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  • Drama: Coffee House
  • Revised romanization: Keopi Hawooseu
  • Hangul: 커피하우스
  • Director: Pyo Min-Soo
  • Writer: Song Jae-Jung
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: May 17, 2010 - July 27, 2010
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 20:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


The story revolves around a charismatic writer Lee Jin Soo who reached stardom after writing thriller novels, which quickly became bestsellers. He works for a publishing company run by his old friend Seo Eun Young, a strong-willed, smart, beautiful and sucessful woman who can handle everything that comes her way.

Jin Soo meets Kang Seung Yeon, a young woman who has been below average in everything in her life. But somehow she ends up being hired as a secretary by Jin Soo. The great first impression Seung Yeon has of the writer soon washes away as she discovers that the man is actually weird, sarcastic, has strange habits and is hard to please. However, she is determined to be the best secretary anyone could have – a true professional.

Jin Soo and Eun Young, despite trusting each others abilities, don’t get always along and fight constantly. That is, until Eun Young’s ex-husband Han Ji Won returns and announces he still loves her and wants her back. Eun Young, unimpressed by his cheesy actions joins forces with Jin Soo, who finds the guy as annoying as her, to get rid of him.

But everything gets complicated when unexpected sparks start flying between the foursome and hearts are bound to be broken in this funny yet romantic story of Jin Soo’s life.


  1. Early working title for "Coffee House" was "Page One" (페이지원).
  2. "Coffee House" will take over the SBS Mon. & Tues. 20:45 time slot previously occupied by "Oh! My Lady"
  3. Filming begins April 21st, 2010.
  4. "Coffee House" is on hiatus from 14 June 2010 because of the World Cup in South Africa and will begin broadcasting again on 28 June 2010.


Cofeee House-SBS-Kang Ji-Hwan.jpg Kang Ji-Hwan as Lee Jin Soo - At first sight, Lee Jin Soo is nice, charming and humorous, but under that false pretense he is actually mean, weird and sarcastic. He has odd habits and likes to make fun of others in order to entertain himself. He is close with Eun Young, finds Seung Yeon amusing and tries to avoid Ji Won.
Cofeee House-SBS-Park Si-Yeon.jpg Park Si-Yeon as Seo Eun Young - Seo Eun Young is an independent woman who hates weak damsel-in-distress type of females as she believes in her own strength. Although she knows Jin Soo from the past, she still finds him hard to understand. Though constantly at war with Jin Soo over work she joins forces with him to make Ji Won give her up.
Cofeee House-SBS-Eun Jung.jpg Ham Eun-Jung as Kang Seung Yeon - Kang Seung Yeon has always been below average in everything. By pure coincidence, she becomes a secretary for the famous writer Jin Soo who turns out to be a complete psycho. She is very honest, naive and somewhat clueless, but helps Jin Soo every step of the way though he mostly takes joy in torturing her.
Cofeee House-SBS-Jeong Woong-In.jpg Jung Woong-In as Han Ji Won - Han Ji Won is known for his cheesy manners and obtuse thinking. Hoping to reunite with Eun Young, he returns to Seoul, clueless that his presence is unwanted. Brimming with unwarranted confidence, he tries to get Eun Young back, using all kinds of cheesy events and dragging Jin Soo along on his artless misadventures.

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-05-17 1 8.8 (16th) 8.7 (16th)
2010-05-18 2 - -
2010-05-24 3 - -
2010-05-25 4 7.8 (19th) 8.2 (15th)
2010-05-31 5 9.7 (15th) 9.7 (12th)
2010-06-01 6 9.3 (12th) 9.4 (12th)
2010-06-07 7 8.5 (19th) 8.7 (18th)
2010-06-08 8 8.7 (16th) 9.4 (14th)
2010-06-28 9 - -
2010-06-29 10 - -
2010-07-05 11 8.4 (19th) 8.7 (14th)
2010-07-06 12 8.0 (17th) 8.2 (17th)
2010-07-12 13 - 9.1 (20th)
2010-07-13 14 10.1 (12th) 10.6 (11th)
2010-07-19 15 8.9 (17th) 9.4 (16th)
2010-07-20 16 9.7 (12th) 10.4 (13th)
2010-07-26 17 8.5 (19th) 9.0 (16th)
2010-07-27 18 8.3 (19th) 8.6 (17th)
Average - -

