i hope people understand how awesome this drama is. i really cant wait for the next ep.i love you are awesome. you are a great actor.good luck on your future activities

Putri I think it's good drama as the story is really unique. it's different with other classic k-drama story, which is always about the rich and the poor relationship. two thumps up, even four!! :) Rating doesn't mean anything as long as it is loved by people. Yoona is so beautiful and cute, no wonder many girls in the world are envious of her, i love this drama :)

wishywashycuteness LOVE RAIN DAEBAK! :)

Here's my point of view. :)

First of all.. the 4 episodes flash back was kind of draggy.. but nevertheless jang geun suk and yoona's acting was nice!

The things i like: 1.The fact that even if they fight, the consistent meet-up of the couple accidentally or meant to be is just the right style. I believe viewers like me appreciate the interaction of the leading characters and it really gives more thrill and excitement. After all a good drama all revolves with the main cast isn't it? 2. The casts are just nicely picked. I would like to add points to the Director and the Writer.. Well done! :) I like the roles of the main cast and sub ones. Sun ho's role is just so cute and adorable.. i actually think he and Yoona match! haha i mean for another drama.. anyway.. the place is refreshing and realistic.. Japan and Korea's setting was indeed great! 3. For some reason, i just can't help but admire the cast's Beauty! Jang geun suk is handsome, Yoona is pretty, Sunho is cute and the rest of the cast. 4. Jang geun suk is a great actor! Yoona is improving! the rest is amazing~ :) 4. The story is interesting and it triggers watchers to wait and wait for the next episode to be aired. I am one of those who are indeed waiting.. (i hope the next episode will air soon!! :)

Things i don't like that much (i don't call it "hate") 1. The adult love affair.. okay, okay i know that it started with them..but can't help it! i'm rooting with the new and present couple.. 21st gal here! I just find myself annoyed at times when good things starts then suddenly it went back to the oldies.. oh come on! the excitement is gone -.- oh well.. i understand that for viewers (all ages) to appreciate and enjoy, older characters are needed. :)

That's probably the thing i don't like. :)

More powers to this Drama!

plus i like to add as what JGS said in an interview.. "I've never been concerned about the poor ratings while filming the drama, thus far. The shootings are fun and it's enjoying to work with the staff, that i'm not bothered even if the ratings are bad" (source: allkpop)

My response: You really don't need to worry my dear Jang geun Suk, indeed the drama is doing great even if statistics states that it's not. Your right, your having fun and you enjoy the company of the staff, we your fans and viewers can see it from your episodes. With the right attitude and positive outlook, this drama is just Daebak! ~

-Just from an International fan of kpop and dramas!

International fans believe that this Drama is a Hit. It may not be having a high ratings in Korea but i'm pretty sure other countries will love this, especially in the Philippines and Japan!

agustien is anyone know about the instrumental song in Love Rain?really love the instrumental. :)

denise LOVE RAIN the best drama ever!!!!

smyl anyone know when will park hye shin and jang geuk suk will unite again in drama ... hope this year :( i miss their tandem :(

Belle Excellent drama! The international fanbase is loving it. It's one of the most visited/ watched/ rated and commented dramas right now on the web - DramaFever, etc.

smyl i dont know why loverain got low rating its a good drama, cnt blame people has different emotion but loverain is great maybe they just dont know what good drama is... keep it up loverain... low rating in korea the rest in ASIA your number 1... :)

Yoyo Such a good serie is gonna end so sun because of the low ratings Damn I wish the serie was longer! :(

Daru I wonder why Love Rain has low rating~~~ But I love the flow of the Story!!!! Let's wait until it hits the ASIA!!!!

vinovi I do not care about the rating! I really like this drama, among all the drama that aired in the month of April-May, I think Love Rain is the best drama. Sukkie and Yoona is a perfect match, all the cast and crew have been working very hard. and the result is a fascinating drama. Don't worry .. I saw the netizen really likes this drama .. and I think the audience on the Internet more more bigger than audience KBS. Fighting!!

Jonathan Abinal I was really moved by this Kdrama series. this is my fav. Korean drama of 2012 so far . the story catches my heart and i am expecting to others also. i am a pilipino and I Really Love this Love Rain . i want 20+episodes for this

svets_88 I really love this drama. The cinematography in the Japan scenes are great. JGS is a very good actor. He can play an angelic boy for an instance; and then can gradually shift to an arrogant (but stylish) brat; while Yoona needs to hone her acting skills since she is a newbie.

If this has a low rating in its motherland; just wait til the series officially hits Asia and the Pacific. Not to mention Japan which is JGS' territory.

I hope the ending will be nice. Goodluck!

lin loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sokkie and don't care rating fighting everybody

yoona cool owh!!!this story so dramatic!!! ^_^ >_<

Monih! ^_^ I really love love love LOVE RAIN!! This kdrama is one of the best dramas that I have watched!!..I love the way Sukkie acts and this is the first time that I watch the Yoona's acting, and I REALLY love it!!! They express so perfect their feelings and I can feel the happiness and also the painful moments!! THIS drama FOR JUST PERFECT!! ^_^ I hope people give more value to the actors and producer's work...THEY are doing it very well!!...:) LOVE THEM! ^^ Sukkie Oppa, YooNa guys have my support from The United States!! LOVE U <3

girlish jang keun suk another flop drama from girlish jang keun keuk after marry me marry

shea after the success of city hunter here in the philippines

beacause im a fan of kdrama he's beautiful and marry me mary which has led me to love rain, out of curiosity i search info and synopsis of the story.. I was moved be the first episode i find it very unique and uncommon.. Besides the fact that they casted suk.. He is a very good actor i have watch most of his dramas and he portrait dif. Characters which he perfected..having good looks,excellent acting talents,music talents i look up to him same way with yoona..shes georgeous..

On my opinion this is a great drama with depth in meaning.. Even if i dont understand korean and the subtitles are not yet in english i feel the emotions pouring down.

Over all i love it..

COMMES LOVE RAIN IS THE BEST DRAMA I've ever seen so far which surpass SECRET GARDEN, PRINCESS HOUR & etc....Good plot, beautiful scenary, romatic script and very good actress YOON. KBS should have more drama for YOONA. She truly brings out her character in the 70s and present 2012. I don't understand why the korean are not into this drama. I'm not going to mention about JGS since he is already a very professional actor and he has acted more than Yoona. Many praises goes to Yoona for her superb acting skill in LOVR RAIN. And this drama is really addictive. I kept watching over and over again without getting bored. So you can imagin how go is this drama. Yoona fighting.

ruby yu im enchanted with the flow of the movie. to me, the plot is quite charming and the actors have done their parts well. every time i watch an episode, i am well satisfied with them.........

elfed i wish for a happy and not sad ending... :))

LR doubting fan I already voted very highly on this drama. Now I am beginning to regret it. It sounds like we should expect yet another episode of pain and tears (11,12,13,14 and now 15). Two sad episodes too many. I know JKS and Joona can show sad emotions so well, but it is time to switch up the mood. I am not even sure if I am going to watch 15th episode. I do not want to be dissappointed in this drama. I was hoping that since the 70s story was so sad, modern times would be more upbeat.

