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  • Name: Kang Ji-Hwan
  • Hangul: 강지환
  • Birth Name: Jo Tae-Kyu (조태규)
  • Birthdate: March 20, 1977
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Hoseo University
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: B


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chel KJH, I'm one of those who are hoping that one day you'll announce to the whole world that Yoon Eun Hye is your girlfriend...for real!

Brenda I have seen all his drama series and all of them were good .KJH is a very versatile actor he can portray any role be it action,love story or comedy. I wonder if he has another drama series after Big Man. Hoping there is.

Bren Just finished watching Hong Gil Dong. Wow it was a very touching drama filled with excitement,surprises adventures and etc. such a wonderful drama to watch.I am a person who is not easy carried by heavy drama but oh Ive shed a lot of tears.the cast were all terrific so congratulations! Indeed Kang Ji Hwan is such a good actor from Be strong Geum Soon to the Big Man. Looking forward for more dramas.

Rian23 I really really like you! Ur the best actor i know from korea! Damn! I love lie to me! Aftet watching u here u made me fall inlove with you! OMg!! U're so handsome and great! Oh my!

cherry Hai Kang Ji Hwan oppa. Damn, I love ur acting. I love ur korean drama like Lie To Me, incarnation of Money, Big Man and also ur movie My girlfriend is an agent with Kim Han Neul. Good work oppa. Cant wait for ur next drama. Saranghe Ji Hwan Oppa.

Stephanie No matter what kind of movie you are doing, you are great. You got fan from France!

esmeralda I really like your acting the best one is Lie To Me

Rose I really like u, in all your films espeially at hong Gil dong I like u the most.

kimmy Gin I hope that your movie LieToMe has a part 2. the same Character. Please. :D

K. I really thought he was BOOM (붐) .______.

helendancer After watching Big Man I had to find another drama with his lead and I watched "lie to me". Lie to me was great. I loved his acting in this drama. Give me more with Ji-Hwan as the lead.

Ji-Hwan you are the best!!

nie air After watching lie to me, i fall inlove with this man ;)

fatima I really like the way he act in Big Man a lot of courage ,hope and love not only his family but all the people around him, give hope to fight for what is right not only because your luck knowledge you back out right away, everybody have a right to learn if you wanted to study for your better future at the same time look back all the people being fair in every judgement you made .. even the people commit crime every thing have a reason... I personally hoping to watch more drama I really love the way you portray in every character in every drama you,, done ,,, Good luck

kornkorn Annyeong oppa Ji Hwan.. I really really love you,you're a brilliant actor. You always make me cry like a baby and laugh like crazy.. I'm watching Big Man now,you're really great there.. Excellent acting,hands down..Hope you'll end up with Jin Ah coz you two look good and cute together..

The first time I saw you was in Lie To Me,as Hyun Ki Joon. The handsomest chaebol in the whole wide world..lol after and while watching ltm you got more and more attractive. You have a great chemistry with YEH,the kisses was super hot it beats the korean standards when it comes in kisses..not like old pecks kisses.. Hope you two will date in RL.I know you and YEH have several identical rings and bracelets..lol..

Hope you will get what you're dreamin' of,to receive a "Best Actor Award". Its not impossible to happen coz you're a gem and excellent actor..

Sidenote:you are hotter than the young actors now.. I'm only 20 and your 38 but I fall inlove with you..

SARANGHAE <3 (like Ah Jung said I need to add more hearts) <3 <3 <3

HongMina Omg !I really like him in the drama big man it was so awesome ^~^ i would want to watch 'lie to me ' next hehe ~ as there's also yoon eun hye <3

mera Play is good

Rose Very good actor.. Kang Ji-Hwan..May you get more projects and awards,.. You deserve it..

mina He is very attractive :))

or_k hi.i know you from capital scandal about 5-6 years ago and I've watched 5-6 of your drama.I always like your comedy but after watching your act in "incarnation of money" i really really believe in your acting,Plz play role in such good dramas with strong stories and cast.now I'm watching "Big man" your new drama,even though it doesn't seem this series to be as good as "incarnation ..." but your act and character as Ji-hyuk is great. best regards and wishes for you ...

parvin moradi Thank you for what you did,i can say it was the first time that i watched a whole TV SERIAL in my life and also not for one time I was really fall in love with your character in LIE TO ME ,I started to learn Korean language which can give me chance to talk to you in your own language,I often travel to JEJU island its like heaven to me and I've always remember you there ,hope to hear more about your success in job and life ,the other interesting thing is that my birthday is the same day and year with you and the same blood type B.good luck kisssssssssssss

Dewi KJH you are so handsome, i love u in lie to me So charismatic, your expression, your acting is so incredible. I like u so much, i adore u so much Gd luck and success to you

Brenda dunn YOU Deserve all of the accolades that come your way! Continue getting the BEST ACTOR AWARD!!

xxx Omg! I loved him in Summer Scent!

gigi KJH you are such "a good to be true",,,i hate you coz ilove KJH so much!!!!

