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Miko (Miori Takimoto) is a 20-year-old girl. She is pure, but prone to make mistakes. Since her father, who was a composer, died, she stayed at orphanage with her twin brother Mio Sakuraba (Miori Takimoto). Now she is at a convent dreaming of becoming a nun. But, one day, Mabuchi asks her to join A.N.JELL instead of her twin brother Mio who fought.

Ren Katsuragi (Yuta Tamamori) is 23 years old. He is self-centered and often nervous. His father is a famous conductor. Ren is a perfectionist and musical genius. He is very clear about what he likes and doesn't like. At first, Ren is against Mio becoming a member of A.N.JELL.

Shu Fujishiro (Taisuke Fujigaya) ) is a 23-year-old guitarist. He is soft and generous. His personality is the opposite of Ren Katsuragi. He is also as popular as Ren Katsuragi. He raises herbs and likes to drink herbal tea during breaks. He is the first one to realize that Mio is different.

Yuki Hongo (Hikaru Yaotome) is 21 years old. He is the drummer for A.N.JELL. Yuki likes hanging around people and is bright. He also makes the mood around the band bright. In real life he is like a boy, but on stage he shows a tougher side. His tough persona makes people crazy about him. Yuki totally trusts Ren and Shu, so he doesn't like Mio, because he thinks Mio makes Ren nervous.


  1. Drama is a remake of the 2009 SBS drama "He's Beautiful!" (Minamyisinyeoyo).


Ikemen Desu ne-Miori Takimoto.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Yuta Tamamori.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Taisuke Fujigaya.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Hikaru Yaotome.jpg
Miori Takimoto Yuta Tamamori Taisuke Fujigaya Hikaru Yaotome
Mio Sakuraba / Miko Sakuraba Ren Katsuragi Shu Fujishiro Yuki Hongo
Ikemen Desu ne-Haruna Kojima.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Tanoshingo.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Masanobu Takashima.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Shingo Yanagisawa.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Nana Katase.jpg
Haruna Kojima Tanoshingo Masanobu Takashima Shingo Yanagisawa Nana Katase
Nana Toru Hiroshi Ando Hajime Mabuchi Rina
Ikemen Desu ne-Miyuki Imori.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Hisako Manda.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Seiji Rokkaku.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Shigenori Yamazaki.jpg Ikemen Desu ne-Yutaka Shimizu.jpg
Miyuki Imori Hisako Manda Seiji Rokkaku Shigenori Yamazaki Yutaka Shimizu
Shigeko Sakuraba Reiko Mizusawa Teguchi Hashimoto Baba

Additional Cast Members:

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01 07/15/2011 10.9%
02 07/22/2011 11.0%
03 07/29/2011 8.3%
04 08/05/2011 7.7%
05 08/12/2011 9.9%
06 08/19/2011 8.9%
07 08/26/2011 9.9%
08 09/02/2011 10.1%
09 09/09/2011 10.0%
10 09/16/2011 11.1%
11 09/23/2011 11.5%
Average 9.94%

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Hanna sj one of my entire time favorite dorama~~it's realy fun and heartwarming. and I can still remember all the cute scene between Ren and Mio. not to mention Tama-chan and Takimoto-san nailed their part to the last. This is definitely one of the best light-hearted teen romance comedy dorama out there. That's how invested i am to the story and this dorama really hooked me from the beginning to the end, more so than the korean one. and the ost especially the last one Missing You, that's one of the best song in the entire series...

vivi just realised the 1st episode almost 2 hours that's why it can cover more ep than 1st ep of korean version

my critic (with spoiler) is they removed the singing part of shin woo (babo) and jeremy (in bus) that was a best changing and declaration moment that grasping a lonely (lots shipper) heart

I think the jap ver is more clear on line who should get the girl than the korean one, it is fun as jap drama always be

Ranshi Hhmm... I think it's the Japanese Version of K-Drama that called You're Beautiful .-.

curiousanonymous ummm...@ NisA What are you saying, it doesn't have a manga. it is an adapted kdrama,okay? Then again it does have a plot similar to a shoujo manga ^ ^

Tachibna Mai OMG ! I loved this anime in both korean and japanese but i can't decide which one is better . I have watched and loved many korean and japanese dramas so i know what I am talking about when i say this is one of the best japanese dramas to be ever made because of the cast's acting and the fans support.

