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  • Drama: Full House
  • Revised romanization: Poolhawooseu
  • Hangul: 풀하우스 / 풀 하우스
  • Director: Pyo Min-Soo
  • Writer: Won Su-Yeon (cartoon), Min Hyo-Jung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 14 - September 2, 2004
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


This drama attempts to answer the question of whether two people -- a famous actor and an ordinary woman -- can learn to love each other in a marriage agreed upon only on paper. It also explores the meaning of the family by presenting no matter how hard the present may seem, the world is still a good place because of those who bring hopes into our lives through their presence alone.

This drama features diverse characters: considerate, caring, frank, patient, sticking to the life’s basic values. But no matter how different the personalities, everyone finds happiness in the end. --KBS


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    1. Full House Take 2 | Poolhawooseu Take 2 (2012 / TBS,SBS Plus)


Full House-Song Hye-Ko.jpg Full House-Rain.jpg Full House-Han Eun-Jeong.jpg Full House-Kim Sung-Su.jpg
Song Hye-Kyo Rain Han Eun-Jung Kim Sung-Su
Han Ji-Eun Lee Young-Jae Kang Hye-Won Yoo Min-Hyuk
Full House-Jang Yong.jpg Full House-Seon Woo Eun Suk.jpg Full House-Kim Ji-Yeong.jpg Full House-Lee Yeong-Eun.jpg Full House-Im Hye Jin.jpg Full House-Do Han.jpg
Jang Yong Seon Woo Eun Suk Kim Ji-Yeong Lee Young-Eun Lim Ye-Jin Kang Do-Han
Young-Jae's dad Young-Jae's mom Young-Jae's Grandmother Jin-Hee Company president Dong-Wook

Additional Cast Members:


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Mariamu My favourite actress is Han Eun Jung too bad she isnt popular here but my friend and i loved how she played the Gumiho movie and this movie

yayaya after 11 years, this story is still in top 3 of my list. i've watching kdrama for 4 years already both of them are just so cute. ^^

iva love this drama ... :) i love bikyo ;) best korean drama i've ever seen.. love love love love love...................................... :)

rainlovekyo oh my i love this drama 4 ever i love bi & kyo :)

Happy Virus LOL i find it funny that whenever Rain is mad in this drama, he throws a lot of stuff on the ground. There's one almost every Episode

LoveAmerica For my wife and I this is one of our very favorite dramas and we've watched it 8 times over the years (for us, an outstanding record). We enjoyed it every time. Song Hye-Kyo as Han Ji-Eun is completely charming and lovable. Rain, as Lee Young-Jae, does a fine job and together they pull off their roller-coaster love/hate relationship. A fine supporting cast tops off the drama. Some viewers criticize the repetition (there are around a dozen scenes where one or both lead actors are brushing their teeth). That doesn't matter to us; the drama has plenty of laughs and smiles, as well as some heart-rending pathos. The music soundtrack is great (we have the OST) and we sometimes find ourselves humming or whistling the tunes. Of the 100 or so K-dramas we've watched, this is at the very top for pure entertainment.

Full House is not everyone's cup of tea, but obviously we both love it enough to watch it yet again next year.

Filipina Mendoza is it true that the Full house was demolished? so sad

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Manhal my favorite Drama ever ^_^ i'm watching it now for the 5th time :)

jenessa I love this Beautiful scene <3 Watched the tv series with Tagalog dubbed and I must say that I liked, no loved it so much that I wished there is a continuation to the story. Thumbs up to the pairing of Song and Rain. Are there anymore tv series that featured them with Tagalog dubbing? To everyone who was involved with making this tv series, congratulation to a job well done. All the best to you!

kupukupumu Just watched this series. Again. Maybe for the fourth time. Have to say this series is the apex of Korean movies, together with My Sassy Girl for the full feature movie.

alice this actor is very hansome and very good guy. lee min ho is a very handsome.

Erika Kang Hye-Won ticked me off! I hated how she tortured Lee Young-Jae with her dramatic self! Yoo Min-Hyuk is the handsomest man ever! He was perfect for this role! I loved watching the banter between Han Ji-Eun and Lee Young-Jae. They had excellent chemistry! I was so excited when they finally got together. Kang Hye-Won did not really love Yoo Min-Hyuk, she was just desperate for a FINE man.

