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18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon's (Shin Won-Ho) spirit suddenly finds itself in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) . Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Gil Da-Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon. More problems ensue when 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman (Bae Suzy).


Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung), currently preparing to take for her teacher's exam, goes to a wedding hall to deliver a bouquet. When she hands over the bouquet Da-Ran discovers the bride is a friend of hers. Da-Ran also makes the uncomfortable realization that she wasn't invited to her friend's wedding. She stays at the wedding and gives money to the couple as a wedding gift. Da-Ran then eats lunch at the wedding alone. She then receives a phone call that the bouquet was delivered to the wrong bride and she needs to get it back. Da-Ran attempts to catch the bouquet at the end of the wedding, but bumps into a man named Yoon-Jae (Gong Yoo). Due to the bump, Da-Ran falls down the stairs and is hospitalized. As fate has it, her doctor at the hospital is Yoon-Jae, the man she bumped into at the wedding. Their relationship develops into a romantic relationship and one month later they plan to get married.

Now, Da-Ran works as a temporary teacher at a high school, while preparing for her exam to become a teacher. When she goes to work on the bus, she listens to her own story that she wrote in to the radio station. Da-Ran gets off the bus and a young man Gyung-Joon (Shin Won-Ho) gets off at the same bus stop. Da-Ran mistakenly believes the young man likes her. It turns out that Da-Ran took his umbrella on the bus and Gyung-Joon is a student at the high school where she works. High school student Gyung-Joon lived in the United States with his mother, but after his mother died came back to South Korea.

Da-Ran's wedding approaches and she is excited, but Yoon-Jae acts differently. Yoon-Jae seems to be avoiding Da-Ran. On the day they are to look for a new home, Yoon-Jae calls that he can't make it and Da-Ran bursts into tears. She asks if Yoon-Jae really loves her or just feels responsible for her and then hangs up. She doesn't know what to do. Then, her student Gyung-Joon sees her and takes her on a ride on his motorcycle. They go out to a lake, outside of Seoul. While looking at the water, Yoon-Jae calls Da-Ran and tells her that he will give her the answer to her question. Meanwhile, Gyung-Joon gets back on his motorcycle and leaves.

Yoon-Jae drives out to meet Da-Ran by the lake. Meanwhile, Gyung-Joon is leaving the area on his motorcycle. As the two approach each other, an accident occurs in front of them. They both try to avoid the car crash and both drive into the water.

As Yoon-Jae's car sinks deeper into the water, he manages to get out of the car, but sees high school student Gyung-Joon sinking past him. Yoon-Jae grabs him and goes back up to the surface.

At the hospital, Yoon-Jae is declared dead. Da-Ran rushes to the hospital and cries in front of the hospital mortuary. Then, Yoon-Jae suddenly wakes up. When he sees himself in the mirror he is shocked. He has Yoon-Jae's body, but his mind is that of high school student Gyung-Joon. He walks out of the mortuary and sees Da-Ran crying in the hallway. Da-Ran is so happy to see Yoon-Jae alive, but he insists that he is Gyung-Joon. Gyung-Joon then wonders where his body is and finds that his body is unconscious and in the hospital. Gyung-Joon starts to panic and walks out of the hospital.

Da-Ran finds out Gyung-Joon's address and goes there. She finds Yoon-Jae's body laying down in the high school student's bed. She realizes that Gyun-Joon's mind is indeed in the body of her fiance Yoon-Jae.


  1. "Big" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Love Rain" and will be replaced by "Haeundae Lovers" on August 13, 2012.
  2. First script reading took place on April 14, 2012 at the KBS Annex building. Screenwriters Hong Jeong-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran, plus cast members Gong Yoo, Lee Min-Jung & Jang Hee-Jin all took part. Singer/actress Bae Suzy also attended to say hi to the other cast members, even though she is on vacation and will not appear until episode 3.
  3. Filming first took place at a hospital in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The scene involved 18-year-old high school student Kang Gyung-Joon (Gong Yoo) first discovering his spirit has been transported into doctor Seo Yoon-Jae (Gong Yoo).
  4. Bae Suzy, who plays Jang Ma-Ri in the series and is a member of Kpop girl group "Miss A," sings the OST song "Still Love" (Geuraedo Saranghae) for drama series "Big." The song will be released on July 16 through online music websites. The song "Still Love" describes the mind of a woman who is in an one-sided love, like her character Jang Ma-Ri.


Big-Gong Yoo.jpg Big-Gong Yoo1.jpg Big-Lee Min-Jung.jpg Big-Bae Suzy.jpg Big-Jang Hee-Jin.jpg
Gong Yoo Gong Yoo Lee Min-Jung Bae Suzy Jang Hee-Jin
Yoon-Jae's body+Gyung-Joon's spirit Seo Yoon-Jae Gil Da-Ran Jang Ma-Ri Lee Se-Young
Shin Won-Ho Big-Kim Hyun-Sung.jpg Big-Ko Su-Hee.jpg Big-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg Big-Yoon Hae-Young.jpg
Shin Won-Ho Jang Hyun-Sung Ko Su-Hee Ahn Seok-Hwan Yoon Hae-Young
Kang Gyung-Joon Kang Hyuk-Soo Lee Gyung-Mi Gil Min-Gyu Lee Jung-Hye
Big-Baek Sung-Hyun.jpg Big (Korean Drama)-Im Ji-Eun.jpg Big (Korean Drama)-Kim Seo-Ra.jpg Big (Korean Drama)-Jo Young-Jin.jpg Big (Korean Drama)-Mun Ji-Yun.jpg
Baek Sung-Hyun Im Ji-Eun Kim Seo-Ra Jo Young-Jin Moon Ji-Yoon
Gil Choong-Sik Kang Hee-Soo An Hye-Jung Seo In-Wook Na Hyo-Sang
Big (Korean Drama)-Choi Ran.jpg Big (Korean Drama)-Shin Ji-Su.jpg
Choi Ran Shin Ji-Soo
Kim Young-Ok Lee Ae-Kyung

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-06-04 1 8.9% (17th) 10.4% (8th) NR 8.9% (16th)
2012-06-05 2 8.0% (18th) 9.7% (11th) 7.4% (20th) 8.1% (15th)
2012-06-11 3 NR 8.4% (19th) 8.4% (17th) 9.4% (12th)
2012-06-12 4 7.6% (19th) 8.9% (14th) 7.9% (17th) 8.9% (13th)
2012-06-18 5 NR 10.1% (10th) NR 9.3% (14th)
2012-06-19 6 8.9% (17th) 11.1% (7th) 8.3% (18th) 9.3% (12th)
2012-06-25 7 NR 9.7% (12th) 8.9% (18th) 10.4% (10th)
2012-06-26 8 7.8% (20th) 9.2% (14th) 7.9% (19th) 8.7% (15th)
2012-07-02 9 NR NR NR 9.1% (16th)
2012-07-03 10 8.8% (17th) 9.8% (11th) 8.1% (19th) 9.0% (14th)
2012-07-09 11 9.5% (18th) 10.5% (11th) 9.2% (16th) 10.4% (9th)
2012-07-10 12 9.6% (17th) 11.0% (13th) 8.9% (17th) 10.1% (14th)
2012-07-16 13 NR 9.2% (14th) NR 9.7% (13th)
2012-07-17 14 8.6% (19th) 9.4% (16th) 7.8% (20th) 8.8% (17th)
2012-07-23 15 10.1% (15th) 10.2% (11th) 9.7% (16th) 10.8% (10th)
2012-07-24 16 11.5% (8th) 12.0% (7th) 11.1% (5th) 12.2% (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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ahn ju i never finish this drama yet, because there was no climax problem in those plot, so i felt bored...

Alcar This Drama was Awesome, although the ending wasn't sad but it was "Disappointing"! but generally, It was a fun drama and all the actresses were awesome!

big secret I love Suzy,,what is her number ??? hahaha

mel It was so cute but I got very confused, but it was a cute story, but short, and I just loved all the actors, so handsome, actresses were pretty, kids to need more stories like this, lol

Archi I only watched the first three episodes, but to be honest I think I'm already crazy for it!

bsk worst ending eveeeer!!! total time waste

KKJ would you please change the ending, pretty pleaseee?? :'( 1st eps until the 15th eps are very fantasic, but how was the ending?! one word: dissapointed!!

Incwia I watched it a long time ago and it's one of my favourites... I think it wasnt that popular because people were just too stupid too get it ^^

RJCBKD at first i enjoyed watching it. but i wasnt satisfied at how the story ran. i didnt even like the ending. i thought it was mentioned that they both woke up. but they didnt go back to their own body? it was boring. i only liked the first parts...

MarkPolonius It started well but it ended horribly. Poor Yoon-Jae, for saving his brother who he did not even know, being loving and faithful to her fiancee, being a good and caring doctor, searched diligently for his brother, etc, etc...what does he get? He gets jilted by her fiancee for his brother whose life he even saved...with the suggestion that Yoon-Jae will end up with the evil, conniving doctor Se-Young. Terrible ending. And why did Gyung-Joon keep the body of Yoon-jae after they have supposedly switched back? No wonder it flopped. It was so horrible that I cancelled my Drama Fever subscription.

Galactic I loved as much as you'll receive carried out right here. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish.

nonetheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this increase.

nicebut Although the story is not that interesting, but both actor gong yoo and lee min jung are fun to watch :), great chemistry and acting. hopefully they can prform in another drama together again..

DramaAddict Stupid drama . Everything is nonsense

han it's really fantastic drama , i can feel how good this drama (Y)

merpiks BIG is such a flop for Hong Sisters, thank God Master's Sun is their saving grace.

Disapponting ending. Nonsense plot.

dramafanatic Ending is so disappointing. Does anyone else wonder what did Yoon Jae feel when he found out that his brother is now seeing his fiance? He was about to marry her. Spent a lot of time in a coma because he rescued someone and when he awoke he found out that someone is his brother and boyfriend of his now ex fiance?? Totally stupid.

Yahn Ana Very creative and great acting. The cast was very good and the story line true to and original. Keep up the good work!

niki can somebody tell me why on earth are the ratings so low?i mean...this is one of the most creative well product...and well developed series ever...i just don't get it...the heirs..with that so not good plot and seriously poor acting is having 17% and this wonderful series rating never went up from 10%? what's going on in korea?

Clarkdale44 Well it started out nice in the episode one and i felt excited but it got weird in the middle. There critical <> ahead. I was looking forward to seeing Shin wake up but all he does in the entire drama is lying on bed. Story sequence is weird... This drama should be packed up in 10 EP but they keep dragging it with nonsense plot.

Ending is such a disappointment, even though ending was satisfactory. As other users said that KKJ resembled Yoon coz he is his brother, but how is this possible in such a short time.. They were only apart for 1 year. I mean in the EP 16 last scene, when KKJ called Gil Da Ran, when she left the bus, seeing the body, it seemed like Yoon's. I just don't get it how come he is able to look like his brother Yoon in a year? Its confusing... Many questions are still unanswered like what was the answer of Yoon in the EP 1?

After watching this drama all i am left with is lots of frustration.. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. Man they should keep it simple....

Ending The ending of this drama is suckkksssssss. Really disappointed. Zzzzzz


Nicole Anyone know where can I get the music soundtrack for big? Eg the first episode when da ran fall off the stairs, that music.

Min Jung Fan I Love This Drama!!! I watched this series 3 times this month alone, I love Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo together. Right now i cant stand to watch other dramas other than this one, the lead stars really made an impact on my drama preference. It would be nice if they would make another drama together. I only hope that the husband of min jung won't get jealous. lol. hahahahaha

Eung Jung Warning: Spoilers. Big is a very creative story. I recently saw Bae Suzy in Gu Family Book and liked her in that drama. Because of that, her irritating role of stalking Kang Gyung-joon in Big did not irritate me too much. I thought the main actors did a nice job. In the final scene of episode 16, I think it worked okay to not show the face of the man under the green umbrella with Gil Da-ran. Because I had seen Gong Yoo acting as Yoon-jae’s body + Gyung-joon’s spirit for the majority of the drama, I had grown attached to him and would only have liked to see him with her at the end. Shin Won-ho, on the other hand, was asleep almost the whole time and I didn’t have a chance to get as attached to him. So, if he would have shown up in the final scene under the green umbrella, the ending would not have been as impactful to me. I think leaving room for the viewers to imagine the face of the man under the green umbrella was the best solution to end the drama. I think that rather than seeing which face was under the green umbrella, what is most important is to know that the man’s body under the green umbrella had the spirit of Gyung-joon in it. And Gyung-joon’s spirit was definitely there. Evidence of that included seeing the man wearing the wrist watch that Gil Da-ran gave to Gong Yoo’s character. Also, in the final scene, the continuous flashbacks to Gil Da-ran & Gong Yoo’s character’s PREVIOUS scene under the green umbrella, when they had said goodbye to each other, helped validate that the man under the green umbrella had Gyung-joon’s spirit. I can see how the ending might be a let-down for some viewers, because you do not get to see the man’s face. And I can see how the ending might be confusing, too. But it did make sense to me. And I was okay with the ending. I just imagined the face of Gong Yoo under the umbrella; since that’s the face I would have preferred seeing. This drama was light, imaginative and fun to watch.

