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Current user rating: 96/100 (1120 votes)

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  • Drama: Incarnation of Money
  • Revised romanization: Donui Hwashin
  • Hangul: 돈의 화신
  • Director: Yu In-Sik
  • Writer: Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: February 2 - April 21, 2013
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set within a law backdrop, "Incarnation of Money" deals with desires for love and money.


  1. "Incarnation of Money" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Cheongdamdong Alice" and followed by "Secret of Birth" April, 2013.


Incarnation of Money-Kang Ji-Hwan.jpg Incarnation of Money-Park Sang-Min.jpg Incarnation of Money-Hwang Jung-Eum.jpg
Kang Ji-Hwan Park Sang-Min Hwang Jung-Eum
Lee Cha-Don Ji Se-Gwang Bok Jae-In
Incarnation of Money-Choi Yeo-Jin.jpg Incarnation of Money-Oh Yoon-Ah.jpg Incarnation of Money-Kim Soo-Mi.jpg
Choi Yeo-Jin Oh Yoon-Ah Kim Soo-Mi
Jeon Ji-Hoo Eun Bi-Ryung Bok Hwa-Sool

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-02 1 9.2% (14th) 10.0% (10th) 9.7% (16th) 10.6% (12th)
2013-02-03 2 NR NR 9.2% (17th) 10.2% (14th)
2013-02-09 3 11.0% (10th) 12.3% (6th) 10.2% (12th) 10.7% (10th)
2013-02-10 4 10.7% (9th) 11.1% (9th) 10.6% (8th) 12.3% (5th)
2013-02-16 5 14.1% (7th) 14.9% (4th) 14.5% (4th) 16.6% (4th)
2013-02-17 6 13.0% (9th) 13.8% (7th) 13.1% (6th) 15.2% (6th)
2013-02-23 7 13.9% (5th) 15.3% (4th) 13.3% (4th) 15.0% (3rd)
2013-02-24 8 11.7% (11th) 12.8% (9th) 13.4% (7th) 15.1% (6th)
2013-03-02 9 13.3% (7th) 14.2% (4th) 12.2% (6th) 14.0% (5th)
2013-03-03 10 10.9% (12th) 11.6% (12th) 11.4% (11th) 12.8% (8th)
2013-03-09 11 12.4% (6th) 13.7% (5th) 12.4% (6th) 13.8% (6th)
2013-03-10 12 11.8% (12th) 13.1% (7th) 15.1% (6th) 16.5% (4th)
2013-03-16 13 13.2% (6th) 14.7% (4th) 14.5% (5th) 16.6% (4th)
2013-03-17 14 13.0% (9th) 14.3% (8th) 15.3% (6th) 17.5% (4th)
2013-03-23 15 14.1% (4th) 16.0% (3rd) 16.4% (4th) 19.1% (4th)
2013-03-24 16 13.7% (7th) 15.3% (6th) 15.3% (4th) 17.2% (3rd)
2013-03-30 17 15.1% (5th) 17.5% (4th) 14.7% (5th) 16.0% (5th)
2013-03-31 18 13.4% (8th) 14.6% (8th) 15.6% (4th) 17.4% (3rd)
2013-04-06 19 14.4% (4th) 16.6% (3rd) 16.1% (4th) 18.0% (3rd)
2013-04-07 20 13.4% (8th) 15.2% (5th) 14.6% (5th) 16.3% (4th)
2013-04-13 21 11.6% (6th) 12.3% (5th) 14.2% (4th) 16.7% (3rd)
2013-04-14 22 12.6% (6th) 14.0% (6th) 15.2% (5th) 17.5% (3rd)
2013-04-20 23 13.4% (4th) 14.3% (3rd) 14.3% (4th) 15.4% (5th)
2013-04-21 24 14.2% (4th) 15.7% (3rd) 16.8% (4th) 18.8% (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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Z Fabulous. A show with substance, suspense and brilliant villains.

or_k such good no, great drama and such low rating???unbelievable,what's wrong with k-people???? one of the best Korean dramas that I've seen until now,great actors and actress and good story,music and directing!!! great acting for both KJH and PSM!

maymay I loved this drama sooo awsome and the best! Next to five fingers for sure! i miss this drama so much!!

brainasia i`m so excited to watch that movie...... i love Kang ji Hwan from his 2011 movie } Lie to Me { w/ Eun yoon Hye

iris321 one of the best suspense/action korean dramas ive watched, great actors!!

gloria foo One of the best Korean drama of late - keep it up. Very good acting of leading actors and actresses.

raeynsd92 wuh..i like the storyy..

