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  • Name: Yoo Ah-In
  • Hangul: 유아인
  • Birth Name: Uhm Hong-Sik (엄홍식)
  • Birthdate: October 6, 1986
  • Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  • University: Dankook University
  • Height: 178cm.
  • Blood Type: A
  • Twitter: @seeksik


  1. Read Q&A for movie "Punch" with Yoo Ah-In and director Lee Han (from the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).


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Ceci Honestly you have mad acting skill! Anybody can see it in your eyes the passion you put in your work! Forget all the overrated actors in dramas and movies, you're way better than them they can't even compare! I've watched all your dramas and movies and everytime I'm impressed by the accuracy of your acting! You deserve all the awards and all the recognition! I hope I'll get to see you in more dramas and movies in the near future!! But pls whatever you do, don't work with the writers of fashion king again! Lol! Good luck and FIGHTING!!

Ceci Honestly you have mad acting skill! Anybody can see it in your eyes the passion you put in your work! Forget all the overrated actors in dramas and movies, you're way better than them they can't even compare! I've watched all your dramas and movies and everytime I'm impressed by the accuracy of your acting! You deserve all the awards and all the recognition! I hope I'll get to see you in more dramas and movies in the near future!! But pls whatever you do, don't work with the writers of fashion king again! Lol! Good luck and FIGHTING!!

Ana I've never commented on this kind of stuff, but I really need to say that you're an amazing actor. I can't wait to see you on next drama/movie. I guess you are my favorite so far, because really, you give me goosebumps. Well, and let me tell a secret ...always dreaming about meet you ^^ Bye

Tomisin Daebak. Ur acting gave me goosebumps in secret love affair, I hope you are recognized more for your work :]

Cynthia love ur movies keep it up OK fighting!!!!!!

ummiee I like your acting in the drama JANG OK JUNG and hoping to see your next act. OPPA SARAGHEEE!!!!

Waffa Imissyou oppa, im waiting for your new drama

Mary Damn, you really have great piano skills + verrrry good actor + a nice man... Keep on the good work! x x x Regards from Europe!

kenza your are so amazing and coolestthat i loved but at the end you have injured me when you died.i love you so much

kamelia you are very excellent and amazing actor I'm from in france

mkl I miss your acting abilities (and your handsomeness ;-)!! I hope you taken on a role in a drama soon!!

Ozmo Brilliant actor ... whatever role he takes he makes it outstanding!

Hajer He is a wonderful actor I really enjoy watching his drama he's wonderful I guess that he will be a shiningstar soon

mavis I really liked the way you portrayed your role in jang ok jung..u b rocked it...keep up the standard

No Name I saw your dramas they were so touching and entertaining. Specially in Sungkyunkwan scandal and Jang ok jung.. thats the best part of you. Bravo...

Shanu love your acting in Sungkyunkwan scandal, The best character ever suits to you.Hope You are just same as the Moon jea sin..fighting awesome Yoo Ah-In opaaaa..........

Tann You are the smartest King I have seen in the movie, Jang Ok Jong it's a great movie. Like u ka

keiko Oppa Love you. U are great actor with different characters. Plz, don't cast the sex sence dramas. You are my Great Idol One. Love You Forever ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Lueh Happy Birthday...wish you all the best:)

Nisha Superb actor ! Interesting and simply awesome... Ah-In oppa fighting ! ^_^

Awesome fan Not just an amazing actor, but an interesting, intellectual and inspiring human-being. Your honesty and courage to do what you want in life, have been very inspiring for a young individual like me who's trying to achieve my dream in life. Please keep on acting and earn the recognition you deserve, and prove that being yourself and having a strong passion for what you're doing is more important than good-looks and being "perfect" in the acting industry (or in fact, even in real-life)!

grace diola Yesterday im finally done watching his drama ''jang ok jung living in love''.He is very perfect in his role as a very wise king,but the ending is not that perfect one just like in his drama ''Fashion King'' he die.but it's ok i will forever support you bcoz your the bes!.Saranghe Oppa!:)

stranger He did superb in Secret Love Affair. Probably his best role so far, an innocent young boy who knew nothing but gradually became a real man through his affair with an older woman. I usually hate a storyline involving younger man loves older woman, but this drama hit me so hard that even I wish Ah In engaged in a same kind of relation with Kim Hee Ae for real. Their chemistry was just so amazing and it makes me want to cry whenever I remember it.

udani you are soo..perfect but why do you proud very much. don't proud too much. we hope you are visiting to sri lanka as soon .

Najme yoo ah in you are the best ... I love you so much...

micha yoo ah in, you're so great in every kdrama..esp Sungkyunkwan scandal, Jang Ok Jung, Chilwoo:The mighty & Secret Love Affair..awesome!..

Nimna,Dhanu,Chapa we are crazy fans of you. we are watching Sangkyunkwan Scandal drama of you acting. perfect acting. please come to Sri Lanka. We hope you will come.

rishini will you marry me?

C9 Highly recommend Shim's Family. All casthave done a good job and YAI is so cute in it.

chathurangi & zameera we are srilankans.Your act in sungkyunkwan scandal (Asaliya mala) great. you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome & perfect..we are crazy about korean dramas..specially the ones you act in..wish you all the best..hope one day you will visit srilanka..love YOU a lot..<3 <3

IK It is annoying to see this good looking guy acts as a lover of a older woman.

micha My fave Jalgeum Quartet "Geol Oh/Moon Jae Shin" in Sungkyunkwan scandal, my fave King "Lee Soon" in Jang Ok Jung, and my fave assassin "HeukSan" in The mighty Chilwoo! You're the best Yoo Ah In!

micha My fave Jalgeum Quartet "Geol Oh" in Sungkyunkwan Scandal..My fave King "Lee Soon" in Jang Ok Jung,and my fave Assassin "HeukSan" in ChilWoo The Mighty!.. Yoo Ah In, you are the best!

nimalka we love you very much. you are so......smart in sungkyunkwan scandal.

charuni yoo ah in I LOVE YOU. HONEY YOU'RE SO SWEET.

Dayani Hey... we love u very much. your acting is very smart...

jeny Magnetic actor ....*-**-**-*.

