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  • TV Show: Dream High 2
  • Revised romanization: Deurim Hai 2
  • Hangul: 드림하이 2
  • Director: Lee Eung-Bok, Mo Wan-Il
  • Writer: Heo Sung-Hye, Jang Eun-Mi
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 30, 2012 -- March 20, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kirin High School of Art has been taken over by Oz Entertainment because of financial bankruptcy. Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment.

Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance scores. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo-Jin (Jinwoon) and JB (JB), who makes her realize how fun music can be. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a young child. Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent's divorce through music.


(ep.1) Rian (Park Ji-Yeon) is schooting a scene with an actor. Rian's performance is poor, but her manager quickly takes her to her next appointment. They don't have much time, due to a new law taking effect that day that requires underage entertainers to study 20 hours a week and work no later than 10 PM.

At a TV station, Hyun Ji-Soo (Kahi) from Oz Ontertainment and staff members for the TV music program waits for idol boy band Eden to arrive. JB (JB) gets there on time, but his partner from Eden, Si-Woo (Park Seo-Joon), is late. Today is their first time performing a song from their new album. Hyun Ji-Soo insists Eden should appear last on the music program, but staff members say it's risky due to the new law. A couple of minutes before 10 PM, Si-Woo finally arrives. Si-Woo tells JB to listen to this song on his music player.

Meanwhile, Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) is in the audience, waiting to see Eden perform. Shin Hae-Sung then sneaks into the backstage area to get autographs. In the hallway, she bumps into boy band Eden. JB walks away from her, but then turns back around to ask Shin Hae-Sung to lock Oz Entertainment President Lee Kang-Chul (Kim Jung-Tae) in his room. While Shin Hae-Sung is doing her best to lock Lee kang-Chul's door, Eden goes on stage and performs. It's now past 10 PM. Eden has broken the new law for underage entertainers.

Jin Yoo-Jin (Jinwoon) is performing on the street with a street band. Two policemen then ask to see Jin Yoo-Jin's ID. Minors now can't even perform on the streets after 10 PM. Jin Yoo-Jin tells the cops that he will get his ID out of his bag and proceeds to flee from the cops.

In front of the dormitory at Kirin High School of Art, Jin Yoo-Jin throws a small rock at a window, but nobody wakes up. He then sees Shin Hae-Sung tippy-toeing to the backdoor. Jin Yoo-Jin follows her. Shin Hae-Sung has a key for the door and they are able to go inside. Shin Hae-Sung is then caught by teacher Yang Jin-Min (Park Jin-Young), while Jin Yoo-Jin is able to flee.

Eden member JB enters the office of Oz Entertainment. Lee Kang-Chul, the president of OZ Entertainment, tells JB that because of their performance the other night, Eden and idol girl group HershE are now banned from the TV station. JB tells Lee Kang-Chul that their new song is copied from another song and if they perform the song, Eden will become a joke. JB also tells Lee Kang-Chul that he wants to perform solo and is sick of taking care of Si-Woo. Lee Kang-Chul tells JB he can perform solo in 6 months. Meanwhile, Eden partner Si-Woo is outside of the office and hears their conversation. JB and Si-Woo begin to argue.

OZ Entertainment President Lee Kang-Chul has now taken over Kirin High School, to have cover for his idol groups from the new underage entertainer law and so that his groups can perform overseas. Kirin High School of Art has gone through three years of neglect and mismanagement since Joo Jung-Wan (Kwon Hae-Hyo) became the school's principle.

Meanwhile, Shin Hae-Sung goes to Oz Entertainment for an audition. Because of the new law, staff members pass over all of the underage candidates. Oz Enterianment employee Hyun Ji-Soo also tells Shin Hae-Sung that her singing sucks. In the hallway at Oz Entertainment, Shin Hae-Sung then sees a poster for a singer-songwriter contest. The contest doesn't have any age restrictions, so Shin Hae-Sung decides to apply for the contest.

Later, Shin Hae-Sung has dinner with her father, who is a minister in Cheongju. Her father wants Shin Hae-Sung to become a minister like him and enter the seminary. Shin Hae-Sung runs out of the restaurant and back to Kirin High School of Art.

The next day at Kirin High, Shin Hae-Sung asks Jin Yoo-Jin to edit some music she made for the singer-songwriter contest. Jin Yoo-Jin is good at producing music and even sells his music to other students needing it for their homework. Jin Yoo-Jin finally agrees to edit her music, but only if he thinks it's any good. After listening to her music, Jin Yoo-Jin tells her he doesn't want to work on her music and looks down on her for aspiring to become an idol singer.

Oz Entertainment President Lee Kang-Chul takes Eden member JB to Kirin High. Lee Kang-Chul goes to the principle room and tells Principal Joo Jung-Wan that he has now taken ownership of Kirin High. JB walks around the campus and eventually stands outside of the school's studio. He overhears the conversation between Jin Yoo-Jin and Shin Hae-Sung.

JB thinks back to his past when he auditioned to enter Kirin High School of Art. At that time, Jin Yoo-Jin and Eden meber JB were in the same room waiting to have their audition. In front of the principle, Jin Yoo-Jin was confident in his music abilities and desire to play rock music. JB, on the other hand, was noticeably shaky and mentioned that he wanted to become an idol singer. Because of that, Jin Yoo-Jin looked down on JB. Now, JB goes into the studio to confront Jin Yoo-Jin.


  1. Storyline for "Dream High Season 2" will follow new students at Dream High.
  2. Casting for "Dream High Season 2" is expected to finish sometime during the middle of November, 2011. Filming is expected to begin December, 2011.
  3. Talent agencies SM Entertainment, KEYEAST and JYP Entertainment are working together to produce the drama series.
  4. On November 24, 2011 SM Entertainment announced they were dropping out of the production for "Dream High 2" due to the busy schedules of their artists.
  5. "Dream High Season 2" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Brain" and will be replaced by "Love Rain" on March 26, 2012.
  6. Filming began December 15, 2011 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  7. On December 17, 2011 a first screenplay reading took place at a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul.
  8. Episode 1 will feature a cameo appearance by band "BandToxic," winners KBS2 music program "Top Band" and actor Kim Soo-Hyun, the lead actor from season 1 of "Dream High". Kim Soo-Hyun's character is now a world famous K-pop star and has become the first Korean winner at the Grammy Awards.
  9. Episode 1 will also feature a cameo apperance by singer/actress IU who played Kim Pil-Suk in season 1. Her appearance involves main female character Shin Hae-Sung who goes to a broadcasting station to watch idol boy band Eden perform. At the station she meets Kirin High alumni Pil-Suk and asks for her autograph. Actress IU's cameo occurred by chance when she stopped by the filming set to say hello and was then asked to film the cameo appearance.
  10. Episode 9 singer Yeeun from girl group "Wonder Girls" makes a cameo appearance playing herself. In the episode, Yeeun encourages Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) to become more confident.
  11. Episode 15 features the guest appearance of Bae Suzy and the other members of girl group "Miss A". Bae Suzy will play herself and encourage the performance of "Super Idol" the formed group from Kirin High.
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    1. Dream High (KBS2 / 2011)


students @ Kirin High

Dream High 2-Kang So-Ra2.jpg Dream High 2-Jinwoon2.jpg Dream High 2-Park Ji-Yeon2.jpg Dream High 2-Hyorin3.jpg Dream High 2-Ailee2.jpg
Kang So-Ra Jinwoon Park Ji-Yeon Hyorin Ailee
Shin Hae-Sung Jin Yoo-Jin Rian Nana Ailee
(HershE) (HershE) (HershE)
Dream High 2-JB3.jpg Dream High 2-Park Seo-Joon4.jpg Dream High 2-Yoo So-Young3.jpg Dream High 2-Kim Ji-Soo2.jpg Dream High 2-Jr3.jpg
JB Park Seo-Joon Yoo So-Young Kim Ji-Soo Jr
JB Si-Woo Park Soon-Dong Park Hong-Joo Jung Ui-Bong
(Eden) (Eden)
Dream High 2- Jung Yeon-Jo2.jpg
Jung Yeon-Joo
Lee Seul

faculty @ Kirin High

Dream High 2-Kim Jung-Tae2.jpg Dream High 2-Kwon Hae-Hyo3.jpg Dream High 2-Park Jin-Young2.jpg Dream High 2-Choi Yeo-Jin2.jpg Dream High 2-Kahi2.jpg
Kim Jung-Tae Kwon Hae-Hyo Park Jin-Young Choi Yeo-Jin Kahi
Lee kang-Chul Joo Jung-Wan Yang Jin-Man Ahn Tae-Yeon Hyun Ji-Soo

Additional Cast Members:

  • Yoon Hee-Seok - Composer Shin Jae-In
  • Kim Soo-Hyun - Top star who plays a character Song Sam-Dong (ep.1)
  • IU - Kim Pil-Suk (ep.1)
  • BandToxic - cameo (ep.1)
  • MY NAME - Idol boy group (ep.2)
  • PSY - marine camp trainer (ep.5)
  • Yeeun - Yeeun (ep.9)
  • Bae Suzy - Suzy (ep.15)
  • Miss A - (ep.15)


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-30 1 NR 9.8% (16th)
2012-01-31 2 8.9% (19th) 10.1% (15th)
2012-02-06 3 NR 9.8% (20th)
2012-02-07 4 NR 11.7% (18th)
2012-02-13 5 NR NR
2012-02-14 6 NR NR
2012-02-20 7 NR NR
2012-02-21 8 NR 8.3% (20th)
2012-02-27 9 NR NR
2012-02-28 10 NR 9.7% (18th)
2012-03-05 11 NR NR
2012-03-06 12 NR NR
2012-03-12 13 NR NR
2012-03-13 14 NR NR
2012-03-19 15 NR NR
2012-03-20 16 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.


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Rouge Very misleading, it is good but nowhere near Dream high one and not because of the acting but because of the general plot of the story the ending was ridiculous in terms of relationship wise this drama was absolutely ridiculous, I am so frustrated with the ending. I hate JB, I love JB I hate Yoo-jin of wait I might like Yoo-jin what the actual fk was with the love line for this drama. All in all the only thing that got me through this was Jinwoon's acting I was pleasantly surprised! He is extremely comedic can i just say "G-minor" LOL i loved his acting, he should do more roles. All in all I understand why the ratings are so low I was surprised at first (b4 i watched the actual drama) about the ratings but it makes perfect sense now. This drama is very misleading and a epic pile of confusion. I am sorry but I am just seriously frustrated! IT WAS GOOD BUT THEN IT WAS WTF AND THEN IT WAS WOW, AND THEN AGAIN WTF?!!!! and after that it remained WTF?!!!!!?! (feeling conflicted....)

AAA Wouldn't it be great if that happened to me as well? Meeting my bias and having him fall for me really hard. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ I was so happy that Hae Sung ended up with JB! I was really disappointed when Hye Mi ended up with Sam Dong during the first season. Also, I am now an IGOT7. Hehe. Saranghaeyo, JB oppa. Fighting! :> Hope you dye your hair back to its color during the start of this show. ㅋ ㅋ

Bhe BEST THING ABOUT THIS DRAMA aside from MUSIC is Jiyeon & Jinwoon (Rian & Yoojin) to be honest their character saved the whole drama for me. Haesung & JB are boring, I even enjoyed more Uibong and Sul more than JB & Haesung. Overall I still love it though I want more...I want more sweet scenes for Rian and Yoojin ^^ If there's DREAM HIGH 3...it would be the best if the FULL CAST of season 1 back together along with Jiyeon & Jinwoon from season 2.

David I have watched the dream high season 1, and it was really interesting. so many surprising performances in that drama. Before I watched this season, I had read many reviews and comments about this season. This story was really good, and finally I got a surprising performance in episode 8. But, I think that the male lead character had to be exposed more than it. The character of it was not strong enough. But it was a nice drama at all. If you like music, you have to watch this one, you will get a value about dreaming.. :)

Mememememe I dont like rian, but i ship rian and jb, i hate it when jb is with haesung because i really really shop yoojin and haesung

jazmine jb oppa you handsome thing you and shin hae-sung would you go to philippines.

choikeuyue Why no relationship with dream high

Daniele I'm am on the 12th episoe right now, and I just really don't like Jin Yoo Jin and Rian together. Rian just really bugs me.

sun dream high 1 and dream 2 is the same is all about music that all and they no way to let some people in at dream high 1 when they are in dream high 2 and also same as dream high 1. one by on is already mach

Allison i know this drama is from like 2012... but i've been watching it over and over again...i just wish JB and haesong would have stayed together!! I LOVE JB!! so cute!!!

MEi I just don't get why they chose JB instead of Jinwoon. In Dream High 1 they chose dancer for main male lead which is fine but in second one they still chose dancer. I think it's not fair.

Jamess I love this DRAMA. . .so cute. . .

  1. my STARFISH

Betsy I actually like this drama. It teaches you that you wouldn't always get what you want but don't stop dreaming for you ambition. It was realistic.

Yangsel I really love dream high 2 and I keep on watching it again and again. JB is so handsome but I didn't like the ending.... I would like it if JB and Shin Hye Song can stay togather

Belle To be honest I was super confused in the beginning and was really curious as to what happened to a few characters but it was really good! I am disappointed cause y computer won't let me watch the last like 20 minutes of the last episode! But I am hoping it ends well :P

I think all the characters were really fun and made the sow worth watching!

Chani Aigoo! Who to choose? Um… Jr oppa! DH2 daebak! My pairing in the show: RianxYooJin JrxAilee and JrxSeul NanaxHongJoo SiWooxSoonDong (8yrs later) Yup.

RealmZ Dream High 2 fails...... Dream High 1 is much better.... Plus Kang So Ra is not pretty enough tot be the visual of the drama... Let alone the lead actress... What a disappointment.... They should have put an idol to play Shin Hye Seong's role.... 아쒸움.....

Panda-Pin It would be better if Rian and Jin Yoo-Jin were the main characters. The other two were boring and too cliche which I think was the reason why it got low ratings.

riya I think this drama would have been better if JB would be the male lead cuz he has what it got to be the male lead. The other one could replace JB

SHINA I like dream high 2, i love the story can you make dream high 3 , jb is so handsome and when he fall in love with Kang So-Ra is the best :).. this story is very beautiful. If you will make a dream high 3 you should put jb and So-Ra,and Jiyeon, jinwoon.

SHINA I like dream high 2, i love the story can you make dream high 3 , jb is so handsome and when he fall in love with Kang So-Ra is the best :).. this story is very beautiful. If you will make a dream high 3 you should put jb and So-Ra.

jonah I like dreamhigh 2. I love the songs esp. hello to myself & superstar. I love Jiyeon & Jinwoo. I love JB at first but when his character turns & fall inlove to Kang-sora, I felt little bit disappointed..don't like it. But I admire JB & Jiyeon friendship at the near end. I also love Jiyeon&Jinwoo's 'kulitan' scenes. Jiyeon is so sweet. I love the way he treated Jinwoon. They're so cute together..more cute that JB & So-ra's sweet moments. Though, I'm disappointed a little bit, when Jiyeon & Jinwoon didn't end up together..yet still happy that Jiyeon is not alone. She is still close w/ Jinwoon. Overall, nice story.

Panhia Lor LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!!!! I LOVE JB AND JR!!! I love the songs in this drama.

ziba I love this show so so much...I love its actors and actresses like Park ji yeon,jinwoon,yoo so young and... I love its songs...at the end this show is the best

Alisha love it! Go shin hye sung and Jb.

charyl mae this is such a amazing and wonderful show

Charlize ermita Hi, every one!!! I'm charlize from Philippines. I love this show it is the best and my favorite actors yuna ito in reality I theim all and specially there songs and I hope theme again in a nother serie!!!!!

Katy Hi .every one !!! . i'm Katy from Algeria.i love this show it is the best :) . and my faverete actors here R Jin Woon and J.B.... in reality i <3 theim all and specially their songs and i hope 2 C theim again in a nother serie !!!!!

hanna ,I love this school so much and I hope that the best of my abilities and was introduced to dance because dance is my favorite hobby, I love a lot ofKoreans and I want to participate in dance and in life also because Korea is my dream and I will be star someday the fact that waiting for me,

dadz . . . . .anyeonghaseo! dreamhigh 2 is as expected an inspiring drama. it build up my courage to continue my dream which is to become singer someday. i was just a bit disappointed that Kang So-Ra and Jinwoon was not the pair in this drama. . . . . . .i rated it 94 . . . . i really hope they would film dreamhigh 3 . . . chaebahl! . . . .fighting!!!

haya Hello My name is Haya I love you I'm very good dancer dance hip-hop and I'm from Jordan and I am 12 years old

Alian Hul... It took me until the last episode to finally get it... ^^ Good one... ^^ Hmmm solma... the story line could also be the real action behind JYPs successful singers??

Annie For me, I actually like this drama.. Maybe because Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So Ra) knows that she can't sing but works really hard because it's her dream. I mean come on? There's lots of people who can't sing but dreams to be a singer. :) And i love the story cause yes she's not a singer but found her talent! She's a very good composer and director! I was kinda dissapointed with the story but all in all i like it. I'm addicted with the songs!!

You can't just be a good singer or dancer to be in that school. I mean being there you'll be trained to be a star and for you to know what your capable of. 

But i really love Kang So-Ra(Shin Hae-Sung) & Jinwoon (Jin Yoo-Jin) and i was really hoping they would be the loveteam their. But it turned out that Kang So Ra and Jb!!! So i was just wishing for jinwoon and jiyeon to be the other loveteam. haha :)

sara i love this is show .amazing i love jb

Nawel pissed off ! i dont like the finally especially hye sung's leaving to america and the normal reaction of JB !! there should be a DH3 to explain the 2 messy ends -_-

Alexander I love Dream high

mehrnaz okay.... i watched it... and im still here like "SERIOUSLY?!" i mean like whats wrong with this drama?!?! the plot is a complete mess! nothing is right...

at first... they go to school because they cant perform after 10pm?!?! what does that have to do with school?!?! and after that... what is wrong with hyesung?!?! she cant sing nor dance;and she knows it... why does she still think she can be a singer?!?! she just gets on my nerves when she was in the band with the others...i mean come on... you know you cant sing... why are you ruining the others?!?! JB??WHY?!?! WHY DID YOU FALL FOR HYESUNG?! i mean come oN! she has no attractiveness at all! i can understand if your trying to make rian jaelous... but then you actually like her?!?!?! this was one of the most annoying points... rian... okay, so i didnt like her at first... i still think that being the maknae of T-ara she is pretty spoiled...but her acting - aside from the spoiled parts- was pretty good. but the character, it was really confusing... mean/nice/mean again/pityful/mean/and then suddenly turns kind... at least the writer should have done a better job with her character...

BUT THE MOST ANNOYING PART OF THE DRAMA - jb, come on... shes going to america... you wont see her ever again... even after you fall for her for nothing at all... you just let her go to america, and dont even kiSS HER?! okay,lets put that aside, lets say he was still young, but then again, she came back from america, still likes you, doesnt have a bf, juST FREAKING KISS HER ALREADY!!

the only good parts of the whole drama are ailee,hyorin,jr and jinwoon... not really the type of drama you would "have" to watch...

Verl_15 i'm proud to be a dream high 2 addict..!!!

bae suzy i want dream high 3 please i love the drama this is the best drama that i watched <3 <3

allen you know? im not interestd in the movie atr all ..the most interesting is the songs ...hmmmm well the movie is good but the music is more interesting .........

hyunju I'm really disappointed with this one. I can't understand what's the main point of the story. The story plot is a mess. They make a simple problem a big deal out of nothing. And the musical performance was not that impressive the way it should be. Plus, the characters in the story was not clear at all, like hyeseung who doesn't have a good voice or any special talent but wanted to become singer, come on! I'm expecting she will be transformed and became someone who they'll look up to, not just always a pitiful heroine that will make the two male characters fall in love with her out of pity or something. They made it a comedy-love story not a passionate students who will do everything to reach their dreams as a star. That's what DREAM HIGH is! I'm not saying i hated dream high 2 but I'm expecting more than this, since dream high was really a great drama that gave me excitement to watch every next episode. *pissed off !

Eun Ae The person I LOVE the MOST is JB B

hynu-ju I LOVE Jin Yoo-Jin but I LOVE JB THE MOST

  He s SO cute ...... xoxo Jb 

Dream high 2 AMIZING

egzona Hanin . I agree with you . Dream high 2 is a DISASTER when we talk abput the story . It's not Dream High as you say it should call ''Love High'' ...EPICFAIL

Hanin Well , there's too much to explain about this season ... at first i thought it's the worst K-drama ever after reading all those negative comments But i wanted to watch it to give my own point of view ..... The first episodes are not bad but boring ... i slept while watching one of them ... the story about how they ( the stars or idols) moved to kirin school and why .. i really can't understand it , just because they can't perform after 10 pm they'll go to school ? it'd be better if there was better reason ... Second , Jb falls in LOVE with hye sung or whatever !!!!!! Herrr , i was really shocked and i couldn't understand , at least give me a reason , is it because of a toy ?? Oh please ... i think she's not even a normal girl , i mean a weak girl with no personality ... C'mon it would be better if the character had some specialities or something that can attract you .. HOW ? WHY ? Jb loves hye sung , today he hates her and he's loving rian tomorrow he starts loving hye sung and disliking rian .... Third , Rian a character i'll never understand , Bad / nice / evil / angel O.o at least if she's going to change she could do it one time or we can't call it a change .. Let's just say she's Moody . Back to her story with Jb , the reason why he left her is weird , let's brake-up . WHY? to keep his promise to his dad to become the best star . -.- '' ahhh and the one who found the company makes me sick i don't understand a word from what he says and what he's trying to do with the one that helps him .... looking for an idol ? i think jb is really good enough WhyTH he tries to find another ? i think he's having fun right.? Riean can sing , why they're saying she's just the face of the group seriously she has a good voice + the drama is called dream high and not LOVE high :p I won't compare between the two seasons .. seriously we compare between 2 dramas when they are the same type but we can't compare between DH 1 & 2 ... Nothing is the same exept the name .. i'm just in ep 13 and that's what i think if all of that changed especially hye sung character and there were REASONS and convincing STORIES because everyone has his own story and this story will make him DREAM HIGH to have a better life forgetting all these problems ... but we can't see teens' dreams and strong personality we can't see the hard work and the WANT to fulfill their dreams even if it was about love we need a reason ,something clear .... Alll that and i still donn't hate the 2 season .. The funny scenes and teachers + ailee + jr + Hyroin made the story better .. If some points changed like i said it'd be the best drama ever but her we can't see the ... euh i don't know .. Finally the acting is good for teachers + Jiyeon and kang sora ( i say acting not character ) + jin yoo jiin ..... i'll finish the drama , then maybe i'll have something else to say ... But i don't hate Dh2 i don't deny i enjoyed some ep's specially their performances.... Bye ♥ :* PS : Jb is too cute .. aww specially when he smiles *.* and jiyeon's style IS DAEBAK ++ Ailee's and Hyroin's voices ARE AMAZING ♥

dream high As I'm on ep 14 right now, I find Hyesung is a very frustrating character.. She has no attraction at all, at least to me.. As for Rian, although she was very hateful at first, but slowly she's becoming more interesting, and a cute character, which makes me wonder about her character more.. So that's why, I ship Rian wether she's with JB or Yoojin.. The two boys shine the most when they're with Rian and not with Haesung.. So that's why honestly I don't understand why the two boys going all crazy about Haesung.. The writer didn't provide any good enough reasons for me to understand their liking towards Haesung.. And another character that makes me crazy is Soondong.. What's with her? She backstabbed Haesung at first, and act all nice to her later.. I really don't understand her.. The last thing, I really love Seul-Uibong couple!

moonyeongi Dream High 1 is my favorite from the start. When I heard about Dream High 2, I watched it online. During the first half (1st-8th), it seems like I'm liking the story of Dream High 2 better than Dream High 1. But when I continued watching, it started to dismay me. The ending confused me much. Some reasons are: The ending was "fast-forwarded", like there was 8-months-later and 8-years-later all in one episode (ep. 16/finale); It wasn't clearly stated that Hae-sung and JB ended up together, as well as Rian and Yoo Jin, and lastly, I WANT HAE-SUNG and YOO JIN TOGETHER at the end!! Most of the promotional poster shows Kang Sora and Jinwoon beside each other, which made me think that they ended up together. Because of such reasons, I want dream high 3 to clear those things out.