Evie Thank you, thank you. I loved this so much I have watched it about 3 times. Didn't know that these were out here and don't even remember how I stumbled across these. I love the romance and this was so good. Gave me an opportunity to see another's culture too and also to realize this is a small word in some principles. Keep it coming to us. Thank you for what you do. Wish there was more of this couple to see. I was tense the entire time and couldn't stop watching.

glyn I fell in love with his character in Lie to Me. I am sad it was only one season. Please make more drama series and movies. I love watching kang ji-hwan! And yes he is eye candy!

Jessie I love kang jihwan! His movies are the best! Hes not only good at acting but he is handsome and adds alot of character to the roles that he portrays. In every movie he played in i swear i cried at lease once!! I love you oppa! Fighting!! Make more movies!!

Rizty Dynamic actor in line with daniel henney at least that's my opinion. Fighting:)

IN Sopheak You are my super star since I've watched Lie To Me drama. I honestly say my true expression that you are really respectful I just checked your infos and in fact you have been working your life star for long times but I wast late to support you. Even thought, I will try my best as much as I can. Your movie not only funny but also made me cry. Love,

Nurul i'm fans of kang ji hwan since i watch 'incarnation of money' , he is so funny and have a good expression when acting. i'm gonna wait for his new drama <3 fighting!

rima oppa, i do love your acting in lie to me, me and my mom like you and yoon eun hye so much. wish both of you will be couple in real life ♥

rima oppa, i do love your acting in lie to me, me and my mom like you and yoon eun hye so much. Wish both of you will be couple in real life...♥

Geneve Your the best actor forever and ever!!! Before I watched Hong Gil Dong, honestly I didn't know you!!!! You was really great job at Hong Gil Dong and other drama!!! I watch all of your movies and dramas!!! Its all amazing!!! I wish I will meet you one time in my real life!!!!

Alba i have 47 years, and i am fans number one the Kang Ji Kwam. I love you

Ruth Yan You are an excellent actor in body language expressions :-) I really like the movie "Be strong, Geum-soon." You have very special talents and your emotions expressed in the movie are authentic. best wishes.

Sarah Kang Ji Hwan ... I'm big fan of you & YEH (LTM) ... Hope to see you guys together in the next drama series/movie project.

NaTonya Wow! Kang ji hwan, You are such Eye Candy! You know...I have always thought of the Korean culture as being so facinating! I think you take pride in all or your work (in everything) because the finish product is always outstanding! Not that you don't have an attractive race, I've just never been attracted to anyone on a level of really liking them. You Mr. are adorable!!!. Eye candy is definitely your first name...Lol You act so kool, suave, handsome, and tall...Ok I guess you fit the profile of tall dark and handsome. LOL I love your carisma, and the way you walk. Dude the script writer for your character made me wish I knew you for real! If you are anything like your charactor in "Lie to me" You have to be some special ladies sweet heart. Lol So, ever date outside of your race? Umh...Take me to dinner! Because you are sexy to me! Lol Keep up the good work!!! I can't wait to see your other movies. Lie to me is the only one I've seen and it was so good I'm looking at it a second time.

dhe there are many korean actors having handsome face, but there is only one korean actor who has a nice smile, he's Kang ji hwan . . . . . U hv sweet smile like sugar . . . Also, ur acting is totally amazing . . . Love ur smile and ur acting my sweet korean actor, muachhhh

Shirley J Would like to see KJH & Ham Eun-jung (singer from Tara) to act together. Hopefully in the coming television serials as couple. They have chemistry.

SJ Would like to see KJH to act with Ham Eun-jung(from Tara) as couple with happy ending in the coming television serials. They really have chemistry.

