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  • Name: Bae Suzy
  • Hangul: 배수지 (Bae Su-Ji)
  • Born: October 10, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Blood Type:


  1. Bae Suji is a member of girl group "Miss A".


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yen i like suzy!

farley I'm disappointed about her dating with Minho.. And I don't like you now.. Okay, that's all I can say ...

A hi suzy i like you but i am very disappointed that your boyfriend is lee min ho not kim myung soo l in infinite

Mama I don't like you!

Bella Wishin you da best

Ann.B oppa plss be fast ,another breaking news i want to hear is ur wedding day with suzy .plss take good care of unni esp from does girls dat Hav bn triping for u okey .(kuchaye) be a perfect boyfriend .

Ann.B oppa plss be fast ,another breaking news i want to hear is ur wedding day with suzy .plss take good card of unni esp from does girls dat Hav bn triping for u okey .(kuchaye) be a perfect boyfriend .

RIA Hello Suzy eonni :) when I heard the news about you and Minho oppa I feel well hearted cause finally Minho oppa had you. It's been 4 years when Minyoung eonni and Minho oppa broke up, so I am happy for the both of you. I hope you would have a drama series with Minho oppa so we can see if you have a great tandem or a chemistry.

zainab alsamawi is it truth that bae Suzy is dating lee min hoo

piano angela Suzy unni,I hope your doing fine with your comeback,actually unni when I first so the news about you and Lee min ho oppa I'm really cause ,its just how did that happen but for you I,we will support you whatever you are..I hope oppa will not hurt and always make you smile when you're feeling down....I love you unni..always take care of yourself and be a perfect girlfriend for oppa..ok...good luck for your comeback....

critico Gosh!! i just want you to be paired with kim soo hyun where only you and him will be the leads. thats all i want so please sk entertainment industry pair them again. i dont care who you date .its just that, im craving for both of you over the years!

Wow!MINZY Omo!Omo!Omo! Unnie I'm SUPER DUPER Happy For You... Oppa Lee Min Ho Is Very Lucky To Have Someone Like U... U Have Everything Dat A Man Needs In A Woman... You Look Super C.U.T.E Together Dear... Pls U Guys Shd Nt Get Seperated.. We Hope Dis Relationship Will Lead To Ur Wedding.. Dnt Listen To Wat Haters Got To Say... Cux They Are Damn Brainless.

Ladybear I will be honest, I cried when I saw the news that Suzy and minho confirm dating. T_T I'm happy for her but i dont know why im crying... i totally not expect them to be together. lol. Never thought of them. Suzy be happy and enjoy your love life.. I remember when she said man never hitting on her before, I glad Minho ask her.

Saab Congrats!!! I'm super duper hapeee!! Haha!! Daebakk couple! They're so perfect for each other whatever their age gap it doesn't matter.. They looked good together..

 We support them from the Philippines fans... haha

Hope they will have drama together pleaseeee!!

REBECCA ONOMR Ejere Congratulation Suzy baby,we love you more as you are now the love of our Princess life.Pls take care of him, he's dear to our heart,give him tender loving care and manage hid inadequacies,he will also manage yours.Automatically his fans are yours be kind and show love to them no matter comments they send,everybody cannot accept you.Give him smile always.hmmmmm Suzy! Many fangirls of LMH are in shock now!!!!!Pray for their fast recovery as you have broken their hearts!Hurray!!!!

Ozmo Lee Minho and Suzy dating! Two beautiful people together. Best wishes for a wonderful time together. Good luck!

Peng yang Suzy, my love. Suzy is very... pretty and funny. I don't see how any one would not like her, I mean like I love her. All I want to say is that Suzy is a very great girl if any boy just saw her they would love her like me. (Fighting Suzy)

filip i love you form my heart for your acting talent

Love you She has god gifted talent. She is kind hearted. She has been taking care of her family since she debuted. She is buying house and cars for her family and I'm here just using my parents money. She sings, dances and acts awesome. Although she is not the best , she is improving a lot. And to the people who is saying she can't sing , R U DEAF? Cause she sings really good. She has this angelic voice that heals all your problem. Unlike other she is not afraid to be herself .

Suzy 4ever Suzy acts so naturally and by 20,she already landed two leading roles in two successful dramas... The Hymn must be a great film since she's been putting a lot of efforts in it... A sure hit film &of cuz,another acting awards for her soon(suppose to!)!!!

peterlou I love bae Suzy(bae su-ji) and I wish to saw her in person she's my one in only idol .... wait for me there in korea Suzy.

sojiya she's pretty, warm-hearted, and has a great attitude and personalities ><

dandada A very talented young woman. Looking forward to working with you one day in the near future. Blessings to you Suzy.

ladybear I miss you Suzy a ~ Hmm... Fighting ! and always be strong okay. Your fans always support you for forever. We really love you !

Dekins Elegbede Suzy is really endowed,gifted,talented and richly blessed... I believe acting is her in-born thing..i admire her skills a lot.

zee they said nobody is perpect but u are 100% perpect <3 you SUZY

Lee She's a beautiful and talented young woman !

bayramaa Hello My bayramaa You Wartam dreamhigh1 Bae Suyzy kim soo hyun Taec Yeon Ham Eun lug lu Wooyong Yoon Young AH l love youooooooooo

egzona We want you back! Please play in a upcoming drama! We want you back in year 2015 PLEASE UNNI

SillyMe Hasn't been long since I saw you in the drama called dream high. I do not have a word to describe how beautiful you are. I wish you successful life and may positive energy always be with you.


Ladybear Btw, I really hope suzy in drama with kim myungsoo. I want myungzy moment. or Kim so hyun again.... or seo kangjun...!