Josy I'm totally in love with this drama, the plot is so deep and emotional. I can feel the emotions very well from the actors so I gave them a A+++ I adore them! I started watching this one bc of Suk (I love his voice/acting) and I fell in love with the story, at first I was heartbroken with In Ha and Yoon Hee and now I want them to be happy but I also want Hana and Joon to be happy. Now I really don't know how this will end but I know it won't be easy on anyone. What I really don't get is why Joon's mom keeps trying to control In-Ha's life when they have been divorced and separated for so long! She thinks she owns him from the beginning and its really annoying! I understand Joon since its his mother but I don't get her at all. I would understand if they were still married or had a recent breakup but 10 years? COME ON! Her "love" is too selfish if she can't let him be happy, still if he and Yoon Hee get married... Oh God I just need to see the next episodes!!!! ToT I can't wait and I must since they are not available yet.

This drama has been one of my faves so far and I've seen lots. Thanks for this drama!!!!!!! Yoona and Suk, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Dramaddicted Oh, I forgot. I totally agree that ratings doesn't equal good drama and vice-versa. Sometimes it does, but at other times it doesn't. Love Rain is a great drama which is being underrated in Korea. :)

Dramaddicted I have to say that Love Rain is totally the best drama of 2012!! The chemistry between JGS & Yoona is soooooooo good and totally believable. The acting is great too and guess what Love Rain is unexpectedly funny too. Totally impressed by JGS and Yoona to be honest.

Don't listen to jealous fangirls or whatnot. Also the ratings is low because 1) JGS dramas are always low because of a pre-conveived personality in his country :/, 2) Koreans don't want to watch melodrama now (even though Love Rain is more than just that) and 3) The main leads are the only star power from the drama, so and they probably didn't know how their chemistry would work out on screen.

BUT that said, this drama deserves to be watched as it is totally ADDICTIVE. I have watched many dramas and I have to say that JGS-YOONA are my new "Secret Garden" couple >.<

Lastly.....THAT KISS!!!!! <33333333

Tarits (Ritztarits) Ops, I meant "that he did not deliver so well". Kudos to all behind this drama. I play the OST which I bought at Korean Music Plaza over and over again. Thumbs up to all!

Tarits (Ritztarits) Even before this drama comes to an end, I am giving it a very high mark in terms of story, direction, screenwriting, cinematography, casting and music. JGS has improved a lot in acting and there is no scene required in his role that he did not delivery so well. Yoona is a revalation to me. This is my first time to watch her in a drama and she comes out with flying colors. I thought she and JGS have very good chemistry. I have seen previous projects of JGS and his team up with Yoona is the best so far. I hope other PD's take note and cast these 2 again in the near future. They say the ratings are not high but overseas fans like me surely have given this drama a passing mark. I will buy LRain dvd as soon as it comes out. Thank you to all the subbers. You are all doing an amazing job. This website is the most reliable to me too to watch my favorite k dramas. I am glad the acting of JGS and Yoona have both won raves from critics and writers.

Mjaay I think I know why it has poor ratings, because, I, too, thought it was boring at first. When I first watch it in KBS, I hated it because its too quiet and I'm not really into 70's love stories but I still watched it because I was kinda curious. As the story goes on, I was surprisingly hooked with the drama because of the script. It was so romantic. And when the 2012 love story started, I really hooked. I can say it is one of the best korean drama I have seen so far. Its actually cute. People judges a drama in its first episode if they will like it or not. But we should at least watch how it goes as the story emerges. I wish it will be aired soon here in the Philippines. Btw, I like Yoona here. She's amazingly gorgeous. More power to Love Rain. I hope its ratings here in the Philippines will be high when i'ts aired in ABS-CBN channel 2.

Brenda I feel sad about how people think that only the rating can say if its a good or a bad drama. Suk is such a great actor, you can really feel the scene. Hope more people watch it!

geunness I DONT CARE ABOUT THE RATINGS! Its so SAD that South Korea go for drama without depth. I have watched episode 14 even without sub, and still i can feel the heartache, the happiness, the despair,, all emotions gather, and sometimes i cannot even breathe! Jang Keun Suk is REALLY ONE GOOD ACTOR, that is why I watch his Drama. We really want him to come here in the Philippines, and we also want KBS to add more episodes,, besides,, THIS DRAMA HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY JAPAN, PHILIPPINES, and other country. We are just waiting for the telecast. KBS has been so lucky that JKS and Yoona is in the Drama. Despite poor rating in South Korea.. I know KBS will not care.....KBS already got their fair share.. Congratulations to the Director... AWESOME JOB!!!! JANG KEUN SUK HWAITING!!!!! Dont worry about the ratings... WE SUPPORT YOU FOREVER!!!!

lotte Been a captive of Love Rain that it hurts... Kudos to the people behind this drama, WELL DONE! After watching Heartstring, You're Beautiful and this (Love Rain), I came to really admire and love Koreans for having this "pure love existence" thing.(sigh), I really hope I could find a love like that...Lastly, instrumentals are superb!

mas why rating so bad in korea.... let korea alone.... for me it's classy, relax and touching.... i'm not a fan of jks and yuna but the storyline good....good actor and support actor n nice veiw.... go luv rain

Mihaela thanks a lot for all drama and special for Love Rain.

Mihaela I am from Romania,sorry because my english is not very good, I LIKE A LOT this drama, and i am glad becose you can give us this caind of drama. Thankyou for this drama, the actors ar very good and talent people. My family sed about me, that i am drama addicted .

megera I agree with Belinda Bell. A lot of people in the world waiting new episodes, translate it into native language. It speaks about something! Best wishes from Russia :)

Belinda Bell The makers of these series have to realize that people outside Korea are watching this and know that it would be very disturbing if this serirs would end at episode 12. Being that it's a new series I HOPE NOT. I havw watched a lot of Korean drama but this one is one of the best.Why? Because it is classy and it does not need to resort to bafoon comedy to fill the gaps of bad writing just so Kreans can be entertained. There is definitely a much bigger audience out there.Look at me, I am in United States and I am not even Korean, let alone Asian.please keep producing these series and do a good job of producing a wonderful story!

dd why the rating so LOW in Korea??? LOVE RAIN is TOTALLY DAEBAK!!! i <3 this drama.. YoonA and JAng Geun Suk and the team Hwaiting!!!

nts Very curious to know how the rating system works. Is the feedback only from Korean audiences in Korea? Given the amount of interest of Love Rain on my side of the world, it would not be unrealistic to conclude that if polling were taken from international audiences, a more accurate hence fairer gauge of the drama's popularity can be achieved.

