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  • Name: Kim Soo-Hyun
  • Hangul: 김수현
  • Born: February 16, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type:


  1. Kim Soo-Hyun performed the song "Dreaming" from the "Dream High" OST on Mnet's "M!Countdown" music program - March 17, 2011.


  • Real | Rieol (2016) - Jang Tae-Young
  • Miss Granny | Soosanghan Geunyeo (2014) - motorbiker (cameo)
  • Secretly Greatly | Eunmilhage Widaehage (2013) - Won Ryu-Hwan/Bang Dong-Gu
  • The Thieves | Dodookdeul (2012) - Zampano

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알지 he so gorgeous.. fighting Kim soo hyun..

KAYE GALLARDO OMO! I want you to have a season 2 for the korean series 'My Love from the Star'. I watched it again and again for I am already fond of seeing you with Gianna. ^________^

ksh love I want the trailer of the producer drama . I can't wait. SARANGHAE!!!!!!

Amor Kim Soo Hyun, you have the most beautiful eyes in whole Korea that it is almost illegal to have them. In Running Man episode 147, you kind of cover your mouth when you laugh or smile. Please don't do that because you too has the best smile in whole Korea. I love all your dramas and movies. More power to you.

Park Jheen saranghae oppa Kim Soo-Hyun ! ♥

Leo Sihura only love HyunHyun Couple ( KimSoHyun and Jun Ji Hyun ).. no other, , I love you KSH, , , i love to missing your project with JunJi Hyun :-) Pleaseeee. . From Medan City, Indonesia. Facebook : Leo Ai Hashimoto

Unknown User love you Soo Hyun Oppa

ksh love Tommorow is our new year!so say happy new year to me kim soo hyun oppa!!!!!!!! (Ur no.1 fan from Sri Lanka)

Yang xhun yi Hello Kim Soo Hyun, i check for your new projects/news everywhere and anywhere everyday. you are really a good actor though so young. wait to see how you perform as a gangster in your new movie,must be fantastic. However though i know you are very humble but i still have to remind you never be too proud of your success.

thia Hello Soohyun.. i.m really happy your back on small and big screen. Im always checking google for your new project. Keep up the good work. Thanks for giving us good projectentertaining us.. hope to see soon in the Philippines. Keep up the good work. Goodluck and God bless

ksh love When I watched that movie I felt my heart was broken but I didn ' t cry. However I want to know ,Is KSH oppa happy with his busy life.Sometimes I feel sorry about him because he works so hard.SARANGHAE OPPA!!!!!!!!

ksh love Hi Kim soo hyun oppa, I like your every dramas and movies Eventhough your movie secretly greatly is fantastic ,I wanted to see u alive in the end of the movie.HOWEVER U ARE THE GREATEST ACTOR ,FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Allysha Mae Hyun Hi Kim Soo Hyun I'm your biggest fan ever I'm so addicted to you that I always want new photos of you.I wanted to see you in personal but you never come to the philippines please visit the philippines with Jeon ji Hyun.Your blood type is AB ok and you won 30+ awards.I Love You KSH!!!

yeo keep up your humility and sincerity. these 2 traits add to your popularity besides your really fantastic acting skill. Thanks God you are not involved with that actress who recently declared openly her relationship with another popular actor. Cant imagine you with her. waiting anxiously your next drama "The producer".

jo anyeong haseyo! i was so excited about your upcoming drama i hope that it was a good story like the hit "my love from the star" . . . cant wait to watch "the producer" fighting!!! kim soo hyun . . .!!!!

pariya Hey! you the best, i wish you all the luck in the world i love you more than anything in this life and you are great korean actor please keep it up! <3

Amy You are brilliant! Love your movies, keep on entertaining us.

Your fan From Holland!

Tanya you were amazing in ' My Love From The Stars'. I loved you 'r acting in it. you are amazing . I LOVE YOU.

resh OMG! Your so talented! Loved my love from another star!

komara I hope you get the project with Kim Tae-Hee.. that would be really awsome!

Nisha Your no.1 fan from Minnesota. Love all your roles in each and every movies and dramas you played. Keep up the good work. Your the best no matter what anyone says. Those who put you down are just jealous.

KSH @Africa your will has became true! KSH will be playing alongside with Gong hyo jin and CTH, it's like you have prophesied that ! LMAO your comment was from sept 2014...but the only bad thing is that we are not sure if we will get Gong-Hyun couple or So-IU couple? which is making the wait unbearable and i heard the drama will contain only 11-12 episodes! really

ksh love Hey my KSH do you think u are the one and only fan in Sri Lanka ? I am the biggest fan from Sri Lanka!!!!!!!!!! Before that tell me your name my ksh!

my ksh Hey !how are you my oppa!you are a great actor.I like yourdramas moon embracing the sun and my love from the star. I'm your biggest fan from sri lanka.

Jasha He is the cutest "chinito" in the korean industry, i actually saw a man looks like him, i like his mysterious effects. love lots

KSH I heard that you will play along with IU and Gong Hyo Jin, i can't wait for that! as you can see my pseudo is KSH the acronyme of your name, i liked your actinng so so much in YWCFS which made me watch the moon embracing the sun and then i fell in love with you, you're now my n1 korean actor, i was waiting for your comeback in kdramaland soooo bad, i wish your love interest will be Gong Hyo Jin, because YOU need mature female lead ah ah ...Wish you all the best!God bless you keep him in ur from Canada

ksh love Actually I also don t like Lee min ho ,You should beat him well.YOU CAN AND YOU DID OPPA!FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!

ksh love Anyo oppa ,You will be with IU in the drama Producer.IU is younger than you,cute ,charismatic. so I wish both of u will make a wave in Korea and Asia,GOOD LUCK OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niken Lynx His movie secretly greatly is my favorite. He got so funny n hot in the same time. He was perfect as king Lee Hwon in TMETS. Was so cool as alien in MLFTS, make my heart beat and crying til the end. He is a very talented actor. I hope he would continue doing more dramas and films. Please come again to indonesia. Love u full Kim Soo Hyun oppa....

wow Wowyoy can beat lee min hoo.I love youuuu!!!!you ard the greatest actor in korea.

komara Hm... you with PSH? Well, lets see how the result. But i enjoy your acting more when the female lead is older and more mature than you, because that will bring your maturity, which is really cool and enjoyable. Ah, can't wait for your next project.

kim theyeon can't do a drama with park shin hye.I heard you are next target of her.

tharindi Great acting in moon embracing the sun and dream high.keep it up!I love you.....

cl Matteo do i love you so much!!!! Your so cute. Ever! Hart.x

heartskyn I want Kim Soo Hyun working with Jinseyeon as a team-up in an action or rom-com k-drama because they both cute and talented actor/actress.

Kim Soo Hyun And Lee Eun Ra Forever Lee Eun Ra Is the Real Wife of Kim soo Hyun And we know that Kim Soo Hyun has already committed a commitment to Lee Eun Ra . From now on and to the future we will support You and Lee Eun Ra FOREVER !!!!!!!!

ksh love KSH oppa I am mesmerized by your enchantments. Please wish that i could meet a person like you. SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inna hope one day he's front of me.. :)

Nusrat Hey kim why only you have such special identity with so many fascinating characters... the way u talk ,the way u walk, u smile, u cry, u always take my heart away in every single action you do at every sight of yours i've become speechless with the countless emotions i gained because of you.... I wish i could ever get the chance to meet u so that i could fight with u that why you alone why not 3-4 kim soo hyun or should i say 1kim soo hyun for every country or atleast the special one for me ...because its really v.v.v.hard to resist the feelings i had for you...u are just a miracle which can happen at any instant and makes everybody shocked and speechless..."You who came from the stars" : ain't you really came from there?? :) The way you carry your character its really amazing , you have shown us romance in the cuttest form ever , i wish you get more and more success in every single commercial you do, all your serials & movies should be blockbuster and i always get the chance to see you ,to know more and more about you through this limelight and fame u get.. Shine shine shine always fit and fine and so hot and handsome Hyung that's Kim Soo Hyung... <3 :*  ;) :)

KSHlove Annyo oppa !!!!!! I want to see you in reality .PLEASE act for the drama/movie which improves your fame and ability. I think you read these comments . it will be the greatest pleasure.

jazzy mae murillo hai oppa !! your so great and cutee...i really love your movies |:):)

Arnhy Kusnira Kim Soo Hyun oppa..... you are the best for me....

Wowza It's amazing how famous he is even though he hasn't done that many projects compared to some others.

placida Mr. KSH new drama series and a movie this 2015 please... i miss seeing you acting..

Shin Ha-Young want to see you more in the next drama or movie project. saranghaeyo oppa. <3

Angela I hope you'll be the main cast in more drama. Love you.

ella i hope you will be the main cast in new drama dr.frankenstein in 2015.

Seriously Seriously though, just throwing it out there. We're all thinking it, let's get real. Cutest person on the face of the planet. I can't not love him! Squee! <3

selina hope you can keep shinning 2015


rave hope for follow up drama this year;)

Euncel Kim Soo Hyun's cameo in Miss Granny makes me Shriek. super duper love it. And super love all of his Drama and Movies.

christina Just finished My love from the star. Its my first time watching your drama so came to this site to learn more about your achievement...woah! after 2011, you are always Best at something! In My love from the star, you were really good. So much emotions can come out of must be very hard for you to build up those emotions to achieve such effect. Out of Korea comes so many good actors and actresses...God bless you. Will continue to watch another of your drama but first, let me calm my sadness by watching something happier...I am too focus... :'(

Kimshin Since Kim Soo Hyun and Park Shin Hye're from the same university, perhaps they should work on some projects together. I am certainly looking forward to it.

bj I really like you. I fell in love this time. Kim Soohyun actually melt the iceberg in me. I hope this year he will be fine and play again in a drama. and I also hope he makes instagram and twitter account. i am waiting!!!!