Fullheart5 He is quite a talent. Wish he was not in secret love affair. Oh we'll.

dink i m a srilankan . all the srilankan girls are crazy on you. your actings are awesome . i love you . i wached your every drama .best wishes for you new drama ( SECRET AFFAIR )

kpop love wow i love you . all the best for your new drama.

micha He is a great actor. I love his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan scandal & Jang Ok Jung!..very impressive. He always made his role perfect in the drama.

micha He is a great actor. I love his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan scandal & Jang Ok Jung!..very impressive.

nishu You are really amazing actor ..i watched your all drama :-) All the best for future drama *-* *-* *-*

KESHANI hi yoo ah in..I saw you at sungkyunkwan scandal as a geol oh..(Senior)..you have good talent..I liked & love geol oh character...so now I have yoo ah in mania ...20 minutes ago i read you will be join celebrity division soon..so do you never act again???soo please act again... I don't know whether you will see this or not..but I love your acts so much..I love geol oh because he hadn't anything..brother ,mother...anything.but after he knew about kim yoon hee..he allways protect him..secretly..I think yoon hee know it..why you doesn't tell her idiot..IF you & yoon hee is good couple,in sungkyunkwan scandal.. I saw some characters doesn't suit you ..please always get good & suitable characters,like moon jae shin..many girls love you & hope you as their dream prince...so I doesn't think you will see this,but if you see this I think you will be think i have some crazy...but I have a Hope... I doesn't think I have a chance..because many girls love you ...so get my best wishes to your life

keshani hi yoo ah in,I am your biggest fan...I read you will be join celebrity division soon..is that true???soo we don't like it..but we wish you all the best..please get our wishes and stay safe..I love you so much..

Upuli I'm a Sri Lankan girl.I saw you first at "sungkyunkwan scandal."Now I'm crazy on you! Love your talents... And... I realy love your lovely look in that tv saries.Best wishes my crazy horse! :)

randy i'm madly in love with u moon jae shin.you are my dream prince!!!!!!!

cea dearest crazy horse,i really love moon jae shin part in sungkyunkwan scandal.it was amazing but i hate that story,you loved kim yoon shik so much and protected her always.But you let her go for lee sun jung.you knew that kim yoon shik is a girl and didn't take any advantage,you tried to keep away from her and protect her.she should had to love you but she went for lee.so im really sad of moon jae shin.i saw some pics of you but not suit to you,pleas always try to be like moon jae shin.he is so handsome and romantic.that hair style,appearance and everything really suit to you so please always try to be like crazy horse.i just wanted to tell this to you because you are the person who gave the life for moon jae shin.i don't have your contact details and don't know how to tell this, this is the only way that i can tell you this, so i decided to submit it as a comment. i don't know whether you will see this or not but i have a hope....

cea dearest crazy horse,i really love moon jae shin part in sungkyunkwan scandal.it was amazing but i hate that story,you loved kim yoon shik so much and protected her always.But you let her go for lee sun jung.you knew that kim yoon shik is a girl and didnt take any advantage,you tried to keep away from her and protect her.she should had to love you but she went for lee.so im really sad of moon jae shin.i saw some pics of you but not suit to you,pleas always try to be like moon jae shin.he is so handsome and romantic.that hair style,appearance and everything really suit to you so please always try to be like crazy horse.i just wanted to tell this to you because you are the person who gave the life for moon jae shin.i dont have your contact details and dont know how to tell this, this is the only way that i can tell you this, so i decided to submit it as a coment. i dont know whether you will see this or not but i have a hope....

juju i like this actor but i wish they could pick a better profile picture ><

Trish Mai Yoo Ah In ROCKS! OMG! totally love him with Kim Tae Hee. They're such a cute couple. :)

blessing He's a good actor who interprete's his role very well with passion. I love him. I fell in love with his acting in fashion king & jang ok jung. Donsaeng fighting!

colleen I adored the series JANG OK-JUNG...and particularly your amazing portrayal of the King. This was my first experience with Korean drama and now....I'm hooked!

It was lovely.

green laurel Fashion king is not good.I am so sad for you.

Dotti I'd watch you in Jang Ok Jung drama. Your acting was so good. I was falling in love with your acting. Hopefully that i see can you in another drama. Fighting!!!

yalda hi mr yoo!these days i watch some of dramas that you played,i really enjoy all of them,i hope you read this comment, at last with the best wishes,one of your fans from iran yalda

Chaimoon You are such a good actor and at the same time so handsome. We hope that you will be in more dramas soon.

monita Ah in, at the last episode of Jang ok Jung, I cried , sobbed, together with you! Oh my! You did your part so damn good! I could feel the sorrow, regrets, hopeless and big lov of the King thru you! Daebak! (Y) (y) I'm ɑ big fan!

BB Hmmmmm... You really express yourself well. Thumbs up. Was impressed. You've got friends here. Looking forward to more of your movies.

Sarah hello ah in shi!!! I am one of ur biggest fans . I would love to watch your new movie but I don't seem to do it soon enough !!!! so i am sad :( I hope you know that you have fans in Tunisia(north africa) too ;Wish u all the best

Peacewon Ah In Ssi,..... you are the heart of SO many of your dramas. please make tons more!! I love your skills and your expressive eyes. I am most assuredly a fan !!

Karren Hi yoo ah in.. It is true that somehow you are not so noticeable but after watching your drama in sungkyungkwan scandal, you are totally remarkable. Since then, I watch your other dramas and your acting skills is very special. There are many handsome and cute actors in your country but your charisma is significantly different among them. The way you portray your character is by heart. I can understand why your choices on dramas are those which has unique storyboard and has some twist on the flow of the story. Your sense of delivering the message of your character is different which sometimes result to misunderstanding from the audience. But if the audience really look deeper on what the drama portray not just what the character look like, somehow, they'll understand and appreciate your sense in acting and being true to yourself. Looking forward for more drama ang movie for you. Your fan from the Philippines. - karren

chona lizzy ur so funny!!!!

Ah-In ssi u are my fav actor ever since. In ur guesting in running man..wow daebak..i didn't know u got talent in cooking too. Hope u guest there again and do the nametap ripping off..lol Hwaiting...saranghe <3

noniek just want to say that im one of ur fans......just saw you 2 week ago in Running Man wish u can back again at that show hehehe........keep fighting and alway waiting for ur new dramas or films.....saranghaeyo......

RoroYeoja I hope you will get a chance to work with song ji hyo one day. both are my favourite ! love you and your lips. haha :-*

Beng As usual I am all praises to Yoo whose so versatile. Love watching Yoo even if I have to watch over and over all Yoo'r dramas and movies. I could use a hug from you....

kiki oppa... I have so many favorite actors.. but you are the best. your photo will always as my wallpaper in my laptop and phone.. saranghaeyo...

sukkiko Um, ' lizzy ' you should get a life, like... A.S.A.P!

Lina-Asian Fan one word for you Yoo Ah-In DAEBAK!!!

lizzy yu ah in i really dislike you most especially in jang ok jung. How could you make someone so miserable even to her point if death. If i was the queen i would have left you alone with your harlot ok jung. Or when she came back to the palace i wouldn't have come back to the palace. I really hate you for the role you played.

Mitch hello though i feel so much dissapointment in the end of the drama Jang ok Jung but i see you your majesty cry about the lost of ok jung your beloved it makes my heart feel a little lightness.. thank you for making me cry Yoo Ah In

Mitch hello though i feel so much dissapointment in the end of the drama Jang ok Jung but i see you your majesty cry about the lost of ok jung your beloved it makes my heart feel a little lightness.. thank you for making me cry.