Personally Love Rain has held me completely captive and I do not usually watch movies or dramas. From the plot, cinematography, songs, top notch actors, historical setting, counterpoints, practically every aspect of this drama exudes class and artistry. I cant praise producer PD Yoon enough. You had me totally living in the characters' 70's era (especially nostalgic for me) and then in the present. The humorous moments Ha Na's cell ph ringtone, Joon's conceit, Cho Soo's constant ribbing, the-going-nowhere conversations of the two leads were as uproarious as the heartbreaking ones were painful, for me that is.

Have to single out Jang Guen Suk's exceptional acting skills. What a presence! There's so much depth and feel he has put into the young In Ha of the 70's and the modern day Joon's characters and yet give me the feeling that he has even more to offer of the latter's multilayered character/personality. I believe as an artiste he is wanting to plumb the depths to see where he can take his art. I am glad that he is not sitting pretty on good looks and sex appeal alone. It would be a letdown if he were to do so. That said kudo's also to YoonA. A very sensitive and totally convincing Yoon Hee and Ha Na who's laughter is just so infectious and adorable. Waiting with much anticipation to the remaining episodes.

Kris Tiu I like the way JGS portray the role of being arrogant guy but have a loving heart, very romantic!!! Hi Mr. Jang Geun Suk! Hope to see you in person. Please extend your "CRI" Tour here in The Philippines. Congratulations!!! for winning The most Popular Male Award for You're My Pet.

LR new fan People need to watch it in order to form their own opinion. Do not rely on the ratings! I have seen 12 series. So far I can say that it is a very addictive, poignant, beautiful drama with well thought out details, delicate irony, unexpected humorous twists, great music, that fits perfectly into every scene. Chemistry of the main characters is intoxicating and totally believable. Gets mirror neurons working in my brain like there is no tomorrow. This drama is not for someone who is looking for superheroes, fast illogical twists of the plot, over-exaggerated characters. First part of Love Rain is absolutely magical, like a good cup of tea on a rainy day, which has to be slowly enjoyed. The scene under the yellow umbrella is so full with deep feeling of young pure love, it is hard to believe it is a movie. Second, modern part of Love Rain is a bit different, faster, more humorous, but still with the same attention to details, same beautiful scenery, and same very strong chemistry between the main characters. This drama is an absolute delight for a person with dominant visual perception. Also recommended for those hopeless romantics (young and old alike) who still believe that such a strong and pure love exists.

ola its been a long time since i saw korean melodrama as there too many cheerful and conflict drama now but with love rain, its different....i cant stop watching this beautiful love story touching..i love how the director point out the strongest of a love memory...

mei i loveso this drama so much...........

vickie i dont understand why the rating is such low for such interesting drama????i love it and always cant wait to watch the one episode after another....really dont understand korean ppl's taste..poor yoona, her drama's rating is low again :(

drhyoo Wow Love Rain is so addicting.... it really makes you look forward to every episode. I CANT WAIT!~

And the ratings don't make sense.... Love Rain should be well above the current rating it's at now.... +_++

David Thang Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! It is different from other korean dramas so it is Unique and VERY SPECIAL!! It is soo ADDICTIVE that i watched the latest episodes even WITHOUT ENGLISH SUBS!!! Love Rain will surely win MILLIONS of AWARDS!!! But i hope the rating will soar soon!!

Joeee Love this drama....It shoooo lovely and nice JGS and Yoona<< best couple ,ever . !!

narges i love Jang Keun-Suk you always do a very good role

Quynh End of ep 11: Break up?!?! can't be!!!!!!! next episode comes the other main characters I decribe the guy as weird not that good looking and not good with words and the girl pretty satisfying? NOOOOOOOOO

Yohanna veshanya Yoona suits too be with Jang Geun Seuk. I love this drama. They both act well in this drama. I'm so happy that there's such a drama. Yay! The directors are getting smarter and smarter these days. Creative too.

gabriella at first, i saw this drama sooo boring. and ended up watching fashion king. but, when it comes to present year, love rain is so loooong way too lovely! hehehe it has a better plot, and know im very curious what happen next, & fk is getting boring nowadays. i wonder why haha

mila Yoona can't act. i think she can't act as innocent girl because i barely see her tears when she is crying.. but i recently watching 9 end two out, she really good in her role.. i think she is better act as annoying girl. xD

kimmie this love story is very nice! I love most the classic part.. Jang Keung Suk played it so perfectly! :D.. Im on the 8th episode.. im wondering how would this end.. Korean dramas are the best! unpredictable, so excited! :) God bless this guys..

Beatrice I really love this drama and i don't understand the low ratings. However, i this is the second drama that makes me so excited and nakakakilig tlga! After Shut Up Flower Boy Band, eto na ung pnkahihintay ko!

YLO The most beautiful drama i ever watched. Now i'm on 10 th episode.It's getting really sad. Even though I like Inha and Yoonhee couple i rooting for Joon and Hana couple. If Joon and Hana can't and together they will live like their parents. WOW really heartbreaking story, true love.

Ling1810 Love Rain is the best since 2012 !!!! I love the classic style that is so touching. It makes me cry over and over. I am really fall in love with this story, wishing that in this world really have such kind of love ever. Double thumbs up for Jang Keun Suk, you played the old classic role perfectly. Really wish that you can play the old classic style a little bit longer than suppose to. Overall...." Perfect "

bunnysaine17 First , I want to say that "SARANGBI" is one of the best story I've known.. and the thing that I'm not yet through watching it . I can already say that its really one of the best .. But I'm kinda sad about the rating , yah it matters .. Because there are people who prefer to watch shows that they know most watched .. And not looking by the story itself and the unique talent of the actors . Try to explore or challenge yourself .. Watch shows that are not most watched , and you'll realize that not because it is low rated , it cannot be one of bests.. As you can see , I really love "LOVE RAIN" .. The directors are so great and smart . Yah I love yoona eversince (SNSD) , even JKS . But more than that , I love their talent. I hope that people would realize how great love rain was. Take care people . #LoveRain .

Yohanna veshanya I love this drama so much. I just feel like crying when I watch this drama love rain. Especially when they are suddenly so grown up. Ahh.... I just don't know why people can afford to say that this drama is not nice. It's nice ok?

melly sorry i wanna say something this drama is too boring , I love yoona and jang keun suk but...

Dr_Aga Hi! I'm an Asian outside South Korea. I can say that even if it not yet broadcasted in our country, many people are already watching this drama series. I was with a handful of colleagues a while ago and I was amazed that almost all of them watch this drama. I thought that if that's the case, then many more people from my country are already watching this drama. That's why even though it has low ratings in Korea, I guess that it is a successful, well-appreciated and loved drama series in other countries!

Currently, I'm on Episode 9 and I can say that this drama is good. The storyline is quite different from other K-dramas making it unique. I like both leads and I personally think that they look good together! I'm already looking forward to the next episode (Episode 10 unsubbed yet).