Wiwi From Morocco FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE ENDING : READ THIS :D <3 i understood the ending of this searies by reading a youtube comment ! Kyung joon and yoon jae actually changed body , and because they are brothers , kung kyung joon grew up and start looking like his big brother yoon jae ! So the ending is definitly happy because Da-ran gets back after a long period to the one she loves who is kyung joon <3 ! The Director was very genious , he did that to let this drama live an impact in our minds ;) ! In the comment , the boy wrote that he copy this from a " BIG" Fan page. It's Just a Great Drama, I Love It and I Love " YOO " <3 Haha XOXO

yumi WARNING: this ending may make you mad so I recommend stopping around ep 14 and tell yourself that it was a happy ending. from around ep 10 it kept on dragging and kind of making me mad, but since lee min jung is suuuper gorgeous and gong yoo is talented, I couldn't stop watching. started watching for suzy, stayed for lee min jung :)

Jessica Kim Hae Na i love this drama and the acting from all the actors especially from gong yoo as seo yoon jae and shin won ho as kang kyung joon. Love both of them but could someone help explain the ending? I can't quite understand them. If they have changed body why did seo yoon jae appeared saying kang kyung joon lines? WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! THANK YOU!!

rara just my opinion.. if u guys love this drama and hate the ending, u should watch "I hear your voice". that drama kinda lookslike big in "noona-dongsaeng" relationship and it's really sweet !!!! i watched it and i just think like.. "aah.. so this is the feelings about noona-dongsaeng relationship". love it soooo much !

fizah start falling in love at this drama from episode 1 .

sepide so confusing ..i'm sure that the person who showed up at the end was gong yoo i know his hands and his voice...but why didn't they show his face?what was going on with his brothers if he was still in his body?by the way it was beautiful drama and gong yoo ws as outstanding as always..i'm so shocked by the ratings ..doesn't Koreans understand the cuteness of gong yoo?

Mithuna Reddy Such an awesome drama and such a damn ending which sucks!!! Confused ending. Definitely they should show Big 2 and the ending should be starting of Big 1. And should be shown as, the confused ending is a dream of Gil Da Ran and next BIG 2. Must say the actors and the actress should be the same even in Big 2. Gong Yoo as Kyung Jun in Yoon Jae's body has excelled I really loved and enjoyed his action.

april I just watch this series .. im bit disappointed of the last episode ...i think they should continue it..

rykha I think this is how the ending means: Gil Da Ran meet again with a grown up KKJ. Their mom said that YJ and KKJ are twins. So when KKJ is getting older, he and YJ is look alike. So the one who met Da Ran at the bus stop with the green umbrella is an adult version of KKJ. They are twins so they will look the same. KKJ might not remember the memories when they are together, but Da Ran will show KKJ how she loves him like her promise

skhandayani i hope Gil Da Ran can married with real Kang Kyoong Jong' body.. it will so funny.. :D maybe

skhandayani please make BIG part 2 !! :"( it made me sad when I watch it for the end cause it make me confuse.. ugh :(

Gabriella please make a part 2!!!! but Gong Yoo still become a lead actor :D

Mryse Though I loved it and loved Gong Yoo he has such a sweet smile, but the ending was very disappointing.....

I had to figure out the ending, though I was watching it to know what will happen in the end.........

May be it needs part 2

yasmina i love this series so so much please make part 2

Mezerreg Nesrine I just finished watching a final episode, it's a good drama & I have enjoyed with BIG

toty I loooved it . I hope they have part 2 ....

sara i like this drama very much and i am watching it with my friends but i want to ask about the song they use to make ep.1 trailer??????? and thanks

johanne i really love this drama.the story was so lovely that your'e craving to watch for more!And i also had fallen inlove with characters.Would there be a possibility of having part 2,the story was so nice and its quite depressing having an ending like that.. >.<

dianne jayde love you lee min jung!!!!,

haya LOVE THIS SHOW, its simply amazing. Although the ending was kinda disappointing. LOVE GONG YOO he is super cute ^.^

Bo-Ra Mm hiiii! Like always kong ji choul is the best! I can not explane him for myself! When he act i think he is in real life!!! When he cry! He is awsom! Good luck ji choul-ssi :) but i still confuse about ending! Hope have season 2;)

jared I don't know why it pained me when BIG ended. Maybe because I wanted to see Da Ran ended up with the doctor. Though the ending is hanging, the guy's face was not shown, it is still obvious that it was KKJ. As for me I like to believe that it is still the body of the doctor even if it's the soul of KKJ. Anyway it was KKJ who loved Da Ran.

Angeli May Anain I'm the fan of Big , from Philippines. I love it! I really really LOVE this show !!!! gong yoo and lee min-jung !!!! awww I really love you ! I like this drama it so fun and also it so romantic!!! I love all the cast !

thumbs up !

Darius Lee Min Jung is the best ever! \(^.^)/

bunny Great drama. Made me cry yet it was fun and heart-warming at the same time. I didn't find the ending confusing at all. It left questions unanswered but it isn't too hard to figure out, I think it left us all hints as to what will go on with the characters, it's up to us to decide.

As for the very last scene it was definitely KKJ (notice the watch!) and Gil Da Ran fulfilling their promise (which can be seen in the flashbacks that appeared back to back with the present). What was going on in the present, it was raining, and in the flashbacks it wasn't (obviously). The reason we couldn't see how KKJ appeared in the present is because it is left to our imagination on how things turned out with him. (:

grace christian know this drama makes me cry after i watched it...uh oh...><

Princess may arim I like this drama it so fun and also it so romantic i love this drama you are the best . . . . . . . i love you all cast of big

chloe I cant really resist to watch this comedy drama over and over again!!!!!! im so much addicted!

Victoria Loraine Melegrito I like this movie,,, because the dresses are very fashionable

I never want to end

pain in front of knee As the admin of this web page is working, no uncertainty very soon it will be famous, due to its feature contents.

R I really love this drama, and i think its better to make seosen 2. Because the ending really weird if just like that

elsie i love big because i always watching . i love gong yoo and lee min jung and am i really waiting this drama !!!!

wannabsilver It's actually a really good drama. But, I really hate the ending. How about Yoon Jae? Did Ma Ri continue with Choong Sik? Is it Da Ran start over with Kyung Joon? Looks like the writters confused how to do the ending. The good point from the half episodes of the drama destroyed by the last episode. So sad....

Aji Kyung I do love this K-Drama.. but still dont understand the end of story??!!! Had Gyung Joon turned back to his real body or not!!!

kim its really amazing.....i already finish it.....its really cool

Sa.Ho In my opinion the writer didn't know how to end it so she wrote some crap and gave it to director and the actors played . 1th 5eps were really funny so i thought it will be a good drama but after that well , not very good you know . But lee min jung is a good actress and i wish her luck .

mikeebawagan this drama? great! ^0^ it's a top rating show in the philippines. :)

JOAN WOW!big its so hit in the filipino fans and great rating i hope its more show to come...

Bella I didn't understand the last part, I thought that Kang Gyung Joon went back to his body? Why did the last part show Gyung Joon falling in-love with Da Ran again in Yoon Jae's body? Can somebody explain? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks

rosel This is such a wonderful story. I love it. The story line up is good, the casting is good, everything was really good. I love the chemistry of Gong yoo and my favorite Lee min jung. It's nice seeing them together on screen. They had something that it make me smile. hey! writers! I salute you all. It's really great. excellent job guys! thank you so much for writing this. Thanks a lot. Appreciated.

rocky i finished watching the episodes and i'm disappointed with the ending it's ok i watched it because of lee min jung....:))))

gerry i watch it too...because of BAE SUZY...i really love her since DREAM HIGH with KIM SOO HYUN...

egzaa I watch it because of SUZY

kawaiichi18a thumbs up!! i really love their partnership!!!! YOOMIN couple i .<

kawaiichi18a i really love their partnership!!!! YOOMIN couple i .< but i still really love love this drama. this is one of the best korean drama that id watched so far since i was a child. It gives me a lot of lessons and point of view in love. Thank you thank you for this kind of cute drama. im gonna miss it.. and im still looking forward for a season 2 of this drama i hope they willlllllll!!!!!!!!!!

jason i just love it because of Jang Ma Ri

Hussain no matter how much hate or love... I think I want to see more of this. I love the way things end up. I hope you don't change because of critics. Do it your way it's always better and don't listen to haters :) it's as perfect as it can be :) only if it ended with a kiss or a big hug.. would makes me feel better Lol

Nelyn Just what the HELL happen in this show. I was looking forward because Shin Wo Ho is in the show it was ok fine soo he is in the bed with the monitor thinking that maybe at the ending they will be together yeeeet what happen was not a Good ending. Why did you let a “GOOD LOOKING GUY” to be at a show if your not planning on showing his talent. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ

skyline I think it's a really fun and entertaining drama overall. I did find it quite confusing at the end of the story because i couldn't get who was following Da Ran get off the bus, was it Gyung Joon is Seo Yeon Jae's body? Didn't Ma Ri told that their body had switched back? but, i think i have an opinion about this. The one who followed Da Ran getting off the bus was Gyung Joon, but he seemed like he was still in Seo Yeon Jae's body.. Da Ran saw Gyung Joon as if he was still in Seo Yeon Jae's body. It shows us that Da Ran saw the Gyung Joon who he loves, eventhough Gyung Joon had lost his memory, but Da Ran still saw him as the one who still loved her, Da Ran saw him as if the Gyung Joon in the past, Gyung Joon who had not lost his memory.. :)

via weird ending. how about yoon jae's character? and the age difference of gyung joon and gil da ran.

Jools I love watching BIG although I cannot understand the ending but who cares! Great performance by Gong Yoo. Hope to see Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye again. Miss watching the best screen couple on tv. MBC , SBS and KBS any plans to get them back together for a new drama?

Ying Shin Won-Ho is handsome too~ But it's pity that Won-Ho didn't have many shots in the drama>< All fighting^^

Ying I love this drama... It's quite touch and it's funny too~ Lee Min-Jung is really pretty Ooo~ And Gong Yoo is cute and handsome too~ Especially the role of KKJ by Gong Yoo... Gong Yoo: You are really a good actor!! And Min-Jung onnie too!! I love you both< Mary is cute but quite childish and she shouldn't talk too much of lies Ooo~ Haha Fighting to all actor&actress in [BIG]!! I will support this drama!!

jana i really really love gong yoo!! :) he's so hot.

RD Well, I got bored near the end of the series. I enjoyed it but I can't recommend this to my friends. The strangest part for me was the age difference between KKJ and Gil Da Ran. Also, it was a teacher/student type of thing too, which is just as strange. Overall, I think it was an enjoyable drama, but a bit long and drawn out with plot holes galore. There are many characters with their own stories that cross with others, but in the end, many of them are just left hanging. This is my 2nd full K-drama. My first was Dream High(I was pulled in by Suzy) and that one did a great job at tying most(if not all) of the loose ends in the final episode(s).

fifi-xa Really loved this drama.. but at the end disappoint cox after a year KKJ turnd as yoon jae..which shudnt happn.. cox within a year his appearance 30y old.. shud have shown real KKJ .. though, overall.. story is nice..i loved it...:)

binodini mohanty i love it so much. but i got little confused what happen in the end. did they switch back their own body or not. ma ri told gil da ran that gyung joon lost his memory (is this a lie).

can any one clarify me what really happen. im so curious to know abt it. i feel like i have missed some part but i have finished it. plz hepl me

gyung joon (gyung joon spirit yoon jae body) i love you.

Misgana Sawo I'm the fan of Big Movie, from East Africa Ethiopia. I love it! Gong Yoo & Lee Min Jung were great and the ending was so cool! I can surely say, Big was the best movie I ever saw in KBS!

max i love the story, it is good...except the ending kinda disappointing on that part...maybe because nothing has change...but i also love the casts and the characters that they portrayed on the drama, except Shin Won-Ho's role after the accident...

Kenny TheBurt Wong Falling in love, falling out of it, there's a lot that happens in between the two, and this drama captures those moments in almost-stunning accuracy. There isn't a scene in this drama that the lead actors did not give 110%, every single scene you could feel as they did and every word they spoke, you understood crystal clear the emotions hidden behind them. It really does suggest that age is just a number, in love especially. There is a cruel ending, but it does not take away from the flow of the whole story and it is just another way of the writers saying we should know how it ends. We don't need to know, because the whole message of the drama is not to be someone you're not, but to follow your heart.

wordylilchacha i wish i can see this series! I'm excited to see if they have chemistry and the story.

MyRa this story full of love in the air~~ love the cute scene between gyung joon and da ran.. and in my opinion ma ri not that annoying..she can still tolerate and back off if gyung joon doesnt like that thing..somehow i can imagine someone that can be more annoying or creepier than ma ri..for example saesang fans..opsss.. yup, i understand that whoever that dissapointed with the ending is because they expected that the real gyung joon will show up but i will accept the ending because this drama is for gong yoo after his long time comeback.. i never expected that min jung can act very well because i watched this drama because of gong yoo..she's really immersed well in the character.. all in all, if u want a drama that so sweet until can make ur theeth ache, this drama for u..