That is the only thing I don’t like is the desperation in Kang Hye-Won. If a man doesn’t like you and lets you know it then move on. Lee Young-Jae wanted her but just like Yoo Min-Hyuk said Kang Hye-Won is too much for him. They don’t have chemistry.

Young-Jae’s grandmother was hilarious! I loved her character. Young-Jae’s father was getting on my nerves smacking his son. I have noticed in a lot of Korean Dramas if the parents are upset they smack their adult children. That is weird!

Does anyone know where I could purchase the light up poster of Lee Young-Jae aka Rain? Dong-Wook and Jin-Hee were the worst friends ever! You couldn’t get worse friends if you tried!

Ninfa (from Canada) Watched the tv series with Tagalog dubbed and I must say that I liked, no loved it so much that I wished there is a continuation to the story. Thumbs up to the pairing of Song and Rain. Are there anymore tv series that featured them with Tagalog dubbing? To everyone who was involved with making this tv series, congratulation to a job well done. All the best to you!

B honestly it`s the best korean drama I`ve ever watched!:) It was just perfect, the story is really cute and very funny!:D They`re a really sweet and funny couple!:D It`s on top of my favorite drama list and I really enjoyed it!:) I also liked all the songs from this drama, it`s a really good one:)<3 must-watch!:P

Sandia (from Sri Lanka) I am above 50years old but nothing has seen like this romantic. It teaches patience, tolerance and true love for young and old. I watch it when ever I get time and each time it is new. All features do their job well especially Song & Rain. Congratulations for all.

naomi bb I don't just love this drama series,(fullhouse) i think i am addicted to it.

Yazuko This is my fourth time watching after 4 years and to my surprise I still get excited with each episode! It really is a great movie! It still made me laugh and cry all together, also I kept repeating some scenes! Hahaha! I like this better than Boys over flowers. The Heirs was just like Boys over flowers so it got boring along the way, except Kim Woo Bin - I beleive he stole the spotlight from Lee Min Ho! Just an opinion I'm not hating on Lee Min Ho!

주 영 옥 Accidentally, I ordered this drama, and I didn't even know the actors. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. There were times, I laughed so hard, I had to run to the rest room. I like Korean dramas because they are very clean and entertaining to majority of the audiences. I like the chemistry between the two actors, 비 and 송혜교. There is something so darling about when you see a short women with a tall men. They were great paring, whoever cast them together knew how to pared couples. I can see why, this drama was a hit. 비, has very unusual facial features and his voice seem to come from both his nasal and deep down stomach. Continue success to all!!! :)

sakshi frm india Frm past 5 years I have been watching this series....its jusssttt the besssttt No other show is comparable even song and rain looks fab.together.. Jsst lov this show...it fills smiles in life...

Watch it if u have forgot how heart beats..beautiful show :)

Nishadi I really love Full House...The most loving,most beautiful drama I've ever watched.The Superb Bi Rain with Song Hye Kyo.The Best of the Best It's wonderful .Aja Aja Fighting!!!

alex This drama sucks..stopped after 2 episode. Only lead actress looks like good for playboy. :) Most korean drama actress not good.. Except HAN GA IN , GO ARA , HAN JI WON. ofcourse they are not great actors in any sense but they are charming...and vulnerable quality which makes me tow atch their drama.

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Kat-liiiin ^-^ This is like the first Kdrama I've watched back in 2004 and this is where I got addicted to Kdrama and Kpop :)

mang full house remind me my high school days,it was 2008 my friends always talk about korean serial and so on.So i said myself why not me,full house was my first,its one if the best.

madelaine do you know where can I buy Korean dramas originally sold by the company and not 3rd parties

elish South korea rocks

OzFan4KDrama I'm re-watching this movie after watching all 32 episodes of "Full House Part 2". I have seen this movie many years ago and in all honesty, I really enjoyed it. I feel that I have to experience the fun I had when I watched it before. I love Rain & Song Hye-Ko loveteam here cuz they're so funny together. Oh well, better continue watching it now. Ciao.