SEO公司 Hi there! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great information you’ve got here on this post. I might be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

jess jb and rian belong together, im so sad!!!!

dins Dream high 2 is a DISASTER!

arunima Well this was not matched upto dream high 1 but it was too good to see. hope that the next season will be the best of all three :D

Shadel Here I am again…ok, I have already commented here a month ago, but I want to add some point of view about the drama (after watching it again & again) I came to this conclusion about the series...

Dream High 2 is way different from original Dream High, only thing they were common is that they all study at KIRIN. Dream High 2 is a GOOD STORY but it isn't as GREAT w/ Dream High 1 plot. There are questions arising in Dream High 2, the DATES are confusing, I know it's not sequel because it's another batch of students, but if we think it better Dream High 1 casts auditioned in Kirin in year 2010 (Hyemi, Baekhee, Jinguk, Pilsuk, Jason & Samdong) were all Freshmen that time, the main cast were DEBUT in 2011 (after 1 year at KIRIN) so they were expecting to graduate at KIRIN by 2012-2013. In Dream High the school year was 2012 & the main casts are their 3rd year already, it means that Yoojin & JB both auditioned at KIRIN too during the auditioned process in Dream High 1 (year 2010), does it means both casts from 1 & 2 should be batch mates, but it's too confusing that the school in DH2 change the management already because it was bankrupt & failed to produced STARS for the past year, where in if we think it way better, only a YEAR for them KIRIN brings STARS from the casts of season 1…another thoughts, the K-PENDANT, yes Samdong is already a STAR in DH2 that's why they filmed a documentary for him along w/ Rian(Jiyeon) acting as Hyemi, but how come he gave the pendant to Rian on that year 2012, while in DH1 he still have the PENDANT at Grammy Awards 2018, then Rian have it again in DH2 in 2020..I think they should do the MATH out of it.

Casting? I guess, I love DH2 cast as much as I love DH1 whole casts, but I think DH2 have a lot of minor characters, that often overshadowed two other main casts such as Nana & Siwoo character, this two didn't have too much scenes together unlike how Jason & Pilsuk from season 1 had. Of course, their focus was more with Haesung, JB, Rian & Yoojin character, but I think they gave Nana & Siwoo much more exposure too. To be honest I didn't find Haesung & JB chemistry as a couple in DH2, I would love it more if they focus on Rian & Yoojin (G-Minor couple) moments more. Actually, the only reason why I often repeatedly watching DH2 as I often repeatedly watching DH1 as well is because of the G-Minor couple…

Yes, that's TRUE, Rian & Yoojin (Jiyeon & Jinwoon) are not a couple in this series (well I hope they BECAME at the End), they were just FRIENDS, or I can say they found out their BEST FRIEND from one another, because they were too comfortable & honest to one another. But their CHEMISTRY is UNDENIABLE, there is something special about this two that make you FALL for THEM, and wanted them to be TOGETHER at the end. I can relate more with their characters than Haesung & JB. Yes, Rian may be the devil one from the start but it was JB who caused her to be like that, but her kindness always shown when she's with Yoojin, the real Rian came out every time she & Yoojin were together. That's why it's too sad they didn't be an official couple when the series ended, but I guess at the end of the story they were really dating and knew that they were special for each other, see some scenes of Rian & Yoojin in episode 16, every time they were alone together after the performance of selecting the Super Idol, when Yoojin asked Rian why not she leave the group & go solo? but Rian answered it's because of her Friends, then Yoojin smiled at her & said "don't be so nice because he like good girls" (simply saying that, Rian shouldn't be too nice because he may be FALL for her) kekeke…then JB interrupted them, both were shocked being caught in a cute scene (Yoojin is holding Rian checks near her lips, as if he wanted to smile or what? just like how JB done w/ Haesung before)…whaahhh..I wanted to shout out over JB saying "well you please leave them alone?" & when they reunited in 2020, Rian just came back to attend the musical it's because Yoojin asked her to CAME BACK, really something special for my G-Minor couple.

In short, although DH2 disappoint me for some reasons, Jiyeon & Jinwoon character as Rian & Yoojin saved the Drama for me. I enjoyed it as I enjoyed the first season. The performances were all GREAT as well, no doubt about it. Knowing it that they were all professional idols too. It's seemed that the only lacking from this series is the open questioned ending about the love lines, same with Dream High 1.

Yes, the ending, DH1 & 2 had the same ending but differ for some aspects, in Dream High 1 the whole casts achieve their Dreams already & already find their kraft were they find their real happiness. In DH2 the casts also find their kraft but failed to achieve their Dreams when they were in Kirin, the super idols were disband & they have their own careers respectively, only Rian who got achieve her Dreams to be a Hollywood Actress, but the love lines leaved so many questions, JB & Haesung didn't end up, same w/ Rian & Yoojin only Ui Bong & Lee Seul are the official couple, even Nana & Siwoo didn't too, but the main four casts Haesung, JB, Rian & Yoojin are ?????? what happened??it leave me like that. In DH1 they leave the audience asking more scenes, they knew Hyemi choose Samdong, but the fans is anticipating for the two to reunited after 7 years of a long distance relationship….

That's why I am begging & asking foy Keyeast & JYPE to produce DREAM HIGH 3, please answer all this questions from the viewers. Plan to casts this idols & actors from 1 & 2 all back together & clear every thing on AIR, what happened to Hyemi & Samdong after Hyemi's 100 concert & Samdong won the Grammy awards? what about Jinguk & Hye Mi's younger sister? who is the one for Baek Hee? More about Jason & Pilsuk? Where JB & Haesung back together again? What about Rian & Yoojin, do they really FALL for each other? all this questions on my mind is begging for an answer…Dream High 3 may be the answer for it…so please..please…made it for the fans.

Overall, Dream High 2 is a great series as well, hope others may appreciate it well too, as much as we love Dream High 1.

Fardad Hi

I have so many dreams in my life ...

The perfect effects of DH (both series) and impressive songs learned me to use all my effort to reach my dreams :)

Bethany OMG I LOVE DREAM HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although season 2 had many different characters, it was still good. The ending was a bit naff in Dream High 2. And I liked the first one more. No disrespect, this season is great aswell but I keep crying because of the character changes. Also I'm soooo confused on the first episode of Dream High 2 as the bus is driving away (just like in Dream High, first one) with 'Go Hye Mi' (as I originally thought) running after it. Was it actually Song Sam Dong in the bus?!!!! Because it looked a lot like him until I found out that it was a acting scene and the girl (that I thought was Go Hye Mi) turned around... AND IT WASN'T HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And sinse then I was VERY upset... All the changes they made and I was expecting teacher Yang to tell the students about what happened in the old days (friends with Song Sam Dong, internationally known at this time, Go Hye Mi, Jin Guk ect)... So yeah I keep crying... I HATE IT WHEN ALL GOOD THINGS HAVE TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fardad Both Dream High 1 and 2 have a deep influence on me as I always was near crying Specially the infinitely beautiful and impressive songs in the film were very precious ! I can't describe my mood when I saw Dream Highs !

Anyway I wait for Dream High 3 <3

maefritz labandero i hope to all group in dream high have a on project i like to all have a movies

maefritz labandero hahaha my idol is jinwoon i like him......and kang so-ra and jb and the last is hyorin......i like to see all artist in the dream high i wish all artist to come in the philippines

Tintin I really really love Dreamhigh 2...especially JB and Kang Sora..I hope they will have other projects together..I'm really touch by their story and it's so inspiring..I had watch it for several times and still love too..hope you watch it first before you judge..it is so beautiful :) I love JB and Kang Sora :)

ekai Season 2 is such a boring sequel,i really thought it was about hye mi's sister but it's not.DH1 is much better than DH2,!!!i wish there would be a sequel about sam dong and hye mi's love life!!!!

pretty_me i have not watch dream high 2 cause i think that it is the same to dream high 1 ...but dream high 1 was so amazing... how it was done...that is one of the best korean drama i ever watched.....

just luv it!!!!


min ah dream high1 was a lot better than dream high 2. and jb isn't really a good actor. i don't understand his acting in DH2 !!! and also jb+haesong isnt really a goo pair. they don't match together at all!!! i hope there will be a third season which is better than DH2...plz DH3 :>

JEREMIAH dreamhigh1 is more beautiful than dreamhigh2 coz i like the actors/actress who are acting there.sorry

Shadel Comparison between the two things in a drama, artist, music and others always arise, that's part of Entertainment Show. Ok, on my personal point of view about the drama, here it is…

I have just finished watching Dream High 2, actually the only reason why I brought Dream High 2 DVD it's because of Dream High 1. It's probably 1 month now after I brought Dream High 1 DVD (as part of my Korean Drama Collection, now I have more or less 60 Korean Drama DVD's at home), and to tell you honestly I've watched Dream High season 1, 7 or 8 times already in just one month. My goodness, this is the fourth Korean Drama that got me addicted because I really LOVE the story, the plot, the whole cast, the OST's, everything about the drama. And because of that I purchased Dream High 2 last week, and recently finished it. Actually I've come to the point not to buy DH2 because of what I've read about DH2 reviews online, that they are too disappointed, etc..etc.. but later I decided to brought it finally, and this is my interpretation about this series…

The first episodes, honestly I really don't understand what's going on with the casts, and I don't know who are the main casts. I just only love that Kim Soo Hyun & IU made a cameo part, but that's too short appearances. Anyway, as the story goes on, I found myself laughing while watching the drama, from time to time I found each character's cuteness & charms as well. But unlike the original casts on it's first season, only few characters in DH2 got my attention well, the first one is Jiyeon who played Lyan/Rian, she's the first one who got my attention because she's the PRETTIEST among the casts, and the one who take Suzy role as Go Hye Mi on the drama when she acted with Sam Dong Documentary Film, she also looks like one of my favorite korean Actress Kim Tae Hee. Second was Jinwoon, he's cute and fun to watch, then Hyorin, she looks familiar to me because of the few Youtube videos of Suzy that I've watched, they sang together in one of the Christmas episode if I’m not mistaken (later I found out that she's the leader of the group Sistar, sorry if I really don't know them because I am not really a K-pop fanatic, I love & knew few of theme but not all). And for Kang So Ra & JB I cannot find their chemistry together, much more I do love Jiyeon & Jinwoon if they are the lead couples, but the story didn't go for it. So in addition too, DH2 isn't that best as the original but it carries charms too for the viewers. I also love the part where Suzy (the female lead star of DH1) made a cameo too on episode 15 together with her group Miss A, but just like Kim Soo Hyun & IU cameo’s on the first episode that was too short, anyway I do love Dream High 2 too, but not as I love the original Dream High.

I just hope that there will be a Dream High 3, the casts of the first & second season will be back as alumni of Kirin Art School, of course, we want to see what happened to Sam Dong & Hye Mi love story, is Hye Sung (Hye Mi’s sister) where the right one for Jin Guk? I want to see Baek Hee as a teacher in Kirin more and the sweet romance of Jason & Kim Pil Suk. At the same time, Dream High 2 is unfinished story too. I want to see all the casts evolve each other now that they were all successful. I also wanted Lyan & Janet be a couple too, there’s a lot of things running in my imagination on how the story will go after achieving their dreams. I also wanted the series will clarify how the K Necklace back to Sam Dong in 2018 at Grammy Awards, if in 2012 he gave it to Rian/Lyan. Yes, when I was watching DH2 there’s a lot of question on my mind asking how did happen anyway, why is like that or like this, that’s why I wanted Dream High 3 to be broadcast SOON to clear everything on air that they left the viewers asking those questions.

KZ Dream High 2 wasn't as strong as Dream High 1. Plus, I didn't really care for the main leads Haesung and JB. Their stories and problems didn't grab me emotionally. That's why I was disappointed with how they developed Yoojin's character because I was personally attached to his character and his problems.

stoneCold im done watching the 2 season, i love it both, unexpected matching in the end, but still luv it, i hope theres a DH3, continuation of 1 or 2, either the 2 is ok, if it is new story, i hope they come up good match up and better concept.

kell sang gal i have't watched dream high 1 so i think i shud not write sumthing like 'dream high 2 is way better'.... but i really want to say that please duun write sumthing like 'i hate kang so ra and jb'.... i know dat she luks elder than jb but still their love story is too cute..... he is crazy for her..... hehe.... i love jb.... they are not perfect match.... i agree to it but they are still too cool....... AND I LOVE THEIR PERFORMANCE BOB HAIR................

May I hope there will be DREAM High "3"....

May I love DREAM HIGH 2 very much!!!! specially JB<3

Kathryn Jang I loved Dream High 2 due to its character scenes, its humor, and artistic quality. Lots of funny and artistic scenes. Great characters. The first few scenes are the best!

Philip John Villas Millan Dream high1 the best>>>>>>>>> and suzy and taecyeon is the best............... for dream high coming series they must be the main characters:) im a taeczy idol.:)

Elizabeth i love you dream high

azmii leeteuk i love dream high 1 better than dream high 2 Because i think the story in dream high 2 not good . And ending that not good for me. I think Hyesung with yoo jin but she with Jb. Dream high 1 always in my heart.

fixi Dream High 2 has a unique story but the character development in this drama is weak and not balance. At first, I thought Hye Sung will end up with Yoo jin (poster promo, cast appearance shows they are hero/heroin - viewer mindset) but she end up with JB. If I want to relate the poster to the drama, its a poster design error (main character image should be bigger/dominant). Its okay if they end up like that since it is a drama (PD always has the power to change the ending) but what is the big disappointment in this drama is main character growth and development. It should be Yoo Jin and Hye Sung being a main focus but the drama is mostly about JB and Hye Sung (mostly focus on JB) and Yoo Jin's story is just so-so(It still so-so compared to Rian - JB - Hye Sung story, their story dominate the drama). However, the story can be accepted as I enjoyed watching this - there is funny/inspiring moments. Actually, after watching halfway, I was hoping Yoo Jin end up with Rian based on their character development (I love their chemistry) since there is no/less hope for Yoo Jin - Hye Sung, but still okay as they end up as best friend.

fhine ending is not that good for me... but Dreamhigh 2 is way better than 1..... i love it many funny scene....

double s love ya xo xo much!!! jb,yo jin,hae song, nar nar,

i love them. jb is my favourite boy. his smile is xo sweet.

je t'aime jb. fighting. i'm a myanmar girl. i love you.jb

arih rahmania i like it very much ^^

Ivana A I like,love and miss DREAM HIGH 1. Dream high 1 is the best than dream high 2. They are my inspiration. I want to see my favorite characters in dream high 2,but that very different for me. i hope dream high 1 characters always in heart dream high lovers,but they are very very amazing. i can't forget sam dong,hye mi,jing guk,jason,pilsuk and baek hye. Dream high 1 always be in my heart. iam so so sorry,this is just my opinion ^^

viness i like both dream high 1 and 2 but i prefer dream high 1 because in in the second season OMG! my fave! the dance teacher he was demoted! i hope all the characters would have to reunite again in dream high 4!

athey i hate kang so ra..!!!!!!!!!!!

DH2 triple J were the best choices. everyone were pretty good in DH2 except from kang so ra.

rabeca I really liked both dream high 1 and 2. but mostly i liked Dream high 1 much, i don't mean actor & actaress who play dh1 should play 2 but the story of every single one becaming Singers and the love story in dh1 was all of them better than dh2. :D

Park nana I want dream high 3 which have story about the success of dream high 1 cast!!!

Hachi At first I'd say that DH1 is better than DH2 but as I continue to watch DH2, I've come to appreciate its story. Both season 1 and 2 have good stories and lessons to learn. I think there is no need to continue with the story of sam dong and hye mi.. it should remain as it is. ...kinda spice of life - the continuation is up to the imagination of the people who watched it.

After watching DH1 I would say to myself, I should also dream high and realize it those dreams no matter how hard it is in the process.

While watching DH2, I realized that though skills cannot go beyond talent, if you have the talent but lack the skills, you'll never obtain excellence. Say.. JB has the skills and Yoo Jin has the talent. But Yoo Jin has full of hesitations and so on and so forth...

Anyway, it's fun watching both seasons.

iamjoe0619 -- I'm a bit disappointed with the Dream High 2 . I was expecting for a continuation of the story .. But I expect that even though the casts on DH 1 were replaced, I was hoping to see Hye Mi's Little sister .. Argh .. Really disappointed .. I'm hoping there will be DH 3 and the casts were from DH 1 ..

JSH I like both dramas although DH1 pulled better because of a good cast line up. DH2 has more newbies and to think that the main character isn't really an idol nor a singer. Honestly, T-ara Jiyeon, 2AM Jinwoon & JJ Project JB were the ones who pulled the drama up. Maybe the scriptwriter did good in revising the script when he saw DH2's rating flopped. It's better that he turned the script to Jiyeon (Rian) yet too abrupt making Kang Sora (Hae Sung) leave.

shai del rosario Dream High 1 is a lot better than Dream High 2. Tha casts in Dream High 1 are so remarkable!

glory mixaki dream high 1 is better 4 me.. so sad that dream high cast is not what i've expected.. :(

walter It should be the main 6 character in dream high 1 play the role of main character in dream high 2!.. I am not satisfied that Kim Soo Hyun and Bae Suzy are not in relationship with each other (being LOVERS) at the end part of the episode! I want to see them being success of what they have achieve in their whole lives. And met together and having some good bondings..

random Although I really like Jiyeon, I have to admit that DH 1 is far better than DH2. DH2 really does not a good storyline, and its casting is weak compared to the first season. I finished the drama for Jiyeon and Jinwoon. I don't recommend anyone to watch it. really a waste of time......

misafir dream high 2...uuhm...i hated jb.he left rian because he's promised his dad and...he didn't keep his promise and he wasn't loyal to rian.at least,i wish rian&yoo jin loved us but it's also indeterminate so i did't like dream high 2 very much

sweetyDH i have watch both dream high 1 and 2. i think both drama were good in their ways. i love both of them, i think, who were hate dream high 2 because they always compare both drama. just accept just the way they are. so, we can values how they are. :)

bethanie caoeng i hope their would be dream high 3 and the cast of 1 and 2 would joining dream high 3....that would be so great and fun

bethanie caoeng its really a good story...dream high 1 and 2...i love them both

melissa i love dream high 1,i wish that the casts of the dream high 1 is still the casts of dream high 2!!! i really hate the casts of dream high 2!! i like the casts of dream high 1,,no offense guys.....and i love the story of dream high1!! i just love the love story of suzy in miss a...

Chris Lester Negative comments arise because of the total change of cast without any reason why they are gone.., another is that the dream high season 1 is an unfinished story I believe..,. because there are still many questions unanswered., like "What happen to Song sam dong and go hye mi?", "did they reunite and restablished the group dream high?", "do Jin hyuk find her partner in life?", "did the director return to KIRIN in order to reevaluate what happen to his special admission class?" and more importantly "why is it that Kirin have lost stability?".

This are the this needed to consider before thay begin the season 2.., and honestly I prefer the continuation of the story of season 1 that making another storyline such as in season 2.., but to rein-burst it dream high season 3 can help to answer many questions from season 1 and season 2..Thank you. Hope someone would see this and reach the dream high producers and story makers..,

PrincessChanni Well I just watched the first ep and I have to say....I like DH1 WAY better then DH2. The cast of DH1 was so adorable but this cast just annoys me. I mean I like JB, Jinwoon and JR (& JYP) but I can't watch a drama just because of 4 guys because I like them. So I'm currently thinking of stop watching DH2 and re-watch season 1...

kira the actors lacks enthusiasm...it's a flop for me...DH1 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this....JB stands out here though...

angi i was extremely waiting to watch dream high 2. finally got chance to watch. but even after watching 3rd episode i m not able to understand story concept. not able to grab my attention. sorry to say dream high 1 was far better then this. dream high 1 cast were so adorable. in season 2 what the hell all guys are using eye pencil so distinctly so terrible. missing cast of dream high 1.

asdfghjkl i think DH2 have same ending with DH1 !ah jinja..

Li Pinky I really really like Dream High 2, especially for JB (smart boy) buT i think the end is not interesting. Hoping the creator make the clear, good and sweet end.

정말 좋아 ...

azilu Well...it can't be that the DH 1 cast should still be the cast of DH 2 because the ending of the story was already 8 years after....how can they stay at Kirin Arts School for such a long time??

LOVE DREAM HIGH !!!! I like season 1 .... i wish that season 1 is here in the characters of the season 2 ..... you must finish it up to season 4 cause the story about is high school dreams ..... i do not like to change the characters of season 1 .... ( IU,WOOYONG,KIMSOOHYUN,SUZY,TAECYEON & JOO ) ..... !!!! I REALLY LIKE THERE ACTINGS ...... !!!!! NO. 1 DREAM HIGH (SEASOON 1)  !!!

Taiga DH2 SUCKS. Just an opinion, guys. It could never compare to how AWESOME DH was. I mean, they changed most of it all. I hope they just put the old cast back there. Surely, they did graduate. But that doesn't mean they couldn't make a sequel to that. The story still has a chance to grow, okay ? They should've just told us what happened, like, did Hye Mi and Sam Dong live happily ever after, that kind of stuff. I miss Suzy and Eunjung and Sam Dong so much. <3 Hate this sequel. Love the original. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, BRING THEM BACK. T.T

Dana Jane I love Dream high 2!!!!! Kang Sora ur the best i love U!!