DAMAR Hi unnie Happy Birhday ‎​​Ğ◎Đ☆ßĹΈŠŠ☆Ў◎Ŭ

Sueweetie4ever Hi unnie I'm a big fan of yours, your the reason why I became a kpop lover, I love your acting, singing, dancing.. And your so beautiful, take care of yourself!I hope I can see you in personal! I will always be your sueweetie! Godbless in everything you do!!! Saranghaeyo unnie!!!

joenica WWWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Suzy Bae :) I'm so so proud of you *XOXO* I really missed your dramas, I'm your #0.0 fan, hihi. I really really love you unnie :* GODBLESS!! more projects to come. Wish you all the best! DAEBAK !! Takecare of your name and beauty as well XD. Saranghae <3



Halyn OMG! I really love you Suzy! You're really good at singing and acting. Please, do a comeback! I really miss you. But please, NO sexy scene in Dorihwaga. Ohmygod! No. No. No! It will be sooooo ackward for me. But still, I love you! Saranghae Bae Suzy! Mwa.

bella please NO" sexy scene. I can't bear ,she is so young.

shim please no sex scene in Dorihwaga. it will be just awkward.

aleks She's 1 years older as me. Crazy :O

MFans Suzy unnie...I love all your singing, acting, laugh, smile and more... I'm addicted ! Unnie, where is your new drama Connect 2014 with Roy Kim?

Fanatic Fans Suzy unnie... I'm a big fan of u!!! I love all your acting and more...Where is the drama between u and Roy Kim?? I'm waiting for the drama Connect 2014...Always supporting u..

Tiny Unicorn SUZY make more drama your acting and singing are amazing and you are so pretty you are nation first love and am one of your biggest fan. when I first saw you and your talent were great and I loved every thing you did from than on

Kitkat Please do a drama with Kim Soo-Hyun again!! You guys make a good couple (:

sohrab hi , i hope you play another drama , i'm wating for it

cxiedx I want to see you again in dramas this 2014 :*

precious george Suzy when are u coming back, i love your dramas i am one of your biggest fan,suzy fighting!!!!! And u so pretty and smart

precious george Suzy what other dramas are u going to act, I love your dramas, I am one of your biggest fan. Suzy fighting!!!!! N u are so pretty

Kamsahamnida Fighting!!Suzy :) so pure and lovely.I Hope you visit Philippines together with Miss "A" members :) pleeeease..SarangHeo,Suzy Godbless Aja

aisaka hama EMEGED! my beautiful lovely Suzy! i really really love her most! uhm..something's bothering my mind about her,does she have a boyfriend?and why is there no blood type of her showing?what is her favorites? waaaaahhh!!! my Suzy! miss you..! mwah mwah mwah!!

Jason Just a question, how do you guys she's kind, helpful and smart? Not saying she isn't; just asking. 배수지 화이팅!

suzyhumblenomore:( Yes, I really miss our humble and honest suzy:( I hope she come back in a new drama like dream high or a lovely dumb girl, suzyssi figthing!:D

Jackie Escala Elliot Suzy is my favorite Korean actress because she is so kindly,beautiful, helpful, talented and she is so smart. . .I love you always Suzy Bae. Saranghae

jefferson i love your both drama series...

rossi Suzy was diverting my world she is very beautiful :)

MIKAN when you come back? please come back

sara hi suji saranghae. you are very beautiful you have a lovely character.yaaa...y your last dramas are not good anymore.i love dreamhigh only!!!!!

pinky I like her. She's complete opposite with hye mi in real life honest and well behave. I wish more dramas for her.

anonymous I think suzy is becoming more blunt. I miss her humble personality.

sonnie i don't like her acting as hyemi in man from the stars. it was so out of character and i find it really annoying... =_=

jennifer duran suzy unnie always be strong and brave, always be happy and just be yourself, because the more you become real suzy, the more you become attractive and interesting, suzy unnie always take care :) your one of my motivation, :) start from dream high until your last cameo appearance with kim soo hyun oppa,, hoping and waiting for your next and many project!! sarangamnida unnie :)

Tiny Unicorn Omg I am one of your biggest fan I really love your you are so pretty,a great singer,actress you are my role model I hope one day I can like you I really would like to meet you I love you Suzy fighting

erfan hi miss suzy have are you? i love you ...i think you are beutiful gril and looker...and i hope someday meet you

ziba I love u and your acting so much

JaeMin I really adore Suzy, she's one of the reason why i'm interested in Kpop now.. Hope you'll continue being humble though your a very big star now.!! Fighting Suzy and miss A!!

odessa cant wait to see your more acting television drama.. i really cant wait to see you and taecyon as a love team in s drama.. fighting suzy!!!!

Oliver Ziqi TAN Well done,Suzy!!You are always my goddess since your have debuted.I love you !!Fighting

Adekunle oluwafemi You are a miracle sister, just keep it up can't wait to see you in other interesting movies and furthermore when you are about to go on acting just call this number to buy your disc "08101056740"

yuyun you're so perfect in everything !!,,daebak !!,,

farah your so very good for me your so funny your cute beuatiful you are the perfect girl for me i dont nkow why im saying this but your my idon because you have a good voice you are a good actress thats its i wish i see you in personal  : )

eli looking forward for more dramas're so pretty and nice ..\

lina she's the best ;i loveher so much

khadija Muhammad Yabani WOW you deed very well in Gu Family Book. I like your determination

yeolliepop Can't wait to see your act

AwesomePigs Oh, you were so funny in My Love From Another Star. I hope to see you in another drama. P.S. I love you in Running Man!!!

Home Lay bae suzy fighting.. you r my fav bias and forever be!! Bae suzy is goddess.. i love you!

