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  • Name Eunjung
  • Hangul: 은정
  • Birth Name: Ham Eun-Jung (함은정)
  • Birthdate: December 12, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Blood Type:


  1. Member of girl group "T-ara".


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gara new for endless love!!

yingee Eunjung fighting!! Please make your movie with jang woo.....

ervySKOREA she is very cute and a very talented singer and actress!!!!!she is my bias in T ARA!!!!!love you eunjung saranghae!!!!!!

AhRa Eunjung unnie FIGHTING!! LOVE U so much! wish u get main roles in hit dramas^^

anneyv she could've got the lead role in Five Fingers but cause of rumors she got kicked out of the drama. That still pisses me off!!! She's a really awesome actress too!!!

cris Hi EunJung-ssi!! I'm from Philippines. I first saw you in we got married and became a big fan of yours. I admire your caring and cute attitude so much. I also started to listen to T-ARA songs and became even more amazed to your talents. I also watched your dramas, movies and variety shows. I will look forward to your future projects. I will always cheer for you and for T-ARA. Fighting~ ♡♡♡

amy hi i became a fan of yours since i saw dream high. Then i got addicted to all T-ara songs especially sugar free cos i love club music. And i really hope that you will focus more on your acting career so i really hope that you will take the lead role on the boss. T-Ara fighting eunjung fighting

Ya Hi..Eunjung I'm from Thailand. I first saw and start liked you from Coffee House series. I fell in love your smile. I promise you I will support and love you forever. Love you and love T-ara forever. Ham Eunjung Fighting......!

Anna Levantino You're the only Korean star I started liking the most. I first saw you in Dream High and fell in love with your character.

Ali hi Eun jung unni.I'm Ali.I'm from Iran and I'm just12 years old. I'm a huge fan of u and Ilove u so much.you have many fans here in Iran and all of us(Iranian fans)will support u now and forever. love uuuuuuuuuuuu. ^-^

ella Lololol she has won not even a single award!!

chonsa You are so pretty eunjung...i will be your fans now and forever...T-ara keep your spirit..fighting..!!

airyn Eunjung..you are so cute..love eunjung..love T-ara..

chatrineevania eonni annyeong haseo i'm indonesian. i'm big fan of you. i have watched your wgm with jangwoo oppa. i like it your wedding is in lombok right? in my country.. i was proud eonni. oh ya i heard that you will take a role in move the boss begins with lee jangwoo. is it right? woahhh i can't wait for watch it. eonni i really like you and jangwoo oppa. i wish you will be with him in real relationship... fighting!

Jana Eunjung has been cast as the female lead in upcoming movie "The Boss Begins" along side her WGM husband, Lee Jangwoo.

Glian Hmmm Dating in Earth has not been listed the movies she's been in....

domohiiii is eun jung on hiatus? there seems to be no update for 2014 yet..

May I wish u can act as main actress in hit dramas in future. I love u unnie

AprilJoy Eunjung My most favorite korean actress, singer etc. And My ULTIMATE BIAS...I always love her....She is No.1..I really really love her....For Me...YOUR THE BEST!!! I Love You JUngie...<3

Sakura'(n_n)v I wish if she can be in romantic comedy drama as main role like lie to me or lee so sin you'r the best ,something like that this will be very interesting to see her another side of personality in this type of rule then who have happy ever after ending because I hate it when she have always one side love like in dream high and in this drama also (>_<)9 Always end up alone..why she always take side rule when she can be main role.

EUN JUNG eun jung, we love u <3 support T ara forever <3

Jeiseun Noti Eunjung is my favorite Idol and actress, I have throughly enjoyed all of her dramas, movies and most definitly her music. I will always support Eunjung and T-ara.