Nadila Your acting is too good, I love your personality, your voice, and your handsome face! All I want to say here is I LOVE YOU...

BTW I have thousands photos of you in my phone and I wish I could see you in more dramas

Biggest fan

Good luck Kim Soo Hyun you ARE the best

vmarlany great actor , i hope i will meet you someday.

laraTAI The first kstar I ever had a crush on,saranghea oppa..

Lira do min joon-shii... >_<

Nia Smile annyeong oppa.......oppa..I'mreally really really your fan....i just fall in live with you on on Drean cute.. You whou came From Star.....really from star..haw can a person have such a face... oppa...i love your character on this,sweet,and cold person..i hope i could find a man like you..... BTW...oppa..i hope i can see you more on your drama... SARANGHAE... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

made ocha you're cool with your straight face. the first time i like your acting in dreamhigh, n really love you when you're singing "dreaming". wish you come to Bali, Indonesia.

Maia You're a cool actor though I wonder why you have that frozen brooding face all the time. Hope to see you smile more! Nice one in Man from the Stars.

sumi Love love........very love you Kim soo hyun, you are best actor to me forever

sisi si Kim soo hyun, you are the beat actor. Your acting skill is realy wonderfull. You can also sing. Good luck aiya... Like to see you in a new drama with a different caractor. Be happy always

Biancast KSH and PSY? are u kidding me.. i cant feel the chemistry

geyes God bless you Mr D

nmw Kim Soo Hyun,I like you so very much.You are my most favourite actor you soooooo much.

claireFromPhilippines EVERY GIRLS' DREAM!!! A man who can sing. A man who can dance. A man who can act. A man that's surely is sweet and adorable... :) hope you have another breath-taking dramas at the future... you see? We're so excited for your upcoming movies and dramas... :D Well, I hope you can have another drama where you can sing and dance more (just like in DREAM HIGH) :D YOU'RE WAY TO PERFECT and SO IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO BE LOVED!!

part shin mae i love kim soo hyun ... he is the best actor for me .. i hope he have another series with jun ji hyun ... cause they perfect couple...  :) :)

ekidinang I wonder who will have a great chemistry with him in another drama.

sirius81 Loved his work in secretly greatly and you who came from the stars. Brilliant performer !!

JMNI kim soo hyun oppa fighting!!!!!!MALFAS make me crazy. Your ability should be praised. I am your no.1 fan. You are my ideal type.

hwaiting007 I'm excited for what's in store for Kim Soo Hyun. I hope he gets more projects in the following years. I also hope he bags more awards. He's one of the best actors of his generation :) :) :)

Meilyn Do you know?? Kim Soo Hyun, Park Shin Hye and Kwon Yuri who won 50th Baeksang Arts Awards this year, are studying in or graduated from Chung Ang University. They shared the same stage at the prize giving ceremony. Daebak!

virakbot i support you so much,i want you act a lot

auto shop reviews I think the admin of this web page is genuinely working hard for his website, since here every stuff is quality based information.

josemaria I love this actor 5 stars for YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS and THE MOON EMBRACES THE SUN..good actor!!!

ceceika love your character "You who came from the stars', love your voice, love your act, love your smile, your move.. Shortly.. I love all of you. Hope we can meet asap. :) :*

Yuvraj Liked his 'You who came from the stars' drama

joanna mae fernandez Big fan of yours.<3 <3 including lee minho and lee seungi. I hope you will be together in one film or drama. Sure it will be a big hit in korean drama for this generation. Please come to the philippines before you go to the military service .please .:D And once that happen I hope the entrance fee would be cheap. So that I can afford it.LOL..:D Please please please.:D

Joanna mae fernandez Big fan of yours.<3 <3 including lee minho and lee seungi. I hope you will be together in one film or drama. Sure it will be a big hit in korean drama for this generation. Please come to the philippines. And once that hapen I hope the entrance fee would be cheap. So that I can afford it.LOL.. Please please please.

Africa Kim Soo Hyun should play alongside Gong Hyo Jin. He would be awesome in a ROMCOM and although he's young, he has serious chemistry with the noona-type actresses. He should stay away from high school and young roles and go for something mature and sad because he has the most beautiful tearing up expression or something really funny, like one of those Cha Tae-hyun movies where it's funny, sad and meaningful all at the same time.

xinyi17 Amazing and beautiful actor, love to see you here in the Philippines:D...worth watching actor, looking forward for more series and movies..

xinyi17 Amazing and beautiful actor, love to see you here in the Philippines:D

dupsy99 love your cool act. i wish d teleport supernautural powers are real Do min joon

Rose Do min joo, u were great. I love ur acting and ur cool look. I wish u success in dramas to come. Tnx for touching me with ur drama.

wildfly it's so annoying that because some stupid political issue over mineral water our fav couple is shunned. stupid nationalists, stupid politics...

nilu I wish all the best. I love your dramas.

tin Do Min Joon! What a character! Suit on you! :)

eghonghon Best Korean drama I've seen recently. Love it love. Everything was perfect to me. Love it. Soundtrack amazing. Love the king has wisdom perfect. For once I would love an happy ending. . great job guys.

tp You're such an amazing actor in the moon embracing the sun. Awesome!

dimila i am your fan ilove you and like you so much

hanta i'm one of your fans and i really like your movies and dramas :-)

CC Hi oppa kim soo hyun., do not get too tired

  • hug*

Medinah Oppa. I like you so so so so so so so so so much. Keep up the good work. Wish you more success in your movies and dramas. Hope to see you in real you are so handsome And also your actings are flawless and superb. Missing you so so so so so so so so so much.

sherlyn your so cute..i like u a lot..hhmmm

bayrmaa hello my barymaa is dream high 12 love you hagh dream high koha knye

jazzy Do Min Joon!!!!!! watching "My Love from the Star" made me cry all the time... I kept watching the same mini series over and over again...I''m your greatest fan from the Philippines!!!

riya your act was so great i like your small lips and sharp eye oppa fighting...

edward U are great keep it up

Dechen Lhamo You are the sweetest looking reserved,serious man with a smile that will warm many hearts. Always a fan all the way from Bhutan.Love and kisses <3

Dechen Lhamo I love you Kim soo hyun. Always a fan all the way from Bhutan.Love and kisses <3

madelaisa My favorite Korean actor!! I've watched YWCFTS, Thieves, and Secretly Greatly countless times. And I would continue doing so until his next drama/movie! Please don't make us wait too long. Saranghaeyo Soo Hyun-ah!

JsmSH The Best actor! I love you for becoming Dong Gu and Do Min Joon. After YWCFTS I had nothing to do. All the new dramas seems boring and I hope you will return to the small screen as fast as you can. Oh yeah, yesterday I watched "Absolute Boyfriend" and I was wondering if you want to play the Korean version of Night (Tenjo Night)? It would be incredible since you had a nice body in the movie "Secretly Greatly" and a cold yet caring personality in YWCFTS. But I'm okay if you want to play another drama. I hope your next project will surprise me. Sincerely, Your fan from Indonesia. PS : Please come back to Indonesia again. It would be nice to see you again. Hehehe...

felisa go you are one best actor for such young age,if i can write a script for tv mini series or a movie, you will surely be my first choice for leading male character,keep up the good work and dont overwork give time for rest

Tata are the best :)

Frances Your such an perfect actor, I really enjoy the dramas your in. I live in the United States. I wish that can meet you. It would be a dream come true. I love you so much. Keep up the good work!(:

marina soo hyun you are such an amazing actor <3 ilove you oppa .. you and suzy looks great together perfect couples <3

Jasmin Limbauan Medina kim soo hyun,ilove are great actor i watch your movie my love from the my do min joon,.hope to see you inperson,.ilove you

Hee Kim Soo Hyun..such a great actor :3 I really like you oppa saranghamnida :D

vanessa saranghaeyo oppa ilove you so much i really love youre movie specially my love from the star and moon embracing the sun

essa such a great actor.. <3

Jeymich Michjey When it comes drama kim soo hyun is very natural to act. Thats why i love the way he portrayed. Very inspiring...

fdhlla Hi Kim Soo Hyun, my Do Min Joon! I'm so proud to have an idol like you. Did you know? Your act in "You Who Came From the Stars" drama, it's already making me fall in love with ya. I really, really hope there will be a 2nd chapter soon! I love your eyes, your mouth, your nose, and everything in your sexy body hehe. Sincerely, me who came from Indonesia.

kristine faye bolanos Hi!!!!I am your fan from Philippines!! I wish that you will come here in the Philippines. Iwatch you in the moon embracing the sun and even in my love from the star.