KangYoonFan Watched all your movies, and still can't get enough! Hope to see you and Yoon Eun Hye in screen again or better if in real life! :*

Katherine Part 2 please? One of the best K-Drama! <3

yudia oppa . . . When will u come to Indonesia ?? Ur indonesian fans are waiting for u . . . Love and kiss from me, . . .

ninik Lie to me part 2 please.... I love lie to me

Yanna I really love kang ji hwan and yoon ein hye..they ate perfect ciople.hope they end up together as coiple.goodluck!

Jenny Love to hear the way you laugh, you are really gifted with talent.What ever role you played, you excel in your work.Love your role in "incarnation of money", I like the way you smile on all your movies. Your very funny!

Good luck in the future!

fitri Kang ji hwan oppa.. you and yoon eun hye look good together.. you and yoon eun hye are the best couple that i ever seen in korean drama. I hope you and yoon eun hye have a romantic relationship in the real life.. Can't wait lie to me part two.. I hope that drama to be continued in the future..

endang Just can't wait to see lie to me part 2 with you and yoon eun hye together again. I really love your acting and hers in that drama, it's so romantic. Please release the new episode as soon as possible and I guarantee that it will become success in Indonesia because you had have so many fans here. Love you guys KJH and YEH.

chris Love so muachhhh ''lie to me"..u n yeh perfect couple.. hope we have a part 2 again.keep up the goodwork.i love u!

saltanat Oppa, you look much younger than your real age! I loved you at Incarnation of money and Lie to me!

romie ria Ooppaa,, keep in good career. You make me love korea. Saranghaeyoo. (Balinese fan)

biyang oppa ,... go ahead and keep smiling ,... i can not stand wait for ur next movie and drama ,.... sarangheyo >>> I love u >>> Akucinta kamu (Indonesia fan)

jin ae keep ip the good work oppa, please make a part two in lie to me. Sarangha

serena I've seen your movies Rough Cut, My girlfriend is an agent, Runaway Cop and your drama Lie to me. Ji Hw8an oppa, I really love you soooo much in Lie to me. You are not only talented but you have charisma. You are also gorgeous. I love you oppa.

wolffang your really cute and handsome. oh please please make another korean movie with yoon eun hye oh please, you to look good together as a couple. i just wish i can be by your side but well itwill never happen so be with yoon eun hye. your an amazing actor and i loved your acting in lie to me, keep up the good work.. I wonder in lie to me were you the one singing the song if so i loved it. Saranghae oppa

rafalia i like your act at lie to me, you are so cool. I watched it over and over again... and I fall in love with you...

Sienna I love all of your movie you are a AWESOME actor also funny to <3<3

regina loveee youu oppa! saranghaee <3 cant wait to see you in another drama / movie!

Eun Jung I loved Lie to Me! I thought you were great in it. I’ve begun watching all your dramas and films. So far, I’ve seen, Rough Cut, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Be Strong, Geum-soon! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest! You are a wonderful actor!

Leonilyn S. .. i always think of him these days.. hehe.. wish i can be his gurlfriend.. in my dreams.. or next life.. who knows.. hehehe

DPW Having a crush on him.. unfortunately he is too old for me.. :(( <3 Awesome and handsome, Whaa... super Handsome..!!! Most favorite character in Lie to me... He is the key reasons why i can watch lie to me numerous number of times.. <3

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I definitely want to check out more of Kang Ji-Hwan dramas and movies, seen him in coffee house and now hong gil dong.. definitely a good actor ...

bekiusman Kang Ji-Hwan is so talented in Incarnation of Money!

humplin oppa,you always make me happy with all your dramas and movies..you are very funny and i like that about you..you are indeed very talented and keep it up..Hwaiting oppa.

arman i loved lie to me very much !!! and im now hooked by incaration of money ! its amazing and im happy becaz its ratings just getting better and better!

annie l. cariaga hi! mr.kang ji hwan happy b-day 2u! wish you good health,take care and god bless you!this is my first time to idol a korean actor you are the best, i watch lie to me its so great,in coffee house and hong gil dong so funny , you so handsome,we a killing smile. now i watch incarnation of money "ang galing galing' you so genuis,funny, and cute.a lot of korean t.v. drama airing here in the philippines,i hope someday you visit our country. i love you my idol! *mwaaah*

Anne73 Happy birthday kang ji hwan...Hope your wishes will all come true...Hope you will get married with YEH..you are perfect couple.take care and God bless

vondora i think he is so awesome in incarnation of money,,i like his character great acting

Jackie I HATE his voice. It's so nasal - so annoying.

glad I love Kang Ji-Hwan to be paired with Yoon Eun Hye... they both look good with each other... I wish to see more romatic drama series and movies of the two.