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Happy wow can't believe I'm writing this comment in 2015. I found many people aren't pleased with the ending as much as many people LOVE it! I'm the lover! but one thing I wanna say is the lead girl doesn't have to get the boy. Even though she doesn't get the boy, there is a beautiful relationship between the two. It's not love but it's something sweet and beautiful. so..I understand how people feel when the ending doesn't turn out the way they wanted. but this drama isn't stupid. In fact it's beautiful. I'm just a little disappointed coz there isn't much dating scene when they are making it unpredictable. but overall, it's a great drama. There is always a problem when there are two girls parallel, both are lovable. Half of the people will say this is the worst drama while the other half will say it's the best drama. Cheers! :)

suzan Man I love this drama. I thought I was on a hopeless ship but I was wrong. haha Very nice, Unpredictable and addicting!!! Love everything <3 <3 <3 This is a dangerous one to watch though, coz of two female leads and you will be dying curious of who will end up with who. Very fun though. Half of the people might hate the end but I'm totally happy with it. Recommended!! Advice: just don't get too immersed into shipping. it might be unhealthy, though I did lol

Bren A very interesting drama. There's no dull moment. Kang Ji Hwan is a very versatile actor. I have been following almost all his shows. I am looking forward to more of his shows.

katie I just recently finished watching this drama the other day. I'm currently watching The Greatest Marriage and I wanted to check out some of Park Si Yeon's other dramas so somehow I ended up watching this. At first I thought the drama was kind of slow but it got addicting somewhere around the 6th episode onwards. Reading the comments here it seems like most hated the ending. I disagree. Throughout the whole drama I don't think the writers really hinted towards a KSY-LJS end game. It has always been Eun Young from the start so I don't get why many feel cheated by the ending. I also agree with GandF's comment below. It reminds me of I Need Romance 2, 9ends2outs, and A Gentleman's Dignity, and I happen to like all three of those dramas. I, too, wonder about the age bracket of viewers who liked this drama vs. those who didn't. I figure the younger viewers would go for the Kang Seung Yeon fairytale ending over the realistic EunYoung-JinSoo ending. I must be different from others my age because I'm 22 y/o yet I prefer simple, realistic, but well-made dramas like this. Haha. I liked EY and JS's relationship and I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way. They kind of remind me of a Taiwanese Drama that I really like, In Time With You. The OTP there were very cute, too, and they were best friends who knew each other for years. Overall, I think this is a pretty good drama and those who are looking to watch a light, breezy drama should check this out. :)

thanhle After watching ep 16 preview, I thought LJS would end up with KSY and decided to watch the end of ep 18. Luckily he didn't. If he had ended up with KSY, I would have ended the drama as well. I don't really like any of the 4 leading characters, but I'm totally sick of naive and sometimes stupid KSY. I'm fed up with that kind of character. It's really annoying to me. I much prefer an independent, confident, sometimes mean female to a totally nice, naive, stupid one. I'm satisfied with the ending.

Juan Worst ending that they could ever think of. I HATE it!!!!!!

Wie schnell abnehmen It's an awesome piece of writing in favor of all the web visitors; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

mehrdad i saw about 70 korean dramas. 10 best korean drama: house 2.personal taste 3.i hear your voice 4.the heirs 5.the king 2 hearts 6.couple or trouble fair lady(Take Care of the Young Lady) prince 9.snow queen 10.boys over flowers


Sheepy Yeah totally unhappy with the ending,

Did the Father get with the Laundry Girl ? What was there first contact tension with the laundry girl and the son ? I was hoping maybe she was teacher in school Did Eun Jung get with the coffee man?

