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  • Name: Shin Won-Ho
  • Hangul: 신원호
  • Born: October 23, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185cm
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Shin Won-Ho is a member of boy band CROSS GENE. The group consists of 6 members: 3 members are from South Korea, 2 members are from China and 1 member is from Japan. The group is produced by Japanese entertainment company Amuse, Inc. The group released their debut mini album titled "Timeless : Begins" on June 8, 2012.

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superLUV when is your next acting project!!!! i need you in my life LoL!!!~ love you!!

carolina I like Shin Won Ho Oppa because he is cute and handsome again

krissel rabino I really like shin won ho he is so cute and handsome when he is currently starring on kbs drama big when he role play kang gyung joon . he is so fantastic i like shin won ho very much and he is my ultimate crush in kpop and he is the member of cross gene band......... saranghae shin won ho. <3.  :)

Darrah I Really like oppa shin because he is so cute when he smile even he is serious he is still cute........saranghae oppa<3<3

Christy wow.......he's totally awesome♥♡♥♡he is currently starring on kbs drama 'BIG'.even he's in a coma, I still love him which all my friends does too♥♡♥♡

jane the girl Im allver support you all saranghae figthing good luck for everyone

Ressa lhomi We'll , to explain about you , you are so very cool and your smile + cute angry face is great and fantastic ?

    I think I like you greatly.

Ressa lhomi We'll , to explain about you you r so cool and your smile + cute angry face is great and fantastic ?


arcelie sucgang i will always support you shin saranghae ....

arcelie sucgang i will always support you shin saranghae all crossgene member

joon(_/()S) chingo....grab your opprtunity:)

joon(_/()S) chingo hope 2 see u in many dramas......grab your opprtunity:)

eli hi...i like this page and i love every thing about shin won ho.....and i love you...the end

janine pabelonia Hi...!!! Shin Won Ho saranghae<3<3

Chila Arghhhhhhhh my future husband

Cross Gene Fan! COME BACK SOON SHIN! As an actor, idol or whatever but please let me see you active in korea soon!

shin-hey hope to see you again in drama i will wait and always love you hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!

sykes i crush on you!!!!<3

justine may hey you look so cool on your role as Kang Kyung Joon in drama series BIG P.S

enjoy your life ^^ don't forget to smile

i will always be your fan ^^ FIGHTING GO GO GO ^^

kristine hello .. I like your drama series BIG and I also like the songs of cross gene ^^

jesslyn vanella I want to ask at BIG drama at the last you has change into your body back ???

kyra Shin wo ah.. i always support cross gene and your dramas .. fighting oppa!!

kim tan na shin won ho i'm wait you with new drama ...

Shanneene Symons Lols at all the tweens screaming 'oppa'. He's very handsome, and a great actor. Come to noona. ;)

fairoz amir Very talented actor...keep fighting SHIN WON HO

Bro I hope to see Shin in dramas again. The first episode of Big was the best episode of the series (at least for me). Also hoping Cross Gene makes a Korean comeback soon.

grace~~ OPPA!!! i first saw you at "BIG" and i love you from the first time i saw you ^^ your really cute ><" and i love your voice!! fighting oppa! ^^

BIGfanofyours Wah! your so handsome hope i could see you in person! ~SARANGHAE OPPA~

Aisha Woah!!! i want to say he was so handsome and cute guy.. When i first saw him,,, the first word come that he was so cute,.... soooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~ cute,, and i like his hair style,... he was so Ulzzang!!!!!!!

nur nila you so... Cute i realy like you in drama big saranghae......

park heon ah i'm is a first fan at malaysia..and i seen won ho at BIG drama..he soo cute,awesome,hott,sexy,cool and don't forget his really 남자 다움...나는 당신을 사랑합니다 신원호..<3 ..