SAG23 japanese version is more interesting than the korean or taiwanese version but they are also nice

DRAMADrAMA This is literally one of my favorite drams ever, and i have seen MANY dramas! Yuta Tamamori's acting was amazing! I loved his facial expressions omg Love HIM FOREVR

Mary101 This is one of the B.E.S.T movies that I've watched ever since. It is P.E.R.F.E.C.T! It moves other person's heart, and gives off a lot of lessons for us to reflect.

I LOVE this Movie.


Speeder Oh my god you need to make at least twomore episodes of this show! It'samazing and the best drama I've ever watched!

Jaimy OMG.. i lost count on how many times i rewatched this Drama and it never gets old. It's Funny, Heartwarming and Romantic all in one. The story and plot, The characters and roles, The songs and music *Eeeyaa* all together is just one AWESOME drama. not to mention Tamamori nailed his role as Ren-san, amazing is just a little word to describe how good he was and in this drama where i Fell in Love with Taisuke (^////^)fufufufu~~~

Judith Very Nice ! Even Though This Movie Is Only A Remake... GOOD ! I Can't Control My Self Being Cheerful When I watch This Comedy Drama Movie... Love You All <3 Miori Takimoto Tamamori Yuta Taisuke Fujigaya Hikaru Yaotome Kojima Haruna

                                 Judith From The Phillippines
                                         Your #1 FAN <3

random person here hehehehe hi omg guise maintain. yall have diff taste so so whut if yall choose kor or jap? :----O Just chill yall. hehehehehe

Eel Liz I dont agree on that Hana Kimi is better than the Korean Version which is Boys Over Flowers I guess? Im not pretty sure, but then we all have our different preferences.. Which I respect. In my case, Korean Dramas were more interesting for me? Love..Love..Love ONLY? That sound completely ridiculous! I mean, it's crazy. Korean Dramas was Fun and always coordinated with a bit of comedy, musical sometimes and He's Beautiful (Korean Version) was the BEST ever! They're the original, to remind you. And JKS was sucha Good Lead Role and the whole A.N.JELLS of course Japanese would make it More Interesting since the Drama was also remade by Taiwanese. So for comparison matters, they have to make it different. Still, Korean Version was the Best but Japan was the Best for Cartoons! :))

Melissa I like the japanese version than korean version...is not the korean version bad, but the japanese version make me cry and laugh so much..And I love it..^_^

somebody you have 2 watch this drama you are going 2 cry 2 laugh but you will love this drama

Umi I dont think korean version is better than japanese version..yeah,korean is might be the original one,but i think its boring..like any other typical korean drama..its all about love yada yada.....boring..but japanese always combines of friendship love and sad genre not like korea always love..love..love...and look at hana kimi japanese version..no other versions cant beat the japanese version because of their humour and ridiculously...so japanese is da best

Kaitlin I might be a little biased because i'm a huge JKS fan, but i really do enjoy the Korean version more. It has a certain charm that the Japanese version lacks, and the relationships just seem more genuine and real. I did really like that first story with the orphanage though, and if there is one thing that i wish the K version had, it's that last kiss! In both versions i would have liked a little more of the aftermath story. How the rest of A.N.JELL deal with their relationship (and especially her brother!), and how they explain it to the public. Just two episodes extra would have gone down a treat:)

Fran I actually preferred the Korean version, even though I have little interest in Korean culture. I found the acting far more superior. Not everything was about the lead girl. Other storylines were more developed. In this version everything was about Mio that I got rather sick of her by the end. I also believed that they were in a band, in the Japanese version they don't ever show them being a band, they actually seem to hate each other. The sets also look cheaper and less thought out.

That being said, I do like Shu-san in the JP version.

Eri where are all the ikemen? I can't see any ikemen only ugly johnies.