Kinggofing ahaha, every time i see her cute face, it reminds me of Akdong musician :D

kai for a month i watch every one of her drama series, i dont know why but i think she posses a unique talent in acting and her look was naive, i wish we'll get in touch someday. and if that happen then ill be one of the happiest person here in the philippines.

i really wanted to meet her more anyone else.

kai she's naturally a great actress and very attractive on everything. clearly she's one of the most cuty of south korea ! that's why i like the way she is !

wandivette This young girl is going places....I love her singing more than her acting but she is improving immensely. I would also like to see her more in ''BIG'' type of dramas. She's very natural and her looks help help with naive kind of roles.

Hiei Suzy is so pretty, it hurts my eyes just looking at her!

sophia suzy's so lovely in Running man...i just hope she could show just a bit more expression in her acting works later.good luck bae suzy

Shelyn i cant wait for her new project... whats the title of it .. :D i really want to watch it and i will really watch it :D go suzy "fighting"

jessie even im very tired of working the vessel and my crazy superiors,i still have a power to wacth the movies....thanks for the lesson also that include this movie......keep it up......God bless

anne This is so frustrating. I'm not a miss A fan or kpop so it's hard to wait. She only do 1 major acting project per year. Please do more Suzy!

Mister A She really have a new movie?!?!?!?!?!?! YEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leigh excited for your new movie this year!! I love you <3

daebak and more movie please!!

daebak She touches many hearts in Gu Family Book that's why she became the winner! Congratulations Suzy!

someone Cute actor ♥ I wish her best and i hope she work hard more

Domino I can't believe Suzy won a "best Actress" award for GFB. Even the girl who played the gisaeng was much better. To keep giving Suzy awards when she is not as good as other actresses is only going to hurt her and the integrity of award shows. I agree that Ko Hyun Jung should've won. If anyone saw Queen's Class you'd know she was the winner by far.

mohadese i love you - i hope you @ kim soo-heyun be Couple in other drama too. i saw all drama @ Movies you are be there!

happay Congratulations on winning for Gu book! you're amazing as Yeo wool. I cried a lot.

CICI I saw "Gu Family Book" and Suzy was OK but not that good to win an award especially when Ko Hyun Jung was also nominated. Ko Hyung Jung is far more talented and gave an excellent performance in "Queen's Class". Politics, politics, politics.

hi suzy hi suzy you are very pretty

maria hi suzy You are an amazing actress and singer

Bee Ja Hi Suzy!!! I'm going to make this very briefly! I started supporting you after I first saw you on Dream High 2 years ago ! From the start I knew you hade that extra which people can't train but need to be born with. And trough the years I've watched all your movies and dramas and seen you've grown and devolved more and more skills. I absolutely loved gu family book!!! I believed every second of it! Every feeling that you was feeling as your character I felt back home in my sofa! I really think you are amazing, talanted and natruakkt

Hayma Subair AiYooooo!!! you're my most loved Kpop girl, singer, MC, model and most of all ... Korean actress. ;-)

sari hai suzy , i love you so much . you very pretty :*

Aaiii Hello Ms. Suzy! :)) You really a great actress. I hope you and Mr. Kim soo hyun will do another drama series together cause you guys are really meant! :))

dadz . . . saranghe bae suzy! . . .you're so pretty like no other . i hope you could soap a drama together with jinwoon because you look good together...


Prettychelly20 Dear ms bae Suzy i am your biggest KANGWOOL and BAE SEUNG GY FAN Please have season two of gu family book your drama is so irresistible ME AND MY OTHER CLASSMATE ARE FANS WE LOVE KANGWOOL

Ron I Love You Suzy

latifa hi suzy i love you soo much

usagi Hey suzy!!! hope ur hanging in there. Thank you so much for acting in Gu Family Book. I completely broke down in tears. You've totally become my number 1 idol. I wish to become like you so hang in there and dont give up. Someday i want to go and cheer you on in person. FIGHTING!!!

yani siregar hi suzy,,,....

i like you...

you are so beautiful....

peter john Hai suzy.. all i want to say is i don't know why i like you so much i mean i like you not just because your face, you pretty, i like you because your skill, your voice is so good. and everyone say you're attentive i don't know this is true or not because we never meet and talk each other. i really hope in the future we can meet although only once. thank you

Ladybear Dear Suzy, I'm your biggest Fans. ^_^ I really love you, your voice, acting and everything. I'll support you forever Suzy ! Fighting ! No matter how many haters that Bash you .. NEVER BACK DOWN ! Just be yourself ! We love you because that is you !

! Saranghae Suzy !


Sharyle Suzy Bae is so Amazing!! and the Miss A :)

im her #1 Fan .. She is so Beautiful , my inspiration and i want to be like her someday! :)


Chloe She's so pretty!

sarah suzy is the best singer actress model ever and her group "miss a", oh my god their song;bad girl good girl is the best song ever i love her she is amazing spl when she did dream high with taecyon best couple ever, all the boys at "2PM" love her beside she has more awards than you mentioned !!

Philip treasure emmanuel You all still don't like her up to me, i really love her.... I've been dreaming to meet her... Wish i believe will come true....... If i get the chance to travel to anywhere i will come to south Korea just because of you bea suzy............ Love you bye, see you in future....

AnimeRockz OMG SHES THE SAME AGE AS MEE. Well we both were born in 1994. Also shes two months older. My birthday os december 10th. I really love your act in Dream High. I barely started watching it today. I wish I known this drama befofe. Oh well!!! FIGHTING!!! Keep on singing and acting too. I will support you :D

Adedamola Nice work just keep improving God will see uu through in life!!!!wen it is time i wil surely meet u

JustMe Suji is very special to me because she give me strength everyday! I'm very proud of what she always do because she doesn't give up whatever it is! ^.^ Hwaiting Baby Suji!