Columbus Yoo Ah In is my favorite Korean actor!

lee mity 실례합니다,당신은김해숙의아들입니까???????????

red ampatua i hope yoo ah-in and kim tae-hee have a next tv drama this year. becouse there tandem had so nice......

mojgan i like your work in jang ok jung and i hope to see you more in future. but the drama fatune king have a very bad ended.

Michelle Hey, think your a nice cool guy and I would like to met you in person, I am a fan of yours you seem so cute and you have so much talent . But if we meet I can only say two things in Korean but I am learning how to speak Korean so yea....So good luck in life and I wish you always be a good talented actor. I remember I first time I saw your acting in Jang Ok Jung. That was a good drama series but I kind of dislike the ending a little, I wish it had a perfect happy ending.



Capricorn0Angel Annyeong Yoo Ah In (just in case you're curious enough about yourself thus you search this page),

I dont get any idea that you're already 25 in the movie PUNCH. I'm a lil bit shocked to know that. But I really enjoyed your teenage face, therefore I hope you play another movie or drama that cast you as a lead with your appearance like that, please. I keep preventing myself to think like this as this is very selfish, but really, for some actors, the younger the better ._.v So please consider to play such kind of role again :D Trully have fallen in love with Wandeuk!

Yoo Ah In, hwaiting!

sumi Hello yoo ah in. How are you. I think you are the best korean actor. Your tallent is very good and your personality is very attractive. I hope that you will be happy in your personal life. I am a iranian girl and your pen. gumabsinmida. dan kidarike for your new drama... fighting

Chai yi qing I just dont knw what to comment.. Yoo Ah In is awesome in his act. I hope to see a happy ending drama from him in the next drama..

mejiana You really look great with Kim Tae Hee... But why did you give the order to kill her. since you love her you shouldnt kill her. And why did you give Choi Suk Bin your grace. That was one of your biggest mistake to Jang Hee Bin

Agres Hi Yoo Ah in... How u doing ??? U r so cool but I'm so sad to saw ur drama Jang ok jung. I wish ur next drama greater and happy ending :). Beside in the end of this drama should shown how will the baby prince "won ja" become. And how the king life without jang ok jung by his side. So....have nice day and take care. Keep Fighting. Wish can meet u in person :)

JOAN Hello Yoo Ah In. I just finished watching Jang Ok Jung until episode 20. This is the second time watching you but I'm sorry I don't recall you the first time when you acted in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I can honestly say your acting in the drama Jang Ok Jung is very excellent. You acted in all the scenes so natural especially when Jang Ok Jung and you were together. You handled those scenes beautifully. Everything looks so real. I am so involve emotionally in this drama. I saw the preview of episode 21 and I didn't like what I saw. It seems like you are going to be involved with Han Seung Yeon which I hope I am wrong 'cause I don't like it to happen. So far I have enjoyed watching episode 1 to 20 immensely and I can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes. You are a very talented actor and for sure I am going to watch all the dramas you are in. I hope to see you more as the main actor in upcoming new dramas.

June Did an AMAZING job as the king in Jang Ok Jung!!! This is the first time I've seen him in a drama, and he's fantastic! So far, it's the best acting as a king I've seen so far, and believe me, I've seen tons of historicals... This guy is amazing! <3

aimuni i love him..in jang ok jung soo kind n man n he also good looking n talented star

deb myers If I were the writers I would make a sequel to fashion king,check this out,

someone would find Young Gul shot and get him to the hospital in time to be saved, only his memory would be completely gone, the series would be about him building a fashion empire . Somwhere he would meet super successful Ga Young but he doesn't rermember her. Eventually he falls in love with her again.........But this time give us a happy ending!!!!!!!

jan brook Yoo Ah In makes you fall in love with him,,,,His performance in fashion king was superb,,,His facial expressions almost told the story! I hated the ending, his death had me depressed for several days!!!!!!!

Jadi Anatchi I started watching Yoo Ah In's movies and dramas the first time I saw his appearance in Jang Ok Jung Living in Love the set was new so episodes are just coming in. Even though most of the time i visited the site use to watch this series the episodes are RAW I just cant stop refreshing the page or come by every now and then to check if sub is available.. Yoo's performance in portraying the king is absolutely amazing I have watched The moon embracing the sun and i feel in love with Kim Soo Hyun's performance as the king.. I never thought there will be another wonderful korean series like that again and then finally Jang Ok Jung Living in Love comes around.. I cant just wait till when new episode arrives so I started new series of Yoo's korean drama Fashion King I might be a little late watching it cos it has been aired on 2012 but since i really wanted to see more of Yoo's performance in so many ways around I managed to watch the entire drama in 2 nights.. Unfortunately it hurts me I keep on denying myself that the series is not all about the love story between Lee Ga Young and Kang Young Gul instead with the vengeance and rivalry of business between Young Young Apparel and J Fashion but no matter how tragic the ending was I still love it even so moving forward to the feeling attached to the love story side of the drama. I totally understand why most of the fans watching it says its a waste of time to watch Fashion King but for me its a must watch but just make sure you know how to accept disappointment. Moving forward since the latest Yoo's TV series episodes comes out every once or twice a week with complete SUB I'm on the marathon watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Oh my Rooftop Prince, Hang Jung-woo plus my Fashion King all at once isn't this amazing to watch 2 of my favorite korean actors together at once..

Jen I started watching Jang Ok Jung yesterday out of boredom. Have to confess that I fell in love with King SukJong as portrayed by Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In showed very impressive acting n created a very dynamic, cool n romantic king. I couldn't stop watching Jang Ok Jung so as to catch more glances of the king. Since yesterday, i'd completed a marathon chase n finished 13 episodes! Will continue to watch this drama for Yoo Ah In's performance. Yoo Ah In fighting!

yoo oh ar what a splendid portrayal of a king...so full of romance.love and angst...wonderful indeed!!! hyung fighting!!take care coz we care..

Ella HI ..I really love your acting in JOK. Wish you more success in future!!!

CICI Yoo Ah In is awesome as King Sukjong in "Jang Ok Jung , Living By Love". He 's the most adorable, handsome and romantic King I have ever seen in a Historical Kdrama...well, along with Lee Tae Gon. It's so refreshing to watch an actor look believable as a King and Yoo Ah In is definitely that. He is just perfect for this role. I hope he wins an award for his superb acting and definitely the couples' award with Kim Tae Hee. I haven't seen such believable passion since The Princess' Man".