Cindy Is it happy ending?

sung hyo hwa you misunderstand the casting...its hwang jung eum not ham eun jung

sung hyo hwa wow 돈의 화신 is a very great drama ever.from the start up to ending....super............

loispieter I'm so happy..hwang jeong so cute ):

Bro Great drama. One of the few I have actually finished and kept an interest in.

solar Have to say not realistic and kind of disappointing, any person with a common sense shall know that (ref epi 24) that if a judge has any personal interest in any of the parties to a case he or she shall refrain from hearing that case,(lady judge former prosecutor in the drama is thinking of getting married to the guy who is the accused)despite that she goes onto hear the case. wow only happens in dramas and also lee cha don getting caught in ep 22 and being sent to jail, doesn't do much for his smartness.

script writing felt lot to be desired especially towards the end.

katina LOVE IT! I became a huge fan of Kang ji Hwan after this drama!What a face and what an actor.

jini I so so so love this korean drama. A must watch!!!!!

James What is up with this show? Everyone is a crook, or obnoxious, or both. It's definitely got me intrigued, I'm really curious where it's going to go.

DINA i think is one of best dramas of 2013 !!! thanks to screen writer and actors !! plz ppl watch it deserves 10 times better rating :)

aisyah The best drama airing right now!!!! believe me!!!. great cast, kang ji kwan, hwang jung eum, park sang min superb acting!!!!!!

DramaSnob Calling someone an idiot for an honest constructive criticism just because you (fanya, comment #15) do not agree with her is petty and low class. Person like you is one reason why North and South Korea are not united. My intuition is telling me though that you are not Korean because the Koreans I know are far broadminded. For your information, I find the drama good so far except for the criticized part in the early episode. The purpose of the critique is to give the flick industry a feedback with the hope that they will improve their product. It is not my intention to upset other viewers.

Su this drama is so good, my favorite one from the ones airing right now. Ugh, now I have to wait 6 more weeks for it to finish! Gaaaaah, it's so interesting!

Kizz Sooo addicting. Very nice drama. I will give this drama a 4thumbs up

adiah I'm addicted to this series. Viva Lee Cha Don!

fanya Only idiot people think that you cannot make a fiction drama with some real part of daily life. I just enjoy the drama without make noise. Shame on you, dramasnob.

josefani jaja don't be so, is a fictional drama, want not to say that some parts are real, but the meaning they want to convey is that greed, power, money ... leads to the absolute limits, if you can pass the barrier fall and there is no turning back.So, is what i think they want to convey. Luckily, laws exist and everything is discovered.

hera What do you say? Some random words? Finally in 3rd episode Kang Ji Hwan take the lead from that ugly young boy. I'm so happy. Hwang Jung Eum also look sooooo funny with that fatty costume. I always laughing so hard everytime I see her in this series.

DramaSnob Distribution of assets under a will involving huge amount of money cannot happen in real life without going to court. Assets of this magnitude usually take years for the court to settle. Not only the heirs but also the creditors should be heard, there are strict requirements regarding notices, and the court will have to look if the will is valid. The writer could have gotten away with it with the right script: there should be probate proceedings where the heirs and creditors including the banks are notified (it's obvious that it did not happen here); the evil guys should also bribe the judge; the distribution should be read in court (not in the private living room) which should happen at least after a year (not right after the chairman's death). The director should have a legal adviser to make sure the script is convincing. Even a law student should know about the legal requirements of a will.

Hami Aww... Man y does it have to be seo shinae??!

kani This is a good one. Believe me, it's worth to watch. Don't waste your time in other weekend dramas, watch this one.

Kumon Dom I like this drama, but hate lighting/camera mode(?) in episode 1. Like a noir drama

manda Why they're not moving on. We, Indonesian KPOP Lovers, really love T-Ara!

ixtyjjang So uri Eunjung isn't one of the cast afterall? Why? I was waiting for this drama, because of Eunjung~ >.<

haha-counter yeah, as if you are their neighbor to know the whole story. you have no idea what actually happen in that company to speak as if you and eunjung are bff before. such people are the real-life example of those characters you saw in any drama that think they know something other people don't and boast it around the place while making others just wanting to punch their stupid faces

haha I'm glad Ham Eunjung isn't in this after all because if she was, I wouldn't of have watched this. I don't support bullies.

Gabee I hope Ham Eunjung is gonna be one of the cast!!! Love her! #Fighting (;

siti i hope very much, eunjung t-ara will join here

Bookhead I really hope Kang Ji Hwan isn't replaced i'm so anxious at the mo!

kimyu Why is everyone hating on her o.o If you don't like her keep it for yourself.. we're all human beings you know... of course she will probably never see this but it doesn't change that she is human and you don't have the right to insult her or saying things like "kick her out" ... I don't mind her

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