Roxxi I've only seen the first two episodes so far on Dream High 2 and I'm not liking it very much. I absolutely loved the first one and I was expecting so much. Matter of fact, the first episode had me a little excited because I thought they were going to continue from season 1. Of course when I saw they weren't I was like, that makes sense those people aren't high school students anymore. I miss Song Sam-Dong :(

olivia i watched DH2 just for JIYEON i love her but the plot is quite confusing u dont know who ended up with who i juet kept skipping and watched only JIYEON cuts

DHlover I really love Dream High 2... It rocks.. and it's so AWESOME.. I so Love Park ji-yeon and Jung Jin-woon.. at first, i want JB for ji-yeon but i was disappointed because in the end JB was with Kang So Ra....but at least, jin-woon and ji-yeon is also a great and cute pair.... i Love them so much!!

sha wish that the old cast were there huhuhuhu

me2i DH2 hasn't strength story,, i'm disappointed too,, but all song's in this drama was so cool and to be my inspiration too,,, fighting korean drama's

NinjaBride I understand why people hate DH2 so much. Some of the characters are pretty cool like Yoo-Jin and Nana but the idols especially Rian are detestable. They're treated as Gods and get away with everything. The main lead is alright but her character's super annoying at the beginning. The romance wasn't well developed at all. Clearly, Yoo-Jin did many things for Hye Sung always standing up for her. Then out of nowhere she becomes closer to JB taking for granted all the pain she went through because of him. I mean the guy humiliated her big time and all for Rian while Yoo-Jin only scolded her for her own good. I think that this story had a lot of potential but they screwed up with plot and the characters. They added too many mean characters, the main lead was too naive, the romance wasn't well-developed, the medallion didn't hold any significance etc. I'm still debating whether to finish it or not.

rhej ilovedreamhigh !

go ! go ! go ! 
season 2 is the best ..
i always watch your movie 
and i hope that  
i will see you in person :))))))
iloveyou jb :))))))

maya dream high 1 or 2 that's not far diffrent.. i love for watching..

snsd_taeyeon+12 If only SNSD embers is there I think I will watch it more.....I more like the old Dream High than the new......

MG to me it started out good but then got stuck, i loved the first season and expected a lot from that one- but it wasn't even mediocre it was bad. didn't go anywhere, no actual story line. no real love connection. nothing surprising.. sora and jinwoon are lovely but everyone else was unlikable and annoying- even sora's character.. don't waste you're time..

Friv juegos ThanK you Many and to me posting

pigRabbit joanna i just missed dream high 1 casts ... especially song sam dong ang go hye mi.... i was expecting that sam dong and hye mi's love story will be clearly shown in dream high 2...


erika dream high one was the BEST i was expecting more from season2 bt it dint reached upto my expectation. i miss dream high season 1 the only reason i watched the whole sereies was because of JB he is too cute i love him

NOOOO Yang Jin Man stays. Why don't Shi Kyung Jin and Kang Oh Hyuk stay too? >___<

kuriya I don't really watch Korean shows except dream high 1 and 2, w/o knowing who is the casts ( so still no bias there), I like the story of DH2 compare to DH1. Then after finishing the show, I became a fan of Rian (Jiyeon XD). well more power to Dream high ^^

rayyhan OMG,,,,i really like the ending of love triangle in dream high 2,i think Hye Sung with yoo jin and i feel sad if they were together,,,i like JB with shin hye sung,,,thats couple so sweet,,,,the past is past,,sometime we will find wrong people before we meet the right person like JB ,,,and hye sung is still love JB althought yoo jin confess his feeling to her,,,so cute,,i feel weird why you all did not like JB with Hye Sung...


There are some cute and funny scenes but honestly, I expected so much more...just my opinion!

kyopta Ok! take my advice, if you want to watch this drama because you think it is going to be as equally great as dream high 1, then you are definitely mistaken! dream high 2 is so not as good as dream high 1. Don't disappoint yourself, and just watch the "moon embracing the sun" with kim soo hyun! I hate the story! i hate their acting! But i love JIN WOON! LOL!! LOVE LOVE HIM (WHICH WAS MY WHOLE POINT OF WATCHING THIS DRAMA) SORRYYYYYYY, but realy this drama is terrible!!

ifiey i love ui bong n lee suel couple..they r relly2 match together...

s watched the first few episodes...it failed to grab me like how season 1 did. I kinda give up o_O i really see NO redeeming quality in any of the characters. A+ for the eye candy, but its not enough to keep me around. Also. They made the storyline so frickin confusing in the first episode, I'm too lazy to understand it at this point in time. Instead, I'm just bogged down by it and there's nothing thats really keeping me wanting to watch more, which is one of the best qualities of the first season.

Dream High Lover In my own point of view,yes DH1 is more better than DH2 but they did their best to show us how did they achieve their Dreams,but all in all I enjoy watching DH2 but I was more touched in DH1.guys we don't need to compare DH1 and DH2.for me DH1 and DH2 is a good KDRAMA.we have different opinions please respect my opinion,that's all,

stiefanny Jae bum!!!!!!love yah!!!! i think oz entertainment gave a lot of pressure to their trainees.. kang sora and jaebum????? sora is 4 or 3 years old from jaebum....

lee hyuhun lol' i really like this drama only because jb oppa are soo cute

yuuko213 i think this drama will be lot better if jiyeon be the main character...

kiara I think DH1 much more better than DH2. It is about love neither Dream. It is like other K-drama and was very boring. I liked DH1.

DH1 much better DH1 was much much much better than DH2. Seriously! It was very annoying and sleepy watching how JiYeon acted (sorry JY's fan). The story was also not so excited and very few performances., very few touching moments... The first few eps were quite good, but now I'm watching ep12, it's very very boring. I hate series that main actors always fight over a girl for the WHOLE series, it's boring and boring. Why can't they focus on putting up performances instead of dating. Till now (Ep12), I'm still waiting when HaeSong and YuJin will compose another song. It seems like they don't practice anymore, and just fooling around. I think I will skip to watch the last ep.. it's sooo waste of time to watch guys fight over a girl... Really disappoint in DH2

Alisha I think the strory is better on Dream High season 1 but i really like the characters better.. But Dream High 2 is not bad..

DyahAyu Puspitaningsih Yes, Dream High 2 is a bit of a fail, Dream High 2 line story is really make me confused, at the end of drama, does JB together with rian or Jb with Haesung? How about YoonJin? does YoonJin with Rian or with Haesung or YoonJIn not Together with anyone? I prefer to like dream high 1 more.

Tatiana hmm it was good !! there were so many good actors that's true; however, the story line was so CONFUSING!! I expected kang sora and jinwoon to be togheter BUT WHAT??? JB?? it does not have sense at all sorry!!!!!! the thing that I like the most was kang sora being a composer rather than a singer !!! THAT WAS VERY GOOD!!!!!! i think i prefer DH1 !! for the MAGNIFIC OST and Story!! it touched my heart!!! DH2 is quite good but not like the first one and any of them became a star 0.0???? :S :S to finish I THINK THAT DH1 HAD MAGIC IN THE STORY , maybe DH2 lacked on that !! ;) but OH BOY JINWOO IS A VERY VERY GOOD ACTOR I LOVE HIM!! HE IS SO NATURAL!!!! I AM REALLY AMAZED WITH HIM!!! LOVE HIM!!!

IU fans after long time im waiting for this and i really dissapointed about DH2, i think it will be good than DH1. but DH1 is more more good from DH2, when the story end its make me confused. are hae sung and jb or yoo jin?when i look the cover of DH2 i thing hae sung and yoo jin wiil be together but in the film hae sung with jb. it doesnt make sense. i prefer like dream high 1,,

didie for me,, dream high 2 is worse... it is disaster to have the ending just like dream high 1. so,, why the poster focused on kang sora n jin won as the didn't end up together?? it is too much of love story in it than dream high 1.. i'm prefer dream high 1 more.......why the poster just show 6 people although the main in the story is too much including bong ui n so on...i kindda disappointed with this story as i'm really waiting for it.......

Shraffe Naqiuddin Yes, Dream High 2 is a bit of a fail, which is bad considering Jiyeon is in here (my bias...). The story could have been good enough, except they already poured out everything in Dream High 1. I mean, some of the ending just not satisfied enough, except for 2 JYP scene...

And this is some of the reason why I think they won't be any season 3...unless one person is crazy enough to do that...

Missy So, I'm a little disappointed by how this series ended. Where's the closure? So JB&Haesong are still together or not? I don't think so. And I really hope Yujin&Rian aren't dating or so, like really. And Haesong&Yujin? Poor Yujin. The only thing that I'm happy for is Seul&Uibong couple. And the fact that Yujin becomes a teacher? What?! I once thought hed really be a rockstar. To compare with DH1's closure, there are too many weakness here :-(

Neda Well ..The series ended too !! Although all of them were excellent؛ but i`m sure JB ,Relative to age and experience was the only one that shines beautifully in the Drama

TY For most of the series I found myself cheering for the JB-Hae-Sung couple because it seemed cute. Only until it really kicked in that Rian was treated so unfairly by JB did I started to despise the JB-Hae-Sung relationship. Maybe being a JiYeon bias is a big factor for me feeling that way but JB seemed like a douche to me after this realization kicked in. Anyways, glad she gained big success and became a World Star which was a plus side to her pitiful love life.

savernus Yes i agree that DH2 has weaker story line than DH1 but im pretty satisfied that the outcome for Rian Yoojin JB and Haesung not focusing to their love relation but to achieve on their carrer. DH2 had more good song than DH1 just like haru haru by jiyeon, sorry by jinwoon, romeo and many more... i just love those song. will it be released on ost DH2 compilation? iam sure looking forward to it ^_^

J Compared to the first season, DH2's story line was quite weak. Rather than focusing on the development of the kid's careers and talents, it was more like a teen -romance- drama. The last episode trying to tie everything up felt pretty empty and amateurish. Super Idol group forms, time skip, disband.

Cool Season 2 is struggling to match its predecessor one. Dream High season 1 in my opinion has a better plot than season 2 where they focused too much on love affair. its story line is complete mess and almost everything is meaningless. just take the bracelet for one example.

Peter K. Chung Is it my imagination or is the actress that played Rian's mom is the same actress that played Baek Hee's mom in DH1?

ainnur shira i like dream high 1 only

Jiyeon's secret lo-Shraffe Naqiuddin You guys realized something about the ending? It is the same as season one's ending.


Secondary pairings win, second main female is left alone without a proper pairing, first main male is not changing at all from their previous image, the new directors are the daughters of the ex-directors and they are with a teacher who they had known before, main male teacher gets a better life onward, not the first main casts of both genders become the top star, everyone get together again at some point of the epilogue.

And it seems the K bracelet still gives no meaning in this season...

ziinab :) i cnt wait to see dream high 2 ^^

       i love korean dramas <3

savernus Is it true that rian become a world star? So finally my wish come true, the outcome for rian to become world star. Im still waiting for the 15 and 16 episode lol. Can someone help me with the link for those episode, i cant wait to finish the story.

Quynh Dream High 2 was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Ui Bong(Jr) and Lee Seul (Yeon-joo) : Teacher and dating (or married) JB: Producer Rian(Jiyeon): World Star Haesung(Kang Sora): Still the same SiWoo (Seo-joon),Nana(Hyorin), Ailee, Hong Joo: Still singing Yoo Jin(Jinwoon): Teacher

savernus Yeah..to think about it, in god of study she also get this kinda character. Thinking about love its not the happines but the sacrivice that make us touched. This is an interresting part, iam looking forwrd the outcome. Jiyeon FIGHTING...!!! And also another love triangle between nana si woo and hong joo. With whom does nana end up, both of them love her so much...

Ji Young Rian♥ (Jiyeon Park) ♥ :)

J I have to agree that towards Rian, I feel that she got so wronged by JB. She was dumped by him over a promise with his dad and even so, she accepted that outcome because she understood his situation. Then for JB to go date the other girl and go against that very reason for dumping Rian in the first place makes me feel so bad for her. I don't blame her for acting jealous and hateful towards the other girl at all, as she was probably waiting for JB over the years in hopes of staring over when the time was right. Poor JiYeon, always playing the character that gets her man snatched away (God of Study)

woo i love jb-Rian couple and Yoojin-Rian couple hahaha xD

jj i just got so frustated watching this drama haha i really hope rian and jb together but if they can't be that's fine, just please make them find their happiness . i really wish DH2 not have an ending like DH1 cause it's make me little dissapointed . i love DH2 more more and more than DH1 . i've waited this drama from long time ago .

dh2fans i just have a suggestion that in the end sora will be a famous song writer while yoojin become a superstar . and jiyeon & JB end up together . based on my opinion, JB still like jiyeon . he just wanna comfort sora but doesnt mean he love her . from the way he stare at jiyeon, i can feel that he really do love her and i hope he will realize it as soon as possible :) fighting JJ couple!

savernus Ps: i guess hershe not real isnt it? But i really like them to become real girl group hehe..

savernus I agree with JJCouple on comment 514 for Hae sung she always looking weak with tears and sadness so that many ppl pitty her such a boring type character. Hate that charracter who ruin other ppl relation even though rian and jb not togather at that time but actually the love each other. Just because the promise to his father jb dumped rian and later he broke his promise for hae sung, which his felling begin with compassion for hae sung. Hate rian for bluntly accepting that jb dumped herbecause his promise, even though she is doing it because she like him that much that o he can pursue his carrer. Jin yoo jin remind me for jin guk from DH a troubled young man with tallent and fammily matter. My fav character from DH was of course hye mi. Hae sung cant be compared with hye mi for main charracter. Hyemi suits more with rian with sadness anger and passion. Hopefully rian got nice ending, i mean not end up with jb or yoo jin but to become super idol and succes for her career

love misspell "expected hye mi's sister to be* in this"

and i really wish that the dream high 1 characters had big parts in this... kim pil suk and song sam dong have only got like 30 seconds...

love so.. i feel like shin hae sung will end up with jin yoo-jin and rian will end up with jb even though i support shin hae sung and jb. but jb... i think his character needs to make up his mind, hae sung or rian..

i forgot which one was better.. but i think the 1st one was. i personally dont like jiyeon's charater/rian at at all. i saw in one of the comments that they wouldve expected hye mi's lil sister to me in this and i think thats an amazing idea! but isnt this drama "before" dream high 1 ended? because song sam dong was an actor in here and kim pil suk was "skinny" and was still a "senior" at the school?

i also wish there was more ailee for some reason.

Neda Wow... I wrote wrong !!! i mean Dream Hight (1) was Interesting !!

Neda i think Dream Hight(2) it was beautiful than Dream Hight(1).Of course this Drama is Lovely too.i like Kang So Ra. she has played her role beautifully ^^

shima hi i havent seen dream high 1 but dream high 2 is really nice and a like it. i like u jin , jb & jr....

Mhacy Daidouji Hope to have DREAM HIGH SEASON 3 !! Pray for it , i love the story . GIVE SOME ENDLESS DREAM HIGH :) I love JB and IU so much <3

dream high fan I LOVE DREAM HIGH SEASON 1 & 2. :D Im a huge fan of Dream High. :)))) hope to have a Dream high 3, Hahahaha!

dream high 2 fans dream high!!!!!!!!!!!! i really2 like this… 10 thumb, ehhmmmm…. no no no no… 100 thumb for dream high 1 n 2……

I think dream high 2 is continue dream high 1 because dream high 1 ending not very clear….. but, it's ok… i always support dream high 1 and 2…..

ilove IU :)) i was actually expecting that in season 2 it would be park eun bin would play as the lead actress since she appear in the last episode of dream high1 as the little sister of hye mi... hmmp.. thats why i was really surprise with the new character.. hehe.. but its okay.. i also like the whole new cast :)) i like ji yeon.. she is pretty!..kang so ra is also pretty but then i don't really prefer her to be the lead actress because with suzy she really fit as the main character! HAHA XXD but then i still love dream high 2 thats why i'm really looking forward to finish this series! weeee... i hope it would be nice like dream high 1! (i really miss the whole cast)

tea DH2 is horrible. I mean, I can't stand horrible acting. Rian does this immature thing with her lips when she gets mad ..which is very newbie acting. When sora was going through hard times, her face look like it is frozen in time. it looked dumb. i hate it when main actresses are weak subjects. I did not sympathize her at all. and jb...he doesn't look like he has soul. the whole drama was too teeny poppy..if that makes sense. and al ot of the characters have really stupid lines. the storyline sucks. I only watched it up to episode 6 because of Hyorin and Ga In

DH is sooo much better! i mean..suzy is suppose to be this cold hearted girl..and she can ACT cold hearted. and it was actually funny.

(you all may hate on me now)

Sayuri ok, if he love Hae sung, but why i see that i have some feels to Rian too... as i think Jb ll end up with Hae sung, Rian ll be alone,

Sayuri I love Kang Sora. Perfect body and Beautiful face. Most important she is very kind. Cute smile I like very much,,, Sora I like you.

JJ OMG!!! JJ shippers there's still hope!!!

Joking, playing around with eachother 5% More skinship 10% Staring into eachothers eyes 30% and with the help of Haesung they might get another 10% Altogether that's 55%!!!!!

TOPHJ I think Ji yeon will be with ui bong. Ui bong was cutest I think. Though,his character is small,but he make the drama seems BIGGGGGGGG!!!!!

TOPHJ Aww c'mon.. Ji yeon and jinwoon?? Together??? Doesn't it seems funny? I mean like brother and sister? Jb and Ji yeon were much better. U know what??? I dont care. What ever. I'm focusing on my chemistry test!!

TOPHJ I don't want to compare dream high 1 with the second one coz they are totally different. So,dear watcher,just shut up and watch the drama!! Anything can happen and the thing we don't want to happen can probably happen. So,you're not the director who are more experiences.. Can you guys just sit quietly infront the tv and enjoy the drama????

MAi at the first i want, that Rian and Jb end up together, but now, i dont want, why? cuz, i dont like JB, why can he loves Haesung so quick?! ok, if he love Hae sung, but why i see that i have some feels to Rian too... as i think Jb ll end up with Hae sung, Rian ll be alone, Yon Jin ll be a super star....the same as Season 1......i dont say that Season 2 is bad, but Season 1 is 100% more better!!!!!!!!

loveDreeeeeamHigh!! Come on people, like for real JB should and with Kang sora!! And Rain with Ji yoon! They look much better together? Kang sora always loved JB and she is so sweet and nice .. Yeah the reason for breaking up with Rain is sad, but maybe this is how it should be .. In the beginning it's sad, but you will meet a nicer person, and rain met ji yoon and JB met kang sora and end of the story !! Jb en sora must end up together :)

loveDreeeeeamHigh!! Ohh please producer pleaaaasse! Don't let season 2 end up like season 1!! JB and kang sora must be together!! Ihaha, I'm seriously gonna kill you if this won't happen XD hahahaha! No but serious .. He can't end up with rain.. Pff, i'm gonna hate this drama if it won't turn out as I want it .. Aaiiisshh..

Quynh JJ shippers we still have some hope and thanks to haesung too and again to all of you who stopped watching you don't know what you're and i also felt like you guys at the beginning but now it's gotten really exiting.

jinwoon fan my fave character in dreamhigh 2 is jinwoon...i like his face...he is the best..and i doesnt like the character of ji yeon...rian is so...silly and jeaulous... she didnt like any peoples just jb...but good sites...i dont know...and jin yoo-jin(jinwoon) is very cool...and the scene where he rips the earring is so cool but also kind of painful ... what if he really does???

jbhaesung PLEASE !!!! This shouldn't end like the first season !!! Don't want yoojin and haesung end up together :(

vinotinto i like jin yoo jin and rian together please make a miracle to let them be together!

soli I don't want jb and haesung to breakup :((((( (ep 13)

LOVEYDOVEY Aahhh , i want sora and jinwoon although sora is teuk wifey . muahaha . and Jiyeon with JB . and wait , JB why you so handsome asdfghjkl ? and one more i love Dream High season 1 more because my bias in there . Taec and Suzy . but , JB is my new list bias . ;) Welcome to my bias list JB ! ^^ Sarangahe Dream High !

JJCouple You know I have the cure that can make JB and Rian better ppl and always be happy: For them to end up together. I know that Jb likes Rian on the inside he just doesn't realise it yet and Rian obviously still likes JB. Rian is acting like that cuz Jb dumped her. Right now I know Jiyeons characters way of thinking, instead of laying in bed all day and feeling bad for yourself, throw your sadness at other ppl and she thought that it'll make her feel better but it's actually just making her feel worst which hurts her even more but now she can't cry all day cuz ppl will just think she's planning a scheme and the sadness rises you guys don't know how that would feel I don't either but I bet it feels awful. Getting dumped by your love then the love breaking the promise/reason on why he dumped you, and for someone else. If only she would admit it :\

Syasya I want JB end up with Sora!!!!!!

JJ fan JJ couple pleaz!!!!!!!!! JB and Rian ae like the cutest couple on earth!!!!!! They have 2 b 2geher no matter what!!! They are and were mean to b together. The cant break up now. im not saying that i dont like kang sora but i just dont like her character. But i do adore Kang Sora. I want her to be in the end with jin yoojin. Yoojin likes haesung so its perfect. Ria with Jb and Haesung with Yoojin.

JJ couple lover i am so not going to watch this dram if JB oppa ad equisite Jiyeon unnie dont end up together. i am going to hate this dram and so will my friends. iT has to be the JJ couple. i also want haesung and yoojin. they are so cute together. i hope it is the jj couple. it is my dream come true... would love dream high 2 then. JJ couple the shoe couple the idol couple and sword couple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XD i think JB-Rian is really nice couple nahh... just kidding JB just an asshole cant you see Rian is dying inside dont know why really hate him after watch ep12 when the teacher say JB is disqualificated... lolll~ Really good job rian XD

forever_dream high Me too very miss with 6 people in DH1 will be appear in dh2. Dream high drama is very special movie. and also think where are 6 people of DH1, actually what they diid, say that in several 2 years as the idol or alumnus of KAS. and listen that kirin has been like that. what their comments. but i think b'coze now is not their story again. now is time for dh2!!! i just say thank for jyp entertaiment has been heald my dream high drama miss. just enjoy guys!!!!

ikoh I think DH 2 is better enough. is not far story from DH1.The way how we can catch the dream in evey different background. i like kang sora, jiyon, jinwoo, jb and others cast. i just want to see how the end of their dreaming. make it from impossible to possible. is jin woo will be an idol and catch his dream as rock singer. and kang sora, would she still love JB or maybe she will move her heart to yujin after he become super idol??or jiyon will be touching by yujin because they ha sbecome patrner and become a friend. i can't wait it again. how the end. hope this drama can inspirated all people in this world and t succes for JYP Entertaiment. DONT MISS DREM HIGH 2. fighting!!!!!

chuchi this season should be called love high...because it's more on teenage love and all...plus i like haesung-jb and haesung-yoojin....i like both couple combination...i just don't like rian-jb or rian-yoojin...i don't know why...but maybe because rian is too pretty for both guys...but t-ara based i really like jiyeon....she's my bias in that group.... i also like... ui bong-seul jin man-hyun nana-si woo i want them to end up with each other...specially ui bong and seul...because seul is the head director's daughter and nobody knows about it yet.... and also....i've been waiting for suzy, eunjung, wooyoung, and taec's cameos.....i've been checking every episode....i really miss them...if there's a chance i also would like to see Teacher Kang (the professor in season 1) in this season!!also Teacher Shi!!!i miss them!!!anyway...this season is getting a little exciting because of some twists and because of the confused or undetermined couple arrangements.... also....mid is right about the phasing being slow....i loved season 1 more because in the 16 episode it had everything was exciting enough to make me anticipate for the next episode....


mid Well, I like Season 1 more because season 2 is focused in love. And it's phasing is too slow. The lead actress is not that pretty too. I like Rian more. And About the ending of the first season; I am also disappointed that Suzy didn't end up with Taecyeon and this time I really want Rian and Jb. Rian-Yoojin and Heasung-Jb is too common.

lulu hmmm seems DH2 plot is too complicated because i really don't get it and the main character (kang sora) is not as good as DH1. no offense but i though suzy cannot be replaced by kang sora despite her different chemistry, i was disappointed :( and i though jiyeon is better to be the main character *dunno why i like her more :3 i like kang sora when she filmed Sunny more than dream high 2 because she's very charismatic . i hope that they can make a better ending than DH1 . DH2 , hwaiting!