NisA I prefer the Manga itself than the japanese version and the korean version.. Both version are quite good actually.. The Japanese version is fun and the korean one is cool! But the Manga is better.. Of course.. Its the original ^^ .v

Mela You will find the Korean ver much better because it was the original.nothing beats that! but this version isn't that bad as well...I like Geun Seuk but I guess for my eyes Yuta is more kawaii coz he look original (if you know what I mean). Don't persecute me for expressing my own opinion. To sum it all... Korean or Japanese both are good

Consus I liked the Korean version better too. I am a big fan of the Hong sisters and love their dramas. JKS/JGS is still the best along with the rest of the three leads. Some people said that Korean dramas are too long. I like the extra episodes because the characters and the story line has time to be introduced. Although there are some K-dramas that have gone on too long and would have been better if they were shorter.

The Japanese version wasn't too bad and some of the changes to the original were okay. I was kind of hoping for more originality with the story line and felt it was copied too much. Another change I would have made is making ANJEL a J-pop rather then try to go for the indie band thing. Although the actors could sing, it looked like the actors faked playing instruments and by the end of the movie they didn't use them. Being this is first Japanese drama I've watched all the watched that wasn't a horror movie, I had to get used to the rapid change in events. In this version I think the lead actress carried the drama and did a good job.

rez Personally, I liked the Korean version better. I saw this one on TV and was rather disappointed to find out that it was basically the original, but Japanese and wackier. And I chose the word wackier for a reason.

Sometimes this version can get incredibly silly, which the Korean version already is but not to this version's extent. Things can get a bit too exagerrated here.

And I was hoping that maybe the characters would be different at least in appearance. But to find out that they all look the same as the Korean version was a bit disappointing. In my opinion, if they're gonna make a remake of it, might as well make it different. But they are definitely following the crap out of the Korean version, but the storylunes do diverge pretty significantly, and the Japanese version is much faster.

In addition, I think that perhaps the Japanese version is even censored just a bit. For example, if my memory serves me right, in the Korean version, Mio was not there because he had an eye surgery to make his eyes bigger (probably double lid) (as per idols do, no matter what country) and comically was unable to close his eyes, while in the Japanese version, he fought against drunks. In my opinion, I think the Korean one is more straightforward about how idols are, while the Japanese explanation is dreamy and actually kind of fairy tale-ish to some extent. He fought drunks; that's a cliche badass move.

And yes, I agree that the acting in Korean version is better. Probably have something to do with that Japanese-version-being-wackier.

That said, this is my opinion. Don't flame me, I like both versions, it's just that I prefer the Korean one.

But I do have to complain about the commenter that said that they preferred the Japanese version despite of only seeing clips of the Korean one. Yes, Korean dramas are incredibly draggy compared to Japanese dramas, as the latter is usually limited to a season of 13 episodes. But I would love if you give the Korean version a try before making a decision. Actually, I hated Korean dramas for your reason as well, but one time I tried watching this, and this is one of my favorite dramas ever since. I'd be grateful if you try watching at least a few whole episodes.

Rant over. Thanks, guys.

Kripterya I really love this drama :X:X:X... I love Ren, ohh his so cute D:D:D:D:D<3<3<3 And i hope for a possible season 2 :D:D:X:X!!!

ry0suke i really LOVE this drama ... i'm japanese fangirl ... ren so CUTE .. . KAWAII ... ^^

ayana04 Sorry for my poor english. Why almost most of you consider actor actress should be super looking? Especially when it comes to Asian actors and actresses? The appearance is an important factor too but it goes after the talent in acting. You should make up your mind about this once again

lili I am neither Japanese nor Korean. Having seen both versions, My opinion is that the Korean ver is much better in every way, acting, singing and chemistry btw the actors. JKS suits the lead role to a T and made it his own. It's a hard act to follow. The Japanese counterparts are good actors also, to be honest, if this is a different story and not a carbon copy. With the same storyline, of course, everyone is bound to make comparison. Korean You Are Beautiful (YAB) is not draggy at all. In fact, for those who do followed the drama like me, they enjoyed every one episode and wish for more than 16 episodes. E.g. in dramabean website (ppl like me needs translation to English)- every episode drew hundreds of enthuastic comments from fans accross the globe. YAB created a new generation of global viewers just like Winter Sonata years ago and made Jang keun Suk an instant icon. So, I think YAB is really that good.