Hanazawa Yui Kim Soo Hyun-ssi, saranghae! It so great to know you, thanks for your brilliant act in every drama you did. And thank you so much for attended a fanmeeting in Indonesia. See, there're too many people that love you in this country. We wait for your next movie and drama. You can make awesome performance as usual. I know you do. Please take care of your health and keep smile Oppa! FIGHTING!!!

euraexil im an avid fan of KIM SOO HYUN,,,,,,,,,,,hope got to see him in person and hope he get the chance to visit my countr(Philippines),,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really loves his movies.........i always fine time to watch it............a love to watch my love from the star and its my way of making my day stress free,,,,,,,,hope for more movies,,,,,,,

rory chi oppa saranghae <3

lady I love you KIM SOO HYUN!

ivy pizarras DO MIN JOON SSI!!!!!!!!! i love you, i am really a great fan of yours kim soo hyun,, i really love your movies specially my love from another star,, , <3 <3 <3 i love you so much saranghae

Patricia Mae Paguinto Annyeonghaesayo!! What is the fandom if you love Kim Soo Hyun?

richard stacie i really love your dramas especially the moon that embraces the sun,it was that time i fell in love with your acting,and i don't let your dramas pass by me without seeing even though is not easy to get current kdramas in nigeria,but i still try,so thank for giving me the opportunity to know you,through your acting.

chintiya can someone tell to me that kim soo hyun next drama project is the scholar walking at night, is it true or just rumors? sorry if my english so badly thanks

Stacie Congrat on your awards! Many more to come. Hoping to see part 2 on My Love from Another Star... Same characters will be great! This time Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi get marry and have kids. Happy Father's day to your 아버지, Soo Hyun!

Emma helloo ...happy to see you in film''you who came from the star '' I immediately fell in love with your acting.hopefully always successful and can see this.

olivia dyan quitua I really like you Kim Soo-Hyun! you're such a great actor! God Bless you always.. and more powers to you ;) I'm waiting for your next korean drama :) I love you Kim Soo-Hyun!! <3

Candy I love you Kim Soo-Hyun, I'm a big fan of you, with love from Philippines.. LOve all your dramas especially "My Love From Another Star".. God Bless and More Power :)

nicka hello ! Soo Hyun oppa~ I LOve all your drama's especially the "My Love From Another Star" Keep Up, we're here to support your drama's :D , God Bless :)

Nina Congratulation~ Soo Hyun oppa~ you've got three awards from PaekSang Arts Award~ Great Work!!! Keep Fighting!!! I always love you~ chu <3 :p

jelly ann annyeonghaseyo oppa Kim Soo-Hyun, I love all your drama that I'm watching in the philippine. I hope for your next drama this year, I want Jung so min to be your partner and leading lady and i hope there's a good chemistry between you to. And also i wish for you Oppa into your life is God bless you for your career and opportunity to come into your life and also good health.

Jelly Anne Annyeonghaseyo Oppa Kim Soo-Hyun! I Love watching all your drama so much, and I hope for your next Big drama this year I want jung so min to be partner you up and to be also leading Lady in this role, and I hope there's a good chemistry between you to. I wish for you Oppa in to your life is God bless you for your Career and opportunity in your life and also Good Health to come in to your life...

Jessa Mae I love you very much Kim Soo-Hyun I hope I'll see you soon here in the Philippines

Alice i do reallie love your dramas and movies so much.... so please perform in so many dramas and movies...:D

Jordan I love u Kim ツ I'm a big fan of you

Mkylala Loooooove you kim soo hyun :D <3

Much love from a chinese/canadian girl :)

shaimae saranghae kim soo hyun i love you so much saranghae saranghae my love ksh i love youuu i love you i love you ... everyday i miss you so much oppa you are my every thing i love you soo hyun :'( When I think of your never to cry immediately, but I dont know why?, but the tears in my eyes reflect the one thing which is my love for you

shaimae saranghae kim soo hyun i love you so much saranghae saranghae my love ksh i love youuu i love you i love you ...

Esha Saranghae, Kim Soo Hyun! If you ever come to visit your page here at Asianwiki, hopefully you'll see this comment. I don't know if you'll ever come to Bangladesh, but my best wishes for your well being and great future will always come from here. The day I finished watching your drama "My Love From Another Star", I became a complete wreck. I couldn't eat or sleep properly that day. Your mind blowing acting and innocent crying face was all over my heart. I wish to watch all of your future dramas and movies. :) Jeongmal Gamsahabnida, Oppa..! <3

khayla Saranghae Kim Soo Hyun! I hope you'll visit Philippines.

We wanna see you in person and if I had a chance to hold and kiss you I'm gonna stop the stop the time. :D Always dreamimg of you :)

khayla Saranghae Kim Soo Hyun! I hope you'll visit Philippines.

Marivic Carlos My Love from the Star indeed is my favorite! I am so fascinated by Kim SooHyun.. he's awesome! He's good with Gianna Jun....I am a fan of their love team. Can't wait to see more films with them as lead casts.

Marivic Carlos I've always loved k-dramas but this one is so awesome! I am so fascinated with Kim SooHyun. I am a fan indeed! My Love From the Star is truly my favorite of all k-dramas and the casts are just perfect fit. I am so in love with SooHyun and Gianna Jun love team. Can't wait to see them together again in Part two! Hope for more movies and dramas to come! guys!

novika siolan kim soo hyun, i love you and i hope you can to came in in indonesia

Mingma diki Kim Soo are awsome.;)

narico Kim soo hyun I wish you visit philippines soon...You are very welcome here...we love you!Saranghae!

narico Kim soo hyun I wish you visit philippines soon...You are very welcome here...we love you!Saranghae!

Lyn Hi Kim Soo Hyun! You are such a great and talented singer and actor! I was able to watched recently "My love from the star" several days ago here in Philippines dubbed in Tagalog. For several days now, I was able to finished several films and movies such as (1) My love from the star (2) The moon that embraces the sun (3) Dream High (4) The Thieves (5) Secretly, Greatly in 4 days only. I was able to conclude that you are truly talented young actor. I know you will have many projects to come and you will be known not only in Asia but globally. Just keep up the good work and still dream high... Your dream in your film "Dream High" might come true... I hope you could visit our country PHILIPPINES in the future...

aly I hope I can see you in person. But I know it's impossible. I'm one of your fans. I've watched most of your TV shows aired here in the Philippines such as "Moon Embracing the Sun" and currently "Man from the stars" . You are very talented! And when you smile you look awesome. You're FILIPINO fans loves you so much!

yoon jay Kim ...I wish to see you one day...Wish to visit to Myanmar are one of the most crazy actor

Jm Kim Soo hyun I hope you'll visit in Philippines becausg of your drama on "My Love From The Star" And your fans are waiting for you wih all their hearts

Angeli.tengco Hi soo hyum.

Eunice Solijon kim soo hyun.. crush.. Hope you come here in the Philippines.. Your fans are waiting for you..

Jazel Hi kim soo hyun you are my crush!i wish u will come here in the Philippines

ma.christina factor hi .. when do you plan to visit here in the Philippines .. a fan like is dying to see you !

MARIEL DELAPUNTA iloveyou kim soo hyun :*

KpopStarChan Ohmygawwwd! Oppa!!!!!!! Saranghae <3 <3 ! Kyaaaaaah! I hope you'll come here in the Philippines! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

jishikamiku im so totaly freaking out because of kim soo hyun <3 i wish he can visit here in Philippines :) saranghea :*

kate shut up vien trinos no one's asking for your opinion ♥

Muskan I love love you form all my heart just love you

kumi I want to visit South Korea and take a picture with him and leave. I'm In Like with this Alien. Even he visits us here in the Philippines I'm sure I can't see him in person.

alelie ahhhhhhh your'e so adorable.. i wanna see you personally... hope you'll visit here in Philippines.. <3 <3 <3

Myka what a wonderfull movie i love it i hope my love story is like your movie

Lhiz Awww I really admire him... he's so humble and innocent. My second reason why I would want to visit Seoul soon. Chukkae oppa!!! Saranghae! stay humble as you are!

Andy i wish i had a lover from the star too, .got hooked already.

maricorsan my God!!! I love his shows!!! Im carzy about him!!!!

RandomFan This will be my second time posting a comment about an actor/actress (the first one's about him, too). I like him. But it's hard to like someone based on what you see on the screen, right? Hoping to meet him personally someday. :) It's funny to realize that he's the first reason why I got interested on visiting South Korea soon. :)

Uchie09 Kim Soo Hyun has a beautiful smile and character who make me fall in love with Kim Soo Hyun,,, i wish will meet you Kim Soo Hyun...... ({})

Awinks Kim Soo Hyun has a sexy deep low tone voice, sweet innocent face, great body figure, modest, polite, cheerful, warm and humble personality, and last but not least, great acting, singing and dancing. Those kind of things makes him lovable person. He has all perfect combination of a public figure. No body's perfect, but he is an exception. Hopefully his skyrocket popularity will never change him a bit and still keep up at good work.

diann18 i think i'm in love with you Kim Soo-Hyun ... i soooo... love the way you smile and the way you act.. ad your so perfectly handsome... OMG... i wish i will meet you one day... love you :*

NemesisNara Ah... Kim Soo-Hyun really good actor... purr~~fect....

he can sing he can dance he can act

really cant wait his face on his new dramas... he can always make my day... light my life... aww....

kristal cindy tabas kim soo hyun im one of your number 1 fun from phillipines . your a good actor so much.thats why i really like your movies one of this is my love from the star .keep up a good work god bless u alway take care:)

yzha I really like him.. his so cute.. ^__^

mikassA i like him a lot everytime i watch his tv show or movie i like how he act i like his smile he love what he do

Danielle I am I love with Kim Soo-Hyun. I absolutely loved him in You Came From The Stars. Can't wait to see him in more movies and dramas. Lee Min Ho ain't got nothing on Kim Soo-Hyun, he's way better than him!

inuyasha shi-rukawa hi kim soo-hyun,your so amazing to kimchi cheese smile up to my love from the star i wish i can make your ability to acting,dancing and also singing and your so handsome!!