Svetli Rian-Yoo Jin scenes are the best thing in this drama so far.

Kelsey reading what others said about rian makes me think. having a character like her is sooooo CLICHE! the mean, girl who makes the main girl suffer. oh my god! i like jiyoung but i dont bias my thoughts of the drama by the stars too much. i dont like rian's character period. the fact that i dont like her does prove her acting. (even though i think eunjung acts better, no offense)

viana i like JB and Haesung but i have a feeling shes going to end up with jin yoo jin. n i like yoo jin too. this season is a big difference to the first one but its good in its own way. technically the writer picks who ends up with who not the directer. the music and acting is better in quality (only because of season 1 profit) but the story and plot isnt to my liking as much as Dream high 1

steph c'mon you guys its just a DRAMA . If JB ends up with Kang sora at the end oh well who cares that's just how the drama goes . Really its the director choice if he wants JB and sora together . Seriously no need to get upset just because JB doesn't end up with rian. Plus if this was REALITY then i think JB should like whoever he wants , because its its his feeling for that person not mine , yours , and anybody else . Yeah he made a promise to his dad that he will be number 1 , but lets just say people FEELINGS change weather you like it or not . SO really chill bros and no need to be mad , because its just a movie bros , WORD .

dream or love I know a lot of pepole probably like Jb-Hyesung but i'm Jb-Rian more. Why? Simple, they have a better chemistry while hyesung and jb are simply cute, just cute... After i watched ep.12, i started to hate jb and jb-hyesung together. I don't know why but jb likes hyesung really fast, just like that. i dont even know if he still likes rian. BTW, i think yoojin and rian are really good couple. I agree with most of the people here, they should've name it dream high. Dream high 1 is more on their dreams than love.. peace out.. oh oh wait,, when will the other cast of dream high 1 will make a cameo and some other idols too... the series is almost done but no cameo of Taec, suzy, wooyoung and the milky couple ( i know IU already made a cameo)...

ss i don't like this drama anymore, at the beginning i felt so interest in it because i wanna watch JB & Rian together!! when suddenly JB likes sora, i start losing my mood to watch this drama . just please make JB realize that he like Rian, he will back to her and as the main lead sora and yoo jin should be a couple . NOT JB and sora .. please make JB and Rian, Sora and Yoo Jin!! they should be end up together, no sad ending story.

sHarteecha Anyway... DREAM HIGH is not also achieving your dream in Career but in Love as well. I kinda disagree with those who said Dream High 2 storyline is not suitable with the title.

JiyeonFan I think JB should be the one that is suffering(not that I hate him I LOVE HIM!!!) cuz not only did he abandon Rian but, he abandon his father too so it's like he abandon Rian cuz of his father then he abandon his father cuz of Shin Hae Sung (He abandoned his father cuz of what he did and broke a promise that is has made him suffer) and now I think i understand why Rian is so evil it's cuz of what JB did but the thing is the thing he abandon her for he isn't doing it so why is she still being left behind and for Shin Hae Sung too. So my conclusion is I'm on Rians side(I know that you guys think thats shes evil but there's a reason for her being like that and I know all of you know why,FYI it's about what JB did)wishing that JB would make the right decision (I can't hate him cuz I just can't) and Si Woo<3Nana couple FIGHTING!!! (By the way all this stuff is in ep 12)

kiara I like this drama. i like Sora & JB and hop end up together until the End then help and protect each other.

A@Dream i have watched til ep 11 and i have to agree with @soulevans16 (comment 52) that they shouldn't name the drama dream high 2 which may mislead as a sequel to the first one. To be honest, the concept and story for this season are totally different from the first one. Seriously, it is already more than half way in the season and it is about how they pursue their LOVE more than DREAM! There is nothing outstanding about Yu Jin. It just happened to be that he had some kind of background that suddenly makes him a Super Idol. JB changes from a cool and arrogant guy to someone that just falls in love with hye sung too easily. Overall, this season is weak compared to DH1 and for me there are a lot of needless scenes there and those scenes could have been better put to help the developments of the characters.

lynn Please let JB & HS together until end.They really compliment each other.Both have good heart.Really2 match.JB & HS...fighting!! (^^)

Kami I hope Haesung and JB will end up together because everytime they are together, they both are happy. I don't know why you guys are saying that Yoojin and Haesung are the main characters. Just because their picture is bigger on the cover than the others? LOL!! I'm a fan of T-ara too, but I just don't like Rian, the character. There is always something I dislike with all of the characters, but you know. A drama is not always perfect.

As a viewer, I like JB & HAESUNG couple very much ♥ Their moments are so cute, and they both are happy everytime they are together. JB even confessed to her! Of course you JJ couple shippers like them because of the past and so on. But the past is the past >__< I don't understand why you are saying that you won't watch DH2 if JJ couple are not going to end up together. I don't have a problem if JJ are going to end up together, but I still prefer JB & HAESUNG together ♥

Nikki dont think im gonna watch dream high 2 anymore im giving up, im only going to watch it if there is some twist that YIN JOON WILL BE WITH HYESUNG AND JB WITH RIAN .im starting to not like dream high 2. i mean they are putting a twist on JB’s character. He use to be a cool guy that cared for Rian and now he likes hyesung? thats just weird this plot is not thought carefully. Yin joon and hyesung is the main character and hyesung hasn’t even develop feelings for Yin Joon i mean they are the main characters. They should be together, if they arent together then make JB and hyesung the main character then!-.- no need for jinwoon and sora to be the main! i really really hope that they will put another twist into the plot like some what Rian will get into a car accident and then JB realize that he still likes Rian more than hyesung and that Yin Joon will comfort Hyesung.I STILL PREFER YIN JOON AND SORA TO BE TOGETHER I THINK ITS MORE RIGHT.♥

Quynh It seems more like JB the lead role and besides arn't the 2 lead roles(Yoo Jin and Hae Sung, them plus the others are the main roles not lead though) supposed to end up together? I thought that's how dramas work and I'm totally rooting for J&J couple after the performance on ep 12 I think JB and haesung should feel at least a little bad but not pity it will only make them be pitied but I really need answers on this one did Rian cry on purpose or was it that she cried unexpectidly? I hope it's the second one and I also heard that performance was for Rian and Yoo Jin to take the stress and pain out. If it is I really feel sorry for them. Right now all the couples are on the line Si Woo has some competition (even though that guy really doesn't look like competition) and Haesung, JB, Yoo Jin, and Rian are the Baek Hee, Jin Guk, Hye Mi, Sam Dong group(I'm sure you can see that) and the couple comparison is Yoo Jin and Haesung-Sam dong and Hye Mi (Lead roles), Siwoo and Nana- Pil Suk and Jason (I really don't ahve a reason it's just like this, woow Siwoo<3Nana FIGHTING!!!), Rian and JB there arn't anymore couples from the main roles they can end up like Baek Hee and Jin Guk or form a third couple(I hope it's third couple)

Big fan I think JB will stay with HS's younger sister, like in previous drama)))

Rain there r only 4 eps 4 the end!!! i will wait f ep 16..i will stop watching this film...!!! when Rian And JB will be together at the end ,...i will contin. watch!!cuz i dont want to spend my time to see that Hae sung and Jb ll end up>"< i m regret that i watched this film

Janice I want the JJ couple! Jiyeon and JB looks so cute with each other! Come on Jiyeon unnie and JB oppa! YOu guys can make it to the end! JJ couple fighting!

ellovedh2 seriously please make Yoojin and HS end up together at the end!T__T and also add another episode!!!>< it's not enough with only 16 episodes!!!

Lnv Honestly i like Jiyeon as an actress and a singer. So while everyon is hating on her im actually still rooting for her and JB. I dont like JB and Hye se whatever you spell her name. In my view i think something will spark up w/ her and JYJ. I like HyS but i personally believe that her and JYJ make a more compatiable match. If not then JYJ and Ji yeon would still be cute too. As for JB and HYS theyre sorda boring they have no funny moments like JYJ and HyS. But im just saying from my point. I know others would disagree with me on the couples but YOLO!!!!! Peace.

LE73SA Maia actually it wasn't sudden from the first jb was nice to haesung but at the middle because he liked rian more he was on her side but after seeing how haesung feels and how rian acts he understood he did wrong and for the last 4 eps he's been liking haesung maybe the same feeling that he had before debut with haesung s feeling made them to be closer ! Any way I'm satisfied with this , and I'm waiting to see more romantic scenes between jb and haesung ! On the other side I like yoojin to end up with rian their manners are mostly alike ! Also want Uibong with seul , they're really cute ! And about nana I'm ok with both guys ! Keep good work DH2 staff !!! You re awsome :)

jbsora I just finished watching ep 11 ! Wow ! The last scene <3 I'm dying 2 C ep 12 , I like the romance line between jb and sora , keep it till the end ! Right , I'm also jb-haesung fan !!! Hwaiting jb oppa & sora unnie :D XD

dh2 lover By watching ep 11 I'm more interested , I can't wait for tomarrow , wish haesung accept jb s proposal , I love them toge ther , more bether than jj couple although I like yoojin too ! Please make haesung to be couple with jb at the end , he's really cool ! Dream high 2 FIGHTING !!! JB-haesung <3

Maia i will Stop watching!!!!!!!!!!! >"< dont like JB end up with Hae Sung... how can he love Hae sung???....its so quick in ep 7 he love Rian and ep 8 Haesung...?????how???

sosaaad aish.. can't say anything. i don't like JB with haesung. no hope for JJ couple dream high 2 is scriptwriter's world. and of course, your world, who ship them together till the end. because the end of this drama is obvious, i'll stop watching it. sorry... i like dream high 1 better than this because i like the couple in season 1--> hyemi and samdong, pilsuk and jason.

el94 JB - haesung <3<3<3 Please end up together !

XMinnielalaX I don't wanna wait for ep 11 and 12 ;( maybe i can watch them this weekend with sub... ;3

Dong Shun-ji While episode 11 is today, me here have to wait for RAW AND SUBS... god, i hate my life...

kuri Sigh ~ I actually caught up with the episodes and now I have to wait >.< which is exactly the reason why I stopped lol

isally09 i like dream high 2 way better than the first season..anyways.. i want hae sung to end up with JB..they would make a cute couple <3

windee i cant wait for ep 11..i love dream high 2.. I LOVE U JB!! and hae sung is beautiful..

iheartkpop I love Dream High 2 already =) Cannot wait for Episode 11 :D but too bad after monday and tuesday I will need to wait for about 3 days for the subs to come out . But yeah , worth the wait . And oh , Kang Sora looks like Marian Rivera ( Philippine Star )

FableCat Omg... I should stop coming here.. Too much spoiler.. We only reach 4 episode this week.. T_T Now I want to know more about the almost kissing part in episode 9 or 10...

Zoey I hope that Rian would change and have a better personality instead of being mean. And i really really hope that in the end, she woukd end up with JB and hyesung would end up with Yoo Jin, but to me, Rian is being mean because she has to. From the episodes, i could see that in her family, shes the one making the money and if she is no longer a superstar, her family might become bankrupt or something. And she is under alot of stress from her mother. Thats what i think...

Tsubasa Potter Dream High 2 is good, not bad, and get interesting. Can't wait for Ep. 11

Dream High 2 Daebak!! ^^

LoverOfDreamHigh2=LoverOfJBandHaesung Dream High 2 gets me excited everytime. But somehow, it is confusing. I really wanna know who is with who. The writer did a great job in creating suspense and attracting more attention. To be honest, I rather have JB with Hyesung than Yoo Jin with Hyesung. JB and Hyesung are such a cute couple! Especially in Episode 10 when they almost kissed.Can't wait for Episode 11! XD

lovedreamhigh i love ep 10!!

D their teamwork,friendship and hardwork are all showed up!!

i love it!!!:D LOVE DREAM HIGH!!

maine I LIKE jinwoon!!He's so cool and cute .. and the EYES!!

Quynh @Loveyrey I think you would change your mind if you watch ep 9 and 10

Infinite4ever I love the song We Are the B in ep 9 it was soooo cute X3 i think Seul and Jr should be together :3 Seul is my new fave character too! Dream High 2 fighting!

Quynh I think Lee Seul (Jung Yoon-Joo) and Jung Ui- Bong (Jr) look like a cute couple even though they're not the main characerters they should at least have a little loveline

Quynh It seems more like Rian(Jiyeon) and JB are the lead main character and I'm not judging this by gender but rian's like samdong and jb's like hye mi. rian likes jb ("still" likes him just saying things that relate to sam dong and hye mi) but, jb likes someone else but, at the end I hope jb and rian end up together. That's justmy opinion about their love life.

lovelyrey About JB, I also thought he was changing his mind and his feelings too fast. But now that I'm thinking about it, I guess it's just because he realized he wasn't really a good person and that he needs to change. The speed of this decision is just a way to emphazise the fact that he finally realized all the wrong things he did and the way he acted, and Hae Sung represents what he really wants now: sincerity, generosity, kindness...and he appreciates her for that, and he wants to protect her because she represents his hope, whereas Rian represents his past and his fears, she is mean and selfish, now he want to change and Rian isn't really a good help. I might be going too far, but I see it like that. About Rian, like @Daisy and @luvdrhigh, I think she should end up alone because she doesn't really fit with anyone now and at the end she should be repenting because of the things she did, she should take drama lessons, cut her hair, maybe go abroad and start a brand new life [talking about the character, ok? I appreciate Jiyeon way of acting]. I want to see her with a happy ending, but actually it's the best ending ever, to leave her ex-band and company who humiliated and disrespected her and to show them she can do well somewhere else by doing the thing she love: acting. About the love triangle around Hae Sung, I would like to see her with Yoo Jin, but we can never now and maybe JB could be the good choice. It depends on how will react JB in the next episodes: is it just a simple and short love for him, without any meanings, or is it really a powerful love, and then he could finally become a good person and live happily? In the other side, I can't imagine Yoo Jin alone, it would be too sad. Don't know, now we have to wait and see!

LOVE YOSEOB! At first, I got the feeling that this season is way toooo weak and has no appeal. BUT! but, as I watch every episode I am Loving it so, yeah. I LOVE BOTH DH1 and DH2. I LOVE NANA! She is the nicest group member in HUSH. Because compared to Rian who is a BRAT in this drama, and Ailee, who not like Rian but she doesnt want to hang out and being a snob to the normal students, but I LIKE JIYEON AND AILEE in their real lives! Well, HYORIN FIGHTING! In boys I LOVE JB oppa.

lover at first i though it will not be fun but OMG after watching it till ep 8 can't wait for da next epi. i reackon jb and sora shud go out lolz

JbSora I love it!!!! JB and Sora ROCKSSSS!!!~~~ I love Dream high~~ ^^

Sarah please put trailer for Ep 7 & 9....Thanks ^^

julia i love dream high 2. dream high 1 is really good too. i think the two main guys in dream high 2 are cuter!

lovejb-haesung-yoojin i wonder why people are criticizing much about dh2.i think dh1 and dh2 are both good in their own storyline. but i do hope there will be a love triangle between jb hyesung yoojin.love them three.although i dont hate jiyeon but her character rian is what i loathe much.

cucu Hmmm... I can't say I like this season compared to the first. I mean, I really loved the first season plot and all the characters, but I'm finding it difficult to follow the storyline in DH2 and I don't really take to any of the characters either! Hope it picks up soon...

dh2 well, dh 2 is not too bad. but, when i watched the whole episodes again, i realize one thing: JB's heart changed too fast and it's weird to see he confessed his feelings suddenly to hyesung. if the writer want JB end up with hyesung, please make the story realistic. JB looks faithful to Rian for 6 episodes, but why in just one or two days he's already said he like hyesung? geez... progress of the relationship yoo jin and rian look more natural. from nothing... to be close friend. honestly, i want JB end up with rian. not only because rian's character played by jiyeon, but because i saw in many kdrama, idols would end up with his/her fans... too often. for once, i want idol-idol couple. yoo jin is really nice guy. if sometimes i like and then dislike JB's character, i'd always like yoo jin's character. fighting jiyeon! fighting jinwoon! (i just love JB if he ends up with rian. if no, i don't love him LOL)

april actually, teacher shi was married to teacher kang :) not yang ji man ^_^

meowmeow why is Taec Yeon still not appearing on dream high 2? i thought that the old cast will have their cameos on the second season . but only IU and Soo-hyun was included. there's 8 episodes and still Suzy, Eun Jung, Wooyoung and Taecyeon are still not a part of dream high 2 . WHY IS THAAAAAT? tsk tsk tsk ! even the love interest of Teacher Yang Jin Man was not anymore Shi Kyung Jin . they changed the story . it is so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad~! Dream High 1 was really better than the second season.

Maias The characters of female student that I like the most are Lee Seul (Director's daughter) and Park Soon Dong (Haesung's friend).. The character of male student that I like the most is Ui-Bong.. The others are too complicated..hahaa

jjongwol I love JYP for putting JinWoon as main cast in season 2! He is fully talented and has a really nice voice. He deserves to get that role. At least JYP doesn't forget that forgotten boy since public only recognized JoKwon as 2AM member. I really really curious how samdong-hyemi's relationship will end afterall the ending in season 1 wasn't clear enough.

daniela nao ficou legal eles tedo trocado todos os personagens

yuppie I really love this drama .. I hope Rian will end with JB .. :) love this couple .. :p but Yoo Jin is'nt bad for Rian .. :D

JB I really don't care about haters, but i just realized that I really love this season <3 I HOPE JB will end with SORAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAM HIGH 2 FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luvdrhigh I agree with daisy I want to see rian alone. I am in the middle I don't know who I want to see HS with. At first obviously i wanted ji yoon with her, but now i see JB with her i am beginning to like him now. Well i don't know who she gets as long as Rian is alone then i will be happy :-D

fafa I just finish watch episode 8... and of course same with some people here, I prefer Dream High1 more than Dream High2... Btw, season 1 & 2 have their own specialty, so I will no compare it before the season 2 finish their episode. I really cannot understand the loveline in this new season >_< and I cannot identified went Rian act and when she show her true self. In epi 8 we can see that JB just express to Haesung that he like Haesung and I look that Haesung love to hear JB say he like her... But, I only admire one cast in this new season, 2AM JinWon oppa <3<3

mau How come you put the previews late, I mean, isn't the preview suppose to be before the episode shows international.

lovedreamhigh come on yoojin you should chase HS and tell her you like her!!

) I'm looking forward to see JB or yoojin singing together with HS on stage :)

lovedreamhigh i love DH2!!:) please give us a preview of the next episode in every episodes!!:D i'm soo dead curious about what will happen next!!!!>< I love JB n HS together but i wanna see HS and yoojin together!:D

MnM Oh My God! Just watched episode 8 and it was amazing!!! Personally, the things that Rian does, I hate. But, deep inside, she could be a good person. I'm kind of wondering if Yoo Jin will like Rian, since what happened in ep. 8... Interesting XD

Daisy From episode 4 and on its been getting really good. Hae Sung ive gotten used to her, its one of those characters at like the beggining you have those mixed feelings for, since she will be like the herione of the drama, you automatically like her but then she would get a little annoying with her personality by letting people step on her. But in all means, i like her character. Rian shes such a brat,asshole, bitch and concieted. Im not hating the actress but the character yeah. JB at first i didnt like him he seemed like those players. But hes been being cute and stuff ^o^ JYJ he looks really cool good looking and i love him! A good addition to the drama.

 I really dont know about the couples, who is going to end up with who. To me JB thinks he likes hae sung just because they have soo much in common, but its nice to see his true self come out when hes with her. From the beginnning i shipped JYJ with Hae Sung, i think they should end up together. Its cute to see the guy like the girl first. Also opposites attract :}} But its soo confusing! i dont know who will end up with who. But for Rian, i think she shouldnt end up with anyone. But surprsing im likng Dream High 2 , i cant wait for episode 9.

wING DH2 haters go watch the new eps its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now( I love milky couple 2! )and like the words in DH 1"Theres still a long way till your drama ends.So don't lose patience just because you weren't fast enough,if you go slower,then you can see more along the way.If you ask me who will grow stonger.I think its the one who took it slow."!

Shraffe Naqiuddin Love this one! Just watched episode 1-6 in just one day and currently watched 7 while waiting for 8 to have its softsub. And I still doesn't know why some hate Kang So-ra or even Hae Sung character. For me, I like that kind of character because a lot of character development can be made from the dumb one.

Jiyeon made a good job in playing as Rian. I like her when she's good, but I seriously hate her when she's evil. Can't the other students saw how she being a b***h when she reads that letter in front of everyone? Why put the blame on Hae Sung? It's normal for people to get scared for any bad thing they did. Do you know who's dumb? Those students.

I can see that Rian starts to depressed when she can no longer act (I can't help but laugh every time Eunjung is mentioned). I mean, that's when we see her dark side of the moon. Before she is just a normal idol and we did not expect to see her as someone we should hate. But, yeah, there's no reason to stay evil.

Well, it's going to be a long time for her to become good, if she ever become one.

Don't you just wanna punch JB in the face. He acts as if he is a good person but constantly having a rivalry with Yoo Jin. That's the person I hate the most in this show. At least Rian has a good side sometimes...

Quynh Episode 8 was epic!

Quynh OMG Si Woo and Nana have tried to go on two dates and both have been disrupted by JB. hahaha!

I still can't compare all the characters from season 2 to season 1 though. Right now I think Siwoo and Nana are like milky couple. Siwoo is Jason (obviously), always cool. Nana is Pil Suk (again obviously), super talented and bubbly. They don't have a clue about whats going on with the others (Rian, Haesung, JB, Yoo Jin) and go on with there lifes only to be disrupted by JB. Haesung is like Hye Mi, she likes this person and will always like him but, in the end I think she will like Yoo Jin. Rian is Baek Hee, I think she still has some feelings for JB so thats considered that she likes him. Now I'm going to geuss the other two. JB is Jin Guk first love of Haesung (Hye Mi). And lastly Yoo Jin is like Sam Dong like I said Hae Sung will first like Jb (Jin Guk) but, later in the series she will fall for Yoo Jin Sam Dong. Also I can't understand what you guys are saying Dream high season 2 is awesome.

