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Joon-Soo (Jang Keun-Suk) is a rebellious high school kid, popular with the girls, but an absolute nightmare for his parents and teachers. Joon-Soo soon drives his parents batty enough that they decide to up and leave their house. When Joon-Soo finds out that his parents are AWOL he does what any party animal would do, he calls his friends over for a house party.

That afternoon, Joon-Soo prepares for the party by going to the grocery store and buying drinks & food . While at the grocery store, he briefly leaves his shopping cart unattended to check out the liquor selection. When he comes back to his shopping cart, he’s stunned to find a baby in his cart. Even more confounding, after waiting for hours at the store, nobody comes forward to claim the baby. And to top everything off, theres a note on the baby which claims Joon-soo is the father!

At first, Joon-Soo devises varies ways to abandon the child, but every time is spoiled by an unexpected event. When his teacher calls to warn him that he will be expelled if he misses another day, Joon-soo decides to bring the baby to school. This causes further scandal for Joon-Soo and eventually leads to his suspension. Through all this, Joon-Soo finds himself slowly becoming attached to the baby.


Baby and Me-Jang Keun-Suk1.jpg Baby and Me-Song Ha-Yoon.jpg
Jang Keun-Suk Song Ha-Yoon
Joon-Soo Kim Byeol
Babyandme-MasonMun.jpg Baby and Me-Kim Jeong-Nan.jpg Baby and Me-Lee Mun-Sik.jpg Baby and Me-Oh Gwang-Rok.jpg Baby and Me-Kim Ku-Ra.jpg
Mason Mun Kim Jung-Nan Lee Moon-Sik Oh Gwang-Rok Kim Ku-Ra
Han Woo-Ram Ms. Cho Subway Attendant Gwang-Rok room salon customer

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wfspanda19 I really want to know what song was playing during the airport scene! If anyone knows, please let me know!

lulu love it kim byeol and her PJ's made my day

Rae i like this much... both the father and the kid were cute...awesome! but i like the teen father most.ahehheheh so cute and handsome..

Ree Excellent movie. While for some reason I find most roles that JKS plays as annoying, this one was pleasantly refreshing. I also liked him in you're my pet and hong gil dong.

Good acting, decent script (albeit seems reminiscent of the American movie Three men and a baby) and fast pace keeps you interested.

I would strongly recommend watching this movie.

melizarey doesnt need any reason to be feel, it dorsnt belong to the blood but it belongs to every single nerve of your this story. jang geun suk was able to give justice to its role.. it really reaches my heart...two thumbs up for all the person behind this.

emmar anthoino this movie is a very good one i really love it, it is amazing and really funny

Arcangel29 Waah! >_____< I really love this movie! besides that it's funny because of Woo ram,Joon-soo and Kim Byeol. The movie really touched my feelings! My friends saw me crying and said I was stupid. =__= but hey.. I have some family issues too You know? my mom left me in my father's arms when I was still a baby like woo ram then let my grandparents take care of me. Ajuju but top of that Im such a crybaby and a very lazy person lol, so I guess that's the main reason why I cried to much PS: im now Inlove with Joon-soo! HAHAHA and Im really amazed of kim byeol because she is so smart and she is also cute and funny! <3

Jhoanna I lovvvveeeeee this movie its very heart touching I was so happy when I'm watching baby and me movie

cause Jang Geun suk is so cute and he looks handsome

its better to be a responsible human / person on the serious things like studying , having a child / daughter / son or lets say responsibility if having a kid is a big responsibility that we should take more seriously

I hope this movie will be more viewers


mhay :)

  1. oh my gosh :)
i super love this movie :)

i love the characters specially jang keun-suk (joon soo) and mason mun (Han Woo-Ram)

it teach us to be more responsible :)

love it super<3

Oishi All of the characters are so cute :)

babyjasmine anyeong.... can someone tell me what is the tittle of song when geun suk went the airport to take back his son it rocking my mind all day long.... please somebody!!!! thankz.... XOXO.. BAby...

julive i like it!!!!! mason mun is so cute

akane how cute the movie was @_@ Jang Geun Suk was great, and the baby was so cute....

babyme Now this is what you call a movie! Loved it so much XD Do re mi fa so...didnt really interest me but this movie did! the baby was so cute and love the whole moral of the story XD

Jennifer I love this movie and would love to know the ending song

Ashley The number 1 student in the school? The one who was beaten by Byeol Kim in the top students? I wann know who is she? or is it she/he ? Thank you for answering :))

M.G.J where is go mi nam?

SisterB This is a great movie! I never laughed so hard!! The baby mama search!! The breast milk search!! The actor talking as the baby!! Too funny!! I must buy this one!

Susette Lazarte I really like you in Hwang Jini!!! Hope to see you someday.