Nasim Wish you the best & love u ......

Ochi PART 2 PLEASE :----)

miaka oh my god ,i wish and i might that maybe "lie to me" have part 2 because probably this movie is one of the greatest work of bolywood ...............................so i hope its have part 2 ..........................thank you

Ihdina Furnam Hi, Mr. Kang Ji-Hwan. I am Dina from Indonesia. I absolutely became one of your fans since watching your drama with Yoon Eun Hye on Lie to me. I love it soooooo much. You know, I've watched "Lie to me" more than ...... times on my original CD. It may be uncountable times. It's because of your chemistry with YEH at that drama. Even, sometimes I imagine that it would be in your real life. I want to see you and YEH in a real life. hehehe Now, we are here waiting for your next K-Drama with YEH agaiiiinnn, pleeassseeeee........ ^_^ Hopefully, there will be Lie to me Part 2, part 3, and so on which is tell about your marriage life. hehehe ^_^ we are really waiting for granted... Love you both KJH nd YEH. See you soon.... as soon as possible.

Eava kang ji hwan love you & want to kiss you.please give me your mail.TKS

gel kiss to kang ji hwan...i want to see you and to marry you....hehe

gel hi kang ji hwan... love you.kiss..:)

WOLFGANG Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are perfect match for each other.Hope see you in another teleserye.Both of you are very fantastic,you are very good when it comes to acting,Thank you for giving happiness to the filipino people.God bless.

TRISTA VIDA they are perfect couple

TRISTA VIDA more drama series of kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye!!! plssssssssss.....

brielle more dramas and movies for kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye. you are really a perfect love team in korea. we want more!!!!!!!!!!

leah gabriel Kang ji hwan your such a handsome man love your eyes the way u look yoon eun i love it wish you look me too....

sally Kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye perfect for each other! !!!

leah gabriel Hi...your so cute in lie to me hoping you tell me you love me too even you lie to me hahaha its ok because im in love with you.....

leah gabriel Kang jihwan im really so kilig whenever i watch lie to me ..you made my life so complete ....wish youll be my boyfriend hahaha hoping ..

chee awesome ..!! we need part 2

engie Hi Kang ji hwan all here in the phil. want to see u in person with yoon uen hye we love lie to me so much my day is not complete if i cant watch lie to me i watched from time to time. want more movies specially the lie to me part2. wanted to see again.

from manila im the 1 i like it so much lie to me . im always watching by episode, its so romantic, the chimestry of kang ji hwan and yoon uen hye .. its so impressive. wow... the writer of lie to me. im so proud of u... bow... so nice,, the director... the artist... so excellent... my god... for the first time i love this korean drama lie to me. your chimestry both,tandem,,, wow....

jane kjh and euyh i like your tandem in lie to me. for me it is one of the bests korean romantic drama.don't mind others.you can not please everyone. lie to me part 2 pls............................

Alex we hope that there will be Lie to me part 2 or 3 with the same lead actor and actress!!!!!!!!!!

Alex we really want to see Kang Ji hwan and Yoon Eun Hye will be the best couple in other dramas soon! both of u are fit together the most! if it's possible, we just want u two marry each other, hehe! Lie turned into real love for both of u.

Carla Manila Kang Ji Hwan even your 15 yrs older than me, ill lie to be your wife.. nah..hehe,just kidding.. though i love to see ur tv show with Eun-hye, LIE TO ME to have its PART II! :p

reagellan fontanilla i like your show so much i love you kang ji hwan im your biggest fan in here!!!! hope i can see you soon in personal keep up the good work godbless!!

anne we love ur show very much..ur so cutie.!

anne hai kan ji-hwan ur so cute and i really like u the way u act in lie to me together in yoon eun-hye ur show is veRy gReat..i hope we have a part 2 again.keep up the goodwork.i love u!

Aisha Utod Hope you could come here....

bhe ilike very much the lie to me korean drama...

bhe hope you visit the phillippines soon as possible..

bhe hi Kang ji hwan hope you visit soon the phillippines..im 1 of your fans..