If ever a staff or part of the Love Rain team is reading this, FIGHTING! We love this series. More power!

sukkiefan Watching Jang Keun Suk should come with a warning label : Highly addictive. Like a drug. No joke. I am sure all fans will agree.

Maria H. I love this so much! It sucks that the rating is so low, but people everywhere REALLY love it.. Oh and does anyone know who plays the designer/wardrobe artist in the show? I wanna know his character's name for my friend

nizha I don't understand why the rating is so low. The drama is very good. I like the storyline, and Yoona's acting has improved a lot. So I really love this drama. I'm so worried if the drama's rating still low, they'll cut the episode, and finish faster. I want to they (producers) know that Love Rain has loved by almost korean drama's lovers in the world. So for Love Rain's staff, hwaiting!! JKS and Yoona, hwaiting!! We're always support this drama :D

Ahmy I was waiting for this drama before they even record , knowing that JKS is the main actor was enough for me , its always nice to see his acting. Sure i am sad that the rating is not high , but i am sure that many people outside korea watches this drama just because JKS on it , and beside that to be fair i see this drama story is nice , so even if JKS was not an actor i would give it 7 out of 10 , sure JKS adds + 10 to the rating so its 17 out of 10 now :D.

jodyenne @mae : yeaaah..... I'm agree with you, That's the things I'm worried about. they will cut the episodes and quickly put an end to this drama. too bad .... I want to watch this drama any longer ... when else I can watch a drama that good as this ....

maria I haven't watched all the episodes because I am on vacation but that didn't stopped me so I jumped to ep. 7 and 8 and I was shocked to find out that I love it. The cinematography plus the color coordination of the clothes to props amazes me. It was breathtaking! About the actors, I have a 19 yr old daughter so I'm beyond being a fan but I love JKS to death. About Yoona, I watched her in Cinderella Man and I have to say she improved a lot. She is actually cute in some parts of the drama but I feel that she is way too skinny but her acting now is just fine. I don't know why Korea doesn't like this drama because we all know the rating is low and I hate to think it's because of JKS because it doesn't make sense. My personal opinion is that this drama is way better than the directors past work so I don't get it. I saw this same scenario with Heartstrings where the drama started slow but eventually progressed to something sweet and got the same low rating. I have watched many Korean Dramas even if I am not Korean that sucked major so at least I can say that Love Rain is worth watching.

unicorn Are some of the fans living in the dark ages? They need a serious reality check. What is all this talk about JGS should be paired up with PSH or Dara. Please give Yoona a chance to show her acting skills. Its JGS and Yoona here. What is this obssession with PSH? I mean seriously if JGS had wanted to take his relationship with PSH to the next level, he would have done so by now. So wake up from your dream. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to produce these dramas and the producer and director only choose whom they deem is best. Anyway they are the professionals in the business and they know whom to choose. It would be boring to cast the same stars over and over again. Variety is the spice of life. About JGS not being popular in Korea, I have no idea but he is hugely popular in Japan and other South East Asian countries. Anyway wishing all the cast and crew the best and hope the ratings would go up.

JO I admit it's a good drama. I think the only problem is the plot is too slow-paced. Besides, in my opinion it's too flat.. but the episode 8 is going better.. I hope it'll be more interesting for the next episode.

Nyszz Hunnies I love this drama soooo much ! even my mum also ! jang keun suk and yoona match each other~ hope that the rating will increase soon.. people should watch this drama too.. Yoona ah~ you're so cute! JKS oppa also handsome n funny ~ fighting sarangbi

HunnyBunny90 This drama is soooo good~ i think its better than fashion king ~ different drama with 70's.. yoona & jks fighting !

drhyoo this drama is SOOO GOOD!~ it just keeps getting better and better! yoona and jang keun-suk, keep it uppp!!~ WOOT WOOT

aaa Wahhh! I love rain!!!! Yoona is so pretty!

Lanny i think yoona's acting pree good. well, everyone has different opinions in different things..*sighhh* ^^

izz really good show! so cute & gahh, i love it. hope more dramas will be like Love Rain. <3<3!

caca I just don't understand why some of you think that Yoona's acting is bad. Don't you know she is getting praised by Korean media for her acting in this drama. To tell you the truth, one of the factors this drama get a low rating is Jang Geun Suk. You may think I'm JKS hater or I'm lying blah..blah..blah.. But that's the truth. Many Korean people don't like him. He is just popular in Japan. That's why his drama never get a good rating.

Quynh You guys really didn't know who the lead actress was at first? I knew ever since the news about the movie came out that yoona was gonna be in it, I knew that cuz I follow snsd status on

Haizel Saranghae JKS Oppa!

Quynh Sun-Ho oppa is so cute! ^^

nana i like the story but it seems that yoona doesnt really know how to act.i hop her acting will be better in next episods.

Kaos Bola I hope jung geun Seuk d hair cut short .. to make it look fresh :)

ann This drama is exciting ! it juz differ and i really really really love it ! idont hve more words to say about it .. and i only watch the first episode... i m already excited bout it

she4eva OMG !! Kim shi hoo so handsome !!!! (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ) ~♥" ~~ :))

Ha Na a Good Drama, i give u 100%! i love u Suh Joon!

clarinne THIS IS BEST DRAMA!!!!!!1.....OK...THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!....AND YOONA ACTING IS VERY GOOD!....SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS!.. and...YOONA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE...she is adorable...OK!. Yoona is the perfect girl. ...good job Yoona!...I like Hana and Yoon hee.!...both different personality but both are great !.... I can't wait for the next episode.......HANA IS SO PRETTY AND FUN...SHE SI SO HILARIOUS!!!!!....I LOVE HANA!!! YOONA FIGTHING!!!!...YOONA IS THE BEST ACTRESS!!!!..GOOD JOB YOONA!!!!

MG ok so is it mostly in the 70's or in present day? or both..?

Adriel At first, I thought the drama will be just like a common drama, looking at the first episode. But later, I just realized that this drama is completely DIFFERENT from other dramas... Its becoming more and more thrilling day by day. Especially at the end of episode 4! From my opinion, the rating is low because people DON'T UNDERSTAND THE DRAMA! They judge the drama from the first episode, without realizing that the other episode could be completely different than at first. I believe that the rating will increase, but will just take time... :)

kim yaya Love Rain Drama's very hot and Sukkie so handsome and so cute. love you forever.

kim yaya Love Rain very hot and Sukkie so handsome and so cute.

missi im really dissapoited!i expect more from keun suk!what is this?! you should be in better dramas!!!

Dearfan Improve your acting yoona and please add more weight

Dearfan Yoona is anorexic, not that pretty,(wonder why JGS always has a female lead with just ok look, well except the heroin in Beethoven Virus) and her acting skill is just mediocore.

leah hope the rating will increase soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoona & jang geun seuk i llllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! best couple evvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lina good drama's.. i don't care this rating.. ! just like this drama..

