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  • Name: Park Hye-Ryun
  • Hangul: 박혜련
  • Born:
  • Birthplace: South Korea



  • Hellcats | Ddeugeoun geotsi joa (2008)

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Keiko OMG, on the whim, I decided to look at the writer of my favorite show and I find out that you were the same writer for my top two! I loved I Can Hear Your Voice and Dream High!!! They were honestly super cute and the ending was always satisfactory enough that I don't get pissed in how erupt or how open it is! Thank you for writing such awesome scripts! They are always very entertaining and super cute!!!!

acelysia Wow. You're jjang!

Jayzee I am a k-drama addict. I already watched tons of drama but Pinocchio is the best! It clearly shows how powerful man's words are. How words can either save or destroy a person's life. Pinocchio should be recommended to people for its lesson in life. Thank you for giving me a realization about how to be more careful with my words. Kudos to you Ms. Park Hye-ryun! Hope to meet you someday :)

meloney i am so much interested in your movie , u r really good at directing . i will waiting for other coming movies , thank you so much sir .fighting .

Fan Love I hear your voice, dream high & Pinocchio! I'd also like to see some of her previous work. She has to be one of the best writers because out of all the dramas put there the only ones my husband enjoys watching are these! Bravo! And thank you!

liveb another unique "I can hear your voice"...simply perfect from the beginning to an end. All hail to all especially Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye. Great job!!!!!!!!!

Nicole I am a Filipino and I was really obsessed in watching PINOCCHIO eventhough it takes a long time to have every episode here in the Philippines, I still wish I could watch every single piece until the very end. Kudos to the writer! I never loved a story like how I love Pinocchio. :) Very unpredictable plot.., a deep, moving story :) God bless! More Power

widodo unie fighting . . . your drama is daebak . . . i always wait your drama . . .

Lin I love dream high's storyline. I love i can hear your voice's story line. Then, i love pinocchio's story line. Those 3 dramas have the same writer. Omg, i really love you!!! Please write more drama! 빅혜련 화이팅!!!!

angel zhou oh my God you don't know how much I praise your skill and stories.

God bless you, more power to you!!!

momo you are the best of the best ...

Aisyah Verry fond of I Hear Your Voice, watched it thrice. now that i am watching Pinocchio, i am pleasantly surprised with how the story going. And here i found that you also write dream high? i am so going to watch your other dramas! Your dramas has feeling and character, which make it very beautiful, unlike other dramas that only offer story. Keep writing! I am anticipating your next work.

Ps. Thank you for making a cute and sweet Jason and Pilsok couple, and a dreamy yet realistic noona-dongsaeng couple like Hyesung and Soo HA

dammy Such a cool writer. I enjoyed every bit of the drama from dream high to Pinocchio.

Joyce Walton I became a fan when saw I Can Hear Your Voice, loved it and watched it twice.,. now I intend to watch Dream High and anything else that I can view of your on line. Keep doing what you are doing. You are great.

Celine You are extreamly jjang! Daebak, genius! Im officially your fans after DH and IHYV. Now you make another jjang born drama! Pinocchio! You brough kim soo hyun to us until he got daesang award, and lee jong seok will be soon!

lily omg ur such a great writer fighting good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria you are such a good writer

my3views You are an awesome writer, anything with your name attached to I'm all in. Your Dream High and I Can Hear Your Voice both had excellent storylines, nothing left undone nothing left unsaid everything ties well together with no 2nd wishes needed.

Nindi Omg !!! I cant wait pinocchio since i love the story that you wrote like i can hear you voice and the main chacter is lee jong suk

Tiffany Wow, I loved Dream High! The storyline and script were very well pieced together. All the questions sparked were easily explained and answered later on in the series. You are an amazing screen writer... There were so much that happened in just 16 episodes but nothing was too redundant. I wish you had written Dream High 2. DH2 was a complete disaster and disappointment to my dismay. Of all the kdramas I have seen, Dream High was the most relatable.

Yany i just wanna say thanks to you for alot of emotion that i had through your drama...specially that "I hear your voice" i also love writing but i take a lot of time to find out that i wanna become a scriptwriters like you!... Thank for becoming my first idol in this field! 감사합니다

jm you are extremely a good writer. fighting :)) By the way can I have a request? can you produce another drama series that the actors and actresses will be the same as the actors and actresses of dream high 1? pls.. :))

esra You are very good, genius, brilliant writer thanks for I hear your voice and dream high... I will more dramas seen of you... I love you.. fighting oppah ♥

Stella Man, you're such a good writer! I just wished you would continued I Hear Your Voice since I really loved the series, and good luck on other Drama Series and others <3!

Jay I've been rambling to myself for like an hour. The ending to dream high was good. I'm just sad. I'm a guy who never does anything if he is pissed. But when it comes to endings like this....I go crazy. I never like having loose ends in a story...especially a drama that affected me this much. So if there is a Dream High 3...please tie up Sam Don and Hye Mi's relationship. I'm soo pissed right now....I'm sorry..

Catherine I REALLY love Dream High and I Hear Your Voice. Two super-great dramas in a row! What a brilliant writer! Thank you for writing great dramas..