Also I was kinda hoping all three would meet up on the island

CRYSTAL SHUI Worst ending that they could ever think of. I hate it. I hate it. I wasted so much time yet It did not satisfy me. Thank God, I watched the ending after discovering Kang Seun Yeon is not the leading lady. There's just too much disappointment I have today. I was wondering why I did not touch it for so many years of all my DVD's collection. AH, this is it! ALL THE FUNNY EPISODES THAT I ENJOYED WAS TOTALLY FORGOTTEN. HAHAHA. I REMEMBER THIS DRAMA AS SOMETHING THAT SHOULDN'T BE REMEMBERED AT ALL. PEACE. JUST SAYING MY OPINION.

sky Worst ending ever. Grrrrrr.. I spent so much time watching this. It's not worth it at all!!!!!!!

Ashreay I hate the ending love sparked between the writer and the. Assistant..I so hate the ending was so was fun thou the first eps

Kae Seo Lin Jin Soo and Eun Young! <3 Love their friendship!!!

Valeria Coffee House is based on a book? Where can I find it? I really want to read it! Is it in english? I like the couple SYxJS I think they are somewhat more... real? So please, I want to know where I can read it! T___T

kimiejim I remember reading that Coffee House is actually based on a book. I read this when the drama first came out and that they had changed the ending due to the fact that fans loved Jin Soo and Eun Young together. In the book he actually ends up with Seung Yeon which is why the first 12 episode were more focused on Seung Yeon and Jin Soo rather than Eun Young and Jin Soo. For fans of SYxJS like myself, it was pretty disappointing when they changed it to suit the fans preference.

Saltanat I haven't finished watching this drama yet, but I am happy to know that Kang Ji Hwan will end up with Park Si Yeon, she is so beautiful, and I don't like Kang Seun Yeon, she is not match for Ji Hwan in my opinion.

GandF Because of poor reviews I have been putting off watching this drama. Soooo glad that I watched it this week. I really liked this drama and the realistic ending. It is different from the typical poor spunky girl and chaebol. It has the same feel as Gentleman's Dignity, 9end2outs and I need Romance 2 in the sense that it is just about ordinary, real life, relatable people. Kang Ji Hwan does an excellent job at portraying a quirky writer, two thumbs up for his comedic acting! I just realized in writing this review that all of the above dramas I listed were about people over 30. I myself fall into the over 30 category, so it would be interesting to see the age categories of women who liked this versus women who didn't.

hannah very long and disapointing story... the story revolved into the leading actor (the writer)..

Michelle I would watch only because of King Ji Hw, he's so cool and charming....

dramafreak I hate the ending. Was sooo disappointed.

Ronaldo I agree with most of the comments. Its kinda weird story. I'm not expecting that the publishing's president and the writer are the partner and main characters here because their love story is lonesome. If they made the writer and secretary as couple in the end, I think that would be better ending....well, I admit, I watched because of hilarious Kang Ji-Wan....

thil28 i find this drama difficult to watch. i only started watching it because of kang ji hwan, but then his character is so weird, although he looks adorable in anyting he does, the story was kinda slow and i hated the storyline of the girl being so dumb and naive. am still only on episode 4, and judging from the comments, im probably gonna hate the ending. this guy is so charismatic in his tv shows and movies, i cant help wondering if he's a jerk in real life, like his character jin soo in this show? i fell in lust with him after lie to me, and adored him after capital scandal. hope the new drama incarnation of money is worthy of his talents and wish him all the best in his future projects, and may be have a long and fruitful career! Fighting!

addin farhani hate the ending..huhu.. hope lee jin soo n kang seung yeon end up together...

jane Loved it but wrong ending

Ayena It seems that the couple Lee Jin-Soo and Eun-Young is boring. If they talk funny and hilarious things. Its not that attractive to look but Lee Jin-Soo and Seung-Yeon is really funny and more look compatible to each other. The start may be good but it turns out boring and uninterested in Last episode. Really disappointed :(((

HBF love this drama from begining until the end...KJH & PSY is a great couple.