Jojo Fighting for Rating :D Saranghae Love Rain

More waiting a long time for this drama to come out, i think it really worth. this drama directed the best, and the acting is cool..!!! i can see this drama repeatedly without getting bored!!? and like "VianaDewi704" said, the best couple. after seeing this drama, these days the others doesn't seem interesting for me!!!? that's strange, don't you agree?

VianaDewi704 I'm sure this drama will be preferred outside Korea. It is remarkable. Yesterday and Today, aired episode 5 and 6. I really like. Go go fight fight!! The best Couple... ^_^

jann didn't care about the ratings will increase or not BUT I love this drama so much!!!! episode 6 YOONA is cute dead!!!! and JKS always mad bout her.... can't wait their LOVELINE!!! really can't understand why the ratings still low no matter how YOONA&JKS acting skill are damn good!!!! and NOW have to wait a week!!!! sigh~~~~ LOVE RAIN save me!!!!!

Sunbae I like this drama so much.... Saranghae LOVE RAIN! YOONA AND JGS FIGHTING :D

sheeva Omg !!I watch episode 5, this episode is so funny  !!! Hahaha I ♥ yoona phone ring tone !! Hahahaha Hmm..I very disappointed abt ratting !! Erwhhhhh ...... !!!!! -____-'

Pul Keren Yoona yaa and JGS fighting! Saranghae LOVE RAIN! Hopefully rating will be increase, always pray for that... :D

Nathy ADORE EL EPISODIO 5!!!..estuvo tan DIVERTIDO (FUNNY)....jajajajaja...que no paraba de reír...realmente YOONA ES UNA BUENA ACTRIZ...hizo un papel excelente como hizo reír...como nunca antes, Ella es tan divertida y linda. adore cada segundo del episodio 5. Yoona is a good actrees!!!--congratulation Yoona (Hana). La pareja es la mas bella de asía "Yoona y JGS"...the best couple ;) rain 2o12 esta interesante, no puedo esperar por el episodio 6... :)...ya quiero verlo.

Letsgo180 Love the Drama !!! Those who don't like , why wasting time here commenting so !!! don't you have something else to do !!! <3 Rain  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nabi I love Jang Geun Seok and Yoona, but seriously Yoona shouldn't be acting, all her dramas received really low ratings which only makes her feel bad about herself. And btw Jang Geun Seok, please change your hairstyle, long hair doesn't suit you... You looked best in doremifasolatido.

shana I'm agree with Mae ! but it's really sad that the ratings are so low :( jang geun suk is really a good actor and all his dramas had high ratings ! only this one is so bad !

Mae sigh.. people who said they dont care about the rating have to understand something, that RATING DOES IMPORTANT. rating shows if the drama is a success drama or not. rating also shows the popularity of the drama, since it shows how many people love the drama. it doesnt really matter how many people here said how good it was if the rating is so low, they will consider the drama is a failure/flop n there is possibility that they will cut down the episodes or moreover cancelled the drama. rating also going to be one of reason for any directors of producers to cast the actress/actor for the next project. look at kim soo hyun after moon/sun. he got so many drama offers even movies. he also got many cfs offers. they would also be first choice to be offered a quality drama or movies. popular drama will also put into consideration for drama awards nominations. which also prestigious event for the actresses/actors. beside to be known as a cast of a popular/high rating drama ALWAYS better than to be known/remembered as one of a cast in a very low rating.

i really do hope the rating will be getting higher. i love autumn in my heart n winter sonata. so i wish the best for the drama. but the rating have to be shown some changes soon. 4%-5% rating was considered as very low, and could lead to a cutting of episodes. they wont care if many fans of Yoona or JGS cried out abt how good the drama is. rating shows how many people in SK like the drama. and those viewers arent only Yoona or JGS fans. all they know, based on Tnms or AGB Nielsen, the rating is so low, which means only low percentage of people like or even watched the show. rating was what proved if the drama is a success or flop. high rating also will bring more n more sponsor for cfs spot. it would even better if the sponsors are new sponsors as in non-endorsers of the casts. thats why rating DOES matters.

maery really..YOONA and JGS are THE MOST ATTRACTIVE COUPLE! woooow!...omg...they look very good together. Princess Yoona and Prince JGS. the bets drama 2012 :)...the best.

Kstuffaddict Seriously, this director!! This director is seriously worthy of bowing down upon!!! He's a fricking genius! All of his works are fricking awesome... Like honestly! This should one if the top! Although it's only on ep4! I'm so hooked onto it! I don't know how some people can hate/ dislike this.. Who cares about the actress and actors! Its all about the story! But i do love Yoona and Jang Geun-Suk.. They just made the story even better ;) hwaiting!! Sarangbi !!! Xxxxxx


HoneyFreyzhel I love this drama not because of it's actors/actresses. Honestly speaking, I first decided to watch it because of two main things: I'm a SONE and although Yoona isn't my bias I always watch her drama. Second, there's Jang Geun Seuk, who I love as much as I love Yoona, plus Kim Shi Hoo is a total cutie!. But when I've watched the first episode my point of view changed, it's like no matter how much I want to stop myself from watching, I can't because the STORY PLOT itself is already addicting. Yes, this sort is like the kinds of: Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart/Endless Love, Stairway To Heaven, and etc. But we have to respect the show itself, because it has it's own charm, and we couldn't just criticize it from the four episodes, it still has sixteen more to go, and the turn of events are unpredictable. But really, I love how they inserted the movie "Love Story", because I personally love that movie. Sarang Bi hwaiting!

russ winter sonata is popular in it's own right and time, it's way too late for this drama and those times are over.. this drama IS NOT A WINNER AT ALL and with yoonas poor acting skills, it kills the drama. you watch ROOFTOP PRINCE and KING2HEARTS and you'll know what drama is, RATINGS MATTER, NUMBERS DON'T LIE. i love jang geun suk and yoona but everything else doesn't fit.. peace!

Musical.Duck I love this drama and I am addicted!!Yonna is pretty and Na Yoon Kwon is Handsome and the story is perfect!!!!! Who ever don't like it can just go because there are always many supporters to support this drama. <3 rain

ady I do not wacth this drama so this is just an opinion nothing else (I THINK) it doesn't have high ratings exactly cuz of ur reasons for liking it 2 very good actors and incredible director but u know theres that thing called not-in-sync because they are so good people were expecting i dunno GOD from HEAVEN. Again my opinion no insult intended great respect for the entire cast and crew cuz making a movie its not like what those 14 year old anti think it is I would rlly wanna see them on set 24 hours and then we will criticize! Anyway stay strong cast and crew the ratings will come aswell!! HWAITING!!

rio why why why the rating is so low ??

in my opinion, episode 4 at least will be take the first position. i recently watched it!



Izark Wow...this director,again,makes a wonderful movie..

