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  • Name: IU
  • Hangul: 아이유
  • Birth Name: Lee Ji-Eun (이지은)
  • Born: May 16, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 160cm.
  • Blood Type: A


IU, was born as Lee Ji-Eun on May 16, 1993. she is managed by LOEN Entertainment. IU works as a singer and actress in South Korea. Her stage name "IU" is derived from "I and You" - to become one, you and me, with music.

IU released her first mini-album "Lost and Found" on September 24, 2008. Her debut was made on Mnet's "M Countdown" on September 18 with the song "Miya". She gave her TV performance on MBC's "Music Core" on September 20, 2008. On April 23, 2009, IU released her first album "Growing Up". On November 12, 2009 IU released her second mini-album "IU...IM" with the track "Marshmallow" becoming popular. IU released her third digital single "Jansori" (lit. translate "nag") on June 3, 2010. She received favorite or top award on SBS music show "Ingi Gayo" and KBS show "Music Bank". On December 9, 2010, IU released her third mini-album "Real." The track "Jongeun Nal" ("Good Day") topped the Korean music charts and was played extensively throughout South Korea. The song ranked top on SBS music show "Ingi Gayo," KBS music show "Music Bank," Mnet music show "M Countdown," and Korean music chart. IU's single "REAL+" was released on February 9, 2011. Track "Naman Molratdeon Iyagi" ("The Story I Didn't Know") topped the daily charts in one day.

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shim min young youre stole my heart with your pretty and your voice your an angel i love you so much unni when i listen to your voice i forget all my problmes from me i think your the best and i wish meet you one day <3<3<3

loveIU saranghae unnie .. Good luck to your drama and comeback

Starling I love you IU. I hope you in new drama soon. We miss you.

Moomoo What to see iu new drama

dera IU you are the best of the best you are my idol. You are so pretty & amazing with amazing voice & great acting skills. You are the best lee soon shin was the define of amazing love & alawys you fan <3 <3 <3

James Brian IU is the best.And you are so pretty.

MICH IU!!ur the best

Mark Francis Credo Saranghae IU <3 Lee ji eun :) I LOVE YOU IU

Mark Francis Credo

shaoyui I love this lady so much.. she has a very lovely sweet voice. I was not fond of Kpop before not until I heard IU's adorable voice. I also love her natural acting skills. I hope to hear music from you and more drama series..... and am wishing next time for you to have a movie. proud Uaena here!

Peg Pathetic acting in Bel Ami. One of the worst Korean series . Gave up after 2 episodes

tp You've got such an innocent look. I really love you in "you're the best...". You're so pretty in that drama. Keep up the good work and best wishes!

zahra iu fighting and act in a drama I really miss your acting

Favour You are the best is one of my favourite korean movie but i did not like the way it ended

ani iu i miss u soooo mach u are the best

moomoo unni i really what to see your new drama i hope u make drama this year to i what to se u drama so much love u unni :3

SAYahhh idont know why, but i think she's the one that i will forever will love and support. don't you think she is the definition of perfection? iknow nobody is perfect but how i wish i have her personality. there is one show that she said, whatever situation or challenge she will face in the future, she will try her best to learn form it. //like her old case with eunhyuk//. she's my idol, i wish i could see her more in acting and concerts C: fightitinggggg

Cecurut she looks like Lee Bo-young

Agape anor Annyohaseyo, IU. I'm agape anor. First of all, I just wanna say that I'm really a big fan of you. I always searching, subscribe and searching even in the others site just to know you better. I'm watching your movies, tv shows, showbiz, interview, etc. Just with a english subtitle ofcourse. Hehehe. I really wan't to meet you personally. Tho, it's imposible because i'm from philippines. I just wan't you to know me. Pffft~ No, Uhmmm.... I just wan't you to read this comment. For a second time, I know it's impossible. HUEHUEHUE. I LOVE YOU IU-unni. Saranghae IU <3 Lee ji eun :)


RJ Anyo unnie!!! I love ur acting and ur songs. Hope u can perform again with wooyoung oppa <3. Stay healthy always!!! Marshmallow!

RJ hi unnie! <3 i love all your songs. I hope u stay healthy always. Saengil chukhahamnida in the future! I hope u can perform again with wooyoung oppa...hehe

Kpopper_IU Ow come on , if your not a fan of her just don't comment anything . You don't have to judge we do not need your opinion . Just shup up you don't know anything .

reverdrama i think she is only quite good actress cause she has a droopy sight she looks to have the same expression all the time she is boring.i think that people are very strange cause people have to like someone or something only because they are told to like it (the marketing) and then they lost their own mind

zahra iu please comeback with anew drama I like your acting soooooooooooooooooooooo much

sulsah saechukahamnida(happy birthdae) ji eun unni wis.hin u long life and prosperity...saranghanda

Juvie Hi happy birthday! I envy the way you are but in a good way, your pretty and talented..enjoy ur day!;)