Rinda Choi Prince Lee Soon...<3

Hershey from philippines Hi there! I've seen Hong shik on A man who can't marry.He's quite adorable young lad back there. Since then i'm on a search of his project. I become his avid fan. And up to date i've watch his project online. And i can say he's amazing brillant and versatile actor. Great Hong shik. Currently watching Jang Ok Jung. Just love him when he play so tough but so weak when his with kim tae hee. My continuous support will be your 100%

lot paras Yoo Ah In is really a very good actor. I like him most in SKKS. He also showed different acting in Fashion King however I didn't like the ending. I guess most viewers didn't like it too. He was so good in action so I think playing the roll of a secret agent like the American series 24 or something like Mission Impossible will suit him. I like him being so tough yet so caring for the one he loves

Lizzy Yoo Ah-In is one of THE BEST amazing actor ever. The faces he makes, he knows what kind of facial expression he needs to make, when he needs to make it. I saw him first in Sungkyunkwan scandal... Gosh he is superbe ! You just fall in love with him and his acting <3 <3

Oh and I looovee the drama "Jang Ok Jung - living by love " with actress Kim Tae Hee ! Great couple, like they really are in lovee... (you should absolutely watch it !!)

Thank you Yoo oppa !

Lilee Exceptionnal actor. The James Dean in Far East. Love you.

janram Let me first start by saying that I'm a kdrama fanatic. I can start and finish a normal 16 episode drama in a day.

I feel that Yoo Ah In is one actor that is quite unnoticed. I say this because I think he has more potential than what projects he has been given/taken or the amount of following he has. We all know he can act, testament to this is his previous roles in SKKS, playing a passive character with an unrequited love towards the lead actress. It's also seen in the Fashion King, where he was a stellar performer, both in drama and comedy. I have to agree with other people that that drama did not end well and felt ambiguous towards the end. In JOJ, we see him in another period drama with a little comedic banter. It's refreshing to see him where he's comfortable and seem amiable in him character.

I rarely commend or pick on specific Korean celebrities, but I do think that he has more to give and should be given the right projects in order for him to grow into a bigger star than he is or should be. Perhaps do a romcom melodrama first, normally that's what people want to see and normally have a leading for. He should do more interviews- I searched for him online on YouTube and I hardly see him with any videos. Most of his online videos are back from 2010, 2011 during the SKKS. I mean, get his name out there, so more projects. He's a great actor, that's all there is to it.

All I can say is that, I'm a fan. A fan that hopes that he can be acknowledge more or be given more opportunities in the future.

I have placed him on the ranks of Lee min ho, Yoo Seung Ho and Park Yoo Chun. All great actors!

jenny Yoo Ah In is amazing in Jang Ok Jung.. the chemistry he has with Kim Tae Hee is unbelievably real. JOJ is already one of my favourite dramas ever since episode 1. It is quite sad their ratings are not that high..nevertheless, Yoo Ah In oppa fighting! ^^ ♥♥

jay ann this guy is so cool and a very good actor. i first saw him sunkyunkwan scandal and i started to like him than the lead actor mickey park?!. he acted really good.i was a bit dissappointed in fashion king, the story sucked. but here in jang ok jung live in love. as a crowned prince, damn, he is really good and so handsome. he can show that how he feels toward ok jung by looking at his eyes!! this guy has so much to offer!! Good job YU AN- IN!!!!

Davia Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love!!! You're rocking it Yoo Ah In!!!!!!!!

Vea You're so hot, YAI! I see you have an apple chin (didn't see it in SKKS, MIA?) You're looking plumpy and... younger? I miss those white teeth of yours. haha. Hwaiting, YAI! I'm already loving the first two episodes of JOJ. ^^

Rin Can't wait to see your new drama yoo ah in. Honestly i love when you being Mun Jae Shin in Sungkyunwan Scandal. Hope Jang Ok Jung imediatly releas. :-)

kimia hi i really loved your works.i am from iran i want to see u more.

fafa Yoo Ah In should be in another historical drama as male lead and Park Min Young as female lead. I really wanna see them together in a new romantic historical drama. Korean producers/directors, please cast them both in a new drama in the future! Please make Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young have a very intense love-line and have a happy ending too. Hehe ^^

Vea I really love your acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Gosh, you were daebak! I've seen you also in BoA's Only One drama music video. I was very glad that you starred in her video. Looking hot as always :) <3

nonsibi I am watching "He Who Can't Marry" --> he has nice and very white teeth. He must be seeing his dentist for cleaning and whitening before his role :)

Tin He looks too hot on Sungkyunkwan! From his messy look to an upright scholar look. And what makes me excited is his upcoming drama with one of my favorite lead actresses, Kim Tae Hee! The age gap again is present. Haha. But can't deny that they have the chemistry that everyone will watch out for! Come March 13!!! :)

LOVE Yoo Ah In... I don't know you that much... all I know is you're a great actor.. if you think you're happy on what you are doing, I'll support you.. :))

every one deserve to choose on what they want in life what it will be, I don't really care if the rumors are true about you because I'm your fan and will always be. <3

saranghae... saranghanda.... saranghandagoo..

rica f.zabala Hi yoo ah in l'am the one of your fan.so thet will be come in may 24,2013 on manila becauce you are my crush on secret love(sungkyunkwan scandal) hehehehe.

genevic i even bought almost all your movies!! i bought a canvas pic of you, filled my room almost all of your pictures!! i admire you on how you carry yourself in all your movies! I hope i can meet you in personal soon, I will visit Korea just to see you!

janel i love geol-oh so much <3 sunbae <3 !!

aileen .. i really , really adore Yoo Ah-In !! dont know how much i am obsessed to him , see you soon sunbae !! love you .. <3

aileen .. i'm so obsessed on you, Yoo Ah In !! i love your role in SKKS !! love u so much , hope 2 see you soon .. <3

hisagi i cant believe this i really really hate korean drama..... but when i watched sungkyunkwan scandal in abs-cbn here in philippines it catch my attention so continued to watch it because i saw yu ah in he have a good talent in acting.ofcoarse park min young,park yoochun,sung joong ki they are so brilliant the 4 of them hope the 4 of them have a movie or drama again ,i loved korean drama now.hahahaha

glaiza we love you Yu Ah In!!!!!

glaiza i <3 Yoo ah In!!!!! I like your role in sungkyunkwan Scandal...hope you will have a movie or a series paired with park min younng!!!!!!!<3 you!!!! :p

hisagi heey!! now yu ah in is my idol thats bcos of her drama series (sungkyunkwan scandal) hope to watch some of her drama

Annie I started to like yoo ah in , in sungkyunkwan scandal which currently airing here in phillippines. His role there was absolutely awesome. Even if he seek revenge , he really suit his role there!! L0ve ya YOO AH IN

daniella i luv u both with park min young, hope u have a new drama series, that the two of you would be pair.Gosh ur a perfect couple and nice chemistry! i will wai for that series.I LUV OF U SO MUCH.

paras2 hiiiiiiii.......... happy birthday honey ♥♥♥♥♥♥YOO AH IN♥♥♥♥♥♥ we LOVE♥ very much ^o^.

miera i've start knowing yoo ah-in since sungkyunkwan scandal... i just love him, he is awesome and can play the character very well... but i did think that he's better with mustache in his face because when i see him in "chilwu the mighty" he looks like girl..