Susette Lazarte jang geun suk is sooooooooo cute!!hahahaha true...

kim i luv the movie tooo much, and i luv jang geun-seok.

grace this movie is really really great. i'm looking forward to meet Jang Geun Seok soon..

p It wasn't best movie I ever seen but I enjoyed it. It was good. You were so cute. You are very nice actor.

shifa mahdiya ainiyah i love this movie!!!!jang geun suk in the movie very cute and angry...hahahahhaah

shifa mahdiya ainiyah I love this movie.Jang geun suk in the movie,very very cute and angry.hahahhahahah

hahaha Mason on the poster looks like a little old man in a baby's body! hahaha

vanessa whats the name of the ending song i'm going crazy not know plz tell me!!

denz she is cute and i like her personality in baby and me, funny and genius

ricky hy...

i love this film...

especially the cast are Geun-seok Jang Kim Byeol Mason Mun.

Geun-seok Jang is so cool and Kim Byeol so cute_

syasz i agree with @ Ki ..

  the movie started off interestingly enough, but after 30 minutes or so, the plot started going downhill. Sure, the baby (and not to mention his dad) were cute and all that..well, honestly, i think this factor is the major attraction of the movie, not the movie itself. The plot is all over the place, and the message could be misinterpreted ; just because you're smart and all that, there is no reason to be disrespectful to your teachers, even sometimes showing off to the teachers that you're better than them by acting like a spoiled know-it-all. The characterisations are 
  What is the whole point of the movie anyway? That it is okay to have babies while you're schooling as long as you're taking care of them? The character building is one thing, but the whole message is kinda narrowed down to only one scope, while disregarding other aspects of morale..and lunapark6 pointed out well enough some of the flaws of the movie..

All in all, I'll give it 2 and a half...Half for the baby and his appa =p

Pips i love the movie.. heheh specialy the daddy LOL the baby is so cute! i wish that there will be part2. hmm.. please make. but the cast is still them because i love Geun-seok Jang hahaha... thats all. hehe

Rami ME LOVE DIS MOVIE!! its a very tear-jerking movie. on the part where Joon-soo goes sees his "son" at the airport before he leaves.. ATTENTION! THIS IS A MUST SEEN AND BUY MOVIE! YOU WILL LOVE IT! not to mention Joon-soo is pretty hot himself.X.X

pebz I'm not patient to watch Geun-Seok as a young-cute father . .

Ki “Baby & Me” seems like a can’t miss movie. The movie stars one of the most popular young actors in Korea today, Jang Geun-Suk, and features a story that revolves around a young teen suddenly thrust into fatherhood. At minimum, “Baby & Me” should elicit plenty of smiles and, possibly, a whole lot of laughs right? Sadly, it just ain’t so.

Like a lot of Korean films these days, you’re treated to a decent first 30 minutes or so and than pure drudgery. With “Baby & Me” the laughs never come about, the storyline is fraught with illogical actions, and the movie makes a disappointing turn into pure drama territory towards the end of the film. Gun-seok Jang does his part to provide for a likable lead, but everything else about the movie is second-rate at best.

One of the many misguided choices made by the filmmakers was to use an adult voice-over to illustrate the baby’s thoughts (ala 3 Men and a Baby). This came off as a cheap trick to make the movie cuter than necessary and never came close to being funny. Certain scenes also seemed seriously misguided. When Joon-soo smeared the baby’s soiled diapers on another student’s textbook (for complaining about the noise), it wreaked of poor taste and out of whack judgment on the main character’s part. There’s also many scenes with Kim Byeol telling off teachers in an intended cute manner, but came across as a self-centered brat. If all this isn’t bad enough, there’s plenty of moments with flawed logic. The biggest offense occurred during the movie’s climax. Jang Geun-Suk ran through the security checkpoint at the Incheon Airport to find a couple leaving the country. Eventually he did find the couple, while being chased by airport security. The problem? He had no idea which gate they were at!

2008 is turning out to be one of the weakest years for Korean films in terms of quality and commercial success. “Baby & Me” seems to follow this disappointing pattern by turning in another unsatisfactory effort. If you want a taste of a really good Korean comedy featuring a main character always running around with a baby strapped to their back than check out “Saving My Hubby.” “Baby & Me” is for only die-hard Jang Geun-Suk fans.

P.S. For non-Koreans that watch “Baby & Me,” they may wonder to themselves where exactly Geon-seok Jang’s parents are staying at. If you’re one of them, the answer is “Jim Jil Bang” aka Korean sauna. There are plenty of Jim Jil Bangs in Korea and they cost around $20 bucks for a one day stay (you can sleep in there all night if you wish).

VeE Huwaaaa!!! Jang Geun Seok iz so CUTE!!! Hope will be played in Indonesia!!!! Hoping much!!!

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