Akira Just got done watching this on Netflix and love the whole series. Lots of funny and sad moment. I like the way how it ended. Hopefully Rain and Song Hye-Kyo reunite again to make another series. Highly recommend.

Ochi What's this drama's connection with Full House Take 2? The actors are different :| NO RAIN!! QAQ

Keith This drama was has a Philippine Remake but it was a disaster! the original version was really the best, also the 2nd version Full House Take 2, and its manga was the best also.

u i o "Full House", beautiful big house, has every item that it should have but......... why there is no a washing machine? and why are they wash it by themselves instead of useing laundry service. my house and around mine have this basic item. Anyway i love this drama. my inspiration for watching is "AUTUMN IN MY HEART". ...................... i think that the best answer for my comment is "it just be melodrama, don't think too much" .... i am so radiculous! my brain may smaller than poultry. ( *_* !)

hellohnin and I'm totally agree with Shadel says. (Above comment)

hellohnin My EVER TOP 1 K Drama & Sweetest, Perfect Match Couple! My Ever!

Shadel One of the MAIN REASON of Korean Drama Invasion..Full House is really considered one of the BEST & I may say MOST SUCCESSFUL Korean Drama ever, I think for all those who love to watch Asian Drama, you will miss everything if you haven't seen this drama..This is LEGEND in terms of Romantic Comedy. In our country (Philippines) it was still the HIGHEST RATED KOREAN DRAMA ever aired here up to this date.

Song Hye Kyo is really a very good actress, after seeing her in Autumn In My Heart, I really can't believe that she's the naughty & very lovely Han Ji Eun in Full House, her character in the two drama's were really opposite, and I'm very impressed. She's an AMAZING actress, and I can say that she's the one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL KOREAN ACTRESS on my lists. For Rain Bi, oh my, my heart melt every time I saw his smile as his eyes smiles too, he's so cute, oh my….

Well Full House was really the BEST, it's really cute the way they quarrel everyday and cannot stand each other's company. The way they jealous, but fear to say what they really feel was cute too. i can't count how many time I laugh about this drama, but cried also for some scenes I've watched. And the romance, oh my, Hye Kyo & Bi was really a PERFECT MATCH made in Heaven, there FANTASTIC CHEMISTRY together was all enough for you to feel in love on this drama.

Aja Just finished watching it. I enjoyed it a lot. More powers to you Rain & Song Hye-Kyo. <3 Hope there will be another korean drama for the both of you. FIGHTING~

arunima I really<3 dis drama . I want to plead kbs world to again air dis drama. This is one of those dramas to I m obsessesd.

Luv ya bi rain and hyegyo<3

faith it was amazing watchig rain and song hye kyo together. the scenes they are together are beautiful. but this drama has a big mistake. the other two charecters are really boring. thats because of the actor and the actress. they cant really act and their charecters are ridicilous. full house could have been much better without them. anyway i know thats a mit on internet that full house 2 is coming but i m one of the fans who would like to see bi and song hye kyo together. they are really match and because both of them are talented its amazing watching them

olive seen new full house2!

hye kyo & bi


p I love Full House. I love watching it. Amazing

bhanvi luv u fullhouse...pls rain and song...get toghter in fullhouse 2..or any othr show......

fRebbie Mitchell This was the first Koran Drama that I ever seen that was in 2006 the station that carried it my cable dropped it so they only picked up KBS last year just love it. FULL HOUSE is the all best.

karlita i just love "Full House", Rain looks gorgeous XDDD

sar Vote for this drama in this page in order to remain as Top 10

chef anja the best drama i have watch all my live.... i hope SHK and Rain will playing again in Full House 2 aja..aja.. fighting

diken davin rejoyce i love this drama.it was really funny and i hope it will be once more repeated in ghana

Shweta Full house is my fave korean drama.i hope we in india get to see full house2 as well with the lovely song hye gyo & rain once more together.i have also made a fansite for indian fans of fh. it is indianfansoffullhouse.blogspot.com.hope more people visit.

kenaruma_05 i love full house very much coz it so funny!!! LOL^^

skylightangel101 oh i luv dis drama full house 2 is comin out how kool. ^.^


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