Hanae I don't know wtf are you talking about!I LOVE this season!A lot more than season 1!I hated Suzy's acting and of course,Hye mi-she changed COMPLETELY in basically 3 seconds.And a drama about love,school,dreams,singing....should include all that!Season 1 was basically who will win Hye mi over?In every episode.Blah.In this one,I at least see some other problems and questions,and thank god,because I couldn't stand another season of let's fight for perfect Hye mi.BLAH!Opinion?Sora is an amazing actress,she made me cry multiple times,she is awsome,and I like her character!Yoo jin first annoyed me,but now I can feel him...Great acting as well!I find JB boring (and gorgeous lol) it's kinda the Hye mi syndrome-Let's change our personality in 5 minutes!Completely!=__= And Rian?Well I don't really care about Rian she's a bit boring as well.(jiyeon is doing a great job,since sometimes I hate her lol)I can always tell her next step-She'll insult someone and be bratish.Then she will insult JB,and cry 5 seconds later.Over and over again.

Love lines?Well.Hae sung and Yoojin.Why?people say they are similar.Are they?Hae sung is so scared of everything,she lacks a lot,and is trying hard,while Yoo jin is always confident and really good at what he does without even trying,he's mean sometimes.They aren't similar at all!And I really like the chemistry between them!Idk it's kinda the logical pairing I guess?I just really want it to happen!And then JB and Rian.If you love someone,you can't suddenly stop.Especially if you have to see that person every day.I respect old and already set feeling.Rian is obviously still in love with JB.And JB is pretty clear to me as well. JB understands Hae sung?How?Because he failed once as well?Aren't they very similar then?And since I don't know HOW the heck JB changed so drastically in one episode,I can't see that big "understanding" everyone is talking about.And Rian and Yoo jin?Seriously that is even more awkward!Rian would do anything to become an actress,she's an idol (not very talented in the story,only the face of the group) she doesn't care about anything.And Yoo jin wants to kinda fight the system,he would never agree on being an idol,only a rock star,he's not afraid of the principle (And Rian is.Very) so I don't know...This is the couple I can't understand at all.

Lovelyrey Now that I'm watching the 7th episode, I'm hating Ria more and more. She doesn't seem to have a soul, nor a heart, and I can't even think "but she suffered a lot" or "she had a sad and difficult past" because NO SHE DIDN'T! I really can't understand this character and what the productors wanted to do with her because, personally, I can't bear her! They tried at the beginning to show that she was working a lot and she was suffering because she was only the "face" of her band, but, hey, that's not really what I call "suffering". You can't act like a jerk with others just because you're not appreciated enough by your company or your colleagues. But I'm just admiring Park Ji-Yeon because she is playing Rian so well and she is making me hating her! (I just criticize the character, not the actress) But I still prefer Kang-sora, even if I'm just at the beginning of the episode!

@I hate Kang-sora: I think you're just being childlish and rude (and your arguments are invalid, you're just giving an disrespectful opinion and acting like a fool). I'm not protecting Kang-sora, you're allowed to think whatever you want, but at least, please please please, write smartly and try to do a good impression, because all i'm able to imagine now is a 12-year-old jealous girl who don't have more important things to do than write impolite and thoughtless comments on this website.

Irene Lim Dream High 2 The cast is good and all the roles for each actress and actors act well. They had portray a good acting skills in their roles. Especially Kang Sora, being not even an idol nor a singer in real life. And she can dance and sing so well, Full credits goes to her being a lead actress in this Dream High 2. As for Jiyeon - her acting is super and being acting bad in certain is not a easy job but she does it well. For other actors and actress they had create a mood of anger, anxiety and comments among us. This show the Dream High 2 is very successful. And the people here are watching every episodes and comments here. That shows they are following up every episodes and that is the GEE of it....

Keep up the good works Kang Sora--- I support your roles and you done it so well

sarah please put trailer for Ep 7 (^_^)

Quynh I think the reason you guys don't like the storyline that much is because you don't like how it's going so slow. I think it's because they have a lot to fit in and they're going to do it one at a time. You know it's a little bit too much pressure making the director and scriptwriter going up and down with the events or making an event better then the last. Also the characters Haesung is like hye mi. At the beginning hye mi was missing something, emotions and haesung is missing a voice that has a nice tone. This is also only the beginning they're feelings can change ppl will get dissapointed and ppl will be filled with joy so right now isn't the end.

But I have my preferences too. Nana <3 Si Woo I love them^^. They're like Milky couple. We know it when we see it. Nothing can tear them apart (I hope) If you don't think so you might have not watched ep 7 yet.

Quynh OMG!!! Nana(Hyorin) <3 Si Woo (Park Seo- Joon)

Ep 8 Preview:

Rian: You like her/or me (coudn't hear very well) JB; Yes, I like her/or you (again coudn't hear well)

FableCat It's the first episode in Malaysia tonight. I almost change the channel since I thought the storyline would be the same as the 1st season. Yes I know the first season was interesting but I can't help myself comparing when they have the same name.

Then I saw a few familiar face like Kang So Ra (My Bittersweet Life) and Kwon Hae-Hyo (My Love, My Family). I like both characters especially Kwon Hae-Hyo when they play in those dramas so I thought I would give Dream High 2nd season a chance.

Now that I have seen the first episode, I guess it is a bit different storyline and interested to see the second episode.

hate Kang so-ra JB and Kang so-ra! yuck!! you must be kidding me! JB's no match for a dumb-looking girl! no appeal at all! :P

hate Kang so-ra @Lovelyrey..I hate Kang so-ra! so what?! She's pissing me off! I love all of the characters of this season except her! She's in her 20's right?! whatever! she's fit for her dumb role. I don't like her at all! seriously! I wish she's not the main character >,< URGHH!

Crissy Lol mebbe s I'm just easy to entertain but...I'm really loving this season! There are some similarities to season 1, but overall it has me hooked XD I'm so excited for the next episode! Keep them comIng please! And please People.

Stop being so critical and stop comparing -_-

sixz i watched it, from ep 1 is bad and become worse until ep 6, arrrrggghhh start from 2012? DH1 end at 2018? where is 6 year absent? i hope next eps until end become more wonderful than DH1 their rate is low, now hiks hiks


Lovelyrey Actually, I have some things to say:

1# For people who are actually criticizing this new season, should I remind you what a lot of people was thinking last year at the same time about the first season? There were a lot of critics and, wow, at the end of the season everyone had changed his mine. Do you want to do the same mistake again? I don't think so.

2# I also don't understand why people are always criticizing the main actress, Suzy has been attacked last year, Kang So-ra this year...why so much hate? Can't you just watch and wait for what will happen? I would like to see you acting like that. And about Suzy, it's even worst! She was only sixteen and she was beginning her career, I really admired her for being this strong, away from her family, surronded by older actors. Give them a chance!

3# Now, I'll give my opinion about the new season. Actually, I can't stand Rian (the character, understand me well, not the actress), haha, but it was the same last year with Baek Hee character and I ended up loving the actress and Eun Jung is now my favorite T-ara's member! I also hated JB at first, but now I think he is quite cute and kind when he wants (again, I'm talking about the character). But I definitely love Hae Sung and Yoon Ji! They're perfect in their role, and unlike some of you, I absolutely love Kang So-ra's character! It's so fresh, so new, so different from all the other! She can't sing well, her father is a pastor, she isn't as skinny as a stick...she is lovely! And it's the kind of character we can identify ourself to (more than the "perfect" Hye Mi - even if I love Suzy and her character - or the "super-mean" and also "perfect" Rian). Anyway, I don't really have reason to like them, but Hae Sung, Yoon Ji and JB are on the top of my list! I don't know yet what couple I would prefer in this love triangle, but I have a slight preference for Yoon Ji. We will wait and see!

PS: About mean characters, I think Hye Mi was more captivating and endearing at the beginning (because she becomes sweet and nice after) than Rian. Rian is a kind of people you would slap in the face in the real life whereas Hye Mi is a girl we would admire and fear. And about Baek Hee, even if I hated her at the beginning, we could also easily have pity because of the way she has been treated and it's like a revenge. Rian doesn't really have a reason for being like that, she is like a princess and we don't really understand her character. Again, we will wait and see, maybe my opinion will change.

shane @cher but still you are watching, lol

i just dont like Kang So-Ra for being the lead actress, it doesnt suit her, she's for a mature role,

cher Couldn't agree more on what Svetli said. This drama lack of everything.. It have already 6 episodes but the story line just plain... Not interest... I just skip...skip...skip...and skip.. Season 1 was better than this..

love DH2 Love Hae-Sung and Yoo-Jin, hope she bee with JB or Yoo Jin<3 , dont like Rain she is meen :/

Maia I dont like Hae Sung, dont know why^^ I like Rian, maby she is (selfish and rude girl) but everything happen 4 the reason^^ Wish to see JB and Rian at the end!!!!! If not....T_T....( Dh2 will be similar to DH1) so its wont be interesting^^

nana What's with the headphone around their neck its annoying, they're trying to show how cool it is, but a lot of the characters have it around their neck it looks really incredibly LAME! and JB has it around his neck while he's dancing.what!?? that headphone is a new piece of jewellery/accessories around their neck.Seriously it needs to go!!

ela94 I love this one more than DH1 , I hate that suzy was so sensitive and her tears fell so easily !

Sora , jb , jiyeon , jinwoon fighting , I really like hyeseung to end up with jb !

Any way this is one of my favorite dramas , the story is getting interesting ep by ep !

Quynh OMG Jb cares about Rian a lot but now I think 3 love triangles have started:

Hae Sung vs Rian - JB JB vs Jinwoon - Hae Sung JB vs Jinwoon - Rian (Ep 6)

Miya Dream High 2 is pretty good, though in my opinion, they have not done very well with the characters. They always have changing personalities and moods (apart from Yoojin who seems like the only stable character they've made). JB was such a jerk in one episode and suddenly a sweetheart in the next, it doesn't make sense. Wonder what they're going to do with Hae Sung if she actually doesn't ever improve on her singing. Become an actress?

Bern Seriously, Kang sora doesn't even match this Dream high 2. She acting is most kindly for adults show and not for dream high 2. I prefer Suzy to be the main lead or even IU. They should actually put those casts which acted in DH1 in this show too & the teachers who are in DH1. I don't really like the planning of the show for DH2. No offence to the fans out there, its just my options. :/

Svetli I watch this because I liked a lot "Dream High" Season 1 and because I`m fan of 2AM. But for 6 episodes... it`s not good at all. 5th episode was so weak that I wanted to stop watching... 6th episode was better and I think I`ll watch next episodes but they need something very interesting to happen or this drama will be a failure. Characters - I don`t know at all what are their dreams. For example - Hyesung. What is her dream. At least she has to have the passion for music but I can`t see this. She can`t sing, can`t dance, don`t have confidence (is she learning anything?)... her character is not for this drama at all! And she has to be one of the main female characters... Is her dream JB? At least she went to Kirin school because of him. I remember in DH1 Sam Dong`s dream was Hyemi and she was the reason for him to go to Kirin school.

JB - rude, selfish boy (idol) but in the same time they want to show us that he`s a nice guy inside. He reminds me of Jin Gook (Taecyeon) from Dream High 1. But I don`t like his acting.

Rian - one of the two main characters I like. She reminds me of Hyemi from DH1 (selfish and rude girl). Her character is way more interesting then Hyesung. They`ll have big problems because I think Hyesung had to be lead female character but Rian totally overshadows her. But who knows - DH1 had two lead male character, here we may have two lead female characters.

Yoo Jin - the main male character. I like him. His acting is good. He`s the nice guy at least for now. He`s not exactly like Sam Dong but somehow reminds me of him (SD was the nice guy in DH1 too). Their hair-styles are even the same :D.

Now... the biggest problem of this drama is - lacking of development. What are their dreams, what they did until now in pursuing their dreams... Yoo Jin is the only one with some development (he didn`t want to dance, now he is dancing). Love lines are total mess - not interesting at all. Why? Simply because it`s more interesting to watch two characters with opposite personalities. YJ-HS have too similar personalities and the characters are similar too - they are both "the nice" characters in this drama (not interesting). Rian-JB... the same, too similar too, they`re both selfish, arrogant and rude characters. In Season 1 it was way more interesting to watch Sam Dong (nice guy) with Hye Mi (rude and selfish girl) together than Jin Gook-Hyemi (both selfish and rude). Second - there are no development in characters` feelings. JB likes Rian since or before episode 1. YJ likes HS since episode 1 too. If their feelings are the same in episode 1 and in the last episode... boring and not interesting at all. In episode 6 we saw Rian and Yoo Jin first scene together and I liked them as couple way more than JB-Rian for example for 5 episodes. Rian-Yoo Jin will be the perfect love line to make things more interesting. And don`t tell me about cute couples or things like this (about JB-Rian). All they have are memories. They broke up and have changed a lot, and everyone knows that it`ll never be the same after what they went through (if you`ve experienced this, you`ll know)... their love line in the present would be unrealistic. We saw what happened with episode 5 which was full with JB-Rian and YJ-HS moments... ratings drop of 3% just for 1 episode (viewers clearly don`t like this couples).

I hope they`ll change some things to make the series interesting or this drama will be a total failure. It`s the first drama when the most interesting scene for me is in episode 6 when two of the main characters (Rian and Yoo Jin) had scene together for first time in this drama! There is something really wrong with the screen-writer. I know he`s not the same screen-writer from DH1 but at least the PD is the same...

Mikey Man I can see why people dislike dream high 2, but i personally like it and found myself watching it late at night before midterms ;P

Dutchess12534 I loved loved dream high 1 (although the end did piss me off -.-) and I was really sad to see the cast go away but somehow I think having a new cast is better. I'm not complaining since I like the cast (especially JB! oh and ailee! She has a killer voice :3) I think the way the drama is going now does seem a lot...err lighter? It doesn't seem as serious as the plot of dream high 1. It's refreshing. I definetly love dream high 2 so far, and I can't wait to see the rest of it :D everyone should stop comparing and just enjoy dream high 2 as it is ^_^

fienaz I think Dream High2 is really good...I like JinWoon and SoRa...I cant wait for them to fall in love...

ROSITA Is there any dream high cast? I think it will be better, because I love dream high part 1. make them be graduate student.

Bo You should check episode 6 and comment after that. Such a sweet episode, the best one so far for me <333 And I don't really mind the comedy, since it's fun to watch :D Dream high 2 is doing fine so far. Fighting!!

lolacandy well the first season of dream high was (excellent cast-inspiring-there was an ambition story somewhere-and it gave me the feeling of team spirit-enjoying-there was romance-friendship-jealousy-and a lot more) but dream high2 is leaking in many ways..(childish-more comedy which turned out to be more pathetic)honestly after seeing 3 episodes i was really disappointed i thought no min woo was going to be there but all i saw was 2nd rate stars with 1 or 2 1st rate stars ...sincerity is missing (a lot of fooling around)... it's just an opinion i don't mean harm to anyone

zee606 I don't really mind the cast they're funny, but the storyline is tooo!! childish! and kinda slow. This time its more like Glee! but overall I like it but I don't love it ;)

LibyanFreedom I really like dream high 2 .. its way better than season one if you compare the first 4 episodes of season 1 & the first 4 from season 2 you'll find that S2 is fantastic , the idea of a whole new cast is amazing and made me more curious to watch and find out about thier stories crazy charecters the writer put out there hehehehe!! really I couldn't stop laughing :)) ,, keep it up ~fighting~

Soul Evans wow! i Love Dream high 1 and 2. but the thing in 2 is its kinda different. It was like dream high is becoming a GLEE series. I dont know why, but thats what i felt while watching episode1 and 2. anyway, maybe its just in the beginning. I hope it will be like a dream high series, not a glee type of series. Still gotta watch ep 3 and 4 next time! i love the other new characters, i hope the season 1 characters will have a longer period of cameo! xD

aiigrace sorry to say, i think the bad rating was cause of the new casts...

peap LOVE RI-AN MORE! her character perhaps look so tough and arrogant but inside she look so lonely, pity and weak. she cover it with tough person T.T CMIIW

JB please take care vulnerable RI-AN, loves jiyeon act XD

ghe-ann I like DH 1--especially 2pm wooyoung and taeck.. I like DH 2 too...Jinwoon and JB! my roomates are so crazy watching DH 2..and so Do I.. looking forward for more craziness for the rest of the episodes..

xiolix i think i like DH 2 better than DH 1, maybe there is a lot funny scene in this season. i like suzy from season 1 but i thought her acting was really stiff.. i like kang sora even she can't sing well but there is positive attitude in her. she didn't giving up easily either she being kick out from the dorm. i like the innocent n determination in her. seems like cinderella story when she fell in love to JB. can't wait the triangle love between hae-sung, JB and Yoo jin. DH 2 fighting~!!!

JBmyHottie~ I love JB in this. And real life. He is so cute, and I like his personality (in real life), and Dream High 2 was great, but I find Dream High 1 more better, even if Jiyeon and JB are both in ONE drama~ 재범!!!

jessica dream high 2 charaters are kind of like DH 1 jin woon is rude as hye-mi and they both hate pop.hae-sung obessively loves JB.sam-dong obessively loves hye-mi.jb is kind of two timing between leelan and hae-sung.jin guk was two timing between hae-sung and yoon beck he.hae-sung+leelan and hye-mi+yoon beck he are both rivals.and jason+pil suk and siwoon+Nana are the cute couple!don't know what is aliee though...

Jinwoonie67 It would have been so much better if they put yoseob in this!

No No I don't like this actress.... I wish to become Jiyeon as a actress for this drama...

Concerned person this show does not deserve the title Dream High 2. They should have simply created a diffrent drama. The story would be good if it wasn't supposed to be a Dream High.. which is talented students working toward their dream. Their is barely any sinning from the lead girl, but that is probably because so far Kang Sora can't sing. I may watch a couple more episodes just to see if she will ever develop talent, however, I have lost interest. I am extremely disappointing with this series.

cantabileloves isn't the pilot episode supposed to be enticing? sure enough, cute casts and powerful vocals by hyorin and ailee. but the first few eps are so... flat. very 2D and no depth. but since i love e first season, i'm trying not to judge and gonna watch on. it might get better, who knows?

zhai i can't help my self but to join the longest thread of reaction.. =D after watching 3 episodes i cud say that actors/actresses of DH 2 are effective. they made me laugh, furious, get annoyed, and all the emotions expected from viewers. so far it is doing well, evaluating it as DH 2 alone. however, as much as i would like to evaluate DH 2 objectively, i cant help my self but to compare it with DH 1. it seems that DH 2 have a bigger shoe to fill-in. DH 1 really created an impact from the start and it kept viewers wanting more and more. DH 2, on the other hand, had a slow-paced start and (for me) kang sora's role - the main character - is a laughing stock.DH 2 needs to level up, have more interesting plot, and raise its standards to meet the expectations of viewers, specially those who are familiar of DH 1. > peace! =D

Hahaha I am really enjoying this show so far!! Kang sora is funny & one of my fav char atm but also hope to see more of Hyorin in future episodes.. Also there should be more musical scenes every episode.

I haven't seen season 1 of dream high so can't compare.

Kea Lee my gosh!!...this season is so much BETTER!!..haha...please just enjoy the show!!...Lol

Cheyenne I've watched the first 3 episodes already and am extremely bored. There simply isn't a spark. I keep waiting to fall in love with the charecters, but the lead actress is showing no talent- besides being obsessive about JB. I really wanted this to be a cinderella story, with a lot of passion, dancing, and singing.

I loved Dream High because each charecter had potential but also had flaws. The show was about overcoming those flaws and embracing thier dreams.

Dream High 2 is about a girl who wants to be famous- not who loves to sing. We don't see her slave away at practice like the previous class, but spend her time stalking idols.

I am extremely dissapointed. The show turned into a comedy without depth.

Ms Simple DH 1 & DH 2 have a different story... why everyone want DH1 cast back to DH2, it's impossible! in the last episode of DH1 they are getting old, please be realistic!!!

DH2 have a good cast... hope this drama can be long... fighting!!!

Axl I didn't have any complains about the casts. It's the story line.

It' a musical comedy. Unlike Season 1 I cried almost every episode, even the scene was not dramatic, because I can feel their determination on achieving their dreams and goals.

I'll watch 'til the last episode. I can't just judge the drama, it is just starting. I'm hoping for a good twist.

Dream High Fan I really think people should stop complaining about season 2, Yes, episode 2 was bad, but it does have potential. The commercial for episode 3 looked good, and the emotions it will eventually tug on (the rise of the "underdog") are the same! Though it may not be the best, it probably isn't the worst... At least the main character does not faint every three seconds (Boys over Flowers....)

J E The audience was disappointed.. T.T

love_kdramas I think that season 2 is more better than season 1 I love you jiyeon Jiyeon & JB I hope they will be toghether they are so cute

Soyoung Um...Rachel, while I do see some valid points, I do not agree with all of it. Yes, we all loved the original cast, but now it's time to let others shine. Oh, and Fei? Did you just put Miss A under SM entertainment? Tha'ts a JYP group...

Rachel Dream High 2 boost a group of casts who is not prepared to shoulder the success of it's predecessor.

Kang Sora- First, Kang Sora can act in comedy but for the musical drama, she lacked the spirit of a talented underdog (Think of Glee- talented outcast with fighting spirit). Suzy who play Hye Mi is very determined to be a star, can sing and has a fighting spirit which earned her the respect of her peers despite all the bullying.

  • Kang Sora lacked fighting spirit in her role and it seems she is just another new rookie star aggressively promoted by her company. She is more suitable as a supporting actress but not the main lead.

Rookie actors-As for the other 2 Korean actors (JB and Park Seo Joon), they tried too hard and their facial expressions is not natural. As much as I want support up and coming stars, these 2 guys lacked interesting background story.

SM has a lot of interesting trainees from China like Victoria Sung(FX), Fei (Miss A) and Tao(EXO-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rl_qz2fFHA) . They came from China and have huge talents in dancing. Wouldn't it be interesting to make Dream high 2 about characters with different backgrounds who worked really hard to make it to Kirin high school as well? It can also be a story of how Korean stars competed with Chinese stars who are equally talented to make it into Korean entertainment.

Well, there is so many way to make Dream high 2 interesting for fans. Don't you agree?

With international casts,it can also attract international fanbase. Seriously, Dream High 2 actually have the budget too.

Sadly, Dream High 2 have picked the WRONG leading ACTRESS and ROOKIE ACTORS with WEAK drama SCRIPTS. Dream High 2 drama lacked the soul of good storytelling-a bunch of talented underdogs who worked hard for their dream.Take note, JYP, Dream High 2 director and scriptwriter.