whittington This drama is a good attempt to change the old plot of rich boy poor girl (or vice versa) that pervades the Kdrama industry, but it fails in delivering it not only because it's inconsistencies (why is Kang Seung Yeon working for Lee Jin Soo after all?) but most of all due to a bad storytelling. From the first episode you start with Ham Eun Jung's character narrating the story and, to me, that's a good sign of who the protagonist is. And the show wouldn't be half as bad if only there were more parts of Kang Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung' character) narrating and implicitly or explicitly saying that this was someone else's love story. I really felt betrayed when, after five or six episodes, I discovered that. It was very difficult to readjust to the "new protagonist" and that's such a pity because Park Si Yeon's character (Seo Eun Young) was very well made, in my opinion. From there on only the thought of a tragedy kept me watching to the last episode, since Lee Jin Soo seemed intent in his decision of having Seo Eun Young and disregarding Kang Seung Yeon (there is not even a slight hint of indecision). Love is not black or white, it is not a question of having or not having. Love is a multitude of feelings. This drama could have been about a decision, or just a fond memory of an opportunity to love, sadly it was neither and I failed do learn anything from it. Still Kudos for trying to change the plot.

jnt Son Ye Jin is my favorite actress but Coffee House is my favorite kdrama. It doesn't have the usual courtship between the leads. the romance unfolds in a very unique way. the tears of psy falling on the hand of kjh,the ring rolling on the floor---priceless moments. there are flaws but there are a lot of gems. the ost I Don't Want Goodbye is awesome. I've seen all kjh dramas, all of his leading ladies are beautiful, But to ME, this is the most romantic. I hope SYJ and KYH will be paired next.

Gasenadi Saw this for KJH, a fabulous actor. He was so good as the eccentric writer, secretly tortured by tragedy. That ending? Just befitting a best-selling mystery/thriller author: a way to save the bride-to-be's face, ensure a 30 yr contract thru which his debt would be paid and a life-long relationship. Wow.

Maryammbz I love this drama .....amazing but i hate the ending .....

muneer Coffee House is a good drama but the ending is not good...

ichil At first, in was really into this drama with the giddy feeling that jin soo would end up with seung yeon. But as the story progresses i got got more terrified seeing the jin soo-eun young moments. This drama would have been great if the writer of this series was not a KILLJOY!!! The plot was fun and refreshing but the writer totally ruined it with thw ENDING!! ! reaaly HATE this drama! T___________T ji soo and seung yeon got the chemistry. hope they work together again in (I HOPE) a project where they are the couple..

Anna I have to say that I really enjoyed this drama. It is the first Korean drama I have watched (I quickly followed it by watching the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince immediately after) so didn't really know what to expect. But I laughed, cried and was hugely entertained throughout all the episodes. The ending for me was very logical, the couple who were really meant to be together finally found their happiness, and the girl who was a misfit in her work life, found her direction and fulfillment.

aty what a suck!!!! i don't like the ending.... sorry guys

HG Really good indeed. It has some small flaws, but the great storyline and characters make up for it. This is very enjoyable to watch as it suprises you constantly, but at the same time it has those good components that every kdrama needs. And it is simply HILARIOUS.

Ellie Most comments on this page are negative, but I have to say that everyone should make up their own minds about the drama. I believe this drama can be somewhat risky to watch - you either absolutely love it or you hate it. But nevertheless, this is a drama that should have got more attention, because the script was awesome, the characters cracked you up and the romance was heartpounding. Just don't expect the same plot from every other kdrama.

And it didn't get wierd after 9 episodes. It just confirmed the direction that was hinted in earlier episodes.

Definitely one of the best dramas for me, at least.

Helena The best korean drama I have seen. And I'm not exaggerating. The plot is unexpected and unusual for a kdrama, which makes it very exciting to watch. And the characters are also absolutely great. I loved each and every one of them, because they all were quirky and funny. This is the kind of drama that ignores most of the common cliche's in dramaworld and spices it up with a great amount of laughter. I recommend it to drama addicts that are tired of the same plots and characters, but looks for something light, comedic and romantic to watch. I must say that I myself almost missed this after I watched the first episode, which did not do justice on the show, but I picked it up later and it was the best thing I could have done. But i also have warn that some people may find the end disappointing, because they have gotten used to the usual drama storyline. So if you like your dramas with the same characters, couples and ending then maybe you should try something more ordinary. Still, if you're up for it then please check this drama out and don't make up your mind based on the first episode, it will get better, I promise. And those who have seen this, may I say that the ending was actually very logical. Though the drama took twists and turns along the way, if you paid attention you could see how the romance ultimately played out.