ai-chan For some reasons I did not watch the Korean version, I thought they're gonna put a lot of DRAMA into it and let's be honest Korean dramas can drag on unnecessarily. So I just watched the clips on Youtube. Also, when I finally thought I should watch it, I found out about the Japanese remake and decided to wait for that one. And I'm glad I did. I really liked the Japanese version. It's right to the point and still makes sense. I also really liked their acting. In my opinion this version was more realistic and down to earth, skipping the whole dramatic parts, yet still containing some drama (if you get what I mean ^_^). The only thing that I would give more points to the Korean version, is the fact that it had Hong Ki oppa :D. I really like him.

vheyn i guess we all really have different tastes, different opinions. i love the jap version. REN ! <3 <3 though i haven't seen the original one yet, i know it's good.

yuki_onna I don't know, what I must to say.... well... I never think, that haika-chiin will act like jeremy....=.=" gomen......@.@

loisbern There are so many people here comparing about the looks of the actor in japan and in korea, but this is not a beauty contest or Mr. Universe or Mr. World. This is all about the performance of the actors behind this drama. You must compare them with their acting not who’s handsome or not.

Natalie I <3 the jep ver !!!it's so much better than the original !!!

MsMilkTea The formula works! Both dramas have their own pros and flaws. I much really really commend the pacing of the Japanese ver. However, having said that. I think acting-wise, the Korean cast are far superior actors (except for Jung Yonghwa/Shin Woo understandably. Undoubtedly I still think he did an excellent job as a rookie).

And personally, I do find the Korean cast better looking! It may sound shallow but hey, it`s a drama about beautiful people, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so shoot me when I say I think the jp ver should be named You Are (not) Beautiful.


BT Really love the Jap ver. I think korean is good too, but maybe because i'm not the girl who love pretty boy, so i choose Japan ver. cause they're not that pretty...ha-ha-ha About everybody who loves the original or the remake one, i think it's about a taste...for me, both have a plus-minus side. But in the end i prefer Jap ver. But i think anyone who like k-drama, will choose original ones....

dara naff, i prefere more korean version. tho i really love japanese dramas more than korean ones but that japanese version isn't so cool as i thought >..> thats just my personal opinion, so dont get angry at me, anybody ^^ of course after that one will run to watch korean again, coz many things been cutted out, but still its nice to see "you're beautiful" back to screens for sure ^_____________^

Shiro I love IKEMEN DESU NE drama rather than other J-drama this season! The way Ren san making that face makes me LOL. Hahhahaaa... Because of this drama i wanna watch the korean version. and... jang geun seok looks different with Tamamori in eps7. Ages factor kanaa... heheheee.. Can't wait for the last episode this week!!! Shu~~san, shikkari shite ne!

leeja i can't wait for the 10th episode!! i'm totally inlove to yuta tamamori..!! he's facial expressions is priceless, like my boyfriend!! they look a little bit the same that's why everytime i watch Ren i remember my BF..

Mixshia I'm not a huge fan of this drama or the Korean version. But what I like about the Japanese version is the pacing. It's not something that drags on forever like the Korean version. I remember I had to force myself to finish watching the Korean one. This is generally why I tend to not watch kdramas as they're very slow which is just not my cup of tea. I think the only reason I'm watching the Japanese one however is because of Hikaru. xD

shirin please put trailers and episode preview,tanx ^^

Lei Way better than the original. And the A.J Entertainment boss is blatantly copying Johnny Kitagawa, lol. Hilarious

MinKyu Looks interesting! Can someone please inform me I already watched the original one from Korea but this seems interesting too How about the plot/story? The same as the one from Korea???

Ellie I like the original Korean version better, because the cast was amazing and this was my first asian dorama. I think Yuta Tamamori's expression is really good, he can be a great actor later, but nobody can make as great expressions as JGS did in You're Beautiful. But seriously, Yuta is really good as Ren. :)

Christy I like Ikemen Desu ne more than the original korean You're Beautiful. I adore Jang Geun Suk but I think Yuta Tamamori's expressions are cuter!!!! I really love this drama!