Missvahneighssa Hello Kim Soo Hyun! You are so awesome! From dream high up to my love from the star, you're still amazing! Your acting skill is so heart taking. Also, your singing and dancing skills are excellent! Plus, you are so handsome

geraldine guevarra i just can't stop thinking about my love from another star and all its casts....i really loved the way kim soo hyun acted....haayy...the name just keep on resounding in my mind..Do Min-Joon!!!!!!! please visit the philippines.....

Leyah Anne I keep shouting Do Min Joon,because i can hardly feel how much Cheon.Shung Yi wants you to be with her..I use your photo as my wallpaper,as my progule picture,as my twitter bavkground...Saranghae Do Min Joon...

ivy manongsong the best hunk actor in korea kim soo hyun., wish you that youll visit our country the philippines together with jun ji hyun

ivy your so good, and handsome lead star that i watch ever., in the love from the star, you catch my attention ,by watching you. its the first time im addicted by the korea drama like that., so favor please can visit here in the philippines together with jun jin hyun .

sharika I can't get him off my mind after watching MLFTS. It's actually my first time to get addicted to a movie. I truly felt him on this one <3

Soo-Hyun Lover Kim soo-hyun i want you. haha. come visit the PH were so dying to see you. xoxo :))

DooMinSoonShi! I wish you would kiss me too ? haha

Lea Lauzon Oh my gosh I'm so addicted with your role as Do Min Joon in My Love from a star I hope to see you soon in the Philippines

  1. MLFTSFever

nuku anu U r da best Korean actor i hv ever seen ... Sarangee oppa..... :* ^-^

Thitaree 'You Who Came From the Star' is the first movie that I saw you; I like your hair style. Then I try to watch your every movies. You are a very good actor. I love your acting. I am looking forward seeing your new movies.

Juliana Hi!! Please Come and visit Philippines with Jeon Hi Hyun .. Please Your Fans is waiting for both of u come here .

Barbara Lee He's the better actor and more handsome of all south korea... I love him so much!

c ah nao oppa soo hyun wish you the best good luck i love forever,i want to see you

saram Oppa is such a good actor! Can't wait for future projects! And please visit Philippines! Also, please request your shows not to be aired by GMA channel in ph. They ruin all your shows with their awful previews, teasers and dubs. They ruined TMTETS which was an epic drama. T^T

kimsoohyunPH Oppa! please come and visit the Philippines!!! We are waiting for you!!! Saranghae oppa!!! FIGHTING!!!

ur number #1 fans ur are my #1 idol. saranghee..........

SooHyun Soo Hyun Oppa!! Come visit Philippines Oppa :) Saranghaeeee.

EllaLoveLots oppa! Please come and visit Philippines! We do love to see you here! at least for 1 hour ok?? tehehe ^.^ saranghae oppa! fighting! :D more blessings for you & have a good health! :D take care!! <3 <3

mae i like him so much :) <3

kimsoohyunPH Soo hyun oppa!!! please come and visit the Philippines :))we really like you from your drama series as you portrayed the role of a highschool musical genius and then embraces the hearts of asian women and now you conquer whole universe from making a big hit in my love from another star :)))

You are a very good actor and singer!!! keep up the good work!!! fighting!!!

we are waiting for you to land on our country! Philippines!!!

사랑해!!! 옵바!!!

MissPhilippines You're so hot & very good looking guy. You're the man of my dreams. When I got finish my studies I will look for you. Hahahaha I love you kim soo hyun. Saranghae!

your fans see you in my country Indonesia :) i cant wait to see you :)

i love you

jen oh yeah! I'm a big fan of yours Kim Soo-Hyun... You're so good in acting especially in Moon Embracing the Sun and You Who Came From The Stars...Plus you are so handsome I must say...Keep doing great in all your dramas and good luck in going to the army.. <3

Maybelyn Alconera Hello Kim soo hyun...I really like you...I really like the way you act.. For me your one of the best actor in Korea...wish you all the best:-)

carmelyn iv finish watching from episode 1 to 21 of You came in the star its really nice and inspiring i love it.....he acts as natural and of course hes so handsome...hes angelic face makes me smile and drive me crazy..:0) hope to see him in person..

Skye I think he acts well. Plus he's got this sth that's indescribable that makes him stunning,maybe I can call it 'aura', he's got such a good aura,esp when he smiles,it always soothes me :)

katarina He is such a good actor in both Dream High and You Who Came from the star. He's awesome!! :)

markiiee I've finished watching You Who Came From The Star :) What a nice Love Story :') God Bless .. I Love You Kim Soo-Hyun ♥♥♥

avin congratulations, your drama will air here in the Philippines tomorrow, im so excited to see it for the nth time, and i would love to hear it using our language..beautiful story, great actors and actresses especially Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun...

Dianne Hello Kim Soo Hyun. I am a Big fan of yours. You're so handsome and i Like you Very Much. I like the way you act. I hope someday, we will meet and i will Hug you tight. :) I Love You.

Sara Nazar. I love ya so damn much Kim soo hyun,Keep rocking you the best <3

Giok I'm falling in love with your acting.... Perfect character! I wish I'll meet you... Even in my dream..... :)

sunny kim soohyun, you're really perfec :D i love you so much i just cant wait to your any other project and i hope i could take a photo with you

KSY Hello kim soo hyun,

U are just sooo perfect. I watch your movies and/ dramas simply because you are there. I really like your acting. You are a sophisticated actor. I hope to see you someday in person and tell you how much I love you..

mistressharlote Oh my! I love him so much! So handsome! So awesome! Please visit philippines! Please!

Stasi Kim Soo Hyun is the best. He's way better tan that overrated actor Lee Min Ho. King Kim Soo Hyun is the best. Can't wait to see him in future projects, I am officially his number 1 fan.

Cam I don't normally do this. But, you float my boat. Chincha!

Najah Hi kim soo hyun I love all your dramas and movies. I watched ur dramas,movies and interview....I'm your new fan from Philippines.

Sharon M I think you did great in My Love From The Star and The Moon Embracing The Sun. Please continue doing great dramas like those and i look forward to seeing you in more movies.

Lynn Good looking+good acting+good voice= KSY .. yes its you

Beyy Hi! Kim Soo Hyun oppa! I'm glad your doing great in your career. I watched your movies, dramas, interviews, and even your appearance in variety shows. I like them all because it's your work and you did them great. Keep up the work and I wish I could see you!! I'm your new fan.. Figthing kuya..heart. heart. from Philippines:)

hnin wutyi please forgive me if i make some mistake cuz this is my first time to write comment.i like your role in dream high than my love from another star.In dream high1,your character is cute & sometimes so funny but i like other series too.I think your acting skill is better in angrying scenes.i think your acting skill is more improved.congratulation for your success.fighting!

sosweet Congrat kim soo hyun..i proud with you..Now your career more improve..I almost watch all your drama, movies and CF start with jungle fish, dream high, the moon the embrace the sun, latest my love from the star. But between all drama, more i like see you in sam sang dong character..Your improvement very succesfull.. your acting skill more improve from one drama to another drama. I praise you always succes in act, sing and modelling..maintain your from malaysia..

novi I'm waiting ur new drama oppa.. ^^

Annie Chen You are such a beautiful creature. You are next to perfect Your series and movies are great especially in the moon embracing the sun and the man from star. We are looking forward for you to visit Philippines and we are waiting for Your more projects^^. Mahal Ka namin :)

Annie Chen You are such a beautiful creature. You are next to perfect Your series and movies are great especially in the moon embracing the sun and the man from star. We are looking forward for you to visit Philippines ^^.

Yabu Oppaaa!Please visit Philippines! Please. Please! Saranghae! :))

Elaine Lim You must to be a shining super star!

Myat Noe Nay Chi I Cry When I Watch The Ex 21 U who come from the stars good

Kim Yena Keep going with your acting skill, I am hoping for more :)

Fryska Wira So cute. Kim Soo Hyun. You who come from the stars

elly Oppa saranghe....

Imane Hehehhe hes an Actor hes not kiss This girl because hes lové her but This is hes job so This is hes Life if you jealous u jealous of ur boyfriend not ur best Actor ..... Good job du Hyun

Avi8torboy Congradulations to you Kim Soo Hyun and for sure Jeon Ji Hyun on an exelent dramma Man from the stars! very very well done! keep up the GREAT work! Jeon, My youngest boy loves your comment "You wanna die?" or "I'll kill you!" so funny! you're both very tallented actors and you both have the best film crews too! just thought I'd chime in!, avi8torboy from san diego california.

Miztiq Congrats to you.Your drama 'my love from the star' got high rating in 2014. Good luck to u. :-)

Pirzah Oppa.... don't kiss girls again.i'm so jealous ;; 사랑해~♥♥

priya you are my fav. your role is too good in my love from another star ... keep it up

oneofyukaris_Id Oppa, I watched you from running man episode 102, then your movie the thieves.. You were amazing in that movie.. And since that, I've become your fan! Oppa you did great job and I know you'll do your best for the rest! Fighting oppa!!

magdalene Oppa u look handsome.i wish to have a boyfriend like u at the drama my love from star using your power.can bring where ever i want to go. ♡♥♡♥

kallu oppa ur VOICE is soooo nice....i love it!!!!....and ur acting is awesomw......:) :) HWAITING

do min joon Oppa!!!!!saranghae oppa...i really like you in my love from the touched my heart..♡♡♡♡♥♡♥♥

Jessica you were so good in drama " My Love From Another Star" there should be a season2!!!

sisi waa i'm so amaze with you in drama "My love from the star" i like,love your act as Do Min Joon. I hope you succeed in your career and see you cool and cute and. The soundtrack -My Destiny- when I heard that song, as there is a different feeling... :D 영의 형제!