ERICK hi.. so cute... i always watch your show lie to me.. and you're great it really move me... and you always make me smile whenever i see hehehe.....

zyralyn i love you HYEON GI JUN

zyralyn 'lie to me' is my favorite korean comedy drama ,,,promise <3_<3

zyralyn i love 'lie to me'....part 2 pls,

princess laica merle hello kang ji hwan i m 14 old im your fan i wish somethey you bisset phil. you nd yoon eun hye

Dhel every time i watch LIE TO ME, i will always feel in love. The main character of the story Kenneth & Angelica have a good chemistry. They acting is very natural that's why i'm always carried away with the story.

raquel 2011 version of cinderella part 2 pls......

helen jatulan hi ,i love watching lie to me. i love kenneth and angelica. im so happy watching them.I hope they love in person .

Joyce Haiz,,i love you so much Kang ji hwan,,

your such a cute guy,, this is the first time id like one of the Korean actor,, you know i already finished all your movies, & drama ,, your a good singer too...especially when you sing (We are the reason),Hope one day i personally meet you, More Blessings to come into your life.. Great job in your LIE TO ME..... hope to see you soon in Korea,,

aishe Very nice, funny and romatic teledrama. One of the best!!!

Aena Cordova kang ji-hwan, full package guy he is :)) part 2? why not? but I wonder how could the writer go for it. haha. i mean, if the part 2 plot would still relate to its title "lie to me" ?

marry joy your so awesome

marie I want part2 of LIE TO ME.... the best korean drama ive ever seen..!!!! KANG JI HWAN AND YOON EUN HYE... LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! cant wait to watch you working together again... ;))))

sharlryan I am fan of you... Lie to Me was a very nice movie series and it's very hilarious. You are lovable Kang Ji-Hwan... Job well done! Bravo...

lylabasa pls plsplspls...part 2

lylabasa i luv........luuuuuuuuuuuuv lie to me!!!!!!oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so handsome....Yoon Eun-Hye u never failed wd ur acting..skillzz and Kang Ji-Hwan ur my world!!

grimnel Yeah, you're funny and sexy! love you Kang Ji Hwan ;-)

missy i like u in lie to me i love it angela and kenneth hope i can meet u in person

missy hai kang ji hwan urso handsome wer the same birthdate march 20 i love you

aizchel i love u kan ji-hawn

Ruthie Sorry guys, but the plot was for teen agers..."Lie to Me"'s pool of writers did injustice to the cast--they made the adults act as if they were teen-agers...the first few chapters were nice but the ending was a disaster!

jennifer Kang ji-Hwang, u are very good actor. i love your romantic drama lie to me. u are hot, handsome actor. I love you.....

Dynz when is part 2 of "lie to me"? can't wait to watch it..

Dynz you did an excellent job in "lie to me". "Lie to me" brings back the memories when my husband and I were still starting to fall..... 2 thumps up to you Kang Ji-Hwan!!!!!!!

jj lie to me PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !vPART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 !PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PLEASE:))

Mak Fer Rer Part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2.........................................

Seirine OMG! Nice story..... I always want to fall inlove..... I like Kang Ji-Hwah sooo much! thumbs up! :)

Darkarts a thrilling show!! (Lie to Me) two thumbs up!

JeeNa Kang Ji-Hwan is one of my favorite actors since I watched Lie To Me. OMO, he's so handsome! He doesn't look 35. Really! I want PART 2 of Lie To Me!!!!

redjeansxx u'r one of my top 3 favorite actor: YOU, Lee Min Ho, and Jang Geun Suk!!!

edelwaiss best actor...handsome....funny...wish i could meet u in personal...hong gil dong ok....coffee house you are so crazy..ha..ha..lie to me....i watch this drama several times and still laughing...can't wait you are next drama....i hope you will more success kang ji hwann...please come to indonesia...

marl such a wonderful movie..hope to see you both in personal...

vivian Sarang-hae Kang Ji Hwan....

Jessiedel Dosejo hope you'll have another tv series this 2012.. i'm looking forward to it..

Jessiedel Dosejo oppa, ur soooo handsome!!! a very great actor.. i love your eyes and your smile.. WELCOME TO MY LIFE as my 6th Star.. numo saranghaeyo!!!!