Dream High 1 Of course the original is always the best. :D I loved the original. Kim Soo Hyun is toooo hot!! And he looked good with Suzy. I didn't want Dream High 1 to end. T^T

kpoplover i have a feeling that JB and So Ra might be together in dream high 2 but maybe not, JB might be to young..

ahuoir I hope it becomes an actual drama soon instead of a musical comedy with barely any story line. D:

Daysi Hernandez i hate it its like Glee meets High School Musical and i don't like it.. its a fail for me

dragonjoy i miss the old cast :( especially Suzy

LoVe DrEaM HigH 2 I think Dream high 2 is much better.And the cast are really cool ,specially JB :) :)

Person This honestly doesn't seem like it will be good. After watching the first two episodes I desperately wanted the old cast back. I'm not going to continue watching this.

atikarazan Who is better? dream high 1 or 2? i love both of them, guys.. HAHA

no plastic well thank goodness sm dropped out. now my eyes wont have to suffer from looking at plastics

dreamhighaholic Dream High 1 was epic, we all love the cast, but the plot should continue a bit through Dream High 2, the last episode was just hanging there waiting for it to be continued. But nevertheless, Dream high 2 cast is awesome too! Jinwoon (2AM), Jiyeon (T-ara) are awesome. I can't wait for the next episode! Fighting!

andiandynavales i really really love all the cast of DREAM HIGH 1. i really thought that hye mi and sam dong love story will continue in season 2.all of us was dissappointed that all characters was being replaced this season because we almost saw the SEASON 1 for 6 times i guess because we really love the story. i really want to know what would happen in their lovestory and i MIIIIISSSED THEM!!!! but i also want to know the story of this SEASON 2 because JIYEON is there and i like her because she is so talented and pretty.

BUT for me DREAM 1 CASTS is still the best for me and i love the story so much... :))))))))))

Ar Ryu I believe that original cast of Dream High is still the best. I hope a continuation between Sam Dong and Hye Mi because there love story is really very heart printing. And many of us wanted to know much more about the two and how music connects there hearts together.

Shebang DREAM HIGH 1st season is the best. The cast is great. They played their characters very well, and they all have talent. The plot of season 1 is also sensible. Though, not quite a good ending but overall, it was a "breathe of fresh air." I haven't seen the season 2 yet but from the looks of the trailer, I don't think I have the urge to watch it.

ANGEL LOCSIN dream high season 2 has so many comments... it is because they are expecting season 2 is a continuation of dream high 1.. i also though so... i thought that song sam dong or hyemie ended up in season 2... or maybe taecteon or hyemie... hay.... i' really frustrated.. i really love kim soo hyun im glad the moon that embraces the sun is doing great in the rating..

marshiekate I already watched the two episodes... all I can say is that I miss Dream High Season 1.. I miss Wooyoung, IU, Suzy.. all of them!! Wished that the cast was still the same.. :(


All i heard is this... blah blah..!

guilhermediasp It's a good drama, maybe not to be titled as Dream High 2, but to be a separate drama. The first season had a special glow, not only because of its cast but because of its plot. It appears to me, having watched only two episodes, that the new plot has none of the dramatic elements of the 1st season. It became a comedy, not a bad comedy, but it is not the Dream High we learned to love.

whythehate i dont understand why everyone is all like "the ratings are bad because the old cast got replaced" or "its not the same" or "the show isnt gonna be as good" CALM DOWN. you're judging even though you havent even seen a single episode. i think thats just ignorant. these people are idols too, and they worked hard to make Dream High 2 just like the old cast worked hard to make Dream High. so theres a new cast, get over it. the show is actually really good from the first two episodes and you're probably all going to love the show anyway.

p.s its only the first episode, do you expect the ratings to be rated at #1? obviously people have to spread the word about how good it is. Thats exactly with Dream High. It had to build up its ratings aswell. So just be happy that theres another Dream High instead of being stupid and saying how it wont be the same because the old cast isnt there.

luvsdty did anyone notice that IU had a cameo in the first episode where she's giving her autograph to Sora? I want the whole cast again :( However, there's potential for Dream High 2. Can't wait til the next episode!!!


emalee so.. basically theyre saying that there really isnt any connection to the old dream high students? damn.. that sucks.. i thought that this season would sort of continue off of where season 1 ended, maybe tell what happens to sam dong and hae mi.. not talk about hae sung.. if anyone knows anything else about this FB me pls.. emalee thom

ANGEL LOCSIN lol... see.... the rating is not good... because the original casts are being replaced... lol...

espi it took me so long to fall in love with dream high and now they change the characters uggggggggg, im still gonna watch it to c if its worth it

tjc I actually think this will be better than season 1. Seems very promising. I'm liking Jinwoon's, Sora's and Jaebum's characters

Quynh the person who wrote the plot supposed to tell us what the story is about not almost every detail about it

Ekrim I couldn't get into S1 but now with this cast ^^. i specially love jinwoon and sora, i think they are very nice together and jb is also very pretty. can't wait for episode2!!! fighting!

Eh the first episode is kind of a disappointment.....I hope it gets better. and that I can start like Kang So-Ra. HOPING!

TAec F*** Samdong! WE WANT SUZY + TAECYEON!!!

iLLusiOnEr its only been first episode and there are already more than 300 comments!!

VLee arrgghhhh..!! there's Jiyeon here..?? OMG! can,t wait to see her. ><

icha whooa, i want suzy in the first episode of dream high 2, not jiyeoooon hiks. i love both, but i prefer in suzy with kim soo hyu, not jiyeon. i want the all of the cast in dreamhigh 1 play in dream high 2, or both have some connection. i want in the dh2, they tell about the clear ending of dh1 hiks :(

Muffin No, I don't want it!T_T I want old cast to play in season 2!!!T_T New ones can't replace the old ones! Taecyeon, Wooyoung, IU, Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, Eunjung you're irreplacable guys, I only love u and old dream high teachers :( Ohh, I wanted a sequel :((( I'm sooo dissapointed.

lala some people say that this season is about Hye-Mi's sister but its not,cuz their last names are different.

Jinwoonie67 If i was gahi filming this with soo young would be a little awkward.

ekalestari i hope the ending is clear ^^ i will wait it...

sassou jinwoon <3 sora <3

Mars bars I really want there to be another Jason :/ a cool kid that speaks English lol and go hye mi and Sam. I just want the whole old cast >.< lol but can anyone suggest any other dramas? This is the only one I've ever watched haha

Jr I'm excited. Hope it will be so much fun like before.

Dream^^ High^^ I want Dream High 2 to come out now can't wait.... I watched Dream high al most 10 times again because I loved it :P Anyways I dunno how many times will I watch Dream High 2 :P:P:P Dream High gave me the inspiration to never give up my dream and my dream is to be a singer :D SarangHae <3 Dream High series forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xhina why? how about the old cast? and Go Hye Mi's younger sister, Go Hye Sung (Park Eun Bin) ??? she must also be included..

imah hyun ae omg... I really can't be patien to watch this drama... XD

Windeowjin ummmmm...what can i say about dream high 1 i liked it a lot i got into it but i didn't get the ending at all but i know why. For all you people who like K drama Stop freakin whining

about the new cast members. i wanna see whats in store for dream high 2. what will be different? new romance? new ending (which needs to be better lol) i mean the does suck that

the old cast members are not in it my favorite character in dream high 1 was Jason because he was freakin really really good he was like Taeyang but with his own style of dancing.

my favorite singer was IU the that she sang were so chill and loveable that made me wanna be in love such as the song someone and dreaming. So people just watch it and

STOP FREAKIN WHINING ABOUT THE NEW cast members and i though Ham eun jung was gonna be the teacher in dream high 2 but i guess wrong can't wait to see it!! im so exited

that i wanna watch dream high all over again :D LOL

ANGEL LOCSIN looking at the casts of season 2... i doubt if it will surpass the rating season one has.. lol...

ANGEL LOCSIN its ok if song sam dong is no longer included in the casts... anyway the moon that embraces the sun is a good one...

herShe HERSHEY really?

ifiey can’t wait to watch dream high 2..sora n jinwoon look good together..woohoo..can’t wait to watch it… :)

Shiao Pe I no like! where is suzy and IU??

jiyeonlover park jiyeon!!!! (: woohoo! sarangehae<3 fighting park jiyeon jjiang!!!~

ed sora unniiii!!!! ^^ whoaa just realize it, look at the picture!! sora unni is the only one girl who didn't wear highheels, she's really tall!! :D

Gina Where G.NA??? She will be playing the role of Jane, a vocal arts student who used to be Jason ‘s first love while in the U.S before coming to Korea. Jane’s character is indeed interesting because she will be in a love triangle alongside Jason and Pil-suk.

Ann Stop comparing Dream High 1 and 2 cast together! They have their acting capabilities so stop whining here and there.Haters just get your butts out here!

Devi dream high 2 difinitely make it nice and cool

dreamhighloverSOS Gosh~! What the hell is all the whining about..=.= You sound like kids fighting over cartoon caracters...Suck up with it..If all the casts in dream high 2 were the same.. What story would there still be ..even though i really liked the milky couple ..All of them ended succesful at dream high 1..Anyways dream high 2 is a complete different story..;D Bet it'll be nice..

Huyen Why whining so much? U haven't watch the sequel yet, my goodness. Think before u type. -.-' The cast of season 1 will be cameo's in season 2. Sastified? ~ Curious about the two other male leads. =D

hoshi JIYEONN!! i love dream high 2 most! the story is amazing than first

Confucius All you turds whining about season 2 having new cast members just take out your pacifiers and suck on it until Season 2 starts. I will bet you little whiners will be the exact same ones writing "OMG ... I love Jinwoon oppa!" or "Kang So-Ra unni is so cute!" in roughly 30 days or so. --


angela calm the hell down guys. the old cast WILL be having a cameo. besides, didnt you watch the whole thing of the first season? they grew up. i miss the old cast as well, but suck it up. we have kang sora, jiyeon, jinwoon, & hyorin! they're great as well. now stop whining. sheesh.

iwantseason1cast im not ******* watching this!! I NEED THE OLD CAST! suzy, taecyeon, milky couple, eunjung, etc. im SO disapointed. at least have all the old cast members and combine them with the new ones. gosh. so mad -_-

yahirublackjack_ what!!!??? y is woyoung and iu(milky couple) not there.. i would really like to no whether iu is fat or thin in the end and also why does suzy choose sam dong and not shi euk????xited 4 dream high 2 and now it is so frustrating to know that the old*DREAM HIGH* cast will not be there and vl be giving only a special appearance....:(

JiYeon JiYeon. kyaaa. cant wait ! :)

hani jiyeon!!! she will be the next Yoon Baek Hee <3

some one where is soo hyun? and suzy? and the others? dreamhigh without them isn't great So disappointed

Putu I NeeD IU and SuZY .. Why the cast all change?? (⌣́_⌣̀) HuUffft damm!!!

Winny Milvel the original members will going to have a cameo, , but it is better if they combine the old cast and the new cast. if they do that the story will became more interesting to the viewers and i bet it will win many awards, ,

Quynh Awwwww why can't season 2 have the old cast as 6 main characters, but i heard suzy was going to be camoe in this season

farzane i want the original cast members :( omg why why why i was so excited about dream high 2 becuz i thought the old cast members would be back and the storyline would continue i wanted to see how the milkycouple continues and how sam dong and hye mi end up why did u guys have to change the cast now no ones gonna watch it becuz the old cast members arent here this sucks crap! :(

lvdreamhigh wah!! they change all the 6 people, i thought dream high 2 is the continuous of dream high, i wan to see the MILKY COUPLE!!

MilkyCouple Why your change all the old cast ?! I wanna see the MilkyCouple ending and hye mi and Sam dong ending lei ?! Why change all ?! Then it not worth to watch Liao -.- dream high season 1 is more better cuz all the cast I like especially the MilkyCouple <3 haizz can your change back to the old cast ??

Kim Jong Si I heard the only person of the original cast thats going to be on here, is Song Sam Dong..and i think its not going to show him alot..just on tv or something because how he became a singer in the end. I don't really think i'll watch this season...I love Dream High..but the first season. The original cast, Kim So Hyun, Suzy, Wooyoung, IU, and Taecyeon, & Eunjung were amazing..which reminds me..Eunjung should be in here as well. Because at the end, she was a teacher..right? So..why not have her be in here? With her other T-ara member..?

dreamhigh omg why why why i was so excited about dream high 2 becuz i thought the old cast members would be back and the storyline would continue i wanted to see how the milkycouple continues and how sam dong and hye mi end up why did u guys have to change the cast now no ones gonna watch it becuz the old cast members arent here this sucks crap! :(

filipina how about combining the old cast and the new cast!! its a GREAT idea! everybody will LIKE it! and it will end up a GREAT story!

filipina dream high season 2 is a big fuss if you change all of the cast. its ok to change SOME of the cast,..its not ok to change ALL of the cast...if u change all of them..then its not dream high season 2..its another damn story!!!!...

what ever! if you will continue dream high season 2,..and change all the cast! wahhh...it should be worth watching!!

i still wanna see how suzy and soo hyun ended up togehter!

filipina what the heck???where's the 6 main characters in season 1??...why change them all????im looking forward for the story of suzy and soo hyun...i thought their story will continue in dream high season 2....waahh.....the ending of dream high season 1 is not or never can be called and ending!unless it is followed by season 2!!!i mean the story of dream high will continue in dream high season 2!!!....

dream high i think it's a bad idea to change the old cast.. for me it will be better if you just continue the story of the first dream high.. it's not clear.. i dont like hyemi's sister either.. (just a suggestion).:))

hyorinjjang21 I love this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's going to be the best Dream High EVER...(because Hyorin's in it..XD)

Well I hope Hyorin will not be a supporting role.. I want her to be the bad girl.. I've been crazy on her laughs, I want to see her bad side..*evil smile*


kpopluv well even though suzy didn't come out i will still watch this n hope ji yeon unni doesn't have a bad role..... want her to be the main role.

season1castdh Im not watching if the 1st season cast isn't there!!!!!!!!!!!1 ESPECIALLY THE MAIN! Like Suzy, Samdong, Milky Couple, Taecyeon, Eunjung. :( T_T

dream high11 the old cast better make an apperance because i loved the old cast!!!<3 Kim Soo Hyun <3

bhie even though i'm not watching 'dream high'....if park eun bin will be place as part of the cast then...YES, i will be watching this korean drama. please, put park eun bin as part of this drama. she's really beautiful and cute. team her up with yoo seung ho...and this drama will be great and beautiful. don't like the other actress cause they just have plastic surgery...they're fake. the only actress i know besides park eun bin who didn't undergoes plastic surgery are: kim so eun and shin se kyung and the others are fake!! don't like to mention names!!!!!!!!! but they are so many!!!!!!!!!!1

Kpopcuti3 Awwww i was excited for Dream High 2 cuz of the old cast and especially the Milky couple to be back but, NOOOOO all the casts are changed!!! >:[

Ryzal park jiyoung faigghtinggg!!!!! this dream high season 2 it great... so poor if u olz dont like or watch this season 2 .. it more dramatic in this... :p

Kim I'm N friend n0t N never watch Dream high 2, i will soo hyun, suzy N taecyeon again... Love dream high 1


WooUMilkyCoupleRockz!! IU and Wooyoung should be in DH2 !!!! but in the 'ending' of season 1 they became adults already so i guess they were not meant to be in S2...

songhyunjin I do not watch Dream high season 2 And I also love Dream high season 1

NYX Dream High is one of a kind TV drama... I hope the next season's plot would be more interesting than the other.. i'm really looking forward to it :)) and especially I would like to see Song Sam-Dong played by Kim Soo-Hyun ♥

chansung i hate jyp for changing the casts... lol... is he in charge in the casts? since you change the cast... why not as well change the title... it confuses us... im a filipina and i love dream high...

chansung i am really disgusted with the new casts... i've been waiting for part 2 because i thought the love story between sam dong ang go hyemi will continue... ohhh what a calamity...

   maybe just adding some casts... i love chansung you know...

alysha Dream high Park ji-yeon yay T-ara FTW!!! OMG So wanna watch this *Heart*

purple lee i am very very excited o watch the part 2 of DREAM HIGH! i actually just finished the part 1 and it's so nice! i love it.. !looking forward to the part 2! i'll expect so much from it.  :DDD

pol erm~i think there are other cast that they didnt reveal..hehe...

dream high jjang~! I heard rumor before that Taeyeon SNSD is one of the cast... Well, I guess, I'm wrong~ But, I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to watch Taeyeon's acting skills~ T.T

yuree kyaaaaaa.. why the old casts has to be changed??? i love them, suzy and soo hyun is a good couple.. want to know the continued story.. ><" i think so many fans of dream high are disappointed, isn't it??

fikri briant i want Suzy miss A.. fuck the producer of dream high 2.. and to jiyeon T-ara get off bitch.. ur fake.. jiyeon always do plastic surgery every year..

citrine i want ji yeon !!!!! yay!! hope that she can be the main actress :)

fuji thats mean, new story not continued story

skeptical viewer so they are going to call it dream high 2? It's not really dream high though because they don't have Kang Oh Hyuk who really is the creator of dream high. For the new students it's just going to be Kirin Art school. aigoo but I hope they will surprise us because they have to make the series as good as the first one and that will be hard. but all I can say for now is Hwaiting! hope they don't ruin dream high!

Dream high 1 What about IU, Suzy, Taecyeon, Woo Young, EunJung and Soo Hyun ?? Will they be casted too ? Please reply :((

Fellz hoi WIKI update".. KAHI NUUNA PLAY IN THIS DRAMA . ^_^ ...

citrine after reading the comment above me , they say that its about hyemi little sister . her little sister going to grow up to be who ji yeon or sistar ?

citrine i'm watching this coz of ji yeon :) 때문에 지 연이보고 있어요 :)

S-Cap it means SNSD's member won't play in this drama?

i got a little dissapointed about that

citrinebias I'll be watching Dream high2 because of Jiyeon!! Hwaiting jiyeonaaahh!!!

abby Jiyeon!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaa.. I'd love to see more of this girl!!! she's the perfect choice for the DH2!!!

Loving Korea I am a big fan of Dream High. At first i thought that hye mi was going to end up with jingook but she end up with sam dong. At least i think they are. I really hoped that Sam Dong and Hye Mi romanc will continue in Dream High 2. I oso wish that the director can consider what we (fans of dream high) commented. Although the casts have been selected, i hoped that there will be actors and actresses like Park Shin Hye, Lee HongKi. Because in You're Beautiful, hongki was heartbroken.. Park Shin Hye was with Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings. Park Shin Hye was with Jang Geun Suk in He's/You're Beautiful. So i think Park Shin Hye must end up with Lee HongKi in another drama.

Anyways, LOVE the casts for Dream High and i hope they will continue where they stopped at Dream High in Dream High 2. Hwaiting!!!

sayih when dream high 2 airing

sayih i hope sam dong and lucy love story continue in dreamhigh part 2 . i love them together. i hope they have a happy ending

Dream High Well ... i Hope That They Continue From Dream High 1 .. Couse The Ending Was Not Realy Can Be Called Ending ....

Elazulc well2, did both of taecyeon and snsd team not play in DH2?

just can say " wew " but its ok im looking forward for this drama with new ppl whose i didnt knew more abot them. whahahaha

WooU 4ever! Nooo!! I hoped that Wooyoung and IU would be in dream high 2 :( wooU couple is the cutest couple ever!!

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kiara I really like watching new team.and a new story with new actors.

Dream High! Don't misunderstand me but I think it'll only be interesting if we see what the people from the old cast is doing in Dream High 2. It would be really interesting to see what they're doing for their occupations and how they're going in their life after, perhaps, a year? I would really like the old cast to be in it even if it's just a cameo. Like Baek Hee being a teacher at Kirin High, Jin Gook and Sam Dong still falling for Hye Mi, the Milky Couple and even Hye Mi's little sister being a student in Kirin High. Just a suggestion.

apple_woo young best love team ever., jason and kim pil suk:)

apple_woo young i want to see woo young and IU in season 2., :)

miss sushi i really want to see milky couple (specially jason oppa) it so sad, but at least the is jin woon i like him too please bring us back milkey couple (i meant jason and kim pil suk only)

Christina I'm guessing one of them will be Hye-Mi's little sister. Someone told me Wooyoung would be in Dream High 2 ;(

Sodaaaaa. It won't get any interesting if the 6 people won't continue the dream high season 2. Their acting are too perfect. So, I hope season 2 will have them to film it. ;)))

Lockon123 i want the original cast members :(

Riisa Okay...good that it's Ji Yeon as lead because I'm a fan of T-ara. PHEW!!

Hi what about hye mi? I love Dream high :) there should be an exchange student from another country! =D

olan ya guizz ur right i want to see hyemi little sister she s cute....

joy ya i want also see park eun bin on dreamhigh 2 shes cute and i think it would be better if shes park of dreamhigh 2

dianne oh i want to see hye sung on dreamhigh 2....

nathalia didnt u know guizz hye sung is now shooting cf with b2st korean boyband and shes the model of apieu cosmetics and she appeard with kim so hyun cf and tvxq changmin...

nathalia i want to see park eun bin in dreamhgh 2 i like her she s adorable

coco chanel i think they say that the lead cast is jinwwon and kang so-ra im so happy for so-ra and jin beacause they are both in their first time leading role

Ieda_ShyeeDa aww ! it's great to be if Jiyeon will be the lead actress in this drama .. but i wanna Milky couple back .. ! keke .. however !! i'm waiting for the next season !~


Kristina Yes I was wishing Jiyeon would play the lead role in the second season... I am so happy ^_^ Jiyeon♥♥♥

Deruton_Jirun ! .. Hope the cast Of DREAM high 1 will also be part of the second season . because .. it may be boring having without them ..

DH 2 yeah jiyeon! i really want to see her acting in this drama.

Fellz Love Suzy @ omg bro , this drama not love story .. but Kirin student and they dream. not with they love story bro ...

Fellz LOVE you JYP . akakakakakak

Fellz HUURRRRRAYYYYYYYYYY MY JIYIII ... >.<" NOTHING TO ALL. I ONLY WANT JIYEON,,, thx suzy and eunjung u change in Dream high2 ^_^... my jiyi come in Dream high 2 now ^_^

dreamy high is it only tht??? watt? y not suzy taecyeon n the others?? x(

Kid T-ara Jiyeon will be the main cast in Dream High 2 can't wait till this drama aired i'm a hardcore Jiyeon's fan hahahaha

song sam dong and go hye me team they should just keep the original cast becuz that was kind of a stupid ending, well actually i dont think there was an ending to it. so they should just finish what they started and MAKE SONG SAM DONG AND GO HYE MI as a couple and then finish it...

someone man! i really really hope that hye mi n sam dong 2 b 2gether..i wished they're still casting 4 season 2..

love suzy and i think the story hasn't ended,because suzy,sam dong,jin guk,and baek hee still single so u can't change the original cast !!!!!

love suzy i still prefer suzy..... :( i think suzy it's a chance for suzy to show her talent and i think suzy is really match with hye mi's role...

Dream On i wonder if the old actors and actress is going to be in it<3<3<3<3 oh and i love wooyoung and IU

no minwoo we shou;d accept the cast of seson 2 i like Hyolyn Of SISTAR

Riisa Okay...I wanted to see season 2, but do they HAVE to choose actors that look so similar to the 1st season!! I don't want that!! x(

missymsy no yoseob of b2st?? pls consider yoseob for a role here..he's a fantastic singer,good dancer,needs to debut as an actor so that we can see his acting skills....

dianne there so many actress and actor will be cast of dream high 2 how about make

yoo seung ho and park eun bin

park ji yeon and jiwoon of 2 am e young of after school and lee min ho nickhun of 2 pm and seohyun of snsd its sounds crazy but i think its better im verry dissapoint of new cast of dream high 2 :c

dianne garve kaka dissapoint nmn ung mga bagong cast sa dreamhigh 2 i want hye sung and jinguk ....