LeiDiAngelo So Eun Seo and In Guk will only appear in the first 4 eps ??? But i love the acting and characters of those two :(

James At first glance, I thought this was crap. But as I watched, it just make me feel happy because this movie is so simple and it is the awesome simple not the simply simple. Peace out, Yoona <3

nelly i really like this drama! it really touches my heart. dont care about the rating its just a number, but the quality of this drama is something that everyone should watch..

vietnamfan THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONAL DRAMA THAT CAN'T BE RATED. EVEN IF IT IS RATED, IT CAN'T BE RATED BY THE OLD OLD RATING SYSTEM IN KOREAN (with a small range of 2,000 viewers in Korea). After just 1 episode, I fell in love with the simple and pure story, the young actors and actresses (especially Jang Geun Suk), and in love with the Director's cinematography and also the OSTs are so good, pure and brings feelings! After 4 episodes, though I am curious how the story continues in modern time of 2012, I don't want to end the 70's time so early! Can't get out and don't wanna get out of the 70's picture! But what can I do, I'm so anxious to see how the next generation keeps the love that they fell in just in 3 seconds.

The production team, please be confident with your way! Fighting!We love the drama despite any stupid rating!

Yoongie Full Yoona ya and JGS fighting... Saranghae Love Rain, I like this drama so much... Can't wait for next episode... Anyway rating low is NOTHING! I think love rain is everything about cinematography :D

Daylicious Why always Yoona.. LOL

Nanako lol just read some of the anti comments. So funny! Here we have a top quality drama and some kids are dismissing the show as bad because they don't like Yoona?! Where are these people from? 4th world countries with no proper education to appreciate what is good and what is bad? That only shows with their favorite idols is best? That an actor should be in a drama with their favorite idol or the show is considered bad? Duh. Or are they just 5 year olds? What has the world come to? Filled with empty heads? It's fine if one finds that drama bad in whatever reasons but to dismiss it because they don't like some one in it smacks of ridiculousness. Grow up!

Nanako Who cares about ratings? I know a good drama when I watch one. I don't need others to tell me that. And this show definitely is the best! The ratings only reflect viewership in Korea and boy are they going to miss out the front episodes big time. Hope the production team won't be disappointed by the ratings and see the support coming out from the net. Show support so that more quality shows like this is made instead of some badly produced dramas. Fighting!

Jy_Sj1530 I wonder why the rating of love rain is low , but as I watch it .the story was very nice, and acting skills of the actors are very good too especially YOONA and GEUN SUK ..

I'LL DEFINITELY WATCH IT !! cause I 100% LOVE IT !! <3


hahahahahahahahaha 4.4 percent rating



crazee4keunsuk Im sure the drama will do verrrry well.....cumon its jang keun suk starring and yes also yoona.... it will be good fun.....

VianaDewi704 When I watched this drama, only two episodes have made me fall in love with it. It is extraordinary. I could feel the love in it. I can also feel in time of 70's. I like this drama more than any drama that existed before. ^_^

Addictedtoyou I want to watch the next episode now..T_T

Daylicious a lot of jealousy on Yoona.. LOL

snsd4ever! omg! love this drama! yoona is so pretty! every one is such a great actor and actresses!

s i don't like yoona but when i hook into the drama within just 2 episodes.... i fall in love in their chemistry and i am so fan of the drama... PS. watch it with subtitle because from first time i watch it without one i hate the story line... but when i use the subtitle and understand it.... i became a huge fan..... ~ LOVE LOTS from CALIFORNIA

anna I don't like yoona but is a good drama

Laila1234 I think this is going to be a good drama, and its not dumb like some dramas. And the first 2 episodes were very good honestly best drama i saw in awhile hope to see more of this drama good work with this one!!!:)

jessa I don't care about the rating! I love this drama.....that ratings, never gonna brings you down!.(Jang Keun Suk) im still your # 1 fan!!!


jessa for me, is so nice story. I really like you Jang Keun Suk:). and also to Yoona:) I love( Love Rain).

Kent The story is beautiful and romantic, not sure what happen to the tv rating:( the video quality of the drama is to reflect the scenes in 1970s, u cant expect at 1970s scene to be in REAL HD FORMAT right?

Iris Hee I've watch just two episodes and i thought It was really exiciting..!! amazing..!! Jan Geun Suk is the best ..and Yoona too ..!! They're the perfect couple ...and i love the drama different from others..adn is jus PERFECT.:!!

Jehan ihhhhh...i really love this couple (SNSD's yoona ang Jang Geun suk) im looking forward to it *o* ♥

Ari love the song Seo In-Guk sing in the first episode. Nice the way they portray the 70's love it. Thanks to romance humans still walk this planet.

miss07 i'm pretty disappointed with the ratings, i hope it'll catch up soon. keep supporting yoona

yhangsukkie I'm so into it. Don't care about the rating. I LOVE THIS DRAMA! Some people says it's not good, but hey it's only 2 episodes on the run, there's still 18 more episodes. Please don't blab something that's not good. It's frustrating! Aigoo. I believe on this drama, I don't believe that because Yoona and Sukkie are too young to play such role, but who cares? It's a challenge to their career! If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it. OPINIONS are acceptable, but let's admit it, it's not good. Sometimes being too critics is not helpful, for what? To improve? There's are so many alternative way to say how to improve but not in such an awful way like saying things blah blah blah. You're not helping people. To all SUKKIE'S fans, and YOONA's fans! LET'S SUPPORT THIS DRAMA 'TIL THE END! GREAT JOB to all the casts, directors, writers, you really did a GREAT JOB FOR ME! People are different from one another, I respect such comments, hopefully you respect mine too. La la la la. FIGHTING LOVE RAIN! Remember, it is said that when you believe it. It is happening. As of all the people who made this drama, they believe into it so let's BELIEVE on them too. I hate some people saying it's about the PD's ego, talking 'bout ego? HEY WAKE UP! It's about the passion, his passion in his chosen career! GO GO GO! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

SpArkLinG hmm...I got no comment about this drama since it's just 2 episodes. everyone got the rights to comment about the drama, either good or bad, but comparing the actor/actress was like comparing yourself and your class teacher. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! if you wish to see your own dream couple, make your own drama, in your dream.. respect this drama just like how people respect you

Jazzy Ratings? I don't care. I'm not from Seoul but I like it. I don't care whether it is low or high. I just love it. I love the whole plot even though it's not yet finished.

Hoping for higher ratings. ~ Yoona and GeunSuk fighting!

Dewi Yoona yaa and JGS fighting! both of you must shuffle dance, rating this drama will be higher soon... I always support LR!

Eve Jang Geun Suk fighting... don't mind the haters! I've been waiting for this drama, last night first episode of LR is beautiful!!! Love anything from you Sukkie Boy.