                       Oppa follow me at twitter @Kidrauhl_BFF ..jebal..<3
                       or give you're twitter name..SARANGHANDA OPPA <3

shawol so he's from cross gene

dindadamayanti PUING-PUING ,,,,,,,, your so handsome and cute

Hanee OMG... Can't wait for his new Drama... Ummm.... Fighting Oppa :D

naty boy you look just like "kim myungsoo"

Maitri shin won u r so cool, great and funny actor.i hav seen ur both dramas and i wana see u come sooooon.i'm eagerly waiting for d best for ur career.

zahra bel I just like you , you're so handsome and cute ... I wath all your series and I wish sucss in you life as an actor or a singer !!! Love u **:')

Nada egypt you are too much cute ^_^ i hope you make new drama or movie .. saranghae saranghae saranghae .. ♥♥♥♥♥

Bro Hope he acts in a drama again. He was underutilized in Big.

abbey maye shin won-ho your so cute.............. yieeeeeeeeeee! your my knight in shining armor... i'm willing to wait ......... HWAITING! SARANGHAE :*

charlene your so handsome .. i hope you will have a lot project to come ...

shela he's so cute! i made his pictures my desktop and laptop and cellphone wallpaper. haha. i love KKJ!

string hunter wish u all the best WON HO

  1. hope we meet each other SOON

as i go to korea SOON.., <3 HOPE ONLY, HEHE I KNOW IT COULD'NT HAPPEN :(

Shin Ballesteros I Love You Shin Won Ho ! :* Wish you all the best. Be a Good Actor Please Visit Philippines ! :))

Yuri Hi! SHIN WON HO.....i'm looking forward to ur projects....i hope you and bae suzy have more projects together...pls....

Dextar When I saw Shin Won Ho from BIG, I totally loved him. I hope he continues to make more movies, he'll be a great actor one day. :D

analyn abao i love Shin Won-Ho XD

Carly_xoxo Shin Won HO!! the fist time i saw you in the k. drama "BIG" i was so amazed at how gorgeous you are when you act!! hope you'll come here in the Philippines with ur group Cross Gene!! YOU totally absolutely steal my heart!! <3 you!

Ericka Yusi Shin Won Ho, I Love You very much shin won ho 'cause you look so handsome and cute but I also want to know your attitude I hope you are kind to everyone please consider me as your fan I hope that you group, CROSS GENE will have a concert here in Philippines so that I can see you in person and thank you for entertaining all your fans by your movies please be humble and I LOVE YOU

ms.lorraine <3 Mr. shin won ho,youre so cute,...and and i want him to meet in person...haha LOL i LoVe YoU... :) <3

Danica Ayah i Really Really Love Shin Wo,hope to meet him's good to know he can have some lead role,coz he's acting was really awesome and cute especially on BIG...fighting Shin..!!!

Maria Shin why so cute ????No. in my heart Mr.WonHo..nomu nomu chua ...<3^_^

alyzza red hi !!!! every one knows you're cute and handsome and that's the you are and I've just watched Big and i now i know what is"Love at the 1st sight" >"< You're so handsome, cute, cool too.... ~~~ i love it so much <3 <3 <3 love you Shin Won-Ho ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tnx..

jade temario your so cute i want to see you in person...luv yah

jade temario your so cute i want to see you in person...

Sherlyn aja!!!! damn he's so cute....

lab i think i fall inlove with him....hahahaha..


WOO OMO. You're soooo cute! <3 Waaa. ^_________^ #starstruck xoxo Lovelots

DaniecaJhean your so handsome and cute(!) Saranghae... :* . 사랑합니다.

Kim Hayan Well he's quite good in some recurring roles. Hope he gets a lead role. Probably starring as an idol/high school student again...Well I won't be surprised if he takes on a rival role with BEAST's Junhyung in Mnet's first drama called Monstar. Just predicting on a slight chance on what's about to happen...

KZ The info on him being in Cross Gene should be updated. It's now 4 Korean members, 1 Chinese, and 1 Japanese because JG left! Nuuuuuuu!

  • Seyoung was added in place of JG. He seems cool though.

Tori AHA!!! I found it!! RUN60 was the Japanese movie that Shin and Takuya did together. Wonder why it's not on here too?

Tori He speaks real good Japanese. Didn't he also do like a mini drama in Japan with Takuya (another member in CROSS GENE) or was that a CF? I remember something dramatic happened like a kidnapping or gun fight. It was like a teaser and I glossed over it.

lalahohai First time i saw him, i thought he was Song Joong Ki..LOL

chii i dunno, but my eyes says that he is combine wonbin and song joongki

fanalol He is so cute, i love his voice Trop mignon ce mec♥

fifi-xa hi.. ..your acting is really good i hope u will have bright future...sad that at the end..they didnt gave the ending to u.. i was waiting til teacher n u to get back..i mean the real u... anywaz.. good luck..<3