Kathleen Like you since Dream High, happy to see you in Singapore just after finished Dream High. Love yr latest drama You came from the star...cute n cool

Henny Oppa saranghaeyo... I really want to meet you whether this could be my desire to be real? I really admire you Oppa

kana You're totally amazing... your so good in acting , I wonder why. Should i say, "you're inspired"

and that you could even inspire us.

Meita You're amaze me so much with your drama "My love from the star" . I love your act as Do Min Joon. Watching that movie over and over again, hahaha… i like every single details of it. Sincerely wish you success and fighting oppa ! - the soundtrack "my destiny' - I love it ! it fits you ! xoxo

Margie Rebao oppa, kim soo hyun..!! saranghae, i love you and i really like everything about you. i almost watched all of your movies and korean drama episodes and i so loved seems like i am this crazy, coz i have saved your photos and even made a scrapbook, your profile and anything about you in it..hope that i meet you soon!

devimegarosaln Do Min Joon, kereeeeeeen! <3

dadz .. . you're so amazing. you never ceases to amuse me everytime you act . . . deserve many awards . . . . . . .. .. . . .. .. . ...fighting!

lou Do Min're awesome. I love every bit of My Love from another Star!

xxMary I just finished the drama 'My love from another star' AND so, Kim soo-hyun is my favorite actor now :D!! Hes so cute ;-; but he's so ... mature...

Asmaa Mohamed oppa u r so amazing actor ur look & ur voice everything about u driving me crazy ur last drama # you who came from the stars # so amazing drama i adore you saranghae :* :*

pelita saranghae oppa.. saranghae kim soo-hyun oppa... i have finished watching your drama as My love from the star.. and I very proud of you... saranghae oppa :*

rira loopy i love kim soo-hyun oppa...

ditzki hey! kim soo-hyun. you're such a good actor. hope u'll visit our country PHiLIPPiNES.

soo hyun fan jezy you said exactly the things i wanted tosay :)

akio So funny for me to write here actually.. Because this is my 1st time to comment. I never crazy on any actor or actress before and not even a fan though.. But i really love this drama idea and best of actor and actress. (Successfully to make me wanna be their fans).

How ugliness and rude style of Jun Ji Hyun are what i love the most because it is what make her famous and funny and still funny cute and pretty.

Kim Soo-Hyun, I love his acting and role in this drama. Really suit them so much and love and love and love and more than a love.. hhaha! All the best!

Lilyana I have finished watching my love from star. And I kinda can't forget uri Do Min Joon-ssi ^^ He will come to Indonesia soon.. Can't wait to meet him

Lilyana I have finished watching my love from star. And I kinda can't forget uri Do Min Joon-ssi ^^

jezy143 Hi kim so hyun...your such a perfect guy, your so cute and handsome..very talented person...keep it'll shine more and more with the skills and talents you have I swear that you will become famous....keep it up and just be humble..stay as you are..we love you and saranghae one of your thousands and millions fans out there...and I will guarantee tha I will always be your avid fan thats a promise.....mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you JEZZA FRO PHILIPPINES...fighting!!

jenny Kim soo hyun...i'm one of thousands of your fans. i loveeee all your kdrama. hope for your up coming drama. Loveeee youuu. hope one day i can meet you.

citra I love you.......!!! Please your play the drama again :) I very very like your acting and your face :* Please you come to Indonesia country.... :( I want to hug you :(

Woo Min I just finished watching You Who Came From The Stars and now I'm watching Dream High, after this I'll be watching The Moon Embracing The Sun.. whoa a truly great actor, He can portray any roles! It's a first for me watching Korean Dramas and now I'm amazed how the actors and actresses moved me... I'm a man but what can I say? haha I too also root for Joo Won as for male actors that I want to watch... also with Park Shin Hye and Gianna Jun for female stars! ahhh daebak!

Talia oppa!! saranghae.. >_<

xirxaxxs Will you be my boyfriend please?!!!!!!! Do Min Joon

quirrah i love kim soo hyun <3 ur so adorable!!! can't wait to watch your upcoming drama.... ur so great in my love from another star :) wish u more success!!! daebakkkk....

Lina you are so handsome and I like You (:

melissa i love your acting and i repeat waching evry sence::::: you are great

Alienish Best actor of his generation!!! Enough said!

KSH143 Love u so much Kim Soo Hyun <3 How can u so handsome and cool?! U who came from the stars I would love u forever

mutiah nurul love you!!! you're so cool and so handsome!!!!

song yi I Love you do min joo

song yi Love you do min joo

hafizhat i really 2 love you very much kim soo hyun :-)

jejey Love you oppa!!!!!!!

nabilla cahyani Oppa!!! Why u loooks so cute like an baby? I wish u really come to my country Ex: Indonesia

Emmanoell He's DEFINITELY an ALIEN.....becoz he's to perfect to be human

kyla Hope one day KSH will come to Malaysia. ;)

LoveHim I think I really fell for him, he's so handsome ! I can't even look at his eyes even if i'm behind a computer xD

I agree with Hannah, YWCFS should have a lot of episodes !!

Hannah You who came from stars should have at least 40 episodes

genius i can't believe he's younger than song yi's brother in real life! ahn jae-hyun and kim soo-hyun look so cool in the drama...oppa wanjeon jjang!!!

bimvic Happy Birthday belated birthday...hope you had fun. We almost share the same birthday mine is Feb 15. Oh well still love you regardless. You're an amazing actor and I know you're going places, keep up the good work and success in all your endeavors. xoxo

hyun oppa happy birthday. I hope u always success whatever u do. fighting oppa!!!!!!

EJ OPPA! SARANGHAE!!! ♥ Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your love team with Jun Ji Hyun ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I wanted to meet you so bad!!!!

Kim soo hyun LOVER♥ OPPPAAAAAA!!!♥ saengil chukha hamnida!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

I pray to one day meet you! Happy Birthday! I love you! saranghae-yo Oppa

-Love your Number One FAN!!!!

Yri Happy birthday, beloved Soo Hyun! Your acting is magical! Thanks for letting me borrow your heart and you put it in my chest: I felt like I have lived a thousand lives, full of love, sadness, joy, sorrow and gratitude. God bless you!

lovesoohyun soo hyunnie alien oppaaa, saranghaeee!!! saengil chukhahaeyo. best wishes for you oppa, i hope u'll get more success, always be healthy, have a long life. keep up the great work. do the best and God will do the rest. aja aja fighting!!!

Jen hi i just finished watching "My Love From Another Star".. you really are a great actor! happy birthday and God bless!!

Marlene Can I just take the time and participate the fact that you where born in my generation I mean, I'm so glad I got to watch an actor like you, and maybe one day I will meet you. But let me also take the time to thank ur parent and the person who saw your talent and let u act and most importantly I will love to thank you for the effort you put in ur acting, I/we love you and I hope you do too. Happy birth day OPPA.

sarah Happy birthday Mr Kim soo hyun,thanks god beacuse of your birth,beacuse of everything that he gave you in past and wants to give you in future,keep on your best work,be a good man in your life and be a good son for your parents,

Best wishes Sarah

alice4335 Happy BIrthday Mr. Alien!

do min joo Saranghamnida Min-Joo ssi!!You're so daebak.. Wishing a happy ending for u and song-yi!please add couples more of ep..^^

MalaysiaFans The best actor of the year! Soo hyun-shi! Fighting!

Mira I loveyou!!! Watching your new drama right now! Best actor saranghae! :)

laicee You never failed to impress me....

Katniss You and your acting is like a drug, it's highly addicting. Keep up the good job. I think you are the best actor in your generation.

Shi min june Oppa! I love U! You're great! your acting is amazing, loved in the moon embracing the sun(daebak) and loving you in my love from the stars.Keep up the good work and stays humble like you already are!( i see you in running man, your simplicity touched me).

 Seriously you deserve an oscar!! 
 Much love.

A canadian fan

fucshiaheroine Kim Soo Hyun is one of the best actors of his generation. His choices of role are varied and proving that he's a very versatile actor. He acts through his eyes, body language, words, etc.. and I wonder whether he's the best in his acting class. Despite his good looks, he doesn't fall into flower boy category which makes him shine even brighter. With only few films and dramas in his pocket, he's already on top. So please keep making great dramas and movies.. and stay away from plastic surgery because you're already perfect.

skinnydipshit Kim Soo Hyun is one of the best actors in his generation. He acts through his eyes, body language, etc.. I wonder whether he was one of the best in his acting class. Despite his good looks, he is not a flower boy, he picks his acting roles well, very versatile acting skills. It's not surprising at his age, with only few dramas and movies and in his pockets, he has been been on top. Please keep making great dramas and movies..and stay away from plastic surgery.

park su-in really fall in love ready with Kim Soo Hyun ..1st time saw him just in variety programs RUNNING MAN ,but after watch his drama MY LOVE FROM THE STARS..i come addict to him ready haha...he very talent,cute ,adorable,smart,handsome ..hope when i go Korea hope much i can meet him ..;).sarangdaa <3

MILDRED DOKU i love and like your way of acting. i will love to meet you,but am in ghana

Yasmin Kim Soo Hyun is such a great actor! he's so talented <3 and super super super duper handsoooome!! <3 ^^ i just love him a lot i hope i could meet him one day! so i can tell him how amazing and incredible he is! Such an awesome and amzing actor!! i love him a looot and i will always support him <3 he's totally my ideal type x) <3 saranghae Kim Soo Hyun Oppa <3 FIGHTING!! ~ ^^

Marina Amazing, amazing actor!