BOH i want to download it per episode full ver...but i don't know how..someone tell me.. ;(

kaio i don't like korean drama i think i am a japanese fangirl the actors here are all good XD i like them more than the korean they are handsome i mean the J actors too

yuyatakakifangirl Ikemen desu ne makes me go crazy!!!!! Fujigaya, daisuki!!!!!! Tamamori mou!!!!!! Takimoto Miori cho kawaii!!!!!!! Yaotome is funny as always. <33333


iloveikemendesune i love REN, SHU, YUKI.. and of course MIO... i love all of them... i love korean version and japanese version of this drama.. i really love them both.. i love ren especially when he got angry at mio.. i love shu when he's taking care of mio.. i love yuki when he always think of mio..he looks like a gay..

lee ..omedetou gozaimasu...only the 4 episodes we have downloaded..episode 6 will be next..there's a problem with episode 5 weeee!!! im so xcited 4 the next next episode..yuta is kawaii...hehe better than jang geun seuk..mio is kawaii too..i like her facial expresions love u guys..

Chiyuri Daisuke Ren!!! I'll smash you if you make Mio sad again... Yuta...Fujigaya...I can't wait they another episode...

Fujigaya's big fan! I love this version!

Fujigaya Taisuke is soooooooooo cute!

I agree that the korean cast is more handsome. But they are not my type! haha Japanese actors are perfect the way they are. I don't care about how people compare the japanese cast with the korean one cause I think everyone has different tastes.. But I prefer this version! I love them and I love how funny japanese dramas are :)


yane i liek this version.. im japanese fangirl... to all.. try to watch it first before.. judge nee.. im on the episode 6... taipi(shu) the role fits u well also the role of yuta(ren) aand the roel of miori and hikaru the song ALONE or without words- i like the way miori sung it... atashi no daisuki IKEMEN DESU NE

lee i think this version is better..and Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung is hilarious in the korean version..seriously, it would be better if they have other actors to do HTK role..he looks like an "ahjumma".. Yuta looks better as the leader..and has a better hair style too.. ^^..

Laterday @Lovely Ann

No. Ikemen Desu ne is based on the Korean drama You're Beautiful, which is written by the KOREAN screenwriters Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran.

queensemra the japanese version is definitely better its really funny..... the actors esp REN looks better cuter and cooler REN x MIO

Lovely Ann Actually, there is a manga of this before it aired on SBS...

the makers of these are JAPANESE

lussy Japanese version is very strange. I don't know why, if the Korean version of the players funny and very nice views. Especially Hwang Tae Kyung that can actually be funny and transformed instant into sadistic. who can do just Jang Geun Suk, if Yuta Tamamori better drama play something else, because they can not play the role well Hwang Tae Kyung.

Rina I loved the Korean ver. But the Japanese ver. I way better the actors are not as hot they're skinnier but they are so dam cute especially ren I just love everything about him. The thing he does with his mouth is super cute. And I hated that move in the Korean ver. Can't wait for the next episode.

Kikubi I definitely agree that the Korean actors were better looking. Normally I would think saying that was shallow, but for a show where the whole point is that they're super gorgeous pop stars, you'd think they'd try a little harder to get some good-looking actors. Maybe they went for voice, but I don't think I would have bothered. Just about anybody's voice would sound dull after Jang Geun-Suk's. Also, this version seems a little duller than the original. It doesn't have as much pizzazz, which was part of what really made the original since it's about celebrity life. I think if this were a drama in its own right it would be really good, but as a remake, they would've been better off dubbing the original in Japanese.