Htoo Eh I love Bae Suzy from the bottom of my heart. I hope to mee u in outside soon. I'll try to meet u. When I finished school I'll come to Korea. See ya Suzy!

ronan I love you Suzy :3 You're the only Kpop idol that I like haha I wanna meet you in the future TT_TT

hanz you really are pretty miss Bae... i really admire u......!!! hehehe i wish could be one of your friends here in the philippines... :-)

emma i like bae suzy!! :-)

she 's a fantastica actress!!! and .. i like you soo much !! and congratulation for evrything!!!! you are best!!!

Biggest Fan Too bad you're way out of my league. I love everything about you, and no matter what happens, I would still love you. Congratulations on everything that you've accomplished so far! I wish you the best of luck.

Ivan Congratulations Bae Suzy for being one of the most promising actress and for winning the most outstanding actress award

レロル、ジャンヌ She won Outstanding Actress Award just this year!

ケロル、ジャンヌ Congratulations Bae Suzy for winning Outstanding Actress Award!

MariaRosasLovesBAESUZY I really2x Love her. i Love her because of her personality. I Love the way she sings, dance, and Act as weLL <3 <3 <3 I do hope that I Could see you in person. Or I'LL Go to Korea just to see you . kyaaaaaaaaaaa ! Hope you'LL go here in the PhiLippines ^^

harim I like the way act , smile , cry , sing , dance and the way spoke . you're not overacting . I like the way you are . since i saw you in dream high 1 I already like you . ope there will more movies to come , so that I can watch more of you're acting . and I very very Like your voice and your dancing talent . I really appreciate you very much :D

Nevia ph U r sooooooo cute.......

Brian parcon Hi Bae Suzy.. I like your drama in Gu Family Book :). Like you soo much

EBudoy The first time I saw you in Gu Family Book... I said to myself WOW!!!... this girl is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen... and your acting in GFB was so great... you really deserve from winning the best actress award... hopefully there will be a season 2 of GFB... I really cried a lot especially in the last episode... that was so painful... hopefully you will visit here in the Philippines! I LOVE YOU Bae Suzy... I LOVE YOU Dam Yeo Wool... hopefully there will be season 2...

apol P. Saranghae Bae Suzy !

   I'm a girl and I don't know why I like you.....
I think I like you because you  are a good actress, a good dancer,a good  singer...... and also you are sooo...... beautiful !

I like you and kangchi in a drama named "Gu Family Book"... I hope there is a part two of that drama .....

Bae Suzy, i really really want to see you in personal...

I want to go there in korea  but I have no money.,

but if you don't bother, will you do my wish....for once!

my wish is.....

        Please go here in the philippines,in TAGUM MINDANAO.....

...I am hopping that you will come here soon ...Bae Suzy '

    Don't forgot this word ...

              "I AM YOUR BIG FAN LOVER"...

                                                                                     apol P.

Kim Hee Won Oh Bae Suzy I really wanna see you but im abroad and have no enough money to go there but don't worry i'll support you forever I Really Really Love Ya Im so amazed with so beautiful,by the way good acting at the Gu Family Book

hasnan Oh my...! I like you so much....and I realy want see you in person which will definately happen if destiney permit buh worry not..I'll always pray your succes wherever I am and I also want you to know daht all your fans will be there for you and always wishing you the best...much <3

Shammah Hi Suzy. I really Want to See you in Personal. I'm dying to see you. I want to go to Korea but i dont have mones. Kekeke. Dont worry I will support you til death. I love you suzy. Im your big FAN, LOVER. <3

kimpy I was crying in GFB. that was so painful yeowool ahhh TT

kimpy I'm so amazed with her in GFB!! I will watch all her works now. Dream High is really addicting!

ikhtiar khasanah hei suzi cantik.....mau dong punya wajah cantik kayak kamu juga,,,orang cantik di apain aja tetep cantik yaa... film Gu Family Book nya bagus, aku suka aku dari Indonesia, maen kesini donk kayak kakak-kakak Super Junior ...\\(^_^)//

Aïcha veïda Hii,suzy or bae su ji you're awsome beautiful with an glowing angel face,I LOVE YOU because you amaze me by the way you acte,i wish if i keep seing you at T.v all of the rest of my are the Best of all time don't forget that!

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... your so cute, and such a..YEPPEUN ~.~*~*~.~ i realy love the way you act. and i like you since i saw you in tv drama BIG... that girl should consider herself lucky..because of everything she have... muah, muah yehey.fighting im your #1 fun here in the PHILIPPINES...

roseannheart is yours...*^_^*

Demie Esteban Hello Suzy,My Idol..I've been watched the 24 episode of 'Gu Family Book" (The love story of Kang Chi)...26 hrs,WOW!! That was great...You had the acting skill that I want and that skill made me cry at the last part of your movie...Hoping you to come in the Philippines..Not only in Manila but also here in "Cebu Philippines".. <3 More power :D We will wait

carroline ashizono i want suzy married with lee seunggi ><

AC Suzy is beautifull (muito bonita), espero que tenha sempre bons papéis... Brazil

Ryan W Dear Suzy, I am rooting for you everyday, very happy that you are being rewarded with many wonderful Awards -- in drama, movie, music, and all. I am a big 'uncle' fan of yours. I know you have the right attitude -- but please do not stop learning, growing and improving. Hopely a good acting teacher like Lee Misook will volunteer herself as a personal mentor for you. Go Suzy! Fighting! You made me a strong fan of miss-A. So, Go miss-A!

Eren I have the same blood type and I'm an October same as you! XD

Debbie hi suzy! How are you? Ive just finished watching the GFB and i love like your character much same with your partner choi kang chi..i made cry at the last part of your movie..i cannot thinking of you and choi kang chi..hoping that there will be season 2 of GFB..GODBLESS

xhian wow you are so cute>

shirley legaspi hi suzy ive finnished watching gu family its so beautiful and almost cry in that and cho kang chi are verry good actingwishing you and lee seung ki had many project and hoping you two come here in philippines

Joy Golila I've just finished watching the whole episodes of Gu Family Book and I found it very nice and interesting story ! .. I'm your fan now Suzy .. you're truly an amazing actress and singer .. I just wished that you will work on the season 2 of Gu family book .. I will wait for that :) Keep up the good work and dream HIGH !!!

