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  • Drama: Dream High
  • Revised romanization: Deurim Hai
  • Hangul: 드림하이
  • Director: Lee Eung-Bok
  • Writer: Park Hye-Ryun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 3 - February 28, 2011
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Dream High" takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars.

Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art. There he discovers his genius like musical talent.

Jin-Gook (TaecYeon) is a gifted dancer, but a troubled student at school. The director of Kirin High School of Art (Bae Yong-Jun)) recommends to Jin-Gook to enroll at his school. There, Jin-Gook's talents blossom and he now dreams of becoming a global star.

Exchange student Jason (Wooyoung) comes to Kirin High after receiving the top score for new applicants. He comes from abroad and shows outstanding skills as a dancer.

Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suzy) is the most popular girl at Kirin High. She carries herself as a confident girl, but inside hides a sad past. She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art. She is loved by Song Sam-Dong and Jin-Gook.

Yoon Becky (Eun Jung) looks up to Ko Hye-Mi, who appears to have everything. They soon become rivals.

Eria (Yoon Young-Ah) is a popular teen star. She enters Kirin High School of Art and becomes the object of admiration by her peers. She looks forward to having a "regular" school life.


  1. "Dream High" takes over KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Marry Me, Mary!" & will be replaced by "Detectives in Trouble" on March 7, 2011
  2. "Dream High" will be co-produced by Bae Yong-Jun's KeyEast, Park Jin-Yeong JYP Entertainment, and CJ Media. Park Jin-Yeong will also act as the music director for the drama series.
  3. Auditions will be held for roles in "Dream High". Interest applicants can submit applications at KeyEast website (http://www.keyeast.co.kr/audition/audition_list.asp).
  4. Cast members that are actual pop stars include TaecYeon & Wooyoung from "2PM", Bae Suzy from "Miss A", Eun Jung from "T-ARA" and IU who is a female solo singer.
  5. A free mini concert will be held on February 24th, 2011 at the Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center in Goyang, South Korea. The free concert will be filmed for the final episode of "Dream High" which will air on February 28th, 2011. Performers scheduled to appear at the free concert are Park Jin-Young, Bae Suji, Kim Soo-Hyun, TaecYeon, Eun Jung, IU. Singer Kim Tae-Woo & comedian Park Kyung-Rim will host the free mini concert.
  6. Related titles:
    1. Dream High 2 (KBS2 / 2012)


students @ Kirin High

Dream High-Kim Soo-Hyun.jpg DreamHigh-Bae Suji.jpg DreamHigh-TaecYeon.jpg DreamHigh-Eun Jung.jpg Dream high-Jang Woo Young.jpg
Kim Soo-Hyun Bae Suzy TaecYeon Ham Eun-Jung Wooyoung
Song Sam-Dong Ko Hye-Mi Jin-Kuk Yoon Becky Jason
Dream high-IU.jpg Dream High-Yoon Young-Ah.jpg Dream High-Jun A-Min.jpg Dream High-Han Ji-Hoo.jpg Dream High-Park Jin-Sang.jpg
IU Yoon Young-Ah Jun A-Min Han Ji-Hoo Park Jin-Sang
Kim Pil-Suk Eria Jo In-Sung Park Do-Joon Jun Tae-San
Dream High-Kim Bo-Reum.jpg Dream High-Jeong Min-Joo.jpg
Han Bo-Reum Jeong Min-Joo
Ha So-Hyun Jeong A-Jeong

faculty @ Kirin High

Dream high-Bae Yong Jun.jpg Dream high-Uhm Ki Joon.jpg Dream high-Lee Byung Joon.jpg Dream high-Lee Yoon Ji.jpg Dream High-Park Jin-Young.jpg
Bae Yong-Jun Uhm Ki-Joon Lee Byung-Joon Lee Yoon-Ji Park Jin-Young
Jung Ha-Myung Kang Oh-Hyuk Si Bum-Soo Si Kyung-Jin Yang Jin-Man
Dream high-Lee Youn Mi.jpg Dream High-Baek Won-Gil.jpg
Lee Youn-Mi Baek Won-Kil
Maeng Seung-Hee Kong Min-Chul

Additional Cast Members:

Dream high-Ahn Sun Young.jpg DreamHigh-Ahn Seo-Hyun.jpg Dream high-Lee Hye Sook.jpg Dream high-Choi Il Hwa.jpg DreamHigh-Ahn Kil-Kang.jpg
Ahn Sun-Young Ahn Seo-Hyun Lee Hye-Sook Choi Il-Hwa Ahn Kil-Kang
Kang Oh-Sun Ko Hye-Sung Song Nam-Boon Hyun Moo-Jin Ma Doo-Sik
Dream High-Park Hyeok-Kwon.jpg DreamHigh-Kim Hyun-Joon.jpg
Park Hyuk-Kwon Kim Hyun-Joong
Ko Byung-Jik cameo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-01-03 1 11.3 (8th) 14.2 (5th)
2011-01-04 2 11.5 (10th) 13.9 (6th)
2011-01-10 3 11.7 (8th) 13.8 (5th)
2011-01-11 4 13.4 (4th) 15.4 (5th)
2011-01-17 5 13.7 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2011-01-18 6 13.1 (4th) 15.9 (4th)
2011-01-24 7 15.3 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2011-01-31 8 14.9 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd)
2011-02-01 9 14.9 (3rd) 16.9 (4th)
2011-02-07 10 16.7 (3rd) 19.2 (3rd)
2011-02-08 11 16.6 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd)
2011-02-14 12 15.8 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2011-02-15 13 17.2 (3rd) 20.1 (3rd)
2011-02-21 14 16.4 (3rd) 18.9 (3rd)
2011-02-22 15 17.2 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2011-02-28 16 18.2 (3rd) 20.7 (3rd)
Average - -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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camso nice show i really like it.

athila really love watching DREAM HIGH

Peng Lee Just here for Suzy

Baia If I were movie director I would continue this drama in movie... Suzy's and Kim Soo Huyn's character would meet first time after years :D Just like in "Veronica Mars" :)) You who are in Korea, just write petition, please :)) Sorry for my English...

mun love the drama.....soo hyun,suzy,taecyeon,IU....loved everyone! all the actors & actresses r the best! <3

yayaya this is one of the best school drama. their friendship, the couple( i liove milky couple more tho) they'r soooo adorable. this drama is the start of both kim soo hyun and suzy to become popular. and really love that fact. i started liking iu from this drama (i'm still

uaena even after stop fan over kpop). oh and i reaaally love suzy here .

Misha I really liked the end of this drama :)

ng no The best be the best muscial drama ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ it

Maryam I loved this Drama ! TaecYeon and Suzy's acting were wonderful !!

Louison I have just began this drama, that great, but, for me, Ko Hye Mi is not at all moving... Ok she has a really sad life, she suffers, she is left with her little sister, etc... But in my opinion, she's only an arrogant, pretentious student . Her childhood friend is better, maybe she is or she will be doing bad things but it is understable, she was always hiding behind Hye Mi, people made fun of her, even her mother don't believe in her own talent, for others she only had flaws and Hye Mi has all.

Aarthy wonderful drama i like it more

ibraheem elnaseer I really appreciate this series,this is my best Korean series ever to watch. I like it so much i even feel like its me in real life i use to even consider myself as Sam Song-Dong,its inspiring it touch the heart directly i like it so much. The actors are really great ones ,they have bright future. I use it sleeop with it in mind i look forward to seeing its likes in future. I am Nigerian residing in Sudan,i like the Korean series they are my favourites.

Megumi Really really exallent drama that I have watchd . Dream high 1 is better than 2.All the actors and actresse are best.I enjoied it well

Ziforah Gallarde Who is the real KPop member in this drama ..?

YouRzz i realy loved this drama and hoping for season two for them to reunite but it turns out that season two is a different story and different characters. I'm just saying this because i thought this is a continuation of season 1 but it is not.

Derrick Dagel well that was very interesting

someone Very inspiring drama with healing dialogues and many beautiful lessons. I don't know how can someone be unsatisfied by Hyemi ending up with Samdong. I don't understand why people only like the 'bad boys' or the 'childhood friends', it becomes corny if they end up with the main girl. On the contrary, Samdong was a country bumpkin with no knowledge of music, but ended up a famous singer. Despite his ear problems, he went through every obstacle and loved Hyemi to the point he'd sacrifice his life for her. His love for her is the epitome of love a boy can feel for a girl.

