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  • Drama: Hong Gil-Dong, The Hero
  • Revised romanization: Kwaedo Honggildong
  • Hangul: 쾌도 홍길동
  • Director: Lee Jung-Sub, Kim Yeong-Jo
  • Writer: Hong Mi-Ran, Hong Jung-Eun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: January 2 - March 26, 2008
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Hong Gil Dong is the son of a minister. Due to the strict Confucian laws of the Joseon Dynasty, Gil Dong, born an illegitimate child, is not accepted by his father and family. After struggling severe discrimination by family and society, Gil Dong escaped and decided to become a bandit leader. Gil Dong robbed from the corrupt officials only to give to the poor citizens. His popularity within the peasant society soars, and many view him as a hero. Drama “Hong Gil Dong the Hero”, based on the original novel, describes a righteous hero Gil Dong. However, the drama focuses more on the comic and cheerful characters on Gil Dong, his unexpected love Lee Nok, and Chang Hwu, his closest friend and rival at the same time. On purpose, actors in their twenties were mainly cast to give a fresh spirit. Every character has its own origin in the Korean traditional literature like Sim Cheong Jeon (story of filial duty), Jang Hwa Hong Ryeon Jeon (story of sisterhood and stepmother), which makes the drama series more funny and authentic to the tastes of audiences.


  1. "Hong Gil-Dong, The Hero" will take over the KBS2 time slot previously occupied by "Pretty Insun" and will be followed by "Three Fathers, One Mother" on April 2, 2008.


Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Kang Ji-Hwan.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Sung Yu-Ri.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Jang Geun-Suk.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Park Sang-Wook.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Cha Hyeon-Jeong.jpg
Kang Ji-Hwan Sung Yu-Ri Jang Keun-Suk Park Sang-Uk Cha Hyun-Jung
Hong Gil-Dong Heo Lee-Nok Lee Chang-Hee Shim Su-Jeun Jung Mal-Nyeo
Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Moon Se-Yoon.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Dong-Maeng Se-Chang.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Kim Ri-Na.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Byun Shin Ho.jpg
Moon Se-Yun Maeng Se-Chang Kim Ri-Na Ahn Seok-Hwan Byun Shin-Ho
Mr. Yeon Kom Yi Seo Eun-Hye Seo Yoon-Seop Hal-Meom
Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Kim Jae-Seung.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Kil Yong-Woo.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Lee Deok-Hee.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Jeong Eun-Pyo.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Jeong Gyu-Su.jpg
Kim Jae-Seung Kil Yong-Woo Lee Deok-Hee Jung Eun-Pyo Jeong Gyu-Su
Hong In-Young Hong Pan-Seo Mrs. Kim's wife Monk Hae-Myung Old Man Heo
Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Choi Ran.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-In-seong.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Jo Hie-Bong.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Maeng Ho-Rim.jpg Hong Gil-Dong-The Hero-Choi Seung-Kyeong.jpg
Choi Ran In-seong Jo Hee-Bong Maeng Ho-Rim Choi Seung-Kyung
No Sang-Kong Ji-Soo Lee Kwang-Hee Choi Seung-Ji Mr. Wang

Additional Cast Members:


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Mizz Diy Diy i really love this drama.. i laughed and cried a lot in this drama. Though the ending is not what i expected but the story line is very good. My rating 9/10.. :D

geum jay dee ...i like this drama...though the setting happened in joseon era, its not so conservative and is fun to watch. though the ending is a bit tragic but still its something to look forward today and in the near future...its simply realistic in its whole sense. what about us are we striving to eliminate social statuses and attain a society of equality?? this drama left me such heartfelt question...it keeps me wonder..thumbs up!

Mo Im half way through, I'm terrified of reading the comments, as I know things will get spoiled, dang it. But, episode 13, man everyone was so sad!! Don't spoil it please, but I want the prince and Yi Nok to be a couple, and Gil Dong and the noble girl to be a couple, but clearly Yi Nok and Gil Dong have chemistry, and it would kill me to have to separate two people who are clearly in love. >_< why cant they all just be happy? :*( Nothing is clear, however the monk man spoils everything. In a good way. I love him! His strange laughter, and ability to read people, makes me feel better, and worse, as I know what is probably going to happen. YI NOK! Please don't die.

asad thank you for making this web i love this movie

Mia I just can´t stop crying.....my heart is torn to shreads. As much as I enjoyed watching it in the beginning, that much painful was it later . It just hurts. Hong Gil Dong is one amazing drama which makes you realize how everything can change if people unite together. There would be no wars, no evil..... If people can´t change the world, world would not change itself. This drama sends beautiful message to all of us. Actors have done an amazing job.

barah hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...what a lovely best comic HISTORICAL drama...i love every single scene....good acting great actors and actress...Hero won the girl...AND VERY GOOD PERFORMANCES.. hope to see more drama like this...

neda i love kang ji hwan and sung yu ri there are very beautiful

Hadi I watched this drama only because of Sung yu ri I love her indeed and I am aspirant to meet her once before death She is everything for me

reza awesome drama,only the ending was too bad!

jonah I watched this drama because of Jang Keun Suk. Yeah..the story is good. I like it. The casts were all good. I also like Sung-Yu-Ri. But I don't like how the love story goes & ends up. I agreed to u ms.hawaiianprincess32. This is also the first time I saw the Keun-Suk doesn't end up with the female lead, & only second male lead. I don't feel like anything like love "kilig" when seeing Gil Dong & Lee Nok together. I think it's because of the age gap. Gil Gong is too old for Lee Nok. But when I see Chang Hee & Lee Nok together, I feel kilig. They have chemistry. That's why It disappoints me seeing Keun Suk doesnt end up w/ Yu Ri. It hurts me seeing him begging someone's love and ending up alone & lonely.