KIM HYUNA oppa!!!love you so much....

dwi redoz perfect couple.. i've been watching Lie to me for 3 times.. the all episode.. :D hoping to see you both in a movie or TV series... <3

good Job oppa.. :D

Leanz oh my god!!!! ur act soooooooooooo natural..really..really....love ur smile so muccchhh...>.< I love how u smiled to yoon eun hye after she got her secound kiss from u KJH..what a nice smile..:D

Mai Mr. Kang Ji-Hwan, i love your show, Lie to Me! OM! you and Ms. Yoon Eun Hye are like perfect for each other! More power and hoping to see you both in a movie or TV series... <3

Crisdhor 사랑해요! ㅋㅋㅋ You're so good in "Lie to Me" .. ^0^)

Jayel I hope there could be a Lie to me 2.. I absolutely positively adored this series. KJH and YEH are so amazing together.. Coffee house is also the best.. I also love how KJH acts he had this natural expressions when he laughs , cries , smile and gets angry.. SIMPLY THE BEST OF THE BEST!

Mari I disagree that this show is not good. I actually loved it. ALL I CAN SAY IS MORE MORE OF YOU KJW AND YEH TOGETHER YOU HAVE THIS SO CALLED ‘”CHEMISTRY”"LOVE SEEING YOU GUYS…….HOPE THEY ARE REAL LOVERS ANY UPDATE GUYSS lie to me is the best drama plus kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye …..so handsome and pretty….you got our attention…i keep watching and watching this drama…watching this make us feel inlove ,laugth ang cry but all in all nice story all the salute to miss scriptwriter and to director….good job …movie movie again.I immediately searched Kang Ji Hwan because I admire him so with Yoon Eun Hye. I love the story, the acting and the actors especially Kang Ji Hwan for me your the best couple…

Gasenadi Searched for all your movies and dramas after enjoying your characterization in Lie to Me (a REAL CEO). Have not once been disappointed, not once: Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong (OMG!), Coffee House, My GF's an Agent (sooo funny saw it twice!) Many blessings to you and yours. Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

Mari please another drama with good plot and script to really do justice to KJH and YEH’s acting skills.i really want them again , i love the chemistry for me best drama ever, more power to you guys

Mari More of you and yoon eun hye love to see you again together in a romantic, comedy , drama

prooshat hi ji hwan.you are so amazing actor.i am so like your drama and movies .lie to ,e i waching this drama some time.i love you.i love your played.i love youe nice smile.i wish see you just 1 time befor my dead.i love you my prince.you and yoon eyun hye are very good mach.bye my sweet dream.

Mam I'm felling in love with Kang Ji Hwan. He has a very sweet smile and so charming in "Lie to Me" movie. It's shaking my heart to love him so much. Ohhhh! He's so lovely and preety, indeed.

yanie he is very natural, so awesome! his girl's-knickers-cause-to-fell-down hotness and gorgeousness is nothing. but the smile, oh boy!..a real killer!

Sofia You are my best korean actor...i love..love..kang ji hwan...you are is the best!!!

Jaja Omo..omo..omo.. Oppa is so good! So handsome too. I really like both of them. YYH and KJH ^^a Ahh. This drama is on of my favorites.. so nice. Everyone did a great job! :D

Shireyyss kang ji hwan oppa ! neol realy makes me addicted to you <3 how cute you aree in lie to me drama .. hopefully you will visit our country in INDONESIA ^^ . and i'm waiting for your future projects .. gumawo ^^

Bo Words can't express how much I love Kang Ji-Hwan. One of the most talented Korean actors I've seen. He's so charming, yet can act so cute and hilarious at times. A great actor with a lot of talent. I'd pick every drama he stars in, seriously xDD I'm a big fan, keke :D x333 Can't wait for his future projects <33

Kang Ji-Hwan, saranghae!! :)

aImS .....kang ji hwan...u r really handsome...hopefully....i can meet u in person...i luv ur acting in lie to me...you r really a good actor...you have a good chemistry with yoon eun hye...

nur halimah please come to INDONESIA

0305 i love "lie to me".. the drama is so logical and real.. plus Kang Ji Hwan is so handsome :*

kendorothy wow i really love ur acting + u r so cool ,love ur killer smile..i was move by wen i saw ur drama 90 days love n till now i didnt ever mis your dramas or movies they just so good..you are one of my favrite korean actor so manly love you..im coming to korea by next year,wel trying to meet you...love u..

Dian Anneyong haseo Ji Hwan Ah,,its relieve to write in here,,actually this is the first time for me wathing one of your drama but im accidentally in love on you,,,Chincha chowae...because your character in "Lie to me" is the dream of every girl,woman,yoja in the world. Your smile can hipnotize me,,,hopefully you'll play another comedy love drama soon,,i can't wait for it...love you,,,sarangheee Kang ji hwan :)

Monique I'm your fans from Indonesia... Kang Ji-Hwan i really love your acting esp. in Lie To Me... I think Yoon Eun Hye killed by your smile, i hope you will come to Indonesia sometimes... I can't wait, love u so much!!!