Jingook is a nice character, but he's a little too common in the K-drama world. Hyemi and Samdong are different characters. I don't hate Baekhee, she pissed me a lot and did many wrong things, but deep down, she only did that because of her own insecurity. Pilsuk and Jason (especially Pilsuk) were endearing too.

semoo the drama that made me dream high :) .. simply amazing

jasmin I just came from watching it!!! Song Sam dong/Kim soo hyun, you are an amazing actor and got a unique voice!! I loved your singing- a tear always fell on my eye when I heard you singing....I really liked it when you sang "MAYBE"!! I am way from Tanzania ( a country in Africa) but wow, dude...you moved me!!! Plus all the dream high cast...wait, yah!!! JASON ( woo young) wow, I loved you from day one, actually epidode one..hehehe!!! You are the best!! Keep doing what you are doing!!!and Kim pil suk (IU) I love your voice!!!! Gosh""I think am about to write an essay, hehehe...anywayz., all the dream high cast did it well!!! But for me, I loved those three I mentioned more ;)

bayrmaa hello my is darymaa is my levo you dream high levo you

Mashreef This Drama is brilliant. It almost covered everyone's story on it. Everything was perfect though the ending was quite sad. They depart themselves from each other with the last kiss and that earing which Song Sam Dong was hold for so long, Because Go Hye‑mi knows Song sam is a fool and he wont take the opportunity because of her. I really thought maybe they will reunite at the season but it turned out Season 2 is utter shit and nothing like season 1. Im a musician i know the feeling when anybody says "You are my music" "How can i just leave my music" There is a strong passion over there towards the person he/she loves. Being a world famous celebrity sure is being lonely cause i know it :) This drama is very inspiring for all those underground dancer's and musicians.

natty it feels like this drama was based on the actors from keyeast and jyp only...but bottom is line i love it

Ikram Fantatic :)

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bryan Dream high is amazing..i like to do there dance haha

rhodora mae im going crazy with you guys...hope youll visit here in the phillipines...ur filipino fans are dying to see you

Dreamer I love Dream High. I love JYPE. I love Bae Suzy/Go Hye-Mi! I'll always want to dream high. I want to meet the whole cast! DREAM HIGH! <3

MILDRED DOKU I really love your movies and am really in love with korea.am a from ghana and will love to visit korea.i love you guys

joan it's a regret that I only watched this drama after almost 3years it has ended..hahaha.. the good thing about this drama is the storyline which do not focus only on one person, and there were no dull moments which make you watch episode after episode. It's just sad that they give an open-ended finale. :( seriously! why not just make it to the point of what will happen to the hye-mi and sam-dong!!!!

charity mae rubica I am one of your fan hope i can see you personally .... I really love to go in korea someday.. I am from philippines... Together,hope there will be a new movie together I LOVE YOU Kim Soo-Hyun,Bae Suzy,,,Taecyeon, Ham Eun-Jung,Wooyoung,And IU

dee.11 pil suk <3 jason <3 how sweet they are .. i am completely in love with them <3 <3 love love love and taecyeon <3 you are the best oppa

Ahmed Alalam After i watch this show m i believe in that Koreans have good culture , they must be try to broadcasting this culture to the worlds , not only the American who can effect in this world , Koreans can make huge and best effect .

Amine Elegant I Love this series because is very good ...

aya oppa Annyeong-haseyo saranghyo amari

hiba love u guys and I love dream high I am from sudan but I would love to go to korea just to meet you guys wish u all the best

Elle I love Dream High so much. I would love to see it all over again. I wish there would be Dream High Season 3.

Elena i really love this drama but i was dissappointed by the end but seriously Jin kok is way too too handsome for sam dong

Paula I want a season 3 with them.

yumi Really love this drama, the plot is fantastic and the OST is probably one of the best ones right next to moon emrbacing sun and you're beautiful. wooyoung and IU's love story was pretty cute :) i didn't realize how gorgeous suzy was until i started watching this, i'm completely baffled by her beauty. and also lee yoon-ji is hella hot.

dreamer Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun forever. Samdong -Hyemi perfecto!

ghita i just LOVE it!!!

Paul as "thai" said ending was so confusing...pilsuk became kindergarten teacher! ._. what about jason?!( what was that kiss scene in ep15?! kiss on forehead?! u must be kidding me! -_-") samdong and grammy?! seriously?! lol and how hyemi sister became that pretty in a short time?! xD i thought hyemi gonna be a pop star! what all that dancing training and effort was for ?! 0_o only jinkuk's was believable and cool :P i really loved this drama ..everything was awesome..the only thing disappointed me a bit was the ending.great job everyone specially suzy , TcY and iu. wish bests for you guys.^^

Thai So I finally watched it and just recently finished it lol despite knowing how popular it was when it came out. I LOVED it ^^ I was able to connect with all the characters and ended up liking all of them. I thought Hyemi would have been good with either Jinguk or Samdong so it didn't really bother me who she ended up with as I could see that they both really loved her. My favorite couple was Pilsuk and Jason though lol. I thought all of their scenes together were so cute :D

I thought the ending wasn't bad though it left me feeling a little confused. Maybe I'm just slow or missed something but could someone tell me why the group broke up exactly? I get that Samdong had to leave for the US but did that automatically mean that the group had to end and everyone go their separate ways. They all said that performing was their dream and yet it seem that only Samdong and Jinguk continued on. Well I guess technically Hyemi did too except she went back to being a classical vocalist. I thought she wanted to become a pop star so what happened to that? Also Baekhee became a teacher at Kirin and Pilsuk became a kindergarten teacher. Why was that? Lastly what exactly is Jason doing cuz I didn't get that either lol. If someone could answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it ^^

flore i prefer iu+jason couple more than the main actor though i like them

Paul hyemi and samdong?! why?! NO WAY! 0.0 now i know what will be the end don't want to see the next eps...hyemi and jinkuk is the best couple i ever seen in any drama! :D TcY is so cool and handsome with those cute ears! xD and suzy the natural beauty... (love ya suzy ^^) cant imagine suzy with soo hyon at all! -_-"

KerrySA this is THE MOST FANTRASTICAN DRAMA (x cept boys over flower n a few others) bt the ending SUCKED big tym... i mean my dream couples didn't get 2gether! :'C it was cruel and insane. BUT i still LOVE it... Jin Guk is so handsome and cool looking... wish boys who liked me looked like him xcept they ain't

amytis how sad for baek hee... i still love baek hee even she turn out something not her. but i knew those feeling when u've been rejected by own bestfriend and want to show you can do more better than her. dont mind ppl who hate you, but i always like you baek hee. good girl always turn to be bad girl. good acting eun jung for baek hee!

Joshua Tecson Dream High has inspired me to do a lot in life.

Best drama I like dream high so much. I like all the actors. I never thought that Go hye mi (Suzy) and Song sam dong (Kim soo hyun) will together. I thought that she will be with Jin guk (Taecyeon). But it's ok. Because i think Go hye mi and song sam dong it's a good couple. All the scene is beautiful. Starting from the first to the end. Dream high is the best drama that i ever seen. Congratulation to all the actors

Lovely girl I love BAE SUZY as GO HYEMI. I like her acting she is so pretty that s why HYUN SHI HYUK(TAECYEON)and SONG SAMDONG(KIM SOO HYUN)fell for her. And sorry to YOON BAEK HEE(HAM EUNJUNG)i hate her because of the whole drama she's been the rival of GO HYEMI,and she's been trying to be GO HYEMI,and she wants to win agains GO HYEMI,thats why i hate her.And i dont care about KIM PILSOOK (IU) and JASON (WOOYOUNG)i'm not interested about them. I think the highlight of DREAM HIGH is the love triangle between JIN GUK , HYEMI , and SAMDONG. THE REST I DONT CARE.


keith qutz taecyeon and suzy forever!!!

vanes i really really love this drama! i watched it several times and i am love it from the beginning until the end.taecyeon and suzy are the best.i like both of them.i love wooyoung,he is very polite to all especially to gelou.their love story i so cute..kim soo hyun is also handsome..i hate ham eun jung's character,she is only jealous of suzy..in my opinion she will remain to be."hye mi's tail"....

Sama I really love this drama I think suzy and soo hyun are a good couple together in this drama

vanes honestly,i hate angelie (the kelly's tail)she is so crazy....

vanes i love it.DREAM HIGH one of my favorite korean dramas.suzy and taecyeon suit each other so well. oh my,how can be taecyeon and kim soo hyun be that handsome.?i love both of them..

Kana omg! this drama is very good! Two tumbs up for this drama

lara am vazut ambele sezone il astept pe cel de al treilea:x

Princess_Sunshine OMG!!!!! Shadel you took my every word what I wanted to say about this drama. BTW thank you that you share all my feelings through ur comment. Um Bangladeshi and I think um da 1st person who watched k drama in my country. As Shadel Told everything what um wanted to say about this drama, I just wanna say one thing DREAM HIGH IS THE BEST K DRAMA I HAVE EVER SEEN....LOVE U ALL <3 <3 <3

Shadel I'm from the Philippines..and I just recently finished watching Dream High, probablyly it's been a month now after I brought 2 DVD's of this series, one was in Tagalog dubbed & the other was the original DVD. Ok, let's start, I am really a fan of Korean Drama, and now I have already more or less 60 DVD collections at home, and I can say, if I'm the one to asked THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA I've watched "Dream High" is one of those. My GOODNESS, this is the fourth drama that I've been repeating to watched everyday! It made me addicted not only with the Drama but the WHOLE CASTS! Before I say to myself I couldn't find another Korean drama who will got me addicted after the 2004 series Full House, 2005 My Girl & the 2006 Princess Hours, but 2011 Dream High series proved me I was WRONG. How adorable they made a FANTASTIC CAST all together in a musical drama like this, the songs were all FANTASTIC, actually I've already downloaded it all now. The story was PERFECT MADE from the very first episode up to the end. Every episodes are all worth watching, the casting were simply made perfect for the characters. I never knew "Miss A" not until I find Bae Soo Ji (Suzy), my God they were so talented. But okay, let's go back to dream High story..