Wendy He have changed sooo much from The Antiques Bakery hehehe so cute at that time. And now this noona falls more deeply after watching King Fashion. Such a sad ending, yet quite an acting. love how he managed to perform a round character. Cant wait for his next project....

Fans In sungkyunkwan scandal drama is very suitable to your lively character i do enjoy this drama.

In fashion king drama, the writer wanted you to act as revengeful , arrogant, ungrateful person, taught Ga Young to steal cloth materials from Jae Hyuk's company in Episode 6 I totally do not like Young Gul, cunning with bad behaviour.....

Hope next time i got the chance to watch you acting family romance drama , to act with better personality......

Thae Su You are so good in your Fashion King. But when you cry I also hurt so don't cry please smile . I always want to see your smiling face. By the way, I'm your greatest fan ( Thae Su ) is my real name . I want to see your movie (punch) but here ............!


Su Sandi Oo Hello. I am waiting for your Punch movie .When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon. Waiting waiting and i m going to a giraffe.

From giraffe girl ( your youngest fan )

Su Sandi Oo (age 11)
Rangoon ( Yangon ) Burma( myanmar )


minooo you are the best,, i like your film(sungkyunkwan scandal)

uggie Yoo Ah In..............i like you very much. Come to Indonesia...please...................

RuNa Kra Amarfazira Nana oppa ah in when you come to indonesia?

murni huy,, you are the best,, i like your film(sungkyunkwan scandal) its amazing,good story but why there you so tired? you never in one place and you always in your tree..

and information to indo please watch sungkyunkan scandal so good,

dinda Hay yoo ah in when you come to indonesia?^ ^

TRUE Yoo ahin you are the best in all junior astor

faith you're so good in acting. conragulations for your new movie, punch. i've seen the trailer and loved already. keep making great movies for us.

nin ..I love u 유아인!!! I really like and adore your style, the way you talk and all your physical appearance..I hope and I wish to see you in person.. :)

Thae Su you are handsome

risty yo ah in's a charming boy :)

MMM Dear Bro, Why r u so handsome and cool? I like the way u talk, the way u look, everything. U r really stylish. And I like your hair style, too. With short hair u look like a young and cute kid, and with long hair u look like a thoughtful, brave and handsome man. However, I really wish to have a chance to meet u.

Bye Bro! Wishing for u to have a nice and happy life. Yours lovingly, Sis

kathy@Thailand U r so cute in Sungyunkwan!!

Zin Hsu Naing Oppa...I love u... One day, we will meet...

nilarwin hi i like you. i'm waiting your new movie.

nilarwin hi i like you i'm waiting your new movie.ok .bye

zheee ~ your smile,angry,sad make me crazy >w< really really love you with long hair , i don't know why but you really handsome with long hair . i hope in the next drama you'll be the lead male actor T^T saranghae ~ ♥♥

Zarn Oh I love Mon Jae Shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.He is really like my friend.I love him moreover I'm a big fum of Yoo Ah In.Now I watching Sungkyunkwan. I will love jae shin, this is own name of him for me Aha........... I really happy to see Mon Jae shin.May you see my words and love............

hm..^^ (Secret) hehe Err...is this man in ''boys of tomorrow the boy's name Jong-dae?

evilive omg i really loved you in skks. and i didn*t know that you played the rol of the little boxer in antiqeu bakery. it was so cute. i hope tou see you in more dramas and movies. i really liked the long hair. loved the way you smile. en you when you where in pain my hart was in pain too T.T i only kept watch you and soong ki. i liked you 2 the best. 니가 제일 좋아 ♥♥♥♥

Snowhite Bro,like you so much ,and I am very happy that you have a lot of audiences. Your acting is so lovely sometimes and so smart sometimes.

I like you whatever you do,

Be happy ,bro, May you have the best of the world. Bye bro

itja 아인아~~~ 사랑해 ♥♥

MsBirdland One day we'll meet :)

semenawit …..…..♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥

          …..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ 
               …..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥…..♥♥ ♥
                                 …..♥♥ ♥

semenawit you are my favorite ever......love you.....<3

yan I wish he would play a role like the one in SKKS!! so cool

cris song will there be a part two,three four.etc.etc of the skks? i love this drama/comedy series. all the actors are good. good director too. makes me wanna go to korea and look for the actors! pls update me on the other projects of these young koreans, so with ha in so. is he the japanese kid in the last samurai?

F C. Thailand I like acting in series you are cute.

Maypeace I've known u in SSKS, and I became one of ur forever fans!!! I really love the way u smile!!! I hope to see u in many TV shows and series!!

Lhei after the SKKS,im always yearning for you.. God,how i wish i could see you.. T_T I LOve you.. Even the background of my Laptop is your face.. i'm crazy for you Ah in.. Love you..

allyssa im really looking forward to his new projects!! i hope, he'll be the main lead if ever he'll get one.. but im sure, he will coz he really has extraordinary talent + good looks..xD

allyssa omg!!! he's the reason why i like SKKS that much... at 1st, i didnt expect that he was one of the main leads.. but when he had his 1st exposure, i was like o.O (omg! who's that very hot and handsome guy?) that time, i was star struck by his handsomeness...

long hair definitely suits him.. but short hair is also good for him..

I TOTALLY LOVE HIM..too bad he didnt end up with kim yoon hee/kim yoon shik.. but still, I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!

vanessa just asking, where could I get all of his tv series in english subtitles? can not help watching him though. . .

p He deserved all of the awards :p He is very nice person. Oh I almost forgot. He won Best Couple Award with Sung Jun ki :p It was funny. He has very nice & funny personality.

sara wah,so many comments.yu a-in is so hot and popular these days.you are so hottttttttt yu a-in.i was surperised when you didn't get any awards in this year's kbs drama awards.at least you were the best among nominees.although i also love micky and praise his exellent acting skills but you were far better than him.hope to see you in a drama as a main character who wins the girl soon...

ecila i luv u'r character in skk s, yu ah -in ,is really amazing, he's handsome and cool. (i really really like u'r long hair. ) i luv his look and the way he portrayed his character. good job.

DUBIT Does he really get to read this? Or is this more for fan nuts to go crazy over in hopes he actually reads this. I am new to the whole Korean scene (not my ethnicity) and I am not sure how the protocol works? (But in the spirit of these post that I am reading, here goes!)