Bella Wegner Hey Mr. Kang! Your latest drama TV show "Lie to me" is very cute and meaningful. I just finished it within...2 days. lol. I realize more things needed to be cared of and I love my husband more after this drama. We definitely have a love story kind of like this. He is not a millionaire like the character you acted but he has done everything just to be with me, even we were thousand miles apart and when it has come to his important life choices. (FYI, he never watched Korean Dramas, plus he is American). Anyway, WELL DONE, Kang Ji-Hwan!!! Hope you will have more and more acting jobs like this or even better. Wish you the best in your life! ^_^

Karien I really want to meet u.... :(

andie you're one of the cutest guy there in korea i have seen, hope to see you in person......

Mahjaie Joey I love watching your movies...:)

Miracle Sorry, what role did he play in Scent of Summer? I can't remember... ...

Sahej Good work always

Sahej Hi I you are a honest man and a good humanbeing god bless you :)

shayryse he looks like Gian of Princess hours... and CArlo of lovers in paris

Vn I think your best role ever was in the drama "Be strong Geum Soon". For the other dramas, there was something wrong with the characters/scripts despite the fact that you did your best. I wish your choice of drama proposals will reflect your strengths better.

marga Hello,

I really really like kang ji hwan...he's good good in acting esp. in HONG GIL DONG...COFFEE HOUSE & LIE TO ME.....love you so much!!!!God Bless!!!!!really like the way you smile.....

Faith Kang Ji Hwan,your acting is good.1st time watching your drama.very impressive.Keep it up.

Katie you did amazing in lie to me, it felt real to me,

not at all like acting, 

i act to but on the stage. I love your work.

Chrissy Sorry! *typo = Kang Ji-Kwan

Chrissy I love the way you smile and your eyes are irresistible to ignore!!! Lie to me drama was an excellent series. Storyline was amazing, I give props and two-thumbs up to the director, and the producers for such an uplifting and surprising love story. It gives me a lot of joy watching it. Thank you for an awesome performance. I can't wait for next big thing for you Kangaroo Ji-Hwan. Congratulations!!

Geena You have the most amazing 1 eyes 2 nose 3 lips 4 ur neck ..my fav 5 your whole body and ur have such an amazing voice .. Your like one of gods art work the best 1 :)

mirna so in <3 with you kang jhi hwan :D you really good actor,,handsome,cute,funny....omayyy.,, i watched your drama in LIE TO ME,,i like it so muchh.....!! it an just in like an acting,,like real....,,waitt the LIE TO ME part 2,,your so great actor,,i'm your fans from indonesia..,maybe you can come here ?? hehehe :D

Tenzin Hey, I love watching Korean dramas. I watched the drama Fireworks couple of years ago. There is a big difference in your performance. You have grown in the sense of both maturity and in acting. Love ur performance. Good job and good luck in the future. Your fan Tenzin

Perla you're loveable actor; u never ceased to amaze me! good acting skills, handsome, funny when u want to be funny, i cried with you & han hye jin in be strong geum soon; i'll surely miss watching this long drama! sarang hae here's my hangeul name 펠라 ________________________________________

Jinjoo i'm so glad you'd been doing projects one after another....you're truly amazing in lie to me & last few weeks i've been hooked watching you as Jae hee in Be Strong Geum Soon! i hope you team up again with Han hye jin another fave actress of mine! You're one of the best in K entertainment aside from being adorable, handsome & talented actor! keep up the good work & congrats belatedly in all your past projects, winning best actor & all that! take care & hope to see you in another drama! You rock Ji hwan ssi!

trish congratulations kang jihwan! you did a great job in LIE to me. Ur really a good actor in korea. Ur # 1!!! love you very much. wishing you more success and good health. God bless you always!!!