I love Go Hye Mi character whose so strong & brave from the very start and how her characters grow up to the end of the series. Song Sam Dong was really the "man of our dreams" for all the girls out there, he love Hye Mi so much without any hesitation, even though from the start how Hye Mi's felt for Jin Guk, he really don't care that, as long as he love Hye Mi that's all, without any question. Well Jin Guk did his character also very well, I love the way how his character evolve around Hye Mi's life and the love triangle exist between him, Hye Mi & Sam Dong, it made me doubting the story that Hye Mi maybe will end up Jin Guk even though I knew from the very start that the lead stars where really Suzy (Hye Mi) & Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong). The love triangle where executed very well, making you curious who will be the winner at the end for Hye Mi's heart. While Yoon Baek Hee character also was also adorable, from being Hye Mi's per and even Best friend who became Hye Mi's rival was great. And lastly, don't forget the cuteness of Jason & Pil Suk in this series, a cute love story that really fitted for everyone.

Now, let's talk about the song & dance on this series, all I can say, it was made PERFECTLY! Not to mentioned that they were really a great singers & dancers in real life, I was just surprised that Kim Soo Hyun is the only one who didn't have any k-pop experience but WOW, why he have that amazing voice and dance just like a real dancer. In terms of acting, this series was so powerful, Kim Soo Hyun was a really a GREAT ACTOR, he made me cry tries though out the drama, the first scene was during his showcase number, where he suffering for his eating illness and then Hye Mi help him to finished and pass over that number. Another scene, was the scene when he thought Hye Mi leave him to go to state, as he was running & calling Hye Mi's name and begging not to go, his acting was really PERFECT, it made me teared too, and how his world relief when he finds out Hye Mi didn't go, he hugged Hye Mi as if he there were no tomorrow. And finally the last scene, the bus scene of Sam Dong & Hye Mi, confusing their real feelings but begging each other to go for their dreams. My God, how painful for Hye Mi, letting Sam Dong go for that dream even though it breaks her heart, there teared eyes and emotions got me teared too,whaaaa…..

Overall, the whole story was really THE BEST, I do understand that for TaecZy fans they really don't like how it end up, but guys, come on Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun chemistry was undeniable GREAT, sorry, but for me, I didn't find Taecyeon really suitable for Suzy, yes they have Chemistry too, but unlike when she's with Kim Soo Hyun, damn I want them to get married soon..I'm getting to the point of over exaggerating since that Suzy is only 17 years old now (she's 16 yrs old during Dream High) but their nothing wrong to fantasize them 'cause it's FREE. And speaking of Kissing scene, well that's all ACCEPTABLE, Suzy is still a MINOR but she did two kissing scene with Taecyeon & Kim Soo Hyun, and to compare the two kiss she had, the Ferries Wheel kiss she had with Jin Guk was just a kiss to relief the pain of the unbroken promised, but the bus kissing scene was too meaningful, it's a silent saying of "please wait for me, i love you" & the way Hye Mi accepted that kiss, a silent saying of "i'll wait for you, I love you too" My GOD, that's soooo sweet…

Now, I'm hoping there will be Dream High 3, the Dream High original cast will have their reunion at Kirin, I'm so excited to see what will going to happen for Hye Mi & Sam Dong love story now that Sam dong already got the top as what he promised to her, bringing that success to her & to be with her forever, how ROMANTIC!

moviegoer I LOVE GO HYE MI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love her character so much. I never saw this kind of character in any heroine. Some are badass but ended up in noble idiocy but Hye Mi was different!!!! She is so strong as a character!!! My favorite ever!! Sam Dong was so adorable and I'm happy they end up together! Oh my!!much love... I LOVE DREAM HIGH SO MUCH MY FAVORITE KDRAMA (I've been waiting for this type of drama..amazing music + good story+ awesome characters) I'll be following Go Hye Mi (Suzy) now, she needs to be in a lot of dramas and movies! She's the BEST.

ginia1110 My god i thought this was gonna be another poor rip off of Glee but after watching epi 1 i couldnt wait to see epi 2 and the rest!

Okay, i could not understand why some people couldn't appreciate Song Sam Dong. HE IS LIKE THE EPITOME OF A GUY WHO LOVES LIKE NO OTHER PERSON.

I love love love Kim soo HYun after watching him in Dream High, and mind you, i already watched The moon embraces the Sun, but i think he gave his heart more to this story than he ever did in The moon, when in fact his character there was also longing for another woman and for a long time too.

I think he was really pure and adorable then tragic at the middle in DH, but he was able to lift himself up from the abyss and cope with his illness. God, and he loves Hye with EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY.

I appreciate how patient he had been about pursuing Hye mi when it was very obvious to him how her affection runs deeper towards Jin Guk, you know, how typical they make the third party loose themselves in the process of acquiring a one sided love (e.g. lovers in paris- Lee Dong Gun... and the rest, LOL). But he didnt, instead he supported Hye Mi through everything she did, and near the end, he showed us how pure his feelings were when he told Jin Guk that it didnt matter who stays besides Hye Mi as her love (who he thought is Jin Guk) as long as she remains in KOrea and he can look after her, in the sidelines.


I also love how there was no shred of wickedness in his love, and at the end, he was rewarded by Hye Mi's affection turning towards him. Aigooo!!!!!! I really LOVE SONG SAM DONG AND HYE MI TOGETHER!!!!!!!!

dhinta i love jang wooyoung (jason)  :) :*

nina damn i heard this drama is so good! im gonna watch it now reading the comments the only thing i really super like about this dramas is that kim hyun joong is in it hes my favorite actor and sooooo good looking i saw the frist episode and he was in it im like BAMN im gonna finish it but hes dosent show that much in the dramas :( he still hoot thou

hanny i hope their will be another season of it and the same cast of dream high!!! coz its so beautiful and i love all of them:)

hanny this is the most beautiful korean drama i watch but at the end of the story NAKAKABITIN!!! i'm not satisfied on it!!!!! sorry!!!

natalie lim lOvE qOe toH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joana C0RRECTION to my previous comment *HYE MI not kim hye* :)

Joana OMG! I never expected that this drama makes me blush! I love how ABS dubbed the drama very well. .from the start i love the genius character of Sam-dong and strong personality of kim hye. .i really love the team up! Love love love! :)

jayrene hilario really love this = )

jayrene hilario this is one of the best Korea Novela i ever watch = )

David I'm a guy. I just finished watching Dream High. (Luckily I got the whole season in HD.) And after the first episode I couldn't stop watching. I ended up dropping everything I had to do and had a marathon of it. It's amazing and I highly recommend this k-drama. The acting is amazing and with all the amazing artists in this show, you already know the songs and singing is top-notch. Its very emotional, I swear I teared up many times. Song Sam Dong's acting was amazing. I felt he deserved to be with Go Hye Mi. He expressed his love in a very cute way. Though Jin Guk was smooth and really cool, he also deserved her. But back to being a man. **** all the rest, this show should've revolved around Kim Pil Sook and Wooyoung because they were so damn cute. Kim Pil Sook is absolutely adorable. Amazing drama. Get into it now..........

a_an:-) I really like this drama:-) It inspires a person's dream. In fact it is about dream, comedy and love. I am really looking forward before for jin guk and hye mi to end up! but in the end, it's not:-( but it's okay, if you really like a drama, you should like the whole of it, starting at the beginning up in the end. I never get bored watching each episode because it is full of excitement... I kept on watching this in YouTube, though sometimes it doesn't have all the parts of it. I look on to Google, only to find the part that I haven't seen, only to see it!!!!

Christien I love dream high but it really really sucks at the ending... hye mi and jin guk didn't end up together.. i mean come'on they have great chemistry and their love story is amazing.. i hope there'll be a dream high 3 where hye mi and jin guk will end up together.. :D

gell demesa where do i gonna find this series in the internet??? please ???