)Loved the drama gave me lots of laughs, but I'm not liking the ending which is preventing me to give a full 100%.

Mrs. Choi Hi guys. Stop bashing suzy please. Im really really hurts.. can you just keep your bad opinion in your heart?

Sung Ha Hon i'm sorry but i don't like it. why shin won ho is always sleeping :( you should do something aside from lying on the bed :) but i like the way shin won ho acting in this drama :** . i'm sorry.

Nurul aina It was an happy ending story ..jang mary look so cute in thiz drama ....i like it .finally gil daran with kkj yaa :D

aika THIS IS A REEEAAALLLYYYY, REEEAAALLLYYY, REEEAAALLY GOOD KOREAN SERIES, IT MAKES ME SMILE, LAUGH WHILE CRYING. I FELL-IN-LOVE IN THIS DRAMA but i'm also disappointed with it, with the ending. Aits! I'm expecting too much. They don't even use Kang Kyung Joon body as Seo Yoon Jae. Well, anyway, it's still a good story after all. And actually I didn't recognize that Gil Da Ran is Lee Min Jung, i'm starting to like her. hehe.. :D Bea Suzy, is sooo cute together with Gil Choong Shik and Kang Kyung Joon. And.. my Oppa, he still soo cute, cool and handsome. <3<3

"10:10 & PUING PUING" ^^

albalicious I finally watched the last episode and I liked it. It may not have been a spectacular ending we all expected but kudos to the writers. They really got us on our feet and made us agog over the finale. It so good to see Yong Goo on TV screen after such a long time. What a great actor he is! GY played the role of an 18 year old perfectly. Loved his lines especially when he acted more rationale and older or brat towards Gil Daran. Also loved his scenes with the two kids, very funny and light. First time to see LMJ in a TV drama and she was great too! Loved her clothes! She has a good chemistry with GY on screen.

Also commend the supporting cast. Suzy played well her role as a lovesick friend of KKJ. I think Ma Ri redeemed her herself and truthfully told Gil Daran that they returned to their own bodies and lost their memories.

Here's my take on the last scene:

It was the real KKJ who grabbed the umbrella. Gil Daran then remembered their last meeting where KKJ told him to never let him go so that they can return to where they were before. So instead of seeing the young KKJ (on that last scene), she remembered what they talked about and knew exactly what she will do next. So it was her memory that was shown on TV. The "watch" for me was the hint. I guess it will be very obvious and given if they will again show Gil Daran and the young KKJ on the last scene knowing they already appeared in Episode 1(which was really cute).

Consider too that this is a comeback TV drama of Gong Yoo so we all want to see him in the last scene right?=) BTW love his rendition of Because it's you. He has such a soothing voice, perfectly right for the acoustic version of the song.

All in all, I was entertained watching BIG!

Hope to see more of GY on the small screen=)

Dely I love this show and I hope they have a second season for me to watch in North America.

hiroko.matsu thanks for your opinions about the last episode.. i was able to understand the ever confusing ending. :)

lee zim hoon everyone please tell me what happen to KKJ body ? i dont watch the ending at all. is he never wake?

Mitch Thanks to writers, brilliant. They created a great story with as well as a brilliant Cast. All of the cast Were great, Each and everyone of them! I felt so sorry for Gil da ran, My eyes swelled with her. Bae Suzi Mari, Thank you for your beautiful sound track, I Still Love You. I really enjoyed your character role As head strong, I get what I want, brat. You did it perfect and I hope to see you in more acting. Thanks! Mitch

SaMa big is very very very beautiful drama I love it i watch it in kbs world i alswo like lee min-jung . i think it has great end

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

Fateme I like this movie and I also like Lee Min-Jung! she acted verry well in this movie! I hope "Big " ends happily!!

rhea aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love this korean drama! They acted perfectly with their given roles. They were handsome and beautiful. Hope to see you soon!.. Saranghae

BEEPBEEPtrafficjam The only reason it felt like Kang Kyung Joon's soul/spirit was actually in Seo Yoon Jae's body was really thanks to Gong Yoo's acting. I applaude him for that ^^ Also Min Jung's acting wasn't too bad either.

However, the plot got confusing and just hard to watch around the 7th ep. Watching Da Ran having a hard time deciding between KKJ and SYJ got me pretty frustrated too.

It reminded me of the drama Merry Mary where the two leads like each other but don't get together and when they did, it wasn't even near the end yet! So many complications arose and never really got to the point so I just stopped watching.

Read comments about the ending but i really don't mind that KKJ was in SYJ's body or smth like that. Hopefully the show gets better..

Yimwon Every part of serial was great except the there sequel of this drama?

heomeo Great movie, cute characters, nice soundtracks :x I like it, especially GY and LMJ :) Don't say it's suck, you say that you are disappointed, and you should know that your words can make our great acters feel unhappy, right? :P

shir I love the ending! KKJ came back to look for her, grab her hand on purpose... AGAIN!! Keep flashing back to the time that KKJ told her never never to let him go even if he misbehave and how and when his heart will pound for her! Awwww.... so swweeeeeet.

Shawn Not a fan of the ending at all, seemed too rushed and a bit confusing.

I understand if they want to have a twist ending, but not knowing what happened to Yoon-Jae is disappointing. I don't understand why KKJ didn't return to his own body and they end up together.

k quoted---I'm guessing that I'm the only one that begs to differ. I really was hoping this drama would be written and shaped so that GDR would end up with her rightful fiance, SYJ. Their love scenes he followed her around at the wedding, how he held her hand in the cold, the scene where they were trying to gauge how long the bed is with their arms...they were all so sweet and cute and innocent. Just the idea of her liking her own student who is only 18 and she must be mid 20s or late 20s, it's all wrong to me. It really would have been neat to see the drama unfold differently where SYJ comes back and they deal with all the family drama together and then their love could really have a chance to blossom because it never really got a chance to. I just really like seeing Gong Yoo together with Lee Min Jung, but only if it's as SYJ and GDR. The age difference and the fact that it's really KKJ's spirit in his body really bothers me. Just so wrong.

xen For the lead actors... like to commend Gong Yoo... always intense acting in every crying scene you can actually emphatize with the pain and off course the man just breeze through every other scene as well. Hope to see him in another production with Yoon Eun-hye their on screen chemistry is yet to be matched by all the artist they have ever worked with...

xen Love the humor.... great actors .... had a great beginning... intent shown and in my opinion did get across.... but not to be so patronizing there are some "BIG" questions with regards to the ending where I think it failed "BIG" time... such a waste of great acting and plot.... Character in Question: MARI : who the hell does she think she is, she missed the caring, psycho & obsessed friend character the writer I think was trying to imply .... she was portrayed to be a cold, selfish and self centered "B", plus there's a scene there where she kidnapped KKJ... what the hell happened to hospital security, how was he released.... how did she manage to get him out of the hospital w/out the guardians consent???

imdiss my rating 3/10

imdiss im expect to much with this drama, but seriously this drama is a mess, without great chemistry between the Leads this drama will be the worst drama of 2012, and the ratings also proved that, when Light and Shadow finished this drama expect to have bigger rating consider this is Hong Sister drama but that happen the chaser slayed them to another single digit even worst than when Light and Shadow still air, then after the chaser finished its episodes they even lose to golden time that have lower rating compare to Big when the chaser still air, then this drama mean forever last place in rating, even pick up in last two episode just because the chaser was finished but they still last place coz golden time steal more viewer after the chaser finished

ikidunk what is meaning BIG in this movie??

AGHR The ending was the worst! Not what i expected at all! They should do a youtube ending series like Playful Kiss!! I enjoyed the beginning of the drama and how it developed....

buuuuuu for the ending!!

heelthynieghbour Great series BUT REALLY felt let down by the ending!!! Every episode builds up to the BIG soul switch between Kyungjoon and Yoonjae and we DON'T get to see it! We see flashback of the umbrella incident in the future which gives us an idea of the happy ending (a very vague one)but totally cheats us poor viewers who were waiting for 16 episodes to see Daran with the real Kyungjoon! What a sexist stance by the Hong sisters! IMO, I think they would have shown the switch if the guy was older than the girl! :( Also, it really felt hurried and unfinished because they didn't tell us what happened to Yoonjae or to kyungjae and his new found family. Recap - great acting by min jung and gong yoo and most of the cast. Pretty good story line, really spoiled but a poor handling of the ending and pretty abrupt/unsatisfying tying up of the plot lines. Last but not least, to the other reviewers, pls first and foremost, REVIEW the damn show and not tell us who u're fanatically (judging by the way you ranted) support of and/or hate in the show! If u love so and so...great, keep the hate to yourself.

me The writer did not do it to let us dream about it for the ending. They did this for Gong Yoo. People watched this drama for him, and he's the male lead. that's why they show us just the memories of her about him. My opinion about his drama changed a bit. I was thinking it sucked. I was totally wrong. It's really really a huge disapointing drama. I want an apoligy from Gong Yoo because of my love to him. He does not deserve it.

misscesc Finnaly!! for three times i watch the last episode and trying so hard to understand the Endings finally i got it. The man who’s shared the umbrella with DR is KKJ in his real body. Yup like what Ma Ri said in her email "both of them back to their real body and lost their memory". Yesterday i’m so dissapointed but now i understand what the writen wanna share with the viewers. The writers is let us imaggine the endings bcoz not everyone want to see KKJ in his real body or instead.If you watching when KKJ meet DR in the Rain, ekspression of DR its not surprised or confuse. If he is KKJ in YJ body she wil ask “are you KKJ or YJ???”, but she said “KKJ”.And KKJ totally lost his memory bcoz the kids who lives in KKJ house said “The brother who come saying he have lived here alone”,whereas he live with DR.And the truth is KKJ fallinin love with DR when the first time they met, and even KKJ memories back before the accident he was fallinin love w/ DR. But the BIG question is what is the answer of YJ?? even the question it was not important for DR.

Gong yoo should get awards from this drama, his acting skill is undenied!!

fixi The ending is not at the peak of the emotion and not so well wrapped. Im looking forward to the ending since its written by Hong sisters who produced such an epic drama (Delightful girl Chun Hyang, Couple of trouble, Hong Gil Dong, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox,The Greatest Love). You name it, almost all of them (I think all of them) become people's favourite. But Im disappointed with the ending because I want to see the relationship between Yoon Jae's parents and Kyung Joon after they switch back (even the ending look-like they didnt change back). Besides that, they should show the face of Kyoon Joon after he catch up Daran on the bus stop (at the end) because if they did at least it will not be confused. If he is Kyoon Joon in Yoon Jae's body so show it, if it Kyoon Joon in his body so show that so us the viewer will not be confused. So what if they did change it only a year apart the body doesnt change that much (except he becomes fat since he is skinny or become muscular but in this drama didnt need it) maybe just a style that change a little. I dont really like a-should-be-happy-drama but with a twisted ending that need a viewer to figure it up what happened. However this drama has a good start,good character development and good casting so they somehow manage to capture some of viewer's heart to keep watching. 7/10.

lisa I'm guessing that I'm the only one that begs to differ. I really was hoping this drama would be written and shaped so that GDR would end up with her rightful fiance, SYJ. Their love scenes he followed her around at the wedding, how he held her hand in the cold, the scene where they were trying to gauge how long the bed is with their arms...they were all so sweet and cute and innocent. Just the idea of her liking her own student who is only 18 and she must be mid 20s or late 20s, it's all wrong to me. It really would have been neat to see the drama unfold differently where SYJ comes back and they deal with all the family drama together and then their love could really have a chance to blossom because it never really got a chance to. I just really like seeing Gong Yoo together with Lee Min Jung, but only if it's as SYJ and GDR. The age difference and the fact that it's really KKJ's spirit in his body really bothers me. Just so wrong.


I can't believe it from episode 5-6 they show just lost the plot...

It started so good, the story was funny, it had great plot twists and cliffhangers.

But you have to think back:

1. Why the HELL did they show KKJ body Moving with the heart monitor machine beeping, Ma Ri and the other all running to the hospital

2. Finding out about Seo Jae's affair and the fact he was searching for his little brother

3. HAVING US AUDIENCE believe KKJ will get his body back but might be forgettton or unable to continue his relationship with Gil teacher

Etc etc etc... It's all just so POINTLESS!

The character development was so good but the ending just made it clear we had no reason to watch this since the ending just throws all of it out of the window.

This show from episode 1-6 gets 8/10 From episode 6-14 I rate them 6/10 it was getting slow placed Finally the last two episodes, ep.15 actually hade believe the ending will be emotional cliffhanger was good but ep.16 gets a 2/10 mainly because it felt like a clip show, the scenes dragged on and the Ending confused many of us.

judy i appreciate the twist.. though the ending is unexpected.. very creative imagination... i love the flow of the story,,, the mixed of emotions,,gong yoo and lee min jung portrait their character well :) really nice..