Thuzar Dream High and then I Can Hear Your Voice again......... wow, unbelievably nicely written. Cheer you up. Thumb up and really thanks for great stories. :)

Dianawati Definitely RECOMMEND this drama... Nice story line and so amaze with the story writer about the way he/she write those arguments and closing statement for each cases... 4 THUMBS UP!!!

Lucy "I Hear Your Voice" was so well written! I cannot believe how effectively you put to use the cliche plot-twist of a memory loss! Every time I see a car accident followed by memory loss in a drama I immediately want to stop watching, but in your drama it is utilized so appropriately! Thank you for your hard work <3

sora1004 Thank you for writing "Dream high" and especially "I Hear your voice" keep up your good work!!

nerina chan After seeing dream high and I hear your voice all I can say is Dae Bak! I love how your story put the twist, great plot, unpredictable angle, each character has their own story and how u put it all together. I have been waiting for a new kind of kdrama , the one that is not a cliche, n so far you have delivered it nicely. Great Job! Keep it going, n please don't fall to the pressure of giving new story which mostly damages your style. A great art don't happen in a day. Writer Par fighting!

mashi you are a genius. that is all.

melody You know Park Hye Run-ssi, congratulations. You just made it to my best k-drama screen-writer list. I loved Dream High, and now followed by the fascinating I Hear Your Voice. Thank you for changing my life by watching your drama. Your drama contains messages and lessons to learn, not just for a mere entertainment. I will wait for your next project, hwaiting!

marieruu I just have to say that you're a good writer! I love your drama "I Hear Your Voice"! I love the plot and how you've written it! I just hope that you don't disappoint us viewers with the ending! :) I don't mind who Lawyer Jjang ends up with... I'm happy with whoever. :)

drama addict I can hear your voice it's the best drama so far in year 2013!! I am usually not fond of older women with younger man couple but this is exceptional

every episode it's fill with fun, excitement I have not really love a drama in a long while this is the best of the best ~~~ just hopefully it will end up with good ending it will be perfect!

Ash Deval So.... I have been following with the latest episode of 'I hear your Voice' and firstly I have to say, amazing drama SO FAR. I love where the plot is going. Definitely was not expecting some of the things that were discovered in episode 13. That being said, there has been speculation that Park Soo Ha might be killed at the end. This was probably taken from the fact that the main picture for the drama has Lawyer CHa and Lawyer Hye Seong together while Soo Ha is alone (wikipedia) . I will be so disappointed if that happens. I have been rooting for Soo Ha and Lawyer Hye Seong to be together. A lot of people said since Dream High 1 end was not so favorable, this one will be similar. I on the other hand liked the ending for Dream High 1. Hope it's similar for this. Fighting! TEAM Park Soo HA!!

myrna ramos From the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, wow,I Hear Your Voice, what an amazing and outstanding drama. From acting, writing, production, I mean everything is just excellent! I give it over 100 stars. But please, have Park Soo ha and Lawyer Jang end up together. Love has no age gap! We jumping up with joy with episode 12 and that back hug just left us stung!!!!! Thank you for your writing you are outstanding.

drmjs I Hear Your Voice is probably one of the best dramas I've seen for a long time. I feel that it is destined to be a classic. Congratulations on such good writing. I hope to see more of your projects in the future. Best of luck on all your future endeavors!

Jovana Hey! I really wanted to say that this drama is fantastic...always happens something inpredictable... and to someone who is watching it really easy hold the attention...keep writing and making a good drama interesting to watch... good luck! :D

GiGi Love your writing! I haven't watched a good drama in a while and I must say. "I can hear your voice" IS A REALLY REALLY GOOD drama. I LOVE IT! I wish that the lawyer ends up with park soo ha because it will be fresh instead of other dramas where they are same age and the younger character has to give up on heir love :/

Letty I'm impressed by the dialogues in court in I Can Hear Your Voice, very convincing, you must have researched well. A love relationship between a high school student and a lawyer is quite iffy, it's like the older person snatching a baby from his crib. I would like the lawyer to be with Chan.

Alaiza Good day,annyeonghasseyo I'm one of the thousand fans of Dream High here in the Philippines especially for Kim soo hyun and Suzy or what we call here HYUNZY COUPLE. And as a huge fan of Dream High and this two, due to public demand for this coming year may we request? another great love story drama for Kim soo hyun and Suzy for the fans! if ever happen in behalf of HYUNZY COUPLE fans from different part of the world or SOOSU COUPLE in Korea from the bottom of our heart thank you so much! kamsahamnida:D we keep us supporting you :)) God Bless!

freak hixer hi mr. park..hope you can read this message of mine... you're really awesome!!i just love your story,most specially dream high 1&2... im really addicted to both dramas...i cant wait when you can published the 3rd really excited for it,i cant miss a day without listening to the songs of dream high.. hope you can make the 3rd one more cute and romantic...oh!you can make me one of the cast too...haha...just kidding.. more inspirations,more knowledge and power to you... DREAM HIGH !!!

zylezyle hi there,i really love your dream high.i was moved by it.but,how come you didn't write the second season?maybe it would be way more interesting if you wrote it. by the way,why don't you have any pics? I've searched every site,but there's none. are you a guy or a girl?

Rebecca Mae Um.... Hi! I just want too ask if... What happened to Song Som Dong and Go Hye Mi? They didn't happen to meet again?? :'(

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