Nancy 5.8 % rating for Episode 1


Saw ep 1 and the scenery is pretty but that's it. omg why is the beautiful Lee Mi-sook in this trash? she's a quality actress unlike Yoona who plays the younger version of LMS's character. lol. Ridiculous huh? anyways, the rating totally reflects the quality of the show. LOW.

geunshin I take my words about yoona's height bcuz I've just found out that she and PSH share the same height!!! However, I still support her! :)

geunshin i really love PSH and I actually don't care much about yoona but I think yoona's look ang height are very suitable for the role. she looks like a girl from 70s actually. hope geunshin will reunite some day... they are so cute together ^^

april i will give my love to this drama ^^ yoona and JKS fighting for those who wish JKS paired up with others, congratz coz ur dreams doesnt come true, maybe next time but not in this drama. face the truth :P

Haha Lol. Im gonna love this dramaaaaa. Why so mny idiots dont like Yoona -.- no need to fight here. Bytheway, i love yoonaa <3

rainlover did you not watch yoona act in you are my destiny? well, better watch it because it was better than Cinderella man. She was good there I don't know why I did not like cinderella man it might be because of the story, it was not so interesting at all.

niez_Jangeo I already fall in love with Seo In Ha and Seo Jun!! March 26 palli palli come!! ^O^ Jang Keun Suk JJANG!! ^^

YOONA All the haters here ! LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY ! I won't repeat it again so : The main lead is YOONA ! It's not PSH or i don't know who ! Keep it in your mind because i saw there is lots of persons who forget that detail. If Yoona has got chosen it's because of her ACTING SKILLS ! You, people without brain, don't you think that the PD ISN'T AN IDIOT to make the decision of take Yoona ! Yeah, PSH & JKS are a sweet couple. I watch You're Beautiful, and loves it too BUT it was a drama ! In REAL LIFE they don't fit each other ! The PAST is the PAST JKS cannot always be with PSH ! The persons who are saying that Dara (2NE1) fit better with him, just want to share what I think : SANDARA PARK (Dara - 2NE1) don't have enough acting skills ! Yoona is juste THE BEST for this role. So please keep all you hateful sentence towar Yoona in your heart.

Naila - From France

Yoona & Jang Keun Suk FIGHTING !

loveyoona1 I am sure that this drama will be super amazing because Yoona is playing the lead role character..<3 <3 Her acting skill is super good.. I wonder if this love rain viewer's rating will be YAMD's 41.5% rating. YAY Yoona..<3 <3


tara yoona The most beautiful and popular SNSD! :)

g-jae Yoona and Yuri will share the same time slot for their dramas... Mon and Tues 21:55 at competing tv stations... this is awesome... i wonder who will gain a higher rating??? hmmmm....

ida mawadah can't wait for this drama, JGS luv u so much, I think JGS n Yoona will be a good couple ^(@)^

zenneth i'm so excited for this korean drama.. ABS-CBN the best..

milan i hope jang geun suk and yoona will sing together in their drama "Love Rain".... Hwaiting!!

rabitpiggy just cant wait to see jang geuk suk im going mad ^ _ * love ya>>>>>

ad look forward for this drama... hope the theme song will be cn blue "loves rides in the rain"sound match with the drama.. ^.^

prims its 24 episode....screen on KBS2 TV....26th march 2012!!!!^^

Princess The movie's plot sounds VERY similar like the Korean movie THE CLASSIC... I can't wait since I like both actors :) <3 Fighting! Yoona eonnie and Keun Suk oppa :)

faesri when exactly is it going to release? i’ve been waiting for like forever. finally yoona and someone her age (well at least not an ahjusshi).. Jang Geun Seuk! I love him. He has such a cute smile. Hope there’s not much of the 70′s scenes.. So Yuri (YoonYul! OMG!) is an energetic girl that is the opposite her mother.. I like this. I don’t really like seeing sad Yoona. T-T

JesseM. Finally!!!.. i've been really looking forward to this.. i love yoona and jang geun suk.. now they're teaming up! PERFECT!!!

PSH This is like a copy of the movie "The Classic"; Son Ye Jin was the lead in that movie. But I loved that movie so I'll probably love this too. It's just that I won't feel the same way this time as when I watched The Classic. Sigh.

nana i done even know who is sandara, but one or two people keep saying her name on this article, OOT, out of topic, she is not an actress, she dont have relate with this drama, stupid people keep saying her name.

yoona, geun suk, fighting... !!

this drama is kdrama with the highest price sold to japan beat last best record kim tae hee "irish", love rain will daebak

leah 2 those who want 2 know who is sandara park, she is the member of kpop girl group 2NE1 & her stage name is Dara.

also 2 those who want to know how many episode in this drama, there r 20 episode n will airing in first half year 2012.

i cant wait to watch diz drama cuz both of the actor/actress r my fav..

Geun Suk & YoonA / geunyoon couple Fighthing!!!! :)

Kimiko I'll hope to like Yoona much more after watching this. 'Cause I really respect Jang Gyun Suk as an actor (he really does have potential). I usually have something against idols taking up acting jobs (I'm TOP-biased but even I think he should've left the acting to someone else). Really wanted the girl that starred in I Am Sam to be female lead but whatever...let's just see how it goes.

nana btw, who is sandara park? is she an actress?

ionesca JGS and Yoona <3

I hope that they will fall in love ^^ JGS is my favourite actor and Yoona,she is one of my favourite actress and singers :D ParkShinHye it's the past, he need a new love :D Love Rain : Fighting! xD (Italy)

fishy ans who care bout park shin hye or sandara park(i'm their fan)..but this is yoona pls try to respect jang geun seuk and yoona...its really annoying ppl talking an nonsense thing here bout park shin hye even sandara park..

Min Yoona fighting! Haters will hate, but who cares, they're just idiots. :P I love Yoona<3

Mar oh well like it or not they got the main rolers and u just have the option to watch it or not, it wont affect the raiting. I cant wait for this. Haters gonna haters...

Yuri Sakura Look you freaks and haters!

I'm a girl and I love Yoona! I don't like Jang Geun Seuk that much so there! You fangirls of Jang Geun Seuk wants JGS with Park Shin Hye or Moon Geun Young or whatever and I want Yoona with someone else other than Jang Geun Seuk but WE ALL CAN'T HAVE WHAT WE WANT SO JUST SUCK IT UP AND LIVE THE REALITY. YOONA IS PAIRING UP WITH JANG GEUN SEUK SO JUST SHUT IT!

I hope I'll love Jang Geun Seuk after watching him act with Yoona ^^

LOVE RAIN FIGHTING!! (the story seems really interesting, i don't think i'm watching it solely because of Yoona)

yoonsic why don't people give others a chance? i believe she is given the chance because she has the ability. i seen comments like the female lead should be Park Shin Hye, Sandara Park etc... However, people have you considered whether the character suits them? this is a rather classic story. i believe yoona is the perfect choice. this drama is in the 70's. yoona's looks perfectly suits.

Stevan I hate when people say yoona can't act..hey,saying like that won't make u better than her..I know bcoz u all have your own fav actress..the most comment I really sad is 'if it has low ratings this is yoona fault',r u the one making this drama?r u the one the best director..bluekkk,I will be ashamed ok!this is human!never satisfied for someone sucess!

jackie So this is a updated drama version of the movie " The Classic", Lets hope its as good as that.