Ada The drama sucks though. I wonder if the actors/actresses feel humilated acting such meaningless plot and characters. I felt like watching commercials of Samsung mobile phones. After watching such terrible and cheap drama I won't be impressed by any dedicated commercials and won't by Samsung. Hope Samsung people know about how the audience feel like cheated with this crappy, sudden and meaningless ending. Really don't get what the plot was trying say.

koreaholic The drama as a whole is epic...though the ending is kinda up on air but still its good. I actually think they didnt swap bodies in the end..Its only Jang Mari that said that they have swapped bodies (yes the ever truthful Mari.. ) Seon Jae was still in KKJ body with a memory loss while KKJ remained in Seon Jaes body then 1 year later they met again for that ending :-)

shiny for the last episode i guess body swap was happened and because they were twins one year later grown up kkj ( mature's kkj) will be like seo yunjae. I think they wanted to say that one year later kkj is mature enough to be with Gil Daran bcs before that he was in a body of a mature man but actually he was both mentally and physical a young boy although he filled his brain for filling the gap but his actual body was young and he had yet these cute childish acts and lack of experience, they wouldn't be able to show that with the young actor face bcs his face is too young also his body( I saw this happened in the drama of Equator man when the young lead actor ,19 years old boy,fell in coma one year later they showed the main lead ,34 yrs , body to say he matured )

entri I think this plot looks like drama 18 vs 29 .

Ari I didn't mind the ending at all. I actually rather loved it. What I got out of it was that Gil Da Ran saw Kyung Joon in the same way as before. She still loved him, even though it had been a year since she'd seen him. She remembered him in her heart like she promised she would. But, she remembered him in Yoon Jae's body, so we were just seeing Kyung Joon through her memory of him. And since she remembered him in Yoon Jae's body, that's how we, the viewers, saw Kyung Joon at the end during the umbrella scene. She was just remembering her love of Kyung Joon with visions of Yoon Jae's body. Because that's how Gil Da Ran remembered him before Kyung Joon left for Germany and he switched back into his actual body. I'm sorry if that's confusing. And I'm sorry for basically saying the same thing over and over again if you caught on to what I meant from the beginning. :)

J I take back my recommendation from the earlier comments. Only. I repeat, only, the sound track was good. It lagged too much so it's not worth it to watch.

sarah I don't understand why they didn't use Shin in the end. Don't tell me they look awkward together,they already clicked in the first episode. It's just so unfair! I like Gong Yoo,he is incredible but I still opt for Shin to be with Min Jung in the end. I love Min Jung,she's a beautiful lady and a great actress. Shin,Shin,you are always in my heart...................

Just0r OH MY GOD i love this show!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best ever, but the ending was the biggest tease in HISTORY!!!!!!!! Anybody have any other recommendations for shows similar to this one?

Ken I didn't get the ending but after seeing some of the comments, I think this is how the show ends. KKJ's [Kyung Joon's] mom said that both of their sons are twins. So it's possible that the two guys did return to their original bodies, but one year later, KKJ is older, and now looks more like his older doctor brother. And one year later, Da Ran and Kyung Joon (Gyung Joon) find each other and fall in love again.

Also, it is clear that Kyung Joon did not lose any memory of Da Ran.

Ken I didn't get the ending but after seeing some of the comments, I think this is how the show ends. KKJ's [Kyung Joon's] mom said that both of their sons are twins. So it's possible that the two guys did return to their original bodies, but one year later, KKJ is older, and now looks more like his older doctor brother. And one year later, Da Ran and Kyung Joon (Gyung Joon) find each other and fall in love again.

directioner The ending.....OMG it doesnt make sense. i am so confused. did they switch back or not. ugghhhhh still i love the show

original WHAT THE HELL WITH THE ENDING!!! DAFUQ is that!! seems like wasting my time watching it in the last episodes (14-16?) I do like the drama, but what the heck with the messed up story line and some characters, confusing til the ending. just make it clear!!

Ppuing Ppuing Honestly Suzy is too annoying in this drama.. tskkkkk...

AggyPoP I really loved this drama... BUT THAT WAS A STUPID ENDING!! Sorry!

Cloudless ok they where twins if u guys didnt know cuz thats wat the mother said. so yea thats how the story ends

madman999 ugh....i had a feeling they weren;t going to be able to resolve this story cleanly and i was right.

how can you not show the body swap after we had been waiting for it for 16 episodes.

plus we get cheated out of getting to see Yoon jae and KKJ meeting and resolving that story line too.

i get the whole "artistic/ambiguous" ending but lame to not let KKJ meetup with GDR in his real body too.

if Fashion king had the worst ending this year, this is a close 2nd.....

C I think KKJ's spirit is still in SJ's body. They might have agreed to stay like that forever and SJ might have let KKJ to be with Da Ran. And also according to the plot SJ falls I love with another woman which they referred to is Suzy Bae (Mari).

nad Lee Min Jung is amazing actress. I love her so much.. i always touched with her acting skill..

lala I don't get the ending? why didn't the real KKJ appear? explanation pls? I guess what the writer is saying is the state of mind of the person changes but their body won't be able to anymore because YJ was dead after the accident, so the real KKJ's body is gone(dead). Only YJ's body is alive and KKJ spirit is w/in YJ's body. ??? That's how I see it... but there should be more because it seems like Ma Ri didn't talk about YJ anymore in the email..... Gahhh!!! I hate the ending!!!

Aiko WOOT! now i know where to download gil da-ran's ringtone <3

pinkqueen Hong Sisters, I only have one question, why can't we see Shin Won Ho at the end? Why? Because you're afraid we're not ready to see him standing next to Lee Min Jung? I'm sure Shin Won Ho can exhibit his ability in charm. So, why.... melancholy howl.

TERRIBLE Terrible ending, just terrible...and the plot itself is bad too. The whole drama drags on without any meaningful substances...very underdeveloped.

4/10...wouldn't watch again

Kpopatel This show was one of my favorite this year, just finished watching the episode without subs, the ending is vague I wished the showed kyung joon's face

Dark Clown I really really do wish that Da-ran ends up with the Kyung Joon inside of Yoon Jae's body~ :) This drama is mainly about them anyways so why would she end up with the real Yoon Jae? Da-ran is the most happy when she's with KKJ, and they are SOOOOOOOO cute together! :O I think Lee Min Jung is perfect as the lead actress in this, her sparkly eyes welling up in tear is exactly the Da-ran character! Suzy is cute as always and should end up with Choong Shik!!!!

gdik I'm still waiting for the subs but i think the ending is a little vague. They probably switched back or not. I didn't see the brothers' faces. Maybe the writer wants an open ended ending for this? So we got to choose who lives? (Yeah, whatever happened to KKJ?) Wait, did those kids receive that so called miracle? So all you have to do is rotate that painting and your wishes will come true? dang.... This is what happens if you can't wait for the subs.

pinky - don't bother with the rating while there're many viewers from world wide who stick into this drama??

My notes to kdrama's screen writer, please don't distract with ratings, just remember that you've viewers outside Korea. So if your plan is not 16eps -which is almost the no.episodes in kdrama- try to stick with it rather than you reduce the episodes and force to end the drama. ^,^ so keep fighting!!!

pinky Hate the ending!!!even tho that's a happy ending one, I still don't feel satisfied~ -,- it's like they're forcing to end this drama on ep.16, instead of ep.18 or ep.20 just like in rumour because of the low rating! So what happened with Yoon Jae's soul which is trapped in KKJ's body??

For Gong Yoo Oppa, I hope for your next drama you'll be able to choose character which is make sense, I'm your big fan here but seeing you acting like this is like they're just using you because to make this story more make sense when Min Jung have to fall in love with a teenage boy and to make it really sense able they make you switching your soul with Won Ho. And what I'm saying here is like there's no opportunities for Won Ho to show his acting skill when mostly in this drama he's only become a sleeping prince.

What's wrong with a teacher who falling in love with her student?just like in biscuit teacher, the one who Gong Yoo Oppa also stars?it's like they're still not sure with Win Ho acting skill to make him into the lead actor, because if you make your mind Min Jung finally falls in live with KKJ who trapped into Yoon Jae's body. So which one she really in love?yoon jae or KkJ?or actually she's still loving Yoon Jae, but because his new character -since KKJ's soul who trapped inside SYJ's body- she finally falling in love with the new SYJ??its like saying GDR love Yoon Jae's face but with his new character which is KkJ.

And how about their parents?are they already knew what happened between their sons?why you guys have to force the end because of the rating??i guess at least you've to stick with your plan before if you should make 18 or 20 eps. Don't bother

crisisgal A humble opinion from a usually silent drama watcher: I like Gong Yoo. I like Min Jung. Infact, all actor and actresses in Big are ok. The problem why I don't watch this drama is because of the story line. What kind of ending will be satisfactory? a) They switch back to their own bodies, and she will have to love the young guy with a totally different look (much younger look)? Rational? Not to me. Different look triggers different feelings. b) They don't switch back, the man either stay in coma forever or dies. Doesn't seem fair for the man and some loose ends won't get tied up (like the man's family's affairs and stuff). Its acceptable but doesn't seem solid enough for me. c) They switch back to their own bodies, and she gets back with the man instead of the boy? Not logical, as the entire show evolves around her love for the young boy. Either way, I don't think there is any ending I like about this story. So, I decided not to watch. Why do I know so much since I don't watch? Coz my sister watches it, and indirectly I caught a glimpse or two sometimes.  :)

cikhan loved this drama

Heh Wow I love Suzy's performance in this drama!!! She's so scary!!!! But...I don't like the story per se...WTF is that ending???? seriously???? Hong SISTERS???

Gerd The rankings maybe low, but the rating is pretty high IMO. In an interview, they said they'd aim for 5% or something, maybe higher, not really sure. So I guess the staff are happy with those ratings.

Metallicana Anybody knows what Gyung Joon's S3 ringtone is???

maia i havent started watching this drama. but why is it the rating is so low?? still i will be watching this one after i finish king2hearts..

Tamin Lee Min-jung is an incredibly talented actress, and she is as beautiful as she is talented. I agree with one of the comments here about how it would have been better if Suzy were not in this drama. I have nothing against Suzy, but far too many of her kpop fans have been disrespectful towards LMJ. This isn't fair. LMJ has earned her place as lead actress. Let us not forget about the numerous acting awards and the recognition she has achieved, and the fact that she has achieved all of this in such a short period of time (debuting at 25 or so) is something to applaud. Whilst watching footage of the ‘big’ press conference, my eyes were fixed on LMJ. Of course, I thought that the other actresses were pretty too, but LMJ stood out as a diva. I hope that she will continue to take up more lead roles and that people’s petty age bias will not stand in the way of her acting career. In reference to the drama plot, I hope that LMJ ends up with Shin Won-ho. The age difference would probably normally bother me a little, but in this drama, I can only see how cute they are together in their respective roles (in the first episode). I think back to the adorable umbrella and bus scenes. Plus, it's not as though LMJ is old enough to be SWH's mother. It’s a bit of a shame that SWH has taken up only a minor role in this drama. I would have liked to have seen him more. Let's hope that he features more prominently in the last two episodes. I also greatly admire Gong Yoo's talent as an actor. His portrayal of the character 'Kang Kyung-joon' is certainly believable. I hope to see him in more dramas and movies to come! Thank you to the writers of the drama 'big’ for producing an engaging story with just the right balance between comedic relief and serious emotions. This is one of my favourite dramas of all time.

beemo i think i prefer to watch a gentleman dignity than this drama , look at for rating and plot i like a comedy drama, i think BIG's comedy less than a gentleman dignity ,

Liz Why aren't EP 15&16 out yet???......., how Long will I have to wait!!!!:(,,,,,lol just like seo yoon jea left Gil da-ran waiting^.^

princeann Anyone knows Gil Da Ran's ringtone??..

Lan The PINK phone that Suzy is using is Galaxy Note The Blue and White phone that Gil Da Ran and Yoon Jae (Kang Gyung Joon) is using is the Samsung Galaxy S III.

pansy ..anyway no words can describe my excitement for ep 15....and I have NO doubt da ran n kyung joon will end up together or it wnt do them justice....but as for which body kyung joons soul will end up in...I have my doubts n I have got a feeling he will finally end up in yoon jaes body to be with da ran, as much as I want da ran to be with KJs body n soul...coz I don't think people (except me) will accept this wide age gap/teacher student relationship, so it might be more acceptable for DR to be with Yjs body.....but of course my dream scene would be lee min jung n shin won ho kissing!!!haha

Marie I want to know what is the name of the ringtone that Gil Da Ran used in his Galaxy S3 plis let me know!! :)

Cherry They are using SAMSUNG GALAY S III. It a newest phone right now

Heather I'm seriously wondering what kind of phone they're using too! The phones themselves look really cute (: especially with the pink color. lol! Can someone please inform me on what phone that is?

eunice Can anyone tell me what kind of cell phone they use in this drama??? please...

Angeline I really can't wait for the last two episodes. Although, I still hope Daran and Kyungjoon will be together. I don't think that's going to happen since i saw episode 14. I at least hope Kyungjoon will remember everything that had happen during the switch when he wakes up. I don't want him to lose all those memories. It'll be a disappointment if he forgets everything don't you guys think? I mean what's the point of this show if it all goes into an end by Kyungjoon not remembering anything. But i have to admit, Gong Yoo is a great actor. I hope the director wont bring me down in the last two episodes.