WonHoLover♥ belated happy birthday!!!♥♥♥

Torisweettooth (ノ◕‿◕)ノ Yea! First on here to wish Shin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Of course that's Seoul Time and not US. Still 22nd for me but hey two days for Shin. (sighs) He's so cute. (*♥‿♥*)

XX OMG I never fell like this! You're really TOTALLY SUPER CUTE!! When i saw you in big, I was waiting for you and felt sucks to know you just sleeeppp all over the drama!!! But i still waited for the last episode cause i think you HAD TO BE APPEAR in the last. And I was so mad and felt so crazy you even didn't show at that time! Now i'm still sick to remeber it. I'm waiting for your drama!! Be a main character and i promise i will watch it!! i also like cross gene!!!!!! Oh My god!! Oh oh!!!

fifi when i watch big i thought he was infinite's L...whoa he is so good looking...

ShinFannn I know he wont read this XD anyway , i really hope he will play in more drama's i really was so mad that the ending of big was'nt including him :( :(


Lee Minji Uh Oh.. I ve fallen 4 u.. Oppa gagnam style xD

Jamila OMG oppa ur so cute! they shudve given u more parts all u did the whole drama was sleep lol i love you! hahahaaa

Sung Ha Hoon Oppa, shin won-ho you are so Handsome & cute :> Baby face. :D i wish that you have a drama ds year. Not just cameo or anything You are the lead.

jamila Please give him lead roles he is so hot hot hot awwww

alba when I first saw you in BIG, i had a feeling that you are a member of a boy band and I was right. So its Cross Gene and I saw you video in MTV..good to know that you can also sing and dance. You were remarkable in BIG even if in 2 episodes only. Hope you will be given more TV dramas and your group will be successful too!!

samira & parisa we love you & cross gene we hope see you more. you have very beauty face(to won ho)

h what with these weird lunatics sayin?

naomi aT first u thought he was yonger than suzy buT hez even older than her & older than me...heZ completelY baby~facE...imma greaT shinzy shipper...hope they date on real life too...<3 shin oppA!

hyun_mi i know him for the first time is in bachelor's vegetable store and just get stuck on him he's totally cute❤ i don't ever think that he's the member of the boyband named cross gene

gina Majayo!!! When I watched the drama I thought he's a member of boy band hahah and that's true!! He's so cute ^^

aiexes i think your role in BVS (as chan-sol) is better than your role in Big (as gyeong-jun). in big you just acted like a sleeping guy and only appears before the accident and flashback, a. in BVS, you weren't lead but you expressed your acting ability better. act in big maybe can help you gain more popularity. your acting is good but you appear in big is too little (although you're the 2nd lead).

i'm very disappointed.

I hope you get better role next time

brigette jara i love him in bachelor veg store. he is amazin actor

sri_4 when i saw him at drama BIG, i fall in love with him<3! i find and find information about him, and he is a member of BOYBAND KOREA too! is CROSS GENE!i fall in love with it cause him too! He like L INFINITE......... I and my sister really FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM aaa SHIN WON HO you really tie my heart!

park kim lenna First time I saw him in “big” drama my heart beats sooooofast. He's so cuteee! Omg omg♥ he's eyes like a kitty srsly haha. I was watch cross gene performance twice before on kpop countdown & I like their song (la-di-da-di) too, but I'm not realize he's one of them... Shin won oppa fighting!! Saranghaeyo.. Actually I wish the end of this drama kang gyung joon will be with jang mary but you was already fall in love with gil-daran teacher ugh...... WAIT FOR YOU NEXT DRAMA KITTY OPPA! FIGHTING!!!

laurel leaf I watched him in Bachelors Vegestable Store..he's cute.

lovin'_korea Damn! When I watch the drama, I thought he was so handsome! Wow! I knew he was from a Kpop group. I just couldn't remember which lol:) Shin Won Ho! Hwaiting! You look soooooooooo much like infinite L! Why's that? W/e still really handsome!