StanGoggles My favorite young actor after Park Yoochun. In every role, Kim Soo-hyun exceeds expectation and personifies a dream man. He is never one to be reduced to the role of a vacuous pretty man just because of his surreal beauty. His awe inspiring talent always leaves an indent on ones heart where he touches viewers with memories one cherishes long after he becomes someone new onscreen and brings new characters alive to adore. Writers, cast mates, directors and all who've worked with him have only stood to benefit from working with this wonderful young man who's perfected the science and art of acting. Whatever he does brings the promise of greatness. I am a fan of Kim Soo-hyun, now and probably always.

Sherri asdfghjkl Why is Kim SooHyun so charming TT^TT He should of been rewarded for the Best looking guy; best actor in Korea x_x -- I pray for your continuous success !

lisa masisi Oooohhhh i'm so in love with kim soo hyun he is behind handsome and cute to me he is the handsome actor in korea and also his acting is to real and emotion which make him more handsome i wish he gets more award cause he deserve sending so much love to kim soo hyun

nina annyeong oppa.... i love u oppa and when you go to indonesia? i love you acting oppa....:)

Tluagpuii I love him so much.he's my favourite korean actor,charming,handsome,cool and the manest guy.i want a guy like Kim Soo Hyun.Kim Soo Hyun,will U Marry me?

Tluagpuii I love him so much.he's my favourite korean actor,charming,handsome,cool and the manest guy.i want a guy like Kim Soo Hyun.

katniss You are very talented!!! Love, love, love all your drama especially "secretly, greatly and moon embraces the sun." ---your fan from Los Angeles, CA

Pipoh Shout Out ! Oppa Kim soo-Hyun He is the best He is my favorite actor I'm in love with his drama The way he look his eyes omg im falling in love with him <3

dara You a smart tallent to choice a good strory

Tt There's no doubt that he's a very tallented person.I wish if he can work in a drama or a film with Han Hyo Joo

T There's no doubt that he's a very tallented person.I wish if he can work in a drama or a film with Han Hyo Joo

Teshni I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Kim Soo Hyun... Ever since the moment I watched Dream High <3 I love him so much and I also love him in 2013 new drama.... "My Love From Another Star". If I ever get to meet him in person, I would probably faint of happiness OR not be able to speak properly <3 ^^ <3 KIM SOO HYUN SARANGHAE~~! <3

Cheryl He is so good in acting. I really can feel his aura. Ahhhh so damn cute. I wanna marry you. I love you and I will always love you <3

taziacha Kim soo hyun is really daebak!! His acting skills is so damn awesome. From song sam dong, king Lee hwon and being an alien do min joon. Wow!!I can't described anymore he is too good. Keep fighting oppa!! Always support you ^^

Larra He is so damn good with facial expressions! I love him.

mikylle kim soo hyun is just so adorable!..handsome face plus excellent acting skills plus good voice, what else can a girl would ask for! nothing,, he's just soooo perfect!!! :) :) :)

jeniza sanchez kim soo hyun is one of the best actor in korea ,while watching him you adore his face and charisma... you never wore out of his face. i like him so much as an actor ... saranghAE~yo Kim soo hyun oppa <3 <3 i wiil look forward to your upcoming showa in the future. now watching my love who came from another star!!! daebak~

Exo Lover I just want to say I luv u so much

u.jay Kim soo hyun oppa.i'm from sri lanka. One day ill come to see only dream is to see you and your remarkable unfogetable smile.when i come to see you may be you will not smile with me but with all the fans.but keep smiling... im coming all the way to korea to see you soo much.wish you all the best and good healthy and happy always.may god protect you as his own eyes. Love you...

Fatima Carmelle I know lots of ladies admire him...but I think I like him more..its good I'm that I am not in S. Korea cause if I was.. I might stalking him like forever..hahhah..kidding..His not cute, He is handsome.. :) He act so well too..that is why I like him more... Hope I can see him in real life .

daebakfan His like my korean Leonardo Dicaprio. I always watch Dicaprio's movie not only because I think he's good looking but because he picks his movies very carefully which means it would have an amazing story and his acting is great I hope he wins oscar soon(titanic, catch me if you can, inception etc). Kim Soo Hyun is the same. I watched him since moon embracing the sun and I'm starting to follow his films and drama. I love you who came from the stars. Everyone I forcefully invite to watch this drama ended up being addicted too.

Deysi I love the acting you. You are south korean actor that I liked most :)

mapeki You are getting hotter and hotter and more manly. I love your movies and dramas.. Great work!

Alma opiniano My dear you are so handsome. Someday you will be famous like lee min ho. I love your current drama. Wish you well..

Etivise Sikei I could say that I'm your number one fan LOL :) I keep myself updating with that new drama of yours called "You Who Came From The Stars". I could say that you're my second idol throughout my K-Idol. First its Kim Hyun Joong and now its you..haha. Keep up the good work. Fighting !

kimnana I lik u oppa u re my best actor oppa i love ur movies

Hea ten choe Oppa Ur so Amazing and I keep watching all your dramas n movies n series. Your such a actor and specially when you Smile make my Heart Beats faster. Really you have the thing to do it the hole package so We all (Your Fans) will support you!! I live in Swiss n I am a Tibetan girl and here they are lots of fans from You! So Bye love you

Someone I'm enjoying his portrayal of Do Min Joon in You Who Came From the Stars. His chemistry with Jeon Ji Hyun is amazing. :D

You know;) Reunite with Suzy on the screen!!! She has really grown since dream high! Even though you guys did amazing before I think you can do even better and touch even more people now! Waiting for, and is still expecting it! Hehe! Soo-Hyun never change okaay ;) great!!! Love ya!

Bee Ja Truly think you're the best Korean actor out there! Suitable for the oscars! There is not many performances that makes me cry and your one of them, truly amazing! Keep up the good work and never ever change!!! See you soon!

KimmeMore Haven't seen his previous works before Man From the Stars, so I checked his other works---The Thieves, Secretly Greatly. I think he might be my next actor bias.

Sissy I couldn't stop crying when Kim Soo-Hyun cried in the drama The Moon Embracing The Sun. I really loved Kim Soo-Hyun from this drama. I am also currently watching his new drama You Who Came From the Stars. He's too good. Both his acting and looks (esp. his smiles)... The best!!!

Aaiii Hello Mr. Kim Soo Hyun! :)) I always watch your drama series and your movies. I really like you. You are the best! :D

bang shil Dear KSY..i think you misread it or your eyes have a problem..YOO SEOK (YOO SE MI relation's) not her YOUNGER BROTHER but OLDER BROTHER.

Alic Kim soo hyun u r an amazing actor,i love your acting and i never can stop crying when watching your crying scenes in your movies or dramas.keep doing.u'll be one of the best actors although u r now.good luck^^

cho yun hee in the movie secretly greatly, he played stupidly AWESOME! if he wants to grow up with his job and focus for his dream than he will be one of the best acting idol ..

GabiGabi He is really special! Not only handsome,but also very attractive,charming and with great acting skills! He has beautiful eyes and his smile worth millions!He has a very expressive mouth.

Goodness u're wonderful (orabeoni)

Linda U guys know that he won't see It this is a web that to know him and other celeb

Kim Pil Suk Oppa, remember me dream high Kim Pil suk.

naily oppa. love your acting :3

dennise OMG! youre so wonderfull! I really want to see you someday! youre my inspiration :* Hope someday you'll go here at Philippines :D

yanni I can't wait for your new drama! Hwaithing!!! Love you :* !!!!

yanni can'T wait your new drama ! Love you :* !!!!

rinah Kim Soo-Hyun !!! love you !! amazing drama !!the best ever !! im watching it the 2nd time round :) cant wait to see you in your next drama !! XO

cecilia I love you show Kim Soo Hyun , please are you a singer ?

1415 I just watched his movie "Secretly Greatly" I laughed and cried and it has tons of action. He is truly an amazing actor.

georgette daher Hi my name is georgette daher am from lebanon i like the mouvies . Je t'aime beaucoup.

lizbeth hernandez Just commenting on the beautiful smile of KIM SOO HYUN OPPA!!!<3 He mesmerizes my eyes everytime I see a picture of him!!! oh! my heart is so warm now I can die in peace lol

sekar ayu I LOVE YOU Kim Soo Hyun.oppa when to Indonesia?

sekar ayu putri Kim Soo Hyun,Dek ayu mencintai oppa. oppa when to Indonesia?

Katie I love your part as the King not one to back down for 8 years missing her<<that is true Soul Mate Good Luck with your career

lulu I LOVE YOU Kim Soo Hyun. You fine, love your acting and your voice. ♡♥♥♥

mobina I love you your sound is great I love you oh Are you singer?

DerpyBird he doesnt look like 25 years old he looks younger.....

khin la pyae my name is khin la pyae.

i like u

kraykray please marry me. AIGOO!!!

anna His career is going so well right now. I'm really happy for him!! So deserving.

ayu saputri Kim soo hyun. Adek ayu amat sangat mencintaii oppa. Iloveyousomuch. FROM INDONESIA

michelle refil sam dong ^;^ i really like ur acting ur the best (dream high 1) fighting!!!!

flore i love you more in saeguk drama

jean saranghaeyo!!!

Hyunnie Love him forever!! Good acting, good person!!! he also very handsome and cute, friendly!! so great!! crazy with this guy <3

Soo Man Lover The one and only you!! My everlasting love!!! Kim Soo Hyun!!!