Fellz @ Kriszy : yeah i want my jiyi too in this Drama >..<" CRy Cry

Fellz @ Bro Dream high is the best : hahah... Story already end bro in season 1 .... ALL member already got They dream ... this Story about The Dream of kirin student , not Love story ... hahaha .... and , last story in dream high 2 , they alr in 2018 ... >.<"

ftisland I want HONGKI!!!

Dream High is the best hope, they dun change the old cast because the story has not ended yet. .. looking forward 4 the second season ....

Kriszy I wanted to see Ji yeon from T-ara in season 2 ♥♥♥

Dream High Forever I kind of wanted to have Wooyoung and IU back. They were the cutest! The "Milky" Couple! :) Oh well, even though it would have been better if we had the same cast.. I STILL CANNOT WAIT UNTIL DREAM HIGH 2 COMES OUT! I MISS IT SO MUCH! <3

Dream High lover VVVVV Oh and DrEaM HigH FIGHTING! :) Kamsa hamnida for the great drama! :D ^^^^^

Dream High lover I want to see more of Ham Eun Jung & Taec Yeon! (✖╭╮✖) I want the old cast back please! I was rooting for Jin Guk to be with Baek Hee, Sam Dong to be with Hye Mi, since the beginning of the drama, so nobody will be lonely. But it didn't turn out the way I expected. For some reason, I find Baek Hee and Ms Shi super cute and pretty and I can't let go of their cuteness ♥ I hope they will be in part of season 2! :D Oh and I want the Milky couple too :)

artmiss 2pm f(x) just 2pm &f(x)!!!!!1

artmiss 2pm f(x) just 2pm &f(x)!!!!!!!!!

Fellz hahaha ...

nice 3 lead cast DH 2.

jinwoon 2am , hyorin sistar , and kang sora.. hahaha... who the 3 member again. lolx

ohhh can't wait for it >.<"

dalmate I hope to see wonder girls ^^ and maybe Homin (=

Miyuki waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ I want SNSD in this! All of them! Because I can't pick one over another >w<! Though I'm guessing Yoona won't be in it for sure because of Love Rain.. oh well D:

TiffinyS. heheh, season 2 better be as good as season 1. $: but i liked the old actors better :CCCCCC

Rainy i want LEE JOON to be in this drama as the lead role!!!!!!!!!!!LEE JOON saranghae<3<3

RiKeMer wooohooo... well done Dream High... love watchin it... feel more eager when i know that there will be DH2... hope the new season wont change any casting from the previous season... i think that the storyline in season 1 should be continued... i know that everyone want to see the love story of hye mi with sam-dong and jin gyuk... all the best DREAM HIGH...

B2st I hope that they put yoseob in since Suzy loves Yoseob! Suseob ♥ kyeoppta!! Then they should put in Hyunseung as a student .. He really is a great dancer and he is handsome! He could randomly be a Rival to Wooyoung who is also a great dancer!!! Who is with me ^^

n_e Hope the actress is moon chae won , kang sora n yoon eun hye... And the actor is jung il woo..

glo I can't wait to watch Dream High 2.I hope the actor & actress is snsd group,2pm,fx,big bang,shinee and after school.

Sharon Park I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be the best drama. i do want old characters back but i want to see some new characters. For example: sulli from f(x), 2pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or Secret?

ukiss ♥ this is random but i want dongho in it ♥ i think it'd be cute ! hyemi + jinguk . i like samdong but he's not right for hyemi . iu + wooyoung = best couple ever nichkhun would look good with anyone but i want fx victoria !

Steph I really really hope that the original cast will appear in Season 2 , they're all super wonderful actor(s) / actresses and I really would like to see them together again , continuing the legend of DREAM HIGH . The ending isn't very clear either , so I hope there's a proper explanation .

I really really hope (again) that Pil Suk will become slim again , and she ends up with Jason . THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER . PERIOD .

Ahhhh -melts- DREAMHIGH FTW ! ♥

P.S. - Taeczy is not bad too , I don't really like Sam Dong . :X


hong rui hua I hope Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun player to Dream High Season 2 end up together and forever Sam Dong love Hye Mi... Wooow...they are so romantic

hong rui hua I Love Kim Soo hyun and Suzy ( Bae Su Ji )...They are the best, I hope to see them in Dream High 2 as well and of course the cute and romantic...and for Woo Young and IU too

dream high ftw ~ please keep the old cast ~ it won't be the same without them , especially hye mi , sam dong , jason and pil suk (: they really made the episodes special (:

sokhunfan there are many fans of nichkhun/victoria and heechul/sohee BUT i think the couple doesn't look match together. BECAUSE victoria is one years older than nichkhun!!!!!!!!!!! and heechul is too old for sohee. he is 9 years older than sohee!!!!!!!!! SOOOO... I WILL SAY.. SOHEE AND NICKHUN MATCH AND LOOK CUTE TOGETHER. BOTH OF THEM ARE CUTE!!!!! VICTORIA IS PRETTY BUT DOESN'T MATCH WITH CUTE GUY!

Eun Na I can't wait for the new season of Dream High...really hope that they will keep the original characters but open for new casting especially Hye Mi and Sam Dong , they look really cute together....Jason and PilSuk are perfect for each other...i think they are meant to be togther....so please keep the original cast without them its like something is going wrong...they brought huge and a lot of inspiration for people that love music...they worked together as a team in the movie it taught what is team spirit...music made our life enjoyable , theres a girl looking so sad and annoyed in coincidence she heard this song from dream high - Goose Dream. This song eventually made her feel happy and told her not to give up music...Dream High the whole cast especially main characters Hye Mi , Sam Dong who has hearing problem did not give up music so please keep the original characters....only them , they can do it....please reconsidering...thank you.

Wiliyana Miss Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi

Hope can see them in DH2 and their become a couple....fighthing Hye Mi love Sam dong !!!

taecyeon ♥ suzy lover Taeczy! ♥ I love them! Hye Mi + Jin Guk! = ♥ Please. Please! Taeczy! ♥ I love them! Hye Mi + Jin Guk! = ♥ Please. Please! Taeczy! ♥ I love them! Hye Mi + Jin Guk! = ♥ Please. Please! Taeczy! ♥ I love them! Hye Mi + Jin Guk! = ♥ Please. Please! go! go! go! go! hwaiting!

taeczy lover Taecyeon ♥ suzy <3<3<3 if they can add another couple i would like to suggest Yongseo couple, choding + innocent girl (=(=(=(= it will be more fantastic movie.

mj I Love Kim Soo hyun ang Hye Mi...they are the best hope to see them in Dream High 2 as well and of course the cute tandem of Woo Young ang IU!

DREAMHIGH 1 I only know for sure that season 2 will have 1 of the 6 ppl for sure

dream high luver aww man i want the old cast back!! i luv iu and wooyoung!!!!

wooyounglover So there will be new people?? :( No more woooyung and IU? :((

angel kim soo hyun.. i like him very much... even though taecyeon is more hot than him.. lol... i really like his role in season 1... a very good actor...

angel what?? a new casts??? well it's ok to have a new casts.. after all they have already graduated... but the original cast must as well be there... and besides... suzy and kim soo hyun love story has not put to an end... what i mean.. if they want a new casts.... suzy must end with either taecyeon or kim soo hyun in season 1 righ??? i really hate the ending if all the casts will be changed.. kim soo hyun, taecyeon and suzy must be there... or else .. i will not watch sezson 2...

I luv dream high No!!!! I want all the old cast!!! They are nice and cool and famous and everything!!! They were the ones that made Dream High famous!!!

Sapphira Can't wait!! I just hope they will not take away the original casts but I'm open to new casts.. just please DON'T let the original casts be just a cameo or end up to not showing in the 2nd season.. I wanna see the original casts once again.. please? :) Specially Suzy.. I want her to be in Season 2.. and Taecyeon as well.. hehehe

lala~ I'm okay with new students. After all, the old casts already graduated from kirin and if the drama goes on with the old casts and continue the plot, then there'll be no kirin and the drama will be meaningless without Kirin! So I think it's better to have new students in Kirin AND keep the old casts as well. well, as long as our milky couple is in it, it'll be very cute, wouldn't it?! :) Can't wait~

rose what!!!!!!!! New Students!!!!!!!!!! i've read the news that YURI from SNSD will be one of the CASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE THIS!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANY OF THE SNSD MEMBERS IN THIS DRAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BE HATING THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eun I hope IU comes out !! I <3 IU

KIm Soo Hyun I hope to see Song Sam Dong and Go hye mi in Season 2.....I miss this couple very much>.....

KIm Soo Hyun I miss season 1 Dream High....I want season one cast....I love Song Sam Dong...<3.....Kim Soo Hyun...<3

asura new students??!! oh nooo...thats so sad (

sam so inspiring,,:) i want them all,, hope that their will be season 3,4 and more;

miezki i love it too...love you taecyoon:)

micheeRu i really love it...season 1 was so exciting! i love those 6 characters,,they were so good in dancing and singing! i hope that season 2 will be more exciting.

Salomé Torres please, which is well defined relationship of Go Hye Mi and Dong Sam. Many are left with the desire to see them together at the end

lover drea high really hope that the milking couple will be in season 2 :3 also i hope that : lee hongki ~

                       yong haw :)

Joycee2788 I really like jinguk n hyemi will together in season 2 . I like them much . Hope can see them in season 2. Saranghae.

jaeme chinen Great !!! season 2? :) Ommo! I want to see more on their romance side.. It's a bit unclear on some aspects while watching Dream high but i really enjoyed it. I cried and laughed ... I also feel the LOVE !:) JasonxPilsuk I wanted Hye mixJin suk but it became Hye mixSam dong though i've already expected a twist.. Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Seo hyun hopefully will be part of season 2, and also Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin hye,Kang Min hyuk and Lee Hong ki..They're good in a Drama Musical :) But, I also want to rookies that will participate in this exciting Drama Musical- i guess it has all the ingredients of has very entertaining drama :)

Aileen Tho I know that the actors in season 1 won't be in season 2, I still hope they will have them as actors. Maybe that the new actors bring hye mi and song sam dong together, that Yoon baek hee will teach them and Kang oh hyuk and Si kyung yin will be the principal or teachers :). Although i know this won't be the truth I just wanted to share it with you guys.

dreamers forever I hope that they will have the same cast from season 1 in season 2 because the ending of season 1 didn't pretty much clear especially about hyemi-samdong and also about jin guk.but if they want to change the cast, I would like to see: ~jiyeon of t-ara ~sunny of snsd ~so hyun of 4minute ~soohyun of ukiss ~lee hongki of ft. island ~dongho of ukiss


angel i just finished watching dream high and i really scream at the ending... only to found out that there is season 2... plsssss............. i want suzy and kim soo hyun end up together... though at the beginning i thought it was taecyeon as his love interest... but soo hyun is so good in acting... maybe because of his eyes... there is depth in his acting... pls.. do consider kim soo hyun again in season 2...

angel i hope the same cast are still there... that's why you are not satisfied with the ending bec there is season 2... i hope suzy and kim soo hyun end up together... taecyeon and suzy's sister is a good match alsio

Hazel :) I LOVE DREAM HIGH ! :D can't wait for season 2 ! :) OMG IU TEACYEON SUZY <3

paw NICHKHUN AND SOHEE!!!!! they look really great together. khunhee couple!!!!!!!!!!!

Pearl I like : Jason <3 Hyemi Samdong <3 Pilsuk Jinguk <3 Baekhee

Pearl Dream High = Trash!!!

Pearl I don't like DREAM HIGH!!!

Pearl I <3 Nichkhun 2PM

imma suzy really surprise 'bout the stories in dream high, even for the last episode seems not ended well :) hopefully, for season 2 is the continuing story about them, not another....

Hyemi & taecyeon:)

ashley loved the 1st season n i think the 2nd season is going to be fantastic. i also think that they should make Jin Guk fall in love with Hye Mi's sister. that would be so cool. so yah

Anna T I hope they bring back the same characters. I think that they should make Jin Guk fall in love with Hye Mi's sister. I kind of hinted that something was going to happen between them at the end (at least that was my impression) I like Jin Guk a lot better than Sam Dong and I think he should have gotten the girl in the end.

khunnie! Finally some khuntoria comments !!! lm looking forward 2 seeing them !:) SAMDONG and hyemi too !

lover 011 I think u shud do Jin guk and hyemi this season !! I luv them since first season !! Pls give them a chance !!:) milky couple was gr8 2 ! I agree season 2 needs khuntoria ! since wgm I started liking them ! pls add them to this show !!

Jessi milky couple ! :) fx Victoria and nichkhun pls :) khuntoria fighting

Khuntoria I still want wooyoung and iu !!!!! they were such a cute couple ! And if ur gunna add characters pls do Victoria of fx and nichkhun of 2pm !!!! khuntoria plsss !

gureyzter i'm sorry guys but i din't feel the same way. i mean, about sam dong-hye mi loveteam. coz honestly, until now i just can't get over about jin guk as the one being the loner. haiii..! he was really my bet from the very start...i feel bad after i red the synopsis of the story. haiii..

so i'm expecting a twist bout hye mi-jin guk...not being best of friends..but being the best for each other..as lovers, i mean.. :D i hope someone can relate to me here. :)

  1. i am just so addicted to them

Carol Hyemi and Samdong= best match 4ever. i really feel the chemistry between them. and wanna see their relation looks like in season too, must be very exciting XD

임하영 멈고발당신내평판어뜨있습다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


  • _*i lke samdong and hyemi*_*

tuesday nichkhun and sohee khunhee couple<3

no sm PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DONT ADD ANYONE FROM SM ESPECIALLY SNSD INTO THE CAST!!!!! That will sooooooooo ruin everything. No one wants plastics in a high school show.

kiara I hope the story wont been repeated. and every things is new.ٍEspecially actors. good luck

decemberhyunkyu I want to see Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Hun Eun Jung(T-ARA) as teacher. The main six casts i want to see are-

Lee Joon from MBLAQ and Koo Hara from KARA
Joon Hyun from Shinee and Yoona from SNSD and

Dong Ho from U KISS and Ji Yeon from T ara

anisasma@hotmail.com i want my fishy to be there

anisasma@hotmail.com i want yoon-hae couple or donghae and sulli

khunniee Season 2 needs "Nichkhun!!!!" and "Sohee!!!!" ^_^

keina bring samdong and hyemi back in season 2 pls....!!!...they're so perfect together..i'm not so satisfied with the ending.....it made me curious what will happen with their relationship........hope season 2 will be a continuation of their story.....i want the original cast...

Momo I loved the first season and will love this one tooo! I really hope sam dong is in it and same with hye mi

eclips yeah dream high. I'm waiting for this movie.. Just for seeing kim soo hyum and friend. Yeah.

the best drama i've ever seen dream high complitly changed me! I thought beeng a singer is easy but...! anyway I think kim soo hyun is the best actror in korea! when he crys it's just like everyone can feel his pain!and I have 2 say ss501 pissing me off!pls don't do this.I can't stand them!and about snsd's members it's awesom 2 see them in dream high2!finally thank you becouse this drama's ending was complitly different.Im so glad that I watch drem high.suzy & soo hyun R so sweet!

rourou waw i'm really excated i can't wait to see milky couple saranghae "jason"

joolaepieza saranghe jason!!!!!!!!!mwahhhhhhhhhhhaahaaaaaaaa!!!!excited of the season i'm sure it will be the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Zeilou Ohmy! I was excited when I saw that there will be Dream High 2. I hope also that there will be same characters or if it would be other character, I want an interesting actors and actresses. But no one can beat the original characters. I believe this will be a masterpiece again! Keep tuned in!

Fion I still wish Dream High season 2 can have the same actor and actress , as you can see that their acting skills are really good even though they are rookies but they put in much effort in Dream High 1,the ratings of the show is rather good as you can see,so Dream high 2 if the director still choose to have ther same actor and actress the ratings will no have changes and the show will still be interesting ,i think if Dream high season 2 do not use the same actor or actress i guess i will not watch it anymore,as this show,the actor and actress,their effort did really give me inspiration and even allow me to pursue my Dream.Really hope that the director can think about it carefully.

Dee Thank god some of you aren't k-drama writers and producers. You'd just copy hollywood. No one loved Hye mi more than Sam dong. Throughout the drama it was clear what inspired Sam Dong to greatest, it wasn't fame, nor money, it was Hye Mi. In fact the only reason he left her was that she said she would fall in love with him if he became the "best" he could be. The other thing people forget is that during the series it showed very subtly but clearly that Hye Mi's inspiration was Sam Dong. Who was she thinking about when she composed her song that scored her an A+? Anyone, anyone? Sam Dong.

mima luv milky couple... jason+pilsuk

Nica-chaan I'm so curious with Samdong and Hyemi.... Really miss them all! XD

Hurry Up Season 2~

syu i more excited if SUJU n BIG BANG'S member acting on ddat drama...

hana park How about if they put Park shin Hye unnie. She's a very good dancer, has a beautiful voice and she's an amazing actress. Plus she's very pretty. It would be awesome if she's the lead role. The old cast won't be able to act in dream high 2 cause they have busy schedules. They're already singers. They have tours/concerts etc...plus they need to change the cast for it to be more exciting.

lovely Lee honki (F.T.Island) & Jang gaen suk > perfect..

ajay If the lead cast still the same I hope jin guk - hye mi will be a couple in DH2... about sam dong just let him die hahaha otherwise i wanna see taeyeon in DH2

jd i love jin kuk but i think samdong and haemi should continue their romance

jd i love Dream High,i love jin kuk...but i think samdong and hae mi should be continue their romance,though jin kuk love hae mi but still there is hae mi sister.sam dong gave his everthing to haemi..thank u:)

nana i think the last ep . of the season 1 wasn't clear for me . and i wish they keep the 6 main actors

hani i dont think its a good idea to change the 6 main actors & actores in season 2, and i think the end of last episode was not finished clearly

Nay more story of Sam Dong - Hye Mi for DH2 oh pleaseeee pleaseeee pleaseeee. aaaaa miss the cast of DH1 so badly, especially kim soo hyun :'( wanna see them again in dream high aaaaaaa please.

Soo Hyun - Suzy --> the cutest couple ever ever ever eveeeeeer :D

MeetMeHalfWay same casts please!! and additional,that would be great! :) I'd like to see the continuation of Samdong-Hyemi romance.. missed them! HyunZy FTW!!

hannah sotto saranghe taecyeon

hannah sotto i hope in season 2 suzy and taecyeon will be the great couple! sam dong and jin gook iu and jason

and i wish the cast of dream high 1 will be the same in the season 2


saranghe taecyeon and suzy a

ari santiagomunez 꿈 높은이 .... 우리는 인도네시아에서 기다 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theandreart I hope the teacher will be same! because SM and JYP work for this drama, i hope the drama will be good and have more good cast (i wish it can be siwon, donghae, kyuhyun, yesung, or it can be onew or minho!)

arvita I hope Jinyoung (B1A4) and Jiyeon (T-ARA) will be join in DREAM HIGH 2 and become lead role... become couple like Samdong and Hyemi......"

dream high fan is there a possibility that they will use the same cast as season 1??? cause i will really love it if they are going to do that..:)

5675 SM entertainment will be taking part of the drama too....I wonder who're they're pick to be in it....

eva hope season 2 will be more isteresting and hope them don't break up.....

HyemGuk i hope they will retain the original casts from season 1.. if not i hope PARK JIYEON will become a part of season 2..

Aslan Jang Wooyoung I love you so much dream high... Wooyoung and IU.. *Perfect Suzy and Kim soo hyun... *perfect eunjung and Taecyeon... *perfect

  1. Go Hye Mi, Song Sam Dong, Jin Gook, Yoon Baek He, Jason, and Kim Pil Sook.

.by Aslan

Lii_A I love Dream high very much. I can't stop to watch dream high. The story make me believe that I can living out my dream like that. I just believe that someday my dream will comes true. And I hope 6 main cast on dream high season 1 are still be the 6 main cast on dream high season 2 especially Hye-Mi & Jin Guk. i think hye-mi & Jin Guk have good chemistry. The last, I JUST CAN'T DREAM HIGH SEASON 2. I wish 6 main cast on DREAM HIGH ARE STILL BE THE MAIN CAST ON DREAM HIGH SEASON 2. Thanks.


  • Kamsa hamnida! ^^

mayu go hey mi ♥ song sam dong. noone else they the bestest :D

allen Oh come on! Just bring Sam dong and Hye Mi back in Dream High 2. They're just perfect for each other. And we know that. Sam dong so gets Hye Mi more than herself. So, they have to meet up from the very long time separation and continuing their romance. I just wanna watch more sweet romance between Sam dong and Hye Mi like Pil Sook and Jason's one in Dream High 1.

However, there are so many Jin Gook-Hye Mi moments in DH1, but I think it just so so and is not as sweet as Sam Dong-Hye Mi moments :) and not only sweet but also they have a lot of funny moments together like lost in Japan and dance using plastic bag, that one never I saw in Jin Gook-Hye Mi moment. So I think, Jin Gook woul be better end up with Hye Sung, it's very interesting when Hye Sung tricks Jin Gook because she wanna kiss him. Haha

Sam Dong- Hye Mi all the way <3

zenny I was disappointed at how the first season ended. I hope Jin Guk and Hye Mi will end up as a couple in season 2. :( I hope Jin Guk hadn't given up on her yet. They look good together. They've known each other since they were young. They look cute when they fight. Please.. please bring their loveteam back :((

Taecyeon I hope that suzy and taecyeon end up together (: they had a lot in common and know each other's past Pleasse let them be in dream high 2 :D

취주론 Dream High 1 was nice. However, i'm a bit disappointed with the latter events of the story...It seems that the twist of the story isn't that good than i expected. Jin-Gook and Ko Hye-Mi should be paired together (im not disregarding Sam Dong) but the two has better chemistry... To Mr/Ms.writer and director, I hope you can make this drama better during the second season...further, I hope to see the old cast again being the molder of the new Kirin high aspirants...

Isha Love Dream High soo much!! Can't wait for season 2.... Even though i don't know korean, hehehee..... Hope the cast will be the same :) Love yall soo much!!

Malsa Natia Hi KBS2!! I like korean drama,, I love Dream Hight, and I really happy to hear DH 2,, but, when I read in website U'll be change the actor and actris I really disappointed, and I think I'll not watch DH 2 if U chang them.. I think it'll change the situation than U continueing the story,, will be better if U don't change them with new cast.. Thank you..



Dream high please finish the season 1 with continue the season 2, with the same actors and the same actress. especially Sam dong and hyemi

wawa i hope they still casting the original cast but with the expand and interesting plot. plezz jyp must be a music producer and BJY still the producer with jyp. i love all OST in this drama. dream high 2 fighting!!