blossom I'm watching this drama because of Ji Hwan..he always doing his best in every caracter that he played..I usually like only romance comedy drama..with less dramatic scene, but cuz of Ji Hwan I start to like to watch every genre of Korean drama or movies.. *as long as he played on that drama/movie*

For this drama, I think it's quite nice..but I rather to watch Ji Hwan in Lie to Me than in here, cuz his kissing scenes with YEH seems more real and their chemistry even more hardly to forget than his kissing scene in here with PYS.. :(

e-Rheen Hey.. what going on?? why almost people said this drama so weird. Honestly, I haven't watched yet this drama. But I wonder who is the pair for Jin Soo at the end?? Cud somebody tell me....

Toshiko I loved this drama, and the end is very logical...

Chan I love Korean dramas. Coffee House is a watchable depiction... but ending was unexpected, could have been better.

Mas Yeah same here... I stopped watching halfway cuz it gets so weird afterwards. Frankly, I if they had paired Jin Soo and Seung Yon, (Kang Ji Hwan and Ham Eun Jung), maybe the drama would have been much more enjoyable. Clearly, I am not the only person who is rooting for this couple. We just feel that Ji Hwan and Eun Jung have 'THAT' chemistry...

EunJo ARGH. Hate the ending... It sucks. JINJAHHHH JAESOO EOPSOHHHHHHHH!!!!

Danielle I am now on chapter 13 of this series. It gets better towards the end, as Lee Jin-Soo are conscious of his own hidden feelings after Seo Eun-Young confesses her love for him, but due to an inner battle of the loss of his late wife, he needed time for himself & it wasnt fair to Seo Eun-Young when he is not over his late wife. Lee Jin-Soo & Seo Eun-Young are more compatible in every aspects, career, taste, humour, intellect, class..etc. The relationship between Lee Jin-Soo and Kang Seung-Yeon are purely brother & sister/punching bag kinda. As for Han Ji Won, he is very annoying. I guess he has succeeded playing his role. Worth a few chuckles when Lee make Kang do things that is out of the norm. hahaha quite enjoyable & different.

clan90n this drama has a weird weird weird things going on.the director establish the whole episode as though kang seung yeon and lee jin son is a couple but all of a sudden.from the middle of the whole episode.the whole thing change and gets weird.oh well.i love kang ji hwan acting and eunjung did a great job as a new comer.but sorry.i can't continue this's way too weird for me

karupin ahhh...chincha!!! i hate the ending...i expected it to be beautiful that kang ji hwan and ham eun jung will be the couple...but it's not... ahh...aigoo...nappunum... its funny but not at the end...

Jana101 At first, it was great. But I got disappointed with the ending! All along I really thought it would be a happy ending for Jin Soo and Seung Yeon. I never thought Jin Soo's real partner was Eun Young. Too bad. Jin Soo and Seung Yeon look very good together! No wonder this drama got low ratings. They made an unexpected ending that made the viewers really disappointed, including me. :/

Tina DragonRaid, the show was initially called Page One but the station made they change it. And I think the reason it didn't get ratings is because many people really did think it was trying to rip off Coffee Prince. It backfired on the station even though it's the writers, actors and crew who end up bearing the brunt of the low ratings.

DragonRaid I do have to add though...why the title, "Coffee House"? Especially, since its focus was more on the book industry? Just initial feeling was that it was playing off the popularity of "Coffee Prince"...Seung-Yeon even had that Eun-Chan look, and Jin-Son was comparable, in looks at least, to Han-Sung. That was my initial take, and almost made me pass over, but I'm glad I didn't judge this show (book) by the cover.  :-)

DragonRaid I thought that this drama was incredible. I was rivited to the screen! I was a bit sad that Jin-Son did not end up with Seung-Yeon, but the way that the resolved all the storylines was satisfying none-the-less, imo. The show had a very good balance of romance, comedy, and tension. I do admit that I almost did not continue watching when the family started dancing around when Seung-Yeon got the call about her job...that was a bit cheezy, but I'm glad I kept on watching. All the principal players did a very good job, but Ji-Hwan really was stellar!