I just finished watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and thought your character was very cool and charming! I felt it was a shame that your character was not the lead, since the character's backstory, I personally found was more interesting. I think you portrayed your character fantastically and I hope to see more productions from you in the near future. You were very entertaining to watch and I loved that I could see and understand what your character without words (which really helps, when the person watching can't understand a word you are saying ^_^)

Ok said my piece in case he reads this, for my fan nuts! OMG HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hot!!Did anyone else have a bittersweet feeling in their chest about Moon Jae Shin? I was so hurt that MJS did not get the girl, my heart hurt for him, BUT I was overly elated that they did not end up together?! (Only chicks man) LOL, its a hoot reading everybodys posts. Thank you Sher... I will mos def check out that drama!

maya oppa,neo jeongmal minam-iya...sarange...fighting...

kibumyukiseu oppa, you're really cooL .. im inLove to u!! YOU'RE A PERFECT IDEAL GUY! why ? kissabLe Lips,beautifuL teeth, cooL eyes! and perfect body ! :) oppa! saraghae ! fighting!!!

Shera Lovita hallo,,, yoo ah in,,, i like korean drama and have been watched it for a long time, skks is one of my fav kdrama, this is the first time i saw your act, and you made me love your act for the first sight,,^_^

ely I really like his character in SKK. He's so cool! XD

airen helo,.your su cute yoo ah in.....

mary joy hi! im looking for new drama yoo ah in soon..

Galindri You just can't hide a true shinning star and his name is Yoo Ah-in. He's not the leading role but defenitely stole the show and keep the light on him with his superb acting as moon jae sin. I hope he will grew up as the next lee byunghun. I really fortuned enough to catch on ur intv with KBS world entertainment weekly... Aigooo, u so cool n sexy. No need 6pax to attract fans...just keep up the good work and potray of cool gentleman should do the trick. Ah-in naa.... Fighting!! Smangat.

diana hi,,do anyone og you know?..where he live nows?..or where koreans celebrities live ?--im planning to go to korea,,,im from norway,,please answear..takk

risarisachan an irresistible man..indeed :))

marrys26 the best yoah-in

marrys26 your the best yoo ah-in if c can as like the historical dramma we love him hre in the philipines...

marrys26 hi!imlooking forward 4 ned dramma hope so........you will become success in yoor carrier......yoo ah-in.nice and great the way u act,..

marrys26 heloo....your so handsome at nice smile the way act...wonderful and adorable like moon jae shin on sungkyunkwan scandal hope nextime your the lead of tv serries...cuz 4 me your so greatas an actor....

cathy i really like him in sungkyunkwan drama.he's so handsome.

whale wooow so nice in saungkyunkwan . i like this series .

marrys26 hi yoo ah in,.nice smile and very good looking,.well im my first time i saw u on sungkyunkwan,.wahhhh your so great the way u act as moon jae shin...,amazing,..hope more tv serries comes 2 you....god bless ur avid fan her in the philipines...

Sher Guys, go see Yu Ah In in Strongest Chill Woo (also named Chilwu, the Mighty) !!!!

His role in Strongest Chill Woo is Hok San, the lonely No. 1 top assassin in ancient Korea, who was absolutely the best role in this drama like he did in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Without his roles in those dramas, we won't enjoy so much the stories for sure. Sometimes, without him playing in the drama, the story is intolerable...

As always, he plays better than the lead role...huh, very interesting...

risarisachan He really stole my heart ♥♥

idakimi i like him since the Antique days, never expected he can be such a cool character like moon jae shin.

risarisachan yoo ah in you are so handsome!!!waaahhhh...I got nosebleed because of you...hope you can do a lot of koreanovela with your role like moon jae shin !!!!

nadhira Yoo Ah In, Moon Jae Shin, OH MY GOD ! I've so crazy because of him. He was sooooooooooo coool ! Damn, I Love him sooo much. And I'm sure that he will be a true superstar someday lol. I wish he will play on any drama again, so I can saw his acting again. Yoo Ah In, Hwaitiiing !

jasminenight I get hiccups every time Jae Sin appears in SKKS!

harina mulu am really obssessed with him. yu ah-in????????? i love uuuuuuuuu.

bless I'm so addicted to yoo ah in. His acting in sungkyunkwan scandal is juz so cool! He really suits with that moon jae shin character and long hair. It would b nice if he's really like moon jae shin in real life :P

green gosh!!! i really admire you!

risarisachan I really really like you with your long hair...♥♥

Saii I wish I could see you again in other dramas and I really hope that you're the main actor plus, I want you with your long hair. ^^

khyriem u are so great and so cute with ur long hai, im fall i n love with u in SKKSD, when ... when u be the main actor, i realy want to watch u again......

ochin i really..really like him....,he did a good job in sungkyunkwan scandal ..., he sooo cool ....

rachel whoa!! i've never been so addicted to one korean actor till now!! geol oh,ah in jae shin!! i love everything about him..n anything connected about him..watching him in sungkyunkwan drama has inspired me to learn korean language(both in writing n speaking)^_^ ah in is totally hot!! he should be the one who get the lead actress..n after watching the final episode i've fall into a minor depression afterwards..hahaha.. all in all, yu ah in totally rock! you are the best! hope to see more of you in fantastic projects..hopefully~

xXai-inXx i found his twitter , let's follow him @seeksik ......

i' fallin in love with him ........

kpop ah-in hwaiting , mun jae shin sarangheyo >.<

lhei ...

I'm runnin' out of words to say .. Guess after so many years of being inlove with Mark,here i am again going crazy over a guy who's impossible to reach .. haizt .. I'll be watching you everytime ah in .. FiGhtiNg !!!

lhei thanks .. ILOVEYOU Ah In/Jae shin !!!

lhei Oh Lord .. I really dunno how to explain but .. YOU are so GREAT !! I really love the way you act .. I can't get enough of you .. Wish i could see you personally .. You made me cry on your video on youtube .. haha !!! Oh God you're driving me crazy i swear !! <3 I'll be praying for you .. You ROCK !!! Love you Ah in !!!

ah-inLOVER i will support u forever! to producers, please give him chance to play lead role!!!!! ah-in we love u!!!!!!!!!

Robert 안녕하세요... 유아인!

난 당신이 무슨 뜻인지 이해 바랍니다.
난 네가 부러워. 많은 사람들이 당신에게 코멘트를 많이 남겨주세요. 하하. 하지만 난 네가 자랑스러워. 당신 멋져! 특히 성균관 스캔들 중앙에 : 당신은 내가 남자 같은 스타일이 있어요. 좋아요! 바보 같은 짓을하지 마십시오. 알았지? 난 나중에 당신에게 박수거야. 포기하지 마십시오. 네 장로 동생이 당신을 권장합니다. 안녕. 네 인생에서 행복하세요.

ermm yeah yu ah-in he' really realy handsome in sungkyunkwan scandal , i'm fall in love with him , aaaaaaa i keep thinking about him , aigoo can't help my self really love him with his long hair ......... yu -ah-in daebak .... i love u .....♥♥ ♥

Euphune Yoo ahh in awww i fallen in love with his character moon jae shin cute cool and handsome even i'm a cassies but sorry yochunnie i prefer ahh in coz his acting is so refreshing!!!

michi ah in, love so much! god i had so many sleepless nights after watching sungkyunkwan scandal not only because of the ending ( you should be the one who ended up with the lead actress) but you really caught my attention..hope to see you in another project and as the other people say i wish you will be in the lead role. I thought JUN PYO of BBF was the cutest korean actor but i was wrong after i saw you! ur driving me nuts! you look better with long hair.. I will cheer for you forever!