Neda Gyung Joon was sacrifice in this drama and in the end he was the victim,Unfortunately.....

i really like Suzy, but i did n0t like his role after Ep13 i understand that Mari loved KKJ but this`s so ugly that upset the relationship between two people with a lie !! although i knew from the beginning that Daran do not appear to Gyung Joon T.T

KKJ... fighting !!!! [♥Gong Yoo♥ is a wonderful actress]

AnnAy I really hope that in the end Daran will be together with Gyung Joon. But based on what i've seen in ep 14 I think in the end Daran will be back again with Yoon Jae :( huft that makes me lil bit upset. this drama make us happy to see relationship with Daran and Gyung Joon but IF in the end Daran will be back again with Yoon Jae it will destroy all of the happy minded of the viewer. I really hope in the end Daran will be together with Gyung Joon, The man that truly makes her happy.

bedro .ELF ilove this Drama but in KBS i prefer Bridal Mask ( kagkshita ) more ..

akyi i hate jung mari that she is lying and bugging or interfering between kang kyung jung n gil da ran..i know that jang mari like kang kyung jung but still they both love each other at ep 13.i want kang kyung jung n gil da ran to be together.prefer watching ep 14 n lets see wat happens!!

Carey Yu Stone Whooooa! I love this drama.... It will end soon! I'll miss you BIG FAMILY!!!!!!!! Saranghae :)

The unclear Gil da ran is so annoying with her acting. This drama overall just plain sucks

Eel anyone can tell me what is the ringtone that gil da ran is using on her hp? thanks!

... BIG ost : 1) hey you-venny . 2) huh gak-one person 3) noel-if you love 4) davichi : because its you . 5) hateful person - beast . that's BIG ost . hope you enjoy it . :) . i hope this drama end with da ran x yoon jae ( the real one ) . suzy x kyung joon . but the ep 12 shown that da ran love kyung joon . why ?? i dont think that yoon jae is cheating on da ran . yoon jae want to find his brother . not to run away before the wed !! i really hOpe that this drama ending NOT the same as 49 days . :')

Mai Will u please tell me all the song in this movie..? i forgot my email and pass for my hotmail so can u tell me on my FaceBook name is Got RIce. please tell me all the song thiis movie i really want it.. Thanxs :)

Big I love this Drama!!!!. Suzy is so pretty, I like her acting. Suzy fighting!

suzyy the cellphone which bigger is samsung galaxy note but gil da ran used galaxy s3 cmiiw

ruth wow! what a drama!!!

Gong Yoo!! u r the best!!!

DGryphon @Ecarr32: It's called the Samsung Galaxy Note I believe, someone double check and correct me if I am wrong.

Ecarr32 Hi. I really like this show. Can anyone tell me what kind of cell phone they use in this drama?

Neda I like this Drama so much but i'm worried about the end of this drama. i really want Daran stay with Gyung Joon. i'm afraid finally Gyung Joon be sacrificed in this story T.T

Gyung Joon fightingggggggg (❤‿❤)

John Hi... Can someone give me the title of the song they used in this series, it's like a sad love song...sang at the last part of episode 4... thank u...

Tiffany I have a question. lol. How old is Gil Da Ran compared to Kang Kyung Joon??? ^.^ ~

blossom @YongHwa77 : that's why I'm asking and wondering, is that possible at that time their soul actually also switched? :) well can't wait for 4last episodes..can't believe it's only 4episodes left :(

Rebecca I have developed the biggest crush on Gong Yoo thanks to this drama, but that aside, this drama is fantastic. I get status updates as soon as this video posts and always drop whatever I'm doing to watch it.

Also, I don't know what everyone is complaining about, I think Lee Min Jung is beautiful. In my opinion, she is the prettiest actress in any k drama I've seen (which is quite a few).

Suzy is also great in this, but you know, I wish she wouldn't get in the way so much.


Yonghwa77 Can't wait for the next episode. It's getting more and more exciting!

YongHwa77 @blossom Kyung Joon is born to save Yeon Jae. They need stem cell from KKJ to save him from his disease so they have KKJ's mom bore him and since SYJ's mom cannot bear any more child at that time, KKJ's mom became a surrogate.

blossom Really getting more courious with this drama!!all actors and actresses really act well!!can't describe how I like both Min Jung and Suzy here ^,^ of course Gong Yoo oppa too!!he really act well for both characters -as Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon- and all the supporting actors and actresses!!

I wonder what's exactly happened with SYJ n KKJ in the past?because SYJ's mom mentioned that KKJ is a kid that was born to help SYJ who really sick at that time~ so my silly mind think that may be KKJ's soul which is switch into SYJ's body now is actually his own soul in d'past??they're already back to their own body after the accident??but let see what'll happened in the next episode??

nemat I love this story I am I think there is a difference with serial 49-day too, especially with the game goong

Lina Lee Min Jung, fighting!!!! You are my favorite actress now!! :D I like Lee Min Jung's and Gong Yoo's chemistry :)

liya suzy is too young n immature to be the lead actress for this drama... love lee min jung n goong yoo

fateme Im happy finally to see Gong yoo.

I love gong yoo.

I like to watch this so just enjoy the drama.

wea05 i really love this drama, even though the story is the same as in the hollywood film and the korean drama 49 days, and i really miss watching Gong Yoo. can't wait for episode 11, when will they air it? :'D

Mariatul Its a great story with a twist to the plot...a change from the usual plot in romance series. Keep up the good work. Hope to get to see the English subtitled series 11 of the drama real soon! Good acting from all actors...for instance, Suzy...good job in bringing the role of a teenager learning the value of love and relationships...Lee Min Jung...good play of emotions and innocence....not forgetting Gong Yoo in bringing a contrast of characters from Seo Yoon-Jae to that of the teenage cool rebel Kang Gyong Joon.

Nerriah @ Exo: (HEY! Awesome name.......... u didn't seem to specify which Exo you're siding more. LOL)

"I seriously think that Suzy is REALLY annoying in this drama I like her as a singer and all, but I HATE her in this drama… She ruins the love… ._."

But tbh... it means her acting is pretty good to bring out the char. so well that it really gets in to the viewers. Idk, that's just my opinion, but if the char. annoys me... and their roles are supposedly like that, then that means it's working. Afterall, she's playing a role of a "child" in this drama. So overall, showing a very possessive and immature personality in this drama really fits her char./role.

Daebak, Suzy... Daebak .\m/

Nerriah @ Heather: "Dr. Seo falls in love with Suzy?! It says so in the drama description up above so I’m wondering !!"

You know what.. I read that same line like 30x to see if I was actually reading it wrong or something..... BUT ANYWAY. I don't see it happening so far in the last 10 ep. that was shown... I dont think it going to happen................................anytime soon. or... at all. xDD I don't see any chemistry bet. those two chars. HAHA. so.. yeepp... either it was a typo... or... idk.

uroboros Can someone tell me the song that was playing on episode 10 when Gil-Da Ran was crying in the park?! D:

kdrama although this plot about changing body is similar to 49days, but the plot is totally different and 49days is really a great and touching drama. a must watch drama for me. while big to me is like a (idol drama??) idk. but it's really nice!!!! i enjoy shows like secret garden, big, 49days etc

BLABBER what's with people shipping shin with suzy?? that got nothing to do with the damn show. i totally ship kyungjoon spirit with daran <3 anyway i like this show cuz it's written by hong sisters!! they're great man! but compared to similar shows like 49days, it's still far behind. def not the best drama frm hong sis but enjoying this drama alot. thanks!

Donsky I like this drama....the story look likes another Korean drama 49 days, but in the funnier version. I like watching Lee Min Jung and Suzy...both of them are very beautiful....different beauty face...from different generation. I don't know why this drama ratings is very low ?? I prefer this drama than the Chaser on Gentlemen Dignity. But I like Dr. Jin too..

Heather I don't think this drama is long at all. I mean the plot is kinda draggy but then again the distance makes ups for the suspense of the plot (: then again, that's just simply my opinion. I really like this drama, can't wait for the new episodes to release! By the way, did I read it right? Dr. Seo falls in love with Suzy?! It says so in the drama description up above so I'm wondering !!

gong yoo love this drama! i’m from Turkey. in my country everybody loves this drama too. Gong Yoo is amazing, adorable, skillfull and bla bla bla… And Lee min Jung. She is so beautiful, acts well. They’re GREAT COUPLE. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!

gong yoo love this drama! i'm from Turkey. in my country everybody loves this drama too. Gong Yoo is amazing, adorable, skillfull and bla bla bla... And Lee min Jung. She is so beautiful, acts well. They're GREAT COUPLE. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!

Samran I keep seeing comments that this drama is not good.... COme on.. it's Gong Yoo, guys..

supersaiyan I loved this drama but I think for the moment its so boring..the first half is good but the plot is getting many nonsense characters that should not be highlighted. The switching of bodies is being dragged too long. Maybe I'll continue watching this after the drama ends...

puffy I LOVE BIG! CONTRAST to the 1st commenter, it is not dragging. compared to LOVE RAIN, this one is interesting! it isn't boring. ;))) and i think many would agree.


keep it up BIG Family! :D

unknown No wonder the ratings is low...I was so looking forward to this drama to air and all i got are a bunch of loopholes and weak character developments...The plot so dragging many cliches..brothers?...naive female lead..predictable OTP..and i bet someone will die...whatever...after episode goes downhill to me...sorry.. I love Gong Yoo but Hong Sisters dramas are still not my cup of tea even now...well i'll continue watching it since its Gong yoo's drama after all.

Afi Big is the first korean drama which i never miss any episode. The story is not boring and sure the actrist's act too :) MAJU TERUS!! Hope can be the best korean drama:D >.<

Abi This drama is superhit around the world no doubt but why are the ratings so low?????!!!!!!!!!! Don't people in Korea watch this drama????? Wats happening???? WAKE UP KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilik i really like this drama.... i like Goong Yoo...

Exo I seriously think that Suzy is REALLY annoying in this drama :P I like her as a singer and all, but I HATE her in this drama... She ruins the love... ._.

ann i love lee minjung than suzy and she's way pretty than suzy and for those who say about malaysian bla bla blaa .. (mandy) you cannot represent all of us . i love minjung , not suzy

gyfan this show is awesome!the way the characters built-up is done has been simply amazing....gong yoon have really made us..girls/ pause and think really we love a man due to his physiques or his personality or his age or his persona or simply....we just need to really open our heart and love that person. he's carried the character and storyline well....and oh gosh...i never knew he is such a talented artiste!

BIG is my new addiction!

priscilla i really love this drama it is so cute. i hope gil teacher falls for Kang Gyung-Joon i just hope cause they really perfect for each other.

deva Shin Won Ho is so cool :) I wonder when he will wake up, his soul be back, and make the story clear. I can just guess what will this story end :D Shin is impressive from the start. Totally in love with Shin's role in BIG. Kang Gyung Joon, please hurry wake up. I'm waiting for you~

Ddkar Initially, I'm watching BIG because I like Lee Minjung & Suzy. After 2nd episode I totally get hook with this drama. I'm not a big fan of Gong Yoo but my perception change with this drama. The storyline is getting thicker & better. BIG is awesome! I simply love all the actors in it.

me This drama sucks. Poor Gong Yoo. He should have played in another one.

Emily I love Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo! And I love her HANDBAGS. Anyone know of the brands? (Especially the one she carried to the airport when going on her honeymoon). Thanks.

Alice y do always feel excited when suzy goes in the k-drama

Lilik i like this drama... i hope shin Won ho with Bae Suzy

atique Stop fighting, its so immature to compare these two actresses. Both actresses are wonderful! I just started watching this drama and i love it! I can't continue watching until after my exams. :( Might i just say that Shin looks super cute in this drama!! :D


i totally ship kyung joons spirit x gil teacher. they are all good actors and interpretate their roles very well~

gala suzy is so cute ♥

psikwitàà realy realy i like this drama because it's so funnny Lee Min-Jung. She's a beautiful and amazing actress who deserves this role she's receiving. I love Suzy, but she is not yet ready to be a lead actress

lily i watch because i like the drama...i dont really care about actor or actresess

ethan i am watching this drama because of SUZY so what?you guys also do this for sure when you're idolizing someone let's just respect each other's opinion

ANON i know ppl watch this beause of suzy and have no comments towards it but can you jus stfu and watch?? cus no one rly cares bout who you watch this for. the more you say the more you starts trouble with minjung fans. the more minjung fans say the more suzy fans not happy. and people that watches this because of suzy, you might rly love suzy alot but pls don make irrelevant comparison that makes no sense

Desy SS i love so much to see BIG. they are had hard work. so awesome. hope BIG get the best rating :D no matter people judge about this drama because suzy not be lead actress, but this drama the best i ever watched :D full funny and comedy. Fighting for all. god bless you comment #148

Sandy USA I wanna ask all of u something. please honestly answer it ya? Why u all want to see BIG...? your answer must NOT more than 30 words. well, I just hate people who blah2 a lot like f*****g moron! ahaha! please answer it carefully! well, I'm watch BIG coz... I love to see Gong Yoo after I see Coffee House n I like to see Suzy as a new comer in this acting industry.


catherine @mandy I agree with u, actually all Malaysian's are very2 sad when suzy is not the heroin for Big! But for the haters, please take care urself! I know, when Lee Min Jung is Suzy's age, she knows NOTHING about acting! THAT FOR SURE ya...? hehe... I don't know how superb can Suzy's be in Lee Min Jung age... (^_^) I'm NO war...