Cc Vote for u!! You are the best!!

kevin i really want to meet kang ji-hwan and all the cast of the lie to me and many korean actors and actresses.. i want to go there in korea.. i hope that in the near future be there at korea and meet you up guys... KUDOS for lie to me casts.....

elif i just love his voice.... it has something really relaxing cant explain it. it is just amazing <3

rosa In Love with you Ji Hwan oppa..!!!I hope someday I'll find a good matured man like you ^,^

I've watched your drama Lie to Me, and I really in love with you there, and also with the storyline..you're really a good kisser there LOL

Good Luck for you oppa!!! ^,^

chery before i like song suen huen but after i saw u in lie to me drama , I like u most...

chery i love kan ji hwan, he a good kisser,i think he fall in love with eun hye. he kiss her for real.you're perfect handsome. it's so lucky to have u.I love LIE TO ME drama.i'm watching it so many times.i like u wearing a sun glasses so cool.you have a smile killer.

tarie i really like him, he is absolutely charming!!! keep up your good work. im ur indonesian fans!

JP So in love with him...cutest SMILE

suuu shiii aja aja fighting...

amy I FREAKING LOVE KANG JI-HWAN. He's really amazing! Funny and charming in all his movies/dramas! <3 <3 I loved him in Capital Scandal and Lie to Me <3 <3

wxyz1234533 My favorite Korean actor now!! Have watched four of his dramas and two of his movies. I love Hong Gil-Dong, Coffee House and My Girlfriend is an Agent. I am watching Lie to Me now. He and Yoon Eun-Hye act like real-time couple. His acting skill is really good. I love the way he acts and make funny scenes. He can be both funny and touching. Kang Ji-Hwan, keeping going and you are the best!!

shindong his role in mgfiaa was damn good, innocent, clumsy character real meet him

Joyce Love his acting. He is very matured guy. Being with him will made woman feel secured and protected. Love the spark between him and Yoon Eun Hye in 'Lie to Me'.

Nyle i love him... such a versatile actor =)

Catherine Kang Ji Hwan is a versatile and talented actor... I like him very much in Lie to me, Coffee House, Hong Gil Dong, My gf is agent and the relationship of face, mind and love... The characters in these movies differ from each other but he suits with all the character :P Good luck ... Hope you more famous and got halyu :P

scarjo i like everything about him, he is soooooooo hoootttt

Mia Yahooo ! i`m happy my #1 korean Actor is getting the fame he deserves ! i love how he acts and his natural expressions when he laughs , cries , smile <3 and gets angry Love You as always !!

Isabella hii!!! omg i luv ur acting!!! i luv ur drama Lie to me and i've liked u since i first saw Coffee House! Fighting!! ^.^

emerry omo kang ji hwan!! i loved him since be strong geum soon! terrific actor and i love his cute voice ;D he went to my country but i missed him :( y must he be soo much older thn me? haha

jenny His smile is to die for

evilive i love youuu. u are one of the best actors for me. handsome and funny. loved you in Hong Gil Dong and manny other dramas and movies. ^^

Alvina What's really odd is that this actor looks different in different angles haha. Brilliant performances though, always

Amy Jane I just saw you in Coffee House, Amazing acting skills! I am looking forward to seeing you in more stuff!! You are really Talented!!

Vivz I really loved him on Coffee House.!!I really love him together with Park Si Yeon!!It was a little bit dragging but the ending was really lovely...He's just amazing...Hoping to see more of him on small/big screen this 2011!!!

Mariam you are my best korean actor !!! i really love you fighting !!

cs You did a smashing job in Coffee House! Your acting choices for the character portrayed were spot on. Very well done! Congratulations!

Now you have one more non-korean fan! :)


mythaLestari U looking so good when U wearing Your cute glasess !! Muchoz gracias !!

camzky08 Great actor...Coffee House just ended and I must say that he did an excellent job. He made me happy, sad and laughed my ass off with his character. :) definitely one of my favorite actors

guia looking good! keep up the good work!

Aziangirl Your my fave..Oh!! your getting hotter  :D Wish to meet in real life :)

Love you and Thank you for keeping me happy of your movies and drama.muah!!!

eugene I'm in love with Coffee House now. I can't wait till next week

elham i miss you i miss you i miss you

ghizy his voice is so likeable and his acting is great for what i've seen wish him more success, he deserve it i hope seeing him in more dramas and not make us wait

Prateek One of the Best.

NightLizard I simply love this man and have nothing more to say. :P


marzi you are so handsom i love your acting in scandal in old seoul im irainian

farah oh my god why are you so hot ji hwan ssi i love you and adore you no matter what! i see your movie "rough cut" with ji sub oppa and i see your very good portrait the character and see you are very talented actor good luck, hope your new drama with park si yeon has great chemistry too

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