Mahtab awesome drama,only the ending was too bad!

Ilija hawaiianprincess32 wathc beethoven virus, btw this was great drama although this site shows a lot of spoilers so dont read the below comments like I did before you finish the drama

hawaiianprincess32 This is the first k.drama I've watched that Jang Geun Suk didn't end up with the girl :( all his other dramas he ends up with the girl LoL... (i.e. Love Rain, You Are Beautiful & Mary Stayed Out All Night) I'd have to agree with kaydiamond, I to didn't like how they made the prince out to be the bad guy in the end. He was the one whom had suffered so much agony & pain, that I felt bad for him & I actually cried for him to :'( I also didn't feel the love chemistry between Hong Gil Dong & Heo Yi Nok... Ryu Yi Nok, in my opinion; it seemed a bit kid'ish. I'm a fan of Jang Geun Suk, so I'll watch any k.drama that he's in! :)

kaydiamond As for me, I don't think this drama was fair at all. Everone is focusin on hw gil dong nd yinok were happy at d end bt we forgot to also put our selves in d shoes of d prince. In my opinion I think the prince was the only one that suffered a lot in this drama and it wasn't nice becUz he was a. Goodman. At the ending they made him look like the evil man in the. Drama. As for Gil Dong and yi Nok, for some reason, I did nt feel their chemistry at all. To me they did nt just fit..I started fast forwardin it from Ep 21.. I was really happy whenm they all died((Hopefully). To d writers, great job but next time write a script with a more better storyline.5\10

van i am sad with the ending but i realize they are not dead hehehehe cause of the episode 1 start...so it means from episode 1-24 is the past... =)

gowl best ending!!! most of people who watch this drama maybe think the ending is sad, but i think the ending is happy, the two main character together and their conversation at the end of the drama is beautifull....... the background music make the scene perfect :D

Biidhey I love the drama very much. Lurazop if you want korean drama that is interesting and also make you cry then watch bridal mask. Its also almost like hong gil dong. If you love hong gil dong, u will love bridal mask. I rily enjoyed watching hong gil dong

lurazop oh... nori. When I watch this, I keep skip all the political part because I just love to see the romance part, the most waited part for me. Hong Gil Dong and Heo Yi Nok!

nori I enjoyed every episode. However, I'm a bit disappointed that the actors put little effort in their emotion. When Lee Nok discovered that her parents were killed by Gil Dong's father and when the prince found that the inscription on the sword is a lie, these are the highest points of the drama. I was expecting memorable performance, but I don't remember convincing emotions. When Lee Nok and the prince agonized about the issues, dramatization of their feeling is necessary, but the actors acted almost businesslike. The story about ill fated lovers whose parents are enemies is more interesting than the political aspect and is timeless and touching as Romeo and Juliet. If another Hong Gil Dong is made, I hope they will not only focus on the action but also give equal attention to the love angle.

lurazop the first k-drama i ever watch and the best drama i ever watch, never cry watching drama before. This is my first. Ohhh.... so lovely. I will remember hgd forever. Can someone recommend any k-drama that can make me cry again, just like hgd.

yogi Overall, the drama and story is good, fighting scenes and laughs are top. A few observations: does Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri know how to kiss at all? The reunion after Yi Nok learned that Gil Dong is alive is very touching (score A for acting on that) but for the rest of their romantic relationships, the emotion is lacking. The result is the romance is flat and very disappointing. Perhaps, the director wanted to portray Gil Dong as tough but he should have at least acted vulnerable in his private moments. I like KJH and wish to see him grow up and improve his acting as a mature actor. The real test of good acting is when the viewers feel his pain and sadness when he is in pain (he proved his skill on that) but the viewers should also fall in love and feel his longing when he is in love. The director should help.

Letty Kudos to the screen writer, the director, and the actors for great acting. This is one of the few best dramas I've watched, totally entertaining from beginning to end. It has everything: super action, suspense, comedy, romance. Hong Gil Dong made me laugh, cry, and fell in love with the hero in him. I hope the team make Hong Gil Dong Part II.

Bro First drama I ever watched and I've been hooked since. Hong Gil Dong ate my heart up and took me to the highest peak of heaven. Then it pulled me back and spit me out in one big emotional mess. First time I ever cried watching a subtitled show.

Deafmama ~SPOILERS!~

I enjoyed to watch Hong Gil Dong, I will watch it again, but it bother me that at beginning episode 1 that was Lord's birthday party or something, that they were alive by "few years later", but at ending episode 24 that where they were (maybe) die at war by defeated by king.