Sharon I love both of the actresses, but I really want to address some of the criticism of Suzy's acting. Her acting is supposed to be like that: her role is slightly comical, snobbish, and the role hasn't been given much depth yet. I do not think you guys have the right to be critical of her acting ability when this role doesn't really give much. Now, i'm not saying she's amazing and she really has not had that much acting experience as the much older actresses. I hope you respect that and don't criticize anyone.

on the side note, this drama has me intrigued, especially that last episode, ep 8!!! :)

Kathryn I dont know what some people are talking about. I like both Jung Min and Suzy and they are both pretty. Just because they look different, it doesn't mean one is ugly and one is pretty. sheesh. I like Jung Min since Smile U and Suzy since Dream High, and i like both in this drama. Hwaiting everyone!!! As of now, I"m waiting for the OST with "Hey you" in the beginning of every sentence lol. I need that song in my life xD For my opinion, I want teacher Gil to end up with the doctor and Suzy returns to the US with Shin Won Ho. The brother can run the dumpling restaurant haha :D

Acap nice drama and nice comedy. love min jung face when gong yoo called her on phone so cute <3 BTW @mandy im from malaysia and im more indulged in kpop than kdrama even though i started with kdrama :D im a big fan of miss A rarely miss their performance during music bank but you know kdrama is kdrama not kpop do not compare them yeah suzy have acting talent but she lack of acting experience unlike min jung have a lot of experience and talent. AND DONT EVER EQUALISED YOUR OPINION WITH OTHER MALAYSIAN!!

P.S : Saranghae Suzy <3.<3

florrentin Nice one! is it strange for me to like them both? I mean Suzy and Lee Min Jung? because i do, and i like even other actresses as well and i don't feel the need to compare them as if they were toys fighting for my affection. when i look at Suzy i see only her, she gets your eye like she was born on the screen. but then when i look at Lee Min Jung i don't feel less captivated, and i get that feeling of warmth that accompanies her face like an aura. They have different styles and thanks God for making this earth a less boring place.

       I sometimes listen to jazz, other times i feel the need to hear some classical music, or maybe even rock!! I honestly like them all, and it's silly to say that if at a time i choose one style i must hate the others!
       That's what's making people intolerant and ignorant when they think that liking something means hating the rest. or people who think that if someone says something is good that person automaticly implies that the rest is bad or not good.
       Sorry for the lesson in logic, but i really don't see the contradiction in liking them both.
        Sure, you could say that i have a weakness: the fact that i am a man and i am kinda' destined to like women so that might be a week spot in my argument! But even so, i can assure you that  the same system works for male actors.
         i provided this service for those mind bugged people who can benefit from it.

the mind it's a beautiful thing but has also many traps: please fix your self!

Senging I like lee Min Jung ..she's so great..stop talking so mean to d way i don;t like the way Suzy's acting..there's something she has to change ^ - ^

LoonyLizard Suzy's character (and I use that term loosely) is so ridiculous, it's hard for me to call her an actress yet. I can say she's a halfway decent comedienne, given that her work here seems more like shtick than actually embodying a character's persona. I know that the writers are largely to blame for that - the Hong sisters seem to like their comedy somewhat juvenile, heavy-handed, and unsophisticated - but if Suzy does have any actual acting talent, this role is not one that exemplifies it. I know Suzy's fans won't like hearing this, since they possess no objectivity on the subject. Me, I didn't know Suzy from Eve before this show, so I'm approaching it based strictly upon other performances by other actors and actresses. Quite frankly, Suzy has a long way to go before she measures up to the subtlety and sincerity of Lee MIn-Jung's performance.

HaHa hahaha, this story is da best!! daebak!!

anakebapake Stop compalining abt Suzy's better than Lee Min Jung. Just watch and enjoy this drama will yaa?! Nuff said.

Biezzany just watched this k-drama and it's awesome even just watch one ep. And please stop comparing min jung and suzy. Min jung deserved that role, so does suzy. They're both talented. Those who love k-drama may knows min jung better, and those who love k-pop knows suzy better. So stop this crap and support them!

@mandy : don't use 'Malaysia or Malaysians' when it's just comes from ur opinion. I'm a Malaysian too, and i do not agree. Kay?

Goshh i hate my grammar. -.-

teambig you cry babies never understand the real thing in this drama. It is not about lee min jung and suzy. Its bout the innocent heart of the characters. Conquering all the hard obstacles for love. And learning from their old mistakes.

mezzy I Love Big!!! I Love Jang Mari!! Suzy portrayed her well..good job!! I love Gong Yoo so smexy<333 Daran's character is getting better... Shin won Ho please wake up now...I need you<3 P.S so many bashing..just enjoy the show guyz...

asdfghjkl @mandy oh wait you said  "Do u want to know, who's better celebrity between suzy and lee min jung?  easy... lets compared their age..." ok define better celebrity thanks. so better is by popularity huh. so suzy is more popular she should be the lead? What makes you think minjung is less popular than suzy?? Don assume that fact just because you are a sayA or what. Have u rly seen minjung fans?? Next, you said "when lee min jung is as same as suzy's age, is she a STAR like suzy...? Is she nationally popular like suzy?" haha you r such a joke srly. minjung might not be like suzy debuting at a young age. but let's say something more sensible ok. first suzy is popular nationally because she debut as a SINGER. minjung on the othr hand came out as an actress. So talking bt actinf experience, i would say minjung is way btr than suzy. I see many ppl debuting later than suzy and still get popular that just shows your point is wrong. There is a reason why minjung is the lead in big and alot other drama. Second, you said "I know suzy than lee min jung, yeah... she not popular in my country..." erm sorry your view does not means everyone is malaysia thinks so too. you know suzy more than minjung, that's you and the ppl around you. who knows somewhere else in other countries or even malaysia have ppl that knows minjung more than suzy. And MAJORITY knows suzy because of missA. Minority knows her for acting. And nationally known?? So what makes you think minjung is not nationally known? Just because you know suzy more than her? What makes you think your view is the majority. And i bet you know suzy btr is because you are exposed to kpop, not her dramas. you don't compare kdrama with kpop.  because if she is better, why minjung got more shows than her?? (not tryna be mean) Next you said "Malaysia is very disappointed when suzy is not the lead of this drama. Its the fact..." You don't say malaysia you can just say you cause i don think everyone in malaysia have the same thoughts as you. I know kpop fans might be disappointed but just keep ur comments to yourself. Cause when it comes to acting and drama, suzy can nvr win those actress. Lastly, if u know suzy more than minjung means she is nationally known then i'll say minjung is nationally known too cuz i know her more than suzy. <3 deal with it. I love suzy, no hates. Stop being bias with your views thanks. 

Sara Wah I really love this drama so far! All the actors are briliant and I esp love Shin WonHo <3 I really want to see him in a lead role ^_^ And Gong Yoo is also great, it's my first time watching him in a drama and I LOVE his acting :)

Lilik i like this drama,

jenniferlovekorea ..Aig0ooo...!!..i love this DRAMA...KANG KYUNG JOON(yeon jae shi's body)...w0oooAahhh..!!>.the best..!!.GONG YOO oppa..your so HOT...i love your acting so much...!!.♥♥..

me I love Gong Yoo. And probably I always will but this drama is not good. The scenario is really boring and to be honest the directoris not so good as well. I hope to see Gong Yoo in an another good drama soon.

mandy bhahaha! Do u want to know, who's better celebrity between suzy and lee min jung? easy... lets compared their age... when lee min jung is as same as suzy's age, is she a STAR like suzy...? Is she nationally popular like suzy? I'm from Malaysia, I know suzy than lee min jung, yeah... she not popular in my country... Malaysia is very disappointed when suzy is not the lead of this drama. Its the fact... But yeah, lee min jung is really beautiful, no doubt about it! K-drama fighting!

asdfghjkl i agree with ashley that the drama will be much btr without suzy. it's not that i hate her but i just feel that ppl tend to be more bias towards idols when it comes to acting (??) maybe not all but almost all the vids i watched bout big will have alot of comments about suzy is better, her acting is the best (etc). and people will ship kyungjoon with suzy just because suzy is jang mari. the show is supposed to let us feel the love btwn kyungjoon and daran tbh tht's why the 2 characters are the lead. but ppl will side suzy more in this show?? i believe that if suzy is not mari, ppl would not ship kj and mari together -___- i am not saying everybody but majority if you realise. and i ry love minjung her acting is great i hope ppl can stop being bias and don't bash her thanks.

Ashley @Suzy fighting... I know... Suzy is a great actress. But it's really annoying to hear that people are saying that she's better than her sunbae who has MUCH more experience. Dont get me wrong. I love Suzy.

파이즈 whats wrong with all of you people.. Who cares about who's prettier or who's better.. Both have their own speciality and you just have to respect that.. As long as thr drama goes well who cares about who plays who.. So freaking childish to argue about the actresses.. ㅡㅡ

hana I love BIG!!!!! All actors and actresses play the role very well..

KYung Joon..fighting to win your love to Da Ran, is nothing about are not to young if she wanted to wait 7 years again.. :) But anybody know, how old is Da Ran?

Anne Mei This series is crazy. It's really funny. The casts are great. I just hope Yoon Jae will wake up soon. and i want kyung joon - mari romantic scenes. I wonder if they will they end up together? This series is so addicting that i want to know how will it end and who will end up with who?

J In all my years of drama watching, this drama has the best soundtrack ever. Comedy-romantic fun to watch :) 5 stars.

Ain I don't understand why people argue 'bout who's the pretiest,.min jung n suzy both is lovely.for now this two beauty fans should support 'big' coz the ratings does'nt seem so good.for me i will watch it on kbs world (astro) next week.

wynn I love the pairing of Bae Suzy & Shin Won Ho~!!! (~v ~) watch this drama is because of them~!!! (*- ^) in which episode only they start?! (o. 0) hope that their story quickly appear~!!! (-. ^)

AggyPoP What's the title of the song they always play, I think it's starts with " hey you" ... It's so cute I wanna download it on iTunes but I don't know the title or who sings it :-( help :-/

jhuvs hey people! Ur mean words are very unpleasant to read, can you just support ur bias and enjoy the show? Don't be rude to whom u didn't like, let them do their job, and that is to give entertainment to all of, if u d0nt have anythng go0d to say, juz kip it to urself, LMJ is a great actress, as epi goes on, im starting to lyk Gil Daran, and for suzy! Well, 1 thng is for sure, im a KDrama addict, nd im xcited of this drama bcoz of suzy, im 1 of her bias, i <3 her very much, but the story itself is great! Bravo Hong Sister,i will definitely support BIG, all the main cast are great. hwaiting. Kip it up,

loveyou everyone has his or her own opinions so we should let them express what they have. let's no stopping them. guys keep comment what you think. hate lee ming or suzy is up to you. for me, even i don't really like lee min jung's character as daran, but i like her charater as the story goes on. i don't like suzy's character in drean high, but mari seems like much closer to her real personalities i guess. gong yoo is so adorable in here. i noticed that he's is younger than the doctor yoon jae after the spirits swapped.kyun joon's voice is like birds singing.

Dennis Im so in love with drama! Lee Min Jung is an amazing actress! I noticed her very early since the drama "Who are you?" Gong Yoo is amazing and I loved Coffee Prince, just so happy to see him act with my favorite LMJ. Suzy is lovely as well and I like her dominating acting in this drama.

BIG!!! <3 Everything about it! *BIG SUPPORT FLAG WAVED. lol

Suzy fighting! @Ashley: Have you ever watched Suzy in ep 3 and ep 4? Or you just said it randomly? Her acting is really cool! She makes me laugh and cry at the same time! Suzy improves dramatically! Why don't you give her a chance. haters?! She's trying her best! Even Baek Sung Hyun said that he started to worry about his acting while shooting with Suzy because she's so adorable!!

jhuvsuzy hey guys, especially my co- Suzy fans, we don't need to bash other actress, just leave it guys, the thing is we're here for suzy, not to be mean to others.. back off!!

Ashley I dont know why people here are saying mean things about Lee Min Jung. She is a much better actress than Suzy and she has much more experience so don't go on saying mean things bout her. Also, she is one of the most beautiful actresses ever and I personally think the drama would be better off without Suzy.

nerine I love this drama ..And all the cast was so great . Especially suzy....

amanda i'm sorry....but what? i decided to read some of the comments and expected them to be about the drama and all i'm reading is how good suzy is and how ad lee min jung is. i mean seriously? how old are you? 12 i don't see you acting so don't waste my time reading your comments about what you how bad an actress is, because if you didn't know, it is her job and she gets paid and is a pro. DEAL WITH IT. thank you :D

Hunter Whoa. I find it unbelievable that people are bashing Lee Min Jung and even going as far as calling her ugly. I hope a lot of guys don't find her attractive, 'cause she is frikkin hot to me!