Eliana I'm a Malay girl in Malaysia. I love Korean dramas. This particular one I'm still watching. It's so beautiful I can't wait to get home from office to watch the rest tonight. I'm at the juncture where everyone is with new looks and Eun Jung is now a senior in a radio station. It's so funny when a 'lawyer' supposedly representing Lee Jin-Son wnated to sue her for 'international copyright'. Hahaha. Kang Ji-Hwan, u r so handsome & cute.. Park Si-Yeon ...u r so pretty and Jeong Woong-In, u really make me hate u. hehehe.

rgtregerh i like this drama. its soo funny. but, im getting so fustrated. HIS MENT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH SEUNG-YEON!! on the last episode. if he doesnt go to her, ill going crazy. you cannot fall in love with your freaking dead wife's best friend WHATS WRONG WHICH CHU MAN?!?!

Haha Only watched this drama because of Han Eun Jung


dede this drama is just a rubbish.. a boring drama.. i regret for watching it.

AmA Frustrated a lot and I was surprised by the end of the series , although the of the author Lee a personal vehicle, complex and mysterious, but with Kang Seung-Yeon thay are two beautiful and cute they make a lovely couple, the relationship between lee and Seo Eun-Young is Beautiful thing in Drama Kang ji hwan I one of my favorite actors and he really deserves eunjung!! I watch this drama becuas!e he is acts in this drama but idon't expect this end ! I hope watch hime in another Drama like Hong Gil Dong .

haru haru dont like the acting of Park si yeon..shes just a beauty but not a promising actress of cornyyyy....I had watched only until episode 8 but stopped coz I dont like that girl Park Si Yeon..

smileyme I adore this drama so much i don't know how many times i watch Coffee House ^_^ and oh boy Kang Ji Hwan always suprise me with his acting and i'm the fan of EunSoo couple. Didn't like Kang seung yun, she's didn't convince me to pair with Jin Soo but I find Eun Young who really suit with Jin Soo and she's adorable (Good Job Park Si Yeon, you impove alot!!) Despite the low ratings I suggest everyone watch Coffee House because this drama different at another usual drama!! High recommend

lyda I dont like this drama coz Lee jin Son & Seo Eun Young will the end up together. I like Kang Seung-Yeon coz she alway support to Lee jin Son every time and made he has funny...

heal im so missing kang ji hwan.. im planning to watch this drama next weekend.. something to look forward to.. I know this will be another kjh favorite of mind.. a dose of korean drama will get me motivated ..waaaaaahhhh..:p

Hagattini This is an awesome drama! I cant help keep watching it. This drama makes me realy confused, I dont know for sure who is gonna be with who until the very end.Because in this film, there are no "bad person", all the characters are so cute & nice. It's just a story about passion, courage to follow their dream, the working of art, love & fate. There are many kinds of love. And there are a lot of love in life, particularly in this film. Soo Eun Young Vs Lee Jin Soo vs Kang Seung Yeon. The love between them makes a fascinating story. Still, i believe in a happy ending where Lee Jin Soo is gonna be with kang Seung Yeon...:))

Ridhwan The drama is quite hilarious between LJS and KSY but at some point the character of KSY gets irritating and annoying because of the stupidity.

megan i don't like this drama coz the secrtary & the writer, they didn't make it 'till the end of the story.... too bad

s0-s0 a very nice drama....kind of funny and hilarious i hope that Lee jin Son & Seo Eun Young will be together for the ending well, if Lee Jin Son & Kang Seung Yeon end up to be together, it just like other typical drama...but still i'm ok with it just love all of them n hope this drama will be more realistic with having a good ending

laarni I like K stories because they are light dramas. conflicts are easily resolved. characters are versatile. they will start as a funny character and will end up as a complicated beautiful one. I kinda like Coffee House--- I hope I will not be disappointed with the ending....I like the twists of the story and I think the story is starting to unwind..... .......looking forward to its final episodes....