  1. from Philippines :)

hasnan Bae suzy is a wonderful girl, i realy like her and i wish her the best in her career...much <3 <3 <3

chao ..u have the best smile ^_^ ang cute moh ¡!! <3

jhapz seek i hope miss bae suzy vist philippines! we are waiting here. for u! i am number one fan. God bless you!

Moana Marie Marquez Bae suzy is my idol she is so cute & talinted . :D

Dipankar Nakarmi So beautiful!! like her a lot wish I can meet her!!

Dianne Alpajaro Suzy is one of my favorite Korean actress specially the TV show dream high THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!

jennifer suzy is truly amazing. i know that although she had a rough start as a actress, she is truly getting better. gu family book was AMAZING, and suzy did improve her acting and also made it alot more interesting!

dreamer Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun are so perfect!

sara THAT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!

ryan i\I love you Bae Suzy..youre so great in gu family book..i hope season 2 of gu family book together again with lee seung gi because the two of you are perfect together..very very god chemistry.i hope you two are reality lovers..BAE SUZY love you so much ang GU FAMILY BOOK.. + GU FAMILY BOOK 2 AHAHA..

Im Ryan P. from Philippines.. i will always watch you!!you my favorite korean actress and u..

Teresa I absolutely love you suzy! Suzy jjang! She's my favorite celebrity in the world and I think gu family book is one of the best dramas out there! I totally recommend this drama her acting skills improved so much! She is a good actor and a great singer! I ship suzy and lee seung gi soooo much they are perfect together. I love her she's smart, talented, and naturally beautiful. Suzy fighting!! <3

Thebest Suzy the best <3<3<3

Lion Really good in Gu Family Book! She improved a lot. Really felt her in Gu Family Book !

carrie there's no truth in your words @anynomous. It's just like your name.

Bae Suzy is loved by many and many actors wanted to work with her. Don't worry fans, Suzy will have more acting projects to look forward and she will be even a greater star than ever.

sadat She really adicts me. I just cant stop admiring her. Hope we would meet someday. I really really love her!!!!!!!

Lerato Manong Annyeong Bae Suzy and Chingus!!!!Bae you are fantastic!Loveeee your acting skills on Gu family book(Dam)! You are awesome!!!and LOVE you to BITS!!!!


Lerato Manong Annyeong Bae Suzy and Chingus!!!!Bae you are fantastic!Loveeee your acting skills on Gu family book(Dam)! You are awesome!!!and LOVE you to BITS!!!!

anynomous Oh please guys. I know she's pretty but to be honest she cant sing. Always go lip sync -.-" and acting? lol the directors said that she's so bad at acting. No offense.Just tell you the truth.

Tania Ummmm I think Suzy is great Suzy and min they are my fav From miss a go Suzy ! Please cheer for min aswell !

jean bae suzy,,is a pretty and cute Korean actress... and I love her.......

Be Ja OH and btw Suzy you are amazingly stunning and extremly talented! Keep on your good work and never let anyone tell you different ;) <3 <3 <3

Be Ja I hope gu family book will continue! Alomst feels like it when everyone returned in 2013;) So can Kang shi make Yeo-Wool fall in love with him this time, and work for it! And then he can finally have her a hole lifetime <3

DiiitaAM natural beauty bae suzy...she can do anything, she has many talents ^^

Taylor One of my fav actress since Dream High. She is soo pretty, has an amazing voice, and is very good at acting. Love her hehehe

I'm so fab This girl can do everything! She acts well and dramas/movies become hits, she sings OSTs for her dramas and CFs so well, she dances for her CFs too, she do a lot of modelling jobs with utmost charms, she can do comedy by showing her 4D tendencies, she can do 60 interviews per day!!! on top of that she's a member of a popular and talented girlgroup miss A!!! and all that and just trained for a year???and she's so young!!! She's so FABULOUS! she will have a very successful career life ahead. She's just that talented!

barbara for all the coments that says that suzy can't sing is not true! She has a sweet , cute and a beautiful voice! Have you guys watched her singing someone like you?if you haven't, you have to, CUZ SHE SINGS SO GOOD ! and about her acting she is a good and a talented actress, i'm not saying this just because i'm a fan of suzy but because its the reality, before you hate her PLEASE LOOK AT YOURSELF, she is a member of Miss A, and she HAS 18 YEARS OLD ok? and still perfect, you guys are jealous i think.

  1. JustSaying

Jio I love her because of IY2, obsessed with her lol! Currently watching GFB :p Beautiful voice,beautiful face,beautiful heart! No wonder she has tons of fanboys! Love u baeby

gg I think she's not good in singing too after watching dh 1.

Nia Annyeong Suzy^^ I'm one of your fans and you're awesome.fullstop.