Jessica So many bashing towards Lee Min-Jung... I really dont like Suzy's fans. If they always show disrespect and they bash , I wouldnt like to enter the fandom.I like Suzy, but her fans are way out of control.

Charlotte YAKKKKKKKKKK LEE MIN JUNG is lead actress, I want Suzy to be lead actress not that ugly old woman.And especially Lee Min Jung is so very boring and unattractive like her other drama. .........

vamp Love all the casts! ♥ This drama is so great and i can't wait for the next episodes! Hwaiting!! Especially to Suzy eonni!! I will support you until the end!! WOOOO!

BIGsupporter JUST STOP WITH THE BASHING ALREADY. Suzy and Lee Min Jung has their own unique personality that will make you LOVE them. I, for one, supports BIG. I don't know Lee Min Jung at first but the farther she acts, the more I like her. Also with Suzy, I LOVE HER SO MUCH since she's one of my bias. Lee Min Jung has already been into so much dramas, whereas for Suzy, she's still a newbie but she sure can act. I LOVE THE BOTH OF THEM. They're both great. So just STOP WITH THE BASHING and support BIG :)))

Sia Uhmmm I think Suzy is the prettier than Lee Min Jung but in acting suzy is still rookie actress so she needs to more practice to become a great actress :) Go Suzy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyoshiro I hate very much in LEE MIN JUNG because she's not that pretty to be a lead actress.Even to say she a good in acting than SUZY but she not very attractive and mostly LEE MIN JUNG is to old now so I feel boring when I watched her scene.;(

booooooooooooooooooooo LEE MIN JUNG...

buingbuing @jasmine #100 they are using samsung galaxy note

lol This is not even about lee min jung or suzy, its the way people should be respecting each other's likes. Anyway, theyre in a drama together & whether i like the other one better, the point is you shouldnt be talking smack about the actors or actresses. Enjoy the drama and respect the people in it because whomever you dont like maybe another person's favorite actor. Anyway gong yoo is such a good actor! Loved you in coffee prince too! Cant wait for next week!!

Jasmine May i know which phone they are using?

loveyou glenn #97 just say you like suzy over lee min jung. you don't have to mention the parents or something. you can't control. keep your advice, nobody wants to see it. your words are too much, but little in my eyes

Gabby anyone know the song when Mi Ra running to Teacher Gil at school assembly....(in episode 3)

i only catched a phrase of "i wanna hold you......" pls do share if u know the song.. thanks

glenn Its really immature and stupid that people who dislike an idol/actor/actress purposely go to this person's page, videos, and/or articles to say mean things about them. If suzy brings you so much hate to you, why do you even click on things that has something to do with her? Are you that stupid to not realize it would be about her? Why dont you save us the trouble, grow up, and learn how to be a respectful person? No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to like anyone, but your actions reflect on how badly your parents have raised you. And if you dont want anyone questioning your morals and values, then you should be a mature person and respect.

you really, why would i put myself in someone's shoes while shoes are smeeell...and nasty...if i dont like one actress i would just go as my opinion. and if someone don't like my actress i wouldn't go as their opinions, and not recommand any drama that has my actress to those who don't like her.

viave44 this is good story,, by the way,, i love hong sister,,, i like suzy,, lee min jung is beuaty,, gong yoo is funny,, well i realy hope for this good drama,, fighting!!

Honeyflowerr Haters, only know how to critisize but do not know how to appreciate the effort of the actresses/actors. Come on, so if you are in their shoes, and i am sitting on my couch and i goes "woah she can't act at all and blah blah blah" while you spent so much effort and time out there how would you feel? Yes you guys have the right to comments anything but why not try to appreciate before critisize? Stop behaving like a kid. You think acting is like ABC that easy? No. they improve throughout time and from experiences. Suzy is new but full of potential. Minjung is an experienced actress. Can't compare both of them. Don't whine because your fave actress is not here but Suzy and Min jung. this is unfair to them. So how do you feel when someone says your fave actress can't act? we all have our biases. even though i might not like some actresses, i don't go around calling them bad actress cause definitely they are good in order to be casted in those dramas. You can't see their good points do not means they don't have. Just like I don't see good points/characteristics in you haters but are you telling me that you guys have none? HA.

melai stop bashing suzy haters. I beg to disagree on those insecure netizens who keep on saying that suzy isn't a good singer and incompetent actress. If suzy doesn't have a talent she will Not Be chosen as the lead on dream high. Even though she's a newbie she already proven a lot on her skills. And as her portrayal on gu hye mi's character, some people says that she lacks Of facial expression and had always a flat affect. You stupid haters didn't get the point that she acted like that because it is what the character's personality requires. And her voice is really amazing..

pat does anyone know what's the song played on the last part of episode 2? the lyrics are "hey you..(and the rest are korean), this was sung by a girl. i kept looking for it on the internet but the song that always appeared was the song of cnblue.. tnxx..

RYncie i mean.. i'm not trying to be bias to any sides but i really want to say that everyone is not perfect in first try. Min Jung have already experience in acting in other major dramas but this is Suzy first few (: I agree that Min Jung do have good acting skills, but it is because she have experiences; but i totally do not agree that Suzy is a weak actress or have no skills, she is a newbie in acting field (: i personally find that she has potential in acting and she is in fact improving since DH. No one knows if maybe in the future, Suzy MIGHT be as good as Min Jung too (: So, I really don't agree to people who is saying that Suzy is not good enough to be in this drama or whatsoever. Also, if Suzy is not in the drama, she would not gain experiences, how would she improve herself further? Also, her major is her group Miss A, not acting.

So, MIN JUNG AND SUZY HWAITING! (: I just hope that they will improve to be better actresses next time and people can understand on both point of views. They are all just my personal views (: I hope you understand, i just can't stand people trying to fight for their bias views, its just shallow. Why not trying to think from another perspective? Makes life easier that way too. ^^

Emily actuall, i want to keep myself quiet. i don't want to disrespect other actresses or anything. i admit i haven't don't any hurtful comments at al, but i just did it because some comments so bad things about lee ming jungllllllll

Henry Please stop bashing!!!!! You just watched Dream High and then, you bashed Suzy's acting? Have you ever watched Architecture 101? I have! I cried with her! Really! I used to be her hater, but not anymore. Even Kang Jong Hee said she was amazed at Suzy's acting. She admitted: "Suzy's acting is wonderful and touching here. Congrats Suzy! You got A mark!" So stop bashing! Okay? How could she get 3 rookie awards while she sucks?

cherry2k3 OOOHH and i love Baek Sung-Hyun he's so cute and funny "STUPID" hahahah im glad he's in it and another way thats good he gets to be the younger brother again :)

cherry2k3 You are right Emily lol suzy sucks in dream high she still needs to dream higher hahahah i get annoyed too when i see her thats why i was so disapointed when i found out she was gonna be in this show :( i just wish that she'll do better in this show or even maybe i might like her i hope soo... will just have to see.....

cherry2k3 I agree i dont like suzy she suck at singing i never liked her in dream high i hope she does better in this show "BIG" and she cant be a main actress common it's Lee Min-Jung she's way better you cant compare her to suzy common thats f***ked up lol and she sings better too and better acting i love her!!! But OMG sooo awsome love gong yon and he's so funny lol but it kindda sucks cuz the main character is the kid who transfer to Seo Yoon Jae body :( so is that means the 30year old is bad :( that sucks i hope they switch back so we can know if he really loves Gil Da-Ran...

^^ ..good emily.. finally we understand each other.. Just respect only the two actress and don't compare them.. Practice makes Perfect.. Go Suzy.. ^^

rfst5 wth suzy is a really good singer... i admit she's not great in acting but she's getting better. and the lead actress is a really good actress so i'm glad that she got the main part. damn these haters don't even know anything...

emily that's the reason i arguing for. even she's a singer,but she's still need to prove as a good one so please give love to lee min jung as a good actress too. we'll probably love suzy if one day she can act like lee min jung or proved that she's a real actresss- not just a rockie-actress, but a real one.

^^ ..hey hey hey milkyway and Emily.. Yah, I like Suzy like I said before in my previous comment but I did'nt compare the two actress. The (WHAT IF) is my mistake; I mean (How if/for example), sorry for the wrong word. And even though you say Suzy can't sing but if she practise well she will be a great singer. Satisfied?


  1. 79 you said not to compare the 2 actresses but i know that you like suxy more just scan through your comment. even lee min jung is not a singer,but she does really looks like one in Wonderful Radio where she carries the guitar. it's okay if she can't sing well, but on the other hand, suzy is a singer, but can't sing, she dress, dances, and acts like a singer with a bad bad bad voice. that's a shame


  1. 77 do you even know "what if" mean? it means you already compared the two with thes two words that you favor in suzy. even you are not literature say it, but already compare them quietly, and that's is even scarier. suzy sings suck. when i first heard her sing "i have a dream" in dream high, which is an annoying drama, i thought it was a good song, but i never knew that suzy is not even the real snger. suzy uses her face to cover her singings, and she only thinks about her beauty, which is fake. every time i saw her on screen, i got annoying. that is enough?

mystery all you people need to grow up seriously? comparing two people and saying suzy carnt sing as well wtf look on the live shows on music bank or inkigayo with miss a including suzy with there live singing and also maybe dream high as well..then come back saying she carnt sing! oh as well that she also went on 1000 song show where she sung live , just proving a point here! im dont care whos better at acting but its a drama for god sake get a grip.. at least she accompished so much at a young age..even won a drama movie singing award..

^^ ..hey #74 and #72. Did you think that Lee Min Jung is very good at acting for the very first time she act; ofcourse she is a newbie then and now she is a well trained actress. Thats why Suzy is a newbie first and then she will become and very good at acting like Lee Min Jung. Hello Practise Makes Perfect. and 1 more thing, just admire who you wants but dont disrespect the one you don't; like ashley said. PLEASE RESPECT. Thank you.

^^ ..hey Emily. I did'nt compare the two actress. Even though you look at my comment in #62 1 by 1 you can't find a word/sentence that I compare the two actress. I said (WHAT IF) it means for example.

meraldi whatever you said. this ratting never grow up !

ashley you can have your own biases, but you don't have the right to belittle others. you can appreciate whoever it is you like without disrespecting the other, you know? C'mon people where are you manners? Lee Min Jung is a great actress, and Suzy is too, even though she's a newbie. They are both perfect for their roles, that's why they were chosen, rght? So stop insulting them people! GROW UP!


adg wtf.. lee min jung is wayyy better than suzy. she cant even act. why would the rookie be the lead actress if u want to see her as lead actress go watch her MV. she cant even sing! just a pretty face. thats how ppl ruin Kdramas.. wanting to see their cant even act idols act, and they just fcked up the whole drama! get a life!

shebnatheroyalassassin Oh come on haters!You're just wasting your time hating an adorable person. Anyway,I love this drama.Kang Gyun Jung is very funny LOL!

suzysucks oh cmon...suzy sucks at acting...she only have this straight face every single time...and all she does is act pretty...pff....LEE MIN JUNG is a versatile actress....she can work on any role....who cares about a newbie like bae suzy when u have goong yoo and lee min jung together!!! go big!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO suzy!!! go back to your stupid singing...oh wait...u can't even sing...LOL

Minyeon Love this drama :)

bamblygab Can I ask what is the title of the ost sang by the B2ST ?? Coz Someone said in here that the ost of big was sang by them .?

SUZY NO1!!!!!!! I think Daran will fall for Gyung-Jun. Gyung-jun is the main role in this drama. Shin Won Ho had much more scenes than Gong Yoo did in episode 1. Poor Jang Mari! But I find Goong-sik suitable with her!! :) And maybe Yoon Jae with Gyung Jun's body will have to end up being alone...

christina big has lots of funny scenes in episode 2. for example, when he(kyun joon and yong jae's body) explains how they switched spirits using the toys, when he is representing the rocks in daran's house, and the allergy thingie love love love kyung joon in yoon jae's body and daran toooogether

Emily hahahaha it's funny how #62 says that we shouldn't compare the two actresses but he/she compare them too. but i'm okay with it because one has his or her own opinion, and i do have my own opinion too. come on, this is a hong sister's drama, thay won't just have newbies as the lead roles okay, but they also make a mistake by asking a newbie like suzy since they know lot of people like her. i won't say that more poeple like her because i'm not every into her, and one of my opinions here, she's not that good to be put on top of respected korean actress, lee min jung. hahah too much.....

Meol I saw the preview for ep3...DONT tell me that 18-year-old Shin Won-Ho(spirit) is going to kiss that 26-year-old because of pity! Jang Ma-ri fighting! Claim Shin Won-Ho! GO SUZY


Barbar Tirso I love this Drama especially OST sang by B2ST

Barbar Tirso I love this drama especially the OST sang by B2ST ^^

^^ hey Jordi.. you are so damn and ant brain that you think Suzy is weak, Suzy is not weak. I love and like Suzy. You are only obsess with Lee Min Jung. What if I say Suzy is better 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 than Lee Min Jung, i'll guess that you will increase the amount rate of Lee Min Jung than Suzy. Dont get me wrong and mad with me. Their are both very good/astonishing actress. Please dont compare the two GREAT actress. JUST RESPECT ONLY.