Man Suan Cing I'm afraid if you won't see my comment but I'm happy when I'm writing this comment cos, I really like you among Korean actors. You may not know me but I'm your fun. God bless you. I'll pray for you.

Tilney Hello Yoo Ah In

I really love Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I truly love you and PMY couple.

elle Hello everyone, this may have come late...Belated happy birthday to Yoo Ah-In! Is he gonna be able to read this? I've been watching korean dramas for so long always looking for something to watch and after playful kiss I never really knew about sungkyunkwan scandal but we are a fan of KBSWorld we always watch 2 days one night as if friday is like a family day for us with popcorn and everything, then commercial...one time I saw the preview I went looking for the episodes online saying this might be good, in that bit caught of preview I didn't see Yoo Ah-In, I was just curious because the story kind of cute. Episode 1 started and it was buffering then 2 and buffering...so I started off with episode 3 then I was hooked up...I couldn't stop anymore, lastly I remember it was already 5am in the morning and I still have to go to work, if my eyes didn't give up I wouldn't stop watching all episodes shown already there was like up to episode 15 and I couldn't stop thinking about it after that..I stopped at episode 13 and my sister one time was brushing her teeth and while doing so stand behind me and watch with curiosity, then she was hooked up until now..for someone who barely watch kdramas is now an addict like me because of sungkyunkwan...I was disappointed to hear that they only got how much percent from the ratings when I can see like thousands of liking the videos of sungkyunkwan. It was also my first time to see Yoo Ah-In and his character is really good, if he's not a good actor that won't be effective, I started browsing about him and I learned that the last show he did was he who can't marry and he was really young that time you won't believe that he's the same man who portrayed moon jae shin in sungkyunkwan...such transformation...however from his previous tv shows now that am going back watching it too...he really is a great actor and I hope that they will give him more projects to come! Goodluck Yoo ah-in in your career I hope you won an award for this drama because you deserve it! The other 3 actors are also good in portraying their roles, however you can't help to not notice yoo ah in as moon jae shin, he made the story even more better with his role as geoloh and moon jae shin...and for the first time i wanted the other character to should have ended up with the leading lady but it's ok for me in the end...we've been watching sungkyunkwan for how many times now and we couldn't get over it. I wasn't able to update my facebook apps, would only peep then close and watch sungkyunkwan. I miss glee and gossip girl also my favorite supernatural and other shows because of this..i memorized the lyrics of the original soundtrack and went looking for the translation even printed a hard copy to really memorize it..we will miss the show very much and am looking forward to buy their cd. Looking forward for more of Yoo Ah-In too. Great job Yoo Ah-In, Great, great job!

arumuttami sarangeyo yoo ah in .. i like you when you act as moon jae shin in SKK .. :D

sylvia I have seen him on a few dramas that he starred in but Sungyunkwan scandal established him as the new drama actor to watch for. He could very well be as the next So Ji Sup. He has the making of a great drama/action actor. Hope to see you lead in a new drama.

TM I live in US and I just have been watching 4 Korean dramas so far . I do LOVE Yoo Ah In in Sungkyankwan Scandal (and I am not young ) . His acted was so great ( tough and yet ...tender as the same time ) Because of Sungkyankwan scandal , I started to learn Korean ( In CD _ Rosetta stone _ only to speak not to write ) His character in this drama had been so great ( and so funny when he was near Kim Yoo Hee ) that made me laugh so many times . Great drama , great job . Hope Yoo Ah in will get a lead in the next drama . Keep up the great work . Best wishes Yoo Ah In . TM.

Epyon I saw Ah In for the first time in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he was awesome, liked him the most there (sorry, Yoochun :P). Both his looks and the acting were the best (Joong Ki was also very good). After that I watched Antique, Boys of Tomorrow, Shim's Family and I must say, he is now 1 of my favourite korean actors. He can really act and he can look both cute and hot, he also has a lot of charisma. <3 Must go watch his other drama, Strongest Chil Woo and The Guy Who Can't Marry. :D Hope to see him as a lead in a cool drama soon. Yoo Ah In, fighting!

Zvelvetdayz Yu Ah-In I thoroughly enjoy his characters. He's a great actor and i wish to see more of him!

Dennie Yoo Ah In! you're the best T.T I wish you could be the lead. im looking forward to your new projects I want you to be the lead.. or You can ALWAYS be the LEAD in my love story. haha


iput Yoo ah-in SARAAAAAANGGHEYOOOOOO nomo nomo nomo cuaaaaaaaaaa

yu I love your character Mun Ja Shin. I impressed when I heard you said you'll bring this character in your life. You are sooooo cool & also cute. I love you & sung Jungi. I wish you the best. You are good-looking specially in slovently clothes with long slovently hair. I like everything about you. You are very good actor

pam_12 ei yoo ah in...

hmm...this is my first time to like fall head over heels for a character like geoh ol....but the ruggedly handsome look never fails to draw my attention....

i saw you on the man who can't marry & i just can't believe the transformation! hahh! you were just cute with the man who can't marry...but with SKKS, smokn' hot! lolz! you were once the boys next door charmer that i just looked pass...but now, you're hottie geoh ol!

i want you to know that you can pull tricks on your acting coz you're really great and promising!!! because of your uberly hotness...i started watching your other movies... ahh...you were cute...

searchn',googln' you is really eating my time! instead of studying being in med-school...i just can't help but long for you & your manly aura that makes me feel all jello & mellow...

i love you yoo ah in!

i wish & pray for your successs...good health .more projects & for happiness to always come your way!

aja! fighting! be the next lead on your next drama! saranghae yoo ah in!;p

jen wwooowwwww!!!!!!!!!

debussy saranghae yoo ah in!!!!! i'm gonna miss you once skks will be done..... hope to see more drama from you...... and hopefully this time you are the lead actor. good luck and take care always!!!!

p You are very cute in sungkyunkwan scandal. I like your charactor :x

mae olimpo espejo yes yes yes!!! finallly i watched the boys of tomorrow already and it was a good drama, i love it!!!

mae olimpo espejo hello!!!! the first time i saw you in sungkyunkwan i am totally shock!! you are so damn hot in that drama i love everything about you in that drama, then i started to look for your info and i saw you have some tv drama and movie, i watched the strongest chill woo, antque bkery, he who cant marry, and even your link in the youtube, all i can say is you are a fabulous, great and most promising actor, in fact in skks and strongest chill woo you are better than the lead men and you look good together with the lead women or whoever will be your partner you always have the charisma to make the fans and viewers attract attention not only this you make us crazy, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, aza aza figthing, yoo ah in!!!! hope to see more drama from and i hope this time you are the lead actor, kamsahameda!!! anyong!!!!

ifatsh i've seen him the first time in sungkyunkwan scandal and i say that i'm inlove, i love he's face expression

winny he's cute and looks cool in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. i like that type of character....