Anonymous Is it just me, or can anyone else not really imagine Suzy singing? Or at least the types that Miss A does. I guess it's because I just knew of her, but only really saw her in Gu Family book and then started watching other things... It just seems like she wouldn't sing, especially rap(ish) songs.

random I have no idea why L keep choosing Suzy as his ideal type while she keep rejecting him. Poor L ~ He should've choose another girl! There are a lot of better girls,L.Move on~ And she is choosen as actress dat has 2 personalities right? I kinda agree with that.

cushie^^ omo^^ your amazing suzy!!! everything about you is amazing^^

shafia OMG, suzy your simply too awesome, im defiantly your BIGGEST BIGGEST fan <3 i hope i can meet you one day, and i'll always be supporting you in every way i can! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ want you to lead in more dramas movies and CF's <3<3<3 your so cool aNd so cuuuute! keep doing what your doinggg! daebak! FIGHTING! ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

Karen I will always be your fan >< Fighting,Suzy unnie Saranghae!! ♥ ♥ ♥

deyv Dam Yeo Wool-ssi. Saranghae!! ♥ ♥ ♥

jilliana Suzy i like you're voice. Daekbak.. ^_^

bianc sanico hi suzy unnie :) I am one of your biggest fan from Philippines :) you inspire me to achieve my dreams :) I hope you will have a comeback this year ^_^

danna hello suzy! :) im your solid fan from the philippines. hope i could see u someday :) hope more2x tv shows to come and blessings :))

Kasumi She's so pretty.. I Love all her dramas and movies... She's good in acting.. Wahhh, i really wanted to see you in personal.. Your so cute also unnie.. :))

say A I always watch Suzy project from tv shows, movie, drama, mv, concerts also cf. I really like you eoni because you so nature, pretty, humble and funny. 4D women! Suzy Jjang - Daebak! I really love when you pairing with So hyun oppa, 2PM oppas (specially Junho and Chansung), TOP, Minho, Infite L, Lee Hyun Woo, Kang dong won (whoaa this is amazing match) also all the good looking namja on Daehaminguk

Rica bae suzy Im in Philippines i wish i was in korea i want to see you, i watch all your movies also i watch and follow the mv. of miss a, you is my idol... if i in korea i buy vip ticket to see you in personal and in front... your so very pretty......your the best....

Alex I really hope to see more of Suzy in the future. I was amazed by her performance in Architecture 101. Who knew that she could pull off such a heart wrenching scene... ♥ ♥ ♥ Fighting!! :D

Bella Bae Suji unnie, saranghae!

johnmark Hi miss bae suzy.I Hope that you will visit philippines

imperfectionn I love you suzy!!! You're pretty and amazing:) I hope that you can act in more dramas~

sonny I LOVE YOU SUZY *_* Please act on more movies, dramas, and also more powers to Miss A You're the definition of Perfection

marielle BAE SUZY!!! youre so pretty/

        you Are a perfect girl for KIM SOO HYUN!!

hahhaa!!!!!!!!!! I am youre biggest fan!

Sama Sarange suzy ah

XXX Suzy!!! Sarange!!!

Suzy Fan! I really love and admire you Suzy noona!! XD ...I WISH I CAN GET YOUR SIGN..AND HUG :p

suGbomb suzy,the cutest princess the prettiest kpop idol the most charming fella...i luv her sososo much

fanalol I'm a girl and i'm in love with her she is sooo beautiful and talented, I really like her voice and her act

Elle est juste magnifique je comprend pas les gens qui disent qu'elle n'est pas talentueuse, en tout cas pour moi elle est juste parfaite (même si personne ne l'est!!!!)

Waniey Suzy, I love you so much...u are very cute and beautiful..hope u come to Malaysia to visit me...haha..if my dreams come true...:')

Sayan Prince Suzy i love you<3..saranghae you're my idol^^

I am the best Please...babe more dramas and movies're very good! Sing more OSTs, More dance for missA..You're very talented!

Shadel Okey, here I am now. I really don't know Miss A not until a find Suzy in Dream High, my God they are FANTASTIC singers & dancers as I watch their videos on Youtube. It's been a month now after I brought Dream High DVD as part of my Korean Drama collection (now I have more or less 60 DVD's). And after seeing Suzy in Dream High this young girl really made me addicted to her and I do admit, I am really a fan of her. She's so TALENTED, and she's too young, I am surprised that she's only 16 years old in Dream High, and now she's 17, still a MINOR but she's so tall & have a hot figure. As a woman I am so impressed, she's pretty, sexy, kind & very talented, what's more. She's AMAZING!

Shay gaya I LOVE BAE SUZY especially when she was in dream high. I love kim soo hyun for me, i wish you guys are real life partners.more projects to come both of you suzy and kim soo hyun

dawang hi Suzy I Dawang I was a fan of you I wish I could meet with you and I hope you can go to Indonesia so I could say welcome to the kedunggebang

rafael annyeonghaseyo joh-eun achim suji iyuneunchoegoui paen-i jeoneun jega meonjeo peiseu bug e chugahal geos-ibnida

Christopher Tsssk... Ur my #1

Arief nax rainbow I want to meet you suzy,but icant,only in dream high drama i can look you. . . Bye. . Saranghae to you from indonesia

Arief nax rainbow Love you suzy. . . .saranghae to you from indonesia. . .

Arief nax rainbow You are beautiful girl, iam your no.1 fan,and i wish you can visited indonesia. . Saranghae

lovesuzy1994 Suzy won the award 'Best Actress (Movie)' in Mnet 20's Choice Award!!!!! Please add it!!!!

Anna pretty girl, I love you .when you cried in dream high,I cried too! Love you.

mezzy MY ULTIMATE KPOP BIAS SUZY!!!! So talented..Singing, dancing, acting..soooo wow because of her I found my favorite kpop group missA!!!

cutie Suzy is awesome! She has such a beautiful voice and she acts pretty well! My favorite Miss A member is SUZY for sure! I love her <3

Monica onnieee you're so beautiful. your acting,and your style so wow you are full fairiest of all ^^

jhasnhia hi i really admire u.your quiet cute teenager.i really watch your movies specially DREAMHIGH YOUR AWESOME


hayumimonokoru i really really admire suzy , when shes smile my day is complete . when i saw her picture i super SMILE and inspired <3

aldrin manginon hi miss suzy your so young but you are talented...... i really like you and your so cute....... more power to your carreer.....

raina shes Pretty So Very qood actress .

raina i really like you suzy im proud of you., so much number 1 fan me .