Suzy This drama was fantastic!! Suzy (Hye Mi) was amazing in her character. Taecyeon (Jin Guk) made me fall in love with him. Soo Hyun's (Sam Dong) acting was just wow. His character was so emotional. Made me cry a lot. Wooyoung (Jason) was so so so funny. IU (Pil Suk) was too cute. Full of optimism... Eunjung was amazing in her role. Had real emotions. Everything was perfect. I'd watch it again anytime. A real drama!! Advice: WATCH IT ASAP!!! :)

  • sob* the ending was sooo emotional....

beanne patrize sudario this is my favorite korean drama.. im addicted

natila lim i love this korean drama',

ilove the cast!!!!, suzy you are the besT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Dream Higher pls make a drama that is similar to dream high... it inspires me a lot..

kpopidol jin guk is talented,handsome,brave and kind compare to samdong he is crazy...he is perfect to yoon becky they are both crazy...

ihatekimsoohyun jin guk and hye mi become friends when they still a child..and they are close to each other..and jin guk save the life of hye mi many times..but why hye mi and jin guk will not been together..why the story changes..this is a unbelievable drama..i hate kim soo hyun..because for me he is not belong to this drama because he just live in the country side and he is not talented..

taeczy I love this drama but i'm so disappointed because hye mi ang jin guk not become lover...i hate sam dong...he is just a guy with no talent..and actually he is not handsome and he is crazy...he is dull and poor...i hope in the next season of dream high jin guk and hye mi will become lovers...because they are perfect to each other.. i luv u taeczy(taecyeon ang suzy) i hope in the real life you will be gf and bf..i love u taecyeon u are so cute and charming and talented..gogogogogo...i love you..and i hate kim soo hyun so much

Kyla I love this drama.. except for the fact that Ko Hye Mi and Jin kuk didn't end up together!!!! Grrrrrr! I really hate that part. It's not fair, I mean like c'mon duuuuuh.. Hye Mi and Jin kuk looks so much better than Sam Dong. tsk tsk!! they don't have chemistry unlike what Jin kuk and Hye Mi had .. I smile and shout everytime I saw Hye Mi and Jin Kuk.. It's really a big mistake that the Director chose Sam Dong instead of Jin Kuk. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Aljun I like it... I like the Twist that Go Hye Mi and Song Sam Dong are the Lovers in this Series.....First you will expect that it will probably Jin Kuk and Go Hyemi that will be lovers because of their past but suddenly when Jin Kuk got Busy in his career...It is the start of the Love Story of Sam Dong and Hyemi......I hope That Dream High 3 Will Be the Continuation of Dream High 1 probably a "reunion" and how the relationship of Go Hye Mi and Song Sam Dong end up... Looking forward to this.... :)

nicole_villaruiz i hope there will be DH3 that will continue the story of DH1 cast.. and will shows more about go hye mi and song sam dong relationship .. i hate what happen in DH2 they showed that suzy and soo hyun are just artist that played the role of hye mi and sam dong.. i am very disappointed about it..

nicole_villaruiz go hye mi and song sam dong is the best.. i love their team up and i really do appreciate that hye mi end up with kim soo hyun.. so hyun followed hye mi in soul and wanted to be with hye mi.. i just hope that in ending they are together and living happily after thay achieved their dreams..

taesuzy fan! i actually wanted hye min and jin guk to end up together. Beacause from the beginning of the drama they had more moments together and their chemistry is much better than hye min and song sam dong. hye mi even sings a song for jin guk and wants to go to japan only because of jin guk. God knows why the director changed their pair in the end. Song sam dong is really cute off-screen but in the point of view of this drama jin guk is better.i really cried when jin guk was all alone in the end. this was not supposed to happen

i just love it during jason's english dialogues. his english accent is really cute.

cheers to taesuzy! <3

ihateSongSamDong Why??? Why??? kkainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mas gusto ko yung gangster (jin-kuk) ang makatuluyan ni hye mi!!! bat ganun? kakaasar! binago na nga ni jin-kuk si hye mi tapos ano? sinalo nang walang hiyang sam dong na yon??? yun na yun eh! ganda na ng story.... nasira lang dahil sa love team na hindi bagay!.... nasira araw ko... ganda na sana eh!... arghhhhhhhhhh! okay na sana team up ni pil-suk at ni jason.... sinira pa nang walang hiyang pagteteam-up ni sam dong at ni hye mi!! we love hye mi at jin-kuk love team!! pwo infairness... maganda yung casting pwera na sa lovetem nina you know paulit-ulit na......... maganda mga songs and moves.....

Bubbles Hmm I hear so many good reviews of this drama and I love the band T-ARA, should I watch this drama? I just don't want it to be like ... well the Korean version of Glee! Of course I know Korean dramas are so much better than ones from here, but is it just a bunch of singing and people having crushes on each other? Because I cannot stand the show Glee... it is too flamboyant and annoying and I hate those actors! Lol.

Jaril This is really a very inspiring Korean Drama. It boosts the morale of all dreamers... This reminds me of the motto of my friend "Aim high and hit the mark"; as the title says DREAM HIGH..

Susan Naces This Drama has really produced a very talented actors like Kim Soo Hyun. And its nice to have Dream High in Philippine Television soon. Kim Soo Hyun will soon rock Philippine Television.

loveintan94 when i watch dis drama 2 years ago.. i didn't realise it was suzy from Miss A when i know bout it.. i was like 'cheongmalryeo'!!!

Dreamlove What can I say? I just love everything about this drama. Especially the last episode. It was kind of an open-ended finale that made its viewers crave more for it. How do I put this... it was "hangingly satisfying" :) It made me both sad and happy at the same time! haha. funny but true. Dream High, everyone! <3 Kim Soo Hyun!

mildred I really love the drama , dream high is so perfect only that the ending i can't move on with jin guk ending up alone it would be good if he ended to hyme.

 i don't care if there is dream high 2 , dream high the best but it's okay im looking forward to watch dream high 2 actually i already started it and i think it would be much nice if the actors would be the one in the Dream high, i mean hyemi's sister is also good but i really like the first.

mildred Dream high is the best . How did the director manage to create something this incredible. taecyeon is the great one as well as hyemi being a bad girl to agood one that's something.

ilove IU :)) the whole cast is really amazing! hoping to see them again in another drama series! ! i miss pil suk anf jason oppa.. they really have a good chemistry! ! hehe.. and taecyeon oppa is the best.. it's just sad that they didn't end up with suzy.. hmmmp.. but the ending is amazing! !

Eassa189 This drama is so F@%KING AMAZING!!!!! Bekoz its so funny and the story just makes you keep watching it and its very romancey... And all the actors are Awesome especially Bae Suzy she is HAWT.I think all da actors should be in more dramas though:/

mimi dream high is the best. it give us power i love suzy. i love taecyeon. dream high fighting

In love with Dream High I think I can wait for Dream High 2. I feel like it won't be as good sarge original since the ENTIRE cast was changed. Even the principal and staff were changed when it should've stared as teacher Shi being the principal.

maia well ive gotta see this drama too after reading nyc comments from u guys. juz finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal and wish to rest my eyes from watching too much korean soaps. nevertheless still found myself downloading the episodes.

gloria It was a Very Nice drama!. They make people to analized and DREAM HIGH especially those young onces. It was accidentally i watch this drama, because i saw my daughter crying and crying until her eyes get pop (maga). I stop doing my work and watch it too...And i found myself crying too... I wish they can translate it to english or tagalog so that everyone can enjoy watching it... Because it so hard watching while reading at the same time... MABUHAY!.. to all Cast, crew, director, writer and producer!!! More POWER!!!!!

Kira Aww about the complaing about the actors...of course I meant dream high 2...I will definitly miss the old actors in dream high 2...I will miss Jason ;__; and it´s a shame that they didn´t connect dream high with hye mi´s sister...this would have satisfied more people...than creating a completly new plot :(...hmmm maybe hye mi´s sister + Jin Guk :D

Kira Dream High is a wonderful,touching drama...I loved to watch it,although I hate it if people cry all the time in dramas( which happened there a lot) First Jason and Pil suk: cute story and prefect relationship...they are my favourite couple in this drama...it was really clear that they love each other as well...and I like the fact that they are still together til the end( even pil suk got fat)...they really suit each other...it was just adorable watching their story plot. I didn´t really care about Baek Hee...she was a bitch all the time, but it was clear that she would change in the end. I liked Teacher Kang´s and T.Shi´s development as well...

I´m not happy about the fact that Jin Guk ended up alone...I didn´t expect hye mi ending up with sam dong...and I can´t say that I liked it...actually it´s a different ending than in other dramas...cause normally the girl ends up with the childhood friend or the bad boy or something like that and not the fool from the farm...so it made it interesting...but nawww...I don´t like it. Also the end scene was to short...2018...and baf baf baf...END...I wanted to see more(more pilsuk and jason haha) ~My hope were on the special episode...failed :-P AND ALSO...how can hey film dream high with completly new people? I know that it´s always like that...but people always complain about this...so why didn´t they go on with the same actors...........:( anyway...I liked this drama...it was reallllly good :D

Ann It doesn't matter if there is Dream High 2! To me Dream High will always be the best!! I just LOVE this drama!!!!

crys80 american girl from Washington D.C....I finished this show in one weekend...my husband yelled at me...but i love it...but I was very disappointed with the first and final kiss...maybe I am just too american...but I was waiting for it...oh well I loved it otherwise...it was like my fav things korean drama, singing and dancing...you've gotta watch it:)

hyun shik honestly i'm addicted to this !!!

dokidoki jason ♥♥♥ xD

hysei well, i realy like taec yeon and suzy and hope they are couple also perfomance of miss lee yoon ji and mr.uhm ki joon is amazing teacher,i like that movie alot and exiting for upcoming but sad that all cast are not same...

zahra I realy love Koreans and the beautiful movies they make. when I start watching an episode I can't take my eyes off of them and can't do anything else till the end. Especially Dream high that is my favorite. I do love Wooyoung and Suzy so much ... saranghaeyo :)

ebony_ny hye guy...!! i'm totally in luv wid dream high!!! and i'm looking foward to d dream high seoson 2..!!wooyoung , taecyeon...saranghaeyo!!! fighting!!!!