May Love u Won Ho. U r so cute in Bachelor's Vegetable Store drama. But u look more handsome in Big u say "uh-oh" Hope u will be more successful. U are my shining star :)

Carey Yu Stone I know at the end of BIG, you and teacher gil will end up together.. It doesn't matter whose body you're in :)))

esther plsssssss wake up now i miss u

atina i'm in love with ur eyes in BIG..such an innocent eyes..good lucking and has its own charm..goodluck!!

bbtaline OMG. I never knew that he was a member of Cross Gene! All I know is that, he's an actor since I've been watching the Drama 'BIG' since the first episode. OMG..

shedaa huh .. i really think he is an idol but i don't remember i saw him in what group .. CROSS GENE ?? but i saw someone like him in EXO K .. ^__^ <3 hayyah BTW .. his act was GOOD for a young and newcomer <3 what his first drama ..?

rain bow your skin look so soft in this drama how butiful

baekhowon wonhoooo ^^ saranghaeeee *digebukinhowon

Jenna When I saw him first time, my heart beated so fast n loud. My friend showed me this drama and I was screaming for 10min. He is soo hooooooot~ I wish he was my BF. also he's so cute. But he kinda looks like "L" from Infinite Whatever, I love him <3333333

di_shin oooooo ,,

Won ho like sleeping prince n so cute ,, that was suzy's said ,,

But why he just sleep all the time ,,

8ep n still sleep ,, I hope he wake at 9ep ,,

Lov won ho ,, uhh ohh#lov when he say that

jennina OMG,OMG,OMG......!!!! I LOVE his line in BIG "OOW " <3 <3 <3

Ajeng_W the first time i saw him in BIG, wew he caught my eyes hahah you're so cute. success

Yy Woah, you really look good in BIG. Except that now you are just sleeping all the time haha><

victoria he is so handsome.... i like shin won ho HEIght.. 185!!wow!



big KOREA drama!

narty you're my favorite.. :p i like u'''' wait your new drama :)

Erisadesu He is a member of Cros Gene boy band.

Prianca God.. his eyes r so pretty.. His eyes reminds me of Jungshin (chingu) of CNBLUE. aaa..ipdda..cupta.

shou-mei his english sucks


  • first: i love u shin won ho oppa.. :D
   * second: i love u shin won ho oppa.. :D
   * third:      i love u shin won ho oppa.. :D
   >> the last thing is i love u shin won ho oppa ^^ <<

jennifer he looks like SONG JOONG KI + L of infinite...soo CUTE♥

personainnominatum I may be the only one thinking it, but doesn't he kinda looks like song joong ki?? Especially the lips?

shoumei his english SUCKS

Toua how many drama has he done or movie?

snooglebunch he looks like L <3 so cute :3

tasana i think he is awesome!! love his english accent so much and he is so cute and handsome i'll give a 10 out of 10 :)

Gemmy he looks like L infinite :D so handsome

steffichannuneo i think he looks like a mix of dongho and myungsoo. btw hes so cute c:

GEIHI he looks more like L and sungyeol combined together XD XD

MissAsianNinja waaah~ he really does look like Infinite's L the more i look at him~ haha, cant wait to see him with suzy~ XD ♥

kat he's like a mixture of infinite L and someone else!!!

ShiShi Woow!!! I thought he is from infinite lol~~~ He looks good in BIg!!

Zu I've just watched Big and i now i know what is"Love at the 1st sight" >"< You're so handsome, cute, cool.... ~~~ So perfect,my boy ♥

Atsuko Awww...Shin...!!! just watched BIG an fell in Love wiith you!!! U soo Cute!!!


Maegi You need to get a MAIN GUY LEAD ! (;

irawwrapplesauce aww kiyopta ^-^ He's so handsome! ❤ I'm really looking forward to his acting. Shin Won-Ho fighting!

ilovehim he is so cute i judt watch "big" he looks really HOT!C; i think i fell in love okno BYE

chubbchubb He looks like Infinite's L. I was so like WTF! Why is he in here while watching "Big"? He's so cute and tall.

hershey's he looks like jr. in dream high 2


  1. lizzie

heemmm....i think he doesn't look like Infinite L... he's more look like lee min ho...(my friend agreed with me...) but' i hope he can be great actor.

ShinWonHoWifey omfggg =] Hella cutee.

lizzie ahhh he is super cute! he totally reminds me of L from infinite!

emjei/xlr8ers really,really love shin won-ho......^^. more power...!!!!

Anzai is "bachelor's vegetable store" your first performance ? if it is you were really great! you added a kind of "idol-cute-and-nice-guy" touch to the drama Keep going! I'm looking forward to see you in another drama, movie or maybe MV !

BabyJOO He's cute and really a "wild stallion" on the inside ;3

Alexa he's sooo cute!

ayaa xx youre so handsome and cute x saranghaee wonho <3<3<3

biruCHOCOLATE one of the reason why i watch BVS is bcoz of u!..... can't wait to see u on screen....<3<3<3

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