Lala Gong Yoo.....sarange!!!!!!!!!! he's very good in acting

fany i like both of them....but i love suzy more....everyone have their own interest right....

Tiffany Good thing that Lee Min Jung is the lead actress, not Suzy. Suzy is a newbie @ acting -_- And, I don't think Lee Min Jung is ugly. She is very attractive and talented actress. Please don't hate her!

Dung LEE MIN JUNG FIGHTING!!!!! You are better than Suzy! Hahaha

saelee am i the only one who was excited to see gong yoo? seriously...

fany suzy fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

fany i watch this movie becoz i want to see suzy acting!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA....i like her very3 much

Reideen Love this! Got hooked on the first episode! Gong Yoo<3 Did anyone see the preview for the second episode? Is it me or when Y touches K's hand, Y's soul communicated/spoke with GDR through his own body... Y's soul got into K's?... I wonder what Suzy's character (M) will bring to the table... =)

Ki Watched ep.1 last night ... if my high school teacher looked & dressed liked Lee Min-Jung I think I would have had perfect attendance.

iyen I must be the craziest person, because I want Lee Min Jung end up with Shin Won Ho, on his own body, not Gong Yoo.. LOL.. I know it' impossible.. LOL.

Nyt I love Gong Yoo and Min Jung <3333 this will be interesting

GABE Heyy i really love LEE MIN JUNG !!!! i love her and she's very talented especially @You Smile .

Gen Let's support this drama and also Suzy, she's a talented young actress.. Go! Go! Go!

Emily oh my god how come you said that. suzy is really the bias that draw people's attention? Gong Yoo and lee min jung' fans would be mad if they see your post, so becareful of what you said. whether it's good or not depending on lee min jung and gong yoo not suzy, because she just a support role in this one. any way i like both of them.

ELAii why you people fighting between this 2 great actress. you should support them both for the drama :))

Mong I'm heavily Suzy biased by when it comes to movies Lee Min Jung is much more superior. Suzy has lots to learn but she is getting better from each acting job she does (: but you gotta admit, it's going to be Suzy that is going to draw this drama attention, Min Jung is pretty and talented but Suzy has an overwhelming fan base in Korea right now @-@

paj i know the two actresses are being compare to which one is better, but i hope the writer wouldn't change the script. i think people always change their poing of view about things on how the perceive things so hope that both the characters are suited for their roles. i'm sorry but no matter how much people love suzy, she wouldn't never stand out more than lee min jung because she's the lead. the first star is more shine than the second one.

izaya I like to watch this!!!

Dina People stop trolling here ! It's just a drama ) Min Jung and Suzy are both great :) But Min Jung is a better actress because she has more experience ;D But Suzy is awesome too ! ;) I love both of them <3 So just enjoy the drama ;D

misyoseob I'm sorry ,, I think any something wrong in here,,, because we should give support for this drama and don't bashing to main cast ,,, hm,,, I just thinking suzy so talented,, and lee min jung is her senior ,,, and I hope suzy get the best both of shin wo ho and baek sung hyun ,, I will be wait for ''big'' to watching suzy,,, for all fans suzy miss a ,, annyeong ,,,

misyoseob I think the best actress is suzy miss a,, she is so cute and still young,,, I hope suzy and baek sung hyun be couple in this drama.. I wait for this drama,,, suzy yeppeo...

Ann I really love Suzy's image in this drama! Somehow, I prefer Suzy end up with Baek Hyun rather than with Won Ho. Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung daebak!

Bae Suji's fan Please!!! Stop comparing!! >.< Suzy is an amazing actress. But anyway, she's just a newbie. She needs to learn more from her sunbaes in this drama. Lee Min Jung is more professional because she's an actress while Suzy is a multi-talented actress/singer/dancer/MC/... They're both pretty in 2 different styles!! Suzy is pure and innocent while Lee Min Jung is more mature! So please, stop bashing and enjoy the drama :)

Camille Suzy's too young 4 the main role and thinking that the leading man is is more than 10 years older than her.... Goong Yoo and Lee min jung have better chemistry ...dont get me wrong, im a fan of suzy, im just expressing my own thoughts

Carin @Sundaybee: I pity Bae Suzy who'll have to compared with an actress who's much much more talented than she is (Lee Min Jung). Shut up, you don't even know how great Lee Min Jung is. And don't even think I'm saying this because I hate Suzy, NO! I love Suzy, but you're crazy enough for thinking about comparing Lee Min Jung and Suzy... Suzy is far down below from Lee Min Jung.

Sundaybee I pitty lee min jung who's end up playing this role in this drama coz she'll only end up compared to young n talented suzy all the time.. can't wait 4 this drama though :D

Suji Stop hating, both of them are really good actresses :D

Rosie Suzy is so beautiful in this drama! Much more beautiful than Hyemi in Dream High :") She looks mature now :") I know Suzy's acting cannot be as good as Lee Min Jung's. But anyway, Suzy is still be more perfect. She wins Lee Min Jung in everything, excepting for acting. But in this drama, I don't like Suzy to be pair up with Gong Yoo. I think Lee Min Jung's age is more suitable with Gongyoo's. Suzy should end up with Baek Sunghyun or Shin Woon Ho :)

mev hey!!!! for those who dont like lee min jung as the lead actress just go away- dont lead ugly comments in here because it pisses me off. For me, if i favor the second lead lady more i wouldn't care about that drama and not even take a peak at it, so those who think zusy is more suited for the role just go away for 6 or more months after big is done airing come u compare suzy to lee min jung..she's got nothing at all. i dont mean she's bad but i think she just too young to pair up with gong yoo and more, she just a newbie okayyy and experiences are far behind lee min jung. dont disapoint i love all comments favored in lee min jung as the lead lady hahahahaha

Zed sounds kinda similar 2 secret garden, wonder how it will turn out..the cast are great, fine actors like gong yoo & lee minjung^^, and really cant wait 4 Suzy drama return, her acting is getting better & better, already got 3 major rookie awards :)

H what!! suzy prettier!! really! sorry but lee min jung is prettier to me from the first time I saw her -.-’!! plus suzy isn’t a mature actress yet to play such a big role! no offence but i didn’t like her acting in dream high that much she still need practice and more experience! LEE MIN JUNG FIGHTING <3

rainfairy im really looking forward to this drama.gong yoo is back.but still i dont want love rain to finish.

Che_Sara I maybe not one of Lee Min Jung's fans, but yeah Lee Min Jung is a great actress, furthermore, she's also pretty. Bae Suzy? She's just newbie if you compare it with Lee Min Jung. She still needs to learn more how to improve her acting skill. Don't get me wrong, I love Suzy, I'm her fan, I love when she acts, I love when she sings... but no producer will be crazy enough to put Bae Suzy as first female lead if there's Lee Min Jung here. And also we talk about Gong Yoo as the first male lead, he's so not for Suzy.

Don't make your love for some hot, young, popular, actress/actor make you look down on an experience actress/actor. That's so called blind love.

pinksam Im happy finally to see gong yoo ❥ ❥ ❥

rudun @Karim . haha. you know nothing about k drama. only go for kpop and idol. make a research before you leave a comment. peace !

ryeong8 Yeah. Shin Won Ho is one of the lead in this drama. You should add him.

SUZY NO1!!!!!!! Please add WonHo into the list of main casts!!!!!!!!!

ihnoh Both Baek Sunghyun and Shin Woonho will appear in this drama! Sunghyun will be as Choongsik , Woonho will be as Kyungjun and Suzy will be Ma Ri Choongsik ==> Mari ==> Kyungjun ==> Gi Dan (his teacher) ==> YoonJae

Grince I read an article on Facebook. It says that Baek Sung Hyun will act as Lee Min Jung's younger brother. He falls in love with Suzy at the 1st sight. But Suzy likes Shin Woon Ho who loves his teacher (Lee Min Jung).

Grince @J.REAL: Oh really????? I prefer Baek Sung Hyun :(( He looks more attractive :"( Suzy will be his stalker?? or he will fall in love in Suzy?? I don't want Suzy to get bad role :((((((((((((

J, REAL Asianwiki, please edit the cast, SHIN WON HO of Bachelor's Vegetable Store will be playing Kang Gyung Joon who will enter Gong Yoo's body. It's confirmed and Suzy will stalk him in the drama. And stop arguing guys, there are four leads in this drama, Gong Yoo - the successful doctor. Lee Min Jung - the highschool teacher. Bae Suzy - Kang Gyung Joon's stalker and Shin Won Ho - the rebellious 18-year-old teenager.

jaehehe @Karim: I don't understand why you have to put down Lee Min Jung just 'cause you like Suzy. Yeah, we all have our opinions, and we don't have to agree the Suzy is the one and only GODDESS.

There are pictures of Lee Min Jung on the internet without her makeup on. She's naturally gorgeous. So don't be thinking Suzy is all that just because YOU like her. It's really disgusting, how some of you, put down a girl that did nothing more than to do her job. It's not her fault she was picked for a lead. God, some of you have so much favoritism for Korean idols, it's really pissing me off.

ahao @Karim: YES, Lee min Jung is beautiful without makeup. Go google it. No need to be hating on her just because you like Suzy.

To all the people hating on Lee Min Jung, you guys are stupid. You don't even know her, so don't judge her.

myung young don't fight between the two actresses.....they're both good in different way........ but lee min jung is more suited for the lead because her age gap is not far from gong yoo... and she has worked for many successful dramas...suzy is also good but she needs to start from scratch to gain a reputation from the entertainment industry and also to make a strong foundation of her acting skills.. because lee min jung didn't get her way here easily.she worked hard for the future many more good and big drama will come in suzy's way....and lets just hope for the best for both actresses. and lets trust the staff and leaders who chose lee min jung and suzy...

Karim @Kim: are you insane? Suzy is beautiful AS ALWAYS! Her skin, her eyes, her nose,...are just wonderful! Are you sure Lee Min Jung is beautiful WITHOUT MAKEUP? If yes, please show me the provement!

kim Lee Min Jung has bright eyes, great nose and great cheek bone don't understand how can other find Suzy prettier than Min jung Guess, it's personal preferences or maybe because she is younger and part of girl group

YaYaYa I don't know why people are hating on Lee Min Jung either, I think she is a great actress and she's really pretty too :) Suzy is good too but she is still a rookie actress. There is no reason to put either of them down. The plot seems very interesting so I have high expectations for this drama and I can't wait to watch! It will be interesting to see Lee Min Jung playing a high school teacher! :)

ryeong9 Suzy is one of the female lead, she will be the girlfriend of the 18 year old guy entered Gong Yoo's body and it's not Baek Sung Hyun. It's Shin Won Ho.

jen people shouldnt worry so much or be so negative towards the drama it will all show on first episode who knows it may become a "BIG" drama :)

Ann I hope Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun can be a couple in this drama. He's young, handsome and talented. Gong Yoo is kinda old for her :">

LoonyLizard Here's hoping the quality of this one will be closer to that of "The Greatest Love" and far, far away from that of "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho." Don't get me wrong, I love the Hong sisters, but the consistency of their writing is all over the map.

Me, I'm just happy to see Gong Yoo returning to the small screen after a 5 year absence. It was Coffee Prince, his last drama before this one, that made me really respect his work. Fighting!

Dan ... So weird how everyone's hating on Lee Min-Jung. She's a beautiful and amazing actress who deserves this role she's receiving. I love Suzy, but she was and is not yet ready to be a lead actress. For her to be getting roles such as Dream High, Architecture 101 and this... makes her extremely lucky. Although over time she's improving, I still view her as rookie actress. But maybe in the future, she'll be better. Maybe she'll be like Sung Yuri; transforming from an idol to an actress. I just hope Suzy gets a another guy since Gong Yoo will probbably end up with Lee Min-Jung. You know, one of those love sqaures ;)

mary joy hey u jordi,,how dare u to say that thing to suzy....i want suzy to be the lead actress...

mary joy hey u jordi,,how dae to say that thing to suzy....

iammee It will be so nice to see Gong Yoo again, I've been waiting for this but I am a bit disappointed with the choice of the lead actress-Lee Min Jung. I find her unattractive and boring. If they cant replace her, it's better that Suzy will be Yoo Gong's love interest.

Skullmaki YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! Suzy will be a lead actress ! And also it's the main actor who will fall in love with Suzy *____* Can't wait to see her ! She was so good in DH and her movie <3 SUZY GO GO GO GO

Jordi Lee Min Jung Is 1000000000000000000000000000000 better than your Suzy weak actress!!!! GO LEE MIN JUNG & GONG YOO :D

sara yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want suzi 2 B lead actress tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ann no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Suzy to be LEAD ACTRESS, not that woman Lee Min Jung!!!!!!!!

white i really wating for this draamaa!!!! i wish cool ratings!

Nam I'm happy Gong Yoo is taking up a Hong Sisters drama!

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Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Producer *KBS2 drama
Attack on Titan
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid

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