Reya I really don't know what to say.... this fashion of adapting popular series from one country to another comes with a great burden, because it's either the series succeeds like the original, or it fails big time. I have yet to give my conclusion about the jap remake, having seen only the first 3 eps so far, but what I would want to see is a bit of differentiation between the versions, not a straight copy of the original. For that I will continue whatching it.

viyage ok this is my true feeling

I LOVE IT! bcuz of Hikaru lol

done! I said it lol

Kira2457 Only reason i love this version better...because it's funnier haha. I get Japanese jokes more than Korean but i agree Park Shin Hye is great when it comes to expressions but i still love this new girl her expressions are priceless :D

hana I think the korean version is better. First of all the korean cast is much more cute/handsome. Second of all, no one can act better than park shin hye unnie when it comes to cutness, funny faces and acting as a boy...etc Plus, the guy here are not that handsome as the korean ones...there is absolutely no way. somewhat, this version is not that bad. But the korean one is the best.

Jezt Woah ! This is AWESOME !!! I Love this version so much .. more than the Korean version !!!

fujinakaheero @emi: honestly, I still think the original is better. I think this one is a bit more serious than the regular. I don't know, I don't mind this version, I'm not going to say it's great like the korean one, but it's ok. I'll give them kudos for trying to remake this series considering how popular and big the original was.

emi omg i loooove this version!!! its so good :D its even better than the korean version. the acting is great and its fast paced! everyone says anjell is ugly, but i bet all those people arent as half as good looking as they are ^^

Yui I LOVE THIS! Love it more than the Korean ver ;D Well each ver has its own flavor you could say but still, this drama is LOVE~ completely addicted to it and I've only seen up to ep 2! Can't wait for more~~

hanikame miko'ssokawaii ^^ i wish she's just a boy ...

moom japanese version is horrible compared to the original.....they tried to copy the korean version of the outfits ways too much.....i know its an remake but shouldnt it be different

mikhael the best version ever !!!!!!

tsumarenai LOL! I was so surprised at the first episode. They managed to cram the original 3 episodes into one full hour episode. kudos. What surprised me more was that Tanoshingo was in it. HILARIOUS. I love that guy. I actually hit my head on my chair from over-laughing. :)

yutorin23 ♥ it... ^_^

based on the 1st episode, it's really nice... Hikaru acts really childish.. well, i think, he can really do it since, that's somewhat his true character is... a fun, joker, childish sometimes...

Yuta, Taisuke. Miori, and Hika-chan!!!


i'm really going to watch it every friday... :D

Mizu Its just as funny as the original. But can't compare yet, since only 1 episode out.

jakob Omg..... japanese drama!!!? i cant so wait For it ?

Hiromi Wowww ! I can't wait .. Why in 15 Jul why not now ;( Hikaru and Yuta and Taisuke ,, I Hope u BREAKING Korean Drama Ganbatte ne <3

risoo01 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so they will going to remake He's Beautiful? i can't express how much excited I am now..... Tamamori + Hikaru + Fujigaya? ahhhhhhh so much like :D JULY COME QUICKLY PLEASE :s

lalala AWESOME, love hikaru's sexy blond hair. JULY is such a long time HURRRRY UPPPPPPPPPPP

keera i think that tamamori yuta will be the hwang tae kyung...kkkyyaaaa....!!!!so hot...and one of those johnnys will kiss the girl...arrrggghh...so hot i cant wait for this drama......i hope july will fast coming soon very fast...arrgghhh i think they will be hot and better than the korean one....tamamori,fujigaya and yaotome...i love you...!!!! <3

Angelica Whose Gonna Be Hwang Tae Kyung??? Yuta Or Taisuke??? Can't Wait!!! Yuta Tamamori!!!!! Hikaru As Jeremy??? Eeeeehhhh???!! Wanna Wanna Watch Already!!!!!

Kitayamapapa Uwaaa!!! Fujigaya act as a cool man *again*?? hahaha! can't wait! and the soundtrack is Kisuma's?? UMMAAAAIIII!!!! Yappa Kakkoiiyan! 美男ですね SAIKOU DA!! *although I didn't watch the korean one, Demo ne sa... Nihon saikou da!* Ganbatte! tamamori fujigaya Hikaru and Takimoto-chan!!!

itja Hikaru as Jeremy??? can't wait ^___^

animeister i wanna know what will be the reaction of the ANJEL fans


Riisa Interesting! I can't wait!

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