Arbaya Sabang i Love you EunJung. . . Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sark chum dk Eunjung unnie you are my life, everysingle of my breath and every moment i do i always remember you. you are everything to me. each moment that you do i always worried and care everything about you. even the food you eat i also scare you eat worng food that make you sick and make your health become bad. i worried about you everyday. And i will love you always in my life, you are my queen, my angel, my dream, my idol and you are my everything. t ara is my super star after all. And you are like my sister. saranghae...unnie>>

yalda eun jung i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanna see you one day and say to you good lock and im love you for ever you are my only love .evry night i see you in my dreams .i live In the hope that one day i see .im just wanna see you happy and your smile i love you soooooooooooooooo much EunJung hwaiting

Anne Naqira Eunjung eunnie..i miss u acting again.God,please let's her acting again..i really miss her act again..please!!! I love her so much..she really totally awesome and talented...she can sing,dance,rap,and good actor..also she have best look  :)) cute,pretty,beautiful and also hemsem at some times..:))) i wish i can meet u one day eunjung..i hope so!

EunJungQueens EunJung hwaiting !!! <3 I really love u as my idol

fateme eunjung ah ! i <3 u !

pioushej Eunjung stay strong! you are the best in this field thats why some people will pull you down but keep on fighting with your beautiful soul im sure you will overcome them all dont let those bad things let you down we dont want to see you sad and crying we love HAHM EUNJUNG!!!

yeopeo ika i love his all rule in his movie..!!!!!! and she is so cute..!!!

kumadino Hham eonni saranghae....! You are my fav members in T-ara alongside with Jjijrongie(jiyeon),am waiting for your next drama!!!

miss i freakinly in love with u eunjung .. u r the best rapper singer actress and idol for me .... love u 4ever

Eanleyo You are so prety...all the best for your success...


eunjung♥ i will finish my study and i will make my DREAMS...and you are include in that DREAMS.. i will MARRY YOU SOMEDAY ♥ ..!!

Tia Eun Jung-you are so beautiful,me like your movie,voice and style,hair)thank u so much,you are in pink dolls was are amazing!

mahta i love you so much. we are waiting ........please come back

nazrawit I don't know why but I really hate her I admit that she is a best actor, singer but I hate her

fateme sexiest idol ever !

Eun-ji few days ago i was watching princess hours & i saw eunjung in the first EPS!!!! at that time she was cameo but last year she was the lead (I know she was fired but without these rumers she could play in that drama) I hope she becomes more successful in near future!

Life♥Go♫Music eunjung ahhh i love you

eli i love you !

IVY LUZ i love EUNJUNG FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LoonyLizard Thank goodness your career wasn't ended by Coffee House. Never sign on to anything that bad again! Arrisoh? Fighting!

molkang love my unnie <3 keep preety ;)

ILUESA Eun Jung inni fighting.. I really really like you!!! take care always and good luck to your career!!

nylybur I love you girl. Fighting:D

Tima lovely girl, you are so cute. I wish you could be happy in your life. Te amo.

Halimah Any movie with Eun-Jung in there, is DA BOMB/KILLERR

gita i'm watching GOONG/ princess hours right now (altough it's too late. :)) and i recognize that the ballerina girl who always talk bad about hyorin (song ji hyo) is eun jung. i recognize it coz her voice.

ana90 unnie, im your fan from indonesia. just forget about something bad happen to you, i hope u can smile again like u always. because u are a good girl....maybe god give u difficult exam but god will blessing u if u never give up, don't fall and stay strong. one day people will regret to make u sad and cry because they bad words n "DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE U NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE IN YOUR LIFE" JANGAN hanya Melihat kesalahan orang lain, tapi lihatlah dari sisi lain apakah kita orang yang suci dan tidak pernah berbuat salah ? Unnie saranghae and fighting

화영이가 함은정! 예쁘고, 영기도 잘하고.. 정말 악갑다.. 화영이가 불상해서 다섯손가락 않봐, 천번재 남자 도, 해운대 연인들도.. 티아라 실망.. 글구 화영 화.이.팅!!

anna you are really beautiful and cute. i'm really crying When i heard that you don't act in five fingers .but i think you are really great and you can be successful without this bad drama.love ya

anne yeah...there're so many people are hating you now..and i know that just because those are envy and jealous with you, your beauty, your skill in acting, dancing, singing, and many more eunjung fighting!!! i'll always support and believe you, and i hope i can see you as lead actress in great drama immediately ^^ aja aja fighting eunjung!!!!