I`m Iranian I enjoy know every thing about him.

hueh I swear i'm gonna move to korea just to be in the hopes of meeting kim soo hyun hahaha <3

Unnie Benedict Pulido I love you more than myself. <3 godbless and hope to see soon! <3 <3

jara acoon i love you kim soo hyun i will always love you!!! foorreever

Yuri Kim soo hyun and suzy are very good partners

Jared Hi Kim Soo-Hyun.. Since the day I've watched "The Moon Embracing the Sun" I became an avid fan.. You've given your role a good justice...I think you're the coolest king ever.. You're so loving and kind hearted.. i hope all kings are just like you in the series. I love you and hope to see more of you in a drama series..I hope to see your movies (The Thieves and Secret Greatly)....I wish you the best of health....

ed he's so handsome!!!! love him very much :) but please can you replace that awful picture of him????

lkian He's a good actor. Keep it up! Guys watch GIANT (one of the best korean drama-2010).

Mitch Really superb and fantastic acting in the moon embraces the sun.. One can feel the pain, the hurt the longing that you as the king is going through. I felt like someone is twisting my heart. This drama made me cry a lot. Really great acting from the lead characters down to the other characters. Hope to see you again in more dramas. Two thumbs up! Mabuhay kayong lahat! (filipino)

Sarah I Like You in Dream High 2 and The Moon Embracing The Sun.

swan lee hi, im your number one fan..... i love much.... SARANGHE HE IS REALLY HANDSOME

enhee Happy Birhday Kim Soo Hyun!!! Take care yourself and be happy. Chukkae

Sama This saturday is your birthday oppa Happy birhday and sarange ^_^

lily I ...really really like your and your drama .... too good and you are a great king "The Moon" drama.

i watch history drama alot but i never see a great king as Kim Soo-Hyun ... he is perfect ... handsome guy...and pretty smile ....:D your big fan <3 your acting was too good and awesome ...100%%%%%%%% like u ...

Ronaldo Indeed, another great actor with the role of a king during Joseon Dynasty in "The moon embracing the sun". The more I watch korean tv series like this during Joseon Dynasty, I become more amaze on korean clothing and at the same time, afraid the way they give punishment and how social class ruin the lives of citizen. Luckily, all were from the past and I'm just watching it for entertainment. More romance drama comedy movie and tv series for him.......

Yeah Oppa........<3

Bryan Fernandez I was totally blown away by this drama series. Thumbs up for the production. You did an excellent job! This is the best Korean Drama Series I've watched. The actors were amazing, the production and the story as well. I appreciate the acting techniques of Kim Soo Hyun.. He was great! More power to him. How we wish that one of these days, you can come and visit the Philippines. Your Filipino fans are waiting for you. I wish you a good health and a successful career. God Bless, Soo Hyun.

Regards, Bryan Fernandez Yun Sang Bin

Yuhi-chan he's such a great actor. especially when he cries. he can touch the viewers heart! :D ilove the way he acts and when he sings!!!! specially he;s song DREAMING. so heartwarming ^__^

Yanti Love his acting in The Moon That Embracing The Sun... He have shown how difficult to be a king...he cried so much in that movie...he is just really wish him a very prosperity in his career!

emma pffffffffffffft=____=''pssssssh Moon Embacing the Sun is not a movie! It's a series! lol. Just sayin'.

Jeanne Valdez For me Kim Soo Hyun is very handsome and very good actor in south korea.

lillic85 you are a grate actor and very nice all right, but smile more cos u dazzle with a smile.

Kimora Watching you take the role of the king in the Moon embracing the Sun drama, i deduced that you are the kind of person that craves perfection in anything you do, because it showed in your acting, and watching it here in West Africa (Nigeria to be precise) it made me ashamed of our actors and actresses here in Nollywood, cos you are what i call BRANDED PACKAGE! whose contents are yet to be revealed, you are an untold story.

Keep up the good work and i promise you that eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, neither has it come to the imagination of men what the Almighty has in store for you!

jennie lim hi i really adore kim soo-hyun...his so cute and handsome...i think im inlove with him...

kathy kim soo hyun is the best actor for me...hehe..youre so handsome in your role as a king in moon embracing the sun <3

keith Moon Embracing the Sun is so commendable.....I hope part 2 IS COMING VERY SOON...................

MS.ENGLISH And "Moon Embracing the Sun" is also not a movie but, a Drama Series. "bato bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit"

MS.ENGLISH Hi Everyone! I just notice that your grammar is quite wrong. PLEASE try to enroll in English classes to improve your grammar. I'm not saying that my grammar is perfect. But your grammar is very bad. And actually, "Dream High" is not a movie. It's a Drama Series. ^_^

KSH Fan annyeong oppa Soo Hyun- ssi. Gwaenchanayo?

Kompian Thank you for the great acting. Stay humble, stay healthy, stay focus and keep your passion burning.

donna hi more excitement in moon embracing the sun

josephine26 you're the cutest king the way you act in The Moon Embracing The Sun..

Myrna Hi King Kim Soo Hyun! You're the best King & a lover as well. The Moon Embraces the Sun historical drama you've played was so very nice & unforgettable movie I ever seen. Still I can't moved enough of the drama. It touched me a lot. I watched it until dawn and I can't feel even a little tired. Very nice. I love it soo much!

allendrei i hope you could come here... in our country... i wanna see you....

allendrei i really love your acting.. did you know that i'm always in a rush. just to watch your show.. and when i didn't had a time to catch up.. i always watch it via net.. heheheh

allendrei yes..!! he's so cute.. promise... cutest king ever... cute....

thisbe hi Kim Soo Hyun.. King Lee Won. You know you are really a great actor. You've touched your viewers' heart. You look very natural, and you are very effective in conveying your role. Your acting stands out among others. Moon Embracing the Sun is the best historic drama I've ever seen. I am now one of your movie and drama followers. Hope you'll make another project like this. Hope no matter how high you'll reach, You wont forget to keep your feet on the ground.. ^_^

althea Hi Kim Soo-Hyun ! How are you ? I'm a fan of yours .. I do, like your movie The moon embraces the sun .. You know that you have a stage presence, Good Looking as well and is very good actor .. you're so nice and very attractive .. I idolized you a much! every time i see your smile you make me smile, also and when you cry i will also cry .. ahee . Your my king Lee hwon (Kim Soo-Hyun) keep up the good work ! i'll wait for your drama and movies (:

NHidz fighting oppa :)

NHidz kim soo hyun oppa is so cute and talented saranghae oppa more drama and movies ill be waiting for them

gilda tan hello, i'm a filipina and i have a daughter who's working rightnow n dubai as a travel consultant. i'm alrea dy 50 years of age. i've heared from my friend the series moon embracing the sun and so interesting according to her. i've watched it. wow so very,very nice series. u are very loyal king to his people. i cant help but to cry for the ist time watching this series, especially evrytime that u showyo ur affection to the crown princes. how i wish u can make more series in the future like this.keep up the good work as will. u are the great actor.

hellohnin Fighting Soo-Hyun ya..I love you!

chechemon he's the coolest king ever.. xD he fits as a king... I would love to see something like the moon that embraces the sun... it's really a good drama.. I can't get enough of the story.. :D I hope there would be a drama like TMTETS and Kim Soo Hyun will also be the king... he's acting is great.. :))

kannika The perfect king that 8'vel never seen before. U make me feel excited in The moon embrace the sun. Im waiting for ur next drama as u performance as a king again. I really love u my king Kim soo hyun from ur fan in Cambodia. <3

?? is he 180 cm ???

mollitha in indonesia oppaa saranghae . . . you soooo handsome,,i love you...

smileym great great actor >love u < looking forward for more drama/movie :) fighting

ellen i love you oppa. i see you in running man! very happy to see you again!

Rands Hito U make me crying never stop,, can't sleep and anything coz I watched your drama series The Moon that embraces the sun,, its the first I saw u,, and its very good acting,, I'm so enjoyed watching U with my mom,, after that I go to departure store looking for some title that U ever played,, and I get Dream High,, its so wonderful,, u so cute and best actor,, all night and all day before finished I waching your series until I can't sleep,, coz the love story and good friendship very good and amaizing,, luv U kim soo Hyun,, still do the best,, we still loving U and always waiting U on the new series,, muachhhh

mona I love you, oppa!

nianiah oh my GOD hope to see you in personal...... i love you kim soo hyun!!!

rani i love you so much kim soo hyun!! AAAA<3

dhana I loved your act in the moon that embrasess the sun...good luck my lord. if you have vacation i'll invited you to discover the dewata island...

melai saranghe oppa kim soo hyun! <3 you're such a great actor . You really portray well as sam dong in dh and king lee hwon in the moon that embraces the sun. You really deserves the best act0r award. weird it seems, but in every crying scenes , you made me cry also. More tv drama please. Keep it up!

Matsumoto Ran Such great talent.

carol i will always love you kim soo hyun ... i will always support you.. i love you a million times...

kim_anjie I love you KIM SOO HYUN.


I'm your no. 1 fan :DDD

I will go to korea ..soon just to see you :DDD

kary i'm impressed that he gets in college so meaning he had a high grades back in high school. lot of koreans didn't go to college due to their high rank education. i'm happy that soo hyun's talent on acting was discovered and now for 5yrs in his career he is now one of the hottest actor in korea and we don't forget too that he had an opportunity to become a k-pop idol through his singing and dancing talent. cheers to king lee hwon!

maythu You're genius. That's amazing. How can u act so naturally & lively in both 'dream high and 'the moon that embraces the sun'. I love your acting. You are a king in drama. I am waiting ur new movies. Fighting! Keep trying! i will always be your fan. wishing u all the best in the world. Will u come to our country,Myanmar, in one day?

keira I prefer your voice than your acting skills... I'm sure you can be a multitalented artist if you keep working on yourself I like your look ... And honestly, you are adorable... Chukkae for the awards dude ... Haha

jhen woo ! saranghae Kim Soo Hyun . #You're soo my idol :D

yus Love the drama he played. The moon that embraces the sun was great movie, really touching and left a deep feeling lasting longer

cashmir i Loveee You iDoL...:)

cashmir saranghE!! u look amazing in dream high movie.. ur so great actor and i love the way u sing with suzy...!

sofia luce engalgado your so handsome & talented .. i salute u.. your so good in acting .. i like your character in DREAM HIGH (relate)

oppa ! aegyo !


chacha The moon embraces the of the beautiful drama i watch it how many times already...Super Handsome...