Rave wow!naman.. I don’t care if its psh, mgy, jsm, sma, or Im Yoona that will be the leading lady, for as long as it is Jang Geun Suk-oppa.. I’ll definitely watch it!!

PoppyLein woooooo,, SON EUN SEO was here! Gnna watch it :D

Jin Song I wish JGS will be paired to Dara Park of 2NE1 someday... looking forward to this k-drama! i love JGS! fighting! mwah!

Keeper ahh, the plot reminds me of "The Classic" (yes, it is cliche, kinda disappointing but let's just see how this goes ^-^) I'm sure many will watch it, since fangirls would be cheering on for JGS while SONES would support Yoona ^-^ It's a win-win situation! I will definitely put this on my list of dramas to watch in 2012 ^-^

eunice_13 omo... Yoona - ssi.. You're getting bashed.. Hey, listen! She would never be an actress if she can't act well. How dare you guys say those things to her? Can you play her role better than she does? Show us first, then u can bash her. Also, the producers aren't so stupid to give her the main role if she couldn't act well. Remember, everyone is special in their positions.. Doesn't matter what...

Extrinsic I really hope that other members of SNSD would also have dramas and movies..

yoonaislove back off HATERS.just let yoona do her own thing.she may not be the best actress in the korean industry,but for us SONES she's the BEST.!.yoona-jjang!.

abbyneth hope the female-lead is Sandara Park (2NE1) yoona and jgs fighting.can't wait for thisdrama

Davi Yoona has already been finalized fot the lead female role....the cast has started filming and pictures of the filming as been put up on various sites (i support Yoona all the way....i think she is a great actress that expresses her emotions on camera really well >.<)

Syax28 Hallyu waves gotten bigger and bigger nowadays. Why don't all of you expect a new couple instead of Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk? Well, it's not that I don't like Shin Geun couple (I love them of course!). But, it will be more interesting to see whether Jang Geun Suk and Yoona have the chemistry. Let us wish for the drama's successful! ;D

YY I don't like and don't hate yoona... yoona's acting in Cinderella Man was bad...i agree... but can't we just give her another chance?

Dyna hurm...why must Yoona? hope the female-lead is Sandara Park (2NE1)

blahblahblah can all of you please get over with your wishes and hopes that it should be park shinye.. The PDs had Yoona already in their minds that's why they didn't choose Park Shin Ye. if you think that Park Shin Ye can portray this role better than Yoona, why didn't the PDs just choose her. These are professionals who would never make a decision just because they want to. Meaning, they KNOW and BELIEVE that Yoona fits the role BETTER than anyone else. Understood?? i don't like snsd, by the way. i just want to state a FACT, PERIOD

Princess I've never watched Yoona's films before but i think she's pretty enough to be paired up with JKS. As for her acting skills, we gonna assess it after Love Rain release. I hope this drama will be interesting!

Jayz yoona unnie have a new kDrama again? :) awesome i'll keep waiting for this Kdrama ♥

anyeeM229 i just saw the movie sunny. the cutie turned out to be this kim shi hoo. i'll be watching this.


SarangHae YoonA I am happy Yoona back to the screen!!! can't wait for this drama!~

ANTIyoona Yoona is okay as a singer but she really has not acting skills. She was awful in Cinderella Man! WHY YOONA?? WHY WAS IT NOT MOON GEUN YOUNG!?!??!

kpop123 ah Park Shin Hye there and here. omg Yoona is the lead actress get over. Maybe in the future PSH will be paired again with JGS. For now support this drama.

meeeesh I was so excited about this, but now that i hear its with Yoona, so disappointing....It'd be nice if it WEREN'T an SNSD member... ):

safa wow.yoona and jung jeun suk.i can't wait to see thisdrama

princess_kimlee92 wow..JGS.. i really love him..buts its too disappointing that he is paired with Yoona.. i don't like her... tsk!

TOK Horrible actors and actress in this movie. even Park Shin Hye is not good at all except her role in that drama 'stairway to heaven'.

and Both Jang Keun Suk and PSH don't match at all, she is too chubby for him and he is too rough for her. Their height and body don't match to each other, esp. their face and heart. He needs long leg slim type girl, and she needs to be with a guy like bit soldier type. and they know this very well, that's why they can't never be together in real life (only in drama though).

alexisnicole Omo! I was Expecting that Park shin hye is the female lead on that Drama? But its Yoona! why?

roy OH HECK YA... YOONA is gonna be in it... this is AWESOME news.. i love yoona.. cant wait for it.. counting the days

Clarisse same with you, guys.. I wish this drama is Jang Geun Suk X Park Shin Hye couple.. :D I really love them.. ^^,

malee thao omo jincha!!! wow oppa saranghae i was wondering when you were gonna be in another movie or drama nagae pogoshipo!! saranghae hope you have fun filming it!!

danica joy san pedro I really really hope that the female lead is Park Shin Hye, since he looks great with Jang Geun Suk oppa. their (Perfect Couple) specially on K.Drama You're beautiful. I really love it  :)))) =)) =]] :*

Ruth Lizano Yeah! it's true. I wish that Park shin hye is the Female Lead! :) Im sure that all people in the world will Watch it! so hope that it's Park shin hye :) please please please Thanks!

Dahliahmarie Villanueva Really? Wow Thats good! but who's the female lead? hmmm! I hope that it's Park shin hye. because their really really good couple in drama and for Real :) :D

simon kyle monte Wow! What a surprise! haha I wish that Park shin hye is the Female lead on that Drama :))

rjel I hope that park shin hye is the Leading lady on drama please thanks !

alexis nicole alcaraz II I really really hope that the female lead is Park Shin Hye, since he looks great with Jang Geun Suk oppa. their (Perfect Couple) specially on K.Drama You're beautiful. I really love it  :)))) =)) =]] :*

alexis nicole alcaraz I hope that PARK SHIN HYE is the Female Lead on the drama "Love rain"

jgslover i hope that psh is his leading lady love them so much mwah!!!!

mawmaw yeyy!! i'm so excited to watch his new melodrama... his character is very different.. 2 in 1 personality... (as what i read in other news) hahaha... =)

Love JKS. <3

hmmmm omg!!!!!!i really really hope that the female lead is park shin hye since he looks great with her.

ti li lin i really really wish that the female lead is park shin hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kpop I hope the lead female is shin min ah :)))

Ms. Yaxley I hope it's Jung So-min!

paljji WOW, I'm sure this drama will be great becuse of Suk ... he is very talented ....LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU FOREVER AND EVER....

Megfox OMG! I miss sukkie i hope it will not be a crap like MSOAN , i want either park shin hye, shin min ah or song hye gyo

nureel who is the female lead? i hope it's ParkShinHye..LOL

Riisa Finally he's gonna do something new. Hope he's not playing a musician again...

Ant2410 Keun Suk ah ~ 5ting !!!

Vietnam Eels'll with u together 4ever ~

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