Can you tell me am I wrong that Hong Gil Dong and group still alive after the war take over their place?

Oxana My acquaintance with korean drama occured this May (2012) when I had to stay in bed sick, I was just going through the channels showing same boring things when I saw a handsome face on KBS channel. Well, that was JGS in Love Rain drama. As you can imagine I was infected at that very moment. His sweetness and sincerity can’t leave anyone indifferent. I couldn’t wait to see the end of drama but I got better and had to go back to work. So, I continued to watch it online. After that one I decided to watch all JGS’s dramas available on net (since here in Turkey I haven’t found a source selling korean dramas). And well, sooner or later the turn would come to Hong Gil Dong. Let me tell you that drama just captured me totally. I watched all 24 episodes in some 7-8 days, I was all in it (sometimes even watching at work for ı couldn’t wait). I got absoluteely addicted to it. And man! I ‘met’ Kang Ji-Hwan and was absolutely mesmorized by his strength and unity with the main hero. I love JGS but hid cruelty made it even more difficult for me in the end. This is silly to think because it’s not JGS but his character who is heartless and cruel but that’s hard to overcome. I cried the hell out of my heart in the last few episodes (and I am 35!) but what makes it even more difficult for me is that unjustice was, still is and is going to be always and everywhere no matter what. I am only dissappointed and am uneasy to accept the ending due to a small detail – in the very beginning they made us believe thatt Hoong gşl Dong and Hwal Bşn Dang live so till the very last oment there is a belief and hope but when it all ends the way it does it HURTSSSS!!!! My mind admits that there could be no other ending but my heart demands vice versa. Still, so far that’s the best korean drama I’ve watched!!! And now thanks to it I am going to follow Kang Ji-Hwan’s dramas as well. Thank you all who made Hong Gil Dong so unbelievable! Wish I could play with these great guys one day!

sarah Hong Gil Dong is one of the best korean dramas i've ever watched..i keep watching it..so nice and good and best though its end was so sad..but still i love it...

black_blood Jang Geun Suk appeared very funny to me in this drama, after watching many other dramas of him.

Lina Am Kenyan but i love korean dramas. i loved how gildong was rapped up in the end.There will always be poor and oppressed people,rich people will keep using there power to get what they want and oppress the underprivileged.Also there will be Gildong who will try to change the world,i.e. there are people who are still hoping for a world where there is equality,this people are having his dreams thou hard to achieve they are still hoping for its fulfilment. I whoever comes up with these dramas storyline deserves a great award. I love how they capture the ancient world and at the same the modern world.I watch any korean drama whether ancient or modern they are just so great.

Gasenadi Up there among my top ten favorite dramas ever. What an ending! I love Kang Ji Hwan in almost everything he's ever done. And it was campy, funny, reminded me of Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Aekyung I'm not sure how many times I've watched this drama because it is as good as Boys Over Flowers (Korean version). I can never get sick of watching both dramas. I wasn't into watching old Joseon Era dramas and never really cared for them, but once I started watching this drama, I couldn't make myself stop watching it...especially when I was going to college back then...it was very hard to concentrate in my studies. Now when I see Joseon era dramas on TV, I somehow wish for the impossible...to see Jang Keunseok somewhere in the drama or a character such as that of Yi Changhwee being part of the ancient Korean stories.

The real reason why I watch this drama nowadays is because of Jang Keunseok, Sung Yuri, and Kang Jihwan. I love their characters. They are so different and yet alike in so many ways. I've loved this drama so much that I bought the entire set and all I have to do is to pop it in when I want to revisit the scenes. The song choices in this drama (or OSTs) are as good as the drama itself. Oh how I wish there was a Yi Changhwee nowadays! Although I would rather watch a happy ending (this was a very sad ending - so depressing!) I give 5 out of 5 stars for this drama. Worth watching.

miuzaki Does anyone know where I can watch it or buy it with english subtitles? I've watched the first 3 episodes on dramacrazy, but I can't find the rest D:

Rachan two thumbs up! a very unique story! but alas, the ending was so sad..

Jimmy WARNING.. contain SPOILER.

Actually I hesitated to watch this drama as I think it might be boring since it's about joseon era. Somehow, the storyline seems to fit modern style. Besides that I am really amazed by how all characters are related and the conflict between them.

-A lowborn child vs An illegitimate king who both are hated by noblemen -A legitimate prince vs A noble girl who both suffer the same tragedy and pain -An illegitimate prince vs A legitimate king who both are the victim of other people ambition -A noble son vs A noble prince who has sicko mother that willing to do anything to see their son succeed -Dad vs Son that try to protect their preferred king until the end of their life

A must watch...

heaven in this drama...i just cry..cry..cry...and cry...specially in the last 2 eps. AMAZING!and JGS is so amazing too..

nana the story is very touching.It really leave a trace in my heart.the hero was good looking too.

saie usui this drama so amazing..very satisfied when i got this cd...

Riisa Good drama. Nice soundtrack. The ending was sad...

Violeta Amazing drama. Worth watching !

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