Dream High addict Why do most of you hate Baek Hee? I mean she really did something terrible but it's because Hye Mi hurt her feelings in the school audition. She is always second best and is looked down on by her mother. Still caring for Hye Mi, when she goes to comfort her about her family's bankruptcy, she's rejected. At that point, she's hurt even more and could be swayed either in direction. So when she speaks to her teacher, Ms Shi she wants to show Hye Mi that she's not Hye Mi's per anymore. The teacher seeing her sorrows and someone she could also mold to her liking took advantage of that. Telling Baek Hee, friends are unimportant, what you need is a rival. Lost and confused, she follows those words.

I love Eun Jung's character in this drama. She's really cute. I hope she will be in Dream high 2. EUN JUNG FIGHTING!

Park Chan Yeon much love d tandem of taecyeon and suzy in dream high -- hope u'll have another movies. .lUking 4ward for it! :)


Yen I really want to comment on this saying that this drama is really good but there is already a lot of comments. And What do you know I already wrote a comment.

mahsa dream high,very beautiful,the best

sajina i am addicted to this drama!!xp

iqbal dream high dream high is thr best kho yhe mie is so baeutiful

Akmaral I like korean drama very much!!!!! I started to watch "dream high" I like it serial!!! But I don't finish yet(((( which the end????? I love Jason...he is very beautiful, nice!!! I want to live in South Korea!!!! Aaaaa!!!!

maura olivia I very love them, from actor, school, an uniform,etc.

  But, why kim hyun joong becomes CAMEO ??? 
     I need he becomes an actor in "Dream High".
              But I still loved "Dream High"
 I always waiting for "Dream High Season 2" !!!!
            "DON'T COPY MY COMENT !!!!"

angel suzy and kim soo hyun forever... but taec yeon is also adorable...

kyouya2909 @KBS2: only stupid will believe you! what a director's like you doing here????

KBS2 I'm from KBS2 and this is real.... I'm the film director of "Dream High" and i'm not liers so I hope believe in me...Amen

Aura i hate dreamhigh so much and it is all F**K

Mitta HEY all CRAZY!!

Zeilou This is madness. I’ve watched the whole drama for only three days. Its addiction I must say. The story was so good, the scripts were amazing. Even though the main character’s, which is Bae Suzy, first time in acting. Its all worth it. I was hooked on the first episode already, not just because I’m a fan of them already but its just that acting is another side of them even though they are amateurs. I must say that the Title was good as well. Its a good drama. Must watch.

Zeilou This is madness. I've watched the whole drama for only three days. Its addiction I must say. The story was so good, the scripts were amazing. Even though the main character's, which is Bae Suzy, first time in acting. Its all worth it. I was hooked on the first episode already, not just because I'm a fan of them already but its just that acting is another side of them even though they are amateurs. I must say that the Title was good as well. Its a good drama. Musr warch.

Hebe I love Wooyoung and Taecyeon and Suji and IU. But I think that Hye Mi chooses Sam Dong is the best ending because Jin Kuk likes eating and maybe someday he will eat Hye Mi...... :D. I love Jin Kuk the most!!!!! I cry a lot because of him. I think Hye Mi is the light radish, not Jason. I love u all

Shaqlito Wow, What an AMAZING drama!! I like the song " You'll be a Superstar ". I can't wait for Dream High Season 2!!

Jef I love eun jung or beak hee you are best

nayla I'm not a fan of korean drama, just saw few of it, but I like the story of Dream High, pretty sure :) The story is very amazing. Not only love story but also it tells us about passion to reach a dream. But in fact, before Song Sam Dong appears in the story, I was like "oh maaaan, this is so boring", then he comes and brings the fresh air. Hehe. I'm very happy that Hye Mi choosen Sam Dong, but I'm not too satisfied about the end, why Sam Dong don't return from US to meet Hye Mi. I just wanna see Hye Mi tells Some Dong the true feeling that she has for Sam Dong. Oooh it must be cute! And I hope their romance continuing in Dream High 2 :)

RMK58 Dream High 2, Dream High 2, Dream High 2,Yeeeeeeessss... I'm dream high lover from Indonesia !!!

RMK58 Dream High is the BEST drama !

hong i love the drama so much,i so excited

Luna Key hi dreamers my name is luna and iam come from at indonesia.There are many young people in Indonesia who like the dream high movie.and I'm one of them.I love this Korean drama series..especially dream high.after I know there dream high sesion 2,I'm very very happy.I can't wait and want to quickly be able to see it.and I hope that the players should not be replaced,such as Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, and Wooyoung..because I really liked them.please they should not be replaced.because of rumors they will be replaced with new players.It is in the pity...to dream high success always special and create taecyeon i love u... :)

Michelle is it true that there will be Dream High Season 2???

Michelle I really really love this drama but i like Hye Mi and Jin Guk as couple more than Hye Mi and Sam Dong...

camille ramos the dream high is the best drama that i watch i like very much dream high and other korea hdrama

windi i like jason...

Paulina Tan I like DREAMHIGH !!! Jin Guk is so cute ... Hye Mi is so beautiful ..

kiki I love Kim Soo Hyun,love him so much,waiting for the 2nd dream high

mirra i love woo young

dian i totally like kim soo hyun as song sam dong :) because he succeeded to make me cry with his act :) moreover, his sing was very nice, i like your song the title "dreaming" im waiting for dream high season 2 :)

unni chochangi pun hi i m from nepal i like korean movie i like there language mostly l like grls bcoz they r so cute n beautiful dat dream high film is so nice ok bye

whywhy i very like this drama ,,,

hyemi <3 Song sam dong ,,,

go go go

Johan I love this drama very much

^^ WooYoung I like U You are so cool my honey...

O_O Wow. Why are their so many Yoon Baek haters. I mean I much prefer her over the main chick.

Yoon Baek story is just so much more tragic. She is always second best and is looked down on by her mother. Plus she doesn't end up with anyone. Seriously? What's so wrong about feeling like she wants revenge.

And Yoon Baek haters? You can hate me as you wish. Its not going to change my opinion on the main chick. But I find the main chick so boring to watch.

k-lover when is part 2 of dream high coming?hoping to see more betwn GO hye me n Sam Dong together in next .and also jin guk with another female stars

Dream high rocks Wants to see romantic chemistry betn Sam dong n Go hye me and also pil sook and jackson .plz plz plz

Dream high rocks Is Dream high -2 coming soon?Is it true ? Dying to see them.When it is happening ?dream high1 greatly inspired me.so a big thanks to all of them

Dream high rocks OMG .this drama really roks yaar.ALl the cast members are superb:)jackson and pil sook and sam dong n go hye mi r so adorable and cute couples.i love jin guk .he is awesome however hye mi and sam dong roks as couple.

ieda perfect drama!! love it!!!!!!!

chareniel This movie drama is so good. Thanks for this because i know that there are some guys who has talent that been encourage just by seeing this drama. I love the characters, they are all lovable and admirable, specially to Bae Suji, she is so good in acting.! hope to see more of your movie...

subina manandhar this drama is one of the bestest dramas ever seen.simply love the way it had been presented.....yet really not satisfied with its ending.felt very bad for jin kuk..he didnt really deserved his lonelyness.he is actually the prefect image of a man i can imagine it.his attitude,respect for elder,love for younger,kindness and so on was really appreciable...and ofcourse his voice and his dancing attitude is just out of this world....

nwe ei Dream High is my idol drama series. the characters played in just the perfect way. this drama has a lot of good imitations for teenagers. Thank you all. From now i will Dream high. one day my dream must come true!!! n i'd like to say that i love Kim soo hyun.. he's so cute...

nwe ei Dream High is my idol drama series. The characters played in just the perfect way. this drama has a lot of good imitations for teenagers. Thank YOu all. From now i will Dream high. one day my dream must come true.!!!!!! n i'd like to say that i Love Kim soo hyun... he 's so cute...

samkham i am the one love like you are in movie too.the movie like my dream.korean song 'i don't understand what is mean but i love to hear .i love your korea .

samkham dear,

    i love your movie i love so .your movie song is so good .i am so happy cause i have seem your movie .and you are all so cute .going and try more .i will wait for new .i hope so. i am from myanmar so i am away from you .so i can't see you all .i just have a look in internet .thank you.

marco i want to see more love stories in dream high session 2..plis dont change the players in session 1..