Grince Suzy-ah~ Cannot wait to see you in BIG!!!!! Love Rain sucks!!! Why 20 eps?? Too long!!! :(

princess yne unnie youreso beutiful 3> 3>

Tin Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Bae suji!!! I'm a big fan of yours.. especially in Dream High.. More power to you and Godbless!!! <3 나는 당신을 사랑해요 Unni!!! ^_^

Nathalie Im your no. 1 fan

Hannah Your so beautiful!!you're a really good actress!! I ALWAYS watch DREAMHIGH!! TaecYeon and Bae Suzy BEST LOVETEAM!!

Nathalie Hi Ms. Suzy your very good at singing and dancing wish I am too. You are my idol. Your so beautiful.

Suzy's HUGE fan WOWWWW~ A combination of Suzy and Hong Sisters!!!!!!!!!! so so so exciting!!! Love Rain, please end soon!! I cannot wait to see Suzy! Bae Suzy! Please do well in your new project :) Love love love :D

jen cant wait for you "big" next drama !

Dan I Like you so much miss Su-ji

You're so cute

Can you send your pic in my acc.? ??

gomawo eonni <3 saranghae

hyacinth Hi ms.suzy! i really love you! yeah have awesome skills in acting.. admire you on dream high,, hoping youll have many projects to come.. your company is lucky to have you! :))

Lovely I really love SUZy

super admire you

im hoping that i will be able to meet you someday

saranghae <3

ilovebae please somebody change her current pictures...i mean she have a trillion gazillion beautiful pictures out there right...the pictures is so outdated.....please please please

Ulva Sueweeties I am very happy with Suzy, Suzy either sing or play the movie again .. Suzy is a multitalented artist and singer .. I was idolized Bae Suzy ..

Shin Eun Yoo suzy you're my idol.. ^_____^ keep it up.. I love your voice..

Ann She is amazing, even at such a young age! An amazing actress and an awesome singer I love her voice, it's strong and amazing.

senserstarshine your appearance in hello baby with mblaq (on the phone) was so awesome! Dream high was your best drama! xxx u should get with taecyeon or mir!

rini i love u suzy yaaaaaaaa....prettyyyyy

jennifer suzy saw your new mv ! it "touched" my heart !

mimi i lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove suzy i lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove miss a i lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove dream high i lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove whatever that suzy be in it

mimi i love suzy... she is the best

TY she is really young but so gorgeous.. :)

Hasan Hmmmm....!

Kagum sama U

#93 Ever since i watched Dream High, I've become a fan of Suzy as well as Miss A

Unhy Kakak tuch kalau diliat-liat ternyata mirip aq loch>.>.>.>.>...

rizka cutez cayyo dream high. . I like it. . .

Noriel she's 16 and im 12 but i dont care........age does not matter to me......i wish you'll be inside the true church'be saved in the day of judgemnt ...wish you'll find...i wish u happines and being healthy

Noriel she's 16 and im 12 but i dont care........age does not matter to me......

saeid zaer hi suzy Unlike the others i dont wanna be your husband, lol and wtf why ppl want to marry with serials star, idk, anyway I wish u good future and happiness with your family wherever u R. ^_^

samiar Hi dear...actully im so jalessi...that so many people loves you.i have a wish i want to sing with older than u suzy.about parsian.u are actactive just like me ;-)

shinji saranghaeyo! Sangeee wooo… i wanna be your husband!!!

shinji saranghaeyo! Sangeee wooo... i wanna be your husband!!!

Rendy hy suji Hi bae suji. ... I'm send from indonesia.. I really like your movie. And watch it everyday in imdonesia. And I like you in this movie.

Samnith Hi bae suji. ... I'm send from Cambodia.. I really like your movie. And watch it everyday in cambodia. And I like you in this movie.

Lee hah .. I watch dream high for seeing suzy

DreamHigher I Love U U older than me, but okay !

Alex I like It <3

LadySky I really like her :) she is so beaituful<3 miss A fighting:)

Tonez rico I LIKE YOU....(^_^)


ryan gusich hye mi.....I verry like you suzy and dream high

Mart Wow first TV drama it was very good but they could have made it a bit longer at the end. Also I thought that Jin Guk was going to sing that birthday song and be together instead of loving the Song Sam Dong. I also couldn't believe that she is 16 so young and she very hot.

rhenitakiya you're so beautifulllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ska you're beautiful...

Maia Ca nice chemistry between you and kim oppa...and also wth taechyon

Gidion the Livingson You're so beautiful and so cute :D

Be tough and have a big spirit!!!!

Your Fans you act very good, no no no i mean you are a perfect girl to play the role become Ko Hye Mi in the first drama serial Korea.... 어서! ! !어서! ! !어서! ! ! I always become your fanatic fans..... ^^

Avi gaga Suzy kummawo you movie is so good your acting is so greet , excellent suzy

AAS di Soreang AAS hoyong pisan jadi Bae Suji, anyong hahahahahaseoooo o o o o (duh malu padahal cowok eui)

dewa i like your performance you still younger's, beautiful and amazing

dewa i like your performance, you still younger's, beautiful and amazing

lia i want to see suzy too

lia you're very beautiful and talented..........fighting

kassu unii......!!! sarangae <3

gurlz97 you think I can not see Suzy because I was in malaysia. I want to wait to see Suzy. annyeong ... good luck for me

rose ann23 are so gorgeous... i like you in the "dream high"movie you are so talented...

rose ann23 ...hmm... i love ur movie... i love dream high soundtrack... :)

vanessa ah, ur so beautiful,,, ... i love u.,. mwah!!

Eradikorean damn. I was born 1990 but I can't sing and dance like her.I was shock when I saw her birth year.I will be waiting for the dream high 2. I already finish dream high.Want to meet her.KKyyaaahhhhhh. I knew Miss A group because of Go Hye Mi (Suzy). goosebumps everytime I watch bad girl good girl mv..Fighting Miss A!!