Juvie Happy birthday girl!ur so cute and ur very talented..(pretty, singer, dAncer) as in whole package, all in 1..godbless!;)

신비주의 Hi Happy Birthday. If you miss a day of hope and prayer, each day's happiness and joy of the day, you're pretty much The fan Erfan

amin happy birthday my dear iu

Tia Happy birthday unnie♥

sarah Hi unnie, Happy birthday,today is the best day for you like the others day so don't think about bad things and just enjoy your birthday. Wish you always be happy. Your younger sis,sarah

Chel Alegro she's talented, Beautiful Charming. :) i hope that i can meet her in person :) if there is a chance! .I am a fan of IU :)i know how to sing too :) because my inspiration is IU ") i hope i can be a Popular Teenager someday ")

mmmm she is very talented, great in singing,acting,mc, cf, singer-songwriter, composer and now as a producer.. how she could do them at a young age....

Behnaz When you act in a serial or in a movie it become appealing and more lovable. Thanks.

roneth malanum She's really cute, funny and cool. I like you very much. Good luck and keep safe always your are my idol.just stay who are.!love , love,love!

Jess Lim She is so pretty , cute and of course , TALENTED <3 N i like her voice sooooooo much like omg seriously? she's literally perfect <3

La Reina She is cute. Looking forward to seeing more of her work.

IMME I don't think I have ever cared so much about a character as I did Lee Soon-Shin. What an incredible job you did portraying her. Looking forward to seeing you in more roles.

주디 앤 당신은 앞으로 언젠가는 심지어 높은 꿈을 필리핀의 좋은 작업을 수행하는 내가 여기 그냥 경우 잠시 동안 당신을보고 희망

Mr. X Let me see... She's not beautiful..but..she is very cute.. She has an unbelievable and undeniable cuteness! She very talented both in sing and act! God bless you IU!

BRT You're the best Lee Ji-Eun! Cute little girl!

sooha She look like Snow Queen. So cute ^^

Madlen Lee Ji-Eun is a talented actress ...

sri iu is hossom in bel ami her character is very well played keep it up good work.

Maram She is soooooooo cute i love her in Pratty man she is amazing

cherly putri iu beatiful and cute......



BEl ami ended I'm so sad ... I'll miss kim botong. But I'm happy that after a lot of staff you can rest 1 YABLSS 2 modern time 3 bel ami You must be tired ...

Tiarah You're the best Lee Ji-Eun!!! Funny and Cute! Love you so much! :)

bashir I think she's really the best

chriscella ramoso IU is super cute beautiful and talented woman...<3

AL IU is super talented and really cute! Love her!

Sweetheart She is pretty :)

Precious I like your acting.....

kim_siwon IU so cuteee !

Ted Crowley Watching Bel Ami episode 5, I like the very funny, cute young woman character. I notice she looks a little bit like IU. Pause TV. Google "bel ami cast". Yes, it is IU. Now I will watch all the episodes. IU is always fun to watch on talk shows.

She's also an amazing singer, of course. All her hit songs are great, and others as well. Her performances of Officially Missing You (on YouTube) are the best of all those I have heard by anyone.

Jessica Rose I <3 IU....You are so good in your drama....Stay beautiful...

I shes the best at everything and cant wait for her drama make sure to give her 100%!!!!!!!!!!

nadie baris I'm so excited :) can't wait!

xyz shes too cute :)

Tin Yehey !!! Beautiful Man !!!


kate we love you in morroco

avital Love from Israel

milkteabobas IU is so awesome! Uaenas unite! hahaha

Sajeedah Maishanu I'm from Nigeria and love watching U on kbs world, I was amazed to find out that Lee soon shin and Pilsuk ar the same. I just loVe u IU. U are simply the best.

Thomas I am from Nigeria. I came to know you for the first time just three months ago when I watched one of the episodes of the drama "You are the best" on KBS world tv. Since then I fell for your acting skills. I think you are simply fantastic. Please keep it up. You have won for yourself a permanent fan in Nigeria

Kim sara She's gorgeous ! x And dream high will be published on mbc4 in arabian x watched it in korean but excited to watch it in arabian too haha lol xx

Samantha Yoo Unnie! I love your acting... You always surprise us with your acting skills as an actress. Good job as a rookie. I love you IUshiii!!

Tyr Man she is so cute and her acting is very good i am a fan :)

Ravi IU you are so cut and sings really good.

    I love you

The Queen I love you IU your such a great actress!!!

Fana Wow great actress really you are the best i even watching from Ethiopia keep it up Lee Sun SHin

mhemz i love you iu..ur the best i ever seen before..

Pauline Faith UI!! I Totally Love you and Your beauty!! Its has its own colour and... your just very Pretty!! X3 I am still watching the series "You are the Best!" I Am so excted tomorrow!! I love you UI!! I am a fan of yours dont forget that!! ^_^ Fighting!! <3

rheza you're such an awesome lady ! Wish you all the BEST :) i love your new drama very much <3 You are the best Lee Soon Shin..