The couples in session must be: jin guk + hye mi's sister jason + pil suk sam dong + hye mi baek hee + teacher yang lol.. :D

mapeki91 i wish i could see some more of chan seong he is a hottie!!!! looooveee dreamhigh!!

hyunzy when i started watching this drama, it's like it's going to be boring .. but i eventually fall in this drama, i'm a fan of sam dong and hye mi couple.. on the first place, the male lead stars are sam dong and hye mi. sadly, on the ending, though she chose sam dong over jin gook, they all up ended as friends..


girlyn attention: to all those people who would keep insulting this dram especially my woo young oppa (jason), this is all i wanna say: Neo eotteoke mal hanun geoya? NEO JUGGO SIP-EO?!! ARASO?!!

                saranghaeyo woo young oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you and IU unni would end up together for real...

Princess Dream High...this drama are very nice and good..because it is all about your dreams that you want to achieve...this drama inspire me so much..I'm so excited for the part 2...

negin the movie was great! it made me feel really good!

mia i love this movie sooo mucch!! it is very high motivated story. song sam dong, fightingg! :D <3 <3

kiara This's dishonest.If I knew that Mr. Bae yong-jun play under 20 munite hn this drama,never saw it. until the End,i thought,he come.but i sorrow.In the trail he was introdused as a main actor.but...... Although,he act a little,he shin like stsr.i like him.

joseph yosores if only it can be aired in ASB-CBN nxt month :<

tsoomoo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy

Suvdaa 我真喜欢这个电影,真的喜欢,我相信你们给我看 DREAM HIGH-2

Suvdaa i really really love this drama,i hope and waiting for dream high2.

narantuya dream hidh the best and coooooooooooooool

narantuya dream high the best ..............

baby_zoo super awesome!!!

tikaa this drama made me cry, laugh, everything! this drama is just so awsome! i love it! i really wish there is a session 2. ^^

my jasmine It is an amazing film love, friendship, hope and dream come together, I love it very much. Go Dream High go.

Maria show again it dream high,,,, pleaseeeeeeee................

Galore I jst watch the drama n its amazin. . . I luv it. . . Especially Jason. . .

mjuneable Waiting for SEASON 2.. ^_^ it's really awesome... just DREAM HIGH!!! :)

seo_yhun where I can wach this drama?Please If you help me I will be happy:)))

Cullengabriela I love the songs....but my fav is jason when he sang 2am song 'even if i die'...the other songs that i really like to listened is suzy-winter child n park ji young-can't forget...all of the cast kinda awesome!!!!!!!

Yeah....hope will air in indonesia soon;-)T_T

charmingprincess I hope will air in indonesia......i <3 it.....!!!

Cullengabriela I wanna dance n i wanna sing....i loved everything about this movie...so entertaining;-) ☆awesomeeeeee!

mia This drama is one of the best. I love it. :-)

soccer girl I'm ahuge fan of dream high !!! so excited !! loved it ..i've watched all!! Fans from delhi too!

JAMES its awesome i really like the way they dance and the way they sing ..........

i hope to have a season 2.................
i like the song SOMEDAY really.............

janhelle its a good story i really like but the ending is too short .........................

but anyway i like GO HYE MI................

potl I have never been so moved. The story, characters everything in the drama is just so perfect. It has inspired me. It's just sad that it has ended but I enjoyed it so much. Part 2?  :)

arucard this drama have a season 2? i wish it have, cause i really love this drama specially all the cast.

abawiinjr this drama is a very inspiring for those people dreaming about there future. i like the way presented by the cast in every episode I'm enjoying it. it Is one of example for those people dream of, if you dream not just as a dream but you have to dream big or high..just like DREAM HIGH................love you guys...........i'm a fun of JASON and PILSUK...........looking forward for the next.


daydreamer OMG!! i luv this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol so many idols!! kim pil suk(IU) & Jason(wooyoung) are such a cute couple!! awww!! i hope they're dating in real lol apparently they've gone on 2 dates!!! aww!! I <3 EVRY1 IDOL N THRE GROUPS IN THIS DRAMA!! :) THIS DRAMA IS PROBABLY 1 OF THE BEST DRAMAS OF 2011!! CANT WAIT 4 SEASON 2! ITS GNA B RELEASD ON JANUARY 2012

viron this drama not bad at all..i like jason..he is very cute when speaking...he is very suitable with pil suk

kayren wow...i like this drama..good story

lovely peace i really love this movie.... I love all the character in this movie.. love it..... I just can't wait dream high session 2.. hurry up :)

p Not bad ending. But I didn't understand what was that. The final episode could be wonderful . I didn't expected it . BUT I LOVE DREAM HIGH. I LOVE ALL OF THE EPISODES. I LOVE ALL CASTS. I CAN'T FORGET DREAM HIGH. NICE DRAMA. IT WORTH TO WATCH.

vevy hyy... i love dream high very much it is gave me motivation i want to see them.. sam song dong, hye mi, jason, all hehehe

iam from indonesia

fihting ^0^

Ava Waaaa!!! too many comments! I like ' Dream High ' anyway as Hye Mi loves Sam Dong at last... it's fair for me....:-)...

etha I love your curly hair, Song Sam Dong...>,<

~aimi~ sarangheay0..s0ng sam d0ng...u are s0 cute!!! jas0n n pilsuk...u are the swEEt c0uple... l0vE 2PM + miss A + IU + T-ARA..! ! !

dream girl Dream high is so awosome i can't wait to see the ending and i want heyemi to be with song sam dong and it much muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh better than the so called Glee

dolina i really wish that jinguk and suzy to be togetter they are like the love birds but i dont think the ending will be that perfect well any ways am from etiopia

desy hai,,,,am from Indonesia am really like this drama,,give a motivation, to move and move,,,

Sucses for drama korea..(Sarangheo)

senghockie WHAT THE HECK!!!! WHY DREAM HIGH SO NICEEE????haha...very nice drama n ost songs ^^

VivienH Great drama! But the unbelievable ending came to a great shock! I think Hae Mi looks more great with Jin Kuk, i felt a little bit, no, much disappointed about it. However, this drama gave me the various kinds of feelings. Hope everyone could reach dreams!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!1

leann PLEASE HELP ME.....!!! SAVE ME! from my KOREAN DRAMA ADDICTION!!! Korean drama is THE BEST !!!

LioGirl the ending is different from the typical... its something unexpected and i like it.

zahra de tigris i'm so excited too.. what a long journey to wait until night.. and watch song samdong..

haleluana Dream high better than Glee? I don't think so. You can't even compare the acting. I agree that Dream High is entertaining, but it seems more like an ego boosting trip for the singers in the cast. The guy that's supposed to have been from the US? I know who gave him pointers in speaking english....the supposedly "Boston Guy"...but he talks as if he was raised in the ghetto..... But, i guess it's enough to seem to koreans that he's speaking english...

Kinda disappointed that BYJ, or is it BJY?...has anything to do w/ this project....seems like a remake a "Fame".

And if it's so popular, why didn't it have any #1 or #2 ratings? But, then again, it's just my opinion....

haniey_nieyna i luv samdong veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much......

Fu Dream High is so much better than Glee! That's what I think! Hope the final episode is gonna be awesome! I think they won't give us an exact answer if Hye Mi will choose SamDong or JinKok though!

mutia i like to dream high.,, kim soo hyun keren bgt deh .., ga sabar menunggu endingnya..,,

Kyunnii I Really Want Go Hye Mi and Jin Gook To be Together ! I pretty much, think they would make a cute couple ^ o ^ BUT I Heard that Hye Mi will be with Song Sam Dong and Jin Gook will be with Baek Hae T ^ T But I Wonder how do these peoples even get this info ? D: So Far i`m only on episode 12 && I Get this feeling that Hye Mi will develop feelings for Song Sam Dong :/ I Probably Think it is True :/ BUT I Might become like my friend, not watch it because the two people i want to be together is not ending up with each other....

Most of All I like Pilsook and Jason <3 !