Mika If you really bullied your band member, then you deserve everything you got and so much more. ;D Five Fingers crew - Fighting! ^-^

jussy eunjung, i know you'll survive and relief from those people that are can't even recpect other people skill and hardwork from long long time for her life (praying for your best and your happiness.. enjung)

Sara Eunjung Fighting! I'm sure they will regret what they have done & drama will slip in rating... stay strong!

junggie I will always believe you and support you, if i can cheers you up, then i'll do it!! I wanna see your cheer face again Please don't give up, you're really not alone We're here for you Nb: they'll regretted for replace you as hong dami, i swear

Eun-ji I love U,no matter what! even after recent news! Good luck ham eun-jung!!!

hannica saranghae ham eun jung !! :)))) nan neomu joha-e .. :)

Anna she's really idol. I love her so much. she's really pretty and lovely . I love her band too(T-ara). T-ara and ss501 are better than other band .

lourdelett do you know that i really love you? for me, your so beautiful and gentle, nice, kind and youre my everything... your the best! more power and god bless always, ham eun jung... and by the way im a girl so im really hoping that next lifetime, i would be a man that will love you and love me back...hehehe... i really wish that what ever your dream is, youll never change.

rosemarie you're so pretty you're my idol.


rosemarie you're so pretty your my idol..........


novi hi eun jung!!!! i really like you especially in your character in dream high! very strong...i really like your acting it was so great so keep it up!!! good luck for your career! :))

MìŠś à ŁøVēR Nice! Dec 12 I'm also dec 12 but different year Im so lucky even qri also born like me but different year too, but just forget now Im inspired the dance of eunjung ahhhh she's so cool that she join "We Got Married" with her couple Lee Jang Woo HeHe^^

leslie Ham Eun-Jung, Dream High ating official yah movie?!!hahahah

Jase The hair of eun-jung suits her a lot.... I like her acting in drama's and movie... especially white is really gooddd..... SHE IS A WONDERFUL ACTRESS-SINGER....

kim I love eunjung so much. Guys, lets support her drama Queen Insoo ^^ Btw, I love her character in Dream High ^^

miezki hello...you're so beautiful though you're bad in dream high but in the end you became friends again with suzy!! love yah.

moein thank you for dream high I love u so much bye

kk'Ernhis Purnama Silalahi Beutiful girl :) you are the best in all film. you and taecYeon is the best couple..... we will always become your devotee... Gbu :)

hani i like eun jung with taecYeon

hani i like eun ung with TaecYeon......<3

kassu hey ..... i love ya!! <3

shizuka i so like her!!!!! love her hairstyle too!! even with the hair extensions! you are so cool gal! both of you and jiyeon are my fave t-ara members!

Victoria She was also in Goong, she was one of the background gossiping ballerina's.

negin love u! t-ara is so awesome ! i dont understand korean that well but i listened to your songs for so many times that i can sing them!

Riisa She's awesome. My fave member(and Boram) of T-ARA.

Currently watching her in We Got Married with Lee Jang Woo. They make a VERY cute couple!

Can't wait for her horror movie--White: Curse of Melody! xD

diefan eunjungssi... saranghaeyo! I'm not only fan of T-ara also watched drama recently Coffee House &Dream High and now I'm fully hooked on your new series 'We Got Married.. I thought you were adorable and a very talented young woman. I'm glad to know you.. I'be rooting for you in your activities, movies, and drama. wooohoo~!! EunJung Fighting!!

yellow ahhh, dream high's idol-aceeee~!! aside from excellent performance from soo-hyun and surprisingly JYP and suji, eunjung was daebak~!!! so cute!

yeorim hey der saggi girl!!


Gal love eun jung!!! GO UNIII!! saranghae!


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