Ann I swear I fell in love with him the moment he acted in Dream High! An amazing actor with a natural vocal voice too. (He should be a singer!) I just love him! SARANGHE OPPA!<3

faeze hello you are really good actor. i hope you will be successful and see you soon. have nice time.

angel I really love you so much... I always watch dream high and repeat it, I always incourage you and you're role in dream high and all you're drama, I just miss you and Suzy and i just can't stop loving you.... I hope that you and Suzy will work in a drama again not only ones, hehe :) SARANGHEYO KIM SOO-HYUN,.....

selle so young yet so promising . God bless you more. >.<

kyyaaa epic actor is EPIC !!!!!

ghiz love his smile! and love his crying ! great acting skills

belle enriquez I love korean series/movies as I watch you in Dream High 1 I startedto become your Fan. Your such a very talented young Actor and your really good in dramatic roles. keep it up and I hope you continue to excell in your craft. God Bless! Thumbs up for Kim soo HYun!<3

b sieng WHAAA!!! You look great and handsome in "the moon embraces the sun". KUV HLUB KOJ os Oppa Kim Soo-Hyun. Saranhayo. Hope to see more of you in future dranas,

megan fox i love you i hope see in united states.. you are very good actor keep it up...congratulations to your drama THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN. it's a very beautiful drama that I've seen.

lea Wow, you made the right decision you've decided to take part in this drama and not dream high2 .

Alice Kim Soo Hyun oppa fighting!!!I'm your huge fan.You are the best actor I've ever seen.^_^I like all of movies & dramas very much!!!

Didi Happy bithday KIM soo hyun oppa .. saranghae

claude first time i saw you in giant I knew it'd be a matter of time to Be a Megastar to hit the viewer with your hidden talent-your secret talent keep this reallity ..time chage and people Every moove you take/ Ill be watching you /

netchger please marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ahahha.. loved him so badly... he's very talented... excellent in acting.... superb!!!!!!

ANGEL LOCSIN im a filipina... a mother of 2 and in my late forties..... lol yet i love korean dramas... i like the way kim soo hyun portrays every roles given to him... i really like him in dream high and i was sad and furious for a while because he was no longer included in dream high 2... but come to think of it.. he was given a better project and better role in "the moon that embraces the sun"... with a very high rating...

lovelyy omg he is so cute and him..he sings so well...amzing actor!! he will go places u go kim soo hyun!! u rock!!

gretch pls.. watch the moon that embraces the was really good.. have fun!!!!!!!!!.. i hope more awards for ksh soon...

ada I've seen the first 4 episodes of 'The Moon Embracing The Sun' and the drama is awesome! I'm sure Kim Soo-Hyun will be able to do a good job, I can see a lot of awards coming. Kim Soo Hyun oppa fighting!!!:)

Mandi Totally stoked he is coming out in a new drama!! :D He is absolutely adorable!

suj u r so cute

Crist I like ur actin in Dream High.More drama plz.

Crist I like ur acting in Dream High.More drama plz.

DREAMGURL Oppa! <3 I really love your character as Song Sam Dong in (DREAMHIGH).. Hye Mi's lost she didn't choose you as her man. :( BUT FOR ME, YOU'RE THE DREAM BOY THAT EVERY GIRL WANTS!!

eun-mi i like kim soohyun he's cute ,cool........really2x like!!^_^ sarangsaranghae oppa~~[i'm from seoul,south korea]

dapinaymrs Left-handed. Acts superbly. Has musical sensibility. Likes art and photography. Young and very attractive.

Oh my...what else could a girl look for! ^_^

kholod Soo cute ^^ he is acting very well ..

see ya in more drama *_^

florance Please try more than now.We want you to see you in movies more than now & more beautiful than in dream high.HIGH FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kinleypumkin ..heya..I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU sooooooooooooooooooooooo vereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee much....UA THE song ROCKS!!!!!........fightingg.....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.....millions and billions of hugs and kisses....muaaaaaahhhhh:-*...v(0_0)v...

Rin Hey... Just...come Indonesia :) Will you?


fitra i'm falllin in love with you Kim Soo-Hyun (song sam dong)

aloha aishiteru i like you song sam dong

aloha aishiteru i like you sam dong

AzzaNurul95 Kim Soo Hyunn.... I'am falling in love with your songgg... The title is "Dreaming"..... That song very essay listening and that genre's song very2 K-pop... I hope you can develop you talents,like acting,singing,and dancing.... God Bless You....:)

aisy nada i very like SONG SAM DONG very and the others i will not left that movies. fight!

aisy nada arigato gozaimas

aisy nada love song sam dong very much and the others fight!

janna I really like song sam dong. He really did a great job.. I love him..waiting for his another drama

AzzaNurul Kim Soo Hyun,you are soo cutieee boy...:D You are so great actor,multitalents... You can acting,singing ,and dancing,...

essa putry azman i like your film dream high!! its very great film :)

razz This guy is amazing. His voice is like heaven and he acts amazingly. Rarely have i seen an actor turn singer, plus he's so cute. Wish him luck~

zz hello i really enjoyed the way you play. i hope you will be successful.



negin just can't wait for your next drama!!! you will become the best! i am your PEN(fan)!

negin hi!! you are great! i loved your acting so much and also your voice is so lovely just like your look! i know you will become the best!

dice06 your a good actor....^_^ i hope i can be a star like you thats mydream in life that somedayi will be a star in korea,...........


dice06 i really like u song sam dong.........

puti I love u in Dream High... you inspire me... THanks :)

evilive love you and your voice i hope you to sing more

Liana fighting soo hyun................ we hope you always success brother....

Wish Your acting was so realistic. I loved your acting in Dream High especially the part when you found about your illness....completely realistic because anyone would feel so shocked when they have an illness. Your singing has so much emotion and feeling in it. When you trained yourself for getting absolute pitch, you blew me away! You're very natural and talented :) Keep up the good work!

Hwaiting Oppa <33333333

hanie if you have id in facebook plz add me...plz...plz

sabrina can't wait till your next drama......

Fardad U're so cute and cool I Love U

Sanyal Laishram He iz cute simple n young! He should try more drama! Me and your fans from Manipur will be waiting.

potl I may not understand the song but I so love the voice. You are so talented. I love dream high

bella Hi...... Loved your acting in dream high, and your singing was really beautiful. Specially in ''Dreaming'' your emotion is so how could i explain it ''REAL''... (i'm crying every time i hear it lol). I cant wait to see more from you and of course hear more!!! You really have ''the thing'' a actor should posses, the gift of making people really feel your emotions and feel for you, i personally think your one of the best korean actors there is (and still your kind of new), there is NO bullshit about you heheh!!!. And of course you have the LOOKS!!! I hope you all the best and that you will continue to enjoy us with your great performances. LOVE!! <3// a girl who will continue to follow your road in success! BYE :)

evilive hope to see you more. loved you in dream high. was all capivated by you. SARANGHAEEE

luvtkj this guy was so cool and cute..luv his act..saranghaeyo

luvtkj this guy was so cute and cool

sara he looked amazing in the series dream high very talented guy sarang neah soo hyun

Irish R. you're so cute. I really like you character.

desy I love U.... I very like your karakter in dream high..


double you're bad actor!!!!!!!!

christine_lOvE_sAm dOnG OMG.. i love u Kim Soo Hyun!!! u are a good actor.. i will wait for ur New Drama or Movie too!!!

hanbae noemu2 chua hae.....cute actor and adorable..perfect package to our song samdong!!

mary i love him so much! <3

yana wahhhhhh he is the wgm new it

shin yeowang Su hyeon oppa .. Neomu joha yo.. Saranghamnida. Saenggil chukae yo

Sabrina Soo hyun , happy belated birthday , You're so cute like asdfghjkl :) Saranghae-yo :)

KoreanFreak:) love you in dream high!! More Dramas, saranghae!!

Amal Happy belated birthday! I lovee you sam dong.. :)

Lisa Happy bday!! Hope you had fun celebrating this special day with your love ones..

aeeiin Happy burftday tooo uuu... Lovely oppa...

giselle wheller Oppa...Saranghae.Suhyeon oppa is cute and sweet...:D>Happy upcoming birthday oppa^-^.you're so handsome.I love Hyeonzy couple and Sammi couple,too^^

everyone is same it's post or not?hahaha..iu and miss a is so cute..hahaha

sana It was interseting to watch you transform urself among the great singers trying to convince us that u wer also a great singer through ur acting...happy advanced B'Day ^_^

sam dong happy upcoming birthday su hyeon ssi!! ^^

sam dong kiyopta!!!!!!!!!!! ngee

sabrina he is a good actor... and he is cute....

tessa yaa.more drama pls!! love his acting, and he's adorable :P ahahha :D

i'm malaysian too Love his acting.. and his face look like 2pm junho..i like! =)

annakorri more drama for him! great actor...

i'm malaysian wait for his drama/movie...good & sweet.. :D

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