Sokyotsumadokudaroune What I notice in a lot of Korean dramas, is that the male protagonists are ALWAYS...NOT handsome/cute/good-looking. And I am sorry to say that Kim Soo-Hyun.....is not good looking...

koreangirl i wish i could go but i never will

koreangirl OMG i love dramas and this one is like the best! they put all the awesome stars and make this funny, sad, romantic and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the sad thing is it neverr happens in real life! i wish i could goto dream high! with all those awesome stars.................................. but it will never happenn (sigh)

milen korean movie is my drug and i am addicted ......

milen and i really hope hye-mi will end up with jin guk coz they seem to be a perfect match together ......and sam dong has to find a girl who loves him more than anything ........and i love pilsuk and jason who r prefect couples

milen ohh i love this movie so much ......and i admire all the actors and actress specially my fun bae.suji da most

febe i hope SAM DONG will end up with HYE MI! please! they are the best couple ever :) they make my heart beat so fast!!!! i hope they end up together! SONG SAM DONG <3 GO HYE MI!

lintang I really love this dramaaaaa..i want hye mi with jin guk pleasee..they are have a chemistry..i wish sam dong found the other girl..ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ "̮...pilsuk and jason is the best couple.. :)

kwon daena ...im so over into this drama..omg..allmy crushes n 2pm are in this movie..oh my god.... taec oppa..kekekeke we should better watch this.... fighting.... love you all..

mira syafiqah i love jason & pilsuk :D

Josephine i dont like tacyoun and hyemi i like samdong and hyemi much better

wat is the name of the theme song

ZiffyOthman obses over this drama. i Love Taekyeon .

hannah so, which one is right? hyemi and jin nuk,or hyemi and samdong??anyone know the ending??

pil suk and jason, right??

by the way, im crazy about this drama too. :):)

sumyat i really really love that movie ( dream high ).. i want the theme songs(MTV) of dream high. how can i get it??

digi hye-mi and jinkuk couple is growing on me, i hope they end up together.... the story will be useless if they don't LOL!

elsa to tell the truth i am really addicted to korian derama the derama dearm high was so fantaastic and i loved it so much and i think hye-mi and jin kuk will be the best couple ever!!

   by the way i really like Taec Yeon

Ratih Hope their coming to Jakarta for promote the movie, cant wait for it :)

Sami men! i am watching this from africa,ethiopia.this movie ROCK!

nana omo~love this movie hehe hope hye mi and jinguk together pls pls pls :D

Mimi I'd be really sad if Samdong and Hyemi don't hook up! Sam's such a sweetie! Gah and JinGuk can always hook up with Baekhee or a fan of hissssss. lol XP

ShiunYean In episode 11, near the ending, teacher kang looks like nicholas teo

farah i hope hyemi and jinguk will end up together.. i really hate the caracter of eunjung. hate forever!!! she really a bad girl!!

menk m this drama is getting more exciting.i really hope hyemi and sam dong will end up together.pil suk and jason are too adorable.xD

@Autumn : totally agree with u :)

XFrozenFlowerX NOO!! Hye-Mi and SamDong together is the best couple ever!! He rly deserves her!! else itd be so sad for samdong!! T_T They HAVE to end up together!!

Jung I think Hyemi will end up with samdong! And baekhee with jinguk! Cause I watch the interview.. They said there will be a change in the love line. And there will be more scene for jinguk and baekhee than jinguk and hyemi.. Wahh.. But I still hope hyemi can be with jinguk!!!! Ep11, alittle boring. All about hoe samdong giving up his future.. I think jinguk scene is less than 10minutes in ep11.. Hais. Jinguk Fighting!!

maria I really hope jin guk and hyemi be together forever. they are the perfect couple!

wan farah seung hyun i reallllyyyy hope samdong get Hyemi not jinguk..huuhuu..don't know why..but i think he deserves her...hehehe..dream high fighting

Autumn I really think that Hyemi and Samdong should be together D: Because the drama would be really following a stereotyped plot if Hyemi ends up with Jin Gook since they have a "childhood chemistry". Sam Dong actually tries to make her happy and Jingook does less of that and seems to get more comfort out from Hyemi instead of making her smile. I was really sad when Samdong saw Hyemi kiss Jingook. Samdong did so much for her and she doesn't even realize it :/. This drama would really be a bummer if it just ends with Samdong alone =_=.

Peam I'm so addicted to this korea drama!!! Waiting for ep 11 English sub! Haha! This is a very nice show. It makes me to fight and go for my dreams! (: hope JG and HM will be together!!!!

alca mae MORE POWERS.........

alca mae thank for giving hyemi 1oo% votes during the karaoke Monthly evaluation..LOVE IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT.....

alca mae you have the best story....ever.. last night when hyemi is singing the "Goose Dream".. my intire body is shaking....very touching..!!!!!

alca mae i will always watch how hyemi develope and be the number one.

alca mae Ko Hye-Mi and Jin-Kuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm your number one fan........Hope the end up together..yey!

i'm supper supper supper addict in this korean drama...

hoping you will be number one....the next episodes rating..


to all dream high fanatics ........................

LETS SUPPORT THIS DRAMA.........!!!!!Luv yah

alca mae Ko Hye-Mi and Jin-Kuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm your number one fan........Hope the end up togher..yey!

i'm supper supper supper addict in this korean drama...

hoping you will be number one....the next episodes rating..


to all dream high fanatics ........................

LETS SUPPORT THIS DRAMA.........!!!!!Luv yah

hyebin_dreamhigh OMG i love this drama so much ^^

Hyemi and Jook all the way <33 I love them together :D please please please please please have them end up together :)

oh, and of course the uber adorable milky couple <3 I love wooyoung (:


aksen LOL why did they give Hyemi that hideous green sweater in episode 10?

ARI CHAN Jason and Pil Sook are the best couple in the universe!!! I love them together!!! I feel bad that I watch this drama but I care more about the Jason and Pil Sook couple than the Hye Mi + Sam Dong or Jin Gook couple! lol. But I like Go Hye Mi with Jin Gook better anyway!!! AGOGO!!! Hye Mi + Jin Gook and Pil Sook + Jason!!! FIGHTING!!! <3

suzy+Taecyeon i want suzy and Taecyeon to be couple....................luv them a lot. in my view they r the perfect and matching couple...i don't want suzy to be with kim soo hyun.. DREAM HIGH rocks if suzy n Taecyeon together....

suzy+Taecyeon i want suzy and Taecyeon to be couple....................luv them a lot. in my view they r the perfect and matching couple...i don't want suzy to be with kim soo hyun.. DREAM HIGH rocks if suzy n Taecyeonr together....

Adel!ne I <3 Soo Sam Dong and Go Heiy-Mi...They're such a good couple....LOve Soo Sam Dong so much..=) I <3 <3 <3 this drama show so much..hehehe

Adel!ne WOW!!0o0 so cool this drama show..I love them so much like crazy..so obsessed of this show...I really hope what is going to be at the end of the episode..hehehe..Love hem so much!!!!!!^o^

Daphne Die, Yoon Baek Hee. LOL. no but seriously. GTFO.

on the other hand, suzy x taecyeon and suzy x sam dong are both so cute, i don't know which one i want. SUZY, YOU CAN HAVE TAECYEON.. GIVE SOOHYUN TO ME <33 and milky couple is just adorable. :3

DREAMHIGH jin-guk oppa I LOVE U! krokuna y did u tell baek-hee that u should win on heymi'z team!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHH CHINCHAA weyooooo!!


loony black I love eun jung's character... Go hye mi deserves that kind of revenge after she broke Yoon Becky's heart... And Eun Jung's act is way cool...she gets 4,5/5 from... her attitude makes everyone hating her...it means she done well... am I correct???

sam dong dis drama rock!!! like it a lot!!!^^ and nice osts... love de theme song, Dream High... hwaiting!!!

yanyan oops wrong spelling! i mean "about" the ending.. hyemi- samdong or hyemi-jinguk ??? XD

yanyan I really LOVE this drama! i'm really looking forward for the next episode! really curious abbout the ending! Go Dream High! :DD

Tashia @Malibu i thought that was her character. she is suppose to act that way. hye mi has a tough shell so she won't easily show her emotions. i thought suzy played her character well.

i can't wait for pilsuk and jason to get together, i can't help but love pilsuk for not giving in to jason so easily. way to stick up for yourself:D i can't wait to see who hey mi gets with though. right now she still likes jinkuk but because soo hyun is threading male, sam dong will probably be the one she'll be with in the end of the film...

Anisa Does any one know where i can find ALL of the song that play in this drama? I'm not only talking about the OST, but the songs they sing and dance to as well :)

manisha thapa i love this drama <3

masio it's great 2 see their dance... i won't mis any episode of it... their singing n performance in this drama make me feel crazy...

diana @ malibu---shut the you mouth for god sake...its hard to be an artist..

dream high the best!!! Ko Hye-Mi Jin-Kuk are going to be in the end..

pa Drama is wonderful. Actors & actresses are amazing. What's with the rating. It's worth to watch. The rating should be at least 25. I love Dream High. Wonderful dancing & singing. I love this drama and all

of the actors and actresses. I love them. Very nice drama. I don't want to finish watching.

Siena Episode 8 should be in online but its not. Jesus, can wait to see Dream High. The fat girl will change into beauty girl and everyone will be surprise.......

ezz23 don't u think this drama is getting more exciting... i just can't wait to watch the new episode... the couple in this drama seems mistery though...

jnekeziaaa Suzy is great in acting..who said she's not good...she isn't lack in movement..it just that's the way she should act..Ko Hyemi, in the story, can't show her feeling well and she doesn't want anyone to see her weaknesses..her expressions and movement just like Ko Hyemi, not stiff, it's just that's Hyemi.. when you show IU acts, and you feel she is cute, in character, that means she did it..because that's Kim Pilsuk ^^ I just love Dream High..thumbs UP for IU & Suzy who act for the first time..great start..keep on going :)

WooU_milky Couple Yahh~~!!..I really LOVE DREAM HIGH!!...Tomorrow will be EP3 at KBS1TV...yay!!..EP8 at KBS2TV...and PILSUK will change into a beautiful swan(she become slim) at ep8!!!..I CAN'T WAIT!!..KYA~~! DREAM HIGH FIGHTING!