Ozmin How can I meet her????? <3 heeeeelp me

Aliah i love dreamhigh..... i finished the movie just yesterday.... i really really like it..... i love bae suji....

negin your voice is so incredible! good jab! chukahe!

jiean Good job bae suji.....loved the work....your voice incredible...superb....I loved your smile rather than you crying in the drama... do well in future too...

Andrew Kim She's very talented, great voice/singer, very cute ^^, and overall a good actor. I hope the best for her, good luck Suji! FIGHTING!

Ardvisoor She was so perfect in Dream High, i hope her success path will continue :)

kwon yeon young i really love bae sue ji !!!! . . hope to see her in personal !!!!. . . . .

JAZMIN helo me facino su peli

JAZMIN Me encanto su peli es tubo chebre en la forme q actuo es tubo bien me cae bienn s una actris muy buena y la apoyo sigue con tu carrera

sigrid hi bae suji!!! i love how you act on Drean High! im also 1994.. but im older than you for about 10 days. .>_<. im your fan!!'re so beautiful.. ♥♥♥

thine I never watch yet this drama but I Love to see it not because of her but because of my crush Kim Hyun Joong Oh my good I've been waiting him to act again I love his drama mischievous his so handsome super....

I'm deadly to meet him.. his my first Korean Crush, he change my views about Korean artist his so great....


koreana yuhh....ryt

she is too young to have a kissing scene!!!!!!!!

korean i mean " but "

korean bat..she too young to have a kissing scene

MGL so beautiful

and i <3 u..

red hi goe shuu chi amidral aa gj

Rick dream girl .. true whether your 16 years of age? very great at the age of 16 years as pretty as you .. when you want to Indonesia .. if you come here I'll be at .. vip ticket to see you in the front row

Rick 안녕하세요 예쁜 아가씨 ... 당신은 매우 새로운 시대에 그는 16 살이 됐을 때도 매력적인 봐요 .. 내 이름 확인을 인도네시아에서 리키 인사말입니다 .. 아름다운 .. 하하는 배 스와의 지원과 사랑에 느낌

soki hi I*m mongolia girl

Fardad I Love U Suzi

NA ur're so beautifuL. I think I loved u :*

DIPESH ADHIKARI hey bae, you are so sweet like sugar and cute like snow i like u very very much. Im from Nepal and here is a huge problem of electricity, we have to wait 7 hours for electricity. It took 4 days to complete watching your show. Still today im watching this drama specially you. Im missing you alot.  :'-(

Star so pretty. I love she so Much

Cute Girl you so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irish R. i like you voice.

you're so young.

you're younger than me.

and you're also pretty.

lotzkiiee ang gling niya tlga s dream high!!.. sobra... gus2ng gus2 q ung episode 10... (^_^)

arpe i adore her ALOT. she is so beautiful and talented , i've only seen her in the korean drama DREAM HIGH .I WISH HER ALL THE BEST. ONE OF MY DREAMS IS TO vests Korea and meet all the celebrities i love especially SUPER JUNIOR ,Bae Suji, IU OR JU ,SS5O1 AND SHINEE BUT THE MOST I REALLY WANT TO SEE IS <3 super junior > they're my first love , i really wish they come to dubai so i can go there !

charl_1996 she's really good at singing and acting (at dream high) especially when she sang "winter child" for taecyeon... I like her role because her role is an independent girl whose are stolen and she's trying to get it back... :)

sushi girl wow...16 lang pla c hyemi...galing nia...


Didie I'm 18. Marry me :P

Evan Quotes from Aqua: "Wow, only sixteen but a pretty good actor and singer!!"

Geez! Do you see her as a man? She appears to be as womanly pure 100 percent right there =p I really hope to see her more in acting (probably as main role). Ganbatte Su Ji chan ! xxx

Bad Girl I've been lurking over the internet and found "Dream High" few days ago. I began to like her role as Go Hye-Mi which is pretty bad ass <3 Before this, I have no clue who she really is (meh,I'm pretty outdated when it comes to korean artists),till I made myself busy clicking over the net to figure out *_* I was like.. "OMFG daaaaaaaaamn!" Knowing her age and all, really amazed me. She is very adorable and talented! I believe she can go very further for her career success.

Su-Ji Fighting!!! xoxoxo

himitsu Hi =)

I`ve discovered her at Dream High, I like her voice, her acting. She inspires me =) I hope she have a good personality, not like Baek Hee in Dream High XP

But whatever, she is fine fellow! And I wish her all the best in her life and in her career =)!

Bae Suji - Thank you very much =)!

suriahti she's so cute..

SABRINA she is a good actress... she know how to dance... to sing... I can't even dance or sing like her... and i'm older than her 2 year... but i can't even sing or dance.... i mean i know how to dance a little..

Ch!pMuNkY she is so young!!!

kaye i live in england, i wish i was in korea tho, i love the dramas and the actors/actresses, and the singers are all so talented. Shes so young, same age as my brother and its surprising how shes already made it big at her age. well done and keep up the good work!!! im a very big fan!!! xxx

Cromn2002 Young, talented & pretty... love her ;-)

misha she is my ispiracion

misha She was born in 1994,that's really not to belive. I have birthday in 21.08.1994 ... I'ts really ... cute and she can verry well dancing and singing. She's really perfect. <3

Nochiee Gosh, 1994?!! Im also 1994, but I can't sing nor dance like her! Gah.. -.- She's amazing.

songhyun94 She's so young, Her birthday in Oktober 1994, and my birthday is in Nov 1994, i wish she will be my classmate and be a good friend,

Aqua Wow, only sixteen but a pretty good actor and singer!!

XP perfect! i will marry you!

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