Jessica Rose IU I love you!! you're very pretty, talented and amazing...keep up the good work..we'll always support you!! Fighting!!

Joseph Happy Birthday...

Martin estrella Hi IU! i really love all your song i like the most is YOU and I i really love this song! super! i wish i could see you in personal :'> :) you're so cute and a great singer! take care always.. and GOD bless you! :** i will pray for your career to be successful Im martin estrella for Philippines!

YourNumber1Fan Lee Ji-Eun Noonaa!! I Really Really Love Your Voice!!!!!! And You're so Pretty I'am repeatedly Falling Inlove with you every time I see you!! More Projects to come!! and I really want to see the MILKY COUPLES Again!! :D

I Love You Ji-Eun Noona! :D

sayakahikaru IU is a talented actress, a wonder singer, a beautiful, cute and very nice girl. I am so excited about her new drama The Best Lee Soon-Shin. I am sure she will do an amazing job. IU 화이팅!

glessy your wonderful.. keep it up!!

kristine velasquez I love Iu So much i really want to listen every day of her song ♥u Iu

♥Kristine Your Fan

Marj She's a very talented girl, cute,awesome, IU Fighting!

foorogh i love you.you are sooooooo pretty.

rovie i love this video iu im ur fan!!!

rovie i love iu and woo young

rovie i love you iu so much your so cute

rovie i love iu so much wish woo young and you together your voice was so good

Anna your voice is great. your face is nice . I love you. you can reach the top

Riza Annyeong Haseyo! miss IU, your my idol! I really like your voice.. and your so pretty! Hope I can see you in personal.. :-)

donnalyn hi iu. your so pretty and i like you so much i want to see you in person..",

richardmarfil aishh~ she so pretty c: ~ shes good @ acting too (: she should go out with wooyoung in reall life c; theyre so cute together So Pretty & Sings really good. Good at Acting, and is so cute (:

tammy i love iu she is so cute in dreamhigh

Ann She's like my role model! I loves her voice, (wish i can have her voice) and she's good at acting in "Dream High". I hope she will act more kdramas! I love you unni!

leeyumie iu is a great singer..with her amazing voice, no doudt that she will become successful as a singer...and i like the milky tandem...

Janice IU, you are so pretty!!! You are so good at singing and you are so cute!!! We love you!

zuliyana sings a really good.... i like sing and good job IU

Riezka yunita sari aku suka sama suaranya pil suk,, bagus banget. . Your visual is beautiful. .+.+

Mehmed the talented one from korean!

Jun-Yeon IU is the cutest girl I've ever seen in my life! shes so cute and perfect! she has an amazing voice! how is it possible that shes so perfect? :O Wow... IU fighting! Saranghaeyo~ (im not a lesbian)

Alicia Annyeonghaseo IU!! I love ur voice so BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 I love ur new song " Ice Flower " U rlly did a great JOB :)) Ur ice skate on the Kim Yuna's show Kiss & Cry is also GREAT.. Keep the GOOD work <3

vanessa your so cuTe... luve u!!

shizuka you have that voice that can't break a glass, but can stir a weary soul...i so love listening to the soothing voice of this girl...and i so love the 'jason - pil-suk' pairing!!!!!! hey, i hope wooyoung would daye you girl :)

Saba ohhhhhhhhhh, you were really awesome i mean your acting and singing and i really enjoy watching this series and i wish to see you acting in another korean movies or dramas and wish you all success and happiness in each step that you are taking to reach to your goal.be healthy and happy, domaniko(*_*)

zebkiel what does IU means?

Kr!$t!N IU, i think u n wooyoung goes togethr! hav u eva think abt... datin him?? i'll allways hav ur bak! FIGHTING!!! XD! °_°!

TamTam haha so funny! I found some of IU's songs on youtube just a week ago (because of Queen Seon Duk) and now I started watching dream high and was like: "who is that girl, she looks so familiar"... To think that it actually took me 3 days to realise why... ^^ God, I'm slow sometimes xD anyways, love her ;)

Fardad I (Love) U , IU

nuraz you have a very cute face and very cute voice too...

karrah your so cute..lovely voice..

misty Annyong your so good when you sing i really like your voice IU wish you many project to come........ by the way your so great in portraying this role........XD

potl IU you are so lovely, love the voice. good luck

Dania IU, you are so cute and good at acting,I love your voices


jenny you are soo good omg ure so pretty and so talented!! and ure so young to

Emily aishh~ she so pretty c: ~ shes good @ acting too (: she should go out with wooyoung in reall life c; theyre so cute together~

maun she's the kind of girl that i like... so cute and have a great voices...

Adika Kok kyopta IU.. nemu yeputa

So-chan IU is my role model! <3 I love how she's so young but is so talented~ She's beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ji Eun-ah, fighting!

Hannah So Pretty & Sings really good. Good at Acting, and is so cute (:

Lucy She's Look Pretty

Diana IU, you are amazing! I'm sure you'll be great. Good luck!

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