Riisa His character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal is cool, but somehow his character is not attractive. Maybe it's because I see too many of his character types like his. (maybe it's his hair = turn off)

arielna ladies... you have to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which will probably be aired on channel 303 after Revenge of Gumiho. Yu Ah In is just awesome and I can't help but spazz everytime he's on the screen.

I didn't realised that he's the guy in The Man Who Can't Married and I guess I'll be watching Chilwoo next just because of him

arc I guess G-dragon's losing his twin or probably his brother.. He really looks like GDragon for sure.. Ah-In, come back to your lil' brother..

Annie Yu Ah in is realy realy good actor  !!!!!@

Anne Since I saw Ah-In Yu, I've seen 3 of his films & drama series.. Chilwu the Mighty, He who can't Marry and Antique movie. He is a good actor. Looking forward for his coming projects! :) Will watch Sky and Ocean next.. :)

someONE! wahhh, he is sooo cutte... I totally loved him in chil wu, the almighty! I liked it most when he was in the black costume and hat!!! Wished he was the main character insteadd..=( SOOOO MANLYYYYY tooo !

mina he is such a good actor for his age love the drama chilwu so much and watch again because of him hoping to see his other movies so adorable

sheila haha..here I am again.. I wont lose on you ana..:D.. Just kidding.. While I'm watching KBS America, intertainment weekly, channel 44, I'm really hoping that yoo ah-in will be pictured.. But it never really happen.. Even when eon lee died, they never even said that "the cast of chilwu was here, yoo ah-in, etc.,etc.." they only featured eric mun.. For me its unfair.. They should have at least give yoo a highlight..

ana looks like i'm here again! i won't lose to you guys!! ;-) yu ah-in, haja haja fighting!!!! YU AH-IN, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!

Mili AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O.M.G I Love This Guy! I Absoutely Enjoyed His Role in Chilwu:The Mighty as Hueksan!! He was AWESOME && Very Very Handsome!!!!!!! Love You *Ah-In Yu*유아인 *

RamenLover From a guy's perspective and I haven't had a chance to watch "Chilwu, the Mighty" nor his other television dramas. But I have seen him in "Shim's Family" and "Boys of Tomorrow." Ah-in's role in "Shim's Family" is a supporting role but he does jump out whenever he's onscreen (as does Bo-ra Hwang). Ah-in also gives a great head-lining performance in "Boys of Tomorrow" -- that movie is a grim indie film and not fluffy pin-up boy material. I enjoyed his performances immensely in both of those films. I do think he's one of the most promising young male actors in Korea. Good luck in the future.

sheila where have you been GUYZ!!!???I'm happy many leave comments for him.. I thought I will be the only one in this lonely commentary room.. Thanks guys.. Just like you, I was also flipping channels..then I suddenly stop when I saw him.. Hayyy.. His so pretty....god!!! His act is superior... Very cool!!.. His charisma gone all the way here in America...

nhoze ah-in yu. i just want to say that i am a big fan of yours. i am not korean and i don't normally watch a drama in a language that i don't understand and i am glad chilwu drama has an english subtitle. like many others i was flipping thru the channels when i come across the show where u were just amazing with the sword, i didn't get to watch the drama from the very beginning but when i discovered it on kbs in early august, i watched chilwu to the last episode last night, just because of u. thank u for the great entertainment, looking forward to your next tv drama..by the way, i watched you also in your movies boys of tomorrow and shim's family u r really a good actor...more power to u ah-in yu!

ILZE ..this is the first time i see this actor and that is when i was fliping the channels and i saw him so i stop and i had never miss an episode because of him... each time he appears is like my heart is pounding and i was to touch him...i love his long hair look and his official scholar look ...from any angle that you see Yu Ah-in he is the cutest guy on the planet

Anne I like Chilwu, the mighty! I love watching Ah-in Yu! He is so pretty and looks like a girl when he changes his costume.. very cute! :)

Hope to see him in more korean dramas.. looking forward on it.. :)

ana yu ah in!! i love his acting!! his coolness in chilwu is ~gasp~!! looking forward to his next act!! p/s; all the casts in chilwu are amazing but i sinfully confess, he is the MAIN reason y i watch chilwu!!

darren@malaysia hey ... you look so cool in the latest Korean drama ... usually i dun like to watch those Korean drama .... but first time I look for it , I loved it !! I continue to watch and you are my attraction in the drama .... your look is just like a girl !!!

but i still love to enjoy it ...



sheila hi!!here I am again!! Can I have more info about him? hello... Does anyone paying attention?!!! oh.,please!!!! I'm looking forward.. and to yu ah-in " youre so cool..especially in chilwu..can you make your hair long like in chilwu??"

sheila yu ah-in is sooo cool!!! I thought his a girl for his slender and has a similarity of my cousin andree in his long hair... gosh.!!his very cool as an assasin..

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* Ren (NU'EST), Fumiko Aoyagi, Hanae Kan cast in movie "Two Strangers"
* Noriyuki Higashiyama & Erika Toda cast in WOWOW drama "Yokokuhan: The Pain"
* Minho (SHINee) cast in movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon"
* Lee Jin-Wook cast in SBS drama "The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days"
* Hiroki Narimiya & Nanao cast in WOWOW drama "Futagashira"
* Park Hyung-Sik (ZE:A) cast in SBS drama "Chaebol's Daughter"
* Park Yoo-Chun cast in movie "Lucid Dream"
* Kim Soo-Hyun cast in movie "Real"
* Jun Shison, Kyoko Yoshine, Riria cast in live-action movie "Senpai to Kanojo"
* Mayu Matsuoka cast in Fuji TV drama "She"
* Yoon So-Yi cast in tvN drama "Hide Identity"
* Ko Ah-Sung cast in movie "Thinking of Elder Brother"
* Munetaka Aoki & Ito Ono cast in new movie "Ame ni Yureru Onna"
* Lee Joon-Gi cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama "Descendants of the Sun"
* Shinji Higuchi to direct new movie "Godzilla"
* Mizuki Yamamoto & Yusuke Yamamoto cast in movie "Tokyo PR Woman"
* T.O.P ('Big Bang') and Juri Ueno cast in currently untitled drama series
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Treacherous *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Love Clinic
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser 2
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Girl Who Sees Smells *ep.1(4)

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