Allison I just finished Dream High!!! I was wailing poor Song Sam dong had to leave Hye Mi! D: They have fate I hope he returns to her in Season 2. I want limited new people not a lot since I want to focus on Hyunzy HAHA! I wait for Season 2! ((((:

Indonesian Suka Hye mi ma Samdong.

Saranghamnida = Cinta = Suka = Love them soo much.....

Samdong Oppa semangat!!!!

hye Na Kim Suhyeun and Su ji best couple, saranghamnida Hope they are together....

Tan Li Love HYUNZY Couple.......^_^ Hope Samdong and Hyemi can meet and together.... hwaaa so sad in last episode they are separate... but, fighting to sam dong hope u get grammy award and back to seoul soon..

Ahn San HyunZy Couple.... I like them soo much......hope in Dream High 2 they are (Samdong and Hyemi) can meet and together... Fighting Samdong Oppa... Saranghamnida...^_^

Sumartini I hope Hye Mi love Jinguk ending. Miss TAECZY "Taecyeon and Suzy" SHIPPER...!

kiki Soo Hyun - Suzy >>>> Best Couple

U Kee Soo Hyun - Suzy >>>> Best Couple

princess Just finished it in 3 days! awww… im so sad, my heart was aching really bad at the end, which i was like WTF?! It ended w/ Hye-mi (suzy) kissing bumpkin Song Sam Dong! It made me so angry that my crying mood was off, throughout the whole movie it was aiming at Jin Gook (FINE, great-heart taecyeon) and Hye-min, they had a past and the most moments in the movie!!!well guess that was a surprise (a lame one).

I really love the “milky couple” Jason(who is pretty FINE :p) & Kim Pil Shook (IU) ha she is so cute & ADORABLE (love the dolls&pink guitar), i liked the part where he freaked out about her having hepatitus,thinking she could die

I dislike Song Sam Doong, he irritated me, but love the main cast, really great& great story, very inspirational, il watch this if i feel hopeless at med school. I just wish the freakin eng subs were translated to MAKE SENSE, instead of being all inverted, which pissed me off 4 half the movie cuz i had a really hard time understanding the whole story!


a Te characters from first one wont be in second one guys!

Milky couple 4eva I heard tht there will be a girl called jane who was jasons first girlfriend from america and jason pil suk and jane will be in a love triangle

yanha i love samdong,, i hope you come to indonesia

yanha i love samdong,, i hope you come to INDONESIA I very love you

in love with dream high hi, i'm so in love with dream high. i can't stop to watch it. i really love the story but i suggest the author to make jin guk with hye mi. i think they match to be a couple. i hope the author can make a good story and make jin guk with hye mi, because i think from the very first time hye mi is in love with jin guk :) i hope you can re-think about this :) thankyou

veliyane SOOHYUN your voice are awesome, love you here...

Nadya hope the cast in dream high season 2 will be the same because i still wanna see the relationship between hyemi and sam dong.. their relationship made me so curious because in dream high 1 they didn't tell each other their own feeling.. i hope sam dong will go back to korea and meet hye mi and their relationship will become obvious,i love them,they are perfect couple.. ^_^ but their relationship is getting complicated because there's other woman who also love sam dong and hyemi become jealous.. the story of hye sung and jin gook will continue because he was hye sung's first love and then there are a lot of competition among them as a singer.. yeah that's just my hope of the story of dream high 2,it must be interesting,hehe.. ;) can't hardly wait.. <3 love song sam dong <3

jolie i dont know what they could possibly do w/ the milky couple- jason and IU. its like she got fat again and then what? i dont think they should make a second one. the first one wasnt that great either, besides the cast, which was amazing. Miss A, 2pm, KARA, IU the best! but what will the 2nd season possibly be? when and if i watch this 2nd season, i rlly wonder how they would possibly expand the plot.

Yu Lee i want to watch the dream high sesson 2,,,, and sam dong can meet with hui mei,,,,

Lainaza Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi

PERFECT !!!! I ♥ Kim Soo Hyun :)

Nina I love this drama, always hope in dream high season 2 Sam dong and Hye mi can meet and happy together...


Saranghae Soo Hyun

Yuli I hope in dream high 2 samdong and hye mi can live together.. bingo...!!

Dream hagh lover Soo Hyun Oppa..Hwaiting!!!!!

I hope in Dream High 2 Song Sam Dong meet Go Hye mi again and they are Happy together!!!!

MVP Onew ^_^ Hwa....... I really like this drama. I hope in season 2, hyemi and samdong will be together.!!

Na na Sam dong <3 Hye mi <= Best couple...

Jason <3 Pilsook


Shi Dream high 2?????? really???? OMG, I still hope Kim Soo Hyun as Sam Dong & Suzy as Hye Mi appear in Dream High 2.

Katkat I like dream high and all but i like jin gook and hye mi better just because sam dong fits the bestfriend criteria, wheras jin guk was paired up with her from the very beginning! I hope in season 2 she might reconsider jin guk <3

Ha ra KIM SOO HYEON OPPA Saranghae....

Hope in Dream High 2 SAM DONG meet and together with HYE MI forever

PIL SUK together with JASON forever

I love them so much....

Sha Wol I hope Kim Soo Hyun (Sam dong) and Suzzy (Go Hye Mi) can meet n always together, they are best couple... have deep chemistry ... Sam dong <3 Hye Mi Hwaiting...Saranghae....

mp IU & Woo Young !! Milky couple FTW ! XD

tj Jason and Pil Suk must be together i cant wait to see them at Dream High 2

Dream high fans I still hope Kim Soo Hyun as Sam Dong & Suzy as Hye Mi appear in Dream High 2. I want to see Hyemi and Samdong together again because in dream high 1, they were separated. I really hope so, even they appear only as cameo.

Ha na How relationship about Sam dong and Hye mi in future???? I luv both so much.

jung Sam dong Oppa with Hye mi eoni of course.

They are best couple.

Saranghae ^_^

indonesian people too Hye Mi <3 Sam Dong can together <= Best Couple...^_^

Jess I want the same cast for Season 2 but the main character should be Hye Mi's sister !!!! :D Pilsok (IU)+Jason ( Wooyoung), and Sam Dong ( Kim So Hyun ) + Hye Mi ( Suzy) ,Jin Gook (Taec Yeon ) , Yoon Baek Hee( Ham Eun Jung ) ............... They should be in part of the movie . Just cause I can't let go of their cuteness <3 I just love the cast !! :D

wezzy Kim Soo Hyun,, for dream high 1 very good and his feelings when acting up on all the audience:)

wezzy However, I still hope Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong) & Suzy (Hye Mi) appear in Dream High 2. I want to see Hyemi and Samdong together again because in dream high 1, they were separated. I really hope so, even they appear only as cameo. <------ i agree

beauty of chazna Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi Sam Dong <3 Hye Mi

PERFECT !!!! I ♥ Kim Soo Hyun :)

Kriszy143 Yezz I would love 2 see Yoo seung ho and park ji yeon in this drama ♥♥♥ A lot of people will watch it for sure But I wouldn't mind to see Lee joon and Park ji yeon, that would be cute too

Dream High Lover However, I still hope Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong) & Suzy (Hye Mi) appear in Dream High 2. I want to see Hyemi and Samdong together again because in dream high 1, they were separated. I really hope so, even they appear only as cameo.

icelizzcleo I consider TOP of BIGBANG, CL of 2NE1, Jang Geun Suk and UEE join the cast of Dream High 2

moethukhin I think taeyeon of snsd and kim hyun joong of ss501

         woo bin of wondergirls and lee joon of mblaq
         sunny of snsd and kyu jong of ss501 will be good i like them very much

i have my own name I think Yoo Seung Ho and Jiyeon T-Ara is a good couple. It must be interesting if the two of them were the lead for Dream High 2 ^_^

Bella i can't be patient to wait DREAM HIGH season 2 I wanna see Kim soo hyun oppa again :3


Hyesong There's so many actor & actress will be cast for Dream High 2, how about make Yoo Seung Ho, Park Eun Bin, and Jiyeon T-Ara as the lead cast. It sounds crazy but I think it's a good choice.. :)

erika i want to see taeyeon unnie!!!!

Henry Lim The best couple Sam Dong-Hyemi Jason - Pil Sook

Henry Lim In last episode of Dream High 1, Hyemi make a promise to Sam Dong that she will honest about her feeling to Sam Dong. I want to hear what will Hyemi says to Sam Dong.

Henry Lim Dream High 1 ending is bad, Hyemi and Sam Dong separated. I hope in Dream High 2, they reunited to be a best couple.

Wahidin Alamnuari Rahman CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2 ...........!!! LOVE THIS MOVIE FOREVER !!

she young really surprise 'bout the stories in dream high, even for the last episode seems not ended well :) hopefully, for season 2 is the continuing story about them, not another....

MissM Taeczy! ♥ I love them! Hye Mi + Jin Guk! = ♥ Please. Please!

naoki the ending of season 1 was bad i think, because Hye mi and Sam Dong separated.... so make hye mi and sam dong be best couple!!!

onee samdong <3 hyemi hyemi <3 samdong << best couple....

jason <3 pilsuk pilsuk <3 jason

jinguk .<...

soulevans16 Uhm, last thing in my mind. If the cast in season 1 not anymore the main cast in season 2 then i think the title should not be Dream High 2(season 2), It should be Dream High (name of the group to be). and it should not be considered as season 2. Cuz i've been thinking, the Title is Dream High 2. So meaning, the cast are the same and maybe there will be new ones. But if it is Dream High 2 without the main cast in season 1 as main cast then its not anymore Dream High 2, but another group of people. Example Dream High ~2PM~ (example only if the name of the group is 2PM). Of course if i is like that then it should contain the teachers but new students, no more season 1 cast or maybe they will just be guest not anymore main. cuz i know dream high is supposed to be found in the notes of teacher kang and also the name of the group of the cast, so if it is Dream High + name of Group then it should be clear to me if the main cast are the season 1 cast. Thats all.

So please think about this. cuz im getting really confuse if it will be the continuation or not. Honestly, im not very satisfied with the ending.

soulevans16 I hope it will start to the part where all of them got accepted at the EMG auditions,. and then they will be 2nd year or third year i think,. and of course the new students(new cast) will be 1st years. then there will be new problems etc. I really want to know more of how the season 1 cast got to the top. And i like the pairing, samdong + Hyemi, Jason + Pilsuk! And i wanna know more how samdong and hyemi ended up together. also, i want jason and pilsuk to atleast got hold of the pendant. AHH!!! and also Director MA DOO SHIK + KANG OH SUN!! I WANT TO KNOW MORE OF THEIR FUNNY LOVE STORY!! LOL XDDDD mm, jin gook and baek hee is okay not to have loveteams, cuz i think jin gook will make his father proud and baek hee will make her mother proud even though she will end up being a teacher.

ahh and to Jason + Pil Suk, there should be a rival. mm, i'm hinking it should be the new students ended upo liking jason or pilsuk and then love triangle! its boring if there is no spice between those two, always sweet.

and i hope Teacher Yang will have love story too with Teacher MAeng! hahaha, I think it will be fun! XDD IM SO EXCITED!!! I hope the setting is not winter again, its boring if it is. i think it should be at least fall or summer!

Well, this is all the things in my mind! i hope Season 2 Will be a Satisfying as a coninuation of Season 1.

sEcReT_aDmIrEr <3 dReAm HiGh Of tHe 1st SeAsOn ... hOpE tHe 2nd wILL bE tHe BeSt !!!

JinGuk (TAECYEON) + HyeMi (SUZY)

Jason (WOOYOUNG) + PilSuk (IU)

SamDong (SOOHYUN) + BaekHee (EUNJUNG)

sArAnGhAeYo !!!

hayate I hope Hyemi and Jingkok can be together..... hyexing and samdong.... and try to find one to match with baexi......

DHLove Can't wait for season 2. I want the same original cast! I hope Hye Mi and Jin Gook end up together. X___X; They're SO cute together. If Hye Seong and Jin Gook end up together in season 2... I'm not gonna watch. x.X;

tetra I want jin guk with hye mi..seriuosly im little bit upset with the ending in dream high season 1..because...for me..samdong and hye mi..just can be a good friend not a couple...so i hope in season 2..hye mi will back together with jin guk!! btw i love all of them!!! saranghae!!!! :))

saba Dream high2!i want watch this film.i realy like TAECYEON and i want see he with suzy

Hee Ah Please! Make, at least, Hye Mi and Samdong appear in it, even as cameos! I want to see Samdong come back as K. Jebal!

louie I prefer for the season 2 the complete cast but including ko hyemi little sister partner with jin gook hahaha, and also 2 enlighten the hanging relationship of song sam and ko hyemi ^_^ go go go

Merina so excited!! i jst hope dey shed sum lyt on sam dong and hye mi's relationship!! mayb mke sam dong ask her 2 marry him lolz u knw repeat the same thins tht hapend whn dey first met bt dis tym its real!!

PeL~ I want to see Wooyoung oppa and IU unni again in the next season.

I hope some SNSD members would act too like Tiffany unni and also Seo-Hyun unni.

Hope that the milky couple will always be together in the 2nd season.

Dream High, FIGHTING!

drlover I want to see everyone with new actors and actresses together.. It would be awesome.

negin i suggest to use much more good singers like a member from shine group or lee hon ki (the guy in you're beautiful)!!!

aarondin i suggest to combine all actor n actress in dream high 1 with new actor n actress in dream high 2

aarondin i want hyuna 4minute to be new character with another character in dream high season 1

Lizzy Dream High ” 2 ” will/should be about Hyemi & Samdong seeing & meeting each other again. & then, making BABIES & etc..

Lizzy Dream High " 2 " will/should be about Hyemi & Samdong seeing & meeting each other again. & then, making BABIES & etc..

javiera b. I would like to see more WooU WooU WooU!! T__T and more Samdong x hyemi </3 i miss dream high! I would not like to see Sohee or Taeyeon for the second season. I like the teachers of the first season, do not change it for anything.

I must admit that the end of the first season left me sad and wanting to know and see more!, very good pilsuk history, but still did not want to get fat. it was sad that Samdong was so far from hyemi!, and I love to see Hyesung, in the final chapter!


D lol it would be so cute if taeyeon of SNSD and kim hyun joong of SS501 would be in it... but the original cast is REALLY cute~~

Riisa I want Eun Jung and Taecyeon's characters to be together!! I really don't like Suzy. :P

zack this time IU and Wooyoung should be the main character because they are so sweet together.. their acting also better than suzy and soo hyun.. <3 IU and Wooyoung..!!~

misaki minna can't wait for the season 2... hoping that they will continue the love triangle story of hye mi, Jin Gook and samdong, jason and pilsuk ... but I honestly believe that Jin Gook and Hye Mi should have been together. then samdong and Yoon Baek Hee or Samdong and Hye Sung ...

taec and suzy I want hye mi and taecyeon to be together T^T

R I honestly believe that Jin Gook and Hye Mi should have been together. Not only did his past hardships shaped the way he turned out, I believe that Jin Gook is an honest, sincere, and truly, a much more considerate man than Sam Dong. I will admit that Sam Dong is a very, if not, one of the most attractive males i've seen, but it just doesn't seem right. There is this feeling that I have with Jin Gook and Hye Mi. The pain that they both suffered as a result of being with each other was not entirely either persons fault. You should understand completely what was going on with Jin Gook. Not only, I believe that Hye Mi was somewhat inconsiderate, despite having known that his past was a tragedy to begin with.

Dream High Season 2 eh, i'm not sure what to expect. The only smile that really sincere was when they were together. I believe that they should have stayed together, or rather, that both parties shared the same feeling to balance the innate feeling with the audiences.

<3 Suzy and Taec.

Park Jun-Yeon i think dream high 2 is about ko hyesong. do u think she'll b with jinguk?? that'll b pretty sick. first hyemi then hyesong?? *throws up* i hope not!! :3

Park Jun-Yeon Hyemi + Sam-Dong = Sarang 4eva~!!

I want them 2 b 2gether in real life and happy 4eva and Taecyeon can idk b alone if he wants. Kim Soo Hyun is so cute and sweet and he's perfect for Suji~ <3 But Hyemi and Jinguk r not right 2 b lovers 2gether...

Pil-Suk + Jason = Sarang 4eva~!!

They're 2cute 2gether and in real life they should b 2gether. I dont want IU with Lee Joon like in K-Will's music video of My Heart Beating. It made me upset because I like Lee Joon 2 b with some1 else...

Dream High Fighting~!!

Do you like Smile Donghae?? ^^

Hyukkie92 psshh screw Taecyeon. Soo Hyun is waaayyy hotter, sexier, and cuter than Taecyeon who shows off and thinks he's all handsome just cuz he got the "perfect abs" but he's not handsome at all =P Suzy and Soo Hyun look better together =P I'm not even a fan of Suzy HAH! Hope Season 2 will show more of Sam Dong and Hyemi's relationship <333333333333

Adnan Ahmed Sam dong and hye mi better be the main characters again, I can't imagine a dream high without them 2, and teacher kang and yang, them 4 are the main important characters.. Also Jin Guk, Jason, and IU should stay aswell, although I could see some reasons for them going away.. Ms shi needs to stay aswell as becoming teacher kangs love interest

arhy I love this drama, especially about sam dong n hye mi. but the ending story unclear. i hope in the season 2 the love story about sam dong n hye mi will happy ending, n hye song with jin guk..

nana i just want to see b2st members!! i wish theyd get some b2st and co-ed school members to act in dream high 2!! ㅠㅠ. samdong x hyemi was good, (not taecyeon) but no one from the first dream high needs to return except the teacher. hes important.

clarhae dream high season 2 hwaiting.... i hope most,or if possible all of cast in season 1 will remain ... im sure K-dreamers wanted more original songs, and unexpected scenes too..

we are all very excited with that...


dream high hwaiting!

An2x Screw that Sandong with Hyemi, the one should be with Hyemi is Taecyeon, f*ck that village boy, gogo Taecyeon ! <3 Hyemi

tasha I hope in season 2, the relationship samdong and hyemi more in clear .. because in the movie "dream high" season 1, their relationship remains unclear. so when watching the end of the film was made ultimately less interesting. because, relationships and hyemi samdong, the most in the waiting .. I hope there is clarity of their relationship in season 2 later .. thanks

huda i love this drama..... i hope season 2 will be more boom!

son onyu i hope in season 2, hyemi and samdong will be together.!!

felice I hope for the best for dream high..and I really hope about the main casts in season 1 are still running in the 2nd season!! I also hope that there still more series about hyemi and sam dong too..although the new lead actor is hye mi's sister.. Please reconsidering it!

felice Please keep the main characters!!! They have been working very hard in season 1 and I really hope that they're still playing as well in season 2!! I think there's nothing wrong if they're still playing in season 2! I really love the all main casts..so I hope you're all can reconsidering it for keep the 6 main casts in season 2

felice I really hope all of the main casts are playing in season 2 as well (especially sam dong and hye mi!!) And I hope the ending part in season 2 is clear, because in season 1, the ending part is still not clear enough..and I really hope that at least the 6 main casts in season 1 are still mentioned in season 2 as well although it's about hye mi's sister, I still hope that the 6 main casts are still mentioned..because I think the first season have a truly remarkable stories!!

evilive i hope for not jyp too.i do think he was kinda showing off. but i hope for that the players are known and onknown players, like stars and trainees. but i liked the drama so im gonna watch s2 to. oh btw, sme is going to make a korean version of hana kimi (japanees school drama, really funny and a must seen ^v^). suju, shinee, dbsk, snsd and f(x) members are going to play. they are thinking of that minho is going to get the main, and siwon and heechul are going to play to. i think this sounds like a battle: sme vs. jyp -_-

huh C'mon, is anyone going to like the Becky girl?! She's like...cuter than the main girl!!

Mina Hope that Season 2 will at least have several solid cameos of the old cast and show more of the SDHM couple~ They didn't get enough screentime as a pair! Looking forward to the new season...though sometimes second seasons don't do as well.

Batari 아름다운 I can not wait to watch K-Drama "Dream High Season 2" because I'm very curious to follow the story,,, and if may advice how about "Dream High Season 2" younger sister of Ko Hyemi is Ko Hyesoong,,, Ok Goodluck and GBU

Batari 아름다운 I can not wait to watch K-Drama "Dream High Season 2" because I'm very curious to follow the story,,, and if may advice how about "Dream High Season 2" younger sister of Ko Ko Hyemi Hyesoong,,, Ok Goodluck and GBU

mccully I'm really hoping, but i'm sure this will not happen. I'm hoping that if there is a season 2, the cast will be complete unknowns. Maybe all trainees who have not made it big yet. And also, keeping away from YJP's company. Season 1 seems more like a showcase for his company than anything else. Maybe by using unknowns, the actors will not seem as prima donna-ish as the cast is now, except for Sam Dong characters. The rest of the cast over-acts at times and appear to be just playing themselves.

And hopefully.....YJP will not be in season 2. He's just as bad as the people who are in his agency who are cast members.

...and if all of you think of this as the best drama...why are the ratings so low?

Adellaidde I hope team from season 1 will be in season 2, not only the main casts but 2 producers too.. BYJ n YJP is really match couple for Dream High cause YJP gave the music influance & BYJ gave acting influance. Without the one of them, DH2 will not compliate.

annaafyna Ya!2nd season will be about hye mi's sister...

justin i heard tat the 2nd season will b about hye mi's sister

p I wish season 2 happy & clear ending & I wish season 2 make end of the season 1 clear . I couldn't understand. First of all I want season 2 be produced.

p I can't wait. I love Dream High. Hurry u please. I wish season 2 be very nice & better drama than season 2 though I love season 1. I want to watch it.

luvtkj hope the 6 people from season 1 will in the season 2...especially sam dong..the ending of season 1 was not clear..

love dream high The episodes from season 1 are v.good except for the last one.

love dream high Hope that the season 2 can have the 6 ppl from season 1 in as the ending is not very clear.

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* Noriyuki Higashiyama & Erika Toda cast in WOWOW drama "Yokokuhan: The Pain"
* Minho (SHINee) cast in movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon"
* Lee Jin-Wook cast in SBS drama "The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days"
* Hiroki Narimiya & Nanao cast in WOWOW drama "Futagashira"
* Park Hyung-Sik (ZE:A) cast in SBS drama "Chaebol's Daughter"
* Park Yoo-Chun cast in movie "Lucid Dream"
* Kim Soo-Hyun cast in movie "Real"
* Jun Shison, Kyoko Yoshine, Riria cast in live-action movie "Senpai to Kanojo"
* Mayu Matsuoka cast in Fuji TV drama "She"
* Yoon So-Yi cast in tvN drama "Hide Identity"
* Ko Ah-Sung cast in movie "Thinking of Elder Brother"
* Munetaka Aoki & Ito Ono cast in new movie "Ame ni Yureru Onna"
* Lee Joon-Gi cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama "Descendants of the Sun"
* Shinji Higuchi to direct new movie "Godzilla"
* Mizuki Yamamoto & Yusuke Yamamoto cast in movie "Tokyo PR Woman"
* T.O.P ('Big Bang') and Juri Ueno cast in currently untitled drama series
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Treacherous *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Love Clinic
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser 2
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Girl Who Sees Smells *ep.1(4)

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