Cristina I love this drama especially with the secretary acting. She's very lovable and funny. Hope she'll end up with Lee Jin soo instead of Park SY..

dorothy Personally, I think is rather difficult for JS & SY r/s to develop base on another 3 more ep to go. How I wish .... they can be together.

millie Love Lee Jin-Soo and Kang Seung-Yeon...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them!!!

hunterx89 coffee house was extended... until ep 18..

kdrama 13432 I LOVE THIS DRAMA !! I really hope that Lee Jin-Son & Kang Seung-Yeon would end up together, they really do make a good couple, like its not stressful and they get along great! =) I am actually cheering for them but because writer lee relationship with Seo Eun-Young is way too complicated and stressful. I love Seo Eun-Young character and she is a great actress but i dont think she is a good match for him . I love this drama and i really dont want to be dissapointed with the results >_<

neth I really love this drama, people who are watching this drama I am sure that they are having a hard time thinking what will gonna be the end of this story, but for me i hope it will be Lee Jin Soo and Kang Seung Yeon, if it is not the end for me it is not a good drama, people will be dissapointed if Lee Jin Soo end up with Seo Eun Young

natalia I love this drama n i hope the writer end up with his secretary....

Mel Love this drama and i'm always looking forward to watching every episode of it. I'm hoping though that Lee Jin-Soo and Kang Seung-Yeon would end up together...

lamia yes ErWIN i think this drama is limited to 16 EPISODES ENJOY IT :)

ErWiN I too am also not Korean but this show has definitely captured all my attention and im loving every single minute of it! but i heard or found on the internet that this is only limited to 16 episodes? IS THIS TRUE!?!??! someone please respond!! thank you^.^

Min Omg eunjung t-ara is soo cute >< lol SEYs character is hilarious <3

asarainbow Hope the writer and secretary end up together. I'm watching cos of KangJH. Sorry Park Si Yeon fans, but don't like her character and her acting. Very forced. The chief and writer's romance and kissing has been most boring. I'm watching it cos of Kang. His characters are so real and he seems at ease acting any parts. I'm also watching Eun Jung. Her acting is mediocre but she's quite refreshing to watch. I can feel her awkwardness acting some scenes. It shows in her face and body language. So that's interesting. I support the underdog! If handsome writer and pretty chief end up together, this will be the most boring Kdrama romance ever!

lamia i am not from korea but i can't stop watching korean drama specially this one because it's so nice and funny

TichiKitty One of the funniest dramas I've seen! But where is episode 9???

anne I am so excited to watch the complete story of coffee house....kang ji hwan is realy my idol. can'T wait. they are really cute with Eun Jong..kang ji hwan is very versatile actor i love it...

eugene I love this drama. I hope PSY and KJH will end up together.

Kay This drama is awesone Althought EJ is good but she cant be at the same level with KJH and PSY. Their chemistry is amazing!!!! Stop being bias and be fair!!! PSY's charater is adorable and fabulous!!!! She ' s the woman that every man want to have and every woman want to be. Thereforce, JS ( KJH ) is no exception. Did you see the kiss??? He can't help but love her I doubt that EJ could have the same affect

mary5553 Love this series Everyone is great in it but my favorite has to be Jin Son and Seong Yeon hope they end up together their chemistry is Hot!!!!!!!!

efanz hahahak... eun jung t-ara.. fighting!!!

Charles Gosh, this drama is a must watch. I love Eun Jung's acting. God, Eun Jung can be hot/pretty/silly/cute at the same time!!! seriously. I love her haha, probably more than Yoon Eun Hye? haha maybeeee Must watch, but it's only until episode 6 right now =(

Polka Dottz Wow I never knew Eunjung unni would be so good at acting!! I seriouly hope she gets coupled up with kang ji hwan!! ( Jin soo) I really don't like seo eunyoung. She can have that old man Han ji won. And lol this drama is one of the best I've Everr seen in my life. Kang ji hwan I one of my favorite actors and he really deserves eunjung!! Woot love this drama!! Jin son & Seong yeon together JJANG!!

nawz This is so far one of the most quirky and funny dramas in a looooong time. the actors are great and the characters are even better. definitely a must see.

Haruka I am SO LUVVIN this drama! Its really nice and funny and hilarious and good and luv the actors I am however cheering for Lee Jin-Son & Kang Seung-Yeon as the couple Ok ok ok the manager Kim Dong Wook is also my favorite! i luv both men I dont really like Seo Eun-Young's character yet... donno why lol allthou she's funneh but she isnt gettin my attention at all >.>

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