Zamaray Love baek hee!!!

aksen Malibu, in case you haven't noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn't show her feelings easily. You said her facial expression is stiff. That is because she doesn't want her weakness to reveal to everyone. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. I give her a 4/5.

aksen Malibu, in case you haven’t noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn’t show her feelings easily. You said her facial expression is stiff. That is because she doesn’t want her weakness to reveal to everyone. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. I give her a 4/5.

aksen Malibu, in case you haven't noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn't show her feelings easily. You said her facial expression is stiff. That is because she doesn't want her weakness to reveal to everyone. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. I give her a 4/5.

manoka 957 oh ijust love the serieus look wooyoung gave in ep 2 .i wishh 2pm and the cast good health figthing

Malibu oh, eunjung and taec can deliver. my wishful ending BaekHee & JinGuk.

Malibu hello there... I'm not here to debate or discuss why you should watch this drama. I'll just give you a quick pointer how I feel about the girls acting. No offensement to everyone just an honest opinion.

I think this drama its OK not superb but its allright. I thought this drama is an exciting and inspiring for young ones to watch.

My first impression for the leading actress 16 year-old Suzy, this girl is OK but then I found it that in second episode that she cant act for cry-out-loud, although,this is her first time acting I'll give her in generous way 3 out of 5. there are a lot face, eye & body expressions that she's lack of. for examples, in her eyes doesn't have the proper movement, her face is definitely frozen and the way her body moves is uncontrol there are no defiying moment on her at all.. she is stiff as a brick. she definitely needs time to study all those things. on the contrary, here's Ham EunJung a 23-year old. got enough experience and can act in complex character. she has more experiences and that gave her more confidence,to get her in a complex character therefore a lot people hated her, I though if people hates you that means your doing your character a justice. I give her 4/5. on the other hand, same with suzy, IU is also new in this business I'll be fair. she can difinitely can sing and there's a lot of cute moments scenes but no serious acting there..3/5. Thank you. ~~Peace out!

jenny suzy and taecyeon are my fave couple <33 i really hope they get together :D they are just so cute! but i have to admit, wooyoung + IU are adorable too:)

sar Vote for this drama in this page in order to remain as Top 10

LEAH good show love it:)

LEAH i hope a lot of episodes will be shown...it is one of the best dramas:)

Tashia I am hoping suzy and taecyeon get together and iu and wooyoung get together too! They are like the cutest couples. But suzy and taec probably won't get together since taec isnt the leading male. but I still can hope:) Can't wait to see what happens.

QuicKSilv3r The topic of the drama is superb. It shows us the true nature of the Korean Music Industry and becoming a KPOP IDOL like those of 2PM, MISS A, SNSD, BIG BANG, 2NE1, SHINee, etc. This specifically goes to those people who are AUDITIONING for YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertaiment, CUBE Entertaiment, DSP, so on and so forth..right now... it shows us the unfairness and obstacles that we face becoming a trainee of an entertainment company before debuting. take Kim Pil-Suk (IU) for instance...she has a great voice, though her looks and overall appearance is very low. She has to lose weight and etc. anyways enough of that... Now for the actors/actresses of this drama... they aren't as good since they're basically KPOP IDOLS not K-Actors/Actresses. Though I like the plot of this drama so fair, but acting is in need of some improvement especially the guys. And I'm a guy myself so it kinda makes [me] feel bad that male guy singers got the body and the voice, but can't act very well. The girls of the drama on the other hand is amazing, though still needs some improvement especially on the "lying" and "getting mad" part (:

Glory-ah This movie pretty ok, i would of give it a 4/10. why?, cause the mail actor aren't that good yet, but the girls are great!....i got to say, the only reason i watch this drama was because 2PM was in there other then that, this drama seem pretty boring....they only part i likein the drama was just the dancing. oh, and Taec part; the fighting part, i got to say i would give it a 3/5..and the daning is 6/10..

Lee WOW i fall in love I never thought that a drama can be soo awesome and I watched very many of dramas and I know that this drama is going to be BUUUUUUM everybody is going to watch it I'M SURE because of the awesome story and because of the actresses whhhhhatttt 2pm, miss a, t-ara and IU omg all the fans together are more than 200000 people

Nessa I just started watching KDrama's and so far this is one of the most star-studded drama's I love the concept and the characters. I think it will be well liked and highly praised by viewers. If only we could get kdrama's on American TV stations.

Lucy this drama is cool!

xYoshii I like Suzy and all but I really dislike her character in this drama. I'm watching it for the IU/Wooyoung moments x]

E. I really really really hope that Taechyeon and Suzy's characters end up together... Does anyone know if they do!?? :D

Nene-chan So far this drama is awesome

anis i love this drama!!!

ph03 hey yuii... thanks a lot for the answer.. i also love Goose's Dream song... later if there is song that i dont know, i'll ask you again.. please guide me LOL i love this drama.. they really have talent in singing and dancing =D

yuii dramaaddict >> Different dramas with different genres are filmed to cater for different demand(s) over the market. I think Dream High with its cast of eye candies will make lotsa fangurls and fanboys squeal in delight. Despite these singers being amateurs in acting (with quite a number of them making their first debut in a drama), I think they've done a pretty good job so far. Not saying that they did as well as the veterans but I believe it's acceptable & commendable thus far.

I've watched 4 epi now and my expectation keeps growing and I'm constantly wondering what they'll do and what's going to happen next. It gets you hooked easily and I don't think there's 'over drama' or 'over dramatic'... I think part of the appeal is where the drama kicks in. I could be wrong but... it works for me so far lol XD


  • cough* correctionL Baek Hee. I got mixed up 'coz her name is Yoon Baek Hee lol XD sowwwieee

yuii lol Miss Sushi? You mean IU? If I'm not mistaken it's called "Someday" ^____^

My favourite is "Goose's Dream". It's meaningful and sad... When both Hye Mi and Baek Yoon sang it together, I can't help but felt touched by the song. I think it's wonderful... since I didn't watch Beethoven Virus, I didn't notice that Goose's Dream is BV's OST ^^;

ph03 anyone can tell me the song title that Miss Sushi sings during the audition in Episode 2? thanks a lot =D

jiaxin OMG!!! LOVE EUNJUNG! she's so perfect! And I know sooner or later Everyone will start Hating Baek Hee well actually eunjung in the movie but she is amazing! she has so much skill like she can make u actually hate her and her acting is smooth! She's soo talented!!! she can be so lovable like in coffee house and she can be such a b*tch tooo!!!! skillsss shes so rounded(talently)

Isabella I think that this drama might be much of a cute one considering it is in modern day time crisis's. It's an arts school. The director is considered a person of mystery. Since so, people don't really know what he is thinking. They are assuming that whatever they think, that is right. Once something goes wrong, director says that none of it was his idea and moves on. Thats what keeps people wondering a alluring people to finish the drama. This drama is targeting the younger viewers because of daily life situations. Basically, they think that the older generations have not much, but little interest in dramas. Since they think so, they put a family situation to lure older generations in thus, a drama many people would watch.

sarah It's begining for all of them. I love them. I watched 2 episodes. I love this drama. many cute actors & actresses. I love this drama

dramaaddict I've been watching drama for years, and I think after a while you get pickier and pickier about what shows you watch. It's hard to find dramas you don't want to just skip through. I think dramas like Coffee Prince and Couple or Trouble were pretty solid. This drama though, has a storyline that has the potential, but the cast seems like a bunch of amateurs put together. Also, it looks like the drama is going to be over drama and lots of overacting. This is one of those dramas I think is going to be a bit of a drag after episode 10, but I hope I'm wrong, because despite what I've seen from the 2 episodes out so far (and there were a lot of boring parts in there, to be honest)--there's a lot of eye candy in this one.

Dayne Stupid Netizens Complain about miss A's Suzy saying she is a bad actor! SHE IS NOT A BAD ACTOR I THINK SHES DONE A GREAT JOB FOR HER FIRST TIME!... SUZY HWAITING!!!!!

lahi what???????? kim hyun joong has part?? I cant blieve.... please tell me,am I wrong??? I wish this drama become the best.

Maria ..Art school... My gosh... I can't wait!!!!!!

sim sokkourou really love that drama. I can't wait to see my belove bae yong joon. love you the most.. @.@

judy they dont show this till january!!

Ja Waiting to see our beloved Kim Hyung Jung.. Will he appear in this series? Curious!!!!!

Jase I really want to watch this drama a lot.... LOVE 2PM & Kim Soo-Hyun & EUN-JEONG.....


Cindy I want watch it right now~ If someone already watch it give us the website!! XP

Tracey Wooyoung's characters name is Jaeson not Kevin.

lalala01 does IU hold a lead role in this drama?

Nica This looks interesting but I'm worried that it might be filled with unnecessary drama.

pink_sitti i just can't wait for this drama, i thought it was all rumors, but seeing as how it already has a cast and the release date is set, i'm so excited!^^

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